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    My guess would be: "I cannot save everyone, but I will save those I can".
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    Why is Rosharan cooking so salty? Sodium reigns.
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    Found at https://doitforthevinebud.tumblr.com/post/171971919356/meme-spren-tanoraqui-from-syls-point-of I related so hard because I devoured those horse books as a kid.
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    Dude in middle school threw a copy of Mistborn at me and it hit me on the head. Picked it up and ran because it was his book and it was revenge. Read it. Instantly hooked. Never gave the book back.
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    I've had a lot of ideas for memes, but the ones that come to mind most easily are from T. So here they are while I decide what to do for the others. Spoilered for length. Taravangian is quiet for the first half Until he makes his move Certain of his success he sits back to watch Dalinar crash and burn After the battle there are some serious decisions to make In which Taravangian logically considers the complaints raised So he rushes off to make the master-stroke of his Diagram Conclusion Future speculation
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    'Tis the season to be jolly! It is that time of the year again, friends. The time when a kindly, pleasant man goes 'round the world, bringing joy to kids and adults alike. The time when many of us will wake up with a present waiting to be unwrapped, while many others still will need to go shopping and find one to give to their love one(s). I speak, of course, of Brandon Sanderson's new book release and the tour accompanying it. With more and more people joining our fandom with each book, I wanted to write down a few bullet points paragraphs about what a signing is, what you should expect, how you should (and shouldn't!) behave, and if you are in the minority of people who like to contribute audio to Arcanum, how you should do that. Brandon Book Signings: Do's and Don't's Some time ago Reddit user RosiYY started a thread on the /r/BrandonSanderson subreddit about some big Do's and Don't's when attending signings. I encourage you to read through all of it, but I'll copy Brandon's top reply here for convenience: Travelling the world to see Brandon! A different Reddit thread on /r/BrandonSanderson had a user from New Zealand (PewPewPokemon) ask about what goes in a signing. Here's Brandon's reply: Etiquette The threads above should cover the basics of what a signing is and how it goes - lecture, public Q&A, reading, signing/personalization line, and (sometimes) private Q&A. You can usually get as many signatures as you want, but the number of personalizations is likely to be limited - it used to be up to three, but recent events have had Brandon drop that to one in the interest of time. If you go through the line multiple times, you can get more. And if you hang out until the very end, you might get a few extra questions in (unless the venue kicks everyone out). Now, let's talk etiquette. And more specifically, signing line etiquette. We'll split these into a few categories based on what role you would be playing at the event. The Average Attendee If you are going to the signing just to get a few books (or other memorabilia) signed and/or personalized, there isn't much you can mess up. Be a decent human being, don't hoard Brandon's time too much (though I've literally never seen anyone take too much of his time). If you have a story you want to share with Brandon, take your time. Having listened to many hours of Brandon interacting with fans, I assure you that even if you don't have some convoluted question about how the Cosmere works, Brandon will value you and your time (though the Arcanists on this site might glare at you...). The Sharder Being a Cosmere aficionado comes with a little bit of extra responsibility. A lot of what makes our tiny corner of the Internet special is Brandon's good grace and willingness to indulge our obsessions - so it is our responsibility to be as polite, understanding, and accommodating as we can. Many of us will have questions we would like answered, and some of us will even go to signings with multiple pages of questions. It is on us to make sure that we don't ask too many and take too much of Brandon's time (or hold the line for too long). If you can stay until the end of the signing, you may be able to participate in a short Q&A dedicated to Sharders and other more hardcore fans - feel free to ask Brandon about whether he can answer a few questions, but be prepared to gracefully accept rejection. The man works way too hard, sometimes he just wants to go back to his hotel and crash, or go catch a flight, or go back to his family. The Recorder Being somebody who records events is much like being a Sharder, only with even more responsibility. If you fancy yourself being one, try to get to the venue where the event will take place a little early (or lots of early, it's your life). If you have professional-grade recording equipment, or plan on recording video, it is good to check in with the venue to make sure that's alright; generally speaking, simply leaving a recorder or a phone on Brandon's table doesn't require any additional prep or explanation, he is quite familiar with our shenanigans by now. If you can, try to hang out somewhat close to the signing table - not only to keep an eye on your recording device (though Brandon will do that for you, making sure it doesn't get knocked off the table, or buried, or anything like that), but to also make sure that you can pause the recording if Brandon asks you to. These days we have the ability to keep "secret WoBs" away from the general public, and Brandon has been mostly good at telling us when he doesn't want something online (he will often speak directly to the recording devices and leave instructions that this answer or that comment shouldn't be released). Still, it doesn't hurt to be close enough to your device, just in case. Miscellaneous Let's go over a few extra points that don't really fit in a common category too well. Recording Devices If you want to record an event but don't already have professional equipment you might be wondering what you can get on a budget. I myself use a Lyker VM-31 I got from Amazon a couple of years back, but it is no longer available. I link it so you can see the 3-star review, and so I can tell you that it's fine. During my earlier signings I was recording with my (Android) phone using Easy Voice Recorder. So if you want to use your phone, it should be okay (though then you won't have it with you when you are talking with other nerds, and you'll miss out on group selfies, so...), just make sure you turn airplane mode on (for battery reasons) and put the phone on silent (so your offline notifications don't vibrate it on the table). This being said, if you do want to purchase a recorder, my two pieces of advice are Do not get anything with analog output.The audio will be hell. USB cables are just fine. Amazon has a number of well-rated digital voice recorders, pick one that fits your budget; or pick one from your local tech store, it doesn't matter very much. Sharing Questions This topic comes up pretty much every tour, so I figured I'd address it here. We here, in the 17th Shard, tend to be a little bit on the obsessive side. We want to know more, we ask a lot of questions. Most of the time that's a good thing. Most of the time Brandon is happy his fans obsess over his books. Sometimes some of us go too far though. In our quest of getting more and more answers, some people inevitably arrive at the idea of... utilizing the attendees who don't have questions, kicking around the idea of printing questions and handing them out. Something like this is extremely bad form. Brandon already doesn't like it when people just grab questions from the Ultimate List; going to him with a question you were handed earlier is much worse. One of the reasons Brandon answers so many questions is because all, or at least most of them are things his fans are personally interested in. It's why some of us maintain our own lists these days. The moment it starts looking like attendees are treating him like a WoB vending machine, he'll clam up, maybe forever. Don't be that guy. Of course situations where you are asking a question on behalf of a friend or family member who couldn't make it to the event, that's completely fine. Private Q&As Some of you may have seen references to people hanging out with Brandon before or after some events, getting what amounts to a pretty private Q&A (I am a notorious offender here). It is very much worth noting that all of these are initiated by Brandon! It is sometimes okay to ask Brandon if he is going to have time for some extra questions after the signing line (that's what I do, by the way), but it has to be up to him to decide whether he is just going to sit at the table for a bit and answer questions, whether he is going to extend an invitation to some people to grill him while he is signing the venue's stock, or whether he'll just answer stuff as he walks to his car (or whether he just won't have time). As with everything else, accept his answer as is, don't beg, don't chase him around.
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    If you graph the learning curve for a new Surgebinder, would the slope of that graph be... The Knight's Gradient?
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    How Timbre looks in Shademar: Edit: In Spanish Timbre=doorbell.
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    I apologize ahead of time. This is going to be full of wild guesses. We have so little information at this point that I can't really manage anything more. First, about the induction ceremony: I don't think the coin was the issue, and I'll point out why in a bit. The fourth element is probably a part of the Shadowblaze that they have to shed in order to bind to humans. Or maybe that the bindagent has to remove. The Shadowblaze that Joel sees has a physical presence; perhaps that is what must be shed. Something very dramatic, or at least memorable, happens to Rithmatists that doesn't happen to everyone else. If not, there would be no secret to keep, because everyone would know it. About the wild chalklings: A human can be made into a wild chalkling. It seems likely, however, that only Rithmatists can be targeted in this way. At Charles' house, four non-Rithmatists were killed instead of captured. Maybe the Forgotten are picky, like Shadowblazes, but that doesn't seem to fit. They don't take non-Rithmatists because they can't. The only difference between Rithmatists and other humans is the Shadowblaze chained to them. I am lead to conclude that wild chalklings feed on Shadowblazes, and that they need them to reproduce. But, they also attack humans. Not animals, just humans. It's possible that humans offend them by making unnatural things; that they get some benefit, however small, from killing them; or that maybe dead humans somehow equates to more Shadowblazes. I'll lump the Forgotten in with the wild chalklings, since they are related. Their form seems to be a shadow without the blaze. They are weaker in the light. They aren't very bright (ho ho). They have Rithmatic power. And they're called "forgotten". Forgotten by who? How? When? Could it be that a Forgotten is a Shadowblaze that's had an element removed, but that was then forgotten? (Mehhh....probably not.) About the Shadowblaze: They are probably at war with the wild chalklings. This seems only natural if I'm right that the wild chalklings prey on them. They had a relationship with an ancient native american people, in Zona Arida. The form of the Shadowblaze even seems patterned on such people. In our world, the Anasazi built awesome little cities in canyons and large grottos in the sides of cliffs in Arizona, New Mexico and southwestern Colorado. They abandoned them, though, and today nobody - not even their possible descendants, the Hopi - knows why. Okay, so that's our world. In the world of the book, the Spanish explorers (didn't conquer this time, suckas) found evidences of ancient peoples long gone. I believe Brandon stuck that in there to tip us off (and here's another wild guess): those ancient peoples definitely had a relationship with Shadowblazes, and may have even created them. They either created the Forgotten or managed to provoke them. The ensuing madness drove them from their homes. The Tower in Nebrask has shades of those ancient cities. It also reminds me of the Tower of Newport, in Rhode Island. It's possible, even likely, that all of those ancient Rithmatists became wild chalklings. That would explain why there were no Rithmatists in America before the arrival of explorers from Europa. The Monarch had a run-in with wild chalklings, and his pocket watch saved him. The implication that he became a Rithmatist on that day is strong. I believe that the Shadowblazes saw that these humans stood a chance against their enemy, and decided to give symbiosis another try. It seems likely that Shadowblaze suck at Rithmatics. Even Nalizar admits that he's at the school to learn about it. Rithmatics is a human invention. Perhaps that's what the Shadowblazes saw in the Monarch: the potential to create something with their power that they themselves could not. (This is, BTW, why I think the coin is not why Joel was not chosen.) I've gone on at considerable length to paint a conjectural picture of the Shadowblaze at war with chalklings, needing humans for their powers of invention and ability to create order from chaos. I told you all that so I could tell you this: Joel was not picked because he has some role to play that war that requires him not to be a Rithmatist. As to what that "something" is, I unfortunately don't have much of a guess. Now, some miscellaneous comments. I think Joel is mildly autistic. His ability with math and geometry and his singleminded obsession with Rithmatics leads me to this conclusion. He is more socially able than most autistics, but I know that that condition has a very wide spectrum of severity. This may be what Nalizar saw in him. The fact that chalk - the millennia-old compacted skeletons of living things - is required for Rithmatics to work strikes me as significant in some way. The secrecy of the Inception strikes me as odd. I mean, the Church definitely has an incentive to maintain it; the parallels to the medieval Catholic church, which strove to keep scripture secret from the common people in order to maintain its power, are strong. But why are Rithmatists so fanatical in defending that secret? Even Rithmatists with no great belief in the Church keep it. There has to be a good reason presented to them, one that is so obvious to them that they all believe; and I think that, perhaps, if we can guess at that reason, we'll come a long way to guessing why Joel was not made a Rithmatist. I also was going to make a comment about the binding agent, but I don't remember what it was, but I've been typing for an hour, and I'm really tired, so I think I'll stop here. If you read all that, you have my condolences, and my thanks. Now: what do you think? Can you add to my theories, or possibly tear them down?
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    I disagree with a popular theory, which is that Dalinar will take up Honour. But I do think Dalinar will become someone who holds that power, just not alone. There are ten orders of knights, each expressing a different part facet of Honour, and most of them are contradictory. Skybreakers and Windrunners fought one another, each trying to keep their oaths, which ran against one another. Lightweavers don't get on with Windrunners, with their differences in approach and views. Some focus more on martial honour and others more on social honour. Some are outward focuses and some inwards. Only Bondsmiths keep them all in line, keep them united, but even then, a Bondsmith doesn't express every facet of honour - Bondsmiths express only bringing people together, and becoming a better person. Thematically, the stories are also about how no one person can save them, they must unite together. Multiple nations, multiple species, multiple Orders. I think when Honour was splintered that it was also a splintering along the lines of the idea of Honour, and I think that can be reconciled only by having ten people, each representing the ideal of honour in different ways, guided by a Bondsmith and possibly a Truthwatcher, unite, and together take up Honour. Ten people, ten spren - or maybe more - taking up Honour, each to represent a different side of it. And possibly taking up parts of the other shards too. I think this will only happen in the tenth book, or maybe the ninth, but either way, I don't think Honour will be remade into a shard held by Dalinar or any other person, but by ten people, together. In new unity.
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    Mistborn’s Dialectic Spoilers for Mistborn Eras 1 and 2 In my critical theory of literature class, we were discussing the topic of Marxism in its original form (not going into too much detail about that), which led to the introduction of a phenomena known as Hegel’s Dialectic. To give you a crash course overview, it’s founded upon the principle of there being a thesis, an idea or concept or practice in action that is enforced as a natural “law” or way of living or doing things, so to speak. And with it comes an antithesis, a challenge and an opposition to the thesis that arises naturally. And they clash with one another until reaching a point of compromise in which aspects are taken from both the thesis and the antithesis to combine what is known as a synthesis, a new way of things working that incorporates opposing aspects to become something new completely. (You may understand where I’m going with this.) But as there is an opposition to all thing, an antithesis verily shows up in contrast to the existing synthesis, leading to it becoming another thesis on its own. Eventually, they meet this compromise once again and become something new and different. This cycle continues in which a synthesis is found that eventually become a thesis to a new antithesis, or a new form of opposition, constantly reaching a better compromise with each step up until the point that a truly perfect synthesis is formed that can have no contrast to it. You can look up how it pertains to Marxism if you so desire, but I won’t go into detail about that now, as it is not my main focus. You may wonder what this has to do with Mistborn, so now onto that! I’ve noticed that this series is very prevalent in its usage of such a dialectic, even if not intentionally. To my knowledge, Brandon Sanderson has not stated any direct intention of representing it in the books, but a theme can exist without an author intending to, as dictated by readers and whatnot. Anyway, pedantic thoughts aside, I noticed a very clear Shardic example of the dialectic in Mistborn right as I learned about the concept of it. So on Scadrial, we have what I would consider a thesis: Preservation, a representation of stability, stasis, keeping things as they are. This is countered by a directly opposing antithesis: Ruin, a representation of change, destruction, dynamics. (You can pedant about which of them is a thesis and which is an antithesis if you so desire, but that’s a different discussion.) At the end of Hero of Ages, Ruin and Preservation are finally brought together, despite their great oppositions, to form into one different entity, becoming something new and more. A perfect balance of stasis and change, a synthesis of opposing laws that have become something better than either of the two were alone, one step closer to perfection in that the synthesis is somewhat better than what came before. And here’s where I get to the clincher of the dialectic comparison: In Era 2 (and this will most likely be prevalent in Era 3 as well), there is a new supernal entity known as Trell coming around and messing with things. A being opposed to Harmony. I believe Trell is the Shard of Autonomy in some shape or form, but since there is no way of telling for sure, I will simply avoid specific Autonomy talk (I’ll get more into that stuff at a later date) and focus on the nature of Trell we know of and can assume/speculate enough about. Anyway, we have this synthesis, Harmony, acting as this perfect combination of Ruin and Preservation, which of course may lead us to wonder what could go wrong after that after a perfect balance has been found. And then Trell comes along and throws things out of whack. We get a hint at Trell’s goals, specifically with Paalm and her objective. And the Set, due to their willingness to work with her and their own devotion to Trell. It seems to me that Trell is going against Harmony in an attempt to free the world from Harmony’s control, because, well… Sazed isn’t doing such a great job of letting people go their own way, as his Path dictates (ahem, hypocrite). He even admits to the mistake of interfering with human affairs too much, leaving them to fall behind in progression. He has helped people toddle along, giving them all they need to survive, stunting the growth of society basically crippling advancement of civilization. He has interfered so much with humanity (Waxillium as a case in point) that it almost seems reasonable that one would want to fight this and free people from Harmony’s controlling hand. So we have our original synthesis of Harmony, who now represents not only a balance of change and stasis but more importantly a representation of controlling the affairs of people to great extents, challenged by this new antithesis of Trell, or in other words, an antithesis representing an endeavor to free people from control of a Shard and truly let them live as they would and should live, progressing on their own separate from Harmony’s interference. In the first trilogy, we dealt with the opposing natures of protection and destruction as an overall subject of the series, with the main conflict revolving around the destruction of the world, and now with Eras 2 and 3, we are dealing with the opposing natures of control and freedom instead as a result of the formation of a new synthesis inviting the presence of a brand new form of antithesis, in which the main conflict is one of freedom on a deific level. Who knows how such a solution could be solved? We will just have to RAFO about what possible synthesis could be made out of the Harmony/Trell struggle, what kind of compromise could be made between controlling people and leaving them free from Shardic influence. And if some solution is found, which I can assume is so, since we’ll get a futuristic Era 4, I am left to wonder what new antithesis will rise up against whatever new (syn)thesis that we will be provided with during Era 4 as a final conflict before a possible synthesis into… what? A final state of perfection, a synthesis that cannot be countered at the end of the cosmere? We’ll have to RAFO. I just wanted to bring up this topic for the sake of discussion and because I wanted to get this off my chest. Thoughts? Any further examples you can think of regarding Hegel’s Dialectic and Mistborn that are more specific than Shard-level conflicts? I can think of a couple already to use as continual examples of how prevalent the dialectic can be used in Mistborn, but I’ve ranted long enough, and I want to see your conclusions and thoughts on the matter. P.S.: I am sorry if my phrasing bored you all to tears; I tend to be a very wordy person. I also wish I could have made a visual representation of the dialectic, but I don’t have a current means of doing so. Oh, well.
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    My wife got my mom reading stormlight archives recently. Check out the cutting-board and tea coaster my mom made for my birthday!
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    Maybe amend your comment to carry your meaning further. As it currently reads, you state you prefer Adolin because he is stable (and the given comparisons are to characters that have severe mental disorders), and you go on to state that "we have enough dramaqueens tbh" in quick succession. Contextually, the implication--even if unintended--is that you think the characters with mental disorders are dramaqueens and need to just "get over" their problems--and as someone with a mental disorder, I can tell you I read it the same way as @SLNC. A few notes before I go silent once more: You picked some of the worst examples to further your point toward the end. Wayne, Wax, and Sazed all have HUGE character growth arcs. Even smaller characters in these respective series--Steris & Breeze, for example--have more visible growth over three books than Adolin has actually shown. Further, Sarene and Vasher are from standalone books--Vasher wasn't even the main character, and these two are from the earliest of Brandon's published books. And the two main characters of that book (Warbreaker) did show enormous growth within the bounds of that singular volume. No, I want characters to be believable and relatable. What I find funny is how much projection is placed on Adolin, and how much his narrative is retroactively rewritten with each book. He isn't even stable--his murder of Sadeas in a fit of anger is clear indication of that. He also is highly jealous, and demonstrates severe avoidance behavior with regards to responsibility. I've written an entire wallpost on the subject. I respectfully disagree. Adolin doesn't provide "emotional grounding," he provides a yes-man to Shallan's antics, someone who will tell her what she wants to hear instead of what she needs to hear. He actually exacerbates her mental problems, fragments her mental state further by his "acceptance" of "who" she is. He doesn't know who she is--she isn't even sure who she is--and therefore he's not qualified to tell her so. To say he knows her on the depth required is not only a ludicrous notion, but it's pathologically misogynistic. He's not good for her in the slightest. And to be clear, what Shallan needs isn't "emotional grounding," it's facing her problems and accepting that she is who she is--trauma, flaws, and all. And Adolin can't give her that because he doesn't know what she hasn't told him--which is a lot.
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    Here we go again. I've found a way to copy over the old Geo Tracking Map to my new one, which I can edit. I'll also try and find a way to make some other people moderators of the map, to keep it updated in case something happens and I forget about it. Anyhow, I talk too much. Linky. (Please note: The original map I borrowed was updated more than a year ago. Many of the newer members will not be here.) List of Sharders by Country/ Continent will be upcoming whenever I can be bothered. Please, tell me who I've missed. (Especially tell me if you want admin rights.) Restriction to be on the map: You must have at least 10 posts and have been around at least 1 fortnight. Otherwise, we'll have a heap of people nobody's heard of. Sorry. Admins to the map: The Young Bard (PM me if you have any problems) Honor Spren Curious Anaximder (formerly Venture Mistborn) Darkness Ascendant Bleeder ccstat
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    From the album Mistborn Art

    A revision of my portrait of Vin from DecemberFollow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KozenyukArt/?modal=admin_todo_tour
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    From the album Fallen

    I drew Miss Thought as the Shard she was before her powers were stolen from her. With, of course, her spear which she loves so dearly.
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    Some important PSAs for Roshar: Part of the same Important campaign:
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    Since Szeth is now Dalinar's bodyguard, does that make him a Shin guard?
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    That is not what that WoB says. This is the full text: Note that it says "traditionally." I.e. Not within the scope of what Bondsmiths have historically been able to do. However, things are different this time around, so anything's possible. Saying "Dalinar can't do it" is super misleading.
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    WoK spoilers: Not a spoiler:
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    As much as I enjoy the good OT3 fanfic or anything involving these three, there's honestly only one pairing I truly ship: Kaladin x happiness Everything else is just distraction.
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    I'm so sorry, everyone. Here's the link for this week: https://goo.gl/forms/uGUaqis4LutmBZV82 Recently, life has really picked up. I have a lot of time-consuming commitments that are stressing me out, and there are a few things going on with friends that I'm worried about. Starting now, I'm probably going to be on the Shard a lot less often, so having someone help me with this is a great idea. If anyone wants to volunteer, I can send them the document and form. @ILuvHats, @John203, @Kidpen, and whatever Ark is currently going by (I have no idea, sorry), I sincerely apologize for stretching out the voting for this long. And actually... that brings me to an announcement. After this tournament, I'm going to have someone else take over the Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament altogether. I am getting less and less time to make this work, and that's really unfair to everyone else involved. If anyone would be interested in doing so, please PM me and we can discuss the details.
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    When your son finds your copy of Oathbringer and asks you to read some to him and then he discovers the map and KR symbols on the inside cover and thinks they are the coolest thing ever and begs you to tell him about it. He is 5... And he loved all the KR orders and can’t decide which one he likes most. But he said if he was a Dustbringer he would use it to start a campfire so we could roast lots of hot dogs and marshmallows. And then you are just so happy that your kid seems like he will grow up to be a Sanderfan just like you.
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    This one’s crazy, but it’s been a pet theory of mine ever since I cooked it up. I never shared it because it’s pure insanity, though strangely enough I originally believed it was legitimate for Agee seconds until I thought through it more thoroughly. Rayse isn’t Odium’s vessel, at least currently. He gave it up prior to the expulsion from Ashyn to someone who he knew would serve his interests, and hid the exchange from people who actually knew him, which is why Hoid still believes he is Odium’s vessel. And then, Rayse infiltrated Honor’s own chosen heroes. That’s right, Rayse is a herald. Or to be more specific, Taln. That’s how he was able to kill Tanavast. As an insider, he was able to provide the current holder of Odium with an opportunity to shatter Honor. And then while the heralds thought he was being tortured on Braize, he was instead in a hot tub drinking martinis. Okay, I threw a few extra ideas in there so now there’s a bunch of chronological contradictions, and I’m too lazy to revise it. The original idea was that Rayse and Taln switched places, but I expanded it over the course of posting this.
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    On Shallan's birthday, I would give her a computer with Adobe Photoshop installed and a graphic tablet, and then let her discover the joy of digital artwork!
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    I want you to just read exactly what was said in the PM, no more, no less. For example, in the original post, Brandon said things about Books 4 and 5. He did not mention later books, but this is an omission. He did not say, as you claim, "He dies, that's it." He did not say he is not in the back five. He did say that you read too much into his words--which is the sign, by the way, that maybe you should consider that your claims could possibly be false. I teach math. Math is about going logically from one step to another in such a way that it is indisputable to get from one step to another. You state things as fact that are not, and go from one step to step ten and state it as the truth. I'm... going to need you to show your work, sorry. Let's think about this logically. Brandon said book 4 Dalinar would get less screen time. Okay, so I'm expecting more like Words of Radiance. Book Five will have more Dalinar, but not as much as Oathbringer. But he was thinking Book 5 could have been Dalinar's book. He's going to have some big, big story beats. Why would he not mention what happens to Dalinar in the back five, aside from not giving spoilers? Does Dalinar have to die? Let's come up with some ideas. 1. Dalinar lives, and he's still the Radiant leader in the back five. We see him a lot, but we don't get viewpoints (or maybe at most interludes, like Taln). 2. Dalinar ascends to Honor, and is more in the background in the back five, but we still communicate with him as he struggles with Odium. 3. Dalinar joins up with the Oathpact somehow and is on Braize, and thus can't be as active with the main characters of the back five. 4. Dalinar dies, and becomes a Cognitive Shadow and can only exist in Shadesmar. We interact with him when characters explore Shadesmar. 5. Dalinar dies and goes into the Beyond. We never see him at all in the back five. 6. Brandon isn't telling anyone about the back five for his main characters, because he has more secrets. So is it possible for Dalinar to die? Yes. Absolutely. I can 100% get behind you since you love Dalinar that this is disappointing to you. I'm with you, and I aggressively validate that opinion. However, this is not guaranteed with what Brandon said. I think all of these possibilities--and more--are valid hypotheses for what Brandon said. All are possible. You're predisposed for believing Dalinar would die, but please understand that this is not an ironclad thing. That's your interpretation. With minimal creativity, it is easy to determine alternatives. I imagine we could come up with several more that fit what Brandon said. I think we should all be happy we have an author who truly, genuinely wants to tell fans what is up, and it's difficult for him to balance that with protecting against spoilers. I'm sorry you feel he spoiled things for you, but as the man himself said, maybe you're reading too much into it. Accept that that is possible. (It is also perfectly possible Dalinar dies! But this is not the only thing that could happen, and is far from confirmed.)
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    I had a dream that Kelsier taught me how to use iron and steel once. Falling was scary, but he always caught me. Best. Dream. Ever.
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    A good shot, but chapter 1 seems to disprove this theory. In it, even Joel is surprised that the lines he drew don't come to life: yes, he "knows" he's not a Rithmatist, but in that moment he was so drawn up into his own story that he forgot, and then felt foolish for forgetting afterwards. If the above theory was correct, then he should have been able to accidentally draw a Rithmatic line.
  39. 6 points
    Add in what @Jace21 said about how we know that splintering can be reversed... And yeah.
  40. 6 points
    I second the sentiment. At the very least, I'd like to see this round wrapped up. I know it would make the votes more public than they have been in past, but at your end I think the easiest solution would be to edit the OP to make a poll instead of doing it through Google surveys. That can be done quickly, and if you can't get on in a timely manner again, it will be easy to tell who won. Alternatively, someone could be appointed to make the poll and collect votes. The ideal candidate would be a non contestant, but if you have trouble finding someone, shoot me a PM. I'm okay if you need to put the competition on pause for a while, but I would like clarity about what the plan is going forward. (Also, it would be nice if you'd give us an update so we know you didn't get a concussion or something. We're worried about ya.)
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    That is absolutely adorable. You know you're a Sanderfan when you have to write a review for an autobiography for English class, and you submit a review of Alcatraz vs The Evil Librarians.
  42. 6 points
    Let's be real about something here though - Shallan isn't Shallan - like just because this one personality is named like the original one it's only one third of her anyway - dismissing all the others just because she named them differently is just pure madness. A lot of you take the shallan persona for the real deal and say she needs to heal - yeah sure she does but that's done by accepting that she's all 3 of her splintered personas not the one who is fractured needs to suck it up and take command. Shallan is Shallan, Veil and Radiant not one or the other. Let's remember the time she went after jasnah traveling through whole roshar - taking challenge after challenge and when jasnah disappeared and their ship sank - she went straight to her later minions who were deserters ready to kill her.. the shallan we have in OB later would never do that but would let take veil or radiant over because that's where she stored her part that would be able to do stuff like that (as we see in the chase after rei-shephir (or however that's spelled correctly)). That said, Adolin is the one who 'accepts' the girlish, idiotic fractured shallan who likes to draw, the 'real' her - which in truth won't help her a bit - since when somebody tells you 'hey I really love that part of you the most - this is you' you probably act like it to please the other person not even considering the issue of having problems like fractured personas - but it will end badly once you cant act any longer and the truth comes out eventually. And what exactly on that whole scenario helps shallan now in the long run? Sorry don't see it. Also I have to agree with Sedside here it just feels completely unnatural and weird. The trope thing was just the icing on the cake but - show me any girl who is torn between 2 guys and then suddenly decides out of the blue 'hey storm this - I'm not only making a choice right now after almost dying in the ultimate battle - I'll screw myself so badly that I just get married instantly - because at least if it's the wrong choice I'm really stormed' Sounds totally reasonable...
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    If this truly is the end it's really disappointing, he went with the 'prince gets the girl always no matter what' clichè trope too many times now... Elantris, Mistborn, Warbreaker, it's hinted and probably will be the very same in Skyward, and then we get a triangle in SA and what is he going for in the end? Yeah right - prince gets the girl again... like seriously...? He writes great stories - no denying that, but boy - he really needs to get away from that boring predictable clichè lovecrap. What exactly was the point teasing all that what could have been interesting and something new when he just goes for default choice A again...? Damnation, remind me to skip all the couple stuff in books that might come in the future -.-
  44. 6 points
    Riffing on this one, even though Shallan is a Radiant and in good with both Navani and Dalinar, until her betrothal to Adolin becomes an actual marriage she is still considered a semi-Kholin.
  45. 5 points
    Hello! I got inspired by Mistborn jokes. I believe that half of this jokes will be very very very bad puns. But anyway, post them here, please. How do you call a razor that you share with your friend? Shareblade Well that was bad enough.
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    TEEEFAAAH! TFA! Welcome back! My Google is refusing to cooperate today, and I’ve got some really pressing question that I need answered. Is it okay to play squash with gourds? Or do you have to use squash? Are yes me what? Finally, which Sanderson book best represents your personality? (The choose your own adventure style quiz in the spoiler tag below may help.)
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    Oh, storms, this is one of my favourite topics, I really could write an essay about it. Because I think that as written it's clear that Adolin doesn't love Shallan at all. I've read through all his POVs in OB in order to find something that could convince me in the opposite - but no. He thinks about how amazing Kaladin is, he thinks Syl is a pretty girl like three times in Shadesmar, but Shallan? Well, her cut isn't flattering and perhaps a woman could look nice in trousers. That's all. I would very much appreciate any quotes of his thoughts that could confirm that he loves Shallan, can you? And I would stress it - I want his thoughts, not Shallan's thoughts about him and now what he says. Because what character says and what character thinks is not equal (another interesting topic, won't talk about it now). But all right, it is hard and time consuming to analyze every single POV and every single dialogue, so let's just analyze the monumental scene in alleyway. So, let us imagine that it is not Adolin and Shallan, but just some random people. 23 or 24 y/o guy, who is, well, much likely a virgin, but pressed by society, his family and his debt to make a heir, and a random 16 or 17 y/o girl, with whom he is presumably "genuinely in love". Can you? All right, so he is genuinely in love, but he sees, that she is probably in love with another guy. So he is going to make a very hard desicion, which will require all his strength and power of will to refuse this girl and let her go. So our hero meets this girl and here we go: All right, up untill now our infatuated hero is struggling with his passion and trying to make everything right. But suddenly: Well, perhaps the guy is shocked and doesn't beleive his happiness. Maybe he is a little bit stupid, because she has just bombarded him with compliments and our infatuated young man still doesn't get she is speaking about him. Let's forgive him for that for a while: Our girl sees that she isn't convincing enough for this young infatuated guy with her million compliments so she makes her final headshot. Headshot worked, he grabbed her. Surprisingly for a 23 y/o man, who never has sex before. But then: I guess, this is exactly what young men in love say to their beloved after they were very close to losing them forever but then suddenly they didn't. What can our girl do to keep this man, who genuinely loves her? Oh, come on! Are you still trying to find excuses, you, guy-who-is-geninely-in-love? Where is your relief? Your happiness about your beloved still being with you? For storms sake! Two more lines from this infatuated man saying he doesn't feel good about the girl who he is so passionate about. Is this man really so stupid? Does he know what "love" means? Allmighty above, he said it! He wants me! All right, he really loves me! Pheeeeew! And as a final accord he wants me to kiss him again. He doesn't do it himself, he is too shy to do it, you know, this prince, to whom I have already said hundred times how much I want him and love him. He wants me to do all the job, all right. Sure, Adolin loves Shallan. No doubt.
  48. 5 points
    That's the glorification I'm talking about - when you put Kaladins Palace scene besides that he was way more empathetic "reading her mind or rather her emotions" And still all Adolin worshippers will point out the scene on the boat where he was envious of her being able to be "crazy" or normal. Adolin is being glorified which means he'll never do something wrong and is just the golden boy, everything he does has a reason is somewhat justified, he's just a boy blabla... All the excuses in the world are being made for him to just make him Mr. Right when he is clearly not, and he, regardless of what he does, gets a "get out of jail card". Not that people make those kind of excuses for him is the weird rust but that people are so desperate to see him as the "right choice" and Kal as the "wrong choice".
  49. 5 points
    The point of the trope is not "the male main character gets the girl", but "the prince gets the girl"... It is exactly the trope. And Shadolin only had going for it, that they were forced together by House Kholin. It was a construed romance from the start. The chasm scene was much more natural progression. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but this reasoning is quite frankly irrational. Why should a literary role be important in making a good match?
  50. 5 points
    What Adolin does well is adapting to the new situation he's in. However, this does not imply growth. As always aware of how he is seen, he just adapting his outward appearance. He's now in a monogamous relationship -> Of course, he tries to eliminate his playboy image by telling Shallan he only wants her. Maybe there even is some truth to it, but we can't know when he is only telling it. Besides, I'm pretty sure, that he did never enjoy his playboy image. On the flip side, he very much hated the image of being the man that couldn't keep a woman. Regarding the shallow friendship thing, we can't exactly say how close he was to Jakamav and company. Maybe he actually saw them as good friends. We only saw the tail end of their friendship. Regarding the Codes, the world is ending. He can't afford to argue with his father anymore. Actually him murdering Sadeas is in direct violation of Yes, Sadeas was a cremhole and he might have needed to die and yet he could have commanded. In my eyes, it is absurd to say, that Adolin has accepted the Codes, when he clearly doesn't adhere to them. He did accept Dalinar's choice though and him outwardly supporting his father is nothing new either. Regarding him being a pushover in the past, I completely disagree that he ever was. He often was at edge with his father, the man he respects most. It is just that this time around Dalinar just couldn't argue against Adolin's valid point of the murder. Dueling already was assessed by Dalakaar. One thing I would add though, that he is adapting to being a soldier in a war. Soldiers don't duel. The quote above is in a completely different situation from the one in Kholinar. Pretty much impossible to compare. Bottom line is, that he - as always - is just adapting himself to a new situation, but that is something he has always done. His character itself isn't changed very much though. Addendum: Really? And how are determining that? We really have no idea on his feelings about dueling now. He just can't afford to do it anymore. With the Everstorm around. And honestly, a cold-blooded murderer should be careful about talking about so-called honor. If anything, he sees dueling as negative, because it didn't let him humiliate Sadeas. He then decided to take matters in to his own hands. He even outright says, that he did it because Sadeas kept winding himself out of these situations.
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