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    Coffee shop at the symphony serving up that Radiant blend
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    Okay, so it seems that I'm not the only person who's come up with a version of this idea (hi, @Truthless of Shinovar!), but I presented the theory at JordanCon during the Cosmere Speculation panel, and it seems as though I should codify it in some sort of organized fashion so that all my crazy details can be seen. And also so I can go on record with this thing so when it actually happens you can all hate me. We all know Brandon has been moving the plot forward faster on Stormlight than most of us expected. So I think that Stormlight 5 is going to be the Knights Radiant vs. Rayse, final round. Rayse has freed himself from his entrapment on Braize and is ready to wreak some havoc on Roshar to make sure nobody there can challenge him (and root out Cultivation in the process). Ultimately, he will be defeated. I think he won't be re-trapped, though; I think he'll be killed. However, there is one important detail when it comes to killing Shardholders: Dropped Shards will Splinter naturally if not picked up. (Correction here: It's not an automatic given that a Shard will Splinter when dropped. There is a WoB (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/132/#e1877) that states a voluntarily dropped Shard could Splinter, or become self-aware, or any number of other things. None of them if applied to Odium are going to create Super Happy Fun Time for Roshar.) Imagine the chaos that would inflict upon Roshar's entire Investiture biome. That much Hatred Investiture (and no, I do not believe Rayse's nonsense about Passion) spreading out throughout the planet, loose, leaking into everything? It'd be a disaster. Cultivation has more than enough knowledge to be aware of this; certainly the Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and the Sibling are as well. I'd bet money that most, if not all, of the Radiant spren have a pretty good idea of it. So it's reasonable to expect that the KR will be aware of this danger when they take on Odium. They may even have a plan in place to try to re-trap him, but I expect that ultimately to fail. They'll have to kill him. There will be no other choice. What then happens when the Shard of Odium drops, ready to Splinter into a million pieces of Hatred and leak into the planet's Investiture irrevocably? Or become a self-aware monster spren? Or get absorbed by one or more of the Unmade? Or any number of other potentially apocalyptic results? Dalinar picks it up. He doesn't do it to gain power. He does it to protect his friends and family. He does it for Honor (though his decision may involve his bond with the Stormfather being broken) - because humans brought Odium to Roshar; it's only proper for a human to fix that mistake. Most of all, because he has managed to deny Odium's power before, he does it because he believes he's the best person to do so. He believes that he can resist the Shard's intent better than any other person on Roshar. He might even be right. So he picks up Odium, rips every last shred of power that Rayse Invested into Roshar, and leaves. There are several reasons why I think Brandon will take this route: 1. It's an interesting full circle to take for the character. He starts out life as the perfect scion of Odium, though he doesn't know it at the time. He's ruthless. He's violent. It's through a huge amount of experience and development that he learns to control and reject that side of him. He becomes a better man. Then as a result of becoming that better man, he takes on the embodiment of what warped his past in an attempt to shield others from the evil that tainted him. That's some serious heroic tragedy. 2. Brandon likes to hurt us. 3. So far, our experience of the "negative" Shardholders has been pretty after-the-fact. We never saw Ati before he picked up Ruin; likewise we don't know exactly how awful Rayse was before he picked up Odium. We've seen Harmony, yes, but he's been pretty Light Side so far. It will be much, much more interesting to take a character that the readers have a strong emotional investment in and have him take up an "evil" Shard. The impact of seeing our hero Dalinar slowly corrupted by Odium's influence as he becomes an overall Cosmere Big Bad will cause internal reader conflict, and that's a good way to tell a story.
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    Brother Kabsal: "Now, not that I doubt your word, Brightness, but I'm rather intrigued how Dandos Heraldin could have trained you in arts, as—last I checked—he's suffering a rather terminal and perpetual ailment. Namely, that of being dead. For three hundred years." Shallan: "My father had a book of his instruction."
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    The Heralds whenever they come back for a Desolation:
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    For my 2000th post, I am going to post my first memes. They are some of my favorite quotes from The Stormlight Archive in much different situations. Enjoy! (Spoilers ahead!)
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    I don't really know where to put this, its not a meme, but it's about me..me. but you're my community so I must share Anyway I present to you Mr and Mrs Extesian
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    Have some Warbreaker memes!
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    Memes. And a cute cat one because it's cute.
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    Why I'm somewhat afraid of potential Cosmere movies: Me: *Wishes for Stormlight Archive movie* Disney: *Grants my wish and starts working on Stormlight Archive movie* Me: *Screams of happiness* Disney: This is Syl. Me: *Cries myself to sleep* Disney: Oh and this is stick. Me: *Falls into a permanent state of depression*
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    No. This is a meme thread. The memes must stay alive. So here are a bunch more of them I made in a burst of creative inspiration last night. I admit, I'm liking this new trending meme format (Stormlight): Basically Mistborn 1: How bout something a little sad (Oathbringer): Lopen is better than his fellow Radiants (Oathbringer): I haven't made Elantris memes yet, so here's one (technically not a canon conversation, but spoilers anyway): How about another Elantris meme (you can tell I'm enjoying this format): I can't help making Oathbringer memes: More Oathbringer crap: Here's a Words of Radiance one (poor highprincey boi): And how about one about us? I bring these to you now because of what I got myself into last night. Sponsored by (but not really sponsored by) Mematic.
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    The entire fandom in a shellnut
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    the pokemon game I really want to see:
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    So here's the dealio: for every meme I post that's already been used, I'll make one of my own (as penance due to laziness for not checking beforehand lol) So hope these two haven't been used yet ...*fingers crossed*
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    I think that is actually the point that Sanderson is making. The religion isn't evil, just some of the practices and leaders are. I mean, his choice to show Hrathen as ultimately a hero, to me, shows that he's trying to say, No it's not evil, but much of what happens under its aegis is evil right now.
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    What did Vin say when her adoptive father arrived at the party? Kel's here. I have this headcanon that Bridge 4 makes Chuck Norris jokes about Kaladin I hear Kaladin sleeps with a spear under his pillow. I hear Kaladin can refill spheres by looking at them. Kaladin Stormblessed won a staring contest with a statue. Kaladin Stormblessed has a chasmfiend in his room. It's not dead, just afraid to move.
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    Thanks to the graticule in the Oathbringer map of Roshar and Peter's hint that the Rosharan system uses 100 degrees of latitude and 200 degrees of longitude, I was able to update my orthographic map of the planet! (You can see the old thread here.) This version is much more accurate, though not completely perfect—for some reason I wasn't able to exactly replicate the graticule used in the map. You'll notice that the continent is a fair bit smaller than my original assessment. I also updated it to include land cover, better symbology, and some cities that didn't appear on previous maps. I assumed in labeling the latitude and longitude lines that the Prime Meridian that the Rosharans use is the one that goes through Kadrix and that they number their lines out from zero in all four directions. EDIT: I've been informed by Peter on Twitter that the equator is too high; it should go through Kadrix. Like I said, it's not entirely perfect yet.
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    Marsh has been around for a while now and besides some stuff with the Southerners, we don't really know what he's been up to. So that got me thinking. You gotta get pretty bored with that much time on your hands. I've started a list of stuff he could do. Help me add on and feel free to be ridiculous. Create a recipe for perfect cookies Plant a garden Write the Scadrian Encyclopedia Compose a symphony Write an autobiography Read all of Brandon's books as they come out Become a pastry chef Train a falcon Master chess Become a top fashion designer Paint the Sistine Chapel Find a cure for cancer Become a master nail salon artist Master the art of stage magic Create a time machine Beat all the records in the Scadrian Book of World Records Overthrow a government-wait. That's Kell, sorry. Create another relig-KELSIER! Learn how to get off world and not tell his brother Develop instant noodles in order to appease Hoid Save the whales Find happiness... For other people Build a sandcastle Collect them all! Glue Adonalsium back together UNITE THEM! Write a new alphabet Create a base-37 number system Genetically modify shellfish so they become large horse-like... WHADDYA MEAN THAT ALREADY EXISTS? Defeat Voldemort Animate cartoons Remember to smile Rearrange all the food in his fridge alphabetically by smell Become a world-renowned heart surgeon Read the dictionary in one sitting Just do it Work on his tan
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    From the album RP Doodles

    The four faces of Lita's Coin. Smaller version with motto, because why not?
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    Introduction It's just about time for another extra-long Blightsong theory after the latest few waves of new WoB; the nature of the Parshmen and what was done to them has always been one of my favorite mysteries in the series and Oathbringer brought us to the very edge of it. After reviewing some related WoB I'm pretty sure I can fill in at least some of that mystery with some pretty plausible ideas. Let me know what you guys think! Abstract Melishi First lets start off with what we already know. The event that transformed the Singers into what we saw at the beggining of the series took place at the end of a conflict between the last generation of Knights Radiant and a group of Singers lead by the Unmade Ba-Ado-Mishram. Innovation on the side of the Unmade, an ability to Connect to the Parshmen and facilitate forms of power, pushed certain scholar's within the orders of Knights Radiant to devise a before unheard of strategy to defeat the forces of Odium. They planned to trap Ba-Ado-Mishram in a gemstone like the one that Dalinar used to trap Nergaoul in an attempt to break the Connection she had to the Singers and ensure an easy defeat of the enemy forces once their leader and powers were incapacitated. This almost as far as our knowledge goes, but an epigraph in Oathbringer implies that maybe some unintended consequences of this imprisonment is what destroyed the Singer, read it below: While this may be the case, I have become certain that this is a red herring due to the little bit of history from this time frame we do have past the above point, read the below epigraph from both the in-world and real world Words of Radiance: This is interesting not only because there seemed to be a change of plans from simply imprisoning Ba-Ado-Mishram and defeating the Singers in battle, but also because we can say for certain that trapping an Unmade is not a Bondsmith specific power as evidenced by Shallan's view of Re-Shephir's past. If this was not what Melishi did to defeat the Singers then what could he have done to destroy them? Lets take a look at how the Stormfather describes Bondsmith powers to get an understanding of what could have taken place here: The wording here is interesting to me. What Melishi did seems to be the opposite of what the Stormfather is describing, he cut the Connection the Singers have to each other and destroyed an entire people with them. Syl had something very relevant to say about the restoration of the Singers in the below quote: It seems as if whatever Melishi did to destroy the Singers was seriously destructive in nature and I have some ideas on what exactly he did to them realmatically. Nature of the Singers A recent WoB tipped me off as to what exact function of the Singer's was destroyed by Melishi, read it below: It seems as if a Singer's Identity is malleable and that their system of trapping a spren with their gemheart is how they change it. Also interesting to note is that Hemalurgy is also able to do something similar. After thinking about it a bit, I realized we have seen something extremely similar to the Parshmen before using that very system. Read the below WoB: This is pretty much a matching description of what we see with the Singers, only missing the whole magic physical object component... or is it? If you think about it, gemhearts and the Hemalurgic spikes responsible for the Kandra blessings seem to be very similar in nature with one very slight difference, gemhearts are a natural phenomenon resulting from a leak of Investiture from the Spiritual Realm to the Physical one. Read the below WoB and passages to get a quick understanding of Singer gemhearts and their nature: This whole WoB is very interesting to me, particularly the connection to Dragonsteel and that last sentence. First let me touch on the Dragonsteel bit here is a passage from the released sample chapters that details the main character encountering the bones of the Dragonsteel equivalent to the Parshendi while in the caverns of the Shattered Plains: This makes me more certain that gemhearts are more than just gems that allow a singer to transform, I think that they are tied to their other Cognitive abilities as well as the race in this world are also able to communicate telepathically similar to the rhythms. I also find the color similarity between these bones and a gemheart very interesting. For my second point about the above WoB, why would there be an assumption that Singers dont have gemhearts among humans. Wouldnt some physician be able to find it in a Parshmen at some point? This is even more confusing when you consider that this seems to be a lost knowledge, read the below quote from Venli: All of this together leads me to believe that the pieces of a Singer's soul that Melishi ripped away (ones that seems similar to what gives a Kandra's sapience and blessing) are the ones directly tied to the Singer's gemheart and that on top of the physical change wrought to their bodies that made them more like dullform they also had their very gemhearts taken from them like a Kandra losing its second spike. While I cant tell you exactly how Melishi did this all, I can say it did still likely involved Ba-Ado-Mishram seeing as how the Last Legion, Singers that had abandoned their Connection to their gods, were left unaffected. Consequences of Division My emphasis on how similar this all is to Hemalurgy should tell you just how evil what Melishi did to the Parshmen is. The very nature of this act seems to spit in the face of the Bondsmith oaths, leading one to question how his spren managed through this. I'm sure you all know I'm about to suggest the Sibling was involved because of how obvious it is but let me back up this point with a few more WoB pointing towards its involvement: A strain between Melishi and the Sibling's bond also makes sense within the context of the degradation of Urithiru and the Sibling's apparent "withdrawal from men" described in the gem archive. Conclusion So what do you guys think, is there a relationship between what happened to the Singers and their gemhearts? Did Melishi end up harming the sibling in the process? Feel free to poke holes anywhere you see them. Have a good day folks!
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    For my 5000th post, here is my second meme(ish) thing!
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    Danton walked through the trees in Dampmere park, his pistol held calmly before him. He was chasing yet another suspect of a bombing in the city. He'd lost track of how many there had been over the past few weeks, though he figured it was at least 15. Lyrelle, his partner, signalled him to follow her. She must’ve spotted something in the clearing over there. Danton led point, making sure to not step on any branches in the underbrush. He couldn’t see anything in the clearing, though he kept his eyes peeled. After a few moments of frantic searching, he began to turn around to ask Lyrelle exactly what she'd seen, but he felt a quick stab of pain in his chest. As he fell to the ground, he noticed Lyrelle taking off a silencer from her pistol. Before his last breath of life escaped, he wondered how she’d explain his death. ~ There has been a growing dissent in the city lately, as many view the mayor and his cronies as corrupt. The police have been working to quell the rebellions, but there are only so many of them, and there’s an entire city to patrol. Now, it appears that there are rebels amidst the police force, actively working to bring down the city’s government. It is up to you to root out these rebels before the city is overrun. We must prevent Discord from reigning supreme. ~ Basics: Factions: Roles: Player List: Quick Links: Signups will end around 8:30 PM CDT, June 9th. The first Day will begin around 9:30 PM CDT, and rollover will be at 8:30 PM CDT for subsequent Turns
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    So, I've been thinking, and I believe I've come to some accurate conclusions about Roshar's ecology and Arcana. Hopefully some of the following makes any degree of sense. 1. The spren don't matter Let's start this off with singer physiology and Rosharan ecology. As we know, the fauna of Roshar has evolved to take advantage of the large amount of investiture lying around, namely spren, skyeels fly, greatshells don't square-cube themselves, ryshadium super-horse and singers attain forms. Now, the interesting part, the forms, bond to a spren, change your physiology and mentality, sure. But why do the forms of power work? Because investiture is investiture. I have seen the forms of power caller a hack, but it's honestly just inserting something new into the system. The system has a response, it still returns valid, as it were, and voila, a new form. Next up, spren and gems, we know that spren can be captured in gems. We know that voidspren can be captured in gems. We can extrapolate that voidspren could be used in fabrials. As support for this notion one might look to that fabrials can be made with enlightened spren, though they work differently. Thirdly, the Nahel bond, where we've yet to observe the commonallity I'm espousing, however if we extrapolate: Renarin's Glys is enlightened, and must reasonably have been when the bond formed, as one thinks Renarin would have noticed his spren changing. From Glys' situation we learn that not being a "regular" true spren does not preclude bonding, being partly of Odium does not preclude bonding! What I'm trying to show here and imply by the title of this section is that the type of spren doesn't matter, the systems will just plug-n-play as it were, just with a modified output. I posit that any sapient spren could theoretically enter into a Nahel bond, just like any spren (save perhaps the "Greatspen," the Stormfather, Nightwatcher and other unique and massive spren) can presumably be bonded symbiotically by a singer or used in a fabrial, you'd just get a non-standard, but valid, output. So when I say the spren don't matter, I mean that it seems that any spren can hook into any system that accpts spren, regardless of type, the kind of spren juat acts as a filter. 2. Powers that we have been forbidden to touch Now, let's look to the Eila Stele From this fragment we can learn several things. At the time of the Ashynite exodus the singers were aware of some form of manipulation of the Surges. At the time they had at some previous point had access to this power themselves, as you do not forbid that which can not be done. At the time they knew the powers were dangerous, which can be read as the powers themselves being the dangerous part, rather than who wielded them. I've long had a pet theory that the original Rosharan surgebinders bonded the cousin-spren of the true spren (eg, windspren being cousin to honorspren) and that the true spren evolved later. According to my speculaton these proto-proto-Radiants would only have had access to one surge each, because of the nature of the spren, so proto-proto-Windrunners would only have adhesion, Skybreakers gravitation, etc. I'm not quite pushing that theory here, but elements of it are present, so it's good for context. I now think that the original Rosharan surgebinders were pre-shattering (or at least pre-shardic) singers who either bonded the cousin-spren or the true spren as part of the regular symbiotic singer-spren relationship. I believe that this bond granted them surgebinding, though possibly with a single surge only. On a more baseless note I speculate that these early "forms of power" allowed them to draw stormlight directly from the spiritual, a-la Honorblades. These singer-surgebinders would then have existed until Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar and, knowing or seeing the danger such powers posed, forbade their use, possibly also telling the true spren to not bond the singers. 3. Low-fat, imitation surgebinding Now it's time to look at everyone's favourite genocidal surgebinders, the Fused. Building on my earlier speculation, I believe that the Fused are a twist on the first Rosharan surgebinders. They are the souls of ancient singers, who are invested by Odium and act as both spren and host. They are already a perversion of the symbiotic system of Roshar, as they are parasitic, but also kind of a perversion of my idea of early surgebinders. I believe that the extra investiture in the soul of the Fused is meant to mimic part of the early surgebinder forms, but obviously voidish in origin instead. So, void imput, surge output. We may also assume that being the Fused has twisted them, because they are permanently wearing a form of Odium. See Eshonai in stormform as a comparison. If we also accept the admittedly baseless speculation above, that also solves the problem of how the Fused, with their relatively low level of investiture can draw power from Odium directly, while, say Kaladin needs spheres, in that it'd be an inherent function of the form. Now, for the capstone argument: there are nine forms of Fused, lacking Bondsmith, if we assume they are imitations of early surgebinder forms this makes sense, as there wouldn't be a Bondsmith-equivalent. The Bondsmith spren are presumably too much to tuck into a gemheart. 4. Knights Enlightened? And here I'll put my thoughts on everyone's favourite voidbinder, Renarin. There has been a lot of talk about Renarin and the nature of his powers, with several people concluding that his Progression is normal and his Illumination voidish. I'd contend these assertions. My first reaction to this line of thinking was "Why? Why do people think it's so clear cut?" and thinking that his powers might be a mix, both Surges being semi-voidish. However, now I'd rather argue that Renarin is fully voidbinding, though powered by stormlight, something of an inverse to the Fused. If we assume that Renarin's future-flashes are a product of Illumination, then it seems to be expressed in a highly spiritual aspect, and I'd argue that the same is true of his Progression, Adolin gets a flash of his ideal self as he's healed, which I don't think happens when Lift heals people, but I don't remember if we've seen Lift's healing from the perspective of someone being healed. Another point of contention for me is the "his lightweaving don't work right" argument. Here I'd argue that he's a TRUTHwatcher (or close enough) and propose that they are not supposed to weave illusions, but rather show what IS, zoom, enhance and all that. So I propose that the problem is with philosophy and approach, rather than the power being weird. And I can't resist throwing my pet term for Renarin and potential future characters like him in, Knights Enlightened, it uses the same kind of terminology (Knights Radiant) while still evocative of light and using Sja-Anat's own term (Enlightening) as the light word. Thanks for reading my semi-coherent ramblings, hopefully I'll have brought something new or interesting to the table. ¤_¤
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    Something I just quickly wanted to bring to light: after three, gigantic books that have spent time focusing on him, we still don't know the entire story of why Kaladin distrusts lighteyes so much. While we definitely see his resentment beginning to dampen, the main causes are not all fleshed out yet. While the obvious ones (Roshone and Amaram) have been addressed, and their arc in his storyline almost, if not completely, done with, that still leaves ones example of betrayal in Kaladin's past that is unaccounted for. And that's where Katarotam comes in. If you don't remember that name, I can't blame you in the slightest as I forgot it myself since it was mentioned only one time in the entire series thus far. From The Way of Kings; Chapter 4, pg. 82: "Under previous masters, he'd demanded his wages be given to him. They had always found ways to cheat him- charging for his housing, his food. That's how lighteyes were. Roshone, Amaram, Katarotam . . . Each lighteyes Kaladin had known, whether as a slave or a free man, had shown himself to be corrupt to the core, for all his outward poise and beauty. They were like rotting corpses clothed in beautiful silk." However, even with this being his only mention the reader can see the obvious mark this man, Katarotam, left on Kaladin. This raises the question: Who was Katarotam, and what did he do? While from the text and timeline it's obvious to tell that Katarotam came into Kaladin's life during his enslavement, there is no way to tell the specifics of that as Kaladin said himself that he's, "changed hands a half-dozen times" (pg. 76) since his enslavement. Though with Kaladin choosing Katarotam to be among the men who has hurt Kaladin the most, we can assume that he had left a big impression and I therefore have three possible reasons for this: 1.) Katarotam was the first master to be over Kaladin. This would make sense as he would inevitable leave a lasting impression on Kaladin, and could even explain how he would manage to betray him. With Kaladin going from 'youngest squad leader in Amaram's army' to 'disgrace slave' in just one day, it would make sense that he wouldn't really know what to do with himself at first. And with no experience in surviving or even living the life of a slave, Kaladin would have no way of knowing what the average life of a slave would be. With that opening, he may have seen Katarotam as he once did Amaram: a man who cared for those under him. Perhaps Kaladin thought he got lucky and ended up with a master who was lenient, but later proved himself to be brutal? 2.) Katarotam was one of the most brutal masters This is one of the more simple reasons: Kaladin had suffered the worst of his times as a slave under Katarotam. This could still go in a number of ways though- with Katarotam being brutal because he was a horrible man, plain and simple, or being brutal specifically to Kaladin because he had heard of his escape attempts and wished to break him, or perhaps he noticed that Kaladin (a tall, well-built, natural leader) would ultimately bring hope to the other slaves and decided to use him as an example. While I'd say this is plausible, I don't think it's very likely as this leaves no room for betrayal, no room for Katarotam to hide himself behind poise and beauty as Kaladin specifically mentioned in the text. While those examples may refer specifically to Roshone and Amaram (though I don't see how it fits to Roshone seeing as he had it out for Kaladin's family at the beginning) the pause between the mention of Katarotam and the descritpors leads me to believe that most of it was inspired by Katarotam himself. 3.) Katarotam was the one to give Kalain the shash brand This is the most likely of the possibilities to me as the pain of the branding and the long term consequences it would have on his life would definitely be enough of a reason for Katarotam to be up with Roshone and Amaram. Not to mention the branding takes place just shortly before Kaladin's perspective starts in the first book, with his last master making the decision to brand him 'dangerous.' Not only does it make it recent, life changing, and painful, but it also opens Kaladin up to betrayal. This is where the reasoning would spread out a bit, with a number of possibilities being present to why Kaladin would consider Katarotam to be a prime example of how lighteyes are always different from how they prevent themselves. One reason could be referred back to reason 1, Katarotam had somehow convinced Kaladin that he cared for his slaves. Though this seems a bit flimsy to me, it could also be a good reason for how Kaladin can't even bring himself to fully trust low-ranking lighteyes. Another reason could be that Katarotam used bribery to earn loyalty from his slaves, promising them extra pay or even a chance at freedom if they do their work just right. This could to Kaladin to discovering he's a fraud, ultimately leading to the branding. These are just my thoughts, obviously we have very little to go off as he's only mentioned in one chapter but I do believe Katarotam will make an appearance in the form of a flashback in the next book (Slight Spoiler) - much like it did with Tarah- by that I mean her rarely being mentioned until we eventually met her in Oathbringer.
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    So this is a crackpot theory that just popped into my head, and curious people's thoughts on it. Lirin is brave (standing up to Roshone and the townspeople), and also obedient (holds to the rosharan version of the Hippocratic oath of do no harm even when it could have saved his family by letting Roshone die). Releaser spren like seeing inside of things, which a surgeon frequently does. Brandon has said there will be a new dustbringer in the next book, and we have two scenes of Lirin released that will be in book 4. All very loose evidence, but I am really beginning to wonder. Thoughts?
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    Elend’s men had performed a near-unceasing vigil during the night, eyeing each of their neighbours with suspicion and keeping daggers underneath their pillows; another murder was anticipated. It was a tired and haggard force which therefore awoke the next day to the shocked realisation that the customary whittling of their number had not been effected; indeed, had not been attempted in the first place. Far from banishing the calls for collective action against a killer, however, such an occurrence only strengthened the resolve of the gutted inner circle which surrounded Elend Venture that one of their number should be held responsible for unmitigated treason against their leader, and the lack of a killing seemed to confirm the worst fears of a quieter group of advisors, which rose to protest the vocal role that Aname Plees had taken of late. What had before been seen as a necessary continuation of her influence in finding and subduing Vin had soured into suspicion that an elaborate ruse had been practised on them all. So it was that Ford Prefect, along with Snip and Abe, rose against Aname, seeking to quickly dispatch her before serious retaliation could be considered. However, as the day had grown long in the midst of the heated debate, the snowy owl with which Aname had a natural affinity woke from its long slumber in the dark recesses of the room, sensing the approach of night. Upon viewing danger to Aname, Heer Kilyal II sprang from his perch, alighting on Ford’s head and driving his claws into his skull. Abe sprinted towards Ford, attempting to rescue him or drive away the feathered ball of fluff which was beginning to crush Ford’s head in between its talons, but tripped and landed facefirst on the long, trailing carpet which spanned the length of the room, which Aname had kicked into his path hurriedly. Two coins fell from his pocket, landing on opposite sides, and Abe sensed...disappointment?...coming from the object. Meanwhile, Snip, standing nearby, reacted instinctively; his instincts as a Hazekiller, honed from decades of training, had him snatch a nearby spear and ram it through Aname as soon as the owl began attacking Ford. Spinning, he pointed the spear at the white-feathered creature, but it had already released Ford’s corpse, and appeared to be hopping around with a paper in its beak. Snip snatched it out of the dull bird’s mouth, and read it to the quieted room. “I, Jastes Lekal, hereby allow these four men: Ford Prefect, Senn Conrad III, ‘Zane the Mad,’ and Doma, to access any aid within Luthadel which they should require in the process of handing me the city. If you see this letter and obey me, keep silent at my command. I am coming soon.” Dropping the paper, he crumpled to the ground in front of Aname’s freshly killed corpse, in remorse and relief. The threat was over. Now to rebuild. Lumgol was lynched! She was a Elend’s Loyalist Tineye 2! Furamirionind was lynched! She was a Lekal’s Subordinate Rioter 2! Lum (2): Fura, Snip Fura (2): Coop, Lum All of Jastes Lekal’s men have been driven out of the city, and with Zane and Vin neutralised, Elend’s Loyalists have won the day. My apologies for a slightly rushed aftermath writeup. Joe is busy working on something very large; meanwhile, I’m in need of sleep, and the dead doc is distracting me. (Not that I’m complaining, it’s fun. ) A more complete writeup, along with a general reflection on how the game went, will be coming within the next few days. Until then, a few special thanks, and the doc links: First, to @Alvron for IMing, as well as @Elbereth who helped me make a few calls on balance and was generally wonderful to discuss the game with until real life prevented her from checking in as much. Both were fun spectators, and you can find our discussion here. Second, to my co-GM @A Joe in the Bush. His help was invaluable with writeups, and though work and busy-ness also took him out of the picture later in the game, he continued to pitch in where he could. He deserves all the upvotes you can find to give him. More importantly, however, he served as the Gatekeeper of the Dead, Kelsier, and the largest of the four secrets in the game. His role was mainly to be able to pass on short messages from the dead, and to troll and make people paranoid. He accomplished both wonderfully. You may access his realm, the realm of the dead, here. (Said realm also describes the final two secrets, Alv’s Carpet and Kelsier, for those interested.) Third, to the Mistborn. @_Stick_ and @Mailliw73 were both highly active and committed players, and though they were caught early, the silver-tongued speech of Maill and the ingenuity of Stick’s plans bought them a few extra turns. While they were ultimately unable to clinch victory, I thank them both for their dedication to the roles I gave them, and admire the guile they demonstrated in their use of actions, especially with Maill’s pet OreSeur. Here you may find their conversation. Fourth, to the Eliminators. As with the Mistborn, they were all active and driven, and made the most of their circumstances despite a few poor turns of fortune. Particularly, the work which @Steeldancer put into finding Zane, the stalling efforts of @Devotary of Spontaneity and @Rathmaskal which denied the Mistborn their victory, and the distancing and perseverance of @Furamirionind towards the end were a joy to watch unfold and brought the Subordinates to the cusp of victory. Their planning is every bit as good as the Mistborn’s, and I thank them for their consistent activity and dedication to the game, even when dead. Here is their doc. Finally, to the village, congratulations and thank you for playing. While I shan’t tag all of you, I ought to make note of @Araris Valerian for tolerating being the first person lynched (again...), @Elandera and @Lumgol for being active voices towards the end of the game after many of the more active villagers had died in the first few cycles, and @Cadmium Compounder and @Amanuensis for sticking with the game consistently despite IRL obligations cluttering up their time. To close off, I’d like to say that it’s my hope and pleasure as a GM to provide a fun game for all of you, and that it’s my wish that I followed through on that commitment here. Final Player List:
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    I hope this hasn't been done
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    That a Shard's ability to see the future depends on how well they understand their own investiture, how astute the vessel is, and the very nature of their investiture. So more dynamic or "hotter" investitures like Ruin would by default see more in the near future, whereas "colder" shards like Preservation would see better further. Moreover, as realmatic investiture is the substance of matter and energy, the means of this future sight is their own investiture - so Ruin's futuresight would focus on possibilities motivated by Ruinous investiture. This directly leads into why Endowment is less concerned - the Returned on Nalthis are beings entirely invested with her investiture, and they only ever feed on Breadths, which is still her investiture. This forms a net of much more accurate and detailed futuresight in her own domain. Everytime someone dies, she (or an automated mechanism) determines what would happen if that person would be brought back. They may have some high level goals in mind - for e.g. looking for a way to fight against Odium, or spread knowledge of awakening. If the person can potentially accomplish some of this, she brings them back. This is why the Five Scholars were all Returned - Shasharra's entire Returned existence was to study Nalthis' magic, get inspired by Rosharran magic and try and duplicate that - directly creating Nightblood. Once she had done this and told Vasher how to do so, she had served her purpose. Vasher, however, may not have fulfilled all his purposes yet. Similarly, Vivenna may also be slightly more invested with Endowment, if only because of her Returned lineage. Not only this, but Odium's own perception of himself as Passion may mean he has a slightly flawed futuresight. Fortune and Destiny are opposites - like pulling and pushing on the same spiritual attribute/force. Fortune makes less likely things more likely to occur, in a way increasing randomness, whereas Destiny acts like a pin or some sort of tack, "pinning" a certain set of events, making them more likely to occur, but at the cost of decreasing the chance of anything else happening. Destiny was how Preservation insured the roles of Vin and Sazed in his plan, whereas tapping Fortune is what burning Atium does - it doesn't show you just one most likely set of events. It shows you all the likely things that could happen. Maybe this is also how Hoid's Oath works - he taps Destiny, always insuring that events where his help was needed and he was there are the ones that occur in actuality. The Central Pillar in Uruthiru (the one which housed Re-Shephir) was originally meant to serve as housing for the Sibling. Every Godspren has a home - The Stormfather has the Highstorms, the Nightwatcher has The Valley. So maybe, the Sibling, as a younger Godspren, was fashioned specifically to power an extensive and complex fabriel - one that channeled all 10 surges in various ways to accomplish many functions at Uruthiru.
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    The Stranger looked into the eyes of his friend with a gaze that could shatter minds. The world around them seemed to fade for a moment, and time stood still. There they were, a man and a monster. The Stranger cold and alien, a detached shadow of the man he had once been. Voidus tired but hopeful, an image of the best and worst of humanity. Their limitations, and their capabilities. When did I start thinking of humanity as them? He dropped the lightweaving that he constantly maintained, and his form changed. His spikes were visible now. All of them. He was a mosaic of spikes, some large and intimidating, but many of them were needle thin. He looked down at his hands, at the innumerable small spikes running through them, forming an intricate pattern. The weight of them pulled him down with every movement, but he had always remained unbowed, unbroken. This was eons of sacrifice, of loss and triumph. He should feel nothing but pride for his unparalleled triumphs! But all he felt was cold. Standing in front of his only friend, he felt like he was a galaxy away. Voidus had held on to his humanity, could the Stranger say the same? Had he become exactly that: a stranger to the universe? "How do you do it?" He whispered softly. "How do you hold on to that which makes you human? I feel the pull of oceans of power, of the song of the stars and the screams of stolen souls. I am stretched and expanded beyond the ken of mortals. I have become the embodiment of the pursuit of Science. How to you regain that which I once lost? How do you do it, Voidus?" @Voidus
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    Voidus stared back at the Stranger, locking eyes with him with equal solemnity. He didn't answer immediately, waiting a moment for the weight of the suggestion to hang over both of them. The consequences of what they discussed would affect the entire world and everyone on it. Is that what I want? He pondered. To remake the world anew? It was what good scientists did wasn't it? Even when an experiment was a success you had to repeat it to be sure. And if it wasn't a success then you ran multiple trials, altered the variables and tried again. But was the entire world simply an experiment? In a way it certainly was, that had been their original goal after all. But time had let it change and grow. It had surprised him at times, disappointed him at others. But mostly it imply weighed down on him, an immense responsibility, one that constantly fought for its own destruction even as he sought to preserve it. To most people of the world he was either deified or vilified, sometimes both in equal measure. But for those few who did not, perhaps it was worth it. This experiment had brought many people flocking towards it from a dozen different worlds, creating a melting pot of culture, information exchange, invention. Could they remake it and still keep that? If they meticulously made things the way they wanted them to be then would the world be able to surprise them any more? "Our problem has almost never been whether or not we could do something." Voidus replied, his face seemed almost to age as he dropped any facade and allowed his weariness to how in expression and tone. "Our problem has always been whether or not we should do something." He glanced once more towards the Worldspike, giving a tired and nostalgic smile towards it. "I've thought about destroying it many times before." He continued. "When I was released and saw how everything had changed. Or when I was trapped here while an army marched on the city. When you left." He gave a soft sigh, dropping to the ground, leaning his back against the Worldspike and bringing one knee forward to rest his arms on. "I thought about it many times. But I never did." Part of it had always simply been his stubborn nature, a refusal to allow it all to fail, to admit that this experiment was flawed. Part out of camaraderie, he hadn't been the only one to create this after all and so one-sidedly destroying it didn't seem fitting. But there had always been another reason as well, something that had kept him focused on this world, dedicated to this unceasing experiment and his refusal to end it. As far as Voidus was aware it was one of the only secrets that even the Stranger didn't know.
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    I don't think so, but they also haven't merged the Oathbringer memes thread with this one, so... anyways, Skyward memes!
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    I was re-reading the first law of magic and when he tells about the panel at Worldcon I immediately thought of this
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    I made two different versions of this, because I wasn’t sure which one would be better. Or
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    Voidus looked up, a sad smile on his face as he stared back at the Stranger, at the multitude of spikes that were now visible, at the cold eyes, and at the man that lay beneath it all. They'd known each other for a long time, far longer than most people would be able to. They'd forged a new path for the denizens who followed after, conducted countless experiments throughout the years. But throughout it all they rarely talked of how they had changed, or of who they had been to begin with. When they'd met, both had already been changed by Hemalurgy. It had been a shared interest that inspired their interest in each other, but it also meant that neither of them knew what the other had been before making those changes to themselves. Since then they'd both trodden the same path, they'd both changed so far that most people didn't even consider them human anymore, not physically at least. But for all their similarities, they were still different. The path was the same so was it their origins that had caused them to arrive at different destinations? Voidus didn't know of the Stranger's ultimate origins, but he could speak to his own at least. If there was any place to talk about it, it would be here after all. "Family can cause a person to make strange decisions." He replied quietly. @Fatebreaker
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    Pip pip is now my new favourite thing to say And to that Final Countdown parody by Herowannabe, I say pip pip. If you all vote for me, I swear I will: Edit: Pip pip to the person who just went ahead and upvoted every Yomen rap I’ve done. You get a special shoutout
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    Wayne murdered her father when she was 2 years old. He does not deny his guilt. He was caught for this crime and sentenced to hang by a Roughs lawman, Jon Deadfinger. Lord Waxillium Ladrian intervened on his behalf, for reasons unknown. Was it because he was a rare and powerful Twinborn, like himself? How would you feel about this turn of events? Yes, he's been paying a weregild - half his earnings - to her family each month. It may have been a condition of his commuted sentence, a self-imposed one, or both. That's the very definition of blood money. It can earn Wayne's re-entrance into free society. It doesn't mean it buys forgiveness. Imagine her remembering not her father at age 2-1/2, but remembering deeply missing her father at age 3-1/2, with the evanotype image the only image to hold onto. Would money buy your forgiveness? Or simply acceptance of the bare minimum of justice? Wax and Wayne have since become legendary heroes of the Roughs. Even more so following Wax's return to Elendel, where she is attending University, after their vanquishing of the equally legendary Miles Hundredlives and foiling the Vanishers. And even Allriandre's friends at University speak of him in excited tones. "They say he rides with the Dawnshot!" It must feel like the world is ready to accept it as a good trade, her father's life for Wayne hooking up with Wax. Just look at what an awesome pair they make, and what they've done! And look, he's not some unfeeling monster, he makes payment, even coming in person! What was your father, anyway? An anonymous bookkeeper in a distant Roughs town? You wouldn't be studying at Elendel University except for Wayne's money, you know! I can easily see why she feels the need to force him to look at her father's picture. Because that's all she ever had of a man she only remembers missing. To make him say, "I killed a better man than me." Because to her, he did. No matter what the rest of the world says. And to tell him he will never be forgiven. Because he won't be, not by her.
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    We know very little about dustbringer personalities. We've got Malata, who is vaguely sinister but we really know nothing about and have barely seen her interact with others, though I believe Shallan expressed some distaste for her. And then we have the dustbringer quotes from the epigraphs: Honestly these quotes - particularly the first one - make the dustbringers seem like awesome people. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all of the thoughts Lirin would record for posterity would be about his family.
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    WHAT? Never! Not me. *kicks backpack away.
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    It seems like there's been a number of cases of this happening again, so just to reiterate: Please do not use intro threads as a platform purely to recruit people to the RP. If the entire goal of your post is simply to try to get someone into the RP then you shouldn't be posting it there. If you make a post genuinely welcoming someone and happen to mention the existence of RPs that's fine, but if your post comprises of 90% an attempt to recruit someone into the RP and just the word 'welcome' at the top of it then I'd say the motives there are pretty clearly not in line with what the intro threads are actually about.
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    I’m on the Keanu Reeves is awesome train, but the man is just too old to play a ~20 year old Why not just get an Asian actor to play him? A young Ken Watanabe or similar? There are plenty of young men in Korea, Japan, and China that can act and speak almost flawless English. Heck, there are loads of young men in the US that fit the bill. Then the casting would make more sense
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