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    Made this a couple days ago but realized i probably couldn't put it in cremposting. Thank you so much for creating a meme page where RoW spoilers are fine!
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    As requested and so no one is left out...
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    Nice catch! Fixed?! (sorry for poor editing skills)
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    Beware, Wax & Wayne (particularly Bands of Mourning) spoilers below. As I reread the passage where Rysn interacts with the mural/Dawnshard, I couldn't shake the sense that we'd read about something similar before. Near the beginning of Bands of Mourning, we learn that a kandra named ReLuur had been searching for the mythical bands and returned to Elendel with a number of pictures documenting his search. Among the images were the following: A mural depicting a room with a central dais. On the dais is a pedestal, and set upon the pedestal was a pair of bracers made of delicate, curling metal, shaped in spirals (a depiction of what they thought were the Bands of Mourning) A picture of a large metal plate set into a wall and inscribed with a strange script. Neither Wax nor any of the kandra present recognize the script Another shot of the strange language A picture of a statue that resembled the Lord Ruler, bearing a long spear Another shot of the mural, more detailed, which depicted bracers with many different metals twining together Another image, of a different mural, depicting a man standing atop a peak, hands raised above him and a glowing spear hovering there, just beyond his touch. A corpse slumped at his feet. The face of the man in the mosaic had eyes upturned and lips parted as if in awe at what he held. He wore the bracers on his arms. We learn toward the end of the book that the pictures were taken at the Sovereign's Temple. Wax sees the same murals and the statue. (There's no mention in the later scene of whether the metal plate is also present, but it seems a fairly safe assumption). What's more we learn some new information about the pedestal in the temple - specifically that it features, prominently, the colors red and gold. The temple also features a number of booby traps and decoys. We learn that the real Bands of Mourning are not the bracers but a spearhead hidden in the statute's spear. And it is at least heavily implied that the mural depicting a person is likely Kelsier, and not the Lord Ruler. So if you're playing Dawnshard connections bingo we've got: fancy murals located in hard-to-reach places featuring the colors red and gold; protected by decoys and booby traps; featuring strange languages not recognized by our main characters; hidden powerful magic objects; and murals that are associated with characters who have heard commands in their minds (CHANGE for Rysn, and SURVIVE for Kelsier) Could be nothing. But it's Brandon so it could also be something. Is this perhaps evidence that our old pal Kel has maybe been involved with a Dawnshard at some point as well? Lastly, not sure how this fits in, if at all, but there was another prominent shout-out to the red/gold color scheme back in Alloy of Law. Here's the scene in the epilogue when Miles is executed: Anyway, just wanted to put this out there because it seems like a significant number of similarities.
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    The best part was probably when Sigzil and the other Windrunners went to confront Taravangian after they found out about his dealings with Odium. Sigzil: In the name of the allied coalition of Roshar, you're under arrest, king Taravangian. Taravangian: Are you threatening me, Radiant Sigzil? Sigzil: The coalition will decide your fate. Taravangian: I am the coalition. Sigzil: Not yet. Taravangian: It's treason then.
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    This is like the first time I've made memes.
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    I’m fully aware that this is going to come across as a pretty out-of-left-field theory but I think Dalinar may, unwittingly, be/have a Dawnshard. We’ve learnt that Dawnshards require both Intent and a Command. Reading that capital C Command brought two thoughts to my mind: “Survive” from Mistborn, and “Unite them.” Now I’m not really sure about the former but I think there’s a case to be made for the latter. Dalinar frequently hears the command to “Unite them” in his mind, which strikes me as similar to Rysn talking about the Command in her head. If we’re running with the idea that Rysn is the Dawnshard of Change, then I think Dalinar is the Dawnshard of Unity. When Dalinar says “I am Unity” I think it’s really a hint as to him being the Dawnshard of Unity. Now, for the inevitable question of where in the storming cosmere could Dalinar have picked up a Dawnshard. Right now I’m wondering if it could have come from Cultivation. Initially, I was against the idea of multiple Dawnshards hanging around on Roshar when it seems like there are just 4 of them, but looking back through the text I found that the Rosharan often talks about the Dawnshards. Plural. I will admit that the Poem of Ista say “taking the Dawnshard” as if there might only be one, but the rest of the references I found in the books seemed to imply that Rosharans had heard of there being multiple. While it’s possible they simply know of multiple Dawnshards without them having to be on Roshar, I think there’s a chance that more than one could be around. I admit that my theory is pretty rough around the edges, and if anyone has any thoughts or WoBs that support or even disprove my theory I’d love to hear them!
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    Presenting cosmere characters as yearbook quotes! Featuring my terrible drawings! Spoilered for size, because I got carried away and made heaps.
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    Does anyone get to be an acolent or a mastrell?
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    I can see why Brandon was so excited about the epilogue on this one. Wit's free-style rap was pretty epic.
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    That might be what Jasnah is saying, but I don't believe it for a moment. I think she is lying to everyone in order to make Kaladin have to marry her and become king of Alethkar. Now that everyone knows that he is the son of Tanavast, it'd add a lot of stability to her rule, which she desperately needs with Elhokar coming back and all.
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    So. Big news, huh? Instead of writing several pages, I am just going with what I think - some of which is inspired by people like @Windrunner's ideas. I think the four Dawnshards are: Creation - something from nothing Destruction - something into nothing Change - something into something else Statis - something... and then still something Brandon just dropped an annotation for this book, and apparently Hoid was a Dawnshard at one point (!). His immortality seems consistent with the Statis Dawnshard. Rysn's is obviously Change. Also, I think of the Dawnshards as kind of proto-Shards or pseudo-Shards, and during the Shattered of Adonalsium, the resulting 16 Shards were somehow influenced by the Dawnshards, resulting in the Intents we (mostly) now know. Okay, I am done, back to freaking out!
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    OK so tidbits I picked up so far. Sleepless The Sleepless are few in number and seem to age and reproduce slowly. Their reproduction method apparently happens when one swarm splits off another grouping. This particular group of sleepless numbers only 24. It is unclear how many more there are on Roshar but no more are known. They have spied on and are worried about our radiants. Also apparenty the one Lift met is something of a maverick. We don't really know why but apparently they think Dalinar making the right choices is more dangerous then playing into the enemy's plans(I no idea why). Hoid warned the horneaters two generations ago that they could not fight the sleepless. Fabrails Huio is a genius and he invented the aluminum method that the Azish take credit for. It seems that it works by making it so that only some motions matter circular motion = back and forth as only lateral movement matters. I am really interested for Rysn to star Prof Xing around on a floating chair. Dawnshard Aimia's undersea caverns contain a DAWNSHARD that the sleepless are guarding. There are apparently four and they were used to shatter adonalsium. Sharders speculate that each made four of the four shads. Rysn has the one that makes things improve, change, grow and possibly learn(Endowment, Ruin, Cultivation, Wisdom?). According to Cord it came through Cultivation's perpendicularity. Hoid was effected by (another?) Dawnshard that turned him vegan under principles similar to savantism. Horneaters The Horneaters are awesome. More importantly the Horneaters have a sacred duty to control access to the perpendicularity which explains a little about RoW Perhaps the Horneaters were given sanctuary in exchange for this duty? I also wonder how old they are as a people. Did a group of singers do this ahead of time? Maybe they interbred with the humans specifically so that they could stick around? They apparently have a whole group of people who work in diplomacy/worship of the spren. Rock's enhanced strength comes from Mandras or luckspren. We still don't know what kind of spren they are but they apparently guard wealth so maybe prosperityspren? The Lopen Lopen and Huio leveled up! We got Lopen's third ideal. An interesting twist about self knowledge. Larkin Ancient Guardians, Larkin or Lanceryn as they originally were called were tasked perhaps even created to guard the dawnshard. They bond a particular kind of luckspen only found on Aimia. Eight soulcasters were found on Aimia. They were offerings to the larkin. It is unclear why they would want any. The sleepless managed to interbreed with the Larkin and took over their task of gaurding. Apparently Chiri-Chiri will in fact grow big enough to ride(can't wait). They are also a sapient species. I wonder what other abilities they might have? The Reshi The Reshi King Rysn met seems to have transitioned as of becoming a Dustbringer! The Reshi greatshells can communicate intelligent and important information? They also come to agreements about how to act? They have a "government" and uphold ideologies and causes? What else have we learned?
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    At first I was on board when the Fused starting building their own version of Urithiru. It really seemed to add to the theme of a parallel arms race. But Brandon really lost me when he named it Urithitwo. That part was just silly.
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    Here are the translated images: The Atrium: The Fourth Bridge: The Arnist Method:
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    Well, looks like I’m not getting any sleep tonight. After a mostly forgettable, low-stakes mild adventure/mystery story, the lore got turned up to 1000%. This seems like a good thread to dump my thoughts in. The mural. It’s obviously referencing the Shattering, what with the sixteen pieces; I think it’s also referencing the four Dawnshards here, too. But these existed before the Shattering of Adonalsium (or else they couldn’t be used to Shatter), so I’m guessing the Commands guided the sixteen Intents, four apiece. This Command feels an awful lot like Cultivation and Endowment, making things change and make things better. (And even Ruin, to a degree.) And Adonalsium had some emotions ascribed to him, as well: “Resignation? Confidence? Understanding?” And lastly, I’m not sure that the gold color is entirely for decoration. We’re learning from fabrial science that metals interact with Investiture in quite a few ways we didn’t anticipate; I wonder if the mural wouldn’t have contained the Dawnshard if it had a different metal. (The “red foil” outlines are somewhat suspicious, as well, for the places we’ve seen red Investiture.) Exactly what Dawnshards are and how they work is a bit of a mystery. We know from Brandon’s annotation that Hoid was a Dawnshard; I assume this is in reference to the “first gem” and how it became worthless for his wearing it. His Dawnshard was contained in a topaz, and then Hoid absorbed it. There are an awful lot of similarities to Breath and Awakening. It’s called a “Command,” Rysn has improved perception of color and pitch at the end of the novella. But while she absorbs it, we see sensations of light and warmth… almost like the mystery light Dalinar has seen a few times. The pieces are there, but I'm not quite sure how to put them together. There are some outstanding mysteries about the larkin and the mandras. It’s one thing if they were leading Chiri-Chiri to start a bond… but why did they guide Cord and Rysn? And then the big old skulls that Rysn thought moved to look at her; I’m thinking that there’s something actually moving in there. Rysn thinks that the Dawnshard has no agency of its own (borne out by the heads moved after Rysn took up the Dawnshard), so it must be whatever was guiding the mandras, whatever let out the big roar right before Chiri-Chiri returned. Mama Larkin, or whoever it is. The Dawnshard refers to Chiri-Chiri as a “Guardian of Ancient Sins.” That implies, to me, that the larkin are, an intelligent race who were tasked with this mission as soon as the Dawnshards needed guarding. The Sleepless say they guard it because they have seen the “end of worlds,” (like what was mentioned in the Oathbringer interlude), so are the “Ancient Sins” the Shattering? Or perhaps the destruction of Ashyn and other planets like it (including, potentially, the Sleepless home world)? So when were the Dawnshards put under guard? After the Shattering? After the destruction of Ashyn? After some point during the Desolations? It must have been prior to the Recreance, but that's a very long amount of time. We’ve only found one Dawnshard; where are the other three? In Way of Kings, Honor references “Dawnshards,” plural, so presumably more of them were on Roshar, if not all of them. What is Honor about to suggest that can’t be done without Dawnshards? Splintering a Shard, I’d guess; he was suggesting they kill Odium. Which, in turn, makes me wonder if Odium has a Dawnshard, and has been using it to Splinter. But the Dawnshards were also used to destroy the Tranquiline Halls (by performing a great feat of magic, as suggested by the novella), so how did they get to Ashyn? Or perhaps the Dawnshards a cosmere-wide “plot point,” and Honor was suggesting that the Radiants track one down, himself oblivious to the fact that one was right under his nose on his very own planet? Who are the enemies who could make full use of a Dawnshard? Are they Shards? Are they powerful magic users? I assume you only need to be a magic user, which is why they won’t let Rysn bond a spren. That's what happened on Ashyn; somebody with a Dawnshard went too far and caused some problems. It also makes me wonder about the “one of them will destroy us” line from the Way of Kings back cover, and maybe the enemies they’re worried about are the Radiants themselves. Neither person in on the secret (Rysn, Cord) are Radiants, after all. If Dalinar looks for a Dawnshard to fight Odium, things could go wrong and destroy Roshar. Lastly, the greatest applications of Surgebinding. If Rysn’s Dawnshard is associated with growth, what we could call Cultivation’s Dawnshard, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that Ishar used Honor’s Dawnshard to create the Radiants. An extremely powerful Surgebinding to set up the Oaths and the bonds and the Surge associations and all that. He may also have used it to bind the Oathpact. I go a little further and suggest he still has it, although now he doesn’t have Surgebinding to make use of it. Hmm, one more odd line towards the end of the book. Cord knows stories of this Dawnshard coming through the perpendicularity. That implies that the Dawnshards were being moved around separately through the Cosmere. Who brought this one to Roshar? When? And for what purpose (if there is any beyond just hiding it)? Lots to think about. A pleasant surprise, to be sure; I wasn’t expecting this much of a bomb in this story.
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    I've decided to finally post some of my writing for my long-fought book series "The Iconar Collective." All feedback is appreciated! Soldiers and Orphans: Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X: Chapter XI: Chapter XII: Chapter XIII Chapter XIV: Chapter XV: The Noble and Nobles: Chapter XVI: Chapter XVII:
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    I noticed this in the annotations for Dawnshard: Emphasis on the fact that he can’t eat meat. What!? Since when!? Does his curse to not be able to physically harm people also extend to animals, and therefore he cannot eat them? the most alarming and depressing part of this is this fact we have known for a while, quote: I know someone brought this up on the Reddit q and a already, but I needed to get this off my chest
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    I know! It seems so obvious now: "The Rhythm of War"....of course it would end in a dance battle. I can't believe I didn't see it earlier
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    Ok, but you can’t lie, Rlain’s dance battle for the fate of the Listeners was pretty great. I was not expecting him to start breakdancing in the middle of the highstorm, that’s for sure. Looking back though, the foreshadowing was all there. Brandon got us again!
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    I'm not very good at making memes, but Dawnshard is too good not to try.
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    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere so I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing so. The sample chapters of RoW are up on IBooks and while obviously textually we get nothing new we do get three very cool new illustrations we haven't seen before. The first is from Shallan's Sketchbook and is called The Atrium. The second is from Navani's Notebook and is called The Fourth Bridge. The third is also from Navani's Notebook and is called The Arnist Method. These are at least to me really cool visualisations but I'm sure to those with the time and the willingness to do so the latter two will also be an opportunity to translate some more of the Alethi woman's speech - would be particularly awesome to know what the notes to the third say I imagine.
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    Sigzil is mentioned, along with Kaladin and Teft, as having said the traditional "I legit hate this person" form of the Third Oath, and I wonder who exactly aroused his ire. "Storm it, I gave them the Voidbringer Attack Evacuation Forms, not a single one of them is in formation, they're not even fully packed-- serve them right if I just left them there for the Fused... *sigh* No, I must rescue even those who didn't bother to read Section 32(b)..." *icy glyphs* THESE WORDS ARE ACCEPTED.
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    Sorry but I just couldn't get the kid image out of my mind The actual prompt comes from Warbreaker chapter 5: So there Another reason to hype about the rest Stormlight books:
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    The idea that the 16 Shards can be categorized in groups of 4 (a la Mistborn metals) is not a new one, and I think Dawnshard is going to further support that theory. The mural that seems to depict The Shattering of Adonalsium and imbues Rysn with her Command is described as having 16 "mostly symmetrical pieces" grouped into fours. So let's make groups of 4! I'm sure there's going to be tons of different theories on how the Shards are organized. Even when trying to find commonalities between all the Shards, there's bound to be people who see different patterns than others. Let's start with what we know, or at least what we think we know... About the Dawnshards in general: The Dawnshards are "the four primal Commands that created all things" The Dawnshards were used to undo Adonalsium itself Both a Command and Intent are required to use "the most powerful forms of Surgebinding [Magic]" that ordinarily "transcends traditional mortal understanding." These are demands "on a level no person could ever manage alone" -- a single person would not be able to handle wielding this combined power. So the Dawnshards predate the Shattering of Adonalsium and thus cannot have been created by the Shattering. They were used to create all things -- the power of creation, potentially wielded by Adoalsium, who is a deity. The people (Dragon, Human, mortal or immortal, but otherwise just people, not deities) who Shattered Adonalsium would have been incapable of using a Command on their own, even with the proper Intent. -- Could they have been required to work in groups of four? I think perhaps four people with similar Intents likely were needed to use each Command, and then the four Commands must have been used together to kill God. Four groups of four, with each person having a specific Intent that somewhat related to the Command they were helping to wield. And what do we know about the Commands specifically: Rysn's Command seems to have a theme, which is Change. "Accept it. Know it. CHANGE." "It was then that she grasped, in the smallest way, the nature of the Command inside her. The will of a god to remake things, to demand they be better. The power to change." Rysn seems to be able to appreciate colors and tastes much more clearly after being imbued with the Command, which is similar to the effects of investiture created by Endowment (Breaths, Nalthis) "Storms. Was it her, or did this tea taste extra good? She inspected it, then glanced at the sunlight pouring through the porthole. Was it . . . brighter than usual? Why did the colors in her room look so exceptionally vivid all of a sudden?" Rysn also appreciates the musicality in Drlwan's voice -- is this another effect similar to that of a Heightening? Or is Rysn potentially hearing the Rhythms of Roshar? "Strange, how she saw the contrast of shadows much more starkly now. And . . . why did Drlwan’s voice sound more musical?" The Command agrees(?) with Rysn's decision to let Cord keep her Shardplate out of tradition. Because it's the honorable thing to do? Because it's a gift that Rysn has endowed to Cord? Tradition, doing something because it has been done before, actually seems to be somewhat in opposition to the theme of "Change," so I feel this is important to explore. "'Cord discovered it,' Rysn said. 'It’s traditional to let the one who first claims a Shard keep it.' The Command pulsed with warmth as she said that." So based on this information, I feel pretty sure that we can at least begin to categorize the Shards. Everything that follows here is just my best guess at a grouping. CHANGE -- "The will of a god to remake things, to demand they be better. The power to change." Endowment -- Must be, based on the changes Rysn is experiencing. Even though I personally feel like it's a stretch to put this here. Advancement? The addition of things, or gaining of new things, to improve or grow? Cultivation -- Growth, personal improvement, etc. Could be the source of Rysn beginning to hear the Rhythms. Definitely belongs in this category. Ruin -- Entropy, decay, mortality. Definitely belongs in this category. ? SURVIVE -- The will of a god to create enduring life, that extends itself into infinity even beyond it's own death. The power to survive. Preservation -- Stability, safety, unchanging. Definitely belongs in this category, and really the basis for why I think "SURVIVE" or "LIVE" must be a command -- because Kelsier certainly hears the Command to SURVIVE in Mistborn, and it is not coming from Leras. Autonomy -- Self-reliance, individualism, independence. The ability to survive while depending on only yourself. Definitely belongs in this category. The unknown shard "who just wants to hide and survive." -- Obviously belongs in this category even though we don't know what the true intent is. ? UNITE -- The will of a god to bind things, to conncet people with eachother and with the land and life around them. The power to unite. Honor -- Oaths, connecting people to eachother, binding them to their words and traditions. Obviously belongs in this category, and the basis for why I think "UNITE" or "CONNECT" must be a command -- because Dalinar certainly hears the Command to UNITE all throughout SA, and it is not the Stormfather, nor is it Tanavast. Dominion -- Connecting people to the land, and to eachother with political power and territory. This one may be a stretch, but it's my best guess. I think it probably belongs in this category. ? ? CARE -- The will of a god to create meaning and purpose, to demand that life exists for a reason. The power to care. Odium -- Pasion, love, hatred, emotion, motivation (though "Motivation" would be a great Shard name on its own). Definitely belongs in this category. Devotion -- Purpose, worship, crusades/quests. This one is also a stretch; honestly I have the hardest time with the Selish Shards because their Intents are confusing to me. But I believe this one belongs here. You devote yourself to a mission or a purpose in life, whatever that may be.. Ambition -- Personal goals, enthusiasm, striving to achieve. If devotion belongs here then Ambition certainly does as well. ? If Wisdom is the Shard that just wants to "hide and survive" then it belongs under the SURVIVE Command. But if Wisdom is a completely different shard, then I would want to probably put it under the CHANGE command, because knowledge changes you. Actually... now that I think about it, I think there may be two Shards here. "Wisdom" is a thing that you have whereas "Knowledge" is something that you gain with time and experience and experimentation. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that "Wisdom" is the shard that wants to survive and hide, and keep its secrets, and just study the world as it is without affecting the outcome, and that there is another shard along the lines of "Knowledge" or "Discovery" that is about change through experiences. Anyway, just had to write down my own thoughts. I'm really interested to see how other people categorize the shards. And I'm also interested in thoughts on my categorizations and would love for people to poke holes in it or improve it or change it around so it fits better. What do you guys think?
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    And what about that Kelsier interlude? Y’know, the one where he punched Odium? Pure gold.
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    I think it may have been something like “I will protect even those who hurt me most.” Because he truly doesn’t hate his cousin, but the Lopen has hurt him deeply. So hate doesn’t really make sense, but hurt does.
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    I have returned bearing more alignment charts. I’m not too happy with these ones, but I hope they’re all right.
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    In regard of this new Chapter I`d like to present an updated version of an old theory of mine. “Extinction is the natural escalation of this war,” Leshwi whispered. “If you forget why you are fighting, then victory itself becomes the goal. The longer we fight, the more detached we become. Both from our own minds, and from our original Passions.” RoW ch. 14. This does not only apply to the Singers, but to the Humans as well. I propose that this will lead a lot of Alethi to join Odium. Part 1 Exterminating Parshmen In Words of Radiance the first assumption of Bridge Four after they eavesdrop on a conversation of Shallan warning Adolin of the Singers is to assume she wants to exterminate them all. In OB Jasnah makes this offhand comment: It`s in the sake of an argument, I know, but the extermination of all Singers is actually thinkable. If Parshmen genocide is thinkable for our heroes, then it might be more than that for a lot of Alethi. Throughout OB the Parshmen are referred to as “monsters”. What do you do with monsters? You slay them. Additionally, the war against the Parshendi was ended by killing almost all Parshendi, why should the same trick not work on a grander scale? Part 2 Rebellious Parshmen The uprising of the Parshmen resembles a slave or peasant uprising. Slaves shove off the yoke of their masters and free themselves. You know how many slave/ peasant uprisings have been successful in western ancient and medieval history? Right, not a single one. They seized a lot of territory but were ultimately crushed, all of them. (Edit, well almost all of them, you get the point) There are reasons for this. Slaves don`t have any fighting experience, masters have professional armies, that fought their entire lives. We see this at the battle of Thaylen. the Sadeas armies would have totally crushed the Singer-army, even with support from the Fused and the beasts. But aren´t the Fused these tactical geniuses? Yes they are, but there are only a few hundred of them and a lot of them have gone insane. Essentially the Singers are normal people like you and me trying to fight a professional boxer. Even if we had the best coach and the best strategy ever (the Fused/ Voidspren), we could never beat the professional boxer. Even if we trained every hour of every day for a year- we just could not. But the Parshmen have the numbers, don`t they? If you compare current army sizes, yes. But, ultimately, there are way more Humans on Roshar and in Alethkar than Singers. All these Humans in Alethkhar need Parshmen guardians to look after them. So they cannot bring their full army force to battle because they need to garrison all those towns and cities in Alethkar. Remember the mantra Shardbearers don`t hold any territory? Well the same goes for the Fused. Plus the Alethi have a giant pool of possible recruits in Jah Keved. So no, the Singers don´t have the numbers. This explains why the Nine in this Chapter are so shocked in face of the new Fabrials, because their situation really is almost desperate. Part 3 A war in Alethkar Odium does not want to exterminate the Humans he wants to rule them. Shalash said at the end of Ob that he always longed for Humans to join his side. A lot of human nations in the west have joined him already. Dalinar himself was supposed to be his champion with nine shadows who leads his armies. He is sure that he will win: Like, there is no possible way he could not. This is why he does not concede to a duell of champions. Therefore, he has to have a sure plan on how to turn a lot of Alethi to his side. How will he do it? By putting them in a situation where they feel that it is necessary, just and feels satisfying to exterminate the Parshmen. I think Dalinar`s flashback chapters gave us a hint at what the current Alethi ethics of war are like. It will be worse, if the enemy happens to be not even human/ is a “monster”. Plus, what will they see, if they enter Alethkar? Abused Humans. This will surely persuade them that a war of extermination is justified. I imagine the debate on the conduct of the war will open a rift between House Kholin, Aladar, Sebarial and the others. Dalinar will urge upon an honorable conduct of war. The other Houses will see this first as a weak and soft hand approach, then as a betrayal. After a few decisive battles for the Alethi at the beginning of the war, the Fused will opt for a guerilla war strategy. By that time the other Houses will desert from House Kholin and follow a new leader. They will begin the extermination of all Parshmen and fight the Kholins. By that time they will be in Odium`s hands. The Vorin church and Taravangian will actively support them. Aren`t the Parshmen literally the Voidbringers? Aren`t they supposed to kill them according to their religion? Aren´t Queen Jasnah and Dalinar Heretics? Aren`t the Knights Radiant traitors? What about that really powerful god that revealed himself and who says he loves us? He must be the Almighty right? This is how the Alethi as a nation will become the monsters they fought. Part 4 Odium`s betrayal Odium wants Humans to fight for him, just like it had been in ancient times, before Honor and the spren intervened. The Singers are just a tool to get Humans to his side and always have been. Odium will throw them away, once they will have outlived their usefulness and enslave those in Alethkar once again to their human masters. Venli and Leshwi will play a critical role in saving as many Singers as possible and turning them to Team Honor. That way the war will become a battle between Team Honor and Odium, Singers and Humans being equally on both sides.
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    This isn't just her:
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    I would never have guessed Shallan's secret--she's really a Sleepless? No wonder she had so many personalities. She's made up of thousands of hordelings after all. I am a bit surprised that Adolin didn't figure that out sooner though...
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    The viral campaign to #cancelodium and deplatform him from the spanreed network felt out of place and ultimately pointless.
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    I’m very sorry if this is the wrong place, but, Dawnshard memes! (I think it’s self explanatory) Here are a few that I have made: (Dawnshard spoilers)
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    For those of you who recently finished Dawnshard and are currently sitting on your couch trying to not overload your brain, post your immediate reactions here! AHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH HOID IS A DAWNSHARD BECAUSE DAWNSHARDS WERE USED TO KILL ADONALSIUM BUT SOMEHOW ITS ACTUALLY BREATHS MAYBE IN A METALMIND OH MY GOSH I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOORE (ALSO THE LOPEN. 'NUFF SAID.)
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    Man I loved it when adolin announced he was gay and shallan was supportive and told him that Radiant always thought there was a " strange vibe " between him and the Lopen. Also finally dalinar naming his son as the Highprince of Fashion after seeing that Spren are more likely to bond well dressed ppl
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    I love how we're spontaneously creating a unified crazy alternative-universe version of Rhythm of War.
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    Dawnshard is HERE, and over on the Coppermind Wiki we are in crunch mode! The novella dropped at the end of last week, but only for those who backed the Way of Kings 10th Anniversary Kickstarter--so we have held off on allowing Dawnshard spoilers in the wiki until it is more widely available. That ends today, as most major ebook retailers now offer the book. Today, November 10th, a mere seven days before Rhythm of War arrives! Before the tidal wave of new Rhythm of War content engulfs us next week we are going to be doing everything we can to get Coppermind updated for Dawnshard, and we need your help! Veteran editors and newbies are all appreciated! Thankfully, a large amount of Dawnshard work is really fairly simple! Though there's certainly a few articles that will require more extensive effort, we've got a long list of newly-created, bite-sized articles to fill in and many existing articles that only need a few small additions! If you've never had the satisfaction of updating a Coppermind article to completion, you've missed out. And we've got a whole buffet of them just waiting for you! You're going to feel like Chiri-Chiri in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve! Here's the plan: We're kicking off a 7-Day Dawnshard Blitz, in which we'll be trying to knock out as many updates as possible. That will start today, Tuesday November 10th and conclude at the end of Monday November 16th, right before the Rhythm of War release at midnight EST. You can find the list of objectives here. Put your username in the "Claimbed By" column to claim it. We ask that people only claim one article at a time! When you're finished make a note in the "Complete?" column and move on to another objective! Each objective has been assigned a point value based on how difficult we feel it will be. The goal for each article is to bring it fully to completion. Complete the objective and you get the full point value; partial credit will earn you one point. And the person with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner! The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a one-time-only Chiri-Chiri Award to show off on their user page! And that's to say nothing of the self-satisfaction I can guarantee as well as the undying gratitude of countless Cosmere fans! Never edited Coppermind before? No problem! It's not hard and we've got plenty of resource to get you started. The most important thing you can do is join our Discord server, where you can get personal help at all hours. From there we can also recommend several guides and examples that will get you started. Just let us know that you're new and we'll give you a warm welcome! The competition begins NOW! Let's do this!
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    Here's my spoiler-free review: There's also a written version:
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