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    It occurred to me today that the Elendel Basin map has a graticule on it... and we know that it maps onto the larger Final Empire map... And I don't think I've ever seen anyone do anything with that info. (If you're aware of somebody who has tried to do this, let me know!) I started to hail @Otto Didact and beg for him to do something with it, but I figured I'd take a stab at it myself first Here's the Elendel Basin overlayed on the map of the Final Empire. If it's news to you that they fit like this, I was not the one to figure this out. You can find several images of this overlay online. But I think I'm the first person to do it since we got a proper, high quality electronic upload of the Final Empire map on Brandon's website earlier this month. For the most part the match between these maps is dead on, but note the overlay isn't perfect at the northern edge of the coastline. Sazed must of made SOME adjustments beyond the Elendel Basin. (I mean, beyond raising the mountains around the edges of the Basin, tinkering with rivers, leveling the ashmounts, etc. etc.) Anyways, the fun thing I wanted to look at is the fact that the Elendel Basin map shows coordinates! So, if we make the big assumption that these maps are using the same projection, we can extend the Elendel Basin coordinates to the Final Empire map. It's not a terrible assumption, because the maps obviously fit very well ... But the Final Empire map is a lot bigger, so it's entirely possible that there's error with the overlay that's just too small to see at that scale, and the further we get away from the basin is compounds significantly. Generally, I think Brandon and his team prefer these maps to be intuitive, so I'm guessing the projections aren't terribly different. Longitude on the map seems to be quite simple. The numbers at the top of the page, from left to right, read "1, 0, 1, 2, 3" with the 0 longitude passing through Elendel. (Steel alphabet for reference) Obvoiusly they're using the longitude of Elendel as their prime meridian. But what's the interval exactly? I was going to guess that each of these is one degree, but the map also gives us a scale at the top left. I've measured the 100 mile scale to be 149 pixels. If I measure the distance between latitudes (which should be constant at all latitudes) I get something a little over 200 pixels (they vary slightly, which I take to be imprecision in the artwork). This means the lines of latitude are showing about 135 miles each. Now, Scadrial is supposed to be Earth, more or less. I think we can assume their miles are equivalent to our imperial/US miles for all practical purposes, and that Scadrial is the same size as Earth. If that's the case, I think this strongly suggests that each of these ticks is actually 2 degrees. The arc distance between latitudes on Earth is about 69 miles, or 138 miles between every two. I figure these numbers are too close to be a coincidence. So I'm going to assume that every line on the map marks every TWO degrees. The distance between lines of longitude varies depending on latitude. I measured the topmost line of latitude and got 96 miles and the bottom one to get 104 miles... Unfortunately, when I do the math on this it suggests these latitude lines are only 1 degree apart, with the map covering 46 degrees North down to 41 degrees North... And they clearly aren't, as explained above. They should span 2 degrees each. Anything else basically undermines the map scale entirely. I think my problem is that I'm abusing the scale. Scales on a map like this are always misleading because the scale changes depending on where you're at on the map... If horizontal distance a the top of the map is being stretched out and horizontal distance at the bottom of the map is being compressed (to give more of a rectangular grid) it means 96 miles at the top is too high and 104 miles at the bottom is too small... If I measure the distance between longitudes in the middle of the map I get about 101 miles, or 50.5 miles between degrees. This suggests that line of longitude is 43 degrees North. Taking every tick as 2 degrees, the top of the map is at 49 degrees North (and the scale here is stretched by a factor of 6%) and the bottom of the map is at 39 degrees North (and the scale is compressed by 3%). That's roughly in the latitude range of western Europe, so that seems reasonable. But then I'm seeing a snag with these latitude labels... The one I have at 43 degrees North corresponds to electrum, which is "12". And I'm struggling to reconcile those.... The latitude numbers down the side of the map are really weird. From top to bottom they read: "atium, malatium, gold, electrum, chromium, nicrosil". The last 4 are known to represent four numbers: "11, 12, 13, 14". You might assume atium and malatium represent 9 and 10, but in Era 2 they use cadmium and bendalloy for 9 and 10. I did find that Hero of Ages (original and leatherbound) just use ALL of the metal symbols (plus some unknowns) in sequence up to 23, and then repeat starting at 1 again. And in that case, they do use atium and malatium as the 9th and 10th. Maybe the map is just... using some older system of numbers? If we continue to assume every tick is 2 degrees, atium at the top would give 18 degrees and nicrosil at the bottom would correspond to 28 degrees. They're measuring latitude down from the geographic north pole, apparently. Using our system, this means the map spans from 72 degrees north to 62 degrees north. This means the map straddles the arctic circle, which... obviously isn't the case. So I figure, maybe these latitudes are implicitly the second set of 23? We're not going from 9 (atium) to 14 (nicrosil), but rather from 9+23=32 to 14+23=37. Assuming each tick is 2 degrees again and flipping to our system, that puts the map between 26 degrees and 16 degrees. Which... puts the map mostly in the tropics, which I also don't think is right. My best guess beyond this is that they're using some third system of numbers, which only counts up to 16 before repeating??? That would put it from 9+16=25 > 40 degrees north to 14+16=30 > 30 degrees. In other words, it fits right in the middle of the United States (in terms of relative latitudes). That fits well with the temperate climate... But that interpretation of the numbers is quite a stretch I think. My only other guess is that the metal symbols were just added for flavor. I was hoping to map the overlay onto a (earth) world map for comparison. Of course we don't know how much changed during the Catacendre... Does the former region of the Final Empire still look anything like what it used to, outside the Elendel basin? Does the latitude of the Elendel Basin region match with where it was during the Final Empire or did Sazed shift it? I don't we know for sure on these. So there would certainly be a lot of caveats... Unfortunately, with the latitude still a mystery it's hard to guess... Well... assuming my first guesses about latitude are correct (and the numbers on the side are nonsense?) I'm getting this: Curious if anybody else has helpful thoughts about what the latitude numbers might mean???
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    Actions might speak louder than words, but words often speak clearer than actions. In other words, words speak to the mind and actions speak to the heart. If you're still confused, have an example: In a relationship, it's important to both say "I love you" and show that you love them. If you have... Just words (they tell you "I love you" but don't do anything to show it): your brain thinks "well I've been told so it must be true" but your heart doesn't really feel anything. Just actions: your heart can tell that they love you, but if they don't ever tell you, your brain refuses to believe it. Both: your heart and mind are satisfied, sync together, and fill up and melt with happiness.
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    Today I walked around some houses for sale with my mom now my siblings are sad because we won't see her until like tuesday welp yay divorce
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    I got a job! It's not a job I can live on long-term, but it pays decently and it seems like a very positive environment. So thank you to anyone who sent out prayers or good vibes. They definitely worked.
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    I finally got a job! I’ll be cleaning for an old lady twice a week. She’s paying me $20 an hour which is pretty sick. I start next Saturday and I’m super excited
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    Trapped: RoW spoilers (Sketch) (Snowmen)
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    Sphere: Wow I'm done early for once
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    Tenuous connections woo =) Judgment:
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    Cryptic: (wow it's a cryptic who could have ever expected that /s)
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    I ate dinner and now there is kale stuck in my braces. *sigh* In other news, Halloween is a thing! Who else is being a Mistborn?!!!!
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    Discord: Meme/art: Sources:
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    Scrawny: People exist. I should practice them. Doesn't mean I do or will
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    Soft: *images shrink as month continues* hehehe oops
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    I was able to go on a youth temple trip yesterday, and as a group we did baptisms for 179 names and confirmations for even more What's also cool is that I was one of two Priests there, so I got to do half of those. It was pretty awesome since it'd been awhile since I'd been able to go.
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    Bleep blart, still gotta post some art. Day 24: Extinct
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    You fools. I have made this one earlier and will throw some of you off-guard >:] Day 23: Leak
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    Yeah...art. Well it's not Cosmere but I did do a thing today. And I guess it could be justified. Sunreach spoilers: science
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    applying to college is harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd aggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh also, nobody else is allowed to apply to BYU Provo 2022 Summer Semester because I am and its really hard to get in to BYU so don't lower my chances
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    Let's see I'm a bit behind. Energetic: (amorphous windspren)
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    We have very few pov chapters from Jasnah but even then she's flawed and has aspects of herself she's unhappy with. When she's frustrated with her combat skills, Hoid rather heavily lays on that it is unreasonable for her to compare herself to someone who's spent their whole life fighting. If all I got for Kaladin was the same coverage we've had for Jasnah so far, I'd say Kaladin was a whiny Mary Sue considering his combat abilities, he's a trained surgeon, managed to turn a bunch of slaves into a powerful fighting force. He's liked and revered by everyone Etc etc etc. But we have pov from him so people aren't crying that he's a Mary Sue. People need to calm down on the Jasnah is 'perfect' line. Again, we don't have much in the way of pov yet. But just from the books out so far she clearly does have insecurities and anxieties. Her biggest is her obsession with protecting her family Kaladin doesn't. Dalinar doesn't agree with her positions on multiple things. Shallan has issues with the way Jasnah does things. It shows that Hoid is just as liable to bias as anyone else. Navani is a whole mess of insecurities. Jasnah embodies many of the aspects that Navani considers ideal. Ivory likes her logical line of thinking compared to most other people on Roshar. Ultimately, most of the arguments I've seen against Jasnah as a character are shallow in my opinion. They could be easily leveled on ANY other character. Kaladin is too perfect because of his skill (look at the crap he pulls off in Rhythm of War), Shallan is cringe, etc.
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    I think this is what you’re looking for, from BoM chapter 29:
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    Recall back to Edgedancer, when Arclo talks about a culture that believes that a person only lives for a day, then they sleep and die, and a new person awakens with their collective memory. Continuity of consciousness cannot really be discerned if there's a break in the middle. The one we follow in Secret History could very well be a second Kelsier born from the first one's death, an impression of the original. We just don't know.
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    The answer is "Brandon will never tell us whether the CS is a new being with your memories or is still the previous being"
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    It's October, the spoopy season, so let's do an episode on Brandon's use of horror in his works! This one has spoilers for uh basically every Brandon's works. We go into tons of different horror types and more, and explore how Brandon uses these elements in his books. This episode, we have Ian (Weiry) hosting, along with Evgeni (Argent), Matt (Comatose), and Kadie (Ene)! 01:11 Spoiler Warning 01:40 Content Warning 02:34 What is genre? 08:05 Cast Experiences with Horror 18:33 Cast Experiences with Brandon Horror 29:10 Types of Horror Used by Brandon 30:20 Cosmic Horror 41:27 Body Horror 58:40 Dark Fantasy 1:05:41 Folk Horror 1:17:11 Ghost Stories 1:24:29 Gothic Horror 1:35:57 Disaster Horror 1:45:02 Psychological Horror 1:56:54 Slasher Horror 2:02:59 Who's That Cosmere Character Terrifying but amazing thumbnail image from Petar Penev, who did incredible art of the Re-Shephir fight at the beginning of Oathbringer. Check him out, he is awesome: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y8BNJ https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZyqDX If you like our content, support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/17thshard For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to https://www.17thshard.com Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/bMAUS5c Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: https://coppermind.net Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: https://wob.coppermind.net Subscribe to Shardcast: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:102123174/sounds.rss Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
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    I realize this has been discussed prior, but I feel unsatisfied by the topic’s resolution. I wish to have it explored further. Simply, if a person dies invested, does their consciousness persist through their cognitive shadow? Based upon how Mistborn: Secret History was worded, I am inclined to believe so. The reader has no reason from the wording to infer that Kelseir was merely recalling dying as if from the memory of his past self, instead, the wording seemingly suggests the active, present experience of death through the eyes of Kelsier. What do you guys think? -Replies- An interesting argument. Such is however tied toward the idea that sleep does incur a definite “break” in consciousness. Even discounting the presence of dreams, the continued activity of the brain, from which consciousness stems, during sleep as seen through EEG, makes me inclined to think sleep as a “mode” or state of consciousness rather than its temporary termination. Indeed unifying the concept of consciousness and being conscious to the living “self” that exists and is aware of its existence seems strange to me. Perhaps my mind merely revolts at the Arclo’s supposition, but I digress. Supposing a hypothetical true break in consciousness as you have suggested, it would be impossible for an outsider to tell whether the story tells of the same Kelseir. We must therefore look upon the evidence provided by the precise wording of BS. So far as I can tell, no clean break seems to have occurred, though I might need to listen to Secret History once more to be sure. There should be an “objective” answer relative to the systems of order present within the Cosmere. Whether or not the soul which passes “contains?” or is the individual is, or neither, I agree, not knowable based upon current evidence. - As for the question; if I lose all my memories and accumulated new ones would I still be the same me? Depends on the definition of what we mean when we say the self or personhood I think. Yes, in a sense, I would not understand or recognize myself as the same “person” but I would recognize my current consciousness as the present continuation of my existence. Do memories make us who we are? in a way, but also no. Memories and ideals change the way we view ourselves as being, but it does not change our fundamental essence and existence (that we exist, that we are aware of it, and that there are attributes that, whether ordained by the divine or a simple consequence of our evolution, make us “human”, “singer”, “Kandra”, or simply people) We are not because we think but because simply we are. As for the philosophical ship for instance, it only exists because we perceive it as a ship, regardless of whether we consider it the same or not. But for people (and sapient life in general), there is an awareness that makes us distinct from the rest of the universe (such that even without constructs that “aware individual” still remains) and I refer to this continuing existence and consciousness as the core of the self. I guess the question to be asked is, if you were born with someone else’s memories would you recognize yourself as just having been born? As for people changing with every moment, our idea of our personal identity does change with every passing moment as it evolves, but I refer to the continuous “consciousness” of the aware being. I guess I’m asking whether, if I experienced dying as Kelsier, if I would also experience Secret History or if someone else, with my face and memories would. But I agree, BS probably will keep it a mystery. It is a very subjective thing and people will have different interpretations. ps. Thanks for all the replies guys! It was definitely an interesting discussion for me.
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    I was having a conversation in which I asked someone what their command would be if they were an awakened weapon, when I had a thought. Could you awaken metal with a command such as "Be Bob"? Obviously, the intent behind such a command would be almost impossible to pull off. After all, what and who is Bob? You would have to know absolutely everything about Bob, which would be almost impossible. However, if you were to use the command "Be me", I think it would be possible. So, what do you think? Is there some mad scientist on Nalthis with a collection of awakened tools that hold an exact imprint of his personality?
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    This is it! The final vote! ... What do you mean they voted for the Sacrifice? Oh well, that's a result as well. Vote Count: The Unknown Order: 2 votes |TJ| : 2 votes xinoehp512 : 1 vote Alvron was the Keymaster. xinoehp512 was the Sage. The Unknown Order was the Sacrifice. The Unknown Order has won! They may choose one other living player to escape with them. The other players all lose. And with that, this game is over. Thank you so much for playing. Player List:
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    - Day 2 - The Honor spren reconvened the next morning, determined to sort out who the traitors were, but something- someone was missing. Tani has been sent into the physical realm! She was a Loyal Honor Spren Day 2 has started, and will end in 48 hours, on Tuesday, October 26th at 4PM PST Days are 48 hours long and Nights are 24. There is an activity filter of 2 Turns (One cycle.) There are NO PMs. The Elims may not communicate in their doc now. There are 10 players alive, and 6 votes are required for a removal Player List:
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    Good news. My desktop computer is now functioning as intended.
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    Hey everyone, been reading theories on here for a long while, but never posted. Figured it might be time to start potentially contributing if and where I can. I apologize in advance for inevitable spelling and grammar errors. Also, thanks for all the kick ass posts I’ve read in the past! You guys rock
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    Yes he does. As a Terrisman he used to be a servent but once mentions to Vin that he seemed not to be good as that. Iirc. And you messed up my clue #4, I was really hoping I would get to "But a lot of characters have the thing(s) this character has none of." Anyway, nice work, take it away!
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    Sazed, I think. Though... does he fit #1?
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    Dune in 3D: good! spoilers for what was changed from book to movie (no plot or anything spoilers though)
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    This is it. It's the final vote. Who emerges a winner? Who emerges a loser? Only you six make the final decision. Candidates: |TJ| : 3 votes xinoehp512 : 2 votes The Unknown Order : 1 vote Non-Candidates: Matrim's Dice : 0 votes Araris Valerian : 0 votes Alvron : 0 votes Player List:
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    Haruh Arcangelo passed through the hallways of her family small gang’s––the Arcangelos––home base. She scratched her arms, which bore many scars that stretched all the way to her back, even having a few on her face. Her dark, curly, shoulder-length brown hair bounced whenever she took a step, but Haruh never cared to pull it out of her face, because she was never told to. Her grungy tank top had seen better days, so have her cargo pants and boots, but she wasn’t given anything else to wear, not that she would wear them. She would never dare to wear anything that she wasn’t told to wear. She didn’t look up at anyone that passed by her, staring at the ground as she weaved through the small amounts of people and guards throughout the hallways. Though she was a part of the family that ran the gang, Haruh wasn’t treated as so; sure, her older brother and sister were treated like the respected leaders and like they were actually a part of the family, but she wasn’t. And she had grown to accept that. Haruh knew that if she were to complain or say something otherwise about her place in the Arcangelos, punishment would follow. Many times had she received it, and every time she learned her lesson and grew to be apathetic and only do what her mother and father asked of her. Climbing the creaky stairs and taking a right down a long hallway, Haruh came up to the door to her parents’ office. She glanced up at the two guards, who regarded her with a small nod, then opened the door without saying anything to her. She took a step in, heard the door close behind her as she clasped her hands behind her back, and waited for her parent’s instructions. The only other person in the room was Katyn Arcangelo: Haruh’s mother. She flipped through the pages of a small book, sitting at the desk alone. She wore her usual dark purple suit with rose gold glasses, looking as high of class as ever. Her medium-length curly hair was pulled back into a tail, out of the way of her face so she could read. She didn’t care to notice Haruh standing in the doorway, but was intensely focused on the words. Books littered her desk, with the occasional tablet or screen here and there to search up any sources about what she read. Haruh knew the books had come from the bookshelves around the office both her mother and father shared; though, she was not taught to care about what information it held. Her mother had made it clear to her––many times––that she was not the person for the job to learn that information, and if she were to protest, punishment would follow. Haruh said nothing, staring in the direction of where her mother sat without looking her in the eye. Katyn finally looked up to see who had entered, then seeing Haruh in the doorway and placed the book aside. She took off her reading glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose for a few seconds before saying anything to her. “Took you long enough, filth,” her mother muttered, rising from her seat to walk up to Haruh. “Hoahak and Khun would’ve been here ages ago.” Haruh didn’t make any expressions when Katyn mentioned her brother and sister’s names. She continued to stare forward, not even daring to look her mother in the eye. “What is it you would have me do, milady?” A small smirk appeared on Katyn’s lips. “I have a job for you.” “You know I’ll do it. My loyalties are to you and Suwh, and you two only.” Katyn nodded in approval, then reached into her suit coat pocket and pulled out a tablet and showed her a picture of a building that looked a bit run-down compared to some others she had seen. “This is the Shadowcastle’s Lab, as you have been previously told a while back. What I need you to do is find as much information you can about what’s in there, break in, and see what you can find in there and report what you find.” “What’s the plan of entry, milady?” “Since the building is in the poorer area of New Lere, it won’t matter much of how since no one will care. Through a window, picking the lock, whatever is the most convenient. Just make sure you don’t get caught.” “Yes, milady.” “And you’ll be going alone, of course.” “But… Mother––” A slap struck her across her right cheek, causing her to look off to the left. Deep instinct wanted to cry out, sob a bit, say something, but Haruh just took it and said nothing about it. She trained herself to not show any emotion when being show any sort of punishment, even as small and insignificant as this. It just wasn’t worth the trouble, since it would only end with more punishment. A hand took her by the chin and pointed her to face her mother’s golden reptile eyes, thanks to the Tailors made to her. They were frozen cold, showed no emotion of what she had done, no remorse or empathy. Katyn stared into her eyes, threatening her, and Haruh immediately backed down, looking at the ground in submission. It wasn’t worth the effort. She closed her eyes, accepting whatever fate she was going to send her to. “Be glad your father isn’t here, filth,” she spat. “He wouldn’t be as forgiving as I am.” “My loyalties are to you and Suwh,” Haruh replied softly, “and you two only.” Katyn stood up taller. “Good. Now, you’ll first go to the armory to get all the weapons you need.” “Yes, milady.” “Before you go breaking into the Shadowcastle’s Lab, you’ll first go to the Cellar. Go there, and find whatever information that can help you break into the Lab. Come back and report that information to me, then go into the Lab and see what you can find there.” “Yes, milady.” Katyn let go of Haruh’s chin and started to walk to her desk. “Now get out of my sight, filth.” Haruh bowed to her mother, then walked out the door, not giving the guards any look whatsoever, knowing that what her mother had done to her was normal to every child. That’s what her parents told her every day, and she didn’t have a reason to not trust them. . . . Placing her hands on her hips, just below her sidearms, Haruh scanned the Cellar. She didn’t say anything, keeping her expression neutral. People laughed, cried, jeered, but didn’t pay any attention to her, as well they should do. Haruh wasn’t supposed to make a name for herself, especially not after this whole Wraith business that her parents keep talking about in hushed tones. It was best if they only thought of her as some random gang member, that’s what she was constantly told by her parents, and she believed it. She was nothing more but a tool in her parents’ hands, and she wouldn’t do any other thing, because that was just her place. Haruh strolled over to the bar, waving the barkeep away when they offered her a glass for her to drink out of. She turned to face the crowd as she leaned against the bar, surveying the room again as she tapped the bar. A nervous habit she’d been trying to break out of, especially after being put in her place after her father gave her a hard punishment when he’d learned about her habits, but it wasn’t something that she could get rid of easily. Her eyes fell on a certain group of people, causing her to raise an eyebrow. Haruh watched the group talk about things she couldn’t quite catch, due to the overall chatter of the room. Perhaps they would have something about the Shadowcastles. None of them looked like any contact she had encountered before, not that her mother specifically told her which person to look out for. All she could do now was watch and wait to see what this group of people did, not that she could catch their conversation, whatever that was about and where they might be heading.
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    I'm not sure if this is WRS or my failing to explain aspects of the magic system (you know...because I've never done that before...oops) or both. Ultimately, it's not a "I have moral conflicts with this because of my religion" situation so much as a "If you use magic to kill people, you're condemning yourself to the worst corner of hell, and potentially getting yourself violently struck down by the gods if anyone calls you on it on the way." There was supposed to be a line here about wanting to keep him alive for questioning, but that seems to ... not be there. I assume I planned to move it from one paragraph to another and it got lost in the process. I was hoping that the end of the previous Is- chapter would begin to imply the tonal shift, that things were about to get more intense, but that was also...more than a month ago. And probably not as clear of a shift as it should have been. Good to know that this seemed to hit hard as a mentor death equals hero's journey. There are probably components of the hero's journey arc, but those run through the length of a trilogy arc, and not just this book arc. Not sure how other multi-book stories split up those sorts of things... I'll have to look into it a bit.
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    I definitely have to fix this in the next round of Part 1 revisions, as the "R as irresponsible party boy" image shouldn't be coming across as strongly as it is in this round of revisions. It hits that note strong at the start because Is is frustrated with him at the tournament, but I need to push their relationship more in the direction of R and Is having a near-sibling relationship, where they get on each others' nerves and know precisely what buttons to push when they're irritated with something the other is doing, but do ultimately love and respect each other underneath that. They just wish the other would come over to their side of doing things (Is wishes R would buckle down and follow the rules, and R wishes Is would relax a little for like one minute. And they both know the other is probably right to some extent, but all involved are too proud and stubborn to be the first one to admit it). T does see more than most, because she knows him well and is less willing to let him get away with his stubborn pride than most of his family is (Ali excluded, in general), but their relationship dynamic needs to be brought in earlier as well...considering that she literally doesn't even appear until Part 2 in this version. Ultimately, this exchange should be pushing things in that direction, where Al recognizes that there's more to Is and R's relationship than they let on, and T just wants him to shut up because this isn't exactly a time that R might be receptive to acknowledging that. But without the groundwork for that set out earlier, it hits the wrong notes... And as is often the case, in order to avoid being too heavy-handed about such things, I'm probably not clarifying the implications enough. Al- "Is that wise?" R- “You sound like Is-.” (reflexive, defensive, slightly drunk comment) Al- “Good. She seems like someone you might listen to.” ("clearly, you respect her opinion") T- nervous. “You've never seen them interact, have you?” ("Not a good time to bring up Is, Al.") Al- confused, but gets the point. “So, there’s nothing to keep you from taking good advice from me that you’d be too stubborn to take from her, then?" ("Fine. I also think he's being unwise.") Good to know and good points Ugh. Realizing now that by cutting out the actual fighting, I cut out some of M's gloating in this direction. It should be implying that she's angry that he's going out of his way to blame other people for his choices instead of being accountable himself, which tended to be Grandpa's MO. She's calling him out on the same blame deflecting that he does above when he's refusing to acknowledge his sense of regret. But that may need to be called out better. Another thing I need to get straightened out earlier. Both Al and Ali need more concrete/visible goals in Part 1 compared to what's there now. More things I need to find a way to clarify without being too heavy-handed. I think R acknowledging his regret as such is a little more self-awareness than I generally picture him having, especially when there's alcohol involved. After all, regret (to some extent) requires an admission of guilt. And since T has already acknowledged that he's being ridiculous, he shouldn't have to take that extra step to admit to it. R avoids acknowledging his faults by deflecting by pretending he doesn't care (hence the party-boy persona). Is avoids acknowledging her faults by being the best at everything within her power (hence the stubborn refusals to ask for help. Just like dear old dad). But they're both too proud to acknowledge that their methods of dealing with the world are a problem. That comes to a head down the road, but ideally, the reader should be aware of those character shortcomings at this point even while R and Is refuse to acknowledge them. Any thoughts on how to get more of that across early on? I feel like it fits in with @RedBlue's comments as well. Hah. Yeah. The lack of self-awareness is intentional at this point, because character arc. But if that hits everyone the wrong way, I may have to reconsider some aspects of how that's presented. Thanks so much for your thoughts!
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    Would it not be the Identity of the ship itself? We kind of learn from Stormlight that objects have their own view of themselves (I am a stick). Now clearly they aren't quite the same as a living being but the whole reason Shallan couldn't Soulcast Stick is because she couldn't change sticks identity of itself to anything else.
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    I agree with you that this command could theoretically exist, but I feel like you'd need to pull off some singularity type stuff where first you do some special new awakening that helps you improve the intent of your commands, which might then have to go through several generations of making better and better intent-boosters, until finally you can use the command "be me." Maybe Endowment can do it though. If more breaths makes awakening easier, then the source of breaths must have an instinct for awakening that's off all the charts. Now, interestingly, we do seem to see the beginnings of commands moving this direction in some of Vasher's equipment. Namely, "Fight for me as if you were me," "Upon call become my fingers and grip that which I must," and "Become as my legs and give them strength." With each of these, the breath is somehow able to interpret Vasher's wishes even after the command had been given, which definitely seems to be steps towards what you're talking about. It actually makes me wonder if your command, "be me" wouldn't create a clone, but rather a full extension of you, almost as if you were in possession of a second body. Now, I don't know how that would work with senses, but awakened object do seem to have some capacity to perceive the world around them. Though I definitely worry about the possibility of creating a lifeless with the command "be me." That's the seeds of some evil AI that wants to kill and replace the original stuff right there.
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