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    FYI: I have only read Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker and Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History. This theory is based on what I know about hoid till now. Anyone who has read the other cosmere works, please correct me where I am wrong. Hoid usually is very content with he does. He seems to be in control most of times, nothing really surprises him anymore. He is one of the oldest beings in the cosmere and one of the most knowledgeable. His persona is of a chaotic trickster with no allegiance to anyone. And that is very much true to his real personality. But Roshar is where we have seen him be most... human. Rosharans surprise Wit a lot. For ex he is flabbergasted about something when he sees young Shallan at the marketplace ( we have no idea why. Not important to the theory, just mentioned it) He is at a genuine loss for words when shallan hugs him years later. I don't think he expected for shallan to be affectionate towards him. He is again shocked when Kaladin asks him for a story, saying that 'no one has ever asked that'. Also hoid is at his most wholesome with Shallan and Kaladin, giving them very heartfelt therapy- story sessions.'Accept the pain, don't think you deserve it' and 'You will be warm again' can make me tear up. He is very helpful this time for protecting the planet( instead of Mistborn where he accelerates the danger). He also has a romantic interest in Jasnah. He is also very open about his belief in a god. The main theme is that hoid is developing actual human connections with the Rosharans, something he has never had before. This will end only in tragedy. Because taravangian Brandon has confirmed that Taravangian completely ' hornswoggled' hoid in the epilogue. Hoid did feel true terror there. He did lose some of his memories. Hoid, for the first time, has been actually hurt in a confrontation. Brandon also said that Hoid will find out what happened in the lead up to the contest. (Prolly with the metalminds) This dude has not felt fear in maybe 7000 years, who says Hoid won't overreact? Because hoid was really motivated in having rayse- odium bound to the system. And todium has proven himself to be far superior of a threat already. There is also a lot of foreshadowing that Hoid will betray Roshar. When he talks to Dalinar, he says 'i will burn this world down to get what I want, even with tears'. He repeatedly tells shallan and Jasnah not to trust people. At the end of RoW, Dalinar has to choose between trusting odium and wit I think we will see Hoid betray the people of Roshar in a cruel,stone-cold way just to make sure todium stays bound. I don't know exactly how, but it will happen. The good guys will have to fix what he did too and some damage could be irreparable. He will definitely lose all his friends and this time, he will have genuine sadness and tears. This time? Yes, because hoid has definitely betrayed Roshar before. During the first desolation. We know he knew the heralds (as midius). Isn't it interesting that stonewards are associated with topaz and they swear an oath to be where they are needed? Two things common with hoid? Also doesn't rayse seem just a little too angry when he reads 'cephandrius' name in the contract. Like he really, really hates hoid for some reason. Is it because all of this has happened before, like this? Hoid bring up the idea of the oathpact and the heralds. Because whose plan was this exactly? Who the heralds bring up the idea of eternal torture themselves. No this seems cruel enough to be hood's idea He was meant to be the the tenth herald, the stoneward-ish herald, but the moment the oathpact was created, his business was done and he left the planet, leaving the Rosharans to panic. Taln steps up for the job and the rest his history. I think in this case Hoid knew that taln was going to pick his place. But what he did was still a betrayal. He just doesn't care much This time, he will care What do you guys think?
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    Hi everyone, I had to sign up to make this post since it's something that's been bothering me a whole lot, and that's our dear Shallan Davar. In the first book, she was alright. I actually enjoyed her studying with Jasnah and all the spooky stuff that happened with Pattern. But by the second book, everything started going downhill so fast. By the time the split persona thing started coming out, it was too late. I absolutely despise Veil, she's such a tiresome character and is essentially just Shallan's powerfantasy (that has plot armor and cannot fail, of course). In RoW, I get actual physical cringe from reading her chapters. The personalities "taking her over", and other characters having to deal with that to not offend her is just so awkward. Poor Adolin, he was my favorite character in the series but now he's just delegated to a body pillow for Shallan. I won't even dare hope that she gets killed somehow, since apparently she can just casually take a crossbow bolt to the head and shrug it off, thanks to her super awesome radiant powers. This ties into another major gripe I've been dealing with in Stormlight - how there's just no stakes anymore. Everything's so meta, the world doesn't feel nearly as real and intriguing as before. I suppose nothing good ever lasts though.
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    Well, I'm going to guess that the fifth oath is something Kaladin is going to swear in the next book. The fourth oath was pretty straightforwardly what he'd been struggling against for most of the last two books, so it's not a surprise, but how tough it's been for him means that we probably have missed the foreshadowing of the fifth oath. I think we HAD to have some foreshadowing of the fifth oath, because giving Kaladin a totally new thing to struggle against would feel weird if we haven't had inkings of it before. It might be something to do with his new work helping people with their mental health. That got just a few chapters in this book - enough to show that it was important, but not enough to say that that storyline is complete. Hmm. think the fifth oath is going to be something about how you have to protect the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Most of the protecting that Kaladin has done personally has been about preventing people from being stabbed - understandable, because they're in a war. But more abstract things like protecting a person's independence, protecting their spirit, are still there. Maybe it'll build on the fourth oath. The fourth oath was only about acceptance, knowing that a Windrunner can't protect everyone. But the fifth might be when he recognizes that some things are more important to protect against than bodily harm. I still think there's more realizations to be had there. Yeah, Kaladin is now accepting that sometimes, he'll fail and not protect someone. But there's a step further - times when Kaladin could step in and protect someone from physical damage, but shouldn't, because protecting that person's autonomy or integrity or honor or something else is also important.
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    So, you've read some of Brandon Sanderson's books, and you liked them enough that you want to talk about it with other fans online.... But it doesn't take you long to realize that you have no idea what everyone's talking about. Shards of Adonalsium? Realmatic theory? Worldhoppers? "I don't remember any of this in the books I read!" Fear not! This article is for you! What is the Cosmere? The cosmere is the fictional universe in which many of Brandon Sanderson's novels take place. Stories set in the cosmere share an underlying theorem of magic, a creation myth, a cosmology, and a few other key concepts. Characters and cultures can (and do) cross over between worlds. The connections in Brandon's earlier publications merely consist of a few scattered Easter eggs, but these become more obvious and meaningful with each book. Seeing and understanding these connections can add an extra layer to your experience with his books -- there's a reason we can't stop talking about it! We've designed this page to point out all of the main things you may have missed, or that Brandon has said in interviews with fans, so that you can discover the secret world hidden in Brandon's books and be ready to participate in some of the more complicated discussions as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. For a more in-depth answer to this question, keep reading. For Brandon's own short answer to this question, see the FAQ on his website. For the complete list of works set in the cosmere, see here. A note on spoilers: This article contains minor spoilers for some cosmere books--particularly Mistborn and Stormlight Archive. Links to the Coppermind wiki often contain many spoilers. If you haven't read all the books, we would encourage you not to read beyond the Reading Order recommendations section! Does it matter? Knowledge of the cosmere is generally non-essential to understand and enjoy Sanderson's work as each story/series stands on its own. That said, understanding the cosmere can enhance your experience and give you something extra to chew on if you'd like to dive deeper into Sanderson's universe. So if you start looking into the cosmere and find all of this to be overwhelming or uninteresting, that's totally okay. Take your time, or just don't even worry about it! Maybe this will help: You can think of the cosmere like Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but without the Avengers movies overtly tying everything together. You can watch all of the Thor movies without watching Guardians of the Galaxy, but Thor: Ragnarok is certainly a bit more fun with that extra interstellar context. And you can totally watch Guardians of the Galaxy without caring why a talking duck showed up after the credits, but if you want to be like one of the amazing nerds who gets a chuckle out of scenes like that… this article is your starting point! Sanderson ultimately has plans for some books that will involve the overarching story of the cosmere more directly. At this time, experiencing the cosmere primarily involves connecting the universe's basic concepts and identifying characters who show up in unexpected places and seem to know more than they let on. Reading Order Before we get into the weeds, let's talk reading. There is no “right order” to read the cosmere in. Publication order is a common suggestion, which allows you to experience the books as if reading them from the start, but you should read the cosmere in whichever order you most enjoy. If you want to try something new, branch off to a different world or series. If you really like the series/world you've been reading, then keep going down that road. Most reading orders will point out a few books that can be considered “starter” books. From these you can dive deeper into a particular series or branch off to something new. Some commonly recommended starting points include: Elantris — If you like the idea of reading in publication order, this is where you should begin. This is the first book Brandon published. Mistborn: The Final Empire — The original Mistborn trilogy (Era 1) is the most frequently recommended place to start. Warbreaker — This is a standalone book that's available for free on Brandon's website. The Emperor's Soul — This Hugo Award-winning novella is a great way to experience Sanderson's strengths with very minimal commitment. The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) — This epic is far from complete and requires the reader to place a lot of trust in Sanderson--it opens with a lot of worldbuilding and a slow start. But if truly epic fantasy is your thing and incomplete series don't give you pause, this is perhaps Brandon's finest work. For an interactive reading guide, see this page. Brandon's own recommendations can be found on his website. Two final notes on reading order: We highly encourage reading Warbreaker sometime before Words of Radiance. We highly encourage reading Mistborn: Secret History after The Bands of Mourning. Adonalsium, Shards, and Investiture Adonalsium and the Cosmere A long time ago, there existed an entity called Adonalsium. Very little is known about who or what Adonalsium truly was. Adonalsium's touch suffused the cosmere, and many worlds, such as Roshar, were grown by it and bear its design. It was the source of all of the cosmere's magic and was said to control the powers of creation. One day, Adonalsium broke into sixteen fragments in an event that became known as the Shattering of Adonalsium. Why or how Adonalsium was shattered remains a mystery. The Shards of Adonalsium Sixteen of those who were present at the Shattering took up these fragments, or Shards, and became godlike themselves. They went their separate ways, (well, some did) creating worlds and seeding the cosmere with more life. The magic of the cosmere continues to stem from these Shards. Each Shard has an "intent" that it strives to fulfill, which gradually molds and warps the holder of the Shard, the Vessel, until they are absolutely incapable of acting against it. This nature is so dominating that both the Shards and the Vessels are usually referred to simply by the Shard's intent. Note, however, that the intent of a Shard cannot be precisely conveyed in a single word, and there is some room for interpretation as to what each Shard's intent incorporates. Some Shards include Ambition, Autonomy, Honor, Ruin, and Devotion. Though these demigods may appear godlike to mortals, they are neither all-powerful nor all-knowing. Shards may be Splintered--a process which leaves the Vessel dead and the power of the Shard dispersed. Shards are also able to subdivide themselves into avatars, each with a distinct identity, though the exact nature of these entities and how they relate to the Shard and its Vessel is unclear. Investiture, Splinters, and Slivers Investiture is the catch-all term for magical energy in the cosmere. Investiture, which comes from the Shards, is the power source for all of the cosmere's magic systems. Most beings in the cosmere have some innate Investiture, which makes up their soul. Magical powers are sometimes obtained when one's spirit (sometimes called a spirit web) becomes suffused with a larger amount Investiture. A Splinter is a portion of a Shard's Investiture that has been severed from it, either willingly or unwillingly. Sometimes, these Splinters will develop sentience and sapience, and they can become highly intelligent beings. (Note that non-Splintered Shards can still have Splinters.) A Sliver, on the other hand, is a person who once held a significant portion of a Shard's power. Holding that much power stretched and expanded their soul. The Worlds There was an original world named Yolen. Yolen was home to three intelligent species (human, dragon, and Sho Del), and is the planet that the original sixteen Vessels came from. All human life in the cosmere either came from Yolen or was modeled after it. After the Shattering, the Shards spread and settled down on many different worlds throughout the cosmere. These include: World Stories First of the Sun Sixth of the Dusk Nalthis Warbreaker Roshar The Stormlight Archive Scadrial Mistborn Sel Elantris, The Emperor's Soul Taldain White Sand Threnody Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Worldhoppers and Notable Characters A small number of enterprising individuals in the cosmere have learned how to travel between these worlds. These worldhoppers have a huge variety of backgrounds and motivations. Some worldhoppers are acting individually while others are part of an organization, like the Seventeenth Shard. Hoid Among the cosmere's worldhoppers, there is none so prominent as the ever-mysterious Hoid, originally of Yolen. Hoid, which isn't even his real name, is thousands of years old, having been present at the Shattering of Adonalsium. Whatever happened to Hoid in his past, he's no longer exactly human, at least in the traditional sense. He has a way of knowing where he needs to be at the right time, and he uses this to subtly influence events behind the scenes. Hoid's true motives and goals are as hidden as his real name. Hoid has appeared in nearly every cosmere novel so far, though he is often in disguise and will occasionally use pseudonyms, such as Dust, Topaz, Cephandrius, and Wit. Trying to spot him in every book is part of the fun of the cosmere. He seems to prefer disguising himself as a beggar, an informant, a storyteller, or a jester, so look for him to be playing one of these roles. He is also often, though not always, described as having white hair and an angular, hawklike or arrowlike face. Among many other things, Hoid has the ability to Lightweave (create illusions), he can heal from extreme injuries, he doesn't age, and he has a way to dilate time so that he doesn't have to wait as long for important moments. The planned series Dragonsteel will tell the story of Hoid's origin and the Shattering of Adonalsium, and Hoid is planned to be a main character in the final Mistborn trilogy. Khriss and Nazh Khriss, from Taldain, is the worldhopper who writes the Ars Arcanum at the end of each book, and she's the most knowledgeable of anyone—including Hoid—about the cosmere as a whole. Khriss has been described as dark-skinned, with her hair woven into tight braids. Nazh is her assistant, a worldhopper from Threnody, tasked with collecting various maps and drawings from throughout the cosmere. They are often included in the books with his personal notes to Khriss in his distinctive handwriting. One of his most identifying characteristics is his tendency to use Threnodite swears, such as "shadows". He has also been described as lanky, with a narrow face and sand-colored hair. Organizations Famous individuals aren't the only ones to keep track of, however, as there are several notable organizations at play in the greater cosmere. We know of at least one entire city that exists "between" worlds, called Silverlight, and it harbors the university that Khriss is associated with. Also headquartered in Silverlight is the Seventeenth Shard, a mysterious organization with an aggressive non-intervention policy where the Shards are concerned. Not every group shares these same opinions about not interfering with the rest of the cosmere, however. Significant among these are the Ire, an ancient order of Elantrians, and the shadowy Ghostbloods, who currently seek to use the True Desolation on Roshar to their own benefit. While their goals may be a mystery, their influence on the cosmere cannot be underestimated. The Three Realms Almost everything in the cosmere has a body, a mind, and a soul, and each exists in one of three Realms. The Physical Realm is world of the body, where physical objects exist. This Realm is the only one that normal human beings consciously perceive. The Cognitive Realm, also known as Shadesmar, is the world of the mind. The Cognitive Realm is strange and alien: Water is solid, land is fluid, and shadows point backwards. Thoughts and ideas take on real form in this Realm. After a person dies, a leftover impression of their mind, their Cognitive Shadow, will linger shortly in the Cognitive Realm before passing on. The Cognitive Shadow can sometimes persist for longer periods of time, however, by various magical means. The Spiritual Realm is the world of the soul. Once you reach the Spiritual Realm, there's no such thing as space or distance anymore, just Connection between people and places. Those who peer into the Spiritual Realm can see all the branching possibilities of the future. The power of the Shards resides mostly (usually) in the Spiritual Realm. Large amounts of Investiture can pull the three realms close enough together that perpendicularities form—junctions which allow worldhoppers to cross between the Physical and Cognitive Realms. Often, these perpendicularities can be found where the power of a Shard is concentrated into a pool of liquid. The Cognitive Realm is of particular interest to worldhoppers because distances are compressed there in places where there is little or no mental activity (such as outer space), meaning worldhoppers can use the Cognitive Realm to actually walk from one planet to another. Depending on the Shardworld, the Cognitive Realm can be an extremely dangerous place. Chronology While in most cases we don't know how many years take place between books in different series, we do know the chronological order of most of them. In order, they are: White Sand Elantris The Emperor's Soul Mistborn Era 1 Warbreaker Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Stormlight 1-5 Mistborn Era 2 Stormlight 6-10 Mistborn Era 3 Sixth of Dusk Mistborn Era 4 For more information, see this post. More Resources The best way to dive into the cosmere is to find a fan community to interact with. While you may see a lot of confusing conversations going on, just ask questions and you'll be caught up before you know it. The 17th Shard offers both forums and a Discord chat server to this end. The other two important resources to be aware of are the Coppermind wiki and Arcanum, both operated by the 17th Shard. But beware that BOTH of these resources include heavy spoilers for all of Brandon's books! The Coppermind is a wiki covering all of Brandon Sanderson's works, with an emphasis on the cosmere. Just dive right in by searching for pages that interest you, or by browsing through the page categories. Arcanum is an archive of everything Brandon has said publicly about his stories, drawing from interviews, social media, book signings, and more. There's a LOT to learn about the cosmere just by hearing directly from the man himself! Search for specific terms or browse entries by tags. We could always use help adding more information to the Coppermind or transcribing audio on Arcanum, and you don't need to be an expert to help. Stop by the #coppermind and #arcanum channels in our Discord server to help out. There's no better way to learn more about the cosmere than by helping improve these resources! So that's it for now! We hope this has been both informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here!
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    Even during a reread:
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    The Windunner ideals seem to be progessing from more external to internal, i.e. from protecting others, to more internal epiphanies related to that first oath. My guess is that the Fifth will be something along the lines of a mirror of the First. Perhaps "I acknowledge that others can protect me, and I am worth protecting."
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    Alright, I figure this is probably the post that will make me hated on this forum and shunned for life, but this has been an issue for me for a while so I'd like to see if it can be resolved. I don't get why a vast majority of the commentary and opinions I see on Jasnah are so positive. I honestly can't remember a time I've seen someone not like Jasnah. But to be honest, that's how I feel about her, especially after her few chapters in Rhythm of War. This last book pushed me from generally disliking her to being actively annoyed during her chapters. So, I guess I'd like to know why everyone seems to be such big fans of her. I don't want to dislike her, especially since she'll apparently be the focus of one of the books in the back half of the series, and I'd prefer not to be super annoyed with a lot of that book. I considered using this thread to explain in detail why I don't like her, but I'm worried that has too much of a possibility of me turning this thread into a rant, which I'd like to avoid. In general, I just find her unrealistically perfect and pretty much a Mary Sue as well as generally lacking in uniqueness and any really interesting qualities. So what is it y'all find interesting about her? What is it I am missing that really pulls her character into to the heights everyone else sees? I genuinely want to know.
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    There are windspren and even Stick in Frozen 2.
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    I agree with you. My sentiments are starkly similar. Shallan was a fresh and interesting character, giving us a glimpse of world in TWoK- away from war and conflicts. I was even curious to know her past and despite her bad attempts are making jokes and pun, she was someone you can relate yourself. I liked her determination, her constant struggle towards betraying Jasnah and in end, accepting her mistakes and making promises to atone for it. In WoR, I had 'normal' affliction towards her. The flashbacks were awesome, simply superb. First part was amazing, startlingly brave of her but the moment she met Kaladin...uh, things soured for me the way she behaved. I mean how stupid can you be? You were ward of Jasnah Kholin and clearly aware of family/army crests. Couldn't you see Captain knots on his shoulders or understand he's a freaking Kholin guard who could've saved you from all Tyn drama? But no, her first thoughts was--- ooooh, a darkeyes, let me just go and torment his ranking because I'm superior! Letmme get his boots despite knowing that he's on guard patrol which NEEDS protection! But now, I'll just mope a line for his poor condition now and get done with it. I hated this interaction. But then Tyn scene happened for a reason and it was great. And the next banter between her and Kaladin was amazing, witty and somewhat sweetened back her arc. But then came Adolin...my dear, you just met him and the first thought comes into your mind his 'our children will have strangest hair colour'. Honestly, I would've loved if Shallan hadn't come between Kaladin and Adolin because clearly THEY are better without HER! In Oathbringer, she annoyed me. She annoyed me so, so so freaking much that I would've become Re-Shephir and send my Midnight Essences to wreck her little bedless room into pieces and bond Pattern for myself because he clearly deserves someone better who would just go and do her damn job, not parry between being the RADIANT and warding Jasnah's advice and dally between Kaladin and Adolin for no freaking reason. In RoW....truthfully, I skipped her parts in part 1. I had heard audiobook and focused on that Mraize chapter. Except that, everything she did was blatantly stupid and felt too conveniently forced. Pretty sure the Testament case spike in Brandon's mind while he was writing RoW because he gave no clear indication about such happenance. The whole Shadesmar plot was readable because of Maya, Adolin and Pattern and Kelek in end obviously. Compare that to Kaladin-Navani arc, I mean did you even get a moment to catch your breath? Their stories were THAT GREAT! Now that is a story, not making Formless and making foes without knowing their extends. I actually wish she gets taken off by an axe or gets her head chopped by GBs for her decision so that Adolin can at least be free of this being. Honestly, they shouldn't have married in first place. Adolin is waay better without her. Shallan is waay better without any plot, humming to herself to death.
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    Odium/Toadium- I win this contest of champions!!!! Dalinar- NOOOO!!!! A blazing white figure fell down from darkest skies, like a falling star, like the heralds from Tranquiline halls. A brilliant Shardspear gleamed brighter than the sun, brighter than the day ever saw and his body scintillated with hundred thousand pinpricks of light, like stars illuminating the blackest night. His eyes smoldered as the birth and death of star, brighter and brighter until pure white energy wafted over his skin- Almighty's true essence. And when he spoke, it wasn't Stormlight that puffed from his lips. Kaladin (giving some signature pose) - I.....AM.....HONOR! The Stormfather grumbled in surprise- Oh, damn....I have been missing that all along!
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    I...just want to point out that people don’t choose to have depression. Kaladin didn’t wake up one day and go “I can either be happy or be sad - welp I guess the answer is obvious” and decide he wanted to be depressed. It’s a medical condition. And while you do have to make actual, conscious effort toward happiness during heavily depressive states, sometimes that leads to very little, or only subtle effects can be outwardly seen. It’s exhausting to make an effort to be happy when your brain chemicals are coded against you and all you want to do is just lay there, thinking yourself deeper into the black hole, or even worse just lay there and feel nothing. I commend Kaladin for every time he did the opposite of what this meme says. ...Rereading this, I hope it doesn’t come off as aggressive to you because that’s not my intent. I realize that this was just intended as a fun, quick joke, and now here I come plopping a paragraph of mental health discussion on top But I feel that this is important.
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    I could also have gone for a pun on lameness, but I didn’t want to come off as rude
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    Khriss: *idly exploring Scadrial* *glances up at a street sign as Nazh hasn't arrived with her map yet* Kenton Street: *exists* Khriss: surprised Pikachu face
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    I got my question asked! My breakdown: If I wasn't 100% behind Soulburner being a videogame before, I am now. I think there's a not small chance that Soulburner is actually the PS4 game Forspoken. Reddit sniffed out a couple of sources a few months ago, and the information from that speculation has been proved accurate. Add in Brandon's comment about doing a call with a videogame company earlier this week, and it feels like there's something brewing. This also matches up with Brandon not being able to tell us anything IMO. The only problem is why Brandon would have an NDA so far into this project when others seemingly don't. And that's something I can't answer. Other things of note: I asked Steven Bohls if he and Brandon have any cool ideas for the next Lux book in terms of cool settings or cities - he mentioned that Book 5 will most likely be set in the New Orleans bayou/deep swamp area. (Or at least that's what he'd like.) It will most likely be a shorter book, at around 100k words overall; and there's a good chance that Mizzy will be a major POV character in the next book. Fun fact - Mizzy was supposed to show up in Lux, as Jax was supposed to go from Boston through New York, meet Mizzy and see Regalia flood the city, and then end up in Texas. This part ended up being cut as it was too tangential to the story. (Wingflare's original gimmick was going to be sound and a sound effect, but this was cut - as were most sound effects - as it felt too much like a gimmick.) Brandon currently wants Lux to be a trilogy, and the second book in that trilogy may be released sometime next November. (The two have ideas, but they were waiting on some sales reports and contract stuff first, and that may have just arrived this past week.) Dan is writing the novelization of Dark One at the moment. It's not following the outline, so don't expect it to end up like the graphic novel (sadly). Dan is planning on this being about a 100-120k novel overall. Janci unofficially announced more Skyward novellas, with a surprise POV character for one of them coming up. Brandon will give the official announcement tomorrow/today. This isn't really big spoiler-y or surprising news, as Janci a few months ago mentioned that there were things she couldn't talk about related to Skyward and that we can infer from there, and then Brandon mentioned that he had talks with Janci during his 11/19 SandoWriMo update - the one where he also talks about a meeting with a videogame company. Brandon Q&A tidbits, all paraphrased: Hoid should not be a Rosharan and Yolish Lightweaver, as it's getting close to something related to Dawnshards. There are other Surges related to Yolish magic. There are other Godmetals that can be used/burned by anyone. The "Crown, Tower, Spear" Death Rattle has not happened yet, either on-screen or off-screen.
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    Some incorrect quotes (SA spoilers):
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    So in an earlier post, I outlined my theory that in book 5 there will be an event called night of sorrows, and one of my main predictions is that the stormfather dies. Tldr: There is a lot of foreshadowing for stormfather's sacrifice and learning mercy by choosing not to kill people in his storm. However this will prolly have unintended consequences. Like the total splintering of Honor's investiture. I think anti-stormlight will be used to kill a weakened stormfather( after showing mercy) in a very specific way. Stormlight will become very limited. The darkest point of the book, where we almost lose hope Now we know humans have a connection to Honor. The rhythm of anti stormlight sounds horrible to Navani, just like how the rhythm of anti-voidlight is horrible to fused' ears. But If honor is completely splintered? I predict that humans will lose that intrinsic connection and not be properly able to sing it. Things will look dire. Fanfic Time: I imagine Navani and Dalinar in a room after something catastrophic happens. Navani laments that it's all her fault. Dalinar would disagree and tell her not to blame herself. He will confess that he thinks there is no way to win against odium. Then he will say something like " If this is our destination, as long as my heart beats, I will keep resisting" Navani rests her head against his chest, somehow comforted by his decision. Then hears it "Honor's rhythm is orderly and staccato" Lub Dub. Lub Dub. Lub Dub. Lub Dub....... "Honor still lives in the hearts of men" I predict that Navani will realize that the beat of a heart( both human or singer) is the beat to sing the rhythm of Honor and be one step closer to reviving Honor Evidence: The wierd ten heartbeats rule for Shardblades. We know that the deadeye spren is getting partially revived everytime. Is it because it literally hears and connects with Honor? Thoughts?
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    Time to yeet in some random art without context.
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    Hi everyone! Eric here. When we originally launched our Patreon, we designed it primarily as a tip jar. Well, after a lot of brainstorming, that is changing today, with new, actual tiers of rewards for you all. We also have some new patron goals, which we'll describe at the end of this post. Couple of quick things to note: None of your current benefits at the $1 tier are going away, there are just newer things for some higher levels! If you want access to a new tier you will need to change to it manually (sorry!). We can’t change your tiers in the background so if you’re currently supporting, for example, with $5 through the current "Hoid’s Tip Jar" you will need to change your contribution to be the $5 tier to access the new perks. The current "Hoid’s Tip Jar" is just going to be renamed so you won’t need to change anything if you’re happy to access just the $1 tier! If you already contribute $5 in the old, single tier, and you switch to the new $5 tier, you will not be charged more. Now without further adieu, let’s get to the exciting stuff, the new tiers! The $1s Above This has the same benefits as you have currently, which are: Patron designation on the forums and Discord Special patron forum and special Discord channel Shardcast outtakes and advance video access on some videos Ability to vote in art polls and suggest options for future polls The $5 Scholars All of the benefits above, as well as: Voting on when upcoming Shardcast topics come out. Generally, we have a set of a few topics we will record next in mind. With this reward, we will put out a poll every few months with those topics to determine which order we post these podcasts. This way we can prioritize what we are doing for you. This could also mean we have some podcasts recorded and we want to determine when we should put these out. (Note, all people, patrons or not, can always suggest Shardcast topics, and that won't change. We do have a pretty big list of ideas, though!) Monthly informal chat with Shardcast panelists on a Discord voice channel. Streams are great and we want to continue doing them regularly, but interacting with you in chat only goes so far. These informal chats will have several of us in a $5 and above patron-only Discord voice/video channel and we can hang out for a while. Quarterly Q&As with questions from you, livestreamed for patrons, with VODs publicly going to YouTube. Different from normal streams, these would be primarily focused on answering your questions, rather than chatting. Quarterly livestreamed actual Shardcast episodes. Finally see the boring stuff we cut away in editing! Honestly, many of you have asked for this, so we can definitely do this and show you how it is mostly not very exciting. Not every episode is a good fit for streaming, so we will start by guaranteeing it quarterly, but we may do more. Recordings are basically always on the weekends, around 10am or 11am Pacific. The $10 Heralds You're crazy awesome for supporting at this level (and hopefully not crazy from millennia of torture). This has all of the benefits from $1 and $5, as well as: Who's That Cosmere Character Priority Queue. Sending in WTCCs is very popular, and that's awesome. Slight problem: there's over 200 things in the queue, and we are very behind on it, which is not really a good experience for you. We will increase the WTCCs we generally play at the end of an episode to three, two from the regular queue, and a third from the new priority queue. We weren't sure exactly which tier ($5 or $10) to put this, and we are putting this in the $10 tier so the priority queue doesn't get too backlogged. After all, if we get a hundred things here, this isn't much of an advantage. Patrons at this tier can submit things via a Google form. You won't be able to submit more than one of these per month. Your name immortalized at the end of Shardcasts and videos. Ruin can never change it! When you are in this tier, your name will be included at the end of videos we create around that time period, thanking you for your support, immortalized in that video forever. Your name and a short blurb saying you're a kick-ass patron on 17th Shard's About page. For the duration you're in this tier, your name will be displayed in a section on our About page with your Patreon name and, if you submit a Google form, you can include a short blurb which will be displayed there as well. Have any ideas on other tier rewards we could do? Maybe eventually we could do a $16 or $17 tier. Let us know, and let us know how you like these new tiers! As always, you are awesome for any support you give. It means a lot. New Patreon Goals! 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    I might have broke it:
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    I'm using an "Incorrect Quotes Generator" for Spensa and Jorgen, and I'm not disappointed... these are gold.
  33. 8 points
    I recently started playing around with Bricklink Studio. It's a really fun software to creatively build things with legos you don't even have! I searched to see if anyone had built M-Bot before and found this forum. The other build is definitely great, but I wanted to give it a go with Studio to see what I could come up with. This was probably too ambitious of a project to start with, but I learned a lot. Building from scratch with every single lego piece ever made as an option to use was a bit much. In the end I'm very happy with my "build" though. As with the other real build, the wings do sweep back and forward as you can see in the pictures. I hope you enjoy! I'm already thinking possible upgrades and how I would change it so I might post more pictures later.
  34. 8 points
    I, too, have some Cytonic memes! Here's a non-spoilery one: This next meme has Cytonic spoilers under the cut: And finally, some miscellaneous incorrect quotes between Jorgen and Spensa that don't really pertain to Cytonic but I thought were too funny not to post. Spoilered for length; there are no Cytonic spoilers.
  35. 8 points
    my problem with RoW Shallan is that its tiresome to read. I want a chapter about an established character and not reading about her 2 imaginary friends. Shallan hiding away inside is also very frustrating to read. Brandon tried something different with her, but for me it simply doesn't work. its not an appealing read and I catch myself skimming through her chapters. unfortunately.
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    Passed my driver’s test yesterday That’s cool I guess
  37. 7 points
    Guys, so I got back from a vacation and I totally forgot that Cytonic had come out… then I remembered… So I’m like kinda obsessed… it’s pretty great. I love it so far! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!
  38. 7 points
    I like it. Makes a ton of sense, and nothing I can think of rules any of it out. Fits well with my speculation that Jasnah and Hoid are heading towards an ugly breakup, followed by an EPIC "evil ex" dynamic - two powerful, resourceful, and dangerous people who used to love each other but are now bitter enemies. Nothing would get Jansah fired up more than Hoid betraying her trust and throwing all of Roshar under the bus.
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    raise your hand if you are in severe need of cuddles but your self esteem is so critically low that you cant even remotely consider the possibility that someone would ever want to cuddle you and even writing it out in plaintext and seeing how ridiculous it sounds isnt enough to convince you otherwise *rasies hand*
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    This review is spoiler-free for Cytonic but does contain spoilers to the end of Starsight. I like Cytonic, the third Skyward novel, but didn't love it. The book does what it does well, but I expect Cytonic to be a divisive book, even moreso than Starsight was. In fact, if you didn't like that Starsight didn't have Skyward Flight characters, this book might be even worse for you. At the end of Starsight, we see Spensa hop into the mysterious nowhere, and well, that's exactly what we get in this book. It's another Spensa adventure in a new location, where we learn more things about the world and meet a bunch of characters. For those of you who really like Spensa and delving (heh) into cytonic, magic, and lore stuff, I think you could really love this book. I liked Cytonic pretty evenly throughout the book. Brandon makes it easy to get absorbed into the story, and I cruised through the novel quickly. The worldbuilding, as usual, is fascinating, and there new mysteries introduced as well as old mysteries getting solved in very satisfactory ways. In many respects, the worldbuilding is the highlight of this book, which really carried me through it rather than the characters or plot. Those of you who watched the Starsight Reactions episode and Brandon Beefs Shardcasts know that I really liked 95% of Starsight, but I had major issues with an aspect of the ending. I felt deflated and unexcited about the future of the series. Well, Brandon did it: he actually solved one of my huge issues with Starsight, which in my opinion was sorely needed. I am genuinely surprised he pulled it off considering how much I hated that last five percent of Starsight. There is a worldbuilding decision made that even though it made sense, it lowered the tension in most of the book, which made many combat sequences weaker because of it. I don't know about you, but I loved in Skyward the existential threat and danger I felt every time Skyward Flight lifted off. For much of this book, especially in its middle, I did not feel that, so combat sequences felt off without that tension. I think this lack of tension is this book's biggest flaw. Rarely did I feel like Spensa was in actual danger, so some moments that were supposed to be big deals did not land. But the other big flaw of the book is really baked into the core premise of the book: Spensa is in the nowhere, so it can feel somewhat like a sidequest. In that sidequest, there's another objective that feels like yet another sidequest, which we spend a good chunk of the book on. This, combined with the lowered tension for most of the book, is realistically the biggest flaw of the book. Along with that, we don't get to see a lot of old cast members. It's essentially the same issue you could have had in Starsight. I love the Skyward Flight crew a lot! The interplay with them and Spensa was fantastic in Skyward, and I did miss them in Starsight, which had a different crew who I liked, but didn't like as much as the old side characters. Well, there's new side characters here, and though I also liked them, it's hard for me to get particularly invested in them when each new book it seems like the old side characters aren't really in the next volume. Will I see these in the fourth and final book in the series? Maybe Brandon can pull it all together, perhaps, but I'm skeptical. Fortunately, if you miss the Skyward Flight characters, there's a solution: three Skyward Flight novellas! The first two, Sunreach and ReDawn, are already out, with the third, Evershore, coming out December 28th. They are ebook and audio-only for now but there will be a collection of all three novellas coming eventually. I do think these novellas are mandatory reading, because otherwise this series feels disjointed. The novellas and Cytonic complement each other fantastically. Love Spensa and M-Bot? Well you get a lot of that in Cytonic. Do you miss the other side characters? The Skyward Flight novellas give you loads of that. I actually think the plotting in the novellas is superior to Cytonic and as a whole, better than this book. So, that's a lot of complaining, but don't get me wrong, I did actually like Cytonic. It's hard to go into detail because the nowhere is so mysterious, and this is spoiler-free, so it's hard to not be vague. But really: the mysteries and lore in here are fantastic, and oh man, I loved the ending. I am a very ending focused reader, and it was by far the best part of the book. I felt that tension and dread again. It was intense and emotional, and makes me incredibly excited for the next book. Considering how after Starsight I wasn't sure if I'd even like the rest of the series, I must say, Cytonic did the legwork and I'm into this. In that respect, I suppose I have to rate Cytonic above Starsight, if I was ranking the books in the series. Your mileage may differ, however, since endings do really make or break a book for me. We will have our usual reactions Shardcast on Cytonic coming December 4th, and we will get into the spoilers and more specifics about this. Having many people on the show comment on the book will be interesting, because I said, I expect this book to be divisive and different people could feel vastly differently from my view. I'm so curious how you all will feel as well, so hit up our Cytonic spoiler board and our spoiler channel in our Discord server and let us know what you felt about the book.
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    Hi all, a quick question for everyone. As we know, Hoid and Jasnah are now romantically involved. I'm not going to lie––I was definitely a bit surprised here. My personal theories had been that Hoid was carrying a torch for someone from his past and that Jasnah didn't want a romantic interest, but here we are. I would usually never complain about a well-balanced intellectual relationship between some of the most beloved characters in the series, but I'm a bit concerned for these two. First of all, Hoid and Jasnah are both incredibly ambitious individuals. They both have their own agendas and, while they may line up at the moment, I'm not sure how much longer that will last. We know Hoid has to have some sort of end goal, but is it even something that we would consider "good" and not "evil"? We can't tell. He's been working to achieve something for thousands of years, so I think it's unlikely that he would stop for a single romantic interest, unless his relationship with Jasnah develops pretty seriously over the course of the series. Also, Jasnah has a very strong set of convictions and morals. She probably wouldn't change her entire mindset around just to accommodate any sort of emotional intimacy with Hoid, even if she enjoys it. In my opinion, while they both like being in a romantic relationship, they're both using each other for something. Hoid requires a social standing and access to resources (and an incentive not to kill him, even when he's being... himself), which Jasnah can provide him. Jasnah, on the other hand, is a scholar at heart. She wants knowledge about the Cosmere and its workings, and who better to aid her than the worldhopping, quick-witted menace himself? Another point of concern for me stems from the language that they use. Hoid tells Jasnah that he loves her for her paranoia, out of all of her qualities. I thought this was a little bit suspicious. It definitely doesn't seem romantic; if anything, it seems like he's seeking protection from something. Jasnah's paranoia could be keeping them both alive, sure, but a constant state of stress is not something that someone wishes on a partner. This seems especially unbalanced when we take into account the fact that his presence seems to put Jasnah at ease. At the very least, they seem to have some... minor communication issues. A third thing could be Jasnah's asexuality. Hoid doesn't seem to be completely considerate of that, hoping that his kisses and touch can spark something in her, when that's just not how it works. Jasnah does participate in physical intimacy for his pleasure, but I still think he should be more understanding about her preferences. To be honest, I'm kind of rooting for them. Hoid and Jasnah would make an unstoppable power couple, and I genuinely believe that they like one another and that they could actually fall in love. They just need to have a serious talk about what they want from each other, how far their relationship will go (unofficial lovers? marriage? plenty of possibilities), and their personal plans for both the near and far future. And if they decide that they can't speak about those things, well... that kind of speaks for itself. For future Stormlight books, I would love to see one's reaction when the other is in serious danger (it might be a bit difficult to find a circumstance that could kill Hoid, but Nightblood's on Roshar, so anything is possible). With any strong relationship––especially romantic ones––a reaction in that situation says a lot about the personalities of and dynamic between the two characters. And, I know between now and the next Stormlight book, I'm definitely going to be looking through everything Cosmere with a fine-toothed comb for mentions of Hoid and his end goals. Hoid and Jasnah are both already so interesting as individuals, so there's obviously a lot to analyze when considering them together. Thoughts? Opinions? P.S. I almost considered doing an astrology-esque analysis of Radiant order compatibility. Are a Lightweaver and an Elsecaller as meant to be as an Aries and a Libra? Or are they completely doomed, like a Taurus and a Leo? (I'm sorry if these relate to your life in any way––just picked the first ones off of Google. ) If anyone has actually done a zodiac-style analysis of the Radiants, I would love to see it. If not... well then. I guess I have a new project on my hands?
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    I will soon release three different test's on your knowledge of the Cosmere. You will be tested on: A cosmere case study Shadesmar and Spren Knight's Radiant powers and how they work Study the effect of a shard shattering/splintering on an area of the Cosmere The systems and structure of the Cosmere Allomancy Any questions please ask, just as long as long as they don't spoil the actual questions and are instead focused on the topics:
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    If all the 'atium' we've seen so far really is an electrum alloy, then that raises even more questions than just what pure atium does allomantically. We're also up a creek in regards to what pure atium does feruchemically and what 'unrefined' (i.e. electrum alloy) atium steals as a spike, if anything. For feruchemy, I'm at a loss. atilectrum storing youth would at least still seem to fit in the Hybrid metal quadrant, but with feruchemy alloys don't seem to have a direct link to their base metals the way they do in allomancy. And what trait could possibly mix with 'determination' to get 'youth?' At the very least, though, we can deduce that god metals and their alloys have different effects, since according to WoB Sazed experimented with malatium and "didn't get very far," which doesn't strike me as something that would happen if it also stored youth. For hemalurgy, I can at least make a guess. Electrum spikes steal enhancement allomantic powers. We know that a refined atium spike can steal any trait and do so more efficiently than other spikes. We know that lerasium turns someone into an allomancer when burned and its alloys turn people into mistings when burned. Allomancy is to Preservation as hemalurgy is to Ruin. So, taking all that together, I think that atilectrum spikes would still steal enhancement allomantic powers but more efficiently than pure electrum would.
  44. 4 points
    Episode 4 was the best one yet, and the biggest divergence from the books. Just guess to show that book "faithfulness" isn't always best. The books do several things better, that a TV show simply can't do. But its easily doing some things better. I think there's room for improvement, but for the most part this show just keeps getting better.
  45. 4 points
    Well, a sixteenth part of infinity is still infinity... and from what we know, Adonalsium was basically infinite. Of course, mathematically, some infinities are bigger than other infinities.
  46. 3 points
    So I showed the show to some friends who have never read the books, and they really like it which is awesome, but we were coming up with acronyms for all the different characters. Lan: Legendary Asian Ninja Rand: Redhead antisimp noble dude. (antisimp because he and Egwene are drifting apart in the show as of episode 4) Mat: Manly alone time. (Not sure where this one came from.) Perrin: Perfectly Exquisite Really Really Interesting Nihilist Egwene: (not an acronym, but) Egwana, like the lizard thing Moraine: Motherly or rambunctious actually intelligent nice expediciant. Most of these make zero sense, but I thought they might be a little bit funny.
  47. 3 points
    There is one other possibility we haven't mentioned, The Death Rattle specifically states, dying storms, I think instead of having two storms we will end the book by having one, The Everstorm and the HIghstorm will fuse into a singular storm.
  48. 3 points
    My thought is that this is how we get back his ship, he would be able to manifest a shape he knows, just like the delvers manifest as big versions of the drone orb.
  49. 3 points
    No luck cracking this one yet, which is frustrating because we’re told that it doesn’t move. And our characters use its fixed position to navigate, but they never tell us just how they’re using it. OB 112: I mean, c’mon Brandon, just tell us that they’re keeping the distant sun to their right or left or behind them or heading towards it. In RoW 75 there’s another missed opportunity. Adolin is looking out from Lasting Integrity describing what he sees in different directions. But again it’s not clear which direction the sun is: It seems like maybe we can infer that - since he’s seeing the beads reflecting the light while looking toward Tukar - the sun is in that direction? Which would be North I think. But it’s not clear, and light and shadows seem to behave strangely in Shadesmar so who knows.
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    How rude of your ‘frieds’. Also, may I ask, are they deep-fried or just normal?
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