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    I don't have any speculation on any of the Cosmere implications of his stories, but the "beauty of nature" is a joke. In the original story he told Shallan, he spoke of two men contemplating the nature of beauty. Now that he's stuck in the middle of the wilderness waiting for Jasnah, Hoid is left to instead contemplate the beauty of nature. He's just a little too pleased with his own sense of humor.
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    I feel like I missed out on a few people/put them in the wrong space but I can’t be bothered changing it now
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    Person: *sees a book ending in ‘of War’ and runs over* The Art of War:
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    Eternal Book One Hello, and welcome! This is a project that me and @Shard of Thought have been working on for a long time. All feedback is appreciated! Prologue
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    Can't wait for this in the back 5...
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    My Spanish teacher sent us an email marked "IMPORTANT!!! END OF YEAR ADVICE!!! PLEASE READ!!" This link was there https://www.thisworldthesedays.com/last-day-of-spanish-class-important-1.html I really liked what was here, and I suggest you click the link to gain the same wisdom that I did. Here is my take on this, please don't open until you have read the original for yourself
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    It's exciting to post my own topic for the first time! Something I’ve wondered about for a while now is how Helaran appeared on the battlefield from behind Amaram’s lines. It’s been theorized for a while now that Helaran was a Surgebinder. Primarily, this is because of a quick line from Taravangian discussing Shallan as a Surgebinder. Taravangian clearly believes that Helaran has some Surgebinding capability. But he’s absolutely startled by the account of an Alethi bridgeman spontaneously developing Surgebinding on his own. What did he think Jasnah, Shallan, and Helaran were up to, then? Shallan is at the Shattered Plains, but though he suspects her of Surgebinding, she doesn’t apparently warrant activating their agents. He breezes right past her miraculous survival. He doesn't fret about her coming into contact with Szeth at all. But that makes sense if Taravangian knows that the Honorblades are no longer in the Shin's possession, and haven't been for years. He may be assuming Shallan's Surgebinding ability, whatever it is, is granted by a Blade that she was trained to use. In RoW, Szeth learns that his father, who had keeping of the Bondsmith Honorblade is dead, and that Ishar took back his Honorblade at some point after Szeth’s banishment. Taravangian reveals that he knew Szeth’s father Neturo was dead prior to this revelation. My guess is that Ishar recovered his Honorblade about seven years before it’s spotted in RoW. This would coincide with him coming into power in Tukar. Nale seems to have been in contact with Ishar seven years ago, the same year that Gavilar and Shallan Davar’s mother were both killed. Did Nale's concerns, perhaps prompted by his conversations with Gavilar and Venli, influence Ishar's decision to take back his Honorblade? That’s a little bit out of the scope of what I’m thinking but pretty interesting. What I'm suggesting is that Ishar may have also taken custody of the other Honorblades as well. Helaran returns home with his new Shardblade about six and a half years ago, from the current position in the timeline. The descriptions given to this Shardblade closely resemble the Lightweaver Honorblade, which is something I never noticed until I looked at the art for the Honorblades. That gemstone in the pommel is the only thing that doesn’t seem to fit that description. How hard is it to move and set gemstones on a Shardblade? It can be done to regular Shardblades, though I don’t know if that necessarily proves anything. Sunraiser, for example, bears a pretty strong resemblance to the Bondsmith Honorblade, in my opinion. Possibly Helaran’s blade is a dead spren in a form that strongly resembles the Lightweaver Honorblade. But with the Lightweaver Honorblade, Helaran’s miraculous appearance makes more sense. He’d have used a Lightweaving to hide the fact that he was a Shardbearer mounted on a horse in the middle of an enemy army. It also might explain something that has meshed poorly for me with Helaran's being a Skybreaker acolyte, which was specifically his weird glowing effect. Shallan or the things she holds sometimes seem to glow, particularly when it’s implied that she’s using the Spiritual form of her Transformation surge. Tien’s implied bond to a Cryptic also uses the symbolism of things glowing or becoming brighter. To me this is more evidence that Helaran had some Surgebinding ability in that direction. Shallan mentions that there is no history attached to Amaram/Helaran’s Shardblade, in a world where every Shardblade known is recorded and named. It’s not out of the question that Nale would have access to an unknown Shardblade, but if he’s in contact with Ishar and seriously concerned by an oncoming Desolation, he might have access to another Honorblade and the motivation to arm someone who "impressed him" with it. Taravangian therefore might be working under the assumption that the same source (Nale) that gave Helaran his Honorblade might be supplying Shallan. This means that Amaram would have had possession of the Lightweaver Honorblade. If he perceived it as an ordinary Shardblade, perhaps he simply never noticed he was holding an Honorblade. I think this would be pretty deeply ironic for the villain who lies to himself about why he does what he does and truly believes his own lies to have the Lightweaver Honorblade. Someone who would have known, Restares/Kalak, seemed mostly to be in contact with Amaram via spanreed from afar. I doubt he’d share that information with Amaram, who I think he must have been manipulating--but it’s impossible to say. Other people who would recognize the Lightweaver Honorblade would be Szeth, Dalinar, Taln, and Ash. Szeth, Taln, and Ash don’t ever seem to witness Amaram wielding the Blade in combat that I can find, although all three are present at the Battle of Thaylen Field. Ash spends her time looking after Taln, and never mentions seeing her own Honorblade or Amaram. Szeth, likewise, spends a lot of his time occupied by other concerns, and never mentions seeing the Lightweaver Honorblade or Amaram that I can find in the text. It’s either not the one, or they miraculously miss it every time. Dalinar also saw both Helaran/Amaram’s Shardblade, when he confronted Amaram near the end of WoR, and the Honorblades in his visions of Aharietiam. Dalinar also pitched the idea of Shallan doing studies of the Honorblades seen in the vision. Dalinar has published written accounts of the visions, as I recall, but no mention is made of drawings. Quickly reading through the rest of the part, it's not clear to me if Shallan ever gets around to doing that. However, when Dalinar sees Ishar’s Honorblade, he doesn’t have the same recognition he does for Jezrien’s Blade, which is the most familiar to him; this could be a continuity error, or maybe indicative of something else. And during the battle, when Dalinar does the tally of people with him, Amaram wields Oathbringer alone. As far as I can tell, Amaram doesn’t use Helaran’s Blade until he fights Kaladin. Finally, there is the matter of Honorblades' behavior. When Taln drops his Honorblade, it doesn't vanish. This is meant to be a big clue as to its nature. Amaram drops Helaran's Blade twice in his fight with Kaladin, and it vanishes. Szeth also drops Jezrien's Blade in the fight with Gavilar, and the “bond” so to speak doesn’t appear to be broken. Szeth is able to resummon the Honorblade after being parted from it. No mention is made of where it ended up or if it vanished as he dropped it. My only explanation for this is that perception could be at work here. Szeth believes that the Honorblade should take ten heartbeats to summon, and it does. Perhaps Amaram likewise believes that a Shardblade should vanish when it is dropped, and so as it leaves his hand, it vanishes. Ishar demonstrates that the Honorblade, like a living Shardblade, can wink out of existence for a second and return in a flash. To summarize: I think it’s possible that Helaran was given the Lightweaver Honorblade by Nale, who gained access to it when Ishar reclaimed his own Honorblade. It’s not clear to me why he would do that, although Mraize says that Helaran was recruited with “displays of power” and that Helaran impressed Nale. Could Nale have shown Helaran how it would be possible to Surgebind without bonding a Cryptic? Then Helaran uses it to position himself behind Amaram’s lines. Maybe as an enemy combatant on the field of war, the kill is “legal?” This is still a mystery to me. Helaran is then killed by Kaladin. Eventually the Honorblade ends up with Amaram, who is completely ignorant of what it really is, and somehow it conveniently hopscotches anyone who could identify it. The Blades are awarded to then Rock, who "insists that they cannot be used" according to his daughter. They "gather dust in their box" until he returns to the Horneater Peaks. I find this idea extremely interesting, but a bit tenuous! I've done my best to cover all the things I can think of on my own, for and against. I specifically like Helaran's Shardblade being the Lightweaver Honorblade for the thematic connection to Amaram's lies, and because it's a simple, elegant explanation for the things about Helaran that don't quite make sense otherwise. But it seems to rely on those who could see it for what it is to simply not be around, for certain lapses of curiosity, and for Nale to be totally okay with losing an Honorblade. The gemstone is also located in the wrong place according to the art, which I am not 100% is really usable as evidence, and when it gets dropped, it vanishes ... Despite all this, I still thought it would be a fun theory to share.
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    Hey, Eric here with an update. Yesterday, we told you that something was going on with Mistborn in Fortnite. Well it actually came out that same day, and it is indeed Kelsier in Fortnite. The Kelsier skin comes in two versions: the default, which shows off his face and his scarred arms, and the Undecover variant, which has a face mask and long sleeves. There are also Hemalurgic Spikes Back bling, Volcanic Glass Daggers Pickaxe, and a Kelsier themed loading screen. It is just a skin, with no Mistborn mechanics. Also, it might go away in a few hours, but I am not totally sure on that. More on that below. The loading screen is pretty cute, and has the text “A New Shardworld?” below it on the press release. That's pretty great. In game, Kelsier floats, and it looks really well-done. Brandon spoke on Reddit on how he thought it'd be cool, and I agree! It seems like a net positive overall for the fandom. Get some additional exposure on Mistborn? Great! In fact, we're already getting more exposure: you can already find many a story from a Fortnite player who discovered the books through the crossover. (If you're one of those, hello! Welcome to the Brandon Sanderson community!) In light of this, I thought it'd be fun to maybe buy the Kelsier skin and show it off our YouTube channel. I haven't ever played Fortnite or any battle royales, so that sounded like it'd be a hilarious, terrible trainwreck. Kelsier loading screen. It does look slick, I'll admit. As someone who has never played Fortnite, I'd like to talk about my experiences going into the Fortnite store, so you're aware of what's up, if you were interested in getting this skin. I was doing this on PC, and it was easy enough to download the Epic Games Store and install Fortnite. I entered the game and there's three modes, two of which, the Battle Royale and Creative mode, are free, and the single player Save the World mode isn't. On a first load in, there isn't a way to check the store immediately, and when I pressed Battle Royale, I'm immediately put into a fairly intricate cutscene of characters I had no idea about, which leads into some gameplay. Once in the gameplay, I can leave the match, fortunately. Then, to get to the store, you hit Battle Royale again, and Item Shop is listed at the top. In the store itself, as of right now, Kelsier is at the top, and he (as well as the accessories and his loading screen, which are bundled in) costs 1600 of Fortnite's premium currency, V-Bucks. Now, the annoying part--fairly commonplace these days, unfortunately--is that I can't buy exactly 1600 of them directly. Instead, you buy specific amounts that don't quite give me the amount you want. Here, it's 1000 V-Bucks for $7.99 USD or 2800 V-Bucks for $19.99 USD. This means I have to spend more than $10 to get the bundle: I could either spend $16 for 2000 V-Bucks, or I could pony up for the 2800 V-Bucks, which Epic says on the store is a better deal. They aren't wrong, but if we're simply after this skin, it way overshoots what I'd like. Again, this is pretty common in free-to-play games, but that doesn't make it less annoying. Then I noticed on the Fortnite store page a pretty ominous timer on everything. Not ominous in the slightest. This countdown is on everything (except, hilariously, the "Limited Release" section). I've heard they refresh skins every day, and so by the time this article is out, it'll be less than three hours until it resets at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern. Does this mean Kelsier is gone after 5pm? Maybe! Joshua (jofwu) was told skins are only in there for 24 hours, then they bring it back a few times. It's apparently a bit hit or miss, and they might keep it in again tonight. [Update: The bundle is available for at least one more day, in case you want to get it. It moved from the Featured to the Daily category, however!] Personally, I'm really not a fan of this setup. It feels like the skin being available for a single day is there to really make people feel that FOMO, and to keep people playing Fortnite constantly. Maybe I'm used to the book market where you can get books forever, but this seems especially short. Brandon said on Reddit that Epic worked on this for five months, so it's kind of mindblowing that would only last in the store for a day. I'm used to microtransactions--I play Guild Wars 2, and they all seem to do the same stuff--but this seems way too fast. This week is finals week at the college I teach at, and I've been more than a little busy. I understand the point is to get people to play all the time, but 24 hours, really? All I can say is: oof. If I was a regular fan and wasn't thinking about YouTube content, I'd never buy this. Anyway, I'll update this at their reset to see if it stays the next day. Now you know what's up with the Kelsier skin. Did any of you buy it? Do you think it'll stay in the store for another day? Let us know in the comments below. No promises on Fortnite content on the 17th Shard YouTube channel though, especially if this skin is so temporary.
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    Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king...
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    I find this one funny.
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    Again, I searched the forums, but didn't see this topic specifically unless it was commented on in the body of other threads. In WoR epilogue when Wit is talking to the "ugly lizard-crab-thing" he states: Then he goes on to have a very interesting conversation with the ugly lizard-crab-thing about art which I suspect is more important than I can fathom at the moment BUT, it made me wonder about the blind man story that he had with Shallan earlier on. Does this statement mean that he's also the blind man in THAT story? It's from the end of chapter 45: There's more to that story, but I didn't want to type it all out. These quotes/points may have been brought up in another forum or thread specific to Wit/Hoid or maybe the Cosmere, but thought I'd bring it up here since these passages are WoR specific. Questions: 1. I think it's safe to assume that Wit is one of the blind men in the story that he tells Shallan. Any ideas which one? 2. Do we know who the blind men are?? I doubt it, but thought I'd ask since I have absolutely no idea. I LOVE the cosmere, but it hurts my brain most of the time thinking about it! 3. When he references "that other statement" is he talking about the "contemplating the beauty of nature." part? If so, any ideas why that statement is so important? He makes a point to italicize very stating that it's a very clever statement. I'm not sure why that would be. Unless he saying that it's clever because that's what he's doing at that very moment?? 4. If he's spiritually bind, does that mean he can access/see/interact with the cognitive realm and physical realm, but NOT the spiritual realm? Or does he just not believe in spirituality anymore??
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    hehe Allamancy (thank you @Shard of Thought )
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    Here is my entry for #sailormoonredraw
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    *Riiiiiiiide intooooooooooo the danger zone*
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    Status: Miserable. I got my second Covid shot yesterday and have been feverish, dizzy, exhausted, and weak to the point of not being able to walk up the stairs since last night. So.... whooooooo
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    The otter has returned!
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    Maybe it's to show his lack of title, "El" can just mean "him", either in-world or for the reader
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    I think that readings of Jasnah's sexuality are somewhat complicated by Brandon's annotation on the subject. I think that there is definitely textual evidence which supports a reading of her as a lesbian. Its a head canon I really like. I think she's a great character for queer women to identify with. That being said, I hope people don't get their hopes up too much about her coming out now that Brandon has explicitly stated she's asexual and hetero-romantic. Its definitely okay to think about what might have been, and discuss a wlw Jasnah reading, so long as people are managing their expectations, in light of Brandon's comments. I definitely agree that there is a lot about Jasnah that reads as having a complicated interior life, so I can definitely see her sorting through her orientation and how she interacts with gender internally despite her external confidence. I have a similar view of Adolin - so much of his expression of his heterosexuality is performative that I've often related his experience to my own before I realized I was gay. I know that's not the direction Brandon seems to be taking with the character, but there's a lot there imo.
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    Let me make up an extremely short story: "You stand accused of murdering your wife" "I did not kill her" A Willshaper recreates a cognitive memory. "Your floor says otherwise. String him up. Next case" OK, I hope Rosharan judicial procedures were a bit more evolved, but after what the Honorspren did, I have my doubts. Now seriously, after wat we have seen Stoneshaping, we must wonder how they could even have difficulties reconstructing the past. Is the development of history as a scholarly discipline of post Recreance thing. In fact, during a trial can your spren be used against you? I mean if your are showing creation spren while telling the court what you did on that fatefull night, the judges may not be quite so inclined to believe you.
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    I may have stumbled into the beginnings of something much bigger than I anticipated. It was an easy enough matter to get started; I posed a set of statements and a question to myself. "It's becoming increasingly clear that color and metal are important fundamentals of the Cosmere because of Fabrials, Awakening, and the Metallic Arts. Color is important because it's a property of specific wavelengths of light, particular "tones" of light. So how is Metal going to relate to that?" From there, I hit upon a couple possibilities. But I think the one most worth going into detail about connects Investiture to my favorite weird physics, that's right everyone, quantum mechanics. It's my current hypothesis that metallic atoms have the proper frequency of quantum wavefunction to "filter" different frequencies of Investiture. This results in the strange supernatural "theming" of the metals across the metallic arts and even extending into the cages of Fabrials, where color and tone have already been proven abundantly needed. Picture "background investiture" as white noise. Now picture, say... Tin atoms in a pure, undisturbed lattice. Now recall that according to quantum mechanics, all particles also behave like waves (this has even been observed with molecules made of tens of carbon atoms still producing an interference pattern (even when released 1 at a time) in the famous double-slit experiment). The frequency of Tin's quantum wavefunction will interfere constructively with some frequencies of background investiture, and destructively interfere with others, filtering the output of the investiture into a new set of frequencies that don't look like background noise, the frequencies become a stream of investiture that "enhances senses", or something thereabouts. Now picture using a specific Shard's Investiture as the "background investiture". Tin will filter out everything of that shard that doesn't relate to senses, causing the amplification. Stormlight becomes a booster of the spren's sensitivity, making them output less for the same subjective feeling, while Tineyes get to see through the Mists because the frequencies overlap due to the Investiture originating with Preservation. And of course, with alloys, what's important is the "holes" in the atomic lattice (and indeed, metallic atoms' ability to arrange in a regular structure is key in general). It lets other frequencies of investiture leak through, which correspond to different effects. Tin's senses becomes Pewter's physical enhancement. The one thing I'm not certain on is where in Allomancy the push/pull difference originates from precisely. Is it just a rule that Bronze seeking hears pure metal tones as "pulling" while alloyed tones become "pushing"? Or is it a fundemental, even a Singer would hear tin as pulling, while pewter pushes? I'd love to hear feedback on all of this in general. I'm super curious to know if my "quantum wavefunctions filter Investiture frequencies" hypothesis makes any sense.
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    RoW made one thing really clear. You can use Surges through your own Shard Plate. Jasnah using Soulcasting in battle leaves no reasonable doubt about that. Yet we are also sure that you cannot use Arcane Arts through an opponent's Plate. What is the difference? I can see no other good candidate but Identity. A Windrunner can lash himself even when full of Stormlight, but not his Blade. So we think that aluminium would block all Arcane Arts. I doubt that, as it is not fully inert. It has functions in the Metallic Arts. Functions that are connected to Identity. So I propose that aluminium does not block Investiture. It filters it by Identity. This thesis is falsifiable. I predict that a Rioter/Soother + aluminium Ferring can use emotional allomancy through a sheet of aluminium filled with his own Identity.
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    I... I don't think I ever posted this (tell me please if I already have) Warbreaker
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    Final Battle in Skyward Meme-Scene:
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    Status: WAY BETTER if a little tired I went to sleep at 8:30 and woke up feeling great. Thanks for everyone's support yesterday! I do feel a touch tired, but that's probably because I woke up at 5:00 for some stuff and not because of the vaccination.
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    What is this? A third status update in a row from Chinkoln? Yes, but unless something dramatic happens, it should be the last for a while. My ankle is a little complicated. There was massive swelling, and though it subsided over night, it was still very swollen in the morning. I went and got my 2nd vaccine, then went to the doctor. 95% of the reason it hurts and is swollen is because I sprained/twisted (same thing) it REALLY bad. My ligaments are in TERRIBLE condition. That leads into the other 5%. The ligaments are so stretched, that one of them actually pulled a chip of bone off of my ankle. That is called an avulsion fracture. 95% of my ankle pain is sprained, and 5% is from a fracture. I’m going back next week for someone from ortho to take a look at it. Until then, I have to wear a huge leg brace, everyday. I can’t do gymnastics for at least a month, probably more. I should write a biography one day, I could probably make it pretty interesting.
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    I think you are on the right track. This seems like a hint at the nature of the big picture conflict in the Cosmere. "To be human is to seek beauty Shallan. Do not despair, do not end the hunt because thorns grow in your way. Tell me what is the most beautiful thing you can imagine?" Shallan then describes a loving family. What is beauty in this context? It is not just art, it is the embodiment of mankind's greatest ideals. Love, selflessness, life before death, strength before weakness, and journey before destination. "What if all that remained to you was pain? You could not know beauty then. It can be taken from a man." - Second blind man on the cliff Love and selflessness were taken from him. “Does the pain change day by day?” “Let us say it does,” the messenger said. “Then beauty, to that person, would be the times when the pain lessens." So if you have beauty taken from you, all that is left is pain, and what you look forward to is lessening the pain, how would you do it? In the Wheel of Time Moridin had a very drastic way to lessen the pain by ending existence. So we have Blind Man 1 trying to convince Blind Man 2 you can still find beauty, love, happiness, and great ideals even if there are thorns in the way. So how would Blind Man 1 (who may be Wit) lessen pain? The answer may in this next quote. "Expectation. That is the true soul of art. If you can give a man more than he expects, then he will laud you his entire life...Conversely, if you gain a reputation for being too good, too skilled . . . beware. The better art will be in their heads, and if you give them an ounce less than they imagined, suddenly you have failed. Suddenly you are useless. A man will find a single coin in the mud and talk about it for days, but when his inheritance comes and is accounted one percent less than he expected, then he will declare himself cheated.Wit shook his head, standing up and dusting off his coat. 'Give me an audience who have come to be entertained, but who expect nothing special. To them, I will be a god. That is the best truth I know.'" So beauty in art, in idealized human nature gives us what? I'm going to say happiness or peace. People who do not get what they want are unhappy, even people who get exactly what they want still suffer. The journey, not the destination, is what brings us happiness. "How you lived will be far more important to the Almighty than what you accomplished".People must learn how to live, before they die. In Wits musings the greatest truth he knows is about expectation. This is tied closely to happiness. If a man gets more or less than he expected in an inheritance will that make him happy? Will an inheritance at all make him happy? Now apply this concept to all human interaction. So does lowering expectations or standards the key to happiness? I think it's more on finding the truth in reality and aligning one's expectations with it. If Kaladin is looking for the perfect leader without flaws and does not find one he will be unhappy, closer to hateful. However if he realizes a great leader is less than perfect his perspective will change, he will follow the Ideals more closely, and his entire world will change. That is from Hoid's greatest truth. We have Blind Man 2 who can only experience pain and he wishes to end it. Blind Man 1 is trying change his perspective or expectations so he can find beauty. So if the blind men were metaphors for the Cosmere shaking forces we have a very odious blind man (perhaps not Odium who knows) hellbent on bad things and someone who is trying to stop these bad things by helping him find beauty again. Since Sanderson is the type to not have pure good and evil I find it appropriate that to destroy your enemy you make him your friend. Or I could be full of rust. You decide. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 281018368 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 444201264 bytes) in Unknown on line 0
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    Sanderson Memes
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    Okay, I've been sitting on this for almost a week, and I need to get it out. Last week, I woke up in a cold sweat after a nightmare. This itself is rare because I rarely dream, and it's even more rare that I have nightmares. What was my nightmare, you ask? Take those creatures from A Quiet Place. I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard a lot about it and seen a few clips. Now, combine those with the character design of Venom, the symbiote. Again, haven't seen it, I just saw some promos. Finally, make the whole thing look like a six-foot-tall Gollum from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Got that nice and meshed into your brain matter? Let's keep going. This creature that my subconscious came up with can sense motion, and has super speed. The only way to avoid it is to be dead silent and not move a muscle. It can't see you unless you move and make noise. My dream started out with me roaming through a sunny, mountain forest. And it ended with me frozen in place, dead silent, as a motion-sensing Vollum creature slunk around me, waiting for me to move so it could kill me. And then I woke up. Someone comfort me?
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    Stormlight Archive
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    This is put in a spoiler because it is a gif. It also happens to be a spoiler.
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    I know I have done a lot of status updates recently, but too bad! 1. I have 2,500 rep! I am Most Ancient! I average about 2.74 rep per post. That’s pretty good. 2. There was a church campout. My dad and some siblings arrived there, and we helped some people set up tents(we didn’t set up ours because we weren’t planning to stay the night). Multiple people had brought frisbees (all the youth love frisbees). We started playing a game, Moss. I went to catch it, and I tripped. I fell, heard a loud pop/crack, and I couldn’t walk anymore. I am getting it X-rayed tomorrow, but the swelling made my ankle more than twice the size it normally is, so that isn’t good. Based on the swelling alone (the majority of people there were either Eagle Scouts or very advanced Boy Scouts) it is either broken, twisted, or sprained. 3. I’m going to do another status update tomorrow about the official, medical conclusion on my ankle!
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    Please no, oh that image is painful to see.
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    I agree Ogo - sexuality aside, I did not feel any form of romantic chemistry between them at all. I know some people dig the ship, and I can see some of the appeal, but it came way out of left field for me. I was firmly of the belief that the rumors of Jasnah and Hoid were just that, and were kind of a fun trolling moment, and I was really shocked when they were true. I am not sure who else I would ship Jasnah with, but Hoid definitely would not be high on the list of characters I thought of as possible romantic partners for her.
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    Avert your eyes from this one if you have not yet read Skyward.
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    First of all...I'm not dead! I've just been super busy with work, my own draft, and overwhelming myself with obligations. Second...I finally finished Draft Four of Name of the King. FINALLY. Hilariously, I don't even know how many people are still around from the dumpster fire that was Draft Three. Third... After many months of waiting, I used @shatteredsmooth's plagiarism checker from February to compare my first and fourth drafts. 33% of the book is the same, and according to my Cut Text folder, I have "deleted" 106 of scenes, equal to 103,053 words, since I began Draft Two. And just like Shatteredsmooth, this isn't keeping track of the massive plot changes that have occurred since Draft One. Thought it might be interesting for some of you. Time to work on other literary ideas for a month or so...then it is time to start Draft Five!
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    This is a clever theory. And I tend to agree that, if the contract is broken by one side or the other, it will be the provision stating that the champions must be allowed to meet atop Urithiru “otherwise unharmed by either side’s forces” that will be violated. I’m not sold yet on a particular theory of who the champions will be and how they might be harmed, but I like how @nimvin is thinking creatively about what it might be. One thought that recently occurred to me is what if Taravangian names Moash as his champion but then has him surrender himself to Dalinar’s forces in advance of the contest. He would essentially be daring Dalinar to try to keep that storming’ cremhole safe from the myriad people who’d like to see him dead. (This could even allow a role for little Gavinor to sate all the people who think he’s going to factor into the book 5 endgame).
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    I had no idea this was even a question people were still working through. Brandon has made it abundantly clear, ever since the very first mention of the Sibling, that they have no gender. (The Stormfather, to Dalinar: "you have hurt them enough.") If both the author and the character have an obvious preference, does it make sense for readers to decide otherwise? I agree it's a bummer that English lacks a clear set of genderless pronouns. I think "them" / "they" / "their" (singular) is the least problematic option; referring to people as "it" leaves a bad taste IMO. As Sir Terry Pratchett observed, evil stems from treating people as objects. I feel it likely that this will become the accepted solution going forward - I have several nonbinary friends who prefer "they" to "he or "she". But as a grammar pedant, I certainly do understand the pain of the singular "they"!
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    Although I know BS may have “canonized” ace+heteroromantic for Jasnah, it doesn’t seem unlikely to me that her intellectual attraction wouldn’t also extend to a woman, in a biromantic way, at least as I read her in text. If there were a woman who stimulated her intellect in a similar way, it seems likely to me that she would approach that relationship as her one with Wit. Edit: which is to say, I’m proceeding with my own head canon on this.
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