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    For those of you who have the Mistborn adventure game, around page 262, there is a full-page drawing of a steel inquisitor with symbols, obviously a written language, describing the drawing. Much like the drawings in the Way of Kings, the symbols do not directly correlate to our alphabet, but after some work I was able to translate them. I present this unto thee, fellow sharders. Hemalurgy, holiest of holy powers. By The LORD RULER, who shall live forever, God over men. Let not the knowledge of these sacred pages pass beyond the ministers, who dwell within his house, by his Holy Grace Unending. Hemalurgy is greater by far than the lesser powers of allomancy or the barbarian powers of feruchemy, for it is the sum of both and more. Once granted unto the blessed of STEEL, they shall be forever changed. Iron: Grant strength taken from humans. Steel: Grant a physical power of Allomancy. Tin: Enhance the human senses. Pewter: Grant a physical power of Feruchemy. Zinc: Enhance emotional fortitude. Brass: Grant a mental power of Feruchemy Copper: Enhance memory and intelligence. Bronze: Grant a mental power of Allomancy. Atium: Grant a power of temporal Allomancy. Aluminum: Enhance a power of Allomancy. Though you strike out their eyes, they shall see the hearts of men. For those who would truly serve His Grace, there shall ever be three of Steel to mark them. Two shall bind their sight, and one shall bind their soul. Let the sacred spike of blessed metal pierce the heart of the sacrifice, to consume the soul and power. Thus prepared, the spike is thrust into the body and blood of the chosen by the Lord Ruler to receive his benediction. Hope you guys enjoy! Edit: Corrected a few minor mistranslations, as pointed out by Inkthinker. and finally figured out the typo that people were talking about. It is now "greater by far" as it should be.
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    The idea for this post started as me just noticing and trying to catalog the various times when spren are described as appearing to ripple or flutter in an unseen/unfelt wind. I'd initially chalked this up to spren weirdness, but as I dug more into it, I started to cobble together a theory about something deeper going on here. Specifically, the TLDR is that I think when we see those unseen/unfelt winds, we are actually seeing waves or tides of power from the spiritual realm. And I think that Kaladin has shown how a human with honor in their heart can become attuned to that power and access it. More on the theory below, but first here's a rundown of the times when we see the rippling phenomenon, sorted by category. HONORSPREN Syl - Physical Realm The windspren stood in the air just beside his head, white dress rippling in a wind Kaladin couldn’t feel. (WoK 2) She walked with her hands clasped behind her back, her tiny, knee-length skirt fluttering in an intangible wind. (WoK 49) She slid down onto his shoulder, moving like a stiff breeze had blown her. She crossed her legs, sitting ladylike, skirt rippling as he walked. (WoR 41) She looked after Beard, her girlish dress rippling in wind that Kaladin couldn’t feel. (OB 73) Syl - Cognitive Realm Adolin jumped to his feet, scrambling back. He almost collided with a young woman with blue-white skin, pale as snow, wearing a filmy dress that rippled in the wind. (OB 87) Kaladin’s spren was different. She always seemed to be moving, slipping this way or that, girlish dress rippling as she walked, her hair swaying. (OB 93) She closed her eyes as she walked, chin up, as if basking in a wind he could not feel. (OB 95) Out through the room’s window, Kaladin could see Syl standing on the coast, watching out over the sea of beads. Her hair doesn’t ripple here, he thought. In the Physical Realm it often waved as if being brushed by an unseen breeze. Here, it acted like the hair of a human. (OB 97) Phendorana (Physical Realm) - Phendorana manifested as an older human woman, with mature features and non-nonsense Thaylen-style clothes, a skirt and a blouse. Her hair blew free as if in a phantom wind. (RoW 91) Yunfah (Physical Realm) - Yunfah stood on his cloud, his long beard whipping in the wind – though he had no real substance. (RoW 10) STORMFATHER - Cognitive Realm He searched the sky and discovered a ripple in the air, like heat rising from distant stone. A shimmer the size of a building. (OB 1) Dalinar backed up, letting Fen rejoin the people and experience the end of the vision. As he folded his arms to watch, he noted a shimmering in the air beside him. (OB 34) Dalinar turned to the side, to where he glimpsed the air shimmering. The Stormfather. (OB 38) OTHER SPREN - Physical Realm Anticipationspren Anticipationspren – like red streamers growing from the ground and whipping in the wind – clustered around them. (OB 3) Around the perimeter of the square, people hissed and whispered, anticipationspren flapping in an unseen wind. (OB 10) Translucent red streamers rose from the stone, whipping as if in the wind, one end connected to the ground. Anticipationspren. Lunamor gave them the sign of respect, hand to his shoulder, then his forehead. These were lesser gods, but still holy. He could see their true shapes beyond the streamers, a faint shadow of a larger creature at the bottom. (OB 37) The captain drew anticipationspren as he waited – ribbons that waved in the wind – and Kaza could see the beasts beyond, the creatures that accompanied the spren. (OB Interlude 4) Gloomspren - Kaladin looked up and noted an unusual spren whipping about. Long, grey, like a tattered streamer of cloth in the wind. It wound around him, fluttering. He’d seen it’s like only once or twice before. (OB 5) Creationspren - Around her, creationspren slowly vanished, most having taken the shapes of things about the camp. Swords that sheathed and unsheathed repeatedly, tiny tents that untied and blew in unseen wind. (WoR 78) OTHER SPREN - Cognitive Realm Oathgate Spren - Hovering in the air were two enormous spren – they looked like stretched-out versions of people, and stood some thirty feet tall, like sentinels. Once was pitch-black in coloring, the other red. He thought them statues at first, but their clothing rippled in the air, and they shifted, one turning eyes down to look at him. (OB 87) Notum's Steed - Notum’s grand white steed was almost a horse, though it was more graceful and supple, with long legs and a neck that bent in a way no physical spine could manage. It had large eyes but seemingly no mouth, and its hair waved in a phantom wind, like long glowing ribbons. (RoW 34) ODIUM'S FORCES Ulim - Physical Realm Ulim settled on a patch of broken branches, arms folded, his long hair rippling in an unseen wind. (OB INterlude 3) Indeed, it materialized into the shape of a small human – not a singer, but a human, with odd eyes and hair that waved in an unseen wind. (RoW 42) Aesudn/Yelig-nar (Physical Realm) - Aesudan stopped in the doorway to the king’s chambers. “I have outgrown you, Elhokar. I have taken the gemstone into me, and have harnessed Yelig-nar’s power.” Something started to twist around her, a black smoke, blown as if from an unseen wind. (OB 84) Sja-anat (Cognitive Realm) - She flowed up the steps in one realm, but barely moved in the other. Space was not entirely equal between the realms – it wasn’t that she had a foot in each realm; more, she was like two entities that shared a mind. In Shadesmar, she floated above the ocean of beads, her essence rippling. In the Physical Realm, she passed among singers who worked in the palace. (RoW Interlude 2) Odium (original flavor) - all realms at once presumably? Dalinar jumped, scrambling backward. The man was old, with a wide, furrowed face and bone-white hair that swept back from his head as if blown by wind. (OB 56) Odium held his hands to the sides, yellow-gold power streaming behind his figure like a wind made visible. (OB 115) OTHER Nale (Phyiscal Realm) - Darkness seemed to flow like smoke down the stairs, footsteps growing softer, uniform rippling in an unseen wind. (ED 19) Girl Who Looked Up (Lightweaving in Physical Realm, all from OB 25) A vibrant red scarf grew around the girl’s neck, twin tails extending far behind her and flapping in a phantom wind. “The girl traveled far,” Shallan said, looking back toward the stage. “No predators hunted her, and no storms assaulted her. The only wind was the pleasant one that played with her scarf, and the only creatures she saw were the cremlings that clicked at her as she walked.” Next to Shallan, the girl stood triumphantly on the wall’s top, her scarves and white hair streaming out behind her in a sudden wind. Unseen Tides/Currents Carefully, Kaladin entered the rows. The cloths billowed outward in the wind, but then fluttered down, reminiscent of the plants he’d often passed in the chasms. Living things that moved and flowed with the unseen tides of the blowing wind. (RoW 15) “There are currents to this world, Ishnah,” Shallan said. “They move unseen. They can tow you under suddenly, abruptly, when you thought you were swimming along perfectly safe.” (RoW 26) Honor's Perpendicularity (all three Realms, but in this scene viewed by Kaladin in the Cognitive during the climax of OB) - Sample of Particular Note - Shadesmar exploded with light. Fused screamed as a wind blasted them away, though Kaladin felt nothing. Beads clattered and roared. (OB 119) *** ON TO THEORIZING So that's pretty much all of them that I could find. You can see that in each of these examples, the thing doing the rippling/fluttering is something with a deep connection to the spiritual realm: spren, a Herald, the vessel of a Shard, a perpendiculity. But it's the very last instance - when Dalinar opens the perpendicularity - that really sparked the idea in my mind that what characters are seeing when they see this unseen/phantom wind is ripples of power from the spiritual realm. We know that in that scene, Dalinar has opened a direct conduit to the Spiritual Realm. And when he does so a powerful wind blasts away several Fused who are about to attack Kaladin in Shadesmar. But Kaladin doesn't feel the winds.Why? Well, I think it's because in that moment, struggling as he is with what happened in Kholinar and his inability to swear the fourth Ideal, Kaladin is not properly attuned to Honor's power. To explain what I mean, this is where I first have to back up and bring in one of my favorite quotes around which to theorize. This is from WoR chapter 82, part of the first conversation between Dalinar and the Stormfather. Dalinar asks who he's speaking to, and the SF responds: But what happens when the honor of men is all but dead? At the start of present-day events in the SA, Alethi culture in particular has more or less inverted the words of the first ideal. Lives are not valued but carelessly thrown away. Strength is treated as something that makes the powerful worthy to rule, rather than worthy to serve. And the destination is all that matters - the ends always seem to justify the means with all the scheming of the highprinces. As a result, they can't feel "the winds that men must feel." Enter Kaladin Stormblessed. This is where I have to bring in another quote. This is something Tanavast says in one of Dalinar's visions. After the tragedy of Tien's death, our boy Kal begins seeking out and protecting other youngsters like Tien. He starts acting with honor. And even before he's started to really bond with Syl and/or take in and use Stormlight, the winds begin to aid him. From WoK 1 Same battle, but from Kal's POV in WoK 47 Here's a description of the kata in the chasms in WoK 27: Here's the other members of Bridge Four watching and remarking on Kal fighting at the Battle of the Tower: There are plenty of other examples later where, above and beyond what Kaladin can do intentionally with Surgebinding, it seems that the winds themselves come to his aid and seem to grant him an almost atium-like ability to know what is going to happen. For example, during Adolin's duel in WoR: What's going on here? Well, if we're talking about someting infinite, beyond the touch of men, that starts to sound a whole lot like a refernce to the spiritual realm. Conversely, look at what happens to Kaladin's interaction with the winds when he's broken his oaths. Here he is as at the sparring grounds in WoR 81: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER So what's happening here? Well, I think that in these moments when Kal is moving with inhuman speed and reflexes, anticipating what's going to happen, and being aided by the wind, he's actually accesing the Spiritual Realm in small bursts. Consider a few more quotes and then I'm gonna try to tie it all together. First, here's one of the earliest mentions of the winds on Roshar, in WoK 4: Next, from WoR 5, Syl continues to behave like a windspren even after remembering what she is: Next, here's Syl talking to Kaladin in OB 6 about how the winds are of honor: Speaking of Honor, we all know, of course that "Honor is not dead so long as he lives in the hearts of men!" Thanks Captain Notum. And here's Hoid talking to Jasnah in the WoR Epilogue about where to look for salvation: Here's Teft with an intriguing line just after seeing Kal suck in Stormlight in WoK 38: Lastly, consider that when he's not being likened to a storm or the winds, Kaladin is also compared to a banner flapping in the wind, a symbol for others to follow: He clung there, like a pennant flapping in the wind... (WoK 35) He was a symbol. A living banner to destroy. (WoK 65) "Or maybe they simply need something to keep them going, surgeon. A symbol they can trust when they can't trust their own hearts." (RoW 74) We know that although Tanavast is dead, Honor's power remains. It's still there, just not really accessible most of the time. I take all the lines about unseen wind as evidence of spiritual winds emanating from the spiritual realm - "the winds that men must feel." And Kal starts to look like someone who, by acting honorably, attunes his heart to Honor's power (much like how a listener might attune a particular rhythm). In so doing, he more or less functions as a focus for pulling some of Honor's power through from the Spiritual Realm in the form of winds, much as the metals on Scadrial or the symbols on Sel become a conduit for power. And by doing so, Kal becomes a banner, flapping in those winds, a symbol to others that Honor's power remains and can still be accessed. Someone to show them the way and increase the number of hearts in which Honor still lives. One thing I like about this theory is that it can explain the "Child of Tanavast" thing without requiring Kal to be some special chosen one. Anyone could have been the one to start acting honorably and, in so doing, call on Honor's power. It just so happens that, because of his upbringing and experiences, he ends up being the one to do so first. Thanks for reading. As always, would love to hear what others think.
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    Tried uploading this a while back but it still reads as "pending" on my end. Weird. This scene made me cry, so I had to draw it. <3

    © Characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. Art is unofficial and belongs to Natalie Rodgers.

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    Yes, definitely written in the steel alphabet. I can give you some of the equivalent symbols and the sounds they correlate to, but not all of them represent metals we know. I'll take a gander. A is represented by the symbol for Larasium B is represented by the symbol for Iron The 'K' sound is represented by the symbol for Bendalloy the 'S' sound is represented by the symbol for Duralumin CH is represented by the symbol at the chapter 20 header in TFE. D is represented by the symbol for Copper E and I are represented by the symbol for Tin. Tin also represents ie, ei, and any combination of those sounds F/ph is represented by the symbol for Malatium G is represented by the symbol for Cadmium H is represented by the symbol at the chapter 21 header of TFE. E and I are represented by the symbol for Tin. Tin also represents ie, ei, and any combination of those sounds There were no J's on the page The 'K' sound is represented by the symbol for Bendalloy L and Ll are represented by the symbol for Zinc. M is represented by the symbol for Gold N is represented by the symbol for Electrum O, Ou, U, and other similar vowel sounds are represented by the symbol for Pewter P is represented by the symbol for Steel Ph is represented by the symbol for Malatium There were no Q's on the page R is represented by the symbol for Brass S is represented by the symbol for Duralumin SH is represented by the symbol in the chapter 22 header of TFE. T is represented by the symbol for Bronze O, Ou, U, and other similar vowel sounds are represented by the symbol for Pewter V is represented by the symbol for Atium W is represented by the symbol for Chromium There were no X's on the page Y is represented by the symbol for Nicrosil There were no Z's on the page Edited to include symbols we've seen in chapter headers.
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    It's that time of year.... I can still hardly believe it's been an entire storming year since I joined the shard There are so many people I need to thank and I can't believe I have had the honor of knowing over the past year, it amazes me, however my parents are making me go to bed now, so I won't be able to tell y'all just how amazing you are until tomorrow, but in short, just know that my experience here has been amazing with every single person I've met. You are all fabulous and lovely, truly, thank you.
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    This idea had been bouncing around in my head for a while. The phrase "I've got a bone to pick with you" takes on a whole new meaning when you imagine it being said between two kandra... I apologize for the horrendous artwork (if you can even call my stick figures "art"). If anyone with more artistic talent than I have wants to make a better version of this, feel free! (Like, seriously, please do. I'm begging you, help this joke reach its full potential! )
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    From the album My Art

    It's everyone's favorite pair of Alethi brothers who AREN'T dead! Yet!
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    I have an idea... I want to make posters for Masquerade, Keyed, and CBST. 'Cause I just got my massive drawing framed.
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    I was going to write this as a response to my original status update, but I forgot comment mechanics don't allow many lines Also I storming know I'm going to miss some people, so if you don't see your name here, please know I love literally everyone here, and you are amazing, I just happen to be functioning on about three brain cells at the moment (Also it seems to not want to @ some people, and others I forgot their shard names, so sorry if it's a bit wonky here for the names/nicknames) @AonEne you are amazing my goodness, such a good friend and really just such a cool person overall. I really look up to you in many ways, thanks for being such an awesome inspiration @Mist another true inspiration to me, you're really fun and honestly just very smart, I know everyone jokes about you being the responsible one, but it really is true, you are so appreciated. But you're also super fun and cool outside of that too, and I've enjoyed having you as a friend @Chasmessian I cannot begin to describe what an amazing friend you have been to me over the past year or so, thank you, truly. From out random conversations on bagels to our deep life discussions, I have enjoyed every storming minute of it. *virtually ruffles hedgehog* @FriarFritz/NOAM you are an amazing, lovely, loyal friend who's kind to everyone, you have always cared, you are amazing, and you are the best (platonic) valentine I've ever had (I swear I almost definitly cried that day) @Channelknight Fadran you are really nice and friendly to everyone, thank you for being you @DramaQueen of course you and Fadran's names must be close; You are such a wonderful person I've enjoyed every conversation we've had, you are lovely and loyal to everyone, and have taught me a lot VENNIEEEE You are the probably the most optimistic supportive happy person I've ever met, and you have truly inspired me as well, I love the way you happily greet everyone, are constantly looking out for everyone's well being, and just generally super super caring. Thank you. TRUTHIE you are going to run the world some day, you are so storming smart! I have loved getting to know you, and I think you are destined for a wonderful future. @Blessing of Potency You are also really cool and confident, you are quite fabulous and lovely @Doomstick you are so kind and cool!! We really need to get that civ 6 game to happen one of these days, *hisses at life stuff* DARK you are lovely and kind to everyone! You got this friend! TAKEN you are amazing and such a thinker! I love the way you are open to new ideas and I have enjoyed every conversation we've had, serious ones and regular ones. I like the way you really value the people around you, you value our opinions, our life, our feelings. You are so cool CYNI you are amazing and kind! @Vapor*HUGGSSS* I enjoy being around you and your wonderful personality @Condensation you are fabulous and loving to everyone around you, I will never forget you were the first ever person I interacted with extensively on the shard, and it was when I realized this forum was really really pog. Thank you for being your amazingly kind and sweet you @Nathrangking you are an amazing poet and writer, thank you for putting up with me for so long with our rp-ing adventures during my time in FotT, you are truly an inspiration and I learned a lot about poetry from you, thank you friend @KyL I don't know if you'll ever see this, but you also taught me a lot about writing and invention, I enjoyed getting to know you through rp-ing adventures also that never ending chess game will always be a special memory for me @Emi you are amazing and wonderful! I love your quirky wonderful personality, and you are an amazing artist PUNNY you are actually so hilarious, I aspire to reach that level of punning, but also I have enjoyed our interactions and hope to have more @Spock I love your personality so much!! You have been a huge help on my twitch and discord, and great friend. You are so nice too, and I really truly enjoy being around you @KnightofIron I have enjoyed our conversations, and you are also a caring and cool person who I've enjoyed talking too @revelryintheart I've also enjoyed getting to know you, another person who introduced me to the kind culture of the Shard @Hen You amazing friend, it's been a hot second, but I have also really enjoyed getting to know you as well, you incredibly kind and loving Meta, Affie, Dannex, Jester, Flying, Twig, SuperiorCiderCan I've enjoyed y'all as well, you guys are all AMAZING and I literally love ALL of you. Reading this back I realize that a decent portion of this doesn't make sense and it's because I'm quite tired and the day after my shardiversery is over in about fifteen minutes, however I hope at the end of the day you all realize what amazing human beings you all are, and that I love you and every moment we've had Also another thing that happened, fittingly today, is that I GOT A PUPPY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *dies in cuteness overload (for the third time, I think)* Well, it's been a year, and I have loved every storming moment I've been on the Shard. This is my last thank you and it is to Chaos and all of the mods. This place couldn't exist without you, I never would have met all the wonderful people I've met here if y'all didn't make this amazing place, and also keep it safe and uphold the wonderful culture it has. Thank you so so so much, you have helped so many of us so much, and my thankfulness for this place will never end
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    What are the odds that, despite Scadrial being cleansed at the end of Era 1, that future Eras will involve the sky once more covered in ash, this time manufactured by humans? Despite Harmony trying to Preserve, the humans can still choose to Ruin, and those who were given clear skies made them dark.
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    From the album pride Month stuff (Cosmere)

    Just a strange doodle past pride month Special thanks to @Zephrun's Imperium for getting me into the ship
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    I know it's not even close to Valentine's Day, but I don't want to wait until February to post this. Please forgive me? Happy early/late Mistborn Valentine's!!
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    I love this! It's such an elegant interpretation, one that illuminates a lot of the more miraculous things Kaladin does. I'd like to add something that I've seen that I feel supports this theory, specifically that there is a strong element of choice/agreement in surges that are more closely aligned with Honor. The best I can phrase this is that Honor is often called a god of laws, and that those laws are subject to agreement by the governed. So I think there is precedent for this idea that Honor's laws (and Honor's powers?) can be guided by widespread agreement. It totally makes sense to me that the more people there are who agree that Kaladin is this hero, this symbol, the more empowered he is by the slivers of Honor that "still live in the hearts of men" and the better a conduit he is. And when he accesses the Spiritual Realm, he's tapping into his ideal self, isn't he? It certainly seems to square the idea that Kaladin is at his most powerful when he's protecting someone, and also being "extra-aligned" to Honor's Intent to a somewhat unhealthy degree. I, too, really like the idea of Kaladin being a subversion of the chosen one trope by being the first to choose to behave this way. (Novelty really is the thing people value the most!) I find it also adds some extra dimension to RoW 80, where Kaladin perceives the wind as hating him ... what is that in this context, Kaladin feeling the winds of Odium's storm as opposed to Honor's?
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    UPDATE ON CHAMPS My game (game 2) ended a while ago, and today was the day that Jury picks were announced for who is moving on to semifinals. I am AAAAAA to announce that I am moving on to Semifinals, starting in...the next three weeks about!!!! You can view the post here! ... ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    Those June art pieces just keep on coming, don't they? Let us know if you'd like us to do more of these simpler but more numerous art commissions in the future - we were thinking we'd those maybe once or twice a year, but art reveal season is fun season! And speaking of, this week we've got the King's Drop for you all! Paintweaver (Instagram, Tumblr) is another artist we've wanted to work with for a long time, and the relative simplicity of this illustration (plus scheduling luck) finally gave us this opportunity. The illustration is absolutely gorgeous, and the shifting smoky images inside it are an amazing representation of the captured Thrill. Fingers crossed that the Kholins keep this safe and don't go and, I don't know, throw it in the ocean or something! We've got a few more versions of this, with slightly different colors and backgrounds, and we'll release those to our supporters some time in the future, once art reveal season relaxes a bit.
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    DatS cover art (Pencil version)
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    I mean, Brandon said the easiest way to revive a deadeye is for the Knight who killed it to renew their Oaths... he just didn't say what would happened if said Knight bonded a new spren in the meantime.
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    DatS 13 The comic will be taking a break next week because I have a wedding.
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    Like the title says. Despite what you may think about the coolness of each magic system, Ferring names are way cooler than Misting names. I mean Skimmer, Sentry, Bloodmaker, Trueself. I could name a dozen more Compare that to Allomancy. Coin shot, Lurcher, Soother, Rioter? Those are objectively more lame. Change my mind. (I could make this a meme)
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    DatS 16 Sorry for the delay; I forgot to add this here.
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    everyone knows that the aluminum medal is the best on the same topic (kinda) when you use aluminum dice in dnd to make sure that coinshots and lurchers don't affect your rolls
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    Hello 17th shard, I recently had a desire to write out what I think would be really cool movie trailers for each of the Mistborn books. I know that others have done this exact thing before, and that is what partially inspired me to try this out. Hope you enjoy. Also spoilers for the trilogy, and add whatever music you think works best. The Final Empire trailer Opens with a wide shot of Scadrial: falling ash, brown landscape, red sun. Cut to black. New setting, a man is looking out a window with his back towards us. He begins to speak. "The Skaa..." Cut to scene of a taskmaster whipping a Skaa worker, we can see in the background hundreds of slaves. "The Nobles..." A scene of a Noble within a lavish mansion overlooking the plantation. "The Final Empire." A sweeping overshot of Luthadel. "For a thousand years I have ruled it" Cut back to speaker. " I am the hero of this world." Cut to Skaa slum. "And yet..." "There are those who fight against me." We get a wide shot of Kelsier's crew. Vin, Kelsier, and Sazed are not included in this shot. "Those who resist me." A scene of Elend drinking wine at a ball, Sazed is standing just a few feet away off to the side. Cut to black. "Those who... reject me." Scene of Vin and Kelsier flying through the mists at night, leaping around buildings. Scene cuts to black once they jump towards the camera. "But it matters not." We see Vin running in fear at night. "Whatever numbers they raise against me." We see the Skaa rebels preparing for battle. "However hard they fight." Scene of Kelsier brawling with several hazekillers. We cut back to Vin running and we can see glimpses of what is chasing her. " Nothing will change the outcome." Very short cut to black, opens with Vin breathing hard and hiding. "They will be crushed." A large figure lands near her, giving us a look at its steel eyes. Title of movie. The Well of Ascension trailer We hear metal scraping against metal and low frantic breathing. "Please, listen to me" Scene of Sazed studying manuscripts. "Whatever I said in the past." Scene of Elend standing before the Assembly. "However strong my arguments have been." Scene of Vin leaping to the top of Kredick Shaw. "Despite the events that have proven me." Cut to black. The speaker is now shouting. "You must listen to me!" Straff approaches Luthadel with his army. "Enemies descend upon us!" A scene of each of the crew, all with concerned expressions. "Friends and allies are manipulated against us!" Scene of Vin within the mist, she looks and we get a brief image of the mist spirit. "And even worse dangers have appeared!" Cut to black with an open of Elend looking out over the valley below with fear covering his face. "But a worse foe rises!" Close up of a screaming koloss. "One that will bring ruin upon us all!" Cut to black. Scene of Vin crying in a corner. "I say to you now." Scene of Elend with his hands on his head. "All I have said and preached." "I recant!" Dockson looking up in fear at an enormous foe. "I recant!" Breeze hiding in a building with snow and ash around him. "I recant!" Sazed holding someone, screaming. Title of movie. Hero of Ages trailer We have an opening of Scadrial, the sun almost blacked out by how much ash is falling. We see an ashmound explode in the distance. An unknown person speaks (Ruin) "The Hero of Ages shall be not a man, but a force. No nation may claim him, no woman shall keep him, and no king may slay him. He shall belong to none, not even himself." A scene of Vin flying over thousands of koloss. She speaks: "The Hero will have the power to save the world. But he will also have the power to destroy it." A scene of Elend leading an army against an unseen foe. He speaks: "The Hero of Ages was not simply to be a warrior. He was a person who united others, who brought them together. A leader." A scene of Sazed sitting in his tent looking at a stack of papers, looking weary. He speaks: "The Hero of Ages was removed from the Terris people. He was not royalty himself, but came to it eventually." A scene of Tensoon as a wolfhound running towards a distant city, Luthadel. He speaks: "He shall defend their ways, yet shall violate them. He will be their savior, yet they shall call him heretic. His name shall be discord, yet they shall love him for it." A scene of Marsh walking towards the camera with a volcano erupting behind him. He speaks: "He left ruin in his wake, but it was forgotten. He created kingdoms, and then destroyed them as he made the world anew." Cut to black. Open to a scene of a burning building. We see someone coming out of the flames, holding someone in his arms. Spook speaks: "The Hero will bear the future of the world on his arms." Cut to black. Title of movie.
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    From the album Stormlight Archive Art (Mostly)

    So one of my brothers is on a two year mission for my Church and we were just getting his Christmas box ready to send out (because reasons), and another brother suggested that I put women's script on the box to mess with him since he cannot look up the script for reference, lol. So, have fun with that, lol.
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    MR52L Cycle 1: the Cards are dealt The players sat around the table, as the guard captain began to deal the cards. "Remember. No cheating. If you get caught you'll forfeit your bets." In the middle of the table lies a pile of spheres, mostly smaller gems glowing with the faint light of stormlight. And now... the cards are dealt, and let the games begin. As this is the first round, I must announce that Kasmir is the Guard Captain! Player list: If you have not received a PM please let us know! A reminder that PMs between players are closed for this game. The cycle will end on August 3rd at 9 am PST
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    After the caste system caused so much plot and character development? Again, this is exactly what I'm talking about. The books didn't tackle the problem at all, it just went "not every high caste person is bad", "hey, you no longer belong to the lower caste" and "hey, we should forget about all this and unite (under the high caste) to fight the big bad", none of which address the issue at all. You're right that Darkeyes Radiants and how they destabilize the Vorin caste system could be an interesting thing but it is also never brought up.
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    So I was talking to my friend a while ago, and he was trying to guess what biochromatic breath was actually called from a description I gave deliberately horribly: 'you use breath to make things move' He gave me a bunch of random names like oxyglurgy, aerokinesis, etc etc Got me thinking. What are some other names everyone is else can come up with for cosmere magic systems? They cannot be correct, they have to be horribly put together. Be funny!
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    Question for all you fans out there. If you could have 1 action scene and 1 dialogue or character moment from Mistborn: the Final Empire to be made into live action what would it be? An example of an action scene would be Kelsier fighting the Haze killers when he breaks into keep venture. An example of a character moment would be Kelsier first training Vin, or the moment they outline their plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler. I'm a filmmaker and have been pondering how I would bring some of these scenes to life in my head for years now. Would love to know what everyone else would want to see if they could only get a scene or two.
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    I've personally felt that the same statement of requiring a special prison and Melishi, could easily be restated to apply to to the capture of Nergaoul as well, as "It will require a special prison. And Dalinar Kholin." What the prison is is obvious, and Dalinar thinks about it as being the same as capturing an ordinary spren, draw it in with something it knows well. In that case Dalinar (and Melishi) are the bait for an Unmade. From this comes the question, what does Melishi have that Mishram wants? What does Mishram want? Mishram wants to be a god (of some description.) What would legitimise Mishram's divine status? A Bondsmith. All the other divine spren have them. This especially fits if Mishram was indeed the original sprenspren. My personal theory is that Melishi might have offered Mishram a Bondsmith, himself, severing the Sibling's bond and allowing Mishram to take their place, then turning the resultant power back on her, trapping her. This also fits thematically to me, as a Radiant attacking their own spren just clicks with the incredible wrongness of the capture of Mishram, along with definitely betraying unite instead of divide. I also wish to note how the Sibling feels remarkably poorly informed about what exactly transpired for someone who helped Melishi do it, lending credence to the idea that their bond was severed before the capture. I'm also very on board with the idea that Mishram has/had a deep Connection to Roshar, otherwise the backlash wouldn't have been so severe. In fact, she almost has to be the spren of spren, if she can facilitate forms of power. ¤_¤
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    Hello! it is I, Illwei! your resident VC bot reporting for duty! Current Vote Count:
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    We don't actually, the only persons that are both mad and CSs are Shades and CSs that have become mad for other reasons. Note the that the person who said CSs became insane was both older than Kel and very much not insane
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    Applied physics, ontomancy Calligraphy, lettromancy, rave lights Bone spurs, osteomancy Applied murder, piercing world championship ¤_¤
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    That second list of surges almost looks like you could make a helix out of it. Wait, hang on. Lemme try that. Aaaand it looks like a waveform. Huh.
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    Me: "Hey, it's not my fault that you refuse to accept reality." Fadran: "It's not my fault that reality is unacceptable." Truth (upon learning about bagels): "This is too much for me. I will call it donut 2: electric boogaloo." Noam: "Idk I think of making out as just romantic cuddling with face contact" Fadran: "the watermelon people stole my darned paddleboard!" Fadran: "She gets paid in children" Vennie: "love is like putting green beans in the microwave, and a then a stick of butter in the green beans" Me: "Please don't sacrifice your children to Ms. Frizzle." Fadran: "Wait by infant do you mean the human kind?"
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    This is random, but I just wanted to know you’re guy’s opinions! Would you hang out with the Steel Inquisitors? Or would you do everything you could to stay away from them? Edit: it many sound strange, but I would like to meet one…
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    Hi everyone! I started reading the Cosmere in January and absolutely DEVOURED Mistborn, then Elantris, Shadows for Silence, and Sixth of the Dusk. I’m currently about halfway through Words of Radiance so please just let me know if the answer to my question is somehow a spoiler for Stormlight or any of the other stuff I haven’t read yet and that’ll be suitable for me. ANYWAY here’s my question: When do we learn that “The Soveriegn”, who was originally implied to be The Lord Ruler in BoM is Kelsier? Is it just something I completely didn’t pick up on when I read BoM? Like it makes so much sense now that I know it especially considering the spearhead twist but was it said in a book or is it a WoB thing? I spoiled myself on the topic reading the coppermind a few minutes ago and now that it’s been so long since I read Bands I just don’t remember it well enough to know if it’s something I missed. I also read Secret History and as far as I remember it ended with the explicit implication (explication?) that Kelsier was still doing stuff that would tie in to Era 2 and beyond but nothing specific. Sorry this is kinda scattered but I need to know if it’s something I missed while reading or if there’s just more Mistborn content out there I simply haven’t read yet and need to get to before The Lost Metal comes out? Also this is my first post on this site and as I keep reading and expand my knowledge of the cosmere and therefore fear spoilers less and less I look forward to interacting with this community more and more :^)
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    Taln never broke. We don't know what happened but after the everstorm the oathpact was fully broken and he escaped/was released/who knows. But he still hasn't broken. Questioner Taln. Did he actually ever give up? Or was it... Did he just get released when...? Brandon Sanderson You will find out, but Taln did not break. You'll find out how it happened, but Taln did not break.
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    Some Threnodite got in on the discusion.
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    I think it’s fine. It’s gotten Mistborn some new fans.
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    Man, there are so many. My choice of an action sequence would have to be when a kelsier and vin spar at the beginning of part two. My character moment would be when vin is hanging in the mists contemplating kelsier’s death. Another option would be when marsh, vin and sazed talking about the lord ruler at the end of the book. I just love the idea of an allomancer, a feruchemist and a hemalurgist watching the sun dawn on the beginning of a new era.
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    A very quick one for Final Empire. I kind of like the idea of building Kelsier up as a series-long protagonist and then yanking that out from the viewer when they actually watch the film.
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    Brandon could've been inspired by it. It's very "no fall so deep that grace cannot descend to it". I don't think I'd like that approach to Moash's story though, especially with Words of Radiance's approach to systemic racism with Dalinar-not-like-other-Lighteyes and Oathbringer's Kaladin-meets-poorer-Lighteyes, and Kaladin not technically being a Darkeyes anymore. If the Darkeyes Lighteyes race, caste and slavery gets any more minimalized and completely side-stepped and unaddressed, it'd look incredibly bad.
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