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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Hello all, I`ve been planning to draw miss Shallan for some time now, but alas time is never on my side. I`m not sure now most of you imagined a cryptic, but I`ve always had this image of light bend in different shades in our world. I took some liberty with the design as every artist would, but still tried to be as faithful to the book as possible. Hope you enjoy my take on this red haired master of illusion.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As Always happens the minute I finish an image I think of a better way to do it. The battle with MM was incredible at least in my mind. I felt like the previous image didn't capture the hugeness of Re-Shephir enough and besides I wanted to make a few figures including Adolin in his Armor. LOved this scene from the moment I`ve read it! Finally it's done.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    My previous image was an unmade. But it's summer now and I was in the mood for something, a bit more sexy ^^ This my interpretation of Shalash or Ash, Herald of beauty. I've tryed to reveal just the right amount of skin and kept the white hair from the promotional image.
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    From the album Mistborn Art

    Nobody expected this Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KozenyukArt/?modal=admin_todo_tour
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    Small doodles. I'm not very comfortable with acrylic but I received some paints in a sketchbox subscription that a good friend gifted me, so I did both of these using tools from those. The first one is Vin in acrylic and the second is Adolin in watercolor pencil. (Had a very limited range of colors to work with on that one so I took some strong artistic liberties....)
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    I honestly started this one as a practice piece. Wanted to make something cloudy and huge and decided to make the Stormfather. No beard in this one I'm afraid or if there is one. It might resemble that of Ragnar Lodbrok, something small and vikingesk! :)
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    As the inaugural member to this group started by Kurkistan some time ago I thought that I should increase our recruiting, and to that end have decided to formally make it a group. Come to the dark alley. We have cookies. Denizens list - courtesy of Fatebreaker Voidus^: Original Denizen, Head of Sales Specialties: Sales and Research Traceria: First Victim Fatebreaker^: Head of Research and Advertising, Creator of the Slogan Specialties: Sales, Research, and Advertising MacThorstenson^: Head of Counterintelligence Specialties: Sales, Recruitment, Counterintelligence ZincAboutIt: Specialties: Spying Mail-mi^ Specialties: Sales and Research ElephantEarwax^ Specialties: Breath Experimentation Expert Killersquirrel59 Specialties: Hemalurgic Theorizing 18th Shard: Creator of the Disclaimer Specialties: Hemalurgic Compounding Researcher the Gleeman: Head of Shipping Redbird3000 Specialties: Zoohemalurgy Snoopy^/Kipper^ Specialties: Middle Manager of Public Relations, Head of Inter-Guild Commerce, Forgery/Hemalurgy Blademaster Ostrichofevil^ Specialties: Hemalurgy of non-Metallic magic systems FrodoUnderhill^ Slowswift^ Winter Cloud^ Specialties: Trans-species Hemalurgy, wolfkind translator and ambassador of the Pack of the Cosmere. Morzathoth^ Specialties: Eldritch Horror* and Researcher of Investiture of The Dark Alley! *Pending office cleaning Oversleep^ ChickenPlague Specialties: Mistwraith research team, vampiric-Lucentia connection discovery. iBambam Kaazi^ JerleShannara Specialties: Lerasium ThatTinyStrawMan Averyp1017 Secrets @kenod Specialties: Kandra research Endorsers Queens Elsa Steelheart, Ruler of Newcago Lord BreathTaker, ruler of the Raven Throne Honorary(non-active) Members: King of Nowhere Kadorok Swimmingly SmurfAquamarineBodies Quitecontrary ' ^ ' denotes those who have made, sales. Active members must either sell at the intro thread, or contribute more than one post to the science of Hemalurgy. Regarding intro thread posts please refer to this topic for some guides on what is appropriate: Let me know of mistakes, omissions, and updates. Applications are always welcome. The Dark Alley Because upstanding moral citizens are about as interesting as furniture, and half as obligingly useful.
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    Hey guys! Been on vacation for a week. Two amazing meme ideas came to me along the way. Mistborn era 1 spoilers: The four rules for any cosmere character to remember when doing anything.
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    Sorry but I just couldn't get the kid image out of my mind The actual prompt comes from Warbreaker chapter 5: So there Another reason to hype about the rest Stormlight books:
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    Nobody expects the Shard of Inquisition!
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    Stick shouldn’t be as popular as it is. IT’S A STORMING STICK! I mean really, that stick probably got blown away by a highstorm or is floating in the middle of the ocean.
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    From the album Mistborn Doodles

    Okay, I know I can’t draw people, but has anyone ever wondered...?
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    You guys!!! I made the tenth pancake!!! They are fluffy chocolate pancakes doused in more chocolate worthy of no mortal! (Except me, of course, but I am no ordinary mortal) I also made chouta, but it tasted... well... probably how Kaladin imagined it. I mean, it's not deep fried, it's just meatballs, gravy, and naan bread... I had high hopes, but this one has disappointed me. At least It looks nice... I guess...
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    I’ve been ghosting this forum for a while, but this thread seemed momentous enough to be warrant commenting upon publicly. I’ll preface my remarks by saying that one of my life philosophies is to avoid shooting down harmless ideas/activities if enough people are excited about them. I think this is a viable proposal. We have several technologically competent people among us, which is great. (Someone's got to keep an eye on Voidus to stop him from using a .au ccTLD, right?) If we chose to do this, I have confidence that a decent product could be created and maintained. So, since I believe this can be done, the million-dollar question becomes should it be done? The two main supporting arguments I’ve seen mentioned so far are that a new website would provide additional space and customizability. Others have mentioned additional features that they think would be beneficial, all of which I think are interesting ideas. Other pros include: Independence. The site could be freed from the Shard’s restrictions (posting and spoiler rules, for example), Sanderson focus, hierarchy (we could appoint our own mods), and limitations on growth (as presently only Sharders can participate in the Alleyverse). Additionally, as the site would exclusively focus on the RP, the distractions of the Shard would be hidden. Increased participation: For a brief period, during our initial ‘we’ve got a website!!!!!’ public celebration phase, I expect we’ll see a modest increase in participation as people’s curiosities are piqued. A similar phenomenon occurs during era changes. Conversely, there are cons are well: Cost: Beyond money, running a website is also a significant time commitment. Participation barrier: Our potential lack of visibility (if we can’t advertise in intro threads and our threads stop showing up on the Recent sidebars) and requirement that another account be created may discourage people from joining. Additionally, those people who are involved in multiple RPs, and traditionally sift through all of their messages and notifications at once, may find it inconvenient to have to log into a separate account to see Alleyverse ones. Furthermore, once we’re out of sight, if we become inactive, it is less likely that enough people will notice us and attempt to revive the community. Small guild discouragement. Many small guilds start out in PMs. If we don’t have them, we will have to either encourage people to create guilds publicly or give everyone who asks a subforum and rank to get started in, even if they, for example, only have two members. Given the amount of start-up failures, that could get out of hand quickly. Established guilds could operate as usual, but it would be hard to make new ones. On this subject, the decisions about who gets a subforum, who gets ranks, and who is a guild’s leader (leadership challenges happen) are going to be contentious. When I was jotting down ideas about what having a website would mean for the RP, a few general implications jumped out. These aren’t pros or cons per se, more like general things to consider. Potential attitude shift: The Shard has two main ways of regulating behaviour. Firstly, we have an upvote system in place to encourage quality posting. Frankly, I’m not sure how effective it is now that you can’t downvote someone, so I don’t mind if the new site doesn’t have one. The more important thing is the threat of consequences. The reporting system is in place to give people a way to complain about activity, and the mods are there to administer punishment if there’s a problem. On the new site, that threat would be lesser. Instead of risking banishment from the entire Shard, you only risk being blocked from the Alleyverse RP. It could embolden people to be cockier. Identity confusion: The Shard is very strict about its ‘one account per person’ rule. The admins have the ability to check users’ locations to ensure honesty. If the new site didn’t have that, people could be tempted to make multiple accounts. Beyond intentional mischief, confusion could be accidentally created if people do not make their Shard and Alleyverse usernames match. Identity theft could then occur. To avoid this, I would like some form of user verification process and restrictions on name changes. Administration changes: Currently, our mini-mod team is very limited in what it can do. They can’t look in PMs, look at personal information, or get report notifications. Voidus has more capabilities, and I trust him to use them with discretion. But he’s only one man, and he lives in a poison-filled desert. If the site were set up so that he’s the sole administrator, we risk stagnation the next time he is hospitalized by a spider bite. If we gave increased authority to the mini-mods to run the site, we increase the amount of responsibilities they have. It’s a delicate balance to strike, one that’s important to get right because the buck would stop at them, unless other members of the Shard admin team sign on to this venture. Altered relationship with the Shard: I think that the ideal relationship would be one like the Mistborn RPG has. I haven’t spent a lot of time over there, but from what I understand, it runs like an extension of the Shard, with the same rules and leaders. But once we’re independent, the way we operate could change. That then begs questions about whether advertising our RP is allowed, but that’s up to the overlords to discuss. Subforum relabelling: I expect that if we chose to migrate, this subforum would be wither hidden or moved to the Inactive zone. This would obviously decrease our visibility. Another implication is that the setup would be different (obviously). This could mean that some features that are currently accessible to us would be unavailable. If we got a new website, there are some features that I would really like to have, so, as Kidpen put it, the change isn’t a downgrade. My Wishlist: Notifications: I would like some way to follow specific threads, so I can focus on only the areas I’m involved in and can be alerted of new activity. Private messaging capability: I would be fine with having public chat forums protected by a rank system, but I have enough short, direct conversations with people both in and out of my guild that I would miss PMs if we didn’t have them. I don’t want limitations on my ability to directly talk to members of other guilds if I want to. If this is a deal breaker, I’m fine with using Discord as a substitute, but PMs are preferred. Swear filter: One like the Shard’s would help keep the site family friendly. Threads: We need the standard suite of subforums and threads in order to operate. Users need to be able to post text and images. The usual stuff. Rules: For legal reasons, a disclaimer needs to be acknowledged by new users. Also, the expectations for behaviour need to be clearly stated. A Gallery and Character Database: These would be nice to have, if possible. I’m picturing something like our wiki. It’s got to be pretty: If the site isn’t visually appealing and easy to read, I will complain. Loudly. Don’t tell Chaos, but I don’t like the Mistborn RPG colour scheme. It’s too dark and gloomy. I know that that’s basically a list of features the Shard has. That’s because I like our current situation. Personally, I’m content with what we’ve got. However, I recognize that there are other options out there, and I’m open to hearing about them. I’m squarely in the ‘it depends what features it has’ camp; I’ll withhold judgement until I see what features Voidus proposes. But, to quote Mac, ‘if we wanted to make ourselves a forum, [and it] ended up literally being the same thing as this but under a different domain name, then I [will] not support it.’ However, even if we don’t choose to move to a new website, we can still benefit from this brainstorming session. People are making good suggestions. Some of them could be modified and implemented here. That’s something to keep in mind while you read through these posts. Thanks for your time.
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    For all those atla fans...
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    Ok, my confusion has utterly peaked about CadCom. What the heck is he talking about? Edit: And of course, I made the mistake of posting with this account, beginning the rush of endless upvotes Upvote sadists.
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    How the ten orders get arrested: Windrunner: Tries to “save” someone from getting injured on a hike, so they kidnap them to prevent them from going on the hike in the first place. Skybreaker: Arrests themselves for accidentally littering. Edgedancer: Steals from the rich to give to the poor (read: forgotten). Elsecaller: Gets arrested for conducting illegal experiments on random passerby. Truthwatcher: Somehow manages to wander into a top secret government facility. Willshaper: Tries new “experiences” like robbing a bank and random heists. Stoneward: Was just standing in the middle of a construction site and would not move. Didn’t say anything, just stood there. Birds even landed on them. Dustbringer: Has committed practically every single crime. Especially arson. Their most recent one was blowing up random buildings. Lightweaver: Gets arrested for impersonating the president. No one knows how long they were doing it or where the real president actually is. Bondsmith: Tries to take over the world so he can “unite” all of the countries together.
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    So it is good to know that this concern is being considered properly and I am very grateful to you @Mestiv for moving this post. I would like to say I agree with @Dreamstorm's post almost entirely, and whilst the criticisms may not reflect the actual nature of things they do show how the system can be perceived, particularly if you feel like you are member of those with "fringe" theories and beliefs. Perception is important when it comes to discipline. So I agree, but I do have a question. When a post is dismissive in a way that could be perceived as aggressive (passive-aggressive?) should that be reported? I ask because in my opinion, much of the problem here, and elsewhere is when people feel dismissed by "older" members and then lash out in anger - indeed, I'm pretty sure this is exactly what happened in the thread this was originally posted in. If not, it has certainly happened elsewhere. That doesn't excuse lashing out, but frankly, the dismissive comments whilst often as hurtful as insults (neglect is as harmful as abuse after all) do not get moderated the way abuse does. If there isn't a direct insult it just gets left. I think that is a problem. Additionally, how do we deal with it? I mean, someone might sound dismissive without meaning to - it is easier than to insult without meaning to. They might get reported even though it was just that they were on their phone, got interrupted mid post and posted without thinking it through completely. Its a reasonable scenario to imagine as I am sure many of us have done just that! On top of that, the liking system adds additional factors here. For example, a dismissive post that states "mainstream" opinions will often get a lot of likes because the majority of readers will hold the same opinion,. It doesn't matter whether they agree with the dismissal or not, it validates that person and also undermines the person they were originally commenting to because it simply proves how many members of the community disagree with them, as well as reinforces the idea of being dismissed by the community as a whole. This is worsened even further when a popular post is then flagged. Honestly, other than for stroking our own egos, what does the liking system even add? Well I know I've certainly decided not to post in certain threads because there is just no point - my opinions will just be dismissed as irrelevant. It's more insidious than cencorship - it is self-censorship because the majority will drown you out and dismiss you so why bother posting in the first place? On top of that, defence of your opinions tends to get you shouted at by mods (although usually because defence tends to get heated - and people do need to watch how they behave so mod input is usually necessary).... but you don't need to defend those opinions if you hold the majority view, only if you have minority ideas.
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    My 3rd grade son came home from school proclaiming that he had to make a shoebox diorama by tomorrow. The assignment is to make a diorama of a scene from a favorite book using Peeps. My boys are obsessed with the Reckoners, and so this is the result: the prologue of Steelheart with Peeps. We now challenge you to recreate your favorite Sanderson scene using Peeps and/or other candy.
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    How the orders play Monopoly: Windrunners: Play by the rules at first, but gets exasperated quickly. Discovers covert Adhesion can be used to rig dice. Skybreakers: Has read the rules many times, keeps the pamphlet of rules close on hand, and Harmony help the one who suggests "House rules" (I know Harmony is on a different planet, but we're running low on benevolent Shards on Roshar). Begs the Windrunner to use Adhesion on pieces in Jail. Dustbringers: Tries to singe 0's on the end of the money to make it seem they have more than they do. Nobody believes them. They also rack up the prices on auctions. Some men just want to watch the world burn... Edgedancers: Somehow, their piece always slides past Jail. Truthwatchers: They decided not to play. However, they did make popcorn to watch the chaos. Lightweavers: Taking notes from the Dustbringers, they have Lightwoven money. Not making the money worth more, they just make some players seem more successful than they are. This leads to overconfidence, and, occasionally, people ganging up on the victim. Elsecallers: They win the game. Every time. The rest have started planning games around when they are gone. Willshapers: They are not good at the game, but they do enjoy picking a new piece each time. This irritates everyone who has their own piece. As an offering to the Willshaper, the rest have made a custom Monopoly piece for them to stop the thievery. Stonewards: They will not give up Park Place. They will die on that hill, and die they do. Every. Time. Bondsmiths: Monopoly by nature drives men apart. As does Uno and MarioKart. They do not play any of these.
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    How Phineas and Ferb created a type IV biochromatic entity: “I jump, therefore I am.”
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    What suggestions do you have for people struggling to soulcast the common stick?
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    Holy crap. I'll bet an emerald broam that Kaladin's going to swear the 4th ideal and leave Lirin to die in order to get Oroden out of there.
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    The ten orders on a flight: The Windrunner listens attentively to the flight crew's safety instructions and spends the flight studying the safety card. In the case of unexpected loss of cabin pressure they would help others first. The Skybreaker tells other people to take out their headphones and listen to the crew's instructions. Gets annoyed at the Willshaper for running up and down the aisle. The Dustbringer is the kid behind you kicking your seat. The Edgedancer switches seats with the Truthwatcher because they asked nicely. They also give the Dustbringer a toy to make them calm down. The Willshaper ignores the seat belt sign and sneaks back to where the crew keeps the snacks and drinks. They spend the rest of the flight looking out the window happily munching on pretzels and drinking dangerous amounts of ginger ale. The Truthwatcher foresaw they would sit in front of the Dustbringer, so they asked the Edgedancer to change seats with them. But they can't get any shuteye because now they're in the seat next to the Willshaper and wake up every time they have to get up to pee from drinking too much ginger ale. The Lightweaver gets up to shenanigans impersonating the pilot and copilot, walking around during the flight casually asking who's flying the plane right now. The Skybreaker is not amused. The Elsecaller is only on the flight to conduct research on human behaviour in confined spaces over longer periods of time. When they get bored they think of ways of improving the plane's design. The Stoneward puts on Avatar, immediately falls asleep, and doesn't wake up until the plane has landed. The Bondsmith is scared of flying and can't wait for the pilot to unite the plane with the ground again. Bonus round for what some of the spren are up to: The Honorspren turns into a tiny plane and zips around the cabin sticking people's plastic cups to their tray tables. The Cultivationspren thinks about the beautiful garden they could grow out of all the luggage on board. The Cryptic humms happily when they realize the airline lied about extra leg room. They then hide in the bathroom and observe human behaviour. They yell "No Mating!" when a couple tries to join the mile high club. The Stormfather grumbles about it not being right that everyone is flying these days.
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    *slowly turns swivel chair around to face Jasnah* *steeples fingers* "Have you heard of Hemalurgy? I think you might find it.. interesting." *cackles menacingly*
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    WoK was the first Sanderson book I read, and until I was more than halfway through it I was convinced that humans had originally crash-landed on Roshar and that the Spren and Shardblades were scattered nanotech designed to react to human thoughts
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    I read the stormlight books before I found out Brandon is a devout mormon and at first it was really disappointing but after thinking about it for a year I've realized that it must be why he can write so much. I mean if I couldn't drink or smoke id have to have a lot more hobbies. I also was worried that Brandons mormonism would somehow show up in his writing but after reading all released cosmere works (still haven't finished Elantris though its so slow) I've realized that the religions are some of my favorite parts of his books and they're all so varied and imaginative yet believable. also on rereading WOK I came across a scene where Jasnah talks about her atheism and It was almost exactly how I personally feel, so shouts out to brandaddy for really taking the time to understand lots of viewpoints and writing the best books ever
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    How the ten orders go on a run Windrunner: Refuses to leave the parking lot, in case there are any runners that need to be protected from the cars Skybreaker: Doesn't run on the crosswalk when the hand is red even though there aren't any cars within a mile Dustbringer: Purposefully runs out in the middle of traffic, hoping to cause a wreck (gives windrunner a heart attack every time it happens) Edgedancer: Runs Glides with the really slow people so they're not forgotten Truthwatcher: Doesn't go on a run, he foresees nothing but pain, agony, and shin-splints Lightweavers: Creates illusions of self running really fast by everyone else just to tick them off Elsecallers: Studies what the best form for running is Willshapers: Goes on all the different roads, and never runs on the same one Stonewards: Often wonders what running would be like, let alone moving Bondsmith: Tries to get everyone to run together, in a pack, but no one ever sticks together
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    How the ten orders act in prison Windrunner: Makes sure that all others are well cared for and tries to get them parole. Skybreaker: Memorizes all prison rules and would have been the first to receive parole but he keeps pointing out flaws in the management system and giving the gaurds infractions. Edgedancer: Is in charge of the nightly prisson party that they invite all of the new prisoners to. No one knows how they get the booze. Elsecaller: Spends a week locked in solitary with law books then gets out of prison on a technicality. Truthwachter: No one seems to remember what they are in prison for or why they are still here but they give great advice on prison life if you can get them talking Willshaper: Got arrested specifically so that they can experience prisson. Dutifully takes notes on everything the Truthwatcher says. Stonward: Is a model prisoner as he just stays were he is put. Eventually they put him on house arrest because moving him is too much trouble. Dustbringer: Is currently on his 7th Jailbreak the evidence of the last 5 are still visible in the newly patched walls Lightweaver: Are they still in prison? No one knows for sure but I think I saw them at mealtime. Bondsmith: Treis to unite the prison guards with the prisoners and form a collective prison identity.
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    From the album Bored Doodles

    A sketch of the moon Mishim rising over Tsa’s towers in Wit’s story.
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    because anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy
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    The camp groggily got to their feet, while the snowstorm started to intensify. Boots trampled the frozen grass, as the soldiers attempted to understand their situation. One of their own had been murdered. Logmul had passed out after seeing the body, and the early risers were helping her to her feet. The snow had thankfully put out the barracks fire, but the damage was done. Acid had leaked onto most of the camp’s chalk supply, leaving them with pitiful resources. The platoon considered marching back to headquarters, but the storm put a damper on that plan. Already snow was beginning to accumulate on the ground. They huddled together trying to keep warm. No one could deny that there was a murderer among them, and suspicions began to run rampant. It wouldn’t be long before someone died next. Camp Supply: Welcome to the game. Please note that I have changed the Thief's win condition to obtaining four unique items to better accommodate for the amount of players. This cycle will end on Saturday April 6th, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Here's a timer Player List:
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    Wait, the kids or the books?
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    Hello there 17th Shard! I am here. :-)
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    *sucks in a very large breath* Granted. Suddenly, an evil waffle monster appears behind you in a cloud of purple smoke. As you look into its red, gleaming, sparkling, thundering, evil, scary eyes you feel sad, fearful, anxious, afraid, disturbed, and hungry. You forgot to eat your lunch, but you were planning on having 22 rolls of sushi containing salmon, rice, and seaweed. You had bought them at your local supermarket for $8. It is covered in glistening light brown (not dark brown) syrup that slowly drips onto the floor, pooling into a puddle of deliciousness. It is very sticky, and some of it gets into your shoe. That is rather annoying, although not the greatest of your worries at the moment. Your sock makes a squishing noise as you take a step backwards. It has exactly 4017.2 squares. It is 1056.01 feet tall, and 174.06 feet wide. In its hands it holds the evil pancake sword of pancakeia, forged in the mountains of butter by an angry elf with a blister on his right big toe named joe the 3rd. Joe was normally a janitor, but the normal blacksmith had caught a cold and stayed home that day. While at home, he coughed exactly 32 times. Joe also had a cat named Goose that may or may not have swallowed an eternity stone. The sword is made up of alternating layers of butter, syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, pancakes, raw batter, waffles, and chocolate. As it brings up its sword for a killing strike, the last thing you see is a weird mold growing on a nearby wall that is a mixture of neon and forest green. I wish for Awesomeness.
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    message received. Makes sense. Also, I hate decoding things.
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    1. Shallan's (all right, Veil's) feelings for Kaladin magically vanish after the first wedding night. If there will be no single sign of them in the whole book - I'm done with SA. 2. Adolin and Shallan having happy sunshine and rainbows marriage because she made her choice and deal with it. 3. No consequences of Sadeas's murder. Radiant Adolin (normal Radiant, I can see the possibility of his Radiance to work out right for me, but no way he can be like second Lift, only Adolin). 4. No love for Kaladin. And not Tarah, please. She is lovely, just not his level. 5. I WANT MORE RYSN POVS PLEASE!
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    Greetings! I did a sketch. I was thinking the other day what Mistborn Era 3 might end up being like, and then it hit me: Allomancy-powered skateboarding. I'm still practicing as an artist, so yeah, I apologize for the sketch itself not being of the greatest quality. If anyone wants to give me a scathing critique, I be all ears. Oh, and credit to SenshiStock for the pose: https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock/art/Test-Shot-Aug-2012-Shoot-318955463. I'd be lost without her.
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    Rag Domi! Hrugath Ja! On that note, how does Shallan (OB p1-4) fix a run on sentence?
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    How the 10 orders celebrate parole: Windrunner: Ensures that all weapons are taken before the party starts to keep their friends safe. Skybreaker: Throws a party that abides by every rule of their parole including some that their P.O. have not heard of. Edgedancer: Invites many of the ex cons that society has forgotten. Elsecaller: Celebrates by teaching some wrongfully accused friends how to draft an appeal. Truthwatcher: Goes to the track with friends and picks all of the winning horses. Willshaper: Misses the party because they got sidetracked by a crime in progress. Stoneward: Invites some family for the same type of party they had thrown before going to jail. Dustbringer: Gets rearrested for the same crime. Lightweaver: Throws a costume party. Bondsmith: reconciles the two fighting factions that developed when they got put away.
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    This is just not the way it works. Soldiers question orders. Many who don't are haunted by the things they do. A "simple soldier" still has to deal with the moral and psychological ramifications of what they've done. Stormlight spoilers Military training to distance yourself from the emotions involved in killing a person is literally trying to turn someone into a functional sociopath so that they don't question, and don't deal with the aftermath. Which is exactly the way Kelsier functions. It's been my point the entire time. Edit: normal human psychology does not allow someone to simply shut of their empathy. That has to either be something you are born with. Or something that is conditioned into you. Regardless of which method achieved this is how Kel works. Add in the ego, the manipulation (even towards those who he does manage to feel empathy for) the complete lack of guilt in any situation, replaced by shame in some situations... He is a Sociopath. He is a very well done depiction of a realistic sociopath. Which is so storming rare in media, and callous disregard for human life so often depicted as "heroic," I'm not surprised it's so adamantly rejected by so many.
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    corrected and updated Timeline I'm working on: 1. Singers lived peacefully on Roshar with spren and Highstorms. Fabrial's could have existed and be in use. 2. Humans lived on Ashyn and based on what we know of the Silence Divine they had a virus/bacteria based Investiture that granted powers. (it wasn't always planned to be that type of magic) 3. Honor and Cultivation are on Roshar. 4. Odium was traveling the Cosmere Splintering shards starting with Ambition whome he wounded and chased after then took out Devotion and Dominion. (he could have ended up on Ashyn and pushed them along to destroy the planet, but we dont know if a shard was there or not and I dont see Odium needing to destroy a planet that doesnt have a shard there already) 5. the humans from Ashyn destroyed the planet using what we are calling the Dawnshards or a form of Surgebinding. (could just be using known words to refer to a lost magic system) 6. the Humans were transferred from the destroyed planet to Roshar using a not fully explained process that Brandon is still working on the mechanics of. 7. the gods (Honor and Cultivation) told the Singers to allow the humans to live in Roshar and the Singers granted them the land now know as Shinovar. 8. we know many of the Heralds were alive on Ashyn and they were still alive when the first desolation started. 9. Odium Invested some of the Singers to become the fused making the war un-winnable for the Humans/Voidbringers as they could essentially possess new bodies and continue fighting. Plus Thunderclasts would be difficult to defeat pre-shardblades 10. Honor Created the Honorblades (and thus the Stormlight Surges we know today that are used by the Heralds and proto-knights Radiant. Referring to the 10 pairings of powers and insuffion of Stormlight directly) and the Heralds and the Oathpact is forged. (unsure if the Honorblades were made for the first desolation or after they broke pact the first time. I think before) 11. The fused are bound to Braize by the Heralds and Odium is also bound partially by the Oathpact but largely from Honor directly. (I think Odium being invested in the fused being a part of the reason) 12. The Oathpact doesn't hold forever as Heralds give in to the torture and the loophole in the Oathpact allows the heralds to leave thus freeing the Fused to to the same. However once the Fused are killed again the Heralds can take up the Oathpact again and the cycle of Desolations continue. the line defining sides and who is now called the voidbringers are blurred 13. during the Desolations the Fused learn how to use voidbinding to combat the Herald's use of Surges and the first non-herald humans starting bonding True Spren who mimicked the Honorblade's use of Surges to help in the fight. 14. the Knights Radiant were formally organized by Ishar and the Heralds became the begrudging patrons for the 10 orders. 15. the Knight Radiant would discover the truth that the humans were the invaders and the Singers were the Original inhabitants and fear their powers could destroy Roshar just like their Ancestors destroyed Ashyn, but Honor would console them and encourage them thus keeping them in line. 16. Honer getting weaker and starts dying. This is likely due to Odium attacking Honor or the Oathpact being broken so much. Probably both. 17. the "Final" Desolation occurs were the 9 Heralds who miraculously survived this time decide leave Taln to suffer alone for 4000+ years since he was the only one of them to never break once. 18. the False desolation happens were Odium and Taln were still sealed on Braize, but Ba-Ado-Mishram started providing voidlight and forms of power to the Singers before being sealed by a strike team of Radiants. 19. the Day of Recreance happens once the Knights Radiant once again discover the truth of their alien origins, but Honor is raving mad instead of helping them understand or reassuring them. 20. Honor creates the Visions and charges the Stormfather to grant them to someone worthy and then fully dies.
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    When these roles inevitably bicker and fight over who gets to decide on what in cases of overlap, the authority would go to the king. The. King would have to act as both mediator between the princedoms and ultimate end authority. It doesn't sound like a puppet position to me at all. It sounds like a perpetual headache.
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    boo, If alv is a spammer, we should keep it as a pet. It'll be our SE mascot, the little Alvbot.
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    The orders making cookies: Elsecaller: Takes a poll of everyone’s favorite kind of cookie, then goes shopping and makes sure they have all the right ingredients. Willshaper: Doesn’t pay attention to the recipe and tries to add what they think would taste good. Skybreaker: Follows recipe exactly and gets annoyed at Willshaper then banishes her from the kitchen after she tries to add hot sauce. Stoneward: Insists on using a family recipe of his and sides with Skybreaker on stopping Willshaper. Lightweaver: Tries to aid Willshaper by lightweaving them to look like normal ingredients. Dustbringer: Is constantly sneaking dough from the bowl and turns the oven up high. (She likes her cookies crispy) Windrunner: Protects the dough from Dustbringer and turns the oven down. Makes sure everyone washed their hands befor starting. Edgedancer: Remembers all the ingredients they forgot to add including an extra half cup of chocolate chips she swears was in the original recipe. Truthwatcher: Foresees Edgedancer and changed the recipe so it calls for a half cup less chocolate chips. Bondsmith: Oversees everything and makes sure it all runs smoothly. (As much as can be expected)
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    Guys, I think it's pretty obvious that the greatest Shard is Serenity (Battle of Serenity Falls, anyone?). That is, actually, my headcanon of how Odium is going to be defeated. "So how're we going to take down Odium?" "I dunno. What's the opposite of Odium?" "Serenity." "Oh my grizzlies, have you seen the mov--" "That's beside the point, Adolin."
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    I'm still solidly on team Wisdom as a shard.
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