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    I read Elantris after Mistborn 1 trilogy, so curious, I divided by 16. It's 42.
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    If you're ever stuck in an awkward silence with somebody that lasts for a minute or two, remember that you can simply look up at the sky wth a wise face and say "I sense a disturbance in the force," and if they ask just continue with "I fear something has happened" and refuse to elaborate. This has been Thoughts with Fadran at 4:30 AM
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    Nah, that's Kimmalyn.
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    I find this one funny.
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    So remember how Potato was in the ER? Well, her appendix just burst and she’s gonna have surgery in it in the next few hours.
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    Happy Saturday people! So I have a funny little story to share… Yesterday, Potato was super sick— throwing up and unable to move type sick. That sucks, right? Wellll… This morning I woke up to find that my parents had taken her to the ER. She most likely has appendicitis. We didn’t expect that, because the rest of us have been sick too.
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    Final Battle in Skyward Meme-Scene:
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    Hey guys. I'm not going to be able to be on the shard for a while. One of my parents has colon cancer. I just can't juggle this anymore. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to post this sooner. I hope that I will be able to come back onto the shard eventually, but I just don't know... Goodbye for now.
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    All my stuffed animals (and, no, none of them get removed from my bed when I go to sleep. They all just get kinda shoved to one side and I sleep with all of them.) (Also the three tiny octopi were made by @Teshbecause they are an incredible person) Maroon octopus: Malina Purple octopus: Amira Blue octopus: Reinita Flippy octopus: JC (blue)/CJ (yellow) Big elephant: Elmer Tiny elephant: Emory Parasaurolophus: Periwinkle Black dog: Muffin Red panda: Cuddles Sloth: Flash Kurzgesagt duck: Nettle Tan dog: Leia Frog: Strawberry Pancakes/Strawbo White bear: Sir Henry Baby Snazzypants III Tiny brown dog: Alex Leopard gecko: Leonard Orange bunny: Eve Penguin: Penelope Fox: Fay Shapes bunny: Bunny Wolf: Peter Moose: George Baby bird: Christine Baby bunny: Rosie Purple bear: Eden White raccoon: Raymond
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    I had this topic a while back: "Battle of champions. (I spent way too much time thinking about this topic, and here is the result)" This pretty much sums up my thoughts about a loophole: The weird thing about the setup of this battle is how relatively low the stakes are. No matter the outcome, Dalinar has already won. (Even Wit said that to Odium). The stakes basically are Alethkar, Herdas, and Dalinar’s soul. For us, the audience, the stakes are whether one of the heroes that we care about can die. When Taravangian took the shard, the stakes for Odium became even lower. His goal was always to save Roshar and now he basically has the power to end this war. For him, the outcome of this fight is even more meaningless than for Raise. The second weird thing is Taravangian-Odium thought about Raise being maneuvered into this deal: “The way to win was to make sure that, no matter the outcome, you were satisfied. Odium should never have entered a deal he could not absolutely control”. And literally the next sentence: “It can still be done”. And something about subtle possibilities. Both outcomes of the fight are unsatisfying for him. I think Taravangian really wants the same thing the Raise did: to be free of Honors restrictions. This is the outcome that he is looking for. Chapter Terms has this interesting bit: “What happens, Odium, if you break your word.” “Then the contract is void, and I am in your power. Same, but reversed, if you break the contract. You would be in my power, and the restrictions Honor placed upon me—chaining me to the Rosharan system and preventing me from using my powers on most individuals—would be void. But that is not going to happen, and I am not going to break my word. Because if I did, it would create a hole in my soul—which would let Cultivation kill me. I think this is the loophole that Odium will try to exploit. I see three possibilities here: 1) Dalinar refuses to become Fused (a very boring possibility) 2) Dalinar refuses to kill his opponent (child, Gavilar, etc). Terms are strict about the killing part. 3) Dalinar is not a champion but intervenes in the fight. The third option is the one I want to speculate on the most. Who will be Dalinar’s champion if not himself? I am leaning toward Adolin and Kaladin. Kaladin is Kaladin. He doesn’t need explanations. As for Adolin. Well, he is the best duelist. And from the narrative perspective, Adolin being chosen by Dalinar as his champion will be a very satisfying conclusion to their conflict: Adolin sees himself as not able to meet his father’s high standards. Dalinar choosing Adolin for the most important battle of this generation will be a powerful signal from his father that he sees him as a kinda cool son. But my bet will be on the fight between Adolin and Kaladin. Kaladin is Dalinar’s champion, and Adolin is Odium’s champion. That will explain why Dalinar is not fighting (not wanting to fight his own son). And this pair will allow for the same result: Dalinar will intervene if Kaladin will be on the verge of killing Adolin and vice versa. Why the hell Adolin will fight for Odium? It would have been a tough pill to swallow If Odium was Raise. Raise was the bad guy with bad intentions. But Taravangian can persuade Adolin that his father is the wrong party to support. And he can exploit the current shaky relationship between Adolin and Dalinar. The Evi part is painful and easy to use.
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    Ironsides be like:
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    [SPOILERS] As I was reading this book I began to wonder if there was going to be a Sanderlanche at the end, the book just seemed too laid back to have one. Then when we got to the moment where Tress sees the Crow's Song on the monitor I knew it had begun. I felt like I needed music to go along with it but I couldn't figure out what to choose. Then it cut back to the ship and Salay fighting the sea and Ann firing the cannon with Laggart aiming for her; I knew what music to play. 'He's A Pirate' from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies fits this moment so well. I highly recommend rereading it with the song playing.
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    I gave my final art paper today! And more than that, it went well for once because of how hard ive been practicing!!! I NEVER HAVE TO PICK UP A PAINTBRUSH AGAIN OR LISTEN TO MY TEACHER'S HATE COMMENTS also i went to the mall today with my parents and younger brother and it was so much fun! My hard work deserves rewarding; gonna spend the night reading with good music and a cup of tea (Look at this mug i bought today)
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    Hah, this is embarrassing, y'all remember on Wednesday when I said I'd post a status update about my spring break on Monday? Well, I was extremely tired and forgot that I got home TODAY, not Monday. So, the moment you've been waiting for... (at least the moment Cinnamon has been waiting for, haha) For spring break this year, the school choir went on a tour to the southern USA. Over the past few days, I've been to Memphis, New Orleans, Gulf Shores, and Nashville. It was absolutely magical, you guys. (and also tiring Igottwohoursofsleeplastnighthahaha) I'll run down the highlights of what I did this last week, but definitely check out this photo album I made; y'all need to see the beauty of what I experienced. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7aNNWKUEMZjjC19w8 (hopefully the captions I spent time writing out show up for you) Saturday: Left Iowa at an ungodly hour of the morning to end up at the hotel around 10:00 PM. Naturally my roommates and I didn't go to sleep until past midnight. This would be the earliest we got to sleep. Sunday: Busiest day of the tour; I was NOT prepared to go through the emotional whiplash that was the Civil Right's Museum at the Lorraine Motel (which is the site of MLK's assassination.) Tears were shed. There's something about seeing a piece of history so perfectly preserved that is... Well, words escape me, so I'm going to go with "indescribable." After lunch, we headed to the Orpheum Theater to watch Ain't Too Proud: The Life & Times of the Temptations. Lemme tell y'all. I don't even like musical theater that much, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed humans do. The cast deserved their standing ovation a million times over. After visiting Sun Studios (which was pretty meh) we went on a riverboat cruise with a live band. I partied so friggin' hard (and did a little art on the side while I was resting). Monday: Saw Graceland (home of Elvis Presley). It was pretty and I'm glad I saw it, but eh. I hardly knew a lick about Elvis to begin with so it wasn't ridiculously impactful. Then we did a l o t of driving down to New Orleans, Louisiana and hunkered down for the night. Tuesday: Second favorite day of the tour, shopping in the French Quarter of New Orleans! For those of you who haven't been... Go. Please. I'm telling you. That city is literally the most magical thing in the world. I can just imagine a fantasy author like Brandon Sanderson going over the worldbuilding of that place. The history, the culture, the music, the architecture, the food, and plant life. I can't even. When we left dinner the night we got there, there was a friggin live jazz band blaring in the streets. I have to go back to that place and spend more than just a few hours exploring; I didn't have nearly enough time to satisfy my curiosity. At least I got beignets though; the wait in line for Cafe Du Mond and mountain of powdered sugar that got on my clothes was worth it! Wednesday: Best. Day. Ever. We traveled to Gulf Shores, Alabama and I was not prepared for the white sand beach, cloudless sky, majestic surf, and perfect spring weather. We buried each other in sand, stood in the waves, and looked for sea shells. And yet for as wonderful as that was, it didn't compare to the dolphin sunset cruise that followed. We fed the seagulls Cheetos, watched dolphins jump alongside the boat, witnessed the sky glow over the foamy wake behind the boat, and jammed to great music. Thursday/Friday: Mostly driving. Like... holy crap a lot of driving. We went from Gulf Shores up to Nashville for some dinner (and the food was amazing BTW) and a show at the Grand Ole Opry. I was... very pleasantly surprised by how awesome the Opry was. I am not a country fan by any means but dang guys, good music is good music. Say what you will about the genre, but I witnessed some of the most outstanding musicianship last night. And then we drove... Y'all we drove. After the Opry, we drove through the night and didn't arrive back home until 8:30. My lower back is VERY unhappy about the positions I attempted to sleep in. (in case you're wondering, the position that did get me my fitful two hours was with my back on the seat and my legs against the window.) So, yeah, I'll be getting to sleep as soon as possible. This trip was FAR from stress free, but the memories and new friends I made are priceless.
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    As today is Yom HaShoah (Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day), I thought to take a minute and write something. There have been years that I haven't left one of these notes, feeling little purpose in doing so since I'm hardly around anyways, but I often find myself regretting, having failed to do this one small thing to spread awareness where it otherwise might not have reached. I had hoped to write in advance and have time to edit, but time flew by quickly, so please forgive any grammar short-comings. This year, I want to focus on names, as it's something that's been especially pronounced to me over this past year. We all have many names. The name given to us at birth is only one of the multitude we gain throughout our lives. There are the nicknames, the terms of endearment, the slurs others apply to us, and the names we choose for ourselves on online forums like this one. Each comes with its own host of connotations and impressions, of memories and regrets. Those connotations and impressions change and develop as time goes on. I don't view my name here the same way I did when I first chose it and I suspect that others experience similar. Some choose to pick a new name that they feel fits better and some continue with the old, adding further texture to the name's tapestry of impressions. Our names are defined by us and capture parts of our essence, intentionally or not. It took me a long time to truly absorb what it meant that the Nazis tried to wittle down the Jews and the other prisoners of concentration camps into something less than human, how they sought to forcibly remove that essence of their names by tattooing a number, free of impressions, on their arms. Some time ago, a teacher introduced me a website called Illuminate (https://www.illuminatethepast.org/). Essentially, each Yom Hashoah, they have people around the world light virtual candles in honor of someone who died in the Holocaust. The website provides a name and a little about the person when possible. It doesn't capture all the nuances of a name, all the slight implications and meanings so innate to the person and those who lived around them. How can it? But it's something, a start, and that's worth something. If you feel comfortable doing so, take a minute, light a candle, remember a name for those who cannot. As the days go by and you hear of recent events, please pause for a moment and recognize the fortune of your own world and immediate surroundings; they might not be ideal, but they could be much, much worse. Recognize the power of the names in your life and never think it your right to deprive another person of their own. As many a fictional character has said, names have power; don't take it for granted.
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    From the album RP character doodles

    It's all of them not drawn to scale or even necessarily to their current ages. But there's a doodle of each of the eleven children. And since my handwriting is practically illegible... Top row left to right: Pry, Compile, Precious Second row left to right: Dawn, Light, Unity, Brethren, Warmer Bottom row left to right: Eon, Lineage, Freedom If anything, they were just fun to draw and finally have faces behind all of the names.
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    do y’all remember this
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    Lying in the sun. A cat on my stomach. Listening to Nightvale. Life is pretty good.
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    feeling goofy, might do a full comprehensive look into all my writing projects. word count, motivation to do them, status reports on the progress of some of my favorites. might do this because it sounds fun. we'll see. keep an eye out though.
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    Three things, first a follow-up to my reading recommendation and then two pieces of g a y in my life. For those of you who do end up reading Jersey Boy, y'all better update me the heck out of your reading experience. I've been forcing asking my friends to read it left and right (I read aloud the first two chapters to my roommates on my spring break trip and they absolutely l o v e d it) because that friggin' story has taken over my thoughts and I just cannot get enough of it. I have plans for SEVERAL pieces of art based on it (hey that's good advertising! Y'all, read Jersey Boy so you can see and understand the cuteness I'll be putting out) and I literally re-read moments of it way too often. Also a bit of advice while reading it... take it slow. I consumed the thing in two days (it's currently 110,000 words, which is the size of your average novel) which makes sense because it just leaves you wanting more, but when I read it aloud to people, I appreciate the wordcraft of the author even more than I did on my first reading. I have had TWO (2) non-male crushes recently, so heck yeah my pan-romantic heart. The first was actually last year, before I realized that I wasn't hetero. There was this girl in my lit class and she was just... literally the most aesthetic person I have ever met. And then she gave a book report and I was like this girl has good taste, I must have her. So I gave her my number like the smooth queen I am. Turns out she's straighttttt agh. And then the other one, a non-binary human in my choir class. I got to interact with them on the spring break trip. They were another person that was just... Aesthetic with a capital A at all times. Y'all enby folks really do embody that though haha. No gender, only aesthetic. I got extremely upset about this last night and I know it's something almost all of you on here will be able to relate to so I figured I'd mention it here. So I drew the main characters of Jersey Boy kissing and I was just over the moon about it because if you're an artist you KNOW kissing is hard but is incredibly rewarding to do well. Lemme tell y'all somthin', I had to erase this entire drawing like five times to get it right. It really didn't help that I was drawing most of it on the bus so it was so- friggin'- shaky- gah- *frustration noises* And then I realized that I couldn't gush about it to my parents because homophobia is a thing. When I first read the kiss scene in Jersey Boy, I read part of it aloud to my little sisters and they thought it was the cutest thing ever. But then my mom heard about it and she came down and gave me a lecture. It was especially painful because I've talked to my mom a lot and I really, really thought she was starting to be okay with it. But no, apparently when she kisses my dad in front of us that's not inappropriate, but two men kissing is s e x u a l. Like... Make it make sense. Make it make sense!
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    YKYASW you just spent the last few minutes learning to pronounce and spell Numuhukumakiaki’aialumanor
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    It's not you, unless you're as good of an actor as you are a guesser. Which I wouldn't put my money on. Edit: Legitimately the upvotes on this scare me more than anything else >>
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    Here's the report I mentioned in my most recent SU 5 hours ago. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11xDbEYChOhzTRnq4RWo3YPzVja1IS-O5FTgja-_A6Rw/edit#heading=h.joyd1utumnxm
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    Okay. I'm giving into my tunnel. @Araris Valerian Matrim's Dice, with the highstorm, in the billiard room and the discarded weapon.
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    The Ja felt the moment of death, knew the killer at once, and began channeling his energy into communicating to whoever might be sensitive to his powers. The SPF gathered together in a room, each having felt the Ja's efforts to clue them into the identity of the killer. They all had brought their assorted exotic weapons, Investiture, and other random knickknacks, which meant the room was rather crowded, in particular with somewhat dangerous objects. The Investigators set to work, eager to solve the crime and disband before something deadly was set loose. The game has fully begun! My clues are listed below, and you can also see them in the spreadsheet. Begin discussing, and anyone is now allowed to solve the crime. Just remember to @ me or it won't be counted. Cycle 2 will be posted at 5PM Eastern Time on Saturday! Link to Spreadsheet Oracle Clues: Player List:
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    I explained to my cousin what ace means and he was like “I’m bace” cause he just realized he’s bi and ace (he already knew he was bi)
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    funny, because stormlight archive is even slower. perhaps your tastes are changing, or perhaps you simply accepted to go through the slow parts as necessary preparation for the grand finale. I would like so much to comment on any of this, but I really can't think of anything to say that would not be spoiler.
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    From the album Cosmere doodles

    Some character sketches.
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    I've occasionally seen posts asking about whether or not people would choose to be an Allomancer or a Feruchemist, or what other kind of magic user they'd like to be, but I haven't yet seen one for Kandra. But it seems like they have a lot going for them; they don't age (or hardly do, at least), they don't get sick, they can give themselves a perfect body- or pretty much any body (including non human ones) that they want so long as it conforms to physics, they can do neat things like turn off their pain receptors or graft flesh onto someone else to heal them, And to top it off they get a magical boon from their Blessings. So who wouldn't want to be a Kandra instead of a Mistborn, Feruchemist, or maybe even a Fullborn? Explanations of opinions welcomed.
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    I've been on the forums since August of 2022, i have just never posted. I have 4-5 friends on here that I know in real life (i cant remember if one of them is on here), except i don't know what their users are. woohoo! all imma say in case they see this is "seminary, "marmellow," and "giraffe." hopefully that's enough hints for them to figure out who I am
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    After poking around their strange collection of objects for most of a day, J'aman voiced his own suspicion that Jariel was the killer, citing the fellow's partly empty flask of acid as a potential murder weapon along with a Korathi pendant tucked into Jariel's back pocket. An immediate impression filled J'aman and the other SPFers' minds that the accusation was incorrect, and the other folks refused to make their own voices heard. Whether this was due to an unwillingness to press forward so early into the investigation, or for more... nefarious reasons, remained to be seen. The Ja, sensing his communication had been successful, refocused his will in an attempt to give an extra clue to the Investigators. The effort exhausted him, but perhaps someone had received the message. xino, Cinnamon, Wiz, Bookwyrm, and Shining all failed to post in C1, and have been removed from the game. Xino has been replaced by @Whysper, so welcome her to the game! I'm waiting to hear from Stick and any other pinch hitters, but after a bit I'll announce any other pinch-hitters and where Accusation attempts have been redistributed to. Remember that removed players can still be Accused (and removed as the Witness). Spreadsheet The cycle will end at 5PM Eastern Time on Sunday the 19th! Oracle Clues: Player List:
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    anyone feel like coming down to texas to watch me perform in my hilarious class play next wednesday? admission is free
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    Happy places: Anywhere where I can smile, laugh, and love. Anywhere I feel safe. But to be more specific: My room when it's cloudy, and my main light is off and I've got lofi music playing and I'm just cozy in bed. The arms of my beloved, where I feel the most happy and the most safe. My therapy-prescribed 'calm safe place,' which is a cozy little room with a fire in one corner, a large window on one wall overlooking a mountain grove where it's foggy and rainy and gray. inside the room, in the other corner are pillows, blankets and beanbags. the whole room is just cozy and warm and soft. School, but only the special moments where I'm laughing and happy with my friends.
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    Oh we've all been there my guy. (It's great for a password, ain't it?)
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    Kandra are AWESOME. I think the only downside to being a Kandra would be the immortality but, I think if my entire species was immortal I wouldn’t view it as negatively. I did have a hard time of it voting on the poll, trying to choose between full Feruchemist and Kandra because I love Feruchemy so much. I listed the pros and cons … and well Kandra won by a landslide.
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    This is easily one of my favorite threads in this forum at this point. So much fun to see someone's first reactions to the cosmere!
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    Or not, depends on context. To the topic at hand, I'll focus on only Windrunner primarily for other Orders we know too little (I think Elsecaller can still easily win by moving to CR as usual and soulcasting as needed). I'll assume both have equal amount of Investiture available to them, since both are fueled by it. Then several questions will be important: Who has more efficient powers? Will A-Pewter fueled by Investiture heal as well as Stormlight (i.e. ability to heal damage to soul)? Can they affect Shardplate/Shardblade? How will direct Investiture fuel affect bendalloy bubbles? What happens to Investiture when Mistborn uses A-Duralumin? Is it all burned off at once? Will the pure Investiture allow them to mimic Atium? How far could they see with Electrum? Personally I think the answers would be Neither is much more efficient, Lashings are more efficient for mobility (Radiant applies them to themselves, improving it compared to affecting other metal sources), however Mistborn will have more powers running at once diminishing them. I think A-Pewter will heal well when fueled by raw Investiture, but not as well as e.g. compounded Gold or even Stormlight. Pewter healing seems to be extremely minor side-effect, more to help maintain function despite damage then actual healing (e.g. Vin still takes months to fully heal broken ribs and internal damage, despite burning pewter nearly non-stop). I don't think they would be able to affect either Shardplate or Shardblade, the power required is on order of Well of Ascension, which is beyond being 'just' fueled by pure Investiture. The bendalloy compression factor would be far greater most likely, allowing Mistborn to take 'breaks' in the middle of the fight to strategize, and rest up. I think trying to use Investiture as A-duralumin would probably burn of all of the Investiture? All powers are fueled now from the same source, and A-duralumin completly uses up given source, so that makes sense to me. Possibly with proper Intent they could only burn off portion they cognitively designated for the given metal. I don't think pure Investiture would allow for mimic of Atium (or other Godmetals), even when Elend was fueled directly by Preservation, only the Atium he actually held could be burned. If they could see further than 2-3 seconds, then Radiant has little chance of winning. Sounds like it would be quite a fight to me, and I might actually give a bit of an edge to the Mistborn. The pushed coins/objects should be fast enough to present danger to the Shardplate, so Windrunner would have to be quite careful and use Reverse Lashing generously for defense. Windrunner still has mobility advantage, close quarters offensive advantage, and could use Shardblade for defense (i.e. unbreakable shield). I think Reverse Lashings are the most efficient of the Lashings (please correct me if I am wrong), so Mistborn would run out of Investiture sooner if only attacking from distance (as the Reverse Lashing would be strong enough to draw coins off course), forcing close quarters. In close quarters, Electrum will be major advantage, if it would see further then 2-3 seconds. Radiant at least can sever limbs, which won't be easily noticeable on the Electrum as there would be no physical damage. Then if A-Pewter cannot heal spiritual damage, it would be easier. Honestly, yeah I think Mistborn has advantage here, mainly from Electrum and Bendalloy. Remove those two, and I would say Windrunner would edge them out again.
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    What's your opinion on rioting & soothing, as a fan of Mistborn? There is one thing I'd like some feedback on. With the implementation of NPCs in v0.09, I added basic behaviors that NPCs switch between: Aggressive, Fearful, Suspicious, Friendly and Neutral. My thinking is that rioting and soothing will let you manipulate these (and maybe other) emotions. So here are a few questions for you about how you'd want that to work: What emotions would be useful in a stealth-action roleplaying game? (Ex. Sadness? Curiosity?) Should you be able to manipulate one single NPC at a time, or is it an area-of-effect? (Alternatively: Should you be able to upgrade it from single target to area-of-effect?) If it's for a single target only, should you be able to see the NPC's current levels, or should you riot / sooth them just based on their outwards apparent behavior? (Example for Alt.1: "Nameless Obligator - 25% aggression, 10% fear, 10% suspicion") Would you rather stop and choose between emotions every time you affect a target, or do you want to choose an emotion first and then affect targets with that emotion while you're moving? (Example for alt 1: You run and aim towards a Guard. You press the Riot button and a menu for the Guard's emotions opens, as time slows down to let you choose. You overflow the Guard with fear. You close the menu and see the effect. You run towards the next guard. Rinse, repeat.) (Example for alt 2: You're standing behind a wall. You press the Riot button and a menu for emotions opens, as time slows down to let you choose. You choose Fear. You close the menu. You run out from behind the wall and aim towards a couple of guards. Holding the Riot button, you strike fear in each guard you aim towards, in real time.) Should soothing work in the same way as rioting? What are your suggestions, ideas and questions about the system?
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    From the album Cosmere doodles

    A doodle of that scene in WoK. Green pen was simply for convenience.
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    Because Atium formed in geodes which themselves were in wall filled with crystals that ultimately were not Atium, it looks more like a transfer of Investiture can induce crystal growth.
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    I don't think someone could become a savant instantly by tapping a nicrosilmind, at least not on any plausible level - the Bands are an absurdly powerful metalmind (so full that Wax can't even see lines to it, whereas ordinary metalminds can be Pushed, just with somewhat more difficulty) and neither Wax nor Marasi got any side effects from using the Bands. Savantism is more about stretching one's limits with the power over a long time span, basically becoming dependent on it, almost an addiction - it transforms the person on both physical and spiritual levels. If instant savantism is possible, it would either be something totally crazy like taking in a vast quantity of Mists, or direct Shardic intervention (if Sazed fixed Spook's savantism, maybe he could break someone else's soul to make them a savant). But I'm not sure if that "instant" process would really be exactly the same thing. If someone holds the power of the Well of Ascension, that brief burst of ridiculous power leaves permanent effects on the holder - but they're called a Sliver, not a savant. Taking in a vast quantity of Mists (or hypothetically like a nicrosilmind the size of an ocean liner with an absurd amount of Investiture in it) might have Sliver-like effects.
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    Okay. I'll concede this point. You argued it well, I think that there are a couple things that I could argue back, but i don't have a copy of TLM so if I do, that will have to wait. You clearly know a lot about that.
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    Assuming the planet can't be put back exactly right, I think it'd be better to go too-cold than too-hot. It'd be way easier to adapt humans to an atmosphere somewhat richer in greenhouse gases than to Rashek's ash world. (If I could mess with the atmosphere at a molecular/atomic level, it might be possible to get away with no changes to humans at all, by creating relatively low toxicity, very strong greenhouse gases that are stable for 1000+ years ... like SF6.) There's way more outward room for error in the habitable zone than inward room (Mars is possibly technically in the habitable zone, it's just too small to remain habitable, possibly). I think that level of precision ought to be manageable.
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    THAT CAT IS SO CUTE- or maybe I just have the parasite that automatically makes me think cats are incredibly cute- real or not.
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