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    This is why my ears aren't pierced. Just sayin'...
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    When 'spiked punch' has a whole new meaning...
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    I don't know if giving gifts is traditional for Koloss Head Munching Day, but we got the best one this year
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    Ugh... thirty-four notifs? I'm not going through all those. I'll just click the important ones. (I.E: "Mystic Syn commented on Sketches on the Bus, Because Syn Gets Bored Easily.") ((I can navigate to the RP subform plenty well by myself, thank you very much)) But anyways, I'm back! Hi! Just returned from the bestestestestestest days EVER. I guess I have to tell you guys allllllll about them:
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    Once upon a time, on a non-canon planet in the Cosmere, a powerfully invested man chose to take over the world. Old OP: This thread has accomplished its goal, and continues to be a hilariously random story with no rails.
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    Oh dear I forgot yesterday Well… Day #30- Last day Thanks for dealing with all my status updates Yesterday I had Girl Scouts, and I did an ort idk what it is so don’t ask The magic school bus is actually so good and the theme is a bop Y’all are better than cake and ice cream Love y’all!
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    Syl: I told Kaladin that their ears turn red when they lie. Adolin: Do they? Syl: No. Adolin: Then why did you tell them that? Syl: Because I can do this. Syl: Hey Kaladin! Do you love us? Kaladin, with their hands over their ears: No Shallan: Can I have 2 straws with that milkshake? Adolin: Aww- Shallan: With 2 straws, I can drink it double as fast! Adolin: Ew. What kind of tea is this? Shallan: I boiled gatorade. Kaladin: That’s the longest worm I’ve ever seen. Shallan: That’s a snake. Adolin: How are you today? Kaladin: Please don’t make me think about my life. Shallan: What the hell were you thinking? Kaladin: I heard releasing birds at a wedding is romantic! Shallan: You released OSTRICHES! Syl: Is stabbing someone immoral? Shallan: Not if they consent to it. Kaladin: Depends on who your stabbing. Adolin: YES??!!? Navani: I need 28 lightbulbs for 28 ducks. Shallan: Ducks can’t eat lightbulbs? Kaladin: I think that’s the point. Navani: Exactly. I want my ducks to glow so I can find them. Adolin: I know this isn’t going to end well and I don’t care. So don’t you try and stop me, Shallan! Shallan: I wasn’t stopping you. I was asking if you had a spare camera so I can record this Dalinar: Are you having another depressive episode? Kaladin: A depressive episode? Kaladin: I'm having a depressive series and we're just on season one
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    today is a good day.
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    I too have discovered this: Vin to Kelsier: Me? I'm the bee knees, but, you? You're just... Elend: Cockroach ankles! Vin: Ye- uh, what? Kelsier: The moon looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Elend, looking at Kelsier: Yeah… but do you know what’s more beautiful? Kelsier and Elend in unison: *sighs* Vin Vin, knocking on the door: Kelsier, open up! Kelsier: It all started when I was a kid. Vin: That’s not what I- Elend: Let him finish! Elend: Vin and I were crossing the street, and this man drove by and honked at us. Kelsier: What did you do? Elend: She chased him to the next red light, and reached into his window, and- Vin: *walking in* Who wants a steering wheel? Kelsier: I am strong! I beat Elend at arm wrestling! Vin: Anyone can beat Elend at arm wrestling! Elend: Hey- Kelsier: If you water water, it grows. Vin: ...What. Spook: He's got a point. Elend, reading a recipe: Beat three eggs? Vin: It means like in hand-to-hand combat. Elend: Ohhhh- Dockson: Both of you get out of this kitchen. Syl: Would you slap Shallan- Kaladin: Yes. Syl: I didn't even finish! Kaladin: Sorry, continue. Syl: Would you slap Shallan for 10 dollars? Kaladin: I would do it for free. Shallan: Rude... Shallan: Guess what number I’m thinking of. Kaladin: 420? Shallan: No, that’s really immature of you. Someone else guess, and please take this seriously. Syl: 69. Shallan: Yeah it was 69. Shallan: Kaladin won’t come out of their room! Syl: Just tell them I said something. Shallan: Like what? Syl: Anything factually incorrect. Shallan, shrugging: If you say so. Kaladin, arriving moments later: Did you just say the sun is a PLANET?
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    I got offered an interview at a children's museum that I really want to work at!!!! I just gotta call them back to confirm the interview and hopefully I'll get the job!! I loved going to this place as a kid, they've got art stuff and theatre stuff and BOOK STUFF AND A GIANT CHESS SET and yeah it'll be fun
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    Soo I'm not in a good place mentally or emotionally right now, and irl is life taking up too much of my energy at the moment to be spending a lot of time online I'll probably be gone for a while, though i might check my notifs every so often I'll miss you guys :< but this is for my own good, so if you see me on here, please yell at me to leave. You guys are awesome <3
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    The only ones I care for Cephandrius Midius Topaz Hoid Wit Dust Roamer Imperial Fool Drifter Wanderer Lunu'anaki Bearer of the First Gem Lift Szeth Kaladin Dalinar(Who is barely able to make the list)
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    Don't know if this has been covered yet, but as someone who's mother has told him "you're the reason I drink," and "you're just like your father," when Lirin told kaladin at the end of pt 2 that he is a monster, I lost all respect. If he doesn't apologize for that at some point (I'm not done with the book yet), he tops moash as my worst character. There are just things you do not say to your child.
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    Shallan's struggles are real struggles people have. I work with those people. I help those people. Not many people are out there waging war. That's a far less human problem and it distances people from its effects. War may be dark, but domestic violence is a much bigger and closer to home problem for most of the planet. Fighting for you life is understandable. Beating your helpless family is not. That said, Dalinar's arc in Oathbringer is also fantastic. But they take trauma from very different angles and that's important because trauma hits everyone different. As for Kaladin's arc... Sorry but no. Kaladin is whiny, petulent, and bigoted through most of that book. He's being an idiot. Him realizing that and finally being a good person is a relief, not epic. And Shallan leads him straight to those realizations in the chasm.
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    This is a simple observation. Despite Skybreakers being known to follow all laws, and Brandon even saying that the generic Second Oath is "I swear to follow the law", Szeth never swore to follow the law. His second oath was "I swear to seek justice, to let it guide me, until I find a more perfect Ideal". This is not explicitly an oath to follow any law, and considering Szeth being willing to take advantage of technicalities of phrasing (like with the dye-throwing contest), he can get away with breaking laws if he thinks they are unjust and gets his highspren to agree. His Third Ideal is also not to follow exactly the laws of the land (as many Skybreakers do) but rather to follow Dalinar, which still does not explicitly restrict him to legal actions.
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    Gotta say I’m with @Anomander Rake and @teknopathetic on this one @Frustration. The statement that the entity purporting to be the Stormfather in the SA5 prologue is not, in fact, the Stormfather is enough to constitute a theory. And @teknopathetichas undeniably offered a substantial amount of evidence in support of that theory. Is it a full fledged, complex theory? Maybe not because it’s a draft and we don’t have much more to go off of at this point. It’s more like a basic theory designed to spark discussion and speculation. As @Anomander Rake said, you may disagree with the persuasiveness of the evidence, but you can’t seriously say there is no evidence for the premise that the entity we see interacting with Gavilar is not the Stormfather. I’m not nearly as active on the Shard as you @Frustration (maybe no one is?) but I’ve been around long enough and read enough of your comments to develop an opinion on your style of discourse. I don’t know you and so wouldn’t presume that you intend this, but wanted to let you know that your terse comments simply poking holes in others’ theories often come across as rudely dismissive. And I think they push what should be fun discussion and theorizing about stories and characters we all love into the realm of argument. So maybe we cool it on the semantics about whether or not something constitutes a theory and just let folks have a discussion.
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    Points in Favor of Ishar: On Foreshadowing The Stormfather tells Dalinar that the Stormfather never much liked Ishar. I think this feeling of distrust is a crumb that leads us to Ishar Piggybacking on the Stormfather's visions and messing around with Honour's intentions. We have hints dropped that Ishar was lying about the Surgebinders returning. We learn that Ishar likely lied to Nale (who may have the ability to detect lies), and therefor is capable of tricking almost anyone. We have Ishar introduced in RoW as a threat We have temporarily-sane Ishar directly mention restoring the Oathpact at the end of RoW On Gavilar's Inconsistent View on Human Mannerisms Gavilar states that he " wasn't certain if the spren could be said to have human mannerisms. Sometimes, it seemed so—and others, it seemed completely unfathomable. Today, though… That posture turned away, hinted at in the warping of the air. So Gavilar is sensing some inconsistency here. To me this was the dead giveaway that something was up, especially with the word "posture" On the Insanity of Heralds While the heralds are clearly insane, the heralds do seem to believe that Ishar had somehow remained sane So, a herald themselves would likely say "most" of the heralds are insane We get the entity saying "Immortality, the Stormfather said. It wears on men and women. It weathers them and their minds. Most of the Heralds are insane now—with unnatural ailments of the mind, unique to the circumstances of their ancient natures" There is no reason to think the Stormfather would consider any of the Heralds sane. However, Ishar himself would use a phrase such as this To me, the use of the word "most" is a slip on the Stormfaker's part On Immortality The voice seems to be genuinely concerned about the costs of immortality. Would the Stormfather truly have a strong understanding of that kind of loss? Should an unbonded Spren have that understanding? Consider this morose line and imagine if it more suits an eternal by nature cognitive entity like a Spren or a human cognitive entity like a Herald: Everyone you know will be dust by the time you return… (I did not add the ... ) The stormfather would have no experience with returning to a land and realizing all of your friends have turned to dust over time. Ishar however would know exactly how that feels, and would likely get a bit emotionally upset at considering it again. We also have: Eternal life. A legacy that spanned millennia—because you were there to shepherd it It is not so grand as you think it to be, the spren said. Which gave him pause. On the Ten Fools Motif: Gavilar says that the Heralds staying on Braize and getting tortured "are the ten fools for that...if I cannot die, I will be the greatest king this world has ever known. Why lock my knowledge and leadership away on another world?" But then shortly after when Gavilar says "Who are you", the entity states: "The biggest fool of them all, the Stormfather said. And the thing that has miscalculated. GOODBYE GAVILAR. I HAVE SEEN WHAT IS TO COME AND I WILL NOT PREVENT It So, grammatically Gavilar says the Herlads are the 10 fools, and the voice holds onto this notion, and when questioned about their identify proceeds to say "I am the biggest fool of them all" There is an earnest and uncomplicated reading of that where we can take this to mean the voice has just admitted to being a herald. If anything, it is a bit hard to consider why the real Stormfather would say something like that... On The Font Change With the fool line, there is a font change "The biggest fool of them all, the Stormfather said. And the thing that has miscalculated. GOODBYE GAVILAR. I HAVE SEEN WHAT IS TO COME AND I WILL NOT PREVENT It" The CAPS sounds exactly like the regular Stormfather we have come to expect. In particular, it sounds like when the Stormfather told Dalinar about smashing the Everstorm into the Highstorm. The caps-voice is how the Stormfather usually talks both in terms of style (caps for unbonded people) and in terms of tone (i dont care) This, to me, is evidence that the Italics are Ishar and the CAPS ARE THE STORMFATHER We also have Gavilar saying that the Stormfather seemed confused sometimes and that the whole thing was not going as expected. The Italics voice does not seem confused at all IMO. However, the CAPS voice would likely be confused as all hell at whatever was going on. The CAPS voice gives no information and seems to not care at all, which exactly the grumpypants demeanor Dalinar AND Syl have ascribed to the Stormfather. And the CAPS match the WoR Stormfather in intention. The Stormfather we know was not willing to do a damn thing to prevent the desolation from coming. He was just doing the minimal amount of work Honour obligated for him to do. We also have Gavilar mention that the voice does not manifest the same way all the time: "He looked around the small room, but the Stormfather was invisible today, not appearing as a shimmer as he sometimes did." The shimmer is "sometimes" and not usually. So to me, the shimmer is the Stormfather and the invisible is Ishar. According to the Coppermind for Stomlight 1-4, "The Stormfather has two different "modes" of speech. He uses small caps when talking to those unbonded to him, or when speaking so that everyone can hear him. He speaks normally when communicating directly with Dalinar after the latter becomes a Bondsmith" So if we believe the Coppermind, Italics is something bonded or close to Gavilar and CAPS is the unbonded Stormfather. As we see both, there appear to be two voices being used. The entity specifically says Gavilar and it are not bonded, so this cannot be explained by assuming the bond was severed And as well, the italics voice does return after the CAPS event. Dalinar also hears "Unite Them" in his mind, but the Stormfather is unable to detect this voice. This means that it is possible to send a voice to someone near the Stormfather without the Stormfather detecting it. On the Personality With Gavilar, we never once hear the voice "rumble". All the Stormfather ever does with Syl, or Kal, or Dalinar is rumble is grumpiness. The Stormfaker is a lot of things, but he isn't grumpy. Before S5, we have the Stormfather talk to Syl, Kal, and Dalinar. Between those 3 people, we see a clear and consistent personality. Do we think Syl, Kal, and Dalinar would believe the Stormfather to say things like: That depends, the Stormfather said in his mind, upon your definition of lies. Many who name it such believed what they said. "I regret," the Stormfather said, "the way I have treated you. I should not have been so accommodating. It has made you lazy" You do not consider with reverence the position you seek, the Stormfather said. I feel…you are not the one that I need. That I decided to find. You are the one I have chosen “You’ve never challenged what I’m doing,” Gavilar said. “I would have thought that returning the Voidbringers would be opposed to your very nature.” Opposition, sometimes, is needed, the Stormfather said. You will need someone to fight, should you take the position I am offering you. And then…she fell. She was too small a being, not strong enough, to uphold an entire people. It all came crashing down, and so some brave men and women—Radiants—did something that had to be done, trapping Mishram in a gemstone to prevent her from destroying all of Roshar. The side effect of that event created the parshmen. But what would Syl believe her father to say? I think Syl would for sure believe: GOODBYE GAVILAR. I HAVE SEEN WHAT IS TO COME AND I WILL NOT PREVENT It" And as mentioned before, this entity is wistful about immortality, which is not something that fits a spren's personality or the Stormfather's personality as Syl, Kal, or Dalinar would understand it. It is a lot to believe that the Stormfather has been tricking Lasting Integrity, Syl, Kal, and Dalinar. And not only that, but has been doing so consistently between them. Gavilar's experience is the odd one out, and I think Gavilar's should be the suspect one. On the Visions The Real Stormfather famously does next to nothing when it comes to explain the visions to anyone. So, if the entity is Ishar, Ishar doesn't even have to watch Gavilar inside the visions. It took FOREVER before the Stormfather gave any information to Dalinar about what the visons were, so Ishar would not need to be involved there at all. Ishar could have noticed that Gavilar was getting visions from the OG Stormfather and then snuck in when the Highstorm left the area. But, if we want Ishar to be involved in the visions in some way as well, that is easy. These visions are famously easy to hijack. We have: Whatever it is that forces the Stormfather to give the visions to candidates like The Potter and Dalinar. There may be some way to force the system to give you visions. Lift being able to enter the visions at will for unexplained reasons that might be related to her being a touch more in the Cognative Realm Odium being able to bruit-force his way into the visions The Stormfather being able to bring in multiple people at once The Nohadon vision that doesn't match the other (which means you might be able to fake new visions if you wanted) Sensing a Herald Die: Ishar is both a Bondsmith AND the Bondsmith that forged the Oathpact. There is no entity on Roshar that we know of that has a stronger connection or understanding of the Oathpact. If Ishar created it, then he may be more aware of its operations than the other heralds. Ishar was also a Bondsmith of sorts on Ashyn, so we don't even need to assume a Spren like the Stormfather was involved in anyway. Dalinar sees the lines of connection emanating out of Ishar that represent the Oathpact even though Brandon has said the Oathpact is finished. We don't see Dalinar describe Taln or Shallash with bonds eminating out which I find odd. If Ishar made the Oathpact, it is completely within reason that his connection to it would be stronger, kind of like Ishar is the base where all the threads meet. As he is the base or the creator, he would feel a tug in the Oathpact more strongly that anyone else. The Stormfather has no known connection to the Oathpact whatsoever. Not once has the Stormfather ever mentioned being a part of the Oathpact. And again to that point, there is no mention of the Stormfather reacting to the True-Death of Jezrian. Dalinar doesn't hear a scream from the Stormfather or anything like that. If we take our in-text evidence, the Stormfather is in no-way connected to the Heralds and their Oathpact before this Stormlight 5 Prologue. Edit: some are talking about the Stormfather being a Sliver now. Dalinar: If we are going to say that the Stormfather can feel the Oathpact, then why do we not see a hint of Dalinar sensing it more? The argument from Storfather-Believers is that the Stormfather would feel it because the Stormfather has absorbed Honour somewhat. But Odium does not say The Stormfather can free Odium, but that it is Dalinar. We also see Dalinar accepting Oaths, so he apparently is able to sense or change some bonds with Radiants. Dalinar likely would have telegraphed the "RAAAARG" that the Italics VOice had felt in SP5. Basied on this, I put forth that this is something Stomfather Believers need to sort out on their side. My Conclusion: Ishar is the only known being to have a unique and powerful connection to the Oathpact. Before S5, it would have been a crack theory to think the Stormfather would feel the death of a herald in anyway. However, believing that the forger of the Oathpact would be temporaily rattled by a herald's death is completely within reason. As the Heralds were made BEFORE spren-bonds, there is no reason to assume the Stormfather was involved in anyway. And adding to that, as Ishar was a Bondsmith before coming to Roshar, there are many things we don't know about how Ishar's powers work. On Motivation to Make a New Herald Ishar, after a Bondsmith oath is sworn in RoW, tells Dalinar directly that Ishar wants to reforge the Oathpact. So as far as we have any evidence for, Ishar is the only Cosmere-Aware and powerful entity to openly state that their motivation is to reforge the Oathpact. Ishar seems to be more sane in this moment, so maybe his mental health has taken a deep nosedive in the past 6 years, but he was able to remember his goal in that moment. Ishar started his Tu'kar Godking madness almost exactly when Gavilar and Chana died, so we have a timeline of motivation and sanity changes that fits perfectly. Ishar ahs also sworn never to work with a Kolin again, which may cause some issues moving forward and cause Ishar to be more hostile than he should be normally. EDIT: I think Insane Ishar is taking wont ever work with Dalinar while in contrast Sane Ishar is able to see that the potential in Dalinar is worth trying-out And going beyond this, the Heralds have a in-text desire to get off Roshar, so creating neo-heralds to swap out with is a direct and stated goal of the 9 heralds who abandoned the Oathpact. The Stormfather, before Stormlight 5, has never once showed any interest in creating new heralds at all in any way. To say "he is hiding it" or "he changed his mind" is a lot of handwaving in my opinion. The Stormfather in WoR has given up completely. The entity we see in S5 has a plan that it needs to rush through or change dramatically. If we are to believe the entity is the real Stormfatherm then when the Stormfather crashed the Highstorm into the Everstorm, was that just the Stormfather tricking Dalinar somehow? Why would the Stormfather both be trying to make new Heralds AND destroy the biggest army capable of resisting the Voidbringers? Reconciling WoR with S5 takes too much handwaving for me to buy it. My Conclusion: Ishar in RoW is the only powerful entity we have that has on-screen stated that they would like to reforge the Oathpact. Before S5, it would be a cracktheory to believe the Stormfather had anything to do with the heralds, while it was textually explicit that ishar thought reforging the Oathpact was a worthwhile endeavor. On Tu'kar For reason's unknown, Ishar decides to head to Tu'kar and declare himself the God-king. This happens almost exactly after Gavilar's feast and Chana's death. We have to explain why Ishar changed his behaviour almost exactly when Chana and Gavilar die. Everyone ahs to explain this (both Stormfather Believers and Stormfaker Believers) So we see a change in Ishar's known behavior right when these events occur, so we are able to postulate that he had his motivations changed around that time as well which fits my theory just fine. Even those who don't think Ishar is the Stormfaker do think ishar's behaviour seems to indicate he knew something had happened on the night of Gavilar/Chana's death. Ishar does change his behavior after Chana dies. He heads to Tu'kar and starts the wars there by declaring himself the God King. In my opinion, Ishar went a bit crazy and started believing the lies he had been telling Gavilar, and now Ishar is a complete crazy mess believing he actually is the avatar of the almighty like Gavilar thought he was. Ishar's intended to go to Tu'kar to rush his plan and explore pulling into the cognitive realm, but as Kelek mentions, the mental illness appears to be getting worse with the heralds of late, and Ishar took a HUGE dip in sanity once he started messing about in Tukar And as for Ishar's insanity, who knows what the death of a Herald, be it Chana or the true death of Jezrian, might do to the person who forged the Oathpact. We simply don't know what that might cause to his sanity. So, with all this, I feel it is NOT a Cracktheory. I actually think the Stormfather Believers have way more explaining to do than this reading of the text does.
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    I don't hate Lirin, I just don't like him. His best version was in WoK flashbacks, and even then he had some growth to do. Afterwards he just regressed further with every book. I disagree with people who say that Lirin and Kaladin are both wrong and only willing to see their paths. That is certainly the case with Lirin, but one of Kaladin's biggest issues is that he thinks his father is right. Kaladin believes his father's path is the correct one, which is where a big dose of his depression comes from, from believing he is walking the wrong path. I loved your post, since you are right and it made me think. Part of Lirin's problem is his inability to see. Lirin was a rebellious darkeyes who got beating back by the system. His son was a rebellious darkeyes who melted the system. Lirin cannot draw false equivalences between Kaladin and himself in his youth, since there is nothing similar in their experiences. If Kaladin were to ask to be trained as a general and eventually control a large swath of the coalition armies and lands he would be granted that. Kaladin has a level of power (even if he probably won't use most of it) which is only exceeded by a handful of people. As such the challanges which broke Lirin are not even an issue any more for Kaladin, and Lirin can't expect his son to end like he did because its impossible. If his son ends broken it will be by very different circumstances. Lirin realizes that when he says something like "We are little people, we can't do anything", and notices that is not true when it comes to his son, but he doesn't bother to internalize that knowledge, just continues on his way acting the same way. If I remember right Lirin says he wouldn't have let Kaladin to die, but he sort of agrees he would have brought him down and let the Fused see him. In my opinion Lirin's greatest fault (other than not emotionally supporting his son) is how naive he is is. He is convinced nothing bad will happen to the KR when they are captured by the Fused. Two elite warriors of a conflict he knows very little about. He decides that he will hand Kaladin over, assuming that he won't be killed since the other KR unconscious weren't killed. Not bothering to think that maybe they will make an exception for Kaladin, since he is not an average KR. He is the first Windrunner, he is maybe the most iconic KR of all, he didn't fall unconscious and kept sabotaging the Singer forces in Urithiru, he was being hunted by a powerful and insane Fused. Did he honestly believe "nothing bad would happen" to his son? Or did he just not care enough? Lirin's statement that Kaladin should have been a good slave was a huge slap in the face out of complete ignorance. Perhaps Lirin has the personality which would allow him to be the perfect slave, happy without rights, freedom or a voice (doubtful), but for people like Kaladin it was death as surely as a spear to the gut. Much like caging a lion. He couldn't be a good slave without eventual suicide any more that he could kill his own father. Hesina was indeed also a disappointment. Seems she used all her willpower by going against her family and marrying Lirin, and has none left over. I expected Lirin to be a problem for Kaladin since WoR, but I was sure Hesina would rise up. Alas, she did not.
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    take that @AonEne I wrote it first, I was getting impatient. it needs a little editing, but it's awesome.
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    Anybody else ever want to reach out to someone because you're struggling, but you don't because if you talk about the one thing, all the other things are gonna come out because they all feed into each other and it'll probably be fine eventually because it's probably just a storm of teenage confusion that'll go away one day? In other words; I'm very confused, tired, and a little bit miserable and I don't know why.
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    Vivica stared at herself in the mirror, one finger tapping against the porcelain sink. Not much time, now. Not much time at all. She had felt them moving, the shadows. They flitted across her vision, lurking in the corners of her eyes, in that place where people did not want to look. But Vivica had been looking. And the shadows had been looking back. They were angry. She had overstepped with that drawing, the one she had given to Reshilore. Vivica smiled as she thought of him. Such a nice man. She didn’t regret giving him the Recipe. It was important. It was the most important thing she had ever done. Until now, of course. There was nothing more important than this. Vivica looked down at her tools, arranged neatly on a washcloth next to the sink, and gave a tiny sigh. They were not what she would have preferred, certainly not like what she had had in the Other Life. But, there was no time for moping. At least she had on her baking coat. Yes, at least there was that. “Are you ready, Bennington?” Her voice sounded thin, the barest quaver ringing at the edges. Vivica scolded herself. A scientist did not pout. She did not bewail her lot. She did what had to be done, for the advancement of all. Someone had to throw the first stone in this glass house. Someone had to let the darkness in. Because only in the darkness did people claw toward the light. She picked up her first tool: a spoon. It had taken her the better part of the last week to sharpen its edge enough to cut. But sharp it was. Vivica rolled up her left sleeve, inspecting the skin of her forearm with clinical detachment. An odd place for this bindpoint, really. Though, she reasoned, perhaps its location made more sense than it initially appeared. Such a common place for self-harm, for those who wished to be rid of their own mental torment. Maybe the bindpoint called to them, whispering in their ears. A way to be rid of their mental instability, if only they knew how to go about it. Vivica did not wish to be rid of it, but then, many things had happened that Vivica did not wish for. Such a great many things. “The first step,” she said aloud, “is to create easier access to the bindpoint.” She held the spoon for a moment, hand steady as stone. Then, with a single intake of breath, she began to carefully flay the skin from her forearm. Blood immediately started to drip into the sink, the bright crimson standing out starkly against white porcelain. Vivica felt herself smile, harder this time. It cut itself into the corners of her mouth just as she cut away her own flesh. Tears pricked her eyes, called instinctively by the pain - though pain held little sway over Vivica now. Bennington floated over her right shoulder, looking on with somber eyes. This was a crude job, really, and would have been totally unnecessary with the proper spike. But that was the trouble with the Cognitive Ward - they did not allow the patients access to sharpened metal spikes. So, Vivica had to make do. She set down the spoon, then picked up a long, narrow piece of copper. It had once been a paperclip. One of the orderlies was a Keeper, and she always had extra copper clips to use on patient files, storing memories in them when needed. It hadn’t been too difficult to slip one out of her pocket during a routine evaluation. People didn’t expect deceit from Vivica. Perhaps they didn’t think her capable of it. She watched the harsh fluorescent light play off the copper, then turned her attention back to her wrist. The cuts had been precise, the skin peeled back to allow the dull and narrow piece of metal the best possible chance at hitting the bindpoint. It had to work. It had to. There was only one way to dismantle this fictional world. Vivica had to remove the linchpin. She had tried so many times to tell the Professor. To make him see. Make him remember. But he was too blinded by the false light, too happy by far. Too sane. Much too sane. Vivica did not have time to wait for him to go mad on his own. So she used what she did have: a copper paperclip, and blood. She looked at herself then - really looked. Her sallow, sunken cheeks, her bloodshot blue eyes, her lank mousy hair. A ruin of a girl. A madwoman. Not even the power of a god could patch the cracks in her spirit. Even in this perfect world, Vivica was broken. But even that had a use. Vivica held the copper wire between her fingers, suddenly uncertain. This would be slow work. Nasty. Inelegant. She glanced upward, towards a piece of paper taped onto the mirror. A drawing of a woman and a cheerful violet orb, holding hands with a tall man in a labcoat. Nox. The Professor. The Lonely God. “We have to do it, Bennington. For him.” Vivica looked down again and grit her teeth, marking the bindpoint in her mind. Then, she began to slide the copper wire into her wrist. — Twenty minutes later, Vivica sat at her little desk and waited. She had wrapped a towel around her wrist, though blood continued to soak through. A neat little envelope sat at the corner of the desk, marked with the words “Professor Esserethel.” “We did it Bennington,” she whispered, watching the shadows bend oddly in the light of her single lamp. There was no reply. Vivica looked upward, to where Bennington usually floated above her shoulder. Nothing. There was no one. Vivica was alone. She bit her lip, though that did little to stop its trembling. It had been a possibility, she knew. A risk. Spiking out her own insanity would naturally rid her of her hallucinations. But some part of her had still hoped… A low hiss broke the silence, and Vivica stood, clutching the sharpened spoon in her right hand. Tears traced quiet lines down her face. “You missed all the fun,” she said softly. Beyond the reach of her lamplight, shadows crept and slunk and oozed across the floor. This was no simple mental edit. They had come to make her disappear. To patch the cracks. To keep the darkness out. “Don’t worry,” she said, raising the spoon. “I still have one more trick.” Something black and slick moved one foot into the lamplight. “One last surprise.” Another step. “I think you’ll really like it. It’s my disappearing act. Are you ready?” Vivica felt her grip tighten, watched the shadows coil, ready to steal her. To take her. To make all this for nothing. “I’m ready,” she whispered, smiling. White, and hard, and sharp. Then she took the spoon’s scalpel edge and drew it across her own throat.
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    While all the arguments for the stormfaker are sound and certainly possible, one reason I'm in the "real stormfather, prior character development" field is that brandon likes to deconstruct, reconstruct and justify the fantasy tropes. And one of them is the jackass genie, the powerful supernatural entity that's bound to help you, but will try not to. I mean, the stormfather is not particularly cooperative with Dalinar, he withold information and often fights back for no particular reason. And the stormfather would be killed by odium; he's got even more to lose than humans. Why the stormfather would be so obstructive? And if this prologue features the real stormfather, it makes perfect sense. The stormfather tried to cooperate, he tried to give gavilar all he needed. In turn, gavilar swindled him and tried to use him and his power for personal gain. The stormfather got a lot more mistrustful of humans, and he's been oppositive partly as a test of character to make sure dalinar is really committed, and partly for fear of being taken advantage of again. it's the perfect setup to how the stormfather behaves now
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    So, re-reading RoW, I found something in Ch 8 and had a thought. (Spoiler Tags for non-Stormlight Archive References) We've known for a while that Renarin was having problems with his second surge - Illumination. They mentioned repeatedly in Oathbringer that he was having a problem making it work, even after lessons with Shallan. In Chapter 6 (and on the Coppermind, quoted below) we see him finally make some small illusions, as Navani notes: When we get to Chapter 8, we see Kaladin confronting Moash and when Renarin arrives: My conclusion:
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    Good evening Alleyverse! I present to you a parody of “Master of the House” from Les Miserables. Special thanks to @Fatebreaker for the chorus. Enjoy Master of the Lab
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    ALRIGHT PEOPLE I'M TAGGING PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO ANYTHING PERTAINING TO MY LOVE LIFE I HAVE THE BEST NEWS @Szeth's Facepalm @Robin Sedai @Thaidakar the Ghostblood uhhhhhh who else uhhh uhhhhhh @The Wandering Wizard you seem vibey lets get you invested @Morningtide YOU MORNINGTIDE GET OVER HERE. @Spook's biggest fan we are friends so you have to know ab me. ok i think thats everyone ok now *hem hem* *aheeeeehmm* ok so for those who do not know, on saturday night, i got that random urge to just tell K (crush/best friend, if you know you know) that I like her. So I decided to listen to that urge. (yo wait Inside Out moment eyoo????) On sunday, i contacted several friends asking for advice on how to best do so. While waiting for a response, I grabbed K in the hallway at church and said, verbatim: "I need to talk to you about something important, preferably this week. When works?" "I get home around 4:30..." "Tomorrow 4:40, then?" "Sure. i guess. (wtf...)" "Great see you then." And then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Throughout all of today I had butterflies in my stomach and was very very nervous. I got more advice from friends and got much hyped up. And then, I went over to her house. She answered the door, and I swear I don't know how she manages to look so. storming. gorgeous. every. single. storming. day. So I stall for like 10 minutes, hanging out with her, her sis, her bro, and her dog (all three of which i am also friends with) And then, we manage to chase off her siblings, and we go under the table hockey table thingy to talk. The convo starts off very slow and awkward, bc i have no idea what i'm doing. and she's just looking at me, saying nothing but being so encouraging. (gods i love this girl) But I start at the beginning. The very beginning, when I first had a crush on her before covid (before that crush kinda faded and i dated two other girls) before reaching more recent times, when i reference that I had noticed the crush around mid to late February, and then after I binged Arcane with her over spring break, i realized it was legit feelings, not just a crush. So then I told her, "So I've basically, just had a crush on you for four months. And haven't told you. And been struggling with that. As a sophomore. With homework." Now, since I'm somehow funny, she starts laughing (which is the most amazing sound in the world dshaoueubao and it's easy for me to make her laugh apparently) and then she leans in and goes, "c'mere" and i recoil because confused and dramatic white boi lmao and she laughs and unrecoils me and then... SHE KISSES MY CHEEK AND THEN I REALIZE SHE LIKES ME BACK AND THEN I'M ON TOP OF THE MOON ON TOP OF THE WORLD ON TOP OF SATURN ON TOP OF PLUTO I'M SO HAPPY AAAAAAAAAAAAA so that happens we talk for a bit more (apparently she's also liked me back for some time as well and i was right in my assumptions) and then we just hang out for a while afterwards. so yeah. i've still got a while to go before it's a full fledged bf/gf situation, but my bestie knows i'm basically in love with her, and she feels similarly. and i'm very happy. like, insanely happy. thank you for reading.
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    His complete refusal to be happy for his son is awful. He slumps in disappointment when Kaladin summons Syl and says he’s a Radiant. Your son who you thought was dead is actually alive and he literally flew here to help your town and he’s a magic man now. Why are you so upset?
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    guys, im an idiot, I forgot to mention something super important. I WROTE WE DONT TALK ABOUT JASNAH!
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    I've been very suspicious about the Horneaters ever since Rock's narration mentioned that they fletch their arrows with "goose" feathers. What's a goose, Rock?
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    Sp3 seems like it could be set in the Nalthian system. Evidence: Planet names: Farkeeper the Bright Nightstar the Hidden Also: -Nalthis' magic system is heavily involved in art and music-things Virtuosity would likely be into as well -There is a Cognitive anomaly in the system. We have two other spots where the Cognitive is dangerous: Self and Threnody. In both cases a Shard died there. Perhaps Virtuosity splintering herself would result in less severe damage.
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    So... We have had Raboniel and Navani name the new combined light warlight, and that naming convention is unlikely to change. They could however, have an incomplete understanding of it's intent at this time, only revealed at the climax of either SL 5 or 10, with the formation of a new unified shard, who discovers the intent. I believe that Justice, or perhaps, Judgement Is a more fitting name for a combination of honor and odium. It is stated that Odium is dangerous because it is Adonalsium's divine rage, separated from the rules that gave it purpose, and meaning. I think that this is foreshadowing for the end of Stormlight. Honor is clearly about what is right, and odium is about destruction. Together, they might perhaps be the hard hand of justice. The rage of odium, channeled only at the unjust. This could play out interestingly, with perhaps altered skybreakers becoming the most attuned order to this new shard.
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    All of the scenes in which Kaladin swore his ideals appeared in depth rattles. This has probably been laid out before but it's new to me
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    Warlight was named because the rhythm it beats to is the Rhythm of War. The inent was communicated by the rhythm itself so I think that War is the purest intent of Honor + Odium.
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    In a similar vein, and from the same convo, here's a parody on "Do you Hear the People Sing" from Les Miserables too: Do you Hear the People Scream
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    Hey @Frustration "Theory" and "Logic" are not always the same from context to context. Specifically, logical scrutiny is going to follow different norms between Science and Literature. Heck, even scientific fields have vastly different definitions of evidence (take the definition of "acceptable statistical chance" between Medical Guidelines vs Particle Physics. They are VASTLY different when defining what is likely "evidence") We know, as theorizers, that certain elements are being deliberately hidden from us by Brandon for narrative reasons. Because there is explicit deception on the part of the author, we will never have all the premises and bits of evidence necessary to prove a twist. We even known that some elements may never be explicitly explained. We are not operating in a world where all the details are extant or provable. We are not in a particle collider. We are absolutely rational agents if we utilize both inductive and deductive reasoning when searching for "intentional deception" or "literary device". The author has intentionally seeded the stories with twists, and there are different logical tools to find things like that. It is rational to gather evidence bit by bit and to determine what consistent statements follow from that evidence. However, we know the author at times will intentionally hide, twist, or misrepresent the evidence, so this will never be satisfactory. it is rational to start with a statement considered true as presented to us by the Author, and to examine the evidence/premises that are needed to support that conclusion. This is actually quite useful, as we know the author will intentionally make us believe things that are later shown to be false. We should not always trust the author as he is known to be intentionally deceptive. If you know there is a high potential for deception, you take the statement they give you and you rip apart the evidence they have provided. As the Italic Voice is being explicitly deceptive to Gavilar, and since this is extremely new behavior compared to the previous 4 books, I am going into it with skepticism. This is the perfect opportunity for an author to deceive the reader.
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    Hello, and welcome back citizens of the Capitol! How are you doing this Hunger Games season, Korro? I'm just swell, Zolver. What highlights do we have in the Games today that fans might want to hear about? Any winners in the making yet? Well, it's only been a day and a half since the Games began, but there are definitely some fan favorites and fun moments that will be put on the highlight reels this year. Those poor lovers from District Three were certainly interesting. Didn't they get separated at the bloodbath? Hah. Not that it was much of a bloodbath this year, eh, Zolver? In fact, most of the players don't seem to be interested in violence at all. That's right, although I have it on good authority that the gamemakers are going to be pushing for some more action as the Games continue. But for now, the most interesting story seems to be with the District Seven girl who nearly died at the bloodbath. Footage of a short haired blonde girl getting cut down in the cornucopia while her back is turned is shown between the two TV hosts. Ooof. What a hit. And she survived that? She did indeed, thanks to some kindness from District Four's Tani! Normally that kind of kindness is frowned upon, but this time around, it seemed to be a real game changer, haha. And what's worse, the man who did that to her was her own district partner, the boy she volunteered seemingly to die alongside. A picture of District Seven's Xino shows up on the screen. He's a tan young man with short cropped dark hair and glasses. Why would she do that, Korro? Well, sources say she has severe depression, and it only got worse after her boyfriend passed away in a logging accident. But now, that depression seems to be turning into an unbridled murderous rage. A video clip of Star brutally hacking apart a young boy plays. She doesn't stop hacking until long after the boy is dead and dismembered. That's right, and that's why fans have been flocking to Star as their new favorite. We have some fan art here of her from a young fan in District Nine. (spoilered for minor gore) Tell me more about that Xino boy, Zolver, what is he like? Well, Korro, not much is known about him, but the way he's been talking to little Vapor from District Ten, I don't think he's quiiiiiite right in the head, haha. And what's more - wow, I love this drama - it seems like cutting down Star was an accident. He feels genuinely horrible about what he did, but - get this - Star is on a revenge mission now. She doesn't care to win, she just wants her old partner dead. Gosh, what a story. I guess the fans will just have to wait and see how it pans out, eh? Well, we're signing off, Panem. Have a nice night!
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    That's an interesting observation, and I guess we don't really know how rigid highspren are about oaths. I'm skeptical that highspren are all that open to being flexible with the law, since that's kind of their essence. That's one of the differences Syl notes between them and honorspren: And Nale draws a sharp contrast between morality and law: At the same time, in RoW we've seen that honorspren have come to define honor differently even amongst themselves, and almost certainly differently than they had done in the past. So maybe we're seeing something similar with highspren. Possibly in tandem with Nale himself changing so much over the millenia. We haven't seen many Skybreakers in action so we don't have a lot of comparisons available. The best one I can think of is in Lift's first interlude chapter, where a Skybreaker kills a hostage because he said he would and thought it would be wrong to not follow through. He's sharply scolded by Nale because they didn't have legal permission to kill the hostage in Azir. We have a few possible explanations that I can think of offhand: That Skybreaker had sworn his second oath to follow the law, in contrast to Szeth's oath That Skybreaker had not yet sworn the second oath That Skybreaker had sworn his third oath to follow Nale, and so regardless of his specific second oath had to follow Azir's laws exactly because that's what Nale did But I think you're right to note that the oath doesn't seem to bind Szeth in the way we might generically expect it to bind a Skybreaker, and that highsprens' judgement seems like a really important factor in what a Skybreaker is allowed to do according to their oaths.
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    I dont have time at the moment to look through these at the moment. But i thought i could announce to every one that i'm not dead! YAY. *applause* If i ever do leave permanently ill make a formal announcement. But for real though, i dont think ill ever leave. Cosmere is my life and passion! See y'all later! I love y'all!
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    This is pure atium! Just hilarious! Syl with daddy issues? And then this - "He raised his free hand, summoning the bridge." - I'm dead! Just imagine Syl as a Shardbridge. Can't wait for Words of Radiance!
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    More memes cuz...memes (and also boredom)
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    1. Dalinar (I mean come on, honourable but troubled knightly king saving the world) 2. Kelsier (because who wants to stop the shenanigans) 3. Hoid (Participation award) Don't know past that.
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    Double feature this time boys! So I finished up the Path of Daggers, and said to myself "I'll just read the prologue, that's all. Just the prologue...Ok, maybe chapter one, then I'll post my reactions." Next thing I knew I was over halfway done and decided to make the two of them into one big post. I feel like it almost works out better this way. The two books seemed to be more companion pieces than separate novels. I can definitely see how people would be frustrated with these later books if they were fans when the books were first released. I was spared the agony of having to wait to read the next book, so I really didn't have any problems with these two. I could see how missing Mat for the entire book would annoy of great many people with that cliffhanger, but it seemed fairly obvious he would survive considering the number of side characters that were left behind with him. After reading through Winter's Heart, I was glad his story wasn't pushed in tPoD. The (relative) shortness of the book was refreshing, and the story flowed together really well. I'm equating these later books to be similar to A Feast for Crows and A Dance of Dragons, in that they are more about further establishing the characters' places and reactions to the events as they unfold. I'll try to keep this as well organized as I can, but the whole story is really starting to blur together. Aviendha chapters are absolutely splendid. I wish that he'd have utilized her more as a POV. I especially enjoy that there are specialties in the power that the Aiel have which the Aes Sedai think to be impossible. (It was especially gratifying to see Elayne attempt it and have it literally blow up in her face.) This may be weird, but I'm not sure how I feel about the Chosen not knowing that it was possible. The dynamic between the Aes Sedai, the Kin, and the Seafolk was interesting to watch develop, however, I found myself hating the Sea Folk. When I first met them, I had a much different impression of them. Since then though, it seems that they are only displayed in a pejorative light since the inital meeting. They used to be one of the bigger mysteries in my head, as they seemed to be calm, cool and collected, and willing to make sacrifices for the greater goal. Now I find myself not caring about them, as they are obnoxious, obtrusive, and uncompromising. I find myself able to relate more to the Seanchan at this point. Egwene was the most gratifying chapters for me in tPoD. Seeing her come to power and maneuver the other Aes Sedai is great. Suane in particular I think really has come into her own as a character, and is a great companion to Egwene. In fact, I think this story arch has been my favorite in the whole series so far. I particularly enjoyed seeing Aran'gar's reactions and that of Delana as Egwene unknowingly even outmaneuvered them. It was quite a shock to find out that Sheriam is either Black Ajah or controlled by the Black. I was quite sad to not see any Egwene chapters in Winter's Heart. It was good to see Elyas again, and him giving Perrin Marriage advice was absolutely priceless, even more so since he was correct. This revelation alone cleared up so much confusion for me. I just don't understand women the way Mat or Rand does. It surprised me that the wolves were that upset by the events at Dumai's Wells. It makes sense, however, I just thought that the wolves would know the risks of heeding Perrin's call, and would not hold that against him. Perrin didn't force that on them after all. I take back all the griping I did about Morgase's story arch, since it ended with Balwer in Perrin's service. I can't even pinpoint why, but Balwer is quickly becoming one of my favorite minor characters, right behind Lini. Their party meeting up with Perrin was not something I would have predicted, but it definitely is one of those events that just seem to click with the story. The Shaido capturing Faile and their party surprised me more than any other event to date. Rand...Oh Rand. Cadsuane can't teach you fast enough. I didn't think that Rand was going to fight the Seanchan, so his first chapter really annoyed me. When I caught up with him again, I groaned internally and prepared myself for some drudgerous (this is a word now) reading. Then there was all the awesome that was the campaign against the Seanchan. I hope that a good portion of Rand's poor decision making is because of the taint. Up until now, I hadn't been acknowledging his attitude as arrogance, but he crossed that line somewhere, and has dived head first into folly. It's impressive he was still able to pull a victory off despite going against the advice of his general and Asha'man. So...Bashere is going against Tenobia's wishes? That's interesting...if that storyline moves any faster. I had expected Rand to cleanse Saidin at the end of tPoD. That not happening contributed heavily to me reading through both books before posting this. The attack in Cairhien made a good deal more sense though for the sake of realism though. I knew that it had to be the work of Taim before it was confirmed in Winter's Heart. I knew he'd turn, but as I said last thread, I don't think he's one of the Chosen anymore. Moving on more into Winter's Heart. There were enough gems in this book to get me through it without paying too much attention to the stagnant storyline. Elayne bored me this book. While Egwene finding a way to turn her puppet status into the puppeteer was enthralling, I didn't find much excitement in the Daughter Heir inheriting her throne. The ceremony to make her and Aviendha first-sisters was splendid though, the channeling component, but especially the interactions forced on them. This definitely is my favorite piece of culture from the Wheel of Time so far. Far Midding intrigues me. I wish there had been more time spent in the city. Of all the cities we've visited, it seemed to have the most unique culture and government to explore, at least in the mainland, but it didn't get as much attention as I'd like. I'd love to learn more about the history of it, such as how they got the Guardian. Also, I thought it was a good twist to make it Cadsuane's hometown. I'm glad there was confirmation that Cadsuane's hair ornaments are ter'angreal. I've suspected that from the start, and I've been waiting to see what she could do with them. I do find it a little odd that she should be able to recognize Nynaeve's ter'angreal and establish what they do. After nine books of continuous talk stating that no one knows what they do, it seemed very odd. Especially that Nynaeve was able to pick out the exact ter'angreal that would be useful to her without knowing what they were. Thank god Rand addressed the fact that Lan gave him advice about protecting any woman he loves by leaving, and then did the exact opposite. So Mat went from having a royal rapist to having a royal stalker huh? I guess that's an improvement...kind of. I correctly guessed that he would kidnap her about a chapter before it happened. A little bit better than some of my other predictions being proven right EXACTLY as I make them. A little. I wasn't too impressed by Mat's story here though, other than Egeanin, Bethamin, and Domon resurfacing. As with the rest, it was necessary reading, and I enjoyed it, just not as compelling as it had been. Until the end. When it rejoined Rand in Far Midding, I was worried that the taint would wait another book. I was so happy to be mistaken. This is an event that I've been waiting for since the first book, and the scene didn't disappoint. Having Cadsuane show off her abilities was a cherry on top of my storyline progression sundae. The battle was very well executed, with a couple of nice revelations thrown in, such as Lanfear returning. On that note, my magic 8 ball says that all signs point to Moiraine still being alive. Can't wait for her to come back. It mentioned that Lanfear is the other one caught in the soul trap, so there goes my Asmodean theory. Did I pass the hint up already? Shadar Logoth being destroyed in the process of cleansing Saidin was another surprise, and pleasant at that. I wonder if that will limit Fain's magic death fog ability at all. Either way, in the game of "mess your day up" tag, it seems Rand is up. I was a bit disappointed they didn't address the anomalies in the source around Ebou Dar in WH. Unless it all just dissipated over time. I'm curious to see if the same will happen around Shadar Logoth, though it seems that it would've manifested during the battle if it was going to happen, and as remote a location as it is, I find it unlikely that anyone will encounter it. It was an intriguing dynamic to contend with, and I hope that there's more of this type magical disturbance to ruin people's day later on. I'm still waiting for Mat and Alludra to invent cannons/ballistic warfare. I've been expecting that since the Stone fell, and I was hopeful this book when they were mentioned together so often. It seems unlikely that he left Ebou Dar with her though. That's what I've got for now. More to come if I think of it. Edit: *Sigh* I need to stop posting this at work, it kills my formatting every time because of our stupid internet.
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    The problem I see with Lirin is that he chose a viewpoint that physical violence is always wrong, and now he refuses to grow or change from there. Sure, jumping straight to aggression is bad, and you should avoid that. But you should also maybe not let yourself be conquered by an army of insane Fused led by a god intent on destroying your civilization. Also, it's just not acceptable to treat your son the way he does, and getting some face paint isn't going to help much.
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    Hey fellow Sanderson fans! In my family, I am at the end of a long line of cosmere devotees, and have hidden the bulk of my interest for years. So today is the day. I am almost finished with RoW, and I must admit to the amazingness that is Brandon, and the worlds he creates. I am wholeheartedly embracing my geekiness. Also, points to anyone who gets the reference in my name(Rina, short for Torina, not cosmere related.)
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    shut up ab the double post Scene #23: The Queen's niece recieves a gift. hehehehehehehe wings made of fire that let her kill someone go brrrrr.
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    This has always been the most likely, especially since these WoBs:
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    Here's a picture of a cryptic I made with a program
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    He's a self-righteous bully and only offered approval to Kaladin when Kaladin was pursuing the exact path he wanted him to in life. He's a bad father. He's not evil. The world is full of people like him. I actually really enjoyed the resolution of his story. There wasn't an effort to redeem him in our eyes or have him apologize to Kaladin because he's incredibly prideful and unwilling to admit fault. They both more of less just agree to live their own lives, which is probably the best Kaladin could hope from his Father.
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