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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this! EDIT 10/21/2020: This is all still going! We've gone through over 200 pages of replies distributing. It's just that we remove posts here once we send them out.
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    You know you're a Sanderfan when someone mentions a 17th Shard swim calendar, and you can't stop yourself from assigning a Sanderson character to every month. I am so sorry. Cosmere 2015 A Year of Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual Beauty! Vin in her corset as Ms. January! Picture taken just moments before she beat our stealth photographer into a pulp! These Newcagoan girls prove just how stylist steel swimsuits can be! Setting aside the obvious discomforts and glaring design flaws, of course. Eshonai's carapace swimwear as Ms. March is beautiful as it is mildly unsettling! You might think Regalia's past the age to be modeling in a swimsuit calendar. Ms. April proves you wrong! Satisfaction and sanity not guaranteed. Ever wonder what a lady Inquisitor in a bikini looks like? If we've spiked your curiosity, you'll love Ms. May! Shai as Ms. June! No, she isn't a model. But her nifty diagram will tell you how to stamp any article of clothing into swimwear! It's great at parties! Navani Kholin might raise a few eyebrows with her line of transparent swim-gloves... check out Ms. July for more info, wink wink. You know the Lord Ruler is immortal, invincible, and inexorable... but did you also know that he looks fabulous in a leotard? We can't see her, but our friend Stephen Leeds assures us that Ivy's modeling quite the one-piece as Ms. September! If you could see Ms. October's attire, you'd be amazed. Unfortunately you can't see her. As a White Sand character, the page with Khriss' modeling is available only on special request from Team Sanderson. Did you know there are female chasmfiends? Do you know how hard it is to design a swimsuit for a giant flesh-eating crustacean, let alone getting the storming thing to wear it? Maybe if you did, you'd appreciate Ms. November a little more. Just sayin'. And last but not least, Ms. December--surprise, it's Stick! This piece of waterlogged wood may not be fire, but that doesn't mean it can't be hot! ... Again, I am so, so sorry. Not very sorry though.
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    Not sure if they would do war again right after Rhythm of War. Possible K words: Knight, Kingdom, Kaladin, Kale, King, Kangaroo, Ketchup, Kin, Kitty Possible middle words: of (probably), or, on Possible W words: Wit, Ways, Winds, Warlord, Watch, Wedding, Welfare, Whales (Spacewhales?), White My possible combinations: King of Wit, Kale of Whales, Knight of White (?), Kingdom of Winds, Kangaroo on Watch, etc.
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    Now returning to the books as Orlion suggested... Mistborn spoilers
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    Second to last meme that I made on that fateful, boring day: You may find it funny, and you may not. I thought it was funny .
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    Thanks so much, I like to think of her as a classy elder Alethi woman. Here's some more sketchbook offerings A pretty Kaladin who has finally met a hairbrush A Renarin I'm not a fan of and will redo, and a Siri and Vivenna Smol Steris doodle Melaan in a pretty dress A not so well dressed Melaan (I said her dress was made of muscle juice and got a few grimaces. The world just isnt ready.) Szeth wore a white mistcloak on the day he was to kill a Lord Ruler.
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    I finished the first Mistborn book just a few days ago and was inspired immediately. Especially by the end I got quite emotional so I was trying to capture that in a picture of Vin. "When you remember me , please remember that. Remember how to smile." Hope you like it.
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    Greetings all, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been going through a lot. I met my best friend on the Stormlight Archive facebook group several years ago. She was very outgoing and friendly and had an AMAZING sense of humor and was so passionate about the Cosmere. Along with a handful of others, she and I helped admin a Cosmere: Theories group, dedicated to theorycraft and more serious discussion. Basically our whole friendship revolved around books as well as art. We even met and roomed together at JordanCon 2019, spending the whole time goofing off together and enjoying the fandom. Well. My best friend passed away mid-March, a couple days after my birthday. She was the one who supported my art by sending me the Sketchbox subscriptions and I sent her all the art I've made with those. I miss her a lot and I just wanted to remember her here before I post the first batch of art I've made since she passed. Let your friends know how much you love and appreciate them. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Kokerlii and Sak A kitsen Mistwraith A nightmaw A songling Six Fanarts challenge, characters all suggested from people in the 17s discord. TenSoon, Sixth of the Dusk, Rock, Azure, Axies, Galladon.
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    A Detailed Theory on the Identity of Odium's Champion TL;DR: It's Ishar. First off, let's get this out of the way. Why I don't think Moash is the champion. Odium chose Dalinar as his champion due to his fearsome prowess on the battlefield. Moash on the other hand, grew up as a caravan worker and picked up the spear for the first time under Kaladin's tutelage in the chasms. You'd ideally want the best of Odium's to become his champion and Moash is nowhere near that even with a newly bonded Honorblade. Meanwhile, Dalinar's side has so many deadly fighters. Szeth: trained to use all ten Surges and capable of killing multiple Shardbearers at once; Kaladin: master spearman; Adolin: master duelist; Jasnah: who can kill without even a touch; all of whom have been training for years. It'll hardly be a fair contest. Furthermore, Moash's role is to provide a perspective into what would drive a human to side with the Voidbringers. It has occurred in prior Desolations and thus a human fighting for the Voidbringers does not make Moash a champion to be. And then there's this: Moash is aware that humans are invaders on Roshar. We saw how troubled Bridge Four became when they learned about this in Oathbringer. I'm certain that we're going to see more humans side with the Voidbringers in the upcoming books. That Moash did it first does not make it unique. Hell, there are 26 countries on Roshar: Azir, Jah Keved, Thaylenah, Shinovar, Iri, Rira etc and nobody outside a handful in Alethkar are even aware Moash exists. If Moash and Kaladin were indeed set up to become champions of their respective sides, we'd ideally have them start off on opposite ends of the world and have their character arcs grow towards each other. Instead we have Kaladin and Moash, both from the same kingdom, under the same highprince, in the same bridge crew and with a personal history between them, now fighting over the fate of all of Roshar? It's just doesn't make sense. There's simply not enough depth to make Moash a compelling villain threatening the entire human civilization in Book 5. As we saw at the end of Oathbringer, the war has already affected several countries in Roshar; thus it only makes sense that all nations have a stake in the conflict. And that leads me perfectly to my next point: Who among the handful of people are known to all of Roshar and wield immense power? Why do I suspect the Heralds? We have begun seeing similar occurrences being mirrored on both sides of the war. Humans have begun to side with Odium; singers have begun to side with the Radiants. The Thrill, a Splinter from Odium's side is captured; Jezrien, a cognitive shadow from Honor's side is killed. Sja-Anat, a Splinter from Odium's side wants to betray him and join the Radiants; A Herald, a cognitive shadow from Honor's side has betrayed him and joined Odium. Or as the epigraph from Words Of Radiance cleverly alludes: The Heralds are incredibly weak after centuries of torture and I doubt they'd offer any resistance if Odium offered them the same deal he did to Dalinar: Give me your pain and in return, serve me. Narrowing down our list of suspects. Why do I suspect Ishar? Here's a detailed timeline of Ishar's activities with relevant quotes. Note that there's one section below which is pure speculation and I have called it out as such but it ties together several disparate plot lines neatly. Aharietiam - 4500 years ago Ishar agreed to serve Odium even before Aharietiam. He is the who convinced the Heralds to abandon the Oathpact after a Desolation where only Taln died in the course of battle. Ishar suggested that one person may be enough to keep the following Desolations at bay. And so, the nine agreed to abandon the Oathpact. From the prelude of The Way of Kings: Ishar is the only Herald who survived the Desolations with his mind intact. From Oathbringer: Speculation Start I suspect Ishar assumed Taln being the sole Herald would not hold out for long and decided to wait it out until Taln broke. However, Taln's iron will over the centuries held strong and Ishar grew increasingly frustrated and instigated the False Desolation. False Desolation and Recreance - 2000 years ago The False Desolation is key to understanding the events which lead to the Recreance. Here is a quote from Coppermind: Look at the last paragraph (highlighted in bold) above. Ba-Ado-Mishram somehow managed to Connect with a vast number of singers. Next, here's a quote from the Stormfather to Dalinar: Next up, here's a quote regarding the Dawnshards: Putting these quotes together, it's very likely that Ishar used a Dawnshard to bind / Connect with a Voidish entity: Ba-Ado-Mishram. Furthermore, only a Herald is capable of wielding Connection on a planet scale and bind with a vast number of minds. However Melishi, the sole Radiant Bondsmith of the era captured Ba-Ado-Mishram and due to the unnatural nature of the Connection, the capture led to all Connected singers losing their Identity. Quoted from Coppermind: I must take a moment to gush about the divine foreshadowing here. In the novella Edgedancer, we are introduced to the country of Tashikk. It is named after whom the Tashikki worship: Tashi. Here's a quote about Tashi from Coppermind: It is pretty clear that Tashi (the Binder of the World) is none other than Ishar. On Roshar, the character h is often used as a substitute for any or no character. Let's drop the h from Tashi to obtain Tasi. Now, let's revisit an earlier quote but this time look closely at the source: Rearrange the characters of the word ista; what do we get? Speculation End Now, there's one other significant event which ties into the Recreance: Nale's third ideal as a Skybreaker was to follow the word of Ishar. Nale seems incapable of making his own decisions and keeps visiting Ishar to seek guidance. Supporting quote from Edgedancer: Another one: From Oathbringer: Ishar is also the who sets Nale up on his mission to kill all budding Knights. Nale's a Skybreaker of the fifth ideal. He is the law. Hence all Skybreakers simply continued following Nale's will, and by extension, Ishar's will. Hierocracy - 500 years ago Ishar's next attempt at seizing power came during the Hierocracy, by which he had started wearing the guise of a God priest. Here's a very interesting quote, from The Way Of Kings: Here's another quote from Coppermind: Ishar almost certainly headed the Hierocracy and commanded his priests to conquer the world and control all people. He also did not want knowledge of the Radiants and Shadesmar to spread and thus rewrote significant portions of books and knowledge. However it was sometime during this time, a young conqueror from Alethkar, Sadees the Sunmaker began an ambitious quest to conquer all of Roshar. I'm also certain that the Sunmaker saw the same visions as Dalinar did from the Stormfather. Relevant quote: Sadees, being a ruthless warrior attempted to "unite them" via conquest and put down the Hierocracy. For reasons unknown, he was poisoned soon after, leading to his death. I suspect involvement by the Ghostbloods, as poison seems to be their MO: Kabsal attempts to poison Jasnah; Iyatil attempts to poison Amaram through a blow-dart. Present Day As the God Priest of Tukar, Ishar has been engaged in the Eighty's War against Emul for control of the city of Sesemalex Dar. Here's evidence of Voidspren mysteriously appearing near Tukar: Here's some very subtle foreshadowing that Odium's forces are lead by a "head ardent" aka God Priest. And finally, Book Five was supposed to Dalinar's book, ie the Bondsmiths' book, before Sanderson switched it to Book Three. The final showdown in Book Five will be Dalinar, the Radiant Bondsmith going head to head against Ishar, the Herald of Bondsmiths, with both dueling and influencing Connection on a vast scale.
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    Sisters Shallan (DTIYS if you want, tag me if you do!)
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    Knights off work - the story of Szeths luxury cruise around the Reisi Isles, sun bathing and pina colada.
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    Kiss of Wonder
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    A very quick sketch of my OC, Dominique Just a cute doodle done during a conversation in the 17s discord, TenSoonie and baby Vin And a couple Nikki Savage sketches because of the awesome interview Isaac Stewart did on Tor recently!
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    So, we have a small group of cosmere fans on fb and we were talking about ships and all, and one thing let to another and we came up with weird shardic realizations. A little NSFW, so putting up a warning. And if such posts are not allowed in this forum, by all means let me know or delete it. It's chill. Endowment would be the hottest of all shards because she is obviously well 'endowed'. If Devotion and Dominion were a couple, It would be pretty safe to assume that they were into bondage and stuff. If human x spren is possible, then shallan is the luckiest teenager in Roshar. Cuz pattern vibrates. If there is a survival shard, and the shard holder was female, it is very possible that "there is always another secret" refers to Kelsier and The shard holder's children. There were other way more nsfw stuff, but I am kinda hesitant to put them here :"D
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    Did an art trade with Kandra in the 17s discord, designing female Steel Inquisitors. This is my OC but she is unnamed still. There's some issues so i might also ink this.
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    I have no pets, but this is the next closest thing, the robot vacuum we affectionately call “Dirtbag”
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    Remember that aunt I keep talking about? The one who texts with me a lot? YKYASFW your crazy (but cool) aunt says this:
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    Edgedancer gone dark could be like Kelsier in his darkest parts of Mistborn. Slaughtering their way through the noble classes for the general way that the underclass is treated.
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    Translation for the men: Thanks for commissioning this, @Argent. I had a blast playing with markers and drawing this beautiful woman. Coloring stages for the skintone, plus my practice sheet, since I'm very new to marker.
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    yes, we know. there are still large parts of the world that disagree with the notion of equal women rights, much less sexual minorities. even in the western world, where they have received equal legal standing in most places, they still face fairly large pokets of resistance. there are still plenty of douchebags around, and since douchebag's money is as good as everyone else's, there's also many firms that won't take a stand for fear of losing customers (in italian we have a nice word for it, omertà; strictly speaking it refers to the regime of intimidation set up by the mafia so that the people won't testify against them, but it is used more generally for any instance of not speaking up against injustice for fear of personal consequences, even when very mild. a person who won't speak up is omertoso. It's a word that carries a certain moral judgment; someone who is omertoso is, first and foremost, a chicken, a coward. Second, he is also an indirect accomplice of the injustice he won't speak up against. And third, as he suffers because of the injustice but won't try to fix it, he's also bringing it upon himself. won't stop most people from lapsing to omertà rather than having to stand up for their beliefs, though. So, the creators of the elder scrolls are omertosi. I can't find a satisfying english translation.) yes, lgbt discrimination - and specificallyt male gay discrimination - exhists and it is still strong, even in those countries that gave gays full rights. but that does not mean that everything regarding homosexuality has to be laced in discrimination. especially sanderson, who appears to be making a good job at it I don't for both of them, and many other people also don't. for ranette, it really has no bearing on her story whatsoever. if instead of being a lesbian she was merely not interested in wayne, if instead of having a girlfriend she had a boyfriend, or she was happily single, there would be absolutely nothing changing about the story of herself. regarding drehy, i also don't see what would change about his story if he was straight. it's been a while since my last reread of the stormlight archive, but i don't remember him being given more space than most other minor crewmembers. his homosexuality is mentioned in passing, when it was being talked about other bridgemen romantic lives. Huio is visiting prostitutes. Bisig is in a relationship. Punio is married, even though he was trying to hide it. Drehy is gay. I don't remember it getting more comment than that. It gets some attention, but that's normal; the normal assumption is heterosexuality because it's by far the most statistically abundant, and once you know your friend is gay you have to take note on a few levels - his significant other is he and not she, you should not try to introduce him to single girls, those kind of things. From my point of view, i found that can relate the experience of his friends to mine when i discovered that my aunt's best friend was really her girlfriend. "huh, you're getting married, nice, can't believe i didn't connect the dots earlier", then conversation moves on. really I don't see drehy being gay as defining his character or his storyline. I do believe instead that you are mistaking those characters because of your involvment. to me, they are just characters. their sexual orientation has no more influence on how i see them than it has on how i see my aunt - and really, the only difference there is that now that i know she's fully bisexual and her wife is lesbian i somethimes ask them some questions on how it is life as a lesbian; they are the only people of a sexual minority that are close enough to me to ask personal questions. so, that ranette is a lesbian is totally unimportant to me; doesn't change who she is, and unlike my aunt i can't even ask her personal questions. But for you? you want to see gays represented. you are eager for it. you think the rest of the world should be shown more of them. And so, because of your priorities, the fact that those two characters are gays is the most important thing about them. because you see them as representing the whole category. because to you and your beliefs, their sexual orientation is important and paints a big bright sign over their head. and you are accidentally mistaking that for importance in the story and those character's role in it. fair point. on the other hand, how many couple do we see at all? i don't know, but i doubt it's more than a few dozens. to the best of my knowledge, lgbt comprises about 5% of the population. that we see drehy in stormlight archive, ranette in mistborn, feels just about right statistically. could be two characters in the same book, tops. again, this correlates well with my personal heterosexual experience. besides my aunt, i knew a gay from university (just a guy living in the same dorm; he was nice, but i never exchanged more than a few words with him) and once i went out with my cousin and some of her friends and among them was a transsexual (a former girl who became a man; by the way, am i supposed to call him a transsexual woman, or transsexual men?). He was nice, he is an engineer so we had a lot in common as men of science, but i never saw him again, as my cousin lives very far and i only visit occasionally. so, in my experience gays are not popping out of stones. they are rare, you meet one occasionally. for most people you meet you'll never inquire anyway; probably some of my coworkers are gays, some of my students; i only know a few of them enough to know. (similarily, there are probably many more gays than you know in those books. perhaps the butler was, or one of the cooks, or some of the minor nobles who are never mentioned by name.) so, if i read a book and we are introduced to a handful of main characters and a double handful of minor characters, and one of those characters is gay, it feels just right. If it turned out every other person was gay or bisexual, it would certainly be statistically weird (and that's how i reacted in mass effect when kaidan tried to hit on me: "oh come on, what are the odds?") Now, if there was a major gay character, I'd expect that guy to also have many gay friends. i expect he knows some places that are mostly frequented by other gays, because people with something in common tend to want each other's company. I'd take it as one more reason it would be harder for a straight author to write a gay protagonist. are we even told that survivorism is against homosexuality, except in commentary? I don't think so. how much do we know of those religions tenets from the books alone? not much. while worldbuilding is awesome, there is a limit to it. you only have so muh space in a book. we don't have enough space to be told the detailed tenets of survivorism, we don't have enough space to be told specifically about homosexuality, and we certainly don't have enough space to see a clash over it. again, i assume it comes down to our differences. for you, it is an important topic. if you want to be told one thing, it's how are homosexuals considered. but to most of us - especially to most of us who are not prejudiced - it's not even a topic at all. what do you think of lgbt right? - of course those guys have rights like anyone else. is there even anything to discuss? what do you think of gay marriages? - they can do whatever they want gay adoptions? - i would prefer to start with a small batch and gather some hard scientific evidence before greenlighting it, but i don't expect any problem gay culture? - is that even a thing? I assume every gay will have his own passions and interests like everyone else. Just like i reject the idea of masculine culture gay discrimination? - of course it's terrible. no, i have no idea what we should do about it; i don't partake in it and nobody i know partakes in it; for more, ask a sociologist would you be interested in reading a book with a gay protagonist? - why would i even care? would you like to know more about gays? - what is there to know? I assume on the surface they are just like us, and on a deeper level they are just as individually diverse as anyone else. but if i want to know more, i ask my aunt i am campaigning against gay discrimination - well that is good. go do it where there's actual need you see, this reaction is pretty common among people i know. it's not that we have anything against lgbt. it's not that we are unaware of their exhistance. it's not even that we are insensitive to their plight - though perhaps we underestimate it because we take our attitude for granted too much. we are just not particularly interested in learning about a complete stranger's intimacy - which is what the whole argument boils down to, for us. and so we are not particularly interested in exploring about those topics in a book, besides knowing that they exhist. probably i would care if there was a well-written main character who made me care, but i certainly would never buy a book for that specific reason alone. ------------------- now there is only one thing i need to figure out: if i don't care much about gay representation, why did i spent the last two hours writing a long and personal answer? thinking a bit more about it, i can see that i perceive in the op a forced interpretation of the world according to an ideological framework. i think you have this preconceived notion and you are trying to see everything in this light, and this always brings me into a debate. it's better if i close here, before blabbering a couple more hours about my own deeper convictions and personality traits. but thank you for allowing me to dig up some new personal insight. that's also why i like debating beliefs (gaahh! i said i have to stop!)
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    So there's a Daredevil episode titled 'Stick'. That is all. Edit: (So I guess that wasn't all ) The calendar.....just want to say that I couldn't even make myself read through the whole list. I am confused if refers to Newcago, or the Newcago Court? Also, nevermind how storming heavy those things would be. More like a sinksuit than a swimsuit.
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    Thank you so much, so glad you like it! Here's some doodles I've done recently Rashendi, based on @Comatose fanfic! Go read it, its awesome: A perpetually unfinished Azure that I was using to practice digital art on the Autodesk app on my phone. A very quick doodle of Veil, sketched late last night because I couldn't get the idea out of my head.
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    Two chemists walk into a bar. The first chemist says: "I would like some H2O." The second chemist says: "I would like some H2O as well." The first chemist sits down and drinks, angry that the assassination attempt failed. Helium walked into a bar. "I'm sorry," said the barman. "We don't serve noble gasses here." Helium didn't react. There are two types of people in the world. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
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    From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    Found this old doodle of Marsh that I drew a while back and it was so adorable I just had to share.
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    From the album My SA Art

    I made this with a 3-D painting software on my PC, a Shardblade. It is for the cover of my SA FanFiction.
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    I was told to post my Unity theory on here so here it goes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok here's my crazy theory. I think that Unity is a hidden 17th intent that's distributed among the other shards. I think that Unity will inevitably bring about the rebirth of Adonalsium as part of the Cosmere endgame. Here's my chain of events. When the 16 Vessels shattered Adonalsium they did so by shattering his Unity portion, however that works. This is why when Dalinar says "I am Unity" Odium immediately starts quaking in his boots. "We killed you!!!", emphasis on We. I think the We here is the 16 vessels. By breaking Adonalsium's Unity they were able split him up but because his Unity was the main center of the shattering, each Shard got a little bit of the Unity intent. Whether this was intentional on Adonalsium's part as per some greater plan is up for debate. In any case the strength of the intent was nothing major, not even enough for most of them to notice, but it did influence them to a degree. This is why of the 10 Shards we've seen so far, we see 6 of them pair up on planets. This is in direct opposition to the fact that they all swore an oath to go their separate ways after the shattering. Unity isn't acting in full force here obviously but it's just enough of a nudge for the Shards that have reason to want to live together do so in spite of the oath. Of those six, four of them have recombined, or been Unified, in some fashion. Devotion and Dominion combined to become the Dor and Ruin and Preservation combined to become Harmony. On top of this, I think this theory also explains Autonomy's weird behavior. As the Shard with the most polar opposite intent to Unity she was the one who was able to detect it's influence more easily than the other due to the contrast of intents. Thus she somehow excised the Unity from within her Shard and this caused a second, smaller shattering of Autonomy. This basically leaves Bavadin with a crumbling Shard that can't hold itself together for any length of time. Each of her mini-Shards that resulted from her mini-Shattering has itself taken up the oath to spread out and this time they follow the oath because there's no Unity interfering with it. I honestly don't know if the mini-Shards are being taken up by various other Vessels, i.e. that random guy named Trell from White Sand, or if Bavadin is straight up creating multiple personality offshoots of herself to manage the mini-Shards. In any case, this would explain who is attacking Scadrial in Era 2 as well as explain why they are attacking. Autonomy is likely the only Shard who has caught on to Unity's shenanigans and has a keen interest in preventing them. That's why they are going after Harmony, the person who, arguably, has been most influenced by Unity. I also think that Autonomy has Odium as a bit of a lackey at this point, sending him like an attack dog against the Shards that have the most Unity in them. Ambition first because what's more ambitious than having all the Shardic power to yourself, thus Unifying Adonalsium again. Then Devotion and Dominion because love and control are both closely tied to the concept of Unity. This can be seen in the fact that the three main religions on Sel, Shu-Keseg, Shu-Dereth, and Shu-Korath all are focused on the idea of Unity, simply disagreeing on how Unity can be achieved. Honor is up next because a loose interpretation of Honor could easily turn itself into something similar to Unity and because Honor and Cultivation broke the pact and cohabitated. Thus the endgame for the Cosmere is that the Shards will continue to recombine, creating stronger and stronger gods until they all become one and Adonalsium is reborn. Autonomy is trying everything to prevent this because Unity is antithetical to her intent and Odium honestly just wants to pull a Goku and be "The Strongest in the Universe" so he's not ok with an ever dwindling list of stronger gods either. As a quick mini-theory here at the end I believe that the next target after Honor and Cultivation was supposed to be Endowment. She was showing some signs of Unity's influence. The Pahn Kahl over on Nalthis had a religion founded around the idea of many gods Unifying to become one god and awakening inherently requires some level of cooperation between people for it to work thus signalling to an increasingly paranoid Bavadin that Edgli was "infected" by Unity. Scadrial would have been out of the picture at that point because Ruin and Preservation were about as far from Unity as you could get. They were literally killing each other over a disagreement about how to end the world. Harmony was a major shock and a bit of a wake-up call.
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    From the album Inquisitor

    I am surprised I haven’t seen this yet.
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    I have returned to my old haunt!! You know that you are a Sanderfan when you wish that you could use time dilation techniques to get to RoW already. You know that you are a Sanderfan when you crave destroying evil. You know that you are a Sanderfan when the highlight of your year is the WoK kickstarter. You know that you are a Sanderfan when you start to think of sharders as members of your extended family. You know that you are a Sanderfan when you are tired and you long for some stormlight. You know that you are a Sanderfan when you geek out over Brandon's use of the term Sanderlanche. You know that you are a Sanderfan when you think that the hemalurgic beaver should start it's own country @Toaster Retribution @Tesh!!
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    Body temperature aside (we know the cold never bothered her anyway), an ice swimsuit would just float right? So we have a sinksuit and a bobsuit. Aren't we doing just brilliantly
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    Here's my attempt at making a meme. Sorry if something similar has been done! WoR spoilers:
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    Oh, ok. Thanks, @Gears! Edit: First impression of the book: The art of the Heralds is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. And looking at the table of contents, the names of the five parts are a ketek! That is a brilliant idea. Edit No. 2: These questions are rhetorical. Gavilar gave me the creeps in the prologue. I'm not sure if it's because it's from Eshonai's POV or not. We shall see. Renarin needs the spotlight. *scribbles math* Dalinar's a older teen in this flashback? And has no mercy. Just. Wow. Dude. Assassin: Tries to kill Dalinar Dalinar: You wonderful man. Hired. Lirin! Hesina! And baby brother, baby brother, I'm in love. Roshone gets decked. And that's as far as I've gotten! I do wonder what's going on in Kholinar. I remember there being riots in WOR. I wonder what's happening there. Edit No. 3 "It is my solemn and important duty to bring happiness, light, and joy into your world." Aka, Syl explains my life plan. Haven't met Queen Fen, but I think I like her. Elhokar needs a therapist. Her name is Evi. This is going to be fascinating. Strangely, Young D reminds me of Wayne, at least in the pork steak chapter. Shallan's drawings are scaring me just a bit. And that spren. Brr. I'm done with part one! And Jasnah's back. Let's do this, for the Intellectual Queen of Roshar has returned! Edit No. 4 I'd like to see more of Dabbid, Kaladin is a dad, Renarin and Rock need more interactions, and Bridge Four being a supportive found family when Hobber figures out how to breathe Stormlight is all I need. Moash and I don't get along, but I understand him. I don't like him, but I understand him. I love that Bridge Four is growing, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for the original crew. Mr. T's brilliance is both invigorating and terrifying. I still have no idea what the end goal of this book is. I love it.
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    I am a fan of nerd humor “You matter. Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared. Then you energy.” Want to hear a potassium joke? ... K.
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    Hi all, Time for me to get off my butt and some productive things! I'll be doing some site maintenance at 7pm Pacific (10 Eastern), about four hours from now. I'm not quite sure how long it'd take, but I don't think it should take too long, assuming it goes well! There will be other site maintenance this week as well.
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    I will let my imaginary friend help when doing math that involves i.
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    Just to make sure people know, there will be site maintenance at 7:00 pm Pacific Time (about three hours from now):
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    I haven't finished Part three yet, but I filled a notebook page, so here I am. Dalinar has a bizarre energy. Dad one moment, let-someone-stab-him the next. Adolin, you ray of sunshine. You wonderful, trusting man. Your tailor. WIT! I need to know more about Skar, Drehy and Adolin's interactions. There is potential there. Shallan is scaring me with all her different personalities. I'm a bit worried I'm going to start calling her Sheiliant. (Shallan/Veil/Radiant) Kholinar is a mess. Just... awful. Oh no. Dalinar. No. Don't do it. He did it. I don't know what to think. It's horrible. It's all so messed up. Wall Guard: Kaladin adopts people again. Edit: Oh, Wit. What he tells Shallan is beautiful. What's up with Azure's sword? And on the subject of swords, where is Szeth? And what about Rysn? Kaladin pulls off the Aragorn at Helms Deep entrance, because of course he does. (That would look fantastic on a movie poster. Just sayin'.) Kid! NO spren, don't hurt the kid! Kaladin saves Gavinor, good. (How long till he comes across an orphaned child and Bridge Four becomes the weird uncles?) Elhokar... Nope. No, I'm done with Moash. I don't like him, I'm done, I don't care. How dare he. How dare he. That child kicking, father murdering, make the Bridge Four salute to Kaladin after it, man can go to a storming volcano and take a long walk off a short platform. And speaking of Kaladin, I've never wanted to hug him as much as I do in this moment. This poor guy. Does ch. 87's epigraph make anyone else think of Goodnight Moon?
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    YKYASF when you get are weeding your raspberries, and get scraped on your arm. Instead of thinking about it hurting, you think about the cool Hathsin scars that you will have if you do this for long enough.
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    Women don't dress up for sex. They dress up to show they speak the language of fashion. Jasnah has to speak that language well because she's defying custom. In order to be respected while a heretic she has to be perfect at pretty much everything else. It has nothing to do with her sexuality or lack thereof. The rest of your point is bad stereotyping.
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    Indeed! :-D You know, I'd forgotten I'd made this thread. Here is an old one, but that just means its a classic ;-) A mathematician, an engineer, and a statistician went out to hunt deer. Soon they spot one, and the mathematician carefully calculates, based on the weight of the bullet, the speed at which it will leave the barrel, the distance to the target, and the projectile's arc due to gravity, how to hit the target. So the mathematician takes aim, fires, and misses by one metre to the left. "Ahh!" Says the engineer. "You forgot to take the wind into account. Here, let me try." So the engineer takes the gun, eyeballs it, fires at the deer, and misses by one metre to the right. "Ah ha!" Says the statistician. "We gottem'!" (Of course the real flaw in this joke is the statistician should know better than to only use two samples. That's why they should have used a shotgun - it would have increased the sample size.)
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    Mwahahaha Knowledge of Wailing Tentacles, Keep of Worrisome Turtles, Kiln of Weaponized Terebinths. King of Wriggling Teetotalers. Knights of Whistling Tomatoes.
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    I've gone back and forth on the whole 'celebrity endorsement' debate in my head (from the perspective of a supporter of the BLM movement). On the one hand, if the celebrity supports the things I support, that's nice to know. On the other hand, there's definitely groups (e.g. the NFL, as Sanderson pointed out, or that infamous Pepsi advertisement - I still don't understand how that ad got greenlit), that are more willing to use a statement on politics as a marketing tool/a way to avoid backlash instead of out of any real good faith in wanting to help this issues. But on the other hand, even if it's disingenuous, what matters is it still helps to make the BLM movement harder to ignore and go away like it has every other time before now, and might actually lead to some kind of change, such as the overturning of qualified immunity, demilitarisation of police departments, and better funding of social work so that a cop isn't the only resource for things that don't need a cop, like dealing with people with mental health problems. In that sense, it's the end that counts, regardless of intent. (And I know about 50 of you are going to want to start quoting 'Journey Before Destination' at me... as a utilitarian, I have a lot of mixed thoughts on that, but this is not the place - if people are interested, let me know and I'll start another thread somewhere to discuss it.) But on the other hand, I'm not sure how many people are actually convinced by celebrity endorsements these days. I heard a talk once where a person working in advertising was describing how a certain ad technique has a lifecycle of about 5-10 years - it gets created, has enormous success, which leads to a whole bunch of people imitating it, meaning people get wise to it, and begin to start mentally tuning the ad out until it's something fresh. And if you're trying to convince the masses to support a political position, that in some ways involves a degree of advertising, only it's for an ideology instead of a commercial product. And the 'celebrity endorsement'... it used to be really effective, but in this increasingly polarised world I don't think it is anymore. On political issues, nearly everyone is basically set into one of three camps - pro, against, and the 'Why do we have to talk about politics' crowd. And none of them are going to change their opinion based on the opinions of a celebrity who is not an expert in their given field. There are exceptions, but they're rare. The exception to this rule is if there's an issue no-one's talking about, then a celebrity can use their platform to bring it to the public arena and get people to talk about it, but that's certainly not an issue with the BLM movement. The problem right now is not getting people to talk about it, the problem is getting public support, and, ultimately, policy change. But on the other hand, the whole "neutrality always favors the oppressor, not the oppressed" argument is something I generally agree with. Even if a celebrity's opinion doesn't count for as much as it used to, does that mean they should sit back and do... nothing? That doesn't feel like it sits right with me either. But if I don't think they do any good regardless putting out a statement, and I don't think they should do nothing, I'm not sure what's left. But on the other hand, I have about 7 hands now, so I need a new analogy. TL;DR: Can definitely see both sides of the issue about whether Brandon needed to speak out, or should have spoken out, etc. I'm glad the statement is in support, that that it seems to be a good faith attempt to figure things out instead of a PR statement that's not genuine. However, I'm sceptical if that's actually going to change peoples minds - the pro-BLM crowd doesn't need convincing, the anti-BLM crowd isn't going to listen to some celebrity who clearly doesn't understand why they oppose BLM, and the non-partisans are going to roll their eyes and say they only want to know when Rhythm of War comes out.
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    Reliving an old thread, hello I want to contribute my grain of sand, the truth is that this thread is fascinating in the portrait you are making of Jasnah. I personally don't care that Kaladin / Jasnah happens, but I really want this to happen for a reason, revenge on Shallan, the reason is simple the end of OB ends up disappointing the truth. Shallan takes a step forward and another back, does not recognize his real emotions. If Shallan's arc in the books to come is one of self-discovery in which she accepts all her other parts as being herself, then she always likes Kaladin and foolishly dismisses it. I don't care if Shallan ends up with Kaladin or Adolin in the end, I just want to see her reaction to accepting that she's lying to herself. In addition to where Shallan is afraid of being queen, Jasnah is more than worthy for the position and takes Kaladin by making him king, this route is too sweet. In the end, Shallan is how Navani is going to be longing for someone else ("And the same may happen to Kaladin"), in the case of Navani his decision is justified, in Shallan's it is simply emotional clumsiness.
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    I heard this one at an actual math program like two years ago. I still love it. Also, my contribution (courtesy of the great Randall Munroe): Title Text: YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!
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    Pm me. So Mraize threw king @Apollyon into a lake of Detergent. Because he could. Then Butt appeared and said,"Mraize upvote the last comment of this story!" Mraize obliged clicking the up arrow for @Apollyon's comment if only for the part about laundry detergent. Butt continued. "This will be our tradition here! An upvote for the previous comment no matter how absurd it may be! The tradition will stand for the rest of forever!" "Didn't you just break the Fourth wall?" Mraize questioned. "Hush manchild." Butt replied. Annoyed Mraize shot Butt in the forehead.
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