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    Jasnah is confident bordering on arrogant about her intelligence. From what we’ve heard from others in the books, this does not seem unwarranted on her part. Does she need to hide this fact to make others feel better? I say it’s not a fatal character flaw, just like Adolin doesn’t need to hide the fact he is better at dueling than anyone else (he’s confident bordering on arrogant regarding his skill in that.) I also think Jasnah is a bit hot-headed and it can be easy to get under her skin in the right context; we see this in both her conversation with Kaladin and with Amaram. With Amaram she admits he got to her and she went for the lowest common denominator - calling his mother promiscuous. She knows this is bad, but she can’t help herself, so she seems to be aware of this flaw. Regarding the two specific instances you mentioned... Putting yourself in Jasnah’s shoes, she gets parachuted back into a world which has been drastically changed. She’s a princess and a powerful lighteyes, and she gets challenged by a darkeye who is essentially the leading Radiant in many people’s eyes, while she likely sees herself as the “founder” of the Radiants. (She likely has had her powers longer than anyone else, and is certainly the most skilled at her powers.) Kaladin also gets under a lot of people’s skin (Adolin, Shallan, almost every lighteyes ever); he’s incredibly assertive about his opinions and often in a caustic manner. Like Jasnah, he’s used to being obeyed. I was fine with how that interaction panned out, because they both seems to have a mutual understanding of respect at the end of it. With Shallan, Jasnah doesn’t know the character growth we’ve seen - when last she saw Shallan, she WAS Jasnah’s ward and scribe who was very defirential. Shallan doesn’t want to go back into that box (understandably), but I don’t judge Jasnah for thinking of her that way. We also see the negativity of these interactions mostly from Shallan’s perspective, and clearly she’s chafing at the suppression of her new found freedom. She did whatever she felt like in WoR, and she really liked that. Of course she’s not going to want a minder again. Jasnah isn’t perfect, and she isn’t always mature. If she didn’t have flaws, she wouldn’t be interesting! She is incredibly badass and no-nonsense. She’s brilliant, and as we saw in OB, she is not without humanity (Renarin!) I love having a strong, unapologetic female character, so I love Jasnah! ETA: I think had Jasnah killed Renarin I could see more strongly the Amaram/Mr T comparison, but in the end she’s not willing to go through will any means to justify an end. This is a huge difference between her and them.
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    I just want to talk about this a bit, because after OB, I really dislike Jasnah Kholin. She has never been a favorite of mine, but I have found her to be alright. She has some good moments in WoK. In Oathbringer, that wasn't really the case (she has cool scenes here too, in the Battle of Thaylen City) since I found her to be a straight up douchebag. Here goes why: 1. The Voidbringer talk in Part 2. Here Jasnah wants to condemn the Heralds to eternal torture as opposed to Kaladin, who wants to spare them. Jasnahs drastic methods aren't why I didlike her (I like both King T and Amaram). What I dislike is her being a total douchebag to Kaladin when he disagrees. She quickly starts insulting him, and talks down to him. That is what I don't like. Granted Kaladin asks if she is insane when hearing about her plan, but I don't really think of that as an insult, but more a strong objection. Jasnah instantly starts insulting Kaladin, suggesting that he lacks logic, and that he isn't grown-up. 2. Her treatment of Shallan. Shallan has become an accomplished Radiant, who has saved the entire Alethi force, found Urithiru, and fought off an Unmade. Jasnah makes her a scribe. I understand that Jasnah is more experienced, that she can teach, and that Shallan needs to learn things, but giving her scribe duty is stupid. For one, it shows that Jasnah considers Shallan to be below her in status. Two, Jasnah should be able to figure out that Shallan might start to feel rebellious if she is treated like a random servant. Three, Shallan deserves to be treated as more of an equal, after all she has done. In short, I cant help but read Jasnah as someone who is convinced of her own brilliance. She thinks that she knows best, and that her ideas should be followed, while looking down on others who lack experience, or disagrees with her. She is domineering and self-important. Her aura of "I know best" is hugely bothering, and her borderline refusal to look at things from other peoples perspective is a glaring flaw. I also have a quick question. Jasnahs tactics do lack emphaty, and when suggesting that they kill the Heralds, Jasnah even says that it is better to sacrifice a few to save many. How come that everyone loves her anyway, but hates the likes of King T and Amaram? Where lies the difference? So, is there anyone who can explain/defend Jasnah? I'd love to hear peoples thoughts about her.
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    This is just for fun! Please don't attack
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    From the album Mistborn Doodles

    The lord of decay, in all his glory. My favorite Shard, by far. I always imagined his hair as actual fire, so naturally I had to paint it!
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    Wayne's a tough one, but mostly because I dont have a great handle on the realmic mechanisms of a Time Bubble. Healing is, at a basic level, about flooding the spiritual aspect with Investiture to renew/restore the current state of the Physical aspect it describes. Time Bubbles are more about tweeking the physical Laws in a radius. Hmmm... You know what, I bet Wayne is actually aging slower than anyone realizes. Notice how nobody knows his actual age or birthday, Wax just sort of found him that day. The basic Idea is that he is good at suffeusing his spiritweb with Investiture, and he's also good at fiddling with the "Time Settings" of the External World; combine the two and he should be able to affect the Time/Age settings of his own Spiritweb (slowing his own aging process rather than slowing the world around him).
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    Mistborn Stormlight
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    So, I’m not sure if this counts as a meme, but it’s the SA characters singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s spoiled for length.
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I ended up drawing Adolin AND I redid my Renarin for coloring practice.
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    Greetings Highlords, Highladies... Brightnesses all! I stumbled across The Final Empire in my local bookstore last year whilst looking for a new and intriguing series of books to get my teeth into during a period of extended sickness. I had never heard of Brandon Sanderson before and, despite the old addage, I totally judged a book by its cover and was sold immediately on the premise written on the UK edition cover "What if the Dark Lord won?". I scurried home eager to dive into a new world of fantasy, completely unaware of what was in store for me. I read the prologue and the first few chapters and was completely and utterly blown away by the characterisation, world-building, grounded magical systems and so on... so I promptly set down my book with a resigned feeling of "Oh no, here we go again" and returned to town to purchase the other two books in the series as I knew this was something special. In my defense, not wrong, but little did I know how deep the rabbit-hole truly went! I devoured Mistborn Era 1, then decided to read Elantris to see where it all began (from a published works \ bibliographical sense) and noticed thematic similarities, connections, the same dedicated attention to detail and fantastic cast of characters. I, like all of you before me, had discovered the Cosmere. I was hooked, but like taking the first few rubs of firemoss, I was still naive as to what would happen next. I found Brandon's website. I found to my delight that there were MORE COSMERE BOOKS. I read Mistborn Era 2. I read Warbreaker. Amazing. Outstanding. Could it get any better? Then Stormlight dropped from the heavens and its four almighty tomes that comprised Book 1 and Book 2 proceeded to give me as comprehensive an emotional roller-coaster as I had yet experienced in my 31 years of life. I had to have more... like waiting for Pullman or Pratchett (RIP ) or Canavan, the itch just begged to be scratched. As luck would have it, I was fortuitous enough to have finished SA2 to find that Oathbringer was also available for me to purchase immediately. Such a weighty and majestic hardback I have never before held in my hands! The rest is history. I began cross-reading, lurking on these forums, reading annotations, deleted scenes... you all know the drill! What I find is something so fascinating, so brilliant, beautiful and compellingly powerful within his works. His ability as a writer to speak to the many facets of my own mental health issues has helped me immeasurably over the past year. His ability to give me back feelings and emotions I had long buried and the pervading hope that everything is going to be ok has, without question, saved my life. For that, for him, for his works I am eternally grateful. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all and hope to further expand my own knowledge and understanding in Brandons works, and by extension my own growth and healing, by participating in this board. Your patience in reading my intro post is greatly appreciated and I hope to get to know many of you better in time! Life Before Death Strength Before Weakness Journey Before Destination ~Atrias~
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    Can we post screenshots here? Because anyway, this needs to happen.
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    I think this story is an allegory to some sequence of events that happened in Natanatan at some point. I'm going to be describing the story on two levels - on the level of Cultivation, Honor and Odium, and on the level of Nightwatcher, Stormfather and BAM (who is not the Sibling). The earlier parts of the story fit the former set better, the latter parts the latter set. The Moons of Roshar are Nomon (brightest, blue), Mishim (slowest, Green), and Salas (darkest, Violet). Of note are the colors that Hoid uses thoughout. So far, for the Rosharan Shards, the colors that can be best associated are White-Blue for Honor (Stormlight is white, Honorspren are Blue), Green for Cultivation (the mist at the Valley), and Yellow-White for Odium. (Voidlight is technically Stygian Blue, which is a fatigue response to bright, intense yellow on black - most probably this fact is a commentary on the nature of Rayse-Odium) Let's jump straight into the story then, shall we? Subtext: Cultivation is cleverest of the three Shards on Roshar. Or, the Nightwatcher is the cleverest of the three spren the moons are most likely to represent. Subtext: Honor and Odium are content sit in the spiritual and manifest avatars, powering the magics of Roshar through their respective lights - Stormlight and Voidlight. Honor has the Highstorm, and a high place on Roshar was called "closest to Honor", whereas Odium is literally on a different planet, and now has the Everstorm. As opposed to these two, Cultivation's influence can be seen in all the flora and fauna of Roshar, and she takes a more hands on approach, if only through the Boon-Curse magic. The reign in the sky could then be a realmatic metaphor, with Honor and Odium always staying away, whereas Cultivation being super invested in the Valley, and personally taking interest whenever she could. On the Nightwatcher level, we don't quite know the nature of the Sibling enough to be able to relate it like this with the sky and light. Indeed, I've been suspecting the domain of the Sibling is "stone", or Crem, so I don't know if it would hold with the reign in the sky. I've been suspecting that BAM is to Voidbinding what the Stormfather is to Surgebinding, and in that case she could be the sister to the Nightwatcher who is also content to stay away and "grace the lands with her (Void)light," whereas the brother, Stormfather, would also be cotnent to drive the Highstorms and "grace the lands with his (storm)light." I don't know what Hoid specifically means by this, other than maybe a sly referral to why Cultivation is training the Nightwatcher to be her heir, of some kind. Yep, Mishim is the green moon, and green is the color most associated with Cultivation, and by extension the Nightwatcher. Take the towers to be an allegory to something else, say... Ancient Fabrials. The Natanatans would, in this case, be leading scientists, trying to maybe autopsy and study the biology of Greatshells to understand how fabrials would work realmatically. The Natan people were trying to make artificial Fabrials, and impinging on the domain of Cultivation - whose system is this integrated Fabrial magic in the ecosystem of Roshar. It also makes sense in a different way, because the Aimians would eventually be providing Soulcasters to the rest of Roshar, and the end of this story strongly indicates that the Siah were born as an outcome of what happens here later. The towers could also be an allegory to a lot of different things and not just Fabrials. If you consider the sky and the lands to be the Spiritual and Physical realms, then the tower would be some kind of invested constructs - the metaphor relies on the same description Brandin has previously given to perpendicularities, something that is "heavier" than normal in the physical and stretching it a bit to reach into another realm. A tower is something that is built on land but reaches for the sky. Translation: I am mortal, my domain the Physical and Shadesmar. The Spiritual is yours. Divinity, yours. Interesting use of color here - why the white pillar? The description is similar to the description of Honor's perpendicularity that Dalinar summoned at the end of OB (to be fair, they're both described as white pillars, which isn't exactly a spectacularly detailed description, but still), but I don't know if that's what Hoid is actually alluding to or not. Also, why would you need Honor's perpendicularity to ascend to Cultivation? Except, the allusion is to the fact that Bondsmiths can do it, and this can be used for specific purposes. The answer to that would of course depend on whether the ability to manifest Honor's perpendicularity was a thing Dalinar could do because of the special circumstances involved with Honor's remnants and the Stormfather. Even if it was, that particular ability could be achieved by other Bondsmiths, just not necessarily in that manner, or by those circumstances. As always, Cultivation was using her Futuresight and her intent/motivation to see how best she could... well, cultivate. Her intent dictates that she constantly be doing that - constantly be looking to cultivate. Especially after holding the Shard for as long as she has, she would be reaching for some Preservation or Ruin levels of singlemindedness. Unlike Honor and Odium, she rarely makes an active play in events, preferring quiet nudges that may yield results favourable to her sometime in the far future. To mortal eyes, this isn't always apparent, her changes may not always be individually beneficial even, and because she uses the Nightwatcher as a substitute, she is culturally characterized with the attributes "loathes her duty" and "lazy". Another element at play here is that it was Honor that was pro-humanity, while Cultivation's own feelings towards them can, at best, be described as lukewarm. Take this from the perspective of a Shard - for whom looking at all of this in the physical would be trivial. Even Odium, who - unlike Cultivation - is actually trapped, can show Venli visions of Roshar from space, implying that is a perspective a Shard could see through if they so wanted. Also, yes, if you looked at Stars up close in mortal form, you would truly burn away from the heat of it. Another thing is that Stormlight infused Gemstones glow, and that perfectly cut Stormlight infused Gemstones would glow for a long time. So yes, without explaining the deep physics of everything, in a story, to say that the Stars are gemstones cut by the finest of gem cutters wouldn't be exactly be an inaccurate metaphor. Take the Heavens here, to be a state that you attain be Ascending. Yes, the sheer amount of information you would parse then would drive you mad in your non-ascended state. Moreover, as a scholar of Realmatics, Queen Tsa would know this. No clue what the Starspren mean though. Whatever these towers represent, investiture is definitely a big part of them. Or it could be taken figuratively in a different manner - the societal pillars and domes of that city could literally hold membership with the Knights Radiant - they could literally be Surgebinders, and thus Radiant. The Yellow-Gold smoke is interesting, as Yellow-Gold is the color of Bondsmiths. The green involved could imply this is a Nightwatcher Bondsmith. The Queen was Pious, which is a Bondsmith trait. And the Shard of Cultivation, or the Nightwatcher herself, is described as crafty. Also not an inaccurate descriptor. They're trying to achieve something by Applied Realmatic Theory, but something is missing. They're missing a clue. Something in their equations is wrong. And here they try to convince a Shard to help them. Queen Tsa asks to ascend - to pick up enough of the Shard to be capable of achieving what she wants to. Whether this is something Cultivation also secretly wants to come about, or whether this is really Queen Tsa tricking Cultivation is - atleast according to me - a question the story does not have an answer to. This is probably over analysing (well, technically so is the entirety of this post :P), but why the Orange? Why a random fourth color? I have only one unlikely conjecture - Odium does appear as the entire spectrum of Yellow to Dalinar in one of the Visions, so the Orange could be him. The fact that the word intense is mentioned could be indicative that the Orange represents something related to Odium, if not directly Odium. The Shard is temporarily passed from one vessel to another. Or, the Nightwatcher and her Bondsmith somehow swap places. No clue if this is even possible, although theoretically this could be achieved by rewiring one physical body from one Cognitive and Spiritual aspect onto a different Cognitive and Spiritual aspect. Probably unlikely, but not impossible. hmmm. So after what was ages, Cultivation's vessel, got a chance to be not a Vessel. Of course, she enjoyed however she could. Or the Nightwatcher is enjoying being mortal. I do not know what this part of the story means. The Shardic level was working better so far. But the superspren level makes a better fit from this point on. I don't quite know the exact mechanics/events this story is alluding to. There's something happening here and I don't quite know what. It is however interesting to note the qualities that are associated with each moon - kindness to Nomon (Honor/Stormfather), and thoughtfulness to Salas (Odium/Sibling/BAM). It's interesting to know that the color of Tsa is White, as opposed to the Green of Mishim, Blue of Nomon, and Violet of Salas. White is the one color common to all Radiants. Queen Tsa broke her word. Not very honourable. It is also interesting that that idea - the idea of her breaking her Oaths, is what gets Tsa to relent. This could be a cultural folk based decision in the story if it is not alluding to anything. But it fits this subtext surprisingly well. Roshar does have a significant focus on the ability to "hear" spiritual ideals, like the Rhythms. In that vein, this is interesting. Blue (and White) have so far been associated with Honor. So this is interesting. The first Siah? It is interesting that this was a new song. This is... I already laid out my feelings on this. I don't quite think that Queen Tsa could have tricked Cultivation herself, and this would be a ploy by Cultivation to make it seem like this, but in actuality, the fact is that some of her goals are also being achieved. These goals could be anything ranging from the creation of the Siah so that they could fulfill some specific purpose in the future, to something like letting go of her Shard for a while to potentially delay or decrease the overpowering effect that it's intent could be having in her consciousness. Maybe both, and more. I also don't know what "loss" means to Cultivation, save perhaps a kind of nostalgia on what she had been a long while ago - an understanding that a life like this with Tanavast is what she gave up all those millenia ago. If however, the Nightwatcher is the one in question, then this kind of makes better sense? Especially the parts where she didn't know mortal life, or the fact that she couldn't know loss. Cultivation would have allowed it in this case because she would have thought it would ultimately be better for the Nightwatcher to understand mortal existence, particularly if she was being trained as an heir to that Shard someday. This could make even more sense if Tsa was a Nightwatcher Bondsmith, and pulled something akin to what Dalinar managed at the Battle of Thaylen City, but different by circumstance, skill, and motive. A Child whose mother ascended while she was potentially pregnant, or something else was done by Tsa with her expanded understanding, capabilities, and perhaps most importantly, Honor's (maybe via Stormfather) investiture. Maybe the creation of a certain kind of Slivers was the point of the whole endeavor, or maybe the Siah hold a secret in their genetics/existence that Tsa was looking for all along. (by secret, I don't necessarily mean lore, but rather the fruit of Tsa's endeavors - art of a kind) Read above on what I feel about this. So... yeah. Had to get this out, though it would have been fun if I could have gotten to this before the Myths of Roshar Shardcasts.
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    I would be a stick but I could be FIRE
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    Here's a bunch of SA change my mind memes:
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    Shallan: Where can I find Jasnah Kholin 15 super easy DIY soulcaster repairs How do I know if he's in to me? What do your jam choices say about you, quiz Ethics??? How to make a stick catch fire Why wont my stick burn? SERIOUSLY, how do I make this stupid stick catch fire!!!!!!! Funny jokes to impress your boyfriend How to poop efficiently in battle armor
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    Tom was glad that he had a duty now, at least. Because otherwise, he would have spent the day brooding about his old job, and about how the world was sort of like, oh I don't know, ending? But then, he had discovered that he could burn atium. That instantly put him in the position of the village's bodyguard. That was pretty cool. Tom felt a small sense of accomplishment when he fought off the Inquisitor again, and again, and got closer each time to winning. This battle, though... something was wrong. Tom realized that his supply of atium was running out, and that there was no way he could kill the Inquisitor before that happened. And then. He sucked in the mists. Somehow, the mists gave Tom the power to continue and keep on fighting and... more atium? The more he would burn, the more it seemed he had remaining. When the Inquisitor lunged, Tom instinctively found the perfect parry and counterattack. They spun together in the mists, and finally, without quite knowing what was going on, Tom became the mists. Floating in the everywhere and nowhere at once, Tom knew... everything. He saw into the distance and into the far depths of time. More importantly, though, he knew exactly what he needed to do to put the Inquisitor's life to an end. In a deep, booming voice, Tom spoke as the wind in the Inquisitor's ear: "YOU ARE A STICK." "No!" The Inquisitor screamed. "I am the Inquisitor! And these are my spikes!" She waved her spikes menacingly toward the direction of the voice. "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A ST-" And just like that, the newly ascended Preservation realized his plan. A chunk of Investiture spontaneously appeared from Roshar, answering the call, and letting Tom harness the powers of Soulcasting. Don't ask me how that would realistically work. It probably wouldn't. But in this hypothetical universe, it somehow happened. The scary, powerful, menacing Inquisitor convinced herself that she was indeed a stick. LG59 is over! Thank you to everyone for playing, and congratulations to the village for their victory. I have so many people to thank. I'll start off with @Coop772 for his help with GMing and @Alvron for being the IM. @Elbereth, @Fifth Scholar, and @Devotary of Spontaneity were invaluable in helping me balance and edit the rules of my first game. @Haelbarde and @Burnt Spaghetti, among others in the Discord, came up with some awesome titles (some of which I used), and @Butt Ad Venture even wrote a writeup for me. In addition to that, every single one of you signed up despite this being an incredibly busy time of the year, and I'm so grateful for all of the people who played or spectated for taking the time to do so. @_Stick_, it was super fun having you in the elim doc. Despite not having converts, it never got lonely in there. @Snipexe, thank you for being lynched Day 1 and tolerating it @Cicada, I hope you enjoyed your first game and that you'll stick around. Now for the fun part: Dead doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EPZPG_kSbI4mo57P7OxGxWK0wUcprgyS2igf-LURUCM/edit# Elim doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dKK9PHPl3sCRtmQyQpdRvQuctZemTlsC3zwcWnOEBLU/edit# GM spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1knOYaTGMjiT0sA-IPopxXSTn5mV00V3pvrqA5K1SZSw/edit#gid=0 Rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1laraq97vMiiOxzlt9opQRi6mXJTzfAobBNFo8jEEwAs/edit Alright, I'll post GM thoughts and stuff on how I might change this game in a later post, as I have to get to class. Again, well played everyone!
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    The thing is, once Sanderson decided that Szeth was too cool to kill for good at the end of WoR, as he initially intended, his motivations got retconned. In WoK Szeth in his PoV explained why he was following the murderous orders of his masters despite his own horror, revulsion and very clear understanding that it was wrong. It wasn't because of honor. It was because he was afraid of oblivion after death that would allegedly await him if he didn't adhere to the strictures of being Truthless. He valued his own after-life, even one of eternal torment, over lives of the hundreds of people that he has killed and tens of thousands who died as a result of chaos thereby unleashed. Kaladin called him a coward during their duel in WoR and he was right. But this wasn't a good basis for redemption, so now Szeth did it all "for honor", it seems. I kept encountering this argument in various threads and wanted to dispute it for some time, so I'll just do it here: This isn't really true. The similarities between these characters are mostly in their external circumstances, not at their core. Due to my recent re-read, I have noticed that Amaram was always a mess of character, who lacked any kind of internal consistency and was whatever was needed to provide Kaladin with challenges. I wrote about it more in the recent "Amaram" thread, but what is perinent here is that Meridas never took his promises seriously even when it would have cost him nothing (see Tien), he was not particularly addicted to the Thrill compared to normal Alethi, he was a religious fanatic, though also a very hypocritical one and he was very scholarly for one of his station. In other words, nothing like Dalinar. As to Moash, he was always very selfish and self-centered, nothing like Kaladin. All his indignation about the oppression of darkeyes was because it affected him directly. But he didn't lift a finger when he caused a beating of his good acquiantance by his refusal to speak to a captive highlord. He was angered by the dire straits of a widow with small children, but wasn't moved to help, just to feed his hatred. He also tried to kill his friends and savior, let's not forget. Yes, he helped the parshmen, but also not because he particularly cared about them as individuals, but because he wanted to maintain his illusion that singers are better than humans. Kaladin's defining characteristics are compassion, caring, loyalty to his friends. He may have gone dark, sure, but it would have played out differently. Knowing that Szeth was originally supposed to die for good at the end of WoR, I think that it is fairly likely that Eshonai became a sacrificial lamb in his stead. Not that I don't like Venli, but I liked Eshonai more... and I find that Dalinar, Szeth and Venli all 3 being repentant mass-murderers who became the first new Radiants is a bit too much.
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    Man, it has been a while since I have uploaded art and this doodle was, uh, Phar too good not to post, if you'll excuse my pun.
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    My immediate reaction to the knowledge of this meme:
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    Hmm... I'll try it. Pretty much everyone:
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    I think she was referring to Nightblood.
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    Well, I am now officially, a college student. So, as of Monday, I may be slightly less active, so as to keep up with classes. I'll try to keep up on my RP obligations though, so fear not.
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    Pun being so punable gives me...
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    Szord. I like it. "Would you like to destroy some evil?" "That's really your idea of a date?" "...I'm a talking sword." Edit: I made my own alignment chart.
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    The saddest Cosmere moment has to be when you've read them all and realise there are no other Cosmere books left....
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    ...Is Szift actually a thing? Isn't she about 13 in OB? Ew... (Also I am both weirdly disappointed and hugely relieved that nobody seems to have thought of Szord-Nimi yet)
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    The luck doesn't work all the time. at the midpoint of the story, have the main character rely on her luck to solve a problem, and have her fail utterly. Perhaps this trait could be tied in with a character arch. for the first half of the story, she could rely on her luck to solve problems. at the midpoint, her luck fails her when it matters most. So for the rest of the story, she is trying to solve problems without taking any chances. during the third act, she could be put in a situation where she must rely on her luck once more. She could go from a character who always trusts the roll of the dice since, more often than not, the odds come up in her favor, to a character who is terrified of relying on luck. In the end, she must come to terms with the fact that sometimes she must rely on chance. Just a thought (Edit) one of the most common and effective ways to take bad writing and making it work is to tie it in with the themes of the story. Shrek and One Punch Man are good examples of this. In Shrek, the protagonist is an oger who has lived a simple and lonely life and is suddenly forced out of it and into the world of fairy tale knights and princesses. so while crude humor is usually a big no-no in writing, it works for Shrek because of the crude humor ties into the story thematically. One Punch Man is about an overpowered superhero who can defeat any enemy, no matter how powerful with just one punch. while overpowered protagonists are usually bad writing, the show is great because it is more about the protagonist's inner conflict. the main character is bored with life because he does not have any challenges or obstacles that he can't easily solve with a single punch.
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    10/10 best meme on this whole thread
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    My wife complains about me being a “visionary man”. My two sons also murmur against me for the same reason. Seriously though it was probably when someone said I sounded exactly like Bill Parcells. I was around 17 and he (Bill) was probably around 65 at the time.
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    Headcanon where 'Who's Hoid' is an entry in literally every characters search history.
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    A kandra silverlight scholar, so I can stalk all my favorite characters and they would never know.
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    There's in-world debate on the matter. I personally believe they all still go to the beyond, but it doesn't seem like we have a definitive answer.
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    From the album Stormlight Archive Sketches

    An illustration of the ten surges of Roshar. Each surge is abstractly depicted in India ink. I was practicing different forms of mark making. Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.
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    Pewterarm moving companies Iron pullers working on building skyscrapers. Never have to worry about falling, you can just yank yourself back up onto the girder. Steel push short order cook. Make the food, throw it on a plate that is attached to a track, push the metal plate and the food flies on the track to the customer. Cadmium line management. For instance lets say you are at Disney land. have cadmium pulsers at specific points of the line. Group gets on the rollar coaster. Ride starts. All Cadmium pulsers along the line pulse till the ride is done. People get off, next group gets on. Rinse and repeat. Line appears to move super fast to those on line while time passes normally outside. No more frustrated line waiters. The only downside is people will need to be prepared to manage their time better
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    Suddenly, Star's eyes widened. "Wait a second," she said. "There was a portal in Silence's Realm. Do you think we could use that somehow? I know it's a long shot, but it's all I have." @xinoehp512
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    Firstly, Rebecca, Ghanderflaffle and Karger, many thanks for your kind welcomes, pleasure to meet you all! Rebecca: it was a bit of a foregone conclusion wasn't it really? Hehe! Always leave em wanting more . My favourite Sanderson characters thus far are: Kaladin - as I identify so strongly with both his depression and his desire to protect and care for other people. Kelsier - again, I identify with his struggle against the status quo and desire to fight for whats right. Also... whats not to love about the badass?! Teft and Dalinar - I have long struggled with addiction and self-medication to cope with my various issues including a lack of self-worth... "I will protect those I hate. Even...even if the one I hate most is... myself." is a line that resonates with me deeply. To be honest... I could go on and on answering this question as Sanderson's characterisation is so strong and I haven't come across a character that is poorly written thus far! Honorable mentions go to Lift, Rock, Lopen, Breeze. Ghanderflaffle: I hazard a guess that a Ghanderflaffle is RAFO for something I've not come across yet? If not, what an exquisite name! Favourite Sanderson book is also pretty hard to call... they've all been amazing so far. Probably The Way of Kings though, as from the very beginning I was enthralled by the ideas in the book (the whole prologue gave me the strongest of chills) and the fact that it was ONE BOOK IN TWO PARTS which I had never encountered before. Kaladin's journey and that of Bridge Four was something monumentally page-turning and I (pun intended) stormed through it. I haven't yet read anything Non-Cosmere but I have my birthday coming up and I'm hoping to plug those holes expediently. My main drive was Cosmere books once I realised there was this whole interconnected narrative and big picture stuff. I have, to that end, read the Arcanum though. I love a short story done well - one of my favourite modules at University - and I found the Arcanum to be simply tantalising. Would love to have more expanded narratives especially on things such as Sixth of Dust and Shadows of Silence in the Forests of Hell! Karger: Thank you, your Radiance! Yeah, as above, absolutely loved Arcanum. The Edgedancer and Mistborn Secret History segments were also particularly special of course with how they complimented their larger narrative counterparts (OMGKELSIERWTF!!! - I had moved onto Stormlight by that point when I picked up AU and was sorely tempted to dive back into Mistborn for a re-read following all the revellations, but Oathbringer awaited me, haha!) Again, many thanks for all your kind words. Your humble Stick, ~Atrias~ PS - I had to resubmit this post because apparently us newbs can't post links?? I only included @ tags to the three of you so that I could respond to you personally... seems a bit mean
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    So I did this for a Spanish project, but it was for a bunch of non-Sanderfans so I had to keep it simple. If you haven’t read WoA there’s a slight spoiler if you can catch it.
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    Just found this, titled "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
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    Ehm... Threnody seems not to be the best place for me. Neither does Braize.
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    I think you are a bit confused, it gets explained at the and of the Way of Kings. It seems that you have already reached that point but I will put the explanation in spoilers to be sure: I hope this answers your question.
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    So, I wouldn't necessarily say that this character's luck 'fails', rather that the character's luck puts them where they need to be, but not where they want to be.
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    Kabsal poisoned the bread knowing Shallan was fond of jam and Jasnah was not, so he was confident Shallan would be unharmed if she had the poisoned bread because she was likely to have jam, and Jasnah would refuse the jam. So that was his plan to kill Jasnah without harming Shallan. Jasnah soulcast the jam thinking it was the poison, but she doesn't know what strawberry tastes like, since she never has sweets, which is why Shallan thought it was spoiled and smelled off, since Jasnah had soulcast it to her guess of what poison free jam would be. But Shallan didn't want to eat any because it smelled wrong, and Kabsal was insisting on eating the jam and having Shallan eat it regardless of the taste/smell, since he thought it was still the antidote. Shallan didn't have any antidote, so Jasnah had to purity her blood directly.
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    It's only "breaking the fourth wall" now that you've seen this tweet and would recognize it as an intentional reference on Brandon's part to Zelda, and specifically commissioned by his kids. And if it's not forced. What about having Lopen the Full Windrunner getting his forearm cut off in a battle and shrugging it off as "it's only a flesh wound, gancho. I've had worse!" And then regrowing it with Stormlight. I mean, I assume Brandon's seen Monty Python's Holy Grail. But it's also in character for him!
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    Ah, okay. Then I'm going to go for: [x] Be a Tarachin superstar Play a game of Tarachin with a few of the gods Ideally with the gods that are putting forth proposals. I mean, it's a way for them to get to know Songbearer and try to manipulate backstab get the newbie to vote with them, right? Why not?
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    Yes, that's why Jasnah had to soulcast Shallan's blood multiple times, and why Shallan woke up in a hospital room. Shallan had eaten the bread (where the poison was) and hadn't eaten the antidote since it was gone. So she got poisoned and Jasnah had to fix her blood to save her.
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    I walk down the central path of a place that I had forgotten so long ago. My blade which has slain legions of darkness hangs limp at my side. I pull it off as I approach the town's central well and cast this accursed sword into the depths. A crown that was given by the grateful monarchs of this world is a weight unlike any other. The first hovel that I encounter is a dilapidated shack that belongs to a widow created by the hellish conflict that I fought. With tears in my eyes I approach the doorway. A figure whose heart I broke long ago stares at me with dead eyes. I grab the crown that glows with mystical jewels and hold it out to her. She approaches me rage filling her haggard form. She slaps it from my hand and pulls a dagger from her rags. "Do you think that this can make up for what you took from me? Unless you can bring him back you are better off dead." She tosses the knife at my armored chest and with a clang it falls at my feet. "That is what I think of your honor. If you could not save your brother by marriage why bother saving anyone at all?" I hang my head in shame as my sister tears open old sounds that fester with rot. I remember my oath to protect the father of my unborn niece. I recall how in an instant a horrifying curse obliterated him while I watched. She never knew her father who alone among the armies of the world rode to my aid. She will never know the man who at the darkest hours wove tales of hope that kept me fighting. I turn to leave this place and go where no one knows me. A hand on my shoulder freezes me in a way no spell ever could. "Tell me that he died bravely protecting the realm. I understand why you took him from me. Don't go now and leave us alone please come back to us." I turn to see the one who never knew her father with tears pouring down my face. "Why don't you hate me? I killed him. I was chosen to take the fate of humanity into my hands. I played god. HATE ME! SPIT AT ME! CURSE MY NAME! DON'T FORGIVE ME!" The armor that protected me from so many enemies cursed me. It forced me to survive and return here. "You gave me as much as you took away. You gave the world a hope for a better future. If l hated you for that I would be no better than the monsters that you destroyed. Tell me that he died a bravely." "I was a coward and he died a hero. Let me go. There is no prophetic hero here just one who has lost too much and caused others to suffer." "No. The hero is not the victor. The hero is the man who despite loss emerges changed for the better. Come join us uncle and be the hero that you deny being." She smiles and in her eyes her father shines forth. I take a breath and kick eyes with my sister. I strip off my armor and leave it in a heap. I step into the house with my niece by my side and close the door on my past as I enter my future. A mage shows you your future as the leader of the greatest minstrel troupe in history. However, to achieve this you must turn your back on your true passion underwater basket weaving. What do you do?
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    Not everything described as a bond needs to be derived from Honor - the Seons on Sel are of Devotion, and they form bonds which are basically similar to spren bonds. I think the original spren bonds with the Listeners/Singers (and with Rosharan wildlife) are older than the arrival of any Shards on Roshar: probably pre-Shattering, like the highstorms. The Regals/Forms of Power are voidspren (spren of Odium) hijacking this natural system. I don't think Honor and Cultivation are involved at all. Original (Herald/Honorblade) Surgebinding was a pure Honor system, yes. The Honorblades were pieces of Honor, and the Heralds originally drew Investiture straight from Honor rather than using Stormlight. Nahel bond Surgebinding is a "hybrid" system in that the spren which form the bonds are a mixture of Honor and Cultivation. They are still basically using the same system, though - copying the Honorblades - so the system is mostly "Honor-y" (based on Oaths/Ideals) ... the Lightweavers use Truths, but even they still use the First Ideal. Voidbinding could be tri-Shardic, yeah, but I don't think we know enough to say anything for sure (a WOB implies that what Renarin does isn't "Classic" Voidbinding).
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    I just finished Snapshot, and I liked it quite a bit. There were just enough levels to give the questions depth without moving the focus away from the characters. It's a really intriguing idea to ponder: does what happens in a Snapshot matter? The plot twists won't be too big of a surprise people who are genre-savvy or Sanderson-savvy, but they are well executed. The most surprising thing for me was the darker tone. While unmistakably a Sanderson work, Snapshot has a lot less of his usual optimism. It took me a while to figure out why. He has written oppressive/depressing societies before, notably the Final Empire of Mistborn, and the Fractured States of the Reckoners. But in those books the heroes were actively fighting to make things better, and had a chance of doing so. Snapshot focuses on characters who are a lot less powerful, and who have little to no influence on the world around them. The fact that New Clipperton is not as far removed from our reality also makes the social and governmental dysfunction more frightening than the more fantastical worlds. At the same time, the fundamental idea is hopeful: something as simple as a slip of paper can make all the difference, propagate Deviations that save a life or a soul. That conclusion entails a lot of chaos in the world, precluding true control over your destiny, but does affirm that one person can make a difference. We matter. Even when we're not "real" to anyone else.
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