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    Quick update! So I told my wife about how excited everyone was getting on this board. This is generally how it went down: ME: "I got so many points! I went from Prelan to Babsk to Houselord and now I'm a Forescout!" TAY: "None of those mean a single thing to me." ME: "So how about I read to you again tonight? You can help me with my burgeoning career as a Cosmere comedian. Wait - does that make me Wit?" TAY: "No, Chris. It makes me Wit. You're just the vessel I use to share my genius with the masses." Either way, I read a good five chapters last night. Here are some of the zingers: ME READING: "'I can save her,' Kal said." TAY: *snorts* "Ha! No you can't. Why? Because character development, Slaveboi, that's why." Tay tries to convince me by way of a five minute conversation that the White Stripes predicted the plot of the book - "Think about it, Chris! 'I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget'! Like the Stormdaddy is talking to JDM during the storms! I'm right." She has also predicted that Kaladin secretly killed Brightlord Wisitow when he was 13 - "Because... abuse? Or something. Slaveboi doesn't like Lighteyes anyways." She also came up with the following character names: Rock - Dwayne Johnston Wit - The Court Jester Brightlord Wisitow - Brightlord Wichita (this was the starting off point for her hot take on the White Stripes) Laral - Rosalind - "Rosamund. Because he's got unrequited love with her like Romeo and Rosamund. Wait - no. Rosalind. Rosamund is playing Moiraine." Lirin - Pop-Pop And last but not least, she came up with her title for The Way of Kings. I present to you: The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Book One of the Stormlight Archive. That's all I've got for now! But if we're stuck at home with COVID-19 any time soon, I'm sure there will be more!
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    -> Download Version 0.10 here! <- Hey, y'all! First thread on this forum. I'm a student at Future Games in Stockholm, and this is a pet project I'm working on between classes. I'm working in Unreal Engine 4 and its Blueprint visual coding system. I started this a couple of months ago when I was just done with the Hero of Ages and really into the allomancy magic system. I'm currently on Shadow of Self. No plot spoilers! Goal The goal of this project is to make an FPS-style Mistborn game, where you can play around with some schmexy allomancy. As a fan-made game, this will stay free-to-play. Caveat I want to make a good game representation of the Mistborn books, but some things are blocking the way. School. My time is spontaneously devoted to this project. Me. I'm not the most passionate die-hard fan, I just like the idea of a properly made game, as in true to the material. Controls. I want that feeling of being a cool Mistborn, jumping through the mists, throwing things around. But. Computer/console controls are severely limiting to a magical power that should take your whole body to control (Yeah, who knew, huh?). I want the player to have a good time, regardless of having read the books or not, so I will keep controls from being overly complicated. More advanced moves from the books will probably not be possible, so I will focus on making the general moves feel really cool and make sense for the player. Current features These are the features that I have right now. These will be updated as I go along. The most recent additions are in bold. Steelpushing / Ironpulling Mouse buttons for push / pull (on/off) One target at a time Lock onto target (look around and still control the object) Good-enough physics Coin Drop coin in front of camera Pick up coin from ground (added June 23) Hold coin in front of camera (added July 1) Choice to drop coin on ground and instantly push off it (added July 1) Choice to push coin forward from hand (added July 1) Pewter Switch on/off (added July 11) Greater jump height (added July 11) Faster running speed (added July 11) Extra Health (added July 11) Faster Regeneration (added July 11) Higher tolerance towards fall damage (added July 11) Auto-Pewter @ landing (Reactively take damage to pewter instead of Health if not burning) (added July 12) Breaks Breakable Walls (added Jan 03) Tin Switch on/off (added July 20) Makes mist less impeding (added July 20) Makes damage sight-blur less impeding (added Aug 1) Makes bloodshot screen more impeding (added July 28) Take more damage (added July 31) Darkvision (added Dec 30) Level Luthadel Skaa Suburbs A small Skaa area of Luthadel by the wall Nonsensical metal plates placed in various locations for easy testing (don't @ me) Luthadel Skaa Market A bigger Skaa area with larger buildings (added Aug 22) Noble Keep A stone keep with a massive ball room (added Dec 20) Short intro cinematic (added Dec 26) Doors that open with pushing/pulling (added Dec 21) General Downloaded free 3D assets Pickupable coin pouches (added June 23) Sexy, effective mist (added July 31) Pickupable metal vials (added June 25) Tutorial area with signs (added June 25) Pushable coin pouches (added June 24) Breakable Walls (pewter attack) (added Jan 03) (not in demo yet) Teleporters Between Levels (added Jan 05) Player Coin counter (added June 23) Health tracker (added June 24) Fall damage (added June 24) Regen health (added June 24) Metal tracker (added June 25) Auto-pick up coins and vials you pull towards you (added June 26) Pick up metal vials to inventory (added July 30) Drink metal vials from inventory (added July 30) Melee fighting (no animation) (added Aug 26) Walking / Running (added Jan 08) (not in demo yet) Crouching (added Jan 08) (not in demo yet) NPCs Human Downloaded free asset (added Dec 30) Moving around (added Aug 22) Faction system (who reacts in what way to whom) (added Aug 22) Take damage & die (added Aug 22) Damage player and each-other (added Aug 22) Animated attacks with sword (added Dec 30) Animated taking damage and death depending on how it was attacked (coin or hit) (added Dec 30) Drops sword at Death (added Dec 30) Does not detect sneaking players they can't see (added Jan 08) (not in demo yet) Guard post mode (added Jan 09) (not in demo yet) Koloss Downloaded free asset (added Dec 26) Moving around (added Dec 26) Take damage & die (added Dec 27) Damage player and NPCs (added Dec 27) Chases player and NPCs (added Dec 26) Animated movement (added Dec 27) Animated attacks and death (added Dec 28) GUI Health bar (added June 24) Bloodshot screen while damaged (added June 24) Damage blurs your sight (added July 31) Metal bars Steel (added June 25) Iron (added June 25) Pewter (added July 11) Tin (added July 26) Coin amount (added June 25) Pewter Health bar (added July 11) Screen shakes when falling too fast (added July 12) Hold button to open vial inventory (added Aug 1) Metal icons (added Jan 07) (not in demo yet) Sounds Taking fall damage (added June 24) Dying (added June 24) World music (added June 25) Pick up vial (added Aug 1) Drink vial (added June 25) Pick up coin (added June 25) Coinshot (added July 1) Asset Rights Future features
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    Well everyone – we got there! Last night, Tay and I finished Words of Radiance together! This book was a much quicker read than the Way of Kings and I think that in spite of Tay’s insistence that she’s only reading these books for me, she really seems interested and committed to the series. It’s super cool to see! Since I haven’t posted since the end of part 3, this is going to be a longish post. However, I assume if you’ve been sticking around and reading these posts since I started this topic all the way back in March, you’re fine with a big dump of reactions. Before I go into the reactions to everything, this general reaction happened yesterday: TAY: Have there been other reactions to your thread on Mind Readers? ME: No not for a while. TAY: You’re not writing my reactions funnily enough. Anyways, here goes! -- *Lift interlude* TAY: This is it? This is the character that everyone loves? Does she have any other scenes in this book? ME: No, but she has a novella between this book and the next? TAY: I’m not sure I get the hype. ME: She’s just too awesome for you. TAY: I’m also unsure that Brandon Sanderson has ever met a 13-year-old girl. ME: Again – she’s too awesome to be a regular 13-year-old. -- *Lhan interlude* TAY: I don’t like interludes. ME: We can skip this one if you like. Not much happens. TAY: What happens? ME: A priest angers the queen of Alethkar, gets executed, and starts city-wide riots. TAY: *sighs* Yeah that sounds pretty metal. Let’s do it. -- There was a stretch of time where Tay and I just literally sat there, zoned out, and listened to the book for like four hours. When I quizzed her the next day, she had two new nicknames: SHADOWFIENDS – Formerly Rock Lobsters, this is what Tay called Chasmfiends. I kind of like Shadowfiends as a name for, like, chasmfiends that have been inhabited by Voidspren like Thunderclasts. How frickin badass does that sound? SHADOWBLOODS – This is the Ghostbloods. I think that Tay’s inherent love for Wheel of Time was seeping through in her retelling here, as there is a pretty prevalent use of “shadow” as a prefix for anything that is bad in Randland. -- I just wanted to comment on her lack of reaction to a particular scene. I, like many of you I’m sure also, cringe horribly when Kaladin says “AND FOR MY BOON…”. Tay, weirdly, didn’t react at all. When I asked her about it, she literally just said “It’s what I would have done. Screw Amaram.” Further evidence that Tay is Kaladin. -- *various reactions to Pattern* “Heh. What a guy.” “I could listen to Pattern explaining sex jokes all day.” “This dude is the real MVP.” -- *Shalladin happening in the chasms* TAY: They’re perfect for each other. They’re both colossal pains in the butt. ME: Yes! Finally someone agrees with me with Shalladin! -- *Kaladin is in the mouth of the Rock Lobster and says “I’m eternally grateful”* TAY: *laughs uproariously* -- *Shallan is strangling her father while singing him to sleep with the lullaby* TAY: Okay, I like how badass she is – but the singing is a little melodramatic for me. -- *Context: we both have asthma* TAY: Whenever I need to use my inhaler I’m referring to it as sucking in Stormlight. ME: I’m absolutely here for this. -- *Dalinar confronting Amaram* TAY: Yes! Go Dadinar! Protect your adopted son! -- In full disclosure, I have had to try to explain where the honorblades fit into the magic system like three times to Tay. By her own admission, she fully doesn’t understand it. However, she definitely understands the Orders of KR and gets that with each Ideal they speak, they kind of power up. At this point in the book, she was kind of getting that Kaladin had to say his next Ideal, but was confused when I referred to it as the Third Ideal. TAY: Third Ideal? Hasn’t he just said one? ME: No, he’s said two – remember “I will protect those who cannot protect themselves” is the second Ideal for the Windrunners. The First Ideal is the same for all Radiants – “Life before death. Strength before weakness- TAY: “Crem before cremlings.” Yep. Got it. -- *Szeth lashes Dalinar into the air* TAY: “I’m Kaladin! Come to save you on my chariot of winds! *air horn noises* -- *Dalinar is floating down thanks to Radiant Kaladin* TAY: I can show you the wooooorld! -- *Kaladin says “The winds are mine!”* TAY: I hate that. So cringey. ME: Cringey!? Okay let’s imagine you’re Kaladin – you’ve been depressed, torn up by your conflicting emotions, beat up, and finally got your powers back. You’ve been thinking about some badass line all the way to Narak to fight Szeth – what would you come up with? TAY: Well I cover up my depression with being funny. Maybe I’d let Dalinar float down and say “did you drop this?” ME: I think you’d just show up and do a dab, say "YEET" and then fight Szeth. TAY: That’s probably exactly what I’d do. -- We then discussed the nature of cringeyness in books like this – we realized that I really appreciate over-the-top badass lines, but Tay loves cutting tension with sarcastic comments. She said that if she had Radiant powers, she’d probably be more like Deadpool in her interactions than Batman. -- *Szeth constantly repeats his name* TAY: “I am Szeth-son-son-son-Dadanndo!” Ungh. I hate Szeth. He’s my least favourite character now. *Tay then spends the next few hours referring to one of our cats as “Flam-son-son-son-Dadanndo”* -- *Szeth and Kaladin fight each other in the air* TAY: Pew pew pew pew! -- *Syl changes from a Blade to a Shardspear* TAY: OOOOOH! So cool! SYL YOU THE REAL MVP! -- *Shallan tells the scholars to bind and gag Renarin to shut him up as she’s trying to work the Oathgate* TAY: Mood. *pauses* Alright… I think I’m starting to like Shallan more now. -- Just a little poetic synchronicity happening at this point – because we live in South Africa, our seasons are inverted from the northern hemisphere. We have summer in December and January and winter in July and August, etc. In Johannesburg, we’re a landlocked city at altitude and thus we have incredibly dry winters in comparison to summer where we have big storms every few days. Point is – since it’s the end of summer we haven’t had a proper rainstorm since, like, May. The day that we finished Words of Radiance we had the first proper thunderstorm in Johannesburg for months. It was so cool and fitting. -- *Shallan says she hates Pattern since she used him to kill her mother* TAY: You take that back! -- Not really a fun reaction, but Tay loved that Lopen could suck in Stormlight. I found it weird because I really didn't like Lopen all that much, but I immediately liked Lift. Tay seems to have the inverse reaction to mine. -- Tay’s reaction to Sadeas’ murder at the hands of Adolin deserves its own paragraph. When it happened, Tay audibly gasped, then clapped like the opening theme song from Friends, then proceeded to get me to pause the audiobook. She then became Adolin’s hype-man for like twenty minutes as she digested the scene. She absolutely loved that Adolin did it – she was sure that when he was saying “Unfortunately for you, I’m not as good a man as my father”, he was going to slide the knife away and say something like “Stay away from my family” and had an eye-roll primed and ready. When Adolin actually killed him, she was so surprised and happy. She then asked me to rewind the scene and play it again so that she could savour the death scene again. Sometimes I worry that my wife enjoys these murder scenes so much, but then again, I listen compulsively to podcasts about serial killers and unsolved murders, so I guess we’re evenly macabre. Long story short – she likes Adolin now, or at least has a hell of a lot more respect for him. -- As the last scene involved Dalinar, Shallan, Kaladin, and Renarin talking about which Order they belonged to, Tay decided to take a shot at naming them all. I’m going to try to recreate her thought process completely: TAY: Yeah, I can name them. I’ve been listening to two of these books now. I’m sure I can do it. WINDBREAKERS SKYDANCERS DUSTSLINGERS Wait. Wait… Oath…. Is there something with oaths? ME: Nope. TAY: I thought Oathbreakers was one. WATERWEAVERS. I don’t know, what other things are there? Oh oh oh! Farmers! They can grow things! Let’s call them… SOIL ENCOURAGERS! You’re not helping me by telling me what the other elements are. ME: None of these are correct. TAY: Um. FIRE? I’m thinking about Earth Wind and Fire. You know? Like September? *sings September by Earth Wind and Fire.* Okay so FIREMAKERS. Oooh ohh! LIGHTSPINNERS. Then the DARKDOERS. STORM…. Ssssssssssssss *making a hissing noise*. I’m thinking of another word! Something that arbitrarily seems to do with motion. STORMSNAPPERS. ME: That’s nine. What’s number ten? TAY: JAZZ HANDS. *Laughter ensues* ME: “I’m Dalinar Kholin! Order of the Jazz Hands! Give Odium the ol’ Razzle Dazzle!” -- There you have it, Radiants. Your ten orders of knights: Windbreakers, Skydancers, Dustslingers, Waterweavers, Soilencouragers, Firemakers, Lightspinners, Darkdoers, Stormsnappers, and Jazz Hands. Not sure when we’ll pick back up and do Edgedancer or Oathbringer, but we’ll give you an update when that happens! Until then – Crem before cremlings.
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    Previous Games LG1: In the Wake of the Koloss LG2: The Devil's Den LG3: Blackwater Village LG4: Colours of War QF1: Jeskeri Mysteries LG5: Noble Secrets MR1: The Stormfather and the Nightwatcher QF2: Crushthroat's Beginnings LG6: Daes Dae'Mar: The Great Game LG7: The Annealing of Luthadel MR2: Servants of Honor QF3: Shadowed Secrets LG8: Elendel Gang War MR3: When Chalking Attack LG9: The Empty Throne Part 1: The Barrow Barons QF4: Conversion MR4: The Alethi War of Unification QF5: The Hunger Games! AG: In the Re-Wake of the Koloss QF6: A Time of Nightmares LG10: A Game of Shards MR5: Competing Realities QF7: Living (and Dying) Rough MR6: A Venture in Atium LG Game 11: Twinborn Village LG Game 12: Shadows of Elantris QF8: The Steelway Express MR7: Eighty Splendid Suns LG Game 13: Traitors on the Plains QF9: The Court of the Gods MR8: Highborn Intrigue LG Game 14: To Shatter a Shard QF10: The Scadrial Atium Rush MR 9: The Steel Ministry QF11: Cultist in a Snowstorm LG15: ...The Shards Themselves... MR10: Divided Loyalties QF12: The Time of Reckoning AG2: The Return of the Koloss LG16: The Empty Throne Part 2: The Catacombs MR11: Paradise Lost QF13: Winter is Coming LG17: Heronfall LG18: Holly and Iron MR12: Turf War QF14: Corruption in the Senate LG19: Twinborn City MR13: Treachery on the Terris Peaks QF15: Death Note LG20: Warcamp Enigmas LG21: To Reforge a God MR14: The Canim Fury LG22: Corenne al'Daishar LG23: The Siege of Luthadel MR15: The Dula Revolution LG24: The Godless City LG25: A Breath of Power QF17: Gotta Kill 'Em All MR16: War of the (Cosmere) Worlds QF18: The Black Prism Games in Progress LG 26: Cognitive Dissonance Games Beginning MR17: Hic Sunt Leones
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    Good day one and all! As promised, here is Tay's take on your questions. We will continue to make our way through Words of Radiance and try to contribute regularly in this long, hard 110 day waiting period between now and when Rhythm of War is finally released. In the meantime, enjoy Comedy Stormlight Archive Wife (as she has been graciously dubbed by the members of this forum) once again. Tay: Okay, so Szeth is going to like, go and try to kill Dalinar, but Dalinar's "godly goodness" is going to win him over! And he's going to fight by Dalinar's side. Me: That's an... interesting take. This has been censored because of the many swears - just know that these were not Cosmere-appropriate when she said them. Tay: Ungh. Sadeas can (verb) my (appendage). He's just going to be stupid and like plotting dumb (excrement) like how to take down Dalinar or take down the King (because I'm pretty sure he still wants to do that). I think he's just going to be plotting and manipulative and stuff behind the scenes. I bet he's going to be really pissy that Dalinar outsmarted him and go away on the battlefield - and he's going to try to take it out on Dalinar in any way he can because he's slimy and underhanded and has a little (appendage). Rock Lobsters Tay: Rock lobsters are a common feature of the... Cosmere? Yes, the Cosmere. I think everybody needs to understand that I have very in-depth knowledge of the - um - flora and fauna of... this... society. Me: Would you like to elaborate some more on the flora and fauna of Roshar? Other than rock lobsters of course, since you know so much about them. Tay: Oh yes I know all about them. Also there are chorls. Me: Yes, chulls. Crab-cows. Tay: Yes. There are plants that shrink in Highstorms. Yes, that's most of them. I guess you could say I'm a botanical expert. Spren Tay: I don't understand spren! This is something I'm still not getting. Spen are giant freakshows that try to terrorise you and kill you like what happen to Jasnah in the prologue and then take you into the Spooky-Spook? But they can also be super cute like Syl and make sassy comments on your shoulder and everyone finds her endearing! OR you can trap them in lamps! I'm not understanding the spren situation and it upsets me. As a result, what kind of spren do I want to see introduced? I don't know! Maybe something that makes sense of what spren are! Kadolin Tay: While I'm really hoping for love at first sight - I don't think that's going to happen. *discussion ensues where I remind her that Kaladin and Adolin have met before in Book 1 on two occasions - Sadeas' warcamp and on the Tower where Kaladin does the Bavarian Fire Drill* Tay: Oh yes! I remember - he sees him on the battlefield and Adolin's all like "who tf this slontze?" Yes. While I want them to fall madly in love with each other at first sight, I don't think that's going to happen. I feel like Adolin's going to be kind of pissy about some low-born guy just swanning in and getting a seat at the table. I think he rates himself a good guy, but he's a judgemental (appendage) really. I also think Adolin's going to be suspicious of Kaladin and his intentions. Why would you just happen to save us - why would you, Slaveboi, risk your own life to save us? Adolin doesn't understand that Kaladin's all magical and stuff and has an honor issue. Me: Everyone on Roshar has an honor issue. Tay: But yeah, he's going to be super suspicious of Kaladin. And then maybe if they can get past that, they can be homies. But that's Adolin's thing to get over, not Kaladin.
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    In regard of this new Chapter I`d like to present an updated version of an old theory of mine. “Extinction is the natural escalation of this war,” Leshwi whispered. “If you forget why you are fighting, then victory itself becomes the goal. The longer we fight, the more detached we become. Both from our own minds, and from our original Passions.” RoW ch. 14. This does not only apply to the Singers, but to the Humans as well. I propose that this will lead a lot of Alethi to join Odium. Part 1 Exterminating Parshmen In Words of Radiance the first assumption of Bridge Four after they eavesdrop on a conversation of Shallan warning Adolin of the Singers is to assume she wants to exterminate them all. In OB Jasnah makes this offhand comment: It`s in the sake of an argument, I know, but the extermination of all Singers is actually thinkable. If Parshmen genocide is thinkable for our heroes, then it might be more than that for a lot of Alethi. Throughout OB the Parshmen are referred to as “monsters”. What do you do with monsters? You slay them. Additionally, the war against the Parshendi was ended by killing almost all Parshendi, why should the same trick not work on a grander scale? Part 2 Rebellious Parshmen The uprising of the Parshmen resembles a slave or peasant uprising. Slaves shove off the yoke of their masters and free themselves. You know how many slave/ peasant uprisings have been successful in western ancient and medieval history? Right, not a single one. They seized a lot of territory but were ultimately crushed, all of them. (Edit, well almost all of them, you get the point) There are reasons for this. Slaves don`t have any fighting experience, masters have professional armies, that fought their entire lives. We see this at the battle of Thaylen. the Sadeas armies would have totally crushed the Singer-army, even with support from the Fused and the beasts. But aren´t the Fused these tactical geniuses? Yes they are, but there are only a few hundred of them and a lot of them have gone insane. Essentially the Singers are normal people like you and me trying to fight a professional boxer. Even if we had the best coach and the best strategy ever (the Fused/ Voidspren), we could never beat the professional boxer. Even if we trained every hour of every day for a year- we just could not. But the Parshmen have the numbers, don`t they? If you compare current army sizes, yes. But, ultimately, there are way more Humans on Roshar and in Alethkar than Singers. All these Humans in Alethkhar need Parshmen guardians to look after them. So they cannot bring their full army force to battle because they need to garrison all those towns and cities in Alethkar. Remember the mantra Shardbearers don`t hold any territory? Well the same goes for the Fused. Plus the Alethi have a giant pool of possible recruits in Jah Keved. So no, the Singers don´t have the numbers. This explains why the Nine in this Chapter are so shocked in face of the new Fabrials, because their situation really is almost desperate. Part 3 A war in Alethkar Odium does not want to exterminate the Humans he wants to rule them. Shalash said at the end of Ob that he always longed for Humans to join his side. A lot of human nations in the west have joined him already. Dalinar himself was supposed to be his champion with nine shadows who leads his armies. He is sure that he will win: Like, there is no possible way he could not. This is why he does not concede to a duell of champions. Therefore, he has to have a sure plan on how to turn a lot of Alethi to his side. How will he do it? By putting them in a situation where they feel that it is necessary, just and feels satisfying to exterminate the Parshmen. I think Dalinar`s flashback chapters gave us a hint at what the current Alethi ethics of war are like. It will be worse, if the enemy happens to be not even human/ is a “monster”. Plus, what will they see, if they enter Alethkar? Abused Humans. This will surely persuade them that a war of extermination is justified. I imagine the debate on the conduct of the war will open a rift between House Kholin, Aladar, Sebarial and the others. Dalinar will urge upon an honorable conduct of war. The other Houses will see this first as a weak and soft hand approach, then as a betrayal. After a few decisive battles for the Alethi at the beginning of the war, the Fused will opt for a guerilla war strategy. By that time the other Houses will desert from House Kholin and follow a new leader. They will begin the extermination of all Parshmen and fight the Kholins. By that time they will be in Odium`s hands. The Vorin church and Taravangian will actively support them. Aren`t the Parshmen literally the Voidbringers? Aren`t they supposed to kill them according to their religion? Aren´t Queen Jasnah and Dalinar Heretics? Aren`t the Knights Radiant traitors? What about that really powerful god that revealed himself and who says he loves us? He must be the Almighty right? This is how the Alethi as a nation will become the monsters they fought. Part 4 Odium`s betrayal Odium wants Humans to fight for him, just like it had been in ancient times, before Honor and the spren intervened. The Singers are just a tool to get Humans to his side and always have been. Odium will throw them away, once they will have outlived their usefulness and enslave those in Alethkar once again to their human masters. Venli and Leshwi will play a critical role in saving as many Singers as possible and turning them to Team Honor. That way the war will become a battle between Team Honor and Odium, Singers and Humans being equally on both sides.
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    Morning all, As most of you probably did, I took the Knights Radiant Quiz on Brandon's website this morning and I coerced Tay into doing the same. Much to her delight, I ended up as a Lightweaver and she landed on Windrunner - exactly as she predicted all those weeks ago when she said she was Kaladin and I was Shallan. *sigh*
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    From the album Condensation's Random Art!

    This is what I did last night at Young Women's. We were painting pumpkins and I decided that I wanted to do the 17th Shard symbol, so here it is!
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    There has a been a lot of speculation that with the early focus on Kaladin's survivor's guilt pain, Brandon Sanderson is setting up a potential story arc where he finds solace from his pain by "giving it" to Odium (possibly even becoming his champion). I simply don't understand how that would work from a psychological point of view. Of the two characters who Odium directly challenged, Dalinar retained his pain, while Moash let Odium have his. It seems to me that the opportunity to allow Odium to have one's pain is a means of ridding one's self of having to acknowledge and take ownership of one's feelings and actions. Instead they can disassociate themselves from their actions, blaming it on Odium or an influence from one of his unmade instead. (Originally I believed Hoid's tale of the Wandersail to be an analogy of Szeth, but I believe it also refers to people who put their faith in Odium. Taking responsibility for one's actions is a motif of the Stormlight Archive). Moash turned to Odium as a way of coping with the guilt of his conscience. He knew/knows what he's doing isn't honorable. By turning to Odium he can live without the guilt associated with his vengeful, murderous actions. Dalinar's story arc in Oathbringer concludes with him fully acknowledging his role in the massacres he performed. By holding onto his pain and rejecting Odium, he completely accepts responsibility for what he's done- along with the guilt and pain he initially had gone to great lengths to avoid. Had he accepted Odium's offer as Moash does, he would have been excusing his role in the monstrous actions he himself had taken. He would have fled responsibility. And remained the Blackthorn. And now to Kaladin; he is not similar to Dalinar or Moash. In contrast to their evil passion filled murders, there is honor in Kaladin's pain. He doesn't suffer because he couldn't stop himself from doing evil (like Moash and Dalinar). He feels pain because he couldn't do more good. In fact, I would venture to say that if anything, he should give away his pain. Much like someone who holds onto the cherished memories of a lost loved one to the point they can't move on, sometimes to honor the dead, you have to let go so you can honor them by living. Unlike Moash and Dalinar who need to face their actions and accept the pain of guilt and corruption instead of compartmentalizing it, Kaladin needs to let go and realize there is no proper reason for him to feel guilty.He can remember those who died under his care, without holding onto the pain and guilt that comes along with it. With this distinction, I believe Odium tempting Kaladin with his modus operandi of helping people disassociate themselves from their pain is simply a non-starter. With Moash and Dalinar the result would be a ruthless killer, with Kaladin it would be a functioning Radiant. Just my thoughts. If anyone has posted similar thoughts please direct me.
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    I do still have to double post, but thanks for trying @Spren of Kindness. Anywho, here is my submission for day one! I present to you: Dopy the Skyeel! There is a bit of pencil, but I used at least mostly ink.
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    Let me first say that Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author. Full stop. So, this is very much a nitpick and I have no intention to stop reading his work, nor would I suggest anyone do so for this reason. But I could keep qualifying how huge of a fan I am forever. In leu of that, I'll just get right to it. through reread after reread of his various series, I noticed a pattern. As far as I'm concerned, he is easily top of the fantasy world in terms of his settings, lore, plot progression, world-building, and ESPECIALLY magic systems. But Brandon's characters, especially in multi-book series, have always struck me as a little weak. And I could never quite put my finger on why. But I think I figured it out. Brandon is famously an outline writer. If he has a series, he starts by planning out the entire series. That means after book 1, the world, people, etc need to be in a specific place, both emotionally and literally. Same for book 2, 3, and so on. Within the context of a single book, he plans out something similar where everyone and everything needs to be in a specific place a the end of act 1, another specific place by the end of act 2, and so on (or the end of a part in regards to Stormlight) But then, he discovery-writes the character interactions. Overall, I like this method because it makes the characters seem defined by more than just their role, while moving the plot forward. But it's a bit of a double-edged sword, too. I've noticed that while macro character changes are retained, micro character changes are sometimes abandoned by the start of the next act, or part, or ESPECIALLY book. I first noticed this with Shallan. She'll have a very deep, personal revelation in one chapter, and then she will seem to have forgotten all about it by the next time we see from her perspective. This effect is typically more obvious from one part to the next. And it's just blatant (once I thought to look for it) between books. How she views other characters, and especially herself by the end of certain scenes, just don't seem to #Stick. I now believe that's because those particular character moments and realizations weren't pre-planned, and so they unfortunately got dropped in the midst of trying to juggle so much else in such a complicated story. Brandon is usually good about maintaining world lore things. The hard facts Shallan knows and the things she can do with her powers are stable. But her mental state is not. Originally, I chalked this up to her own personal mental issues. But I think it makes her seem a little more mentally unstable than seems to be intended. And the same can be seen for other characters as well. Take Kaladin. By the end of book 1, he is a whole new person compared to when he started. He knows more about the world, about his powers, he's literally stronger, he has all these things changed about him. At the start of book 2 though, he's just as strong as where he left off at the end of book 1. He's just as knowledgeable, his relationships have maintained, etc. But I would posture that aside from his powers, aside from his relationships, aside from his status in society, and only in regards to his own mental state and self-actualization, he's closer to the Kaladin in Chapter 1 of Way of Kings, than the Kaladin we saw at the end of the book. The same is true for Vin in Mistborn. She's stronger, more capable, etc. But her own mental state and especially how she regards her relationship with Elend, degrades from the end of book 1, to the start of book 2. And then again from the end of book 2, to the start of book 3. This is mostly explainable by the sheer trauma she experiences at the end of literally every book, but I think this trend plays into it as well. I can keep going with other characters, but this post is already long enough. So what do you think? Have you noticed this in his writing? Am I just totally off-base?
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    Wayne math: Wayne Religion: Wayne's hat: As a change of pace, Lift: So, these won't be the best memes. I was bored and wanted something to do so I decided to make some memes. I don't think they are very good but I figured I would post them here.
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    All those in favor of Frustration memes say Aye. Aye! Just made this myself.
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    When you're willing to spend around four hours making and formatting 100 memes about the Cosmere and Brandon.
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    Ways to find eliminators: an uncomprehensive list I sent this in a PM to a new player, and thought that it would be worth reposting in here. Here are some strategies for finding villagers and eliminators that I've used: comparison to standard player analysis, player-specific analysis, gut reads, connection analysis, and process of elimination. These aren't official names, just ones that I made up to categorize them. Comparison to standard player is when you're comparing people to how you think the standard villager or eliminator will act. For example, eliminators generally want to keep their teammates alive, so they might vote to lynch a random villager over their teammate. If Player A makes some bad arguments for keeping Player B alive, and later you find out that Player B is an eliminator, Player A could be an eliminator who wanted Player B to live. Another thing is that eliminators want to seem like they're contributing to discussion without actually contributing to discussion, so pay attention to people who are using a lot of words to say very little, especially if they never mention who they are suspicious of and who they trust. Alternatively, look at players who post just enough to remind you that they're alive, but not enough to make their opinions very noticeable. Keep in mind, however, what makes up standard eliminator behavior can change over time. One eliminator activity is called bussing, where they will purposely lynch a teammate to gain trust, because lynch teammates is not considered standard eliminator behavior. Now that bussing has been around for so long, however, it's been accepted as something that some eliminators will do, and is a somewhat expected standard eliminator behavior. Standard villager behavior generally looks like someone who is trying very hard to find eliminators and lynch them. If someone has lynched multiple eliminators, they're almost definitely village. People who talk a lot are more likely to be village, but there are a few players who are very good at talking a lot even when they're eliminators. Player-specific analysis is like comparison to standard player analysis, except that you compare people to how they've acted in previous games when they were certain alignments. For example, you might know that Player A always posts less often when they're an elim than when they're village. You might also know that Player B always gets lynched early when village, so you might decide to vote for someone else instead of Player B because they're probably village anyways. This can be confounded by players deciding to change their playstyle just because. Easier to do after playing a few games with people in this community. Gut reads/tone reads are when you look at a player and decide that you don't like how they feel, but you're not sure why. Maybe their posts feel too slimy, or you don't like how they're weaseling around other player's questions. Alternatively, you look at someone and decide you trust them, but again you're not sure why. Gut reads are based off of your subconscious picking up cues that your conscious mind is missing. Some people have very accurate guts, other people don't. However, since gut reads are so difficult to explain, it's harder to convince people to vote along with you, and they're difficult to defend against. Connection analysis is when you pay no attention to what people say and instead pay attention to what they do. Break everything down into votes, attacks without votes, defenses without votes, and defenses with votes (as in saying someone is village so you vote to lynch someone else). If you know that Player A is an eliminator, and Player B kept stating suspicion of them from very early on the game and voting on them, Player B is likely to be village. However, if Player B only ever half-heartedly stated suspicion of A, and never voted on A, they might be an eliminator trying to do some distancing. Usually eliminators don't care if villagers are up for the lynch, but they do care if their teammates are. Process of elimination is when you figure out everyone in the game who you trust. Sometimes abbreviated as PoE. Usually the number of eliminators is around 1/5 of the number of players, or the square root of the number of players. Let's say a game had 25 players, and now it's down to 10. You think there are 5 eliminators. You know you are village, and you trust 4 other people, so the ones that are left must be eliminators. Generally a good thing to start doing towards the end of the game when there are fewer players. These are the strategies that I know about. Other players use other strategies, so this isn't the one and only way to play the game. If you're lost, though, this list might give you some ideas on how to get started. I hope this helps.
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    We’ve done it Cosmerenauts! We have finished The Adventures of Slaveboi! What a wild ride it’s been… we’ve had a whole lot of fun and the journey really has been more enjoyable than the destination. There’s been a whole lot of stuff that went on with us around the end of the book, so buckle up: So the first bit of news is: I’ve been fired as narrator. Just to give you some background, in the wake of COVID-19, the South African government was proactive and decided to go onto a full lockdown on 1 April – meaning only the most essential trips out of your home were justified: no going for runs, no going to a bookstore… everything was closed except for like pharmacies and grocery stores. Anyways, on 1 May, the lockdown started lifting in phases, so Tay and I decided that we would start to talk morning walks around our neighbourhood again. Since we’re in the homestretch of The Way of Kings, Tay asked if there was an audiobook of it so that she could listen to it as she walked. I said there was, and downloaded Graphic Audio’s version of it. One minute into the first chapter she listened to and I was fired. A voice cast? Sound effects? Musical accompaniment? Damnation, it is something else. So long story short, we just listened to the ending on graphic audio and had a lot of fun doing so. HOT TAKES ON THE ENDING: When she realizes Sadeas is abandoning Dalinar at the Tower, as opposed to her intense reaction to Amaram taking Kaladin’s Shards, the only reaction she gave was a little: “Huh. What a dick.” She was absolutely blindsided by Taravangian being Szeth’s master. I’ll admit that this was a great twist that I definitely take for granted now ten years after having read it for the first time. Fantastic writing. She came up with her own theory! So admittedly, this was a theory she gave right before the chapter where Jasnah tells Shallan her theory about the Voidbringers, but it’s a pretty decent theory anyways: She knows that from how the Parshendi reacted to Kaladin being “Super Saiyan” at the Tower, they obviously have knowledge of the Knights Radiant or are tied to them somehow. She thinks that they are behind the war and killed Gavilar in order to make chaos on a grand scale so that the Radiants are forced to return due to the chaotic nature of the world. She knows that Odium is involved somehow, but can’t place it. However, she doesn’t think the Parshendi have anything to do with Odium. I think this is a really good theory – she’s obviously got the details right but the conclusions wrong as And then… we got to the end. She loves the idea of the Parshmen being the Voidbringers ("I told you Odium had something to do with it!") and that Princess Jasmine is out to save the world, and likes the idea of Slaveboi being Guardboi to Dalinar. Tay gave it a solid 3 out of 5 but said she wasn’t entirely sure she’d read the second book. Fair enough, I thought... I'd been hounding her for years to read it and now she'd given it a good ol' fashioned shot and liked it, but wasn't sure she was going to commit to nine more books. So (time for the second bit of big news) I then summarized the entire second book for her the day after we finished book 1. By the time I had finished and explained Wit’s epilogue with Jasnah, two hours had passed, my throat was completely dry and I was trying to figure out how to explain what Nightblood was to her without needing to explain the entire magic system of Warbreaker to her (she was getting frustrated with how convoluted Surgebinding was… I wasn’t about to explain Awakening). What was her reaction after I had finished narrating the entirety of Words of Radiance? “Well if I had known it was going to be that exciting, I would have listened to the audiobook!” Derp. Anyways, she’s decided that she’s still interested in where the books go, except now that she knows the entire plot of the second book she’s not about to go through 60 hours of narration (even if it’s top quality) – so she wants to listen to some of the key scenes that are like the ‘greatest hits’ of Words of Radiance… the scenes that she found most exciting when I described them to her. Here’s what I was thinking: - The attack on the Wind’s Pleasure - Szeth attacking the Pinnacle after the Highstorm - Adolin & Kaladin vs Four Shardbearers - Lift’s interlude - Kaladin & Shallan’s banter in the chasms where Kaladin low-key falls in love with her - Kaladin & Shallan fight off the Rock Lobster - Kaladin speaking the Third Ideal - The Sanderlanche in general from where Dalinar and co get to Narak to being transported to Urithiru - Adolin giving Sadeas the ol’ stabby-stab - Wit & Jasnah’s epilogue What about you guys? What are your ‘can’t miss scenes’ from Words of Radiance?
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    So, we are thinking that the Honorblades might somehow host the Heralds (either their Cognitive or Spiritual aspect, or perhaps both), might somehow be the Heralds? And they simply use different bodies, different hosts, different vessels if you will, throughout the ages? I think there is a certain elegance to the theory (though it doesn't explain everything). It could explain: Why Taln, the man who shows up at the gates of Kholinar, speaks perfect Alethi. If he had been recently "possessed" by Talenel, he might still have enough of his own mind and knowledge to retain his control over modern Alethi. As time passes and Talenel's mind takes over, we start seeing Taln mutter in whatever ancient predecessor of Alethi Talenel knew. Why the Heralds who broke the Oathpact are growing... different. I would've said "insane" or "unstable," but we don't know enough about their condition. Presumably the Heralds, the original Heralds, were fully in control of their vessels at the time of Aharietiam, so by the time they abandoned their Blades, their personalities and knowledge were more or less fully in line with what we would expect from a Herald (which is why they don't appear to act strange then). Having spent millennia separated from their Blades, from their minds (or souls), could've had strange effects on them. The point above could also possibly explain why our prime candidate for Jezrien (the "have you seen me" drunk at Gavilar's party) seems extra unstable - his Blade, his mind, is being used by another. It could also possibly explain why Nale seems a little more stable, at least to me - he (likely) has his Blade. He doesn't feel insane, just... misguided. Not confused, not distracted, nothing that could suggest an impairment of the mind - he thinks clearly, just not how we would expect the Herald of Justice to think. What this theory doesn't explain is Damnation. Taln very clearly remembers fire, and chains, and sizzling flesh. Now, it's very much possible that those experiences are - were - being fabricated for his mind somehow, but they suggest a physical body. I wonder of Odium keeps a stockpile of bodies, of people, on Braize, and would normally just hand the Honorblades to them, forcing the Heralds' minds to inhibit the bodies, and then torturing them until the body dies. Or, alternatively, maybe Odium has the Heralds' original bodies, and uses them for torture. If all the Heralds returned to Damnation after a Desolation, Odium would have to give each one of them time to recover before he inflicted the next wave of torment, but with nine of them absent, he could've kept moving Talenel's mind from one to the next, effectively increasing the amount of torture he could inflict tenfold. This could certainly explain why Talenel feels betrayed by the others (as opposed to happy that they are avoiding torture), and why they feel bad for abandoning him and dropping their own burden on his shoulders. Yes, I think I like this theory. I've strayed into the land of largely baseless speculation, but all of this has a good - if convoluted - feel to it.
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    A lively debate has been going on about the fannahn-im. Although their name, those ones of alteration, sounds like they soulcast they are known as builders and their order produces scholars some of whom work on biological warfare and others who study surges? Quite a dilemma. The obvious Radiant parallel to these people are truthwatchers but how could a illumination or progression fused make a building? An answer eventually struck me while walking today. That is when it hit me. Remember this passage from chapter 14? and now check out this WoB spoiler for length. and then remember (if you can a lot was happening during the sanderlanche) Kaladin fights a fused that looks like and does this The fannahn-im use progression. In battle they sculpt their carapace to use as weapons and armor. This allows them to alter their physical form considerably hence the name. This also explains why Raboniel is a member of that order and how it helped her manufacture the plague. The ability to rapidly cultivate her cultures of pathogens makes bio-warfare scarily easy. As to how they build those structures it is quite simple. Rather then soulcasting(a highly inefficient use of limited voidlight reserves that are a problem for all fused) or even using cohesion they grow them. Roshar has a verity of plants that incorporate the rock and crem of the world into their structure. The fannahn-im use these plants to construct large structures and then allow the plants to fossilize.
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    It is time! Today marks 2 years on the shard for me and in that time I have met so many amazing people.at first I was hesitant, but now I know that the people on this website are some of the best people in the world. This beautiful haven has such a great community and I am truly blessed to be a part of it. I normally don’t name names in this type of thing because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but there's a few people I really need to mention. @AonEne you are an amazing person. From day one you were welcoming and supportive, even if we barely knew each other (because I was scared of you). I now know you are kind, funny, and astonishingly good at modding. @Lunamor you might’ve been the very first person on here to really try to get to know me. I first met you on TLT of course and found you super funny. You are still the same person the overwhelmed little freshmen first latched on to and I love you for it. @Truthless of Shinovar what can I say about you? You can be @Frustration at times, but I a really weird way. You are fantastic and wonderful, but I will never forgive you for making me miss ookla season last year. @Shard of Reading @I Am A Fish @DramaQueen @hoiditthroughthegrapevine @Condensation and @Matrim's Dice have all been incredibly supportive as well with my mediocre art in my inktober thread (I’m cheating on today's, I want it to be beautiful) to my sometimes annoyed posts in CCRB you all are fantastic. It really blows my mind that people like what I have to say and offer here. At school I’ve never been a popular kid. I’ve always been the awkward one in the corner who gets rebuffed when they try to join conversations. Many of you have been there too, and I think that's why we have such a supportive community. We know what other go through, because we've been through it. Not everyone was the awkward kid, but those kool kidz are just as amazing. It's astonishing to me the fact that I was top of the week for like 3 days in a row. I thank you all for that. I know I’ve missed people, but just know that everyone is appreciated, loved, and thanked by me. (Especially those who deal with me when I get grumpy in roast battles). It's probably been the best two years of my life and I hope to see many more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much.
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    So we need someone who will: 1. Remember those who are forgotten. 2. Listen those who are ignored. Adolin is storming Highprince, and he remember every soldier and every peasant.
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    Bit of an exaggeration, but still funny:
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    I take no credit for this amazing meme. Please, go here (https://www.reddit.com/r/cremposting/comments/alfktb/stick_memes_are_the_best_memes_also_i_love_this/) and give this mans (I AM A STICK BOI) a upvote. Don't even give me an upvote.
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    What's the point of defending the Singers if they're running around murdering Rosharans? Murder is worse than abuse right? Can't we sympathize with the Fused who are doing what they're doing out of anger? What they're doing is clearly wrong. I think many would still consider them justified. And they're murdering people. I think declaring Gavilar full stop evil because he does a bad thing is irrational. He could be soooo much worse. And we don't know enough about him to know if he was redeemable. Dalinar did much worse things than Gavilar if we're adding up net bad, but Dalinar felt guilt and lived long enough to do something about it. We are given evidence that Gavilar felt guilt too, but we aren't given the benefit of seeing what might have happened next. The point of these books is to prompt us to have these discussions. These are treatises on philosophy, ethics, and morality. If we determine that Gavilar is an evil monster no questions asked, I think we are rejecting the intent of the author, and rejecting the nuance of the questions.
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    @Booknerd and @HemalurgicStickBreaker - Tay has said you are "boredbois" because you're stuck in a "quarantine-arino". @old aggie she likes your idea, but she wants everyone to know that she's the funny one - I'm just the boring one who has the account on the 17th Shard
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    I think your mom was wrong. The Taj Mahal is as beautiful in construction and the surrounding grounds are likewise as beautiful as Versailles. The Chand Baori, Modhera and Rani Ji Kabori stepwells are some of most beautiful buildings ever made in form and function. I've never been to India, but before I die, I would like to visit one of the prettiest spots on the face of this planet, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh. I loved Gaudi's Park Guell, but Chand's rock garden seems even more elaborate and integrated better into the environment. I get your point about the buildings that were destroyed as an expression of imperial power, but Europe too is strewn with the corpses of once beautiful castles and cities. It's likewise tragic that the Taliban destroyed the Bhuddas of Bamiyan and that ISIS destroyed the Temple of Jonah. Hopefully someday humanity will realize that true power is moving beyond conflict and working together to create more beauty in the world. I think, just like the Listener conclave that we saw in WoR where the leaders represented every known form of Listener, the Nine are likewise a ruling body representing each respective brand of the Fused. The fact they the nine have their backs to the gathered assembly and are permanently stationed facing each other, is very reminiscent of the 1st Generation Kandra, rule is by the consensus of the ruling elite. The gathered Fused of high Station are really just their to report to the nine, it's not really a deliberative assembly.
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    Here is day 2: ribbon! It is the Girl Who Looked Up with her scarf dancing like a ribbon in the wind. While doing this one I realized how storming hard it is to make a drawing look up. It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but not all of them will. Also, my human proportions need work. They should get plenty this month.
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    My first thought at this part was, "Wow that would be difficult to do in the middle of a battle with someone and that would take a lot of gemstones.".....just like like in the pillar at the heart of Urithiru, which happens to be a giant fabrial. I'm wondering if Urithiru doesn't have some sort of "switch" that when thrown could seal multiple fused in the vicinity at the same time.
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    This is gives dad jokes a whole new meaning.
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    YKYASFW you change your profile picture to this: and your teacher mentions it during every single meeting saying how scary it is and how it’s in her nightmares. I have yet to tell her the “spooky glasses” are spikes- :))
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    Day 10: Hope. FINALLY. This turned out well. I'm running low on white ink so Tom's shirt is kinda messy and the hair coulda been better... But dang. For as hard a pose as this is, it turned out pretty darn well.
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    Now, I know a video game is probably a long way off, and personally that's fine. I was thinking about what one could look like and I had an interesting thought. Now, I'm basing this off of a first person rpg or MMORPG. What if instead of choosing an order of Radiant as a "class" but are instead assigned one based off decisions? I see this working most like the KOTOR games. For those who don't know, they are Star wars games where you play as a force user. Depending on your actions and decisions you make you move toward either the light or dark side. As you move closer to that side the abilities linked to it become stronger. I think something similar to this could work really well for a stormlight Archive game. They could even base it off the official order quiz. Different decisions you made would move the sliders and then at a certain point in the game you would attract a Spren based on your decisions. As you went further in the game if you kept making decisions that aligned to your page your abilities would increase in strength. Now, a couple of the flaws with this. I'm not sure how you would do lightweavers or Elsecallers where the oaths are so personal. I also think bondsmith would have to be off the table just because I'd is overpowered nature and limited Spren. The final, and perhaps biggest, flaw is that the surges are so loose that it would be hard to create a game that fully captures them. TLDR: system similar to KOTOR could create an interesting knight radiant game where decisions decide your order.
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    I think there was slight chemistry. And that they were not thinking about each other - well, they have barely spoken. Shallan didn't think about Kaladin before chasms, Kaladin didn't think about Shallan, only when he was considering her being a potential assassin (maybe an excuse, but w/e). I don't think Jasnah is asexual. It's just about men being too stupid for her, it can be seen from her meeting with Amaram. It's kind of the same problem Adolin had with women, but inverted gender-wise. Men were too eager in order to have her attention, so she wasn't ever interested in any of them. Kaladin is capable of surprising her (I think he did already) in this regard. He can challenge her and he is smarter than most of the men. I'm pretty sure if they have enough time speaking to each other they can both benefit greatly from it and can actually develop a romantic relationship. And about age gap - Kaladin is mature, Jasnah is beautiful, what's the problem? I see a lot of potential amazing stuff in Jasnadin. It complements the theory of Gavilar-Navani-Dalinar-Evi mirror, it brings a room for development for both characters as they complement each other greatly, it also fulfills some foreshadowing, like "the tower, the crown and the spear", and also a quote from OB which I have just discovered today: Of course he is talking about the Oathgate, but it also can be foreshadowing. "You are here to succeed when I fail." + death rattle + Jezrien. Well, I would give 40% probability there will be Jasnadin and King Kaladin I also root for this kinda because Jasnah is so expressingly asexual. There is sooooo much time spent to stress the fact how much she isn't interested in men... And also, you know, rules just don't apply to Kaladin Stormblessed. I actually would very much like this to happen. I think this relationship would be very interesting to read. It's kinda like replacing Shallan from WoK with Kaladin. Awwwwww.
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    A book you can trust.
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    For today, book, is Elend reading the Words of Founding. Yes, it is entirely pencil I wanted it to look as good as I could get it. Proportions are off and the hand is something out of nightmares, but overall it's not too bad.
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    I didn’t have time yesterday, but here it is. Day 9, for knife, is one of Vin's daggers. It's simple and made out of obsidian and glass.
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    Also, I saw this image and just had to
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    Here's today’s! For crystal, here is Wyndle! It's kind of hard to distinguish between the leaves and crystals, but they are both there.
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    You double posted...
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    Turns out we're all completely gullible. All Mraize has to do to throw us off the scent is...deny it was them.
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    I think there needs to a pretty drastic delineation in people's understanding between other users supporting real life abusers in real situations hurting real victims and those same users arguing a fictional character who's teleporting little fairies back and forth from hell might be a person that we can discuss the rationales and motivations that formed them without serious ethical concerns. There's been plenty of people in the fandom who have (mock or otherwise) argued for the Lord Ruler, and yet I doubt any of those people are really down with genocidal dictatorships or stabbing others with pointy nails. If Gavilar has ever actually done something positive in his life, recognizing whatever that is will not revictimize Navani, because she's not real. The most that could really be said, I suppose, is that it somehow vaguely contributes to a greater culture of abuse, in which case my reply is that I didn't find much credence for the Video Games Cause Violence! moral panic either.
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    I think this is a plausible theory. I'm not yet convinced that Gavilar is as awful as everyone seems to think he is. (Not saying it's not possible, hes clearly not squeaky-clean, I'm just not convinced yet). We know that Gavilar starts out pretty murderous, and is at least complicit in all the pillaging/raping/looting. At some point (I believe it coincides somewhat with the birth of his children) he decides that a stable future is most important, and thinks its not desirable to keep expanding Alethkar on and on. We don't know what his motives here are. They are portrayed as noble. True this is Dalinar's perspective, but if we can't trust the spoken words in flashbacks, we can't trust anything in them. In Eshonai's prologue we know that Gavilar at least seems to have some amount of "greater good" motivation to bring back the Knight's Radiant (which we cannot attribute to simple Son's of Honor motivations related to bringing back the Heralds, as we know that Gavilar is fully aware of the Herald's presence in Roshar already). So Gavilar is a jerk before he dies. Thats true. He almost certainly has a touch of megalomania as well. ....but Navani makes a point of telling us that he wasn't always like that. We could surmise that he has always been like that, but he used to be better at hiding it, but I don't think there's a strong case for that. If we take Navani at face value, he used to be better and has only in recent years become so dark and obsessed. If we don't take Navani at face value, that cuts both ways, and we have to be open to the possibility that Navani is also an unreliable narrator; better than Dalinar, but not totally accurate.
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    This is a really cool idea! One possible implementation would be to have the orders other than bondsmiths grouped into triads based on self similarity, and when you first begin the game you are asked a couple of questions that sort you into the appropriate triad. Then you could have 3 game start scenarios based on the triad you're in. The Truthwatchers, Lightweavers, and Elsecallers could be a triad (based on their shared pursuit of scholarship/learning) and their start point could be the Palaneum in Kharbranth. The storyline could have multiple choice nodes that further would sort you into the appropriate order. If you're a male character you could be at the Palaneum to study to become a Storm warden, if your character is female you could be trying to become a ward, etc. The Dustbringers, Skybreakers and Windrunners could be another triad (based on their shared aptitude for fighting) and their shared storyline could start out as a Spearman in one of the High Prince's army at the shattered plains, or as caravan guards for merchant convoys in civil war torn Jah Keved, etc. The Willshapers, Edgedancers, and Stomewards could be another triad ( because they all could start out from humble beginnings) and their storyline could start out in a small village with the freedom to choose what they want to do. Talking to people in the village you would find out about the abandoned singer ruins outside of town, the very sick old woman fom outside the village staying at the inn, and that a brighlord is recruiting for soldiers to go to the shattered plains, etc. Probably would be best if there was more gradation between the choices, but it would also be nice to have an intuitive sense of what role you are heading towards as you make choices in the game. This could potentially be so epically cool, if as you are staring on the path of Radiance one of the seeming background spren starts following you around more and more the closer to achieving the first ideal you get.
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    The people killed aren't really random and they aren't being killed because of a bad day. The existent and extent of systemic racism in policing (and more generally) is very much not a given fact in American politics. Reading your post in it's entirety, I suspect racism in America is just different from racism in Poland. I know next to nothing about Poland. I certainly don't understand racism there. I have a vague recollection of watching soccer 'hooligans' on the news, something about antisemitism. Racism where I live, North Carolina, is a kind of daily experience. It's old and violent, it reaches into schools and workplaces, hospitals and courthouses. I don't think I'm the right person to explain it, maybe read Tim Tyson's, Blood Done Sign My Name. Anyway the point is the protests are highly contentious and sometimes dangerous to be a part of. Just take my word for it. Friends of mine were attacked by police. I washed their faces with milk.
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