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    We've all taken jabs at trying to figure out what the Sibling may be about. The Community's Take General consensus is that there's three Shards on Roshar, and three Bondsmiths, so if the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher, and the Sibling are the three Bondsmith spren (which they are), then the Stormfather corresponds to Honor (which he does), the Nightwatcher to Cultivation (which "she" does), and the Sibling either corresponds to Odium, or is a mix in between Honor and Cultivation. For obvious reasons, it wouldn't make sense for the Sibling to be associated with Odium and still be a part of Surgebinding, so we tend to lean towards the "mix between Honor and Cultivation" more. Another general thing we tend to believe about the Sibling is that they are tied to Urithiru in some way, and may power even power the city. And the last well believed fact about the Sibling is that they are intricately tied to Stone. I know Calderis has a theory on why the Nightwatcher might be stone instead, but that's his to discuss. I'm gonna try and offer a different take on some of these points, and provide additional context to others. Whose magic is Surgebinding? The question asks it all. There's some fuzziness with what happened on Ashyn, but from what we know, the specific powerset of Radiant Surgebinding was first seen in the Honorblades. This implies that the exact specifics, at least, were first defined by Honor. If you look at the Heralds, we have 5 Male Heralds and 5 Female Heralds - a near perfect divide, with all the Male Heralds bunched up around what seems to be the Honor-half of the chart, whereas the Female Heralds bunched up around the Cultivation-half. Then we have spren copying Honorblades. This fact alone makes things very fuzzy. On one side, the spren are... essentially on a spectrum of Honor and Cultivation, with some spren having more Honor and others having more Cultivation. Yet others, like the Stormfather and Nightwatcher, are almost guaranteed to be nearly a 100% one or the other. But the pattern breaks a little if you try and match the spren to the Heralds. By association, a.) Windrunners, Skybreakers, Willshapers, Stonewards and Bondsmiths should be closer to Honor, whereas b.) Dustbringers, Edgedancers, Truthwatchers, Lightweavers and Elsecallers should lean towards Cultivation. And this works, until you look at the Bondsmiths. The Nightwatcher, who should practically be all Cultivation, is a Bondsmith spren, meaning that in Surgebinding, Cultivation is technically more present than Honor. This is despite Brandon telling us on atleast one occasion that the original Knights Radiants were focused more on Honor and his spren (which, depending on how you read it, could and couldn't conflict with Cultivation's presence in the magic). There's a third way of dividing the system too. You could theoretically say that Surgebinding is of both Shards because a.) All Radiants speak Oaths, which come from Honor, and b.) All Radiants have to grow over a total of five Oaths, which evokes the presence of Cultivation I'm going to put forth the idea that there is a third element here, but let's hold these two in mind, for now. When in doubt, stare at the Surgebinding Chart. When most people think of what the Surgebinding Chart tells us, they tend to think that all it tells us is that there are 10 orders, 10 Surges, and that each order gets 2 Surges, and that each Surge is shared between two orders, in a cyclic pattern. Usually, we tend to think that all the extra connections don't matter, and that they're there just for fluff. But, @Master_Moridinfound something interesting. The extra connections start making somewhat more sense once you pull in the Soulcasting Essences. Here's the full graph, and because not all of you are maniacs who have it by heart, I've gone forth and labeled it too: (it is definitely interesting that the whole thing looks like a gemstone) Smoke, for example, is connected to Fire, Wind, and Oil. Stone connects to metal, crystal (both come from the ground), water (crem), and flesh/meat/sinew (don't ask). They don't all immediately fall in place, because we think there's more weight to these connections in a metaphorical or philosophical sense, and there are also some thematic Order connections that we're wondering about. The Actual Theory However, an interesting thing happens when we zoom in on the Bondsmiths. Usually, when we think of the Bondsmiths, we think that they have two surges (Adhesion and Tension), and are adjacent to Windrunners (by Adhesion), and Stonewards (by Tension). Which is fine, except in the full chart, Bondsmiths don't have two, but three adjacent Orders: The Stormfather tells Dalinar that his is the power of Connection, so I can see why "Sinew" or "Flesh/Meat" could be associated with his order. But the interesting thing is the three (yep, three) essences they connect to - Wind, Stone, and Pulp/Wood/Plant Matter. I could sit here and establish a line of reasoning from the Essences to the three Bondsmith spren, but it's pretty simple from here on out. The Eila Stele mentions three Gods, of Wind, Spren and Stone. The Wind can pretty easily be attributed to the Stormfather, both because wind, and because his relation to Honorspren and the Windrunners. The Nightwatcher, by the virtue of color green, her home-base of the Valley and connection to Cultivation as "her heir", and indirectly through an excerpt from Rhythm of War, can associate with the Truthwatchers, the essence of Pulp/Wood/Plant Matter, and the "God of spren" from the Eila Stele. This leaves the Sibling, and Stone. So yes, I'm establishing a harder line of reasoning for why the Sibling should associate with Stone. But far more importantly, this establishes the Sibling and the Nightwatcher as being to the Stonewards and Truthwatchers what the Stormfather is to the Windrunners. And for more importantly, this can tell us a little bit more about the Sibling. Earlier, I established two components in Radiant Surgebinding: Oaths from Honor, and Growth from Cultivation. Which works, until you consider that Radiance actually has three elements - the third is that all Radiants are also completely dependent on Stormlight, which is responsible for the literal radiance in Radiance. And even before the death of Honor, the Stormfather is disproportionally more important than any other spren to Surgebinding, as he is the source of all Stormlight. So my theory: All three Bondsmith-spren are intricately tied to Radiance itself. a.) The Stormfather provides Stormlight, representing Honor's Power in Surgebinding b.) The Nightwatcher should be tied to Growth, representing Cultivation's association with Growth in Surgebinding c.) The Sibling should be the spren closely tied to Oaths themselves, representing Honor's association with Oaths in Surgebinding And this works on multiple levels. See, Stone being associated with the very concept of Oaths makes perfect sense - Stone is hard, and it weathers Storms but it doesn't break. An Oath, on a world where Honor resides, is this... abstract thing that must never be broken, and must weather all adversity. Perhaps this is also where the Oathstone of Truthless comes from culturally, and may have ties to Shin veneration of Stone. Another potential way this works is if you look at Stonewards and their attributes - Dependable and Resourceful. It also works if you look at Taln, who was the only one of the Heralds by Aharietam to have never bent his Oath and let the Singers pass. One thing that this implies is that out of the three Bondsmith, both the Stormfather and the Sibling are of Honor, and the Nightwatcher is of Cultivation. Another thing this implies is the reason why the Sibling may have gone to sleep, at least from a narrative perspective. We have two things we know about this: Oaths are about perception and belief - a Knight Radiant and their spren must believe in them and they mean what the KR and spren believe they should. From the Gem archive, we have at least one excerpt which says that the Knights Radiant may have been questioning their own worthiness (perhaps soon after Honor "raved" at them), and that this might be tied to something happening to the Sibling. The Stormfather mentions that "you" (which I read as the humans) "have hurt them enough" What I'm trying to get at, here, is that if the Sibling is... somehow intricately tied to the Oaths and the keeping of Oaths (Stone), then it makes complete sense that the mass breaking of Oaths at the Recreance was not pleasant for them. This means that as Radiants start speaking Oaths, the Sibling may start re-awakening. And if the Sibling is similarly tied to Urithiru, then the Sibling's re-awakening may be intricately tied to the re-awakening of Urithiru. This may be what the blob for RoW may be alluding to. In conclusion, here's the structure I'm implying: I want to dig into what I think this implies for the magic of Roshar in general here (including Voidbinding), but this is already too long, so for now this is it.
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    Welcome one and all to another edition of The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Over the last month during our lockdown here in South Africa, I have read up to chapter 37 and here are some reactions: - First thing to note is that Tay has 100% gotten aboard the Shallan hate train. When we read the chapter where Kaladin and Bridge Four does the side carry and messes up Sadeas' battle plan, Tay was very excited to keep going. As soon as I read "Sometimes, when Shallan walked into the Palaneum," Tay shouted "No! Ungh! Why does it always have to be Shallan! She ruins EVERYTHING!" Thereafter followed an intense debate about whether we could skip that Shallan chapter to see what happens to Kaladin right away. We did so. - When Bridge Four is training and following orders from Kaladin, Tay likes to sing "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. We then had a nice laugh imagining Teft, Rock, and Moash in concubine drag breaking into Kholinar Palace. - "Why can Rock see Syl? Is he some kind of mountain yogi esoteric boi? Like baby Yoda?" (a few minutes later) "Chris stop. I got distracted. We have to watch a video of Baby Yoda before we keep reading." - When Tay realized that Kal was going to be strung up in the storm: "Oh he's gonna go Super Saiyan! They're gonna be like 'hey die in the storm' and he's gonna be like 'b**** I am the storm'." - Reacting to the quote about Nohadon walking from Abamabar to Urithiru, Tay starts singing "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. That was, interestingly, the song that she walked down the aisle to and what we walked out together to when we got married since we were in a long-distance relationship for years. Coulda used some Oathgates during that time, lemme tell ya. - At one point I had to explain the basics of Fabrials (felt a little like Navani talking to Dalinar). Went into how you had to lure a spren in with something that it likes and then trap it in a gemstone so that it could do the thing you want, like be a heating Fabrial. Tay got very upset at this, as she sees spren like little animals that are being confined in Fabrials, so she has decided to start an organization like S.P.E.W. from Harry Potter. She also insisted it was to have the same acronym and spent a few minutes coming up with "Spren... have a PURPOSE! Every - Where! Ha! SPEW: Spren have a Purpose Every Where!" Which I think is noble, but also sounds like it could definitely be a pro-Fabiral lobby as well. - In a quote in the epigraphs of part 3, Jasnah's notes talk about the Dawnshards. Tay felt like this was a comparable phrase to having an erection first thing in the morning. - Once we got back to a Shallan chapter: "Why must fantasy writers make redheads hot? Why do we insist on thinking that Ginny Weasley is somehow hot? She isn't hot. Fantasy writers: Stop trying to make Ginny Weasley happen." - Tay also pointed out how Shallan would often raise a hand to her 'breast' instead of her 'chest', thus subtly sexualizing her in a way that a character like Kaladin or Dalinar wouldn't be. I'm gonna keep an eye out for it, but I doubt there is any mention of Kaladin's breast. It was fun to imagine a sexualized Kaladin, however, going outside the Bridge Four barrack and stretching out his tight, muscley butt for all the lumberworkers to check out. - Probably the chapter that Tay has enjoyed most is "The Lesson" where Jasnah faces down the murderers in the alleys of Kharbranth. There was a lot of "Yeah!"s and "That's my GIRL"s and a notable "Princess Jasnah - THE FEMINIST ICON WE NEED!" happening throughout the latter half of the chapter when Jasnah was explaining her modus operandi to a shell-shocked Shallan. That's all for now! Wash your hands, ya filthy cremlings!
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    The idea of this is that rather than replying with full guesses, everyone replies with any info, arguments, or connections on the subject they have or can find, and I'll continue to update the main topic. There's enough information now that we should be able to piece some things together with a lot of certainty. In making assumptions here, we want to make assumptions that narrow down the possibilities significantly more than they decrease the likelihood. I've numbered all of the WoBs I'm using in a spoiler at the bottom. Essentially all of these use RoW update 5 ([1]), so read that if you haven't. When I reference that update, the connection includes more than just the group format. What we know about the group format: Deductions: Character groupings as they can be determined from those deductions: Going slightly beyond WoBs - Likely candidates for Character1: Various archived speculation (now redundant or incorrect, but still contains interesting things to consider): WoBs:
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    I was gonna do this for my 5,000th post, but then I decided to do a poem, but I still wanted to do this. And so we have a bunch of Sanderson memes in the same format. My favorite format. Mistborn Spoilers: Stormlight Spoilers: Elantris: Edit: AGH! It posted before I could finish! Ah, well...
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    Someone reminds me of this
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    So, I’m not sure if this counts as a meme, but it’s the SA characters singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s spoiled for length.
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    I am certain it's Shallan. Too young looking to be Navani and Jasnah got the last cover.
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    Try and awkwardly shove cosmere words into ordinary conversations to see if you get a reaction. “So I’m really invested in this book series right now.” “I’ll put this food in the fridge for its preservation.” “That fire really burns bright, doesn’t it? It must be because of all those sticks.” “I wonder when this storm will pass. We have no power so we have to use candles for light.” “It’s great to see them showing such devotion to each other.” “Colours! ...are so pretty, aren’t they?” “Oh, rust! My bike is ruined by all this rust!” “Remember to get your correct iron intake so you’re strong enough to pull stuff around.” I have no idea how you would naturally integrate some of those into a conversation, but oh well.
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    This looks fun. Rogue One
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    I want him to be Radiant-adjacent, with a unique situation. We need more cool stuff stuff happening with unique spren bonds.
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    Nah, just call random people and say: "No mating!" Then hang up. Perfect strategy.
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    I would love to jump off the Shalladin ship before the next book. Believe me, I do not want to think any more about it, I want to be able to believe that it is done. All somebody need do is answer one question for me: "To what purpose did introducing a romantic triangle with Kaladin serve the narrative?" That is all I need. No one has been able to put forth a suggestion and argue it convincingly using the evidence provided. I am still waiting...
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    First, happy new year everyone!! Just as a general point, I am extremely happy with OB, and I think a lot of it is because these things which rightfully bug everyone as dropped/unexplored plot points, I think will be picked back up in the next book. Off the top of my head this includes - Adolin killing Sadeas, Kaladin killing Heleran, Shallan not accepting her last truth, Kaladin's 4th oath, Shallan's multiple personality issues - and of course the romance issues - stilted wedding for Shallan and Adolin, Kaladin and Shallan abruptly pushing aside their feelings. I see OB as a book where we readers learn a lot about the world through the trio - Urithiru, Unmade, voidbringers and their army, Shadesmar, lots of spren lore - but the trio is a vector for learning these things without much character growth. But because of my (maybe misplaced!) faith that these will be picked back up, I don't see them as negatives. But I know others feel differently! This is a really good point. I hadn't thought about it this way, because when we do finally get Adolin again, he is engaged in distracting action (distracting for him emotionally), so it makes sense he isn't as emotive about the Sadeas murder. He does think about it often, but you are correct that it's a bit discordant with intensity of the emotion we see in those first two viewpoints. Now that you point it out, I can see how these viewpoints feel added after the fact. I have a very different view on Adolin's romantic relationship weakness, which is that I think he's engaging in the same behavior which would drive women away in the past, but Shallan is more dedicated to making it work (she needs Adolin after all - first for her own security then later as an emotional crutch) and so she is fine with that behavior/idealizes Adolin in her head to compensate for it. What were two cute moments in OB - Adolin teaching Shallan the sword and taking her to meet Ialai - echo when he took Janala on the strap cutting investigation. Shallan reacts differently (though note she really didn't want to learn the sword, but Adolin pushed for it), but it's still Adolin engaging a girl in things he likes, not vice versa. (Note I don't think anything is wrong with this, but it's presented as part of his "courting issue" in WoK.) In his own PoVs, he's not that thoughtful towards Shallan (more thoughtful about Kaladin for instance), and we're shown that's he's phoning in one of his cheesy lines of praise. The one thing which does seem to be dropped is Adolin's flirting, though since we mostly see Shallan's viewpoints, we can't rule out that he still is being flirty/looky but she chooses to shut that out. I think Adolin's "relationship issues" will come to the forefront next book as part of the disintegration of the Adolin/Shallan marriage. I realize you have a different perspective on this which is fine! But this is why what you see as a dropped character point, I see as a point which is simmering below the surface. Yup. Agreed. And I could absolutely understand Shallan's decision, if she and Adolin went through any emotional bonding whatsoever. They didn't. They feel comfortable around each other and like to cuddle and stuff, but I just don't see any real emotional investment. Just necessity. Nothing really naturally evolved, they are at a standstill. Even worse, they are trying so hard to be cute and so 'in love', when it just turns into a giant cringefest, which even brings Teshav to roll her eyes. It just feels so forced. Shallan and Kaladin don't really feel like that. I don't think, that them confiding in each other was out of desperation, since they were relatively save in the alcove at that point. They didn't have a real reason to do it, but they did. Natural evolution of their relationship with each other. So I'm going to disagree with you guys that Shallan and Kaladin didn't have any bonding moments besides the chasms. @Mistbornwithakitty (awesome name btw) I agree that being forced into a desperate situation can create a "false" sense of a bond. After this desperate situation, I think you can get a distancing between the two people or you can get an increased closeness. Even though it's not shoved in our face, I think we get the latter. (Note, I'm not looking at this from a romantic perspective, but instead just from interpersonal closeness.) Once Kaladin comes back from Alethkar, Shallan decides to have him take her flying to draw Urithiru, so she's choosing to spend time with him. Kaladin chooses Shallan to accompany him to Thaylen City although he had other options who made more sense, most notably Renarin. We also have hints of conversations they have in this part (discussing Gaz for instance.) These are not "soul baring" moments, but they are two people who are choosing to spend time and interact when prior to the chasms they did not do so. (And it's not just because they are Radiants; Shallan and Renarin don't get closer for instance.) By the time we get to Kholinar, Shallan and Kaladin are working well together and seem to understand each other well - there are multiple times when Kaladin will raise eyebrow or give Shallan a look, and she'll get what he's conveying and vice versa (we see this from Shallan's PoV, for example after she exposes her safehand and prior to going into the Kholinar palace, and from Kaladin's PoV, for example in the winehouse waiting out the Everstorm.) Again, these are not romantic moments, but we see two people who are getting to know each other better such that they are able to read each other's emotions and expressions. We get a little throwaway moment at the very end where Shallan notes, "She'd seen how envious he's been as he'd watched those Fused, with their flowing robes, moving like the winds." Again, it's not dramatic emotion, but she knows him well enough to recognize his emotions and understand how he's feeling. Bottom line, at the end of WoR they had just come out of the chasms after a forced bonding moment but didn't know each other beyond that moment. By the end of OB, I would call them very firmly friends. (In fact, Kaladin might be the closest human to Shallan other than Adolin by the end of OB? Her relationship with Jasnah is stilted and very much a wardship rather than a friendship, and while her relationship with her men develops, it also seems strongly an employee/employee relationship.) I saw this totally differently! I thought this was the moment where we see a Shallan who fully accepts herself and an idea of the power she could possess. If she could just be the girl who is willing to show her safehand (put aside her prim, Vorin upbringing) she would have the power to throw back monsters. (We know from WoB, that the fact it was the safehand didn't impact Shallan beating Re-Shephir, but I think the fact Shallan was willing to expose it is very symbolic for her character.) She does in fact repel Re-Shephir in the moment where she remembers the full her. But instead of embracing that whole, powerful self, she once again chooses to shove down her secrets, and we end up with a weak girl who takes a week of pampering and tea drinking to get off the couch. In his defense, he went off to a male-dominated army at 15, Tien died, became famous with the spear so Tarah pursued him (he muses he would never have met Tarah without his reputation), dated her for a year, then shortly afterwards killed Heleran and was made a slave, ran in a bridge crew and then lived with a bunch of dudes. He's only 20! He's had a year-long relationship which is more than a lot of 20 year olds can say. I don't think he's very proactive or smart with women, but I also don't think that's uncommon for young adult males; they are all a bit dunces when it comes to romance
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    @Dreamer recently posted this on an unrelated thread and it got me thinking. Why is it that any shard is considered to have "better" future sight then any other? Especially considering the different ways in which each shard's future sight seems to manifest. It is kind of like measuring intelligence via IQ. Intelligence does not manifest that simply. For example people with eidetic memories generally have a really hard time summarizing and neither skill has any bearing on social capabilities or abstract thinking. Similarly since future sight is probably accomplished differently by different shards they probably all have different strengths and weaknesses. Theorizing time. Let us start with what all shards can do. We know that simply by holding a lot of raw investiture you get massively expanded connection and processing power. As such I think that when it comes to predicting events that can be determined mathematically such as astronomical motions, weather patterns, or breeding cycles all shards are equally good. Basically in this case each shard is an almost infinite super computer with easy access to all the data needed to make a determination. However when we introduce individual humans into a model things get unpredictable pretty quickly. For this shards probably need to use the spiritual realm and when using it they probably make determinations based on their individual intents. In this each shard is different. Ambition. Ambition's intent is to work toward goals. As such she could probably see what people want and how they try and get there as well as the conditions under which her own goals could come to fruition. Problem is that most people don't make decisions based exclusively on what they want. What they fear, hate, and love are often more important factors. As such Ambition might have pretty good long term future sight with terrible mid to short range. That is she might be able to see the circumstances under which her goals are being realized but her "peripheral vision" sucks. To overcome her future sight all you really need to do is bring in some elements that make it look like she is wining and you can trap her pretty easily. Basically just play along and then slam her at the right moment(yeah she was a shard and that would be way more difficult then it sounds but if you are trying to outwit a shard then you are already taking some serious risks). As a side note I am willing to bet this is how Odium splintered her. We know that she damaged him during her fight but I think Odium let her get in a few good hits so that he could get her into position for a KO(this would be very like him). Dominion. We don't know much about him but Dominion's intent seems to have been to control things. As such he can probably see people who are controlling or easily controlled as well as the different effects that events have on each other. To him the future is probably most like the shattering window that Honor mentions which gives him decent mid range future sight. This person or change will likely cause a, b, or c eventfully after the short range randomness cancels out. A good way to outwit him might be to bring in some fairly random element(like another more emotionally inclined shard or just Hoid). Odium may have had an easier time splintering him because of the close proximity of Devotion who introduced more emotionally charged elements into their fighting. Devotion. We also don't know that much about Devotion but her intent seems to have been based on some kind of loyalty or even love. This indicates that her future sight could be much better when situations are fluid as people and events naturally move to where they feel most comfortable. To get around her you might need to introduce some kind of betrayal or treasonous behavior into the mix. Both behaviors tend to beget more of themselves because when you witness treasonous behavior you tend to get less trusting and Devotion might have a hard time anticipating this. By acting so unpredictably and aggressively Odium could have completely blindsided Devotion during his assault on Sel. The Dor. I see no reason Dor could not be used for future sight(it has been indicated that this has already been done). It seems possible that either or both shard's intents could be used. For example Wyrm probably knew about the possibility of Elantris being reestablished and tried to head them off but once events started getting more uncontrolled, emotional and random he lost any ideal of what was going on. If you use both on the other hand I don't think you get much future sight at all but rather a statement about the now kind of like how Sel is becoming sort of self aware. Endowment. Surprisingly little is known about the shard Endowment when you considering how long we have known her. From what we have learned of the vessel they seem to be a no nonsense sort but at the same time. Willingly to look at the good side of things. Her magic also increases the ability of people to see beauty. Returned also seem to return based on the optimistic hope of doing good rather then desire or strength of will. The possibility to create or see beauty now and at a latter date is quite central to her. As such I think Endowment has a good ability to see mid ranged futures. To defeat her simply motivate yourself based on the baser more destructive impulses. Thanks to her lack of opposition she probably has a very good ability to see the future and plan for more contingencies against mortals(same as any other shard). However both the manywar and her letter indicate that she underestimates how selfish and evil people can be. Ruin. Ruin has probably an unparalleled ability to predict the immediate future best scene through how atium works. Ruin's intent is basically to cause entropy in other words randomness in the immediate future. However Ruin is probably the easiest shard to blindside because as long as things are getting more random he can't actually see the overall pattern. This is how Preservation was able to put one over on him so many times. Preservation. Preservation remains the shard with one of the most interesting future sight portfolios that we have seen. He clearly has mastered the long game and deeply understands both the capabilities and limitations of his powers. However Vin was not able to anticipate actions while she held the power and Kelseir mostly used his own abilities as a former thief to predict events so the use of it to predict the immediate future appears to be limited. Blindsiding Preservation appears to be nearly impossible as the way he works his plans make it so that chance encounters or random events don't alter the outcome. For example the wars that consumed the entirety of Mistborn 3 did not matter one wit as long as the key players remained alive but how much of this was the vessel and how much was the shard seems difficult to say. To actually defeat Preservation at the future sight game I think your only option might be to just nuke the whole future. An asymmetric, random, and irrational attack on what is could probably break the stasis. Harmony. I think Harmony's future sight is actually underrated by a lot of people. Harmony's intent seems to be equilibrium. Saze wants things to be like the human body. Constantly changing on the micro scale yet contained within a structure that remains largely unchanged. Equilibrium is actually well understood by physical scientists particularly chemists and physicists. Both are introduced to the concept at the high school or undergraduate level(Simple harmonic motion and RICE tables). From his intent Harmony easily grasps both the "force" any occurrence has and the backlash against it. This means that any time a new variable is introduced Harmony can study it figure out what it will do and what the counteraction against it will be. This gives him a huge advantage on the immediate to mid range future sight predictions perhaps the best in the cosmere. To defeat him in this area you would probably have to introduce a large element he can't easily understand(I think this is what Trell is trying to do). Odium. Well known to be excellent at future sight Odium is the shard with the intent of hatred and the related emotions of fear and disgust. These emotions often do dominate a persons life although they can also fade over time. As such Odium is an impressive mid range predictor with some short range capabilities as well. Interestingly his actual relative strength at future sight might be overblown by the native Rosharans. While he clearly is a gifted strategic thinker Odium's track record has actually been rather poor of late. Collective hatred by one group for another makes them predictable even to humans. Hatred or fear from a single individual is dangerous to rely on although Odium has had more luck then might be expected with this. To defeat him "all" you have to do is find the people he is trying to corrupt and counter him with emotions that he is less experienced with (love, desire for growth, devotion to a set of ideals, loyalty to a cause or person). Cultivation. Cultivation is an interesting case. Her intent deals with how things grow and her future sight abilities seem to stem from there. This may have been how she out future sighted Odium during OB. She knew how Dalinar wanted to grow and change and what he could become if he did. Odium only really understood how Dalinar wanted to avoid the pain of the suffering he had caused. To put one past Cultivation you seem to need to not grow as a person but that makes you easily predictable for obvious reasons. This paradox might be the key to her success. You instead might have to allow some very emotional or random elements that she can't understand to dictate the planing or execution of any attempt to get around her. She also can through her intent see how one desires to grow and the steps that someone will take along that journey giving her perhaps the best all round future sight of any shard. Honor. Honor has personally claimed to be pretty bad at seeing the future. He is the shard of connection and bonds which do not immediately show any real aptitude for future sight prediction. However the visions that he shows Dalinar seem to imply some kind of conditions for victory. These may be connected to what a given individual would have to do to win(essentally he is trying to pull a Preservation). As such I think Honor actually might have some decent long distance future sight capabilities(although probably not at Preservation's level). Autonomy. Very little is known about this shard or her capabilities. She clearly has some future sight(all shards do) but we don't really know how it works. We also don't know much about her intent. I could see it manifesting as sort of the opposite of Honor IE these conditions make this situation impossible(which is why she hates outside shards so much) but we don't really know. Well that is all the shards(I hope). If anyone has any comments, disagreements or constructive criticism please post(even if it is just grammar or wording I would appreciate it as you will be making it easier for the next person who has to read the wall of text).
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    I don’t know who made this, but it’s gold and they deserve the world
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    This is something Brandon seems to overlook often. Sarene, Vin, Vivenna, Siri, Shallan, Marasi.... NONE of his leading ladies ever seem to have a close female friend. Shallan could really use one, too. Fingers crossed?
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    https://repl.it/@ChickenLiberty/KRQuiz This is just my own attempt at making a quiz like this. Since it's just a python program, I can easily edit it if new books change our understanding of the Orders. If you don't think you're result is accurate, tell me, and I'll alter the quiz if it appears certain Orders are consistently inaccurate. The "certainty" thing is somewhat arbitrary; I just fit the results to some curve that represents the other data to an extent. My descriptions of the orders aren't very good, but oh well.
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    OK, so this has probably been pointed out before, and people are probably tired of The Girl Who Looked Up theories, but here I go. First: the hair. In Shallan's version of the story, the girl's hair changes to white mid-story. This is reminiscent of the Royal Locks on Nalthis. White hair signifies that a person is afraid, which fits in with the story - the girl had just started climbing the wall, which was a daunting and fear-inspiring task. The scarf. Shallan notes that the girl has a "vibrant red scarf." Brandon doesn't normally put in details like this unless they are important. Color is the base for the magic system on Nalthis. Note that it wasn't just a "red scarf", but a "vibrant red scarf." I find this detail to be important, as it reminds me of the way colors are described in Warbreaker. Perhaps the girl is an Awakener? No light. This is small, but in Hoid's version of the story, he emphasizes that the land had no light. Because of the darkness, the normal people couldn't see the wall. But if the girl was an Awakener of the Third Heightening, she would have been able to distinguish the slight color change of the shadows where the wall was. Anyway, that's just some things I noticed. Is the theory true? Most likely not. Did I spend way too much time thinking about this? Yes
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    Hi all, this is my first ever forum post, glad to meet you all! Intro As the title suggests I believe that Willshapers are the ones that create shardplate for the Radiants, or at least I believe my theory is pretty solid. I've been thinking alot about the Willshapers lately and Kalak and from the brief descriptions we have, they seem to appear as very finicky tinkerers. So I basically picture Kalak as the Iron Man of the Heralds who designed the shardplates(maybe some 'Honorplate'). There has also been alot of speculation that shardplate is comprised of subspren and comments from Brandon Sanderson's Q & As and subspren appearing around certain characters(Dalinar, Kaladin & Jasnah) point to this. I also believe that Bondsmiths might play a part in this process, I get more into that later on. How I think it works Since the subspren aren't able to make nahel bonds, therefore only able to manifest in the physical realm for a brief period of time. I think these spren are so drawn to the Radiants and their increasing connection to their sapient cousins, but can't bound because of the laws in place. So Kalak, being the inquisitive airhead decides that if they have shardweapons why not make shardarmor from other spren since Radiants can only have one bond per sapient spren. I imagine that in order to make this happen, the Willshaper will blend their surges together like how Dalinar blended Cohesion and Adhesion to repair the ruins in Thaylen City and somehow bring the spren from Shadesmar into the Physical Realm and use Cohesion to reshape them into shardplate(perhaps involving some sort of Godmetal, not too sure I'm not all that knowledgeable on that topic). Now where does the Bondsmith come in? Well that's simple, they use Spiritual Adhesion to identity key the Plate to the Radiant. I also think maybe another way to look at it is that perhaps a Bondmsith would open a perpendicularity that might affect the process in a way or something? Here is further evidence to back my theory(some speculation): Dalinar was capable of using 'Spiritual Adhesion' to communicate with others of different languages. It would lend credence to their Order's name, perhaps how they even got it like Windrunners and Skybreakers are best known for their flight abilities but can do so much more. The radiants takes the subspren(Will) and shape it into the best form for the knight(Shaper) There's been a convenient lack of information on the Order and their Herald and I'm sure we all know our favourite author has a penchant for leaving omitting delicious information for the sake of storytelling. We know Venli is probably on her way to become one and how she interacts with Dalinar's Radiants could be a big thing in the fourth Stormlight book. In Taln's ramblings about the latest Desolation, he talks about training and leading armies, Jezrien teaching men leadership and Kalak teaching them to smith Bronze. Kalak was probably the Herald of Craftsmanship and this translated to his Order as well. Anyways let me know what you guys think, I'm not that knowledgeable on the magic system in Stormlight, so technical and complex but I still love it. Let me know what I got wrong, or missed out. Cheers!!!
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    LG64: Aftermath - #WhiteHouseWeirdness Straw was killed! He was the Rogue Smedry! The game is over! Congratulations to the Librarians for taking back control of the White House and rooting out all the other factions. Final Player List Experience - Shard Librarian Oculator and Transporter Straw - Straw Rogue Smedry Kidpen - Arthur Smedry Librarian Criminal and Paper-Tosser A Joe in the Bush - Porona Candemic Librarian Jail-breaker Coda - ? Librarian Oculator Striker - Striker Librarian Therapist Kynedath - Bartholomew Prescot Librarian Trouble Magnet Elandera - Rainier Librarian Criminal with Madness Lenses Zillah - ? Librarian Gossiper xinoehp512 - ? Librarian Criminal and Anonymous Contact Ironfire - Liability Crystal Knight Gossiper with an Airplane Spoon Sart - ? Librarian Silimatic Engineer Elkanah - Karen Crystal Knight Silimatic Engineer Fifth Scholar - Sergey Karjakin, Russian ambassador and secret adviser to the Secretary of Defense Librarian Transporter The God King - The God King Librarian Curator Shqueeves - ? Librarian Anonymous Contact Doc Links Master Spreadsheet Spec/Dead Doc Crystal Knights Rogue Smedry
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    I mean. I think it's safe to bet on Navani eventually becoming a Radiant of some kind. Like we've seen that the spren tend to give a closer look to people in the immediate social circle of existing Radiants. And all things concerned that's probably more true for Dalinar than it is for most Radiants. And no non-Radiant is closer to Dalinar than Navani is. 'Cept maybe Adolin, but I don't think any other spren are gonna try to bond him while he has Maya. Like, if she doesn't become a Radiant, I feel like we'd be forced to conclude that there's something about her in particular that discourages the spren from trying. I do hope that if she is the main character, then it's about her becoming a Willshaper. But I'd still prefer it if the main character was Rlain. So that the book's main focus be on the Listeners, both in the flashbacks and present day. I really don't see any other viewpoint characters with clear links to the flashbacks; y'know?
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    When you and your sister get bored while stuck at home and decide to paint some rocks. And you paint some Cosmere ones!
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    Book Four Ending Prediction: Shallan and Stick resolve their differences and work together. Stick ends up killing Odium in this epic standoff: ”Give me your pain.” “I am a stick.” “Give me your pain!” “I am a stick.” “GIVE ME YOUR PAIN!” “I am a stick.” Then Odium implodes out of frustration. The end. But in terms of the cover, I definitely think it’s Shallan. It’s not how I imagine her, but I don’t think it suits any of the other major female characters.
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    procrastinators of the world unite... Tomorrow
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    I find the discussion about if Veil is truest Shallan persona very interesting. For example this is the cover for WoK, right? 'The third is the liar, a young woman who wears a scholar's mantle over the heart of a thief' Who's the thief persona? Veil. Who wears the scholar's mantle? maskShallan I don't mean that the hobbies she shows as Shallan are fake or fabricated. But I'd like to point that the Shallan that fades without Adolin is the mantle over the true self. Is Veil what she would be if she wasn't traumatised as she is? Or is Veil the brightest glimpse of true Shallan? It's very unlikely that the Shallan we've seen in OB's ending is the true Shallan starting to emerge. No flaring passion, no heart of a thief. Just a little Vorin girl marrying a rich man and powering her social status (Well, she's a RK too so she's in her own league). Shallan has the habit of pushing aside everything that hurts her or makes her uncomfortable. It is possible that traits of her true self, after being supressed by her dominante persona, flourish into Veil and to a lesser extent to Radiant. If all these hints and small brush strokes turn out to be nothing, it'd be an enormous amount of pages pointless. A door leading to nowhere. Some people claim that at the end of OB Shallan is starting to heal, a small step. I agree, but not because Veil and Radiant are now subdued to Shallan as it seemed (first both decide that Kaladin is the choice, but suddenly they are fine with Adolin, that was a bit confusing), I think she starting to make progress when in Thaylen City her 3 personas worked together to create the illusory army. Edit: Sorry if this has been discused already, the resolution of OB still itches and this forum is a nice place to procrastinate and, like Shallan, stuff the final exams to the back of the brain
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    GOTCHA!!! I misunderstood you originally. ok now that you lay it out... hmm it seems like he is almost avoiding the trope that "all men think about is sex" to the opposite extreme. I never noticed that before! I did always infered that dalinars desires (especially blackthorne dalinar) were a bit less about marriage but marriage is the custom kind of like old catholic church. yeah that fourth ideal and now the truth about Helaran has really given her a lot she doesn't want to think about She doesnt even allow her self time to think about it shoving it somewhere else in her psych just like her parents murders. This is why I think Helaran isnt over yet. That and I just noticed on my reread that Shallan starts lying to herself to rationalize things with Jasnah This is where she tells herself that veil is different from her. This is where she accepts the lie. So it seems like its a combination of things that Shallan can't or doesn't want to confront... at least not yet
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    Brandon: I'm going to write a short story Also Brandon: How about 30k words that sounds short
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    I Googled "how to start a wildfire".I got 48,500 matches.
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    Here are some more: When life gives you melons, your dyslexic. It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literaly.
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    That is the best take I've seen on the Sibling since Calderis & Blightsong's Melishi imprisoning Ba-Ado-Mishram at cost to not only the Parshendi but also his spren. I like the connections you make for the Sibling. Honorspren do make sense seen in this light, but aren't Cultivationspren closer to Cultivation than Truthwatcher spren? Then again the latter Order's symbol is green and in the shape of leaves. This is could possibly be a cultural thing among the spren like Brandon said
  35. 5 points
    You're absolutely entitled to your own feelings. But coming into a thread where people have been working for over a year, trying to tease out the intricacies of Brandon's magic system, just to tell them "It's magic; don't worry about it" seems super unnecessary. By all means, start a new thread about how people spend too much time digging into the mechanics of the Cosmere, but don't derail this one.
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    Dyslexics of the world, untie!
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    Henceforth King Overlooked Stone shall be called mountain yogi esoteric boi! Is your wife a redhead? The entire bridge crew is often portrayed mostly in the nude. Given the their living conditions Kaladin says they mostly lost any body modesty a long time ago. Also it seems to me like a defense mechanism. "I am meek and female. I could not possibly be a threat to anyone." Elhokar was wearing a proper Vorin hava remember?
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    Sure! It’s more a little rough, I had trouble dying everything how I wanted it to look Edit: Sorry they’re a bit sideways-ish
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    YKYASF when you dye an Easter egg to look like Szeth.
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    Next time you're in a meeting, any meeting, as soon as the presenter asked if there are any questions raise your hand and shout "iS ReCkOnErS CoSMeRe?"
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    Since alot of us are stuck at home without haircuts, we may eventually be able to style our eyebrows like the Thaylens.
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    The religion was called Shu-Giraffeth.
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    Calling this a guide to the Cosmere is more than misleading. At best it is a theory, though in reality it is just a statement of opinion.
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    No(te)! Do not break the trend! I lead this movement, I will set it write! Besides, all your puns are mechanical
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    I used to hate facial hair. Then it grew on me.
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    Puns tend to be groaners, so it's a mixed bag. Shucks. I just realised I'm going to be thoroughly analysing every single post on this thread.
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    Do you play Minecraft? What's your favorite type of cake? Are you on Scratch? Who's your favorite Cosmere character, and why is it Kaladin? What is or was your favorite school subject? How many donuts? Shiny rocks or seashells, which is better? Do you listen to music? What's the longest book you've ever read? Have you read Oathbringer? If so, how long did it take you? What's your favorite number? Why did the cremling cross the chasm? What's your favorite Cosmere magic system? Have you read Aether of Night? How many questions have I asked you? How long did it take you to answer all of my questions? Have you ever had a dream were you fall off of a really tall place? Do you like Fortnite? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Have you watched the entire MCU? Who's your favorite side character in Brandon's books: Stick, Doomslug, or Alcatraz the first? Is baby Yoda cute? Sith or jedi? Do you like gum? Have you ever eaten a live frog? Hot weather or cold weather? Are you a spambot? What's your favorite emoji on the Shard? Shardplate or Shardblade? Oculator or Smedry? Librarian or lybrarian? Would you rather catch the Coronavirus now, or live in fear until the epidemic ends? How much toilet paper have you bought? What's your social security number? Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? How many banks have you robbed? Would you rather have a foam Shardblade, or a leatherbound Way of Kings? Earth or Mars? Pancakes or pizza? Are you regretting making an AMA thread now?
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    Done. Many, many, many times. @Ashspren can attest to that. I also got my school library to order copies of Mistborn, Reckoners, Skyward, and tWoK (with help from another friend). I am disappointed I have never seen anybody wearing cosmere related clothing, although I almost bought a friend a doomslug shirt for his birthday (I am not sure what happened to that plan). Also, am I the only one who just legitimately asks people I have been talking to if they have read Sanderson books? I met somebody a couple weeks ago who had read Mistborn. The key is to push the conversation in a direction where the question "Are you familiar with Sanderson books?" isn't out of place, or, ask it even though it is out of place. Other, far more reasonable and logical ways: Randomly shout out "Destroy Evil" or ask the people around you if they want to destroy evil. Ask people if they want to be fire, insisting that they could be fire. If they respond with "I am a stick," you know it has worked. (This one works really well, doesn't make people think you are crazy at all...) Constantly mutter sanderson references under your breath, and when asked, blame it on Ruin. (This one is very effective at making sure you only meet sanderfans) I think the point of this thread is to compile strategy's so that when social distancing is no longer needed to keep people safe, we can all go out and find a ton of sanderfans to make up for sanderfans that we could not find during this time period.
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    And decided Kelsier was a suitable match for her. She smiled. Kelsier smiled. Marsh smiled. The cat smiled. And Kelsnah became a legit thing. Someone had to do it, okay? I was tired of waiting.
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