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    There is one thing to clear up first. 1. There is a misconception that heralds know when another herald dies. This is true for a "true" death, but in the prelude to the Way of Kings, Kelek does not know which of the heralds have died in the final battle. Instead, he goes to meet at a predetermined meeting place. Jezrian tells him who had survived, and Kelek had no idea that Taln didn't make it. As well, Kelek realizes the others must be alive because he notices their blades are stuck in the ground and that those blades would have disappeared on their own. If another herald died, the remaining heralds on Roshar would not know (at least for some time). ---- Weird Questions: 1) What broke Taln? He is crazy and insensate for 4000 years and then one day he says "No thank you". Many of us can't figure out what could have broke Taln. Edit: WOB that Taln did not break 2) Why was the Davar family so connected to secret societies despite being a Vaden house of little note? They have connections to the Ghostbloods and the Ghostbloods have handed them a confirmed soulcaster AND possibly a Seon box. Why? 3) Why did the cryptic go to Shallan as a child? Lift was chosen due to her strange connection to Cultivation, but why Shallan? And why twice? And what were Shallan's parents fighting about? Shallan remembers her parents having huge fights over Shallan's future starting from a very young age. What was that about? Connected to that, why is an dark influence attacking the Davar family? Why is Heleran given a shardblade and brought into the skybreakers? No other Skybreaker acolyte was given a dead-blade and sent to war (that we know of), so why is Helaran so non-standard? 4) Why was Shallan's mother so quick to try and kill "one of them". 5) What is Shallan's last secret. There is still something horrible in Shallan's past, and this has something to do with a Seon box and whatever Radiant was created to protect Shallan from. What is worse than killing testament? 6) Shallan says her father put the sword into the safe. That was Testament. If Testament was trapped in the safe, how did Shallan go talk to Testament in the garden to unbond her? Shallan literally knows Testament is not her mother's soul, so why does Shallan believe something to patently false? Shallan does lie to herself, but this seems more inaccurate than an outright lie? And why does Shallan see a glowing light coming from the box? We have seen other glowing lights (Dawnshard and Dalinar hearing TwoK), so is she just mad, or did she really see something? Whatever it is, it does not make sense that Shallan thinks Testament is trapped in the safe if Shallan went and yelled at Testament after her mother was killed. ---- It All Put Together - A Timeline 1) Chararach settled in the Davar estate in rural Jah Kaved. Chanarach is involved in several of the secret societies of Roshar just like most of the other heralds we have seen. Chanarach eventually has a daughter and names that daughter after her friend Shalash (Shallan says she was named after Shalash). Chanarach commands a fair bit of influence and even has a Seon to communicate off world. It is unclear who knows who Chanarach is, but as she did settle in a rural area it is likely Chana's identity is not common knowledge even within secret societies (similar to Restares and Amaram). 2) Chanarach learns of the theory that a return of surgebinders will bring about a desolation. Chararach is completely terrified of returning to Braize and supports the culling of nascent surgebinding. 3) The Cryptics find out that one of the heralds has children or they discover a weird child who stands-out and is similar to the child of a Returned. The Cryptics send a delegation to investigate (WOB confirms heralds can have children though maybe it is difficult). At the same time, an unmade is drawn to the family. Testament begins to bond Shallan similar to what happened with Lift. Shallan eventually discovers what her mother is by playing with a Seon box at the Davar estate. The unmade's influence increases in an attempt to get the Herald to go insane and potentially get herself killed by Lin Devar or Shallan. EDIT: WOB that non-returned Cognative Shadows have had children 4a) Shallan is discovered to be a surge binder by her mother. Her mother, fearing a return to Braize, refers to Shallan as "one of them". Note that Chanarach does not seem surprised that surgebinders are real. Chanarach has an absolute PTSD breakdown and attacks her daughter. Lin, who likely knew, steps in and Shallan is able to kill her mother in self defence. 4b) Lin Devar takes something and locks it away in the safe. We are told this is the Shardblade and Shallan's mother's soul. 4 c) Shallan goes to the garden to scream at Testament and break her bond AFTER Testament is supposedly locked away in the safe. This timeline does not make sense even if we believe Testament could escape the safe. Why does Shallan believe her spren was trapped but also then in the garden? And how is Testament-blade = her mother's soul? There isn't a connection there logically. 5) Shallan realized what she has done and perhaps even realized that she has sent her mother back to damnation. She pretends that her mother's soul is trapped in the box so she does not have to remember that her mother has been sent to hell. Shallan goes to Testament and breaks her bond. It is possible Testament told her more here as well. Shallan then begins to repress everything since Shallan has, in her mind, done the most evil act in history. "The world ended, and Shallan was to blame. - Words of Radiance, Chapter 10. Mentioned by @honorblades 6) Lin Devar begins to be corrupted even more by the influence of the unmade after its attention has been withdrawn from Chanarach. Lin also wrestles with killing a herald-wife to save his daughter. He beings to protect Shallan at all costs. Davar family hell ensues. The ghostbloods continue to cultivate the family. The Ghostbloods may not believe a herald could be killed by Lin or may not know she was a Herald. The Cryptics stay with Shallan as they don't blame her for what happened. They are still curious about what Shallan is and are researching what happens to a bonded-deadeye to its original radiant. 7) Chanarach returns to Braize. The other heralds do not know that that has happened as they cannot detect the pain-bond while on Roshar. 8) Chanarach is eventually found on Braize. Chanarach decides to immediately give up and return to Roshar (or something else Odium promises). 9) Shallan, with no bond, goes to Middlefest. Wit's magic or memory allow him to detect that there is something very strange about Shallan. Wit somehow knows what Shallan fights "is not truly natural" and encourages her to make a path for the light. It is unclear what Wit saw, but he knew more than the fact she was a surgebinder (even though she's actually a deadeye-binder at the time). 10) Taln returns to Roshar completely insane and without breaking. What happens to Chanarach is unknown. All assume Taln broke. 11) Radiant is created from memories of Shallan's mother. Radiant dresses in the same blue and red warrior outfit as the Herald Chanarach in artworks. Radiant is Shallan's repressed memories of who her mother was. 12) Shallan is forced to confront what happened with Testament, and Radiant begins to see that she must help Shallan deal with her final truth. Shallan knows she killed a herald and that she sent her mother to damnation - possibly ending the world and starting the final desolation. or Shallan does not know her mother was a herald, but will put that together in regards to the "hole" in her memory" --- Here is a description of Radiant: “She [Radiant] had chosen to wear her vakama; the traditional Vaden’s warrior clothing. It was similar to the Alethi takama but the skirt was pleeted instead of straight. She wore a loose matching coat with a tight vest and shirt beneath. The bright clothing features vibrant blues embroidered over reds with gold woven between and it had trim on the skirt” Here is Chanarach:
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    Yes and no. Potentially, yes. No, I'm afraid not. Those might have been useful to have around, though.
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    Oh, I’ve been needing a thread like this for quite a while. Kelsier: I prevented a murder today. Vin: I’m proud of you! How? Kelsier: Self control. * Adolin: I got grounded for a whole week just because I came home late. Wit: Well, you deserved it. I mean, getting everyone’s hopes up like that and then showing up again. * Shallan, texting Kaladin: How do tall people sleep at night when the blanket can’t possibly cover you? Kaladin: Shallan, it’s four o’clock in the morning. Shallan: So you can’t sleep, huh? Is it because of the blanket? * Dalinar, texting Navani: A theif Navani: Thief? Dalinar: Theif Navani: I before E except after C Dalinar: Thceif Navani: No
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    Some time ago I've put together a timeline of books. I've decided to translate it to English and post it with sources, so I went and searched for the WoBs to put them in the timeline. I haven't found all of those I was using at the time (see the end of this post) but I've also found some I haven't seen before, so... profit? Enjoy. Order of series: Dragonsteel White Sand Elantris Mistborn First Era Warbreaker Stormlight Archive (first pentalogy) Mistborn Second Era Stormlight Archive (second pentalogy) Mistborn Third Era Mistborn Fourth Era ------------------------------------------- Order of the books: (Entries not bolded have not been released yet) Dragonsteel White Sand (before Elantris) Elantris & Hope of Elantris (long before Mistborn First Era, but not thousands of years) Emperor’s Soul (technology didn’t change since Elantris so probably not much more than decades #2) Eleventh Metal The Final Empire Well of Ascension Hero of Ages (341 years before Alloy of Law) Warbreaker (closer than farther to Way of Kings) (between HoA and WoK #1 #2 #3) Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (in the latter part of timeline but before Way Of Kings: #1 #2, and FAQ – if it’s correct – says it’s after Warbreaker) Nightblood (we don’t know whether it’s after Shadows for Silence..., but it’s before Stormlight Archive) Way of Kings (happens 300ish years after Hero Of Ages) Words of Radiance Edgedancer Oathbringer Stormlight Archive, book four (Rhythm of War) Stormlight Archive, book five (about 15 years before Stormlight 6 but the gap may as well be 10 or 20 years #1 #2 #3 #4) Alloy of Law (341 years after Hero Of Ages)(it’s after Stormlight 5 but we don’t know if it’s before Stormlight 6. It could also be after Stormlight 7.) Shadows of Self (year after Alloy of Law) Bands of Mourning (half a year after Shadows of Self) Lost Metal Stormlight Archive, book six (about 15 years after Stormlight 5) Stormlight Archive, book seven Stormlight Archive, book eight Stormlight Archive, book nine Stormlight Archive, book ten Mistborn Third Era (modern times, around 80s)(probably roughly about 50 years after Second Era) Sixth of the Dusk (just before Mistborn Fourth Era #1) Mistborn Fourth Era (sci-fi) ------------------------------------------- WoBs I cannot find now but I'm sure they exist since when I was putting together this timeline I was strictly going off only WoBs: the gap between Stormlight 5 and 6 could be 20 years (specifically 20 years, 10 and 15 I have sourced already) Warbreaker being closer than farther to Way of Kings
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    It fits with the Pattern (hehe) of ShallanReveals™️ too. Reveal 1: ‘omg I killed my dad’ Reveal 2: ‘omg I killed my mom’ Reveal 3: ‘omg I killed my spren’ Reveal 4: ‘omg I killed my planet (indirectly by causing the cycle of desolations to resume by sending my herald mom back to Braize)’
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    I was eating a hamburger, and suddenly started thinking about Stormlight. It hit me that what if Taravangian picks up Odium? If Rayse dies, but Mr T takes the Shard instead, and is the villain later on. What do you guys think?
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    New shards taking the wheel Put your trust in a higher power
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    Hi yall, hope everyone is doing well. Been working on a Stormlight project. Hoid's Walkman: The Ghostblood Tapes. The idea being that someone found Hoid's Walkman and a bag of tapes with the name Ghostblood on them. I'm doing the music and a friend is doing the paintings. Here is the first entry, Szeth. https://youtu.be/da4zzv1Khtg
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    Szeth: So, what do you have planned for the future? Lift: Lunch. Szeth: No, like long term. Lift: Oh... um, dinner? * Kaladin: Can you be quiet? I’m trying to think. Shallan, teasingly: Don’t worry. Doing anything for the first time is difficult. * Amaram: How you hate to be wrong. Jasnah: I wouldn’t know, I’m not familiar with the sensation. * SH spoilers
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    A comment on YouTube was the inspiration for this one.
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    Navani: Welcome to salsa club! Who’s ready to learn how to dance? Lift, holding a bag of chips: I think there’s been a misunderstanding...
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    I can finally get this off my chest: I never would have thought that Brandon would allow himself to use such a lazy, convenient, stupid and useless plot device as the nodes. He clearly didn't know what to do with Kaladin in Part 3 and had to find something for him to do while other characters move the plot along. So he introduced a random number of crystals with no obvious in-world reason to exist that have to be destroyed. It's so far below his story-telling ability, it baffles me. I'm not used to that, at least not in his Cosmere works, and especially not in Stormlight.
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    Hoid: Nonsense. Balderdash. Figgldygrak. Dalinar: Nitwit. Blubber. Oddment. Tweak.
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    There are many theories in circulation on the cite and to commemorate the best of them I give you Theory Thursday. About Purpose Requirements Past Winners @voxtruth wins week twelve with thier theory on Horneaters and Cultivation
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    CW: It gets a bit dark at the end, but it gets better. Think Kaladin and blackbane in WoK. Please read with caution. Edited to add: Also, as much as I'm apparently externalising my internal angst and psychological conflict in this game by appealing to what the Wyrm in my head would say (Duncan, is that you bleeding through here?), I have been duly informed by my superior in the Inquisition to clarify for everyone's benefit: "I take no responsibility and am not advising Kas on the game. This is his own stupid idea, and really, even if he was listening to me, he knows better than to do that by now." THE EDGE OF NIGHT Duncan badly wanted a drink. Wyatt smiled. Black bled into the whites of his eyes. In the gathering of dusk, he was more charcoal shadow than man. "Good soldiers follow orders," he hissed. Duncan tossed a pebble at him half-heartedly and it passed through Wyatt as if he wasn't there. Maybe he wasn't. Duncan rubbed at his eyes with the heel of his hand. He was having difficulty telling, as the days wore on and he just wanted a drink, something to numb the pain, to forget everything. To forget what Nebrask had made of him. To forget what he had done. Oh, Frederick, he thought, and he'd drunk, just a little, he supposed, but it wasn't nearly enough to cleanse the tar-black guilt from his soul and heart. He'd defended his little brother, but only half-heartedly, and now Frederick had followed him to Nebrask and to death. Another stone to lay against his soul, another charcoal smudge, and Duncan considered this the blackest and darkest. Frederick had never seemed touched by Nebrask. Duncan had never wanted this for him. And when Shimamura Sakura bore away his brother's body to offer him a decent burial, all Duncan could do was to drink from the last of the Respected Madman's stash, but it wasn't enough, and the guilt was there, and clinging to his soul, daubed in charcoal. How many more? Duncan wondered. How many more would there be? He couldn't meet Shimamura's eyes at all as she returned, even though he wanted to thank her. Someone had done right by Frederick at least, even if she, too, had called for his court-martial. Frederick, cold and still. Was this justice? Duncan, still living, still surviving, still drawing breath although he suspected he had died a very long time ago on Nebrask with the rest of his platoon. It was a shadow that had come home, someone who didn't know how to laugh, or smile. He'd left too much of himself on Nebrask, where Dig lay beneath the silent earth. Where Matt had fallen. Where Rlint had been betrayed and murdered. Where Tavi had in turn been killed as they turned upon each other as brotherhood and comradeship failed, at the end. Wyatt tsk-ed. "Did you really think you could get rid of me so easily, soldier?" he asked. "Worth a shot," Duncan grunted. He wanted to stop feeling. He wanted to die. It should have been him, and not TJ. Not Frederick. At what cost? "Rude," said Wyatt. "I'm just trying to help you." "You said that," Duncan snapped. "You always said that. Orders from the CO, you said. Good soldiers follow orders. We'd..." his vision blurred, and he realised his voice was trembling, too. "You said we'd hold the line, until the replacements came. I believed you, and I helped you murder my own squadmates!" And there it was. The first sin, the blood on the earth of the garden, the first murder, the one that stretched back all the way in a carmine chain of blood and betrayal to the first life when brother slew brother (a Ghostblood snaps off an arrow from his Shardplate, wisps of Stormlight leaking from the shattered gems; afraid and ready to die at the same time, a dying darkeyes collapses on wartorn streets from five stabs to his back, still reaching out to his assailant with the last of his strength, still trusting, still—) "Humans," Wyatt said. "Predictable. You never wanted to kill, so all I needed to do to tirelessly root out loyal soldiers was to tell you what you wanted to hear. Orders from the CO. Duty. Do it." He knelt down. "You know the truth? You were afraid. You wanted meaning, structure, order. A tidy story, in which you were the hero. I gave you everything you wanted, Duncan. And now you cry about how that's what you never wanted?" "Go 'way," Duncan whispered. "Go away, go away, GO AWAY!" The last words came out in a strangled shriek, as he hefted the empty spirits bottle. "I have a glass bottle and I'm not afraid to use it!" "Will you?" Wyatt asked. "I don't think you know what to do without me, Duncan. I think you need me. I think you're still afraid. And that's why you hesitated. Two Forgotten, dead, but the last you let live." Kessen and Tory. He did what he had to, but then Wyatt had woken up and—had he hesitated? Was this his fault? (It was, because Wyatt had been kind, Wyatt had given him direction, and Wyatt had been the mentor that a fresh young Rithmatist on his first tour on Nebrask needed, and Wyatt had been the perfect combination of duty and good humour that young Duncan, old Duncan had needed, and Duncan had trusted him and believed him and it was his hands that held the chalk and he would never, ever be free of that sin.) "Go away," Duncan whispered, hoarsely. He squeezed his eyes shut, and when he opened them again, the camp was empty. Talking to himself again. He rubbed at his eyes, until the blurriness went away, but he was shaking and he couldn't seem to stop. He stared at the bottle in his hands. He'd killed before, he thought. He knew how to kill. He could make it fast, or— They would come for him, the Forgotten here. They would kill him. Of course they would. He had taken down two of their own, which made him harder to set up, the way they'd set Frederick up. He didn't have to fight it. He could wait, and welcome death. And maybe... Duncan's throat choked up. Maybe that would be a form of justice, too. If I die, let me die, he thought. Let him live, he'd prayed to the Master, for Frederick. But the Master had done nothing. The Master had heeded no cries, that first tour on Nebrask, and Duncan's faith had died inside him. "Stop it," someone said, and Duncan knew that voice, and it cut through him like a knife, and he was grieving and raw all over again. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut. No. He could not—would not—did not deserve to—look. "I came to Nebrask for you, you know." "Shouldn't have," Duncan managed, with a strangled sob. "Well, I did," said Frederick. "And I don't hold this against you. I wish you could've saved me—" "I don't think I could have." "I wish you tried," Frederick said, and Duncan's heart broke all over again. "But it's done, and I think they would've distrusted me anyway, if I'd lived." But he hadn't. And now Duncan was all alone again. "Don't go," he whispered, when there was silence. He opened his eyes, cautiously. Just a crack. Frederick was smiling at him, and Duncan's vision blurred with renewed tears. "Make me wait, alright?" Frederick said. "I'm not in a hurry, so you shouldn't be, either. I always looked up to you, you know. All the stories you'd tell me in your letters, about Nebrask." "I'm no hero," Duncan croaked. "Just...broken." Just a coward. He couldn't save his platoon, and he couldn't save Frederick, either. I wish you'd tried. "You don't have to be," Frederick said. "We've got enough heroes, I think. We could do with fewer of them. And this whole camp is full of soldiers." "Then what do you want from me?" Duncan begged. "Live," said Frederick, and it was both a cruelty and kindness. "Forgive yourself. Remember us. And Ward the camp. Be their watcher, since I could not." "Okay," Duncan said, and he ignored the prickle of tears in his eyes. "I'll try." And then he was alone again, with only the ghosts in his head and the scars on his soul, and an empty bottle in his hands and two more on the floor, still stinking of alcohol. He wanted nothing more than to lie here and give up, but he'd given Frederick his word. How long can I keep doing this, Frederick? Duncan pleaded. He thought he could see Frederick again, shaking his head. Make me wait, Frederick had said. Duncan supposed he could do that. He took the next step.
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    “I need more feral children” - me filling out this chart I’m not happy with the positions of some people but I’ve tried at least four seperate times to finish this and I’m done with it now (Hoid is more “big therapist energy” but I decided it was close enough. I was also debating on whether to swap Spook and Nightblood but Nightblood is more childish)
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    All the Religions! Back to memes [Gen Cosmere lore]
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    I did technically post this as a status update, but it still belongs here:
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    So let me just preface this with some stuff: 0) This will also be obviously shaped by my experience of queerness as a white Ace Bi Transwoman from Switzerland, so maybe keep that in mind as you read this. 1) This is also not supposed to be a dunk on Brandon for his inclusion (or lack thereof) of queer characters. While I wish there was more in his work (and I’ll talk about how you could do that in the cosmere), it’s not like there is none, which is already more than many other Fantasy writers have. He is also not queer himself (as far as we know) and I can respect it that he doesn’t want to include harmful representation in his books (as he has stated before). 2) I’m mostly writing this because I got a friend (who has not (yet, as I hope) read any of the Cosmere books) to take the Knights Radiant Quiz (I guess mostly by saying it’s essentially the Sorting Hat Quiz). Following that I realized I truly had a lot of thoughts about the Cosmere at large, but since none of my friends is into the Cosmere, I had no one to talk to (it’s much easier for me to talk to friends than strangers online, so I didn’t really want to go on Discord and start a conversation, so I’ll just plop it down here and let people decide whether they want to be part of that conversation or not). 3) This is essentially me rambling, there’s probably going to be holes or stuff that I missed or aspects of queerness that I did not think about. Calling it “Queerness in the Cosmere” might have been a bit ambitious, but I honestly didn’t know what else to call it. I’m also not really active on here, so maybe other people have already said all of this, but I had a desire to write this. 4) I think this will mostly concentrate on Roshar (specifically Vorin culture), Scadrial and Nalthis so I’ll structure it accordingly. Nalthis and Scadrial will also probably much shorter than Roshar, both because we know a lot about Vorin culture compared to the others and because the Magic on Roshar gives a bit more to talk about. To start with, let it be said that there is a WoB that clearly states trans people can use Investiture to change their body (he specifically says this with regards to Bloodmakers, Stormlight and the surge of Progression). So let’s start with Nalthis. There’s not that many Characters to begin with and none of them appear to be queer. Of course, many characters have their own situations going on where we don’t see anything regarding their sexualities or identities (Vasher and his history with Shashara, Denth being consumed by vengeance, Vivenna being brought up with the singular purpose of marrying the God King with the implicit understanding that she would be killed eventually, etc.), so I can’t talk about what is, because there isn’t any. As for what could be: the interesting thing for me on Nalthis are the Returned. We know their bodies change upon being returned and we also know that they have the ability to shape-shift to a certain degree. This is confirmed by Vasher (in deeds and words) and also evident in the Court of Gods, where Returned tend to fit their given domain (Blushweaver being extremely attractive, Lightsong being muscular/toned) physically. You could easily fit trans people into further Nalthis works via Returned and their place in Hallandren society. For one, you could have person return and in the process have their body change to one matching their identity. Now, we don’t know whether the Returned consume investiture when they shape-shift. Given that investiture is highly quantized on Nalthis, this seems unlikely. However, as the process of Returning is a result of direct shardic intervention, this investiture could easily come from Endowment directly. This would be a bit more complicated in terms of non-binary, agender or genderfluid people (as well as other marginalized identities which I don’t know about), but this goes beyond my experience and I don’t want to speak for them. Once you have a trans Returned, this would obviously have an influence on Societies where Returning is viewed as a divine act (e.g. Hallandren and Idris (I’m actually not sure whether Idrians see it that way, but I do believe so)), legitimizing their existence beyond doubt (as clearly, God says trans rights). Even if this is not the case, the process of bestowing a divine breath on someone to heal has also implications regarding trans people. Healing in the Cosmere generally works, as I understand it, by restoring the body to the spiritual ideal, with possible influence on self-perception (see Kaladin inhaling Stormlight doesn’t fix his slave scars as of now). From Renarin we know that you can be born with a body that does not conform to this ideal (his bad eyesight was corrected upon inhaling Stormlight). We don’t know whether bestowing a divine breath requires the Returned in question to know what they are healing, although considering Brandon has described this process as “supercharged healing” my guess is not. So it is easily possible that a Returned will bestow their breath and give a trans person a body they are comfortable with, at which point, again, God says trans rights. From there, you could make Hallandren either a very trans acceptive place or (and I personally don’t want that, but it’s a legit possibility) a place where you have to “medically transition” before you are treated as your real self (as in get a Returned to bestow their breath) and where the Returned essentially judge your trans-ness (as in, if a Return doesn’t bestow their breath on you, you’re not “really trans”, as otherwise they (and by extension God) would have given you their breath). Again, that would suck as much as that attitude sucks in real life, but it would at least be something that isn’t cooki-cutter Fantasy stuff “gay people bad and gender binary rulez”. Awakening itself might also provide people with the mechanism to shape-shift. There are “mental commands” that Vasher uses to make a girl forget Trauma, so there is a possibility there to apply this also to “physical commands” that change the users body in a certain way. Let’s look at Scadrial, specifically Era 2 onwards. For starters, we have lesbian rep with Ranette (although I guess she could be Bi), we have disaster Bi rep with Wayne and kandra, who are an interesting subject with regards to gender identity (even further, we have TenSoon, a kandra who spends most of his time as a dog). They are probably the queerest books in the Cosmere and as such, there is not much that I want to talk about. The kandra are super interesting, because they have a distinct gender identity. This could obviously be a remnant of either the spikes that are used to give them thought or because they were human at some point and then transformed by Rashek (this point depends a bit on whether mistwraiths can procreate or whether all mistwraiths were once terris people). Still, they are a super easy way to introduce queer characters. You can easily have a kandra that uses they/them pronouns or who presents differently at different times (apart from the fact that they do this anyways in Era 1 to spy), so they are always the same person, but switch between male/female presentation including pronouns. I hope we get to see something like this in the future. Bands of Mourning and the medallions the southern scadrians use have a huge implication for trans people. In essence, you could build an industry (healthcare should be free though!) on providing unkeyed gold metalminds. If they are charged enough, they would allow trans people to change their bodies. This could also be added in the background, like an ad in the newspaper pages Era 2 books have every now and then or that a character reads in the newspaper. I’m not sure how that would impact a society. Like, in real life there are many medical tools that allow transition, but our society is still incredibly transphobic. So it is not a given that, even though the effectos of healing would be impossible to ignore evidence that trans people are real and valid, there would not be effort to deny trans people access to unkeyed goldminds. You could then still, through Wayne for example, show that there is a black market going on where trans people try to get access to them. So, Roshar. More specifically though the Vorin nations and the singers. Again, Stormlight healing and healing via the surge of progression allow for very easy ways to introduce trans characters, either only as background characters (like in a scene where Renarin heals people) or in a more direct way as a Radiant that changes upon inhaling Stormlight the first time. Apart from that, Vorin culture allows for very interesting explorations on queerness. Vorinism heavily enforces gender roles through the book “Arts and Majesty”. It’s not really clear how this system reacts to the emergence of new professions. It might be the same as with stable hands, where it’s not part of the book so everyone can be one. It might also be that it gets amended, similar to how the bible was changed at various councils. That may sound like it’s beside the point, but whether or not it can be changed does have implications on queer people. Like, could it be changed to include the existence of non-binary people? Or gender fluid ones? That is something I think could be touched upon (assuming Vorinism survives much longer). As the system is right now, there is an obvious (and I think boring) way how Vorin culture treats marginalized gender identities: It’s a heavily gender segregated, binary society and thus, moving between the two camps or outside of them will be suppressed as heretical. However, it could also naturally support trans people, but only as long as they conform to society. You could show this by having a man that can read (maybe in an emergency situation or through subtle reactions in a span-reed conversation or like this) but doesn’t do it openly because it’s unmanly (the implication being that he was taught as a child an came out after). Or maybe there are professions for people that don’t identify as either male or female, but transitioning from one to another is not possible. I think the heavily segregated Vorin society is a really cool playground on queerness, which I hope Brandon will explore a little bit. If there is any fanfic of this, I’d be glad if you could recommend them to me! I also want to shortly talk about homosexuality in at least Alethkar (but I assume this is again a Vorin thing). There seems to be no real prejudice against it. Kaladin does have bit of a different reaction, where he finds it weird how uncomfortable Bridge 4 is with Renarin possibly learning to read but they have no problem with Drehy courting a man (Dru) and Bridge 4 reacts very strongly in favor of the relationship. (I just checked as well, according to Brandon Vorin culture doesn’t have a problem at all with homosexuality). To me, the acceptance of homosexuality seems at odds with Vorin culture, which heavily reinforces the relationship of man-woman not only in a personal sense, but also a professional one. The fact that only women can write and read means that they are pretty much essential in almost any profession (as seen by the fact that Alethi at least reeealy like their ledgers). In my head canon, at least one of the Heralds was gay and this persisted as a part of Vorin society even past “Arts and majesty” (which might have been written after the fall of the Radiants, as they were open to all people). With Sigzil, we’ve seen that at least the Azish are not so supportive of gay people. In his own words, Drehy would have to apply for “social reassignment”, which is exactly what it suggests according to Brandon: You can’t have a gay relationship, instead one of the involved parties has to “socially transition” and would henceforth be treated as their opposite gender (in a WoB, Brandon references ancient India as a inspiration, although let it be said that Iran for example still does this today). This might suggest that, while being wildly homophobic, Azish culture might actually be trans-supportive (in a certain sense). This is also something I hope we get to see more of. There are also the Iriali and their religion of the One. According to Brandon, the more conservative/religious Iriali are supportive of gay people (and I think that would extend to any other marginalized gender identity) on account of them all being part of the One. I very much like the inversion happening here: the “modern” Iriali have outlawed it, but the “conservative/religious” ones accept it with no problem. The singers have 4 distinct gender identities. I know that this is sometimes contested, whether they are really genders or not, but we have not seen much of singer society as of now. Brandon promised that we would get more of that, so I guess we will see. I don’t think Brandon would call them gender identities if they weren’t such, but again, he is a cis man, so his view on “gender identity” might be flawed. I think you could do some interesting things with the singers. They are explicitly shape-shifters, taking on forms as demand dictates. Again, you could easily have a singer that is femalen in one form and malen in a different one or even change from malen to female in the same form (this all depends on how forms exactly work; we’ve only seen a limited amount, and gender seems to be tied to some). This could also indicate how singers would treat, say, non-binary people. This ties in with the Sibling, who we know does not identify as male or female and also not as malen or femalen, so they are either older than the singers and thus not shaped as much by their perception, or it was enough of a part in singer society for them to pass it on the the spren, as it were. According to Syl, some spren do have 4 gender identities, which I think Brandon has confirmed is because of the singers. I also think it would be neat if singers would be referred to as they/them if they are children or even teenagers, leaving it up to them to decide. At least, I guess you could say the first time they go into the storm to adopt a form would determine their pronouns. Again, we don’t have much information on singer children, so we don’t know what form they have when they are born. Also, I love the idea of an entirely Asexual race (well, mostly). I think Brandon has alluded that not all forms are Ace, mate form included. Personally, I think this does Ace people a little bit of a disservice. Lots of Ace people have sex, some enjoy it themselves, some enjoy it because their partner enjoys, it really is (as always) a spectrum. At its essence, Asexual only means that you do not experience sexual attraction and is not tied to sex drive or the desire to have sex. The singers could easily all be Ace and still reproduce enough. I… guess this is all? If you’re still here: thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my rambling thoughts! Maybe this starts a discussion on queerness, maybe not. But I wanted to post it regardless because I've been thinking about it, like, a lot. (I hope there are not too many spelling or grammar errors.)
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    Kaladin figuring out things, then dealing with them in like not a violent way is way more interesting character than Kaladin-the killing machine. Him deciding to find the lost guy, bossing ardents around and setting upo therapy courses was way more fun and interesting to read about than him killing Parshendi #204353. I looked back at previous books and confirmed that - Kaladin making the life of Bridge 4 better in TWoK, Kaladin organizing Kholin's guard in WoR and Kaladin finding out who Azure is while befriending Kholinar's soldiers in OB were the most interesting parts about Kaladin's PoV. Id prefer Brandon to shift Kaladin's focus from active battles to mental health clinic set up and ambassadory things.
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    And this is what happens when she gets your dinner.
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    Gavilar could have had Breaths: And Life sense potentially??
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    Not sure about anyone else, but I'm endlessly intrigued by Ulim. And not just his weasely, sycophantic ways. There's a lot of weirdness going on with him. So I wanted to put together a post laying out what we know, and what mysteries remain surrounding that Voidspren we all love to hate. What We Know 1. Appearance Ulim generally takes one of two forms. Either that of rolling, crackling red lightning/energy moving across surfaces; or that of a small human male with "odd eyes" and long hair that waves or ripples in an unseen wind. He can also vanish, making only certain people able to see him. And on one occasion, we also see him with spikes breaking through his skin and then retracting: RoW, Chapter 77. 2. Personality and Mannerisms To put it bluntly, Ulim is just ... the ... worst. He's dismissive, derogatory, and downright callous ("Oh, you thought she was alive?") to anyone he views as bring of a lower station than him. Which seems to include pretty much everyone except for the Fused and Odium himself. Although he's not beyond making snide remarks about even the Fused and the Unmade, provided they're not around to hear it: Row, Chapter 73. But when in the presence of a Fused, he's obsequious and frankly, more than a little cowardly. He's concerned about others making him look bad in front of them. He lies constantly, and is a master at manipulating people. While being dismissive is his go to move, he's plenty able to pour on the praise and promises of future glory if that's what the situation calls for. And while he seems firmly on the side of the Fused and Odium, he speaks and gestures in human ways. Here he is in RoW 59, somewhat reluctantly deciding to work with Venli, while using what seems a very un-singer like expression: Here he is in OB Interlude 3 after Venli grows angry at the way Ulim is speaking about Eshonai: Here's another point later in the same chapter, and this time a Fused calls him out for it: He's unforgiving toward those he views as traitors to Odium's cause (even when they do exactly what he wants them to do). Oh, and he thinks pretty highly of himself (perhaps not entirely undeservedly) for what he was able to accomplish in summoning the Everstorm. This is again from OB Interlude 3: 3. Abilities (Note: I'm proceeding in this section under the assumption that what we see Ulim do with Venli, he would also be able to with other singers) Ulim is able to move in and out of a singer's gemheart without needing a highstorm (though it may require some level of permission from the singer). He's able to crowd into the gemheart along with whatever lesser spren gives the singer their current form. While inside a singer's gemheart, Ulim is able to speak to the singer and even hear their thoughts. By taking up residence inside a singer's gemheart, he also grants them the ability to hear Odium's rhythms. Perhaps his most impactful ability is the ability to manipulate a singer's emotions. He makes Venli dance like a puppet on strings, and through her manages to manipulate a number of other listeners as well in pursuit of his goals. (If interested, you can read in the thread below about my theory that Ulim is actually using vibrations/rhythms to perform this emotional manipulation): As mentioned above, Ulim is able to scoot along surfaces in the form of cracking lightning. And although he doesn't appear to able to fly, he does seem able to sort of jump while in lightning form: This is also one of several instances where we see that Ulim can make physical contact with a singer. Other instances are when he hops onto Venli's shoulder, grabbing onto her hair, and shortly later in RoW 77 when he lands on Venli's arm and begins moving toward her gemheart. During that pivotal moment, Ulim also demonstrates that he can vibrate energy through a singer. After hitting on the idea of starting a war with the Alethi, he vibrates energy through Venli while trying to convince her, not just to go along with that plan, but also that it was in fact her idea. There is a limit to his ability to interact with the physical world, though. For example, he is not able to carry a bag of gemstones, and brings Venli along to do that. One ability that Ulim does not have is the ability to see in Shadesmar. I don't know how notable this is. I tried to look back through the first four books to see whether spren are generally able to do this or not and couldn't really find anything definitive one way or the other. 4. Ulim's Role in Odium's Plans Although it is never explained, the Fused (and even one stormform singer) refer to Ulim as the Envoy. He made his way to Roshar by passing through the barrier storm that blocks the way to Braize in Shadesmar. Through some unknown method, he was pulled into a gemstone in the Physical Realm of Roshar at a place in the southern ocean that, presumably, corresponds with the location of the barrier storm in Shadesmar. Axindweth, a Feruchemist agent of Odium delivered the gemstone into Venli's hands and tempted Venli with promises that it held the secret to granting forms that could heal her mother's illness. After Venli releases Ulim, he begins putting into motion Odium's plan to circumvent Taln, who after 4,500 years of torture has still not broken. By manipulating Venli, revealing information about new forms, and sharing human gem cutting techniques, he eventually succeeds in getting nearly all of the listeners to adopt stormform. This allowed the singers to pull a large portion of the roiling barrier storm - that Odium had broken off and moved through Shadesmar to the the Shattere Plains - through to the Physical Realm. The result: the Everstorm, which restores the Connection and Identity of the singers who were lobotomized by the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram, and allows for the Fused (and other Voidspren as well I believe) to return Roshar for a good old-fashioned Desolation. After that, Ulim shows up just a couple of times in OB (searching for Eshonai, and the scene where Venli and the other singers are lined up to accept Fused souls in the Everstorm). And then he pops up early on in the invasion of Urithiru (RoW 42), letting Raboniel know that they've found Navani, after which they have this intriguing exchange: And that's it. We don't get to see him again throughout the rest of RoW. 5. Miscellaneous This didn't really fit in above, but I wanted to mention that Ulim recognizes the Heralds (at least Shalash, Kalak, and Nale). And Nale, at least, knows Ulim by name. Relatedly, Ulim is terrified of Nale Remaining Questions about Ulim 1. Why is he called the Envoy? 2. Why does he both appear human and have human mannerisms? 3. What's with the unseen wind that's always rippling his hair when he's in his human form? What's so "odd" about his eyes? 4. How the heck did he make it through the barrier storm? 5. How does he communicate with Axindweth and other agents of Odium? In RoW 77 he says that "I haven’t heard from Axindweth in a few days. I’m certain it’s all right. We have a meeting point where she leaves things for me. The gemstones will be there.” How was he communicating with her? How often did he go to the meeting point? What else did she leave him there? How did he carry it? Also, who are these other agents? 6. Why can't he see into Shadesmar? And more broadly, if anyone can point me to any information about whether other sapient spren are able to do this or not, I'd appreciate it. 7. What's the deal with the creepy little poem that Venli seems to use in RoW 86 to locate/summon Ulim ("Say a name on the breeze and it will return, she thought") 8. What was up with those spikes poking through his skin when he was freaking out he night of Gavilar's assassination? (I've seen someone compare that to how Ati appears a couple of times in Secret History; also reminiscent of the several times when light seems to be poking through Rayse in RoW) 9. What did he mean when he referred to Navani as a new toy? Has he used humans as pawns in the past? Who? When?
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    Me: *talking about how you strangle someone with a friend while writing a murder post* Friend: "I'd offer to show you by doing it on you but then I realized wait no"
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    I agree with @Rainier, the structure of their relationship heavily implies that Moash's part is only partly played out, and that his fate is inextricably bound up with Kaladin's. I think it's interesting that he is largely an unsympathetic character because his actions are such obvious foils for Kaladin, he is the shadow form of Kaladin, the living embodiment of the old saw of "There but for the grace of god go I". I think we are well on our way to a tragic yet satisfying redemption arc for Moash because of the following: Moash is an embodiment of the consequences for choosing the wrong path, a mirroring of Kaladin's heroic choices, a moral exemplar for failing to follow the better path. Moash has given up on all things in life, he gave all of his pain to Odium, he tried to embrace the void, but the thing that connected him to a life not devoid of feeling was his admiration for Kaladin. He clearly sees that Kaladin cannot coexist with the nihilistic world view that he currently operates under, and his attempt to break Kaladin was really just a symbolic attempt to prove that his worldview is the correct one. But, again, he was proven wrong, because Kaladin was the spear that wouldn't break. At the end of RoW Moash is blind. He has an honorblade at this time, so he should be able to heal from this. I think this is the biggest clue we have about his potential redemption in the future of SLA. This blindness is symbolic, this is something that he won't be able to heal from because he sees an element of personal truth in this condition. The path that he has walked since he left Kaladin's side has been a blind path. If you live for vengeance,what's left to live for after the vengeance has been enacted? Like @Seloun stated in his very fine post, everyone has the possibility of redemption (because it relies only on their actions), but not necessarily the capacity to be forgiven (which is dependent on the estimation of others). The murder of Teft is unforgivable, but the capacity to rise from the ashes of his delusional existence (where he believed he was free from the burden of the consequences of his actions) is there before him, and the fact that part of his spiritual identity is an incurable blindness leads me to believe that he is ready to acknowledge his past mistakes and is willing to atone for his past errors in judgement.
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    I don't agree that Sanderson isn't (sometimes) funny, but I'm also fine with less humor. I don't feel that there needs to bee TOO many comedic moments. It's a dark book, and I'm ok with that. I agree that Navani bonding the Sibling seems off. But, I don't think Rlain should have bonded them. It should have been Dabbid!!! I completely agree with this "unpopular opinion" lol. Not happy with Teft's story line in this one. But his ultimate arch will be redeemed when his soulcast body is awakened in the next book and we get Zombie Teft shenanigans.
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    Hello, friends! I'm afraid I'm going to be taking a break from the shard for awhile. I think I'll still come on occasionally, but not regularly like I used to. I am so sorry, to all of the RP's I'm kind of abandoning, but I think this might be better for y'all than before, since I seem to always be lagging behind... Anywho, I won't be gone completely, I'll stay pretty active on discord, and I'll come on occasionally here, I just... I'm just so stressed with everything right now, I need some time off.
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    Kill Odium With Tanks
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    Hey physics nerds. I've been toying with the equations of motion for paired gems (conjoiners and reversers). I'm happy with what I've got so far, but I'm interested in digging for thoughts on the decay factor that comes with distance.... But first let me back up and explain where I'm at. Using Pulleys I think the easiest way to think of paired fabrials is by comparing them to pulley systems. For a simple conjoiner, it's easiest to just think of them as rigidly connected, but the metaphor doesn't work for reversers. Pulleys are also a great way to account for the mechanical advantage discovery that Navani makes in RoW chapter 84. And I think friction is a good way to think of the decay they experience over greater distances. Two major caveats though. The metaphor only works for one dimension at a time, though that's not a big deal. And we have to pretend we can force our ropes in both directions. (can be pushed and pulled) Simple Equation Without the mechanical advantage discovery Navani makes and ignoring friction, we have the following equation: (m1 + m2) a = F1 + R F2 This is simply the equation of motion for a simple pulley, with one addition: that R factor. More on that in a second. The idea here is that F1 and F2 are the sum of all forces acting on the gems. (excluding the force being shared between the paired gems -- that is essentially the tension in our pulley system's rope) The masses m1 and m2 are the masses attached to each gem, plus the mass of the gem itself. If we've attached something fairly heavy to one and not the other, you can effectively say the mass of the lone gem is zero. So all this equation is saying is that the acceleration of the system is the sum of forces on the system divided by the total mass of the system. F=ma. We need to note that the accelerations of 1 and 2 aren't necessarily the same. I'm using a = a1 = R a2. In other words, the equation above is really for the acceleration of a1. If we want to know the acceleration of the other gem we need to substitute a = R a2. This R factor I've added is really just a convenience to account for the difference between conjoiners and reversers. Rather than deal with separate coordinate systems for each, I'm just using this one equation with R=1 for conjoiners and R=-1 for reversers. In other words, with a reverser the accelerations are in opposite diretions of one another and F2 acts opposite of F1 rather than with it. (F1 and F2 are in the same direction--whatever direction we want to label the positive direction.) Simple Examples Let's say we've got a pair of reversers with the same mass floating in the air. Their weights balance each other out just as if they were two masses hanging from a pulley. We have (m1 + m2) a = F1 - F2 where F1 and 2 are their equal weights, m1*g and m2*g. The net force of F1-F2=0 so we have a=0. Note that if we give one a push up or down (and ignore wind resistance) they will move at constant velocity in opposite directions. Point being, this isn't a scale that tries to balance back out. Just two weights balancing each other out. What if the second is twice the mass of the first? (m1 + 2*m1) a = m1*g - 2*m1*g using down as positive direction, which is 3*m1*a = -m1*g. Solving for a we get a = -g/3. So the first gem moves up into the air at 1/3 g. The second moves down at 1/3 g. What if the second is much heavier than the first, such that the mass/weight of the first is negligible? (m2) a = -m2*g so we are left with a = -g. The first gem, basically weightless, flies upward at 1g while the second gem falls at 1g as if it weren't paired. Makes sense, right? With a two equal masses conjoined, they just fall freely. (m1 + m2) a = m1*g + m2*g = (m1 + m2) g, which is just a=g and for conjoiners we have a=a1=a2. Mechanical Advantage In RoW chapter 84 Navani is able to use Raboniel's dagger to transfer the spren of a paired gem into a different, larger gem. When she moves the larger gem, the other moves three times as far. We see this same phenomenon with a pulley system that gives a mechanical advantage of 3. If Navani moves the smaller gem 30 centimeters, the larger gem will only move 10 centimeters, and vice versa. There's some force multiplication that happens here. Moving the smaller gem requires less force, though it doesn't move the other as far. Moving the larger gem is the opposite. It causes the smaller gem to move further, but it requires more force. When you work through the math, the equation above becomes this: (m1 + m2/G^2) a = F1 + R F2/G The G factor here is the mechnical advantage ratio. Usually we would use MA for this, but I felt that might be confusing alongside the m's and a's of mass and acceleration. I've been using gamma in my notes and don't have it on this keyboard, so you get G. Also note that this gives us a different acceleration relationship. Now we have a = a1 = R G a2. In other words, the smaller gem accelerates G times faster than the larger. Navani isn't clear on what ratio produces this observed ratio of 3, though I'm guessing the larger gem in her accidental experiment was 3 times larger by mass? Something like that. More Examples So let's say we have a reverser where m1 is basically negligible, a gem ratio of 2, and both only under the influence of their own weight. We have (m2/2^2) a = -m2*g/2. Which gives a = -2g. For the larger gem we have a2 = a/(RG) = g. In other words, the large gem/mass falls at a normal 1g, while the smaller, effectively weightless, gem moves upward at 2g. Note that if the small gem is half the weight of the larger gem they balance out in this situation. The force-half of the equation becomes (m2/2)*g - (m2*g)/2 = 0. You can use this discovery in two different ways. Let's talk about how they apply to the Fourth Bridge. Two options. One thing you can do with this discovery is reduce the number of chulls required. If you use the chulls to pull the small gems and attach the larger gems to the Fourth Bridge, they can get more force with their pulling. But the downside is they have to walk further to make the Fourth Bridge move the same distance. On the other hand, if you attach the large gems to the chulls and the small gems to the Fourth Bridge, your chulls don't have to walk as far... but they have to pull harder. I'm guessing the second will be what they do with the Fourth Bridge. Most of the time the ship should be moving at some constant cruising velocity. So they'll have a harder time getting the thing accelerated up to that speed... But once they're there, they just need to maintain that speed, which shouldn't take as much effort. And in the meantime, the Fourth Bridge will be moving 2 chull steps (or whatever the ratio is) for every chull step. It would be interesting to work out the math on all of this, but I haven't tried yet. Distance Decay So now we come to the distance decay. Navani notes that there's some amount of decay which occurs over greater distances. The further the paired gems are apart, the more resistance you experience. This is essentially like the friction you see in a pulley system. When you work out the math, this essentially just becomes an extra force on the system. In a real pulley system you have different friction amounts in each pulley, but I'm basically collapsing the sum of those into one value: Ff. (m1 + m2/G^2) a = F1 + R F2/G - Ff I'm... probably not handling the sign on this well. It's resisting movement so we're basically assuming here that a > 0. Otherwise, the sign on Ff flips. Now... we don't really have enough information from the books to figure a correct equation for this value... But I'm trying to think it through and figure some idea of what form it might take. We know that it's a function of the distance between the two gems, but it can't JUST be that because I think spanreeds wouldn't work that way. Think about it. If the Fourth Bridge experiences a notable amount of decay from Urithiru/Shattered Plains to Hearthstone and if we just have Ff as a function of distance, then a spanreed over the same distance would experience that same resisting force. That just doesn't really make sense. I don't think it makes sense for the masses to be involved. Thinking back to the pulley metaphor, the friction between a rope and pulley is going to depend on how much tension is in the rope. More force being transferred through the rope means it's pulling harder on the pulley, and that harder normal force leads to more friction. So perhaps it should be a function of F1 - R F2/G? Note the negative sign there. For a conjoiner, that gives us the difference between forces. So, for example, two reversers (G=1) floating in the air give m1*g + m2*g. If you're looking at a simple pulley that's the total forcing tugging on the pulley. The full weight of one is countering the other, so the full weight of each is carried by the rope. More friction. Change that to conjoiners and it's a little odd though. You get m1*g - m2*g = (m1 - m2)*g which... suggests the amount of friction depends on how comparable the masses are? I would think two falling conjoined gems just basically fall under their own weights, together, and so there's no transfer of force between them. No tension in the rope. So something doesn't seem right here. My brain is getting mushy. Feedback appreciated. If you have no ideas, hopefully you at least enjoyed the explanation of the rest!
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    I definitely agree with this. I was hoping Rlain wouldn't bond the Sibling since it was brought up. The Sibling basically only was willing to because of immutable characteristics. Which would have felt awful for Rlain after him talking about wanting to have a spren bond him because it wants HIM. The whole Sibling being willing to bond Rlain felt like a different beat on the whole Kaladin ordering that honorspren to consider him. "Please consider our token Listener." I also didn't want Dabbid to bond with the Sibling either considering how he was extorted by them. It is my sincere hope that an honorspren decides to bond him. Anyways, Navani bonding the Sibling is great. They both have their faults, they both have their conflicting beliefs, yet they both mesh together. It was truly enjoyable to see the Sibling get all excited over Navani understanding the fabrials they made of themself.
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    Huh, apparently my subconscious ships Kaladin and Kelsier, despite how much I tell it that wouldn't work at all. I dreamed of training montages and having a minor hero-worship-crush on your teacher. Not gonna lie though, Kaladin dying, becoming a Cognitive Shadow after Kelsier rushes him to Stormlight, having a Dramatic Moment with Syl ("You're not my Knight Radiant anymore, Kal, but I will always be your spren"), and then having training montages in a swimming pool (no, I don't know either) trying to outwit Kell and his Avengers team RoW all sounds like a crack-taken-somewhat-seriously fanfic that I'd absolutely read.
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    I think it's funny...
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    I both admire and hate the fact that I can totally see this being true... But at the same time, I can't help but wonder if I'm just grasping at straws.
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    I haven't posted music stuff here for a while... I've just been playing around, but not recording anything. Soooo, I thought it would be good to do an update! Current Projects: + Dalinar's Theme (Or The Speech-at the Battle-of-the-Tower-Following-the-Sadeas-Betrayal Theme) + Spensa's Theme or "Skyward Flight" or "Skyward 6" Other inspired ideas in the back of my mind: + Venli's Theme (Or [Insert Inspired Title Here]) + Lift's theme? + Another Dalinar-Theme from Oathbringer: "You cannot have my pain!!!" (that epic scene) + "RoW Spoily" Theme 1 + "RoW Spoily" Theme 2 And please, add suggestions or ideas! The above are in no particular order...
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    From the album ShiroXIX's Art

    I love their relationship and I hope we see more of them.
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    ...is in space. I was over in the RoW meme thread and I saw a post from @Child of Hodor which gave me this idea. I believe me know that at least one of the shards is not invested on a planet. What if it's Invention? And here's the twist, what if this is where Silverlight is located? We don't have any information so it's all just speculation. But there must be some reason Silverlight is located where it is. And i like the idea that the home to a Cognitive Realm University is located where Invention has manifest. Edit: I forgot about the survival shard. It likely Wisdom or something along those lines. This definitely fits.
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    Something happened that made me start to think that Dominoes Pizza is really a cult. (But not really, the cult part is a joke. But the rest of the story is true.) One day, our family ordered some pizza- one regular-sized pizza with cheese, and two small cheese-free pizzas for us weirdos who can't have milk. We opened the larger pizza box, and on the inside of the lid, there were four dots of some red substance. It was too deep a red to be pizza sauce, so our conclusion was it's either some red ink (It looked to be about the same hue as the red on the pizza box) or blood. Just to be safe, my dad called the pizza place and asked for a replacement pizza, just in case it was blood. It probably wasn't, but still. We got the new pizza and my dad showed the employees some pictures of the red splatters(To prove he wasn't crazy or just scamming to get a free pizza), after we found two more red spots. (Cue the pictures) Still, it probably wasn't blood. But, to make sure, we wanted to do a test to see how similar the splotches look to blood, so we sterilized a sewing needle, and my dad said whoever was willing to prick themselves got five bucks. My older brother, @Enter a username, immediately said he would. I mean, it was for science, so why not? He tried pricking himself, but it didn't work, so my dad tried it himself, but still couldn't. Then I suggested something. I have these weird bumps on my arms that I sometimes pick at, so I had a few teeny scabs that I said I was willing to break open to get some blood out. I was able to get out some and smeer it onto a piece of cardboard we ripped off of another pizza box. Once the blood dried, it looked exactly the same. Same hue, same sheen, same way it dried, everything. It was uncanny. But, we wanted another sample that was dripped instead of smeared, so I picked off another scab and laid on my back with my feet up to try to get enough blood to drip the same way as the pizza box to compare the to. Want to see the results? Same. Exact. Storming. Stuff. My dad called Dominoes and told them what we found out, and that brings me to my hypothesis: Dominoes is a cult. I think that the way Dominoes gets the red ink for their pizza boxes is from the blood of their enemies (A.K.A. the people who leave bad reviews about their pizza), and the pizza store is a front, and the way they get their money. That's my conspiracy theory. (I don't actually think Dominoes pizza is a cult. That was a joke. But the bloody pizza box was real.) And that, my friends, is how I became a blood donor, for science. (Even though I didn't get that five bucks.)
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    It seems unpopular depending on where I look, but Shallan and Adolin’s plot was easily the most interesting part of the book for me. The Urithiru plot felt too self-contained for me, as much as I enjoyed it. The Shadesmar plot made me feel like the world was bigger, gave me more minor characters to love, and had some genuinely excellent moments. I found myself brought to tears on a reread as Formless emerged, and Maya’s “WE CHOSE” made me feel everything. I think a large portion of my love for this plot came from my identifying with both Adolin and Shallan. Adolin’s earnest drive is inspiring to me, and his conflict with his father while he still strives to make Dalinar proud is something I heavily relate to. I certainly can’t say I struggle with DID myself, but Shallan’s struggles were portrayed in such a way that I related to her too. The idea of repressing the darkness within myself is something I see a frankly disturbing amount of the time, and wearing many different faces is something I’m experiencing as well, her integration of Veil an exaggerated version of me learning to let myself be genuine. Perhaps that’s unpopular, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s my opinion nonetheless.
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    Its hard to distinguish unpopular opinion from criticism. Are majority of readers fine with Teft not leaving Urithiru, then being unconscious for majority of the book, then getting killed, while also being used as the only major reason for Kaladin to be a Spider-Men for like 500-600 pages? If yes, then im not okay with this. Feels like a lazy way to make Kaladin do his plot stuff in the way Brandon wanted him to be. He effectively turned Teft into just a plot device.
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    I really didn't like Jasnah in this book. The way she handled Ruthar was so...jarring. Maybe that was the intention but the whole "harsher" bit felt so off to me and made me really uncomfortable. She's never been my favorite character but until that point I never disliked her either. I didn't really mind her involvement with Wit, but I'm not invested in that relationship at all either. I feel really sad about Venli. I think Eshonai would have been so much better in her place, but I do understand why they had to be swapped. I had high hopes for her though, and expected her to actually do stuff in this book. Brandon has said he made her more passive, because he didnt want all of his characters to feel like they were superhuman, and that he wanted characters who were in over their head, but Venli was just so passive and indecisive. There was this lingering feeling of "oh no, I hope nobody discovers I bonded a spren" but I never felt any excitement or tension in her plot. I dont know, in previous books Venli seemed way more smart and capable, and the flashbacks showing that even her achievements in the past were someone else's didnt help. She felt like an inbetween character. She had interactions with so many other important characters, Navani, Raboniel, Lift, Lirin, Rlain, but she never really got involved with any of them. Maybe if she had one of those to really team up with plotwise and actually do something with them, actually having a goal she wanted to achieve, that probably would have helped her story. I just hope she still gets to do something cool with the listeners, or maybe she worldhops or something, but with how crowded book 5 probably is I don't she will get a bigger role than she has now. It really felt like Brandon wrote her because he felt he had to, not because he wanted to. That said, RoW was still my favorite SA book and I loved almost everything else.
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    'The chaining of a Shadowblaze, fourth entity removed, is an often indeterminable process, and the bindagent should consider wisely the situation before making any decision regarding the vessels to be indentured.' This is the paragraph I will be milking for all it's worth. I was reading the rithmatist, saw this, and thought to myself, 'Fourth entity removed'? At first I saw this more as like how people are related (Ex: Fourth cousin, twice removed), but that didn't quite make sense. So if a Shadowblaze is the fourth entity removed, where or what is it removed from? My basic idea is the Tower, but that's not heavily supported. If the Shadowblaze is the fourth (Rithmatic?) entity removed from the tower, their must be at least 3 more. Categorizations of creatures: I began to categorize forgotten, Shadowblazes, and actually, wild chalklings. Here's what I got: Shadowblaze (Fourth entity removed): Bonded to people (Vessels) to create rithmatists? [This bonding is important] When bound to vessel, vessel- is made a rithmatist/body preserved/vessel remains in control Forgotten: Bonded to people (Possesion) When bound to vessel, vessel-is made a rithmatist/body preserved/vessel loses control Wild chalkling? (I was wondering what the other entities of the four we know exist may be, and remembered warbreaker, and the categorization of awakened objects. So what if the body of the vessel wasn't preserved?) Wild chalkling: Bonded to people to create wild chalklings? When 'bound' to vessel, vessel- body removed/ vessel loses control If this proves true, than the other entity would likely be: Entity: when bonded to vessel, vessel- Body removed/ vessel remains in control Just some thoughts and ideas I had, but there's a chance they could prove to be somewhat true.
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    Okay, here it is! Thanks, Exotwo, for reminding me! Are you cytonic? Because my thoughts always go straight to you. 4 days until Valentine's Day!!! Also, I need a new pfp. Which one?
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    From the album My animations and stuff

    3d printed my face
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    Here's the thing about Honor's truest surge. Remember that the Stormfather said that Dalinar's powers wouldn't work. So I more view it as the fact that it's Honor's truest surge AND the fact that Kaladin's spren is an HONORSPREN. Which is of Honor. Retroactively, you can look at the same thing for Lift. Her surge of Progression works because it's Cultivation's truest surge AND because her spren is a CULTIVATIONSPREN, which is of Cultivation. And that both of them are invested enough to stay awake in the tower. This can really cause a reassessment of the surgebinding magic system. Instead of 10 or 9 plus 1, it's 8 plus 2 (2 meaning Honor and Cultivation), which is more in line with the basic allomancy system. Then imagine if voidbinding is really 8 plus 1 (1 meaning odium) and it will turn out that the Rosharan magic system in closely aligned to the rest of the cosmere. This most likely won't be actualized in the canon and currently has some holes in the theory, but it seems like something Brandon might pull and it seems like it may have some truth in it.
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    Well I don’t know this part. I’m not sure if a child of a herald would have some special powers similar to how Vivenna can shape change. If you recall, Vivenna and Siri are descendants of a Returned. Vivenna also has a higher natural ability to awaken due to her heritage (confirmed by Vasher). Something there is different Maybe the divine breath is doing something special to cognitive shadow babies as an “Endowment” for one’s heirs is on brand. But the only children of cognitive shadows we know of are more invested then a regular person. So if Shallan is the child of a cognitive shadow, then there is the possibility that she looks different to someone as invested as Hoid. Maybe her aura is different? Maybe she bonds easier. Shallan might have something. It might even be a curse like a propensity to mental illness as well. Who knows. The point is Hoid seems flabbergasted to see Shallan at Middlefest. We assumed it was because she was bonded to Pattern. But it turns out Shallan only had a deadeye. So maybe Hoid saw a hint of cognitive shadow descendant power? And what is this dark presence Hoid says Shallan and her family are fighting? What did he see? Is it an unmade. Is it a cognitive shadow curse? Both? Who knows.
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