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    I have a joke about the 4th ideal of the Windrunners but I'm not ready to say the words.
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    Made this a couple days ago but realized i probably couldn't put it in cremposting. Thank you so much for creating a meme page where RoW spoilers are fine!
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    For those interested here are all the changes made in the new edition: Edit: Updated it with the final missing change.
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    One of my most enjoyable memories of Oathbringer's pre-release was the Meme thread on the OB spoiler board here on 17th Shard. I saw a new meme on one of the threads here already, so I figured, it is time. Here are three memes I'm going to start the thread with. I'm sure you all will make better ones as the chapters come out. I look forward to seeing them.
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    I like how Dalinar's autobiography is well known to be going through edits. I think there's probably a wall somewhere that has a progress bar that says "Oathbringer 3rd draft 50%" that all the people in Urithuru follow and every time the percentage moves people notice and get excited.
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    Nice catch! Fixed?! (sorry for poor editing skills)
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    My quarantine contribution: Peeps Before Death: I will protect peeps who cannot protect themselves.
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    @Wiresegal and I patched together Kal's rendition of Frozen's Let it go, as sung by Kaladin from stormlight (Syl too) [she helped with the sylllables] also thanks to @shallan314 for the inspiration (image credit goes to botanica) [Verse 1] [Kaladin] The storm burns bright in my pocket tonight Not a windspren to be seen A kingdom of oaths now broken And it looks like he’s the king The highstorm howls but I've got no storm inside Couldn't keep my Oaths, Tien knows I've tried [Pre-Chorus 1] [Syl] Go lead your men, don't let them see Be the Stormblessed you always had to be Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show Well, now they know! [Chorus 1] [Kaladin] Let it go, let it go I've been here before Let it go, let it go We save them as Bridge Four! I don't care what they all will say Let this storm rage on The winds never bothered me anyway. [Verse 2] [Syl] It's funny how the sky's view Can make everything seem small [Kaladin] And the fears that once destroyed me I push beyond them all! [Pre-Chorus 2] [Sigzil] It's time to see what this can do To test the limits and break through Do right, not wrong, Ideals to keep you're free! [Chorus 2] [Kaladin] Let it go, let it go I am one with the wind and sky Let it go, let it go You'll never see them die Here I stand, in winds I claim Let the storm rage on! [Bridge] [Kaladin] My power banished as I fell below the ground My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around And one thought drives me, even in the darkest night. To protect those I hate, so long as it is right! [Chorus 3] [Kaladin] Let it go, let it go I will stand like a Knight of old Let it go, let it go What's broken shines like gold! [Syl and Kaladin] Here we stand, with our Bond still strong! Let both storms rage on! The skies never bothered us anyway.
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    Poor Kaladin. I'm also worried about what Navani has gotten herself into with Fabrials. Then, of course, there is Ialai's notebook.
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    I came across this one on Facebook.
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    Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
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    Accept endings, mournful departure, solemn departure, mourning endings, acceptance.
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    Nightblood: "Do you know what always makes me feel better?" Kaladin: "I really don't care." Nightblood: "Destroying evil!" Syl: "Maybe I should have gotten Jasnah instead..."
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    Really? Felt extremely on point to me
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    From the album Stormlight Character Paintings

    It's been forever since I last did any SA art (nearly a year, holy crap), and I finally got around to doing more! I'd meant to try drawing some other characters but ended up going back to my comfort zone, heh. This is another military-style Dalinar portrait, based off of a couple of existing ones I happened upon. (I envisioned this as something Dalinar "I-don't-do-politics" Kholin was forced into dressing up and posing for, probably by Navani) I kept his face pretty much how I had him before, with Polynesian, East/South Asian, Middle Eastern and Native American refs all mashed together. Maybe he doesn't look wrecked enough but we can pretend that the painter (me) idealized him a bit. I have no idea how to do costume design, so this was totally done on the fly and not super creative, and probably too typically Western. It's also been a while since I've read the books so I don't trust my memory of any smaller details... but anyways, sorry for rambling, feedback is appreciated as always! Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of doing SA fanart especially with RoW coming soon, but who knows with my attention span :')
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    From the album Stormlight Character Paintings

    I don't know how consistent I'm being with my Dalinars, but anyway... I tried my hand at a younger version of him - I'm worried he's a bit of a pretty boy here, so I'm going to pretend it's because of his youth, heh. Also, I didn't know how to create an album before and have no idea if it's possible to move my previous posts here :/
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    ^ This has been confirmed. Don't worry Shallan... Formless can't hurt you...
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    Wait, I think you're crossing and re-crossing between IRL and fantasy here. I would say that in-world, Rlain has a very legitimate reason to reject an honorspren being "commanded" to bond with him. He's not ignorant of what a spren bond is at this point. I was shocked that Kaladin felt like he could do so. It was notable that he was only forcing Yunfah to "consider" Rlain "for a week", of course, and maybe they'll still bond when Yunfah shows up as requested to do his weeklong interview, and then Rlain saying "that's not how I'd want to bond a spren" ends up being exactly the factor that causes Yunfah TO bond with him. You can't say that that would not be a fitting narrative! Referring to "modern takes on social issues" is completely unnecessary (and feels to me like you're looking for a straw man to fight).
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    Not to derail the current excitement over everyone's favourite grumpy ardent but humans are growing closer to the Rhythms. Rlain says some are close to knowing/hearing the pure tones and Kaladin almost senses something when Rlain attunes. This is pretty big.
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    I’d spoiler these for length, but I’m not sure I can in this format, sorry.
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    Hi everyone! Please introduce yourself to the forums and tell us about yourself here! But I wanted to make it known that this is a spoiler-free zone. If you have specific book questions, please post them in the respective book forum (such as Stormlight Archive or Mistborn). If you have an overall cosmere question, use the Cosmere Q&A forum.
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    "One Jump Ahead" From Aladin sung by Lift!!! This would be amazing!!! Would fit fairly well unedited, but I made some minor adjustments One Jump Ahead Lift: Gotta keep One jump ahead of the breadline Ahead without shoes on my feet I steal only what I can eat (That's Everything!) One jump ahead of the Azish That's all, and to put it bluntly These guys don't 'preciate I'm hungry Azish: Riffraff! Street rat! Soundrel! Take that! Lift: Just a little snack, guys Skybreakers: Rip her open, take it back, guys Lift: I can take a hint, gotta face the facts You're my only friend, Voidbringer! Wyndle: But! Azish: Oh it's sad Lift has hit the bottom Lift: Cept I was never at the top Azish: I'd blame parents except she hasn't got 'em Lift: Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat Tell you all about it when I got the time! One jump ahead of the slowpokes One skip ahead of Darkness Next time should use my Awesomeness One jump ahead of the Skybreakers One meal ahead of the rest I think…
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    No wonder if every worldhopper took a rock away from it...
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    Oh, I didn't see this thread before! I wrote this ages ago when 'Let it Go' was still popular, and when my obsession with Mistborn needed an outlet. Spoilers for Hero of Ages: I'm still pretty proud of this actually.
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    Awakening is the perfect art for cartoonists, and as such I think it would be nice to have a place to put cartoons about awakened items that are rendered in a cartoony manner. Cartooning is not just about the drawing, even if you aren't a cartoonist, feel free to add suggestions for what you would like to see an awakened cartoon version of. Would probably work best if you are specific, by saying something like "A Banana, awakened with the command 'Go Skinny Dipping'" or some such. To start this off here are a couple of awakened objects rendered in cartoon form: 1. Mustache: "Feed Me" 2. Match stick man: "Light the Fuse" (spoilered because it's an animated gif) 3. Glove: "Be a cutie-pie-'lil boon companion" (some of the cute things Glovey the Awakened glove does):
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    I put this song on fan works, but it might really belong here, it's "My Favorite Things" but Cosmere! I'm pretty proud of it and Julie Andrews is my personal hero so singing anything she sang is the best. Enjoy! (Spoilers for HoA) My Favorite (Cosmere) Things.m4a
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    I'm not sure why you equate a storyline where Rlain gets an honorspren - which it seems he certainly would like to have, and it would seem like he certainly deserves, except for the honorspren objecting to him being "of the enemy" because of his being a listener - is "that's Equality with a captial E and therefore blech, 2020 message fiction". But you're entitled to whatever goes on in your own head. I think your comments are saying more about yourself than anything about Brandon's writing direction. So, there is a reason the listeners and singers had never bonded spren with Nahel bonds before. We don't know what that is. If it turns out it was purely racial prejudice and now, after thousands upon thousands of years, it was all really just a misunderstanding that will now be easily overcome simply by having Radiant spren - who are inflexible sentient concepts, at core, not living creatures with malleable minds, until they form a bond to a living person - suddenly deciding hey, let's bond some singers/listeners after all, and now all the fighting will stop! - I would agree that is an unsatisfactory storyline. Completely agree. But there being a deeper secret as to why Rlain is shut out from bonding, yet Venli was not, that can be discussed and shown as to Why It's Different This Time (for that matter, one can boil it down to the question of, "not why did, but why could Timbre bond with Venli when this had never happened before?") , that I think is being set up. And yes. Sorry. I am totally rooting for Rlain to get a spren bond, honorspren or otherwise, and would greatly enjoy seeing an honorspren like Yunfah being impressed by the honor on display by Rlain in telling him he doesn't want Yunfah to bond him under such a pretense of "enforced diversity." If you want to get all 2020 about it, Rlain doesn't want to be viewed as an Affirmative Action Token, he wants to be bonded on his own merit. You can't say that's not admirable. And having read what you have of Rlain and how he's acted after what he's put up with from humans, you can't say he isn't worthy of an honorspren.
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    I thought this chapter's cosmere bleedthrough was handled much better than Ch. 13 - Kaladin's response is pretty much "Uh... what are you talking about here Zahel?" when Zahel started dropping references to stuff Kaladin has no knowledge or context for. It's good for the characters to acknowledge that the information being dropped is out of place. Especially stuff like "Type 2 Entities" or whatever. Zahel explains a few things that are relevant to Kaladin and the overall story of Roshar, while keeping the rest a thinly veiled secret like his Awakening abilities. It seems like from this that at least the Zahel/Azure/Nightblood storyline will remain primarily about the here and now and what is going on in Roshar. I also liked the Kaladin/Rlain interaction. This really should be the model for conversations like it in the real world. Kaladin has his ideas and tries to do what he thinks is right. Rlain says "Hey, I appreciate the thought, but you know what you are doing is not actually a benefit for me." And then Kaladin thinks about it and will consider how to do things a little differently the next time. There's no dug in dogmatic rhetoric being thrown out by either side. Just two friends honestly expressing their opinions and trying to do what is right, even if they start off with different ideas of what that is. I think I must just be a grumpy person haha. Reading the community's super hyped thoughts about cosmere crossovers annoys me, but reading the chapter itself was good. I'm glad people get what they want who love this stuff, but I'll leave it to you all to speculate.
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    Absolutely, yes. They call themselves the 4th shard.
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    From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Renarin is the literal sweetest boy on Roshar.
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    This is what I thought of as I lay in bed last night. Most authors when they write a plot twist: Brandon Sanderson when he writes a plot twist:
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    Mistborn Spoilers: I Will Survive (as sung by Kelsier)
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    I don't think Zahel is "hiding" so much as... Retired. Or trying to stay in retirement. He certainly doesn't seem too bothered by the idea that Azure/Vivenna had chased him to Roshar earlier, and even if she was last seen somewhere in Shadesmar, basically knows exactly where he is now unless he left. "Yeah, let's see her get through Cultivation's Perpendicularity now. And even if she does, so WHAT?" For all we know he's joined the 17th Shard, as in the Frost Faction, except that he appears to admit he has an Intent that he's meant to (and perhaps cannot help but) follow. And he doesn't regret "giving up the sword", which has two meanings: giving up fighting for a living, and of course, THE SWORD that Szeth's got. Even as he calls it a "mistake", it's "the best mistake I ever made". As for him suddenly expounding on Things Cosmere, specifically in the context of Invested Entities and Cognitive Shadows and spren and stapling shadows of souls to a become spren-like "dead man walking", remember, he's OLD and KNOWS A LOT and is, at heart, an academic. So when Kaladin innocently asked him "Are you like Wit?", basically meaning "a mysterious guy who knows a lot of secrets", that kind of triggered him to do a half-lecture, half "I've wanted to say this out loud to SOMEBODY for so long even if they don't know what I'm saying" type of speech. "Me? Like Wit? ME? You don't even know who or what Wit, or Hoid, is, puppy! Or me, for that matter! Let me tell you just how like, and yet very unlike Wit, I am! See, what I am, is..." Think about it. He's learned and figured out all this stuff about the True Nature of Returned, spren, Fused/Heralds, etc., all since the end of the events of Warbreaker, and could well have had that all in his head only this whole time, without even Vivenna to tell it to. If you're geeky in the right way, that is like a pressure cooker. I know I personally am prone to that kind of "more than you asked for" info rant, so I can totally see that kind of reaction from Vasher/Zahel! Come to think of it, the same thing happened when Vivenna innocently asked him about Awakening for the first time. She got a 300 level lecture.
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    I'm pretty proud of Brandon. He used an actual swearword. That means that quoting an canonical actual line from one of his works will be censored on this website lol
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    All of these are awesome, particularly "Lightsong". And I like the idea of the Lord Ruler having an epic Steel Inquisitor choir while he sings in a bored tone on his throne. And Kelsier needs to sing "Friend Like Me" or something like it when he meets Vin. But my personal favorite is Hoid singing "You're Welcome" while dragging Kaladin around the Cognitive Realm and the Cosmere. In fact, I'll write it out... **Spoiliers for Everything**
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    Yeah, people in the books don't have modern takes. What they say are literally legitimate criticisms of the systems they currently live in that it only takes a socially-conscious person to make? Nothing that Rlain said is a stretch, or a jump that only someone who lived in our modern times would make. Frankly, I'm glad we're seeing more discussion like this, because people like Rlain should have a bone to pick with the way they're treated and not just quietly accept it. Not gonna lie, the assumption that people who are outspoken about societal issues are acting too "modern" genuinely irritates me... People have been making criticisms about society since time. It's not a new thing on Earth either, even if it is particularly in the limelight right now.
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    I actually think that Rlain will most definitely become a Windrunner. Having the Willshapers simply become the "Order of Singers" would be antithetical to the idea of inclusion and racial equality. It is imperative that humans and singers work together in a single order to prove that the two races can form one cohesive unit. Rlain would be the first step towards that. Rlain even says that he will wait for a spren due to the "honor he represents", meaning that he wants to embody the idea of honor as well. I think that, at the end of the series, singers and humans will be found in all ten orders.
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    So, Zahel wasn't on Syl's list of people Kaladin can't intimidate. Theory confirmed! I legitimately feared for Kaladin in this moment. Fighting a master Awakener amidst the laundry is like fighting a Mistborn in a minting facility.
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    I, and I'm sure many others, have long suspected that music plays a larger role on Roshar than is explicitly said and that is is/will be one of the big reveals of a book that will suddenly help us understand what is going on a lot better. What better book for a such a reveal than one called "Rhythm of War" and feel like we just got in Chapter 15 some extra information so I felt like I would compile the definitive knowledge we have as well as the areas of speculation. Please help me add to these lists, both what we know and what you suspect. This can include Cosmere speculations, since I will be doing the same. Update: As has been pointed out, most of these have more to do with Sounds than Music. What We Know About Music and When It's Been Important in SA We have heard from the Listeners before about the music of Roshar which the humans are unable to hear. This ability to listen to the Rhythms allows Listeners to change form with a spren in their Gemheart during a storm. (Music and Stormlight?) Update: We know that the leaders of the Fused encased in stone were sing a song that Venli could tell was powerful. From Ch.15 we learn that the correct combination of light and music can attract spren to grow plants. Ryshadium attract musicspren even when there is no music playing. The Everstorm was created by chanting. Hoid's Flute (Music) is important and he can with it help/make a listener see the story he is telling (Light). Lightweaver's Ability affects both Light and Sound, (based on wavelength and frequency physics, I believe) Navani hears a pure note when Dalinar opens up the perpendicularity. Syl in her Interlude talks about the musicality of the storm, if I remember correctly. Update: Other spren, even deadeyes can hum to the Rhythms (we've seen Maya do this). There are probably many more and I will update this as I remember them or as others post things. Update: We also know that pure notes can be heard with Radiant Soulcasting. And chanting is used by ardents to do Soulcasting. In both cases there is the sense of harmonizing with other sounds. What We Might Speculate About Where/When Music Is Important in SA Roshar's landscape is an exact variation of a Julia set. I've often assumed this to be due to Rhythm of the planet creating such a mathematical formation. I believe this to be pre-Shardic and part of Adonalsium's design. Cymatics has been established early on as a possible explanation for why certain cities look the way they do. I've wondered about this being due to Dustbringers who I speculate based off of Malata burn things using frequency, potentially on a large scale when banded together. Another new potential explanation is that the Fused organically grow such shapes with Progression and they come out Cymatically due to the natural Rhythms of Roshar. This may also explain other patterns such as the Shattered Plains. Update: Could also be from chanting/music in general. We see in the Parshendi in general how the marbled pattern of their skin is unique for everyone and we've learned in RoW how the Fused maintain their pattern regardless of their body. Due to the prevalence of Light and Sound in Lightweaver, I've wondered if some or all of the other Radiant power can be explained by musical reasoning. For instance, as I mentioned, Dustbringers burning/disintegrating using frequencies and vibrations of resonances etc. Are Truthwatchers able to "listen" to the music of the spiritual realm or bring others into "harmony" with their perfect selves? Renarin can definitely do things with light and create a light illusion of a perfect self in the case of Moash. Do Edgewatchers "increase the tempo" of objects they are growing? Some of this sounds good to me as I write it and other parts sound like a stretch even to me, but I'd love input on this idea. Update: A suggestion that because sound creates microchanges in air pressure that that could account for Adhesion. Abrasion is in some ways the silencing of vibrations/sound. The "frequency" of Highstorms is currently not fully predictable, but what if it were with the right understanding of Roshar's Rhythms and their interactions? Is the Everstorm counter interference? Is the Origin the source of the music/Rhythms? Update: With all the new Fabrial insights we're getting, the metals, again, can be like tuning forks set to particular Rhythms. The cages need set patterns that could also influence the vibrations. Additionally, Logicspren can output certain frequencies it seems. Other spren in fabrials could account for the light/color connection. Additionally, we know that Honor supplies Stormlight - could Cultivation have more to do with Rhythm? We see how the combination of stormlight and music is so helpful in growing food, but only when combined. As an aside, could it be that Urithiru's Heart needs music/sound to help revive the Sibling? Does Kaladin's battle prowess have anything to do with hearing the Rhythms of battle? Or could his battle ability upgrade to hear this to then fight alongside someone as a war pair? The new Strength before Weakness t-shirt has me wondering about Kaladin and Venli and them being a war pair would be incredible. Now that I think of this, I want to see it so bad. Again, I'm sure I'm forgetting/missing things and I will update as people add ideas Light and Music In The Cosmere I don't remember any instance of music being magically relevant on Scadrial though I now wonder if the justification for metals always being Investiture relevant might have to do with them being Spiritual tuning forks of a sort. Update: Seekers hear pulses and it has been confirmed that they could hear the Rhythms of Roshar. In Warbreaker, sound and color are very important. We know that Awakening is used with sound commands up until the 10th heightening. We also know that people with lots of Breaths distort light around them to bring out the richness of colors. Finally, we know that color is important in Awakening, though we don't know exactly why it is necessary. Also, the Iridescent Tones in the religion based around the Returned in Hallandren - I always assumed both words to reference colors, but now I wonder about tones being a reference to music/sound. We also see certain painters being Invested enough to access the Spiritual realm in their painting and use of colors We know that Lightweaving is similar to Yolish Lightweaving, which I assume is pre-Shattering and from Adonalsium's original magic which I increasing feel is based on wavelength/frequency/music/arts? In White Sand, could Sand ribbons have any relation to frequency? Also, we see here that there is some color importance between invested sand and non-invested sand. Similar to how there are 3 realms, could it be that there is physical wavelength/frequency, cognitive wavelength frequency, and spiritual wavelength/frequency Update: We know Dawnchant to be a pre-shardic language on Roshar. Note its name: Dawn (light) chant (music). Coincidence? I think not! Again, I would love to add to this list of possibilities. tl;dr I see light and sound/music to a be fundamental magic system to both Roshar and perhaps the Cosmere as a whole with echoes all the way back to Adonalseum and I am trying to compile where we see it definitively and where it might be only hinted at. Thanks for reading and hopefully I get enough replies to further flesh out this theory. If someone else has already discussed this, I'm happy to be pointed that way as well.
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    I feel like this song could fit somewhere in WoR. It fits really well for Shallan and how they have the countdown to worry about. Also, I admit to having made a Let it Go for Kelsier. The mists sweep wide through the city tonight Not a footfall to be heard A kingdom of broken memory And it looks like I'm the king The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside Couldn't keep it in, Mare knows I've tried Let them in, but don't let them see Be the Mistborn you always have to be Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know They'll never know Let it go, let it go Can't hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Anything to avenge her death! I don't care what they're going to say Let the storm rage on Hathsin couldn't break me anyway. It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small And the limits that once controlled me can't get to me at all It's time to see what I can do To test the limits and break through No right, no wrong, no rules for me I'm free! Let it go, let it go I am one with the mists at night Let it go, let it go You'll never see me cry Here I stand and here I'll stay Let the storm rage on My metals burn within me stirring up my wrath My knife is deadly spilling noble blood on the ground And one coin flies into a blackened noble heart I'm never going back, the past is in the past Let it go, let it go And I'll rise like the break of dawn Let it go, let it go That broken man is gone Here I stand in the light of day Let the storm rage on! The scars never bothered me anyway.
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    And now, a shameless attempt to recapture the success of my earlier song: "The End," to the tune of "The Plagues" from Prince of Egypt:
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