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    From the album General SA Art

    Complete piece of Dalinar's age progression! His arc in OB really is a powerful one and I finally got this done XD [Full-sized] 1122 (Age: 2) Trying to understand the world 1128 (Age: 8) Playing with wooden sword 1135 (Age: 15) Learning how to tie his takama 1141 (Age: 21) Unstoppable youth, Oathbringer won 1150 (Age: 30) Joy of the first son 1163 (Age: 43) In Shardplate 1167 (Age: 47) Being a drunkard 1174 (Age: 54) Holding The Way of Kings Enjoy! Bonus: Some random Kholin family doodles
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    Coffee shop at the symphony serving up that Radiant blend
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    I always loved much of the playful relationship between Vin and Elend and nothing topped it more for me than when they finally got to dance and Elend of course immediately pulls out a book. I can only imagine how exasperated and yet amused Vin must have felt. I also loved the idea of her simple, but elegant black dress and him in his white uniform. Such a contrasting look, though there weren’t a ton of descriptive details to work with, so I took some liberties. Anyways, I wanted to do a piece involving that scene and so this was the result. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Sanderson Elimination: Depictions and Memories Wilson Haelbarde Orlok Alvron Mailliw Elbereth Kasimir Arraenae Upcoming Seonid Burnt Spaghetti The Only Joe Stink Doc12 Amanuensis Wonko the Sane Bard Lumgol BrightnessRadiant Elenion DroughtBringer Wyrmhero Lopen Dicslaimer: I reserve the right to work on voices in any order I choose, though the order stated here is the order of request (or my choosing to begin work on your voice, in some cases). Voices that excite me get priority. Also, feel free to request your voice and I'll put it on the list. It may take a while, but I promise to do it eventually.
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    The Heralds whenever they come back for a Desolation:
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    If any of us lived on Roshar and bonded a spren: Dalinar and Shshshsh A Tough Choice: The story of the Rift, as told by a professional Worldsinger: Parenting done right:
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    Have some Warbreaker memes!
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    When the Young Men camp you are at has metal dog tags and letters to hammer into them, and while everyone else is stamping their name or something into theirs, you make these: ...using the letter I. A lot.
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    Mistborn Stormlight
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    And it's by no means comprehensive...
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    Yay hemalurgy JK, Tuba rules.
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    This is a bit off-topic, but I just realized I recognize the people in that meme now! That's Captain America and Iron Man! *is proud of self* *should probably not be proud of that*
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    When I'm bored, I doodle. When Star is sick of being separated from Pheonix, I doodle them together in my little brother's notebook. That's just how things work, people.
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    I'll do you one better: Why is Kelsier?
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    Welcome to the Shard! Lightweaving isn't a good atium counter. The only reason it was so effective in fooling people at the end of Oathbringer is that they were so pumped up on the Thrill that they didn't care that they were fighting illusions. TLR has multiple means of determining what is real and what isn't. He can throw out a spray of coins and notice that they don't react properly, he can use A-Zinc and Brass and notice that they don't actually have minds or he can use A-Bronze to sense Investiture. Szeth will definitely 'feel' different from anything else. The lack of mind also means that the illusions lack the full set of Connection that 'real' things have. Brandon has mentioned that various forms of future-sight including atium involve reading the Connection between things, so.the illusions probably do not create atium shadows at all. And with no atium counter, it becomes very hard to beat TLR because no matter how fast or powerful you are, he's going to know what you do before you do it and react faster than you can counter due to the combination of that and F-Steel. Shardplate doesn't really help much because as we see from Amaram's example, the crystal growths that Yelig-nar likes to create in his hosts tends to damage the Plate if not destroy it. And we know that it's possible to damage Plate with a Lashing-assisted kick, while TLR has pewter compounding. Any defensive advantage it would provide would be temporary and once it's gone, you have the small disadvantage of the video game-esque weak point that is the gemstone that practically yells 'shoot me!'... and an opponent whose magic system specializes in throwing small bits of metal very very fast. Might take a few of them to crack the stone but he could keep the pressure up pretty easily. In addition, getting in close may leave TLR open to being attacked but it also puts Szeth in Leeching range. Combine that with duralumin and Szeth is likely to lose something important very quickly. All it would take would be disrupting his connection to Yelig-nar for a couple of seconds, given that the transformation appears to remove all of your internal organs. Even if that's outside the scope of A-Chromium, being deprived of Stormlight/Voidlight for a few seconds would take away most of Szeth's power until it could be replenished. Also, I don't think you've quite taken iinto account the massive weakness in this whole scenario: Nightblood. One of two things is likely to happen here, neither good for Szeth. Either Nightblood decides that the possessed Szeth is now Evil and makes him turn the sword on himself (a very quick Game Over and Szeth doesn't even need to draw the sword for this to happen) or Szeth is able to draw the Nightblood who spends a short time being very happy about the massive amount of Investiture he's got to feed on, then kills Szeth when the Investiture runs out. Brandon was actually asked about someone being supercharged by a Shard using Nightblood and he said that they'd still be consumed eventually. Szeth's best chance in this scenario would be for a blitz attack with a sheathed Nightblood (assuming the sword doesn't make him commit suicide) and to hope that his massive array of powers allows him to land a lucky hit before Rashek has the opportunity to figure out all of his capabilities. Very difficult with atium in play but not completely impossible. All that said, this is a closer match than most, kudos for coming up with a creative idea for how to get close to Rashek's level.
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    Lopen @Straw unvote yourself now!!! There is a random death every cycle after someone gets lynched!! I've just gone through entire thread and it's absolutely a pattern!!
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    IMPORTANT: Hi! If you’re hoping to join or rejoin us, please do so in our current thread! Well, everyone knows I can't go a day without creating a roleplay. This one stems from random cremposting on a status update (take that, Firerust), wherein I said something vaguely mysterious, Lunamor said it sounded like a prophecy and wrote the first line, and I, er, went crazy writing a prophecy? So. Yeah. (I hope this doesn't flop, I had fun making it all ) The Augury: As you may have guessed, the tentative plan for this RP is that it will have ten parts or 'verses', each named after and corresponding to a verse in the Augury - Ten of the Void, Hate's Creation, Fight the Rise, Oblivion, Storm's Break, Time Will Out, Until You Betray, All That Shatters, Watch Them Fall, and Powers Reviled (not necessarily in that order, names subject to change). I do have plans, but there's plenty of room for improvisation...and both could have really cool implications. Anyway, rules are as normal for roleplays on here, please do ask me if you have any questions! Both roleplay and chat will take place on this thread (until a new one is started), so please put all non-RP in quote boxes. WORLDBUILDING: Preferred character profile: I'll happily give more information on almost anything worldbuilding-wise if you ask, though I can't give away much in the terms of plot. HAVE FUN! Characters:
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    Here's a little something I wrote to explore Dalinar's first attempts Summary (Possible Oathbringer Spoilers): (Open this spoiler to see fic):
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    "What is the most important title a book can have?" Hoid asked the Sleepless and the kandra. "Hmm," RePaan tried to surmise, "a title where the words are equivalent to the First Oath?" "The True Name of Adonalsium?" the Sleepless wondered. "No," Hoid said, shaking his head. "That question itself is the most important title a book can have. It refers to what would be the most important title, so it must itself be that title. Don't you see? It's like the word 'heterological,' or the group of all groups that don't belong to themselves, or a sentence that claims to be a lie. These are the paradoxes upon which the cosmere is built up and broken down, you understand. These are the noodles and broth on which I live."
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    Definitely not my best work, but one of my proudest moments. Star hugging Butt Venture was one of the cutest things I have ever written. I had to draw it. You're welcome. @Butt Ad Venture
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    Remember, fullborns can tap and compound speed, so a fight between a fullborn and anyone would look somthing like this:
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    You write your name and those of your closest friends in glyphs and proudly send them around. Your friends are nice people and actually compliment you on it.
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    Stick is the non-fire of Ages.
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    "You want me to play notes and rhythms and dynamics? What do you think I am, a musician?" -my friend, while trying to practice audition music
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    Sponsoring commercial at the end, but we can still appreciate this.
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    Today is my six month Shardiversary! I can’t believe I’ve been on here for half a year already, 5,177 posts... It still seems like I joined just yesterday!
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    I'll do you one better: Who is Kelsier?
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    @hoiditthroughthegrapevine and I (with help from @The One Who Connects) actually had a very... let's say spirited.. discussion on this. You can find it on the "Fullborn v Surgebinders" link in my signature. He came up with some over the top, crazily creative attack vectors for the Surgebinder to use (we used a Dysian Amian with all 10 Honorblades), but there was always a counter for the Fullborn. Especially once you start factoring in the Era 2 Metals. Fullborn is just wayyyy too powerful F-Zinc is probably the most underrated power in the Cosmere Spoilers of OB and Era 2 Mistborn
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    How about the Scadrian Planetarium, a place where people can try their best screwing with a planet's astronomy, pushing it around and stuff like that. If you succeed harming only the southern cultures, you get a plush TenSoon! If you mess it up, you get punched by someone dressed as Kelsier.
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    Hi guys! I returned a few days ago but decided to type one of these up because it seems like the community has changed a lot since I was last here! I was originally on the Shard in 2015. I used to go by LarkoftheRiver. Anyway. I'm Sarah -- you can call me that, Kestrel, or Kes. I will also respond to Lark, River, or Riv. Really it doesn't matter too much. I'm a junior in college, and I'm majoring in Natural Resource Management with a concentration on wildlife biology. I'm outside a lot; I'm a licensed falconer in addition to having volunteered at four rehab and education centers for wildlife. I've worked around most native Texas birds of prey, and am slowly starting to work around mammals. In addition to that I am also a member of my college's polo club. Which is basically soccer on a horse. It's fun! In my freetime I'm also a freelance artist, and an active member of several art roleplaying groups on deviantart. I sometimes animate as well, and have had work featured in film festivals around the United States. I mostly focus on animals. For Sanderson related stuff: my favorite book is Mistborn (specifically AoL era), and my overall fav character is Kelsier. I've read most of the released Cosmere novels (still need to finish Oathbringer). To my knowledge at least. When I got my falconry permit, I fell out of reading for two years, so I'm sure some other Cosmere stuff was released in that time. I still need to read the short stories as well. In any case, I look forward to getting back in this community and getting to know you guys better!
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    Me: study for your math final tomorrow Also me: gotta sketch
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    Yeah, I think this is the one I was remembering.
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    The character bio system is essential for the maintenance of order in the RP. Requiring bios to be fully developed is preferable as it discourages deus ex machina solutions and encourages consistency of characterizations. However, it can be limiting for discovery writers’ development of their characters' skillsets. This is an unintended consequence of an oversight in the initial design of the system: it was oriented towards immortals and martyrs, not survivors. The expectation was that submitted character bios would be for either extremely powerful beings who were already at the top of their game, or for lesser-powered characters who would not live long enough to significantly develop because they would be promptly killed by the aforementioned immortals. The higher turnover of characters a year ago due to the frequency of assassinations and battles meant that few people survived for enough in-game time to warrant tangible development. The timeskips and general decrease in murders of late messed up that system, and the inherent philosophy of its later versions. A possible solution would be for characters to become less long-lived, but I recognize that that would be an unpopular proposal. People have become attached to their characters and want to see them grow more. Unfortunately, that is hard to fairly accommodate. As Voidus said, having an RP of exclusively weak characters has numerous benefits. The even power levels create an inclusive environment for new players and a level playing field for less aggressive characters, the inability to tank forces people to cooperate and interact with others in order to achieve their goals, and the danger of dying encourages restraint. (Regarding that last point, that applies to thread hijacking, but also to character’s responses to other’s actions. Serious attempts to kill OP legacy characters can result in them pulling out all the stops and steamrolling their opponent unfairly.) If the RP is to maintain characters’ power levels at below a certain amount, an oversight process is necessary. The best available forms of that involve a character bio approval process, then subsequent mod intervention if necessary. The first is what the Alleyverse subforum began with: mod approval based on no publicized criteria, just the evaluator’s discretion. With a small pool (one or two) of knowledgeable evaluators, this can be efficient and flexible. However, it can also be inconsistent and frustratingly vague and opaque to those making submissions. The second is the current system the RP has in place: a points-based checklist format. This setup is extremely transparent and reasonably consistent. It is also less reliant on the commitment and quality of the mod team. They have preestablished ratings to fall back on if they have not read every Sanderson book, the workload can be shared without significant decreases in consistency, it takes less time to evaluate a bio, and less workshopping has to be done to alter power-levels because more submissions are in-line with their expectations. However, the Index is ultimately just an imperfect quantification of the mod’s opinions about the value of every magic system and skill. It can actually be limiting if too strictly adhered to, as each character is able to use their skillset in unique ways which may not be reflected by their character score. Additionally, to build of Meta's point, people can instinctively focus on the points instead of simply trying to make good characters. The Index is flawed. It is not designed to accommodate characters who are more than slightly stronger than the targeted maximum level. If it was, scores like the one for Fullborns of Body Stealers would be much higher. But that does not make it meritless; it merely needs to be updated. The third option is a combination of the previous two: mods work mostly based on their own discretion while using preestablished ratings of magic types as a guideline. This generally allows for more flexibility to approve characters of varying levels based on merit instead of just power level, but makes it harder for players to know what is acceptable. Specific benefits and drawbacks vary depending how similar to the others this system is made to be in practice. Those are the three main available options. It should be noted that they all suffer from the flaw that Mac noted, how powerful a character is ultimately depends on how they are RPed, regardless of what the bio says. The decision about which to use is pretty much up to mods, as they are the ones that need to balance the time commitment with what makes for a good player experience. Whichever one is used, ones of their goals should be to ensure that people to enjoy RPing with their characters. If that involves allowing some character upgrades, so be it. But an environment must be created where everyone has fun and feels that they have an impact on the thread’s developments. While OP characters that have been approved for the purposes of plot development have the potential to make interesting storylines materialize, their success rate has been spotty, in my opinion. It is not a reflection of how well they are played, as most of the time they are responsibly used, it is a reflection of how this RP community operates. Planned plots rarely work out as designed because people have a tendency to conceal their intentions, making their efforts solo-ventures. Picking up on what Ax said about IC planning, more communication needs to happen if people want grand schemes to happen the way they envision them. Otherwise, they need to accept the reality that chaos or the dominance of the strongest personality is likely become the focus of a thread. (Those are not necessarily bad things, just potentially unexpected outcomes.) Even guilds that attempt coordinated thread manipulation, like the BoV, will be thwarted by this unless transparency and communication is improved. The idea of characters being fully planned in advance, in terms of their development and their contributions to a plotline, is probably an overly-optimistic one. An OP character does not a specific plot make, nor does giving a character skill points in bread making mean that they will not end up quitting the bakery on their first day when something interrupts their training. It is still worthwhile to make bios and try to predict the general direction a character will develop in, but I feel that the RP should allow for adjustments to characters if and when a situation warrants them. For example, if a character ends up being the villain of a thread, then they can petition for permission to raise an army of minions to throw against the heroes. And if one of those heroes learns an important life lesson during that battle, and they have been around for a while, then they can ask to swear another KR ideal. Instead of planning special OP-bios or playing to the points system from the start, everyone should just play normal characters, then have the option to make their case to either the community or a mod that, based on their current situation and past experiences, they should be allowed to have an upgrade. That’s the approach that I think would work the best. There are other options though. Something like Voidus mentioned about getting points for reaching certain milestones could work, but will likely not get the results that the community desires. If a metric based on how long a character has been around for is introduced, people could conceivably cheat the system by bringing back old characters just so they can upgrade them. A score of how much training a character has done would be ineffective as well. Let’s face it, roleplay training is generally boring to do and boring to read. Although it can be done in an interesting manner (shoutout to the Canton of Combat!), if a system is established that encourages players to focus on pumping out lengthy posts about their characters doing exercises and weapon drills that contribute nothing to any overall plot, the RP is headed in the wrong direction. The development of a character’s skillset should be integrated into a storyline, not done just to gain points. Another possibility is balancing characters’ power-ups with additional restrictions on their activity that negates the unfairness of their increased power level. This could even be extended to the location they are allowed to go to; certain threads could be labelled OP-zones for the upgraded characters to frolic in. However, these seem unduly limiting. Depending how the community decides to go forward, it may be worthwhile to test the system out in a trial thread before it is implemented. There should be enough time before E4 to do so and reflect upon how it went.
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    The title is pretty self explanatory. We know that there is a surge (Tension?) that allows the manipulation of stone as if it was water. Could the Cities have been created by application of this Surge on a tremendous level, making the ground Liquid, while the Rhythms were being externally channeled? We know that when multiple Singers attune to a Rhythm and sing a song, they can ritually create consequences. For e.g. Summoning a Highstorm If so, are these Rhythms the same that Singers normally attune to, or was each city built on a separate special Spiritual Rhythm, like the special Rhythm for summoning the Everstorm? If these are the same Rhythms, do they have anything to do with the nature of each of the Kingdoms that sprang forth from each city? For e.g. Rhythm of War/Anger for Kholinar, as the Capital of Alethela, the Kingdom of War? And, how did they channel that much Stormlight into the Surge of Tension? Possible sign to the function of the Dawnshards? (Each Dawnshard channeling one surge on a massive scale? This explains their name: They were the Shards of the Dawnsingers, used to create the Dawncities, perhaps these were Honor and Cultivation's means of allowing them to use the Surges before the Honorblades, since the Singers couldn't innately surgebind?)
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    so for some time i have been working on a homebrew supplement for introducing spen in D&D (even if they are more like elementals) i have most of it hammered out and got the ok for most of the artists but i wanted a final feedback from anyone here that knows anything about Dungeons and Dragons before i upload it to the dms guild , plus sharders could be interested the link can be found here shoutout to the amazing artists (botanica xu and Pam Hage) and the shard affiliated D&D discord server for their help any criticism and suggestions are more than welcome and everyone seeing it is free to download it adn use it if you'd like
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    Rayse is The Villain of Ages
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    Fortunate? Lita felt a small smile of her own push against the edges of her mouth. The head of the DA himself thought it fortunate that she'd been recruited? I'll be tucking that piece of praise away for later. When he mentioned PlasmaCore, her smile widened a bit more. "...oh no..." Mac whispered to himself, his heartbeat picking up with startling speed. Lita looked sideways at him, suddenly worried. “Very sorry to cut this meeting short, but our location may be compromised after summoning them. We need to distribute assignments then disperse, quickly,“ Mac continued. Them? Lita looked at Laurelai next, then KanMien. Did either of them know who Mac was talking about? What could possibly scare Mac? She suppressed a shudder and stood straighter, not allowing herself to show her anxiety. Assignments, right. Lita looked back towards Laurelai and KanMien. Technically, it had just been her and Laurelai at the party, but the last thing she wanted to do was correct someone like Voidus. Correcting demigods - definitely not wise. "Where should we go, Sir?" Lita asked, leaving the honorific open-ended so either Voidus or Mac could answer. They were both her boss. Hell, Laurelai probably counted as her boss, with how long Lita had been in the DA. Four days now? Three? By the Survivor, when was the last time I slept? Lita flared her tin, squinting a bit but also feeling the enhanced sensation wake her up. She began storing a bit more heat than normal, the sudden chill driving away the bulk of her fatigue. You're fine. It's fine. She checked her tin reserves - still fine. Two vials left now, and she'd need to make them count. After this, a nice long rest. But not yet. She fingered the third vial in her pocket. Not yet. @Voidus @MacThorstenson
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    Presumably, any indirect Shard-to-mortal communication (or whatever Hoid qualifies as - though Endowment dismisses him as "merely a man", that's not exactly true...) would be replied to in the same way as it was received. So Frost's reply, plus the three Shardic replies, may offer some insight into the medium of delivery. Endowment: "I received your communication, of course. I noticed its arrival immediately, just as I noticed your many intrusions into my land." Autonomy: "... You have spoken to one who cannot respond. We, instead, will take your communication to us - though we know not how you located us upon this world." Harmony: "Your letter is most intriguing, even revalatory. .. I can be surprised. I can perhaps even be naive, I think. ... If you would speak to me further, I request open honesty. Return to my lands, approach my servants, and I will see what I can do for your quest." And Frost's reply includes: "I'll address this letter to my "old friend," ... Now, look what you've made me say." (While Frost is not a Shard, it seems reasonable that Hoid may have used a similar means of cross-world communication with him.) What might this tell us? Frost and Harmony refer to sending or receiving a "letter", while Endowment and Autonomy refer to a "communication", and Autonomy specifies it as a "spoken" one (the reply could easily have been, "you have written to one who cannot respond"). "Letter" technically implies a written communication, but it doesn't have to be, and Hoid's own letter to Frost called itself a "missive". Harmony replies, "if you would speak to me further", not "if you would write to me further", or "if we were to continue our correspondence". Frost uses a very colloquial offhand remark after insulting Hoid, "Now, look what you've made me say", which seems very oral to me, being a little bit too stream-of-consciousness to be something one would write on a piece of paper. Not entirely impossible, but it is suggestive. Suggestive of what? Of some kind of dictation or recording based communication, rather than an actual written-on-a-page type of letter. There is a formal composition and preparation of thoughts, to put into a single transmission (it's not like an "instant text message" type of back-and-forth reply), but still has room for ad-hoc or last minute interjections and musings, like Harmony's very Sazed-style "humble-hedging" comment, "I can be surprised. I can perhaps even be naive, I think." Someone writing a letter and editing it before sending it would almost certainly not put the redundantly hedging type words "perhaps" and "I think" there, it's a kind of verbal tic. Furthermore, Endowment implies noticing the agent's "arrival" in the same way that she notices Hoid "intruding" into Nalthis - meaning it worldhopped in via the same path that Hoid himself has been using, and Harmony demands "open honesty" in a direct discussion with Hoid, implying this first communication was via a go-between. So my wild, wild theory: the letters are a kind of Lightweaving type magic that can be tied to a living or maybe Cognitive Realm based agent, which upon receipt can do a "help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope" type of playback, and perhaps includes a of mechanism for taking back a reply in the same way (like a SASE of old).
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    Some of Mistborn Secret History seems relevant to whether Odium's word is binding on himself: This strongly suggests to me that there are certain agreements with other shards that the shards cannot break, no matter their desires or even their Intent. There are some immutable rules which govern the shards besides their own Intents. To me, it is something like this which binds Odium. Some agreement that he came to with Honor/Cultivation.
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    Pretty much. The Pattern is itself the reason they were Ta'Veren in the first point. To quote Loial, "And sometimes the Wheel bends a life-thread, or several threads, in such a way that all the surrounding threads are forced to swirl around it, and those force other threads, and those still others, and on and on. That first bending to make the Web, that is ta'veren, and there is nothing you can do to change it, not until the Pattern itself changes. The Web - ta'maral'ailen, it's called - can last for weeks, or for years. It can take in a town, or even the whole Pattern. Artur Hawkwing was ta'veren. So was Lews Therin Kinslayer, for that matter, I suppose" (Loial to Rand, The Eye of the World, Chapter 36). [Sourced from library.tarvalon.net]. Robert Jordan also stated that people are not born Ta'Veren [Robert Jordan's Blog, Friday, January 20th, 2006]. So if the Pattern is the force making people Ta'Veren, as a method of 'course correction', then it also makes sense that they would no longer be Ta'Veren when that course is corrected.
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    Birds have a muscle attached to every feather of their body. They can fluff their feathers to trap in heat or let cool air flow through. Owls are not the only birds that can turn their heads almost all the way around. In fact, most, if not all, raptors can. Owls do not have muscles in their eyes. Their eyes are so big in their skull that there's no room for muscle, not to mention they are also shaped more like cones, not spheres. So they cannot move their pupils, and have to turn their heads to see. If your eyes were the size of an owl's, they'd be the size of a softball in your skull. Owls also do not have symmetrical ears. They have one higher than the other. This gives them a great range of hearing; they can hear both side to side, and up and down and pinpoint exactly where the sound comes from. Barn owls have the best hearing out of any owl and can hear a human heartbeat from ten feet away. They can also hunt in total darkness.
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    Kaladin tried to talk him down several times prior to that. He told Moash he wanted him gone so that when they arrested the traitors he would not go down too. Moash disobeyed orders. I honestly think Moash was the one who was putting greater strain on their relationship (which is largely why I hate him so much). Sure but he does not know that Roshone manipulated the king. From his account Moash seems to think the king was just doing Roshone a favor.
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    Honestly the Big Bad of the Cosmere is probably Bavadin.
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    This is a separate thing from the Call to Adventure expansion. Do you have a better source on that? Look at the date of your quote- that was 2016. Brandon started taking about the Stormlight game around the end of 2017, which is also when the BGG page went up for it. The BGG listing gave the game a 2018 release date. ... oh actually, while searching through the Arcanum I found This, which doesn’t sound anything like the Stormlight war game, so you’re probably right: Anyway, back to this game, I also found this: Also, I got a reply to the email I sent to Mayday games: Not very informative, but at least we have official confirmation that the game is off the table.
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    If only that were the case for all of us.
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    I kind of think that Harmony keeps both Kelsier and Marsh around as free agents who represent the different side of him Ruin and Preservation. Marsh is kept around for destroying threats and Kelsier to help others survive. Harmony himself is limited and besides he is humble enough to know that he is fallible so having a couple of people around who know you and can tell you if they think they are messing up is just a good idea. Also because Sazed must keep the balance between the two shards it occurs to me that he might be using each of them to figure out what the shards want to do so that he can counter and so that each of them could take up each shard should he die.
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