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    lezian: i’m going to kill you kaladin:
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    (I swear, after this I will vanish once more into my crystal cave and sleep for another century.) So, here's the thing: I am not really a Sharder, but I have made observations thereof intermittently for several years, and that combined with a tangential discussion in this thread about shipping vs character discussion and how people react to each has... led me to a theory. You can take this with a grain of salt or a heap; heck, you're welcome to collectively ignore this post if you would like. As a member of the more transformative-works-centric part of the fandom, I offer this mostly from the suggestion of making the Shard more friendly to similarly minded people, who will probably find you all before they stumble across the Tumblr rabbit hole. I think some of the problem in the ASK thread, and in other discussions of potential relationships, is a lack of clarity in the purpose of the discussion at all. Let me elaborate. The way I see it, there are... basically three major categories of conversation that come into play: just-for-fun shipping, predicting future relationships, and analysis of relationships as part of characterization. (Obviously, these exist on a spectrum, not sharply delineated groups.) Conflict happens when someone mistakes which type of conversation they are entering. For example: in a ship thread which is focused on predicting future relationships, some things probably won't ever be brought up, because they're just not plausible based on canon so far. But if a just-for-fun shipper sticks their head in and mentions their ship and gets shot down, they may well feel defensive and snap back, and... voila, conflict. Similarly, someone who's not interested in the romantic ~drama of it all but genuinely enjoys character analysis may be annoyed that their contributions get derailed into who might sleep with whom. The solution, it seems to me, would be to clearly outline the intended nature of the discussion in the OP. This sets the intended tone for the rest of the conversation, and gives participants shared expectations/norms from the very beginning, and allows people to engage in different threads with whichever or as many types of discussion as they wish. (I also think 17S as a whole would benefit greatly from some just-for-fun ship positivity threads - let the people who feel strongly about a given pairing talk about it in a positive, sometimes silly way with others. Plus, generating content like headcanons, fic, etc is the best way to get other people invested, in my experience.) ....anyway. Like I said, take it or leave it, but I wanted to throw this out in case it could help. (p.s. for those of you not familiar with fandom shipping subculture, please note that adding a / between character names conventionally connotes a romantic/sexual relationship - hence the slang term 'slash'. so unless you actually want to talk about Adolin/Renarin in that regard... maybe use a + instead?)
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    Good memes, but I feel the first and third could have done with the scene where Gollum is tied up (finding a screencap is a new quest altogether).
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    So, my 17th birthday is coming up, but I'll be at girls' camp starting tomorrow going over my actual birthday, so I'm changing my name and status now! My school's spring musical is Mamma Mia, so I have all the songs stuck in my head, and I'm Tanya, one of the Dynamos, so I get to actually sing Dancing Queen. As such, I thought it only appropriate that I change my name to that, especially since it's a pretty minor change to my initial name. No, I am not a dancer. But I am young and sweet (kinda), and I'm soon to be only 17!
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    I was re-reading the section where Mr. T ascended to Odium, and something caught my attention. Chapter 113 (Italics as per original text) That sounds to me as though Taravangian was losing hope, and some external force helped tilt the scales in his favor. And what external force was that? Bravery, otherwise known as Valor! What do we know about Valor? Sazed to Hoid - Epigraph to Chapter 25 We know that Hoid hated Rayse and was looking for a way to bring him down. Perhaps he did take Sazed's advice and approach Valor again. If Valor did indeed affect the situation here, that explains so much: Why did Brandon feel the need to give us 4 new Shard names? So that he could hide the foreshadowing for Valor. What exactly was the deal with Hoid's conversation with Todium in the Epilogue? Given his dealings with Valor, Hoid knew that Taravangium had Ascended to Odium. This conversation was his way of getting a feel for the newest Odium. The scene felt strange because Hoid does not want to let Taravangian know that he knows about the replacement, so he hid those relevant memories in the coin. Could one mortal really take down a Shard? Well yes, but it still seems odd that one person was able to out-plan a Shard. Okay, so maybe this was Cultivation's planning. But could a plan with so many moving pieces really work flawlessly without support? It's much easier if another Shard helps out at the pivotal moment.
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    King Iadon's downfall. (Now in color.)
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    It's exciting to post my own topic for the first time! Something I’ve wondered about for a while now is how Helaran appeared on the battlefield from behind Amaram’s lines. It’s been theorized for a while now that Helaran was a Surgebinder. Primarily, this is because of a quick line from Taravangian discussing Shallan as a Surgebinder. Taravangian clearly believes that Helaran has some Surgebinding capability. But he’s absolutely startled by the account of an Alethi bridgeman spontaneously developing Surgebinding on his own. What did he think Jasnah, Shallan, and Helaran were up to, then? Shallan is at the Shattered Plains, but though he suspects her of Surgebinding, she doesn’t apparently warrant activating their agents. He breezes right past her miraculous survival. He doesn't fret about her coming into contact with Szeth at all. But that makes sense if Taravangian knows that the Honorblades are no longer in the Shin's possession, and haven't been for years. He may be assuming Shallan's Surgebinding ability, whatever it is, is granted by a Blade that she was trained to use. In RoW, Szeth learns that his father, who had keeping of the Bondsmith Honorblade is dead, and that Ishar took back his Honorblade at some point after Szeth’s banishment. Taravangian reveals that he knew Szeth’s father Neturo was dead prior to this revelation. My guess is that Ishar recovered his Honorblade about seven years before it’s spotted in RoW. This would coincide with him coming into power in Tukar. Nale seems to have been in contact with Ishar seven years ago, the same year that Gavilar and Shallan Davar’s mother were both killed. Did Nale's concerns, perhaps prompted by his conversations with Gavilar and Venli, influence Ishar's decision to take back his Honorblade? That’s a little bit out of the scope of what I’m thinking but pretty interesting. What I'm suggesting is that Ishar may have also taken custody of the other Honorblades as well. Helaran returns home with his new Shardblade about six and a half years ago, from the current position in the timeline. The descriptions given to this Shardblade closely resemble the Lightweaver Honorblade, which is something I never noticed until I looked at the art for the Honorblades. That gemstone in the pommel is the only thing that doesn’t seem to fit that description. How hard is it to move and set gemstones on a Shardblade? It can be done to regular Shardblades, though I don’t know if that necessarily proves anything. Sunraiser, for example, bears a pretty strong resemblance to the Bondsmith Honorblade, in my opinion. Possibly Helaran’s blade is a dead spren in a form that strongly resembles the Lightweaver Honorblade. But with the Lightweaver Honorblade, Helaran’s miraculous appearance makes more sense. He’d have used a Lightweaving to hide the fact that he was a Shardbearer mounted on a horse in the middle of an enemy army. It also might explain something that has meshed poorly for me with Helaran's being a Skybreaker acolyte, which was specifically his weird glowing effect. Shallan or the things she holds sometimes seem to glow, particularly when it’s implied that she’s using the Spiritual form of her Transformation surge. Tien’s implied bond to a Cryptic also uses the symbolism of things glowing or becoming brighter. To me this is more evidence that Helaran had some Surgebinding ability in that direction. Shallan mentions that there is no history attached to Amaram/Helaran’s Shardblade, in a world where every Shardblade known is recorded and named. It’s not out of the question that Nale would have access to an unknown Shardblade, but if he’s in contact with Ishar and seriously concerned by an oncoming Desolation, he might have access to another Honorblade and the motivation to arm someone who "impressed him" with it. Taravangian therefore might be working under the assumption that the same source (Nale) that gave Helaran his Honorblade might be supplying Shallan. This means that Amaram would have had possession of the Lightweaver Honorblade. If he perceived it as an ordinary Shardblade, perhaps he simply never noticed he was holding an Honorblade. I think this would be pretty deeply ironic for the villain who lies to himself about why he does what he does and truly believes his own lies to have the Lightweaver Honorblade. Someone who would have known, Restares/Kalak, seemed mostly to be in contact with Amaram via spanreed from afar. I doubt he’d share that information with Amaram, who I think he must have been manipulating--but it’s impossible to say. Other people who would recognize the Lightweaver Honorblade would be Szeth, Dalinar, Taln, and Ash. Szeth, Taln, and Ash don’t ever seem to witness Amaram wielding the Blade in combat that I can find, although all three are present at the Battle of Thaylen Field. Ash spends her time looking after Taln, and never mentions seeing her own Honorblade or Amaram. Szeth, likewise, spends a lot of his time occupied by other concerns, and never mentions seeing the Lightweaver Honorblade or Amaram that I can find in the text. It’s either not the one, or they miraculously miss it every time. Dalinar also saw both Helaran/Amaram’s Shardblade, when he confronted Amaram near the end of WoR, and the Honorblades in his visions of Aharietiam. Dalinar also pitched the idea of Shallan doing studies of the Honorblades seen in the vision. Dalinar has published written accounts of the visions, as I recall, but no mention is made of drawings. Quickly reading through the rest of the part, it's not clear to me if Shallan ever gets around to doing that. However, when Dalinar sees Ishar’s Honorblade, he doesn’t have the same recognition he does for Jezrien’s Blade, which is the most familiar to him; this could be a continuity error, or maybe indicative of something else. And during the battle, when Dalinar does the tally of people with him, Amaram wields Oathbringer alone. As far as I can tell, Amaram doesn’t use Helaran’s Blade until he fights Kaladin. Finally, there is the matter of Honorblades' behavior. When Taln drops his Honorblade, it doesn't vanish. This is meant to be a big clue as to its nature. Amaram drops Helaran's Blade twice in his fight with Kaladin, and it vanishes. Szeth also drops Jezrien's Blade in the fight with Gavilar, and the “bond” so to speak doesn’t appear to be broken. Szeth is able to resummon the Honorblade after being parted from it. No mention is made of where it ended up or if it vanished as he dropped it. My only explanation for this is that perception could be at work here. Szeth believes that the Honorblade should take ten heartbeats to summon, and it does. Perhaps Amaram likewise believes that a Shardblade should vanish when it is dropped, and so as it leaves his hand, it vanishes. Ishar demonstrates that the Honorblade, like a living Shardblade, can wink out of existence for a second and return in a flash. To summarize: I think it’s possible that Helaran was given the Lightweaver Honorblade by Nale, who gained access to it when Ishar reclaimed his own Honorblade. It’s not clear to me why he would do that, although Mraize says that Helaran was recruited with “displays of power” and that Helaran impressed Nale. Could Nale have shown Helaran how it would be possible to Surgebind without bonding a Cryptic? Then Helaran uses it to position himself behind Amaram’s lines. Maybe as an enemy combatant on the field of war, the kill is “legal?” This is still a mystery to me. Helaran is then killed by Kaladin. Eventually the Honorblade ends up with Amaram, who is completely ignorant of what it really is, and somehow it conveniently hopscotches anyone who could identify it. The Blades are awarded to then Rock, who "insists that they cannot be used" according to his daughter. They "gather dust in their box" until he returns to the Horneater Peaks. I find this idea extremely interesting, but a bit tenuous! I've done my best to cover all the things I can think of on my own, for and against. I specifically like Helaran's Shardblade being the Lightweaver Honorblade for the thematic connection to Amaram's lies, and because it's a simple, elegant explanation for the things about Helaran that don't quite make sense otherwise. But it seems to rely on those who could see it for what it is to simply not be around, for certain lapses of curiosity, and for Nale to be totally okay with losing an Honorblade. The gemstone is also located in the wrong place according to the art, which I am not 100% is really usable as evidence, and when it gets dropped, it vanishes ... Despite all this, I still thought it would be a fun theory to share.
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    I think it does a great disservice to Hoid (and, by extension, to Brandon) to assume Hoid had no objective. It would be completely out of character for Hoid to take such a risk for no good reason. @Leuthie is correct - Hoid tells us exactly what he's doing in his "performance" for Design: the subtle art of misdirection. He definitely wants Odium's FULL attention on him at this particular moment, which is carefully planned to allow someone else to do something without Odium noticing. Could be Design; could be Jasnah; could be Dalinar. There might even be more than one such secret mission. But I'm confident that we will eventually see a very satisfying reason for Hoid to risk his precious metaphorical hide trading pointless insults with Odium there. I'm also confident that once he realizes the significance of the loss of his perfect pitch and infers the removal of some Breaths, Hoid will be able to deduce much of what happened, including the events he no longer directly remembers. He will know, at the very least, that Odium is somehow different than he was. Thus this meeting will serve two important narrative purposes going forward.
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    Hi - I wasn’t able to follow along with this discussion over the weekend, so apologies if I’m retreading old ground, and that this post is so long. I’m going to try and organize based on topic in an (unsuccessful) endeavor to make this a little shorter. Shipping and Character Discussion Like others have said, my perception is “shipping” is a bit of a dirty word around here. I think that is part of the attitude which led to ASK becoming what it became. In my mind, when people say someone is a “shipper”, that means your emotion is overriding your analytical ability and therefore your opinions and analysis is not as valid. I liked @Kogiopsis's post on the subject in another thread, as I think it helps lay out the various positions when it comes to “shipping”: the emotional side, the theorizing on where the author is heading, and the fact that any complete character discussion of almost every character (for better or for worse, depending on your position) will include a discussion of that person’s interactions with romance. Yes to this. I’m not artistic or creative (in the slightest), but I drafted an entire post on Kadolin (my emotional ship) after encouragement from a mod actually (@Greywatch), but around that time there was a lot of pushback against the idea of discussing even the canon romances, so I didn’t want to put myself in the line of fire for posting something which was 100% based on emotions. I can clean that up and post it though (tomorrow) if people would like? Does that even belong in the regular OB board though? Along the lines of new posts (but on a totally different bent), I don’t want to poach @maxal's work, but I can also tomorrow pull our posts on Adolin’s fashion into a new thread. I thought that was interesting as well and the shut down happened right after the discussion got started. I gulp at saying this, but I also had some thoughts on Adolin and why he is so divisive (which I put in a spoiler, in ASK, if you want to see how far I buried that) from right before the shut down that I can also post… I don’t know how far we want to go with this as that goes into an area which can be more contentious. It became an important space because it was the only place some of us felt like we could discuss the things we wanted to discuss, as there was an extreme amount of negativity towards discussing romance and especially anything love triangle related anywhere else. I think as long as there are rules against people rejecting the idea that such discussions can happen (see below), having new threads on character discussions could definitely work. As I said above, I also like the idea of delineating whether a discussion is pure fun shipping, theorizing on where the author is headed with a romance or discussing a character in which romance will be part of the discussion. I personally don’t feel like I need this as long as the changes below come to fruition. As long as I feel like I can talk about the things I want to talk about openly, that works for me. Others may have a different opinion though! Moderation Generally I like all of these ideas. I’m someone who likes knowing rules. I think if I had known I could (and was even encouraged to) report posts which made me not want to contribute character/romance posts it would have changed how I interacted on the forum. It seems like some of the people who I felt were hostile did not mean to be, and if it had been addressed as the beginning, perhaps a lot of the unpleasantness could have been avoided. I agree with this. I think there is definitely a time and a place for public scolding. One of the things which I think would be nice is if there was more transparency about actions taken, but to tell you the truth, I think that cuts against limiting public scolding to more intense situations. The other forum (about a sport) which I’m involved in notes when posts are removed by a moderator or edited by a moderator. (It seems like here usually the staff asks the poster to edit, so I’m not sure if moderator editing is possible.) I’m actually not sure how a staff post in a contentious debate would be received along the lines of “This discussion got out of hand. I talked to the users involved, and it was resolved” or something like that. Not sure about this idea myself, but just a thought. Sorry if I’m getting repetitive, but I like all of this. Moderators and their Opinions Honestly, yes? I think part of the problem is the perception, especially when it came to ASK and there seemed to be a cohesive mod opinion, and if you were against the opinion, you really had to watch yourself. (As others had stated, the Shardcast didn’t help with this perception.) I think I would have interpreted actions differently if I hadn’t known the opinions of the moderators. (I’m not saying this forum needs to go this way, and I don’t think it will, but since you asked…) I like these ideas, which counter a lot of my issues with moderator opinions. I will say in the other forum I’m involved in, mods just run “mod accounts.” There are two or three of them, so you don’t know which person behind the mod is doing which actions. The mods also have their own usernames, but when they are a “mod” that’s all they are doing. Other No worries. In retrospect, I maybe would have liked to be asked, but considering I expected the post to be deleted, to be put on mod status and to be told I could only discuss the issue in PM, I was completely fine with how it was handled. I remain impressed that this discussion is even happening, so thank you for that. Not related to any of the above, but thank you, and I agree. I’m guilty of it too, and given this is only online interaction without the benefit of other social cues, language becomes much more important than it would if there was other context involved. It's sometimes very hard to ascertain someone's tone!
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    He told you his goals while walking to the meeting. Misdirection. My new pet theory: He sent Design away to be "corrupted" by Sja Anat, while he kept Odium's attention on himself.
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    hmm I wasn’t active for some time… I can’t really return yet though, because of school and life generally being kinda tough. So hello and goodbye I guess?
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    So it is good to know that this concern is being considered properly and I am very grateful to you @Mestiv for moving this post. I would like to say I agree with @Dreamstorm's post almost entirely, and whilst the criticisms may not reflect the actual nature of things they do show how the system can be perceived, particularly if you feel like you are member of those with "fringe" theories and beliefs. Perception is important when it comes to discipline. So I agree, but I do have a question. When a post is dismissive in a way that could be perceived as aggressive (passive-aggressive?) should that be reported? I ask because in my opinion, much of the problem here, and elsewhere is when people feel dismissed by "older" members and then lash out in anger - indeed, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what happened in the thread this was originally posted in. If not, it has certainly happened elsewhere. That doesn't excuse lashing out, but frankly, the dismissive comments whilst often as hurtful as insults (neglect is as harmful as abuse after all) do not get moderated the way abuse does. If there isn't a direct insult it just gets left. I think that is a problem. Additionally, how do we deal with it? I mean, someone might sound dismissive without meaning to - it is easier than to insult without meaning to. They might get reported even though it was just that they were on their phone, got interrupted mid post and posted without thinking it through completely. Its a reasonable scenario to imagine as I am sure many of us have done just that! On top of that, the liking system adds additional factors here. For example, a dismissive post that states "mainstream" opinions will often get a lot of likes because the majority of readers will hold the same opinion,. It doesn't matter whether they agree with the dismissal or not, it validates that person and also undermines the person they were originally commenting to because it simply proves how many members of the community disagree with them, as well as reinforces the idea of being dismissed by the community as a whole. This is worsened even further when a popular post is then flagged. Honestly, other than for stroking our own egos, what does the liking system even add? Well I know I've certainly decided not to post in certain threads because there is just no point - my opinions will just be dismissed as irrelevant. It's more insidious than cencorship - it is self-censorship because the majority will drown you out and dismiss you so why bother posting in the first place? On top of that, defence of your opinions tends to get you shouted at by mods (although usually because defence tends to get heated - and people do need to watch how they behave so mod input is usually necessary).... but you don't need to defend those opinions if you hold the majority view, only if you have minority ideas.
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    If Wax (Waxillium Ladrian) became the vessel of Harmony, his god metal would be Waxillium.
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    From the album More Cynical Than Funny's terrible Stormlight art

    Have a Syl to brighten your day
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    Apologies if any of these have been done before General Sanderson/fantasy books Final Empire WOR OB General Stormlight
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    In espionage, a "sleeper" agent is just someone who has successfully infiltrated the target country, but is not actively doing anything (gathering intelligence, performing operations, etc). I suspect Taravangian's sleepers are just regular men & women who are loyal to the Diagram or Kharbranth.
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    I'm taking a coding class right now, going over the basics of the Python programming language- and I made a thing! The Sanderson Theory Generator. The idea for making this I think originated from something I saw on Scratch that did something similar. I'm not really sure, that was a long time ago. So I didn't come up with the concept of this, but I did write the code. To be honest, I don't know if it will open I have Python downloaded on my computer, so it just opens the file and runs the program, but for all of you guys who (probably) don't I'm not sure if it will even work. Hopefully it does If not, (or if so) I'd like to know. Here it is: Sanderson Theory Generator.py
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    Siri: Spoiled brat who stole her Sister's fiancé, ruining things for everyone. Susebron: Illiterate Man-Child entirely at the power of his caregivers. Tonk Fah: Animal Lover Clod: Walking sex toy
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    From the album Some awakening animations

    An animation of my Type IV awakened object, Stringsoul the rope man.
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    So, my family surprised me and bought me an "I am a stick." shirt. My sisters encased it in a cool box with both Roshar's and Shallan's simbols, and here are some pictures:
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    The white clothing was a Parshendi tradition, foreign to him. But he did as his masters required and did not ask for an explanation. He sat in a large stone room baked by enormous firepits that cast a garish light on the revelers, causing beads of sweat to form on their skin as they danced and drank and yelled and sang and clapped. Some fell to the ground red-faced, the revelry too much for them, their stomachs proving to be inferior wineskins. They looked as if they were dead, at least until their friends carried them out of the feast hall to waiting beds. Szeth did not sway to the drums, drink the sapphire wine, or stand to dance. He sat at a bench at the back, a still servant in white robes. Few at the treaty signing celebration noticed him. He was just a Shinservant, and Shin were easy to ignore. Most out here in the East thought that Szeth's kind were docile and harmless. They were generally right. The drummers began to beat a new rhythm. The beats shook through Szeth like a quartet of thumping hearts pumping waves of invisible blood through the room. Szeth's masters - who were dismissed as savages by those in more civilized kingdoms - sat at their own table. They were men with skin of black marbled with red. The red is what I got wrong from writing it down. I'm generally better at reciting it. This is how you know you're a sanderfan
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    Kaladin the paladin - he was terribly depressed. And then he was a Windrunner! an' was he then? And depression, terribly, was he - paladin the Kaladin. Shallan had trauma. Death - the murders - her dad, her mom. Her mom, her dad - her murders. Deathly trauma, had Shallan. These may be the worst keteks in existence.
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    LenKai looked back at the wall of ice and snow. Storms this late in the season were not unheard of, but the look of those clouds set fear in the heart. Traversing the mountainous region of Sel was difficult. Plenty of people die every year from starvation or exposure. Even experienced trappers had to be at least a little kayana to make your home up here. This storm looked more like the mountain was tired of dealing with those noisy neighbors and was ready to sweep them off. LenKai returned gratefully back to the small inn that served as a trapping outpost. It didn't look like much, but it was sturdy and would withstand the storm... he hoped. As he entered he saw a room full of trappers and travelers alike all huddled against the storm and the biting chill brought on by the winds of the weather changing. "Cheer up! This will be the last storm of the winter. I am LenKai, who are you?" ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Quick Fix 43! You are a group of travelers, trappers, and occultists just trying to survive the last snowstorm of winter in a Duladel trading outpost. This storm coming through would certainly mean death for any who ventured into it. Unfortunately, staying here may be just as deadly because not everyone trapped in the outpost is here for refuge from the storm. Roles: All players: You sought shelter in this waystop, but found no rest. Between the frozen snow and the murderous zealots, survival is up to you. Work together to find the Followers of Mysteries and force them outside where they will freeze to death. To do this, send a vote through your GM PM once during each cycle. This vote can be changed until the cycle ends, does not count as an action, and will be made public at the start of each cycle. Only final votes will be made public." Follower of Mysteries: You will stop at nothing to learn the mysteries of Jesker. Each cycle you must send one vote for who to sacrifice to the GM (Elkanah) via your GM PM. This is in addition to your vote of who to throw out into the snow. The player with the most votes will be sacrificed to your mysterious purposes. Priest of Jesker: You have seen these signs before. As tensions rise and signs begin to worsen, you alone know how to find the Followers of Mysteries. You may investigate one player each cycle to learn if they are a Follower of Mysteries. Jindoese Soldier: You trained in the art of ChayShan from your youth and built up the strength to protect others. You may protect one player from Followers each cycle. Rulo: You are the fool who got themself stuck in a trading outpost you had no business being in. You're a bit kayana, so each cycle you scratch a message in the wood somewhere in the outpost, too bored to sleep. Seon Holder: The seon is a great tool for communication. As long as at least one Seon Holder is alive, there is no limit on PM's except they must include the GM. Order of Actions: Rulo Message Soldier Lynch Priest Sacrifice Additonal info: This is a quick fix with 24 hour cycles. Day and night are combined. Anyone who does not either talk to the outpost's owner (Elkanah), come to the community dinner meetings, or meet with other traders for two consecutive cycles will freeze to death in their room The game will start when we have enough players or next Wednesday the 18th at 10 pm MDT (4 am GMT) whichever comes second. Sunday March 22 for sure. Player List Spec Doc Quick Links
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    Hey Dream, as the moderator in question, I'd like to give a little more insight into what happened there. I assume you're talking about Kogiopsis' brief foray into the Adolin-Shallan-Kaladin thread? Your retelling of events is fairly accurate, but I'd like to explain a bit of what happened behind the scenes. Yes, Kogi's a close personal friend of mine, has been for years. She's long disliked some of the culture of discussions on 17S and, for the most part, avoids them. She has an aggressive personality, and it tends to come out strongly when she is engaged in a heated discussion, and she knows that a lot of times, that kind of argument is against the rules on 17S. The mix of 17S conversations making her blood pressure rise combined with the fact that she hits too hard when she's annoyed means that she stays away for the most part. I didn't summon her as an attack dog or ask her to contribute. Frankly, I was downright shocked to see that she'd logged in here. We've got group chats on skype with other Cosmere fandom members, and some of us are on 17S and had been talking about our discussions in ASK, so she knew about the thread. But I certainly wasn't expecting her to go weigh in with her take on the matter. She went too far, got carried away and her tone strayed into a territory that broke the rules. The moderation staff discussed it, agreed that the tone was too far, the post was hidden. I talked to her privately about it, and she said she had a pretty good idea of where she'd crossed the line and so, after editing the offending part out, the post was reinstated. Now, I think you have a point about public chastisement in a way. There wasn't a call-out for Kogi in the thread for that event, but I think that has more to do with the fact that it was an issue that could be handled and fixed privately. And it's not just personal friends of staff who get that treatment. There's plenty of times where staff send private messages to members to try to fix posts or steer a conversation away if it looks like it's getting toxic. It doesn't always have to do with bias or relationship. Sometimes the person isn't too far out of line and just needs a staff nudge. Sometimes a public condemnation would throw an otherwise productive topic off-course and we don't want to interrupt for a staff announcement. Public moderation has its place too though. In some cases, it can be good for other members to see what kind of behavior is out of line so that they can not make the same mistakes in the future. A lot of times, conflicts in threads aren't the fault of one single person, but rather a group of people getting heated and taking things too far, in which case, it's easier to just sit them all down right there in the thread and ask them to cool off. It depends on the situation, again. In Kogi's case, I knew why she'd gone too far and I knew, as her friend, that she'd fix it when asked without throwing a fit. And yes, that is a benefit of being friends with someone, that you know them and it's easier to deal with stuff like that because you've got a previous relationship. I can't hit up RandomUser096 on Skype and say "hey buddy, I think you know where that went wrong, but I know you'll fix it because we're cool" sort of thing. Most of the users here are strangers here, and that means I can't just saunter into their PMs here and know for certain they'll be reasonable. There's plenty of members who blow up and try to make things worse when a moderator steps in. There's some who will shout that you're being jerks to them specifically, peppered with swear words, and throw tantrums. But there's plenty of people who apologize and are fine. Sometimes it's a misunderstanding, and the person didn't realize how their post really came across. But when you don't know the person, it's a grab bag which one it's going to be. And odds are, when the person has already gone too far and broken the rules, there's a higher chance that they're going to be the furiously angry former type than the reasonable and apologetic latter type. Maybe we, as staff, didn't handle that situation in the best way. Maybe we did. We did our best at the time to be fair about it. I'm sure there's other situations we could have handled better too, just as there's situations that were handled smoothly enough that other users never even knew about them. The staff are human. We make mistakes and we have biases on moderation things just as we have regular opinions on book things. We do try hard not to let those biases affect our moderation, but I'm sure it happens sometimes anyway, despite our intentions otherwise. I think I speak for the staff when we say that we don't want the moderation team to be some dangerous, shadowy cabal that might swoop down out of nowhere and execute you in broad daylight, or send assassins in the night to murder you if you don't fall in line with our nefarious agenda. We're just fans, like you guys, who joined this site because we love Brandon's books and love talking about them with other fans. We've just got... a little more say in sorting things out when things start to go wrong. I think maybe a thread like this is a good thing. I think it could be productive to talk about how moderation works on the site and maybe we as staff members can learn how to improve some things too. Like I said, we're not perfect. But we're trying our best. Maybe, after talking it all through, we can get even better.
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    Starsight (this one's kinda crem but it's funny)
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    HOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP. Okay so I'm gonna start by saying that this was SO STRESSFUL. And here I thought the previous MR was hard. Two games in a row Mat and I were teammates! A lot of this game was me rambling in the elim doc trying to figure out the next best plan XD. Huge thank you to my teammates, I had a blast playing with y'all, even if you were a traitor Mat. And hey Lotus, we lived to the end for you! Drake: every single time you said no elim thug would speculate the existence of an elim thug on D1, I lost my mind. Absolutely hilarious thank you for making this one of the most iconic things I've managed to do. "It's a bad plan and it wouldn't work, no one would do it." Precisely! Here's a peak at what the elim doc looked like after Araris died: Edit: Mat in the Kandra doc: "Bip trusts me!" Me, about to submit a coinshot kill on Mat:
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    It's been a good run, but I think I'm going to be unplugging, throwing in the proverbial towel, bidding adieu, and logging off from the Shard for the last time. The shard was really the only bit of Social Media that I have engaged in, and it was a fun run, but I think that I am just too old and crotchety for this Social Media thing. It was fun giving/getting boons/banes on the Nightwatcher thread, it was fun speculating after the release of Oathbringer, it was fun over at the Cosmere the Musical thread, it was fun doing the Cosmere Character Roasts, and it was great for the most part being part of the nicest and smartest online forum on the interwebs. But all good things must end, right? You all are great, really you are, but I am incredibly uninterested in the Cosmere© now, after Rhythm of War came out, and I fear that I'm not as big of Sanderfan as I used to be, due to the shift in emphasis from creation to marketing that has seemed to have taken place. I wish all you lovely people nothing but the best, and will now have time to read more and draw more, so don't cry for me, as they say. Adieu, Adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.
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    Stormlight Archive
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    We see Kaladin fall down out of the sky. We hear what we think are drum beats and then the screen flashes a black blue light. We jump to a scene of Adolin getting circled all alone fighting, drums still beating. Another black blue light flash and we hear a child like voice say "I am closer to death than ever. Surrounded by evils on all sides. Men and singers alike seeking to abuse me.". Screen flashes in a soft green blue light. We see the scene of the Windrunners protecting a wierd flying object. Another black blue light flash, and we see Navani and Raboniel together. Raboniel says "I'm so tired of this war. So tired of capturing, killing, losing, dying.". "We should end it then." "Not while Odium lives." "You'd actually kill him? If you had a chance?" And Raboniel sounded a Rhythm somewhat as if embarrassed. We see Kaladin still falling in the sky. And we hear in his voice "Someone needs to do better for these people, Someone needs to talk to them, try different treatments, see what they think works. What actually helps. we’re going to try something new." We see Navani and see Moash creep towards her with his blade. Navani sings the Rhythm of Honor and we see her shoot out lazer beams and says "Journey before destination, you bastard." And we go back to Kaladin still falling and the drums stop, and in Dalinar's voice we hear "These Words are accepted." We then see the big Rythm of War name of the film show up. And after the trailer name we see Design and Hoid. “Design!” Wit said, turning on her. “What did I tell you about spoiling the ending of stories!” “Something stupid, so I forgot it!” “Don’t spoil stories!” “That’s stupid. The story is really long. He needs to hear the ending so he’ll know it’s worth listening all the way.” “That’s not how this works,” Wit said. “It needs drama. Suspense. Surprise.”
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    I personally think that Hoid did make a mistake there. We know that he sometimes fails (on Sel for example), and Fortune is not fool proof. I think that he had no goal outside of taking some potshots at Rayse, because he managed to get him to agree to contract which should protect Hoid from his direct action. Hoid seems to love when he gets away with stuff right under other people's noses, and this would be one of the best things we pulled, and he pulled it on Rayse whom he has a grudge with. So now thinking he is protected, and knowing that Rayse is not the sort to try anything but brute force due to his arrogance (Rayse seems to act like textbook Narcissist in both Oathbringer and RoW), decided to bask in his own greatness and thumb his nose at Rayse. However, Hoid lacked a crucial piece of information, that Rayse was replaced by Taravangian. Even with Fortune this information would be denied to him, as it happened due to actions of Renarin. Everyone thinks that Szeth killed Vargo with Nightblood, and evidence seems to support it so he would have no reason to suspect anything else. So lacking this crucial knowledge that his opponent is now someone much more crafty and measured, he goes to the fateful encounter and we get to see someone best Hoid for the very first time.
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    LG77: Aftermath Iden: alive Shara couldn’t get ahead of herself. She had one last thing to do before she could finally take out Iden. Dann: alive The meeting hall where everyone had gathered at Goren’s orders seemed especially quiet today. Mostly everyone was unnerved by Earl’s recent execution and no one was happy with being stuck in one room for nearly two full days now. Especially since Goren wouldn’t even explain why they were all stuck there. Well, Shara thought, I know why. They’d agreed that Shara would be the one to start it. There had been a...disagreement between her and Philico, but Shara had ultimately won out in that argument. And so she had the right to the first blood in what would be the worst massacre in recent history. She gripped the medallion hidden in her pocket. That had been a more recent find, and thank Harmony for it. The medallion had come in handy, especially after her secret powers as a Thug had come out. She tapped the stores hidden in the metal, walking so she could get a better sightline for Dann. She grabbed a glass of water, discreetly mixing in the bits of steel one of the others had gotten for her. She downed it quickly, her nerves seeming to rattle, her heart pounding. She hardly even noticed that her hair was falling out of her neat bun on the top of her head. It’s time. Shara grabbed the coin hidden in her other pocket, took it out, burned steel, and turned to where Dann was. And she stopped for a moment, everything fading away as she saw Iden standing there next to him. Iden, who she had worked so hard for for so long, yet he didn’t care to do anything to help anyone but himself. He wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for her. And so, she changed her plans slightly. Moving quickly, because there wasn’t much time and the others could be impatient, Shara moved to get a new angle on Dann and Iden. She needed to do this right. She didn’t have much power left in the medallion, probably enough for one shot’s worth to spare before she’d need the rest for the chaos afterwards. She flicked the coin up into the air, and then pushed it as hard as she could. It flew through the air, shooting straight through Dann and into Iden’s chest behind him. She didn’t see Dann’s reaction before he dropped, though there probably wasn’t much of one considering the shot had killed him instantly. Dann: deceased Iden however, seemed shocked, a look of pure confusion on his face as he clutched his chest and fell to the ground. Shara ran to him, tapping pewter to push others out of her way as people began to realize what was happening. She barely heard the gunshots from the rebel guards as they turned on the few Loyalist guards that were left. Iden was struggling on the ground, clearly struggling to breathe with the coin lodged in his chest. It was a pity that Shara’s shot had missed his heart for a bit. “Shara...why?” He said. Even those two words seemed to be painful for him, and he coughed up blood after. Shara could hardly make herself look at him, nonetheless talk to him. She forced herself to anyway, kneeling down so Iden could see her face clearly. “I’ve been wanting to kill you for so long. You’ve done nothing but help yourself, and help the others who profit off of the work of so many people below you. I worked up from nothing to get where I am now. And you wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for me. You couldn’t even spare a thought for my family, or for the countless other families out there who have been even worse off than mine. It’s finally time that we help people, Iden.” Shara scooted away as Iden let out his final breaths. It was finally over. Or at least, the first step in their grand plan was finally complete. She still had work to do. Iden: deceased ~ After what felt like an eternity of running and hiding from all the chaos, Yoden finally managed to find Goren in the confusion. The man didn’t even seem to be breaking a sweat. “We need to evacuate.” Yoden insisted. “There’s too many of them - your blockade isn’t going to keep the Sympathisers in, it will only lead to a massacre.” Goren returned a level-headed stare. “My job is to keep the problem contained. The situation is… unfortunate, but will be dealt with shortly. If we evacuate now, the Sympathisers will spread all over the city, spreading havoc everywhere they go. For now, it’s contained.” “Is this what you call contained?!” Yoden yelled. “It’s a massacre! If I didn’t know better, I think you’d want everyone here dead.” There was a pause. Slowly, Goren smiled. Yoden backed away slowly. “Goren… What is this. This… isn’t something you’d do. You’re here to help people.” No response. Yoden tried the door, opened it, and felt it slam shut again. Goren was almost on top of him. “We’ve had our disagreements, but we’re colleagues.” Goren smirked, and slowly started to walk towards Yoden. “You have no idea how long I’ve had to put up with your idiotic blathering. Your questions. Your pathetic attempts at policy. I’ve dreamed of this day, when I wouldn’t have to put up with it anymore. And it seems the Survivor has finally smiled upon my request.” And with that, Goren plunged the dagger into Yoden’s chest. Yoden wrapped his hands around the dagger in his chest, clutching it in disbelief, slowly sinking down against the wall as his vision went black. ~ Juno raced to hide when the screaming started. But they seemed to be everywhere, with nowhere to hide. If she’d been a little quicker, a little smarter, a little more willing to run when she had the chance… Nearby, one of the Senators screamed as a Boxing shot through his torso. Juno’s own Jacket should be able to protect her from the same fate for so long, but only if she found a way out first. Juno rounded a corner, and found Goren and Yoden standing by a doorway - could it be an exit? If anyone might know, it’s possible they did. Juno raced forward - maybe this was her chance - but something was wrong. Yoden seemed panicked, pleading, as Goren grabbed a dagger he was carrying and plunged it through Yoden’s chest. Juno stopped, but before she could turn away from the scene, Goren turned and Juno saw his dark smile. Running wouldn’t do any good. Time seemed to freeze. Goren’s awful grin, Yoden, clutching the dagger in his stomach with a look of disbelief and betrayal - dead, but still standing. Juno’s feet seemed frozen to the ground, until she noticed the thin sheen that seemed to lie between Goren, Yoden and herself. She turned, and saw Philico standing behind her, seemingly uncaring of everything in his surroundings. One of the traitors. Either that or something much, much worse. “Philico found your intrusions… troublesome, you know.” Philico said. Only, Juno could see now, it wasn’t Philico. Slowly his face started to shift and switch. First, Sweeper, then, faster and faster, a display of faces. AraRaash, Panini, Shara, his own face, for just a moment. Juno’s mouth was dry. “So you were the kandra all along. I thought you might be.” Juno tried to put more confidence into those words than she felt. “You’re a… Slider, though. I thought you were a thief. Or, the person you’re pretending to be was a thief. Whatever.” “A gift that came with this current body - he and his friends were great fans of playing with toys they didn’t understand. It’s… handy, though. I might keep it for a little while.” The kandra slowly collapsed out of a human form entirely and became translucent, revealing a nauseating mix of bones and, briefly surfacing, a spike, before it got pulled into the swirling mass once more. “Are you here to kill me?” Juno assessed her options - against a Kandra, they weren’t good. And even if she somehow won, Goren was still waiting outside the moment the time bubble dropped. The kandra seemed to consider the question - its faces moved between several emotions in rapid succession - joy, anger, fear. Eventually, it seemed to settle on an answer. “You humans attract chaos like a Koloss attracts flies. Any chaos I did, any that I could hope to do, was far outweighed by the chaos you caused amongst yourselves.” A rumble seemed to emerge from the writhing form. After a moment, Juno realised it was meant to be a chuckle. “No, you’re far more interesting alive than dead. Particularly with what’s about to happen.” Somehow, Juno didn’t feel comforted by that answer. But the kandra went on. “The Sympathisers are wearing green armbands so they can identify one another during the massacre. Acquire one, by any means necessary, and you should make it out of here alive for what comes next.” Juno paused. “Thank you. I think.” “Perhaps we will meet again someday, human. I would take great pleasure in adding your bones to my collection.” “Next time, you could just say goodbye.” The kandra briefly materialised Philico’s face to smile, and deformed back into a blob-like entity once more. Then, faster than Juno thought possible, it dashed past Juno. She watched the bubble fall as all the sounds of the outside world came rushing in once more. The blob dashed at Goren, and before Goren had even taken a single step, a fist seemed to emerge from the mass, giving Goren a swift upper cut to the jaw. As Goren collapsed, the Kandra kept moving around him and the prone body of Yoden, leaking through the underside of the door, and was gone. In a moment, there was no-one else in the corridor beside the prone bodies of Goren and Yoden, and the discarded bones of Philico. Juno forced herself to walk down the corridor towards the scene - she felt Goren’s pulse - there was still a beat there, so not dead, just unconscious. She grabbed the armband off his arm and then left to find another exit. ~ AraRaash once again found himself in the midst of a bloody battle over the fate of the Elendel Basin. He had seen many things over the course of his lives, and once again this was one of the deadliest moments he’d found himself in. He was tired of being important when it came to this planet’s people, but well...he did what Lamentation told him to. And so, he found himself talking in the corner of a room to a man with a puppet while people died around them. It was a strange experience, to say the least. “You’re a Rebel, aren’t you?” Bagel, the puppet said. “Well, yes, I am.” AraRaash said. “If the gun I was holding to your head...or, well, to Panini’s head wasn’t indication enough of that, surely the fact that none of the rebels are trying to kill me should’ve clued you into that fact.” “If you kill me,” Panini said, his face grim, “Bagel will hunt you down and enact revenge.” “And how exactly will he do that? He is attached to you, you know.” “I’m right here you know!” Bagel said. “You can’t talk about me as if I’m not here. I’ll make sure that no one ever remembers you after this, mark my words.” “Well,” AraRaash said, “I’m the one with the gun, and because of that, you two are going to do what I say.” Panini quickly ducked under AraRassh’s gun, going for AraRaash’s legs. AraRaash sighed, bending his legs unnaturally around Panini so he just slid under AraRaash. He quickly rearranged his body so that his torso twisted around to face where Panini now was. Panini gasped, and Bagel beat him to speaking. “You’re a Kandra!” “We’re going to tell everyone that you’re a Kandra,” Panini said. “No one will ever trust you again. All your plans will be ruined. You won’t get away with this!” AraRaash rolled his eyes. “Of course I’m a Kandra! Do you think I care if people know that? I’m not even the only one here, though I think MarRiis was trying to keep their involvement here a secret. Anyway, everyone here will be dead by the end of the night if things go according to plan.” He paused. “You know what secret really matters, what’s really important?” He crouched down, and leaned his face closer to Panini and Bagel’s. “Bagel, you aren’t even real. If I’m fake, you’re even more fake.” Bagel gasped, starting to shake his head. Panini looked horrified, and went to cover Bagel’s ears, but nothing could seem to console the puppet. AraRaash stood up. “Yes, that’s right. You’re not real. You thought you could come here and blackmail me with all the little secrets you learned, but I had the greatest secret to blackmail you with. Your own unreality.” AraRaash nodded to himself, watching as Panini and Bagel slowly started to unravel, muttering to themselves reassurances about each other. “And now that that’s done, I can make my way back to….” He trailed off as he turned back to the rest of the meeting hall. There were significantly less living people left. They must’ve spent a lot more time talking than he’d thought. “Rusts,” AraRaash said. “He really did manage to trick me into wasting time. I missed out on all the fun.” AraRaash made his way through the melee, killing anyone who tried to stop him and wasn’t wearing the blood green armband the Rebels had agreed to start wearing once the massacre had started. Once he was outside, he began to feel the pull from Lamentation once again. His part here was done, and he was needed elsewhere. But that could wait until the murdering was done. So he waited. ~ As the sun began to rise on the next day, not even a week after the news of the rebel attack had reached Garmet, Goren and the rebel survivors made their way out of the building. Most of them were covered in blood, and they’d lost a few of their own, but the mission was mostly successful. Goren turned to look at the others. Some of them still seemed a little restless, as if they were almost disappointed that the killing was over. Most of them just seemed tired and ready to be done. There was still so much work to do. “Shara,” Goren said, turning to her. She had been an invaluable asset to the Rebel cause, and her discovery of the medallion had served them well. “I want you to draft up a plan for how to deal with this city. We’re taking it over.” AraRaash walked up. "I wish you all the best with that." Goren and Shara looked over at AraRaash with surprise. "Unfortunately, I have... other business I need to attend to." Goren looked at AraRaash. "You've been of great service - I don't suppose I could change your mind?" "Unfortunately not. You seem to have things under control, though." "Then go well, AraRaash. May you bring message of our victory everywhere in your travels, so that others may replicate our success." AraRaash nodded, and left. Shara paused for a moment. “We are going to do this better than they did, right?” Goren smiled. “Yes, we are. Work on making sure no one gets left behind in our improvements for this city. Even the poorest here will benefit from our coup.” “And as for the rest of us,” Goren said. “We’re leaving the most political minded of our team here, along with a healthy force of soldiers, to rebuild this city from the ground up. I want minimal casualties and minimal destruction. And I want to recruit anyone we think would be helpful to our cause and is willing to make a long trip soon.” He paused, mostly for dramatic effect. “Because our next goal is to make the very long trek to Elendel. We’ve got more work we need to do there.” Dannex was killed! They were a Loyalist Duralumin Gnat/Sparker Twinborn! And that’s the game! Congrats to the Rebels, Ashbringer, Biplet, and Lotus, for winning! And an honorary congratulations to Matrim’s Dice as well, even though he got Kandrafied shortly before the elims won. Oh, and a huge congratulations to Striker for running such a fantastic game. It was a blast getting to co-GM with him again. GM thoughts will come later. Player List: @Ashbringer - Rebel Soother/Skimmer Twinborn @Biplet - Shara, advisor to a representative of the third Octant, Iden. Rebel Thug @Szeth_Pancakes - Earl Euphemie, a journalist from the Elendel Daily, definitely not a highly trained assassin. Loyalist Nicroburst/Subsumer Twinborn @Matrim's Dice - Philico, here to steal Faleast's Kandra thunder. Rebel Thief turned Kandra with a Slider Spike @Lotus - Josephine, definitely not out of her league. Rebel Pulser/Pinnacle Twinborn @Araris Valerian - Sweeper, a lowly cleaner of the political chamber building. Kandra @The Unknown Order - Walker, who...walks. Yeah. Loyalist Slider/Gasper Twinborn @DrakeMarshall - Juno, member of the Board of Somethingorother, and an enthusiastic protestor. Loyalist Archivist @Jondesu - Myra, not witty or even particularly bright, but she’s honest. Loyalist Rioter Misting @Archer - The Great Panini, wealthy patron of the arts and amateur ventriloquist, accompanied by Bagel. Loyalist Smoker/Sentry Twinborn @Illwei Loyalist Seeker Misting and Hemalurgist @Experience - Zara, questionably loyal, but in extreme ways. Loyalist Tineye Misting and Investigator @Devotary of Spontaneity - Magrait, an amalgamation of Adomert and Inedze through their stored memories from a coppermind. Loyalist Spinner Ferring and Thief @Azmine_king Loyalist Hazekiller @Mist - Lumen, a secretary who's trying her best and wants to bring justice to whoever needs it. Loyalist Leecher/Soulbearer Twinborn @|TJ| - Loyalist Lurcher/Trueself Twinborn @manukos - Bill, Bill Door. Probably shaped like a triangle. Loyalist Augur/Connector Twinborn @Dannex - Loyalist Duralumin Gnat/Sparker Twinborn @Flyingbooks - Veren, assistant to the Elendel representatives, playing both sides to get the nobility less influence in politics. Loyalist Oracle/Windwhisper Twinborn! Docs: GM Spreadsheet Elim Doc Kandra Doc Spec/Dead Doc
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    Also, I just want to say thanks to @Biplet for keeping me sane while I was running this, even though she was playing this and I made her wake up at 8 am everyday to be on for rollover. Plus she dealt with me having to do this while we were on our little anniversary trip a few days ago. And she put up with the stress that me cursing her as an elim put on her really well. She also made a lot of really funny memes both in thread and in the doc, so that was really fun to watch as well. Anyway, I wouldn't be here without her, so just a huge thanks to her. Love you Bip. EDIT: Also also, she definitely called and woke me up ten minutes before rollover at one point because I accidentally slept in, so yeah, huge thanks for that as well.
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    Thank you so much to everyone who played! It was a blast getting to run this game again! I loved getting to watch all of you play and it makes me really happy to know that you guys really like these rules and have fun with them. It's always so much fun getting to run these games, and it really warms my heart to know that you guys like them too. Just...thank you guys so much. And also a huge thank you to @Elbereth and @Young Bard as well. These games would not be possible without their amazing help, especially with the spreadsheet. Most of this happens because of their work, and I just take a lot of the credit for myself since I made the rules. Anyway, I'll eventually give more thoughts about how the game went this time, and what I think I could do to improve it for the next run (I've already started making a v3 of the rules), but for now I just want to congratulate @Ashbringer, @Biplet, and @Lotus for their win! And also @Araris Valerian and @Matrim's Dice for playing really really well as the Kandra. It got really really close at the end there, and Mat very nearly could've won if things had gone slightly differently, which would've been awesome. It's not often you get to see a SK win. Also, Araris, picking Mat as your successor was such a smart move. If you'd hit a villager, the game would've ended right there. Or maybe would've ended after D5, but it would've been much harder for your successor to try and win. @Archer Thanks for making a really fun character to work with, I hope you appreciate what I did with them in the writeup. It was always really funny seeing you RP with them. @DrakeMarshall I just want to congratulate you on earning the most boxings almost every turn of the game, and I'm only saying almost because I'm too lazy to go back and check that that's actually what happened. Plus it was fun seeing you and Lotus and Bip RP together for the short period of time at the beginning of the game before Lotus died. And I'm glad you and Bip continued that RP banter between your characters throughout the game. @Illwei Thank you so much for subbing in for @Ventyl, even if you died shortly after. You immediately came in and started making the elims sweat a bit, as if they weren't already before that. Also, if anyone's curious about what possibilities they had for their roles, you can look at the version history for the Role Assignment tab in the sheet and go to the version from May 29th at 8:37 am CDT and see what could've happened. Anyway, just a huge thank you to everyone who played. These games wouldn't be possible without you, and I appreciate you all so so much. Running games brings me a lot of joy and gives me something to look forward to everyday. I often need that, so just thank you all so much for playing. It really does make me so happy that you all enjoy my games.
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    Alright, it’s official! My new succulent’s name is… Evelyne! Thanks @FriarFritz for the name! Here is a picture of Evelyne:
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    Step 1. Ask if the number of words in a Stormlight book can be counted Step 2. Tell the community you're looking for the word "money" Step 3. ??? Step 4. Profit
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    During the Siege of Jerusalem during the First Crusade, the Crusaders launched an attack on the city with a large covered battering ram. As it advanced inexorably, the Arabic defenders struggled desperately to set it on fire. Despite their best efforts, the ram reached the first layer of walls and opened a hole in them. The panicked Arabs rained all their firepower down on the ram. The Crusaders managed to gather their limited supply of water and put the fire out. There was a brief pause. The Crusaders realized, with horror, that the ram was stuck in the wall and was blocking their line of advance. There was only one thing to do. In an ironic reversal of the situation, the Crusaders began raining fire down on their own ram, while the Arabs, responding in the only way they logically could, began pouring water from the ramparts, trying to preserve the obstruction. (The ram eventually ended up being destroyed, preparing the way for an assault on the main walls later on.) The end.
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    First of all...I'm not dead! I've just been super busy with work, my own draft, and overwhelming myself with obligations. Second...I finally finished Draft Four of Name of the King. FINALLY. Hilariously, I don't even know how many people are still around from the dumpster fire that was Draft Three. Third... After many months of waiting, I used @shatteredsmooth's plagiarism checker from February to compare my first and fourth drafts. 33% of the book is the same, and according to my Cut Text folder, I have "deleted" 106 of scenes, equal to 103,053 words, since I began Draft Two. And just like Shatteredsmooth, this isn't keeping track of the massive plot changes that have occurred since Draft One. Thought it might be interesting for some of you. Time to work on other literary ideas for a month or so...then it is time to start Draft Five!
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    (full size) I know this is incredibly half-baked, but you get the idea. I love this specific set of epigrahs a lot (some of my favorites in the series), and these parallels stood out to me and I wanted to get them out somehow. I wonder how much of that was intentional. Feel free to discuss! The artists of the pictures: Visions of the Future by Ari Ibarra A Man’s Worth by Randy Vargas Weep As You Kill by Ari Ibarra Lightweaver by Audrey Hotte Driven by Guilt by Ari Ibarra Kaladin by Angel1802
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    Am I the only one that thinks it's kind of odd that Szeth used to practice ice-skating while he was in Shinovar? I know it's not that weird, but the mental image of him trying to do it always makes me laugh for some reason.
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    And this shows bias. You are giving the benefit of the doubt to the names you know but given your comments, it seems less likely that you will be equally forgiving to newer members because you haven't established that they also are likely not trying to give offence. So then we see newer members get public warnings because they go past the line, but older members may get PMs because they probably skirted it or at least because they are given the benefit of the doubt are perceived to have skirted it. This whole idea that as a newer member you feel comfortable reporting someone "older", especially if you have seen them defended elsewhere in the forum. How often does that actually happen? Probably not that often - new members post less, lurk more and likely try to avoid rocking the boat until they understand the lay of the land (pls forgive mixed metaphors!) I wasn't present for this event so I don't have first hand experience of it, but simply from your own words this seems very flawed. A member came into a thread and proceeded to break the rules. Was she put on moderation? Was she banned? We have no idea that any real discipline was carried out and she wasn't publically shamed like a new member would have been in the same circumstance. And why did this happen? According to you it is because she is your friend. You just had a chat. How is this ok? This proves that there is bias again. Indeed, it is even worse than I thought! Why wasn't a post made by a moderator at least acknowledging this - can it not be seen that this has the effect of making people feel like as long as you know the mods, you're golden? So the problem here is that most people avoid confrontation in all walks of life. Confronting someone is hard, especially when you look at someone's reputation and see it is something like yours - "God of Colour" which suggests your posts are well liked by the community as a whole. I agree with you that we need more openness between each other but I genuinely don't see how it would work for most people - most of us see criticism and get defensive which then locks us up to improving things (storms, I know I do!). Indeed I can think of several examples where such discussion was attempted but then ignored by the original poster. I applaud you for accepting blame for some events in the past ( I don't know what they are, but it is big of you to accept responsibility). Personally I think public shaming is not useful - it causes defensiveness which then prevents a change in behaviour. A PM with an explanation about why the post is a problem is going to be more effective with more people (you can even have C+Ped sections in to make them quick to write!). Additionally, having dedicated mods for each sub forum or even each thread (mods that can only post as mods, and not with personal opinions) will also help because then the rules will be applied more consistently within a specific thread/sub forum rather than the way they are at the moment where sometimes someone steps in publicly and other times something seems to happen offscreen which is presumably from a different moderator and the problem resolves with less fanfare. It doesn't matter if the rules aren't consistent between threads, as long as they are consistent within them - you'd get used to the rules in the threads you tend to use. Currently mods post personal opinions as moderators. This makes it appear to be an "approved" opinion. It can sway opinion massively - authority is a huge factor when it comes to holding opinions, even in something so unimportant as opinions on a work of fiction - indeed if authority can make people "torture" people (they believed they were, but it was just a lab test) then it can definitely make people rethink their ideas and start conforming to the mainstream with a book.
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