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    In the WoK, Hoid tells the story of a group of people who committed horrible things under the orders of a king only to discover that that king had been dead for years, and that they were responsible for their horrible actions. The dead king is discovered in the passage below: “Derethil and his men came out of the tower a short time later, carrying a desiccated corpse in fine robes and jewelry. ‘This is your emperor?’ Derethil demanded. ‘We found him in the top room, alone.’ It appeared that the man had been dead for years, but nobody had dared enter his tower. They were too frightened of him." In the final chapter Dalinar finally realizes that the Almighty hadn't been talking in response to him, that he hadn't been following orders but had been misinterpreting the visions. He then learns that the Almighty is dead. The title of this final chapter? In the Top Room.
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    I’m apologizing in advance for this very long and very disorganized post. So…sorry! So, I really, really wanted the answer to this one and now I will spend the next three years trying to figure it out. So here we go. Much of Kaladin’s POVs in part 4, I feel, were teasing us about this ideal. I’ve compiled what I think is relevant information regarding the fourth ideal. Kaladin’s struggle throughout the whole book has been choosing a side when he feels like he should be protecting everyone, which reached its head when he froze in battle, unable to choose a side. His Flashbacks Speaking with Tukks about realizing that he could kill: His conversation with Tarah about needing to live for the living, not the dead: Holding Nalma’s hand as the slaves die around him: Summoning Windspren At the beginning, helping others get to shelter during the storm and defying the stormfather: On Honor’s Path, when he is thinking specifically about the oaths and what the fourth one will be: He also summons a single windspren when they approach the Thaylenah gate, as he is thinking about how he must get to the oath gate and save Dalinar: And interestingly, what Kaladin is thinking about as he tries to swear the oath is all the people he lost. So what does that mean? What do the dead have to do with swearing an ideal? Windrunner Gemstone And don’t forget the wind runner’s gemstone, who says he isn’t sure he can’t swear the fourth ideal. He asks something along the lines of shouldn’t I want to help people? Guesses I’ve been trying to think what makes sense with all this information, but would also be so difficult that Kaladin couldn’t do it. I originally thought it could be something about forgetting the past and living for the living, as Tarah suggests, but I couldn’t think of any useful oaths that would involve this. It could be, like the sky breaker third ideal, that he just has to choose a side and it’s up to him what he chooses. And Kaladin was unable to choose humans. While this really speaks to the struggle that Kaladin was having, it doesn’t really make sense that he would be thinking about all the people he lost, as this doesn’t really affect them or how Kaladin thinks of them. It could be something along the lines of “I will protect myself first so I can live to continue the fight.” This is something I feel Kaladin would really struggle with and does make sense as an oath. But it doesn’t really fit with his struggle, and it doesn’t really fit with thinking of the people he has lost. It does make sense with the Windrunner Gemstone. The one that I currently think is most likely. There’s a lot of conversations about leadership in this book and that’s been a popular theory before. All of the people he lost were people who died at the hands of an unjust leadership system. I think the oath may be something along the lines of not risking himself for individuals, but to think of the bigger picture. Doing the most good for the greatest amount of people, which may require sacrificing some individuals. Kaladin does tend to protect the small group of people he cares for rather than thinking on a bigger scale. I’m not sure how this really resolves the human/parshmen dilemma. And Kaladin seemed to be taking the whole lighteyes thing pretty well. But this does make sense as far as the Windrunner Gemstone goes.
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    I started this idea whilst mowing the lawn. Therefore, I will give my ideas on how the ten orders of the Knights Radiant would mow the lawn. Windrunners: Fly around being edgy and yelling stuff like: "I CLAIM THIS LAWN". Skybreakers: Go on a Crusade. Mow the lawn like a regular person. Dustbringers: Burn down the whole lawn. Edgedancers: Slide around the lawn and cut it down. Truthwatchers: Look into the future and see someone else mowing the lawn. . Tell said person to mow the lawn. Lightweavers: Make the lawn look like it was mowed. Elsecallers: Soulcast the top parts of the miniature sticks blades of grass into fire smoke. Willshapers: Make the lawn into liquid grass. Stonewards: I honestly don't know on this one. Bondsmiths: UNITE THEM! As in, the pieces to the lawnmower. Now I pass the torch to you people to think of how the ten orders would do other everyday things. -J
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    I'm inclined to say that it does have to do with triaging. If we accept that the windspren start showing up around Kaladin when he's getting close to the Fourth Ideal - The Second and Third Ideals are very inclusive - protecting those that can't protect themselves, and protecting everyone despite his dislike for them. However, this inclusiveness leads Kaladin to start questioning the potential conflicts of Ideals starting in WoR, and it comes to a head during the Kholinar Oathgate scene: And this results in everyone Kaladin was trying to protect here dying - in trying to save them all, he saves none of them. It's interesting to note that Kaladin seems to make an assumption that he has to kill people to protect here; I'm not sure if this is Kaladin's mistake or the writing, but he doesn't seem to consider potentially non-lethal solutions, e.g. lashings. Of course it probably would be a very short term solution if he couldn't get people to disengage, and he probably still wouldn't have been able to save everyone. It might also be representative that protecting people non-lethally is probably easier if you have Shardplate instead of just a Shardblade. So the Fourth Ideal is probably some kind of priority or exception handling so the Windrunner doesn't blue screen (so to speak) as Kaladin does here. That said, I think there are probably multiple variants that the Oaths will accept. We know that there's a lot of leeway in how the Oaths can be interpreted and accepted (even from the Skybreakers, who likely have the most stringent requirements on their Oaths), and among other things we see Dalinar apparently make up his own (while this is probably somewhat related to his powers as a Bondsmith, the Stormfather is surprised by Dalinar's Oath and what it lets him do - presumably the Stormfather already knows what a Bondsmith should be able to do). So it may be that Kaladin won't be able to accept the 'canon' version of the Oath and find a different way to do his triaging. The Oathgate scene shows that Kaladin has to find some kind of solution, even if it's not the seemingly callous solution the old Windrunners apparently ended up with. It's worth noting that the optimal solution to the problem with the Fused (though perhaps not Odium in general) is probably not to restore the Oathpact, but to convince the parshmen stop sacrificing themselves to them. Everyone is worried about the ability of the Fused to return, not realizing or knowing that they need willing volunteers to do so. I don't think simply choosing a side is the ultimate 'right' answer for Kaladin, even if he does need a way to make choices when necessary. Instead, I think his job will be to find a third option.
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    I think that the epigraph for chapter 86 gives a clue: It sounded like something that Kaladin would struggle with as well, and he then went on to not being able to say it. That made me wonder if it isn't something like, "I will let people protect themselves, if they are able" or something like that. It seems like Kaladin has a hang up about needing to protect everyone, including members of Bridge Four who were in the midst of learning to protect themselves. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that is right now that I finished the book, but it's what I thought when I read that epigraph.
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    This recently rediscovered image is believed to be from the final days of the false desolation. This “Full Set” is perhaps the final strike team to be issued out of Urithiru before its abandonment. Consisting of one representative from each order of Surgebinders they were tasked with pursing escaping Parsh and what was at the time believed to be the last remaining Thunderclast into the broken ruins of Stormseat. Tensions between the orders were already apparently high at the time of their sending, regardless no one save the Bondsmith ever returned, and no other record of what they found or experienced exists today. (scholars note: there are several spren, plants, and cremlings scattered throughout the background and margins, one wonders what other secrets may be hiding in this sketch.)
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    From the album the Set of Ten

    This recently rediscovered image is believed to be from the final days of the false desolation. This “Full Set” is perhaps the final strike team to be issued out of Urithiru before its abandonment. Consisting of one representative of each order of Surgebinders, the team was tasked with pursing escaping Parsh and even what was at the time believed to be the last Thunderclast into the broken ruins of Stormseat. Tensions between the orders were apparently already high at the time of their sending, regardless none save the Bondsmith ever returned, thus no other record of what they found or experienced exists today. (finders note: there are several spren, plants, and cremlings scattered throughout the background and margins, one wonders what other secrets may be hiding in this sketch.)
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    From Mraize's letter, we know: And then back in the prologue of Oathbringer, we have: So, the prologue meeting that Eshonai stumbles into appears to be a Sons of Honor meeting between Gavilar and Amaram and four others (one soldier, two fine ladies, and one old man in robes), where no guards were even at the door, presumably because they wanted a very secretive meeting where even guards were not allowed to listen in. My question is, who are the four others? Restares, perhaps Taravangian The old man in robes appears to be Restares. Amaram writes in a spanreed to Restares (WoR Page 1059), saying, "It has ever been our burden as the Sons of Honor." Amaram had also presumably consulted with Restares via spanreed when deciding slaughter his own men so that he could steal Kal's Shardblade: "Restares is right— this is what must be done. For the good of Alethkar.” (WoK, Page 703) Restares is only mentioned in three places over all three books: as one of three of Gavilar's suspects during his assassination (WoK prologue), when Amaram slaughters Kal's men (WoK), and when Amaram writes to Restares via spanreed (WoR). The Stormlight Archive Wiki states that Restares is an Alethi brightlord, but I'm not sure that we know this even though Amaram implies that Restares said the theft of the Shardblade was for the good of Alethkar. We never hear anything of Restares at all, which knowing Sanderson makes me suspect that Restares is a fake name given how often he gives other names to characters - Heralds like Darkness, Ash, Ahu, and Tezim or the five Scholars - to obfuscate their true identities. I wonder if Restares is not in fact Taravangian or some other old dude we know well. In Oathbringer (Page 242), Dalinar tells us that he had met Mr. T before "his strange illness five years ago." And then the strongest evidence that Taravangian is Restares and a Son of Honor is this quote from WoR: After Gavilar's death and access to the visions ended, Mr. T seeks the Nightwatcher, asking that he be the one to unite them, which led to the Diagram. I will leave all discussion of the Diagram to other wonderful threads, though it does seem that followers of the Diagram and Sons of Honor diverge a bit. However, keeping his position in the Sons of Honor (if he is Restares) would be a brilliant way to keep the information flowing from surviving allies there. Torol and Ialai Sadeas Torol Sadeas is undeniably close to Gavilar, willing to sacrifice his life for Gavilar's own during the assassination attempt and always 100% loyal to Gavilar despite the fact that, following Gavilar's death, he's tried his best to undermine and even kill Dalinar at every possible step. Why the difference? Apparently, Torol was privy to secrets about Gavilar's true, ruthless and Machiavellian nature - secrets of which Dalinar and Elohkar and even Jasnah apparently had no inkling. How is that possible? What secrets did he know? And wouldn't we peg Torol as Gavilar's closest and most trusted companion outside of family? Didn't Torol do all of the politicking with Gavilar when Dalinar refused? So to me, it makes enormous sense that Torol was a Son of Honor, sharing the same ruthlessness and Machiavellian approaches as Gavilar and Taravangian and Amaram. In fact, Meridas was likely recruited by Torol, as was Ialai. Just like House of Cards, Torol and Ialai are playing this game together, 100%. So my thoughts are that Torol actually dressed in his soldier attire for the signing of the treaty with the Parshendi (hence he and Amaram make the two soldiers), and Ialai is one of the two women in long dresses. So the other woman could be... Aesudan We see Gavilar pushing Jasnah into Amaram's arms. Obviously, Gavilar wants to keep the Sons in the family. And Aesudan tells El in OB that his father was ever so much better than he was: Aesudan knows of one (but perhaps not the other) of Gavilar's spheres, and she seems to have continued trapping more bad spren, going even a step further by bonding. But how was she privy to Gavilar's grand plans? How did she know of his father's work and his ancient (evil) spren? I'm thinking that was because she was one of the lady Sons. Yet again, we see the same ruthless, Machiavellian nature in Aesudan as we do in Gavilar, Amaram, Torol, Ialai, and Taravangian. They all fit beautifully together.
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    No. This is a meme thread. The memes must stay alive. So here are a bunch more of them I made in a burst of creative inspiration last night. I admit, I'm liking this new trending meme format (Stormlight): Basically Mistborn 1: How bout something a little sad (Oathbringer): Lopen is better than his fellow Radiants (Oathbringer): I haven't made Elantris memes yet, so here's one (technically not a canon conversation, but spoilers anyway): How about another Elantris meme (you can tell I'm enjoying this format): I can't help making Oathbringer memes: More Oathbringer crap: Here's a Words of Radiance one (poor highprincey boi): And how about one about us? I bring these to you now because of what I got myself into last night. Sponsored by (but not really sponsored by) Mematic.
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    Found this one online, don’t know if it’s been done before.
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    Hey, that seems a little... harsh. Forums are about discussion, as @SLNC correctly pointed out. This being said, not all of this thread seems super serious, so it's probably best for everyone's peace of mind to focus more on the posts we like and agree with and kind of shrug off the ones we think are too silly, too serious, or too wrong. The thing about the Internet that's both terrible and wonderful is that there are plenty of ways to ignore things you don't want in your life All this being said, you know who I want to see more of? Those old ardents who were doing measurements on spren. They were a cute elderly couple.
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    Okay, so you all know the song “Escape,” (or better known as “The Piña Colada song,”) by Rupert Holmes. If you don’t, here’s the link. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_WkR2Tv4dq4 Anyway, I decided to create a 17th Shard version of the chorus. ... “If you like reading ‘bout mishmash, using cookies for bait. If you’re not into Moash, if you think Stick is great. If you like making awesome fan art or a sweeping Mistcape. We’re the people you’ve looked for, come to us and escape.” I know it’s pretty silly, but it was fun to make. (Expect trying to find a word I could use rhyming with Moash ) Also, I could fit in Mistcloak, so I did cape instead. Stinking rhyming Credit also goes out to @ThaylenEyebrows for helping me come up with this.
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    For all those atla fans...
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    Hi! I've been a huge fan for a long time, but apparently no other college students feel the need to read books or, more specifically, Sanderson's books despite me basically shoving them down their throats. I've been on here a few times, but finally decided to make an account because you all seem fantastic and also I'm procrastinating homework. Oh I also recently (two days ago) started designing laptop stickers for the stormlight series (I have read all of his other series too tho don't worry) because I felt that Red Bubble and Etsy were severely lacking in Sanderson related stickers and it was tragic. Well anyway that is a lil about me and my existence!
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    Dalinar might as well change his glyph pair to DEAD and MAN. He's got every possible target in the world of literature on him. He's just achieved enlightenment and become the best possible version of himself. He's come to terms with his past and literally made peace with his demon. He's become so ridiculously personally powerful that he can single handedly turn the tide of a battle. He has married the one who got away. He has written his autobiography. He's also a Moses archetype, communing with the Almighty to lead his people, using miraculous powers. And that means he's not going to set foot in the Promised Land. We'll miss him, but if anybody was ever at the end of their arc, it's Dalinar.
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    How the ten orders rob a bank: Windrunners: Insists that everyone wear masks, bulletproof vest, and carry guns with blanks before going. Skybreakers: Is an undercover cop who busts his gang as soon as they enter the bank. Dustbringers: Brings rocket launchers, grenades, and assault rifles, robs the bank and then lights the money on fire. Lightweaver: Lightweaves themselves into a known billionaire and withdraws hundreds of millions before fleeing. Elsecaller: Soulcasts the back wall of the bank enters the vault Elsecalls away with as much money as they can get their hands on. Truthwatcher: Does not go to the bank that day. Willshapers: Wanders away from the rest of the team and ends up at a different bank on the other side of town. Bondsmith: Unites the best crews to create the ultimate team of thieves and gets away clean. Edgedancer: Remembers the banks that other forget and robs them with a team of misfits. Stoneward: Robs the same bank that got him put away before.
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    The ShardShop Welcome to ShardShop, the Cosmere's only store for all your shard-based needs. Come to our shop, situated just inside the pits of hathsin for reasonably priced shardblades (only one & a half kingdoms each) and hemalurgic spikes (we have Steel, Iron, Gold, and Atium options). Merchandise includes: ShardBlades & Plate ( 1.5 kingdoms each) Hemalurgic spikes (fifty extra boxings for pre invested) Steel (Fifty boxings) Iron (Fifty boxings) Gold (Seventy five boxings) Atium (Four hundred boxings) Hemalurgic spiked chicken monsters (at the owners own risk) Shin spiked chicken (free interworld shipping) Fabrials (without stormlight) Seons (for all your money + 5 boxings) Harmony's patented slideshow device (as seen in The bands of mourning) And much more!!! Come to the ShardShop today!* *At your own risk. We tried spiking a chasmfiend, and were not exactly sure where in the store it is.
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    Here’s a bunch of SA memes. Kaladin to Syl Taravangian Shallan and Jasnah Tien Syl
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    *Kills bean* *Laughs because he left and can't come back*
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    Hello everyone! I'm a college student (and recent recruit) and was searching on Red Bubble for some fun stormlight related stickers when I realized there were almost NONE. I thought to myself how is this possible when I know so many amazing artists and fans of the series exist??? I personally thought it was a great tragedy, especially since harry potter, percy jackson, and so many other series have an endless sticker treasure trove. So, I took it upon myself to create some new ones that I thought might be worthy of the series. However, I only started a few days ago (2 lol) so I don't have that many. -Thanks! Vivid2323
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    From the album Fallen

    So, this is AJ. He's shorter than I wanted him to be, but I really liked drawing him and I am very proud of the way his hands turned out. Hands are hard, as a lot of you might know.
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    YKYASW this necklace that your friend sent you looks like a Cryptic so you name it Ellipsis and pretend that it can hum to you.
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    The Knights Radiant: Go on vacation Windrunners: Run out of stormlight halfway over the atlantic. Skybreakers: Deal out some nice, relaxing JUSTICE. Dustbringers: Blow something up. Edgedancers: Start being "awesome" and close your eyes. When you hit something, you're at your destination. Truthwatchers: Look into the future to figure out where to go. Lightweavers: Lightweave paris inside their bedroom. Elsecallers: Go to shadesmar. Cause, why not? Willshapers: Visit every wonder of the world. Stonewards: Go to a quarry. Bondsmiths: UNITE THEM! As in, the population of some third world country.
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    Figured since I already started this topic today I'd just keep adding new ones I make since I doubt many other people will post on here and currently no one follows it so I wont bug anyone This one is bridge four's salute I thought it looked kinda bad chull, but I'm obviously biased haha. Plus none of my friends understand what any of my sticker creations mean since they haven't read the books so its nice to share with people who actually understand woohoo for community
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    During Lusk’s eloquent speech one of the DA scientists ran into the room with a newly created spike displayed prominently in his throat. Motioning to two other people, he steadied himself. The two assistants stood behind him steadying him. Then, on the count of three, he blew a raspberry so loud and powerful that the room shook. The sheer force of the raspberry blew him and his companions over backwards, slamming them into the back wall as if they had been hit with a semi. The volume of the raspberry caused him and his companions to go deaf, but it was alright. They were deaf in the name of SCIENCE! Upon the completion of the raspberry to end all raspberries, the DA contingent burst into applause and cheers, for science had been advanced by leaps and bounds today. In addition, several members of the public were looking pretty impressed by the raspberry.
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    "What's the most important soul a man can fake?" - Shai "What's the most important oathgate that's on stake?" - Dalinar "What's the most important line after this quake?" - Raoden "Who's the most magnificent bastard in this lake?" - Kelsier
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    What suggestions do you have for people struggling to soulcast the common stick?
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    From the album Mistborn Doodles

    I thought I’d try drawing the blue allomantic lines Inquisitors see. It’s just a normal room, but I think the blue lines make it look so cool.
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    *slowly turns swivel chair around to face Jasnah* *steeples fingers* "Have you heard of Hemalurgy? I think you might find it.. interesting." *cackles menacingly*
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    How the ten orders go on a run Windrunner: Refuses to leave the parking lot, in case there are any runners that need to be protected from the cars Skybreaker: Doesn't run on the crosswalk when the hand is red even though there aren't any cars within a mile Dustbringer: Purposefully runs out in the middle of traffic, hoping to cause a wreck (gives windrunner a heart attack every time it happens) Edgedancer: Runs Glides with the really slow people so they're not forgotten Truthwatcher: Doesn't go on a run, he foresees nothing but pain, agony, and shin-splints Lightweavers: Creates illusions of self running really fast by everyone else just to tick them off Elsecallers: Studies what the best form for running is Willshapers: Goes on all the different roads, and never runs on the same one Stonewards: Often wonders what running would be like, let alone moving Bondsmith: Tries to get everyone to run together, in a pack, but no one ever sticks together
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    I'm re-reading WoKs now. I just got to Chapter 12. It's when we are introduced to Dalinar. The title of the chapter? Unity Edit: I just finished the chapter when Kal is left out in the highstorm. At one point he notices I wonder if that's what gave Kal the inspiration for blocking the storm in OB, or if it was Brandon's way of foreshadowing that scene, or both.
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    Lift/Yanagawn just because it would be cute imo.
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    Lightsong: Windrunner--he died protecting those who could not protect themselves. Twice. Raoden: Bondsmith--he manages to unite Elantris under his rule and help them to overcome the Shaod. Kelsier: Dustbringer--agent of "divine" destruction.
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    So I found a picture online a long time ago and decided to get it tattooed upon me as I feel like the first ideal isnt just relevant in this universe but our own as well. Let me know what you think!
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    About to reply to loc, Laurelai was interrupted when the area erupted in chaos. A swarm of Mistbeavers appeared, seeming to attack some of the guests at the party, though strangely they also seemed to be completely ignoring others. But rather than stick around and find out which group she would be in, she began to run with the others who were fleeing the area. Only to have to stop suddenly as one of the Mistbeavers seemed to overtake them all and stare at them menacingly, spike in one hand, it looked them all over. It locked eyes with her and for an instant she felt sure that the next thing she would feel would be a metallic spike stabbing into her. Wait. Metallic spikes? These must be Hemalurgic. Hemalurgy, one of the only ways outside of Forging that one could alter the Spiritweb directly. It was a lot less clean than Forgery was, a lot easier to get wrong and more disastrous when it did go wrong. But it also allowed for stable and near-permanent changes to the spiritweb of a living creature. She hesitated. Just long enough that she saw a blur of silver flying in her direction, and then into the guest next to her. A young Ghostblood that had been near to her when the duel had started. The Mistbeaver then scurried away, seeking other prey. Voices echoed throughout the grounds, blaming each other, explaining the situation, and cursing by turns. But it seemed that simply telling these beavers that you didn't want to be spiked would be enough to stop them. I wonder if the reverse is true. She wasn't sure what had prompted the thought, but for some reason she couldn't quite shake it. There were accomplished Hemalurgists here, and if they were to be believed, accepting one of these spikes would allow them to join the Dark Alley, if ever there was an opportunity to find out who she was and how to change it, this was it. One of the beavers stopped nearby, checking on the collapsed body of the Ghostblood that had been spiked. It seemed to be double checking the pulse and administering a small surge of healing to help ensure he survived. "Excuse me." Laurelai asked tentatively. The beaver looked up at her, its round, brown eyes seemed to be kindly if one didn't see the small metal spikes in their pupils. "Would it be possible for me to have one of those too?" The beaver seemed to consider this for a moment, tilting its head and looking her over. Then it turned back, looking towards the man who had suddenly appeared and unleashed this chaos. It seemed to raise an eyebrow in question, and having seemed to receive an answer of some kind, looked again towards Laurelai. Faster than she could even see it closed the short distance between them, she felt a sudden sharp pain in one shoulder as a spike accurately pierced one of her bindpoints, she felt the sudden presence of something that wasn't her in her mind, in her soul itself. But suddenly, everything made a lot more sense. She was Laurelai, denizen of the Dark Alley.
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    Usually UPS, but sometimes Fedex and USPS. USPS is unreliable from my experience and costs the same. Also, could we get this thread back on topic? It's supposed to be about shipping...
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    Don't bring pineapples near Voidus. Don't bring pineapples into the alleys. Don't eat pineapples. Don't talk about pineapples. Actually just never do anything that involves pineapples, except possibly erasing them from existence.
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    What does Dr. Seuss use to wipe down his kitchen sink? Clorax wipes!
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    Lots of things about prison! I like them all! And, also, how the orders play MarioKart! Windrunner: tries to keep everyone happy at first, but after getting egged on by his spren quickly gets sucked into the competitive spirit. Skybreaker: gets annoyed by the fact that this is a video game, and automatically enforces the rules. Dustbringer: hits every item box possible and gleefully unloads his shells on both fellow competitors and computers. Edgedancer: plays manual drift and is the absolute master of it. Truthwatcher: makes more popcorn to watch this chaos. Lightweaver: Was in a desperate fight with the Willshaper for first, then Lightweaves their screen to include an extra turn to throw them off. Elsecaller: Has it down to a science, with the best character, best car, and automatic drift. They are continually frustrated by the fact they still can’t beat the Willshaper. Willshaper: is storming good at the game. Has explored every last map, knows all the shortcuts, and all the tricks to avoid shells. He uses a different car and character every time, and doesn’t fall for the lightweaver’s trick. Stoneward: stubbornly always uses Mario and the standard kart every single time. Bondsmith: refuses to play, just like monopoly.
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    The Second Ideal of Knights Paramedic. (sorry, bad joke)
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    It'll probably come to a head when he next sees Moash/Vyre (a person he will want to save but can't).
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    Vacuum/clean the floor... Windrunner-sticks all of the furniture to the walls and ceiling first then puts a reverse lashing on the vacuum to pull in the dirt (only it starts to pull in other stuff too) Skybreaker-reads the vacuum instruction manual then follows it to the letter. Dustbringer-blows up the house so the floor won't need to be vacuumed. Edgedancer-simply heals the floor to its clean spiritual ideal. Truthwatcher-foresees all the kids running across the floor in muddy shoes, so just leaves it as is. Lightweaver-Lightweaves a clean floor. Who has time for vacuuming anyway? Elscaller-Transports all the dirt into Shadesmar or Soulcasts it to air. Willshaper-the floor needs to be vacuumed? Stoneward-loosens the molecular bonds of the floorboards just enough to let the dirt fall through and then re-solidifies them. Bondsmith-helps the Windrunner stick the furniture to the walls and ceiling then fine tunes his lashings to pull only the dirt into the vacuum. Can some Knights Radiant come and clean my house please?
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    Without warning mist began to stream from under the door, flowing down the steps in a steady stream. It began pooling on the basement floor, slowly filling the room. The house, or what was left of it continued to shake and the low rumble increased in volume. It grew louder and louder, as if the sound was gaining momentum. Suddenly there was a clattering sound from the back of the room. Beads of glass began to fall on the floor at in a random pattern. The onlookers saw one of the wine barrels disappear in a pop, a glass marble falling in it's place. The rumble grew louder. Bricks in the walls of the cellar began puffing into mist now, even as various objects began turning into glass beads. The house shook with more and more violence, until it was impossible to remain standing. The rumble became a deafening ROAR. Finally the cellar door puffed into mist and the stream became a torrent, filling the room in but a second. The mist swirled as the roar became deafening and the house seemed to shake itself apart. Then it went totally still. The mists were motionless and the tremors had ceased. The moment seemed endless. Then there was a tearing sound. It was a horrible dissonance, as if reality was ripping itself in half. The room spun, and a a terribly human scream filled the air. The tremors resumed with a vengeance, flinging people around the room. Just when it felt like they couldn't take anymore there was a stupendous CRASH and then everything went black. ... It was still dark they they began to wake up. There was no way to tell how much time had passed, or how long the had been unconscious, but it was clear that the mist was gone. The objects in the cellar were no longer mist or beads, but they looked like they had been thrown violently around the room. Wine barrels were broken, bottles smashed, the contents spilled across the floor. The cellar door was closed, and there was no telling what lay beyond...
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    “Now listen here, rustheads!” Lusk yelled, standing up, to get the attention of the council. The Keepers and the Diagramists. Both allies of the Ghostbloods. And yet they were arguing. And both were talented in their chosen specialties, so Lusk would need both of them to come out of this unharmed. Ah, the subtle art of diplomacy. “You all have been fighting like children,” Lusk said, looking to the old lady. “Even you, believe it or not. You all stand here, discussing about guilds and forgetting the underlying facts. So let me, Council Member and Representative of the storming Ghostbloods, say what I have to. The only reason you haven’t gotten more from us today is because we’ve had children representing instead of someone who actually knows what they’re rusting doing.” He cracked his knuckles. “To the Black Crusade, I sincerely don’t dislike you. In fact, I think our goals align more often than you’d think. But forget about that, the points you’re bringing up now are - frankly - disappointing,” he looked to Keleth. “And you, you are an ally, and a good one at that, and I know how you feel about the Keepers. But you’re wrong. “The Keepers are pacifists. That doesn’t mean that non-pacifists are bad, hell, I’ve killed more than my share of people and I’m not stopping any time soon. But the fact of the matter is that asking them to go against their values, go against the thing they’re founded on, or to take away their great guild status is not acceptable, by means. You know what? Storms, I’m not going to be polite, it’s downright criminal. “As they’ve said, they’ve lived with the Yetis. They’ve lived with every single one of the threats on their shadows-cursed mountains and while I hate the cold, you can’t deny that violence isn’t needed to survive they live in.” He looked to the Black Crusade member. “Maybe if you’d taken a hint on how to interact with Yetis peacefully from the Keepers you wouldn’t have gotten your own members killed.” He looked to the Diagramists. “I like your laws, but oppose the idea of a census, because the verdict is already clear as a Kandra, the Keepers are a great guild and will remain so,” he looked at the Black Crusade member. “And about your little ‘revenge’ mission, what in all hell were you thinking? The Yetis are an animal on Keeper territory, you can’t just walk in on somebody else’s land, I don’t care if those animals are causing issues, you take it with the nation who owns that land, you do not, and I repeat, do not waltz in on someone’s land, killing their animals and then have the gall to cry wolf when the government takes action? “Revenge is good. I’ve taken my share of revenge, too. And I completely agree, maybe if Fortress Eternal had taken a little bit more time to figure out how to interact with the Yetis they lived next to they wouldn’t have attacked, and even if they did attack, I can respect your revenge mission. I really do. But when you fail, when you are killed for doing an illegal activity, you don’t coming crying to us now. Your revenge was respectable, but not legal, and so government actions by the Keepers can not be condemned for your failure.” Lusk paused, his demeanour not enraged nor over-emotional, but perfectly intense. Just like when he’d been a young man all those years ago. The memory was nostalgic, to say the least. But then again, this had what caused him to climb the ranks to Council Member. To this. @Ark1002 @Grey Knight @Vargo Seldon
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