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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this! Edit as of March 16th, 2022: This is all still going! We've gone through over 250 pages of replies distributing. It's just that we remove posts here once we send them out.
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    My quarantine contribution: Peeps Before Death: I will protect peeps who cannot protect themselves.
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    Welcome one and all to another edition of The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Over the last month during our lockdown here in South Africa, I have read up to chapter 37 and here are some reactions: - First thing to note is that Tay has 100% gotten aboard the Shallan hate train. When we read the chapter where Kaladin and Bridge Four does the side carry and messes up Sadeas' battle plan, Tay was very excited to keep going. As soon as I read "Sometimes, when Shallan walked into the Palaneum," Tay shouted "No! Ungh! Why does it always have to be Shallan! She ruins EVERYTHING!" Thereafter followed an intense debate about whether we could skip that Shallan chapter to see what happens to Kaladin right away. We did so. - When Bridge Four is training and following orders from Kaladin, Tay likes to sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. We then had a nice laugh imagining Teft, Rock, and Moash in concubine drag breaking into Kholinar Palace. - "Why can Rock see Syl? Is he some kind of mountain yogi esoteric boi? Like baby Yoda?" (a few minutes later) "Chris stop. I got distracted. We have to watch a video of Baby Yoda before we keep reading." - When Tay realized that Kal was going to be strung up in the storm: "Oh he's gonna go Super Saiyan! They're gonna be like 'hey die in the storm' and he's gonna be like 'b**** I am the storm'." - Reacting to the quote about Nohadon walking from Abamabar to Urithiru, Tay starts singing "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. That was, interestingly, the song that she walked down the aisle to and what we walked out together to when we got married since we were in a long-distance relationship for years. Coulda used some Oathgates during that time, lemme tell ya. - At one point I had to explain the basics of Fabrials (felt a little like Navani talking to Dalinar). Went into how you had to lure a spren in with something that it likes and then trap it in a gemstone so that it could do the thing you want, like be a heating Fabrial. Tay got very upset at this, as she sees spren like little animals that are being confined in Fabrials, so she has decided to start an organization like S.P.E.W. from Harry Potter. She also insisted it was to have the same acronym and spent a few minutes coming up with "Spren... have a PURPOSE! Every - Where! Ha! SPEW: Spren have a Purpose Every Where!" Which I think is noble, but also sounds like it could definitely be a pro-Fabiral lobby as well. - In a quote in the epigraphs of part 3, Jasnah's notes talk about the Dawnshards. Tay felt like this was a comparable phrase to having an erection first thing in the morning. - Once we got back to a Shallan chapter: "Why must fantasy writers make redheads hot? Why do we insist on thinking that Ginny Weasley is somehow hot? She isn't hot. Fantasy writers: Stop trying to make Ginny Weasley happen." - Tay also pointed out how Shallan would often raise a hand to her 'breast' instead of her 'chest', thus subtly sexualizing her in a way that a character like Kaladin or Dalinar wouldn't be. I'm gonna keep an eye out for it, but I doubt there is any mention of Kaladin's breast. It was fun to imagine a sexualized Kaladin, however, going outside the Bridge Four barrack and stretching out his tight, muscley butt for all the lumberworkers to check out. - Probably the chapter that Tay has enjoyed most is "The Lesson" where Jasnah faces down the murderers in the alleys of Kharbranth. There was a lot of "Yeah!"s and "That's my GIRL"s and a notable "Princess Jasnah - THE FEMINIST ICON WE NEED!" happening throughout the latter half of the chapter when Jasnah was explaining her modus operandi to a shell-shocked Shallan. That's all for now! Wash your hands, ya filthy cremlings!
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    Intro to the Cosmere So, you've read some of Brandon Sanderson's books, and you liked them enough that you want to talk about it with other fans online. But then it doesn't take you long to realize that you have no idea what everyone's talking about. Shards of Adonalsium? Realmatic theory? Worldhoppers? "I don't remember any of this in the books I read!" Fear not! This page is for you! What is the Cosmere? The Cosmere is the fictional universe in which many of Brandon Sanderson's novels take place. Stories set in the Cosmere share an underlying theorem of magic, a creation myth, a cosmology, and a few other key concepts. Characters and cultures can (and do) cross over between worlds. While early connections merely consist of a few scattered Easter eggs, they become more obvious and meaningful with time. Seeing and understanding it can greatly enhance your experience with his books -- there's a reason we can't stop talking about it! We've designed this page to point out all of the main things you may have missed, or that Brandon has said in interviews with fans, so that you can discover the secret world hidden in Brandon's books and be ready to participate in the discussion as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. For a more in-depth answer to this question, keep scrolling. For Brandon's own short answer to this question, see the FAQ on his website. For the complete list of works set in the Cosmere, see here. A note on spoilers: This post may contain minor spoilers for some Cosmere books--particularly Mistborn and Stormlight Archive. Links to the Coppermind wiki often contain many spoilers. If you haven't read all the books, we would encourage you not to read beyond the reading order recommendations! Does it matter? Knowledge of the Cosmere is generally non-essential to understand and enjoy Sanderson's work as each story/series stands on its own. That said, understanding the Cosmere can enhance your experience and give you something extra to chew on if you'd like to dive deeper into Sanderson's universe. So if you start looking into the Cosmere and find all of this to be overwhelming or uninteresting, that's totally okay. Take your time, or just don't even worry about it! Sanderson ultimately has plans for some books that will involve the overarching story of the Cosmere more directly. At this time, experiencing the Cosmere primarily involves connecting the universe's basic concepts and identifying characters who show up in unexpected places and seem to know more than they let on. Reading Order There is no “right order” to read the Cosmere in. Publication order is a common suggestion, which allows you to experience the books as if reading them from the start, but you should read the Cosmere in whichever order you most enjoy. If you want to try something new, branch off to a different world or series. If you really like the series/world you've been reading, then keep going down that road. Most reading orders will point out a few books that can be considered “starter” books. From these you can dive deeper into a particular series or branch off to something new. Some commonly recommended starting points include: Elantris -- If you like the idea of reading in publication order, this is where you should begin. This is the first book Brandon published. Mistborn: The Final Empire -- The original Mistborn trilogy (Era 1) is the most frequently recommended place to start. Warbreaker -- This is a standalone book that's available for free on Brandon's website. The Emperor's Soul -- This Hugo Award-winning novella is a great way to experience Sanderson's strengths with very minimal commitment. The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) -- This epic is far from complete and requires the reader to place a lot of trust in Sanderson--it opens with a lot of worldbuilding and a slow start. But if truly epic fantasy is your thing and incomplete series don't give you pause, this is perhaps Brandon's finest work. For an interactive reading guide, see this page. Brandon's own recommendations can be found on his website. Two final notes on reading order: We highly encourage reading Warbreaker sometime before Words of Radiance. We highly encourage reading Mistborn: Secret History after The Bands of Mourning. Adonalsium, Shards, and Investiture Adonalsium and the Cosmere A long time ago, there existed an entity called Adonalsium. Very little is known about who or what Adonalsium truly was. Adonalsium's touch suffused the Cosmere, and many worlds, such as Roshar, were grown by it and bear its design. It was the source of all of the Cosmere's magic and was said to control the powers of creation. One day, Adonalsium broke into sixteen fragments in an event that became known as the Shattering of Adonalsium. Why or how Adonalsium was shattered remains a mystery. The Shards of Adonalsium Sixteen of those who were present at the Shattering took up these fragments, or Shards, and became godlike themselves. They went their separate ways, (well, some did) creating worlds and seeding the Cosmere with more life. The magic of the Cosmere continues to stem from these Shards. Each Shard has an "intent" that it strives to fulfill, which gradually molds and warps the holder of the Shard, the Vessel, until they are absolutely incapable of acting against it. This nature is so dominating that both the Shards and the Vessels are usually referred to simply by the Shard's intent. Note, however, that the intent of a Shard cannot be precisely conveyed in a single word, and there is some room for interpretation as to what each Shard's intent incorporates. Some Shards include Ambition, Autonomy, Honor, Ruin, and Devotion. Though these demigods may appear godlike to mortals, they are neither all-powerful nor all-knowing. Shards may be Splintered--a process which leaves the Vessel dead and the power of the Shard dispersed. Shards are also able to subdivide themselves into avatars, each with a distinct identity, though the exact nature of these entities and how they relate to the Shard and its Vessel is unclear. Investiture, Splinters, and Slivers Investiture is the catch-all term for magical energy in the Cosmere. Investiture, which comes from the Shards, is the power source for all of the Cosmere's magic systems. Most humans in the Cosmere have some innate Investiture, which makes up their soul. Humans generally obtain magical powers when their spirit (sometimes called a spirit web) becomes suffused with Investiture. A Splinter is a portion of a Shard's Investiture that has been severed from it, either willingly or unwillingly. Sometimes, these Splinters will develop sentience and sapience, and they can become highly intelligent beings. (Note that non-Splintered Shards can still have Splinters.) A Sliver, on the other hand, is a person who once held a significant portion of a Shard's power. Holding that much power stretched and expanded their soul. The Worlds There was an original world named Yolen. Yolen was home to three intelligent races (human, dragon, and Sho Del), and is the planet that the original sixteen Vessels came from. All human life in the Cosmere either came from Yolen or was modeled after it. After the Shattering, the Shards spread and settled down on many different worlds throughout the Cosmere. Planets where one or more of the Shards settled down are sometimes known as "major Shardworlds." Other planets, where there is still life and some magic, but no Shards, are "minor Shardworlds." Major and minor Shardworlds include the following: World Stories First of the Sun Sixth of the Dusk Nalthis Warbreaker Roshar The Stormlight Archive Scadrial Mistborn Sel Elantris, The Emperor's Soul Taldain White Sand Threnody Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Worldhoppers and Notable Characters A small number of enterprising individuals in the Cosmere have learned how to travel between these worlds. These worldhoppers have a huge variety of backgrounds and motivations. Some worldhoppers are acting individually while others are part of an organization, like the Seventeenth Shard. Hoid Among the Cosmere's worldhoppers, there is none so prominent as the ever-mysterious Hoid, originally of Yolen. Hoid, which isn't even his real name, is thousands of years old, having been present at the Shattering of Adonalsium. Whatever happened to Hoid in his past, he's no longer exactly human, at least in the traditional sense. He has a way of knowing where he needs to be at the right time, and he uses this to subtly influence events behind the scenes. Hoid's true motives and goals are as hidden as his real name. Hoid has appeared in every Cosmere novel so far, though he is often in disguise and will occasionally use pseudonyms, such as Dust, Topaz, Cephandrius, and Wit. Trying to spot him in every book is part of the fun of the Cosmere. He seems to prefer disguising himself as a beggar, an informant, a storyteller, or a jester, so look for him to be playing one of these roles. He is also often, though not always, described as having white hair and an angular, hawklike or arrowlike face. Among many other things, Hoid has the ability to Lightweave (create illusions), he can heal from extreme injuries, he doesn't age, and he has a way to dilate time so that he doesn't have to wait as long for important moments. The planned series Dragonsteel will tell the story of Hoid's origin and the Shattering of Adonalsium, and Hoid is planned to be a main character in the final Mistborn trilogy. Khriss and Nazh Khriss, from Taldain, is the worldhopper who writes the Ars Arcanum at the end of each book, and she's the most knowledgeable of anyone—including Hoid—about the Cosmere as a whole. Khriss has been described as dark-skinned, with her hair woven into tight braids. Nazh is her assistant, a worldhopper from Threnody, tasked with collecting various maps and drawings from throughout the Cosmere. They are often included in the books with his personal notes to Khriss in his distinctive handwriting. One of his most identifying characteristics is his tendency to use Threnodite swears, such as "shadows". He has also been described as lanky, with a narrow face and sand-colored hair. The Three Realms Almost everything in the Cosmere has a body, a mind, and a soul, and each exists in one of three Realms. The Physical Realm is world of the body, where physical objects exist. This Realm is the only one that normal human beings consciously perceive. The Cognitive Realm, also known as Shadesmar, is the world of the mind. The Cognitive Realm is strange and alien: Water is solid, land is fluid, and shadows point backwards. Thoughts and ideas take on real form in this Realm. After a person dies, a leftover impression of their mind, their Cognitive Shadow, will linger shortly in the Cognitive Realm before passing on. The Cognitive Shadow can sometimes persist for longer periods of time, however, by various magical means. Worldhoppers have learned to use junctions between the Physical Realm and the Cognitive Realm called perpendicularities to cross between them. Often, these perpendicularities can be found where the power of a Shard is concentrated into a pool of liquid that fans call "Shardpools." The Cognitive Realm is of particular interest to worldhoppers because distances are compressed there in places where there is little or no mental activity (such as outer space), meaning worldhoppers can use the Cognitive Realm to actually walk from one planet to another. Depending on the Shardworld, the Cognitive Realm can be an extremely dangerous place. The Spiritual Realm is the world of the soul. Once you reach the Spiritual Realm, there's no such thing as space or distance anymore, just Connection between people and places. Those who peer into the Spiritual Realm can see all the branching possibilities of the future. The power of the Shards resides mostly (usually) in the Spiritual Realm. Chronology While in most cases we don't know how many years take place between books in different series, we do know the chronological order of most of them. In order, they are: White Sand Elantris The Emperor's Soul Mistborn Era 1 Warbreaker Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Stormlight 1-5 Mistborn Era 2 Stormlight 6-10 Mistborn Era 3 Sixth of Dusk Mistborn Era 4 For more information, see this post. More Resources The best way to dive into the Cosmere is to find a fan community to interact with. While you may see a lot of confusing conversations going on, just ask questions and you'll be caught up before you know it. The 17th Shard offers both forums and a Discord chat server to this end. The other two important resources to be aware of are the Coppermind wiki and Arcanum, both operated by the 17th Shard. But beware that BOTH of these resources include heavy spoilers for all of Brandon's books! The Coppermind is a wiki covering all of Brandon Sanderson's works, with an emphasis on the Cosmere. Just dive right in by searching for pages that interest you, or by browsing through the page categories. Arcanum is an archive of everything Brandon has said publicly about his stories, drawing from interviews, social media, book signings, and more. There's a LOT to learn about the Cosmere just by hearing directly from the man himself! Search for specific terms or browse entries by tags. We could always use help adding more information to the Coppermind or transcribing audio on Arcanum, and you don't need to be an expert to help. Stop by the #coppermind and #arcanum channels in our Discord server to help out. There's no better way to learn more about the Cosmere than by helping improve these resources! Note: This is an update to the original Cosmere 101 topic by @Zas678. Feel free to recommend additional content, but please avoid major spoilers!
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    Welcome to a very special edition of The Adventures of Slaveboi and Lavagirl (what she called it this week). This week we cover Tay's reactions and hot takes from Jasnah's lesson up to Kaladin's suggestion to Bridge Four that they fight back. Spoiler tags have been used because Tay reads these posts too - I see you reading this. A couple of new names: Sigzil - Schnitzel - "You said schnitzel right? Whatever. That's his name now." (she also believes Sig is Szeth in disguise) Brother Kabsal - Athalas/Jam Boi TAY: Shallan wants to get all up on Athalas." ME: Who?" TAY: Athalas. You know - Jam Boi?" ME: You mean Kabsal? TAY: Yeah sure. Close enough. HOT TAKES: "So Jasnah is this successful, competent, beautiful woman who is older than her brother, right? She's this clever BAMF and DESERVES to be monarch and Elhokar is this dumb vain idiot who is king now because of Alethkar's patriarchy? Man Jasnah should have been queen this entire time. In short, I'm Jasnah and my brother is Elhokar." She successfully guessed that She also guessed that Hot take on Bridge Four being given permanent chasm duty: "Oh! They're gonna fight a rock lobster! Finally! Kaladin is going to fight him off singlehandedly... wait no, Rock and Teft are going to distract the rock lobster and then Kaladin is gonna kill him and then they're gonna get the gemheart and use it to BUY ALL THE STEW." And now, a special edition. Tay declared who each of us were from Stormlight. For context, Cosmo is our sleek black cat and Timbit is out larger, lazier tabby cat. "Well I'm obviously Slaveboi. He's prone to depression, he's surrounded by idiots who constantly need saving, but he's also a boss babe like me who gets things DONE." "Cosmo is Syl. She follows me around all the time, but disappears for hours on end and does things to deliberately annoy you. She also has a dark, dark past that she doesn't want to talk about." "Timbit is Adolin. Cute, strong, but so so lovably dumb." "You? You're Shallan. Low-key the worst, full of puns, you read a lot, and you've got a weird thing about your family." I always considered myself more of a Dalinar, but hey, she's married to me so she would know, right? That's all for now!
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    I would think that you could, and that they would be able to instinctively use thier abilities to use basic Allomancy and Feruchemy, but I doubt you could teach the beaver to compound, unless maybe you supplied it with a pre-filled zinc mind, and then explained before it was tapped out. But then you have problems like where the beaver is going to get metals, whether it would have any inclination to rule, and how to handle the massive deforestation caused by a hungry beaver compounding zinc and steel. Also, you would have to spend years systematically murdering beavers in the hopes of discovering their Hemalurgic bindpoints.
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    once a mafia boss tried to blackmail sanderson for protection money. their dialogue went like that. "if you don't pay us a percentage of your profit, you may fall victim of some accident" "if I have some accident, I won't be able to write hoid backstory" Then the mafia boss sent two thugs to sanderson. to be his bodyguards until all the cosmere books are done. He also gave his raket-extorted money to a charity so that he could give his name to a minor character in a book.
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    I'm back, Cosmere spolers
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    When the NSA tries to spy on Sanderson, all they find is RAFO cards. Brandon Sanderson secretly holds the Shard of Devotion. His books are tests of strength to find worthy 17th Sharders to invest. Brandon only dictates his books in High Imperial. Brandon once got cut off in traffic and wrote an instant bestseller. In his yearbook, people didn't look at pictures, they just read the spreads that he wrote. The seventh seal talked about in the Book of Revelation is Dragonsteel. Brandon can't wear a Mistcloak because if he turns too fast the billow causes a highstorm. If/when he sleeps, his snores play out Requiem for a Tower. Brandon's real job is solving world hunger and finding s renewable energy source. He just writes novels in his spare time as one of his "minor hobbies." The atomic bombs weren't actually made with Plutonium and Uranium, they were just some books that Brandon decided the world wasn't ready for. Brandon once sent a worldbuilding outline back into time. We know of it today as the U.S. Constitution. Brandon is not allowed within 25 miles of kings, presidents, and ministers because they get mad from the attention he draws.
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    With no new cosmere books on the horizon, I thought the time ripe for my post-OB comprehensive magic theory. I update my iteration from two years ago to reflect OB, intervening WoBs, and the Forum’s endemic (but helpful) hypercriticism. As always, these are MY INTERPRETATIONS, not canon or even consensus. My goal is to show how cosmere magic fits together. No theory is perfect and there will be jagged edges here and there. Theory has text and WoB support. Speculation expands on and logically flows from theory but lacks specific support. The Appendix applies my conclusions to known magic systems. Please read the main body first. Topics: Cosmere Origin [Speculation] Spiritual Aspects and Connections [Theory] Perception’s Cosmere Role [Theory] Cosmere Thermodynamics [Theory] The Shattering [Theory and Speculation] Shard Magical Uniqueness [Theory] Assigned Investiture [Theory] Types of Magic Systems [Theory] Magic System Rules [Theory] The Role of Planets in Magic Systems [Theory] The Role of Shards in Magic Systems [Theory] “Pathways to Power” [Theory and Speculation] Conclusion Spoiler: Appendix – Applications and Predictions [Speculation] Postscript – What If? Cosmere Origin [Speculation] Raw Investiture pre-exists the cosmere. Raw Investiture spontaneously forms a mind – Adonalsium, an anagram for “a mind, a soul.” Adonalsium then creates the Physical Realm. Pre-Shattering, Adonalsium’s mind inheres in all Spiritual Realm Investiture. He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent – his mind is coextensive with his Investiture, and his essence comprises the Physical Realm. Spiritual Aspects and Connections [Theory] Brandon says Spiritual aspects are a mix of Connections and raw Investiture. Connections resemble our universe’s “quantum connections” and are not themselves Investiture. Spiritual aspects thus differ only as to their Connections. Each new or lost Connection changes that Spiritual aspect. IMO, Connections alone carry the information that defines every cosmere person and object. Perception’s Cosmere Role [Theory] Adonalsium’s cosmere is an Investiture-energy matrix that manifests to mortals as the Physical Realm. Mortals collectively perceive the Physical Realm’s physical and emotional forces as Connections. They interpret the Physical Realm through these Connections. Brandon says here, here, and here that cosmere magic is a “human construct.” Different planetary cultures perceive different Connections. Rosharans, for example, perceive the Surges as fundamental cosmere forces. Discrete cultural perceptions partly explain why each planet has a unique subastral. Cosmere Thermodynamics [Theory] Brandon says the cosmere generally follows our universe’s thermodynamic laws, but he adds Investiture as a third element to make the energy flows work. Investiture “is my get-out for the laws of thermodynamics.” Cosmere thermodynamics’ first law states the sum of cosmere matter, energy, and Investiture is constant and these three substances are mutually inter-convertible. The second law states the cosmere’s entropy never decreases over time. I believe the key to understanding magic systems is to follow each system’s energy flows. Our universe’s thermodynamics requires physical and chemical reactions to begin with an “activation energy.” Most magic systems activate with the energy from a magic user’s metabolic or physical processes: Allomancers burn metal. Hemalurgists hammer spikes. Selish magic users move (dance, turn essence stamps, stir potions, draw Aons, bend bones). Sand Masters dehydrate (burn water). Surgebinders inhale Stormlight. Feruchemy and Breath transfers (with or without Awakening) don’t seem to require an activation energy. These “end neutral” magics seem to rely on the bare Intent to perform an act of entropy or stasis (Feruchemy) or to transfer Investiture quanta (Breath transfers). That Intent summons a “facilitating power” from the Spiritual Realm to energize the magic and otherwise comply with thermodynamics. The Shattering [Theory and Speculation] Khriss hints the Vessels first kill Adonalsium and then Shatter his power (M:SH, Part Three - 2, Kindle Locs. 931-940.). Brandon confirms this. I believe the Vessels kill Adonalsium’s mind, his capacity to direct magic. The Vessels then Shatter the now undirected power into sixteen equal Shards. This WoB suggests the method: I speculate the Vessels allocate Adonalsium’s power by forging some unique Connection between each Shard and its Vessel. The Vessel’s “general intent/mindset” makes forging that Connection “way easier,” but aligning general intent/mindset to the Shard is unnecessary. Like with kind and generous Ati, the Shard always prevails. Brandon describes each Shard’s “influence and tweak” of Investiture as a “spin or magnetism.” I think this phrase refers to the Connection that distinguishes one Shard from another. A Shard’s “spin or magnetism” Connects the Shard to all its Realmic states. These Connections mark the Investiture source when Investiture, matter, and energy inter-convert. This maintains the 16-Shard balance. An April 2019 WoB says magic users can change Stormlight into Breath – Honor’s Investiture into Endowment’s. Brandon cites one method: “Refining the power somehow into a more pure form.” I think this method strips the Investiture of its Shard’s unique “spin or magnetism.” That undoes the Shattering as to that Investiture. If so, any Shard can now Connect with it. Odium can change his Shard victims’ Investiture into his, rather than merely Splintering the power. This is a big deal. Permanent Investiture changes like this would upset the Shards’ balance. Brandon should clarify this WoB, or we’ll all have to revise our settled wisdom. Shard Magical Uniqueness [Theory] DISCLAIMER: Posters often use the non-canonical word “intent” to describe Shard magical uniqueness, but that term doesn’t distinguish between the role of the Shard’s Investiture and the role of its Vessel. Brandon has yet to canonize any term to express Shard magical uniqueness. Brandon says Shards are I read this important WoB to distinguish (i) the Shard’s unique magic from (ii) the Vessel’s mind that directs the Shard and cultural perceptions of the Shard. I theorize a Shard’s unchanging “primal force/fundamental law/something...natural” refers to the Connection that marks that Shard’s Investiture, its “spin or magnetism.” The quoted WoB identifies Ruin as the “charged term” for entropy and Preservation as the “charged term” for stasis. This other important WoB shows Honor grants his magic “through the filter of” bonds. Shard magical uniqueness IMO stems from this filter, this primal force/fundamental law Connection, not Vessel personality or cultural influence. Assigned Investiture [Theory] The Shattering caused all Investiture to be “assigned” to the Shard with the same “magnetism” as that Investiture: “Assigned” Investiture to me supports the Shard Connection theory. Without these magnetisms, these unique Connections, Shards couldn’t track their own or other Shards’ Investiture after it converts into matter or energy. Autonomy couldn’t find “a gathering of [assigned] Investiture” to create Avatars out of. IMO, Physical Realm matter, energy, and Investiture always Connects to the primal force/fundamental law that creates it regardless of its creator, Adonalsium or a Shard. Types of Magic Systems [Theory] There are two types of magic systems: “interaction with nature” systems, where mortals interact with the magic but can’t direct the magical effect; and Shard-created “people with magic” systems, where mortals can direct the magical effect. “People with magic” systems appear only on Major Shardworlds, where Shards reside. They result from magic users’ “greater strength of access to the magic, and control over it” on such planets. I believe Roshar’s pre-Shattering ecology and First of the Sun’s Aviar are “interaction with magic” systems. Allomancy, Awakening, and Surgebinding are “people with magic” systems. (Some posters name such systems an “Invested Art,” following Khriss.) Magic System Rules [Theory] With some exceptions, I believe all known “people with magic” systems follow the same general rules: 1. Magic users Intend some magical effect. 2. Magic users in most systems infuse their own energy into the magical process to activate it. Feruchemy and Breath transfers – two “end neutral” systems – activate solely on Intent. 3. The magic system uses that energy (or Intent) to summon Shard power from the Spiritual Realm (or Cognitive Realm for the Dor). Spren-based magic converts Physical Realm Investiture into power. 4. The magic user Focuses that power as it Invests them or an object. 5. The magic user directs the Focused power for the Intended magical effect. Khriss describes the magic system rules of Intent and Perception. (AU, “The Selish System,” Kindle pp. 18.) A magic user must Intend to make magic. Magic is a deliberate act. Perception refers to a culture’s influence on magic. On Sel, “language – or similar functions – directly shapes the magic as it is pulled from the Cognitive Realm and put to use.” The Role of Planets in Magic Systems [Theory] Brandon says a planet’s pre-Shattering magic (its “inherent Investiture”); the planet’s culture; and the local population’s sDNA all influence a planet’s magic systems. Most posters including me believe Focuses derive from the system’s planet. A Focus IMO substitutes for the mortal inability to think a magical effect into being (like Shards can). Besides “shaping the magic,” a Focus limits Investiture flow and prevents magic user vaporization. I think all three planetary influences contribute to that planet’s Focus. The Role of Shards in Magic Systems [Theory] I think these are Brandon’s most important statements about the Shards’ magical role: “The 'role' of the Shard has to do with the WAY the magic is obtained, not what it can do,” “The means of getting powers…are related to the Shards, but not the powers themselves.” “Honor doesn’t belong to gravity. But bonds, and how to deal with bonds, and things like this, is an Honor thing.” I read these WoBs to say Shards have two roles in magic systems: They determine how magic users (1) access Investiture, and (2) perform their magical abilities. IMO, magic systems grant access and performance through their Shard’s unique Connection, its primal force/fundamental law: Ruin magic users Intend an act of entropy. A Feruchemist converts their attributes into Investiture. A Hemalurgist spikes through Spiritual aspects. Nightblood destroys evil. Preservation magic users Intend an act of stasis. A Feruchemist returns to their prior state (the status quo) when they re-convert Investiture into attributes. An Allomancer pulls power down metal’s static molecular structure. Honor magic users Intend to enter a bond. A Surgebinder chooses to enter the Nahel bond. Windrunners “lash” (re-bond gravity) to fly. Brandon confirms those three Shards’ primal forces/fundamental laws. I speculate in the Appendix what others might be. Again, I believe a primal force/fundamental law is the “spin or magnetism” that Connects the Shard’s Investiture to its other Realmic states, including to its Vessel and magic users. “Pathways to Power” [Theory and Speculation] Investiture energizes magic. I believe magic systems move that energy down inter-Realmic power lines. Marasi sees Preservation’s metal “pathway to power” when she draws Investiture from the Bands of Mourning: Metal is Preservation’s pathway to power (and Scadrial’s Focus). It is not Preservation’s Investiture. From this example, I speculate other magic systems have their own pathways to power. Pathways generally have these characteristics: They aren’t made from Investiture. In several systems, the magic consumes the pathway. In these systems, the magic ends when the consumed pathway ends. Like metal’s static molecular structure ties to Preservation’s stasis, each Shard’s pathway also seems tied to its “spin or magnetism,” its primal force. I speculate about each Shard’s pathway in the Appendix. I believe pathways differ from Connections. Connections convey information. Pathways seem to convey Investiture. I think “pathways to power” overlap with Brandon’s “natural pathways.” The latter seem to refer to pre-programmed Investiture delivery methods: This WoB confirms magic generally follows natural pathways “built around Adonalsium” that the Shards now influence. Even pre-Shattering Physical Realm manifestations of Spiritual Realm Investiture break Realmic barriers somehow. To me, it makes Realmic sense magic systems might funnel Investiture through a natural pathway other than perpendicularities. Conclusion Like you, I seek cosmere truth. How does this stuff work? Because we don’t yet know cosmere truth, I ask you judge my theory by a three-part “validity” test: (1) Is the theory self-consistent, and does it fit together on its own terms? Would Pattern approve (hmmm)? (2) Is the theory consistent with text and WoBs? (3) Does the theory predict how newly-unveiled magic will work? Precedent suggests readers will focus on the Appendix, where I speculate about individual Shards and their magic systems. If past is prologue, I’ve made many mistakes for you to correct. But I prefer you focus on the main theory, the “big stuff.” The little stuff like magic systems will fall into place if we can get the big stuff right. If nothing else, consider this post red meat during these lean times between books. All the best. C. Appendix – Applications and Predictions [Speculation] The Spoiler applies the magic theory to each Shard with a known “people with magic” system. EVERYTHING in the Spoiler is raw to informed SPECULATION. (Probably true of the whole post, really...) Each time I update a theory, you help me plug more holes – (cough) Awakening – but I feel this iterative process gets us closer to cosmere truth. Here we go! Postscript – What If? I urge you all to read Brandon’s short story Perfect State. Few posters comment about it. In a Matrix-like world, each live human participates 24/7 in their own virtual reality simulation. Brandon’s penchant for foreshadowing makes me wonder: What if 16 virtual characters managed to kill the one live person (Adonalsium) in their simulation? Is the cosmere now a self-executing simulation? When Brandon releases Dragonsteel, will its epilogue show Hoid nattering about a computer program run amok and the failings of postmodern art?
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    My friend @Box Turtle was out driving on a foggy day with another friend, and saw a person walking down the street with a hooded cloak. Initially they were like 'is it a dementor cosplay?' and then they got closer and realized it was just a dude wearing a mistcloak around
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    From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Just another phone doodle of Szeth! Realized I havent drawn him all that much.
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    Free online classes. Tips (likes) are optional but appreciated. There will be a test at the end.
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    When you think of this: Me: I have a headache. Mom: Take some ibuprofen. Me: You cannot have my pain.
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    I... don't think there's a super in-depth reason for this, to be honest. It's about as many as Brandon can reasonably make work; 40 full Oaths, each having philosophical and emotional weight behind them is already a lot.
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    If we can invest the beaver enough, we might create a Shard of Deforestation.
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    These adorable little pipsqueaks are now Shards! This is Ruin. She was the easiest to name because she is always picking fights with Preservation. She's a force of destruction if I ever saw one. This is Preservation. He is a bit of an idiot, but that comes from being a kitten I suppose. He is often fighting with Ruin and he has the most white, so mist! And this is sweet Harmony. She was kinda left over, but she’s still my favorite. She is the smallest of the three and she normally hangs back and climbs on me. Right now she's still sleeping in my hood. I probably won’t end up keeping all three, which is sad but I can only have so many cats. I’m about to get a mostly white calico, which I haven’t had in a while. She’s already named Rio though. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go free Preservation from whatever mess he got himself into.
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    How dare you sir! You have offend me! Since nobody else is defending Hufflepuff, I will take up the burden. Do not worry, brothers and sisters. I will educate these plebians about the true power of house Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff is the greatest house, because it values traits that actually foster a community, whereas the other houses ideals create division and strife. Loyalty, dedication, hard work, and fair play are the what Hufflepuffs exemplify, and these ideals lend themselves to acceptance and fairness. Hufflepuff are normal, decent people, and let's face it: normal people are boring. But they also don't create conflict like we see in the other houses, especially Gryffindor and Slytherin. They're so antithetical they are almost always fighting. And instead of working together they are always working against each other. Then you see Ravenclaw. The problem with Ravenclaw is that the house traits say nothing about how to interact with other people. Ravenclaws could be spiteful mean people, or they could be kind. It could go either way, and valuing intelligence often leads to arrogance and condescension towards people who may not be book smart. The way I see it, Hufflepuffs are the mediators, the people who just want everyone to get along. They may make for boring characters (though I'd argue Rowling just didn't take the effort to portray them as more interesting), and people from different houses may make for a better story. But if Harry Potter were real life, I know damnation well which house I'd want everybody to be in. Cause conflict and strife may make for interesting reads, but I'd rather have a normal life, where everybody is just decent to one another and there's no storming hate.
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    From the album My Stormlight Archive art

    This is the night creature from Sixth of Dusk. I know that it’s from another book than my album, but I couldn’t make a new album
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    Rather than trying to position the poster in time, we could work from the point of "What reason could Brandon have for not wanting Rlain to be pictured here?" Because if it was a deliberate, future-story-based choice to not have him there, which we now know it was, then it doesn't really matter what time period is depicted. Even if he was supposed to be there, he's not, because of this other thing. So what reasons can we come up with that it would be meaningful to include or exclude Rlain? - Brandon doesn't want to depict a listener glowing with stormlight? Maybe to make Venli seem more special? - We're not going to like Rlain for much longer and it would piss us off having him on our nice posters? - He becomes a Radiant of some variety besides Windrunner? - Brandon doesn't have any listener art that he's satisfied with yet? Any other ideas?
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    OK, I'm gonna suggest something here & maybe we can all petition for it to happen, somehow. I want Brandon to use at least one of @Goatbringer's wife's names in a future book - i.e., that people from a Rosharan culture, in-world, call chasmfiends "rock lobsters," for example. There are lots of cultures we haven't met yet, so lots of possibilities. What say you all? Any Moderators/Beta Readers following this thread? Good idea? (If it's a bad idea, my apologies - I meant no offense.)
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    So instead of quoting and tagging a whole bunch of people and trying to organize it all, I will just hit the main points I want to. First, regarding the theory of using awakening to revive Maya. Sorry to be a buzz kill but it has been asked and answered. I think unless there is a way to make the breaths have Connection, or considered "Maya investiture", it will not work. Hence my theory regarding Bondsmith Dalinar using connection to get through the interference. WoB below Questioner If you were to try and Awaken a dead Shardblade with Awakening, like you can with a metal sword, would that be possible, or what would happen? Brandon Sanderson That would probably not work. Not probably. That would just not work. Orem signing (Dec. 21, 2017) Questioner Can you awaken a Shardblade? Brandon Sanderson Can you Awaken a Shardblade? A Shardblade would already be defined as Awakened, by the magic systems. Questioner And what about the Plate? Brandon Sanderson Plate would already be defined as probably too heavily Invested to Awaken because it already is. Oathbringer release party (Nov. 13, 2017) Questioner So is it possible to Awaken a Shardblade? That's the question-- that's my question for you. Brandon Sanderson Um... With the magic system of Awakening, you mean? Questioner Yeah. Brandon Sanderson So, all forms of Investiture strongly resist other forms of Investiture. Questioner Makes sense. Brandon Sanderson *brief interruption* Nightblood is essentially an Awakened... Trying to do that. Questioner 'Cause he shows up in Words of Radiance, right? Brandon Sanderson Yes. So, it-- let's just say it'd be very, very hard. Because it's like saying, "Can-- I want to turn on a lightbulb that's been turned on." Yes, you can... maybe... I don't know what that even means. It's already Invested. It's already Awakened. Calamity release party (Feb. 16, 2016) Now as to Jasnah. Jasnah in Oathbringer makes it pretty clear why she wants nothing to do with Amaram, and it has nothing to do with a list of accomplishments. He doesn't respect nor understand her beliefs (atheism), he is attempting to manipulate Dalinar, and he presents a false face that she has seen under and wants nothing to do with (false face confirmed via WoB that I can pull up if requested). Regarding Jasnah and Kaladin. I have spoke about this before with Falchion before. Not writing this to go back and forth about it again (not that there was anything wrong with doing so prior). We have already said all we are going to say on the topic to each other, and would just be rehashing all our old reasoning. The only reason I am saying this, is someone mentioned wondering if there is anyone else out there that does not support that ship, so I am responding yes there is, and why. Falchion totally respect your beliefs and why, so I am not writing this to say you are wrong, or not entitled to think that way. I personally do not see a benefit to the coupling on an economical, societal, familial, nor personal level. economical/ruling Jasnah has been named Queen. She was chosen because Adolin, Dalinar, Shallan, Navani, Renarin and etc all agree that Jasnah is capable of ruling. Capable of keeping the highprinces in line. And keeping the country together in a time of war and exile. She has years of experience as a ruler. Kaladin does not. Not saying he couldn't learn such skills, but the idea he would become king and thereby rule in her stead I feel would be counterproductive. If Kaladin acted as consort, again I personally do not see in what way Kaladin in particular holds any credentials that would be beneficial in governance of a country at war and exile. He is a surgeon and a soldier. Much of administrative duties regarding leading his men he completely forgot about till Sigzil brought it to his attention, and Sigzil largely took charge of. So could Kaladin learn these skills? Sure. But I do not see Kaladin having such skills to aid Jasnah in her ruling duties. Additionally Kaladin being a knight radiant would not add any legitimacy to her rule as she is a knight radiant herself, so does not need the additional clout. This will be further elaborated on: societal A marriage between Jasnah and Kaladin does not seem to me to be one that would aid her with the church, or the general poor masses. If the church takes issue with Jasnah due to being a radiant, they would also take issue with kaladin for the same reason. If the church takes issue with Jasnah's atheism, they would also take issue with Kaladin's agnosticism (Kaladin being agnostic is confirmed via WoB). So Kaladin, to me does not look any more appealing to the church than Jasnah, so would not be beneficial in that regard. Kaladin, to me, is not a "man of the people". He protects those who need protecting, but fighting for people's rights and caring for them is an egdedancer deal. Dalinar assigned Kaladin land and people to rule, and Kaladin's first thought is what is he going to do with that. If the land he rules gets attacked, then he is perfect to fly in and defend, but speak to him about feeding the poor, working on societal changes, and giving voice to the disenfranchised, and I feel Kaladin would be lost in translation. To me it takes a different skill set. A skill set I feel he lacks, and thereby wouldn't be advantageous. familial This somewhat overlaps with the first two, but the basics of this one are this. Kaladin is already tied to Kholin via swearing fealty to Elhokar (prior to death) due to being a lord of lands in alethkar and thereby a vassal of Elhokar. Now that Jasnah is queen, that would extend to her. Marriage wouldn't be needed to accomplish that. Further marriage for an heir is not needed as Gavinor exists. He is heir apparent already. Finally Gavinor bringing Jasnah and Kaladin together doesn't make sense to me as Kaladin (to me) never expressed unique interest in the child during the entire Kholinar arc, as well as after. Skar and Drehy are the ones that saved the child, "protecting those that cannot protect themselves". He didn't even know Gavinor survived till he saw him with Skar and Drehy. Kaladin focusing on his little brother? Totally! But Elhokar's kid? I just don't see it. personal Finally going beyond practical expectations and reasons, there is the whole wanting to be in a relationship because you actually care for the person, or can grow together. I just don't personally see it for them. Jasnah has a very deep character, with strong emotions and attachments to her family. She largely keeps that hidden as a defense mechanism, and it also is not brought to the fore because her main arc won't be till the back five of the series. The smile she gave Kaladin, was the same exact smile (description, timing and all) that she gave Amaram when she summoned her shardblade ready to duel him to the death. It did not sound like a smile of interest to me, but a smile of triumph when out maneuvering an opponent. Every time Shallan has spoken to Jasnah in a reasoned, and thoughtful way, Jasnah has expressed being impressed and care for Shallan. That moment with Kaladin was the opposite. He did not provide alternatives. He did not have a cogent argument in response. He just said "can we not?". When asked for reasonable actionable alternatives, Kaladin had none except to again say "can we not?". Now I did not write that to criticize Kaladin, nor say he was wrong to object. My intention was to show Jasnah's reaction was one of frustration with what she perceived as a proverbial brick wall. Not interest piqued from intellectual discourse. I do think they will learn to work together, but I do not see romantic feelings forming from that. Sure it can be said opposites attract, but there is a point where conflict does not breed attraction. At least to me. So again, not saying this to say anyone is wrong or right. Just responding to the query as to if there are others out there that disagree with the Kaladin Jasnah pairing and why. I wish everyone luck with their ships, and theories and I cannot wait to read Rhythm of War regardless where it takes us!
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    Spanreeds that persuade you to kill people. Like Nightblood! Nightspan: Hey, you should totally kill that guy. Farmer: No, thanks, Nightspan. Nightspan: Come on, it’ll be fun! Farmer: I liked the older spanreeds. Nightspan: KILL HIM NOW Farmer: I just want to get my taxes sorted out...
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    LG 65: Term 5 Month 1 - Hundreds of Stories “… and that was the tale of the thrice-lucky almond dealer.” Seòras let the words ring out, seated by the fire in front of a small audience now chuckling at the conclusion of his last story. Tales had brought him to the University, and tales were now helping to pay his way through it. Once the laughter had subsided, he spoke again. “What tales should I tell next? The tale of the Princess and the Blue-Winged Wren, or shall I sing the Ballad of the Horse Pirate Vaon?” “How about a tale about the fae that invade our world?” Someone called out. “Got any songs about skindancers?” People’s faces noticeably went sombre at this, though after a moment they started to nod and agree with the suggestion. Seòras couldn’t see who had called about – probably someone standing in the back. “I suppose I do have a yarn or two I could spin about the creatures from the Fae. It’s a little more grim than my last story, but let me tell you of the Mystery of the Demon from Caluptena. The Caluptena was a place of knowledge, vastly greater than our own archive here. The legends don’t agree whether it was just a building, or if it was an empire, but the detail is of little consequence for our tale.” As he spoke, he began to tap an slow, irregular beat, emphasising odd syllables as he worked to invoke and enhance the sense of unease present in the room. “I tell you now a tale of war, flame, and the Tehlin church, for as you know, three things do demons fear: cold iron, clean fire, and the holy Name. You see…” The voice interrupted. “Cold iron you said? You mean like this?” The crowd was forced aside as the cloaked figure pushed forward through the crowd, a cloud of grey shards flying from their hands. Seòras screamed as the shards tore a hundred new holes in his already raggedy clothing, and screamed louder as the cold iron burned his flesh, before screaming again as the force knocked him from the chair into the open fireplace. His screams were joined by those of the students that had been his audience, now fleeing from the display they’d seen. As his world ended, he supposed that at least now as he died, he was becoming a new story that would travel on by word of mouth, just like all the stories he had once collected. * Sloan roamed the streets, smiling. It was warming up. Just a touch, but even a little bit was better than nothing. Hopefully spring would be here before too much longer. For now, she’d content herself with the slightly warm night and hope she found success in one of these alleys. Skipping across the cobblestone streets, she let the beat run through her, driving her steps. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, side, back, twirl. She closed her eyes with the twirl, feeling the breeze blow through her hair. Her night was made in the sixth alley she checked. Someone huddled in a grimy little hovel, built over time by other street-dwellers from the junk thrown out by the nearby Horse and Four. He was fiddling with an object, and she heard him muttering quietly. She crept closer and froze as the words “Master” and “Fishery” stuck out. “You’d think last month would’ve at least temporarily sated my need to watch the bright light of life leave the eyes of all the students at your school as I can,” she began. The student whirled in her direction, and she gave him a little wave. Well. More like the knife in her hand gave him a little wave. Details. The student’s eyes widened, and he dropped the object he held. “I can pay you! Anything you want! Please don’t hurt me!” Sloan chuckled, eying his clothing. “You’re no noble. Even if you were, you couldn’t pay me enough to let you go free. You see, those who know me best know that my…..bloodlust, I suppose, can’t be bribed. Not by your kind.” “I’m no one!” “You certainly are. Or, you shortly will be.” He broke down, and she bent over him, grabbing his hair and yanking him closer. His wet eyes opened again, and she saw into his soul. Or it felt like she did. “You shouldn’t have come to my streets,” she said as her blade cut deep. The light left his eyes, and she wiped her blade clean on his shirt and contemplated his still form. There had been no music in his soul. No beat. She had yet to find a student with music. It was like the University killed that part of a person. All of them needed to die, to save the world. She was merely the weapon guaranteeing the University’s demise. She turned and left the alley, clicking her heels to the music. Maybe she’d find another student to slaughter before the night was over. Seoras (Haelbarde) was killed! He was a Skindancer! Lord Silberfarben was killed! He was a Student! Maern (Xino) was attacked, saved, and went insane! Vol (Devotary) was brought on the Horns but the charges were dropped! Lyoan (Fura) was brought on the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He will be lashed! Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath) ws brought on the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He will be lashed! The following students were elevated: Athdara (Elandera), Bryn Aria (Burnt Spaghetti), Vol (Devotary), Lyoan (Fura), Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath), Knighter Nune (Rover). Straw Altiora (Straw) and Shard (Experience) are now Masters! Term 5 has begun! It will end on Sunday, May 17th, at 4 PM PDT.
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    Bang, BANG, BANG! Days passed, and the forge in the heart of the Alleys was alight with fell flame. The Stranger worked in silence, contemplating all he had learned. Burdened with knowledge and dread purpose, driven by Hunger and devotion and pride. Time had no meaning, he didn't eat, didn't sleep, he had long ago stopped needing such trivialities. He had only the work, the Hunger that no sustenance could satisfy. He worked at impossible speed, draining zincminds at ludicrous speed even as he chronocompressed the lab. The temporal distortion was dangerous if you weren't careful, but the Stranger was the best. It wasn't a gamble for him, just another procedure. Sparks flew, and the chisel seemed to dance across the metal, leaving intricate patterns in it's wake. And as he engraved the new future, he worked the essences into it: Aylitha, Sudiov, and himself. He channeled the power into it, enmeshing it into the very structure of the work itself. The Stranger grinned, feeling the power coursing through him in a constant onslaught. Like funneling a river through a dam, it surged dangerously. But he held it firm, not letting it's wild strength carry him away. His will was indomitable, his resolve the lever with which he moved the world. He hadn't worked on anything like this in far too long, back when Voidus... But that was in the past, and he couldn't afford to dwell on that, couldn't let himself get sidetracked. He had already tasted too much of nostalgia's wine, and it had slowed his mind and dragged at his heart. It was not a luxury that he could afford. But even as he pushed that thought from his mind, he heard faint voices in his mind, as if from a remembered dream. "It finally all makes sense! I've figured it out, I can save him!" "You play with forces you don't understand, boy!" "It hurts, oh ruinous skies it hurts so much. I'm tearing, my heart is tearing! Please, make it stop, make it st-..." "What... what have you done? Oh gods, what have you done?" "Is this really what you want?" The Shade spoke, interrupting the odd dream. The Stranger did not look at him, choosing to ignore the words and redouble his efforts. His Shade sighed, and tried again, "You will lose your only friend, betray your colleagues, and set in motion events not even you can foresee. Even those helping you with this don't truly understand what you're doing. You have wrapped yourself in lies and deception to trick everyone, most of all the one person alive who still trusts you." The Stranger glanced out of the corner of his eye and snorted derisively, "You are focusing on the minutia, letting the grand design elude you. I am performing a great service for the world, for our organization, and most of all for my friend. I shall give him the greatest gift he as ever received, a gift so precious that he can't even know of it, lest it shatter. And I am following the Light, the beacon of Science. I am pushing the possible to new heights! And all you can think about is the cost. All greatness requires Sacrifice." The Shade swept his gaze across the Spike. "Perhaps," he admitted, "But have you really thought about what you're sacrificing? You will be alone, oh Stranger to the world. You will be a stranger in truth, for none shall know you. You will trade the admiration, the fear, the friendship, for the grey void of anonymity. You will be truly alone, for even your memory and legacy will be forgotten. You will effectively die, oh immortal god of iron, and there will be none left to cower before you or praise your name." The Stranger stopped, as if frozen. Then he laughed, soft and low, like a tremor of the earth. His laughter built in volume until the bombastic roars filled the lab. "Forgotten? Dead? Oh no, no no no my friend, I shall ascend! I shall become what they name me, a dark god roaming the Void. I shall be their fear in the dark, driving them to seek the Light of Science. Voidus shall be remembered as the Father of Light and Reason, the Revolutionary, the Founder. I shall be the Bloody Doctor, The Merchant of Choice, the One Eyed God. And though I am forgotten I shall live on in greater glory, for they shall worship me!" His laughter shook the Alley and beyond, spilling through the dimensions. He seized his instruments and carved new symbols into the metal, his grin stretching wider than humanly possible. "My word reshapes the world, my art rewrites history, my will changes the lives of everyone on the planet! No more shall my Hunger be chained!" All was power and madness. The Shade looked at his maker in silence, then picked up a hammer and chisel of his own. He worked lines into the pattern, as as he did he remembered a pair of green eyes. They worked for an indiscernible amount of time, when Suddenly the Stranger struck a blow so mighty that the sound of it nearly shook him off his feet. His eye was wide as he whispered, "It is finished." He gazed at his masterpiece: a colossal gleaming shard of metal, with it's entire surface covered in engravings. Figures, patterns, runes, it was a work of art in it's complexity and beauty. A new Worldspike. It was a masterclass in integrating different forms of investiture, and the carvings were enough to make scholars swoon. It was beautiful, and magical, and so very dangerous. The Stranger lifted his hands and the whole spike rose into the air. Then he opened an alleyway to the far side of the planet and pulled the worldspike through, it's giant mass floating weightlessly in the air. He took in his surroundings, breathing in the fresh air. It was a beautiful day to remake the world. ... The Stranger's shade held a silvery vial in one hand and dropped a copper spike into it. Then he sealed it and opened an alley in a separate dimension, and sent the tube through. It would have to be enough. Then he wrote a note on a ragged scrap of parchment. It was a single line that read, "Find your friend." Then the portal closed, and the Shade wondered if he had done the right thing. Only time will tell. ... The Stranger raised his hands over his head, marveling at the silence of the world around him. "I'm sorry, my old friend, that you could not be here to witness to my triumph. Farewell, Voidus, and may you find for yourself a better morrow." And he drove the Worldspike into the ground with a massive, flaring push. The point pierced the earth, sinking deeper into the soil. The magic was a hum that built to a roar, shaking the earth. The Stranger threw himself into it, heaving and straining to move the spike into place, carefully adjusting so that he would hit the proper planetary bindpoint. The ground shook, and the planet seemed to groan and shriek. The Stranger felt his investiture reserves flowing away as he wrestled with the work he forged. He whispered quietly, "For you, my friend." Then all went black, and the Stranger knew no more. And the World Changed...
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    Aredan stopped in the road. An old man with a short white beard stood on the street corner. He set a large glass bowl filled with water on a pedestal in front of him. Calling out, he began his story. “It is said that in the beginning, there was a Void, and into this void came many cosmoses. Every possible cosmos existed separate and apart from the others. Nothing stretched in the space between except for the primordial Void from which they were born. It is impossible for the minds of mortals to understand this Void as it is, but perhaps an analogy may serve. The Void is like the city alleyway between the buildings of each universe, stretching and twisting among all that is.” The storyteller dropped a black ink into the water, swirling it slightly with a thin metal rod. The water became a murky black until the ink diffused to the bottom of the bowl. “There was a solitary being who resided inside of the Void, Voidus, the Lonely God. I know no stories of his creation, if indeed he was created. Like the Void which he inhabited, his true form is unknowable, even among the other gods. A sage of another world, a reptilian king, once tried to describe him thus, ‘The Lonely God authors reality, pages upon pages of demigods springing from his words; his gaze is like a slow stabbing from behind, in an Alley without light. The ancients saw the Lonely God in the parasites of a forbidden world, preying on others, but that is too simplistic. The Lonely God is, to put it simply... the void that is in all of us.’” The man dropped more ink into the still water, and it pooled in the bottom as if in a bubble. As Aredan watched the ink, he saw movement inside the cluster of ink. He burnt tin but couldn’t seem to make out what was going on inside. "The Solitary One entered the worlds and sought allies among the other gods. Some he slew; from others, he stole their souls; and in still others, he found those who would uphold his work: The Stranger, the Mother of Monsters, the Counter of Time - the gods of Alleys and abominations and lives.” Black sand fell onto the ink, piling on either side of it. The right side seemed to gleam with a metallic glow, like sparks. The left side started moving, and a tiny cremling poked its head out of the sand. Where did that come from? I don’t think he ever put one of those into the water. The cremling crawled into the mass of ink, vanishing. “After many eons of time, the Lonely God took the Stranger to a disobedient world, doomed to destruction, and they fashioned from it a world anew.” More black sand fell, piling onto the orb of ink this time, coating it like a miniature world. “They took Alleyways and folded them like steel into a Damascan blade; they took the light of other worlds and cast it into the darkness of this new creation. They took the very soul of a cosmos and stabbed it into the blood of the world, a spike cast up like a mountain from a cosmic forge.” The storyteller dropped a thin metal spike into the water. As its point touched the little sand world, the black sand flashed brightly, a wave of energy rippling out, turning the sand white. The sand settled into a layer on the bottom of the bowl. The old man scattered glowing diamond chips onto the sand, illuminating the water. “The Void parted for the Separate Being and the One-eyed God, and a sun beamed brilliant in the sky. This was the first birth of the world.” "Coursing in the veins of this new world were the Alleys. The Alleys wove through reality like an endless plane of alleys cutting through a city of empty buildings. Truly infinite, they followed no logical order, shifting and moving themselves as the gods decreed. Within their depths lived demons and devils, eldritch abominations who feasted upon fear, the children of the Lady of Monsters.” The white sand rippled, as if tiny creatures crept beneath it. “Upon these Alleys grew a city, a city of convergence and of power. Men and women sought the Solitary God within the Alleys, but in vain, for he dwelt not in them, and those who entered the Alleys rarely emerged unchanged. Their wrathful spirits haunted the city, possessed by the creatures whose homes they disturbed, searching for blood to spill. The monsters devoured the unworthy before disappearing back into the Alleys which birthed them.” Ink tendrils peeked through the sand. As they brushed the chips, the diamonds went dun. The bowl dimmed. "Some say those whose souls were taken live in the Alleys still, Denizens with dreadful eyes of spikes and twisting limbs warped by time and their pride. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, sometimes you can see them, standing in the darkness of street endings, holding cursed pastries and fey desserts, cookies with spikes of death within them. One bite, and the Denizen condemns you, stealing your soul, never to be released. And so the ages passed in darkness and death, in chaos and disruption.” As chip after chip dimmed in the bowl, the sand began to fade back to a dark black. The storyteller spun the contents of the bowl with his rod, stirring up a thin whirlpool of dark sand. "The time finally came when the dwellers of the Alleycity could no longer live in fear, and one among them, Mac Thorstensen, the Spymaster, was chosen to seek out the gods.” A thin glass monocle fell onto the whirlpool. The sand in the whirlpool fell to the base of the bowl, burying the monocle. “Delving deep within the Alleys at the heart of the world, tempted not by Denizens for he was of pure heart, he found the path which led to the gods. He could not be kept from entering within, for the gods had willed him there. He pleaded that the city might be spared from the desolation, that the gods would protect them from the horrors of the world below them. The Lonely God heard his plea, and gave to Mac a Coin, which would protect their city, sealing the Alleys away forever. On that day, the city was again reborn, darkness giving way to the light of the modern days.” The thin metal rod stirred the bowl, sand bleeding back to white, and in the middle sat the monocle, no longer glass, but gold – a coin with a masked face. How did it…? The storyteller deftly spun the coin in the water, and as it spun, it began to glow. "Today is the Day of Rebirth, a day to celebrate, to commemorate that glorious illumination. We wear masks - of the gods who formed the world, of the creatures that once hunted us, and of the man who saved us - as a reminder that we will never again live in the fear of the Dark Alleys. We have these festivities of chaos, to remind ourselves of the chaos that once was our daily life. May the Lonely God send that it never be so again!" Brightly colored smoke began to billow from the top of the bowl. Aredan coughed, rubbing his eyes to get rid of the smoke’s tickle. As the smoke cleared, he could see that the street corner was empty save for the golden coin. Aredan bent and picked it up. Coming to this city had been a fantastic decision. The wonders of storytelling alone made it far more worth it than living in Elendel. I’ll have to tell Llantess about this – Llantess! Rusts, I’m going to be late! Aredan spun and ran down the street. Llantess would skin him alive if he was late for the Day of Rebirth festivities – there was no way the old man could staff the whole inn by himself.
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    sugar before death, diabetes before weakness, peeps before destination
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    I have put an immense amount of thought into this. To the best of my understanding, these associations work the best: Windrunners : Ba-Ado-Mishram; The Leader focus on protecting and saving people over killing vs a suspected focus on vengeance, with utter disregard for the cost of life Skybreakers : Yelig-nar; The Lawman focus on external justice and objective laws vs supreme confidence and pride in the self as arbitrator, a trait shared by Aesudan and Amaram; also smoke Dustbringers : Ashertmarn; The... Guardian? Sentinel? I dunno focus on channeling passion and fiery nature towards productive, constructive and/or responsible purposes vs letting go of all responsibility, letting loose all passion; also fire Edgedancers : Moelach; The Medicine Man / The Gardener focus on looking at people as people and truly caring for their well-being vs cheapening and commoditizing individual life by making individual death enticing via death rattle "rewards" Truthwatchers : Sja-anat; The Teacher suspected focus on understanding how things grow and change over time, and using it in a selfless manner to help people perfect/improve themselves, vs using that understanding to selfishly manipulating and corrupting others to serve one's own purposes; also spying and eyes Lightweavers : Re-shephir; The Artist don't need to say much Elsecallers : ? Dai-Gonarthis; The Philosopher random guess Willshapers : ? Chemoarish; The Innovator random guess Stonewards : Nergaoul; The Warrior an army that defends vs an army that conquers; defense vs offense; survive and withstand the storm vs overcome challenge by defeating everyone else Bondsmiths : Odium's Champion; The Priest can't really explain this in one line
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    Lita stood at the street corner where the old man had told his story, sipping a little glass of honey mead. She rested her back against the wall of a small shop that had closed for the festivities, shades drawn over the windows. He'd been one of the better story-tellers that she'd seen during a Festival; she was still puzzling out how he'd gotten the cremling into the black sand. Fooling a crowd of average people was easy, but fooling a Tineye was art. She'd especially liked the bit with the monocle; Mac had only ever worn the thing once or twice, but it suited him so well. The first time she'd ever seen him, she thought he looked just like an Elendel banker with his bowler hat and his starched collar, a cane tucked under his arm. He'd ordered something ridiculous at the tavern, something like sweetened milk or perhaps that fizzy syrup-water that some people liked so well in this city. It was all so absurd that she'd become instantly curious. And that curiosity had led her here. There was still a small pang in her chest when she thought about him, a grief that the people of this city could not understand. For all the grand talk of the old gods and the making of the world, at least some of the story was true. There really had been a man named Mac who had gone into the Alleys seeking what knowledge he could find. He had been the Spymaster in truth, and Lita had been one of his spies. And now he was gone. This city had a Spymistress, now. A tiny twitch in her left sleeve brought her back into the present moment, and Lita quickly finished the rest of her drink before slipping out a small sketchpad and a pen. She leaned further back against the wall, green eyes bright and keen behind her golden mask, and took the pen in her right hand as if to plan a rendering of the festival before her. She made the occasional vague sketch, actually doing her best to lay out the scene, but she was practicing a different kind of art. The pen moved in her fingers, and she twirled it in turn. To anyone else, she seemed a rich young woman with mediocre sketching talent. In truth, she was sorting through dozens of messages from all over the city. Today was one of the busiest of the entire year for her Department, a day tailor-made for an army of spies to gather reconnaissance, observe the city en masse, and check up on anyone who might cause trouble. And to keep some of the other departments under control. Lita grimaced and sent word across town for someone to watch out for anyone from R&D who had decided to go wandering outside the Alleys for "free samples." She'd already caught one attempting to sneak out one of the exit points. He'd been decidedly belligerent, even after she'd explained - for what felt like the hundredth time - that this is why they had an Acquisitions Department. 'But will they know what to look for?' He'd fretted, flapping four sets of clawed hands in obvious dismay. Lita had finally managed to send him on his way after threatening to bring in the head of the Acquisitions Department, but she couldn't help but feel as though her word should have been enough. She was a rusting department Head too, now. Senzho wouldn't have given Mac nearly as much lip - though she supposed that he had plenty to spare. Didn't these people understand that they were part of a secret organization that had to remain secret in order to function? It may have been the Festival of Rebirth, but there was a big difference between costumes and masks and a man in a bloody lab coat with two extra arms and a drool problem. Most people were alarmingly unobservant, but even the dumbest would notice that. Lita sent one last message to her army of underlings, then signed off for the next few hours. They had their orders, and they knew what to do with them. She flipped her sketchbook closed and slid it into a pocket, slipping her pen back into her sleeve. Lita smoothed the front of her golden dress, cut somewhere in the neighborhood of a Rosharan havah, but without that absurd safety sleeve. By the Lonely God, a woman was born with two hands, it was hardly some great mystery what was beneath the rusting sleeve now was it? Lita checked the security of the hairpiece pinned at the base of her auburn bun, careful not to poke herself on the radiating golden spokes, and smiled. She'd allowed herself a little more extravagance this year, and why not? She'd seen plenty of people dressed as the Coin already. She deserved a little leniency after a life spent skulking and sneaking. At least, that's what she'd told herself when she'd ordered the tailor to cut a rather generous slit up the right thigh. With a smirk, she pushed herself off the wall and began to move with the thronging crowd, her Tin pitched low and her Copperminds ready to log any information she might come across. Mac had entrusted her with this city, and she intended to make him proud. Maybe the gods had roamed this world once, long ago. Maybe the Lonely God and the Stranger and the Mother of Nightmare had indeed shaped this place of their own design, back in the dusts of millennia. But there was one part of the story that was decidedly true - there was, indeed, something lurking in the blackened shadows of this city's Alleys, and it was very much awake. Lita smiled and felt the edges of her grin sharpen just a little. It was time to let this city mingle with their favorite legend, and begin the shadow-work of secrets.
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    When anytime you see mists you wonder why they are not as thick as they are supposed to be When the only reason it takes you so long to do your school work is you are camping on this site.
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    It's established in Way of Kings. The first Horneater to earn shards will become king. It was the quest that got Rock enslaved and his brothers killed. It's in Chapter 23 “The nuatoma, they see our lack of Shards as great shame. They want these weapons very badly. It is believed that the nuatoma who first obtains a Shardblade would become king, a thing we have not had for many years. No peak would fight another peak where a man held one of the blessed Blades.”
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    Am I the only one who just cannot imagine a relationship between Kaladin and Jasnah?? Maaaaybe I could see Kaladin having an interest in Jasnah, but not the other way. Every time I've read her on page, she comes across as someone who is not interested in pursuing her sexuality in a physical sense. She surely uses her looks to manipulate others. I've always thought she would be gay or asexual, but more than anything I don't feel like I need to see a love story for her. She is an excellent character without a partner. Don't understand why we HAVE to have a relationship for every major character...
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    From the album Xardan's Wife's Art

    So my wife wasn't intending for this to look like a flame spren. She was just enjoying drawing a "figure out of the flames" and I saw it and immediately thought of the Stormlight Archive, so I thought I'd share!
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    The city was alive. The thought crossed her mind while she walked through the streets, all around her laughing, celebrating people. The streets seemed to glow in the light of the lampions hanging everywhere, their shapes and sizes varying with the people that had hung them up. She knew there would be fires in the larger and smaller places, carefully watched by a few who had offered to keep an eye on the flames. A tiny smile touched her lips as she allowed herself to be swept along by the crowd moving towards one of the larger places nearby. They all had spent the day inside, had considered the last year, had pondered over mistakes had decided on things they wanted to do in the future. But now, now the time for silence, for quiet thoughtfullness was over. Now it was time to celebrate, to forget about the past for a moment, about the wars and the destruction that had happened so regularly for the past years. She could feel it, could see it in the faces, in the eyes of those around her. Tonight was dedicated tp the present. Tonight they were alive. She stopped in front of a stall and bought herself a drink that smelled like a mixture of lemon and kiwi and then continued, walked along the street, her face carefully hidden behind a green mask depicting a spren. Nearly everybody wore them, some faces easy to recognize despite their unusual adornment, others completely anonymus behind larger, more complicated ones. She saw the old figures of myth, the old gods of this world, new heros of the movies, creatures from all the worlds that came together in this place, some so weird she had no idea what or who they were supposed to represent. Despite the pleasant, festivious mood she kept her eyes open, couldn't quite suppress her instinct to look for a threat, to make sure nobody was trying to use the situation for their benefit. She couldn't see anybody, saw no sign of anything that tipped her off, but she allowed herself her awareness, didn't try to stop her eyes from covertly roaming over the crowd now and then. It had saved her live more often than not and she saw no reason to stop. When she stepped onto the place, she could see the fire burning in the middle, hear the music of some that had brought their instruments and played a quick dance. The city was alive, she was alive. And tonight, tonight she would celebrate, she would maybe meet new people, tonight her white hair would be part of a costume and not mark her as a freak. For once her red eyes, changed to crystals by years spend soulcasting, could be mistaken for a special set of contact lenses. Althea took a sip of her drink and looked around, the tiny smile still touching her lips. Tonight was a good night. One she had looked forward to for months.
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    I left this forum 6 years ago, and now find that the forum has changed much in my absence. I don't know who's still here from the people I used to interact with, except of course @Chaos, who forever rules. I feel the need to introduce myself again. This place is still a strange and wonderful haven. Hi everyone. My name is Quitecontrary, former Mistress of the Wafflesworn Kitchens (covered with dust now, I suppose).I wonder who's been feeding y'all? I don't theorize and I'm just here to revel in other people's genius. I love all of Brandon's books. Happy to be back and spiking.
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    Well hello, I had the privilege and joy to truly find Brandon after WoT was suggested to me, and I stumbled upon Stormlight soon after. The series quickly blew to the top of my favorite books as I devoured it. Unbeknownst to me, I had actually read him before with the Reckoners, which was a pleasant surprise, but the series wasn't my bread and butter like epic fantasy, and I didn't expect this new-to-me author to have such ridiculous genre range (like seriously, the man is a legend of writers purely by content). At that time, I was burnt out of my public library in a small town (the only one interested in fantasy and reading that much of it), and with no one else to talk to about these amazing books or recommend me new books. Through great chance, WoT was suggested, and soon after I began to seek out books and new authors in the fantasy and science fiction genre, and I am so happy I was able to find Sanderson, and now, an awesome community of fellow fans and fantasy nerds to talk about them with. Thank you all for that. Little more about me: Around the same time I found Sanderson (aka when stopped lying to myself that I was a jock and threw myself back into being a theatre nerd and bookworm ~5 years ago), I finally figured out my own passion was storytelling. Brandon definitely helped provide some encouragement around that time alongside an amazing English teacher, and I have never looked back. I am currently pursuing my passion as a student of creative writing in college, supplementing my classes with Brandon's amazing lectures that he has posted on YouTube, and devouring more writing and books as I go. I have read the first (two or three, I don't recall, high school was a mess) of Mistborn, but really need to reread them as well. Currently rereading through WoT at The Shadow Rising, (#4), as I managed to find a full hardcover set (including New Spring), but depending on this quarantine and if I can kick myself back into my rhythm of reading like a word addict, I will reread Stomlight in anticipation for Rhythm of War this fall. Super excited for WoK Leatherbound, even though my bank account isn't. Tier 4 hopeful, but it will be a wonderful addition to my growing collection nonetheless. Favorite Sanderson book (so far, I have yet to read Elantris or Warbreaker. Yet.): Oathbringer, easily. Man, those last few hundred pages. Chills. If I can do even a part of that in any of my writing, I would be fulfilled. Favorite character, why must you make me choose. I don't remember details from Mistborn enough to do justice to those characters, so alas, just from Stormlight. Token comment, "Hoid is a beautiful sassy boy". Skipping over the main characters, even though I like all of them, Adolin holds an interesting place in my heart, capable and confident in so many ways yet not without fault or doubts. A poster child, who did well in near everything except for some things he cared about the most. (Honorable out-of-fandom mention, Matrim Cauthon, how I do love this man of contradictions and complexity). Well, that's enough out of me, I shall begin my long campaign of lurking amidst the fandom, posting little and listening much, and I shall see you all around. And appear when you never expect it. Hehe. Cheers, Purple
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    Nightblood and Lift's fork are best friends and have a telepathic connection that can cover any distance and they chat through it together when their owners are asleep. Nightblood talks about all the evil he wants to destroy, and how nobody seems to appreciate him destroying evil so well. Lift's fork talks about all the food that she has helped Lift consume. They get along surprisingly well. Harmony and the hog.
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    5 is half of 10, and more controllable in a series than 10, imo.
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    NotBurtReynolds Can Stormlight give enough extra strength that a humanoid could use a Shardbow w/out Plate? Brandon Sanderson Not normally. I think the "Not normally" is an exception for Rock. Because of his status as a squire and his unique bond to all spren ( alaii’iku ) he was able to draw enough power to draw the bow that most squires could "not normally" do. I also think rock is going to become like the Lorax for the spren. Its a completely unfounded theory, but he hasn't bonded with any spren in particular, so I think that instead of becoming a radiant, he will speak for the spren in ways the other radients can't, because radients spren have been seen to have limited memories. Probs won't happen but I really want a Lorax moment for rock so I guess its wishful thinking
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    Hello! I am glad to be able to announce the start of ERA 5! As of now, Era 4 is officially finished. That means: All location threads move to E5. Please feel free to continue to use them, but should you be the first one to post there, add a quote stating that this thread moved to E5 at the beginning of your post. If you haven't done so, please finish all E4 plots as soon as possible. We try to avoid having two eras going at the same time. Please use only characters that were approved for E5! You can always submit more sheets, if you want to move other characters over to this era (up to our official limit of 5 characters per person active at the same time). Please keep the changes to our canon in mind! I copied them into a spoiler tag below for quick and easy reference. And most importantly: Have fun in the new Era! Sorana
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    I'm not sure this is explicitly saying that Jezrien is only 30. Kalak is saying that Jezrien looks young, like a man barely in his thirtieth year. It is quite possible he is in his forties but just looks younger.
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    "True art was more than beauty; it was more than technique. It was not just imitation." -Emporer's Soul This IS true art.
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    I was listening to the Shardcast on the history of Sel (https://www.17thshard.com/news/shardcast/shardcast-history-and-cultures-of-sel-r539/) and they mentioned how the more modern group of people who would become known as the Elantrians first came upon the city already built and empty. Someone built Elantris and something happened to cause it to be devoid of people. There was speculation of a catastrophe or something wiping everybody out ... but what if they just left? We know of a worldhopping civilization that migrates in mass. They are on Roshar during the events of Stormlight Archive and call themselves the Iriali. Their nation on Roshar is called Iri. In Mistborn Secret History we meet a group of worldhopping Elantrians that call themselves the Ire. I don't think these two groups are the same, but I think this is a big hint that one of the previous planets the Iriali were on was Sel and they left in mass from Elantris which is why it was found fully built, but empty. They probably left via the shardpool in the mountains nearby. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Elantris_(city)#Discovery https://coppermind.net/wiki/Iri
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    Once thought but a man Now a grand Cosmere question Who, truly, is Hoid?
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