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    (Note: an updated version can be found here.) Dr. Seuss One spren, two spren, Lie spren, truth spren. Are the blue spren truly glue spren? This one makes a skyeel fly, That one shows up when you die. Oh what a lot of spren I spy! You have light in your spheres, You have shards in your hand, You have surges to help you to fly and to land! So where will you go? Somewhere high? Somewhere low? To the great Reshi Isles, or somewhere with snow? Perhaps you will dine on some Horneater Stew, Delivered directly through Urithiru. Or maybe the Shin will sell you a chicken (eating it helps Thaylen eyebrows to thicken). There’s so many places and people and spren, It’s easy to wonder just where your path ends. But please, don’t forget, it’s the way that you walk that matters much more than the place that you stop. Yes, the road that you take, whether straight, curved, or bendy always matters the most—just ask the Parshendi.
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    I have a joke about the 4th ideal of the Windrunners but I'm not ready to say the words.
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    George Lucas Open on Kaladin, staring out at the battlefield. It is littered with both soldiers and Parshendi corpses. He stands alone in his vest and trousers, an unreadable expression on his face. KALADIN: Dead. All of them….dead. Half of Bridge Four is gone, because of me. Sylphrena floats up to him, a ribbon of light, before assuming the form of a young girl. SYL: Not-so, Mistah Kaladeen, sah! You-sa still have meesa! KALADIN: Uh, Syl? Why are you talking like that? You didn't talk like that in the last book. SYL: Mistah Lucas thought it'd be better for the KIDS! You-sa knows he loves dee children! KALADIN: Excuse me, Syl. SYL: Where-sa you-sa going, Kaladeen? KALADIN: To find the nearest chasm. J.K. Rowling Dalinarbledore gripped Kaladin's shoulders, meeting his eyes. "Don't you see, Kaladin? You are the Chosen One. Of all the Radiants at this school, you alone can unite the Sprenly Hallows and defeat Voidemort!" Kaladin looked away from Dalinarbledore's eyes, which always made him feel as though he were being X-rayed. "But….this doesn't make sense." "Of course it does. Voidemort chose you as his equal, which is why you can fly and do all of those amazing things." "But wouldn't I have been able to do that anyway, being a Windrunner and all? And while we're at it, why did I get Windrunning while Shalmione got Lightweaving? I mean, seriously, why are there differences in our magic, anyway?" "Because it's magic. Duh." Just then, Professor Sadeas walked by, scowling at Dalinarbledore. "You're smiling, Professor. Ten points from Gryffindor." "I outrank you, Sadeas." "Fine. Ten points to Slytherin, because I have better fashion sense." George R. R. Martin Sigzil stood alone on the battlefield. Around him lay the broken bodies of Bridge Four, Dalinar's warcamp, Sebarial's warcamp, and the entire customer base of a random tavern. "Looks like it falls upon me, then," he sighed. "I alone must carry this narrative to the end. And I shall. I shall." The arrow struck his heart from an unknown source, and there he died. Stephanie Meyer Pattern buzzed in deep chagrin. "Shallan?" "What?" "I know that your sketches are important….but shouldn't you be working on keeping the parshmen from destroying the world?" "In a minute," she said, chagrined. "Shallan, you have already made 499 sketches of Adolin Kholin's abdominal muscles." "And this will be an even 500." Just as she finished the sketch and held it to the light for a moment's admiration, the door swung open. Her chagrin was quickly replaced by delight. "Shallan," Kaladin breathed. "I'm sorry for intruding on you like this, but I had to see you. I didn't have time to put on a shirt. I hope you don't mind." Pattern's chagrined buzzing began anew, but Shallan ignored it. When the Almighty sent you a shirtless Captain, you didn't ask for details.
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    Made this a couple days ago but realized i probably couldn't put it in cremposting. Thank you so much for creating a meme page where RoW spoilers are fine!
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    J. R. R. Tolkien * Forty pages of info about the history of tobacco in Alethkar * (This was awesome. )
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    go easy on me it's my first cosmeme/crempost
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    One of my most enjoyable memories of Oathbringer's pre-release was the Meme thread on the OB spoiler board here on 17th Shard. I saw a new meme on one of the threads here already, so I figured, it is time. Here are three memes I'm going to start the thread with. I'm sure you all will make better ones as the chapters come out. I look forward to seeing them.
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    Quick update! So I told my wife about how excited everyone was getting on this board. This is generally how it went down: ME: "I got so many points! I went from Prelan to Babsk to Houselord and now I'm a Forescout!" TAY: "None of those mean a single thing to me." ME: "So how about I read to you again tonight? You can help me with my burgeoning career as a Cosmere comedian. Wait - does that make me Wit?" TAY: "No, Chris. It makes me Wit. You're just the vessel I use to share my genius with the masses." Either way, I read a good five chapters last night. Here are some of the zingers: ME READING: "'I can save her,' Kal said." TAY: *snorts* "Ha! No you can't. Why? Because character development, Slaveboi, that's why." Tay tries to convince me by way of a five minute conversation that the White Stripes predicted the plot of the book - "Think about it, Chris! 'I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget'! Like the Stormdaddy is talking to JDM during the storms! I'm right." She has also predicted that Kaladin secretly killed Brightlord Wisitow when he was 13 - "Because... abuse? Or something. Slaveboi doesn't like Lighteyes anyways." She also came up with the following character names: Rock - Dwayne Johnston Wit - The Court Jester Brightlord Wisitow - Brightlord Wichita (this was the starting off point for her hot take on the White Stripes) Laral - Rosalind - "Rosamund. Because he's got unrequited love with her like Romeo and Rosamund. Wait - no. Rosalind. Rosamund is playing Moiraine." Lirin - Pop-Pop And last but not least, she came up with her title for The Way of Kings. I present to you: The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Book One of the Stormlight Archive. That's all I've got for now! But if we're stuck at home with COVID-19 any time soon, I'm sure there will be more!
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    For the new Chapters:
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    Since Brandon is Mormon, it only seems appropriate to write it in the style of the Book of Mormon. Chapter 1 1. It came to pass in the 5th year of the reign of Elhokar, King of Alethkar, that the Stormfather spake unto Dalinar saying, They must unite, or this people will be utterly destroyed. 2. And Dalinar raised up his voice unto the people of Alethkar, saying unto them that they must unite, and live by the Codes that their fathers has delivered to them. 3. And there rose up one Brightlord Sadeas, who said, What is this that thou sayest? Should we believe one man, though he should preach that the world should be destroyed? Behold, I say it is the effect of a frenzied mind. And that which ye say are ancient prophecies, are the foolish traditions of your fathers. For no man knoweth of things to come, but every man prospers according to his genius and conquers according to his strength. 4. And the people hearkened not unto Dalinar. Chapter 54 1 And the servant of Sadeas rose up and swore in his wrath that the army of Dalinar should not perish from Roshar. And his name was Kaladin. And the spirit of Honor was upon him, and her name was Sylphrenia, which being interpreted means the joyful wind. 2 He was a large and a mighty man and he sought for the covenants of his fathers, that he might receive the blessings of the Knight Radiant. 3 And He smote upon the army of the Parshendi insomuch that they did flee before him.
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    Nice catch! Fixed?! (sorry for poor editing skills)
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    I did, in fact, just log in to share my JRR Tolkien / Sanderson mash-up. I feel there is room for more than one - as awesome as yours is: JRR Tolkien: Kaladin peered out from behind the slate-grey rock. The Parshuk-Hai appeared to be retreating. He could no longer see their fell helms printed with the fell white hand of S-odium. "I think they've gone," he whispered, sinking back in exhaustion. "Oi think you're right, Mr Kaladin, sir", whispered Teftwise from beside him. "We're nearly at the chasm of Doom. Let's go Mr Kaladin, sir." "I can't Teftwise, I can't. I'm exhausted - this quest is too hard for me. I've failed, Teftwise. I always fail." "No you haven't Mr Kaladin, sir. Oi might not be able to carry that stormlight-infused, gem encrusted instrument of evil for you - but I CAN carry you!" Shifting his bridge to his left shoulder, Teftwise hefted his limp master onto his right and set off on sturdy, hairy feet up the fell mountain leading to the chasm of Doom. *** "We're here, Mr Kaladin sir", muttered Teftwise, peering gingerly into the broiling lava beneath them, "We've done it." "No Teftwise. I won't do it. The ring is mine. I deserve it, I have suffered greatly, people have died - all the people have died and its all my fault. That makes me sad and angry and I deserve a present. The ring is mine". Teftwise had never seen his master look like this before; his face leered as he waved the ring aloft and stepped away from the edge of the fell chasm. "A-r-gggh", screamed Kaladin, as a shardblade severed his finger. "Szollum". A pair of large, childlike eyes gleamed behind the giant blade, wielded by the spiderlike creature in a billowing white loincloth. "Stinker," screamed Teftwise, swinging his frying pan wildly at the fell assassin causing him to drop his blade which vanished. "My precious", crooned Szollum, cradling Kaladin's ring-adorned finger. "You Truthless Bridgehobbits stole my precious. It's mine, mine." Stepping backwards, he waved the bloodied finger and teetered on the edge of the precipice as Teftwise, enraged by the hurt done to his master, lifted his bridge and rammed the fell creature into the lava beneath. "We did it, Mr Kaladin, sir", Teftwise yelled crawling towards his master who was lying on the floor, cradling his bloodied hand and attempting to regrow his finger despite the absence of any stormlight. "Let's go home." "No, Teftwise. We can't. See how the land begins to shake. This land belongs to S-odium and, as he falls, so do the rocks. We have saved the Roshire - but not for us. It ends here for us - here at the end of all things." Kaladin lay back, exhausted. "Well, if this the end, Mr Kaladin-sir, it don't seem right to end without a song to mark the occasion" and planting his brave, hairy hobbit-foot on the fell rocks, he began to sing: . . . . Much rustling of pages and sounds of desperate thumbing as thousands [tens] of readers skip the song to the refrain of "Not a song. For the love of Stormlight, not a song, please" . . . As Teftwise finished the 427th verse, he heard the chitinous sound of a chasmfiend apporaching. "Mr Kaladin-sir, we're saved. Look it's Gandalinor, on the back of a chasmfiend. The fiends, they've come to rescue us." "So, they have Teftwise, so they have." Fade to black, in preparation for the twenty 'final' goodbye scenes. (With apologies to anyone who doesn't skip the "epic poetry" in a Tolkien novel. You are a better person that I!)
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    We got to the end of Part 2! Here's some of the greatest hits up until Dalinar's choice to abdicate. Navani – Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold – “Not Michelle Pfeiffer… make sure they know it's Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold every time.” Chulls – Crab-cows – “It’s what they are, Chris!” ME: *reading about Kaladin thinking about abandoning the warcamps* TAY: If he’s going to abandon his friends in Bridge Four I’m done. He will be Traitorboi to me if he does that. ME: Knobweed- TAY: Ha! Knobweed. Sounds like pubes. That’s what I’m calling your pubes from now on. ME: So now that you’ve heard all of them – can you guess who wrote the letter in the epigraphs? TAY: *defeated* I dunno Chris. Is it the Court Jester? ME: Yes! TAY: Wait – really? Oh damnation I’m good at this! *after Bridge Four has chasm duty for the first time* TAY: Huh. Guess I was wrong. I seriously thought Slaveboi would be attacked by a Rock Lobster down there. ME: *knowing smile* ME: *describes Kaladin doing his first kata with a spear on chasm duty with Bridge Four* TAY: Weird flex, but ok. ME: *describing Dalinar smashing things with a hammer when he’s thinking* TAY: That’s some Perrin Aybara stuff right there. ME: *says ‘Brightlord’* TAY: Hey Chris hey. If there’s a brightlord is there a dumblord? Heh. *pauses* Sadeas. Sadeas is a dulllord. ME: *reads the word khokh and linil describing Dalinar’s glyphpair* TAY: Did you say cock? *laughs uproariously* And it’s in the shape of a tower too! Ha! Legitimately interested reactions (oohs and aahs - not just being funny) to: - Dalinar thinking that there’s a pattern to the Shattered Plains. - The Parshendi having grown their own armour - How spanreeds work
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    I cannot believe no one has done this before but:
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    @ZenBossanova Those inside jokes, though... I'm still laughing. TAKE MY UPVOTE!!! Now I want to give this a shot... MAJOR WoR spoilers follow: Or this one, also a WoR spoiler:
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    If you upvote this post you must upvote ^ this... but... Edit: I'm doing more of these. I'm so sorry.
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    Kaladin in Chapter 3.
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    Good day one and all! As promised, here is Tay's take on your questions. We will continue to make our way through Words of Radiance and try to contribute regularly in this long, hard 110 day waiting period between now and when Rhythm of War is finally released. In the meantime, enjoy Comedy Stormlight Archive Wife (as she has been graciously dubbed by the members of this forum) once again. Tay: Okay, so Szeth is going to like, go and try to kill Dalinar, but Dalinar's "godly goodness" is going to win him over! And he's going to fight by Dalinar's side. Me: That's an... interesting take. This has been censored because of the many swears - just know that these were not Cosmere-appropriate when she said them. Tay: Ungh. Sadeas can (verb) my (appendage). He's just going to be stupid and like plotting dumb (excrement) like how to take down Dalinar or take down the King (because I'm pretty sure he still wants to do that). I think he's just going to be plotting and manipulative and stuff behind the scenes. I bet he's going to be really pissy that Dalinar outsmarted him and go away on the battlefield - and he's going to try to take it out on Dalinar in any way he can because he's slimy and underhanded and has a little (appendage). Rock Lobsters Tay: Rock lobsters are a common feature of the... Cosmere? Yes, the Cosmere. I think everybody needs to understand that I have very in-depth knowledge of the - um - flora and fauna of... this... society. Me: Would you like to elaborate some more on the flora and fauna of Roshar? Other than rock lobsters of course, since you know so much about them. Tay: Oh yes I know all about them. Also there are chorls. Me: Yes, chulls. Crab-cows. Tay: Yes. There are plants that shrink in Highstorms. Yes, that's most of them. I guess you could say I'm a botanical expert. Spren Tay: I don't understand spren! This is something I'm still not getting. Spen are giant freakshows that try to terrorise you and kill you like what happen to Jasnah in the prologue and then take you into the Spooky-Spook? But they can also be super cute like Syl and make sassy comments on your shoulder and everyone finds her endearing! OR you can trap them in lamps! I'm not understanding the spren situation and it upsets me. As a result, what kind of spren do I want to see introduced? I don't know! Maybe something that makes sense of what spren are! Kadolin Tay: While I'm really hoping for love at first sight - I don't think that's going to happen. *discussion ensues where I remind her that Kaladin and Adolin have met before in Book 1 on two occasions - Sadeas' warcamp and on the Tower where Kaladin does the Bavarian Fire Drill* Tay: Oh yes! I remember - he sees him on the battlefield and Adolin's all like "who tf this slontze?" Yes. While I want them to fall madly in love with each other at first sight, I don't think that's going to happen. I feel like Adolin's going to be kind of pissy about some low-born guy just swanning in and getting a seat at the table. I think he rates himself a good guy, but he's a judgemental (appendage) really. I also think Adolin's going to be suspicious of Kaladin and his intentions. Why would you just happen to save us - why would you, Slaveboi, risk your own life to save us? Adolin doesn't understand that Kaladin's all magical and stuff and has an honor issue. Me: Everyone on Roshar has an honor issue. Tay: But yeah, he's going to be super suspicious of Kaladin. And then maybe if they can get past that, they can be homies. But that's Adolin's thing to get over, not Kaladin.
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    From the album Other Cosmere Art

    So I haven't posted this yet? I felt quite thrilled when drawing this XD I love them so much and how I wish I could get a time machine to read their story! (The art is per request and wildly imagined though. We actually don’t know much about Yolish dragons.) Liar of Partinel draft spoilers: Other Hoid doodles from this year and last year (Sorry for the mess of medias and styles): [Long post warning] Hoid in Greek costumes Shai trying to grab back the Moon Scepter Shai: Give back the Scepter, you foul liar! Fool: I won't give back such an useful translator. What are you going to do with me? Hoid does the worst in pilot academy Skyward x Cosmere - Spensa teasing Wit Hoid & Kelsier in suit/modern clothing Hoid as musician 1) Piano - 2) Violin - 3) Erhu (Chinese instrument) Character going dark meme Bonus: Hoid in drag as a flapper girl
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    'Tis the season to be jolly! It is that time of the year again, friends. The time when a kindly, pleasant man goes 'round the world, bringing joy to kids and adults alike. The time when many of us will wake up with a present waiting to be unwrapped, while many others still will need to go shopping and find one to give to their love one(s). I speak, of course, of Brandon Sanderson's new book release and the tour accompanying it. With more and more people joining our fandom with each book, I wanted to write down a few bullet points paragraphs about what a signing is, what you should expect, how you should (and shouldn't!) behave, and if you are in the minority of people who like to contribute audio to Arcanum, how you should do that. Brandon Book Signings: Do's and Don't's Some time ago Reddit user RosiYY started a thread on the /r/BrandonSanderson subreddit about some big Do's and Don't's when attending signings. I encourage you to read through all of it, but I'll copy Brandon's top reply here for convenience: Travelling the world to see Brandon! A different Reddit thread on /r/BrandonSanderson had a user from New Zealand (PewPewPokemon) ask about what goes in a signing. Here's Brandon's reply: Etiquette The threads above should cover the basics of what a signing is and how it goes - lecture, public Q&A, reading, signing/personalization line, and (sometimes) private Q&A. You can usually get as many signatures as you want, but the number of personalizations is likely to be limited - it used to be up to three, but recent events have had Brandon drop that to one in the interest of time. If you go through the line multiple times, you can get more. And if you hang out until the very end, you might get a few extra questions in (unless the venue kicks everyone out). Now, let's talk etiquette. And more specifically, signing line etiquette. We'll split these into a few categories based on what role you would be playing at the event. The Average Attendee If you are going to the signing just to get a few books (or other memorabilia) signed and/or personalized, there isn't much you can mess up. Be a decent human being, don't hoard Brandon's time too much (though I've literally never seen anyone take too much of his time). If you have a story you want to share with Brandon, take your time. Having listened to many hours of Brandon interacting with fans, I assure you that even if you don't have some convoluted question about how the Cosmere works, Brandon will value you and your time (though the Arcanists on this site might glare at you...). The Sharder Being a Cosmere aficionado comes with a little bit of extra responsibility. A lot of what makes our tiny corner of the Internet special is Brandon's good grace and willingness to indulge our obsessions - so it is our responsibility to be as polite, understanding, and accommodating as we can. Many of us will have questions we would like answered, and some of us will even go to signings with multiple pages of questions. It is on us to make sure that we don't ask too many and take too much of Brandon's time (or hold the line for too long). If you can stay until the end of the signing, you may be able to participate in a short Q&A dedicated to Sharders and other more hardcore fans - feel free to ask Brandon about whether he can answer a few questions, but be prepared to gracefully accept rejection. The man works way too hard, sometimes he just wants to go back to his hotel and crash, or go catch a flight, or go back to his family. The Recorder Being somebody who records events is much like being a Sharder, only with even more responsibility. If you fancy yourself being one, try to get to the venue where the event will take place a little early (or lots of early, it's your life). If you have professional-grade recording equipment, or plan on recording video, it is good to check in with the venue to make sure that's alright; generally speaking, simply leaving a recorder or a phone on Brandon's table doesn't require any additional prep or explanation, he is quite familiar with our shenanigans by now. If you can, try to hang out somewhat close to the signing table - not only to keep an eye on your recording device (though Brandon will do that for you, making sure it doesn't get knocked off the table, or buried, or anything like that), but to also make sure that you can pause the recording if Brandon asks you to. These days we have the ability to keep "secret WoBs" away from the general public, and Brandon has been mostly good at telling us when he doesn't want something online (he will often speak directly to the recording devices and leave instructions that this answer or that comment shouldn't be released). Still, it doesn't hurt to be close enough to your device, just in case. Miscellaneous Let's go over a few extra points that don't really fit in a common category too well. Recording Devices If you want to record an event but don't already have professional equipment you might be wondering what you can get on a budget. I myself use a Lyker VM-31 I got from Amazon a couple of years back, but it is no longer available. I link it so you can see the 3-star review, and so I can tell you that it's fine. During my earlier signings I was recording with my (Android) phone using Easy Voice Recorder. So if you want to use your phone, it should be okay (though then you won't have it with you when you are talking with other nerds, and you'll miss out on group selfies, so...), just make sure you turn airplane mode on (for battery reasons) and put the phone on silent (so your offline notifications don't vibrate it on the table). This being said, if you do want to purchase a recorder, my two pieces of advice are Do not get anything with analog output.The audio will be hell. USB cables are just fine. Amazon has a number of well-rated digital voice recorders, pick one that fits your budget; or pick one from your local tech store, it doesn't matter very much. Sharing Questions This topic comes up pretty much every tour, so I figured I'd address it here. We here, in the 17th Shard, tend to be a little bit on the obsessive side. We want to know more, we ask a lot of questions. Most of the time that's a good thing. Most of the time Brandon is happy his fans obsess over his books. Sometimes some of us go too far though. In our quest of getting more and more answers, some people inevitably arrive at the idea of... utilizing the attendees who don't have questions, kicking around the idea of printing questions and handing them out. Something like this is extremely bad form. Brandon already doesn't like it when people just grab questions from the Ultimate List; going to him with a question you were handed earlier is much worse. One of the reasons Brandon answers so many questions is because all, or at least most of them are things his fans are personally interested in. It's why some of us maintain our own lists these days. The moment it starts looking like attendees are treating him like a WoB vending machine, he'll clam up, maybe forever. Don't be that guy. Of course situations where you are asking a question on behalf of a friend or family member who couldn't make it to the event, that's completely fine. Private Q&As Some of you may have seen references to people hanging out with Brandon before or after some events, getting what amounts to a pretty private Q&A (I am a notorious offender here). It is very much worth noting that all of these are initiated by Brandon! It is sometimes okay to ask Brandon if he is going to have time for some extra questions after the signing line (that's what I do, by the way), but it has to be up to him to decide whether he is just going to sit at the table for a bit and answer questions, whether he is going to extend an invitation to some people to grill him while he is signing the venue's stock, or whether he'll just answer stuff as he walks to his car (or whether he just won't have time). As with everything else, accept his answer as is, don't beg, don't chase him around.
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    Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! The Invisible Killer Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of people every year. Most of these deaths are caused by accidental inhalation of DHMO, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there. Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes severe tissue damage. Symptoms of DHMO ingestion can include excessive sweating and urination, and possibly a bloated feeling, nausea, vomiting and body electrolyte imbalance. For those who have become dependent, DHMO withdrawal means certain death. Dihydrogen monoxide: is also known as hydroxyl acid, and is the major component of acid rain. contributes to the "greenhouse effect." may cause severe burns. contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape. accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals. may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes. has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients. Contamination Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions! Quantities of dihydrogen monoxide have been found in almost every stream, lake, and reservoir in America today. But the pollution is global, and the contaminant has even been found in Antarctic ice. DHMO has caused millions of dollars of property damage in the midwest, and recently California. Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used: as an industrial solvent and coolant. in nuclear power plants. in the production of styrofoam. as a fire retardant. in many forms of cruel animal research. in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical. as an additive in certain "junk-foods" and other food products. Companies dump waste DHMO into rivers and the ocean, and nothing can be done to stop them because this practice is still legal. The impact on wildlife is extreme, and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer! The Horror Must Be Stopped! The American government has refused to ban the production, distribution, or use of this damaging chemical due to its "importance to the economic health of this nation." In fact, the navy and other military organizations are conducting experiments with DHMO, and designing multi-billion dollar devices to control and utilize it during warfare situations. Hundreds of military research facilities receive tons of it through a highly sophisticated underground distribution network. Many store large quantities for later use. Call your Congressman/woman or Senator today!
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    A Detailed Theory on the Identity of Odium's Champion TL;DR: It's Ishar. First off, let's get this out of the way. Why I don't think Moash is the champion. Odium chose Dalinar as his champion due to his fearsome prowess on the battlefield. Moash on the other hand, grew up as a caravan worker and picked up the spear for the first time under Kaladin's tutelage in the chasms. You'd ideally want the best of Odium's to become his champion and Moash is nowhere near that even with a newly bonded Honorblade. Meanwhile, Dalinar's side has so many deadly fighters. Szeth: trained to use all ten Surges and capable of killing multiple Shardbearers at once; Kaladin: master spearman; Adolin: master duelist; Jasnah: who can kill without even a touch; all of whom have been training for years. It'll hardly be a fair contest. Furthermore, Moash's role is to provide a perspective into what would drive a human to side with the Voidbringers. It has occurred in prior Desolations and thus a human fighting for the Voidbringers does not make Moash a champion to be. And then there's this: Moash is aware that humans are invaders on Roshar. We saw how troubled Bridge Four became when they learned about this in Oathbringer. I'm certain that we're going to see more humans side with the Voidbringers in the upcoming books. That Moash did it first does not make it unique. Hell, there are 26 countries on Roshar: Azir, Jah Keved, Thaylenah, Shinovar, Iri, Rira etc and nobody outside a handful in Alethkar are even aware Moash exists. If Moash and Kaladin were indeed set up to become champions of their respective sides, we'd ideally have them start off on opposite ends of the world and have their character arcs grow towards each other. Instead we have Kaladin and Moash, both from the same kingdom, under the same highprince, in the same bridge crew and with a personal history between them, now fighting over the fate of all of Roshar? It's just doesn't make sense. There's simply not enough depth to make Moash a compelling villain threatening the entire human civilization in Book 5. As we saw at the end of Oathbringer, the war has already affected several countries in Roshar; thus it only makes sense that all nations have a stake in the conflict. And that leads me perfectly to my next point: Who among the handful of people are known to all of Roshar and wield immense power? Why do I suspect the Heralds? We have begun seeing similar occurrences being mirrored on both sides of the war. Humans have begun to side with Odium; singers have begun to side with the Radiants. The Thrill, a Splinter from Odium's side is captured; Jezrien, a cognitive shadow from Honor's side is killed. Sja-Anat, a Splinter from Odium's side wants to betray him and join the Radiants; A Herald, a cognitive shadow from Honor's side has betrayed him and joined Odium. Or as the epigraph from Words Of Radiance cleverly alludes: The Heralds are incredibly weak after centuries of torture and I doubt they'd offer any resistance if Odium offered them the same deal he did to Dalinar: Give me your pain and in return, serve me. Narrowing down our list of suspects. Why do I suspect Ishar? Here's a detailed timeline of Ishar's activities with relevant quotes. Note that there's one section below which is pure speculation and I have called it out as such but it ties together several disparate plot lines neatly. Aharietiam - 4500 years ago Ishar agreed to serve Odium even before Aharietiam. He is the who convinced the Heralds to abandon the Oathpact after a Desolation where only Taln died in the course of battle. Ishar suggested that one person may be enough to keep the following Desolations at bay. And so, the nine agreed to abandon the Oathpact. From the prelude of The Way of Kings: Ishar is the only Herald who survived the Desolations with his mind intact. From Oathbringer: Speculation Start I suspect Ishar assumed Taln being the sole Herald would not hold out for long and decided to wait it out until Taln broke. However, Taln's iron will over the centuries held strong and Ishar grew increasingly frustrated and instigated the False Desolation. False Desolation and Recreance - 2000 years ago The False Desolation is key to understanding the events which lead to the Recreance. Here is a quote from Coppermind: Look at the last paragraph (highlighted in bold) above. Ba-Ado-Mishram somehow managed to Connect with a vast number of singers. Next, here's a quote from the Stormfather to Dalinar: Next up, here's a quote regarding the Dawnshards: Putting these quotes together, it's very likely that Ishar used a Dawnshard to bind / Connect with a Voidish entity: Ba-Ado-Mishram. Furthermore, only a Herald is capable of wielding Connection on a planet scale and bind with a vast number of minds. However Melishi, the sole Radiant Bondsmith of the era captured Ba-Ado-Mishram and due to the unnatural nature of the Connection, the capture led to all Connected singers losing their Identity. Quoted from Coppermind: I must take a moment to gush about the divine foreshadowing here. In the novella Edgedancer, we are introduced to the country of Tashikk. It is named after whom the Tashikki worship: Tashi. Here's a quote about Tashi from Coppermind: It is pretty clear that Tashi (the Binder of the World) is none other than Ishar. On Roshar, the character h is often used as a substitute for any or no character. Let's drop the h from Tashi to obtain Tasi. Now, let's revisit an earlier quote but this time look closely at the source: Rearrange the characters of the word ista; what do we get? Speculation End Now, there's one other significant event which ties into the Recreance: Nale's third ideal as a Skybreaker was to follow the word of Ishar. Nale seems incapable of making his own decisions and keeps visiting Ishar to seek guidance. Supporting quote from Edgedancer: Another one: From Oathbringer: Ishar is also the who sets Nale up on his mission to kill all budding Knights. Nale's a Skybreaker of the fifth ideal. He is the law. Hence all Skybreakers simply continued following Nale's will, and by extension, Ishar's will. Hierocracy - 500 years ago Ishar's next attempt at seizing power came during the Hierocracy, by which he had started wearing the guise of a God priest. Here's a very interesting quote, from The Way Of Kings: Here's another quote from Coppermind: Ishar almost certainly headed the Hierocracy and commanded his priests to conquer the world and control all people. He also did not want knowledge of the Radiants and Shadesmar to spread and thus rewrote significant portions of books and knowledge. However it was sometime during this time, a young conqueror from Alethkar, Sadees the Sunmaker began an ambitious quest to conquer all of Roshar. I'm also certain that the Sunmaker saw the same visions as Dalinar did from the Stormfather. Relevant quote: Sadees, being a ruthless warrior attempted to "unite them" via conquest and put down the Hierocracy. For reasons unknown, he was poisoned soon after, leading to his death. I suspect involvement by the Ghostbloods, as poison seems to be their MO: Kabsal attempts to poison Jasnah; Iyatil attempts to poison Amaram through a blow-dart. Present Day As the God Priest of Tukar, Ishar has been engaged in the Eighty's War against Emul for control of the city of Sesemalex Dar. Here's evidence of Voidspren mysteriously appearing near Tukar: Here's some very subtle foreshadowing that Odium's forces are lead by a "head ardent" aka God Priest. And finally, Book Five was supposed to Dalinar's book, ie the Bondsmiths' book, before Sanderson switched it to Book Three. The final showdown in Book Five will be Dalinar, the Radiant Bondsmith going head to head against Ishar, the Herald of Bondsmiths, with both dueling and influencing Connection on a vast scale.
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    Edgar Allen Poe: Once there was a bunch of people living on Roshar. Then they all died of tuberculosis.
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    Welcome, users of Arcanum! As you peruse this archive of knowledge about all things Brandon, you will likely notice that the underlying search engine can sometimes produce unexpected results. We tried to hire some researchers from the Palanaeum to do all the work for you, but they charge so storming much! So until we figure out how to find a few thousand broams you’ll need to do things on your own. This short guide aims to make this process a little easier for you. Basic Search The most direct way to search for content is the omnipresent search bar. Enter the search terms and the engine will come back with results sorted by relevance - the most relevant on top. The details of how each result is ranked is complex (and may, in fact, change over time), but there are some things you may want to be aware of: Tags and exact matches are highly ranked. If you search for a term that matches an existing tag (e.g. Hoid or RAFO), entries tagged with the appropriate tag will show up near the top. Similarly, if your search term doesn’t have a matching tag (e.g. Oracle), entries that contain this specific term will tend to float higher. The software powering Arcanum - Palanaeum - supports the ability to find entries that contain words similar to your search term, though generally they will be ranked lower than exact hits. For example, searching for Cultivate will bring up results that include the word (or are tagged with) Cultivation. Searching for Multiple Keywords As you might expect, Arcanum supports the ability to search for multiple keywords at the same time. If you use this feature, it is important to remember that, by default, Arcanum will aggregate the results of your “X Y” query with the results of an “X <OR> Y” query - i.e. you should still expect entries containing both of your search terms to float near the top, but following them you will find some entries that contain only one of your keywords. For example, searching for Honor Cultivation will, predictably, put this entry containing both words near the top, but as you scroll down (and to later pages) you will see this entry, which contains only the word “honor”, as well as this one, which contains only “Cultivation”. If you want to circumvent this default behavior and search for “X <AND> Y” - i.e. if you want only results that contain all of your search terms - you can replace the spaces ( ) in your query with either plus signs (+) or ampersands (&). For example, to search only for entries that contain both Honor and Cultivation, search for Honor+Cultivation or Honor&Cultivation. Your browser’s search function (for example, Ctrl+F / Cmd+F) can be very helpful in quickly sifting through variations of terms. Let’s say you’re searching for WoBs on Steelpushing, which does not have a tag and could be referred to by many different phrases (Steelpushing, Ironpulling, Steelsight, Coinshots, Lurchers). You can do a search for “Allomancy,” and then use your browser’s search feature to jump to each of those phrases in turn. Searching for Exact Phrases Sometimes searching for specific keywords is not what you are looking for. If there is a specific phrase you want to search, e.g. because you are hunting for a specific entry you remember only partially, you can surround the search phrase with quotation marks. For example, if you want to find out something about the Second Ideal of the Knights Radiant, you might want to search for "Second Ideal". Advanced Search For the hardcore WoB hunters among you, Arcanum offers some advanced searching/filtering capabilities. Search in date range: show only entries whose date is within the specified range. Note that this is the date an entry was recorded, not the date it was entered in the archive. In other words, entries from the Arcanum Unbounded Chicago signing will all have an entry date of December 6, 2016 (the event’s date), even if the event itself was entered in Arcanum a week later. This feature is generally useful if you are looking for entries from a specific tour or ones prior to / after a certain book's release. Search for speaker: show only entries that include a specific speaker. Most Arcanum entries come from unknown sources, so the speaker will often be marked as simply Questioner, but lines coming from known members of the community, as well as ones from members of Team Sanderson / Dragonsteel Entertainment will usually be credited appropriately. So, if you are curious about what Brandon’s art director and assistant Isaac Stewart has said on record, you could search for him specifically. Search for tags: show only entries tagged with the specified tags. Interested in all questions about Hoid that have been RAFO’d? You can search for those. Please be aware that choosing and clarifying tags is a part of the review process every event goes through; it is possible that some entries have not been properly tagged yet. Exclude those tags: show only entries not tagged with the specified tags. Interested in all questions about Hoid that have not been RAFO’d? You can search for that too. Advanced...-est? Search There is one more trick, deep in our sleeves, but it is only for those who dare brave the dark corners of Palanaeum's backend - PostgresSQL. It is a trick so dark, we can only speak of it in whispers. It is the ability to apply some of PostgresSQL's text search operators directly in Arcanum. We speak of this: "But Argent," I hear you cry out in dismay. "we know not how to perform these dark rituals! Do we need to sacrifice cats and rats for this power?" No, friend, no sacrifices are needed. Let me teach you some tricks: AND queries together: we touched on these earlier, so this should be of no surprise - you can use the && operator (written as just & in Arcanum's search bar) to search for "X <AND> Y". As mentioned earlier, you can search for Honor&Cultivation and expect to see only entries that contain both search terms. OR queries together: these are less useful, as Arcanum treats all spaces as || operators. Still, if you wanted to, you could use the Postgres OR operator (written as just | - that's a vertical bar - in Arcanum's search bar). So you should expect the results for Honor Cultivation and Honor|Cultivation to return identical results. Negate a query: here's something new. Those of you with strong GoogleFu will know that you can force Google to exclude certain keywords from its results by prepending a minus sign to them. Well, you can achieve the same thing in Arcanum by prepending an exclamation mark (!). Remember how Honor&Cultivation gave you only results that included both Honor and Cultivation? Well, you can search for Honor&!Cultivation if you want results with Honor and not Cultivation (note the ! in the query) - i.e. results that have only Honor. Remember, spaces are equivalent to ORs, so searching for Honor !Cultivation will actually give you all entries that either have Honor or don't have Cultivation; and since the overwhelming majority of entries don't have Cultivation, you end up with pretty much every entry in the archive... Query following a query: I'll confess, this doesn't strike me as too useful, but you can constrain your query so it makes sure some search terms appear before others. You'd do this with the <-> operator. For example, you could search for Bridge<->Four (and get pretty much what you would expect, results where "Bridge" appears before "Four"), or you could search for Four<->Bridge (and find out that the word "Four" has never appeared before the word "Bridge" in Arcanum). Query containing / is contained in a query: This is one of those features that feel like they could be useful, but I can't come up with a good use case to show them off. In short, it allows you search for one search term in the results of another, effectively giving you the intersection of two queries. This is accomplished with the @> and <@ operators, where the angle bracket indicates the direction of containment. For example, you could search for [email protected]>flute if you were interested in the results of a Sadeas query which contain "flute" (or [email protected]>Sadeas for flute query results that contain Sadeas, which is equivalent). The thing is, both of those seem equivalent to the results of searching for flute&Sadeas, so maybe this only comes in handy with even more complex queries. Best not to worry about this one, I think, unless you know PostgresSQL. Especially since I can't figure out how to make the other direction of this operator, the "is contained in" version (<@) to work... Event Search At the moment, the functionality to search events has not been implemented. If you are looking for a particular event, scroll through the Event list. To make this a little easier, you can change the number of events you see per page to (up to) 100, and then use your browser's search/find feature (Ctrl+F / Cmd + F).
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    Crazy Theory: Gavilar was trying to take up the pieces of Honor and become a shard. Here's my reasoning: 1) We know that Gavilar had been receiving the same visions Dalinar received from the StormFather, so he knew Honor was dead. 2) He was on a first name basis with the Heralds and they worked together, so he could possibly have had more knowledge of the cosmere and shards. 3) What he says to Navani: What has he discovered the entrance to? Maybe Braize, maybe Shadesmar, who knows? But he may believe Honor's power is kept there and he himself can take up the mantle. Or... he just was on firemoss and is now obsessed with a palace storage room.
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    A fixed version of my Kaladin/Syl drawing I posted on Tumblr.
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    From the album Cosmere Dresses

    Here's my interpretation of Vin's first ballgown. I've had this sitting in my files for a couple of weeks intending to make some changes but I'm lazy so I decided to go ahead and post it. The description in The Final Empire says that she has a ruby bracelet, but it ALSO says that she's wearing gloves. So is the bracelet under the gloves? Over the gloves? Is wearing gloves and bracelets at the same time even a thing? So my solution to this was just... not draw the bracelet.
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    Oh, wow, that is a big addition. How'd you manage to catch that? Quoted below, for those too lazy to click the link: That has some big clues for the character groupings, which I think I'll take to the character grouping thread.
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Tried to draw Shallan ;)
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    Hi, so I've seen this kind of a lot recently, but we would really like to not have this place be full of spammy posts. So, don't double post. I've seen a lot of posts within minutes of someone's first post and then they post a second post. Just... edit your previous one if you have something you need to add. Like I understand, it's fun and games, but someone shouldn't be posting four times in a row, for example. Review our policies here: Multiple posts will simply be removed. If you wish to quote multiple people, use the Multiquote feature, which is the + sign next to Quote.
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    Most other forms of Compounding are obvious in their effects: Iron Compounding gives much greater weight, Gold Compounding gives much greater healing, Bendalloy Compounding assures you’ll never get a bad case of the munchies ever again, etc etc. Other forms of Compounding are a bit more mysterious but nevertheless somewhat guessable: e.g. basically all of the Spiritual Feruchemy Metals (Fortune, Connection, Invesititure, Identity). However, one metal stands out from all the rest in that nobody really knows what it would do if you Compounded it: Copper. I’ve seen people guess ‘perfect recall’ (as in, Compounding a copper memory perfectly ingrains it into your brain without it ever fading); however, I also have an alternative theory. Compounding gives you a much greater quantity of whatever you’ve stored in your metalminds, and that being the case it makes sense to me that when you burn a copper metalmind you gain duplicate versions of the memory that’s inside it. Now, you may be wondering: What’s the point of that? What application could having multiple versions of a single memory have? Here’s where you have to remember the crippling disadvantage to copperminds: Once you store a memory in a coppermind it no longer exists in your head. You can either have it in your head or in your coppermind, but never both at once. And every time you remove it from your coppermind, the memory degrades a little more. Feruchemists developed a few tricks to get around this, of course. Remember the scene where Sazed has to write information down on a piece of paper in order to remind himself of what he had stored in his coppermind? But it’s a limited and less than ideal method. With Copper Compounding, however, this limitation becomes null. You could burn a coppermind, duplicate the memory that’s within it, and then store one of those duplicates in another coppermind while keeping the other(s) in your head. Moreover, with the creation of copper medallions, it becomes possible to share memories with others. Depending on how many duplicates a Copper Compounder is capable of creating (it should be quite a few considering it’s repeatedly said that Compounding is supposed to enhanced Feruchemical power ‘tenfold’), you could widely spread information depending on how many unkeyed copperminds you have available, all the while keeping the information in your head as well. It’s interesting to think about what might be possible with this skill. What is the limitation on how many memories you can duplicate? If a Copper Compounder had a coppermind like those of the old Keepers, where it contained centuries of inherited knowledge, could they duplicate those vast stores of knowledge into other copperminds? Imagine being able to keep infinite backups of valuable memories and information. That’s my theory, basically. And with medallions, Copper Compounding also becomes effectively the Feruchemical version of the printing press, able to widely disseminate large quantities of identical, reproduced information. Either way the main reason I like this theory is because I think it’s more in keeping with the original theme of Compounding: Instead of simply being able to store memories, you’re able to duplicate them; just like instead of only being able to store strength or speed, you’re able to enhance the power stored in the metalminds. What do you guys think? This is my first every theory post, so I'm curious what responses I'll get.
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    By signing up for Brandon's newsletter you can get an exclusive RoW interlude, and it's a Syl interlude! Let's discuss it here. EDIT: Please note this should stay exclusive to the newsletter, so no distribution of it, but know you can simply sign up for Brandon's newsletter on his website.
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    Nah, just call random people and say: "No mating!" Then hang up. Perfect strategy.
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    The heating that happens in orbital reentry isnt going to become a huge issue for Windrunners without really working at it, because they arent being allowed to accelerate in a vacuum where they can exceed the speed of sound as dramatically as space-ships can. The bulk of the heat generated during reentry is from shock layers that form when the capsule (which as it comes in is going roughly 25 times the speed of sound) slams into the atmosphere, along with actual physical contact (convective) friction. Both of those really only become an issue when the flying object in question is going supersonic. They are at their worst when the object is smooth and blunt (approaching spherical), but get better if the object has more shape and contour to it because that give the air molecules more time to move out of the way. At it's most basic the speed of sound is the speed of propagation through the fluid (ie air), it's the max speed at which the molecules will act like dominos and bump into each other, which is also how fast sound wave will propagate through it, and how fast air molecules are able to get out of the way of an object. When something is moving faster than the speed of sound, those molecules can get out of the way fast enough and start getting compressed in strange ways instead, which leads to a lot of the heat generation in reentry. Once the module slows down below that speed, the temp drops and they start using parachutes and more normal control surfaces to slow down further. The trick they have to worry about is to not slow down too fast (strange statement to make...) to keep it under 8-9 g's of deceleration, so they dont hurt the crew. You normally wont fall faster than the speed of sound, because the drag increases sharply as you get closer to it so you usually reach an equilibrium speed, and require some additional active force before you can shove your way into a supersonic state. It is possible to go supersonic briefly by falling within the atmosphere, exploiting the loophole that the speed of sound is altitude dependent, so if you reach terminal velocity up there and then dive you may briefly reach a speed that is higher than the Speed of Sound at the lower altitude. But it would be so brief that they wouldnt have time to build up heat and ignite anything, and the physical wind forces they'd face might be a bigger problem. It's an issue for spacecraft because they get to accelerate entirely free of a terminal velocity, so when they hit the atmosphere they are going over 17,500 mph (mach 25) and cannot decelerate any faster than about 200 mph per second (without squishing their crew) so they have to hang around slamming through the air at supersonic speeds for a long time.
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    Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce that Palanaeum source code is finally becoming publicly accessible! We promised that from the start, but it actually took some additional work to make sure it fulfills all the requirements for it to be licensed under the AGPL license. Those of you, who are not familiar with software development and software licensing are probably confused, so let me explain the situation. Up until now, Arcanum software was kept in private repository. If something needed to be changed, only very limited number of coders could do it. From now on, the code is available to anyone, so if someone wants to contribute some of their time, they are free to do so! Additionally, because we use an open license, other fan groups are encouraged to use this code to create their own versions of Arcanum! I know that there is practically no documentation and the README is rather basic, but I'm open to answering questions and giving a hand to anyone interested in developing or running Palanaeum Oh, I nearly forgot Here's the public repository: https://github.com/Palanaeum/palanaeum
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    Based solely on appearance, I’d say that TenSoon can most accurately represent every single character in Smash.
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    Beginning of the book/series; These are the rules of magic and facts of history that we all know to be true. End of book/part way through series: Everything we know is a lie.
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    TL;DR The Horneater Peaks creation myth describes three "gods" that could be the Bondsmith spren altering mountains to make it so people could live up there. An epigraph says Urithiru was made by "the hands of no man". Another discussing its creation says people "asked it to be placed" which is odd phrasing, asked who? Shin worship spirits of the stone and don't walk on it, except Urithiru is OK. Because the "god of mountains" built it for humans live in? Humanity was nearly wiped out by the desolation in Nohadon's youth. How did they have the resources and bodies to create it in his lifetime? Maybe the same "gods" who altered the Horneater Peaks helped (did all the work) on this massive, complicated project that would allow people live in the mountains. Details This came about because I happen to read posts by @Halyo_Alex and @Bzhydack on the RoW spoiler board. The part that sparked me is spoiler-free. (https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/91137-row-chapter-2-3-discussion/?page=11). It is around the Sibling potentially being the "god of stone" or "god of the mountains" described in the Horneater Peaks creation story Rock tells in WoR. That story is essentially how three gods altered the mountains to make them livable up there for the Horneaters. It describes what could be the three bondsmith spren working together. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Unkalaki#The_Story_of_the_Horneater_Peaks I then resumed my re-read for the Stormlight Marathon on here and the first chapter I looked at had this: If the Sibling, or all three Bondsmith Spren combined made Urithiru, that would fit this. Szeth says it's OK to walk in Urithiru stone. The religion in Shinovar is led by Stone Shaman who revere the "spirits of the stones". Maybe Urithiru is OK because the ultimate "spirit" of the stone, mountains, whatever built it. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Stone_Shamanism Interesting wording, they are asking someone(s) to place it. Kind of like when the Horneaters asked a certain "god of the mountains" for help and this god worked with the other two gods (of waters(Stormfather) and trees (Nightwatcher) to alter what we know as the Horneater peaks. Urithiru was built by the time Nohadon wrote Way of Kngs. There's no evidence it existed earlier than Nohadon's lifetime, although it could have been. In the Nohadon vision he notes that 9 out every 10 of his people are dead and many other countries are as bad off or worse. I don't know if the humans had the resources or people to build it without a ton of supernatural help in one lifetime. Urithiru is really complicated and massive. I guess the "hands of no man" thing could be like surgebinders used magic, but it's a lot of work. Or the Singers built it, but that seems unlikely. It doesn't seem to have the cymantics of the Dawncities they are thought to have built for one thing. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Kabsal#History https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymatics This may be way off, but the Bondsmith spren are very powerful. Stormfather could summon a highstorm at will at the end of WoR. Nightwatcher can drastically alter humans down to their spiritweb. It would be cool if the Sibling's suspected connection to Urithiru was more than to act as its battery.
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    Daily Report 45-10-765 The samples seem to react to investiture. Some researchers were very thorough with labeling the samples but others were less careful. The team has finally organized the samples based on how they react. Sample C seems to attach itself to the interns’ hands while sample 14b had a strange habit of destroying whatever container it was in. These effects are being heavily monitored and results are still coming in. More research has disappeared and we must weed out anyone hurting the progress. Due to the lack of university oversight, the interns must decide among themselves, who to kick from the project. Player List If you didn't receive a PM let us know Day will end 8/4 at 8 PM MDT
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    It starts out seeming innocent, with Harry Potter, or The Chronicles of Narnia. Then, before you know it, they're deep in epic fantasy - Tolkien, Rothfuss, Sanderson, or worse. If your child exhibits signs of reading, call 1-800-BOOK-KID to find more resources.
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    What do you get if Shallan marries Adolin? A semi-Kholin.
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    [this space is where there would be a writeup space but I am tired so have some ??poetry???] because I could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me and took a person of each faith beyond reality so few left yet so many so blood soaked and alone but soon yet more will die and nothing move but bone Devotary died to the Korathi inquisition. She was Korathi. Bard was Cultist-killed. He was a Jeskeri Practitioner. Elkanah died to the Jeskeri Inquisition. He was a Jeskeri Cultist. I don’t think anyone died of inactivity but @ me if I missed anyone. Vote Count Devotary (3): Bard, Elk, Illwei Silber (2): Mist, Striker Elk (2): Devotary, Sart Cycle 5 has begun and will end in 23 hours. Happy hunting! Player List 1. Ashbringer - Korathi 2. Haelbarde - Jeskeri Cultist 3. Kasimir - Korathi 4. Devotary - Korathi 5. TJ Shade - Korathi 6. @Lord_Silberfarben - Ashen Silberfarben 7. Bard - Jeskeri Practitioner 8. Gears - Korathi 9. Straw - Korathi 10. Matrim - Korathi 11. Xino - Jeskeri Practitioner 12. @Mist - Tamai 13. @StrikerEZ 14. @The Young Pyromancer - Mancia Young 15. Lotus - Jeskeri Practitioner 16. Drake - Jeskeri Practitioner 17. Vapor - Korathi 18. Mint - Korathi 19. @Sart - Sevat 20. @Illwei - Avanae 21. Elkanah - Jeskeri Cultist
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    In my brother's mission in Bolivia, all the gangs LOVED the missionaries! They would be in the middle of a gang fight, the missionaries would walk by, the gangs would "pause" the fight and let the missionaries walk past safely, then "unpause" the fight. Also they would say to my brother things like "hey if anyone's bothering you, hit us up and we'll take care of them."
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    Wait! We need to... convert... you. *Sighs, then pulls out walkie-talkie* Salt Lake, I need a strike team on Truth's position, asap. *The following morning, there's a knock on Truth's door*
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    Gabe Orielle watched through the windows into a filthy skaa thieving den, his hands shaking. The Steel Ministry had killed his father for being unable to deal with this thieving crew. Even though they were only a cadet branch of the Orielles, news of the death had spread all the way to Luthadel, where the rest of the Orielles were based. Gabe had been given a choice: fix his father’s mistakes or have the entire cadet branch disowned for its failures. The sheer number of skaa here was disgusting. Such rooting, dirty creatures. Gabe looked among them, hoping to pick out the Steel Ministry’s infiltrators, but none of them stood out to him. Each of them looked equally stupid, equally subhuman, equally likely to stab him without a second thought. He let out a quiet sob. How was he supposed to do this by himself? Then, miracle of miracles, a fight broke out. One of the skaa pointed at another, accusing them of keeping a low profile. More jumped on the accusation. Then a skaa accused someone else, backing it up with their fists. Yes! Maybe he could do this! Gabe downed a vial of zinc shavings and burned it, pulling on the emotions of all the skaa there. Anger, righteousness, fear. The small fight turned into a full brawl. Gabe snuck past the fighting skaa -- they weren’t his real goal. Nobody heard his footsteps. He went down a hallway, into another room, this one a touch less dirty than the other one. It had actual furniture here, a desk with an ornate chair and a bed with a large skaa snoring on it. He pulled a paper from his pocket and compared the face on it to the face of the skaa. Check. This was Stink, crewleader of the thieving crew that had plagued his father for so long. He could do this. With this, Gabe would restore glory to his branch of the Orielles. He would make up for his father’s failings. Gabe tiptoed to the bed, drew a dagger, and buried it in Stink’s chest. Stink jerked awake and threw his body forward onto Gabe’s. He reached his hands around Gabe’s neck and squeezed. “You’re not killing me so easily, ya Ministry punk!” Stink roared. Spots swam in Gabe’s vision. He pummeled at Stink with his fists, but the weight was too much. Even for a wounded man, Stink was strong. Another, feminine voice sounded in the distance. “Stink? Is everything okay?” Then, someone else entered the room. With desperate panic, Gabe flared the last of his zinc and yanked on everything he could get in this new person. Ambition. Calm. Cruelty. Opportunism. Then he yanked on Stink’s sense of despair. The woman picked up the chair and brought it down upon Stink’s head. Then, she brought it down upon Gabe’s. His vision went black, and he knew no more. Hey y’all, this is Rae again. I’m sorry to tell you this, but… Stink is dead. A Steel Ministry assassin killed him. I was there to comfort him in his last moments, and he said that he wanted me to run the crew. So here I am. Here’s my first order: stop fighting each other. From what I hear, a whole lot of people bludgeoned Lumin to death, and someone took advantage of the chaos to knife Vilt. Reading over there looks like he keeled over from sheer fright. We can’t keep doing this, people! From now on, if you’re suspicious of someone, send them to me and we’ll make a jail for them. Feather, Varen, Caliex, I’m nominating you to bury the bodies. The rest of you are going to scrub this room clean from all the bloodstains, you hear me? Go on, get to it. Remember, if you’re suspicious of anyone, jail them, don’t kill them. Vote count: Mist: 5 (Ashbringer, Straw, TJ Shade, Eternum, Fifth Scholar) Frozen Mint: 4 (Vapor, Mist, MysticLotus, StrikerEZ Fifth Scholar: 3 (Frozen Mint, Devotary of Spontaneity, Lahilt) Lahilt is killed, and is a Skaa, Mist is a Skaa, and Shard of Reading dies of inactivity, and is also a Skaa Player list:
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