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    His name shall be Discord, yet they shall love him for it. :)
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    He retired from the team a couple of months ago.
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    It is, it's a variation on our sylheart emoji from the discord server.
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    Oh, alright. That makes me sad, I liked him.
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    Why is LewsTherinTeliscope not in the poll?
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    Y'all are amazing!!! Just submitted the poll. Thanks so much for keeping this site awesome, you guys do a great job <3
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    I am also a stick. but i forgot to put that on the form
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    Is that Syl? So cute <3 anyway I already said this in the poll, but you guys are doing a great job and I appreciate it!
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    I'm not the biggest fan of Legion (really enjoyed the first two and really disliked the last one), but I'll be getting it to listen to some Sanderson stories regardless.
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    I literally thought this when I was editing! It was almost tempting to edit it in
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