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    Important note: This list would be far less complete if not for the efforts of everyone who helped me compile it. Specifically thankyou to: Awesomeness Summoned, Delightful, Argent, PorridgeBrick, Kurkistan, Quiver, Green Hoodie Mistborn, Senor Feesh, Observer, ccstat, Swimmingly, Alvron, Metacognition, The Only Joe, GreyPilgrim, Aether, jasonpenguin, Mailliw73, Moodle, Tempus, Baine, Kobold King, LeftInch, Sir Jerric, Tensoon, Ashiok, Theorymaker, Seonid, Shaggai, TheYoungBard, Curiosity, Snoopy, Voidus, Frosted Flakes, Kasimir, Shallan. (Let me know if I missed you.) Hokay, for those who want to know the ranks, I looked through everyone who had at least 10 posts. Here are my findings. 10000+ God Beyond 9000 9999 Adonalsium 8500 8999 Hero of Ages 8192 8499 The Broken One 7800 8191 Shard 7500 7799 Splintered Shard 7200 7499 Splinter 6800 7199 Dragon 6400 6799 Stormfather 6000 6399 Herald 5700 5999 Sliver 5350 5699 Nightwatcher 5000 5349 Worldhopper 4750 4999 God of Color 4500 4749 Lord Ruler 4250 4499 Unmade 4096 4249 Dawnshard 3761 4095 Prime 3500 3760 Lerasium Mistborn 3250 3499 Bondsmith 3000 3249 Voidbringer 2750 2999 Knight Radiant 2500 2749 Most Ancient 2250 2499 Steel Inquisitor 2048 2249 Mistborn 1900 2047 Tarachin Superstar 1800 1899 Dawnsinger 1700 1799 Rambleman 1600 1699 Savant 1550 1599 Gerontarch 1500 1549 Midnight Essence 1450 1499 Listener 1400 1449 Enefel 1370 1399 Kalad's Phantom 1338 1369 Compounder 1337 So l337 Hoid Can't Compete 1300 1336 Surgebinder 1260 1299 Radiant Squire 1220 1259 Kandra 1180 1219 Twinborn 1145 1179 Returned 1111 1144 Scadrian Waffle Cook 1080 1110 Stone Shaman 1050 1079 Cryptic 1024 1049 Honorspren 1000 1023 Sentient Awakened Object 980 999 Truthless 950 979 Highprince 920 949 Worldbringer 890 919 Full Feruchemist 860 889 Full Shardbearer 830 859 Shardbearer 800 829 Seer 777 799 Spinner 760 776 Wyrn the King 730 759 Elantrian 700 729 Originator 667 699 Svrakiss 666 Torturer of Heralds 650 665 Shade 625 649 Soulcaster 600 624 Forger 575 599 Dakhor Monk 550 574 Lord Prelan 512 549 King's Wit 496 511 Son of Honor 475 495 Vanisher 450 474 King's Tester 425 449 Ghostblood 400 424 Envisager 375 399 Artifabrian 350 374 Ferring 325 349 Stormwarden 300 324 Bloodsealer 278 299 Silent Gatherer 256 277 Misting 225 255 Arbiter 200 224 Gyorn 180 199 High Prelan 160 179 Oldblood 145 159 Cobalt Guard 128 144 Hazekiller 110 127 Forescout 100 109 Houselord 90 99 Babsk 80 89 Prelan 75 79 Arteth 70 74 Idrian Monk 64 69 Obligator 56 63 Lighteyes 50 55 Grand 45 49 Noble 40 44 Crew Leader 32 39 Ardent 25 31 Pahn Kahl 20 24 Awakened Object 16 19 Noble-Blooded 10 15 Bridgeman 7 9 Spearman 5 6 Darkeyes 2 4 Skaa 0 1 Spren --- -1 -2 Negaspren -3 -5 Lifeless -6 -10 Hoed -15 -19 ? Beheaded Inquisitor -20 -24 ? Rotting Chull Carcass -24 -25 Lamespren -26 -100 Zucchini -101 and below Chasmfiend Corpse Note: negative reputation titles are no longer obtainable due to downvotes having been removed. I'll update this as we learn more We now know them all! I like the new levels. Good work Chaos Please don't ask me how long that took. Current lowest Unknown rep: nonexistent. We're so close to getting them all =D Edit: Wooohooo first popular post Later edit: For the record, at the time I added that comment 10 rep was a little more exciting Another edit: The lower rep ranks have changed at some point, I don't know where all of the new boundaries are yet.
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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can [EDIT by Moderator: This topic originally was solely cosmere but has moved beyond that, so I moved this to Entertainment Discussion.]
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    Hey, all. Brandon here. With the release of this book, there have been some minor updates to continuity that I think some of you will find relevant. The big one has to do with Hoid's visit to Terris in The Well of Ascension. For those unfamiliar with the backstory, this little behind-the-scenes action has been a source of some consistent problems. The outline, and original draft, of Well had Vin and Elend traveling up to Terris, then into the mountains, to find the Well itself. This was a huge momentum killer in the story. Having your cityscape-focused book suddenly turn into a traveling quest fantasy for a few chapters felt very out of place, and required too much strange time-jumping to make it work. In revisions, I set about finding a way to repair this, and to overlap the Well of Ascension discovery with Vin's return to Luthadel. The end result worked much better, but I was forced to cut Hoid's cameo. (In the form of footsteps in the snow and frost leading to the Well, hinting that someone had been there just before her.) I knew where Hoid was, and added in the cameo of him with the Terris people—with the plan still being that he visited the Well sometime during the days after Vin's return to the city. Well, in working on Secret History, I found that this had a problem with it. Hoid had to already know where the Well is, because after the destruction of the Pits, he'd need to use the Well to return to Scadrial after leaving in the middle of book one to attend to certain other events. If you've read the story, you know this is how I proceeded. Official continuity is that Hoid went up to Terris after visiting the Well, as he had things to do there. He did not go looking for the Well. This doesn't change continuity for any of the books, though it does render one of the annotations for Well obsolete. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased about this novella. I wasn't certain how it would go, writing something using threads I'd left dangling ten years ago. (You should thank the beta readers, who are all Sharders I believe, for their continuity help. They made me aware pf several things I needed to make much more clear from the original draft, so that canon would be more crisp.) I know there has been a lot of discussion regarding which times when someone appears to hear Kelsier's voice were actually Kelsier. The story offers the official canon for this as well. It's nice to finally be able to give the answers to some longtime fan questions, such as what spooked Vin during her inspection of Hoid and what was up with Preservation and the Mist Spirit. It's entirely possible that, despite our efforts, we slipped up and made some continuity error here or there. If so, I'm terribly sorry! This one has been particularly challenging to do. Thanks, as always, for reading.
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    My theory is that the spren were in agreement with their bondmates to die and cause the Recreance. Both the Knights and their spren decided that Honor was correct and that they would end up destroying the world if they were allowed to continue to surgebind. Without Honor, Notum and Ishar say there are fewer checks on their power, and we know they actually did destroy their previous planet. They deliberately allowed their Knights to break their Oaths, knowing that it would kill them, and alienate the remaining spren, so that no spren would be willing to seek out a bond for the foreseeable future. In this way, they save all of their fellow spren, friends, family, loved ones, as well as the humans and the Singers. We know that Honor was going mad and dying. He swore that the Knights would destroy the world. Whether that's true or not, he convinced the Knights and their spren that they were too dangerous to exist. 1. The spren are everywhere. It's nearly impossible to hide things from your own spren, and very difficult to hide things from others' spren. Most of them seem able to change size and some can change shape. Honorspren, at least, seem to be constantly curious, investigating anything interesting going on. Only the Knight they're bonded to can see them by default, so they can snoop around quite easily without being seen. An obviously coordinated effort like we see in Dalinar's vision of the Recreance would be impossible to plan without the spren finding out. 2. The spren can read thoughts. Syl can sometimes read Kaladin's thoughts, and definitely knows it on an instinctual level when he's not following his Oaths. Glys seems able to meld with Renarin, and definitely talks to him in his mind. We know that perception is important for whether a Nahel Bond is being kept or not. That it depends on the perception of the person and the spren. If the spren weren't in agreement that the Recreance needed to happen, then the Radiants who were planning on breaking their Oaths should have been losing their powers. 3. Honorspren are willing to let their Knights break Oaths if it's important enough. (WoB truncated for length). Honorspren are are willing to put the cause ahead of their own well-being. It's the nature of protecting. Kaladin is willing to die to save others, or at least put himself in harm's way. I think that this trait is not unique to honorspren, but to many of the Radiant spren. They're willing to die if it means a greater good--such as not destroying the planet. 4. Some spren don't see death the same way as humans do. Pattern is very nonchalant about dying. He fully expects, even encourages, Shallan to kill him, simply to spare her pain. Syl bounces back from being dead and doesn't really even give Kaladin grief over it. Ico doesn't seem particularly upset over his father being a dead-eye. He even is very understanding about why humans break Oaths. Other spren are downright friendly with humans. Even Wyndle, who is quite a fussy little voidbringer, mentions that they don't exactly die, though he is admittedly nervous about it happening to him. 5. The Radiants didn't lose their powers before the Recreance. As I mentioned in 1 (felt like it bore repeating), in Dalinar's vision of the Recreance, the Windrunners had their powers up to the point where they broke their Oaths. They flew to Feverstone Keep, their Blades and Plate were still glowing. 6. The other spren don't seem to know the reason for the Recreance. Ico thinks the reason for the Recreance was that humans couldn't honor Oaths. Notum just thinks Radiants are dangerous. Niether of them seem to care or mention much about the possibility of surgebinders destroying the planet. I think that the bonded spren at the time deliberately did not tell their friends and relatives what they were going to do, in order to enhance the shock factor, as well as the sense of betrayal by the humans. This would discourage just about all the spren from ever seeking a Radiant again, unless they were desperate. The best way to prevent future bonds was to shock and horrify all the other spren so much that the idea would be unthinkable for millennia. 7. The spren didn't leave or choose to have their Oath broken. Notum mentions there are "other ways" than killing the Knight, at least until the 5th Oath is sworn. Bui;ding on 6, if the spren didn't agree with their Knights, shouldn't some of them have tried to break their bond? It doesn't appear as if any of them did. 8. The skybreakers and highspren didn't break their Oaths. Highspren and Skybreakers hold the Law and Oaths as the highest possible Ideal, so to speak. The highspren would never have agreed to breaking the Oaths, and the Radiants likely wouldn't either, or weren't willing to kill their spren without their consent. They must have agreed to some degree though, because they've never told the other spren why all the other Orders foreswore their Oaths. 9. The spren didn't break their Oaths on their own (controversial). I believe that the spren can break the bond to their humans on their own. That they didn't also implies that they were complicit in the Recreance. This is a point of contention between me and some of the proponents of this theory, though, so I've marked it controversal. So, thoughts, opinions? Oh and thanks to @Calderis . Like Wit mentions, timeliness is important, and Calderis thought of this before me, although I came to it independently I posted this with his blessings.
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    Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Charles Dickens, now please return thee to the Nineteeth Century
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This will illustrate more clearly what the plants in this orchard look like. I didn't expect a simple orchard to involve this much inventing and designing, because I didn't take into account that almost everything needs to be invented - even the green, normal grass took a lot of debating back and forth to finally settle on "green is fine". There is a 2nd page with the crops and the lantern and such, but it's not as interesting looking so I'll probably leave it and other boring grey materials on Artstation, buried at the bottom of Orchard's multi-image post.
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    Somewhere after finishing WoR, I remember going online and seeing a thread on Reddit about creating a new thread called r/stormmoash. I was vaguely amused, I most certainly did not expect it to become what it has become today. Stormlight has had some less than True Hero™ characters. This complexity has always been part of what made me love the series. Some characters, like Shallan and Adolin as well as Elhokar are quite notably polarizing. I would count Dalinar in that group too post-Oathbringer. Some are more reviled: Sadeas, Amaram and Moash. To my surprise, opinion on Kaladin too seems to be quite divisive, mostly due to the existence of the previous characters. He is pointed out as being more traditionally heroic, in contrast to the other characters, on top of being depressing. He seems typically moral than the more complicated history of Dalinar and less fun to read or interact with than Adolin and Shallan. Some people have also taken issue with Kaladin's view of Lighteyes. Dalinar: I feel already tired of explaining my views on him. There are two new threads where I have put forward my views on him "moral miscalculations of Mr Sanderson in Oathbringer" by Parallax and "Dalinar's Genocide" by Hakusho Slick. Shallan and Adolin mostly come under heat because of their casual racism. Many seem to be thoroughly incensed by Adolin referring to Kaladin as "bridgeboy" as well as his comments on "the world changing" when "even darkeyes have access to Shardblade", the fact that he makes that comment about women having Shardblades also tends to draw frowns (although it is notable that he makes that comment in a positive manner, offering to teach Shallan how to properly wield a Shardblade) One of the most quoted things for hating against Shallan is the same scene with Adolin, where he makes the comment mentioned above about Shallan's worry about seeming feminine while lugging about a Shardblade. She responds by thinking "thank you for comparing all women to peasants".... Oof. There is the infamous boots scene with Tyn where she bullies Kaladin into giving her his boots. Before that, once again with Tyn, they both try on something (I forget, eye drops? lens? I think it was the former) to darken their eye colour so they could move about freely. Shallan is very excited to shed lighteyes propriety. Then she suddenly gets really worried that there might exist something to make darkeyes seem lighteyes. The point I'm trying to make by going on a spiel about these characters' various controversies is that these things are discussed. Negative opinions and accompanying evidence are examined, others' point of view seen as valid, arguments and counter-arguments are made, and so on. I'm not saying Moash isn't discussed. I've seen the threads and topics. For example, the Vyre discussions. I'm pointing that a disproportionately large amount of disliking Moash seems to have become popular simply due to trending. Oh yes, what he did was not okay but we have characters like Sadeas, Amaram and Roshone right there beside him. Moash killed Elhokar at a pivotal moment. Elhokar did genuinely try to change and was close to swearing his Ideals. Moash succeeded where the others (except Roshone, RIP Tien) didn't, as Sadeas failed in his Battle of the Tower plot and Amaram failed to dispose of Kaladin. But there are no threads or discussions simply dedicated to only hating on any of these other characters. I mean discussions like Shallan Davar disgust thread do exist but the Moash thing has gone out of control. Moash has the aforementioned very famous hashtag on reddit, where people simply drop in to say that they hate him with almost the same frequency that they say "I am Stick". There are discussions dedicated to simply hating on Moash. As well as various other such threads on who would kill Moash, etc. People casually drop "I hate Moash" or variations thereof, which get upvoted a lot. These comments often seem to be there for the sole purpose of getting upvotes. There has a become a cycle of *positivity* around the activity of dissing on this character. Here's the meat of the matter though, the name Moash actually doesn't seem to generate as much hatred as Sadeas or Amaram. It creates amusement. He isn't hated nearly as much as he is associated with lighthearted online banter. People make a "dynamic entry" with a post about how they hate Moash, generally get positive feedback and that's it. This is especially popular on forum games. (I have to admit to having dropped Moash's name in a similar manner but I did it to gauge receptiveness to disagreements against popular opinion during one of my first posts on this site. I had just come from reddit, I wanted to see how people would react. With burns or actual arguments. Thanks to AonEne for providing the latter.) People seem to find hating Moash funny. I'm genuinely curious (read: very worried) if someone will come and comment "I hate Moash, lol" or "this guy is #Moashdidnothingwrong" or just go "storm Moash" If you feel strongly about it, try to keep your comments restricted to Moash's actions against Elhokar and Kaladin. Edit 1: I forgot about the Shard's policy on cursewords. I think the real name of the reddit thread is obvious though Edit 2: minor grammatical corrections Edit 3: thank you for the upvotes, guys! Edit 4: I explain my rationale for creating this topic here: Edit 5: @AonEne's response to the same
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Can't believe how long it's been since I last got around to fleshing out my basket full of axehound sketches! I guess it's just one of the side effects of struggling with tar pit of depression, plans getting shelved for longer than intended. Anyway, this is another design for axehound where I really push for cuteness and pet-me vibe while still keeping the carapaces.
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    If you can't wait for the analysis that leads up to the conclusion, and want to know right away who I think Ishnah really is you can click the spoiler below. First off, I think sometimes the simplest explanation is the best. The character with the best access to Ialai prior to her poisoning and who also has a very explicit connection to the Ghostbloods is Shallan's squire Ishnah. I think it's worthwhile examining Ishnah's actions in Chapter 8, where Ialai was assassinated. Ahhh Shallan, Shallan, Shallan, such poor judgement at times. Right after having your stomach turn in knots for suspecting your own squires, why have the most suspicious of your squires who was one of the only people who had the opportunity to poison Ialai inspect her corpse for evidence? That's an excellent oppurtunity to remove the damning evidence, namely the gag that Ishnah was instructed to use on Ialai. This scene is interesting for a couple of reasons, first I think Ishnah's explanation of the application of blackbane contradicts what Kaladin said, namely that to be effective it has to completely dry out. If you take an active drug where the efficacy is dependent on it being completely dry and then turn that into a gum (the only means being the addition of liquid) wouldn't that impair the efficacy of the drug? Also, a gum is a semi liquid state that is in no way fit for injection. It's all about misdirection... The most efficient and covert means of administering the blackbane powder would be to apply it to the gag yhat you shove in the target's mouth. The second interesting point is that Ishnah initiates the conversation with Shallan right after Ialai dies, essentially putting herself forward as the best candidate for investigating the murder that she most likely committed. What do we know about Ishnah, who appeared rather suspiciously in Oathbringer? Ishnah contacted Veil ostensibly to join the Ghostbloods, but she didn't approach Veil until she already had Gaz and Vathah as squires. Ishnah was known to be a spy for a minor lighteyes house, whose head, Brightlady Hamaradin, incidentally was assassinated by the ghostbloods and her spys were the chief suspects. Pretty good cv for most trusted squire so far. Here is her physical description from the Coppermind: She is by far the most obvious candidate for the ghostblood spy, which also makes her the least satisfying. I believe she is not truly Ishnah the Alethi spy (or rather not just Ishnah) but instead that she really is Iyatil, the Ghostblood infiltrator extradanoire! The only defining physical characteristics that we have of Iyatil are that she wears an orange carapace mask that has seemingly grown into her skin and that she has brown eyes. And we know that Ishnah wears heavy makeup and pencils her eyebrows in. Why the heavy makeup? Perhaps to hide the scars where her flesh had grown into the mask perhaps? Why the lipstick? To disguise the only other feature visible beneath her mask, namely her lips. I really didn't harbor this suspicion util the Mraize hunting moles scene in Chapter 13 came out, but the evidence in this chapter is pretty compelling. Here are the pertinent Chapter 13 excerpts (emphasis added only once, but holy crap this is important): So we know that bonding spren is a key objective of the Ghostbloods, and that they are not the type of organization to have only one poker in the fire. Why settle for just a corrupted Radiant bond when you have an easy path to a true radiant bond? The fact that Ishnah joined up with team Shallan after it was a proven fact that direct association with her was setting others on the path to Radiancy I think is very significant. Also, Mraize explicitly states that the guardianship that Shallan/Veil is under is directly comparable to what Iyatil did for him when he was an untested apprentice. This seems to be a pretty explicit tip of the hand. Mraize seems wryly bemused during this whole exchange, and what better explanation is there to this wry amusement than that his own babsk is the one keeping tabs on Shallan/Veil. One final point, there is a new nexus of power in ascendance on Roshar, namely the Knights Radiant. With the only stated aim so far of the Ghostbloods being the acquiring of power, it makes complete sense for one of their top and most capable members to try and infiltrate a known group that provides a ready pathway to this power. And just think what juicy truths Iyatil could reveal to her secret hungry cryptic.
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    In the prologue a bearded steward waved Navani over to discuss the arrival of important guests. In the passage Navani notes that the steward had, “too many rings on his fingers” Then later in the prologue Navani see’s someone that she thinks could have been the steward but the new man is about 20 years younger. I know this is unlikely but it makes since if that guy was a Terris Feruchemist.
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    I remember reading the landscape of roshar is inspired by the tidal pools and coral coasts, which ties into the crustacean-themed native wild life, and the soil-less rock floor landscape. The whole time I've been wanting to give the larger world visual a crack, and I tell you I had no clue where to begin. For me the coral coast is just an explosion of colors that make no sense. I struggled for a long time trying to follow the tidal pool coral reef thing, and eventually reigned it down to these 6 color tests. Truth be told they probably still need to be striped down to just 2 main colors with sprinkles of highlights. Honestly Mr. Sanderson, what were you thinking??
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    This was just a fun and goofy hairstyle challenge I completed using my OC Inquisitor, Dominique. Which one is your favorite? Can Inquisitors even grow hair?
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    I just discovered how amazing Kermit memes are, so naturally I made a whole bunch. Spoilered for size.
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    I discussed this in the general reaction thread as well, but I want to make a topic of it. This last chapter has me even more convinced that Sebarial is a Ghostblood. Evidence: 1. The Ghostbloods meeting-place. It was in Sebarials warcamp, back in WoR. 2. Mraizes latest outfit was a Sebarial guard-uniform. 3. Sebarial was building himself a small merchant-empire in WoR. We now learned from Mraize that the Ghostblood objective is to become investiture-salesmen. Sebarial, who is commercially interested, would defenitely be a guy who could involve himself with something like that. 4. Sebarial puts up an act to hide how shrewd he really is. This aligns well with how much acting he would have to do in order to hide his leadership of a criminal organization consisting of brutal murderers and ambitious salesmen. 5. Sebarial joined Dalinar to fight the Parshendi in WoR. While we know Aladars and Roions reasoning for joining (it was the right/honorable thing to do), Sebarial just said that it would be interesting. An opportunistic and shrewd character like Sebarial would not join such a risky expedition just for shits and giggles. He suspected that there would be an Oathgate at Narak and wanted to be there when it was found. What do you think? Could Sebarial be Thaidakar?
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    From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Yep, she's a badass.
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    There's a brief mention of Adolin riding Gallant in chapter 13. I just thought this was so sweet. Dalinar doesn’t ride much anymore, and even Adolin doesn’t. It's nice for me to know that Gallant has accepted Adolin as almost a second partner since Dalinar is busy and Adolin lost Sureblood. It just made me smile.
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    I think the orchard got all but 2 sentences talking about it in all 3 Stormlight books. And yet for some reason it stuck in my mind ever since. I am still in the process of figuring out what I would like the Rosharan landscape to look like, and this is my 1st... wait no 2nd attempt at it. I kept it very earth like with all the green grass because 1.) roshar has grass and 2.) my eyes hurt after staring at red or purple meadows over and over for all the scenes. I would like to alienate the landscape more in next attempt
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This is actually from a while ago when I was planning to concept some fruits of Roshar, but one thing after another, and this just fizzled out. Seeing how I won't be going back to it anymore, I want to put this potential Rosharan plants idea out there - hiding underground to avoid high storms, and emerging only when mature... like peanuts! :D
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    Wow thank you, everyone, for all the kind comments. I really appreciate you looking at my work. It is tough putting art out there, especially fanart, but Cosmere Fandom Still Best Fandom! Here is a crossover fanart in my sketchbook. Corvo Attano from Dishonored, and Vin from Mistborn! I've been playing Dishonored again and it really feels like Scadrial. Another Vin, this time in ink wash on watercolor paper for my Secret Sazed target! Hope it gets there safe. And this is just a quick sketch in my trashbook (junk sketchbook) of sisters, Vivenna, Fafen, and Siri!
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    the second meme uses the international phonetic alphabet
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    Mindblown. She totally didnt listen to Wit.
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    All those in favor of Frustration memes say Aye. Aye! Just made this myself.
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    I take no credit for this amazing meme. Please, go here (https://www.reddit.com/r/cremposting/comments/alfktb/stick_memes_are_the_best_memes_also_i_love_this/) and give this mans (I AM A STICK BOI) a upvote. Don't even give me an upvote.
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    Just going to quote an older post of mine here, because it's a thread about Taravangian and The Diagram, and there's nothing I love more. I don't believe that for a moment. The Diagram has been absolutely accurate up to this point. It's "failures" have steered events precisely. Szeth's slaughter of world leaders created the ground on which the coalition was built. The release of information to undermine the coalition lead directly to Dalinar's desperate situation and rejection of Odium during the battle of Thaylen city which in turn led to the meeting with Odium where he read those words. Taravangian on the day of the Diagram laid out this plan to steer his less intelligent self (and even on genius days, he's still far less intelligent) by the nose to follow the true plan he had on that day. That plan did not exist outside of his head. Odium is aware of everything that is in the Diagram, and to have written down the plan would mean to expose it to scrutiny. The goals of the Diagram are not, and have never been what Taravangian believes. This is not about saving a remnant. This is not capitulation. This is about positioning himself where he can do the most to undermine Odium directly. He is now a "servant" of Odium, ruling one of the most powerful nations on Roshar. Odium believes him to be loyal out of necessity, because Taravangian himself believes that. Which is the entire point. He is a trusted tool of the enemy. It's in that "capacity" that he'll be able to do what needs to be done. Or as @RShara likes to put it. "T is a plant"
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    Hey guys and girls, I just read the Stormlight Archives for the second time and in doing so I realized a lot of things that escaped my attention the first time. The major "revelation" I had which I am incapable of "explaining away" is the following: We all know that old Tavangian is forbidden to do policy changes when he becomes too dumb or intelligent. Because they have realized that he more intelligent he becomes the less compassionate he gets. I think he wanted to neuter half the population so that only the intelligent half of the population can share their genes. And while you probably would reach the goal of making your population smarter it's deeply ... morally wrong. Another instance was when he was at the tower and had the choir of children singing for him. He was pretty intelligent at that moment (he himself judged him to be a prophet, not a god to the Diagram) and he wanted to kill the children after they served their purpose. For no reason whatsoever. Just because he was suddenly annoyed by their singing iirc. My point is, if he and his advisors recognize the danger of having someone without a shred of compassion making long term and wide reaching decisions, how can they follow The Diagram at all? Since when he created it he was at his most intelligent "point" and therefore had even less compassion than when he wanted to kill the choir or kids or wanted to neuter half the population. So if they follow their own logic, they should not follow a being utterly devoid of compassion. Second point: I hope so much that the ultra intelligent version of Tavangian had the destruction of Odium in his mind when he created The Diagram. That would be a goal worthy of that intellect, merely saving a fraction of humankind would be ... pathetic. Just sayin' Third point: Directly contradicting the hope I expressed earlier. When Tavangian asked the Nightwatcher for the "capacity" to save humanity it would be soo fitting if his "stupid self" would actually contribute more than his intelligent self. Maybe his privy advisory get killed and he has to make a decision on a "bad day".. Fourth point: I admit that being super intelligent enables you to do lots of stuff. Buuut I am not sure that raw human intellect let's you rediscover what the Unmades are and where they are. You need to have a lot of knowledge beforehand, and only then he can find coherences. Maybe you could explain the "knowledge growth" by saying that Tavangian read a looot of books in his life and his godlike-intelligent-self deducted tons of new information out of it... maaaaybe. Looking forward to your replies, this forum seems to be very active and I love reading the already existing threads. For example without this forum I would have never realized that it was not Wit who got killed by Moash in the end.
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    OB spoilers, do yourself a favor and don't spoil it for yourself if you haven't yet read it. You're in for one heck of a ride going in blind
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    Do allomancers eat Hershey's Kisses without taking the wrapper off?
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    As crabs, obviously. In celebration of Rhythm of War and the many crustaceans on Roshar. I may add color later, unsure if I want this to just be a quick drawing or if I want to put real effort in.
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    Am I the only one who felt like Mraize was using the mole as an analogy for how humanity came to Roshar? The first part, about an invasive species from Shinovar, fits perfectly with how humanity expanded from Shinovar to the other parts of Roshar. The second part, about living where Rosharan creatures cant, and lacking the adaptions, could be some kind of vague hint about how humans bonded with Honor, settled in Urithiru, and gained the Surges and the spren bonds. Or am I just reading to much into this?
  33. 8 points
    Szeth could have also put nightblood somewhere for safekeeping before he went to prison... or he just walked in to a cell and sat down but none of the guards are brave enough to actually face a full skybreaker with a sword that turns people into smoke.
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    Okay, I’m gonna try a thing. Who knows if it’ll work, but you never know if you don’t try, yeah? And I haven’t tried this before. If you don’t care about things I may creatively write, no need to read this. I can elaborate (and would be delighted to elaborate) on basically anything, just ask. So welcome, everyone, to Ene’s Tentative Writing Schedule: Mondays - Longer RP posts, plot, character/flashbacks Tuesdays - planning (and later maybe writing) for my current book child; I haven’t written anything like a book in ages, and I’m really nervous, but more details later Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays - miscellaneous projects and/or finishing anything unfinished from other days Saturdays - A long multi-chapter fanfic I’ve been wanting to do; again, more details on this later Subject to change without notice because it do be that way sometimes. My plan for the next week can be found in my About Me for easy referencing, as can the following list: Misc. Projects: Planning things *shrugs* Editing, particularly editing certain RPs into something more like a coherent story. It would take so much editing on so many levels, and I’d want to gain permission from some peeps before doing some of it if I planned to publish, but there are gems of potential in certain RPs especially. Happy to give more details if asked. Mod projects Oneshot fanfics (possible series of these, I have some ideas which I’d love to elaborate on should anyone be interested) Finishing the sequel to the Augury poem already because it’s been a freaking year... Song parodies, especially Sanderson/Shard-themed ones. Billion ideas Revising Enemies and making a version of it that’s purely original fiction, then writing a sequel or maybe prequel of the same characters A series of essays on consent, both critiquing and defending Twilight, because it has problems but it also does some things very right (highlight on soulmate tropes/why I’m not pissed about Jacob/Renesmee) (possibly doing some other series/topics along the same lines) Okay but I had this idea (famous last words lol) to write a short story, doesn’t matter what about, where all the dialogue is in a fake language that means nothing, and how much context I can get people to figure out from actions alone That cosmere Monopoly board. I haven’t forgotten I swear ...if I have time, maybe the roast thread. MAYBE. I just have this odd urge to write Alleyverse oneshots sometimes, and it’d be a good way to get out random cosmere character ideas, so: that, perhaps Like fifty other things that I just...don’t remember right now More things will be added to this list as I come up with them, and things will be taken off as I complete them.
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    Minimal buildup? You say that like we haven't had two books worth of increasingly unsubtle hints of 'the Ghostbloods are Cosmere-aware', three books of epigraphs of Hoid talking with Shards, and one book of main characters from Warbreaker hanging out with important characters, making no particular effort to hid their identities. And nor are the ideas being dropped here particularly massive. Names are dropped without any context for what they mean beyond the implication that they're somewhere further than Ashyn and Braize, and there's talk about how it's hard to bring stormlight to those places. Not particular huge ideas, by themselves. Really the whole Allomancy/ Fabrial connection should be making a lot more people go 'wait what?' than any of thing Ghostblood stuff, that's all been built up pretty naturally. And in case, there's certainly nothing here the requires having read Mistborn to understand what's going on, or anything.
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    First, I have to say, your post title sounds like a Little Golden children's book that I would love to read. Also @asmodeus recently posted a great thread about how Humans are an invasive species in the Rosharan ecology. It's pretty clear in the scene with Mraize that the mole is meant to symbolize humanity on Roshar, and more specifically to Shallan, the pathetically small scale ambitions of the non Ghostblood aligned citizens of Roshar. It's a Machiavellian reinterpretation of the "Whole New World" scene from Aladdin, Mraize with a very brutal analogy is showing Shallan that the world is much larger than she thinks, and Shallan/Veil can either be on the side with the knowledge and by extension the power, or she can, like the rest of the moles on Roshar, continue to live a small life defined by fear and ignorance. There's also the subtle menace of her role as an infiltrator of the Ghostbloods being compared to the mole, ultimately she is still in Mraize's power because she is largely ignorant of what the ghostbloods are doing, who their members are, and even who on her own team is keeping watch on her. And the culmination of the choice either to be content with the ordinary state of ignorance (like most Rosharans) or to infiltrate and betray the Ghostbloods is to be swallowed whole by their power (symbolized by Mraize's parrot). A stark choice, but an easy one, and it's just a restatement of position that Mraize has always maintained, that in life you are either the predator or the prey.
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    On another note,Could Navani's mystery penpal be Sja-anat? I know we only get one line from her in this chapter but...
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    This morning, Weller Book Works will have signed and numbered copies of Rhythm of War for sale tomorrow, September 24 at 10am MDT (9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern) on its Rhythm of War page (link goes active at that time). This bookstore is Brandon's common partner for sending out signed and numbered copies for releases. They say there will only be 1200 copies available, and restricted to just one book per customer. Weller's tries to get books shipped to you so you get them on the release date of November 17th. Weller's IS doing personalizations, but that will require a donation to the charity Worldbuilders. The deadline for personalized copies will be at October 10th at noon Mountain time. People who buy Rhythm of War through here will have an access code to the virtual book launch on November 17th. This won't be the only place where you can said access code for the release party, and we'll update you when we hear of more places. Updates to Brandon's Store Brandon's store had some maintenance today, and it looks they are on a new system now. Plus, they have some new and returning items! First up is the Rhythm of War Release Party Swag Pack. It contains a nifty purple t-shirt, a silicone glow-in-the-dark bracelet, a lanyard, and a release badge. That's fine, but the add-ons are the cool part, with a Willshaper pin (different from the Kickstarter pin), a sticker pack, and a chicken scout patch. Also in the store are some last copies of the first printing of the Warbreaker leatherbound. Apparently the printer had some spares that they shipped to Dragonsteel. Neat! Lastly, there's a hardcover of Infinity Blade: Redemption which I believe is also new to the store. [Update 9/24] There are also face masks on Brandon's store! Interview with Isaac Stewart The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies, another cosmere podcast, is interviewing Dragonsteel's Art Director, Isaac Stewart, on October 5th at 7:30 Pacific. That will be on their Twitch at twitch.tv/inkeeperstable, and you can send them questions to ask Isaac at [email protected] with "Isaac" in the subject line.
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    Maybe Zahel will partially come out as a worldhopper and a kind of unconventional artifabrian/investiture expert? There is this very tantalising WoB about him: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/394/#e12916 and Shallan should have put 2 and 2 together about Azure and him, now that she knows a bit about the cosmere. As to Azure herself, I expect that she is stuck in Lasting Integrity and the younger Kholin couple will run into her during their mission to Shadesmar.
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    Knowing that Shallan has pale skin and red hair, and thus at higher risk of developing skin cancer, Mraize was offering her a timely reminder to check her skin for unusual new moles.
  41. 7 points
    Brandon tells us, in print, that she's fake. In WoR, one of her flashback chapters starts: "Shallan became the perfect daughter." This is the same as saying Radiant became the perfect leader, or Veil became the perfect spy. It's actually the flashback chapter that immediately follows the chapter where Shallan is trying to get her illusions to walk and talk, and where Pattern tells her she's already done this before, and she needs to remember how. The timing is too perfect.
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    You've misunderstood my point completely. I was absolutely writing from the perspective of what was new information to the characters. And I would, in fact, argue that Azure made her identity pretty obvious- obvious enough that I, who at the time had not read Warbreaker and had fairly limited Cosmere knowledge- put the pieces together without much effort. My mind was going 'okay, she's obviously from another world; she's all but outright said that and specifically denied every other reasonable explanation for what her deal could be, but which one? She doesn't match anything I'm aware of, and it seems like that weird sword Szeth has is from the same place.' And Mraize is pretty much doing that exact same thing here. He stops just short of saying that there are other worlds out there. He gets close enough to exclude every other reasonable possibility, but doesn't actually say it: He says that they're places you can reach from Shadesmar, and heavily implies that they're further away than Ashyn and Braize, but doesn't say anything more than that. It's still possible for a casual reader to think that Scadrial and Nalthis are odd and remote spren communities out there somewhere, although the implications say different. That's why I'm saying there isn't actually anything truly game-changing from the character's perspective here. And, indeed, I don't think the idea of other worlds being out there somewhere is that shocking to the characters. Like when the revelation happened at the end of OB, there was shock, yeah, but it wasn't at the idea of other worlds existing, or travel between them being possible, it was at the idea that humans had stolen Roshar from the Singers. Like Dalinar goes as far as to admit he had seriously considered the idea, but had just been hoping that humans start in Shinovar, and he's not exactly on the front lines of scientific thoughts. Everything kind of points 'familiar with the concept in principle, but ignorant of specifics' being the general Rosharan attitude towards that sort of thing. There's a WoB somewhere that I can't be bothered to find right now about how they'd shrug and say 'yeah, probably' if asked if they thought Roshar's moons were inhabited. And the same sort of thing is true elsewhere, by the way- there's a brief moment in Bands of Mourning where we see the characters jump to the conclusion that the Southerns are from another world. It kinda seems there have been enough unsubtle worldhoppers in the Cosmere's history that the idea of other worlds existing and behind potentially visitable has seeped into the general cultural consciousness.
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    From the album Mistborn Fanart

    Fanart of Vin by me! (It's been a long time since I read Mistborn and I really need to read it again soon)
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    I think if there will be a kid, it will happen in between 5 and 6 books. Kid of one of the main characters will require a lot of space on pages and we have only book 4 and 5 left. Also Adolin and Shallan have a lot of problems to solve. Putting kid on top of that would be an overkill for both characters and readers imo.
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    I have to say first off, that I called this method of airship construction back in early 2018, but based on the critiques by @The One Who Connects of the the physics of this arrangement I also gave this method up for lost. But with a greater understanding of how conjoiner fabrials work thanks to the as usual excellent analysis of @Pagerunner and @Jofwu, I believe that I might have figured out what is going on and further how to extend and enhance Airships using conjoiner fabrials. One of the breakthrough realizations was that when objects are conjoined, they function as one single rigid body. I think the mechanism that fits the evidence and most elegantly explains how spanreeds are able to synchronize without relation to cardinal directions is that a shared cognitive reference frame is created. The spanreed station at both points A and B have been set up and verified to be vertically, and horizontally level (for both x and z), and further the spanreed is placed in a specific location on each separate board. This creates a fixed frame of reference for each board that is the same, with only a translation of absolute coordinates to relative coordinates necessary (through the application of magic) in order to perfectly synchronize the movements of the spanreeds.This setup is shown in the following diagram. The initial position of the vertically aligned spanreed would function as the common origin for both spanreeds, and the movement of 1 spanreed would be translated to the relative reference frame of the other. The reason that spanreed communication doesn't work when one of the spanreeds is in motion is because their shared fixed reference frame no longer exists, or more precisely because the moving spanreed is traveling away from it's origin point. The only reason I mention all of this is that I think this gets at the heart of what is happening when Navani and her artifabrians are using "aluminum to isolate motion along a plane". From the description of the how the Fourth Bridge is made to fly by "Alternating between those two lattices—one to control altitude and a second to control horizontal movement...", I think Brandon's idea is to isolate the shared motion of conjoined fabrials along one axis, basically creating a 1 dimensional vector. I think that with the proper application of Aluminum this would be possible by shielding the 2 dimensions that you want to ignore. Here's a diagram about what I am talking about, the first picture is a fully unshielded conjoiner, showing the 3 axes that it can translate force and thus influence motion along. The second has all axes but the X shielded by aluminum, the third has all but Y shielded, and the third has all but the Z shielded. So applying these fixed one-dimensional conjoiners to the Vertical and Horizontal lattices that move the Fourth Bridge, you basically have a system where Vertical and Horizontal movement can be controlled separately and independently. Here's a diagram of how this is applied: The purple dots are Amethyst reverser fabrials that are aluminum shielded to only transfer motion along the Y axis, the red dots are ruby conjoiners that have been shielded to only transfer motion along the X axis. When the Vertical lattice is lowered from the top of Urithiru, the airship rises an equal distance. When the horizontal lattice is pulled by the Chulls, the Fourth Bridge advances an equal distance. With the conjoiner fabrials that are only transferring force along the X axis, it is possible to see how the aluminum screened turn around would work, the diagram below shows the turn, and also shows vectors of motion for X during the stages of the turn for an aluminum shielded turn and for a non-shielded turn. For the shielded turn, during the portion of the chull cart journey when the x movement is not being transferred to the Fourth Bridge, it would be possible for the momentum it experienced prior to the conjoiner being cutoff to continue to impel it in it's current direction because the motion of the shielded fabrials would not affect the Fourth Bridge's fabrials. If the turn occurred without aluminum shielding, the force in the direction of X is just the x component vector during the turn, and after the turn the force would be applied along the x axis but in the opposite direction. The reason that using conjoined fabrials and reversers is such an appealing prospect is the extremely large amount of potential energy that objects at the top of Urithiru have. It should be possible using a system of conjoined weights to move the vertical lattice efficiently and quickly to control with precision the ascent and descent of the Fourth Bridge, the following diagram shows the minimum number of conjoined weights to operate efficiently, but extra massive weights and corresponding paired fabrials could be added to increase the on demand maneuverability of the Fourth Bridge. The use of small lightweight conjoiners that apply force to lattices could be extended to the horizontal motion of the Fourth Bridge as well by using something as simple as a chute that drops down at a 45 degree angle, basically allowing for half of the force exerted in the drop to be applied to X direction (and after the lattice and lightweight conjoiner are dropped, the lightweight conjoiner attached to the lattice could be disconnected from the conjoined weight and drawn back up to the top of the chute, ready to perform an emergency speed maneuver again). And you could have batteries of these ready to go, giving the slow and very poorly maneuvering Fourth Bridge a bit of help in emergency evasive maneuvers.
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    OH MY SHARDS IT'S ALREADY THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Y'all, in the past year I have come so storming far in my artwork. I've learned a ton about anatomy and proportions and I've gotten better at shading and faces and it's honestly really crazy to me. I am SO GLAD my friend convinced me to do the Inktober challenge last year, because it will be a great benchmark to compare this year to. I spent an insane amount of time prepping for this and I am on the edge of my seat for each and every drawing that I'll be presenting to y'all. One thing I'm doing slightly different this year: I had the idea to put some color in one of the drawings and then I realized it would be a ton of fun if I tried to colored one thing in each drawing. (Don't worry, it's still ink :P) So I really hope that works out (there will undoubtedly be a handful and a half that are completely black and white though and I am totally fine with that). Six or seven months ago I really started using markers in my art and I have since amassed over 60 different shades. They're ridiculously fun to art with. I also decided to base a lot more of my drawings on specific quotes. Some of those quotes are from non-canon Keyed stuff, some are from CBST, some are from TLT, some are from stuff that will be in the Keyed books, and some are from me just messing around. I am SO excited to kick things off tomorrow!!!! See ya then! - Star
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    No one ever notices the help. If you’re trying to spy, a mid-level service job is perfect. You have an excuse to be everywhere, to touch everything, and unless you’re really bad at your job (either/both of them) no one is going to notice you.
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    From the album All Spren with Descriptions

    So much gray, red, and blue. Purple and green are underrepresented.
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    The thing about the Recreance that bothers me the most is how they all agreed to murder their spren. These were their friends, their partners, their life companions-- and they killed them en masse. The Knights Radiant, to a man and woman, were onboard with subjecting their other halves to agonizing sort-of death, leaving their corpses on the ground to be used and abused by whoever. I mean, can you imagine Kaladin doing that to Syl? Looking her in the eye, Sylphena, then killing her? Probably while Syl was begging him to not do it? Multiply that by all of them. All of them did that, except the Skybreakers. And don't tell me Oathbringer gave us the reason. Oathbringer said that the KR were afraid their powers would destroy Roshar. Okay, fine. So don't use your powers. Or if you're Fourth Oath or below, you can just dissolve the whole partnership, no harm done. Okay, Notum implied the process was painful, but I think it must be less painful than being zombified. But they didn't do that. They killed them. So I've been thinking: what if the spren were in on it? Spren and Knights agree: their powers will destroy the world, that's bad, there should be no more Knight Radiants. Ever. And so, to make sure that no one is tempted to join in the future, the Knights publicly and theatrically turn their backs on humanity. They make their name synonymous with "traitor". No human is going to want anything to do with them thereafter. And on the spren side? The spren too want to make absolutely certain that none of their kind are ever tempted to form a nahal bond. And so they have their Knights summon them as blades, leave them in agonized undeath, drop them in the dirt to be used by murderers. It's awful, but they grimly agree it's the only way to save the world.
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