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    I have a joke about the 4th ideal of the Windrunners but I'm not ready to say the words.
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    The public perception of Cultivation's personality on Roshar: Cultivation's actual personality:
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    People who don't like Moash, you're gonna love this
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    Yes, you read the title right. No, I wouldn't have made this if we still had the downvote-button :-P But honestly, while Moash is chull dung, he is also incredibly efficient. You have to give him that. He gets stuff done. Just look at his track record as a villain in two books: killed off Elhokar, Teft, Jezrien and Roshone, almost broke Kaladin, almost killed Navani and almost prevented the Sibling from recovering. Compare this to some of our other villains: Rayse: Spent four books being tricked by Cultivation, lost every battle he commanded despite having the better odds, and got tricked by Mr T on one of his dumber days, and then died. Sadeas: Traded away the most valuable military company on Roshar for one Blade, failed to kill Dalinar and Adolin, lost Aladars loyalty, almost got tricked by Adolin, and then died. Amaram: Was manipulated by basically everyone, failed to control Sadeas army, got tricked by Dalinar, ate an Unmade, and then died. Mraize: Has spent three books being on the phone with Shallan, and then she hung up on him. I could go on, but I think you guys get it. Moash may be reprehensible, but at least he displays competency.
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    Prologue. Beginning. Middle. End. Ars Arcanum. Wait, plot, not structure. I'll try again. Mistborn Stormlight Warbreaker Wax and Wayne Shadows for Silence Elantris Oh, and Kinnsayyy, you killed me with the Elantris one. Just killed me.
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    I noticed this in the annotations for Dawnshard: Emphasis on the fact that he can’t eat meat. What!? Since when!? Does his curse to not be able to physically harm people also extend to animals, and therefore he cannot eat them? the most alarming and depressing part of this is this fact we have known for a while, quote: I know someone brought this up on the Reddit q and a already, but I needed to get this off my chest
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    HI EVERYONE! So a while back I heard Megalovania for the first time and it...utterly destroyed me. So I had to write a Sanderson parody of it, of course. Oathbringer ending spoilers, alternating Odium and Venli POVs. I will probably try to record this later and edit that in, though my voice is trash lol. I really hope you enjoy it, and all feedback is treasured! Odium: Glowing with Light Eager, ready cause they think it's their fight Highprince's army, darkeyes and light All those Radiants, shiny and bright Silly young Rosharans There's Dalinar, not Thrilled to be here (), flaming like a star I appear and victory's not far This is gonna be the deciding spar You're my champion Venli: Humans, you won't win today All his Rhythms punctuate your death Don't you try to make a storm now, just relent The wrong sister lives today - I just don't know what I'm doing here Murderous cries and Light-killing smiles acquaint me with your goals Odium: Sparking through the Everstorm and into the sky The Fused and singers, my whole army, come to take what's mine A son of Honor dares to look me in the eye? Your words are accepted but it's too late I'm here to lay a claim to all your agony and hate Come a little closer ~ I promise you won't regret it What was that you said? You invite pain into your head? (Venli:) Oh, your Passions are strong But my enemy, you are wrong What is this new song?! What is this new song?! My people, massacred, no reason why Any why you tell yourselves is a lie Gemstones start to mean nothing when it's only one day squeezed out of a lifetime I sing, I hum, I scream, I cry I watch as families fall beside me These powers mean nothing when I'm just bluffing Three Realms combine and then I say the Words, now I have the key My lightspren hides deep inside of me Ambition is vicious, yet it vanishes and I'm left kneeling there I've sworn the Oaths, but does it mean anything Voidspren swirl around the Shardic king My sister died so I could be here tonight Can I do better? Glowing with Light, I only want to end this whole fight All those singers, skin patterns bright Keep my hope desperately in sight I'll cross any border I'll disobey any order to free who i can
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    I don’t think Sylladin is gonna happen, and honestly, I think a romantic relationship would be a step down compared to the intimacy they already have with the Nahel Bond. Their souls are literally combined, I don’t think you can get more intimate than that. There’s no good real world analogy for it, because it’s somehow platonic, but at the same time so much more intimate than any possible relationship irl. I’m perfectly happy with their relationship as it is, and I severely doubt that anything romantic would ever stem from it.
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    I noted in an earlier topic that we haven’t SEEN Thaidakar. Also that Kell doesn’t listen to Brandon. I’ve felt almost from the beginning that the Ghostbloods felt like Kell’s crew. I guessed he was the Sovereign for similar reasons; it just FELT like him. And the GBs have always felt like Kell’s work. I don’t know that Brandon planned for Kell to be Thaidakar; I think Kell may have informed Brandon that he was. B: What, letting you survive your own death when I said I wouldn’t wasn’t enough? K: Nope. B: I even let you come back to life! K: Not your wisest plan, true. B: Not like I had a choice... Do you HAVE to interfere on Roshar? K: Grins evilly while tossing a coin. B: Sigh... Fine. But no one is going to actually see you. K: Shrugs. I’ll survive - and they’ll see me in the back five. B: No they wo - rusts. I’m pretty sure this is how most of their conversations go. (We’re totally seeing Thaidakar in the back five.) The only other character who controls his story to that extent is Hoid, and Brandon and Hoid are far more in sync.
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    I just created an account to say that I have never hated a character more than Moash in any book I have read. I just absolutely loathe him! I also don’t know how I feel about the Odium switch yet but am interested in how it plays out with the book ‘gap’ coming up
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    I personally think that the contest of champions will end in a TIE. I believe that Taravangian will see this loophole within the rules and will try to force a tie. Since a tie is not mentioned in the contract, it will probably void the contract and allow Odium to leave the system. This is foreshadowed with Hoid mentioning ties in his gambling tale. Thoughts?
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    From the album Acrylic Paintings

    The Stormlight Archive has always been my favorite series, and so naturally it's what I think about when I doze during school. This is an acrylic painting I did for one of my art classes; obviously I'm no professional, but I hope you enjoy it!
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    Spoiler for chapter 108 of RoW. My favorite scene in the book.
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    Finally, we make another talk about our Kaladin's arcane tendencies! Here's what my theory is folks....or maybe we should actually call it a cumulation of theories which I also have mentioned in some other threads wording about Kaladin's unique and mysterious abilities to defy normal ventures! So welcome to a looong special Kaladin rant. Just as I always vociferate, there are a lot of things about Kaladin which makes little sense other than speculations and cleverly, Brandon has given us just shutter glimpses before shrouding it over by other material in order to divert our attention from something rather very interesting going on. We always assumed Kaladin will be 'a step ahead' than other Windrunners because he was the first to not only swear Ideals but also gain Surgebinding abilities in his order since Recreance. But in RoW, I believe there was a point when Teft instead became really, really very close to swearing 4th Ideal and then $#@% Moash came and cowdallop! But things began to go really weird for Kaladin in Oathbringer where....he freaking deflected the Highstorm! Why is nobody talking about it! Oathbringer spoilers: The spren are circulating in constant motion, creating an opposing current to deflect the winds and later binding together to contain the winds. This is NOT solely Adhesion. The pressure difference creation I can agree on that, using adhesion to make a suction and deflect the storm but...that's not the only thing happening right? We do not see Kaladin verily using Stormlight here. Yes, he feels the storm raging inside but that storm could be a metaphor, not stormlight...or maybe, we can just take both the best worlds in literal and metaphorical sense. Anyway, so Kaladin deflected the highstorm in Oathbringer. Syl is very surprised because she hasn't 'seen' something such. It is to be noted that she's the most ancient honorspren and despite her memories being mostly clouded, mostly lost...using such powers occasionally draws her closer to remember but in this case...she is genuinely surprised having seen something that gave her father a big angry smack on face. The following are some observations and their possible meaning deduced from Rhythm of War. When the suppression mechanism of Ur became active, everyone dropped dead. Kaladin did feel the push but he swatted it away simply like an annoying fly where as half a hundred radiants smothered unconscious! As far as I know, Kaladin was not the only one in tower having spoken 3rd Ideal. Clearly there were radiants of different orders having spoken that far to have squires of their own and if I recall, Lightweavers and Truthwatchers quickly rise in their levels (some people think Shallan's already in her 5th). Which means many of the 3rd Ideal ones are also 'close' to their 4th Ideal just like Teft and that Stoneward radiant, but the Stoneward radiant was out in cold and Teft was stirring, not quite awake. Same with other Windrunners. They stirred mildly but as if they needed...a link back to become conscious again. Venli also notices that Windrunners are 'most twitchy' among the brood they have kept bounded. So comes our Kaladin. First of all, feels nothing more about suppression after initial push. Gravitation doesn't work but Adhesion does...Full Lashing and Reverse Lashing works, the former a pure form of Adhesion and the latter...well, here is the seed of doubt-- Reverse Lashing is combination of Adhesion and Gravitation, and Gravitation doesn't work right? But the Lashing does work which makes me skeptical about everything. Second, Teft later used a Full Lashing on Stormform Regal but I don't think he could've used a Reverse Lashing. Also, as the corruption of tower grows stronger, the influence over healing becomes heavier and we saw Kaladin taking significantly long to heal through stormlight. But, his powers though seem 'Not as well as it did before' still manifest perfectly. FL and RL both work, and it seems Kal is even getting better in utilizing them. Syl says that there were a lot of things about their powers which wasn't explored before due to continuous wars. What Reboniel Notes: She knows humans have no gemheart. Either she meant it as a mockery or symbolism or...something else? She is also aware about RL which means this has been used in past wars but she thought it would be suppressed this time...and Kaladin's didn't. That's why she became fascinated with him. Teft remains awake because Lift healed him and is always needed to keep him awake or else he'd slip back into coma. It means Teft remaining awake is not stabilized despite being 'close enough into his oaths as well' as we note later. But long before, Teft has declared that he was worth saving which means he knows he is not worth of hate anymore-- countering his 3rd Ideal which 4th Ideals do. That means he has accepted it already-- way before Kaladin, meaning Teft becomes 'more closer into his oaths' at this point, more than Kaladin yet Lift needs to keep Teft conscious. Now that is....uh-uh, right? Kaladin claims that he knew the words since Oathbringer but couldn't bring himself to speak as he can't accept those Ideals to 'his self'. As the story progresses, his depressions become more active, more heavy, more dangerous that Kaladin went on downhill for his Ideals. The distance he covered up towards his 4th Ideal just went on a retrogressive path because not only he believes he can't protect anyone-- which counters his 2nd and 3rd Ideal, but also doesn't accept that he could ever make it to his 4th. Which means at this point Kaladin has succumbed 'so low in his oaths' that even his early Ideals fail to be his acceptance. Which meant they should have severed his connection to Syl and his powers and should've thrown him out of lucidity but...Kaladin remained steady. This was more than his indomitable sheer will power. This was more than dreaming about the light and warmth again. There have been many exclamations about Kaladin being the 'sole Radiant awake' but we are not given any answers. Kaladin says he felt something but that is nothing hindrance to his duty. Syl and Kal's bond becomes stronger than anything in this book, strong enough to remain connected despite being long distance apart. Connected to overcome Sibling's severing suppression. It could be possible that Syl, being so ancient and a direct splinter of Honor created by Stormfather before recreance granted her significantly more power than other honorspren. Possible she is far more Invested in Honor's essence than rest of her kind are because when she was created, Honor was alive. Also, Syl had left Lasting Integrity years before bonding with Kaladin. She remembers a lot of things about his childhood-- the tune which Aesudan was singing clicks right in her mind...which means Kaladin and Syl have been unconsciously interacting waaaay before everything. This was the reason Kaladin never felt Thrill even before bonding because Syl was 'present' to protect him. Also, Brandon has dodged many questions regarding past interactions between Kal and Syl before they 'met' in slaver caravan. Now why I was saying Adhesion is never the factor here: Again, just like in Oathbringer, Kaladin used Windspren to deflect the whole freaking highstorm again. It was no trick or twist, no bend or fold of Surges because he is clearly COMMANDING them to find him. He ordered them to go and they went, following his order again. This wasn't Adhesion here. Its' the windspren clearly. Everyone speculated true that Windspren will form armor and they did but even after forming and Connecting with Kaladin, thousands more of windspren still held back the storm. More than any number seen with Shardplate already formed. This shows Kaladin actually has a control over these windspren as if they are following his orders to hold back the storm. This is clear implication of a proto-Command/Surge combination we have not been explained properly. Some possibilities: Way before speaking his Ideals, Kaladin has begun driving Stormlight into his system. Could it be possible that somehow he's unwontedly drawing Lifelight/Towerlight/Voidlight as well this time? When Kaladin snapped and went full berserker against Pursuer, his Investiture was corrupted by Odium's influence but we know corrupted investiture exhibits abnormal behaviour in surges like Renarin's futuresight. Kaladin's powers remained same, Honor's true surge. Notably, he also had a great deal of control over them-- super power control despite having almost cutting all ties from his Ideals after Teft died. Many think that Kaladin jumped from tower as a nod to what he couldn't do in Honor's Chasms but...here Kal not only jumped because he was giving up but he also jumped to protect his father--a last attempt that pushed Odium back. Also, we never heard Odium's voice in his mind...did we? Like this creature invaded Honor's vision, Stormfather's powers but somehow still never pored into Kaladin. That is diamond will. Odium wanted him as his Champion because he saw something in his futurescape about Kaladin...otherwise why would he torture him so much, so frequently? For Odium, Vyre is almost next to nothing when it comes to usage...he's just there for him to impart his Intent. Kaladin IS Dalinar's champion. Yes, it will be thematically beautiful for Kaladin to have dragon DNA and shapeshifter stuff but...I don't think that plausible by any direction. Things to ponder: Kaladin gained his Surgebinding abilities waaaay before he spoke his First Ideal. Syl also seems to remember his family and says everything is connected. She mentions hearing a pure tone, demanding during that time and we have not assumed anything about it yet (I think its Cultivation). His senses almost becomes extremely sensitive enough like spiders to detect Pursuer without seeing or hearing him while being chased. He also seemed to have almost supernatural instincts during fights. Kaladin fought two Shardbearers with his eyes closed, feeling a dance of wind around. The way Cryptics near Elhokar tried to avoid when Kal came near. 'Shadows go away' While Cryptics and honorspren don't get along too well, they don't hate each other. Cryptics clearly don't want to get detected by then they should've vanished when Elhokar was near Shallan or Renarin since both of them had bonded waaay before too. But they vanished only when Kaladin came. Even in Dalinar's presence, Elhokar was able to see shadows. Tower put a damp of Gravitation but then how RL still worked? Hoid always appears with a story and narrates them during Kal's bad time. He freaking went into Odium's vision to lift Kal out. Whatever Hoid does is not without an intent and since Hoid knows a lot of stuff about future, we can assume our Kaladin has a lot to play as well. Also, he was given a very important relic whose purpose we have yet to see. (Kal's gonna be a Worldhopper?) There must be something in future which Kaladin does that made Odium rattled enough to sway him towards him rather than killing him on first case. Why Odium wanted Kaladin as his chamption? Dalinar wouldn't fight...or if they fought...Kaladin actually won? Moash kept repeating that 'Kaladin Stormblessed can't be killed, he's the force of storms and storm can't be defeated.' X ten times in whole book. Why would he repeat this? What did Odium showed to Vyre? I NEED an explanation for deflecting highstorm with windspren. And lastly......THE WHOLE FREAKING BEING Child/Son of Tanavast spoken for obvious reasons we don't freaking know! BRANDON! Every damn book! So, mirthlessly, I give my conclusion that Kaladin remained awake not because of Adhesion or close to his 4th Ideal, but a mixture of thousand other unexplainable things that makes my brain go haywire. It could be a jumble of Lights, Tavanavast, Windspren control power....or maybe he might do something really important next book which will either have us broken into weeping mess. Whatever it is...I just want my Kaladin Stormblessed to be...happy for once in his life.
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    It’s not being a vegetarian that’s the issue, there’s nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, it’s that he isn’t really doing it by choice. He’s a vegetarian because he’s incapable of doing otherwise; even though he loves the taste of bacon, he’s incapable of actually eating it. It’s more similar to someone who loves the taste of peanut butter being allergic to peanuts. Being incapable of eating your favorite food would really suck.
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    I know I’m not alone in struggling to see Skybreakers as not sorta evil, particularly in comparison to Windrunners. Like it seems to come down to Honor vs. the Law, which seems pretty biased. Especially when the easiest comparison is best boy Kaladin vs. dumpster fire Szeth. After some thought here’s my outline for how Skybreakers are actually kinda valid. Skybreakers are their core are about consistency and fairness. It's not so much the law, as a willingness to follow a personal code, that Nale is most interested in (WOB). So it’s not really about following the law. It’s about following a code. It’s not supposed to be about abdicating moral decision making. It’s supposed to be about putting fairness over your own opinion. By swearing themselves to a code, Skybreakers are trying to transcend their own biases. This doesn’t mean Skybreakers can’t be flexible. See Szeth choosing to punish the Warden over prisoners (OB). In fact, the pattern of Skybreaker ideals is about developing and understanding your own set of ethics. Kant would probably be a great Skybreaker. 2nd Ideal: “I swear to seek justice, to let it guide me until I find a more perfect Ideal.” and “I will put the law before all else” It's about making a commitment to justice, a promise to follow a higher authority than your own biases. Notably, unlike the next, this ideal gives the flexibility to try out different codes and rules of ethics. A 2nd level Skybreaker is working to eliminating biases and exploring different ethical frameworks. 3rd Oath of Dedication Here the Skybreaker makes a commitment to a specific external code/authority. It could be a person (Dalinar) or it could be "the law of the land" or anything. The Skybreaker has explored what exists and chosen a code they think is most just. 4th Ideal of Crusade I think this is supposed to function as a test of the code they’ve chosen to follow, like a practical version of thought experiments like the Trolley problem. The Radiant has to see how the code they’ve chosen applies to a real-world situation they have a deep personal investment in. It’s both a test of the Skybreaker (how well can you ignore your own bias to apply a code) and also a test of the law they’ve chosen to follow (does it actually work in the real world). 5th Ideal of Law The Skybreaker has gained such an in-depth understanding of ethics and proven ability to ignore bias that they grow beyond the need for an external guide and ‘become the law’. This is were they synthesize everything learned through the other ideals and formulate their own set of ethics. Side Note: An example of a case where a Skybreaker might make a “better” (at least to my view) decision than a Windrunner would be Kaladin’s WOR dilemma. Both a Skybreakers and Windrunner would have a similar problem: help my friend get justice vs. support the assassination of someone I’m guarding. The Windrunner (Kaladin) is supposed to protect people, and people therefore either fall into the ‘protect’ or ‘protect from’ category. Elhokar ends up getting slotted into the ‘protect’ category and Moash into ‘protect from’. He saves someone’s life temporarily but ultimately does nothing to help the underlying issue. Elhokar never has to confront what he did to Moash and Moash still wants blood. A Skybreakers is supposed to find justice. Elhokar doesn’t deserve to die for negligence and being a bad leader but Moash was truly wronged and has valid complaints. To be just would balance that Elhokar both deserves to live but also to be punished. A good (not modern) Skybreaker could better equipped to take in the grey areas of issues. In short, Skybreakers play the role of the legal system while Windrunners are more like first responders. The Windrunner keeps people from being murdered but a Skybreaker's role is to figure out how it got to the point of murder in the first place.
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    Radiant in ch20: "harmony meant the ability to function." Sazed: *sweats nervously*
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    From the album Mistborn Doodles

    Vin's Ascension to Preservation in Hero of Ages. I always think of the poem "There Will Be Rest" by Sara Teasdale during this scene. "There will be rest, and sure stars shining Over the roof-tops crowned with snow, A reign of rest, serene forgetting, The music of stillness holy and low. I will make this world of my devising Out of a dream in my lonely mind. I shall find the crystal of peace, – above me Stars I shall find."
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    From the album Soulstamp

    So Its not perfect, and the actual rubber looks... weird in this picture because the ink reflected it weird, but yeah! Here's my Soulstamp
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    Another #SundaySanderson has arrived. Today I did something from Elantris. Our dear and witty princess of Teod, Sarene!
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    *nobody ever* *Brandon Sanderson* let have Taravangian take up Rayse's power after killing *us now* well pack your bags Roshar is doomed.
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    Ishar: *Dissects physical spren bodies* Half the 17th Shard: This was the most horrifying scene in the book. The other half of the shard: Syladdin is back on, ya'll. No offense to anyone
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    I think it's a bit ironic. Kal: Ok, fine, I can't save everyone. Level up: Windspren Shardplate armor that can fly around and protect more people
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    Elantris Mistborn/Stormlight Archives/Reckoners
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    I've seen several discussions on Taravangian's ascension. Who foresaw what, what it implies going forward... that type of thing, but I haven't seen anyone incorporate into these musings what I find to be a hugely significant detail in how it happened. A quote from RoW Chapter 113: So immediately before his ascension, Taravangain died and his connection to his physical realm body was snapped. Severed. Nothing* in the narrative going forward implies that this connection was re-established like what happened with Szeth or Zahel's description of a "Type Two Invested entity" in chapter 15. Taravangain ascended to shard godhood as as cognitive shadow without a connection to the physical realm. Which probably has huge implications on his new status as Odium. To explore what these implications are, we happen to already have a precedent of a cognitive shadow ascending to become a shard bearer from Secret History. (Part 6, Chapter 4) Throughout the rest of Secret History, Kelsier/Preservation was pretty darn impotent whenever he tried to directly match Ruin and Ruin ran amuck, with the only thing holding him back being all that missing atium. Conclusion: Taravagain ascended as a Cognitive Shadow which severely hamstrings him, and might add additional constraints making it difficult to leave Roshar beyond just the contract with Dalinar. *Edit: I just remembered that only one body was found in T's room afterwords, and it was ruined by nightblood, and presumed to be T's when it was actually Rayse's. So the fact that his body wasn't found in the room has some implications against the theory that T ascended as a CS.
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    Alright, I figure this is probably the post that will make me hated on this forum and shunned for life, but this has been an issue for me for a while so I'd like to see if it can be resolved. I don't get why a vast majority of the commentary and opinions I see on Jasnah are so positive. I honestly can't remember a time I've seen someone not like Jasnah. But to be honest, that's how I feel about her, especially after her few chapters in Rhythm of War. This last book pushed me from generally disliking her to being actively annoyed during her chapters. So, I guess I'd like to know why everyone seems to be such big fans of her. I don't want to dislike her, especially since she'll apparently be the focus of one of the books in the back half of the series, and I'd prefer not to be super annoyed with a lot of that book. I considered using this thread to explain in detail why I don't like her, but I'm worried that has too much of a possibility of me turning this thread into a rant, which I'd like to avoid. In general, I just find her unrealistically perfect and pretty much a Mary Sue as well as generally lacking in uniqueness and any really interesting qualities. So what is it y'all find interesting about her? What is it I am missing that really pulls her character into to the heights everyone else sees? I genuinely want to know.
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    One of the big lore bombs from Rhythm of War came in the epigraphs in Part Four: We all assumed that Ba-Ado-Mishram was only collected to the singers and to the Voidspren that remained behind during the False Desolation. With all of the revelations about just how much of Odium’s Investiture has permeated Roshar and become part of the Cognitive and Spiritual aspects of that star system, I wonder just how significant the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram really is.
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    From the album Stormlight Papercutting

    I wanted to try a blue backlight for my Urithiru papercut because stormlight.
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    Hey friends! Up until this point, I haven't had a single piece of decent art to my name (well, except for those pixel art book-covers and a couple rp drawings, but we don't talk about those). So, I figured it's about time that changed! I've been working on this piece for a while; I realize I'm not a master, but I'm pretty happy with it. You can see it in the gallery here, or take a peek in the spoiler box below!
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    I DID IT I WAS RIGHT! I DIDN'T HAVE THE WORDING RIGHT BUT I HAD THE ESSENCE OF THE IDEAL! I WILL RETURN WHEN I HAVE FINSIHED THE BOOK. Edit: Ok, I've calmed down a little bit, but this is still a really big deal to me. My first ever cosmere theory, that I first presented to Brandon himself was correct. And I was not imagining the knowing smile he gave me!
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    Jasnah: You often use humour to deflect trauma. Shallan: Thank you. Jasnah: I didn’t say that was a good thing. Shallan: What I’m hearing is, you think I’m funny. * Adolin: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to fight whoever else is under it. Kaladin: No. Shallan: Mistlefoe. Kaladin: Don’t encourage him.
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    I’m not sure I see your connection between the discarded shells and Kaladin. I believe this to be more of flavor text - crustaceans are very normal to Rosharans, their metaphors would reflect that. I wouldn’t look too deep into it. However, a connection between Kaladin and Honor... I believe Kaladin is the only one that the Stormfather refers to as a “Child of Tanavast” instead of a “Child of Honor”. Now that could be significant.
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    Kingdoms of the West: A Travel Guide for Elsecallers and Willshapers, by Jasnah Kholin Killing Wit, an incomplete tragicomic manuscript found in the private drawers of, idk, Elhokar? The Killer in White: An Unauthorized Biography of the Killer in White, by, like, Navani or something. Knights, Wettened: A Beach Adventure. By Lift.
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    I've been mulling over this, but the more I think of it, the less I like RoW. And it's pretty strange to me, since I have a history of liking those Sanderson's books that other people consider weaker. I loved OB far more than either WoK or WoR, and I think WoA is the best of Mistborn series so far. All of Mistborn series. And yet.... I don't know. I flew through the book in five days, but perhaps that's the problem. I constantly felt like the things happening on page weren't really that important or impactful. There was a strong "what's next?" propelling me forward, but said "next" wouldn't really happen until the last part of the book. I loved the Odium bombshell, as I mentioned, and I'm generally looking forward to the five books' conclusion. However, I just feel like many of the things being achieved... Didn't need that much time to be achieved. Some even required a step back before going forward. Just think of it. At the end of OB we have: - the Radiants control Urithuru and are now working on getting it back to its glorious days - there will be a champion contest with Odium - more and more spren, including honorspren, are forming bonds - our main cast progressed through a ton of mental health issues in the past three books and seem on track to getting better. But come RoW, and the Radiants lose Urithuru only to reclaim it at the end, we suddenly learn that nah, the honorspren actually aren't bonding with the Radiants and the few that did are rare, and both Kaladin and Shallan seem to slip back into the same issues that they already had in previous books. With Kaladin, it looked like a new direction for a while, but in the end his storyline was reduced to fighting to survive and protect his friends against overwhelming odds, which is exactly what he's been doing in the entirety of WoK. You can certainly list important things that happened in this novel and new information Cosmere-wise. But looking at the big picture, where does RoW leave us? - the Radiants control Urithuru and are now working on getting it back to its glorious days - there will be a champion contest with Odium - more and more spren, including honorspren, are forming bonds - our main cast progressed through a ton of mental health issues in the past four books and seem on track to getting better. Yeah, certain details changed. The two sides can now kill each other permanently. There are specific terms for the contest. Someone else controls the Shard. But by and large, this 1000-page long book put us in the same situation as the previous tome. Compare to how the first three books of the series each was a complete game-changer. From return of the Radiants to the Everstorm and Urithuru's discovery, to forming the coalition and setting up the contest of champions (it wasn't even established then that the deal was incomplete). In RoW, the only storyline that fits the bill was Navani's, but I don't believe it couldn't have been served in a different way. (I'm also on board the "I wish Rlain had become the second Bondsmith" ship, but that's personal preference). Wouldn't it have been enough if the Sibling was introduced in 100 pages instead of 1000? Did the way to kill the Fused permanently need all those long, long chapters of build-up? Would anyone complain if Dalinar and Odium set the terms for the contest in like, chapter 1? Even the whole honorspren business was, at the end of the day, an affair we all knew how it was going to end. The revelation of "We. Chose" was very cool, but similarly to Navani, I don't think it needed all those pages spent on traveling, Shallan's repetitive "Is this person the spy?" and "Oh no, a blocked memory of mine is coming back", and so on and so forth. So... Yeah. I don't really have a conclusion. Just wanted to get the above out of my system. TL;DR Still excited for book five. But a lot saltier about RoW in retrospection. Feels it could've been a lot shorter.
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    Pretty shocked we never got one of these up, but anyway, who is your personal favorite character in Warbreaker and why? Me personally? I deeply feel that Lightsong is one of the greatest characters Brandon has ever created and it will always hurt me a little that we only had him for one book and never got to see him interact with Nightblood. "I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts, and-if you're not careful-those lead to actions. Actions make you tired. I have this on rather good authority from someone who once read it in a book." Lightsong.
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    Theres enough foreshadowing that I think he had 2 shallan cryptics planned at least since WoR.
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    I didn’t put together that Thaidakar is Kelsier although I should have. Lord of Scars and Hoid having slapped him around before makes it obvious and that he’s a CS that’s struggling with his limitations. Mraize saying he sent an avatar is annoying and makes it sound like he’s a Shard, but I don’t think he is right now. Kelsier continues to be a huge jerk. On the Glyph page before Ch 73 we find out Cultivation’s name, I think. “Koravari” or Koravellium Avast “She who brings the dew at dawn”. Some speculated that her name was Dawn, it’s not but that weren’t far off in a way. Also she’s a dragon. Hoid says he knows only 1 dragon on Roshar and she keeps her form hidden. New Odium Big T sees her after ascending and senses she has a true form she’s hiding deep down. We know Hoid knew all the vessels pre-Shattering so he probably meant her.
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    I don't know if it's coded to emulate the experience on purpose, as Brandon is usually aware and intentional in depicting neurodivergencies and mental conditions, but as a a long time cosmere fan with strong ADHD, the syl interlude gave me Fuzzy Feelings Of Being Seen. On one hand, depicting a character mostly known as carefree, childish, sometimes pestering and prone-to-losing-her-intelligence-and-maturity character as potentially ADHD worried me it might be somewhat stereotypical and based on a surface understanding of the disorder ("oh look a butterfly! Haha!") . The idea that because ADHDers struggle to focus and are easily excited they're Happy-Go-Lucky goofballs is one you get tired of seeing at a certain point, y'know. But I feel Sanderson handled Syl's issue with attention very well and with a lot of understanding! Syl's struggling with her buzzing brain full of thoughts in order to get what she wanted to do done, her "hanging on" to important tasks trying to keep them in her mind and fearing she'll slip- not only they were a much more nuanced take on the trouble inattention and hyperactivity can cause to an ADHD person and how does it feel to battle them, but they also connected to issues like excutive dysfunction and emotional regulation which are less talked about but very central parts of the disorder! Other readers, ADHD or not- did you interpert the chapter that way? And specifically Fellow ADHDers- what did you think about the chapter as far as Representation and what not goes?
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    Spoilers if you haven't finished the book, but I'm assuming if you're on the spoiler thread you either have or you don't care...
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    So totally respect it doesn't work for you, to each your own. But since you did ask: 1. Breaking the bond requires both sides to agree in order for the spren not to die. 2. Personally I believe, and I think the books support this that no one truly starts the bond "worthy". That is the point of the bond. Personal growth. Navani may not be ideal, but she (or at least as stated by her/the book) is willing to put the work into being a better person. Like Dalinar. Like Jasnah. Like Kaladin and Shallan and Lift and so on and so forth.
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    I do disagree with you, I think Jasnah is pretty ok, but I genuinely love that you shared your opinion. I think it’s great to have differing opinions, and that the consensus is taken as general fact far too often. Your opinion is presented very well too. While I disagree, I can absolutely see where you’re coming from. I don’t feel like your arguments are stretched or invalid. I think another reason I like this post is because I feel almost the exact inverse about Shallan. Like, why do so many people hate her? She’s an awesome character! I feel like most of the time I see a topic devoted to Shallan, it contains some sort of criticism of her. So I like that you shared the same sorta thought. Even though it’s the opposite, and about a different character. =P Shallan opinions do seem to be split a bit more evenly though. You’re right, it seems like almost everyone has positive feelings about Jasnah. So basically, good on ya for giving the few Jasnah haters the representation they’ve never had
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    Does anyone need a rainbow today? I found this picture on my phone, gives me a lot of hope. Love you guys, happy holidays.
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    When you get some new pins and think they are the most beautiful pins you own. (I have quite the collection (including a suit of armor pin), so this is worth noting. The Sanderson pins beat the suit of armor.) I was really impressed by how awesome they looked. A little pricey, but completely worth it. They are super nice for being so small (which I also really like). Did I mention how awesome they look? (I am afraid to lose them, though...) When you compare your height to that of Shallan.
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    You just dealt a crushing blow on the egos of all those other villains.
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