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    I love Brandon Sanderson's work, but I hate White Sand volume 2. I am a cartoonist, and I have to say, this is the crappiest graphic novel I have ever read. If you disagree, leave now, highly opinionated vitriol follows. I loved the prose version of White Sand, it wasn't Brandon's best work, but I didn't expect it to be. But holy crap, I suffered through volume 1 of this monstrosity, with it's horrible art and truncated nonsensical dialog, but really to expect us to buy 2 more volumes of this horrible crap, to get a watered down, insensible version of the prose story, who does he think we are? For reals? Dedicated fans that will sift through the weird combination of baroque/neoclassical/renassaince/pashtun imagery in order to find some small hint about something of the deeper cosmere,....Admittedly, that is the case, but never before did dedication to a greater goal come at so high a cost. I hate this book, but I am compelled by forces greater than myself to read it, which makes me hate reading this particular book even more. I am a fan of graphic novels, but this is NOT a good graphic novel. Firstly, you shouldn't have a graphic novel where the major hinges of the plot are political and require book length sections of dialog. I'm an illustrator and I know that kind of thing is torture to draw. How many different angry expressions of the interlocutors can you draw before people get tired of the idea that the people who are talking are not happy about what they are talking about. This is totally general criticism of the whole series, but let me get into some of the specific criticism of this particular volume (volume 1 shares a lot of the same faults, but I will limit myself to criticism of the 2nd volume). Brandon said in Arcanum Unbounded that sand mastery lends itself to the graphic novel format. This would be true if sand mastery wasn't depicted as Flying with a crappy swirly line around Kenton and some little "magical" plus signs. I agree that sand mastery would be awesome if properly depicted in the graphic novel, unfortunately it's one of the weakest parts in the prose version as well. It's a magic system kind of specifically set up to make the sand masters look like egotistical jerky show-offs. It works far better in the prose version, they all seem like jerks. What is unforgivable in Vol. 2 is that the illustrator has seemed to have given up on depicting the actual sand, instead he just draws a glow around Kenton and some magical looking plus signs which indicate that some magic stuff is happening. Scratchy line drawings: The characters are not cohesive. Kenton looks 10 years older or younger from panel to panel, this is poor execution. The illustrator is using an aesthetic dodge, the reason the lines are so scratchy and hard to distinguish is because the illustrator is unwilling to commit to a specific presentation. His backgrounds (especially the natural environments) are awesome, but he gets less sure the closer the "camera" gets to the subject. Panel division: This is so poorly done, it is consistent from volume 1 to 2, but why divide the page up like that? It doesn' add anything to the narrative. It doesn't look good, it just makes the reading order of panels unnecessarily hard to determine. It seems like it's done as a further attempt to hide the fact that the illustrator is unable to create anything intrinsically compelling. What the heck, this is ridiculous? Ok, so this is going to be admittedly the biggest entry in this bulleted list, because it is going to have examples (spoilered so you don't have to look at them if you don't want to): A-Delius? What the crap is this depiction supposed to signify??????? This is one of the worst drawn characters I have ever seen. He is eating his wine like a pig at a trough! B-Sand mastery visualized — I bet Brandon had no idea that the grace and majesty of sand mastery would end up looking like this. Very rarely are ribbons of sand depicted, it's more of a magical nimbus of light with little magical plus signs to show spooky action of sand mastery. C-Continuity, continuity, continuity. This illustrator, not content to represent the lossandians as straddling merely three different eras (classical greece in the Diem, Loius the XIV's France in the Admiral's quarters and Florence from the Italian Renaissance in the Artisan's quarters), also unfortunately decided to be free and loose with the simple particulars of a given scene (like the one spoilered below where Ais kils the Kerztian assassin). She fires all five of her arrows at the Kertzian assassin at point blank range, but how they are depicted embedded in the head of the assassin doesn't make any sense, he looks like a pincushion. He has arrows in both temples, one up his nose and an arrow in each eye! How the arrows are arranged it looks like he was hit by 5 different archers from five different positions. Brandon writes incredibly cinematically, his prose visualizations would lend themselves quite well to the graphic novel form, but he should write specifically for the medium not have some other people try to shoe horn a complex political dialog packed thriller into this format. Sorry about the above rant, I don't usually like tearing things apart like this, but I needed to vent because I am compelled to read the entire Volume of this travesty (though it pains me deeply to do so). If I didn't care so much about the content of the book I would have stopped reading this volume after the 2nd page. Not looking forward to volume 3 at all, hopefully the illustrator that finished Volume 2 will be back to do all of Volume 3, his artwork, while not perfect, at least has the continuity down and the weird era straddling backgrounds are toned down substantially.
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    From the album My Art

    Posted this on my twitter a while back after I finished the first Mistborn trilogy- just a simple animation of Vin overlooking the Luthadel skyline.
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    From the album My Art

    I can't believe nobody's drawn Wax and Wayne as Zenigata and Lupin before, it seems so obvious in hindsight
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    Sixth of the Dusk spoiler:
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    Brandon has teased that the end of the SA is hinted at in the first two books. Now people have been scrambling to find this sly spoiler. I present you my attempt at being the one who discovers it! From the letter to Hoid from Frost: (talking about Odium.) That's the problem isn't it? There's a shard of hate on the rampage that has to be stopped. A shard of hate which has no context. The obvious solution would be to merge Odium with Honor giving it context. It would dilate Odium significantly but would, in my opinion, still be too much of a Odium to Honor ratio. I have seen theories claiming Dalinar will combine all three shards. I think it would still be too much Odium in the mix. Did someone say Dalinar? Dalinar is by far the most powerful radiant. We were all awed by his stunning feat at the end of Oathbringer. The stormfather was startled, humans/parsh were bewildered, and Odium was terrified. Many people look to this event as a sign that Dalinar will someday Ascend to Honor and defeat Odium, gaining two shards. It seems likely enough. Mistborn spoilers (I really should have wrote this in Cosmere Discussion.) Obviously we need something else for narrative reasons. I propose Dalinar will Ascend to Honor (temporally) and shatter Odium. You might be asking how a glorified bondsmith could shatter anything. Glad you asked! What if Dalinar bonded Odium to ALL the other shards? It would be complete destruction of a shard, something we haven't seen before. There would no longer be sixteen shards but fifteen. Each of the others would gain a sliver of Odium's investiture. The reduced pieces of Odium would find context back with the other shards. This ending would set the stage for a much bigger story. Like cosmere ending levels. And! Mistborn spoilers: What are you awesome people's thoughts?
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    Hmm, isn't there a "broadsheet" column in Alloy of Law about "Ironeyes sightings on the rise"? It'd be even funnier if that wasn't just ad copy hyperbole, and Marsh has made a list of 16 things he'll play along with and pretend he's repelled by. "Noooo! You have 16 marewill flowers circling the crown of a black Derby hat! How did you KNOWWWWW?"
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    A while back I took the Cosmere symbol into Photoshop and changed it a bit from the original black-and-white photo. I think it turned out nice. The 16-sided star looks nice overlapping the silver I think.
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    A recent WoB mentioning that Adonalsium had a purpose in the design of Roshar has granted me inspiration to a greater understanding of the history of Roshar. Adonalsium, being a great and powerful being, managed to calculate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but needed more computing power to calculate the question for its answer. So the greater Rosharan system was created as a celestial scale super computer, designed to finally find the ultimate question. But then, due to an exodus of rather useless people from Ashyn (which was shortly afterwards sadly destroyed by a telephone-borne disease) to Roshar, killing off most of the peaceful indigenous peoples, the calculations were ruined. Now in the modern day, Odium is attempting to destroy Roshar, to make space for a super-highway between Nalthis and Scadrial. Hoid, being a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is, arrives just in time to save his friend Dalinar from the imminent destruction of Roshar, and thus we reach the end of Oathbringer.
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    Foreman Cole thanked her lucky stars that the day’s work had gone smoothly and without incident so far. In another hour or so the day shift would end, and so far there had been no paranoia-related incidents. She'd have to… Her train of thought was interrupted by shouting coming from outside her office. ‘Me and my big mouth…’ she muttered as she headed out to see what was going on. A group of workers had gathered outside and where loudly arguing. “Everyone be quiet! You!” She pointed at one of the louder contractors. “What’s going on that apparently can’t wait and can’t be discussed in a civil manner?” “It’s Saluden, foreman.” a worker from the archipelago called First of the Dawn responded. “He hasn’t shown up for work. In fact, no one’s seen him for the last day or so. We think that’s mighty suspicious.” “Not as suspicious as Elandera, foreman!” Another worker spoke up. “She’s been spreading baseless rumors around!” “Saluden called in sick for the day. Something about ‘light-therapy’. That’s something those that worked with him should know by now.” The foreman turned her gaze towards Elandera in the back. “Spreading baseless rumors is precisely the sort of thing that’ll make our work here even harder. I honestly don’t care whether you were involved in the sabotage or not, this is the kind of work where there is no place for a rumormonger. Pack your stuff, and an officer of the constabulary will be waiting for you at the gate. I imagine they’ll have questions for you.” *** Mika Fergus was nursing a head-ache as he made his rounds. He’d been posted at the entrance to the hangar the night before, and had the dubious honor of running into one of the saboteurs. He didn’t remember the encounter itself, just waking up tied up and gagged in a janitorial closet. The patrol inside of the hangar felt a lot safer to him. With the airship’s searchlights operational anything suspicious could be lighted up as clearly as if it was noon. This had been useful when he had seen someone skulking around the aviary at the start of his shift, but that had just been First of the dawn looking at the Aviar. A cold splash of liquid in his neck brought his thoughts back to the here and now. Something seemed to be leaking from the brig section. Something that smelled like...fuel? “Hey, can I get some light over here!” He shouted as he started climbing the gantry. He was certain he could see a shadowy figure move above him. One of the airship’s searchlight started moving towards him, then suddenly went out after a flash that nearly blinded the unfortunate guard. When his sight returned, the shadowy figure was gone, and a small trail of fire was creeping its way towards the ship’s brig section. It reached the brig long before mika could reach it, and when it did the entire section was alight in a matter of seconds. *** Elandera was fired, she was a NITC worker. StrikerEZ targeted the Aviary. The brig and the bridge were sabotaged. Airship parts: player list This cycle ends Wednesday 17th of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time.
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    Except science has no bearing on cuteness as cuteness is an emotion felt by humans and science can not generally account for subjective individual feelings. Additionally things shaped like infants are generally regarded as humans as cute regardless of how helpless they are. Also are you telling me that every time you call your girlfriend cute you are saying she is helpless?
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    Now this is a pretty crazy out there theory that someone will definitely prove wrong, but none of my friends read these books and I needed someplace to share this thought. What if Oathbringer is the Sibling? I could be mistaken here, but I’m pretty sure that there was only one Bondsmith at the time of the Recreance, but I don’t think it ever tells us which spren is the one who is bonded. I think that the Bondsmith was bonded to the Sibling, then broke their oath like the other Knights Radiant, leaving the sibling behind as a shardblade. This could explain why The Stormfather refuses to be summoned as a blade. He remembers what happened, and is sure that Dalinar will break his oath, leaving him dead, which I don’t think would happen unless he were manifesting in the physical realm as a blade. It could also help explain why Oathbringer doesn’t hate Dalinar as much, as Dalinar is probably someone who could have forged a bond with him in the first place. I also like the thought of a Bondsmith blade being named Oathbringer.
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    I got slapped in the face with a horrific bout of insomnia last week and haven't been working on my daily stuff. Tomorrow I want to try to get back into it. Maybe. Here's one I did a few days ago, though.
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    Hai! I was the first one there to get his sign, so I could ask him a question. I asked "Would Leras recognize Vax?" and he answered thar yeah, he would. What do you think? It is the only WoB we have on Vax for now, so it could be important. Vax is not just some random memory from Ati, it is know by more Vessels, so maybe it has to do something with the Shattering? (I tried to link a pic, but the page doesnt allow me to since I'm very new)
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    She's kinda pretty when she's mad, isn't she? I had a lot of fun drawing this bad chull Narrator. I gotta get me that armor....
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    Remember, fullborns can tap and compound speed, so a fight between a fullborn and anyone would look somthing like this:
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    Find out how many licks it takes to get to the lerasium-bead center of a Leras-pop.
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    Think we can call the poll at this point. Results: 1. Would you support the new world plot proposed by Fatebreaker? Yes - 16 No - 0 2. How long should the plot last 1 Era - 1 2 Eras - 15 3+ Eras (If possible please explain) - 0 N/A - 0 3. When should this plot start? Era 4 - 7 Era 5 - 6 Era 6 or later - 2 N/A - 1 Unanimous approval that the plot should happen at some point (Nicely done @Fatebreaker), general consensus on a 2-era long plot. Some contention around whether the plot should start in era 4 or 5, I think we may be able to compromise a bit by having it take a background role in era 4, as @MetaTerminal suggested, with another main plot at the fore acting as something of a distraction. Maybe a small number of characters involved and actually aware of what the DA is planning, some espionage and counterespionage activities going on to try to work out what is actually happening but the main focus of most characters will be on a different main plot. And then Era 5 for when the change actually takes effect and the plot comes to the fore. Thoughts? Anyone strongly opposed to that or has an alternative suggestion?
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    Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above. has everyone always assumed this was speaking about one of the Sleepless? I just reread the quote in another post and it hit me with a completely different perspective than every other time I’ve read it. Heralds are normal sized folk lol... but maybe their steps are ten stride tall apiece for a cremling? Just a thought. Please correct me if I’ve missed something.
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    I guess that’s fairly good evidence that he hasn’t been off world as well. If you’re gonna world hop it only makes sense to hit up Nalthis long enough to reach the 5th heightening which would make Atium compounding pointless. I forgot to add something Marsh could have bee doing all this time so here it is. Hang around graveyards at night and scare the rust out of rebellious teenagers.
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    Nightblood is one of the most heavily Invested non-Shards in the cosmere. He grows more Invested each time he “destroys evil.” My best guess is this happens because Nightblood implements the cosmere’s Second Law of Thermodynamics. He is an entropy-creation machine that seeks thermodynamic equilibrium. Brandon says Nightblood holds Ruin’s Investiture. I think Nightblood uses Ruin to execute his “destroy evil” command. Ruin’s “primal force” is entropy. I don’t know what role if any Ruin had at Nightblood’s creation or why Nightblood would be so difficult to replicate. We do know Nightblood destroys in all three Realms, the ultimate act of entropy. I speculate Nightblood’s consumed Investiture increases his internal entropy. This Investiture seems to come from his victims’ Spiritual aspects. Spiritual aspects hold a person’s Connections, including (says Kelsier in M:SH Part Three-3) a Connection to “God,” that person’s native Shard. The consumed Investiture should thus be raw, stripped of all its Connections. In the cosmere, nothing is more disordered or has higher entropy than “dangerous” raw Investiture. That may be why Nightblood leaks smoke – the gaseous state is the most disordered. I think Nightblood ramps up his destruction and stops when he does to achieve thermodynamic equilibrium: “In thermodynamic equilibrium there are no net...flows of matter or of energy [or Investiture] between systems.” Nightblood sheathed is a closed system. When his wielder draws him, Nightblood is exposed to the outside environment, a different system. That environment is more ordered and has lower entropy. Nightblood acts to increase his environment’s entropy to bring his internal entropy into balance with it. His command to destroy evil accomplishes that. As Nightblood consumes his victims’ raw Investiture, his internal entropy increases. I think this causes him to accelerate his destruction. Eventually Nightblood either reaches thermodynamic equilibrium or his wielder sheathes him. When he stops killing, he retains the unused raw Investiture: “In all processes that occur...the total entropy of the system and its surroundings increases and the process is irreversible in the thermodynamic sense.” I believe this is why Nightblood grows in power over time. Not having studied science in fifty years, I’m probably wrong on all this. But I can’t think of another reason, and Brandon does love his thermodynamics. What do you cosmere scientists think?
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    "Okay," said Caden. "I know I may have been stealing from the camp supply, but is that really such a big deal. I mean, we're all against the Forgotten, right?" The remaining soldiers stared at him in dead silence. "Okay, why don't I offer you these Bribes to change your mind." Again, there was silence. "Uh... well... crud. I'll just be going then?" Unfortunately for the Thief, Caden would not be going anywhere anymore. Vote Count: Cadmium Compounder (4): Araris Valerian, Ventyl, Shqueeves, Snipexe Snipexe (1): Alvron Cadmium Compounder was lynched. He was a Thief. Known Roles: Camp Supply: Items Taken: The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is still at 3. This night will end on Wednesday July 17th at 7:00 PM CDT.
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    So it's a fun theory! But (you knew there'd be a but, didn't you? Because it's me)... The Sibling was withdrawing before the Recreance. Its withdrawal and the evacuation of Urithiru were featured in the gemstone archives, which had to have been recorded prior to, not only the Recreance, but whatever Melishi's plan was. Also, as others have stated, Bondsmiths didn't get Shardblades. My personal theory is that the Sibling was withdrawing because it was unbonded at the time--the generation only had one Bondsmith. And the one that was bonded was the Stormfather. He's called a survivor of the Recreance, after all. In addition, I believe that Tanavast chose his own death at that time so that his Cognitive Shadow would be able to merge with the Stormfather and save him, preventing him from being a deadeye or whatever would happen to him as a mindless spren.
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    I think it's that. They need to suppress their Divine Breath, which reverts their physical form to normal mortal human instead of Greek God. Most wouldn't want to do this because it would result in a loss of all their fancy powers that the one big Divine Breath gives. There are benefits though. Mostly to do with being stealthy, and I suspect being able to have children.
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    Meet Borio Singaldi Join the Knights of the Cosmere Hunt down rogue kandra Prank Kelsier with a death-gag to finally get back at him after all these years Try out those instant noodles Play Adventure mode on Smash Bros Ultimate Kill a chicken Take care of cats Watch Cats Eat Kit-Kats Destroy evil Kick Trell's *** Build a Kredik Shaw sandcastle
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    Im most fond of the idea of kal just not having much of a love life. In an end of the world scenario, i simply feel there is too much to do. Especially for someone like kal who is hell bent on protecting everyone he can in a completely irrational sense. A love interest in these circumstances would be a burden. And one i dont think kal could deal with. If he does find a love interest, i think it would probably be at the end of the series. However the death of his love interest would be an interesting way to tempt kal into being odiums champion. On a side note, as others have signed off on. Syl and kal is a disturbing pairing. Personally I kind of find the idea of a deeply intimate relationship between a man and a woman *has* to be romantic or sexualized, to be offensive. And this is ignoring the idea that spren dont seem to have much of a concept of romance or sexualization
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    Well, they are Cognitive Shadows. That’s exactly how they work and are able to stay alive so long and get new bodies. The only problem I have with the Fused drawing directly from Odium is that they shouldn’t be able to run out that way, which is not the case since Chiri-Chiri was able to drain a Fused enough to kill it. They would be fed the power directly from a Share, so they shouldn’t ever run out. They must get their voidlight some other way then.
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    Listening to the Shardcast on Germany WoBs a thought struck me: are we sure the Shard that is only trying to Hide + Survive isn't Cultivation? I hope not, I was/am fully on board with Wisdom or a synonym as a Shard. But I had this sinking feeling. The original WoB: Cultivation was mentioned by Tanavast in the last Vision of tWoK. We had not seen Cultivation yet. It depends on how Brandon interpreted the request and if he remembered Cultivation was mentioned once when he signed this. He didn't really answer the question because Hide + Survive was later clarified to not have much to do with the Shard's Intent. There is also confusion about whether the Shard is on a planet or not. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/6/#e326 In the footnote to this WoB it says there is one Shard that has no planet and a different Shard that is the Hide + Survive Shard. Implying that the Hide + Survive Shard has a planet, but it's confusing. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/124/#e1805 Hiding Cultivation is in hiding. Wyndle thinks Cultivation has given up on humanity and withdrawn. That would fit with a Shard being primarily focusing on their own survival via hiding. When we meet her she has a dim view of humanity and chooses to alter Dalinar because she thinks it will be useful to have a piece of him even if he joins Odium. Very utilitarian. Honor has a greater religious presence as the Almighty on Roshar in modern day. Odium has a bigger modern religious presence (The Passions). Cultivation is largely forgotten, she is mentioned as an old pagan goddess, once. A Shard that's been dead for ~2,000 years and a Shard whose main forces have not been on the planet for ~4,500 years are better remembered than the one that has been alive and on the planet the whole time. It's like she wanted people to forget about her, like when she wiped Dalinar's memory of her. Part of her going stealth mode. Surviving Surviving is tangentially related to Cultivation's Intent because things have to still exist in order to grow and change. Could say that for most Shards, but she is more associated with lifeforms and the ways they develop than most Shards. Evolution drives most change in the natural world and that is based on survival of the fittest. The Diagram came about after Mr. T visited the valley and was changed by either the Nightwatcher or Cultivation. Either way Cultivation's influence is in the Diagram and they are focused on survival at any cost. Cultivation is focused on her own survival and this group brought about by her influence is also scarily utilitarian and single-minded about saving some humans at the cost of most. I notice the similarity in the stressing of how high "the cost" would be between what she says to Dalinar and this. The recent WoB discussed on the podcast. I find it odd that in zero appearances in the books this mystery Shard has had a change of heart. It's possible, clearly Hoid and others are having adventures off page. But we at least meet Hoid, Kelsier and Khriss. Maybe there is a Wisdom: Secret History going on. I still like the Wisdom Shard and I have a hard time believing that people have been asking Brandon about this mystery Hide + Survive shard for 8 years like it is not one we've heard the Intent for and he's never corrected the initial assumption. Maybe he doesn't think it's a big deal and he has said he doesn't want to give any new info on Shards outside of the books because he doesn't want to be locked in. When I think about what Cultivation's strategy has been since Honor's death it does fit Hide + Survive. The latest WoB indicates a change in strategy or attitude and I think it fits a Shard that has been seen in the last 8 years more than one we've never met. Perhaps, Cultivation has realized hiding won't work against Odium and has been switching up her approach a bit. One day we'll have our minds blown by all the seeds she has planted while in hiding.
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    The Alleystorm was at its full height now, and Lita's mind and body strained against its own limits. She was sensation, every nerve strung taut and plucked at once. From behind her, Lita could hear the Phoenix shrieking in agony, the wind rushing against its fiery form as it plummeted towards the ground. She was grateful for the deep shadow of this alleyway, though to her it was bright as full noon - brighter, even. Her eyes watered, the sting compounded and layered over the rest of her senses, just another note in the symphony echoing through her. The city was burning, screaming, dying. Lita could hear the blood running through her own body, the pulse of her heart, the microscopic contractions of her facial muscles when she blinked. Tin was a bonfire within her, a white-hot forge fire flooding her body, her mind, her soul, commanding her to burn. The smallest whisper of caution tickled her mind, the fear of flaring too high for too long. Everyone knew the dangers of too much tin, the price that would be paid if she pushed her body too far. But this...how could she give up this? With this much perception, there was no secret that could hide from her. She was sight, was hearing, was touch. The woman before her, this Deteca, was merely a distraction, a small piece of the larger whole. Rusts, this entire city was but a scratch on the surface. There was so much more to discover, to learn, to uncover. Lita turned her head a fraction to look at Mac, then the Stranger. The limit, and the limitless. Both had moved through this world of their own accord, but so differently. Mac would advise caution, restraint. And the Stranger? Did he not also warn her against recklessness? Lita was balanced on the knife-point, a dancer in the storm around her, that liminal space of the doorway, the endless chasm that echoed between heartbeats. She remembered the golden script that had crawled and burned along the floor, the walls, the ceiling of her quarters back in the Alleys. The language of reality, the truth that she had only ever glimpsed before in fleeting whispers. I still have one vial left, she thought, fingers tracing the bottle with a fevered hunger. Here, in the storm, who knew what a true flare would let her see and hear? And the cost... did it matter? In her pocket, the Coin pulsed with a low heat. A warning, or an encouragement? Both? What are you hungry for? Her voice was softer than a whisper, the word a phantom shadow, a thought who's soul had dripped down the back of Lita's throat and onto her tongue. "Everything," she breathed, and flared tin.
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    Figured I should probably put up a bio for the Phoenix given everything that's going on, since some people weren't here during the SDW and the profile is buried in a PM somewhere. Name: Phoenix Abilities: Hemalurgic: Feruchemical Iron, Feruchemical brass(x10), Feruchemical gold(x10), Allomantic gold(x10), Allomantic brass(x10), Gravitation(x10), physical speed(x20). Skills: Expert Flier, very practiced with all of her abilities, Intelligent. Weaknesses: Prideful and an obsessive hunter. Very little can gain her attention while she is focused on a hunt. Hemalurgy: Has a large number of spikes, enough to be manipulated by powerful emotional Allomancy, but has stability spikes to combat this weakness to some degree. Physical characteristics: An enormous bird with large, amber eyes and reddish-gold feathers which burst into flame while she is utilizing her abilities. Her figure is often hidden entirely behind flames while she is in a serious battle. Home planet: Unknown Guild: Created by the DA, but is not a part of the Guild Backstory: One of the few unique creations in the DA, the Phoenix has yet to be replicated beyond a single specimen. She was given a cave in a mountain near the Alleycity as a roost, where she slept for a number of years before finally being awoken during the Seven Days War by an immense Rioting. She attacked the city, destroying large sections of it and killing a number of fighters from the war, including Rashan who was the first that she ever dubbed the Enemy. Many years later she was called to the Oasis city when Max performed a large scale Rioting there, she believed him to be the return of her Enemy and attacked the city, eventually breaking the barrier down completely and spreading destruction before finally leaving, unable to find her Enemy.
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    The Rhythms are the Rosharan version of a Spiritual phenomenon that permeates the cosmere. For why humans can't hear them but singers can, it's sort of the same type of question as why can singers grow carapace but humans can't? It's how the story is written. Humans don't have the spiritual or genetic ability to hear them. The humans don't hear the Rhythms in the CR. They hear the beads clacking together, in what seems to be a Rhythm. It's like how they can hear the singers speaking or singing to the Rhythms, but not know what they are.
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    Soft eyelids slowly lifted back up, exposing the large amber eyes underneath. The eyes blinked, focusing in on the broken rubble that surrounded them, rotating around in their sockets to fully take in their surroundings. Talons relaxed, opening back up into a wide spread from the tight curl that they had been in. They scrabbled at the ground beneath them, curving slightly until they found purchase enough to pull back up, righting the body that rested atop them into a standing position. Wings spread out, catching the warm air beneath them again and began a steady downbeat, lifting the body back into the sky. Flames flickered along the edges of those wings, heating the air to provide more lift, curling over the body to coat it once again in fiery armour. The head twisted about as it rose into the air, twisting until it pointed in the direction of the large, dark-purple flames in the distance. The head stretched forward, leading the rest of the body that followed as it slowly picked up speed, flying towards the dark Phoenix. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She tried to screech but there was no sound, tried to burn but there was no light, tried to fly but there was no air. There was nothing but darkness in all directions, even the piercing pain that she had been fighting against was gone now. Okay, Phoenix The voice resounded around her. She tried to turn to find the source but even that proved impossible, she had no neck to twist, no head to search with, no eyes to see with. We don’t have the best of relationships, I’m sure. I don’t think you like me very much. She had not heard this voice before, but it was accompanied by a presence she knew all too well. The Enemy was responsible for this, for locking her away and stealing her wind and fire. She tried to screech back, but once again found herself unable to. But that doesn’t matter. She disagreed with the voice. It mattered very much, it was the only thing that mattered. She would hunt them, they would fight or run. That was all there was, that was life. The Enemy sought to deprive her of even that. You need to kill the Dark Phoenix. Kill the Dark Phoenix, and kill it far away from here. She recognized the image it was speaking of, her Rival in the skies. She had no particular wish to hunt it right now, but as soon as the words spoke she felt that pressure again. The words slammed against her mind with the weight of a mountain, pushing their way in. She felt the lie become truth. She didn't want to kill the Rival. She needed to. An imperative as absolute as the need to breathe. More so even, given that she could heal any damage caused by suffocation. She needed it, but she was still not in control. Dimly she felt eyes open, flames burst and wings beginning to soar. But they were not her eyes, not her flames and not her wings. They belonged to someone else now. The lie had become truth, but the rest had not been lies, they had been orders. And orders were carried out, regardless of what she thought of them. Those are your instructions. She seethed at the voice, felt her hatred of it rise to levels that dwarfed what she had felt before. It was no longer simply an Enemy to be hunted down and fought. She needed more than that. She would take their world from them like they took hers. They wanted her to leave this city? She would return. They wanted her to stop destroying? She would leave it all in cinders. They wanted to protect? She would destroy. She would burn the world around them, take every last thing until they were all that was left. And then she would leave them, alone in a world without sound or light.
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    Like I said, I haven't really kept up with the thread. I voted Lopen because after I typed the three names, his came first. As for Aman, it was a random choice colored by my feeling that he rarely is up for the lynch D1. Early D1 votes can't have much rationale behind them. Edit: Ninja'd. Also, it wasn't a poke vote. It was more of a stab kinda vote. I've decided that poking people isn't a good way to kill them.
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    Good point. Pretty sure that Bondsmiths as a rule dont have Blades. Edit: Found it! Note that this is part of a longer WoB on Elhokars Blade, but Brandons statement is pretty clear, so I didn’t grab the whole thing.
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    A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
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    We really don't know how many spikes Kelsier might have. At least the eye spike that connects his CS to the body, but beyond that, we don't really have any guesses. It could be one, none or twenty.
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    I have posted this before, but would I've made several changes to factions and roles, and would love as much feedback on this ruleset as possible. It will be the next MR/QF that I run.
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    You’re going to draw Maps from Bridge Four?
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    Laurelai looked up only to see Lita looking in a different direction, as was everyone else. She followed their line of sights and saw a new figure that had entered the Alley, the one from TUBA who had been at the meeting earlier. She regretted again her lack of any powers that would aid in perception, being the last to notice someone who could hav ebeen spying on them was not something she enjoyed. But moments later she forgot her irritation at herself, the wind picked up in the Alley, pulling even more cool air in towards them. The Alleystorm had finally hit, bringing with it a surge of power that infused any Invested object or being. Laurelai felt the Dor suddenly blazing within her veins, felt the pressure of it trying to escape. She wondered if this was how Elantrians felt, she'd met a few of those, bodies aglow with radiant energy. If she tried to Forge something during the Storm would she look like that as well? But she wouldn't, that was something she'd promised herself long ago, ever since she'd understood her Bane she'd ensured that she never Forged anything during the Storm. Even on a regular day, she'd accidentally blown things up before. If that Investiture surged out of her during an Alleystorm she feared that she might not survive the experience. She looked towards Lita, watched her reaction as the Storm flooded over them. She seemed to be twitching a lot, but that was probably just the increased sensation. Laurelai imagined that having this cold wind suddenly feel fifty times more sharp and biting would probably cause her to flinch a little as well. Is everything okay? She sent to Lita, best to check up to be sure. She didn't know how Tineyes would react in the Storm but perhaps they should try to find somewhere indoors at least. @ZincAboutIt ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her talons curled into a tight ball, muscles tensing at the sudden pain that had invaded her. Her entire body was locked, paralyzed by the pain and the mental force that accompanied it. Dimly she felt a sudden pressure against her side and one of her wings, the ground possibly. The idea that she would be brought to the ground by another was something that would usually incite her to a murderous rage on its own, but right now she barely even noticed it. She fought back against the piercing sensation, tried to use her own mind to blunt its force, to turn it back. I rule, I do not serve. Her mind tried to burn the force away, but she had no fire here. I hunt, I do not flee. She tried to chase the force back along whatever path it had travelled, but all her speed meant nothing in this place. I live, I do not die. She hurled her mind against the pain, trying to break it beneath her as she had that building, but her mind had no weight with which to crush it. I.... I- Darkness claimed her vision entirely as the pain pierced through her entirely, and she felt the last wall of resistance shatter before it. @I think I am here.
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    Nah, the Cryptic is the one that was trying to bond with Elhokar before he was killed.
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    The AlleyStorm hit. Max stepped back as suddenly rain and thunder sounded around him, the force of the Investiture enhancing him, his magic in one overwhelming blast. Goldminds wouldn’t hurt, he said to Althea but couldn’t say more as the metalminds around his upper arms began to pulse and warm up. “I’m going to start now!” He shouted over the force of the storm, looking to Althea. She seemed impassive, but he knew she liked the storm. Max wasn’t such a big fan, though it’s duralumin-like boost on his already enhanced Rioting made up for that in spades. He closed his eyes, dismissing Sethramir and putting a hand on Althea’s shoulder for balance. The nicrosilminds he wore begged to be used, calling for him to tap them and use their golden power. Max did exactly that, and now, he knew exactly where the two Phoenixes were, and that meant he knew exactly where to target. No more inefficient general Riotings. With a force far greater than he’d ever done before Max shot out his Riot, his targeted beam of Allomancy. Two targets. Two Phoenixes. He knew the red and orange one well enough. He knew the DA had created it and it had a knack for Rioting. He had no idea about the other Phoenix, but he had to try. With the storm surrounding him Max Rioted emotions of disinterest in both of the Phoenixes. He Rioted their boredom of the city and it’s inhabitants, that they could have a better hunt elsewhere. He tried to do this to both the Phoenixes. Because yes, while it would be helpful to use one of them against Ajax there was a very narrow window of time where the AlleyStorm occurred and it was safer to get both of them to leave than to risk one getting loose by pitting it against Ajax and the AlleyStorm leaving. First things first, and that meant making sure he had a steady Riot on both of them before trying anything too complex. @Ax's Boyfriend @Voidus @Sorana @Truthless of Shinovar @Silva —-— The AlleyStorm hit. And as Alask and Shez smashed their collective consciousness into Alask’s body, the storm enhanced the act and suddenly the invader was kicked out Alask was back in his body the sudden miracle of his sense of touch returning to him as he instantly felt the rain on his shirt, the wind tossing his hair around and the cold weather of the AlleyStorm contrasting with the emanating heat from two monsters in the sky. Shez was in Alask’s body too. And the two minds that had worked together now inhabited the same body. Alask stood up from where he’d fallen (the sudden re-control of his body had been unexpected enough for him to fall), and looked ahead, expecting the rain to drip off of him and exhaustion to take him over. But nothing happened, and Alask looked down at himself, arms in front of him and his jaw opened in terror. He was a Shade. The smoky black translucence his body took when Shez took it over, the black fog that shifted and turned as it was confined to his body, the red eyes that burst aflame and tinted his vision in a rose hue, the black tendrils that came off of him, they were here now. And Alask was controlling it. And slowly, he began to understand. They were in sync. Shez’s consciousness, and Alask’s. Matched up like two frequencies overlaid on each other. From the corner’s of his mind Shez/Alask could feel a deep hate, however. They looked almost inhumanly fast to the side — the enhanced physique had carried over as well, it seemed — and a fury in them roared at the monsters that kindled fire, the men and women who ran at this hour of night, the soldiers that shed blood. But, Shez/Alask could understand there were bigger issues. Issues of the city, of the Forge. They had the smarts of Alask, the fury of Shez, and the power of the AlleyStorm They were one. —-— The AlleyStorm hit. Wes felt his bendalloy minds pulse and he looked to them temptingly. All the food, stored in the metalminds... with the AlleyStorm power surge it was practically a whole restaurant at his finger tips, a whole buffet of food to choose from! He was temporarily distracted by Mike, who turned into a wolf. If only Wes could make those metalminds anyone could use. He had a feeling all the animals Mike turned into would like all the food Wes had right now. —-— The AlleyStorm hit. Lusk was in Shadesmar when it happened, the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ of soldiers around him heralding its arrival. None of the wind could be felt in the Cognitive Realm, none of the rain or lightning either. In Shadesmar, the AlleyStorm manifested itself much as a Highstorm did, as a rapidly changing figure of colours, like nature’s very own fireworks. The power boost could still be felt, and Lusk’s metalminds called to him, but Lusk refused to tap them, refused to give in. Because every AlleyStorm, Lusk had the Dilemma. The Dilemma was an interesting thing. Every time the AlleyStorm struck, Lusk was left with a choice. When the power surge hit, there would be a small time period where Lusk would have more age to tap, as his Feruchemy would be enhanced. That meant a possible compounding-type effect every time the AlleyStorm hit. Lusk could stay pretty much immortal if he kept using the power boost from each AlleyStorm to get permanently younger. So why didn’t he? Because it wouldn’t make a difference, Lusk answered. A failure is a failure. Adding more years to it doesn’t change it, it just means it’s a failure for longer. 4 years. 4 years until his 50th birthday. And Lusk had a very, very special birthday gift for himself. Why would he want to delay it by getting younger, by running away from the ultimate solution to his problems? So while the soldiers whooped and used their enhanced powers, Lusk stayed neutral, a scowl on his face, waiting for the storm to pass and the temptation to cease.
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    The key to expression is the eyebrows imo! And the way that the brows affect eye shape. This is a lovely drawing, also. :]
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    I feel like there is one missing piece here if this is correct in the name of the Ghostbloods. If Spook literally means Ghost as a connection point, the "blood" part of the name could easily be a reference back to Hemalurgy right? Even if Spook was the founder and you want to say that in Cosmere since Spook doesn't mean "Ghost", he could have come up with the name as an homage to Kelsier's status as a cognitive shadow or something, effectively a ghost in the Cognitive Realm haunting Spook. Or it could be more simple than Ghost = Spook/Kelsier in homage + Blood = Hemalurgy, it could be more like "Ghostblood = 'We're the blood of the Ghost, continuing his work in the Cosmere'". This is a fun theory. I don't know if it'll be right, but I like the creativity!
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    I've been reconsidering my approach to worldbuilding and I've been struck by a question. What even is the function of worldbuilding?
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    I’ve been pondering our favorite little weirdo’s signature ability to metabolize food into Stormlight, and I think I figured it out. Let’s go. (For the sake of simplicity I’ll refer to the process of eating, turning food into chemical energy, and turning chemical energy into kinetic energy as “normal” energy) We have WoB that Lift’s ability works by metabolizing food into stormlight instead of “normal” energy. The important thing to realize though that this is what Progression does in reverse. Progression takes stormlight and transforms it into “normal” energy in order to achieve the effect of either healing or growth. Once that connection is made we can draw a couple conclusions. Obviously it takes a massive amount of energy to heal injuries, an amount of “normal” energy that stormlight easily covers, however because of the law of conservation of energy the exchange rate for stormlight and “normal” energy is set in stone. This would indicate that Lift’s ability to turn “normal” energy into stormlight is not her boon, but her curse. It means she is working with drastically reduced amounts of stormlight. What are your guy’s thoughts?
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    I guess I’ll try signing up, as....goes to Coppermind, click random page until he finds a character he likes... can’t find any characters that he likes....uhhhhhhhh...... Jason Write!!
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