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    Hey everyone! So I, like many of you I'm sure, have been trying to successfully convert my wife to the Cosmere. Literally since I met her I've been trying to get her to read The Way of Kings but there never seemed to be a good time for her to jump into it - either she was reading something else, had too much work, or just couldn't commit to a 1000-page book whose series wasn't finished yet. However, we've recently figured out that she really enjoys being read aloud to - she likes the sound of my voice and it helps her relax after a long day (she's a high school English teacher dealing with teenage angst all day - please show her some sympathy here). So naturally, I finally sold her on tWoK and I've been reading it to her for the last few months, a bit at a time. At the moment, we're in part 2 and just read the scene where Dalinar experiences the first vision we see 'on-screen' where the Midnight Essence shows up and he fights it off with a fire poker. So here's another thing: my wife is absolutely hilarious and also has trouble remembering names (to be fair, Alethi names have a lot of -lin, -as, -nar suffixes), so I recently asked her to give me a breakdown of what she remembers each character as. Here's what she's got: Kaladin - Slaveboi - "He used to be soldierboi, now he's slaveboi, but I'm pretty sure by the end of all this he'll be shardboi" Shallan - Sneak - "She's so mean! She's just becoming friends with her to steal her magic jewellery. I don't like her." Dalinar - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - "He looks like JDM." Adolin - The Hot Brother - "He's kind of a slut right?" Renarin - The Awkward Brother Sylphrena - Manic Pixie Dream Girl Sadeas - B****boi - "He's the idiot with the bridges right? Yeah, he's a b****boi." Jasnah - Princess Jasmine - "She's a princess right? No? Yes - she's the daughter of Dead Kingy Boi." Gavilar - Dead Kingy Boi Szeth - The Michelin Man - "Because he's big and all in white!" "Tay, he's average size. Just his eyes are described as big." "Are you kidding me?" Elhokar - Boi King - "You're making sure to write these all as 'b-o-i', right?" Gaz - C***! - I know this board doesn't allow swearing - but she just straight-up shouted the c-word when I mentioned Gaz. The Stormfather - The Stormdaddy - "Make sure they know it's being said in an uncomfortably sexual way." Chasmfiends - Rock Lobsters Some early hot takes from Tay: - Dalinar killed Gavilar so that he could become king because he's in love with Gavilar's wife. - The shardbearer who Kaladin fights in the first chapter killed all of his men and enslaved Kaladin. - Sadeas is behind the cut saddle. - Kaladin and Syl are going to fall in love. - Kaladin is going to get a shardblade ("He's obviously going to get a shardblade Chris... don't mess with me here.") - Shallan already has a shardblade (!) - Shallan is going to feel too guilty to steal Jasnah's soul-caster OR "Princess Jasmine is going to catch her sneaking around and say 'Hey Sneak. Let's have a DMC about why you want to steal my magic jewellery.'" I also thought I'd pop back in on this thread every once in a while to update you with any fun observations she makes in the future, and thought this could be a nice place to share our experiences with introducing the series to the people in our lives and their reactions to us being insufferable and incorrigible nerds!
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    So there is a classic forum game that I've usually seen called "yes, but". Usually used in reference to wishes. Basically, the first person posts a wish, then the poster after them grants that wish but tacks on a rider to make it awful, then posts their own wish. And so on and so on. The Boons and Banes from the Nightwatcher seem ideal for this. Since the bane doesn't necessarily have to be directly connected to the boon granted, this opens up a bit more leeway, but I think it could still be at least mildly amusing to see what we lurkers of the forums come up with. So how about it? Who wants to play the Nightwatcher? I'll start off with a wish that should be simple enough to screw over. "I ask the Nightwatcher for the boon of immortality. Let me live through the ages forever, seeing the march of history progress."
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    Quick update! So I told my wife about how excited everyone was getting on this board. This is generally how it went down: ME: "I got so many points! I went from Prelan to Babsk to Houselord and now I'm a Forescout!" TAY: "None of those mean a single thing to me." ME: "So how about I read to you again tonight? You can help me with my burgeoning career as a Cosmere comedian. Wait - does that make me Wit?" TAY: "No, Chris. It makes me Wit. You're just the vessel I use to share my genius with the masses." Either way, I read a good five chapters last night. Here are some of the zingers: ME READING: "'I can save her,' Kal said." TAY: *snorts* "Ha! No you can't. Why? Because character development, Slaveboi, that's why." Tay tries to convince me by way of a five minute conversation that the White Stripes predicted the plot of the book - "Think about it, Chris! 'I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget'! Like the Stormdaddy is talking to JDM during the storms! I'm right." She has also predicted that Kaladin secretly killed Brightlord Wisitow when he was 13 - "Because... abuse? Or something. Slaveboi doesn't like Lighteyes anyways." She also came up with the following character names: Rock - Dwayne Johnston Wit - The Court Jester Brightlord Wisitow - Brightlord Wichita (this was the starting off point for her hot take on the White Stripes) Laral - Rosalind - "Rosamund. Because he's got unrequited love with her like Romeo and Rosamund. Wait - no. Rosalind. Rosamund is playing Moiraine." Lirin - Pop-Pop And last but not least, she came up with her title for The Way of Kings. I present to you: The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Book One of the Stormlight Archive. That's all I've got for now! But if we're stuck at home with COVID-19 any time soon, I'm sure there will be more!
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    EDIT: I've been informed that the signing report belongs in a different part of the forum and that what I should put here is all of my theorizing with the comments I got today added in, so... In the interest of this not being super ridiculous long, I'm going to link you to the series I've been posting on Tumblr with a note about what each post is about: Part 1 Here I outline how to get all of the binding patterns in the book from special cases of 9-point triangles Part 2 How you could get a 5 point defense as a result of looking at right triangles. Brandon confirmed the existence of 5 point defenses at the signing today, but said they haven't been well explored in-world. Part 3 How you could get an 8 point defense as a result of looking at right triangles. Brandon confirmed the existence of 8 point defenses at the signing today, but said they also haven't been well explored in-world. Note: In these tumblr posts (which were written before the signing) I postulate that some bind points might be stronger than others. Brandon told me that this is not the case. You can always bind more than one thing to a bind point, but binding multiple things weakens the point. It is a much better idea to add a small circle that gets 3 additional bind points. It doesn’t change anything if the point comes from multiple points in the 9-point construction. Part 4 Where I analyze the 9-point circle construction on obtuse triangles and come to the conclusion that they don't give us anything new. Part 5 Lots of thoughts on the changing curvature of ellipses and my guess at the Blad defense. I didn't get a chance to confirm any of this. Part 6 So, there is a generalization of the 9-point circle construction in Geometry that allows for the construction of ellipses. Here I talk about different triangle centers and how they could be used to produce 9-point ellipses. When I showed Brandon my page of 9-point ellipses constructed from different triangle centers he stared at them for a moment before answering. He hesitantly said that, yes, those constructions should be valid in theory, but that they shouldn’t be used in practice. The sides of ellipses are weak enough that if you expect to need to defend your sides you really should be using a circle. Part 7 More on 9 point ellipses Part 8 Various thoughts on lines of vigor many of which were confirmed today! Things that Brandon confirmed for me at the signing today: Yes, Lines of Vigor behave like light waves. Yes, this means that higher frequency waves are better for doing damage, lower frequency waves are better for transferring energy (and thus moving things) Yes, Lines of Vigor follow the rule that the angle of incidence = angle of reflection when bouncing off Lines of Forbiddance. LINES OF VIGOR ALSO REFRACT. I asked it in terms of whether they slightly change speed and direction when they move between materials like, say, concrete and asphalt. He said yes and that you also get the wavelength adjusting. There, ah, may still be more theorizing coming as I get it written up
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    OB spoilers Radiant in Shardplate sketch Also, a sketchbook spread for OB interlude character Kaza
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    -> Download Version 0.09 here! <- Hey, y'all! First thread on this forum. I'm a student at Future Games in Stockholm, and this is a pet project I'm working on between classes. I'm working in Unreal Engine 4 and its Blueprint visual coding system. I started this a couple of months ago when I was just done with the Hero of Ages and really into the allomancy magic system. I'm currently on Shadow of Self. No plot spoilers! Goal The goal of this project is to make an FPS-style Mistborn game, where you can play around with some schmexy allomancy. As a fan-made game, this will stay free-to-play. Caveat I want to make a good game representation of the Mistborn books, but some things are blocking the way. School. My time is spontaneously devoted to this project. (But now it's summer, b*tches!) Me. I'm not the most passionate die-hard fan, I just like the idea of a properly made game, as in true to the material. Controls. I want that feeling of being a cool Mistborn, jumping through the mists, throwing things around. But. Computer/console controls are severely limiting to a magical power that should take your whole body to control (Yeah, who knew, huh?). I want the player to have a good time, regardless of having read the books or not, so I will keep controls from being overly complicated. More advanced moves from the books will probably not be possible, so I will focus on making the general moves feel really cool and make sense for the player. Current features These are the features that I have right now. This will be updated as I go along. The most recent additions are in bold. Steelpushing / Ironpulling Mouse buttons for push / pull (on/off) One target at a time Lock onto target (look around and still control the object) Good-enough physics Coin Drop coin in front of camera Pick up coin from ground (added June 23) Hold coin in front of camera (added July 1) Choice to drop coin on ground and instantly push off it (added July 1) Choice to push coin forward from hand (added July 1) Pewter Switch on/off (added July 11) Greater jump height (added July 11) Faster running speed (added July 11) Extra Health (added July 11) Faster Regeneration (added July 11) Higher tolerance towards fall damage (added July 11) Auto-Pewter @ landing (Reactively take damage to pewter instead of Health if not burning) (added July 12) Tin Switch on/off (added July 20) Makes mist less impeding (added July 20) Makes damage sight-blur less impeding (added Aug 1) Makes bloodshot screen more impeding (added July 28) Take more damage (added July 31) Level A small Skaa area of Luthadel by the wall Downloaded free 3D assets Sexy, effective mist (added July 31) Nonsensical metal plates placed in various locations for easy testing (don't @ me) Pickupable coin pouches (added June 23) Pushable coin pouches (added June 24) Tutorial area with signs (added June 25) Pickupable metal vials (added June 25) Player Coin counter (added June 23) Health tracker (added June 24) Fall damage (added June 24) Regen health (added June 24) Metal tracker (added June 25) Auto-pick up coins and vials you pull towards you (added June 26) Pick up metal vials to inventory (added July 30) Drink metal vials from inventory (added July 30) Melee fighting (no animation) (added Aug 26) NPCs Unreal default character model (added Aug 22) Moving around (added Aug 22) Faction system (who reacts in what way to whom) (added Aug 22) Take damage & die (no animations) (added Aug 22) Damage player and each-other (no animations) (added Aug 22) GUI Health bar (added June 24) Bloodshot screen while damaged (added June 24) Damage blurs your sight (added July 31) Metal bars Steel (added June 25) Iron (added June 25) Pewter (added July 11) Tin (added July 26) Coin amount (added June 25) Pewter Health bar (added July 11) Screen shakes when falling too fast (added July 12) Hold button to open vial inventory (added Aug 1) Sounds Taking fall damage (added June 24) Dying (added June 24) World music (added June 25) Pick up vial (added Aug 1) Drink vial (added June 25) Pick up coin (added June 25) Coinshot (added July 1) Asset Rights Future features
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    We got to the end of Part 2! Here's some of the greatest hits up until Dalinar's choice to abdicate. Navani – Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold – “Not Michelle Pfeiffer… make sure they know it's Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold every time.” Chulls – Crab-cows – “It’s what they are, Chris!” ME: *reading about Kaladin thinking about abandoning the warcamps* TAY: If he’s going to abandon his friends in Bridge Four I’m done. He will be Traitorboi to me if he does that. ME: Knobweed- TAY: Ha! Knobweed. Sounds like pubes. That’s what I’m calling your pubes from now on. ME: So now that you’ve heard all of them – can you guess who wrote the letter in the epigraphs? TAY: *defeated* I dunno Chris. Is it the Court Jester? ME: Yes! TAY: Wait – really? Oh damnation I’m good at this! *after Bridge Four has chasm duty for the first time* TAY: Huh. Guess I was wrong. I seriously thought Slaveboi would be attacked by a Rock Lobster down there. ME: *knowing smile* ME: *describes Kaladin doing his first kata with a spear on chasm duty with Bridge Four* TAY: Weird flex, but ok. ME: *describing Dalinar smashing things with a hammer when he’s thinking* TAY: That’s some Perrin Aybara stuff right there. ME: *says ‘Brightlord’* TAY: Hey Chris hey. If there’s a brightlord is there a dumblord? Heh. *pauses* Sadeas. Sadeas is a dulllord. ME: *reads the word khokh and linil describing Dalinar’s glyphpair* TAY: Did you say cock? *laughs uproariously* And it’s in the shape of a tower too! Ha! Legitimately interested reactions (oohs and aahs - not just being funny) to: - Dalinar thinking that there’s a pattern to the Shattered Plains. - The Parshendi having grown their own armour - How spanreeds work
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    Welcome one and all to another edition of The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Over the last month during our lockdown here in South Africa, I have read up to chapter 37 and here are some reactions: - First thing to note is that Tay has 100% gotten aboard the Shallan hate train. When we read the chapter where Kaladin and Bridge Four does the side carry and messes up Sadeas' battle plan, Tay was very excited to keep going. As soon as I read "Sometimes, when Shallan walked into the Palaneum," Tay shouted "No! Ungh! Why does it always have to be Shallan! She ruins EVERYTHING!" Thereafter followed an intense debate about whether we could skip that Shallan chapter to see what happens to Kaladin right away. We did so. - When Bridge Four is training and following orders from Kaladin, Tay likes to sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. We then had a nice laugh imagining Teft, Rock, and Moash in concubine drag breaking into Kholinar Palace. - "Why can Rock see Syl? Is he some kind of mountain yogi esoteric boi? Like baby Yoda?" (a few minutes later) "Chris stop. I got distracted. We have to watch a video of Baby Yoda before we keep reading." - When Tay realized that Kal was going to be strung up in the storm: "Oh he's gonna go Super Saiyan! They're gonna be like 'hey die in the storm' and he's gonna be like 'b**** I am the storm'." - Reacting to the quote about Nohadon walking from Abamabar to Urithiru, Tay starts singing "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. That was, interestingly, the song that she walked down the aisle to and what we walked out together to when we got married since we were in a long-distance relationship for years. Coulda used some Oathgates during that time, lemme tell ya. - At one point I had to explain the basics of Fabrials (felt a little like Navani talking to Dalinar). Went into how you had to lure a spren in with something that it likes and then trap it in a gemstone so that it could do the thing you want, like be a heating Fabrial. Tay got very upset at this, as she sees spren like little animals that are being confined in Fabrials, so she has decided to start an organization like S.P.E.W. from Harry Potter. She also insisted it was to have the same acronym and spent a few minutes coming up with "Spren... have a PURPOSE! Every - Where! Ha! SPEW: Spren have a Purpose Every Where!" Which I think is noble, but also sounds like it could definitely be a pro-Fabiral lobby as well. - In a quote in the epigraphs of part 3, Jasnah's notes talk about the Dawnshards. Tay felt like this was a comparable phrase to having an erection first thing in the morning. - Once we got back to a Shallan chapter: "Why must fantasy writers make redheads hot? Why do we insist on thinking that Ginny Weasley is somehow hot? She isn't hot. Fantasy writers: Stop trying to make Ginny Weasley happen." - Tay also pointed out how Shallan would often raise a hand to her 'breast' instead of her 'chest', thus subtly sexualizing her in a way that a character like Kaladin or Dalinar wouldn't be. I'm gonna keep an eye out for it, but I doubt there is any mention of Kaladin's breast. It was fun to imagine a sexualized Kaladin, however, going outside the Bridge Four barrack and stretching out his tight, muscley butt for all the lumberworkers to check out. - Probably the chapter that Tay has enjoyed most is "The Lesson" where Jasnah faces down the murderers in the alleys of Kharbranth. There was a lot of "Yeah!"s and "That's my GIRL"s and a notable "Princess Jasnah - THE FEMINIST ICON WE NEED!" happening throughout the latter half of the chapter when Jasnah was explaining her modus operandi to a shell-shocked Shallan. That's all for now! Wash your hands, ya filthy cremlings!
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    Thank you both, kindly! I've ventured into the realm of digital for this next sketch. If any other artists have helpful digital tips or critique, please do let me know, as I am very new to digital. (Special thanks to Bota and Kandra for your advice and suggestions!) Siri from Warbreaker
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    Hello I just wanted a place to collect my Sanderson sketches.
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    It's the story of a piece of God that was trying to understand the pain of a human and went to a god to ask for help, but he couldn't give it to her. So she went to a human that experienced pain himself, and he made her look into herself to find a way to understand. It's a fairytale with Stormlight characters. I've been in a somewhat emotionally fragile state since I read it.
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    Sorry for double posting Did some mistborn related sketching yesterday
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    Small doodles. I'm not very comfortable with acrylic but I received some paints in a sketchbox subscription that a good friend gifted me, so I did both of these using tools from those. The first one is Vin in acrylic and the second is Adolin in watercolor pencil. (Had a very limited range of colors to work with on that one so I took some strong artistic liberties....)
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    Thank you so much, dear, I appreciate your comment ^.^ Now I present.... A Kaza doodle concept, and also shaded for practice xD
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    New doodles. Spensa (cockpit is super inaccurate, sorry), Spook, and Kaladin/Syl Skyward "spoiler" kinda, not really
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    Ahahah sorry!!! That made me laugh though. Khriss (Practice again with digital, it's really difficult. Wanted to do something in Persona 5 colors, but I don't really draw anime style.)
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    Welcome to a very special edition of The Adventures of Slaveboi and Lavagirl (what she called it this week). This week we cover Tay's reactions and hot takes from Jasnah's lesson up to Kaladin's suggestion to Bridge Four that they fight back. Spoiler tags have been used because Tay reads these posts too - I see you reading this. A couple of new names: Sigzil - Schnitzel - "You said schnitzel right? Whatever. That's his name now." (she also believes Sig is Szeth in disguise) Brother Kabsal - Athalas/Jam Boi TAY: Shallan wants to get all up on Athalas." ME: Who?" TAY: Athalas. You know - Jam Boi?" ME: You mean Kabsal? TAY: Yeah sure. Close enough. HOT TAKES: "So Jasnah is this successful, competent, beautiful woman who is older than her brother, right? She's this clever BAMF and DESERVES to be monarch and Elhokar is this dumb vain idiot who is king now because of Alethkar's patriarchy? Man Jasnah should have been queen this entire time. In short, I'm Jasnah and my brother is Elhokar." She successfully guessed that She also guessed that Hot take on Bridge Four being given permanent chasm duty: "Oh! They're gonna fight a rock lobster! Finally! Kaladin is going to fight him off singlehandedly... wait no, Rock and Teft are going to distract the rock lobster and then Kaladin is gonna kill him and then they're gonna get the gemheart and use it to BUY ALL THE STEW." And now, a special edition. Tay declared who each of us were from Stormlight. For context, Cosmo is our sleek black cat and Timbit is out larger, lazier tabby cat. "Well I'm obviously Slaveboi. He's prone to depression, he's surrounded by idiots who constantly need saving, but he's also a boss babe like me who gets things DONE." "Cosmo is Syl. She follows me around all the time, but disappears for hours on end and does things to deliberately annoy you. She also has a dark, dark past that she doesn't want to talk about." "Timbit is Adolin. Cute, strong, but so so lovably dumb." "You? You're Shallan. Low-key the worst, full of puns, you read a lot, and you've got a weird thing about your family." I always considered myself more of a Dalinar, but hey, she's married to me so she would know, right? That's all for now!
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    EDIT: I apologize that these images are enormous on desktop, if you click on them, they will scale to fit your screen. They look ok on mobile, which is what I primarily use to post. Some Parshendi
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    My Father passed away suddenly a few days ago after a devastatingly short battle with cancer. I'm trying to do what one often doesn't do, and actually say to people that I care for them, value them or am just thankful to know them. I'll try to do one of these each day, about members of the 17th Shard community. But it's not a thread about me, it's a thread about being thankful. So please, post here too if you have community members to be thankful for. Please keep it to community members though.
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    Is Kaladin Michael Jordan-ing? After Michael Jordan's father died, he quit basketball for a time to play baseball, the sport his father always wanted him to play. Eventually he came back to basketball. Has Lirin died and in his guilt and grief has Kaladin abandoned fighting to become a surgeon as he thinks he needs to make amends to his father? This could all be part of his journey to the fourth Ideal. He failed to protect his father and he's still struggling with his failure here.
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    I almost forgot about this thread. Whoops. I've been doing inktober so not much Cosmere art, but here are some I've done recently.
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    Just steps for my new lil painting
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    From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Quick painting of Jasnah Watercolor
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    So readily admit it is in no way confirmation, but I feel Syl and Dalinar's conversation is another feather in the cap of my theory that Dalinar will have a hand in Adolin reviving Maya. His powers can literally affect the bonds between radiant and spren. I think this is foreshadowing of him restoring what was lost to those spren that were killed. Fingers crossed I am right!
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    This is from the latter part of Part 3 to the chapter where Hoid tells Kaladin about the Wandersail. We’re in the home-stretch now, people! Names: Tanavast = Tabasco "The spiciest of all the Shards" Lopen = Gancho Hot Takes/Reactions: Tay was very switched on for the chapter “Child of Tanavast” and inundated me with questions about the Cosmere. I explained the Shattering of Adonalsium to her (“So they straight-up Julius Caesared him?”) as well as Shards, Vessels, Splinters… the whole thing. In one chapter Kaladin wakes up and "raises a hand to his breast": TAY: Okay I see. Sexism reversed. Please tell the people of Mind Readers that I officially rescind my statement about Shallan being sexualized as Kaladin is too. ME: Mind readers? TAY: Yeah, the website you post my reactions on? ME: It’s the 17th Shard – you’ve been on there. TAY: I feel like I'm close enough. Tay was very satisfied that Shallan got found out re: stealing Jasnah's Soulcaster and was ditched in the Kharbranth hospital. This feeling is soured, however, since she knows Shallan is the flashback character in book 2 (I talk about these books too much). Tay was insanely upset that Kaladin ditched the Shardblade after winning it in Alethkar. She, quite astutely, compared it to coming into a fortune’s worth of Nazi gold. While it is a tainted treasure, it could definitely be donated to a Jewish charity or something to try to do good with it. Admittedly, he tried to give it to a darkeyes, but Amaram dealt with that. Later on that night, Tay was chopping something with a knife: TAY: Hey look, I’m Kaladin. *drops the knife and walks away* TAY: *under her breath*: Idiot. She was also blown away by Amaram’s betrayal of Kal. This followed: TAY: I want a spoiler. Does Slaveboi get to kill Amaram? ME: Do you want a full explanation or a yes/no? TAY: Just a yes or a no. ME: No. TAY: Damnation! Dalinar noticing that the Parshendi fight in male/female teams: “This has led to the belief that there are no dwarf women!” - Sneakly little LotR reference for ya. My last little thing was that I decided to quiz Tay on who was in the Bridge Four poster that was released by Team Sanderson earlier today and, well, she was actually pretty spot-on with most of her guesses. I thought it would be funnier, but as much as she would deny it, I think she’s super into Stormlight now. Guess I’ve succeeded guys! We'll probably have one last post with her reactions to the end of the book that should come within the next couple weeks. Here are her guesses, incidentally.
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    Hey all,I started a project about a week ago, and as the title of this post suggests, it is an English to High Imperial translator. It is still in early stages, bound to have its bugs, but I would love some feedback. If you have ideas to make the output better, creative junk to toss into the translated sentence, or any idea how to use "Notting" in conjunction with the tense setting terms I'm all ears!The translator can be found here: http://highimperialtranslator.com/Best,Richard
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    Thank you T.T Here are some doodles because I've been suffering from art block lately. I got these copic markers for christmas and I've been practicing skin tones using our most beloved characters, I'm so sorry.
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    My cryptic spren and my sword, a sassy Jewels, a watercolor kaladin that I accidentally destroyed right after this pic, and an inquisitor. Big sketch dump, just goofy pages in my trashbook
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    The idea of this is that rather than replying with full guesses, everyone replies with any info, arguments, or connections on the subject they have or can find, and I'll continue to update the main topic. There's enough information now that we should be able to piece some things together with a lot of certainty. In making assumptions here, we want to make assumptions that narrow down the possibilities significantly more than they decrease the likelihood. I've numbered all of the WoBs I'm using in a spoiler at the bottom. Essentially all of these use RoW update 5 ([1]), so read that if you haven't. When I reference that update, the connection includes more than just the group format. What we know about the group format: Deductions: Character groupings as they can be determined from those deductions: Going slightly beyond WoBs - Likely candidates for Character1: Various archived speculation (now redundant or incorrect, but still contains interesting things to consider): WoBs:
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    I am back with some doodles. I haven't had the art juju for a while now, so I've just been doing these mini portraits on my phone. Shallan Jasnah Renarin Eshonai
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    I appreciate your comment! Here is the line art for my Jasnah Painting that can be found here: And in the comments of that painting, I have a breakdown of steps!
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    Renarin, Sureblood, Adolin, Jasnah
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    Ah thank you, it's particularly nice to hear from another artist! I appreciate you! This is another line art sketch for my (OB spoiler) Odium painting. This one was very quick to go from the doodle to the painting, and I like the sketchy quality of the under drawing a lot. It tends to be one of my more contested drawings, because everyone has their own picture of him in their mind. I personally see his human form as being imperious and arrogant, older, and somewhat Shin, and very put together in a crisp white suit. I am planning on someday doing a companion piece for his Parshendi form.
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    I'm curious to see who gets this joke.
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    Seems we got some confirmation that Shardplate is made of (probably lower) spren....
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    Thoughts: *Yaaay, spren POV! *I really liked Syl in this chapter. I normally don’t, so that felt good. *Seems like Kaladin has been assigned to healing duty in Urithiru, and regressed into depression again. *Stormfather is still a useless piece of moldy crem. *Rock gave Amarams plate to his daughter? I assume she has the Blade too then. But why is she cooking if she is a warrior? *Syls first knight was named Relidor. He should have been called Merin for easter egg purposes.
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    I think it's most likely that Moelach is more of an information gathering tool. I think that Moelach pulls information from people as they die, whether that is actual knowledge, or just as fuel for future sight, to somehow aid in Odium’s "Diagram." In short, I think the death rattles are a side effect.
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    Other Capabilities Member Statuses, Following Members Yes, you can post statuses here, kind of like Facebook. On any member’s profile, you can follow them to get notified about content they post. Then, you can post status updates. Lastly, on any member’s profile, you can also comment there, which acts somewhat like a Facebook wall. Reputation Points On the bottom right of topics, posts, and comments, you’ll see an up button. Here, you can upvote a post in the site’s reputation system. If you think something is awesome, upvote them! Reputation points are carried throughout the site and are displayed whenever make a post. When you give out reputation, it’s anonymous to other members, so feel free to let your voice be heard!
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    Lots of news in the past hour, so let's cover them on the quick! First, Tor.com has published the Prologue & Chapter 1: Calluses of Rhythm of War! You can go read them on their website, and also bookmark the Rhythm of War index, because new chapters will be dropping every Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern. You can discuss this set of chapters in our Prologue and Chapter 1 discussion thread. Normally, this would be news enough, but today we also have a SDCC video of Brandon reading from Chapters 7 & 8 from the new Stormlight doorstopper (also embedded below, for your convenience). Note that the second half of the video is a brief Q&A that's full of spoilers. All of the questions were selected from this Reddit thread from about a month ago, if you want to go read some of the discussion around them. In less explosive news, Brandon sat down with Alison Flood of The Guardian and did an interview. Dawnshard, the new Stormlight novella taking place between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War has jumped to 20% in just about 3 days, so that seems to be going well. And finally, Isaac posted a new Kickstarter update a couple of days ago, it includes some of Ben McSweeney's sticker illustrations and some actual photos of the leatherbound.
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    From the album Cosmere Dresses

    Here's Rysn (and her plant) showing off some Thaylen fashion.
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    Ok, so I realize that I am submitting this way early, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to tomorrow, so here it is! Good luck, @Lunamor, @Fezzik, and @Matrim's Dice!!! May the best roast win!
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    I am Talenel'Elin, Herald of War. The time of the Return, the Desolation, is near at hand. We must prepare. You will have forgotten much, following the destruction of the times past. Kalak will teach you to cast bronze, if you have forgotten this. We will Soulcast blocks of metal directly for you. I wish we could teach you steel, but casting is so much easier than forging, and you must have something we can produce quickly. Your stone tools will not serve against what is to come. Vedel can train your surgeons, and Jezrien... he will teach you leadership. So much is lost between Returns... I will train your soldiers. We should have time. Ishar keeps talking about a way to keep information from being lost following Desolations. And you have discovered something unexpected. We will use that. Surgebinders to act as guardians... Knights... The coming days will be difficult, but with training, humanity will survive. You must bring me to your leaders. The other Heralds should join us soon.
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    Thank you so much! I have been getting a lot more comfortable with the different tools in Autodesk, which helps a lot. Before, I was struggling a lot with the interface and it just made me so frustrated. Hopefully my newfound knowledge with the app will translate once I have time to do a big drawing on my computer! I find the best way to improve is to DRAW DRAW DRAW and don't stop drawing! Stockpile some references, make a folder of inspirational artwork that you want to learn from, and get a private sketchbook that you can just mess around in without being afraid of judgement. I only start improving once I practice with intent. As far as poses and styles, find references similar to what you want to draw and use them to help with the framework for your own art. With enough practice, I know you will be very happy with your sketches! Here is a bonus Szeth
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    Is it just me or does it feel like Syl has some form on ADD/ADHD? I wonder if that is a character trait or something which came from her experiences?
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    We got the name of either Truthwatcher or Stoneward spren: peakspren.
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    Morning all, As most of you probably did, I took the Knights Radiant Quiz on Brandon's website this morning and I coerced Tay into doing the same. Much to her delight, I ended up as a Lightweaver and she landed on Windrunner - exactly as she predicted all those weeks ago when she said she was Kaladin and I was Shallan. *sigh*
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    You're assuming she's lawful good. Rather think chaotic neutral
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