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    Hey everyone! So I, like many of you I'm sure, have been trying to successfully convert my wife to the Cosmere. Literally since I met her I've been trying to get her to read The Way of Kings but there never seemed to be a good time for her to jump into it - either she was reading something else, had too much work, or just couldn't commit to a 1000-page book whose series wasn't finished yet. However, we've recently figured out that she really enjoys being read aloud to - she likes the sound of my voice and it helps her relax after a long day (she's a high school English teacher dealing with teenage angst all day - please show her some sympathy here). So naturally, I finally sold her on tWoK and I've been reading it to her for the last few months, a bit at a time. At the moment, we're in part 2 and just read the scene where Dalinar experiences the first vision we see 'on-screen' where the Midnight Essence shows up and he fights it off with a fire poker. So here's another thing: my wife is absolutely hilarious and also has trouble remembering names (to be fair, Alethi names have a lot of -lin, -as, -nar suffixes), so I recently asked her to give me a breakdown of what she remembers each character as. Here's what she's got: Kaladin - Slaveboi - "He used to be soldierboi, now he's slaveboi, but I'm pretty sure by the end of all this he'll be shardboi" Shallan - Sneak - "She's so mean! She's just becoming friends with her to steal her magic jewellery. I don't like her." Dalinar - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - "He looks like JDM." Adolin - The Hot Brother - "He's kind of a slut right?" Renarin - The Awkward Brother Sylphrena - Manic Pixie Dream Girl Sadeas - B****boi - "He's the idiot with the bridges right? Yeah, he's a b****boi." Jasnah - Princess Jasmine - "She's a princess right? No? Yes - she's the daughter of Dead Kingy Boi." Gavilar - Dead Kingy Boi Szeth - The Michelin Man - "Because he's big and all in white!" "Tay, he's average size. Just his eyes are described as big." "Are you kidding me?" Elhokar - Boi King - "You're making sure to write these all as 'b-o-i', right?" Gaz - C***! - I know this board doesn't allow swearing - but she just straight-up shouted the c-word when I mentioned Gaz. The Stormfather - The Stormdaddy - "Make sure they know it's being said in an uncomfortably sexual way." Chasmfiends - Rock Lobsters Some early hot takes from Tay: - Dalinar killed Gavilar so that he could become king because he's in love with Gavilar's wife. - The shardbearer who Kaladin fights in the first chapter killed all of his men and enslaved Kaladin. - Sadeas is behind the cut saddle. - Kaladin and Syl are going to fall in love. - Kaladin is going to get a shardblade ("He's obviously going to get a shardblade Chris... don't mess with me here.") - Shallan already has a shardblade (!) - Shallan is going to feel too guilty to steal Jasnah's soul-caster OR "Princess Jasmine is going to catch her sneaking around and say 'Hey Sneak. Let's have a DMC about why you want to steal my magic jewellery.'" I also thought I'd pop back in on this thread every once in a while to update you with any fun observations she makes in the future, and thought this could be a nice place to share our experiences with introducing the series to the people in our lives and their reactions to us being insufferable and incorrigible nerds!
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    We got to the end of Part 2! Here's some of the greatest hits up until Dalinar's choice to abdicate. Navani – Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold – “Not Michelle Pfeiffer… make sure they know it's Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold every time.” Chulls – Crab-cows – “It’s what they are, Chris!” ME: *reading about Kaladin thinking about abandoning the warcamps* TAY: If he’s going to abandon his friends in Bridge Four I’m done. He will be Traitorboi to me if he does that. ME: Knobweed- TAY: Ha! Knobweed. Sounds like pubes. That’s what I’m calling your pubes from now on. ME: So now that you’ve heard all of them – can you guess who wrote the letter in the epigraphs? TAY: *defeated* I dunno Chris. Is it the Court Jester? ME: Yes! TAY: Wait – really? Oh damnation I’m good at this! *after Bridge Four has chasm duty for the first time* TAY: Huh. Guess I was wrong. I seriously thought Slaveboi would be attacked by a Rock Lobster down there. ME: *knowing smile* ME: *describes Kaladin doing his first kata with a spear on chasm duty with Bridge Four* TAY: Weird flex, but ok. ME: *describing Dalinar smashing things with a hammer when he’s thinking* TAY: That’s some Perrin Aybara stuff right there. ME: *says ‘Brightlord’* TAY: Hey Chris hey. If there’s a brightlord is there a dumblord? Heh. *pauses* Sadeas. Sadeas is a dulllord. ME: *reads the word khokh and linil describing Dalinar’s glyphpair* TAY: Did you say cock? *laughs uproariously* And it’s in the shape of a tower too! Ha! Legitimately interested reactions (oohs and aahs - not just being funny) to: - Dalinar thinking that there’s a pattern to the Shattered Plains. - The Parshendi having grown their own armour - How spanreeds work
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    Welcome one and all to another edition of The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Over the last month during our lockdown here in South Africa, I have read up to chapter 37 and here are some reactions: - First thing to note is that Tay has 100% gotten aboard the Shallan hate train. When we read the chapter where Kaladin and Bridge Four does the side carry and messes up Sadeas' battle plan, Tay was very excited to keep going. As soon as I read "Sometimes, when Shallan walked into the Palaneum," Tay shouted "No! Ungh! Why does it always have to be Shallan! She ruins EVERYTHING!" Thereafter followed an intense debate about whether we could skip that Shallan chapter to see what happens to Kaladin right away. We did so. - When Bridge Four is training and following orders from Kaladin, Tay likes to sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. We then had a nice laugh imagining Teft, Rock, and Moash in concubine drag breaking into Kholinar Palace. - "Why can Rock see Syl? Is he some kind of mountain yogi esoteric boi? Like baby Yoda?" (a few minutes later) "Chris stop. I got distracted. We have to watch a video of Baby Yoda before we keep reading." - When Tay realized that Kal was going to be strung up in the storm: "Oh he's gonna go Super Saiyan! They're gonna be like 'hey die in the storm' and he's gonna be like 'b**** I am the storm'." - Reacting to the quote about Nohadon walking from Abamabar to Urithiru, Tay starts singing "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. That was, interestingly, the song that she walked down the aisle to and what we walked out together to when we got married since we were in a long-distance relationship for years. Coulda used some Oathgates during that time, lemme tell ya. - At one point I had to explain the basics of Fabrials (felt a little like Navani talking to Dalinar). Went into how you had to lure a spren in with something that it likes and then trap it in a gemstone so that it could do the thing you want, like be a heating Fabrial. Tay got very upset at this, as she sees spren like little animals that are being confined in Fabrials, so she has decided to start an organization like S.P.E.W. from Harry Potter. She also insisted it was to have the same acronym and spent a few minutes coming up with "Spren... have a PURPOSE! Every - Where! Ha! SPEW: Spren have a Purpose Every Where!" Which I think is noble, but also sounds like it could definitely be a pro-Fabiral lobby as well. - In a quote in the epigraphs of part 3, Jasnah's notes talk about the Dawnshards. Tay felt like this was a comparable phrase to having an erection first thing in the morning. - Once we got back to a Shallan chapter: "Why must fantasy writers make redheads hot? Why do we insist on thinking that Ginny Weasley is somehow hot? She isn't hot. Fantasy writers: Stop trying to make Ginny Weasley happen." - Tay also pointed out how Shallan would often raise a hand to her 'breast' instead of her 'chest', thus subtly sexualizing her in a way that a character like Kaladin or Dalinar wouldn't be. I'm gonna keep an eye out for it, but I doubt there is any mention of Kaladin's breast. It was fun to imagine a sexualized Kaladin, however, going outside the Bridge Four barrack and stretching out his tight, muscley butt for all the lumberworkers to check out. - Probably the chapter that Tay has enjoyed most is "The Lesson" where Jasnah faces down the murderers in the alleys of Kharbranth. There was a lot of "Yeah!"s and "That's my GIRL"s and a notable "Princess Jasnah - THE FEMINIST ICON WE NEED!" happening throughout the latter half of the chapter when Jasnah was explaining her modus operandi to a shell-shocked Shallan. That's all for now! Wash your hands, ya filthy cremlings!
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    Hello everyone! We’re back for another instalment of Guardboi – we’ve gotten up to the middle of Part 3: Deadly. The last chapter we listened to is Shallan getting ready to go on her “How do you poop?” date with Adolin. Here are some new names we learned in the past couple chapters: Eshonai – Captain Parshendi Venli – Captain Parshendi’s Sister Rysn – Crippled Khaleesi (this came after I told her that Larkins are referred to as “Dragon Bugs” by Isaac and Brandon) Here are some fun reactions: *Adolin’s first duel, he’s sitting there talking to his Shardblade (like a good Radiant should!)* TAY: Ungh. Of course Adolin talks to his Shardblade. He’s like a guy who kisses his knuckles before a fight. This was just the beginning of Tay’s full-on Adolin hate that’s been going on in the past few chapters. I think it’s cause she likes Kaladin so much and Adolin is bullying her homeboy throughout most of Part 2. Tay insists that it isn’t because she loves Kaladin (which I still think she does), but rather because “Adolin reminds me of every pretty boy, rich, jock idiot I went to high school with!” I just smile because Adolin and Kaladin become such homies and their friendship is one of the most delightful parts of the books for me. -- *After falling asleep through Ym’s interlude* TAY: So some geezer made a kid some shoes? ME: Yeah and then he gets shanked by a guy with a Shardblade. TAY: Should I care about this? ME: Only if you want to know that some guy is going around serial killing budding Surgebinders. TAY: I hope he kills Shallan next. -- *Tay noticed all the weird stuff that Kaladin was noticing about Zahel and started asking me who he was* TAY: Is he a bad guy? He sounds like a bad guy. ME: No! He’s a good guy. One of the best guys, I think. TAY: Oh, is this the one everyone keeps wanting me to meet? ME: Who? TAY: Lift? Is Zahel Lift? ME: *laughter* -- Shallan is crying in one scene: I look over at Tay and there’s a big, over-the-top eye roll. -- *Shallan and Adolin meet* TAY: They’re perfect for each other. I hate it. -- Speaking of Shallan: Tay LOVES PATTERN. She thinks he’s easily the best character and will avidly listen and laugh whenever Pattern has some dialogue. This is real, you guys. Pattern may be the thing that actually makes Tay commit to the whole ten-book series. She has started co-opting “LIES” into her everyday conversation, and appreciates when Pattern attempts to deconstruct metaphors, as she does it frequently with her students. For example, last night Tay learned a new slang word from her students: drip. Apparently, drip, means having a nice, expensive, impressive thing. To have a Ferrari is to have a drip… or be drip? Or be drippin? Not quite sure. However, this realisation happened around the time where Shallan is explaining to Pattern how Nohadon is a ‘symmetrical’ name… TAY: What!? No! I agree with Pattern! You can’t just say that a name is symmetrical when it’s not! Just like you can’t just say that ‘drip’ is cool now! A drip is a lame person! I’m so frustrated with language! Tay now believes that Pattern is too good for Shallan and wants him to find a cooler Radiant to bond with. She put forward Lopen or Rock as suitable candidates to bond with Pattern. -- TAY: Why is Shallan trying to help her brothers at this fair? ME: She’s a good person! TAY: No she’s not. -- *Wit showed up at Middlefest and is asking if spren speak to Shallan* TAY: So, this guy has come up to Shallan and has basically said “Yer a wizard, Harry.” Is that about right? -- Then, the other night we had some Horneater Lager and decided to watch Inception. At one point (you know the scene I’m talking about), Tay turns to me and very quietly whispers, “Surgebinding, Chris!” -- At one point, Tay pauses the reading and has a big old realisation – she is very much like Kaladin. I think she was a little annoyed with her quiz results (see above) that placed her in the Order of the Windrunners, but I think she’s very aptly placed. It was a scene where Kaladin is realising that he’s set a bit apart from Bridge Four and is feeling the weight of responsibility for all of these men who follow him. Yes, he’s set them free from their bondage under Sadeas, but he wants so badly to protect them, even though he knows that he’s not going to be able to protect all of them. Tay has this same thing, from time to time. She often makes a joke that she must have a tattoo on her forehead (that’s some big Bridge Four energy there) that says “TELL ME ALL YOUR PROBLEMS” since most of her students choose to confide in her and ask for her help with their various personal problems and issues. She wants so badly to keep them safe and make sure nothing in this horrible world is going to hurt them, even though she knows that they’re all going to have to go out there, make their mistakes, and be hurt by them on their own. That’s why I love these books so much – they’re not just full of awesome cinematic moments of mind-blowing fantasy, but they also provide characters that we can relate to on a host of different levels. Anyways, even though these posts are mostly happy-go-lucky laughing at reactions to characters and events, this one has ended on a somewhat sentimental note. Kind of reminds me, once again, that the journey is the most important part, and I’m having the time of my life listening to these books again with someone I love. Keep safe, Cosmerenauts! Only 85 days to go! -- PS: This interaction just happened before posting: TAY: Hey are we going to find out all of the bad stuff Elhokar did or are we just going to take Rayse at his word? ME: Rayse? TAY: Yeah… that Lighteyes with the Shardblade who Moash introduced to Kaladin? ME: Oh… Graves! That’s weird because Rayse is actually the real name of Odium. TAY: … ME: … TAY: Spooky-spook.
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    Hello everyone! I can see you’re all eagerly awaiting our next post. I have to admit, it has been a long time coming and we’re only on, like, chapter 9 right now. Basically what happened was that, as you all know, Tay is a high school English teacher, and trying to navigate the weird new world of online and in-person schooling right now is proving to be incredibly exhausting. As a result, it took us six tries to get through chapter one since she fell asleep so fast at the end of the day. Please respect your teachers, folks. They work harder than Kelsier trying to escape the Pits. Six tries you guys. I stayed awake through each attempt, so by our last try I could quote most of Shallan’s dialogue. The point is – we made it through to the other side, and now Tay is on a three-week break from teaching so we can probably get some proper listening in. Here are some of the reactions from the first chapters or Word of Radiance: -- TAY: Moash is getting his bridge four tattoo on his arm? Don’t you want a bridge four tattoo on your arm? ME: Yes. TAY: Ha! So you’d be like Moash! And you hate him for some reason so haha! -- *Encountering early Pattern bumping into table legs and being generally dumb* TAY: Man, it would be so fitting for Shallan to have a stupid spren. What is he? An idiotspren? Shallan’s the worst. -- *After Jasnah’s explanation that spren are the formation of human’s collective observation, Tay spent a good 10 minutes trying to convince me that there must be a Taylor Swift spren because she is thought about so often by humanity, particularly due to her new album* *I actually couldn’t disagree – could T-Swizzle have a cognitive shadow due to our collective thoughts regarding her? A sort of pop/country tulpa? Do I think about these things too much? Maybe* *Also - Swiftspren in Kholinar in book 3... it's all coming together.* -- *Navani scolds Dalinar for his talking about God being dead and says he’ll “end up like Jasnah”* TAY: Ungh. Navani is just like my mother. ME: Why? TAY: She’s acting like if someone is like her daughter it’s the worst thing ever! “Tay, sometimes you can be a bit… intense.” -- *Tay visibly cringes each time Dalinar and Navani kiss or act lovely together* -- *Dalinar’s vision of the Thunderclast* TAY: I like those spren things. They will be skeletonbois. -- *Honor mentions challenging Odium to a battle of Champions* TAY: The champion for the good guys is going to be Kaladin, right? ME: Read and find out! TAY: I hate you. *10-minute conversation ensues with her trying to guess who Odium’s champion would be* -- TAY: I know it’s not going to happen… ME: You sound apprehensive. TAY: But I kind of want Dalinar and Kaladin to get together. ME: No! He’s Kaladin’s father figure, Tay! TAY: But he keeps talking about getting lost in Dalinar's ‘unfathomable eyes’! So dreamy! -- TAY: Yes, Shallan. Soulcast the ship into water. What could possibly go wrong with that idea? Idiot. -- There it is everyone! First reactions from book 2. We may not be going through the books as quickly as the Overlady, but hey, we’re making progress. Things are about to heat up in book 2, so I’m sure we’ll have some fun reactions for you soon! Journey before destination!
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    Good day one and all! As promised, here is Tay's take on your questions. We will continue to make our way through Words of Radiance and try to contribute regularly in this long, hard 110 day waiting period between now and when Rhythm of War is finally released. In the meantime, enjoy Comedy Stormlight Archive Wife (as she has been graciously dubbed by the members of this forum) once again. Tay: Okay, so Szeth is going to like, go and try to kill Dalinar, but Dalinar's "godly goodness" is going to win him over! And he's going to fight by Dalinar's side. Me: That's an... interesting take. This has been censored because of the many swears - just know that these were not Cosmere-appropriate when she said them. Tay: Ungh. Sadeas can (verb) my (appendage). He's just going to be stupid and like plotting dumb (excrement) like how to take down Dalinar or take down the King (because I'm pretty sure he still wants to do that). I think he's just going to be plotting and manipulative and stuff behind the scenes. I bet he's going to be really pissy that Dalinar outsmarted him and go away on the battlefield - and he's going to try to take it out on Dalinar in any way he can because he's slimy and underhanded and has a little (appendage). Rock Lobsters Tay: Rock lobsters are a common feature of the... Cosmere? Yes, the Cosmere. I think everybody needs to understand that I have very in-depth knowledge of the - um - flora and fauna of... this... society. Me: Would you like to elaborate some more on the flora and fauna of Roshar? Other than rock lobsters of course, since you know so much about them. Tay: Oh yes I know all about them. Also there are chorls. Me: Yes, chulls. Crab-cows. Tay: Yes. There are plants that shrink in Highstorms. Yes, that's most of them. I guess you could say I'm a botanical expert. Spren Tay: I don't understand spren! This is something I'm still not getting. Spen are giant freakshows that try to terrorise you and kill you like what happen to Jasnah in the prologue and then take you into the Spooky-Spook? But they can also be super cute like Syl and make sassy comments on your shoulder and everyone finds her endearing! OR you can trap them in lamps! I'm not understanding the spren situation and it upsets me. As a result, what kind of spren do I want to see introduced? I don't know! Maybe something that makes sense of what spren are! Kadolin Tay: While I'm really hoping for love at first sight - I don't think that's going to happen. *discussion ensues where I remind her that Kaladin and Adolin have met before in Book 1 on two occasions - Sadeas' warcamp and on the Tower where Kaladin does the Bavarian Fire Drill* Tay: Oh yes! I remember - he sees him on the battlefield and Adolin's all like "who tf this slontze?" Yes. While I want them to fall madly in love with each other at first sight, I don't think that's going to happen. I feel like Adolin's going to be kind of pissy about some low-born guy just swanning in and getting a seat at the table. I think he rates himself a good guy, but he's a judgemental (appendage) really. I also think Adolin's going to be suspicious of Kaladin and his intentions. Why would you just happen to save us - why would you, Slaveboi, risk your own life to save us? Adolin doesn't understand that Kaladin's all magical and stuff and has an honor issue. Me: Everyone on Roshar has an honor issue. Tay: But yeah, he's going to be super suspicious of Kaladin. And then maybe if they can get past that, they can be homies. But that's Adolin's thing to get over, not Kaladin.
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    Cremlings! It has been far too long since we have graced this board with Tay’s witticisms about Slaveboi, JDM, Sneak, and all of our other favourite characters. Allow me to be the first to apologise for the lapse, but it’s been a long, slow journey through the last part of Oathbringer. However, I am very pleased to let you know that as of a couple of days ago, Tay finished book 3… and is thoroughly exhausted by it. It will be a while before we contribute to this board again, but I thought I might add this post today so that you guys have a little pick-me-up in the hand-wringing, nerve-wracking last four days before Rhythm of War drops. Without further ado, here are Tay’s contributions from Parts II to V of Oathbringer! -- *Kaladin is flying around with his big spear energy* TAY: *under her breath* You idiots. The skies are mine so suck my *censored* -- *Stormfather is being ornery with Dalinar* TAY: The Stormdaddy is such a sulky *censored*. He’s the kind of guy who would get a haircut, then get mad that Dalinar didn’t compliment him right away. -- *I am explaining to Tay that there are boards dedicated to theories around Book 4* TAY: Do you call them ‘Uritheories’? ME: … no, we don’t. TAY: You should call them Uritheories. You should tell them that I said that. -- *Jasnah is getting the transcript of her memoirs sent to her via spanreed* TAY: You’re gonna wanna write this pearl down. *pauses for effect* Jasnah should call her memoirs ‘The Princess Diaries”. Heh. -- *Navani is distracted by something and makes a flippant comment about Jasnah* TAY: PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DAUGHTER NAVANI AND BE NICE TO HER! -- *Our Main Characters find out that Talenel is the actual Herald, not just some madman* TAY: So wait – you’re saying that they should have been feeding Talenel grapes and fanning him with palm fronds this whole time? -- *Mraize offers to help Shallan cover up any murders done in the name of the Ghostbloods* TAY: Okay I’ve got a golden nugget for you. Mraize is a pretty good employer. Hear me out! ME: What!? TAY: HEAR ME OUT! He only asks Shallan to do what she’s already doing, pays her by saving her family members, and offers covering up murders as part of her employment package. Can you imagine how much less stressful my job would be if I knew they would cover up my murders? -- *Odium meets with Dalinar in the visions* TAY: *sighing* Not sure I’m not Team Odium. Why wouldn’t you want to fight for passion? That seems like such a good thing to be the god of… not, whatever the opposite of passion is. I guess that’s Shallan. She’s the opposite of passion. Editor’s note: this is not the first time Tay has agreed with a villain in a major series – she felt like Thanos was very misunderstood. -- *Kaza’s interlude* Usually with interludes, I’ll describe what happens and Tay will say yay or nay to them since she isn’t interested in things other than our Main Characters. However, when I described how one of the Sleepless kills Kaza and the entire crew of First Dreams, this was what she said: TAY: Oh, that sounds cool. I wanna see people dying. Not sure that helped with her growing perception as an Odium sympathiser, but hey. -- *Kaza standing on the bow of a ship* TAY: See her now as she stands on the bow of a ship headed to a new land! In Aimia you can cast some souls! -- *I ask Tay what she thinks destroyed life on Aimia* TAY: *full of confidence* Oh, I know what did it. The dead sprens did it. Not the Dawnshards. Dead spren washed over it like an ocean of corpses. Then everyone on Aimia killed themselves. -- *Dalinar fighting Fen’s son* TAY: So this is Dalinar’s Strat? Just to get stabbed? -- While there were no zingers at Evi’s fate, we both are of the opinion that it is a little upsettingly cliché – the whole Fridge Horror trope of women being killed only to add to the character struggle of the main male character. Sanderson certainly has some great, progressive female characters, but it’s kind of a bummer that this trope wormed its way into the series. -- *Taravangian Interlude where he tells them to kill the singing children* TAY: Man, I guess I’m also Taravangian too. -- *Discussion on safehands* TAY: Hey, tell this to your shard people: do you think Sanderson created safehands because they are what he wants? You know? Like how some guys go crazy over feet? Think he’s all into handies? ME: I’m upset that this topic has been broached. -- *Tay likens the Stormfather’s visions to getting high* TAY: Stormdaddy party tricks get lit in a hurricane bru. -- TAY: Can you swallow a sphere to get Stormlight? ME: I guarantee you you’ll have an answer by the end of this book. -- TAY: I think I’m an Alethi. ME: What makes you say that? TAY: I would murder people for my cats. -- *Dalinar comes out of his rage-killing by smashing some dude’s head into a pulp* TAY: Big mood. -- Dalinar’s speech to Sadeas and his generals after he decides he’s going to go full scorched-earth on the Rift was so exceptionally badass for Tay that she got me to read it aloud to her family. -- *Szeth is back and calling Nightblood “sword-nimi”* TAY: Wait – is he calling it ‘Sword Ninny’? ME: No, he’s saying ‘sword-nimi’ like it’s a sign of respe- TAY: Doesn’t matter – it’s Sword Ninny now. -- *Overhearing Tay talking to our cat in the other room* TAY: Cosmo! Who’s my little Voidbringer? -- *Nightblood is making fun of Szeth for listening to the commands of his ‘magic rock’* TAY: The abject beauty of a magic sword looking down on a magic rock. -- TAY: Oh! I’ve got a good one! I have two memes you have to make for me about Taravangian – the one where he’s doing the mathematics in his head, and then the one where he’s doing the conspiracy theory on the wall. ME: I guarantee you those memes already exist. Lo and behold, they had the conspiracy one, but they didn’t have the math lady meme so I made one: -- *I described how Taravangian wrote the Diagram on every surface of his room* TAY: Why do you write like you’re running out of time? -- *Odium destroying Dalinar’s vision with Venli* TAY: Odium is like a shark. He investigates with his mouth. You know. Violence. -- TAY: Veil is me. I, too, choose my outfits based mainly on pockets. -- At one point a couple weeks ago, we were driving somewhere and made sure to avoid a stalled truck that was holding up traffic on one route. Turns out, it had been fixed and drove onto the route we were then taking to avoid it. It was vaguely funny, but then Tayla said this: TAY: Tayla attuned amusement. She then made a sound like a turkey being strangled and I nearly crashed the car from laughing so hard. -- *Odium gives Dalinar back his memories of Evi, but he’s already been getting them back* TAY: Haha! Odium! That’s all you got? Why do you think I haven’t been sleeping for six months? -- *Adolin gets stabbed by the Fused in Shadesmar during the fight at the Oathgate* TAY: *on her phone* Wait, Adolin got stabbed? *pauses* And he can’t heal himself, right? Ah okay I should actually pay attention to this part. *Puts phone down* -- *Skar and Drehy reveal they saved little Gavinor* TAY: Bridge Four Nannies: we protect those who cannot protect themselves. Our packages also include pickup from school, help with homework, and defense against the Unmade. -- *Odium’s discussion with Taravangian* TAY: Aw man, Taravangian is Boromir. He’s a villain, but all he’s doing is for the people of his city. -- *Jasnah becomes queen* TAY: *banging metaphorical pots and pans* Jasnah is SMASHING THE PATRIARCHY. HERE. FOR. THIS. -- *I had trouble remembering the name of the main female character from The Boys (that show on Amazon Prime that’s vaguely like BrandoSando’s Steelheart)* ME: Yeah, you know – uh… Shiny Girl. Dawnshard? What’s her name? TAY: Starlight? ME: Yeah, that’s her name. Shiny Girl. TAY: You have to tell them that you confused her name for Dawnshard now. -- Additionally, Tay wanted me to point out to you that because of my accent, she initially thought I had been saying Dawnshart, much to my chagrin. -- Speaking of Dawnshart Dawnshard, I’ve already read it – but Tay’s going to be taking a break from Stormlight for a while. Hope you guys have had a fun time reading these posts and we’ll be back… maybe some time next year for Rhythm of War. On that note – AHHHH GET EXCITED Y’ALL! ONLY A COUPLE DAYS NOW!!! And remember when you're reading Rhythm of War in a couple days time - Crem before cremlings.
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    Ladies and gentlemen – this is it. This is the final post that we’ll have in this thread for the next… three years? Ah, Idos Domi! What a long time to wait! Kelek’s breath! Well, either way, you know the old saying – something about the journey being the good part? Like, it comes before the place you get to? Ah I forget it. Either way. Here’s Mrs. Goatbringer’s final thoughts on Rhythm of War! -- ME: *reading along normally* “Which master-” TAY: Witch master? COOL! What an awesome title! Like the Witcher, but the WITCH-MASTER! ME: No… like, ‘which master do you serve’? There are many potential masters, so which one? TAY: Oh. *Pauses* TAY: I like mine better. -- *Navani thinking to herself about what Jasnah would do if she was trapped in a horrible situation* TAY: What would Jasnah do? Navani, you spent the last three books complaining about your daughter and now you’ve got some respect for her? -- TAY: What if singers are tone deaf? ME: You know… I have absolutely no idea. -- *After Navani shows Raboniel how to make anti-Voidlight and she then uses it to make anti-Stormlight, lying to Navani* TAY: Make this meme: -- *The High Judge and Restares is revealed to be Kelek* TAY: Kelek! He will teach us bronze! I’ve been waiting for him! -- TAY: Oooh, Shallan’s got a magic axe. ME: It’s a dagger. Were you even listening? *pause* TAY: Maybe not. -- TAY: So she kills Restares, then Lightweaves the trial in Adolin’s favour? She’s getting all she wants in one fell swoop! *pause* TAY: Heh. Swoop. Because Mraize has chickens. -- *Talking about the Contest of Champions* TAY: Oh man, is this going to be like Bridgerton? With its duels and sexy, sexy testosterone? -- TAY: I think Navani and Raboniel are sapiosexual for each other. Calling it. Leave your war criminal husband, Navani! -- *no prompting* TAY: Kaladin is just too good for Dalinar. -- ME: You know that people are kind of disappointed that you don’t use the nicknames for the characters anymore? TAY: It will make them feel better that it took me four separate thousand-page books to get these names right. -- TAY: Wait, why aren’t we making these nerds pay to listen to my reactions? This should be a Patreon. Or an OnlyFans. ME: “OnlySafehands”. TAY: And I have a nice one too. -- *Raboniel describing Braize* ME: “the place is barren, devoid of life. Merely a dark sky, endless windswept crags, and a broken landscape. And a lot of souls. A lot of not particularly sane souls.” TAY: Oof, Raboniel. Why are you describing my personality? -- TAY: Navani listening to Raboniel is me watching Janelle Monae. She’s getting feelings she didn’t know she had. -- Simply noting here that Tay correctly guessed that Maya would absolve Adolin at his trial. -- TAY: So what did shart do? ME: Wait – what? TAY: Sha-art? Shnart? ME: … Sja-anat? TAY: Yeah, her. Shart. ME: Good god. -- TAY: Bow chicka-wow-wow! Roland bout to git invested with a tower! ME: Who? TAY: Roland. The listener who is Kaladin’s friend. ME: Rlain. It’s Rlain. -- TAY: *censored* you, Lirin, you *censored* piece of *censored*. -- *Quoting Venli* ME: “I’m a selfish, impotent, sorry excuse for a listener.” TAY: Hard agree. -- *You know what part* TAY: *whispers* I hate Moash. I hate him so much. -- TAY: *singing* This is where therapy would have helped you, Kaladin! -- *Kaladin has armour now* TAY: Wait, what!? ME: Kaladin just said his fourth ideal… it’s kind of the main climax of the book. TAY: Yeah no, I was building up to it but then there was a funny Tik Tok and I had to watch it. How did it happen? -- TAY: Kaladin’s like *makes ‘driving fast’ noises* on his way to becoming a radiant. He gives himself such flack but he’s done good quickly. -- TAY: What the actual *censored* is a sky burial? Do they just drop kick them into the air? -- *scene with Dalinar and Ishar* TAY: I hear you’re in need of a gonnegtion. Heh. Meyer Wolfsheim. He was the original Bondsmith. -- *Tay is a little incensed that the Windspren just become Kaladin’s armour* TAY: Honk honk honk! You can become a shield for Kaladin now! -- TAY: I am very upset about this whole “Navani being a Bondsmith” thing. -- *Moash in the room with Navani* TAY: Navani, murder this *censored*. -- ME: "Journey before destination, you bastard." TAY: Okay, that was pretty hardcore. -- *reading some part* ME: “I can barely make sense of what you said.” TAY: Me, reading this book. -- TAY: Hah! Man, I am here for a sword-ninny spin-off! *pauses* ME: Are you really? Because if you are, I have some great news for you. -- *End of the book* TAY: And we are no closer to Dalinar winning back Tayla’s affection. -- *Biggest revelation Tay has had about Stormlight* TAY: Wait – crem isn’t poop? From cremlings? ME: What? No, crem is like, liquid rock that is dumped by the Highstorms. You thought it was… poo? TAY: … yes? ME: For four books. TAY: In my defence, crem is said a lot and in most of those contexts, it could be referring to poop. The crem is poop from cremlings and they’re like pidgeons so they poop a lot! ME: *stares into the camera* TAY: Why did you like ‘crem before cremlings’ then? If it’s not like ‘poop before poopers’? -- *Kaladin’s healed scars* TAY: Hah. Slaveboi got botox and a retinol peel. -- Tayla’s big desire for book five: Adolin gets treated with some damn respect from Dalinar for once, and he awakens Maya and bonds her. -- And there you have it, cremlings! (her catchphrase takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?) We have come to the end of the extant Stormlight Archive books! As hinted earlier in this post, Tay might have a listen to Warbreaker at some point, but we’re not going to jump in now. Most of our reading happens at bedtime, so she wants to listen to something that she’s not necessarily going to lose sleep over if she sleeps through it (did I pick a bad expression there?) So, we’re reading The Wheel of Time, the book series that actually caused us to first meet – but that’s a story for another time and another message board. Maybe we’ll see you for some novellas, maybe not, but either way, we’ll see ya in 2023 for book five. And remember: Crem before cremlings. -- BONUS: *Tay reading this thread* TAY: Haha! Man, I’m hilarious!
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    Guys, it’s a Koloss Head-Munching Day Miracle. While Tay was kind of keen to wait on the Graphic Audio version of Rhythm of War, she realized that it’s going to be, like, a year before all six parts are released and we can listen to it all in one go. As a result, I am currently reading to her (and imitating the excellent voice acting from the previous Graphic Audio versions), while Tay does some sound effects when prompted (she was very good at imitating the red chicken from the Lift interlude). All this to say: we’ve started Part III of Rhythm of War, and since this is not in the designated RoW section, all of Tay’s reactions and theories will be covered by the Shroud of Spoilers. Again, just to be absolutely clear, please do not read the below if you have not yet read Parts I and II of Rhythm of War. Happy reading! And there you have it, folks! Will Tay’s predictions about Taravangian come true? Will she get progressively more annoyed at Venli? How will she react to the flashbacks? FIND OUT NEXT TIME! Crem before cremlings. *Bridge Four Salute*
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    We’re back for another exciting edition of “Tay Falls Asleep Within 2 Minutes of Me Reading So I Have to Start the Chapter Over Again the Next Day”. We’re workshopping the name, but at least it’s honest. Since the moderators have kindly moved this thread over to the Rhythm of War spoiler boards, I’m not going to hide these reactions behind a mask of mirrors no wait, an invisibility cloak ack still wrong fandom… a spoiler lightweaving. Part III reactions ahoy! -- TAY: Chris, write this down so that I can tell you “I told you so” when I’m right. The Sibling is going to switch on Urithiru by plugging in sword ninny. -- TAY: Adolin should be the Bondsmith. He’s so much cooler and better at bringing people together than Dalinar. Plus everyone likes him. -- On the above note, Tay had much to say about Dalinar. Now that she knows his backstory, she’s not as quick to forgive him as many other characters are. Much like Adolin, she is kind of putting up with D-Man because the whole fate of humanity rests on his shoulders. But she’s still pretty mad about the whole ‘burning his wife to death’ thing. Can’t really blame her though. Be ready for some Dalinar roasting (pun intended) -- *Dalinar tells Jasnah he disapproves of her plot to get Ruthar out of his position* TAY: *angrily* Oh! Really, Dalinar? Nobody in this tent gives a *censored* what you think! Supercilious blowhard. After Evi, you never get to hold the moral high ground! Jasnah should call him “Uncle-who-knows-jack-*censored*-about-*censored*”. You found this entire experience “distasteful”? Know who else found this entire experience distasteful? YOUR WIFE. Oh wait, she can’t experience anything ever because she’s now dead. I swear, he could have vertigo from the pedestal he thinks he’s on. *Interestingly, I think Taravangian says something very similar to Dalinar in their chapter together in this Part* -- *Gavinor asking if his father was brave when he died* TAY: Oof. Little guy is asking the big questions. -- *Dalinar and Renarin are speaking to each other while Sigzil is Worldsinging* TAY: I mean, I think it’s kind of rude that they’re interrupting Schnitzel telling his campfire stories, but okay. These are the kind of guys who don’t clap when there’s a live band. -- *Dalinar is being a good dad to Renarin* TAY: HEY! Dalinar! Why are you only being nice to one of your sons! This is Radiant privilege and I will not stand for it! -- *At this point, Tay got excited about which characters we were in the Knights Radiant official quiz up on Brandon’s website. As you no doubt remember, we did this last year when it dropped – Tay was a Windrunner and I got Lightweaver, much to Tay’s laughter. This time, we did it for each other – answering what we believed about the other person. Tay got Windrunner again, but this time I got Truthwatcher.* TAY: It’s because I am consistent in my character and you? You are a fickle *censored*. -- TAY: Venli wants to remake the Listeners? Man, hasn’t she read The Great Gatsby? You can’t relive the past, old sport. *This may well be the first time she’s mentioned Venli. This is because Tay hates Venli. Like, “Shallan-in-the-first-book” level hate* -- TAY: Brandon Sanderson writes about fashion and people who are interested in fashion like someone who has never cared about clothes in their life. “Adolin did up his buttons. They were shiny and round and fashionable, the peak of Alethi style.” -- *Syl impersonating a Voidspren* TAY: “I’m really annoyed?” Oh my god, Syl is you. A polite Canadian trying to be angry. -- TAY: Is it just me, or does “The Pursuer” sound like a bad WWE character? ME: Not gonna lie, I’ve been picturing him as Triple H. -- TAY: On that subject, ‘The Lady of Wishes’? You can’t tell me that’s not the name of the mistress of a high-end brothel. -- *Points for Tay – she has guessed that Venli will free Lift… but she guessed it before Venli spoke her rejected Second Ideal* -- *On the topic of emulsification, Tay has helpfully put forth the idea that mustard would be an excellent emulsifier for Voidlight and Stormlight since it works well for vinegar and oil in a salad dressing. She frequently asks “Where’s the mustard” when Navani and Raboniel are on the topic* -- *Tayla is also being a real trooper in the Light theory chapters. While I found them fascinating, Tay has been instantly brought back to the horrid spectre of her grade 11 science classes… a class in which she was one percent off an A. As a result, I’m having to give her some Cole’s Notes on the progress Navani is making* -- *Discussing the Magnified Ones and whether Edgedancers could do that* TAY: So I could just make a tree appear and block a shard? That’s what I’ll do. Make a tree pop out of my skin. ME: You’d need seeds to do that, I think. TAY: Yeah but I’d be prepared. I’d keep seeds in my pockets and then BLAM! Tree-face. -- TAY: Wait, so Odium’s voidlight is violet? ME: Violet-black, yes. TAY: But his followers’ eyes are red. And their skin is red, black, and white. ME: Yeah. TAY: But he’s always described in gold robes? ME: What are you getting at here? TAY: Odium’s colour palette is all wrong. He needs to Stick. To. A. Simple. Colour. Palette. This is not on-brand. This is not how you raise an empire. Ugh. -- *Dalinar talking about how Taravangian is able to influence others* TAY: I like the idea of Taravangian being an Instagram influencer. “Take a burst shot of me as I commit this atrocity!” ME: “Do these burnt orange robes make me look fat? Be honest, Adrotagia.” -- *Tay has a pretty okay theory that Dalinar testing out his Bondsmith powers during a Highstorm will allow him to progress faster, due to the Connection and the closeness of all three Realms* -- *Dalinar in the Highstorm* TAY: I can show you Roshaaaaar. Shining, shimmering, wetness! -- *Chiri-chiri is mentioned* TAY: *incessantly sings this* -- That’s all for now, folks! Next one is gonna be a combined Parts IV and V because of, well, you know. Crem before cremlings!
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    Death and the Survivor 1: (Mild RoW spoilers) If people like this I’ll make more strips. Probably unconsciously inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.
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    It's that time of year.... I can still hardly believe it's been an entire storming year since I joined the shard There are so many people I need to thank and I can't believe I have had the honor of knowing over the past year, it amazes me, however my parents are making me go to bed now, so I won't be able to tell y'all just how amazing you are until tomorrow, but in short, just know that my experience here has been amazing with every single person I've met. You are all fabulous and lovely, truly, thank you.
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    On this list of weird canon facts I give you this! Kelsier is a cat person. Marsh is a dog person https://wob.coppermind.net/events/89-phoenix-comic-con-2016/#e758 Hoid would like heavy metal music https://wob.coppermind.net/events/122-leipzig-book-fair/#e3332 Hoid loves bacon https://wob.coppermind.net/events/66-firefight-atlanta-signing/#e3098T The Shard that Kelsier would find the most fun to punch is Honor https://wob.coppermind.net/events/312-orem-signing/#e8943 Hoid has dressed in drag "several times" https://wob.coppermind.net/events/370-skyward-seattle-signing/#e11824 Shallan is a Ravenclaw, Jasnah is Slytherin, Dalinar is a Gryffindor, and Kaladin is Hufflepuff https://wob.coppermind.net/events/372-skyward-denver-signing/#e11943 Elend's name means "misery" in German which was not intentional https://wob.coppermind.net/entry/2333 Taravangian would make a worse US president than Rashek https://wob.coppermind.net/events/419-youtube-livestream-6/#e13924 "Gemheart" is a thing you can call your spouse in Alethkar Lift states on multiple occasions in Oathbringer that Dalinar has a tight butt If Drehy lived in Azir he would need to fill out paperwork to date a man (Sigzil mentions this in OB) Anyone want to add more?
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    Death and the Survivor 2:
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    Today I got a lego dragon for less than twenty dollars. Faith in humanity: restored.
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    Do note, Brandon not doing side projects will not actually get Stormlight done any quicker. He has said on many occasions that he uses those other books to recharge and rejuvenate himself so he's ready to write a killer cosmere book. This has always been how he has worked. If he didn't write Skyward or noncosmere, honestly, I don't think you'd get a cosmere book any faster. Brandon says that the giant books are exhausting. By doing this, he makes sure people get something in between the breaks in Stormlight releases. Brandon is very conscious of time and has recently spoken in great detail that he wants to make sure he finishes the cosmere, so he has to get Stormlights done every three years. But ultimately I'd probably prefer Brandon to be excited to get to the big cosmere books and not burn out and hate writing them. That's what the noncosmere ones allow him to do. He's fairly consistently put out Stormlights every three years. It is a fact with this author that he will work on side projects in between the big ones, and still get the big books out more frequently than some other fantasy authors That said, Lost Metal has taken a while, for sure.
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    Hello fellow mind-readers, just wanted to let you know that Tay and I have started book 2 as of last night. Shadesmar is henceforth to be known as The Spooky-Spook.
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    77. If you happen to be in Brandon Sanderson's novels, find Hoid and force him to tell you everything. Then come and tell us.
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    Death and the Survivor 8
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    DaTS 5 (RoW spoilers)
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    From the album pride Month stuff (Cosmere)

    Just a strange doodle past pride month Special thanks to @Zephrun's Imperium for getting me into the ship
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    Everyone seems to think that Dalinar will take up Honor since he bonded the storm father but I think Kalidin has a much stronger case. "Honor is dead but I'll see what I can do" Being called the son of Tanavast by the storm father and the sibling. Has embodied Honor for his entire life always choosing the honorable path no matter the circumstances. Has a growing following that has "faith" in him and use his brand as almost a religious symbol. Honor is Dead but I'm convinced we'll see what Kaladin can do. If Dalinar holds a shard it would be the shard of War. Hes the only character so far that has been chosen by both odium as a champion and by honor with the storm father accepting him. I predict. 1. Dalinar loses to Odiums challenger 2. Kaladin ascends to honor. 3. Honor kamikaze into odium leaving Both shards and Dalinar picking them up with his new shard making him the big bad and free to leave Roshar. Who better to carry the Shard of war than Dalinar? What better opposite to Harmony?
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    Okay, so it took a few more hours... Blatant RoW spoilers:
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    Death and the Survivor 3 (RoW spoiler in background)
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    Some character sketches for D&tS. (L to R) Marsh, Ene, Kell, Ati, Hoid, (RoW) Saze, Shai
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    Thank you for making this post! Kaladin is my favorite character in whole freaking cosmere, and his arc in Rhythm of War was phenomenal from beginning to end. I commend Brandon for writing depression and battle shock so accurately. I'm an author and most of my books deal with dark moments within characters, hence I understand. While I haven't ever faced PTSD, four years ago when I was 14, an incident left me in a black space for years and it still shrouds my mind. It sometimes also manifests in form of sparse episodic depression, and I also have mild SAD. But that's not how I fell in love with Kaladin. His character journey has been best described than any other character for me, a perfect journey which still surges towards its destination. This is a man whom you can relate, not matter how powerful he is, and during his darknest times, you find yourself with him- feeling, reeling and crying but accepting that you DO understand what is going on. Healing is difficult but it is possible. For every night that hides our tears, there's a morning which bathes us in fresh light to breathe better. Kaladin is that light for Stormlight Archive. What I don't understand is people labelling him with words like weak, pathetic, sniveling and galling in many threads I've come across. It's wondrous to know that they find themselves 'acceptant' over a character burning his wife to death or mercilessly killing his own soldiers, or even poisoning while given excuse of personality disorder or people being commended for prejudicing for whole life only to be giggled over because he'd become friend to a hero- I am astounded that people find it difficult to not understand how conflicted Kaladin is because he can't protect anyone. Almost everyone, no matter how atrocious their deeds are, are being given redemption arcs and hailed mighty great by whole world but a character who is presenting you an after-effect of discrimination, abuse, slavery and depression is being called as an impossible read? Yes, I like other characters but that doesn't mean I like what they have done. There are many things which are far irredeemable by any means and the only salvation is to take a journey in right direction. But a character whose journey has almost always been in right is being assaulted substandard verbatim? You cannot expect a hero to be always swooping in and taking charge. You cannot expect a hero to dress well and flash a charming smile. You cannot expect a hero to be hypocrite past his own deeds. You can but expect a hero who will be real to you. Nevertheless, I always know we fans have our preferences and their dislike for characters is alright but at least provide valid imputation for your commentary-- don't label as something which is not 'right' by a character. We all have our heroes, and for me, that is Kaladin Stormblessed. And yes, he breaks many times more, he shatters, his soul fractures but he joins himself, picks himself up and rises again. That is the Life, the Strength and Journey.
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    I went to Youth Conference on Friday and Saturday, and one of the this we did was a hike up to a view over the valley. On the way up I just chatted with some of my friends, about random things (including Stormlight) and didn’t think too much of it. When we got to the top, some other people who I didn’t (and still don’t) really know walked up to us and said, “We were right in front of you on the way up, and could hear you talking- you guys are totally the main characters in your story.” And then they walked away. So… achievement unlocked, I guess.
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    DatS cover art (Pencil version)
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    Death and the Survivor 9
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    I've been meaning to come here and make an addendum... When I first made this theory there were several pieces to it that I was unsure about. Pieces which had a safe, easy answer or, alternatively, a more extreme and probably unlikely answer. Most notably, I'm thinking of the assertions that Shallan used Testament throughout Words of Radiance, including in the chasm and Oathgate. (if that surprises you, don't bother questioning me here--you can read the arguments for these ideas earlier in the topic) Ultimately, I figured it would encourage more discussion and be more fun if I posted a more provocative version of the theory. But after letting things stew for a while, I definitely think I've landed with a more conservative interpretation of events. Shallan Shardblade References Shallan uses her Shardblade(s) only a handful of times, and doesn't think about them many times beyond that. Here are all of them that I can think of in the first two books, with a few others... If you think I'm missing one that's of any note, please let me know! Not much to say on this one. It's the first hint that she has a Shardblade though. There's reason I've highlighted "ten heartbeats" though... And here's the next hint. Also not much to tackle... Worth mentioning that I think this is Testament speaking, rather than Pattern. But I've covered this, including basis for that opinion, in my original post. I suppose it's a bit interesting that she claims to have "promised herself" not to use her Shardblade. We never saw this in her flashbacks. Could be a very minor moment without much more to say, but it's also very possible that this refers to when she broke her bond with Testament. In light of something we see a big later, again don't forget about this repeated insistence that it requires ten heartbeats to summon her blade. Another mention of the ten heartbeats... I'll get to my point on this soon. The most exciting thing here, however, is that it's our first description of the Blade she used to kill her mother. (or at least that's very much what it seems to be) "A silvery sword". Nothing here, but including the quote for completeness. Okay, this is a juicy one. Especially because someone asked Brandon about it in December, as to whether we see Pattern or Testament here. Brandon RAFO'd but also said, "I think this one is pretty clear." Let's be clear: Brandon often says things are clear when they very much are not, or vice versa! But I think he's rigth about this one. It's notable, I think, that Pattern doesn't seem to be present. Further up the page, we see that he was. (It seems, at least, that he imitated Jasnah's voice to confuse Tyn.) But at the beginning of the excerpt I've quoted, we see Shallan call Pattern and he doesn't respond. It's simple to assume that he simply didn't answer... But at the end we also have Red claiming that a voice told them to come help her. This all suggests to me that Pattern left to get help, and wasn't present when Shallan summoned her Blade. This doesn't mean she couldn't have summoned Pattern. But I DO think it's a clue that's at least a big suggestive. The description ("briliantly silver") is a BIG clue. We saw in WoR chapter 3 that she killed her mother with a "silvery sword". And we're dealing with two quotes from the same book, which makes me extra comfortable with the assumption that attention was paid to continuity on this description. I think Shallan used Testament to kill Tyn. So why have I been harping on the ten heartbeats thing? I've theorized previously that perhaps Testament isn't subject to that limit. And of course in our pre-RoW reads of these books, it's easy to ASSUME Shallan is correct at the end of Words of Radiance when she says she doesn't need ten heartbeats after all. And, well, she is partly correct. Partly. When it comes to Pattern. But what if Testament does indeed require ten heartbeats? What if these insistences on ten heartbeats are not entirely wrong? When she says "I don't need ten heartbeats" (and then buys herself more time by Lightweaving a distraction) she isn't wrong. To summon Testament she does need ten heartbeats. Also worth noting that Testament doesn't scream at her. (unless there's some next-level mental blocks going on, which isn't impossible) My theory on this was that Shallan being Testament's Radiant means she behaves a bit differently than other deadeyes. Part of me wondered if we see the Blade appear in less than ten heartbeats here... But it's too hard to say, especially with her heart beating pretty fast. Actually, I guess I lean towards the assumption that she DID wait ten heartbeats. It takes me ten seconds to read that line from Taln with barely any natural pauses. A frightened person's heart definitely beats 10 times in about that long. But that's not proof it's not Pattern, so this doesn't tell us much. And here's the next big one--the chasm. Now... it's possible (in my opinion) to rationalize that this is the same "silvery" Blade. Silvery with a soft glow of garnet seems... not impossible. But I don't think this is the intent at all. This is Pattern. It's notable that it glows, like all "living" Blades we've seen, from a glyph. Contrasted with Testament, who is a dull silver with no such glow. (edit: eh.... well, Testament was alive when she killed her mother, so maybe this isn't quite right. maybe the idea is simply that Testament happens to be more silvery and Pattern glows a more distinct garnet?) And there's also the length-change thing, again strongly indicating Pattern. There's a few other references in this chapter that I haven't quoted. One at the very end of 72, but I think this is everything notable. So here's where she uses her Blade to open the Oathgate. Again, I've argued this could be Testament... But I think that's unlikely. It's probably Pattern, just as it appears. (despite the insistence that it's the Blade she used to kill her mother) Some have proposed this as another truth for Shallan. I was originally very skeptical of this, but... Maybe? I skipped a reference of her holding the Blade with Mraize, but zero details there. And here's Shallan reliving the death of her mother. This is Testament as a Blade of course, despite Pattern's lie. Another description of her Shardblade. "A long, thin weapon nearly as tall as she was." Unfortunately we don't see a description of the length elsewhere. Almost certainly Pattern here. Aside from the general sense that she seems to have moved on from using Testament at this point, we know that Testament's inkspren business partner found her far in the east somewhere in the timeframe of Oathbringer. If Shallan had used Testament in Urithiru (or Kholinar, later) then she wouldn't have been in the east still. (And if Shallan had used her since then, she would have been pulled away from the partner after being found--which obviously never happened) It's safe to assume there are no more Testament uses after WoR. There are several other Oathbringer references... some in Urithiru... One when she draws it to activate the Kholinar Oathgate. These can ass be dismissed. And here's Shallan stepping out of Shadesmar into Thaylen City. Long and thin matches the Patternblade description in OB 115, so safe to assume this is Pattern once again I think. Slight curve is a new detail we've never seen mentioned before. So Pattern also has a faint latticework pattern along the Blade. And there's not many references in Rhythm of War because Shallan spends most of it in Shadesmar. She draws it when dealing with Ialai, but there's no descriptions there. Testament is with her business partner at that point of course, so it was Pattern there regardless. And that's it. Shallan's Truths And then we come to the truths... One of the biggest things I was trying to explain by reaching hard with the original concept here was the timing of when Shallan gets Patternblade. The biggest issue that I'm left with, by walking back from the idea that Shallan used Testament to operate the Oathgate an didn't reach "level 3" with Pattern until "I killed my mother" in Urithiru... Is explaining how she had Pattern at an earlier time. Let me break it down... I'm pretty dead set on the idea that "I'm terrified" was NOT a truth spoken to Pattern. See original post for this argument. It seems to be a different voice that spoke to her there (surely Testament). Rather, the first truth spoken to Pattern seems to have been "I killed my father" at the end of TWoK. But we don't have any other clear truths from Shallan between that point and the chasm scene, where (as we covered above) she clearly seems to have utilized Pattern. Someone has pointed out "deeper truth" reference when she operates the Oathgate, where she sort of speaks a truth in insisting that her Shardblade is different. You COULD take that as her 2nd truth, giving her a Shardblade at the standard level JUST before she needs to use it. But it doesn't help with the chasm scene, and that one is pretty darn compelling to me. So what are our options? I'm wrong about "I'm terrified"... But I'm firmly against that idea. Shallan spoke some earlier truth to Pattern and "I killed my father" is her second. On one hand... this could explain why we never see a clear First Ideal exchange with Pattern. (though I've never seen a strong need for that) The idea here being that she regressed like Kaladin did with Syl in WoR. She didn't kill Pattern like Testament... just caused their bond to fade... ... until she spoke "I killed my father" and pulled him back out of limbo. But I really hate this for the idea that she has blanked out on TWO spren bonds prior to TWoK. That's just silly... and difficult to believe. Maybe Lightweavers get Blades at "level 2". Don't love this without more suggestive proof. Especially since RoW showed us Lightweavers who have a spren but no Blade. Maybe Lightweaver truths make them advance at different rates and she got to "level 3" sooner than we realize? When speaking "I killed my father" there's an interesting line about "stronger truths make a more powerful bond" (paraphrasing) Something about her bond to Testament is allowing Patternblade at an earlier point? This could go lots of different directions... Maybe it's a simple consequence of already bonding a spren up to some point. If second honorspren wants to bond a Windrunner (for who knows what reason) I'm inclined to think they could advance their bond swiftly and maybe even without Ideal reruns? Maybe it's a combination with #4 and truths count for more in such cases? Maybe Shallan being more Invested than usual makes it possible to have a Shardblade at a lower level? Maybe something else? I think I'm inclined to assume #5 at the moment... Maybe with a bit of #4 going on as well...?
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    DatS 13 The comic will be taking a break next week because I have a wedding.
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    This is a slight follow up to DatS1.
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    Death and the Survivor 6 Aka. The one where Marsh is happy, Kell is angry, and the con artist gets conned. Also, we introduce Hoid and
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    Shallan and Adolin will make their DatS debut this week, so... Here are their character sketches.
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    Would Nale make a good champion for Odium? Now that taravangian is Odium I feel like a more subtle choice would work better... Someone like Elhokar that Dalinar would have difficulty fighting on a non-combat level. But if we were choosing from the available fighting pool Nale would certainly make a fearsome opponent.
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    DatS 17 Mistborn spoilers:
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    everyone knows that the aluminum medal is the best on the same topic (kinda) when you use aluminum dice in dnd to make sure that coinshots and lurchers don't affect your rolls
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    Personally I loved Kalidan's mental health struggles in this book. As someone who struggles with depression, his experiences hit me hard. I think that for some people it might be overkill to have him so depressed, but it really makes me feel, and I appreciate that. The scene where he breaks down in his room gave me chills, because I've had the exact same thing happen to me. I love when Adolin and Syl come in to try to help, and eventually get him to go out. That's one of my favorite chapters, I love the friendship between those two. Admittedly, because of how I relate to it sometimes reading those parts can be hard, but I also love the depth of which he feels. The scene where Hesina convinces Lirin to ask why Noril has painted the glyph on his head resonates with me so much too. Noril explains that Kal gives him hope, he feels that because Kal can get up every day and fight, so can he. That's really the main reason I love these. Because I see him push forward, with the help of friends, and come out stronger at the end. It is so so powerful for me, because I see his pain, but I feel hope that I can feel happy again too, and push through like Kal does. The part with Tien made me cry, because it impacts Kal so much. Tien gives him hope and love, and Kal finally allows himself to feel that love. And the next part with Kaladin saving Syl was also so beautiful, that chapter is probably my favorite in the book. Anyway, that was super long, but those are my feelings.
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    161. Listen to old men in caves bearing gifts.
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    So, post-op on this game... Actually, not a massive amount to say about this game. There's not much to say that isn't kind of obvious in hindsight. Eliminators The Eliminators were underpowered, I will agree with that. However, as one of them went inactive, it's impossible to say just how underpowered they were. I gave them six people because there was the possibility of getting an extra vote from the HI - But more on that later. Five people, effectively, was not enough. Particularly when some of those five weren't very active either. If I could swap them with someone active, I think we'd have seen a much closer game. The only real things I would change is perhaps swapping a Roleless for a second Hemalurgist, and the Voidbringer for an Elantrian. The other unfortunate aspect for the Eliminators is that each of their kills and Burnt's scans seemed to hit Roleless players. The Village still had all the most important, core Roles, right at the end of the game. However, they did play a rather good game, and I am surprised it ended in a 'lynch-the-cop' situation. I don't think we've ever had that before. Forgers The Forgers sadly did not end up being used to a great degree. They were intended to be a fairly important part of this game, but they both got killed early on. I think what I should have done was perhaps make up to four players Forgers (maybe an even split, maybe 1:2 Traitors to Loyals), and give fewer Roles out to players (so only one Mistborn, Elantrian etc.). That would have made Roles a lot more sought-after, and Forgers a lot more valuable for both sides. The HI The HI was not intended to always switch sides at the end of the game. It was a possibility (growing stronger as the game went on) if Hemalurgists were tracked down, and the idea was that the HI could provide a shot-in-the-arm to an otherwise slightly unfavoured Eliminator team at the end of the game, by injecting knowledge about Roles and the extra vote. For some reason though, the Eliminators had the chance and knowledge to grab him early-game, but seemed to forget that this was the plan. Other Mechanics I might also have tweaked the Kandra Role slightly to allow it to give protection to a player against scans as well. I only put one Kandra in on the Loyal side because of this, and also because I wanted to subvert the expectations that the Village would have two. Pleasingly, it seems that did get people. I also feel that the time-limited PMs worked well. The delay in information meant that they were slightly less strong and central to the game, but were still useful at Night when planning. There were very few instances of players forgetting this rule. Conclusion So, things to take away from this - Could have done with a slightly more experienced/active Eliminator team (or perhaps a larger one, depending on who was chosen), and scans aren't really balanced without protection against it. Finally, if your game is meant to have a 'central' ability or mechanic, make sure it is actually central . Aside I enjoyed doing a variety of different styles of writeup in this game. We had journal entries, incident forms, police reports, a mental journey, and present tense. My only regret is that I forgot I was going to title this thread 'Ghost in the Shell' >>. Ah well. Thinking about it now, I also wish I'd done a second person styled-one, because I think that would have been interesting. But yes, I enjoyed doing things a bit differently here.
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    I've been getting a number of requests in PMs to share my suspicions with people. While I think that's okay, if a little odd, I would like to repeat that suspicions should be put in the thread. Not just in PMs. What happens if you die? Your suspicions, your way of voicing them, is lost. (Don't forget C&P from PMs is disallowed (unless Wyrm rules otherwise; this is a general SE rule, but can be overriden by the GM.)) So, imagine if you're unlucky and you just expressed your suspicions to a Traitor. Perfect. They don't ever have to share your suspicions with the thread, much less to properly represent them. And the Crew as a whole loses the benefit of your voice, and your perspective. Now, let's think of a better scenario; you're talking to a Crew member. But they don't quite understand some of what you're saying, and they don't really convey it well. And this has happened. Recall what happened in LG12 when the Elantrians' opinions were misconveyed by a Good-aligned Messenger (Seon Holder was the name of the role; Elantrians could not post in the thread and their words had to be carried by PM.) We ended up completely going down a wrong hole and lynching an innocent instead of the Cultist (Eliminator) who was up for lynching. And that's exactly my point: why leave your suspicions up to the vicissitudes of fate and the verbal skill of your interlocuter? Why not just put it in the thread so everyone can hear it directly from you? Why resort to a game of Chinese Whispers? So, let me tell you a story, guys. It's a great story; one of friendship and broness. Oh, and betrayals. It's a good story, a bit funny, just a bit sad. There was this guy called Kasimir, though on Roshar, his name was Kasimar. He was a cool guy, as far as I know. Had a great sense of humour. As it turned out, he was a Seeker (could discover factions; in the game, referred to as a Voidbringer). He cracked a lot of jokes with his bro Wyrm and all was well. One day, a whole bunch of people killed him. But it was okay. Because Kasimar was a Voidbringer, which meant he was too rusting stubborn to die and had 1337 PM powers while he was dying. With one more day left to live, he called out to his bro Wyrm with his dying breath and told him all his suspicions and findings. And then he died. Only to discover that his bro Wyrm was, in fact, a traitor: had, in fact, pushed for his death, and now, all that information was in the hands of a traitor who was planning to bring down Kasimar's faction. THE END. And this, kids, is how I met my forum-bro Wyrm why I will never feel comfortable with the idea of confiding suspicions just in PMs. And I am in fact going to refine my suspicions now, post 'em, add an extra thought on the Kandra, then get back to what I'm being paid to do. Edit: Spelled 'thought' as 'through'. Edit 2: Kas's New Thoughts On The Kandra: Kas's Current Suspicions/Questions:
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    89) If you happen to be awesome, go and eat people's dinner's. Everybody. Especially famous or powerful people. Gods or king's are the best.
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