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    From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Another Wizarding World AU: Hufflepuff!Kaladin, Ravenclaw!Shallan, Gryffindor!Dalinar, Slytherin!Jasnah, &... Durmstrang!Szeth (The Hogwarts sorting results are confirmed by Brandon, though Szeth is a personal addition XD)
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    BEST THING FOR A SANDERFAN TO GET: She's going to read WOK next
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    I'm very conflicted about this. On one hand, I understand why you want diversity, and how it may appear to some people, but also recruiting for diversity is never good. Best case scenario it's the same as it would have been, worst case you're getting people who shouldn’t be getting positions. I think this would probably end up best case, but also, this is the internet, diversity shouldn’t matter, skill should, if the only skilled people are of one group, only take from that group. I don’t have a problem with this because I trust the moderation here to pick good people, but decisions like this have the opportunity to go off the deep end.
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    see I realised that recently I've been focusing on entirely the wrong things. And it's degraded my mental state quite a bit and made me feel vulnerable. So to make myself prioritise and ignore all the negative and bad things I'm gonna challenge myself to read a book a day. So that means tonight I will finish the last 100 pages I have left of the first witcher book and by next Friday I should have finished the entire series. Oh wish me luck
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    GUYS I GOT MY MISSION CALL im going to the morristown new jersey mission, english speaking leaving december 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you ever just have an interaction with a friend, and then afterwards you're just like "i am so glad i have them"? I just did, and it made me so happy because, like, five months ago i felt really alone and isolated and friendless, and i realized with that interaction that i am almost definitely at an end with feeling like that. I love my friend <3
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    Oooh did you know at the start of iron man when the kidnappers are speaking to Tony Stark, they speak Hindi or something a lot like it most of the times Just realised that the translations aren't exactly correct Like over here he definitely isn't saying "why have you failed me?" He is saying "what is going on between you too?" What he is speaking here is not hindi but it's close enough for me to understand it Just thought that was cool Anyways I BOUGHT THE TICKET I'm going to the school festival tomorrow!
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    Thank you! And yes! Yay! Kaladin and Szeth are Windrunners, right? (If there's a spoiler in the answer, don't tell me.) Which symbol is Shallan and Jasnah's? I'm assuming that's what Shallan saw in chapter 1? SA2, ch1, Shallan: Why did that symbol appear on her drawing and again on the water? Why did it move on her drawing?? I'm very happy Jasnah is explaining about Shadesmar, although I wish her explanations were more practical and less scholarly, lol. I also wish she would give more answers to stuff I want to know, like why the symbol appeared to Shallan, and does Jasnah know anything about the symbolheads and who were those black creatures from the prologue who took Jasnah there? I'm glad Shallan ended up insisting to get in the water in the end, and got a chance to take a Memory of the santhid. I was right!! Chapter 2 is called Bridge Four and I'm VERY excited for it!
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    If you wanted to own figurines of Stormlight Archive's main characters, now's your chance, as Brotherwise Games began their Kickstarer for the Stormlight Premium Miniatures set of minis. If you were ever at any point concerned that the Kickstarter may fail, you may lay those worries to rest: it has been an hour and the Kickstarer has already made more than six times its projected goal of 50,000 dollars. So, what does the Kickstarter have for us? Well, first of all are the character miniatures themselves. Those were designed in tight collaboration with Dragonsteel, and their depiction of characters is considered canon. They are sold in sets of six, and sorted by book. To wit, we have: The Way of Kings pack: Blackthorn Dalinar (i.e. in full Shardplate), Eshonai, Bridge Four Kaladin (i.e. dressed in Parshendi corpses), Syl, Assassin Szeth (in his iconic pose), and Shallan. Words of Radiance pack: Shardbearer Adolin, Captain Kaladin (i.e. in Bridge Four uniform), Pattern, Taravangain, Veil, and Wit Oathbringer pack: Bondsmith Dalinar (i.e. in uniform), Jasnah, a generic Heavenly One, Lift, Renarin, and Skybreaker Szeth (i.e. with Nightblood) Rhythm of War pack: Shadesmar Adolin (i.e. in uniform), Shardplate Kaladin, Maya, Navani, Vyre, and Venli Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase individual figurines. If you want that one Maya on your shelf, you will have to shell out for the full Rhythm of War set - which is not to be mistaken for the Rhythm of War tier, as in the now-updated FAQ for the Kickstarter, Brotherwise explained that you will be able to choose between any of the four book sets regardless of which of the first few tiers you've selected. If that is somehow not sufficient to you, however, Brotherwise has more to offer: Four larger-scale, painted figurins of Jasnah, Shardbearer Adolin, Captain Kaladin, and Skybreaker Szeth (the regular minis listed above are unpainted) A set of Stormlight Archive-branded paints A large figure of a Chasmfiend A set of two generic Alethi soldiers and two Parshendi warriors for your tiny plastic commanders to lead A digital pack of STL files for various generic Rosharan troops and a chull, for the 3D-printer-blessed among us "Clashing Storms", a massive, fully-painted statue showing the clash between Kaladin and Szeth from the end of Words of Radiance, which you can take as a individual add-on for a breezy 350 dollars, or alongside everything else for an appropriately-named "All-In" tier of 475 dollars or more Additionally, Brotherwise is set to add more figurines as add-ons, to be revealed as the campaign continues to blow past the stretch goals. The first of these has already been revealed to be none other than the Herald of War, Taln. Before you decide to buy him, however, check your pledge level on Brandon's last Kickstarter, the one for Secret Projects, as users who pledged to it at Year of Sanderson levels will receive the Taln mini in one of the swag boxes. Brotherwise has confirmed that they will not be releasing STL files for any of the named characters, unfortunately, out of concern for piracy. They have, however, stated that they intend to sell the miniatures later through more traditional retailers, so if you cannot afford the minis now, do not worry - you will have the chance to get them later. If you are interested, though, it is probably the fanciest set of Stormlight collectibles out there, and if you can paint them, they will undoubtedly look stunning in your home.
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    Some of my memes are REALLY niche, thought I'd share this one for fans of Seinfeld
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    Guuuuuys my school is having its festival which it is super famous for and i wasnt planning on attending cause people told me it would be better to stay home and study but It's my last year in this school And i don't like this school very much But all my friends are gonna be there and i kinda wanna see what's it's all about. This is the first time in a long time that I'm feeling a flutter of interest for a social activity To go or not to go, that is the question I feel like if i don't attend this i might regret it later. I might regret going if i end up not liking it but atleast I'll get to spend some time with people i like. If i dont go, I'll always wonder about it I think i should go But now i need to buy a ticket Ahhhhh
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    so today i emailed myself a bunch of Minecraft mods i found in a video. put them in my mods folder, updated the mods i already had, and booted up the game. two of the mods needed an extra mod, so i grabbed those and put them in as well. for one of them i grabbed the wrong mod, but i could not find the correct one, so I just got rid of it. but ALL the mods work TOGETHER. EFFICIENTLY. WITH NO DEGRADATION OF MY FRAMERATE, WHICH IS ALREADY BOOSTED BECAUSE OF SODIUM. guys modding today went super well and it was awesome i'm very happy. it NEVER goes that well for me.
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    I have a minor problem. I didn't check my notifications for so long that they now exceed the seven pages available for viewing by a few months. That's what I get, I suppose. If there's anything that someone wants me to respond to or thinks I may have missed that I don't get in the next flurry of posting, or that you just want me to see anyway, link it to me here. Deeply sorry to anyone who I missed completely!
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    Long Game 89: Blessings of Metal The Third Generation of Kandra has always been said to be one of the most rebellious, but in the days before Contracts and when the Flaw was well known, the Second Generation and the Third Generation had quite a... disagreement in whether to unite all kandra into the Homeland or to scatter those that wished to leave into the winds. The Second feared the spreading kandra could bring Ruin upon their race, while the Third thought it was the only way to Preserve it, and words were no longer enough to determine which would prevail. Basics: Blessings: I @Ashbringer will be your GM, with @Devotary of Spontaneity as your IM. I would be partial to having a co-GM, as I am a college student and... quite busy! Writeups will likely be minimal as well but RP is as always encouraged. Signups will end (as of now) at 8:00 PM PDT on Saturday, September 17th. Unless something else changes from then. Maybe. ... I think that's all I need to say? Rule Clarifications: Participants: Quick Links
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    The absolute whiplash I felt when I went to the next song on my required listening playlist for my music class, and it was Fur Elise, by Ludwig von Beethoven (190 songs I have to know the names and composers of, ah!) and it was primarily flute. It was actually a pretty neat version, I'm just used to Fur Elise being For Piano, it just is. While I have ya here, why do you think colonel is spelled like it is, but pronounced like it is?
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    I was considering how seriously Hallendren takes its art, to the point that they've even got things like the synchronized gardening orchestra, and a realization struck me. The fifth heightening makes you completely immune to most toxins, and in real life we have an example of food that's fancy by virtue of narrowly avoiding being deadly poisonous in the form of fugu. So what if Hallendren has chefs specially trained in preparing delicious food using poisonous ingredients that can't be safely eaten by people with too little Breath. Poison ivy salads and deadly nightshade berry sorbets and so on. Actually, expanding upon that now that I'm thinking about it, people of the fifth heightening are immune to diseases too. So while you almost certainly wouldn't want to consume rotten meat, because it's going to taste bad and I'd be willing to bet Breath affects your ability to taste just like your other senses, there's really no risk to you if you want to try eating raw meats or dairy or so on. At any rate, I doubt there's enough potential customers of the fifth heightening or above to sustain a chef even if they charge extravagant prices of every poisonous meal, so it's probably something that certain master chefs learn above and beyond their other culinary expertise.
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    I love how this is the first thing I noticed while taking a glance at the Shard loll But yeah. Still going to vibe irl and figure out some mission stuff I wanna do for my church and.. idk. I’ll come back to post my Inktober stuff when the time comes, but for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ll respond to rps when I do. Love you guyssssss <3
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    WoK and Thor 4 (which wasn't great):
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    This is a bit of the first chapter to a book I'm working on. Any advice/help is welcome. Do you understand what's going on? I'm a new (I've been writing for years though) writer and would welcome opinions from anyone. Also. I've written quite a freaking bit on this. If anyone wants the google doc, I might put the link here. I don't think I'll end up publishing it since I'll probably be gone for 2 years soon. I'd like to share what I've done though and get some constructive criticism on my bad habits and stuff.
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    Hi first post: I am playing with a theory that 8 of the shards are simple “actions” (for lack of a better word), and each share an emotionally tinted counterpart. I’m not sure how this related to a theory I view as essentially guaranteed, that the 16 shards are split into 4 groups along the intents of the dawnshards. Ruin: Odium Invention: Whimsy Valor: Ambition Honor: Devotion Preservation: Survival (not confirmed) Cultivation: Dominion Autonomy: ??? Endowment: Mercy One note on endowment/mercy… I think this may be a case of a shard(s) having a slightly “broader” Intent than the specific name would imply. I believe this is supported by the mechanics of Returned being brought back to life for specific purposes…. Perhaps something more along the lines of Legacy etc. additionally if you really wanted to stretch it, Mercy is holistically something along the lines of Blessing, Grace, or Compassion, which I think tracks with emotionally charged components of Endowment. Of course, could just be a mercy-killing pyscho… we will see. Let me know what y’all think. One edit note: this also might support why Roshar Spren are so similar to Sel Seon/Skaze. The Roshar Shards & Sel Shards are in some ways mirrors of each other, and that might be reflected in the magic manifestation.
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    I'm an Inquisitor now that's so hype :D. Thanks everyone
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    So I just watched this video by DougDoug and fell in love with the entire premise. Basically: Who wants to make an RP where we each have a nation and attempt to conquer the world... but with the outcomes of all of our actions determined by AI?
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    Oh Storms why do they have to look so good! When it comes to figurines and such I'm usually like "what gonna do with that, look at it?". Yes, yes I will look at these!
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    So you might say that Kaladin made his own luck.
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    Some combination of the following statements is true: 1. My cat has tried to kill and/or eat my arm. 2. My cat has tried to play-wrestle with my arm. 3. My cat has tried to mate with my arm. Please reply with your guess.
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    I really enjoyed the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. Set of 5 books that follow an atypical protagonist; somewhat "coming of age" vibes, with many darker elements as the books go on. And the magic system is based around color, which was cool. Exactly what comprises your Sanderson catalogue? (e.g, have you read the non-cosmere works?)
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    A phenomenon similar to a Investiture pressure differentials definitely exists, it is important, and in fact it's foundational for how fabrials are made. From Rhythm of War Epigraphs: It does seem as if higher stress applications are more likely to break gemstones, for example Jasnah predicting that a focal gem would break when she was preparing to free Taravangian's granddaughter at the very start of Way of Kings by Soulcasting the fallen stone. However, most often gemstones seem to break when the Stormlight empties from them, not when they get infused by the Highstorm. If gemstone failure was caused by a burst pressure exceeding their maximum capacity, I would expect them to break when they were infused, not when they were drained. I'd guess it's those small cracks that @Quantus mentioned that vibrate and widen as Stormlight infuses and leaves the Gem, perhaps creating stronger vibrations from the kinetic Investiture? I think both concepts may be at play. Edit, here's a WoB.
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    I dont think so, but it would take in-world experimentation to prove. Gems always and eventually crack from use, which can be from one big use or from enough repeated uses over time; this is fundamental to the gem economy. Separately we know that imperfections in the gems cause them to vibrate when infused (which is how the Gem Archive works). Combine those two and I think the gems shatter from entirely normal crack propagation within the crystal, which grow microscopically with each stress cycle until they catastrophically fail. This is the same material mechanism as when you bend a paperclip back and forth until it breaks. The reason I think it's accumulated stress cracks and not a Burst Pressure type failure sort of thing is that they will fail over time and repeated use, not purely from exceeding the upper limit of the Gem.
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    So, I just find it funny that everyone(everyone in-world) sees Kaladin as lucky, when he most certainly is not, in my opinion. Take the fact that all the reasons people think he's lucky(surviving the storm, surviving the chasms, surviving being a bridgeman) were caused by Stormlight. So take all those "lucky" things... look at his life otherwise... and you have a very unlucky dude.
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    Hello! I am Inspector Morgue. Have stumbled upon The Stormlight Archive when I was browsing Kickstarter one day and later, began reading this book series. After this, I started reading other books in the Cosmere. I have an affinity for tabletop games, writing stories, collecting dreams, conceptualising skits, music and game design. I am glad to be joining this wonderful community!
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    Hi everyone, I’m here, after I have read The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance an Edgedancer, and now am reading Oathbringer. I read absolutely ALL fantasy books, but have not read SA because it was not finished. I was wrong. SA is the best fantasy book I have read in the last three years, and I absolutely LOVE the Worldbuilding and Lore! I hope to have a good time here at 17th Shard!
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    Which part? I mean, I know Kaladin learns to fly at some point... I seem to be bad at staying away from spoilers completely SA2 ch4, Dalinar: Interesting that Dalinar still has the visions even though the last one in WoK seemed like a wrap-up. It sounds like Dalinar believes he wrote the words on the wall himself, in his sleep (as in, the same force that sends him the visions made him write the message for himself). So I was thinking, Shallan + Jasnah are traveling to the Shattered Plains from Karbranth, and Szeth I assume set off on the same journey at roughly the same time. So my theory is that they all arrive at the Shattered Plains at once! Next chapter is Kaladin YAY
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    So the Unmade are basically super-spren that came from Odium, they're similar to the Godspren like the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher and the Sibling, though probably a step beneath them on the totem pole. So my question is could someone Bond with an Unmade? Not Yelig-Nar I mean like Sja-Anat or Nergaoul, would it be possible with one of them? If so what kind of craziness would arise from that?
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    y'alllllllllllll I just finished season one of the owl house and ;aldkhfx.,mbliufgklgdafkvxmnhfouqwyq
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    What, no Lirin mini? Lirin with his arms crossed, scowling. Like a bobble-head but his head shakes back and forth in disapproval.
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    Regarding individual miniatures: you can't get individual miniatures, but you can get just the RoW set (for example). From the Kickstarter's FAQ: EDIT: Also worth mentioning is the upcoming Taln miniature, which isn't on the campaign yet but will be available as an add-on. It will be part of the Secret Project Kickstarter's Stormlight merch box, for those who are pledged at that level to the other campaign. But anyone will be able to add it to this new campaign.
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    It's good that I can get them at a later time because Shardplate would be really fun to make, and would probably go well with Grey knights (if I ever actually paint them). Szeth in both forms would be amazing, and that Chasm Fiend sounds awesome.
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    I just finished reading each of the published cosmere books and am starting them again. I am a huge nerd for anything cosmere related. Hope to see y'all at the convention!
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    Actually, Kaladin was first nicknamed "Stormblessed" back in Amaram's army; long before his use of Stormlight. Not that it was based on luck; since he: Trained very hard after Tien's death Spent almost all of his time and money protecting his squad Developed the skills and tactics needed to "read" the battlefield and adjust his strategy However, all of that combined to confer the nickname since his squad always had the fewest casualties - hence "Kaladin was lucky". . .
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    Yeah that sucks. I know what it feels like that life is gray and your letting everyone down. It is so much easier to bottle up your feelings and let it consume. I always just need someone who can listen and I feel safe around. Whenever I feel like crap I just go cry to my Mom and vomit my all my bad vibes out. But yeah, just keep going. Find the small things that make life worth living.
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    Well, ive got my first person to read some of sandersons books. Downside is theyve read rithmarist and reckoners and are super against reading more of his books. I eventually had to make a deal that i would watch avatar season 1 if they read mistborn 1
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    I just finished watching the two towers (extended edition) (spoilers ahead) and can I say the music???? Rohan??? The whole battle of helms deep scene was like??? The best??? and sir Christopher lee’s portrayal of Saruman was perrrrfect and the lead up to Merry and Pippen’s big moment? and the visible way Legolas and Gimli’s dynamic changes? and Gandalf at Helm’s deep like that was perfectly foreshadowed now I understand what Sanderson was talking and in his lecture and merry and pippin finding Saruman’s private food store lmao AND THERE WAS A MAP! WHOOOO and the conlangs? Chef’s kiss I loved how the world building just showed through sooooo well! and every time they talked about the shire the theme was therrrrre ahhhhhh so good I would watch the whole helms deep/ents sequence a million times over what is it about the second movie in the trilogy being my favorite? Empire strikes back is also my favorite of the OT, and the OT is my favorite of all the main Star Wars movies (but rouge one and clone wars-) and the way the traveling seems so cool and how Aragorn gets a very clear character arc of him figuring himself out that’s a lot more pronounced than the books
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    Codex Alera by Jim Butcher is fantastic and similar in many respects. His Dresden Files is an absolute classic but it's a modern setting and is ongoing.
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    WAIT. I'VE GOT IT. Voodoo hemalurgy. You somehow create a Connection between a doll and a person, presumably through having them using a metalmind. And then you can perform hemalurgy on the doll but have them get the effects without having to physically have the spikes on them. This would, among other things, allow multiple people to use the same spikes at different times more easily, just by using a metalmind to connect to the doll. (Or maybe even at the same time, but that probably is significantly harder, and may weaken the effects of a spike on an individual.). You might even be able to use this method to spike stuff out of people without killing them.
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    Congrats on the read-through, glad you enjoyed it. We all feel that way, and you will learn more in every book.
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