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    Warbreaker: Slight edit to OPs The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: TWoK:
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    I think there's a whole book about what Raoden would do...
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    Theory: Ancient fabrials operate with the help of a willing, sentient spren. "Modern fabrials" are Stormlight-powered mechanisms that make use of a spren trapped in a gemstone. All of the details aren't entirely clear. We know the type of gem and spen matter. Some of them, at least, require you to press metal against the gem. Mysterious as it may be to us, the scholars of Roshar have it pretty well figured out. And yet they are totally stumped by so-called "ancient fabrials". We've seen several ancient devices with all kinds of specific and powerful uses. Devices that use Stormlight like a fabrial... And yet they don't require a trapped spren, and the means to create more of them are unknown. Soulcasters. Shardplate. Oathgates. So what's the deal? I think that they DO use spren. Just in a very different way. I don't think I've seen anybody talking about this. Honestly, I didn't give it much attention myself until I was recently reminded about something I had noticed in Kaza's interlude when Brandon read it earlier this year. If you look closely, a spren seems to be present when she uses her Soulcaster. When we put this together with everything else we saw in Oathbringer... I think the solution of how ancient fabrials becomes clear. I'm going to go through all of the so-called ancient fabrials that we know of and see what observations we can make. Soulcasters Again, the big revelation here is from Kaza's interlude: See that mention of "another will reinforcing her own"? I think it's a spren. Notably, the spren is "attracted by her request for aid". Recall that trapping spren for modern fabrials requires you to attract the spren: Interesting that this spren is also "attracted". But it isn't a slave. It came willingly, to help. It's unclear whether this particular spren is "attached" to Kaza's soulcaster, or whether it was simply a spren that happened to be nearby. You could interpret this different ways. Did a particular spren, or a particular group of spren, agree to be bound to the soulcaster? Or to come at the call of a Soulcaster? Perhaps it's not an agreement binding them at all, but rather their nature. They hear a Soulcaster's "request for aid" and just naturally want to join in. What kind of spren could this be? I'm skeptical that it's a Knight Spren, though that's a possibility. I'm more inclined to think that it is some spren related Soulcasting OR some spren related to the essence of smoke (which Kaza's device is attuned to). And on that note, it's also interesting that we see there are different "levels" of Soulcasters--some being more limited than others. This theory perfectly explains why in one of two ways. (1) Perhaps the more powerful Soulcasters are linked to multiple spren, each granting different types of Soulcasting. (2) Or perhaps the more powerful Soulcasters are linked to more powerful spren--one that is able to do more than the spren of lesser Soulcasters. Oathgates Okay, that's a nice theory for Soulcasters, but is there anything to back this up? Let me introduce you to these guys. We now know that the Oathgates each make use of two strange and powerful spren. Exactly what they do is hard to say, but they are obviously part of the device's functionality. The fact that the device is a fabrial is also obvious--Shallan makes the observation when they first discovered the Oathgate in Narak. You charge it with Stormlight, point it the way you want to go, and activate it. The Surgebinder's own spren, of course, isn't what makes the thing work. It's more of a key perhaps? In any case, another example of an ancient fabrial that uses a spren to work. It's notable that (in this case) the spren seem to have made an agreement to guard/operate the thing. They follow specific rules and don't seem to leave their location in Shadesmar. Urithiru Our characters have begun to speculate that Urithiru itself is one GIANT fabrial. We know so little about it, so there's not much to say here... We DO know that it is mostly (but not entirely) non-functional. We can only speculate as to what it should be doing, but records left by former Radiants confirm the notion that it used to be MORE somehow. Plus there are the oddities like the massive gemstone pillar that won't be infused, the strata on the walls... It isn't fully broken of course. One record notes that the artificial air pressure hasn't failed, even if the "climate control" hasn't, and this apparently still true. What do we know about how Urithiru operated? About why it stopped working? One answer: the Sibling. A spren heavily connected to the tower city. A spren which many are speculating "IS" the city. It will be interesting to see what Jasnah finds when she investigates the city in Shadesmar... An oddity?.... Or an ancient (very powerful) fabrial, making use of an ancient (very powerful) spren? Shardplate I'm proposing that Shardplate is actually an ancient fabrial. The resemblance to other ancient fabrials is notable. It's an ancient, powerful device that is powered by Stormlight, it doesn't use a trapped spren, and it seems to make use of the Surges. The popular theory on Shardplate of course is that they are the "cousin-spren" of the Surgebinder's Nahel bond spren. This theory doesn't negate that possibility. In fact, it may fill in the gaps of why Shardplate is so different from Shardblades. Why does Shardplate behave so differently in modern times? Great question... For that, I'd have to turn attention back to Urithiru. We have that city as an example for what happens when an ancient fabrial has stopped working at full functionality. Perhaps the same is happening with Shardplate? Unfortunately our brief visions of "properly working" Shardplate are limited in what they reveal. How might it work? Presumably it's an actual, physical device of some kind (not, I would propose, the "dead bodies" of lesser spren) that happens to be tied to one or more spren. Perhaps it's tied to the cousin spren. Perhaps some other spren. Perhaps multiple. Perhaps one. It's hard to say. We haven't seen into Shadesmar in the presence of Shardplate, yet, so we don't know if this/those spren are present with the Plate. But then if the Plate is "asleep" like Urithiru and the Sibling it's hard to guess what we would expect to see. Conclusion I feel like I need a conclusion... I don't have proof for this theory, but the evidence is (I think) pretty strong and consistent. I left out Regrowth fabrials simply because we know almost nothing about them besides the fact that they exist. The inclusion of Shardplate is the most questionable piece, but I think it fits. As an aside, I suppose it's worth mentioning Jah Keved's half-shards. In Oathbringer Chapter 100, Taravangian suggests that the half-shards make use of "true spren". This is a controversial statement, but however you interpret his words, it suggests that these modern fabrials are more powerful because they make use of more powerful spren. That is, I think, in line what the concepts here. It suggests perhaps that the difference between a half-shard and Shardplate is a sentient spren which cooperates rather than a spren which is enslaved. There are a LOT of follow-up questions to be asked... How are they made? What's the nature of the "bond" (if one exists) between fabrial and spren? Is it the same for all or can it be different? What types of spren are used? I'll leave those conversations to the rest of you.
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    Me and my brother were talking about the Lord Ruler and how much foresight and effort it would have been to build the storage caches. Caning all that food, hiding it in caves, and repeating every few years. All the time keeping it secret from everyone but the workers.... At which point my brother asked in a confused voice: "the Lord Ruler didn't do it all himself?" "No" l said, now confused myself. "You thought the Lord Ruler, god emperor of the Final Empire, was canning food in his basement?" " Well... I thought that was why he looked so tired in book one. " Now I can't get the image of the Lord Ruler stocking shelves in a Wal-Mart uniform out of my head
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to another “Theory that feels right based on limited information” by OJ! For those that don’t listen to the Shardcast, we recently discussed Aimia and managed to spend the majority of the runtime talking about the Dawnshards. I went into that podcast having never connected the two, but based on the discussions we had (And they were some good discussions, I do recommend listening to it!) I have come out fully believing Aimia’s history and fate are tied to the Dawnshards. Warning, this theory has a basis in theories. I am going to outline the initial theories that have evidence for them, then follow them with theories based on those theories. First things first: 1. The Dawnshards were involved in the destruction of Ashyn. - Oathbringer, Chapter 113 In his dying days, Honor spoke of the Dawnshards. Due to the wording of this quote, I can’t tell if this is a claim by dying Honor or something the Stormfather is adding himself. Either way, it is claimed they were the weapons used to destroy the Tranquiline Halls. As we know, the Vorin Tranquilline Halls are Ashyn (Although culturally I believe they were originally Roshar). This matches up with one of the few other quotes we have about the Dawnshards (Did you know they’ve only been mentioned 4 times in the whole of SLA so far?): - Way of Kings, Chapter 75 Honor clearly wishes that the current crop of Radiants had access to the Dawnshards. One interpretation of this quote, which I am using in this theory, is that they are something which grants great power. This interpretation is supported by another quote about the Dawnshards: - Way of Kings, Chapter 36 Epigraph Emphasis mine. Whatever they are, if this legend is correct, the Dawnshards sound like something that is very powerful. So, this is my first statement. I then believe the Dawnshards were brought to Roshar by the Ashynites. 2. The Dawnshards were brought to Roshar by the Ashynites More specifically, the Dawnshards were brought to Roshar by the Ashynites and somehow ended up in Aimia. This one is a little more shaky, but check out this Kaza interlude quote: - Oathbringer, Interlude I-04 Emphasis mine. Oh boy, this Aimian sure does want to protect Aimia real bad. What secret could possibly be so great as to end worlds? Well, how about the items used to end a world? I believe the secret that this Aimian is trying to protect is the existence/location of the Dawnshards. This is the most explicit link, but in my opinion there are two other things that link Aimia and the Dawnshards. First is what I believe to be Brandon trickery. The Oathbringer quote above (The one from the Stormfather about Honor) from Chapter 113, the epigraph for that chapter? It’s this: - Oathbringer, Chapter 113, Epigraph So again, we have 4 mentions of Dawnshards total in 3 books. The epigraph for the chapter that tells us the most we’ve heard about the Dawnshards so far explicitly mentions Aimia. This isn’t the only one. Less likely to be Brandon trickery and might just be a coincidence is Way of Kings Chapter 36. This is the chapter with the “Bind any creature voidish or mortal” epigraph. In this chapter, Aimia is mentioned again. This one is just an offhand remark from Jasnah so seems less likely: - Way of Kings, Chapter 36 This one I’m less keen on Brandon messing with us, but it’s there. My second link between Dawnshards and Aimia is actually my third theory (I did warn you about theories in theories). 3. The Dawnshards were used to create the ancient fabrials This is based on Jofwus idea about ancient fabrials. For a quick rundown, ancient fabrials like Soulcasters and Oathgates seem to use willing, sentient spren whilst modern fabrials use trapped spren against their will. Please check out Jofwus theory on ancient vs modern fabrials for more information. Please note, before I continue, I do not consider Shardplate as part of the classification of “ancient fabrial” as I believe they are part of the Radiant system. So, Soulcasters and Oathgates Spren seem to be quite happy to go about their functions. But the Oathgate spren talk about being bound: - Oathbringer, Chapter 116 Bound to obey. The Dawnshards were said to be able to “Bind any creature voidish or mortal”. I believe this is how the ancient fabrials were created. The mention of Honor does not discount this, we have absolutely no idea what Honors relationship with the Dawnshards was once they reached Roshar. His words on the subject makes me think he wasn’t exactly against using them. In fact at this point he seems to be their greatest advocate. This is where I think the link between Aimia and the Dawnshards comes in. Kazas interlude mentions: - Oathbringer, Interlude I-04 So Soulcasters were made in Aimia. There are links between Aimians and the Dawnshards. It’s implied the Dawnshards can bind things. Ancient fabrials appear to be made with spren that are bound but willing unlike modern fabrials. This is why I believe the Dawnshards were used by the Aimians to create the ancient fabrials. Oh and as a quick note to end on, here’s a wob for your troubles: This leads me to my final point: 4. Aimias scouring was related to the Dawnshards This is based on all the above theories. We know the Dawnshards are capable of extremely powerful destruction. With the above links between Aimia and the Dawnshards, I cannot see how the scouring could NOT be related to the extremely powerful tools that can be found there. They could have done it to themselves, it could have been a result of a fight, Dai-Gonarthis may have done it all himself. Either way, I think the Scouring and the Dawnshards are intrinsically linked. I hope you enjoyed this theory, I had a ton of fun making it and again, I recommend you listen to the Aimia Shardcast to hear where the first few ideas starting to come from. There are definitely issues when it comes to the timing of things (The Dawnshards being unavailable seems to be unrelated to the Scouring as Honor recorded his visions 2000 years ago and the Scouring seems to have happened much more recent than that) but I think the links between Aimia and the Dawnshards is extremely strong. Disclaimer: I have no idea what the Dawnshards are. They could be shardblades that gift powers, tools like fabrials, spren, people, a horde of cremlings, or chulls. There could be one that grants super powerful Division and one that grants super powerful spiritual Adhesion. The details of what the Dawnshards are and how they operate is a mystery at the moment. Searching “Dawnshards” on wob.coppermind.net returns a wall of RAFOs as this is clearly something Brandon does not want to talk about just yet (The only thing we can infer from his answers is that there’s more than one). This is why I have referred to them as tools or things. Let me know what you guys think. Please poke holes wherever you see them!
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    Hello and welcome, I don't post theories or interpretations very often but this is one that I wanted to get off my chest. Ashyn isn't the Tranquiline Halls, Roshar is. Now, very quickly, I want to make sure that I am not misinterpreted: I am not claiming that humans did not come from Ashyn, the vast majority of humans on Roshar are descended from Ashynites that fled their self-caused cataclysm. What I am claiming is that the Vorin mythology of humanities fight for the Tranquiline Halls is originally a singer tale, co-opted by humanity and twisted into their own theology. So, I just want to establish the mixing of cultures that has occurred between humans and singers on Roshar. I only have 2 (Maybe 2.5) examples of this. I wish I had more but I feel we don't know enough about old singer culture to say what came from them other than what we have been told directly. 1. Human use of the term Voidbringers This ones an easy one, Eila Stele shows that singers were the first to refer to humanity as Voidbringers during the first Desolation. We actually also have a little of the opposite happening, with Listener songs describing humanity in a very similar way to the way Midnight Essence are described. Eshonai mentions this in the prologue: 2. Humans took the singer names From Leshwi and Moash's conversation: So what we see here is humanity on Roshar seems to have adopted some of singer culture, intentionally or not. The Tranquiline Halls So, the tale of the Tranquiline Halls has the following as it's main points of belief: Humanity is not native to Roshar Humanity was forced out of their old home by an invading force of Voidbringers When a human dies, their soul sticks around, they are given super powers and get sent to fight for the Tranquiline Halls The Heralds are leading the fight Now, points 1 and 4 we can trace in human culture. We know humans are not native to Roshar, we see Jezrien telling the people this lie in Oathbringer: But where do points 2 and 3 come from in Vorinism? What are the origins of these parts of their belief? Humans weren't pushed out of their homeland by Voidbringers. Humans don't die, get given super powers and get to continue the fight against said Voidbringers. But you know who does? Singers were pushed out of their homeland by Voidbringers. When singers die, they do get given super powers and get to continue the fight against said Voidbringers. Humanity took the singers world, their god, their names and even their religions. In Vorin myth, Ashyn would be the Tranquiline Halls. In reality, it's Roshar. Thank you for reading.
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    The gay male protagonist. Bane of mainstream literature. But things are better now™. *sigh* LGBT literature is still very much- actually hold that thought. The existence of that term alone shows the problem: that LGBT literature is a separate thing from straight literature. We rarely have fantasy, mystery or sci-fi whose main character happens to be gay, we have gay fiction which happens to have a fantasy, mystery or sci-fi setting, rarely. Mostly it's just romance. Written by women. *sigh* It's mostly erotica, basically not even aimed at the same gender. There are gay authors: Adam Silvera, TJ Klune, Will Walton, Benjamin Alire Sáenz,... well-known LGBT authors. Special thanks to Richard Morgan who finally wrote a non-romance with a gay male character as the main protagonist. Also Robin Hobb. Gay characters are almost never the main protagonist in the mainstream literature. Gay literature is still a niche genre and generally not taken to be a part of mainstream literature. When gay characters do appear in the mainstream and they're not badly written, they're usually secondary characters or at most, the deuteragonist. These authors are then treated like the bastion of LGBT literature and everyone else would remember their example for the next ten years as completion of the required dosage of gayness they can handle on their reading list. They will then cite these books everytime some poor sod mentions we need more representation, "wasn't that one book from 5 years ago with that one gay character (who probably dies later on) enough?" And these authors too, even after all this time, are in the minority compared to those who simply ignore that gay people exist. These are the books most likely to have a lot of romantic subplots. Love triangles, ahoy! "But we need romance in our books!" "Why do we need to have a gay character?" "what does it add to the character?" Female gay characters are, of course, fine. I mean there's also less gay female characters because it's not as daring and "female lead" is still something that can be used to sort books but at least people aren't directly opposed to them. Gay male characters on the other hand are an insult and a threat to masculinity everywhere *long exhale* So we have Ranette and Drehy filling the quota of gay characters in the Cosmere and they're tertiary characters. So far, we have maybe-promises from the author regarding gay characters in the future. On a completely unrelated note, how many love triangles have we had in the Cosmere so far again? This post is my anger and this post is my logic: Also check out this comment by @The Awakened Salad which addresses the question of why a character would "need" to be gay:
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    Hurm….. "As Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absentmindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead. "'I know he will.' "The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well. "And then the murders began." Wow. Is that an improvement on the Deathly Hallows epilogue or what.
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    We’ve (somewhat) recently received the first of our official information about Rhythm of War. Here’s the publisher’s summary, from Amazon: An arms race was not what I’d been expecting, for sure. It caught me a little by surprise; had this been foreshadowed at all? We’ve seen bits and pieces of human advancement with fabrial science, but it seemed like the Fused worked with different tools entirely. (Thunderclasts vs Shardbearers, Fused vs Radiants, Voidlight vs Stormlight, Unmade vs... well, there’s no real analogue on the human’s side that I can see.) So what’s this arms race going to look like? After thinking a little more about it, I decided that there must be some hints in the first few books about the Fused side of the fabrial arms race. That’s just how Brandon rolls. So, what were they up to in Oathbringer that might be a portent of this? And there is one big mystery to their actions: the collection of Shardblades and Shardplate. They track down Eshonai’s body, they steal them from Moash and Graves. Perhaps they’re behind the request from the Iriali to recover Adolin’s Shardplate; now that Iri has aligned with the Fused, there may be more to this request than meets the eye. But we don’t see anyone using them in battle. The Fused wouldn’t be able to use the Plate; it would interfere with their magic. But we don’t see any of them using Blades, either. How does that tie in with fabrials? As I listed above, the Fused and the humans don’t simply copy each other; they have competing advancements. The Red Queen hypothesis, so to speak. Every Desolation, each side needs to come up with new tools and tactics to stay ahead of the other side’s tricks. This go-around, the Fused already unleashed the Everstorm. We’ve seen our hints of the Coalition developing more advanced fabrials, like flying ships (from one of the OB artwork pages). How are the Fused going to counter? I think they are going to make fabrials out of Shardblades and Shardplate. The essence of fabrial science is through trapping spren. We know that Shardblades are spren, and we have some pretty strong hints that Shardplate comes from lesser spren, as well, which I won’t dive into in this thread. What if the Fused are trapping unwilling deadeyes and making them run some powerful new fabrials? How does this “reveal the secrets of the ancient tower”? This gets down to the fabrials suffusing Urithiru and the gemstone pillar in the center. I suspect that it’s supposed to use an intelligent spren to power the city: specifically, the Sibling. (Another quick aside I won’t dive into: I believe Melishi was the Bondsmith of the Stormfather, and that the Sibling was not bonded, but their retreat caused the shutdown of the Urithiru tower’s fabrial system before Melishi brought about the Recreance. Lots of epigraphs I could quote, but I don’t want to lose focus from the theory just now.) As the humans try to understand what the Fused are making new fabrials, they’ll realize that it’s how the Sibling used to interact with Urithiru. There’s one more loose end that I think this ties up: the missing Blades and Plate. From Dalinar’s Feverstone Keep vision: That is just Stonewards and Windrunners who have achieved Blade and Plate (fourth Oath for Windrunners, presumably the same for Stonewards). I assume these were all the fourth-Oath-ers and fifth-Oath-ers; on top of them, you’ve definitely got third-Oather-ers running around somewhere with Blades and no Plate. And you’ve got the other six Orders with Shards. (No Bondsmith or Skybreaker blades). We can get a sense of scope from the modern Skybreaker order. From one of Szeth's tests in Oathbringer: That’s about a hundred total Skybreakers, a hundred fourth-Oath Stonewards, and two hundred fourth-oath Windrunners. If the other Orders are around those numbers, I’m gonna pull some numbers out of my posterior and estimate a thousands sets of Plate and two thousand Blades. That’s a lot of missing Shards. We know those Blades are still in the Physical Realm, at the very least: I’m wondering if this “arms race” is also going to be a literal race for armaments: there’s a stash of Blades and Plates somewhere on the continent, Katana Fleet style, and the heroes and Fused are racing to find them first. Where could they be, and who has them? I’d lean towards a Herald; there are a few of them still entirely unaccounted for, and of the parties to potentially collect and hide Shards, a Herald would be my top candidate to never use them and just bury them. TL;DR: in the “arms race,” the Fused will be using captured Blades and Plate to make new fabrials. The missing Blades and Plate from the Recreance will be found... but by whom?
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    There is a certain... symmetry in the ending of OB, that might also be relevant. See, on one side, we have Dalinar having his big moment in rejecting Odium. Then, he goes to Nergaoul and captures it in the Honor's Drop, a perfect gem. The end result is that Dalinar's side now has a gem in which a powerful spren of Odium is trapped, and one which softly glows with Voidlight. Dalinar asks Navani to study it. On the other side, Moash hunts down Jezrein. He stabs him with a special knife given to him by the Singers, and this breaks Jezrein's cycle of rebirth by capturing his "soul" in a gem at the end of the knife. That gem gains a soft glow. The end result is that Odium's side gets a gem in which a powerful "spren" of Honor is trapped, and one which softly glows with Stormlight. We don't know what they're gonna do with it, but suffice it to say that the Fused probably have plans. It is also interesting that Odium and/or the Fused go after Jezrein's soul only after Nergaoul is captured by Dalinar.
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    Shardopener [Oathbringer image source]
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    This looks fun. Rogue One
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    *hisses and scrambles back into a corner* Don’t use the M word!
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    First of all, hello to everyone as this is my first post after a year reading the forum. Some things I'm eager to read are different type of first contacts that will happen in the space books (as how many will be peaceful or how many will not) as well as seeing Mistborn becoming Radiants, or Elantrians becoming Radiants, or any user of investiture that isn't from Roshar becoming a Radiant.
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    I want him to be Radiant-adjacent, with a unique situation. We need more cool stuff stuff happening with unique spren bonds.
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    I think some people are missing the impact that strong representation can have. Representation (of any group, not just the LGBT community) isn’t just about spreading awareness to others, although that is a large part of it. Representation is also about giving people in said group a voice. A role model, someone to look up to. Someone who tells them they’re not broken. I cannot tell you how validating and wonderful that feels in words. To finally have someone that’s like you, who sees you, who understands you. Ranette and Drehy are tertiary characters. They barely have any screentime, and what we know about their characters is very limited. That’s it. We never see them interact with their partner, or do anything that would make the audience assume they’re not straight. The books have to outright tell us they’re gay, or we wouldn’t have picked up on it. And maybe for some, that’s fine, but for that little boy still hiding who he is, seeing a gay character just be shoved aside probably won’t feel all that great. It’ll send the message that he’s not as important. And I’m not at all saying this was Brandon’s intention. I don’t believe he’d purposely do that. But it does happen, intentional or not, and I think that Brandon has a responsibility to do better. So maybe Honorless is pushing for more representation not just because he feels the need to “make everything gay”, but because he knows the importance and impact that representation can have. Shoving the only two LGBT characters onto the sidelines doesn’t help, and it can just make those within the community feel ostracised.
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    You mean I can finally post my 4000 word theory that Reckoners is Cosmere?
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    Someone call the Alethi army and tell them that their bridge crew technology has been rendered obsolete.
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    I was finally able to ask Brandon about this at the signing last night. I wasn't recording so I'm having to paraphrase here, but this is how it went. Me: So, which happened first, Nightblood showing up on Roshar, or the first successful production of working half shards? Brandon: Umm... [scrunches up his face and chews on a pen for bit] Me: Okay, what I was getting at was whether or not they were reverse engineered from Nightblood. Brandon: No, Half-Shards were not reverse engineered from Nightblood, they're something else. Me: Okay, so, when allomancers talk about burning metals, that they're metabolizing metals, but you have allomancers using metals long after they would have passed from the stomach, so does it have to be in the digestive sys- Brandon: It doesn't have to be in the stomach, it can be anywhere in the body. If you stabbed an allomancer with an allomantic metal, they could burn it if they're able to. Me: Okay, that lead leads me to the second part of my question, Ranette, Ranette made anti-thug rounds, right? Brandon: Right. Me: They're basically just magnum rounds, hotter loads, right? Brandon: Yeah. Me: Well, wouldn't it be more effective to just make loads where the bullets or buckshot are made of pewter that's just slightly off, you know, enough to make you sick if you burn it? If they kept burning pewter it would take them out of the fight. Brandon: Hmm... I think that a thug would be able to tell which metal is which. Me: I thought they wouldn't be able to choose which bits of the same type of metal they burn. Brandon: I think that they woul- well, wait. But you do occasionally run across a bad metal that messes you up, so you might be right. So, Maybe? [thinks for a bit] It's plausible. I'd need to think about it. It's 1 in the morning and I don't want to commit to something like this, so I'm going to have to RAFO you for right now. [A few moments later as my wife and I are grabbing our stuff from the seats and heading out of the store] Brandon: [Pointing at me] Hey, you were right! Me: Huh? Brandon: I was thinking about it, it would take the thug out of the fight. They'd have to stop burning or else get sick. Me: Cool So I was wrong about Nightblood and the Half-Shards, but it looks like I was correct about the Ranette thing. It also seems to answer the question about whether or not mistings can get sick from off-metals.
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    I have a similar yet different theory. I agree that the fabrials and unique spren are in fact critical to this arms race but I don't think it is just blades and plate that they are after. Roshar is famous for the large number of unique spren that it has. Some are worshiped and some are just odd but we have been introduced to a large number of highly varied spren over the past three books. In the final chapter of OB Dalinar captured one and gave it to one of Roshar's preeminent fabrial scholars. What if the race is over these unique spren? Specifically the unmade along with spren like Cusicesh and the knowledge of how to make them into fabrials? Shallan has demonstrated a knack for getting rid of them. Against that kind of opponent the fused are going to have to alter their original method of using them. Imagine what a diminishing thrill fabrial would do to an army.
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    And now my Stick memes Has this one been done?
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    I can definitely imagine Kaladin flying around, keeping a safe distance, and persistently yelling "Go back inside!" to people sneaking out for unnecessary reasons. Must. Protect. EVERYONE.
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    @Honorless I want to acknowledge how much I appreciate the work you've put into this thread and how thoughtful you've been about it. It can be easy to say it should be "all about the character" and that "sexuality" (or gender, or race, or whatever) shouldn't matter or isn't even something that stands out to you when the default normal in almost every book ever is heterosexuality (or traditional gender norms, etc.). It's painfully obvious to those of us who aren't represented, even when we enjoy a writer otherwise. Heterosexual relationships are the backbone of every one of Brandon's books. All of them. Yet we have seen no homosexual relationships enacted on screen and had allusions only to two. It feels like erasure no matter the authors' intent. I'm not in the LGBTQ community, but I've had a similar experience over my decades reading traditional and high fantasy as a girl and then a woman. It's so very often the same gendered tropes over and over and the male as the neutral. Brandon has improved on this because he's worked at it and developed it. He should do the same with sexuality. I also take exception to the writing off of inclusion in fantasy and literature as being some sort of "woke" unimportant nonsense. Representation matters in every way, shape, and form. Sociological and psychological has shown this over and over again. Books should reflect life, and life is a diverse collection of people. And if you create a fantasy world that is not a diverse collection of people, well, that tells me something too.
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    So, as BoM has shown us, Nicrosil Compounders can get ridiculously powerful... if they have other powers. Nicrosil Compounding by itself doesn't seem super useful (unless there's more to nicrosil than storing powers). Storing Nicrosil Feruchemy in Nicrosil Anyway, I have got something on my mind: how does storing Nicrosil Feruchemy in nicrosil works? (I mean, how can you store the ability to store in nicrosil? It's a little like trying to lift yourself off the ground by grabbing your hair and pulling upwards) For example, let's say a Fullborn stores half of their Iron Feruchemy. It should mean that his Iron Feruchemy is (for the time of storing in nicrosil) half as powerful, so they can store only half of what they can usually store (so up to 50% of their weight, not 100%). And they would lose more power when overtapping, perhaps. (rambling about math) Mistpoint Okay, when Wax tapped a lot of nicrosil, he started to emit mist from his body. It seems that if you tap enough nicrosil, you can basically achieve the power level of burning the mists (as what Marasi and Wax did was comparable to what Vin did - Pushing on trace metals et cetera). I propose this as the upper limit of Nicrosil Feruchemy. You can't tap nicrosil above mistpoint... because if you did, you'd surpass what human body is capable of channeling and disappear (as Vin's body vaporized when she was burning mists). Except you don't have a Shard to Ascend to. Perhaps this could be comparable to lerasium savantism - there is a WoB that lerasium savantism is what Ascension basically is. We don't know what would happen if there is already a Shardholder around, either, so this two situations could be basically the same.
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    I liked the depiction of Steelheart as a very typical comic book character, so I tried to capture that.

    © Lauren Newburg Illustration

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    Okay, I’m not just referring specifically to Ranette, although since Sanderson set her up as someone who researches ways to better kill allomancers, and as one herself, she certainly has less of an excuse. In Alloy of Law, Ranette provided Wax with specialized “Hazekiller” rounds, as well as a gun specifically designed to incorporate them in addition to conventional rounds. For Coinshots, she added a ceramic tip resistant to Pushes or Pulls. For Tineyes she essentially made a noisy bullet. For Thugs, she went all out with her genius and simply added more powder to conventional rounds, essentially creating a +P magnum round. I can live with her solutions to deal with coinshots and tineyes, but her solution to thugs is atrocious considering the fact that all you would need to do is craft a slug or buckshot out of slightly off pewter. One of the biggest dangers to allomancers is trying to burn metal that isn’t quite up to allomantic standards. Try burning steel with a bit too much or a bit too little carbon and you can get sick. Too much silver in your electrum? You might die. Thugs don’t have bullet proof skin, one of the dangers Thugs face is continuing the fight too long because they don’t recognize how wounded they are or how much blood they’ve lost. Pump some pewter in them with a bit too much lead in i and you’ve got a thug about to drop mid flair because he just burned poison. There are various WOB out there confirming allomancers can burn metals in their body that they haven’t eaten through the mouth. In fact, for years Vin was surviving off of the built up metals collecting in her bloodstream. Allomancers also don’t seem to be able to tell a metal is slightly off until they’ve burned it, a hit pewter burner would have to immediately stop burning the second they were hit with an bad pewter round which would be difficult given that 1. Pewter burners instinctively burn when they’ve been injured, even when unconscious, and 2. They wouldn’t even recognize the off-brand pewter until it’s too late, especially in the heat of battle. This technique would be especially useful against a double gold Bloodmaker like Miles. As Brandon has explained, compounding has less to do with one metallic art directly fueling the other than a general short circuiting of the spiritweb. By burning a filled metalmind with allomancy, you aren’t actually burning or tapping the attribute you stored inside, instead you’re tricking allomancy into thinking that the metal you’re burning is spirit-coded to whatever attribute the feruchemical attribute identifies itself as. The power you’re getting out of it isn’t the same power that you put in. It’s like using your debit card but tricking the merchant into using the card number to someone else’s card. Why is this important? A double gold Bloodmaker burning a gold metalmind (such as when in the actual act of compounding) will automatically start burning any off-gold buckshot introduced into their system first. If the Bloodmaker is burning gold, he won’t be unable to burn any feruchemically charged gold until he either expels or burns up the non-metal mind gold because metalminds are invested and therefore slightly harder to metabolize, as can be inferred here. KAYMYTH OK, so in the signing line, I asked the question about chromium vs a Compounder with both invested and uninvested metals in both their stomach and piercings. BRANDON SANDERSON 1) Yes, the piercings will get burned off. (I bet that seeing that happen would look downright weird.) 2) The noninvested metals go before the invested ones. He said that because invested metals are harder to effect, it takes a little extra time and effort to get them to burn off. So a Leecher trying to clean out a Compounder would have to get a good grip and hang on for a few seconds. 3) Chromium burns about as quickly as duralumin, so if you're trying to burn off a lot of metals, it is possible to run out of chromium before your target is clean. This would probably only be an issue when dealing with larger pieces (like jewelry) rather than your standard metal-flakes-in-the-stomach deal. Could the Bloodmaker simply tap his metalmind to heal? Sure, but he wouldn’t be able to compound until he extracted the faulty gold, and there’s a chance that the bloodmaker’s body might instinctively try to clear the wounds of debris by metabolizing the bad gold due to the bloodmaker’s personal identity including the allomantic ability to burn gold. Is it a perfect strategy? No, but it would allow you to more quickly wear down a double gold twinborn like Miles and give him plenty of grief. This concept isn't just for bloodmakers and thugs, you could apply this to a number of any other allomantically inclined targets. widespread birdshot might not pack a punch, but it will embed itself below the skin, and is hard to dodge.
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    Currently most people seem to want a non-radiant main character, but personally I'd prefer him to be one, or something close.
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    Congratulations on reading this after that title. However I wanted to talk about what was in there. Recently I have encountered a long standing disagreement between different members of the shard(including myself) about what Roshar's immediate future is going to be like assuming they survive the current desolation. I just wanted to put forward my view for discussion for those who are interested. Skip if you find the math of economics and production boring. Roshar is different from earth in a lot of ways but in terms of technology they use fabrials in place of nearly anything that is earth equivalent. There are two interesting thing about fabrials that are of importance to this discussion. The first which I discuss here is that they require gemstones. From Kaladin's bridge four run we know that a well paid freeman doing manual labor in an "urban" environment earns two clear marks a day plus minimum room and board. A mark is the second smallest Rosharan denomination worth five chips which are each worth a piece of street candy. The smallest and probably least expensive fabrail we have seen is the spanreed. Spanreeds are extremely simple and useful so their production has most likely been streamlined and a great deal of study has been put into making them as inexpensive as possible. The description indicates that they require a pair of rubies of at least a broam each (really one ruby split) to manufacture. For reference that is equal to 400 chips(probably more due to the fact that the gem was more valuable before splitting). If you take that and add a 100% for manufacture and transporting costs you end up with 800 chips or three months pay just to get the cheapest widely available fabrial. It gets worse. Most Rosharans have no capital and are not real wage earners. Assuming Roshar follows earth patterns in this respect at least 75% of the population should be working in these food production with very limited expendable income. Of the remaining 25% (described here https://medium.com/@zavidovych/what-we-can-learn-by-looking-at-prices-and-wages-in-medieval-england-8dc207cfd20a) odds are a good that most of them were working bridgeman wages and would want to save disposable income for expenses or insurance. The fifth who are better off or 5% of the population will probably be making around three times that so it will still take them a month's earnings to acquire a single spanreed pair. Bottom line. The gemstones that are required https://coppermind.net/wiki/Spheres are generally too expensive for a good 95% of Rosharans to afford and most of the remaining five percent are going to have to save for long periods of time to own items that will increasingly become necessary for their business and trade. This brings us to the second fabrial oddity. Only a few people are required to make any given fabrial and making a complex one seems fairly easy. Acquiring and cutting the necessary gemstone is really the only difficult part. Both the spren and the stormlight can be had for free as far as we know and the metal parts don't seem any like a challenge for a competent blacksmith. This means wide scale cooperation is not required for building one. Most fabrials also last a fairly long time so for those with money, including the Alethi nobility, fabrail conveniences will be widespread. It is more then possible for an Alethi highprince to enjoy a standard of living and have the conveniences associated with an earth household of the 1960s. Lower level nobles will enjoy some of these benefits as well. In cities some fabrails may also be used in public works assuming intelligently minded civic planers. However the high costs and the reality of economic unfairness and inequality that exists on Roshar indicates that baring some radical change in another generation hearthstone will look exactly as it does now. The individuals who live there will have the same or a similar standard of living and preforming the same kind of subsistence farming. Sad as it may seem well the common man may know about fabrials odds are that despite them existing he will own none. At the same time the wealthy will enjoy a high standard of living and a large number of modern conveniences at comparatively little cost. I welcome all comments criticisms and analysis.
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    Chladni Plate experiment I take no credit for the vid but it shows exactly what Cabsal was doing.
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    Looks like I'd be one of those debating scholars. For real though, as I said, the Vorin myth would have Ashyn as the Tranquiline Halls. I believe the origins of this myth are actually in singer lore, making Roshar the original and far more valid Tranquiline Hall.
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    Everyone tell me what other characters might do! EDIT: Thanks for the feedback guys, it is now multiple choice so go nuts!
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    OP, I think you are wrong about a couple of your key points. Firstly, the common people already can get fabrials - Lirin has one. In one of the Kaladin flashbacks, he mentioned that they have a fabrial clock. Now, this might be explained away by the fact that Hesina was born to rich parents, so they could have given it to her, but it still is something to consider. Spanreeds are not the cheapest fabrial. My other point is this: fabrials are a very new technology. They are only around 70 years old, from what I remember. Because of all the new fabrial discoveries that are being made, as well as the fabrial arms race we can expect in RoW, the price of their creation should drop dramatically. In my opinion, the biggest limiting factor here is the fact the gemstones are their currency. I agree with the other commenters that once they move on to a symbolic currency, we can expect to see a major boom in fabrial accessibility.
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    I feel that Moash and Rlain are particularly strong candidates for this book considering the singer focus. I can see Moash contrasting with Venli well, a human siding with the fused and a singer siding with the humans (assuming she does join them this book which seems likely). But Rlain could find the missing listeners and also show a different facet of the human/singer dynamic.
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    sorry that i give the wrong impression. and, before i forget, thanks for trying to reach out to me. as i tried to make clear, i have nothing against activism. i have a beef against people that commit excesses in the name of activism, that use it as an excuse to bullying or to get a better treatment. sure, those people are rare, and sure, we should not let ourselves be blinded by those few bad people. but people committing excess in the name of supposedly good causes exhist, and i've dealt with a few of them in real life. people who felt that just because they are members of some minorities, or they are spearheading some political campaign for rights, that they are allowed to do things that they would not do otherwise. it's not just "sympahtetic exhaustion". It's not "yes, whatever, I don't really care"; perhaps i seem petty to you because you read that in my stance? if that was the case, i wouldn't even bother to write here. what i am against is well intentioned extremists pushing things too far. Even if I agree with them on a fundamental level. And I think it is important for me to make this argument because those excesses are not helping your cause. instead, they are alienating support. I've heard many people who were indifferent toward minorities (of any kind) gradually become antagonistic because said minorities were asking, or getting, preferential treatment. and most often those minorities weren't, really. most members of those minorities were only asking equal treatment. but the media will often latch to the most vocal people, who often enough are also the most fanatics. and then there are always a few bad apples who are just trying to take advantage of their minority status to get away with stuff, and they stand out. But when this happens, it can give a bad reputation to the whole minority. I assume this goes both ways. I assume that whenever a straight person starts with "I have nothing against gays, but..." it would also put you on the defensive, because you may have heard that incipit from many bigoted people who basically meant "I have nothing against gays, but i actually do". I assume that I gave you the same vibe, and so I thank you again for trying to reach out instead of closing. And so I hope that my message can get across. that it's all right to ask for representation, inclusion, acceptance, but if you move from asking to demanding you cross a line, and it will put people on the defensive; even those who would have supported you. and that things like acceptance and inclusion must come from within the other person if they are to be genuine. you can't force acceptance; if you do, it's no acceptance at all. Personally, I think the inclusion of gay protagonists will simply take time. I think so because I think writers write largely based on their experience, and consider how fast lgbt rights have moved. 50 years ago homosexuality was a crime punished by the law. 20 years ago the general vibe was "they are free to do whatever among them, as long as they stay hidden". then in just those two decades it moved to "a friend of mine is gay, and I don't see him any different than anyone else" to "same sex marriages should have the same rights as regular ones". But until 20-odd years ago, homosexuality was virtually invisible. So, most people who are now adults grew up in a world without lgbt people. they weren't part of their experience. and so, they don't think to put in an lgbt character, because it's outside of their experience. The whole lgbt topic being riddled with pitfalls also doesn't help making people comfortable with it. But people growing up now are most likely to know some declared lgbt. so it will feel natural for them to see some such people around, and those of them who will pick up an artistic career will see fit to include more of them. And seeing more of them in books will also make tv producers less wary of the topic. and perhaps more gay couples will feel comfortable enough kissing in public, and more people will get used to it. and the people who will grow up in this environment will start writing gay protagonists without anyone telling them to. Some processes require time, and trying to hasten them too much backfires. and perhaps it will go for brandon too. He said that he wouldn't feel comfortable writing gay protagonists because he feels he would blotch them. but he started writing ranette and drehy. those had a very minor role in their first appearences, but they gained more visibility. perhaps the next mistborn book will have a short ranette pov, or perhaps rythm of war will have a short drehy pov. and from there, and getting feedback, brandon will feel comfortable in expanding roles for lgbt characters, and he will eventually write a gay male protagonist. brandon likes to try new things with his style, there's a good chance he will get there eventually. in due time. conversely, putting pressure on him may only make him feel less comfortable. By the way, I can make this argument in person without problems, but those few times I tried on the internet it often went poorly. too many people react as if i were a bigot hiding under a paper-thin cover, and from there it escalates. I wouldn't mind some tips to figure out how to convey this argument better. without resorting to a wall of text as I did here, possibly.
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    There is Vyre's knife. It had a gem at its pommel, it sounds like a fabrial
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    Everyone would try to get quarantined on Ashyn so they could get powers out of their infection, supposing they got infected.
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    I would like Adolin to become a Radiant, but I'm sure that I'll be happy whichever way Brandon takes it.
  43. 5 points
    When Moash kills Kaladin.
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    I agree with everything except the shardplate. I think we have enough evidence on screen to assume that shardplate is the collective assembly of lesser spren associated with the particular order. We see it in Kaladin's scene where the lesser spren respond to his powers. I don't think shardplate qualifies as a fabrial, because I don't believe that shardplate is naturally a permanent entity. It is formed on need, new each time. I think the only reason that shardplate is even available to be used the way it is by non-radiants is because the spren are dead, the same as a shardblade, and can no longer move apart or back into the cognitive. A house of corpses if you will. But generally, I think this theory is spot on. Something else in favour of it is the nature of spren. Spren want to do the things that their idea's embody. They don't take a lot of convincing to do it. The only value I can see in trapping them, is when you don't really know how to communicate with them. If you were able to just ask them, they'd probably say yes anyway.
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    Doesn´t this just make your heart go warm?
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    Now THAT is an arms race for you. Nice thinking.
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    There was this one time but.... We do not speak of such things
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    So if we assume Navani is the main character, do we think she will also be a Willshaper? It is supposed to be their book and since the Willshapers were the most varied of the orders I think it could be cool if we see two very different Willshapers climbing the oaths in distinct ways. There could be some interesting takes on the theme of exploration and discovery, how both of them want to discover new things but go about it in different ways.
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    Hello! New in town and fairly new to the Cosmere. I’ve read The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Edgedancer, and at time of posting in chapter 17 of Oathbringer.
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    I want to see Nightblood on Taldain. Swordsman running around, sand turning black underneath him. Sandmasters unable to touch him. That sounds really cool to me.
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