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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this!
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    So we know that Renarin seems to have a special place in the Diagram, and Odium is unable to see his part in it. I can see two possible reasons for this, that might be inter-related. 1. His ability to see the future as Odium sees it changes the future. We know that Renarin seems to have his future seeing ability through Glys' corruption. Presumably (given that both Renarin and Odium incorrectly see Dalinar fall) the future he sees is the same future that Odium has predicted. But this knowledge changes things. For example, Jasnah is set to kill Renarin when he turns around and nods, knowing what she will do and accepting it. That act prompts her to stop. By knowing a future he ended up preventing it. It will be interesting to see if he will start using this information consciously, working against Odium by using his own assumptions about the future against him. 2. He is Like an anti-Odium In the scene "A small bottle" Dalinar reflects that he can't understand why his sons don't hate him. This is particularly striking for Renarin given that we have seen ample evidence of Dalinar' lack of love towards his youngest up to this point. Yet he doesn't hate him, instead he shows extrodinary love and empathy. It may be that Renarin is so different from Odium that he either slips under the radar or Odium simply can't predict his actions because they are so alien to his nature. Curious to hear other theories.
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    Little known behind-the-scenes fact: Dilaf is actually an acronym for: Don't I Love Attacking Fjordell's enemies, the heretics have been allowed to blight the presence of our fair Sel for too long; for no longer shall we tolerate it! Their nation and wretched blasphemous city must burn, the charred remnants washed away in a river of blood! Devoted to my cause am I--devoted to Fjordell's dominion! With that knowledge, Elantrians, despair and die!
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    I want Hoid's musical number to be something like "You're welcome" from Moana, where (Moana spoilers, I guess) he leads his listeners into some magical world with his singing and then it turns out he stole everything from them while they were busy being amazed. Also, each Shard needs its own song. With Bavadin's being a choir piece and her doing all of the voices.
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    I've got "This is Me" As Sung by Hoid. This is always more fun to me if I get to actually sing the thing, so I recorded my version and anyone who wants to can download it! This is Me (Hoid's Version).m4a
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    Here's From Now On, KR edition. Comments and constructive criticism welcome Spoilered for length, and a couple of Major OB spoilers
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    Guys, i'm finished and quite frankly i think Raoden is a perfect fit for this song, so without further ado A million dreams as sung by prince Raoden
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    Hoid likes instant noodles and has his eyes on Scadrial. Other people want noodles too apparently??? This just in, everyone: Adonalsium's secretly just the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the only way to bring him back is to make every Shardworld have instant noodles, so the entire reason another Shard is messing around with Scadrial is because they want to do their part in resurrecting God via noodles. The Sho Del are just walking piles of noodles. Edit: Normally common sense would tell me to not post this but it's like 2 in the morning and all my brain cells are dead.
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    "Our names and titles are randomly assigned by a small monkey who has been fed an exceedingly large amount of gin." -Lightsong
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    Here is one from Lightsong (I think there are a lot of quotes from him that are worthy here): (to Llarimar) "I can't imagine you being married to the God King at any age, Scoot, ... ... Actually, yes I can imagine it, and the dress looks painfully inelegant on you."
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    Y'know, I'm kinda jealous about your ability to see the future and know what's going to happen to Dalinar
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    I honestly don't see where you get the impression of being "not welcome" here. Yeah, it sucks if your favourite character has less screen-time than another, I experienced that before. In SA I'm lucky because Kaladin is my favourite character EVER and yeah, I will never get enough of him, even if I had ten books on him alone. But Dalinar being a background character is a bit of an exaggeration. He is among the main five. Word count is not everything.
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    He has said that each will be a book title, so I don't see any reason to doubt that's changing. People seem to assume that it's merely an out-of-world reference to some in-world "Rhythm of War". And of course, being a singer rhythm there's no words to it. But I don't see how that has to be the case at all. The title almost certainly refers to an in-world text which itself is named after in in-world Rhythm of War. Who wrote the book and what it is about is still a big mystery of course. But I mean, for all we know it could be an in-world Dawnsinger text about the First Desolation. I highly doubt we'll get that information at this point, but you get the idea. Personally, I really love the idea that it IS an ancient document of some kind that can now be translated from Dawnchant. No basis for this, but I think it would be cool if it was something written by the ancestors of the listeners before they took on dullform. Something that gets rediscovered over the course of the book. Could play along really well, Eshonai's flashbacks, Venli, Rlain, and the missing listeners--all adding up to this idea of rejecting the Fused and Odium.
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    I don't think, just judging by page time is the right way to go when analyzing the "importance" of a character in a narrative. But that is just my opinion.
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    Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway? - Cosmere edition! I am your host Topaz Hoidius and welcome to Whose Shardblade is it Anyway? Where the questions are made up and the Everstorm doesn't matter. So to those who don't know what's up, post quips and little statements related to Cosmere lore, not in question form, and have people improvise a response to it. Some examples… 1) Things Hoid isn't responsible for 2) Heralds who didn't make the top ten 3) etc., Being witty is the only requirement!
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    You're right. That was an oversight on my part. Word count is probably a better metric (because mutli-POV chapters are common), although I will note that Dalinar has more individual chapters in his book than Kaladin or Shallan have in theirs. Not sure where you're getting this. By word count, Dalinar is in third place (in a series with 10 main characters). He has 21% of all Stormlight words compared to Kaladin's 30% and Shallan's 26%. He has almost 4 times more than the next place character (Adolin). He has 7 or 8 times more than the next place flashback character (depending on whether you lump Eshonai and Venli together). So, volume-wise, he clearly has a major role in the series, especially if "compared with other characters." If you're talking story-wise, well I think Dalinar is the most likely candidate if you had to pick just 1 main character. He's the bonded to the most powerful spren around and Connected to the remnants of a Shard of Adonalsium. He's the leader of the entire human coalition. He's going toe to toe with Odium. He even Ascended (to some degree)! Plus, he's frequently Brandon's pick of favorite character. But he tends to reduce people's expectations, if needs. With Dalinar, he refuses to clarify things. He does not "tend to reduce people's expectations." There are tons and tons of theories and speculations here on the Shard about what's going to happen to various characters. Brandon very, very rarely weighs in on them. I listed a bunch of examples of him taking years to confirm things that were fairly obvious in the books. Almost all questions about the future of characters' plotlines are RAFO'd (which means "no comment"). Did Sanderson ever said: "Dalinar will have a role in the second half of SA and beyond?" No, he didn't. That's why I said he most likely won't. In your WoB he says that characters will die, and those, who survive will appear in the second half. Guess who will die, considering there's a time skip between the books. Maybe he just doesn't want to give spoilers. Maybe this is because Dalinar will die. I think he will die, because characters like Dalinar never lives. Never. I've now caught up on the various threads where you're bemoaning the (purely speculative) fate of Dalinar. I didn't realize that your reasoning was so specious: "Brandon hasn't confirmed Dalinar will survive to Book 6" -> "Dalinar must die before Book 6" By that logic everyone will die before Book 6, because Brandon has never confirmed that any character will survive.
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    I don't want to see a preggers Shallan. Like, really really really really don't want to see it.
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    For Hoid’s birthday, he’d want his flute back. He’d spend the day pestering Kaladin about it and sighing dramatically.
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    To be honest, there felt like a lot of very important scenes that didn't get done. I know Brandon said he couldn't land the first reunion of Jasnah and Navani, but that felt important to me. Jasnah and Kaladin meeting for the first time, or really, Jasnah interacting with any of her family more. But at least we did get her and Renarin at the end. The lack of reaction around Szeth feels the most egregious to me, and very serious in my opinion. I imagine there were a lot of cuts/things Brandon just couldn't fit in OB, so altogether it paints the picture of Brandon only doing the essentials.
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    I'd like to clarify a few things. We hid a lot of posts discussing a WoB about Dalinar dying - there was some supposition that it was confirmed. It isn't confirmed, but either way, we would've hidden the posts. Sometimes Brandon does share things privately with some fans, and sometimes he shares things one-on-one that can be made public. There are these sorts of WoBs that are put on Arcanum. If Brandon wants something to remain private, he asks the person in question not to share it. These types of WoB are not put on Arcanum. Regardless of which kind of WoB this is, Brandon is very cautious about how much he shares about future books, and especially the back five books, of which we know almost nothing. Nobody knows which characters are going to survive, and even if we feel sure, it is inappropriate to authoritatively state what is going to happen across the series.
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    Final Battle in Skyward Meme-Scene:
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    I agree with a lot of what you say will be happening, but I have a different reason for why I think it is called Rhythm of War. I think it is in reference to the flashbacks we are going to get of Eshonai, that will then show us the traditions and oral history of the listeners to find out what led to the war between the humans and dawnsingers to begin with. The rhythm of war that called them to arms to defend their homeland against the human invaders, and how they came to ally with odium. That may be too much to reveal so soon in stormlight, so I could be totally wrong, but it was the first thought that came to me.
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    I really need some hugs right now. I just had a really nasty fight with my father and I just need someone to be sincerely nice to me. Please and thank you for anything genuine. I love you guys.
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    Because she's not a monster and she doesn't trust the Fused. Her first encounter with the Fused was them killing her friends, she doesn't particularly like them. The Listeners revered and valued spren. It's instinctual. As you said, she saw it floating around her sister, on some level she may feel it's her last remaining connection to Eshonai. The first time she protects Timbre it is from the Fused that just killed her once-mate. She didn't want him to destroy anything else. Eshonai and Timbre have similar personalities, Timbre is a little explorer zipping around rooms, peering in drawers and such. I don't think they compliment each other like other radiant pairs. Syl is cheerful, Kaladin not so much. Wyndle worries constantly, Lift acts without thinking of the risks. Shallan uses wordplay all the time and abstract thought/Art, Pattern is a cognitive manifestation of mathematics and is very literal in his interpretation of words. I like Eshonai a lot and was sad she died, but I think the Timbre - Venli pairing is more interesting.
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    I honestly don't know what Dalinar's future is going to be, exactly. All I know is, given the story so far, Brandon's saying that Dalinar was his first character, one of his favorite characters, and the heart and soul of the series, it's going to be something unexpected and glorious.
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    @LerasiumMistborn Brandon says in the WoBs people have posted that Dalinar has a large role in book 5, I'm not sure why you insist he doesn't. And there's a very real possibility that Dalinar will survive into the back half (and possibly beyond) via ascension. I think that there's plenty more Dalinar cooking in the future. I honestly see Kaladin's death as more likely than his. Kaladin is not supposed to be "the main character" no matter how many people insist otherwise. There isn't supposed to be a main character of SA. There are 10. As to my complaints... The way Amaram was handled, and as I've said before, the abruptness of Moash's turn. "you put a lighteyes in charge of the refugee camp? Humans are crem! Kill em' all!"
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    I feel like I'm the odd one out here but I actually think I would enjoy seeing Shallan get pregnant and have a child. This ties into what I *don't* want to see in the next book - a denial of the sexual nature of marriage. I'm not saying that I want explicit sex scenes or whatever, but it seems to be a really common thing not only in Sanderson's writing but also in the whole of epic fantasy to sort of ignore the fact that having sex = having kids unless there is contraception. Now, if Roshar has contraception, then great. I would accept Shallan going indefinitely without a child. I've been married for 2 years now and I don't have a child. But I also think that the complete lack of literally anyone besides flashback characters being pregnant at all on screen ever in the entire world of Roshar is a little silly. Children sort of appear after being conceived, carried and born "off-screen" because I get it - it's hard to be epic while you're pregnant. But I also think that it would present an awesome challenge to someone's plot. I don't want young married people to have a cold or platonic marriage and I don't want the basics of biology to be denied. If there is a cool and believable workaround for this problem, then great. But if it's just kind of swept under the rug it would annoy me. People get married, those people sleep together regularly. I don't need to see that (it's usually boring to read anyway) but I'd like actions to have consequences. Sometimes those consequences are inconvenient, and inconvenience generally makes for a more interesting plot.
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    Even if you're not into Venli chapters, remember that all three books so far have featured progression and cool moments for the whole cast of characters. Oathbringer was "Dalinar's book" but everyone got to shine, just like Dalinar had his storyline in the two prior books. We won't miss out on the humans. I don't think you're right about Venli being a minor character, either. She's the last of the Parshendi tribe, the first Parsh Radiant, she has a direct relationship with Odium and the Fused. She was the person who damned her own race, like a sort of dark inversion of a Messiah. The Parsh are weird, but I'm looking forward to spending more time with them and learning more about them.
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    Autumn "Not an Epic" Glass was actually turning out to be quite a pleasant person. Granted, she probably didn't have much of a choice in the matter--unpleasant vanillas were generally weeded out in a "survival of the nicest" sort of manner. Whether Autumn Glass was nice by nature or by natural selection was irrelevant, though. Backtrack savored the company of one of the few non-slontzes he'd met today. They walked past lines of church offices, occasionally pausing to let squads of soldiers pass them in the cramped halls. And as they went, Autumn to her boss and Backtrack to the first of many painful deaths, Autumn described her past life as a minister. It had been a while since Backtrack had seen the past through another's eyes. He listened with rapt interest as Autumn recounted her days at Mount Hood. She talked of parents and theology and denominations and Hanukkah, and Backtrack drank it all in. As a rule he'd never been very religious, but there was something compelling about the mental picture she painted--a warm, tight group of friends sheltering together from Calamity's ravages. He wasn't quite sure why the thought appealed to him so much. Maybe it was because he was so accustomed to getting threatened and pushed around by tougher Epics. In any case, it was comforting to hear the woman's voice drone on about her old life. His own thoughts were too occupied wondering whether Koschei preferred the term "Your Excellency" or "Your Majesty" to offer much solace. Too soon, Autumn's friendly speech was cut off by the crackling of the radio. A curt, dry voice like burning leaves cut through the static: "A reminder from Daniel Dewhickey. Being invaded by weaponized pandas is not an excuse for forgetting established protocols. Nor is it an excuse for losing all sense of order and sanity. Thank you." Weaponized pandas? Backtrack thought blankly. Surely that must be code for something. Before he could dig much deeper into the mystery of Daniel Dewhickey's irritable reminder, Autumn Glass turned back to him with a smile. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ramble," she said, her cheeriness in stark contrast to the blaring sirens in the background. "You're from Portland, correct?" Backtrack shook his head nervously as they walked. "Uh, no. I just came to Portland yesterday. I was kind of unemployed, and you know, an unemployed Epic who can't defend himself is as good as a goner." He gulped, unsure of whether to continue. On the one hand, he wasn't quite comfortable with detailing his life history with a complete stranger. On the other hand... well, the matter of what term of address Koschei would demand before slitting his throat was not a cheery subject. "I grew up in San Francisco," he continued, slightly more boldly. "I didn't do anything of interest. When I was seventeen I started working at a 7-Eleven, and the job sort of stuck until, you know, the apocalypse happened. "I didn't get my powers right away, and when I did... well, they're not really the kind of 'supernatural, god-among-men' kind of powers other Epics got. I can see the past. And mostly, the past is made up of a whole lot of idiots getting themselves killed over the course of history. It's slightly humbling, and all terrifying." He sighed. "I had to skip town after I became an Epic. There were a lot of bigger Epics interested in San Fran, and not all of them were happy with a guy who could see their pasts. A lot of them seemed to think I might find their weaknesses, and they weren't too keen on letting me live long enough to do it. I've sort of spent the last few years drifting around the west coast doing odd jobs for guys tougher than me. A few weeks ago I started following a resurrection Epic named Thomas Cardinal--he prefers you call him Lightwards--and he ended up sending me here to get the dirt on someone. Then those soldiers dragged me here, and Reader shot me... but you know all that." He paused for a moment before giving her a nervous look. "Uh... how far until we get to... 'til we get to your healer?"
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    This is put in a spoiler because it is a gif. It also happens to be a spoiler.
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    I believe this is the first time I've ever seen Jezrian's Honorblade referred to as a 'little annoyance'. But screw Moash anyway. By any means necessary.
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    Jasnah would ask for some secret knowledge. If not that, then the Heralds. And if not that, then something to help with the Desolation. Dalinar would agree with this while Navani would roll her eyes and request Shallan's help picking out decorations for a homemade cake (Jasnah would never eat it otherwise). Rock would want "Happy Birthday" sung in his native language. He would never ask, but Bridge 4 would do their best anyways. Adolin would want fashionable clothes. Kaladin would give him a Bridge 4 uniform (and demand it back by the end of the day...but wouldn't be too upset if it turned up "missing" or with a couple of "design suggestions"). Shallan would give him fashionable clothes. Jasnah would give him some book to read with Shallan. Dalinar would give him a new Ryshadium. And Renarin would help make a meal that Evi used to make. Dalinar...probably wouldn't really advertise it (I mean, neither would Jasnah, but when you're a queen...). Jasnah would give Dalinar a book about the Radiants. Adolin, Renarin, Kaladin, and (secretly) Sebarial would do their best to make sure Urithiru was running smoothly, so Dalinar could relax for a day with Navani. Hoid would come in and sing a special song.
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    Hmmm, interesting theory. Do you think Nightblood showing up on Roshar was intentional on Edgli's part? As kind of a warning to Odium? Like "see, this is what I arranged to get made, and it isn't even the final product. Watch yourself and stick to your own corner of the cosmere or else. We clear?"
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    I've read through the stormlight archive books (waiting anxiously for the next one), the Arcanum unbounded, and the mistborn series. I've loved every one of the stories I've read so far. I think that the stormlight books are my favorites thus far (mistborn is a close second) and I assume they will remain in that spot after I read the rest of the books from the cosmere. I hope some of the more senior members here can help give me some suggestions on which book or books to read next cause I don't want to ruin my pace that I've kept while reading the previous ones.
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    From the Stormlight Book Four Update #2: The previous working title mentioned (which was explicitly "unlikely" when he shared it) was "The Song of Changes". Thoughts on the new potential title? Thoughts on how it fits the book's theme? Thoughts on what the in-world text will be about?
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    I would give Moash a one way trip to the bottom of the river in cement boots and heavy steel cuffs.
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    Umm..... Her last truth literally broke her mind. She was fairly put together in WoK and WoR but at the end of WoR when she spoke her latest truth it broke her mind and shattered her soul into three pieces. Are these restraints? Not really. Do they affect her character? Definitely!
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    The thing about Jasnah is that most of what we know of her character comes from Shallan's POV. Shallan thinks Jasnah is perfection personified. She's overwhelming, intimidating, brilliant, beautiful and always correct. Shallan is the head priestess in the Church of Jasnah. But in the limited time we get to spend in Jasnah's head we see that the face she presents to the world isn't a mirror to how she perceives herself. She armors herself in logical and upright behaviour. It causes people to misunderstand her, both in-world and in real life. I have spent so much time derailing this thread responding to everyone I never said what I don't want to see. I don't wanna see the Oathpact restored in any shape or form. It was a bad idea to start though it had a good run. The advent of the Everstorm has robbed it of the limited effectiveness it already had. So kill it dead and find another solution.
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    A good night's sleep for Kaladin. Also, a whole bunch of psychotherapists for Roshar.
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    Lopen would ask Jasnah for a bronze wall to go with his palace.
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    This conversation seems to have gone far into the Navani theories and ignored the juicy piece of speculation that is Yanagawn. We know that Knights have squires (see where squires of Kal/Shallan for obvious examples).. we know that he hangs out with lift a lot. And we have a WoB that Knights seem to cluster together around other Knights cuz spren are attracted by the Knights already there. It could very easily be argued Yanagawn is a squire to lift at the moment and will be an edgedancer... I would quite like that actually given he was made King for 'performing the miracle of regrowth'. It would be pretty cool if he eventually can actually do it, as if in that moment he were an incipient Knight...
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    Also, DILAF is an anagram for FAIL'D. Sorry bro
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    I want to see Lyn (the scout who wanted to be a squire) become a full windrunner and see more women breaking the gender mold. I want to see Renarin doing bookish scholarly things and more men breaking the gender mold. I want more Singers and Listeners and Unmade. I want to see Lift steal Jasnah's dinner.
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    - Please no more love triangle/romantic drama. I hate this stuff. (Only exception is when it ends up as polyamory, but I don't see that happen here.) - No bad things shall happen to Kaladin. Like, really. The guy has been through enough these last three books. Give him a break. (Also, don't kill him. PLEASE.)
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    "Inappropriate?" Pattern said, "such as...dividing by zero?"
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    I don't want to see a redemption arc for Moash either since I think he's a good antagonist. Though I can't help but think he would make an acceptable casualty for Kaladin's Fourth Ideal (if we go with the assumption he needs to admit and accept that he can't save everyone). No more love-triangles either, I was so happy the one we had got solved in Oathbringer. Sure there could and should be bumps in the relationships but let's not go back to something that has been solved. Also, I don't want to see a random female character becoming Kaladin's love interest. If he finds his love eventually I want it to be a character we know before they get together, like we did with Shallan and Adolin (Dalinar and Navani were a special case since they knew each other from the past and Dalinar was very against the idea of him courting her). I don't mean it has to be a character that has been introduced to us already in books 1-3, but I do want to learn to know the character at least few chapters before Kaladin falls head over heels for them... I also agree with the solo missions, I love the character interactions and would hate to see them going on their own ways or spend the whole book in the same little groups. I would also hate to not see Zahel/Vasher's reaction when Szeth brings Nightblood near him. The one year skip kinda makes me fear we'll miss that kind of small but important events. And I don't want Adolin to get killed yet. I have this irrational fear of Adolin getting killed off suddenly like some characters have in the past (outside Stormlight Archive).
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