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    Going to put this in a spoiler tag just to be safe, because we're in the General Brandon Discussion topic. Spook's entry for the Cosmere Character Roast Battle - Round One! (spoilers for Mistborn Era 1 and Stormlight Archive):
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    A literal weird ship? Fourth Bridge x Sibling. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
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    Storms, these have all been great! Everybody give yourselves a pat on the back! And then brace yourselves, 'cause Spook's about to drop the beat. (Major spoilers for Mistborn Era 1 and minor spoilers for Mistborn Era 2):
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    Thanks for moving the thread, Voidus! Fair enough. That is how voting works, generally speaking. Anyways, thanks for the vote of confidence, Julio! - - - - - Alright, here we go. Spook's throwing down the gauntlet in this championship round! Minor Mistborn Era 1 spoilers, and minor-to-moderate Oathbringer/Stormlight Archive spoilers (and spoilered for length): *drops mic* *drops self and falls asleep almost instantly 'cause storms I'm exhausted*
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    Ahem. *stirring bagpipe music* Well, here we are. 2,481 posts. Five RP characters. One year ago, when I put a shoe on my head and yodeled poorly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now, I'm so glad I signed up. I came for the book discussion, I stayed for the amazing people. Okay, let's get into the shoutouts! @Channelknight Fadran, you're amazing. RPing with you has been awesome. I've smiled, I've cried, I've laughed myself silly. You're incredible. @Condensation, you're the best. I love the conversations we have. @DramaQueen, I know we don't talk a lot, and you aren't on that much, but you're awesome! @Matrim's Dice, you're super cool! I love RPing with you! (Craven and Martin climbing trees needs to come back. *ninja emoji*) @Truthwatcher at the Rim, if you see this, that means you logged in. Excellent! @Chinkoln, @Aspiring Writer, @Dannex, @Nathrangking, @Emi, @xinoehp512, you are all super duper incredible! I know that's not even close to everyone, and I wish my brain had enough space and all the words needed to give everyone a shoutout. It's honestly crazy that I don't, I never expected that so many people would see the nonsense I post and decide that they want to see more of it. That's just... wild. Yeah, I don't really know what else to say. Just that all of you are amazing, and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.
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    For reference, if you don’t remember, Jasnah said that while talking to Dalinar and the Azish Prime about methods to retake Urithiru. Somewhere around Chapter 100, if you want to go find it
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    So I was listening to latest Shardcast episode, and someone, I believe Grace, made a very interesting observation about Moash. Brandon has said that the ending to The Stormlight Archive is hidden within the first two books. In both tWok and WoR, Hoid tells an interesting story. One of my favorite scenes in WoR is when Hoid tells a story to Shallan. He says, "Two blind men waited at the end of an era, contemplating beauty. They sat atop the world's highest cliff, overlooking the land and seeing nothing." Now this is certainly a stretch, but when Grace mentioned it, it really piqued my interest. There is also another story from Hoid, in the epilogue, but it's a little different. He says, "A blind man awaited the era of endings, contemplating the beauty of nature." The biggest difference in these two variations are "end of an era", and "era of endings". So, what if the first story is foreshadowing the literal end of Stormlight "era" 1, and the second story is foreshadowing the ending of the entire series? And if so, the fact that Moash is now blind becomes very considerable. Kaladin is basically the main character of the series so far (he has the highest word count by a large margin), and Moash is a crucial part of Kaladin's story. I find it to be plausible that Moash could be involved in the climax or very ending of book 5. In the epilogue, Hoid refers to himself as being "spiritually blind" as well. Each book so far has had an epilogue with Hoid as the pov character. The epilogue of book 5 could consist of Hoid and Moash sitting on a mountain, looking over the land and seeing nothing. Of course, this all hinges on the idea that Hoid's two stories are the previously mentioned "ending of the series" that Brandon has said exists in the first two books. It's quite a stretch, but a fun theory nonetheless. -Credit to Grace on Shardcast for sparking this idea.
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    Okay so I posted a theory about Odium’s champion in the ROW lore/magic thread and I feel like nobody saw it or maybe just thought it was too unlikely or insane or something... BUT I was just rereading the ROW prologue and gosh I’m so damn convinced that Odium’s champion is going to be Gavilar!! This is what he says to Navani in the prologue: This is freaking me out. Like at first I was just trying to think through all the possible candidates for Odium’s champion and people like Szeth just seemed a bit too obvious to me, so I thought who would be the most surprising AND crippling to Dalinar? And who better than Gavilar himself, the one he looked up to and failed. Now I do actually think this could be possible! And maybe even likely from these words that Gavilar says. And since we know that the next prologue is going to be from Gavilar’s perspective, what if we get to the part where he’s killed and he appears in the cognitive realm and finds a way to stick around? He was slightly invested like Eshonai was. And the more info we get about him (RoW prologue and Venli flashbacks), the more we learn how much crazy cosmere stuff Gavilar was in on. His relationship to the heralds, and to Axindweth who seems to clearly be a worldhopper of who knows what allegiance - he even seems to know of Kelsier/Thaidakar. So what if he figured out a way to stick around and his motives are not what we think. His whole stint with the Sons of Honour seem to have been a cover for other intentions, since he already knew the heralds were around? It just seems crazy to me how much Gavilar was in on - like where did he get those void light and, especially, the anti-voidlight spheres?! So many questions. Can we get all the answers to them in one prologue? Or will we get those answers from Gavilar as an actual character in the next book!! He is so obsessed with being extraordinary, with unending existence, so what if he finds the opportunity for this by joining Odium’s forces? I at least think it’s possible that we will find out in the prologue that Gavilar has stuck around, and if he does I think he would be an excellent and surprising candidate for Odium’s champion. Also one death rattle I remembered could perhaps support this theory... Interested to read thoughts!
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    So, my 17th birthday is coming up, but I'll be at girls' camp starting tomorrow going over my actual birthday, so I'm changing my name and status now! My school's spring musical is Mamma Mia, so I have all the songs stuck in my head, and I'm Tanya, one of the Dynamos, so I get to actually sing Dancing Queen. As such, I thought it only appropriate that I change my name to that, especially since it's a pretty minor change to my initial name. No, I am not a dancer. But I am young and sweet (kinda), and I'm soon to be only 17!
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Words of Radiance, chapter 30 - nature blushing When your new boss makes a portrait of you that’s like the heroic man you’ve never been but she believes you could be.
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    I was re-reading the section where Mr. T ascended to Odium, and something caught my attention. Chapter 113 (Italics as per original text) That sounds to me as though Taravangian was losing hope, and some external force helped tilt the scales in his favor. And what external force was that? Bravery, otherwise known as Valor! What do we know about Valor? Sazed to Hoid - Epigraph to Chapter 25 We know that Hoid hated Rayse and was looking for a way to bring him down. Perhaps he did take Sazed's advice and approach Valor again. If Valor did indeed affect the situation here, that explains so much: Why did Brandon feel the need to give us 4 new Shard names? So that he could hide the foreshadowing for Valor. What exactly was the deal with Hoid's conversation with Todium in the Epilogue? Given his dealings with Valor, Hoid knew that Taravangium had Ascended to Odium. This conversation was his way of getting a feel for the newest Odium. The scene felt strange because Hoid does not want to let Taravangian know that he knows about the replacement, so he hid those relevant memories in the coin. Could one mortal really take down a Shard? Well yes, but it still seems odd that one person was able to out-plan a Shard. Okay, so maybe this was Cultivation's planning. But could a plan with so many moving pieces really work flawlessly without support? It's much easier if another Shard helps out at the pivotal moment.
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    Can't wait for this in the back 5...
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    I listed all the scenes where Dalinar feels this strange "warm light" which comes from unknown source.Just list of scenes, no theories, cause I have no idea what it means:)But maybe others have any thoughts.All I can say, it's certainly not from Honor, Cultivation, or Odium. 1)"Warm light bathed him. A deep, enveloping, piercing warmth.A warmth that soaked down deep through his skin, into his very self. He stared at that light, and was not blinded. The source was distant, but he knew it. Knew it well. He smiled. Then he awoke." Words of Radiance, chapter 89 2)"What was the meaning of the last vision I received?” Dalinar said. “The one this morning, that came with no highstorm.” NO VISION WAS SENT THIS MORNING. “ "Yes it was. I saw light and warmth.” A SIMPLE DREAM. NOT OF ME, NOR OF GODS. Curious. Dalinar could have sworn it felt the same way as the visions, if not stronger.” Words of Radiance, chapter 89 3)“Old friend,” Dalinar said softly, “Honor might be dead, but I have felt… something else. Something beyond. A warmth and a light. It is not that God has died, it is that the Almighty was never God. He did his best to guide us, but he was an impostor. Or perhaps only an agent. A being not unlike a spren—he had the power of a god, but not the pedigree.” Oathbringer, chapter 5 4)“I have felt warmth,” Dalinar said, “coming from a place beyond. A light I can almost see. If there is a God, it was not the Almighty, the one who called himself Honor. He was a creature. Powerful, but still merely a creature.” Oathbringer, chapter 28 5)"Something stirred inside of Dalinar. A warmth that he had known once before. A warm, calming light. Unite them. "I will take responsibility for what I have done," Dalinar whispered." Oathbringer, chapter 119 6)"He dipped his pen again. “Would you close the balcony doors again, gemheart?” he asked her. “The sunlight is distracting me from the other light.” “Other light?” As Navani shut the balcony doors, he closed his eyes and felt the warmth of a distant, unseen light." Oathbringer, chapter 122.
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    Hi yall, hope everyone is doing well. Been working on a Stormlight project. Hoid's Walkman: The Ghostblood Tapes. The idea being that someone found Hoid's Walkman and a bag of tapes with the name Ghostblood on them. I'm doing the music and a friend is doing the paintings. Here is the first entry, Szeth. https://youtu.be/da4zzv1Khtg
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    I think it does a great disservice to Hoid (and, by extension, to Brandon) to assume Hoid had no objective. It would be completely out of character for Hoid to take such a risk for no good reason. @Leuthie is correct - Hoid tells us exactly what he's doing in his "performance" for Design: the subtle art of misdirection. He definitely wants Odium's FULL attention on him at this particular moment, which is carefully planned to allow someone else to do something without Odium noticing. Could be Design; could be Jasnah; could be Dalinar. There might even be more than one such secret mission. But I'm confident that we will eventually see a very satisfying reason for Hoid to risk his precious metaphorical hide trading pointless insults with Odium there. I'm also confident that once he realizes the significance of the loss of his perfect pitch and infers the removal of some Breaths, Hoid will be able to deduce much of what happened, including the events he no longer directly remembers. He will know, at the very least, that Odium is somehow different than he was. Thus this meeting will serve two important narrative purposes going forward.
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    If I remember correctly, she said that she was open to the idea of there being of a higher power/god, but just didn't believe that the Almighty was a god to be worshiped. So I don't think that would be her viewpoint- I think that she isn't quite an Atheist, more questioning than anything.
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    From Words of Radiance, chapter 24 I am LOVING Gaz's tiny redemption arc, and his banter with Shallan (well, Shallan’s banter with him) in this chapter was really nice. Letting others make him the butt of their jokes and trying really hard to stop anyone for mentioning he was a bridge sargeant, like he really really doesn’t want to think about the (admittedly HORRID) person he was before. I’m so happy Brandon gave him a fighting chance.
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    He told you his goals while walking to the meeting. Misdirection. My new pet theory: He sent Design away to be "corrupted" by Sja Anat, while he kept Odium's attention on himself.
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    I went to the library today!!! 43 books. 42 turned in... I definitely don't have a problem!
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    trial by witness:
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    In honour (... move along) of @thegatorgirl00's interesting and clever observation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgU9-dWXw4k&t=2h08m48s (and the subsequent flubbed line ) I present the following:
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    I’m dying!!! Anyway this is a pun not a meme but it works Moash: Hello, I need a new window. Window Salesman: Why?? Moash: Odium took my pane.
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    First off, straight dude speaking here so please take everything I say with a good dealing of salt and note I haven't really got personal experience with this sorta thing. Jasnah has struck as a sorta character who deals in both a heavy dose of introspection and is someone who isn't afraid to be themselves in her society. I never really got the impression that she was unknowingly closeted as she struck me as the type of person who would both be aware of themselves having those feelings and and as someone able to shrug society telling them that they shouldn't have those feelings. Pretty much she strikes as a character who has self-actualised a good deal and as a character who has a very good idea of who they actually are and confidently holds to that. If people with more direct experience could offer their take it would definitely be real informative imo and I at least would appreciate it a lot.
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    I may have stumbled into the beginnings of something much bigger than I anticipated. It was an easy enough matter to get started; I posed a set of statements and a question to myself. "It's becoming increasingly clear that color and metal are important fundamentals of the Cosmere because of Fabrials, Awakening, and the Metallic Arts. Color is important because it's a property of specific wavelengths of light, particular "tones" of light. So how is Metal going to relate to that?" From there, I hit upon a couple possibilities. But I think the one most worth going into detail about connects Investiture to my favorite weird physics, that's right everyone, quantum mechanics. It's my current hypothesis that metallic atoms have the proper frequency of quantum wavefunction to "filter" different frequencies of Investiture. This results in the strange supernatural "theming" of the metals across the metallic arts and even extending into the cages of Fabrials, where color and tone have already been proven abundantly needed. Picture "background investiture" as white noise. Now picture, say... Tin atoms in a pure, undisturbed lattice. Now recall that according to quantum mechanics, all particles also behave like waves (this has even been observed with molecules made of tens of carbon atoms still producing an interference pattern (even when released 1 at a time) in the famous double-slit experiment). The frequency of Tin's quantum wavefunction will interfere constructively with some frequencies of background investiture, and destructively interfere with others, filtering the output of the investiture into a new set of frequencies that don't look like background noise, the frequencies become a stream of investiture that "enhances senses", or something thereabouts. Now picture using a specific Shard's Investiture as the "background investiture". Tin will filter out everything of that shard that doesn't relate to senses, causing the amplification. Stormlight becomes a booster of the spren's sensitivity, making them output less for the same subjective feeling, while Tineyes get to see through the Mists because the frequencies overlap due to the Investiture originating with Preservation. And of course, with alloys, what's important is the "holes" in the atomic lattice (and indeed, metallic atoms' ability to arrange in a regular structure is key in general). It lets other frequencies of investiture leak through, which correspond to different effects. Tin's senses becomes Pewter's physical enhancement. The one thing I'm not certain on is where in Allomancy the push/pull difference originates from precisely. Is it just a rule that Bronze seeking hears pure metal tones as "pulling" while alloyed tones become "pushing"? Or is it a fundemental, even a Singer would hear tin as pulling, while pewter pushes? I'd love to hear feedback on all of this in general. I'm super curious to know if my "quantum wavefunctions filter Investiture frequencies" hypothesis makes any sense.
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    The Shard In Hiding: Well, sounds like I made the right call. @AonEne if you're ever out of rp ideas...
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    No one has drawn Taravangian and Dalinar having a discussion, and no one has drawn Taravangian clean-shaven. I decided to fix that.
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    "You Cannot Have My Pain!"
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    A snail can sleep for 3 years.
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    DaTS 5 (RoW spoilers)
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    That's a new one to me! I used to ship Kaladin x Jasnah but that faded. Does Kaladin x Leshwi count as a weird ship? Because I like them as a possible pair.
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    This old WoB would seem to say so: Side note, I can't believe he literally said what the Dawnshard is ("the concept of change"), in response to someone mentioning "the things you find [in Akinah]", and yet it was phrased so that it wasn't obvious that he just blatantly said it.... wow.
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    I'VE FOUND IT! The inspiration for Alcatraz VS. the Evil Librarians!
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    What if all of us making memes and obsessing over SA is just a meme someone else is making and all of our lives are lies?? …Anyway here’s another meme.
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    Okay, I've been sitting on this for almost a week, and I need to get it out. Last week, I woke up in a cold sweat after a nightmare. This itself is rare because I rarely dream, and it's even more rare that I have nightmares. What was my nightmare, you ask? Take those creatures from A Quiet Place. I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard a lot about it and seen a few clips. Now, combine those with the character design of Venom, the symbiote. Again, haven't seen it, I just saw some promos. Finally, make the whole thing look like a six-foot-tall Gollum from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Got that nice and meshed into your brain matter? Let's keep going. This creature that my subconscious came up with can sense motion, and has super speed. The only way to avoid it is to be dead silent and not move a muscle. It can't see you unless you move and make noise. My dream started out with me roaming through a sunny, mountain forest. And it ended with me frozen in place, dead silent, as a motion-sensing Vollum creature slunk around me, waiting for me to move so it could kill me. And then I woke up. Someone comfort me?
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    All these things Brandon did on purpose So I think he has something big planned
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    Death and the Survivor 9
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    Death and the Survivor 3 (RoW spoiler in background)
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Painspren are described as looking like sinew or little hands reaching out/over/into wounds. I thought the image was really visceral, and that’s lowkey what i’ve been about the last few days. Drawing this felt cathartic.
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