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    I have a joke about the 4th ideal of the Windrunners but I'm not ready to say the words.
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    [bands of Mourning and Secret History Update: Appended to the end of this post. I have not edited the original text of the post, so no one can infer anything about SH based on what I cut, add, or change.] I just finished re-reading the Mistborn trilogy (got the hardcovers for Christmas), and it really jumped out at me on this read-through just how good Vin is at everything. If it had been my first time through the series, it probably would have bothered me how quickly she picks up Allomancy and other tricks. (I read it several years ago, and I don’t recall it sticking out to me, then.) As she’s learning Allomancy, all the Crew members comment on how naturally it comes to her – Marsh, especially, thinks she has already been practicing. Even mundane things, like how influential she is on Camon’s crew or how quickly she adapts to the nobility, stuck out. However, having read (and re-read) everything in the Cosmere, it seemed more like a clue. Mentions of how Vin was a quick learner or trusted her instincts were slipped in about as often as mentions of her earring, Reen’s voice, or how Sazed wore his copperminds on his arms. It made me wonder… what was the secret behind how quickly Vin learned? In the last epigraph of Book 3, Sazed speculates on Vin: Sazed speculates was special because she was chosen by Preservation as a child and possibly drew in some mists. But he doesn’t stop there; he says that there is something else special about Vin, something he doesn’t understand. So, what could it be? Can we figure it out? I kept this thought in mind during my reread, and some thoughts began to coalesce. The crystallizing point for this theory came to me after Kelsier’s death in Book 1, when Vin went back to Kredik Shaw and fought two Inquisitors. She prepared two tricks: arrowheads with rings on them (basically, the same thing Ranette would invent as anti-Coinshot bullets), and pewter dust to blind the inquisitors. It’s one thing if Vin has an affinity to learning how to use Allomancy because she was chosen to take Preservation or because she drew in some mists as a child; but I didn’t see how that would give her these kind of tactics. So, it occurred to me that maybe Vin had these experiences from a previous life. I know reincarnation isn’t a common thing in the Cosmere, but there have been instances of the dead not staying dead (in Warbreaker, obviously, and Kelsier hangs around even if he doesn’t take on a new body). What if an experienced Allomancer who died during the Final Empire hung around like Kelsier did, but instead of sticking around and meddling, she (assuming it’s a lady Allomancer, as I will go into more detail below) bestowed her experiences upon Vin? Before I dive in to the specifics, I’ll include a brief Table of Contents of the theory. Vin’s Unearned Experience: the instances of Vin’s surprising aptitude Vin vs Valette: Vin views herself as a combination of two or more people Déjà vu: the pieces required for a reincarnation are already present in the series Guess Who?: speculation as to Vin’s previous identity Hoid: maybe this explains what warned her away from him Kelsier: the ramifications on the future of the series Part 1: Vin’s Unearned Experience So, Vin obviously picks up Allomancy very quickly in TFE. Not only does she burn pewter and zinc on instinct, but she learns all of the metals extremely quickly. Other areas of her training, like acting like a noble or even her time on Camon’s crew, come to her naturally, and her instincts guide her. Instincts became the keyword that I looked for; anywhere Vin trusted her instincts (or, even better, her instincts told her something, an active-voice sentence with “instincts” as the subject). I also looked for instances where the word “instincts” wasn’t expressly name-dropped, but people remarked how Vin learned very quickly. (Or I thought she learned too quickly.) Basically, any place that her past life could be manifesting. See the full list below. It’s roughly chronological order, not by importance. I’ve italicized the points that are more circumstantial; the good examples are all un-italicized. On the first mission Vin went on with Camon’s crew, this quote jumped out at me when Vin first became suspicious: Ooh, an internal voice. We haven’t seen those before. Later on, she thinks something along the same lines: Two active voice verbs, where Vin is the object, not the subject. As if something else is acting upon her. Is this Ruin’s influence? I don’t think so. Her earring isn’t in at this point in the novel; she starts wearing it after they get back to the lair, and she prepares to sneak out. These “instincts” can’t be Ruin’s influence. So, to summarize, Vin’s instincts tipped her off to the Ministry’s tactics, even when Camon, an experienced crewleader, was falling for the trap. Experience beyond her station. She responds surprisingly well to Kelsier using zinc on her when he first meets her. “Somehow” is a squirrely Sanderson word for when there’s something behind the scenes. (Okay, not every time, but it’s still a red flag.) Vin could have recognized this from her previous life experiences. When it’s just just her and Kell and Dox, she also resists his Soothing: After resisting his soothing, we see another interesting sentence: There’s that dang “instinct-as-a-subject” construction again. Pushing her to stick with Kelsier and learn Allomancy. That last point aside, the main takeaway from this point is that Vin has experience in recognizing and resisting emotional Allomancy. Vin picks up being a Noblewoman very quickly. She sums up her experience during the first planning meeting with the crew: However, when rubber meets the road, she knocks it out of the park. A sampling of praise: And she keeps getting better. According to Sazed, in Chapter 24 of TFE: Maybe because she’s a reincarnated noble? Vin acknowledges in Hero of Ages how she took to the nobility naturally, because it was a part of her. I won’t quote that in-depth at this point in the theory; see Section 2 for a more in-depth analysis of what this means for her character. Just a quote of interest from when Vin trains in steelpushing. Circumstantial evidence; doesn’t support reincarnation, but takes on new meaning. The coin pouch trick is more substantial. Vin teaches Kelsier a new trick after only a few months of training, the first (of many) times she displays her Allomatic tactical ability. In fact, in Kell’s words: “Fantastic progress”… maybe because she’s remembering skills she had in her past life. The push-match also struck me as uncharacteristic of Vin. She had always avoided direct confrontation, but here, she throws her weight directly at Kelsier, getting in a Push-match. Maybe that’s an instinct from her past life, where she may have been larger and it was an effective tactic. Again, not supporting evidence, but something that takes on new meaning. The evidence from this passage is how Vin learns super-fast. As she thinks to herself: Kelsier is speaking with Sazed later. That last line is Sazed. Sound familiar? (It’s because he calls her special in the HoA epilogue epigraph.) So, yes, her instincts (*cough* past life experience *cough*) make her special. When Sazed is quizzing her as she gets her hair cut, he says: Add another tally mark to the “Vin, you’re so good at everything” comments. Remember when Kelsier said Vin only was good at the physical metals? Soon after that, she sits in on one Breeze session where she realizes how to Soothe subtly. She follows Kell as he goes to find Camon, and sooths him. He catches on, but only barely. His thoughts: I know how! It’s her past life experience coming through! Learning the spikeway quickly was another example of her Allomantic tactics. I won’t do the full quote, but the narration does say “She got the hang of it quickly.” When Sazed rescues her from the Inquisitors, he gives her some of Ham’s pewter to heal. He says: Vin was unconsciously burning pewter when she was on Camon’s crew – she recognizes it when Kelsier gives it to her for the first time. Her body has been familiar with Allomancy for a long time. As Marsh says later: Again, we learn that… Vin is special. “Instincts” pops up again, but in an interesting context, after Vin has gone to a number of balls. An interesting take on her part, since it doesn’t seem she’s losing instincts, but gaining new ones. Also, “Valette” is natural because her previous life experience was a noblewoman. (See the next major section.) Training with Marsh. A huge clue. Marsh gives the spiel, gets her burning bronze, and asks her what she feels: What takes practice comes naturally to Vin… it’s been the story of her life as she learns Allomancy. Again, I suggest that this is because she actually does have prior experience. This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but I suspect Vin unconsciously burns gold in Chapter 24. She just came from a ball, where I suspect they had gold-plated utensils (I looked over the chapter, and I didn’t see any mention of anything), and she’s sitting with the crew, having a good time. She imagines she sees herself out in the shadows, as she was before she met the crew. Sounds a lot like the gold shadow she sees of herself later. Anyways, it’s of no substance to this theory, except maybe showing she can unconsciously burn more obscure metals. Allomantic tactics. When fighting Shan, she extinguishes her atium a few seconds early, tricking Shan into thinking that she had run out. When she turns it back on, she confuses Shan, and Vin kills her. A nice bit of trickery for someone who has thus far only burnt Atium against other Atium-burning Inquisitors (and she got subsequently steamrolled by them). Again, unearned experience; tactics she may have learned in her previous life. Kelsier notices how good she is: He goes on to tell her that directly: Allomancy is nothing but tricks, and Vin comes up with new tricks time and time again, things that Kelsier and even the Inquisitors (coming up in another bullet point) don’t have figured out. Ah, the Inquisitor fight in TFE Chapter 36. The place where this theory came together for me. I won’t quote the passage directly, but Vin uses rings on arrowheads to launch un-Steel-able projectiles to shred one Inquisitor, then uses a cloud of pewter dust to blind another. These don’t come from being strong in Allomancy; these are tactics, tricks. Vin comes up with these all the time. Why did she think of these when others didn’t? She even thinks that she wasn’t sure how their eyes worked, but she knew a perfect way to block out their senses. How did she know? Here, more than anywhere else, when her soul is damaged by Kelsier’s loss, her past life begins to creep in the cracks, giving her the training and experiences of her past life to help her with her battles. Oh my, I’ve got this many examples, and I’m only starting WoA. Hoo boy. Anyways, we start off with some more talk about Vin being “special,” this time from Elend as she spars with Ham. She winds up beating Ham, a good thug. Vin is a quick learner when it comes to fighting, too, not just when it comes to Allomancy. He also remarks on her strength in Allomancy; she might have her Allomatic strength determined by her previous life’s strength, during a time when Mistborn were more powerful (not as powerful as Elend, though). She gives OreSeur dog bones. That’s another new tactic – no kandra had used animal bones before, as we find out in Book 3. Vin really does come up with these all the time. I wonder how she does it… She instantly picks up Duralumin-Steelpushing herself. She first uses it to go rescue Breeze, and she lands at just the right spot. A brand new skill, and she does it perfectly the first time. I think she might have past-life experience with duralumin. She wasn’t the only one to discover it; the Lord Ruler mentioned it in one of the storage caverns. There’s another very powerful clue for me when Vin was researching the Deepness. She starts the chapter being barely trained in writing: A very clear picture: Vin has little experience writing, and is not good at it. But, apparently, she can write very well anyways. Vin, of course, brushes it off and starts talking about the Straff’s army. But it seems a little heavy-handed to me. Perfect penmanship? What an odd thing to mention. The only thing more Mary Sue-ish would be… …oh, no, she’s also the most graceful person in a dress. When Tindwyl takes her and Allrianne shopping: *gag* I certainly hope this is indicating she spent a long (previous) life as a Mistborn noblewoman. Because otherwise, this is getting out-of-hand with how good Vin is at everything. And then, we have The Big One. Taking down Zane. Beating someone burning atium without your own atium. And what word shows up in the narrative? Instinct: that word keeps popping up. She let her body do what it wanted to. This is a crazy technique, and, again, it’s one she does perfectly without practice. It reminds me of the way she resisted Kelsier’s Soothing when she first met him. She has experience resisting Allomancy; mental metals, and now atium. Techniques I think she learned in her past life. Vin doesn’t think she’s the first to figure it out: If it was a technique she had done in a prior life… then, yes, Vin, you were the first to think of it. And the second to think of it, as well. Maybe someone else can take bronze… (that’s a reference to Olympic metals, not Allomantic metals.) Oh, and don’t forget the flying horseshoes trick. The annotations say that she is the first one to pick up that particular trick. So, that’s not one tactic that’s definitely not from a previous life. Oh, good, things are going a lot quicker through the rest of the trilogy. I’m on to Hero of Ages, now, and I’m 30 chapters in before Vin does something surprisingly well. It’s when they crash Yomen’s party. She dives in from a position of power, something she had never had in her previous ball interactions, and she instantly takes to it. Elend notices: So, there are three main categories where these examples fall in to: Learning Allomancy quickly, learning Tactics and Fighting quickly, and learning Nobility quickly. If it were just Allomancy, I could believe it was enhanced intuition provided by Preservation. Even the anti-atium and anti-Inquisitor tactics, on a good day. But all three categories? It seems too much of a stretch that being chosen as Preservation’s hero would give her penmanship and the mindset of a noble. So, I think these experiences come from a past life as a noble. Part 2: Vin vs Valette One major theme of Vin’s character arc is reconciling her two different personas. She wonders, is she Vin the street urchin? Or is she Valette the noblewoman? Eventually, she determines that her true self is a combination of the two. She needs to incorporate both the experience gained on the street with the noblewoman who goes to balls. This conflict is presented from the beginning, from Kelsier’s first training session with her: When she was thinking of how “Lord Renoux” adopted his persona: She begins to realize that she isn’t actually either of them, but something else entirely. From WoA, Chapter 35: She tries to push the “Valette” persona off as an act, but her conversation with Tindwyl when they were dress-shopping begins to change that. Vin says she sees a problem with wearing dresses because it wasn’t really her; Tindwyl asks, “And these can’t dresses be part of who you really are?” More pointedly: This conflict continues, somewhat, into HoA, Chapter 27: She eventually realizes in Chapter 32 that being a noble is an essential part of her: Since I was thinking about the context of reincarnation, this took on a different meaning to me entirely. Vin isn’t just a combination of her two sets of experiences… what if she is a combination of two different people? Vin the street urchin represents her current life experiences. Valette the noblewoman (and Allomatic experience) comes from a previous life. As she struggles with these two halves of herself, she’s actually trying to merge her current and previous identities, to create who she truly is. Oddly enough, combining multiple people into one is a concept that is presented elsewhere in the Mistborn trilogy. Koloss and Steel Inquisitors are both described as being multiple people combined into one. Steel inquisitors first, by Noorden, the friendly obligator. Immediately afterwards, Elend realized how koloss were created: I thought it was an odd way of characterizing the change; Hemalurgy has been presented more as stealing someone else’s attributes, not combining multiple people. But it gave me some insight into how Vin could be the combination of two people. Marsh was still Marsh, even though he had other people “combined” into him. Same with Human the koloss; the annotations give his backstory, so he is a real person. The reincarnation isn’t a Wheel of Time kind of reincarnation (like the Heroes of the Horn being spun out into new identities), but someone who has already died giving up her experience to Vin. I don’t think I’m saying Vin is a Hemalurgic creation; the experiences of a past life spiked onto an orphan girl. But I think it’s a similar concept, not necessarily carried out using that magic system. Part 3: Déjà vu So, conceptually, it’s a bit of a stretch to say Vin’s experiences belonged to a dead person. I get that – there isn’t a single hint of this kind of previous lives in the trilogy (or even in Alloy or SoS). But I think all the pieces are there in the trilogy itself. Dead individuals stick around. Kelsier sticks around. Vin’s previous incarnation could have stuck around in a similar fashion. Combining multiple people into one. I discussed this in Part 2, so I won’t go into detail here. The gods made Vin special. According to Sazed, Preservation chose Vin after she was born, because she snapped so early. Ruin also made his mark on her when she was young, spiking her with her sister’s Bronze ability. A third individual, “meddling” like Kelsier, could have also imparted past life experiences onto her. Souls can return to bodies. Sazed says that he didn’t figure it out in time to resurrect Vin and Elend, but WoB says it’s possible. http://theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=727 Minds can be used to power magic. I’m not sure my Realmatics are quite right, but we saw Preservation turn his mind (soul?) into Investiture to imprison Ruin. It wasn’t his body, his Shard’s power; it was just his mind. The mind of Vin’s past life could be the power behind this reincarnation of its experiences. So, while the way I’ve assembled them may be novel, I think that it is a natural progression of what is presented in the novels. Part 4: Guess Who? I strained my eyes looking through the pages, trying to figure out who could have been Vin’s previous life. This person had to be dead before Vin was born (duh), and they had had to be born after Allomancy was discovered (because Vin knew tricks against both Steel Inquisitors and atium burners). And, lastly, this person had to be a Mistborn (since Vin had good instincts in all metals). I also think that her previous incarnation needed to be a noblewoman, because of how her internal conflict played out between orphan and noblewoman. I guess it could have been a nobleman, but Vin always sounds secure in her femininity. She’s a combination of Noble and Urchin, not a combination of Man and Woman. Now, gender and status aren’t deal-breakers; if I could find a character who met the previous three conditions who was a non-noble or a man, I would consider them a strong candidate. So, boil this all down, compare it to characters from the books… and I’ve got nothing. Gemmel is the only Mistborn who’s dead before the series begins, but he was still alive after Vin was born. (Also, not a girl.) Alendi crossed my mind, but he was only a Seeker, and he never fought Atium burners. Other than that, we don’t know much about the history of the world. So, I can’t point to an individual who I think was Vin’s previous life. But I can describe what I think she was like: a noblewoman Mistborn. Part 5: Hoid Now, the part where this really got fun was when Vin decided to avoid Hoid (hmm, that might be the Cosmere name for Tag. Avoid Hoid. It’s got a nice ring to it.) Uhh… let’s try this again. When Vin decided to avoid Hoid (stay on target), she trusted her instincts. Remember, Instincts = Past Life in this theory. So, something about her past life told her to stay away from Hoid. But what could it be? All Vin heard was humming. She didn’t even see Hoid. Just heard him. What was he humming, anyways? I wonder if Vin recognized it. Could it have been a song she knew in her past life. Has Hoid visited Scadrial before? Did he work with Vin’s past life, someone who knew that song? That’s a very Hoid thing to do; hum a song from a bygone era that no one living knows (except Vin has a vague memory of it because of her past life). And, hey, let’s go down the rabbit hole. Hoid was looking for the Well of Ascension to get a Lerasium bead. Vin’s previous life might have thought she was the Hero of Ages as well, looking for the Well of Ascension, even though the thousand years hadn’t passed. After she died, she stuck around, and saw who Preservation chose to take her power and use the Well of Ascension. And she (old Vin) decided to grant her experience and skill to the new Vin. Mad speculation, of course. We know precious little about what Hoid has been up to. I have no idea what Vin’s previous life was all about. So, please disregard the previous paragraph. (I’ll stand by the rest of this section, though.) Part 6: Kelsier So, this is a fairly complex undercurrent for Vin’s character. If Brandon was writing something like this into her arc, how is he going to get it across to the readers, now that the trilogy has been concluded? What are the ramifications on the future of the series? He doesn’t have plans for flashback books, so how would we ever learn about Vin’s past life? I’ve compared Vin’s previous life to Kelsier a number of times throughout the theory. That’s where I think it becomes relevant: not in learning about Vin, but as a key trait of a character in a future trilogy who Kelsier reincarnates into. He would grant his experiences, his motivations, to a new character, to aid them in… well, whatever a future Mistborn trilogies would be about. That way, we can learn about the circumstances of reincarnation, without going back to Vin. We learn it all through new eyes, and then someone like Harmony says, “I’ve seen this before. Although we didn’t realize it at the time, the Ascendant Warrior had the experiences of another to aid her. What you have is what remains of Kelsier, the Survivor. You can trust it.” Except, probably in much more epic language. That also would let us see some of that hinted-at Hoid/Kelsier animosity! Vin was known as the Heir to the Survivor. I don’t think she inherited anything from him, though; I think she was the Heir to someone else’s experiences. This hypothetical future incarnation of Kelsier, however… he would be the true Heir to the Survivor. Another mythical Hero who we thought was Vin this whole time, only to have the rug pulled out from under us. Again. Summary Okay, here’s the gist: Vin is so good at what she does because a dead person has passed along her experiences and skills. That is why Vin learn so quick and come up with her tricks, and it also contributes to her “identity crisis” between skaa and noblewoman. This might become relevant in the future if Kelsier reincarnates himself in the same fashion. Also, sorry for direct-quoting 30% of the text of the Mistborn trilogy throughout this post. Bands of Mourning/Secret History Update:
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    I went to my first signing ever on the Arcanum Unbounded tour, and when I went through the personalization line, Brandon and I had a nice conversation about the physical properties of ettmetal, otherwise known as harmonium, and how they were impacted by Realmatics. (Influenced in part, I assume, because when he was going through his opening talk, I fist-pumped when he said he was originally a chemistry major. He saw, and asked if I was a chemist, to which I replied I was a chemical engineer. So, I think he took the chance to share some details with someone who’d be able to fully comprehend them.) I’m still waiting to get the recording of the signing line, but I’ll paraphrase what I got out of it. Brandon said that it makes sense for ettmetal to be so volatile, because it has the power of both Shards in it, and the conflict associated with them. He also clarified that it’s not a nuclear reaction; it’s chemically reactive, it’s the properties of the electrons in Harmonium that make it so reactive. It’s like ‘super-cesium,’ reacting very quickly with water. I wasn't quite ready prepared to deal with the implications (I was there as a cosmere fan, not a scientist), but I've spent some time thinking it over, and I think I understand a little more exactly how the physics and the realmatics are interacting. I've come to several major conclusions, which are reliant on a college-level understanding of chemistry. If you’re not at that level, skip ahead to the next section, where I’ll try to build it up in layman’s terms. For those who feel knowledgeable, though: Overview of the Theory · I propose that the subatomic particles of harmonium (protons, electrons, and neutrons) are comprised of pure Investiture, but still functioning as normal subatomic particles. This Investiture would be still of each individual Shard, even though the atom as a whole would be of Harmony. · The reactivity of harmonium follows the trend of alkali metals, but would be enhanced due to an additional electron shielding factor that would come from the repulsion of Ruin particles and Preservation particles, lowering the ionization energy and increasing reaction rates. · The alkali-metal behavior of Harmonium would come from the imbalance between the two Shards, the extra piece of Ruin. It would follow the orbital structure of cesium (atomic number 55), with one electron in each filled orbital from each Shard. The single valence electron would be an extra Ruin electron. · I’d like to say that each harmonium atom (cesium-133, the only stable isotope) is a combination of a lerasium atom and an atium atom, which would make atium = nickel (28) and lerasium = cobalt (27). However, I can’t get the neutron math to add up. It’s possible that the nucleus looks different, that the stability of harmonium is different because of the competing Investiture in the nucleus. This gets into physics, not chemistry, so I’m not equipped to dig deeper into this idea. So, if you understand that, great. Head on down the page to my conclusions, to see what I’ve thought of as implications of this. If you didn’t (which I assume is the majority), let’s do a quick* chemistry lesson. (For those who have actually studied chemistry, be aware this explanation will be pop science. Like one of my professors used to say, all explanations of chemistry are lies, and we just learn slightly smaller lies the farther and farther we go.) Chemistry of Alkali Metals What are atoms? Elements (like copper, oxygen, or chlorine) are made of fundamental particles called "atoms." These atoms interact with one another, bonding together to form more complicated substances (from water to gasoline to medicinal compounds). Different atoms will behave in different ways, based on the number of subatomic particles they’re comprised of. All atoms have dense nucleus, made of protons and neutrons, surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The number of protons defines the element: any atom with one proton is hydrogen, any one with six protons is oxygen, any one with 55 protons is cesium. Chemical reactions are largely driven by the transfer of electrons from one atom or group of atoms to another. How do electrons behave? Electrons are attracted to the nucleus through the electromagnetic force, pulling together the negative charge of an electron and the positive charge of the protons. But electrons aren't like planets in a solar system, just floating wherever they feel like. When they surround a nucleus, they order themselves into levels, filling from the lowest level (closest to the nucleus) and going up. For chemical reactions, only electrons in the outermost level will be involved; anything in a lower level that has been completely filled will not react. In chemical reactions, atoms will trade or share electrons until every atom involved has a filled outermost shell (either by getting more electrons or getting rid of some of theirs), since a filled shell is the most thermodynamically stable. That's how the periodic table of elements is arranged; elements in a column all have the same number of electrons in their outermost level (called 'valence electrons'), so they will all behave in a similar fashion. If they have an almost-full shell, they will be very reactive, like chlorine and oxygen. If their shell is filled, they will be nonreactive, like helium. The reactive properties of ettmetal match the first column of the periodic table, the 'alkali metals.' They all have a single valence electron, and they want to get rid of it like none other, so they'll take any opportunity to do so. They are metals, but they will react very violently with water. Other alkali metals you may have heard of are sodium, lithium, potassium, which are not found in nature in their pure forms because of how reactive they are. How can we free up that electron? Pure alkali metals would like to pass off their single valence electron to another molecule or atom, which would be more thermodynamically stable with it. However, to get rid of this electron in the first place, there is some energy required to ‘knock it loose.’ It's sort of like trying to launch a rocket from earth; you need a bunch of energy to overcome gravity, but once you're out in space, you can go wherever you want. Unlike that rocket, though, there are many different forces acting on an electron. Each proton is pulling on that valence electron, trying to keep it there. But, believe it or not, as you take alkali metals with more protons, the total force on a valence electron electron goes down, and they get easier to remove. Why is this? Two reasons: first, the electron is farther away from the nucleus. But, more relevant to this discussion, the lower shells filled with electrons are also pushing the valence electron out. This concept is called "electron shielding.” Negative charges repulse other negative charges, so when there are a ton of electrons between the valence electron and the nucleus, they will cancel out some of the pull of the protons. Since the electrons in heavier alkali metals aren’t held as strongly, reactions happen faster, and release their energy much quicker. Harmonium reacts even quicker than cesium, the highest alkali metal that's not a pretend element (another of my old professor's fun sayings about transuranic elements). That means its electron is even easier to remove, and it reacts even faster. Realmatics of God Metals How does this play with Realmatics? Finally, we get back to what Brandon said about the opposite forces within the same atom. An atom with protons and electrons comprised of Ruin would behave like a normal atom; no unusual interactions. Same for an atom completely of Preservation. But mix and match, and Preservation electrons would push on the Ruin electrons, giving extra electron shielding. And the Preservation protons would also push on the Ruin electrons (partially countering their normal electromagnetic attraction), reducing the force holding them in. By making it easier to remove harmonium’s valence electron, the rate at which it reacts with other atoms will increase. Which is what we’ve seen. Why does Harmonium have 1 valence electron in the first place? Lastly, I think that harmonium needs to be an alkali metal and have that 1 extra valence electron because of the balance between Ruin and Preservation. In a filled electron shell, each electron has a pair. I think each electron pair contains one Preservation electron and 1 Ruin electron. But, here's the problem: there's extra Ruin. Some of Preservation is in mankind, so if he doesn't physically manifest this extra Ruin somewhere, he won't be in balance. So, he throws in an extra Ruin proton and Ruin electron; this very reactive valence electron. As long as he manifests enough harmonium, the extra Ruin is there in the environment. Brandon has referred to ettmetal as super-cesium. That could be interpreted as a magically stabilized francium (which isn't stable, and doesn't exist outside of a few moments in a laboratory), but I think he means it's a super-reactive cesiuim. Cesium has 55 protons and 55 electrons; harmonium would have 27 of Preservation and 28 of Ruin. The Invested protons, neutrons, and electrons change the atomic behavior of Harmonium, which is why it isn’t exactly cesium. In Conclusion So, I learned in my discussion with Brandon that 1) the pieces of Ruin and Preservation are distinct in harmonium and 2) the battle between them causes ettmetal to be highly reactive. I think I’ve identified the specific mechanism by which this happens. It does, however, carry some interesting implications that I’m still working out. Let me share some of them with you; feel free to comment. · If there’s a repulsion between electrons, there must also be one for protons and neutrons. This would make Harmonium’s nucleus more unstable. Although Brandon said it is not a nuclear reaction that we’ve seen, it may just require the proper catalyst, so I would not be surprised to see an ettmetal nuclear bomb at some point. · If harmonium is cesium made out of Investiture, then maybe it is a fusion (the scientific term, combining the nuclei) of a lerasium atom and an atium atom. That would mean that lerasium would have 27 Preservation protons, and behave like cobalt. Atium would have 28 Ruin protons, and behave like nickel. However, although the electrons add up, the neutrons will not. (The number of neutrons doesn’t affect how an atom behaves chemically, but it can make it radioactive, which will change it into a different element.) There’s only one stable isotope of cesium, and one of cobalt, and doing the math doesn’t yield one of nickel’s stable isotopes. It’s possible the stability of harmonium is different, because of the extra forces between Ruin’s and Preservation’s protons and neutrons, somehow requiring fewer neutrons for stability. But, this isn’t anything I’ve studied as a chemist; it’s in the realm of physicists. · Because there are individual elements of Ruin and Preservation, this doesn’t bode well for Harmony as a whole. Sure, on a macroscopic scale, there’s balance. But it could mean that, in each of his individual interactions with people, he might go back and forth between two extremes. It also makes me wonder how easily Harmony could Splinter back into two Shards (although we do know that at this point, if Sazed died, he would drop a single powerful Shard.) · Ettmetal reacts, which means its transferring part of itself to water. Once the electrons are gone, they ain’t coming back. Atium burns and regenerates; how would a harmonium oxide make its way back to continue the cycle? It seems like Investiture is lost to the environment when ettmetal reacts with water. · People have extra Preservation, but if ettmetal is Harmony’s way of sequestering his extra Ruin, then as it continues to react with water, the extra Ruin could end up transferring to the environment. Man vs Nature is a very big concept in sci-fi, so maybe it could come up in Mistborn Era 4, that the planet itself is of Ruin while its inhabitants are of Preservation. Just spitballing here. · How do other god metals work? If they’re elements made out of Investiture particles, then can Shardblades rust? Or maybe are they silver made out of Honor’s Investiture, which is why they won’t react? (Unfortunately, Element 10 is neon, which is not a metal.) But that wouldn’t give them the structural integrity they need (even if they don’t physically do the cutting, a pure silver sword would be deformed in a duel). Does each Shard make a different metal for its god metal, or could it make any metal it wanted? · Are all physical forms of Investiture (the mists, the liquid Shardpools, Stormlight) similarly constructed? Maybe the mists were composed of two Preservation hydrogens and one Preservation oxygen? Are Perpendicularities just Invested mercury? The reactivity of ettmetal shows that, at the very least, the solid form of one Shard’s power manifests below the atomic level; does every solid form of Investiture do so, as well? Uh… In Conclusion, Again Okay, I’m done for real this time. I know people have proposed similar things (like atium is Ruin’s electrum) based on allomantic behavior, and I didn’t like them at the time (the ideas and logic behind them, not the people), but the way Brandon spoke of Harmonium makes me think that approach was on the right track. However, it’s on a more fundamental level: the very protons and electrons are either of Ruin or Preservation, and when you combine the two, you get a very reactive metal. I’ve tried to completely explain the chemistry of the situation, but it does dive pretty deep at times. If you’d like to know more about that, please just let me know. I didn’t bring out any graphs to show exactly why electron shielding increases reaction rate, but I can if anyone’s interested. I will also try to get the actual transcript to post it. I’m confident in the broad strokes of my conversation with Brandon, that Harmonium is extra reactive because of the opposing Shards it’s made up of, but I do think that having his exact words would have preempted some objections that I’m sure are coming. I’m just not patient enough. 07/19/17 - Made slight changes to the text to (hopefully) clarify what is canon and what is supposition on my part. To emphasize, it is not confirmed that harmonium is unbalanced towards Ruin. What is canon is it behaves like an alkali metal. If my supposition is true, that each electron is either of Ruin or Preservation, then the idea of unbalanced harmonium naturally follows.
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    go easy on me it's my first cosmeme/crempost
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    One of my most enjoyable memories of Oathbringer's pre-release was the Meme thread on the OB spoiler board here on 17th Shard. I saw a new meme on one of the threads here already, so I figured, it is time. Here are three memes I'm going to start the thread with. I'm sure you all will make better ones as the chapters come out. I look forward to seeing them.
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    For the new Chapters:
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    It fits with the Pattern (hehe) of ShallanReveals™️ too. Reveal 1: ‘omg I killed my dad’ Reveal 2: ‘omg I killed my mom’ Reveal 3: ‘omg I killed my spren’ Reveal 4: ‘omg I killed my planet (indirectly by causing the cycle of desolations to resume by sending my herald mom back to Braize)’
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    Finally, we make another talk about our Kaladin's arcane tendencies! Here's what my theory is folks....or maybe we should actually call it a cumulation of theories which I also have mentioned in some other threads wording about Kaladin's unique and mysterious abilities to defy normal ventures! So welcome to a looong special Kaladin rant. Just as I always vociferate, there are a lot of things about Kaladin which makes little sense other than speculations and cleverly, Brandon has given us just shutter glimpses before shrouding it over by other material in order to divert our attention from something rather very interesting going on. We always assumed Kaladin will be 'a step ahead' than other Windrunners because he was the first to not only swear Ideals but also gain Surgebinding abilities in his order since Recreance. But in RoW, I believe there was a point when Teft instead became really, really very close to swearing 4th Ideal and then $#@% Moash came and cowdallop! But things began to go really weird for Kaladin in Oathbringer where....he freaking deflected the Highstorm! Why is nobody talking about it! Oathbringer spoilers: The spren are circulating in constant motion, creating an opposing current to deflect the winds and later binding together to contain the winds. This is NOT solely Adhesion. The pressure difference creation I can agree on that, using adhesion to make a suction and deflect the storm but...that's not the only thing happening right? We do not see Kaladin verily using Stormlight here. Yes, he feels the storm raging inside but that storm could be a metaphor, not stormlight...or maybe, we can just take both the best worlds in literal and metaphorical sense. Anyway, so Kaladin deflected the highstorm in Oathbringer. Syl is very surprised because she hasn't 'seen' something such. It is to be noted that she's the most ancient honorspren and despite her memories being mostly clouded, mostly lost...using such powers occasionally draws her closer to remember but in this case...she is genuinely surprised having seen something that gave her father a big angry smack on face. The following are some observations and their possible meaning deduced from Rhythm of War. When the suppression mechanism of Ur became active, everyone dropped dead. Kaladin did feel the push but he swatted it away simply like an annoying fly where as half a hundred radiants smothered unconscious! As far as I know, Kaladin was not the only one in tower having spoken 3rd Ideal. Clearly there were radiants of different orders having spoken that far to have squires of their own and if I recall, Lightweavers and Truthwatchers quickly rise in their levels (some people think Shallan's already in her 5th). Which means many of the 3rd Ideal ones are also 'close' to their 4th Ideal just like Teft and that Stoneward radiant, but the Stoneward radiant was out in cold and Teft was stirring, not quite awake. Same with other Windrunners. They stirred mildly but as if they needed...a link back to become conscious again. Venli also notices that Windrunners are 'most twitchy' among the brood they have kept bounded. So comes our Kaladin. First of all, feels nothing more about suppression after initial push. Gravitation doesn't work but Adhesion does...Full Lashing and Reverse Lashing works, the former a pure form of Adhesion and the latter...well, here is the seed of doubt-- Reverse Lashing is combination of Adhesion and Gravitation, and Gravitation doesn't work right? But the Lashing does work which makes me skeptical about everything. Second, Teft later used a Full Lashing on Stormform Regal but I don't think he could've used a Reverse Lashing. Also, as the corruption of tower grows stronger, the influence over healing becomes heavier and we saw Kaladin taking significantly long to heal through stormlight. But, his powers though seem 'Not as well as it did before' still manifest perfectly. FL and RL both work, and it seems Kal is even getting better in utilizing them. Syl says that there were a lot of things about their powers which wasn't explored before due to continuous wars. What Reboniel Notes: She knows humans have no gemheart. Either she meant it as a mockery or symbolism or...something else? She is also aware about RL which means this has been used in past wars but she thought it would be suppressed this time...and Kaladin's didn't. That's why she became fascinated with him. Teft remains awake because Lift healed him and is always needed to keep him awake or else he'd slip back into coma. It means Teft remaining awake is not stabilized despite being 'close enough into his oaths as well' as we note later. But long before, Teft has declared that he was worth saving which means he knows he is not worth of hate anymore-- countering his 3rd Ideal which 4th Ideals do. That means he has accepted it already-- way before Kaladin, meaning Teft becomes 'more closer into his oaths' at this point, more than Kaladin yet Lift needs to keep Teft conscious. Now that is....uh-uh, right? Kaladin claims that he knew the words since Oathbringer but couldn't bring himself to speak as he can't accept those Ideals to 'his self'. As the story progresses, his depressions become more active, more heavy, more dangerous that Kaladin went on downhill for his Ideals. The distance he covered up towards his 4th Ideal just went on a retrogressive path because not only he believes he can't protect anyone-- which counters his 2nd and 3rd Ideal, but also doesn't accept that he could ever make it to his 4th. Which means at this point Kaladin has succumbed 'so low in his oaths' that even his early Ideals fail to be his acceptance. Which meant they should have severed his connection to Syl and his powers and should've thrown him out of lucidity but...Kaladin remained steady. This was more than his indomitable sheer will power. This was more than dreaming about the light and warmth again. There have been many exclamations about Kaladin being the 'sole Radiant awake' but we are not given any answers. Kaladin says he felt something but that is nothing hindrance to his duty. Syl and Kal's bond becomes stronger than anything in this book, strong enough to remain connected despite being long distance apart. Connected to overcome Sibling's severing suppression. It could be possible that Syl, being so ancient and a direct splinter of Honor created by Stormfather before recreance granted her significantly more power than other honorspren. Possible she is far more Invested in Honor's essence than rest of her kind are because when she was created, Honor was alive. Also, Syl had left Lasting Integrity years before bonding with Kaladin. She remembers a lot of things about his childhood-- the tune which Aesudan was singing clicks right in her mind...which means Kaladin and Syl have been unconsciously interacting waaaay before everything. This was the reason Kaladin never felt Thrill even before bonding because Syl was 'present' to protect him. Also, Brandon has dodged many questions regarding past interactions between Kal and Syl before they 'met' in slaver caravan. Now why I was saying Adhesion is never the factor here: Again, just like in Oathbringer, Kaladin used Windspren to deflect the whole freaking highstorm again. It was no trick or twist, no bend or fold of Surges because he is clearly COMMANDING them to find him. He ordered them to go and they went, following his order again. This wasn't Adhesion here. Its' the windspren clearly. Everyone speculated true that Windspren will form armor and they did but even after forming and Connecting with Kaladin, thousands more of windspren still held back the storm. More than any number seen with Shardplate already formed. This shows Kaladin actually has a control over these windspren as if they are following his orders to hold back the storm. This is clear implication of a proto-Command/Surge combination we have not been explained properly. Some possibilities: Way before speaking his Ideals, Kaladin has begun driving Stormlight into his system. Could it be possible that somehow he's unwontedly drawing Lifelight/Towerlight/Voidlight as well this time? When Kaladin snapped and went full berserker against Pursuer, his Investiture was corrupted by Odium's influence but we know corrupted investiture exhibits abnormal behaviour in surges like Renarin's futuresight. Kaladin's powers remained same, Honor's true surge. Notably, he also had a great deal of control over them-- super power control despite having almost cutting all ties from his Ideals after Teft died. Many think that Kaladin jumped from tower as a nod to what he couldn't do in Honor's Chasms but...here Kal not only jumped because he was giving up but he also jumped to protect his father--a last attempt that pushed Odium back. Also, we never heard Odium's voice in his mind...did we? Like this creature invaded Honor's vision, Stormfather's powers but somehow still never pored into Kaladin. That is diamond will. Odium wanted him as his Champion because he saw something in his futurescape about Kaladin...otherwise why would he torture him so much, so frequently? For Odium, Vyre is almost next to nothing when it comes to usage...he's just there for him to impart his Intent. Kaladin IS Dalinar's champion. Yes, it will be thematically beautiful for Kaladin to have dragon DNA and shapeshifter stuff but...I don't think that plausible by any direction. Things to ponder: Kaladin gained his Surgebinding abilities waaaay before he spoke his First Ideal. Syl also seems to remember his family and says everything is connected. She mentions hearing a pure tone, demanding during that time and we have not assumed anything about it yet (I think its Cultivation). His senses almost becomes extremely sensitive enough like spiders to detect Pursuer without seeing or hearing him while being chased. He also seemed to have almost supernatural instincts during fights. Kaladin fought two Shardbearers with his eyes closed, feeling a dance of wind around. The way Cryptics near Elhokar tried to avoid when Kal came near. 'Shadows go away' While Cryptics and honorspren don't get along too well, they don't hate each other. Cryptics clearly don't want to get detected by then they should've vanished when Elhokar was near Shallan or Renarin since both of them had bonded waaay before too. But they vanished only when Kaladin came. Even in Dalinar's presence, Elhokar was able to see shadows. Tower put a damp of Gravitation but then how RL still worked? Hoid always appears with a story and narrates them during Kal's bad time. He freaking went into Odium's vision to lift Kal out. Whatever Hoid does is not without an intent and since Hoid knows a lot of stuff about future, we can assume our Kaladin has a lot to play as well. Also, he was given a very important relic whose purpose we have yet to see. (Kal's gonna be a Worldhopper?) There must be something in future which Kaladin does that made Odium rattled enough to sway him towards him rather than killing him on first case. Why Odium wanted Kaladin as his chamption? Dalinar wouldn't fight...or if they fought...Kaladin actually won? Moash kept repeating that 'Kaladin Stormblessed can't be killed, he's the force of storms and storm can't be defeated.' X ten times in whole book. Why would he repeat this? What did Odium showed to Vyre? I NEED an explanation for deflecting highstorm with windspren. And lastly......THE WHOLE FREAKING BEING Child/Son of Tanavast spoken for obvious reasons we don't freaking know! BRANDON! Every damn book! So, mirthlessly, I give my conclusion that Kaladin remained awake not because of Adhesion or close to his 4th Ideal, but a mixture of thousand other unexplainable things that makes my brain go haywire. It could be a jumble of Lights, Tavanavast, Windspren control power....or maybe he might do something really important next book which will either have us broken into weeping mess. Whatever it is...I just want my Kaladin Stormblessed to be...happy for once in his life.
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    "The world ended, and Shallan was to blame." - Words of Radiance, Chapter 10. Great theory.
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    That's all the effort he deserves
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    I really want the Chana theory to be true because that makes Shallan’s inability to admit the truth so much more plausible and relatable (at least to my own psychology) Sure, someone might repress killing both of their parents in self defence. I get that. But I also get knowing deep down that what you did was the right thing. Shallan knows what she did with her parents was the right thing. It doesn’t seem that killing her parents is as truly awful as killing Testament. And even then, did Shallan even know she was killing Testament and just not being friends anymore? Maybe depending on what Testament told Shallan. But even then, it sort of makes sense with what a kid might need to do in that situation (especially if it is "just a spren" that is "immortal"). I am not convinced Shallan really knew what she had done until she learned what Deadeyes are and how they are made. But killing a herald and ending the world? And knowing your mother/herald was 100% for sure being mercilessly tortured by voidbringers? Because of you? That's concrete. That is something a kid understands. That’s something that would leave a person “unable to laugh”. Who wouldn’t be insensate at that? Imagine being told over and over by relations that your mother was in a better place now, but you KNEW that wasn’t the case. And not only that, but you aren't even being punished. Your father is taking the blame for what you did, and you can see how much everyone you love despises him for it, and they dont even know the extent of the atrocity! And then realizing your mother was a god and realizing a god HATED you and tried to kill you for the good of the world. Each time someone praises the heralds, Shallan has to repress the knowledge that a herald despised Shallan and wanted her dead for being “one of them”. How do you deal with that? Devote yourself more to the church? Does that ever go well for “abominations?” Can she take comfort in her father? Her father is devolving into an evil man, and that evil man loves ONLY her. He is driven to such rage - to such horrors - to protect her. Her? She is vile and one of the most evil people in the world. Her father's psychotic devotion is just further proof of how wretched she is. Growing up any moment of joy would be ruined by a rogue thought of her mother being scalded, skewered, or worse. Any comfort at “a better place” would be a punch to the gut. How could you ever truly enjoy your life when you knew your life had cost the world, a god, and your mother so much? This is why Shallan says over and over that she does not deserve joy or happiness. She’s evil. She was told so by a herald and by her mother, and because of Shallan each day her mother is burned alive. One day her mother will break, and the world will end, and everyone will know it was Shallan’s fault How could she not repress that? I would. I get that lie and likely would support repressing it myself.
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    King of Wisdom, after Nohadon? Book 5 was originally a possible Bondsmith book and Book 3 for Skybreaker but they both have their cool moments in either books as per Brandon. Kindred of Wind (Skybreakers are close to Windrunners) Killing of Worlds (Ashyn past or attack on Braize) Knot of Woes (the Oathpact) Kneel and Key are two 'K' words that might be used, and Water a 'w' word that is similarly plausible in the title.
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    On a lighter note than yesterday my shardivesary has arrived!! In the past year things have gotten pretty crazy on my end for reasons that will hopefully soon be revealed. As a result my time on the shard has been less in the past than in previous years. Life happens, but I'm still here and try to keep things interesting. All of my fellow sharders keep things interesting and thank you for a great year!! Here is to another awesome one!!
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    *Riiiiiiiide intooooooooooo the danger zone*
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    If Dalinar does do that, I'll start rooting for Vyre to shank Dalinar next
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    Hey, I’m both! Kinda... I’m working on the therapist bit. Kell’s last words to Vin were also pretty harsh, if we’re being fair. And I do think some of what she said came from knowing that he wasn’t going to follow her Beyond. But I think she told him what she did because she KNEW it was the last thing she would say to him. And she remembered the effect Kelsier’s last words had on her. And she wanted him to remember them whenever he remembered her. Because Kelsier’s story has a long way to go. And there’s something in his future. Something I think Leras saw when he Preserved Kelsier and again as he died and Kell Ascended. Something Sazed saw when he refused to resurrect Kelsier because “Sazed believes in Kelsier more than Kelsier does.” Something Vin saw when she was Preservation. Her words were harsh, yes. But as Kelsier continues to survive, continues to plot and manipulate, continues to scheme and contrive, it’s something he needs to remember. Something he needs to hear from one of the few people he can’t ignore and won’t forget. Something he needs to keep in mind as he moves through the centuries; something to keep him on the right side of the line; something to push him toward becoming a better man. And Vin was never going to get another chance, nor a better one, to tell him. I don’t know if that helps, but that’s how I see it. She told him what he needed to hear, not necessarily what she wanted to say. And that’s love too.
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    Update: still annoyed with Harmony, but it's different this time. I'm less upset and more indifferent (I do understand his logic, and I definitely agree with hos logic, but he still interferes too much for a God who says he won't). On a different note, this has been the best book in Era 2 in my opinion and here's a list of why: Wayne letting go of Ranette (and asking inappropriate questions while doing so) Marasi walking into Wax and Steris passionately competing over house ledgers Wayne and MeLaan being cheeky on the train while the rest of the train is being ROBBED Marasi being jealous of said cheekiness Hoid being Hoid Khriss being Khriss Wax going from lawkeeper to outlaw Wayne old shaming Wax Wayne in general (I NEED him to become a worldhopper, imagine all the mischief) Hints of the civilisations outside Elendel and the Basin All their advanced technology Kelsier being Kelsier Allik calling Marasi the cute one and Wax the Metabolic One (etc, etc) Wayne again (he may be my favourite ever) Wayne and MeLaan Badass Wayne Both Marasi and Wax not letting the power of the Bands of Mourning consume them A darker side of Wax? Marasi and Allik Wax and Steris I also desperately want the fourth book. I am the most excited to find out more about the interaction with the outside cultures.
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    I changed my name back. It was weird as DancingQueen.
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    Those June art pieces just keep on coming, don't they? Let us know if you'd like us to do more of these simpler but more numerous art commissions in the future - we were thinking we'd those maybe once or twice a year, but art reveal season is fun season! And speaking of, this week we've got the King's Drop for you all! Paintweaver (Instagram, Tumblr) is another artist we've wanted to work with for a long time, and the relative simplicity of this illustration (plus scheduling luck) finally gave us this opportunity. The illustration is absolutely gorgeous, and the shifting smoky images inside it are an amazing representation of the captured Thrill. Fingers crossed that the Kholins keep this safe and don't go and, I don't know, throw it in the ocean or something! We've got a few more versions of this, with slightly different colors and backgrounds, and we'll release those to our supporters some time in the future, once art reveal season relaxes a bit.
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    I have a WOB that supports this... kind of. Wetlander Speaking of the other Prologues… I have a looney theory that the assassin Liss is actually the Herald Chana in disguise. Peter Ahlstrom Chanaranach has definitely been seen onscreen by at least one character at least one time in the first two books. Miscellaneous 2017 (June 1, 2017) We have seen Shallan's mother onscreen in one of her flashbacks...
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    I both admire and hate the fact that I can totally see this being true... But at the same time, I can't help but wonder if I'm just grasping at straws.
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    Well, I never made one of these, and as I like forums over staus updates for something like this I'm going to put it here. Hi, I'm Frustration, and this is my second Shardiversery, I first found Brandon Sanderson after my friend told me about Mistborn and Stormlight, I tried reading the Final Empire, but my first full Sanderson novel ended up being WoK. I found the Coppermind a little later because me and my friend who were both Cosmere aware, but increadibly uninformed, and were looking for answers. I didn't find the Shard itself until I found Shardcast while trying to find SA related Youtube videos. Two Years in review Now for the thanks @RShara was the first person I had any real interaction with on the shard, and we've crossed paths a few times since then, I have massive respect for her, and her sheer knowledge of WoB is what I aspire to have for myself one day. Fish then HemalurgicStickBreaker intoduced me to the community at large. During my second era here I met and greatly enjoyed the friendship of @Experience @Nameless @Mist @Vapor @Condensation @McWafy @Feruchemical Bowser @Ark1002 @The Awakened Salad @Channelknight Fadran @DancingQueen @Chinkoln @Danex @AonEne @Negative_Null and just so many more I can't even begin to list everyone but thank you ALLL! @LewsTherinTelescope also deserves a shoutout, I hope to one day be as good at theories as you I also have to thank the KotC, for dealing with my weird very new to RP self, I look back and cringe at my mistakes @Tesh @Blessing of Potency @phoenix2563 and everyone else thank you I'd also like a moment of silence for Freurcemical Bowser who is no longer with us. Current member statistics as of this post
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    Sometimes I have such a hard time remembering that I can only do that which I can. My role as a academic tutor whom others rely on is something that I take seriously. The expectations that fall on my shoulders both self imposed and those of others is quite heavy. I so badly want those who seek my help to do well. When they don't I always feel as though I'm somewhat to blame. A friend told me not to see it indicating that I am a failure. As hard as I try though It's just so difficult not to. This is especially true when the student digs in the knife when they get anything less than a magic pill. I sympathize with a student that I dealt with recently that the final paper that they are doing is important. I give it my all every time. How much more can I give though? She wanted me to give her specific things to write and accused me of not doing my job when I did not do so. I do not shy away from reexplaining things as necessary. I did so a number of times with this student and left time for the student to ask questions or demand clarification. Am I truly to blame for not telling her what to write? There was a lot of fundamental work to be done I just don't know how to feel. Thank you all for listening to my mini rant!
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    I'm almost done with my, uh, *cough* seventh *cough* reread of Oathbringer, and I really don't know why Brandon says his prose isn't very good. It's wonderful. I storming love it. It's gorgeous, especially in scenes with heightened emotions of any kind. Even in Mistborn and stuff, it's great prose. Maybe it's not super intricate or anything, but that lets the focus be on the characters and the story and stuff instead of on the writing itself. Anyways, that's my random thought for tonight. Also. I want more of Jasnah and Renarin's relationship please that'd be awesome, thanks. Hopefully, if we don't get that in the next book, we'll get it in the second arc. Ahhhh only six more Stormlight books! Only one left of the first arc! Mmmm I love the Cosmere.
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    everyone knows that the aluminum medal is the best on the same topic (kinda) when you use aluminum dice in dnd to make sure that coinshots and lurchers don't affect your rolls
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    https://www.17thshard.com/news/shardcast/shardcast-shallans-past-r737/ 1.1 Steps Forward 1Step Back After the Shallan's Past Shardcast I've been thinking about Brandon's comment regarding how Shallan is progressing and the things she's able to do before she should be able to in WoK and WoR (Soulcasting, and seemingly summoning Pattern in the Chasm). https://wob.coppermind.net/events/452/#e14526 The only thing that makes sense to me is if she progressed to at least the third level as a child, broke her oaths, but Testament is still around and connected to her a bit which allows Shallan to temporarily get back to those same levels to do things she used to. To put it another way her bond is spiking back up to where it used to be but only briefly, it's doing this: Because she broke her Oaths she went back to near zero for a long time, but she's progressing again and once in a while her Bond will spike up to where it used to be and she can say summon what seems to be Pattern in the chasm before she's said enough Truths on the page unless we really contort to find Truths. She already reached those levels, her spiritweb was altered, Testament still exists and is bonded to her in some way, the bond is more deflated than broken. Think of how Dalinar sees the Oathpact as 9 thin golden lines and one robust line for Taln who did not break his Oath. Or think of it as a "groove" that a Cryptics investiture can still fill. I think both Testament and Pattern are filling up that deflated original bond / "groove" that makes it easier for her to spike back, I think Pattern is mostly filling it now, but Testament is also filling it a bit. I don't have much to go on beyond my gut, but to me it is the simplest answer that fits with what we've seen.
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    to clarify: only nalthians are born with Breaths, however anyone can receive breath. if you have a breath (either natural born or received), you can use it for awakening and/or give it away. there is no location restriction on this, so you don't need to be on nalthis to do any of it.
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    After 4,500 years, I think he is so far gone he can't break, like litterally couldn't do it. He's completly unresponsive to any stimuli, I don't think he's capable of breaking his word at this point
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    *Audible Gasp* I added this to the main post and credited you! This is said right before "Red carpet turned white". Amazing!
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    I love this theory as it makes me wonder what Shallan's relationship with her mother would be if/when she comes face to face with Chanarach again. Plus, Brandon's accidental "Unnamed Mother" trope might actually be a plot point!
  38. 5 points
    This is hard. I second the suggestions: 'Keeper of Words' or 'Keeper of Winds' I cannot think of a single decent 'k' world that hasn't been suggested. Lots of variants on 'kin' if Brandon adds a sexy vampire invasion subplot. 'Over' is another preposition. Also 'off', 'out', 'onto', 'outside'. More suggestions: Keeper of Wills [for Ba-Ado-Mishram / Melishi / Recreanace] Kingdom of Walls Knights of the Writ Knitter of Wrongs Key of Worlds Shinovar xenophobia suggestions: (Kindly) Keep Outside Walls Kick out these Worldhoppers Titles for Nohadon's bestselling cookbook: Kneader of Wheat Ketchup on Wings
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    MR52: Guard Duty Getting guard duty on the upper levels of Uritheru is probably about the most boring post you could have. But, at least today you’ve got a deck of cards to play with. How will you play? What cards will you gain? Do you even know what the rules are? Or what the name of the game is? How much will you bet, how much will you loose? We'll find out.... Welcome to MR52: Guard Duty! I’m very excited to be your GM for this game, but it is my first time so bear with me as I figure things out! (I am looking for a co-gm, pm me if interested) GM: @lotus Co-gm: @Illwei IM: TBD Signups will end Sunday, August 1st at 9:00 am PST and the game will begin shortly after that. Rules: (Link to rules dock HERE) Player list: Spectators: Quick links: Questions? Just tag me! Please let me know if I forgot anything in this post!
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    "Wine before bread. Stroganoff before wheat germ. Journey before gustation. These are the Oral Words and I invite you to say them with me each week, here on Nohadon's Kitchen." Nohadon's Kitchen is made possible by donations from the Alethala Tourism Council, the Thalath Merchant Guild, and viewers like you.
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    I think we can safely assume she reached at least 3 Truths with Testament, given that she used Testament as a Blade to do The Deed. Yes, that Bond was damaged, but not "broken"; I, and many others, think it likely that the Blade she summons during WoR is in fact Testament. Later, with Pattern, more Truths were spoken. It's especially challenging to draw general conclusions about Radiants from Shallan, as she's such an unreliable narrator.
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    I think there is one truth that Shallan spoke as a child that she has repeated to Testament as an adult: "I am terrified". Shallan repeating this restored the connection to Testament in a way that was stronger than before, thereby allowing her to Soulcast in that instant.
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    Ohhh, let me come in to stir the pot. I don't believe that there can be such a thing as Lives/Lifes and probably not Voids. My personal interpretation (which I find also makes things very simple) is that Surgebinding, Voidbinding, Khriss' theorised "Thirdbinding," Fabrials, the Forms of Power/Regals and the general fauna with a bit of magic are all expressions of the ten forces that rosharans label Surges. Now, before anyone pounces on me, wielding Renarin like a club, I'm not contending that there's nothing different between Renarin's Illumination and, say, Shallan's Illumination, I just believe that they are both expressions of the Surge of Illumination. I'm personally in the camp of "Renarin's powers sure seem to express in a Spiritual direction," as there's no reason to mention the Even More Perfect Adolin(TM) unless this is somehow relevant and, well, you've seen what his Illumination does. I also think that this can be seen by implication on the so-called Voidbinding chart, the basic design is obviously borrowed from the Surgebinding/Radiant chart, including the basic design of the Surge glyphs, but they are rotated weirdly, almost like they represent a "twisted" version of something familiar, from the in-world artist's point of view. And that is my entry into the "is the chart itself just art or is the border just art" falling square into camp border is art. Now, an answer to the initial premise of the thread, I'd say that there's an argument to be made for Adhesion being Odium's truest Surge. It is after all the Surge of Pressure and Vacuum. What is a vacuum? An emptiness, a nothing, a Void you might say. Do I personally believe this? No. But the argument can nontheless be made. Um, source? Spiritual Adhesion? 1. This could be a reference to the ashynite refugees using some poetic language. 2. I fail to see how setting yourself on fire is a beneficial power to have. By that same token Kaladin hearing Dalinar for his Fourth is unreliable from his point of view, people hearing voices accept their oaths is an established thing, why doubt it now? Seeing as they all fall under the category of "creature bonding spren," wholeheartedly agree. ¤_¤
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    Yeah, I had a similar thought pretty early on in the book, and as it went on it became way more clear how much Lifeforce didn't follow the established rule. But at the same time, his power is really weird. I kept waiting for an explanation of the ravens getting regular injections of other people's blood in order to have lives they could send their injuries to, but they never seemed to need that, instead, he seemed to be able to act as a relay for them. This makes me wonder if he's maybe a different kind of gifter than the others. In many ways Prof and Conflux seem more like batteries, giving away the "energy" of their powers which others could then use for a while. My main reason for this analogy is that David makes comments in Firefight about needing to "recharge" his gifted shield power by having Prof give it to him again, whereas if he just got a weaker ability to create force fields then he should be able to regenerate his own as long as he had the power. The fact that Lifeforce didn't give a number of extra lives, but rather the ability to draw on his own supply, suggests that rather than acting like a power supply that could give others some charge he instead was able to create a connection to them that they could draw on for a constant supply of power. For this reason alone, we might be able to conclude that there are different kinds of gifters, and thus they might not all share the same limits. But as I said, Lifeforce's powers are weird. Deathrise only complicates the matter, as its unclear how much of Lifeforce's powers were his own abilities, and how much was from Deathrise. Part of this mystery is the events around Lifeforce's first attempted suicide after being rejected by Lovestruck. When we first heard the story, I was wondering who was around to touch him and activate his power, since at that point he didn't have the strategy of injecting blood into himself. I have to wonder if Deathrise possessed him then, and somehow provided a burst of healing, saving him from the suicide, like how Page was saved from her raven wounds. But as I said, I'm not sure if the injury transfer was Lifeforce's own power, or if he was never an epic at all, and it was always Deathrise inside of him providing the power. One thing that will help make this clear is whether or not Page manifests the injury transfering, or if she develops her own abilities. The only reason I hold back from thinking that Lifeforce might have not been an epic at all is that he had an epic weakness. Otherwise I'd wonder if he was something different that came about through Deathrise. But that might be a discussion for another thread. My point just being here that Lifeforce was very much not a normal epic, and his ability to gift his powers to other epics is only one piece of that.
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    I'm comparing starshight with warbreaker. in warbreaker, brandon tried hard to represent everyone's viewpoint about the conflict. he had jewels give a irade about the hallandren religion because someone had to defend it. he said in the annotation that he considers important to give space to all opinions in his books, even if they are fictional opinions on fictional topics. then we have starshight, where absolutely nobody defends the supremacy. which - minus the random executions of dissidents - is probably worth defending more than most people realize. having recently read the old man war saga from john scalzi, it influenced how i perceive a galactic community. in that saga, every race is enemy with everyone else. the humans have contacted 600 other races, and for 550 of those the policy is "fire on sight". the other races are no better. so I'm thinking, what if breeding people to be excessively mild and polite - quaranteening everyone else - is actually the only way to avoid that scenario? what if the supremacy is the only thing standing between a peaceful universe and total war? I didn't expect the point to be explored, but I would expect that someone would at least raise it.
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    I just finished re-reading - here's a couple more "why's" from me: Wayne's apparatus to imitate "Old Ironeyes" & how that scene played out Ranette's spheres & the creative ways Wax used them Melaan with her broken-up skeleton still standing tall at the end to accept the Bands on behalf of the kandra Choc! (I wonder if Brandon's kids love hot cocoa & that was the inspiration - ?) But best of all was (Wax's thoughts) "Those arms Those arms!!" At that point on my first read-thru, it was all I could do to not throw the book up in the air & scream "Survivor of Hathsin! Survivor of Hathsin!" Happily, I resisted the urge to destroy a lovely hardback book, but - - - wow!
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    If I had to choose one of these options, I'd say it was more the former. But I don't think I would describe it as an either/or. I think it can be both. There were ongoing and growing fears that spiked at a certain point (the imprisonment of BAM I think), prompting a "decision in the heat of the moment by the spren and their knights" as Brandon said in the recent WoB. Let's just set the scene. The False Desolation is ongoing and the KR are fighting singers with forms of power and Voidlight provided by BAM. The Heralds are MIA. We know that the generation of Radiants that committed the Recreance learned the truth about humankind's origins. They learned that humans had originally come from Ashyn but had destroyed Ashyn through Surgebinding. They learned that humans were the invaders in the war with the singers over Roshar. Honor was going mad and/or dying. And so, rather than reassuring them that their cause was righteous as he had with previous generations, Honor raved and told them they would destroy Roshar just as they had Ashyn. There's also friction between the Radiants and the rest of the world, and in-fighting between the orders. Oh, and the Sibling has lost trust in humans and is expelling them from Urithiru. So imagine all of that going on and then the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram happens. This tears out the the Connection and Identity of an entire species, leaving them shells of beings. We're also told in RoW that the imprisonment wounded Roshar itself and "touched the souls of all who belong to Roshar. Spren too." So this would have included all of the Radiant spren, who are bound to the spirit web of Roshar. (in RoW 75, Vaiu tells Adolin that "Deadeyes cannot think, but they are still spren - bound to the spiritweb of Roshar herself.") And because the Nahel bond involves linking the spirits of spren and human, one imagines that the Knights might have felt something too. So imagine, already burdened with worries about the dangers of the Nahel bond and the Surgebinding it allows, the KR and their spren witness/feel the extent of the damage that can be done with powerful Surgebinding. So now you've got a concrete example of harm to go with the existing fears. I can buy that that freaked them out enough that they acted rashly, thinking they needed to make sure they put a stop to Radiant Surgebinding right away. As a postscript on BAM's imprisonment and its relation to deadeyes, I'll note that I think BAM Connected to all of the singers by Connecting to some portion/aspect of Roshar itself. And as I noted above, spren are connected to the spirit web of Roshar. So when BAM was imprisoned, I think some crucial Spiritual aspect of Roshar (maybe something to do with how Honor's Investing in Roshar created sapient spren?) was also sealed away and therefore torn away from the spren. This made the Radiant sprens' spiritual Connections to their Knights all the more crucial, and when the Knights foresook their oaths, that left the Radiant sprens' minds untethered, causing the deadeye phenomenon. Ooohh, running with this idea that BAM's imprisonment messed with whatever Honor did to create sapient spren, what if before the imprisonment, spren were able to come to the Physical Realm without giving up their minds? Do we know whether that's always been the case? Might explain a bit of what happened with Adolin and Maya - maybe it was him forging a Connection with her and then sharing his mind with her while in the the Cognitive Realm that allowed her to regain some level of sapience.
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    That makes a lot of sense. I had similar thoughts, but couldn't flesh them out as much. It's been awhile since I read the original trilogy. I actually trimmed that post down a lot, because there are so many questions that Lifeforce and Deathrise give rise to. It feels like there's an explanation in there somewhere, and when it's revealed it will make a lot more sense. That was just the biggest piece of my question. Another big piece is that usually, when an epic gifts their powers, it helps to diminish their own darkness, which also doesn't seem to be the case for Lifeforce. Which could be because he lets himself get injured so frequently, or just be the way he let his own psyche change, or be from Deathrise. So many questions and possibilities...it makes me happy, and also confused. I also wondered if Deathrise came about from so many epic powers, and so much of the darkness, mingling together. Like, maybe they played off of each other and exacerbated the darkness into something stronger than the original, that couldn't be removed just by the departure of Calamity.
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    Leechers would have trouble destroying Shardblades and they would die before they could do anything to Nightblood (as they/it is much more invested than even Shardblades). Generally the speed at which leecher leeches is dependent on burn rate, and they are simply much slower at this than Nightblood. Also chromium burns relatively fast On the nicrosil, that is a good question. I think Nicroburst would not really do anything to Nightblood, as Nicroburst affect only kinetic investiture, whereas Nightblood's effect seems to be inherent to it, i.e. it is a passive one.
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    I just wanted to make this because there doesn’t seem to be enough defending elysium content in here, an I think it gives cool insights on the main series. when I read it, I thought it was really cool. It was a lot like era 2 mistborn, in a way. I also liked the whole mindblade things. I can’t wait for spensa to use it (if she is able to)! I also pieced together that the darkness was just the nowhere but without the eyes because the delvers weren’t there yet. There’s also an interesting evolution in cytonics from defending elysium to skyward.
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