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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this! Edit as of March 16th, 2022: This is all still going! We've gone through over 250 pages of replies distributing. It's just that we remove posts here once we send them out.
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    When I read RoW the first time, the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that Sanderson's character work on Taravangian was masterful. Halfway through the book, Sanderson had set up a single choice for Taravangian, a choice that would define his character, a choice where he could have legitimately become the redeemed hero of the entire series but instead became its darkest villain. Taravangian, in contrast to Dalinar, has a fatal flaw, and it's more than just "end justifies the means". It was so subtle though, and I haven't heard anyone else comment on it, so I wanted to pull it out here: The choice I'm talking about is this one here, from Taravangian's final interlude: It's the choice to tell Dalinar. At this point, Taravangian realized that he was wrong. Humanity isn't absolutely doomed. There is a way to defeat Odium, and he keeps thinking about telling Dalinar...but he never does, always finding a different reason not to. They could have finished it together, but in the end, he resolves to do it himself, just as he had before. Let's observe the setup. Throughout every Taravangian scene is pulsing this question: "What are Taravangian's true motives?" From his 1st inerlude: From his conversations with Dalinar: You can see it here. This question. Was Taravangian a tragic hero? A man with the noblest of intentions who had done what he thought was best with the wrong information? Or has he been subtly lying even to himself, has he pushed this narrative so deeply into his subconscious because he wanted to be the hero, the one who saved everyone? Is it his self-sacrifice or self-ego that drives him? His whole conversation with Dalinar danced around this, and at the end you get a glimpse at what could have been the alternate storyline for the Stormlight Archives. Taravangian, after learning his Diagram was mistaken, lets go of his ego and surrenders his role as the hero of the story to Dalinar. He tells Dalinar of Odium's weakness to Nightblood, and Dalinar defeats Odium once and for all. Taravangian's reputation is tarnished forever by his earlier betrayal, but humanity is saved. He lives on, hated by humanity, but he earns the respect of one man, ending the series as Dalinar's closest friend, working together for the good of humanity. In the interludes, we see Taravangian himself wrestling with it. This is his conversation with Renarin: I remember thinking at this point that we were in for a Taravangian redemption arc, and I was all here for it, but Sanderson bamboozled me yet again. I believe the light flickering in the darkness was Taravangian's wavering decision to confide in Dalinar, and the deep darkness of him rejecting that is our present reality of him having become Odium. His refusal to take Renarin's hand is symbolic of his refusal to accept help from Dalinar or anyone else. He's battling against admitting his own deep flaws. And his most fatal flaw pokes its head out as he goes back and forth about going to Dalinar. Check out this sequence of moments where Taravangian thinks about talking to Dalinar. The truth that his actions reveal is in the end he is too proud. It's his fatal flaw. He can't admit he was wrong. He can't share the spotlight. He can't play second fiddle. Everything is building up for him to turn around and make the right choice in his 11th hour, but he can't do it. It's the inverse of Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer. Come face to face with the worst of himself, Dalinar took the blow head on. He acknowledged himself as a bad man, but instead of cowering away, he exposed himself to the world and took the next step forward. Taravangian, in one moment of brutal honesty, acknowledges to himself that his entire motive has been built out of justifications...but he keeps going. And he hasn't stopped.
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    I haven’t made any memes in a while, time to rectify that I feel bad posting so many alignment charts but I like making them and I keep finding more
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    From the album Art of Sasha R

    I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream! I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting. "The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step."
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    Human beings are driven by stories. Of course, we all know that. After all, isn't that why we're all here? Because we all have a particular love for a particular storyteller and the amazing worlds and characters that he created. We love stories. Reading them, writing them, listening to them, telling them; it's built into the basic building blocks of the human psyche. Our entire understanding of the world is, at its most basic level, driven by stories. What follows under the spoiler tags is a story that I have written and told before. It'll be a little bit different this time, because this is the kind of story that changes with retellings. This is the sort of story that gives a little glimpse of how I, as a human, see reality. Do I believe it? Absolutely. Is it true? Heck if I know.
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    Thank you kindly! Some more doodles from downtime at Jordancon!
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    Panorama of Roshar. Hope you guys like it! I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream! I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting. "The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step."
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    I think that the reason Taln cannot break is because people saw him as unbreakable. We've seen spren be affected by perception, and we've seen that the fused become more and more set in their ways as they age, so it makes sense that Taln would eventually come to embody everyone's perception of him as an unbreakable hero.
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    I have a few, though I'm not sure what's unpopular and what isn't: -Shallan's 'secret.' Really, that's it? You killed your spren? After the reveals in WoR I expected something so much worse. The whole plot point with Formless and even the trial fell flat. There was a decent amount of time spent on promising looking side characters as well that ultimately went nowhere. -All of Venli. She barely did anything with or learned anything about her Radiant powers, and she was at best an unsympathetic hero. Her flashbacks were easily the most unnecessary of the four flashback viewpoints, and she is basically a bystander for all of the important plot points. I expected so much more, both from her and Willshapers in general. She could be written out of the story right now, and nothing would be lost. -Navani's 'science' - the nitty gritty details of discovering the anti-magics felt a little too hand wavy and not as clean as I'm used to from Brandon. My eyes kind of glazed over when the 'technical' details kept coming up. -A general lack of lighthearted moments - I feel the story really missed the normal doses of Rock, Lopen and (as of OB) Lift. -The part three Dalinar and Jasnah scenes - while they contained some interesting moments, it felt like filler, a plot excuse to get them away from Urithiru. I see why it was done, but I can't help but feel the story would have been so much better if the two of them were at Urithiru the whole time. -A general lack of 'high' moments: Completely personal preference here, but nothing in this book came even close to 'Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do' or 'You cannot have my pain!' or the Tower or the fight at Thaylen City or the onset of the Everstorm/Kal's arrival.
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    Sorry for spam, Just completed a painting of Talenel
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    See Also: Code of Conduct | Policies | Forum Welcome & Information Discussion and debate on different aspects of Brandon's books are a key aspect of the 17th Shard Community. Hearing different viewpoints, and debating divergent interpretations of text of WoBs or character interpretations can be a lot of fun, and it is important to make spaces for all viewpoints to be heard. That being said, most of us probably know the feeling when Nergaoul seems to seep into our minds and make us see red. Sometimes we post without carefully considering how our words might impact the person whose opinion or interpretation we are critiquing, or the discussion as a whole. While the passion of a good debate can be part of the fun, it is important to treat all members with respect so that the discussion can continue to be enjoyable for everyone. Here are some strategies that can be kept in mind when venturing into contentious topics. We hope they will assist in keeping discourse respectful and preventing conflict from escalating. The following are suggested strategies or best practices, not rigid rules. They are meant to assist posters in crafting their own posts in an effective and respectful manner, and not for policing others. There will be a range between a failure to meet these suggestions and content which requires moderation. Please do not use the following to belittle or shame other posters who are not using these methods: everyone is going to have their own style of discourse, and may have alternate ways of keeping things respectful. Not all will be well suited or recommended for every situation, but hopefully the consideration and selective implementation of the following suggestions will help to improve discourse on the Shard. (1) Assume the Best of People - One of the disadvantages of text based discourse is the lack of tone and the inability of participants to read each other's emotional responses in the moment. It is easy to take someone's words in a way that was not intended, or to continue posting without realizing the impact your own words are having on others. One strategy to avoid escalation in this context is, if a single post seems overly aggressive or hurtful, try to give the poster the benefit of the doubt. If possible, read the post in the best possible light, and respond to that. If you continue to perceive an issue with future posts, you may wish to use some other strategies to politely point out the issue to the other person, or get the staff involved. If it is an isolated incidence of unintentionally offensive phrasing, simply continuing with the discussion the poster intended can be a great way of continuing a debate without stoking a fire. Instances of repeated or blatant disrespect should always be reported, but most posters are here to talk about books they are excited about, not to insult or demean people. You may also wish to take a look at the user’s other posts on the forum. Whether they are a new user who is less experienced, a frequent fighter, or a user who normally seems to be polite and considerate, can inform how you respond. (2) Acknowledge Expressed Opinions Before Stating Your Own - If you feel like someone is repeating the same point over and over and preventing the discussion from progressing, it may be that, rightly or wrongly, that person is not feeling heard. While it can get repetitive if overused, a simple "So what you're saying is [X]. My perspective on that is [Y] and [Z]" can go a long way in pushing a conversation forward. Another strategy is to ask questions: "That's interesting. How does [A] fit into that? I think . . ." It is also possible you are missing what the person is trying to say, and taking a close look may help you notice the mistake. (3) Summarize, then Move On - Conversely, you may be feeling like you are continually repeating yourself, but the other posters are ignoring or missing your points. Instead of typing out the same points in different words, try to rereading your previous posts, summarizing your points in a succinct manner, and then asking questions of the group to encourage discussion. Remember that people are not obligated to respond to your points, and it may be that other people are just not interested in responding. If this happens even after you summarize your points and ask directive questions, that is probably a sign it is time to move on. Before responding next, reread your previous points, and try to avoid retreading old ground in your next post. (4) Threads are Not a Contest - When posting in contentious topics, try to think about why you are posting. Before typing out an entire post about why you are correct and others are wrong, try to see if your point has been made before by others. If it has, and some posters have not been convinced, it might be useful to ask yourself what you are hoping to add to the conversation. At the end of the day, we all have differing opinions. Threads where room is provided for all opinions should be viewed as successful. If some people, or even most people, have viewpoints that differ form your own, that is okay and should not be viewed as a failure to make yourself heard to convince the other side of your correctness. If you have a new point to add to the discussion or debate, then add it, but if your point has been made try to avoid repeating yourself or others solely for the purpose of convincing people. It is not necessary for every thread to end in an agreement. (5) State Your Own Opinions, not Others - No matter how nonsensical they seem, people are entitled to their own opinion. If you vehemently disagree with something, want to share your perspective, but are worried about coming across as confrontational or rude, a good strategy is to use language which signals you are expressing your own opinion, and avoid language that is aggressive or attacking. For example: "I do not agree that is [C], because of [D], and I feel that [E] contradicts that interpretation" instead of "That is not correct. is obviously not [C]. How can you not acknowledge [D] and [E]?" Both statements express a differing opinion. The former attempts to provide critique and rebuttal from the perspective of the replying poster. The latter calls the original poster's perspective into question, and may be likely to put the original poster on the defensive. A general rule is, where possible, rephrase to use "I" instead of "you". (6) People Expressing their Opinions are not Demanding or Asking for Agreement - If you read something that makes you immediately feel defensive, try asking yourself where the defensiveness is coming from. Is the post you are reacting to actually saying you are wrong, or putting forward an opinion as the only valid way of thinking? Sometimes that may be the case, and your defensiveness may be valid, but in most cases an expressed opinion is just that - an opinion. A person can think [X] is fun to talk about, and if you don't agree, there is no need to defend yourself. The fact that they enjoy different things than you does not make the things you enjoy less valid, and it's okay for you to stick to topics on the Shard that you enjoy. We see a lot of people wading into topics they don't seem to enjoy or have a personal stake in solely for the sake of offering a dissenting voice that isn't always needed or wanted. If you feel the need to express your disagreement, as yourself why - are you trying to share a different perspective for the sake of a discussion you personally find interesting, or are you implicitly trying convince someone they are wrong to enjoy what they like? A lot of repetitive disagreements can be avoided if people read carefully and realize that not every differing viewpoint is an invitation for debate. If you aren't actually interested in having an open discussion about a topic, or you see a topic you find distasteful, it's fine to just move on to something you do enjoy - the Shard is a big place, and there should be room for everyone! (7) Stick to the Facts - Using objective evidence is a good way to keep debates moving forward, and to try to lessen the effect of heightened emotions. One of the things that makes theorizing in the Cosmere Fandom fun is that there are objective answers out there for some of our questions. Educating each other on the information that is out there is part of good discourse. When refuting theories with WoBs or passages from the books, try to be considerate in doing so. We have all been in the situation of having a favourite theory be shot down by an explicit passage from the books or WoB. The fact that someone was not aware of a particular fact before posting does not make them a bad Sharder. When posting WoBs or passages from the books, try reading your post over and thinking about how you would feel if you were debunking one of your own theories. When someone else is posting a WoB or book passage that debunks your point of view, try giving them the benefit of the doubt. They are likely trying to be helpful by providing information, and do not intend a personal attack. (8) Take a Break - If you are seeing red, it may be time to close out of the topic for a bit. Take a break from the topic until you feel a little more calm, and then return to reread the posts again to see if you interpret them differently. Another option can be to type up a response without posting it, leave it for a couple minutes, and then come back and edit it for tone. As a reminder, this list is not exhaustive, and all eight points will not be appropriate in every situation. Hopefully they provide some assistance, and, with your help and cooperation, make the Shard a more cordial place.
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    Spensa done with the supplies for May Sketchbox! Jasnah collab with LittleGreyDragon, she did the pencils and I ruined it with color xD Susebron sketch on a long car ride.
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    Taln is Broken. Badly. I dont think he endure through Strength so much as he fractured in a way that wedged the metaphorical (or magical) door shut instead of opening it for them like the other heralds did.
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    Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate your kind words. (Also, omg the profile pic, ah I'm honored!) I haven't been able to do much art because I'm in the middle of moving but I had to spit this one out really quick. Couldn't get the idea of Lady Inquisitors outta my head. Edit: Fixed!
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    I grew up as an evangelical Christian, and possibly paralleling the experience of some agnostics and atheists, was bored and somewhat depressed by church services that seemed to be devoid of joy and that seemed, at least to me as a kid, like a pageant of extreme artifice, with the wooden multitudes going through prescribed motions without feeling, seemingly as an attempt to hedge their afterlife bets and avoid the "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" end. In college I went from a smug self-satisfied atheism to a more uncertain and qualified agnosticism. But when I found the love of my life, and tried to really come to terms with some of the deeper issues that I had always struggled with, I found then the loving hand of God extended. The world is suffused in beauty, love is the motive force that drives the human soul to its most exalted heights, and the example of the Love, Compassion and Redemption of Christ are a continual inspiration to me. I'm a Christian, I believe in the triune God, God the father (reason), Jesus the son (love) and the Holy Spirit (justice and beauty). I realize now that my earlier views of the people at my old church were ungracious in the extreme, everyone approaches their faith in a different manner, and anyone who seeks truly is deserving of respect. Many are the ways attention is diverted, few are the moments when the mundane concerns of life can truly be put aside. I try in my life to find at least one moment a day where I can thank God for the beauty of his creation, for his gift and example of unconditional love and for the capacity to do the same in my life.
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    I did technically post this as a status update, but it still belongs here:
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    Bruh. Elend is the OG (For those of you who didn't see this in my status update. It was suggested I post it here as well. )
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    Hey, y’all. There’s gonna be three drawings this time, ‘cause I’ve been avoiding the Shard because I’ve been overwhelmed every time I come on. So.. ya getting some drawing right now so I can hide before being overwhelmed again.
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    Major Mistborn spoilers
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    I think my opinion might be highly unpopular, but here goes. To start with, I really loved the character of Taln while reading the four books. I remember being giddy whenever he had a scene. He was my top fav side character. Just one problem. I thought he broke. I took the idea that taln broke as a fact. I am dumb and didn't realise that RoW in particular was hinting that Taln didn't break. The arrival of the everstorm to circumvent the oathpact and taln breaking in the same time frame was a little too wierd. And then Brandon confirmed it in a WoB. Some fans cheered, some fans were surprised and some fans felt vindicated as they already were expecting it. I was less than thrilled. The problem with Taln is he is JUST TOO DAMN PERFECT. I loved Taln when I thought that he tried his best and ended up giving humanity 4500 years of time. He was a very inspiring character. Now he is a freaking god. Apparently, he still has a lot more years of torture he can endure. He is nowhere close to being done. He is basically unbreakable. Taln, as he is right now, is vey antithetical to the themes of SA, and the fact that nobody is talking about it drives me nuts. First of all, NO HUMAN is strong enough to what Taln did. I mean where would you even cultivate the inner strength to endure so much torture? How can you even reach that level of determination? If instead, you think it's more likely that such strength can't be cultivated, you have to be born with it, it still makes Taln an angel who descended to earth compared to the rest of the humans. Because 4500 years is a mind-numbingly long time! A fact that I feel that many people are not giving the importance it deserves. If a random stranger says that he will die for you, you won't be inspired, you would be creeped out! I feel the same way with Taln. No one should be that self-sacrificial. That is not healthy, that is insane and scary. I would stay as far as possible away from him in real life. Can you imagine if a guy like that got angry with you over something? He might chase you to the ends of the earth. Second, he makes the lives of all other characters kinda pointless. The main theme of SA is that 'broken' people deserve to live happy lives (even after making mistakes). Teft deserves love. Shallan deserves love. Kaladin should not kill himself. Dalinar deserves forgiveness and redemption(debatable). But its very hard to say they deserve anything with the presence of an infallible person who has suffered so much more than them. All their conflicts and struggles seem melodramatic compared to the sheer amount of pain that Taln went through without making a mistake. . If the survival of humanity is the highest moral goal right now, Kaladin's life is just not priceless. It's nothing compared to Taln's worth as an 'unbreakable' human being. Because Kaladin just can't hold the desolation back for that long. Example: in tWoK, Kaladin briefly considers abandoning his friends and saving his own life. In WoR he doubts his own friends' love for him in the jail cell. In OB, he gets angry at Adolin for no reason and chides himself. These thoughts are not ooc for Kal even though he is a windrunner poster boy because everyone is fallible and breakable. Everyone makes mistakes and that's fine. Every character in SA has some insecurity about something, even Jasnah. If i must fall, I will rise each time a better man. Finally, he legitimises the oathpact and trivializes torture. The oathpact is a horrible plan and anything else would have been better. No human should be asked for that much. But Taln makes it look like it was the heralds who were insufficient, not the freaking plan. Because of Taln, the other 9 heralds look bad, even though they were amazing people who went through the saddest times possible. SA is a optimistic series, but if you took a herald as the protagonist and went through their life, the desolations alone would put the series solidly in grimdark territory. They really deserve more respect, but who can NOT compare them to Taln? He also trivializes torture. No way around it. Torture is horrific and inhumane. It scars people in irreparable ways physically and psychologically. In a series with realistic depictions of battle shock, Taln sticks out like a sore thumb. If I am right in thinking that the heralds can heal in braize, how many times do you think Taln's genitals were shredded like cheese? Cuz let's be sure, that definitely happened in 4500 years even if the books will never show it happening ( shivers).( I hope I didn't break any coppermind rules with that sentence) I feel like there has to be an actual reason why Taln did not break. I have faith in Sanderson. Every other character in SA feels real to me. Even the evil ones like Sadeas and Rayse. I am just surprised that most fan discourse I see don't seem to question it and seem to think that Taln just weathered it with his own strength, which I find impossible. He must have had advantages right? If the ans is just that Taln is a Super Mega Alpha male chad boy with a golden heart, I will probably keep ranting about it.
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    It's the holiday season and all around the world people are decorating their homes with blinking lights, shiny ornaments and... sexy Returned? Well, that's certainly a way to have a good time over the holidays, eh, Siri? For this illustration, we worked with the immensely talented Caio Santos, whose work you can find over on ArtStation and Twitter (or you might recognize it from his amazing paintings already present on the Coppermind). This is likely not the last of him you will see here, friends, but until there's more, enjoy what we have As you may have guessed already, our November piece depicts Susebron in the moments after Lightsong healed him, the full power of the God King manifesting as he Awakens cloths, carpets, and tapestries in his wake, and Commanding them to restrain Bluefingers and his Lifeless guards (not present here, because there's already a lot going on...) and save Siri's life. Enjoy this (somewhat downscaled, because the forum doesn't like large files) version below, or visit our Patreon for the original image.
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    Something I made after browsing YouTube this morning:
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    Hero of Ages minor spoiler This one isn't a spoiler
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    From the album My Stormlight Stuff

    For the secret santa event this year, I drew @Matrim's Dice this drawing of Shallan. My intent was to draw the scene of her in Shadesmar looking up at the starspren with Adolin. I think this is honestly one of my best drawings and I am so in love with it.
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    I just felt that I needed to thank you all. Thank you guys for being such a kind community. Thank you for not being toxic, and thank you for making me (and others) feel welcome. I've never encountered such a kind online place before the Shard, and I'm so happy I found it. Thank you. Also, not quite sure where I was supposed to put this, so sorry if I put it on the wrong topic page.
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    If Axindweth is from Scadrial (which seems to be the consensus), then I believe she is part of the Ghostbloods. I believe she was sent by Thaidakkar (sp?) to work with/spy on Gavilar and Kelek. We know that Thaidakkar is probably investigating the things going on on Roshar to try to solve is cognitive shadow problem. Assuming the WoB's are true about the timelines of SA5 taking place chronologically before W&W, my latest crack theory is that the Set is a direct response to the Ghostbloods messing with Roshar. I believe that Shallan and Pattern will form the Set in retaliation to the Thaidakkar and Mraize's intervention, regardless of what happens with the whole champion thing. The Set's goals are particularly destructive, which makes me wonder if my Shallan/Set theory has any weight to it. Maybe the Set is run by a bunch of rogue Cryptics and not by any KR in particular.
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    Serious answer: Brandon has implied that Kelsier had a direct hand in how the Church of the Survivor took shape based on things he learned from Sazed. Also, that he has an overinflated opinion of himself, but we knew that. xD Given his own experiences I suspect he doesn't see any of the Shards as gods, at least in the sense of entities worthy of worship. I think he's genuinely trying to keep his promise to Leras but I don't think he sees it as a religious duty per se. Non-serious answer: Kelsier is the Cosmere's one and only practitioner of the Church of the Fist, whose sole tenant is 'Thou shalt punch gods in the face'.
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    Nale breaks down in front of Lift in Edgedancer right after she swore her oath. And while Ash usually seems pretty sane already, she seemed more so when Dalinar opened Honor’s perpendicularity. More humble. Less broken. I think it’s safe to say that all Heralds are affected by the Radiant/Perpendicularity effect.
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    I have my second surgery tomorrow! Wish me luck! In other news, I’ll either be seeing @The Ward's Guard or @Channelknight Fadran in the next few weeks. So that’s exciting.
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    Well well well, looky what we have here...
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    Welcome to the Shard! Scadrial is the Cosmere's major Earth analogue (one of several example WoBs here) so expressions that would be familiar to the readers are more likely to show up with no special importance attached, simply because it's meant to feel the most 'like our world' of all the ones that Brandon is writing. Brandon also uses the word a bunch in Elantris, which predates Mistborn and in fact predates The Way of Kings Prime, much less the published version. So there's no particular reason to assume that because Breeze uses the word as a curse, that it means anything special; people use it frequently in English without intending to reference the Stormlight Archive. In fact, it only appears once in WoKP and only as a generic term, so Brandon wrote the published Mistborn trilogy (including that curse) before he decided on captial-d Damnation as a significant concept for Roshar. Also, we know Breeze's backstory and it doesn't really leave him room to be a secret Rosharan worldhopper, nor does he exhibit the most obvious sign that would set him off as being from Roshar: Those people are really tall next to everyone else in the Cosmere, which is why one easy way to identify worldhoppers on Roshar is when they're noticeably shorter than average. All that said, you're definitely approaching this in the right way, so keep your eyes peeled and you'll spot all kinds of interesting things, some of which are definitely intentional hints.
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    Not sure if this makes more sense here or in General Discussion or maybe Creator Corner, but this area gets a lot of traffic so Ima go with it. This is just your all-purpose thread for anything photoshop! Or photopea or gimp or microsoft paint or whatever program you use. (I use photopea myself. It's great). Share thing's you've made, things you've seen/found, anything at all. You can also use this for edit requests, I am bored and would like to make random things for y'all. Here's some thing's I've made in the past, both to share, and so people requesting things can see my approximate skill level. (It isn't very high =P) Edit: Here's a more recently updated place to find crap i make.
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    There's probably already one of these somewhere, but, well, anyone want to talk about musicals? I feel like talking about musicals. I personally am a fan of some of the more random ones. My top three at the moment are Les Miserables, Hadestown, and this one production of Hunchback of Notre Dame. I also love Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Wicked, and Dear Evan Hansen. Depressing musicals are the best ones. Also apparently ones that take place in France. What musicals are you guys into? And just to be clear, I listen to musicals, I do not sing them or act in them. Unless I'm home alone, but we don't talk about that.
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    Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot. (And yes, this is a perfectly fine place for this thread!) We work hard to maintain a respectful community and to avoid the toxicity in much of the internet. If you feel people aren't being kind and respectful (and thus are breaking the Code of Conduct), report the post and we will deal with that! It's a Flag icon on mobile. Indeed, dedicated websites like this are a dying breed, but we have no intention on going anywhere. Forums are pretty old school. But hopefully with our news, content, and good atmosphere we get some people
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