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    I am pleased to announce that there's an entirely new set of reputation titles. Check out under your name to the left of your post and see what title you are--I imagine it will be very different. Why did the ranks get altered? Well, I hadn't ever really expected people to rise through the ranks so fast. Obviously this site isn't going anywhere, and five years down the line, it wouldn't make sense for all of us to be Adonalsium, now would it? So this new scheme was designed to be much more sustainable for years to come. It's also designed to have a ton more progression than the old system. In the old scheme, you became Shard at 128, and then new ranks appeared at 256, 512, and 1024. Not so much progression. Considering how many people are in the 1-500 range, there needed to be a lot more ranks. And boy, there are a lot of new ranks. In the old scheme we had less than 20 ranks total. In this new system, there are 102 positive reputation levels. There's also no exponential growth on new ranks--it's much more linear, with the differences between levels gradually increasing. I hope you find the new system fun! There are a lot of very powerful and cool titles now, but there are also delightfully obscure cosmere titles, and some that are just plain silly. Hehehe. And of course, now with a properly large list of ranks, it's time to complain about their ridiculousness. Some of the promotions are... interesting, to say the least. Discuss yours in the These Stupid Ranks topic.
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    Trailer for the Way of Kings. Wit's voice: When you beat an iron sword relentlessly, it hardens. When you leave it alone, it rusts away. Let me tell you a story. =o=o=o=o=o The party, camera panning around the revellers. We see spren floating around, we see Jasnah looking disapproving and Dalinar dead drunk, but only briefly. We see a flash of White as the Assassin stalks down a corridor. Two guards notice him and charge. The Assassin bursts into light. Cut to Szeth by the dead body of the King, kneeling. "I'm sorry." =o=o=o=o=o= "We came here for Vengeance, but all I see if frivolity and competition." Dalinar from behind, looking over the Shattered Plains and the arrayed warcamps.Adolin averts his eyes. Sadeas snorts. "Why can't you just relax? Why can't you be just like everyone else?" "I cannot be like everyone else." Sadeas leaves, laughing. "That honor of yours is going to get you killed some day." =o=o=o=o=o=o=o Voiceover: There are two kinds of people in this world, son. Those who save lives, and those who take lives. A young Kal, working in the surgery with his father: "What about those who kill to protect?" A battlefield on a rocky landscape, from the eyes of Cenn. Kaladin leading them into battle. The Shardbearer. White flash, cut to Kaladin shivering in a cage. Kaladin looks up to see Syl floating over, a tiny translucent girl. Her light shines on his face. Her voice: Why do men cry? =o=o=o=o=o=o=o Shallan's voice: “Expectation wasn't just about what people expected of you. It was about what you expected of yourself.” Shallan clutching a sketchbook, following Jasnah. Her eyes are fixed on the Soulcaster. She is smiling, cut to her in her room alone scheming and drawing plans. A cryptic voice: Let go of your lies. (fade to black) (pause) (bass drop) Szeth lashing himself to the ceiling, running towards two Shardbearers. His Blade appears in his hands. Dalinar sitting alone in a tent, screaming and writhing. Kaladin on a bridge run, screaming as blood trickles down his shoulders and arrows kill those around him Shallan in a room in a pool of blood. (fade to black) (pause) Words against A black screen as music builds to a crescendo. Speak again the Ancient oaths. "Life before Death." Lightning illuminates Kaladin before the Honor Chasm, tears mingling with rain. "Strength before Weakness." Dalinar charging at the Chasmfiend in full Shardplate to protect Elhokar "Journey before Destination." Shallan turning from a ship and running back to Khabaranth. (pause) "The Knights Radiant shall rise again." Music climaxes A shot of Szeth running among people, lashing them left and right. A shot of Shallan entering Shadesmar. A shot of Dalinar and Adolin surrounded on the Tower, shouting their final battlecries. A shot of Kaladin's boots thumping on the bridge, clearing the chasm onto the awaiting Parshendi. Syl screaming "Speak the Words!" THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE: THE WAY OF KINGS =o=o=o=o=o=o Wit's voice, chattily: “Can you feel it? Something just changed. I believe that’s the sound the world makes when it pisses itself.”
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    My quarantine contribution: Peeps Before Death: I will protect peeps who cannot protect themselves.
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    I'm new to forums so bear with me here. Since this is my first forum EVER, I decided to make myself semi-known. To do so, I have made a personality quiz that determines what kind of Misting you are. I would appreciate some feedback and advice. Let me know if this is any good. http://goo.gl/Wni9WO Let me know what you get. Thanks guys!!
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    Words of Radiance Trailer. Soundtrack I had in mind: None shall live by Two steps from hell *Epic Drum intro (Stormlight against a black screen (Thanks @thegatorgirl00) ) THE EVERSTORM IS COMING “Thirty-eight days,”a hand scratches on the ground with chalk. “The end of all nations.” Long shot, zooming on the Parshendi city. “Our people are crumbling.” Venli speaks to Eshonai as they move through the city. Long shot, panning over Parshendi culture and their various forms. Eshonai speaks “We sent the Assassin. We chose this war,” Venli smiles darkly, holding up a gem with the lightning red spren inside “And now it is time to end it.” Linger on Eshonai's apprehensive face. Cut to a highstorm, as the gem is crushed in the Storm, the red lightning infusing Eshonai. She screams. DARK PLOTS ARE HATCHING Aboard the Winds Pleasure, Shallan wakes to see men stabbing Jasnah, chasing her. She screams in a dark room in a tavern, Kaladin seats with Moash and a team of 'patriots'. “What do you do if the hand is festering, threatening the entire body?" “you'res speaking of killing the King.” Adolin enters an arena to face four shardbearers. He is rapidly hit in sucession, each hit resulting in a flash of the screen, cutting to a black screen. AND THE ASSASSIN IS BACK A figure of white silhouetted against black, rain crashing against him. Cut to Adolin and Dalinar's horrified faces. "I am Szeth Son-Son-Vallano. I do as my Masters demand, and I do not ask questions!" A shot of his Blade clashing against Dalinar's. (Pause) (Chorus kicks in) THE KNIGHTS RADIANT MUST STAND AGAIN Kaladin runs across a chasm, whooping as he soars into the sky Shallan draws on paper frantically, tracing Pattern into paper, bringing him to life Dalinar shouts a rousing battle cry to the armies as they march against a darkening sky A girl slides into darkness, pursued by coiling vines The hand continues to write the chalk countdown (Quiet portion of the music) BUT THEY WILL BE SHAKEN Pattern buzzes sadly as Shallan shuts her eyes, turning away from him “I hate you,” Shallan whispers. “You will kill me one day,” Pattern agrees. Syl drifts aimlessly, looking lost, as Kaladin festers in prison, crying curses against Elhokar. "This is wrong, Kaladin." "I don't care." (Chorus comes back in) THE EVERSTORM COMES. The hand now writes “Zero zero zero zero” The Parshendi arrayed in stormform, eyes glowing and lightning flashing, chanting as the camera pans over Dalinar’s army. The sky breaks. Lightning flashes. Dalinar kneels beneath a fracturing sky, holding his son. Adolin kneeling before the corpse of his horse, disbelieving. Lightning flashing, people screaming. Parshendi singing. A flash of light, Szeth crashes before Dalinar, mad, implacable, Shardblade summoned. Dalinar shouting at Shallan to find a way to get them out of there Dalinar summoning his blade just in time to meet Szeths Adolin watching, horrified, as Szeth Lashes Dalinar into the sky. (Most triumphant part of the music) LIFE BEFORE DEATH Kaladin, bloodied, bruised, broken, warding an unseen figure from two more figures in the shadows. “You. Will not. Have him.” STRENGTH BEFORE WEAKNESS Dalinar clashes Blades with Szeth. JOURNEY BEFORE DESTINATION "Something is wrong with your Shardblades. All except...for mine." A glowing Shardblade appears in Shallan’s hands, as she plunges it into the Oathgate THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE: WORDS OF RADIANCE “Honor is dead,” a whisper against black, “But I’ll see what I can do.”
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    These trailers were awesome, and gave me chills! I personally thought it gave away a little too much though, so I decided to try my hand at it! A magnificent sword is plunged into a rock with eight others sticking out. A space for a tenth one is left empty. Lirin’s voice: "The Ten Heralds were sent to teach mankind.” Kalak is shown walking away from the Blade. Kal’s voice: “But they were demons.” Lirin’s voice: “That would be the Radiants, Kal. You’re mixing them up. They’re the order of knights the Heralds founded.” *Flash of the two Radiants from Dalinar’s vision fighting the dark creatures.* “Who were demons.” “They were not demons, they were just men who had too much power.” *Radiants shown standing in front of the fort from Dalinar’s vision, summoning Blades, looking grim.* *Fade to black* ~~~ Voiceover: “There are four whom we watch. The first is the surgeon." Lirin’s voice: “There are two kinds of people in this world, son. Those who save lives, and those who take lives.” *Flashes of Kaladin over the young, bleeding girl, trying to fix her, and him on the battlefield with Amaram’s army.* Kaladin’s Voice: “And what about those who protect and defend? The ones who save lives by taking lives?” *Cut to Kaladin running out to fight the Shardbearer, seen from Cenn’s viewpoint low on the ground” Kaladin’s men are being killed around him and it cuts to him in the slave cart.* *Syl whips around him and his eye catches her before it cuts away to young Kal as he hears, “That’s like trying to stop a storm by blowing harder. You can’t protect by killing,” and his face falls.* ~~~ Voiceover: “The second is the assassin.” Szeth cups Stormlight lamps in the king’s hallway. A guard abruptly yells, “You there!” Szeth breathes in Light, and the hall grows dark. Flash forward a bit to one guard on the ground, Szeth summons his Blade. The remaining guard yells “Shardbearer! A Shardbearer assaults the king’s hall!” Szeth flips around in the air and lands on the ceiling. Smash cut of him slicing through men and flying down the hallway. Glimpses of him fighting the king and then him outside with the king impaled on a beam. “I’m sorry.” ~~~ Voiceover: “The third is the liar.” *Shallan’s hair blows to the side as we see her back as she sails into Kharbranth, she clutches her sketchbook, the city is displayed before her.* *Shallan turns a corner in the Conclave she gasps softly when she sees Jasnah Kholin* *Shot focuses on Soulcaster in Jasnah's hand then switches to her in the alley with her Soulcaster hand raised, light flowing from it towards the criminals, the men running from it.* “You killed them!” “Do you condone what those men were planning to do?” “Of course not, but that doesn’t make what you did right, either!” “Am I a monster or a hero?” Shallan’s face hardens and the screen fades to black. ~~~ Voiceover: “The last is the highprince.” “Six years in this war of Vengeance,” Dalinar says as we see him sitting on his horse. Adolin and Renarin watch him in the background. “All wars are games. To fight, to kill, to win,” we hear Roion say. Soldiers slay Parshendi and the ones remaining run. The soldiers look over at the great shell larva. A gemheart is pulled from the shell. “Sometimes the prize is not worth the costs.” Dalinar, Adolin, and Bashin look apprehensively across towards a chasm as a chull pulling a frayed rope runs from it, bleating. The chasmfiend climbs up out of the chasm. Cut of Dalinar running, pulling on his helmet, and summoning his Shardblade towards the beast. ~~~ Voiceover: “The world can change." *Kaladin runs with his bridge crew, beginning a charge against the Parshendi, blood running down his shoulders.* *Dalinar fights in a sea of Parshendi, slicing through them, Adolin is visible in the distance.* *Kaladin and Bridge Four shoving their bridge across the chasm and soldiers cross immediately. Voiceover: “These four people are key." *Dalinar pauses in the battle and looks at the carnage around him and whispers “Almighty…”* (bass drop) *Bridge crews around Kaladin fall, dozens of bodies on the rock as Sadeas army gets in formation behind them.* *Shallan in a room sitting in a pool of blood.* *Parshendi swarm on a group of Kholin soldiers from the distance.* *Dalinar sits in a room bound to a chair screaming and writhing as thunder blasts outside.* *Szeth runs through a Stormlit room of richly dressed people, the room dimming as he runs through Lashing people sideways, crying.* *Kaladin, strung up, is hit by the stormwall.* (fades to black) (pause) ~~~ LIFE BEFORE DEATH (Words on black screen in Stormlight font) Kaladin stands in hard but weakening rain before the Honor Chasm, tears mixing with raindrops. STRENGTH BEFORE WEAKNESS (Words on black screen in Stormlight font) Dalinar charges the chasmfiend alone towards Elhokar in his gold Shardplate, arrows whiz over him towards the beast. JOURNEY BEFORE DESTINATION (Words on black screen in Stormlight font) Doors with the Knights Radiant chart swing open in front of Shallan into the Veil. ~~~ The world dissolves around Shallan into Shadesmar, and we see her begin to fall. Szeth attacks three Shardbearers, two in Shardplate, one wearing a crown (the Veden king). Dalinar and Adolin are surrounded by Parshendi on the Tower, crying out. Kaladin, at the front of the bridge, screams as the four men around him are killed by arrows. ~~~ (fade to black) THEN, EITHER Tien’s face is shown smiling. “It’s not as bad as it seems, Kaladin. You’ll see.” OR *Lirin, face illuminated by the goblet of diamond spheres, says “Somebody has to start. Somebody has to step forward and do what is right, because it is right.”* ~~~ (Fade to black) TITLE DATE (end) ~~~~~~~~ I hope y'all like it! Let me know what you guys think!
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    I'm back, Cosmere spolers
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    For my shardiversary, I have made a meme! I hope you like it
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    With no new cosmere books on the horizon, I thought the time ripe for my post-OB comprehensive magic theory. I update my iteration from two years ago to reflect OB, intervening WoBs, and the Forum’s endemic (but helpful) hypercriticism. As always, these are MY INTERPRETATIONS, not canon or even consensus. My goal is to show how cosmere magic fits together. No theory is perfect and there will be jagged edges here and there. Theory has text and WoB support. Speculation expands on and logically flows from theory but lacks specific support. The Appendix applies my conclusions to known magic systems. Please read the main body first. Topics: Cosmere Origin [Speculation] Spiritual Aspects and Connections [Theory] Perception’s Cosmere Role [Theory] Cosmere Thermodynamics [Theory] The Shattering [Theory and Speculation] Shard Magical Uniqueness [Theory] Assigned Investiture [Theory] Types of Magic Systems [Theory] Magic System Rules [Theory] The Role of Planets in Magic Systems [Theory] The Role of Shards in Magic Systems [Theory] “Pathways to Power” [Theory and Speculation] Conclusion Spoiler: Appendix – Applications and Predictions [Speculation] Postscript – What If? Cosmere Origin [Speculation] Raw Investiture pre-exists the cosmere. Raw Investiture spontaneously forms a mind – Adonalsium, an anagram for “a mind, a soul.” Adonalsium then creates the Physical Realm. Pre-Shattering, Adonalsium’s mind inheres in all Spiritual Realm Investiture. He is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent – his mind is coextensive with his Investiture, and his essence comprises the Physical Realm. Spiritual Aspects and Connections [Theory] Brandon says Spiritual aspects are a mix of Connections and raw Investiture. Connections resemble our universe’s “quantum connections” and are not themselves Investiture. Spiritual aspects thus differ only as to their Connections. Each new or lost Connection changes that Spiritual aspect. IMO, Connections alone carry the information that defines every cosmere person and object. Perception’s Cosmere Role [Theory] Adonalsium’s cosmere is an Investiture-energy matrix that manifests to mortals as the Physical Realm. Mortals collectively perceive the Physical Realm’s physical and emotional forces as Connections. They interpret the Physical Realm through these Connections. Brandon says here, here, and here that cosmere magic is a “human construct.” Different planetary cultures perceive different Connections. Rosharans, for example, perceive the Surges as fundamental cosmere forces. Discrete cultural perceptions partly explain why each planet has a unique subastral. Cosmere Thermodynamics [Theory] Brandon says the cosmere generally follows our universe’s thermodynamic laws, but he adds Investiture as a third element to make the energy flows work. Investiture “is my get-out for the laws of thermodynamics.” Cosmere thermodynamics’ first law states the sum of cosmere matter, energy, and Investiture is constant and these three substances are mutually inter-convertible. The second law states the cosmere’s entropy never decreases over time. I believe the key to understanding magic systems is to follow each system’s energy flows. Our universe’s thermodynamics requires physical and chemical reactions to begin with an “activation energy.” Most magic systems activate with the energy from a magic user’s metabolic or physical processes: Allomancers burn metal. Hemalurgists hammer spikes. Selish magic users move (dance, turn essence stamps, stir potions, draw Aons, bend bones). Sand Masters dehydrate (burn water). Surgebinders inhale Stormlight. Feruchemy and Breath transfers (with or without Awakening) don’t seem to require an activation energy. These “end neutral” magics seem to rely on the bare Intent to perform an act of entropy or stasis (Feruchemy) or to transfer Investiture quanta (Breath transfers). That Intent summons a “facilitating power” from the Spiritual Realm to energize the magic and otherwise comply with thermodynamics. The Shattering [Theory and Speculation] Khriss hints the Vessels first kill Adonalsium and then Shatter his power (M:SH, Part Three - 2, Kindle Locs. 931-940.). Brandon confirms this. I believe the Vessels kill Adonalsium’s mind, his capacity to direct magic. The Vessels then Shatter the now undirected power into sixteen equal Shards. This WoB suggests the method: I speculate the Vessels allocate Adonalsium’s power by forging some unique Connection between each Shard and its Vessel. The Vessel’s “general intent/mindset” makes forging that Connection “way easier,” but aligning general intent/mindset to the Shard is unnecessary. Like with kind and generous Ati, the Shard always prevails. Brandon describes each Shard’s “influence and tweak” of Investiture as a “spin or magnetism.” I think this phrase refers to the Connection that distinguishes one Shard from another. A Shard’s “spin or magnetism” Connects the Shard to all its Realmic states. These Connections mark the Investiture source when Investiture, matter, and energy inter-convert. This maintains the 16-Shard balance. An April 2019 WoB says magic users can change Stormlight into Breath – Honor’s Investiture into Endowment’s. Brandon cites one method: “Refining the power somehow into a more pure form.” I think this method strips the Investiture of its Shard’s unique “spin or magnetism.” That undoes the Shattering as to that Investiture. If so, any Shard can now Connect with it. Odium can change his Shard victims’ Investiture into his, rather than merely Splintering the power. This is a big deal. Permanent Investiture changes like this would upset the Shards’ balance. Brandon should clarify this WoB, or we’ll all have to revise our settled wisdom. Shard Magical Uniqueness [Theory] DISCLAIMER: Posters often use the non-canonical word “intent” to describe Shard magical uniqueness, but that term doesn’t distinguish between the role of the Shard’s Investiture and the role of its Vessel. Brandon has yet to canonize any term to express Shard magical uniqueness. Brandon says Shards are I read this important WoB to distinguish (i) the Shard’s unique magic from (ii) the Vessel’s mind that directs the Shard and cultural perceptions of the Shard. I theorize a Shard’s unchanging “primal force/fundamental law/something...natural” refers to the Connection that marks that Shard’s Investiture, its “spin or magnetism.” The quoted WoB identifies Ruin as the “charged term” for entropy and Preservation as the “charged term” for stasis. This other important WoB shows Honor grants his magic “through the filter of” bonds. Shard magical uniqueness IMO stems from this filter, this primal force/fundamental law Connection, not Vessel personality or cultural influence. Assigned Investiture [Theory] The Shattering caused all Investiture to be “assigned” to the Shard with the same “magnetism” as that Investiture: “Assigned” Investiture to me supports the Shard Connection theory. Without these magnetisms, these unique Connections, Shards couldn’t track their own or other Shards’ Investiture after it converts into matter or energy. Autonomy couldn’t find “a gathering of [assigned] Investiture” to create Avatars out of. IMO, Physical Realm matter, energy, and Investiture always Connects to the primal force/fundamental law that creates it regardless of its creator, Adonalsium or a Shard. Types of Magic Systems [Theory] There are two types of magic systems: “interaction with nature” systems, where mortals interact with the magic but can’t direct the magical effect; and Shard-created “people with magic” systems, where mortals can direct the magical effect. “People with magic” systems appear only on Major Shardworlds, where Shards reside. They result from magic users’ “greater strength of access to the magic, and control over it” on such planets. I believe Roshar’s pre-Shattering ecology and First of the Sun’s Aviar are “interaction with magic” systems. Allomancy, Awakening, and Surgebinding are “people with magic” systems. (Some posters name such systems an “Invested Art,” following Khriss.) Magic System Rules [Theory] With some exceptions, I believe all known “people with magic” systems follow the same general rules: 1. Magic users Intend some magical effect. 2. Magic users in most systems infuse their own energy into the magical process to activate it. Feruchemy and Breath transfers – two “end neutral” systems – activate solely on Intent. 3. The magic system uses that energy (or Intent) to summon Shard power from the Spiritual Realm (or Cognitive Realm for the Dor). Spren-based magic converts Physical Realm Investiture into power. 4. The magic user Focuses that power as it Invests them or an object. 5. The magic user directs the Focused power for the Intended magical effect. Khriss describes the magic system rules of Intent and Perception. (AU, “The Selish System,” Kindle pp. 18.) A magic user must Intend to make magic. Magic is a deliberate act. Perception refers to a culture’s influence on magic. On Sel, “language – or similar functions – directly shapes the magic as it is pulled from the Cognitive Realm and put to use.” The Role of Planets in Magic Systems [Theory] Brandon says a planet’s pre-Shattering magic (its “inherent Investiture”); the planet’s culture; and the local population’s sDNA all influence a planet’s magic systems. Most posters including me believe Focuses derive from the system’s planet. A Focus IMO substitutes for the mortal inability to think a magical effect into being (like Shards can). Besides “shaping the magic,” a Focus limits Investiture flow and prevents magic user vaporization. I think all three planetary influences contribute to that planet’s Focus. The Role of Shards in Magic Systems [Theory] I think these are Brandon’s most important statements about the Shards’ magical role: “The 'role' of the Shard has to do with the WAY the magic is obtained, not what it can do,” “The means of getting powers…are related to the Shards, but not the powers themselves.” “Honor doesn’t belong to gravity. But bonds, and how to deal with bonds, and things like this, is an Honor thing.” I read these WoBs to say Shards have two roles in magic systems: They determine how magic users (1) access Investiture, and (2) perform their magical abilities. IMO, magic systems grant access and performance through their Shard’s unique Connection, its primal force/fundamental law: Ruin magic users Intend an act of entropy. A Feruchemist converts their attributes into Investiture. A Hemalurgist spikes through Spiritual aspects. Nightblood destroys evil. Preservation magic users Intend an act of stasis. A Feruchemist returns to their prior state (the status quo) when they re-convert Investiture into attributes. An Allomancer pulls power down metal’s static molecular structure. Honor magic users Intend to enter a bond. A Surgebinder chooses to enter the Nahel bond. Windrunners “lash” (re-bond gravity) to fly. Brandon confirms those three Shards’ primal forces/fundamental laws. I speculate in the Appendix what others might be. Again, I believe a primal force/fundamental law is the “spin or magnetism” that Connects the Shard’s Investiture to its other Realmic states, including to its Vessel and magic users. “Pathways to Power” [Theory and Speculation] Investiture energizes magic. I believe magic systems move that energy down inter-Realmic power lines. Marasi sees Preservation’s metal “pathway to power” when she draws Investiture from the Bands of Mourning: Metal is Preservation’s pathway to power (and Scadrial’s Focus). It is not Preservation’s Investiture. From this example, I speculate other magic systems have their own pathways to power. Pathways generally have these characteristics: They aren’t made from Investiture. In several systems, the magic consumes the pathway. In these systems, the magic ends when the consumed pathway ends. Like metal’s static molecular structure ties to Preservation’s stasis, each Shard’s pathway also seems tied to its “spin or magnetism,” its primal force. I speculate about each Shard’s pathway in the Appendix. I believe pathways differ from Connections. Connections convey information. Pathways seem to convey Investiture. I think “pathways to power” overlap with Brandon’s “natural pathways.” The latter seem to refer to pre-programmed Investiture delivery methods: This WoB confirms magic generally follows natural pathways “built around Adonalsium” that the Shards now influence. Even pre-Shattering Physical Realm manifestations of Spiritual Realm Investiture break Realmic barriers somehow. To me, it makes Realmic sense magic systems might funnel Investiture through a natural pathway other than perpendicularities. Conclusion Like you, I seek cosmere truth. How does this stuff work? Because we don’t yet know cosmere truth, I ask you judge my theory by a three-part “validity” test: (1) Is the theory self-consistent, and does it fit together on its own terms? Would Pattern approve (hmmm)? (2) Is the theory consistent with text and WoBs? (3) Does the theory predict how newly-unveiled magic will work? Precedent suggests readers will focus on the Appendix, where I speculate about individual Shards and their magic systems. If past is prologue, I’ve made many mistakes for you to correct. But I prefer you focus on the main theory, the “big stuff.” The little stuff like magic systems will fall into place if we can get the big stuff right. If nothing else, consider this post red meat during these lean times between books. All the best. C. Appendix – Applications and Predictions [Speculation] The Spoiler applies the magic theory to each Shard with a known “people with magic” system. EVERYTHING in the Spoiler is raw to informed SPECULATION. (Probably true of the whole post, really...) Each time I update a theory, you help me plug more holes – (cough) Awakening – but I feel this iterative process gets us closer to cosmere truth. Here we go! Postscript – What If? I urge you all to read Brandon’s short story Perfect State. Few posters comment about it. In a Matrix-like world, each live human participates 24/7 in their own virtual reality simulation. Brandon’s penchant for foreshadowing makes me wonder: What if 16 virtual characters managed to kill the one live person (Adonalsium) in their simulation? Is the cosmere now a self-executing simulation? When Brandon releases Dragonsteel, will its epilogue show Hoid nattering about a computer program run amok and the failings of postmodern art?
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    My friend @Box Turtle was out driving on a foggy day with another friend, and saw a person walking down the street with a hooded cloak. Initially they were like 'is it a dementor cosplay?' and then they got closer and realized it was just a dude wearing a mistcloak around
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    From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Just another phone doodle of Szeth! Realized I havent drawn him all that much.
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    Thanks so much, I like to think of her as a classy elder Alethi woman. Here's some more sketchbook offerings A pretty Kaladin who has finally met a hairbrush A Renarin I'm not a fan of and will redo, and a Siri and Vivenna Smol Steris doodle Melaan in a pretty dress A not so well dressed Melaan (I said her dress was made of muscle juice and got a few grimaces. The world just isnt ready.) Szeth wore a white mistcloak on the day he was to kill a Lord Ruler.
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    I had an assignment where I needed to create an infographic, so I indulged a bit and made a kind of zoological sketchbook page on Chulls! Then I found some props I thought could fit into the world, set the scene, and took a photo of it in my backyard!
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    When you think of this: Me: I have a headache. Mom: Take some ibuprofen. Me: You cannot have my pain.
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    Hey, this is my first alleyverse art. I drew Allence for a festival.
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    Some Rithmatist memes because I recently reread it and there aren't enough.
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    LG 65: Term 4 Month 2 - Fae Refuted In this turn, three students expelled! For so few votes surely doom spelled Cadici set fires, Rath made vulgar flyers And Ugfal the Three-Handed smelled. Maern had a scare just last night - The assailant gave him a fright But he did not die, For the man was quite spry And the attacker had to take flight There once was a man named Lin Wa, Who followed each letter and law, But being a Master Could not make him faster Than the blizzard of iron he saw. There once was a metallic storm Which ripped over Lin Wa’s true form And as for the answer Was he a skindancer? You’ll find it beneath iron’s swarm. (There once was a GM named El Who thought this turn turned out quite well The limericks fine The spreadsheet in line And now I will bid you farewell) * * * Limericks. Sloan hated limericks. They never seemed to work with the music that always filled her mind. And yet, there was a limerick there, fighting with the song she was humming. It was even one of her favorites - the song, not the limerick - which made the limerick annoy her all the more. Where was this sound coming from. If she found the source, she’d kill it. Even if it was one of her people. Anyone muttering in limerick form didn’t deserve her protection. She tried to dance down the street, humming louder to block out the limerick. But no, the limerick got louder. She couldn’t even make out any words but it was increasing in a syllabic volume that made her forget how cold it was. (Maybe if she wasn’t so frustrated, she’d be thrilled about something causing her to forget the chill, but no). A shadow in the alley caught her eye, and she spun toward it. She’d lost her beat. That had never happened to her before. Whipping out one of her daggers - a jagged little work of art she loved to slice through skin with - she stepped toward the alley. And the words became clear. “For students, there’s three things to know - The first is that school makes much woe And even if worked on Till you see light of dawn You might still have nothing to show!” Sloan grinned. It wasn’t one of her people. She would’ve delighted in killing the student without any encouragement whatsoever, but this one. This one had made her lose her beat. The blood ran dark out of the alley and Sloan danced away. The beat was back, the limerick silenced. The night suddenly seemed so much brighter. Lin Wa (Walin) was killed! He was a Skindancer! Amila Tays (Zillah) was killed! She was a Student! Maern (Xino) was attacked and protected! Ugfal the Three-Handed (Stink), Cadici (CadCom), and Rath were all brought on the Horns and the Masters, in a stroke of viciousness, expelled all three of them! The following students were elevated: Seoras (Haelbarde), Athdara (Elandera), Straw (Straw Altiora), Lasko Veitch (Karnage), Vol (Devotary), Rath, Ugfal the Three Handed (Stink), and Leo (Lopen). Term 4 Month 2 has begun! It will end 15 May at 4:00 PM PDT.
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    A lot of people have been wondering for a very long time how splintering a shard works. Brandon has been tight lipped on the subject however. What do we know? Splintering every other shard is the primary goal of Odium. However most of the information on shard against shard combat actually comes from the Mistborn books. During that series we see three vessels die and one ascend. None of these shards are splintered but we gain some decent information on how shards see the world and fight each other. When Vin ascended she seems to have spent most of her time in the spiritual realm. Lerasas might give insight into why during Secret history he spent time in the cognitive realm which seems to have partially destroyed his mind. His physical realm appearances where arguably even less coherent. Both are reminiscent of a spren without a bond a state that seems damaging to them. We also have this WoB which indicates that pushing a shard's power into the wrong realm causes damage and potentially splintering. as well as this one. indicating that the process is difficult. What is a shard and what is a vessel? A shard is an entity composed of a specific type of investiture held by a vessel. Most of the investiture exists in the spiritual realm although sometimes it manifests in other realms ether as magic or splinters. A vessel is a being that to some degree directs the shard. To use an analogy the vessel is the "hardware" that a shard runs on. Basically the vessel shows the power how it to do what it wants. We call this the intent. This is what makes the vessel important. The firmware or fundamental ways that the vessel understands or interacts with its environment actually may change how the power manifests. Ideally a vessel has ties to all three realms although it is possible for a shard to function with ties to only the cognitive and spiritual. In this case as we saw with Kelseir the shard looses potency and the power becomes considerably harder to leverage. The Theory? Splintering happens when the enough of a shard's investiture is pushed into the cognitive and physical realms. The way I think about it is this. A platonic ideal is too complex to exist in the physical realm or the world where we live. You can't look at or touch hate or honor or stasis. You can see their effects like shadows on the wall of a cave but you can't touch the thing that creates them. In the cognitive realm things exist in a state of thought. Putting an ideal there is like trying to ask a computer what love is. The answer is not something a computer can give. Here is the thing. Contrary to the belief of early science fiction writers a computer that is given an impossible question will actually not blow up or start blasting smoke from its vents. Instead a good computer will take a small part of its possessing power and create a discrete thread. The critical stuff will stay in place. People who understand computers better can explain more but a small piece of the main whole running a complex directive could sound like someone is trying to describe a splinter. If you make enough splinters then eventually you probably run out of investiture and the shard is gone as a threat. Given roshar's spren population this is most probably not a convenient way to destroy a shard. However if this analogy is valid doing so quickly and completely might resemble a wabbit also called a fork bomb where no splinter is stable and instead splits itself again and again destroying a shards integrity and crashing the whole thing. This may have been Odium's strategy with the Dor. Shard against shard combat? This is more speculative. If splintering requires pushing a shards investiture out of the spiritual realm the a shard has to leverage their power against an opponent. This is easiest if you have an experienced vessel with ties to all three realms and is not yet consumed by their shards intent(when they are taking actions is kind of difficult). I also think that Odium's choice to invest temporarily in the Rosharan system indicates that local leverage is better. This indicates that combat requires striking a balance balance between leverage and strength. Also exposing yourself too much in the physical and cognitive realm might allow agents of one side or the other to effect the outcome(like burning away the atium during Mistborn). Please make suggestions or corrections where you see them. In a theory of this size I am bound to have made some. Also I totally did steel your format @asmodeus
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    Rather than trying to position the poster in time, we could work from the point of "What reason could Brandon have for not wanting Rlain to be pictured here?" Because if it was a deliberate, future-story-based choice to not have him there, which we now know it was, then it doesn't really matter what time period is depicted. Even if he was supposed to be there, he's not, because of this other thing. So what reasons can we come up with that it would be meaningful to include or exclude Rlain? - Brandon doesn't want to depict a listener glowing with stormlight? Maybe to make Venli seem more special? - We're not going to like Rlain for much longer and it would piss us off having him on our nice posters? - He becomes a Radiant of some variety besides Windrunner? - Brandon doesn't have any listener art that he's satisfied with yet? Any other ideas?
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    This thread is an attempt to make the longest thread ever. We got shut down in the Intro section and were told to come here. So the way to do this is to make a story. One sentence at a time. Put the story in bold so we can identify it from other things. Other discussion is allowed, but the story is the excuse to start. Here we go. @MacThorstenson @Kidpen @Archer @Stormblessed Dolphin @Rebecca @I think I am here. @Leyrann @Tesh @The Forgetful Archivist @Nerd3.14159265358979 @Voidus Tag other people who would help us. Once upon a time, on a non-canon planet in the Cosmere, a powerfully invested man chose to take over the world. Link to doc with it updated to at least the middle of thread page 37. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1alzgzw_ZHV-sLHPe3jg_XPCP2VOud3sY5eozOUdeiII/edit
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    From the album My Stormlight Archive art

    This is the night creature from Sixth of Dusk. I know that it’s from another book than my album, but I couldn’t make a new album
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    Here are the pages scanned, if you wanted to take a closer look. All of the written information on there is from the Coppermind wiki!
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    Today is my shardiversary! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been here for a year already. I remember sitting on the couch, while my cousin @Truthless of Shinovar asked if I had joined this Brandon Sanderson Fansite he found yet. “It’s really cool!” He said. I think at one point, he showed me The Longest Thread, back when there were only around five or six hundred pages. Finally convinced, I decided to make my account. I lurked for about a week, and then decided to jump in . I don’t think I ever could have guessed how awesome it would be. A lot of you may not know me very well, or at all for that matter, but I am super grateful for everyone I’ve met on here. I’ve made lots of friends, and I have scarcely found anyone who hasn’t been welcoming or just kind in some way. In the past, I have kind of just been in and out, not really inputting much on the shard. I hope this will change, and maybe by this time next year I’ll have a thousand posts! For my shardiversary, I’ve decided to share with you all three things: a character, a meme, and a wish. After being on here for an entire year, I think it’s about time I joined the alleyverse. This is my character, Desmund, who I have agonized over for the last three days. If you have any ideas or comments, please tell me! I was planning on posting him in the “Characters” thread later today, and I appreciate any thoughts you all have. Next is my meme. I thought of it as soon as I saw this picture, and so I’ve been saving it for today . I hope you all like it, and don’t hesitate to tell me if it’s terrible . Last but not least, I have a wish. For a long time, I’ve thought about writing a short story. I loved your story about The Girl Who Looked Up @Lunamor, and it inspired me to make one of my own. I don’t know if it will be nearly as good, but I know I still wanna try. I also know that I am a perfectionist, and so it may be almost another year before I actually finish it . Regardless, I hope that one day I’ll get my thoughts together and actually put them on paper. Thank you all so much for making the shard a wonderful experience! This ended up being kind of long, but there was a lot I wanted to say. I am grateful for all of you, and I hope I will get to know you even better in the year to come.
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    When you name your sourdough starter Moash so you can repeatedly kill Moash
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    In quarantine, we all have plenty of time to try new things. I, personally, have been attempting to learn some of that sweet, sweet High Imperial. It's the perfect language: It'll confuse anybody who isn't a Mistborn fan, and will impress anyone who is! So who wants to learn some High Imperial? Welcome to the Academy! -Brandon Sanderson
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    I searched "Calvin and Hobbes" and found nothing. This is severely disappointing, so I am going to remedy that. So uh, just talk about Calvin and Hobbes, I guess . When I read this (for the hundredth time), it reminded me of every time that I was into a good Sanderson novel:
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    Because he moved from 4th son straight to Nuatoma(And after killing Amaram, a position where he'll likely be responsible for not just his Peak, but all the peaks). His oldest Brother, the Nuatoma, was killed by Sadeas in a duel for shards. His next two oldest brothers died trying to avenge their Nuatoma. Rock was brought on as a cook, fed Sadeus some Chull dung, and was made a birdgeman. He's supposed to be in charge of his tribe but doesn't want to(likely because he doesn't feel worthy/has guilt over the deaths of his brothers. He's barely acknowledged their deaths. He's in an avoidant place and possibly the most deeply broken of Bridge 4.) He's accepted his place as Bridge 4's cook because it's safe. But to move up to leader of his people is a much bigger jump.
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    LG65: Term 4 Month 1 - Drink With Me Lin Wa stood in front of the other Masters. He stared at the robe being held out to him. I’m not nearly put together enough to be a Master! I can’t even remember my notebooks. He took the robe anyway and put it on. He didn’t want to upset the Masters. Maybe it’d be interesting? The days were warming, now, winter snows melting to slush. Bright green grass was revealing itself from beneath the snow, and the air smelled of change. Also, it rained. A lot. A lot. The rain poured down almost every day, flooding the streets in a few less-than-well-drained locations. Students tramped about miserably, doing their best to protect their precious papers and books. Even the Fishery sprung a leak, which was caught quickly but nonetheless became the talk of the school for a few days. The chemicals inside were volatile enough that had the water not been caught... well. Bad things could have happened. Catalan especially hated the rain. It was horrid and muddy and got all over his clothes no matter how much care he took. He felt like it was slowly driving him mad. Maybe I am, he mused. Seems to be at least two students in a term, and we haven’t had the second one yet... What if it is me? What if this rain is going to slowly drive me insane until I go to the Crockery? I’ve been feeling weird lately, been all scattered... His heart rate started to pick up. Maybe something got into the rain - no, but then everyone would be affected, not just me. Maybe it’s my drinking water? Catalan tensed, looking at the glass of water sitting on his desk. Was it poison? Or maybe it was something in his food - he got it from the innkeeper, it’s not like he made his meals himself. What if... what if... Oh no, and if they realize I know they’ll come after me. Silence me. But I can’t stay, either, or I’ll go mad. I have to get out of here! He ran out of his rooms, not even looking where he was going. Rushing down the stairs, he- bang “Ow,” he said weakly. “Are you alright?” said someone. “No! Get away from me!” Catalan wriggled away from the thing coming his way - maybe a hand, maybe a weird blob of flesh. He still couldn’t see well enough to tell. “Get me out of here! It’s not safe, they’re poisoning the food!” “I think you need to go to the Medica.” “Or maybe the Crockery...” “Come on, get the lad up, he clearly needs the help!” “Poisoning? I haven’t felt anything odd.” “Poor man...” The voices overlapped and spun around Catalan’s head, bouncing off the walls and getting louder and louder until he blacked out. Catalan (Coda) went insane! Maern (Xino) was brought on the Horns, but the charges were dropped! Vol (Devotary) was brought on the Horns and charged with Undignified Mischief! (again) Cadici (CadCom) was brought on the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He will be lashed! Lyoan (Fura) was brought on the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He will also be lashed! Kynedath was brought on the Horns and charged with Undignified Mischief! These students were elevated: Kendel (Elkanah), Straw Altiora (Straw), Lord Silberfarben, Lasko Veitch (Karnage), Vol (Devotary), Cadici (CadCom), Lyoan (Fura), Amila Tays (Zillah), Rath. Lin Wa became a Master! Player List1. @Haelbarde - Seòras 2. @Elandera - Athdara, alchemist 3. @Burnt Spaghetti - Bryn Aria 4. @DeTess - Evelyn Bryen 5. @Elkanah 6. @Straw - Straw 7. @xinoehp512 8. @Lord_Silberfarben - Lord Silberfarben 9. @Coda - Catalan, namer 10. @Karnage - Lasko Veitch 11. @Hemalurgic Headshot 12. @StrikerEZ - Ryykal Ladzo 13. @Lumgol - Caia Irèn 14. @Experience - Shard 15. @Devotary of Spontaneity - Vol, paranoid alchemist 16. @CadCom - Cadaci 17. @Sart - Sagaer Murtoy, accompanied by a child 18. @Furamirionind19. @Zillah20. @Araris Valerian - Arael Solon21. @Rathmaskal - Rath22. @STINK - Ugfal the Three-Handed, with only two hands 23. @Kynedath - Traelynn Weeks, likes beets 24. @Walin - Lin Wa 25. @GreenRover - Knighter Nune 26. @Young Bard - Nethwyl Nox, pyromaniac 27. @TheMightyLopen - Leo
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    When you can't listen to skaa music without wondering how they managed to have the time to perform when being beaten down by the lord ruler.
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    So regarding the "what changed in our history" question. I noticed, that we have several different head canons around regarding that topic, leading to an unruly canon and probably many discussions in E5. Voidus and me thought it best to decide that on mod level, as the era will start in two days and we don't have the time to make a poll regarding the larger events that happened every era and allow enough time for everybody to weigh in. Here is what we felt like should work with the E5 changes, without eliminating too much, so that rped character development of older characters can be (mostly) kept. If you are unsure about a specific situation that is important for your character, please don't hesitate to ask! E1: Guild War did happen, massive destruction of the city (also because of the demons of the Chaos Space Marines), Alleycity wasn't nuked E2: happened as it did, minus the Phoenix attack on Oasis City E3: happened as it did, minus the Phoenix attack on Alleycity; the combined forces of the guilds were able to defeat Plasma Core E4: the exploration happened as it did, the atium was distributed evenly between the participating guilds ============ As the guilds will be less powerful, several smaller groups exist to fill the vacuum left behind. They don't need to be named, but in general more guilds exist, and the ones with PCs are simply a part of them all. ============ The slum is located in the north of Alleycity, a part that was heavily destroyed during E1 and E3. People there don't have a 24/7 access to electricity and running water, and they live in the ruins of the houses that used to be there. (So far it used to be in the krater left by the nuking of Alleycity in E1)
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    Oh my your fic made my day! Thanks so much for writing it XD I’ve secretly been on this ship for quite a while! Time to step out of the darkness... And there is something from a tumblr emoji request. I regret nothing (Don’t open it unless you ship it.)
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    I feel like part of why chapter 30 is there is to humanize Gaz, make him less of a pure bully and more of a… Very angry, underpaid middle manager, caught between a rock and a hard place. If he can’t find the money to pay Lamaril, he’ll get demoted to bridgeman. If he doesn’t get Kaladin killed, he’ll get demoted. If he DOES get him killed, it’s back to square one, because he’ll lose the bribe money and to the bridges he goes. In the AU, he’s definitely still getting bribed for his non-interference: even if they’ve come to really value those few minutes a day when they can just sit together and think about something other than the realities of the warcamp… Even if they trust each other, in an odd sort of way… Kaladin knows better than to let “friendship” be the only thing separating his bridgemen from death. Being friends is fine: being friends with a constant reminder of their deal is better.
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Ohh i had a whole description for this written that got deleted in an error. That smarts. Okay so: Kaladin doesn't trust figures in position of autority. They don't really look out for his well-being, nor his men's. But he's also someone who'll force himself to smile through a crushing depression because his men need him to smile. He's willing to put his feelings aside for someone else's good- be the leader they need him to be. I feel like this is what he's doing here. Although they've been spending scraps of time together every night, eating leftovers after the ritual Bridge 4 stew, Kaladin can't bring himself to trust Gaz. But a leader has to show he trusts his men. So he swallows the fear and speaks honestly.
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    Here's a comparison of the two symbols, with the latter rotated to match the orientation of the former: Now, excuse me whilst I mourn the final death of my Cognitive Surgebinding theory . May I have better luck next time I guess.
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    Holy... I got chills just reading that.
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    I doubt this is a real scene within the timeline Just Bridge 4 looking cool.
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    Though you should really stay and read a book or two. Or twenty. Anything by Brandon Sanderson is bound to be superb.
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    My text chain with my mate;
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    When you got super excited when you find out that your mistcloak flutters when you run. It's great.
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    "True art was more than beauty; it was more than technique. It was not just imitation." -Emporer's Soul This IS true art.
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    I had some fun doodling. Eiran Sullivan: Compile Acute:
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Page 1 of part 3 of the Gaz Redemption AU comic! This section covers chapter 33, which is the one with Gaz as a POV character, and the “side carry” scene. I’ve a secret. This comic actually does have a title. But i’m worried that the moment i start using it, it’ll turn from something fun i do to wind down after work into yet another boring obligation. That does seem to be a pattern in my life. So for now this is just the Gaz Redemption AU comic.
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    I couldn’t find very many threads about forgery, and the possibilities of soulstamps, so I made one! I honestly think soulstamps are really cool, and I’m curious to see what people think up about how you can use them. ( I also may or may not be gathering ideas for my alleyverse character ). I’ll start with an idea that came to my mind: what if you could soulstamp a sword while fighting to make it extra hot or frigid, or to soulstamp poison onto it or something? You could even change its shape, and switch tactics in a flash. I don’t know If that sounds dumb, but I figured the possibilities could be cool .
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    Friends, Sharders, BoredBois, lend me your time. I come to praise Boredom, not to bury it The fun that men have lives after them; The fun is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Boredom. The bored @HemalurgicStickBreaker Hath told you Boredom was bored: If it were so, it was a boring fault, And boringly hath Boredom answer’d it. Here, under leave of @HemalurgicStickBreaker and the rest– For @HemalurgicStickBreaker is a bored man; So are they all, all bored men– Come I to speak in Boredom’s monologue. He was my friend, bored and boring to me: But @HemalurgicStickBreaker says he was ambitious; And @HemalurgicStickBreaker is a bored man. He hath brought many BoredBois to this thread Whose boredness did the general coffee fulfill: Did this in Boredom seem bored? When that the bored have cried, Boredom hath been bored: Boredness should be made of sterner stuff: Yet @HemalurgicStickBreaker says he was bored; And @HemalurgicStickBreaker is a bored man. You all did see that on the 17th Shard I thrice presented him a bored award, Which he did thrice refuse because he was bored: was this boredness? Yet @HemalurgicStickBreaker says he was ambitious; And, sure, he is a bored man. I speak not to disprove what @HemalurgicStickBreaker spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did tolerate him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then, to be bored for him? O Boredness! thou art fled to BoredBois, And men have lost their boredness. Bear with me; My boredness is bored here with Boredom, And I must be bored till Boredom stops be boring. Hello that must have been quite boring. Well if you're bored join the BoredBois the Shard's first guild dedicated to boredom. We go around the Shard being bored, and reveling in boredom, feel free to have long boring posts. To join swear the 6 ideals of Boredomness: 1. I will share in others boredom 2. I will chill with my fellow BoredBois during Borantine 3. I will be bored for those who can't be bored themselves 4. I will glory in the many memes of the Universe 6. I will end every post with Hoc erat odiosis Hoc erat odiosis
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    Here's some more popular theories on the Dawnshards: What the Dawnshards are, is a question that has been asked before. If you're interested here's some of them: The last one is a link to a list that I made of the info we have on the Dawnshards to date highlights: Adonalsium spren, what the Unmade were before they were unmade, fabrials, perfect gemstones, Ashynite plague, Cultivation magic, something to do with the Dawnsingers
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    The Stranger and his Shade noted the arrivals of their respective targets with cool satisfaction. Both Sudiov and Aylitha could provide valuable assets for his enterprise, but both could be dangerous to him and more importantly, his work. The Stranger and his Shade smiled, dimensions apart, and said, "I am changing the world." ... "An opportunity to push the borders of Science. I am going to reshape the Alleyplanet, to put a stop to the endless wars and chaos that have plagued us for so long." The Stranger's Shade spoke leveling and quickly, not adding any flair or drama to his words. Aylitha was first and foremost a scientist, and as such he could reason with her. He wished he could converse with everyone this way, it was so much more efficient. "Simply put, our current place in the world we created is under constant siege by those who either don't understand us, or fear us because they understand. We have faced wars, sabotage, and countless other strains from within and without. And it has taken a toll on Voidus." He gestured upwards, though spacial references were meaningless here. "The past years have shown us that the more aware of us the world is, the greater their efforts to destroy and subvert us. We've faced set backs, interruptions, and unacceptable delays to our work and our growth. And so I am undertaking a restructuring of the world, so that we may work uninhibited and limit distractions. I would like to integrate your nigh omnipresent capabilities into the redesign of the world, expanding your capabilities and ensuring we have a new level of subversive control surface-side. As such I would require a portion of your essence to work into the formula, to ensure a lasting transition without any potentially damaging side effects. It would allow a previously unheard of level of cognitive subdivision and immersion, a hivemind integrated into the spiritual aspect world itself. We'll be able to monitor everyone with instantaneous connectivity and hyper spatial and biological awareness. It's dangerous, but if anyone can get the formulae right, I can." It wasn't bragging when he said it, and Aylitha would know it. But he wasn't done yet. He looked at her with a candid expression and said, " The reason I have kept this quiet, and why even now we meet in such absurd circumstances, is that I am also going to be making some changes to a certain department focused on interior affairs. I have not filled out the requisite paperwork, because soon their purview will be drastically altered and I don't have time for their stalling. And so the fewer people who know about it the better. My initial plan was to integrate a team, but you're so much better than that. No conflicting personalities, no discordant thought patterns, you are the single more unified conglomerate I can reliably work with in perhaps the entirety of the Alleys. And so I request your assistance in this experiment, Aylitha. From one department head to another, join me in changing the world." @kenod ... The Stranger motioned for Sudiov to sit with a wave. "I have a proposition for you, oh shade of my closest friend. I am engaged in an endeavor the likes of which the world has never seen. And as such, I am here to offer you an opportunity. I am going to remove Voidus as the head of power, pull back the DA from the public eye, and bring a new era of peace and prosperity. And all I need from you is some information." He grinned warmly, "Provide me with the information I seek and you will be saving the lives of many, many innocents. All I want is for you to tell me everything you know about Voidus, before the Alleys. Before we met, before we began our path, before we found those darkened pathways. You are a part of him, a Shade of his power. You share his abilities, so it stands to reason you would share his memories, if in a disjointed fashion." The Stranger's gaze was distant, his dark eye sifting through the deep waters of recollection. "I know Voidus better than perhaps any other living being. And yet his origin is a mystery to me. We never spoke of where we came from, of who we were, because none of it mattered. What mattered was what we could achieve, what we were trying to build. Branded as outcasts for our art, drawn together by our resolve and our Hunger to learn, to know. Drawn by The Alleys. We sought their depths, hungry for knowledge and paid the price time and time again for our ambition. Do you remember it?" His gaze focused on Sudiov, angry and cold. Yet there was uncertainty behind it, and questions, so many questions. "How much of my friend are you, godshadow? Do you remember the triumphs and the defeats, the celebrations and the lamentations? Do you remember the Sacrifices?" His words were hot and cold, exuberant and sorrowful. The Stranger felt the blade of nostalgia pierce his heart, sharp and sweet as a last sunset. "We tore the fabric of reality and repaired it at our leisure. We altered the flow of time and rerouted it waters with the canals of our designs. Led by the Light of Science, we pushed back the darkness of ignorance. We sacrificed the ambrosia of ignorance for the bitter cup of knowledge, and the deeper we drank the heavier the price." He stood, his hand seeming to move of it's own accord. Like a drowning man reaching for a lifeline, knowing there is none to be found. The room darkened, and gravity seemed to fluctuate. "And in that darkness we found our goal, our great work. We would use our power to create a place where the cruelty of foolish could not reach. Where those who gorged themselves on ignorance couldn't abuse, prevent, or destroy the work of the Hungry. Where the light of Science would no longer be relegated to a candle flickering under a blanket of secrecy, but a beacon to those who sought it's flame. We left the worlds that had rejected and persecuted us, we usurped no one to build this world. We Sacrificed EVERYTHING!" His voice was ragged and filled with such emotion that the Stranger hadn't know he had left. His blood ran hot as his spikes burned cold. Pride and despair warred within hi words like serpents straining for dominance, and despair was the victor. "And it was all for naught." He turned, and gestured to the city beyond. "Our paradise of science was short lived. It drew the curious yes, but also those who let their biases dictate the truth. And soon the ignorant followed, and we were persecuted in our own home. And our Eden became our perdition. We stayed in power, but it was a battle for existence. Factions rose like locusts from the desert, seeking to devour us and all that came seeking the light. Some sought to take control of the world we had made, to gain more power and authority. Others arose purely out of the desire to oppose us, to silence us forever. We defeated or outlasted almost all of them, though at times our numbers dwindled to few, oh so few. We sacrificed and endured. We brought balance and stability to the world, and we were damned for it. Voidus still seeks to bring order, to tend to his greatest creation. He should be revered as a benevolent god, a titan of endless patience and power. And yet he is cursed by those he spares, by those he saves. I drew back into the Alleys, seeking the work to bring me solace, not caring if the Denizens destroyed the invaders and interlopers. I had hoped Voidus would join me, that we could return to our Hunger and scour the Alleys for the meat of it's secrets. But he stayed." The Stranger looked towards where he knew the Worldspike to be. "And they nearly destroyed him for it. He paid the price, and you were no small part of it. But the greater sacrifice, was his Hunger. He has locked it away so that it wouldn't consume him as he managed the world. I can not say when last the greatest Denizen turned his mind to pursuing Science's Light. He has chained himself to the unrelenting wheel of duty, where once he flew free. And in doing so he has sacrificed that from which he once drew his light and inspiration, his joy and fear. Our deeds sink into meaninglessness, and I lose my only..." he stopped, his words catching in his throat. "friend." He was quiet for a long time, his leaden words forming unseen chains around his neck. In his mind he heard a boy coughing, a girls whispered words of fear, angry shouting, and the sound of a bloody spike falling to the floor. All mist, curling ethereally in the darkened corners of his mind. Then he spoke in a whisper, his words the smoke of a dying funeral pyre. "And so I devised an experiment, the likes of which the world has not seen since it's inception. I will reshape the world, the city, the guilds, and my only friend. I shall take the yoke of duty from his shoulders and give him a life unburdened, that he may live in peace and joy, free to follow his own Hunger. I shall return the DA to the shadows, for it seems in the open the Light of Science draws flies to tarnish it's brilliance. I will give the world an era of peace, such as it has never had in all it's days. And I shall Sacrifice myself to do it. But here's the catch, usurper of the Light, so must you." His gaze locked on Sudiov as a falcon's locks onto a swallow. His eyespike gleamed with the cold brilliance of an iceberg, with depth to match. His voice became lighter, though it was light reflected on an ocean, and the depth of his gaze belied the almost casual tone, "You will tell me all you know of Voidus's past, and then you will join me in the design I have crafted. You shall ascend, and be shade no longer. A god in stature, but removed from the world as I shall be. You shall be a guiding light to those that seek you, a counter to mine own. And what's more you shall help me hold the very fabric of reality together." The Stranger gestured broadly with a sweeping arm. "That is your choice, Sudiov. You can help me remake the world. Or," And the light that played across his eye vanished revealing the abyss beneath. "I will Cleanse it." @Voidus
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    I would love to have something smart to say, but i am kind of overwhelmed with two games at the same time, so i just RP. Though the day itself had been boring, the night presented many interesting opportunities. During the day, everyone was too busy trying to be quiet and serious, they missed the point. they missed the silver lining. Hmm, speaking about that silver lining... "Hey, I ask again, for those brave enough!" He whispers as loudly as the scowling faces around him allow, "Who dares break the gloom and has a try at guessing the silver lining?" That joke was getting old, but he would not give up. same as he would not give up at seeing those shades up close. that was exactly the point of his voyage into this dirty and wild word. He seriously hadn't believed any of the rumours, but it was worth a try anyway. he didn't have much else to do those days. During the night, especially after the two deaths, is when he was most likely to see the nonexisting shades. So what would he do for the night? He poked the night watch and spoke to them, which were nearly the same thing. And when the last night watch came, he claimed it for himself. Perhaps that had been a bad idea. now he had no one to poke. So he just looked around the camp. fingering anything interesting he saw amongst the traveler's possessions. When he got bored with this, he returned most of the objects he had collected into their original places. More or less. There was still about half of his watch to endure still. He fingered the big pouch of salt, the only object had not disposed of. There was still something he could do while he waited. something nice for the hungry and waking travelers. The art... of making horrible porridge. He looked at the enormous amount of salt contained in the pouch and grinned. Did i actually say i was tired of having to write 200 words of RP? I wrote 300 words out of a whim.
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    1. True 2. Probably true, but it’s never happened to me or anyone I know yet 3. The hassle part is unfortunately very true... it only takes about a minute though 4. Also true 5. I actually have astigmatism, but my contacts work fine. They definitely offer the best vision, for me at least, and I’ve never noticed a problem with blurriness. 6. Huh, I’d never really thought of my vision like that! That’s really neat, thanks for giving me that view! Personally, I just wear contacts because I literally can’t read anything over about 5 feet or so in front of my face, and I just like not having anything on my face. Eye think that I see what you mean now. Your viewpoint has let me become your pupil, and I can’t think of any more eye puns.
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