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    I know this has been discussed before, but I had some fun doing a goofy data viz project poking fun at the number of times characters "raise an eyebrow" at each other in the original trilogy. After collecting some basic eyebrow interaction data, I made some plots analyzing: The most frequent eyebrow Raisers vs Raisees Changes in eyebrow raising frequency over time The social network among characters as defined by their eyebrow exchanges I wrote up some analysis claiming that characters' eyebrow behaviors mark key moments of personal growth in their character arcs and dumped a set of interactive visualizations for all 3 books here. I thought this forum might get a kick out of it Here are some viz previews: (Nodes are sized proportionally to the total number of eyebrow interactions in which that character was involved; Arrows are sized proportionally to the number of directed eyebrow raises from the source to the target)
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    That might be what Jasnah is saying, but I don't believe it for a moment. I think she is lying to everyone in order to make Kaladin have to marry her and become king of Alethkar. Now that everyone knows that he is the son of Tanavast, it'd add a lot of stability to her rule, which she desperately needs with Elhokar coming back and all.
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    IT are the Investiture Technicians, of course.
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    More OB meme but Sja-Anat is all:
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    BEWARE! THERE WILL BE ALL OF THE LORE SPOILERS FOR DAWNSHARD AHEAD! I only put this post here instead of the dawnshard board because there is a bit of things relating to RoW, and I’m not supposed to put spoilers for RoW in the dawnshard forum. So. Endowment. Let’s break down the magic system. We have heightenings and the whole breath thing. The hightenings come from breaths being grafted onto your spiderweb, as seen in dawnshard. They are very color-oriented. They make colors pop. This is very useful to know given that color is a fundamental part of shards. We have their light or color, and the anti-light, and color. This doesn’t seems to be a specifically Roshar thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can have anti-Ruin light and so on. So perfect color recognition helps in that respect. it also helps with perfect pitch. That allows you to make the anti-light in the first place much more easily. so basically, the heightenings are very useful for creating anti-investiture. Endowment has created a magic system to specifically allow for this type of thing, with the breaths sticking to your spiderweb, and whatnot. now there are commands. These are based off of Intent and Command, which we learn in Dawnshard is the fundamental part of all of magic in the Cosmere. In other worlds, it is more veiled. The command is symbols in Sel and the molecular composition in Scadrial. But in Nalthis, it is just verbal, which is the most fundamental form there is. The third part is investing objects. This makes them harder to tamper with and make much more powerful objects, such as Nightblood. The final part is the divine breaths, which is all about stapling the cognitive shadow to the physical realm. This is seen in many other systems, but this is given so freely by Endowment, and she made it part of the magic system as well. Nalthis’ magic system seems to be made off of the fundamental building blocks of the cosmere. It is built to allow gateways to all parts of the Cosmere’s magic, within easy and straightforward access. This is quite surprising and quite dangerous. What is Endowment doing? She has plots that involves all of the raw power of the Cosmere within easy access. Why is she doing this? And what does it mean? This is a thing that seems very deliberate on Endowment’s part. I’m quite worried how dangerous she might become later on.
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    “Journey before destination, you bastard.”
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    Brandon said in the livestream that the deadeye spren is a relashonship that has been seen in other parts of the cosmere. My mind immediately jumped to elantrians. The elantrians had their investiture and their link to the Dor blocked because the command was incomplete. Because it was incomplete, they had sickly blotches, had no heartbeat, and could not heal. They themselves said that they were dead. That is what is happening to the deadeyes. Their command allowing them to exist or transition to their unbonded state or whatever happens after they break their bond is being interrupted mid-transition. This would explain the dead and clawed out eyes. This would explain why they seem to not access investiture or do anything with bonds. Ba-Ado-mishram Somehow allowed that transition to happen, so trapping her interrupted the command, just like with Elantris.
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    Not the Elantrians themselves--I think the Seons are the better comparison. The Seons bonded to a "broken" Elantrian (how do we not have a term for them??) all exhibit the following: Their minds aren't entirely there. Same for deadeyes. They're sapient beings that seem to have lost their intelligence. The Aon symbols at their center appear broken up. Similarly, the deadeyes show visible signs of not looking right. They loosely follow around the human they are bonded to. Just as deadeyes follow the human they are bonded to in Shadesmar. Might be some other things not coming to mind? My general suspicion is that it's a Connection issue. Elantrians were "broken" because the chasm disrupted their Connection to the Dor. And those effects seem to extend to the Seon they are deeply Connected to with a bond. So how does that relate to the spren? BAM was Connected to the singers and we saw that her capture damaged their Connection. The mechanics behind that are a bit of a mystery though... In any case, perhaps this Unmade was Connected to all spren on Roshar as well, (maybe dating back to before she was even Unmade) so her imprisonment broken their Connection too? But then why did it only affect them after Radiants broke oaths? Could guess that their bond with a stable human served as a lifeline for them, but it's still kind of weird. And what about the spren who weren't bonded? Is it possible that they were ALL (every last one of them??) bonded at the time of the Recreance? I feel like there's a lot of mysteries to be unraveled here, but I'm trying to work through my reread before getting in the weeds of this theorizing. XD
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    Here's a loophole for the loophole. 10 days in the future, on the top of Urithiru, the curtain is drawn and Odium's voice booms out, "My champion is young Gavinor, you lose either way Dalinar!" Dalinar, with his reading glasses on, walks confidently towards young Gavinor. Putting his arms reassuringly on Gav's shoulders he says, "My champion is Time. Live a good full life son, and next time just ask me or nana for more lavis cakes instead of making a deal with the God of Hatred. Did they at least have lots of sprinkles?"
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    Culti’s big plan...
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    Mistborn era 1 and crying factor
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    Cosmere characters as Whose Line Is It Anyway prompts! (Never watched the show, but it was fun assigning characters to prompts) Featuring more bad drawings, this time with 80% less effort!
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    I've seen several discussions on Taravangian's ascension. Who foresaw what, what it implies going forward... that type of thing, but I haven't seen anyone incorporate into these musings what I find to be a hugely significant detail in how it happened. A quote from RoW Chapter 113: So immediately before his ascension, Taravangain died and his connection to his physical realm body was snapped. Severed. Nothing* in the narrative going forward implies that this connection was re-established like what happened with Szeth or Zahel's description of a "Type Two Invested entity" in chapter 15. Taravangain ascended to shard godhood as as cognitive shadow without a connection to the physical realm. Which probably has huge implications on his new status as Odium. To explore what these implications are, we happen to already have a precedent of a cognitive shadow ascending to become a shard bearer from Secret History. (Part 6, Chapter 4) Throughout the rest of Secret History, Kelsier/Preservation was pretty darn impotent whenever he tried to directly match Ruin and Ruin ran amuck, with the only thing holding him back being all that missing atium. Conclusion: Taravagain ascended as a Cognitive Shadow which severely hamstrings him, and might add additional constraints making it difficult to leave Roshar beyond just the contract with Dalinar. *Edit: I just remembered that only one body was found in T's room afterwords, and it was ruined by nightblood, and presumed to be T's when it was actually Rayse's. So the fact that his body wasn't found in the room has some implications against the theory that T ascended as a CS.
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    So, there has been a lot of debate about the Recreance recently. I feel there are a few specific things we can say are very likely, however, and I'm making this post to sum those up. TL;DR: The Recreance likely occurred on a single day — or at least during a very small time period — shortly after the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram, and during or soon after the abandonment of Urithiru, which had already begun to fail before said imprisonment. The Feverstone Keep vision is accurate: Mishram's capture happened immediately before the Recreance: Moat of the Knights abandoned their oaths on the same day: Urithiru was likely "failing" before Mishram's capture (though this is not certain): Tanavast's death was post-Recreance, but was a protracted event Confirmed by WoB[17] Either the enslavement of the broken singers didn't happen for decades, or the Recreance was decades apart from BAM's capture References:
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    Mistborn: Secret history Stormlight WoA
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    Lift will become the Vessel of Cultivation, and become a weird aunt to every single being on Roshar. ("Thou shalt worship thine godly aunt with pancakes aplenty. Old men with tight butts are nigh to be trusted. Lift Wuz Heer. So let it be written as the words of your god.")
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    WOB are not canon. The books are canon. WOB is a stressed out and tired author answering every random question people can think of.
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    Wit and Kaladin’s conversation after the Dragon and the Dog story and Kaladin asks Wit to confirm that it’s going to get worse after he leaves their little bubble: "It will,” Wit said, “but then it will get better. Then it will get worse again. Then better. This is life, and I will not lie by saying every day will be sunshine. But there will be sunshine again, and that is a very different thing to say. That is truth. I promise you, Kaladin: You will be warm again.”
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    So I was messing around with a universe simulator called Universe Sandbox 2, and I thought 'Why not try to recreate the Cosmere planetary systems?' So I got out my Arcanum Unbounded, and thus began the long and arduous process of trying to make and arrange the celestial bodies of a wonderful fictional dwarf galaxy. Star Cluster? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I had to get creative about the colors of some of the planets, because the program doesn't actually include a way to change the colors of gas giants, so I had to edit the code of the bodies directly and repeatedly change the RBG values until they looked right. Took a very long time to do this and to position everything the right way, but I'm pretty happy with the way they all turned out. My goal with all of this was to realistically re-create the starcharts, but I also thought that they could make pretty cool backgrounds, so I made a few different versions with the systems and planets in different orientations, and I've included them all here. For each system there is a zoomed-in, zoomed-out, and diagonal line up version of the planets, a 90° angle landscape version, and one where each of the planets are placed around the sun at random points along their orbits (though the Taldain System does not have this last one, for obvious reasons). I think they ended up looking really good, so feel free to use them as backgrounds. So without further ado: [If the images aren't displaying properly then here's the imgur album: https://imgur.com/gallery/ALPA6sC] The Rosharan System [Zoomed In, All] The Rosharan System [Centered] The Rosharan System [Zoomed In] The Rosharan System [Zoomed Out] The Rosharan System [Centered, Angled] The Rosharan System [Diagonal] The Rosharan System [Orbits] The Selish System [Centered] The Selish System [Zoomed In] The Selish System [Zoomed Out] The Selish System [Orbits] The Selish System [Orbits, Zoomed Out] The Selish System [Diagonal] The Drominad System [Centered] The Drominad System [Zoomed In] The Drominad System [Zoomed Out] The Drominad System [Diagonal] The Drominad System [Orbits] The Drominad System [Centered, Angled] The Taldain System [Centered] The Taldain System [Zoomed Out] The Taldain System [Zoomed In] The Taldain System [Diagonal] The Taldain System [Diagonal, Zoomed Out] The Scadrian System [Centered] The Scadrian System [Zoomed In] The Scadrian System [Orbits] The Scadrian System [Zoomed Out] The Scadrian System [Zoomed Out, All] The Scadrian System [Diagonal] The Scadrian System [Centered, Angled] The Threnodite System [Zoomed In] The Threnodite System [Centered] The Threnodite System [Zoomed Out] The Threnodite System [Orbits] The Threnodite System [Diagonal]
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    "Journey before destination, you bastard" Navani's best line
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    I would much rather Moash be a hurdle for our heroes to overcome than a cliche "bad guy becomes good again" trope. I decided that based on which character I care about more. Moash, or Kaladin and the Radiants? Moash doesn't even come close. While a Moash redemption arc may possibly be satisfying if written well enough, I believe that Moash written as a villain can provide so much more depth to the overall story and characters, especially Kaladin.
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    ‘Deal with your own stupid planet, you idiot. Don’t make me come over there and slap you around again.’
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    "You. Cannot. Have. My. SACRIFICE!"
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    This is a very interesting question, we know that Warbreaker is a necessary prequel to the events of the Stormlight Archives, and I always kind of assumed that it was because Nightblood was going to be a major factor in the denouement of the war against Odium. But, more interesting is the thought that maybe the necessity of Warbreaker preceding SLA is that Vasher needs to be on Roshar to fulfill his Divine Intent. We know that Endowment's symbolic number is 5, the tears of edgli is a 5 petaled flower, there were 5 Scholars, and more interestingly that Austrism, the theological teachings of the first Returned Vo, had 5 Visions promoting the virtues of patience, humility, sacrifice, selflessness, and understanding. The two known instances of Returned giving away their Divine breaths and fulfilling their Divine Intents that we know about are (Warbreaker spoilers) There is a pattern in the known cases, namely that the Returned Intents seem to map to the virtues of the 5 Visions, and I think the name that the Cult of the Returned gave Vasher is a big hint as to what the Divine Intent he Returned to fulfill was, Warbreaker the Peaceful. With his nature being that of a Scholar, the Vision (or virtue) that is driving his Intent is likely to be understanding, and the application of that Intent will be using his understanding to stop the war on Roshar. The specifics of how this would play out are just speculation, but one of the main attributes of a gifted Divine breath is its ability to heal. One possible scenario would be that he gives his divine breath to Kaladin during the contest of Champions after it looks like Kaladin has been mortally wounded. That seems a bit mundane, but I really like the idea of Vasher's purpose for returning being the ending of the cycle of Desolations on Roshar.
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    That thread title makes this sound more confident than I actually am, so sorry for the clickbait. My prediction is based on the following: 1) the fact that we’re dealing with T and not Rayse anymore. Rayse would try to win the “conventional” way, because winning the sneaky underhanded way wouldn’t “prove a point” as Wit said. But T is not so limited; he would see that the best way to beat Dalinar isn’t to find a better fighter than Dalinar, but to use Dalinar against himself. And what better way to do that than to force Dalinar to either lose, or kill the person in the world he feels the most responsible for? And a child no less. This much I am confident about: T is not going to use a conventional champion; he’s going to try to turn Dalinar against himself. 2) the deathrattles: And We still don’t know what these refer to, in contrast with a whole bunch of other deathrattles. I think that the first one has to refer to some pivotal/climactic moment of this arc given the way it’s written. And the second one hints what I strongly suspect for narrative reasons: TOdium wins, Dalinar loses, and we set the stage of books 6-10 investigating the nature of oaths and how to safely free Dalinar from the consequences here. What ties them together in my opinion is this choice: to kill the “suckling child” or to choose life. “The night will reign” in my reading refers to reigning across the Cosmere, rather than on Roshar specifically. 3) well I kind of specified this already: narratively it just makes sense. We know that books 6-10 focus on the Heralds, and in my reading Dalinar becomes a Cognitive Shadow just like them. The Heralds want to get out of their oathbound existence, as would Dalinar. And it just fits well for us to have a temporary resolution at the end of books 1-5 without a full resolution that would make books 6-10 disconnected. Reasons for skepticism: a) I mean, I hope I’m wrong. It would be extremely depressing for Dalinar to be consigned to this fate, even for just 10 years. And to wait something on the order of that long in real life until Brandon even begins showing us how he’ll be rescued in books 6-10 is gonna be brutal. trying to use the deathrattles to support a prediction is extremely dicey, especially when there’s a whole book 5 worth of material that we still don’t know about. c) How would Gavinor be a “willing” champion? Dalinar in RoW ch. 112: To answer this specific point, Gavinor seems like a pretty traumatized kid. It’s plausible to me that if offered the “gift of silence”, like Moash got, that he would take it. Is this a stretch? Very much so. But that’s better than the prediction that, say, Adolin would be willing to be TOdium’s champion, which is just ridiculous. Anyway I’m putting this out there both to be able to claim credit on the off chance that I’m right, and to pressure-test the prediction, so fire away!
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    Honor is alive in the hearts of men.
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    The debate in the crowded mess hall grew louder and louder. A self-professed Servant of the Mad God claimed to be a Forgotten, but was ultimately dismissed. The crowd eventually set its eyes on Joshua. His arguments were flawed, and drew many criticisms. However, Joshua begged for his life, and set the mob on a different target. Dan was normally one of the most talkative people on the front lines, but he had gone strangely silent during this argument. The camp reasoned that this was proof enough that Dan had been possessed. Unfortunately, Dan was not possessed, and was merely unprepared for the deluge of words against him. He died quickly, not even getting to say any last words. Vote Count: Dannex (6): Ashbringer, Burnt Spaghetti, Illwei, Matrim's Dice, Quinn0928, Ventyl Matrim's Dice (4): FlyingBooks, StrikerEZ, TJ Shade, Devotary of Spontaneity Gears (3): Araris Valerian, Kasimir, STINK Illwei (1): Archer Random Bystander (1): Mist Dannex was a Rithmatist. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: This Night will end at 8 PM CST on January 31st. The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 2.
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    I am blown away. I have been trying to give a summary of the cosmere my whole life, and this guys does it in like twenty seconds!
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    Even better: they dragged Notum away screaming it repeatedly. "Honor is not dead so long as he lives in the hearts of men!" After trying to buy the honor of an honorspren with a promise of reclaiming his position if he testified against the man who came to save his life at the risk of his own (from what we would eventually see in Tezim's camp to be a truly horrific fate). Of course, Notum is also the source of another one of my favorite quotes from this book - what he said to Adolin when he first told him why he and the others had come back to Shadesmar. I said something like this once to my wife when I felt like the "discussion" was headed towards a full-blown fight. I was right! Another favorite quote, when Raboniel comments on how Venli's service to her was sometimes "distracted", which she ascribed to her true allegiance being to Leshwi, and having to give secret-not-secret reports to her. For a character who was introduced as a kind of nearly insane and amoral "mad scientist" from Leshwi's POV, it turned out she was, like, a great boss to work for. Who'd a thunk it?
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    Adolin: I talk to my sword too. Funny thing is, she eventually talked back
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    In the past, the Southern Influence Commerce Syndicate successfully sabotaged their rival’s airship, The Northern Wind. This sabotage bought them the time necessary to finish the construction of their own airship, which they named The Southern Wind in “honor” of their rival’s destroyed airship. This new airship is set to take off in one week, and crewmembers are currently being selected. Below is a brief overview of the ship, covering both the layout of the ship and the jobs available. Basics Factions Airship Parts Roles Welcome to Mid-Range Game 48! I am the GM for this game. @Araris Valerian is the IM. All credit for the original game/ruleset goes to @DeTess and @Young Bard. This game is an altered rerun of MR36. Lots of stuff was changed though, so don't go by that ruleset. If you have any questions, just @mention me. Any clarifications will be put here. Signups will end on February 5th at 5:00 PM EST. This will probably be the normal rollover time. RP Background: You're crewmembers on the Southern Wind. This airship will be used to explore the Pantheon Islands. This game is set on the planet of First of the Sun. Spectator/Pinch Hitter List Player List Quick Links
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    Blackbane wrote a letter too. It was a.
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    When in doubt, blame the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram
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    I haven't posted music stuff here for a while... I've just been playing around, but not recording anything. Soooo, I thought it would be good to do an update! Current Projects: + Dalinar's Theme (Or The Speech-at the Battle-of-the-Tower-Following-the-Sadeas-Betrayal Theme) + Spensa's Theme or "Skyward Flight" or "Skyward 6" Other inspired ideas in the back of my mind: + Venli's Theme (Or [Insert Inspired Title Here]) + Lift's theme? + Another Dalinar-Theme from Oathbringer: "You cannot have my pain!!!" (that epic scene) + "RoW Spoily" Theme 1 + "RoW Spoily" Theme 2 And please, add suggestions or ideas! The above are in no particular order...
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    All right... I am forcing myself to stay off the shard for a while. I will probably be back friday afternoon. I may try to keep up with RPs but I don't know. Thank you
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    To everyone else who also has this same birthday as me on the 17thshard, @AquaRegia, @Sgothan, @TheAstronomer, @MyFriend Fernando, @Ziva, @livechat, and @Catchfraze, I hope you are also having a great day today!
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    I have cracked the code. All along the clues were there. What does KoW stand for? Nothing. The title of the fifth book will be called Kow.
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    The dog is a storming hero. You will be warm again.
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    Brandon defenitely needs to go more in-depth on Kalak as Restares, because both the enslavement of Kaladin, the hunt for Urithiru, and the attempts to bring back the Desolations, are not at all something that feels in character for Kalak. Either there is more to him than there seems to be, or there was another Restares earlier, and Kalak took his place after he died, for some reason. It still doesn't make sense though. I can't really think of a viable reason for Kalak to want to lead the Sons of Honor.
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    "I have bonded a literal monster."
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