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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can [EDIT by Moderator: This topic originally was solely cosmere but has moved beyond that, so I moved this to Entertainment Discussion.]
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    Probably more cheerful than people were thinking, but I thought it could be amusing. The Lord Ruler's "You're Welcome"
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    In the WoK, Hoid tells the story of a group of people who committed horrible things under the orders of a king only to discover that that king had been dead for years, and that they were responsible for their horrible actions. The dead king is discovered in the passage below: “Derethil and his men came out of the tower a short time later, carrying a desiccated corpse in fine robes and jewelry. ‘This is your emperor?’ Derethil demanded. ‘We found him in the top room, alone.’ It appeared that the man had been dead for years, but nobody had dared enter his tower. They were too frightened of him." In the final chapter Dalinar finally realizes that the Almighty hadn't been talking in response to him, that he hadn't been following orders but had been misinterpreting the visions. He then learns that the Almighty is dead. The title of this final chapter? In the Top Room.
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    This is going up a bit early, just because people are already talking about it and new folks are asking questions. @Chaos says the old thread isn't good enough and tasked me with making a new one, probably because I opened my big mouth at just the wrong time. So lo, the explanation comes: in just a bare few weeks, an annual phenomenon of confusion will bear down upon us like a shower of angry Tribbles.* Every year, as the days short and the weather grows cold, we creep slowly towards two great holidays that hover near the end of the year, ready to embrace us into their festivities. Families will gather, feasts will be had, and general revelry will echo throughout the land! I refer, of course, to the birthdays of Peter Ahlstrom and Brandon Sanderson.** If you don't know who Peter is, well, he's Brandon's assistant, and pours a ton of work into supporting the writing endeavors of our favorite author. Back in the days of the Timewasters' Guide, he roamed the forums under the moniker "Ookla the Mok." In order to remember and honor the days when he still had time to frolick among us unhindered, we change our screen names to some variant of "Ookla the <____>" beginning on his birthday, November 26. It's all terribly bewildering if you don't know what's happening. I joined the forum in late October of 2014, so I had barely a month to get settled in before suddenly I was surrounded by Ooklas. They were everywhere. So many Ooklas. And I had no idea why. So now I tell you all, so that hopefully you will be less confused than I was as a poor ickle noob. A lot of folks just play with it for a week or so, but some are hardcore enough to keep the madness going until Koloss Head-Munching Day (aka Brandon's birthday) in December. Enjoy the upcoming festivities! *Don't worry. The Tribbles have tiny parachutes. They'll be fine. **Why, what holidays did you think I meant?
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    I just finished and cannot for the life of me remember what they called the Falling ship factory deal, but you get the gist. via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    From the album General SA Art

    So the gatekeepers are my favorite depiction in OB. I had some much fun drawing this =)
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    this is the first in my series of sharbearers based off the ten radiant orders. This first one is a skybreaker as noted by the symbol on his collar.
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    I figured that now that the Skyward is out it would need a meme thread. Don't worry, I'll start
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    Found this image on Facebook, couldn't resist: Also, I also found this on Facebook:
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    when I was at a signing, saw this giant pile of Legion, and I thought "if books could talk..."
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    Me and my brother were talking about the Lord Ruler and how much foresight and effort it would have been to build the storage caches. Caning all that food, hiding it in caves, and repeating every few years. All the time keeping it secret from everyone but the workers.... At which point my brother asked in a confused voice: "the Lord Ruler didn't do it all himself?" "No" l said, now confused myself. "You thought the Lord Ruler, god emperor of the Final Empire, was canning food in his basement?" " Well... I thought that was why he looked so tired in book one. " Now I can't get the image of the Lord Ruler stocking shelves in a Wal-Mart uniform out of my head
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    Elantris: Mistborn: His Dark Materials: The Neverending Story:
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    We'll see if anyone is old enough to get this
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    I took a picture of shadesmar!
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    Everyone on roshar constantly
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    It's just a quote in image form, but I figure it qualifies for this thread... PS: Yes, I made this myself.
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    In Oathbringer we see Szeth and some other Skybreaker 'squires'/hopefuls progress from squire to a Knight Radiant. We've also seen Bridge Four having squires under Kaladin and some of them became Windrunners themselves. It struck me that there's a huge difference between the process of how the Skybreakers and Windrunners we've seen become squires and (full) Radiants after that. Gathering facts: (I will assume that Szeth follows the standard Skybreaker procedure) Kaladin is able to breathe in Stormlight after he speaks his First Ideal, but Szeth is only able to breathe in Stormlight after he speaks his Second Ideal. In all cases we've seen the Radiant speaks his/her Ideal to his/her spren, but when a Skybreaker swears the First and Second Ideal it is accepted by higher members of the order, in other words: by humans. Kaladin and Shallan get squires (who can breathe in Stormlight and can Surgebind without their own spren) out of people whom they see as part of their group. Skybreakers can only Surgebind and breathe in Stormlight after they speak the Second Ideal, but they still don't have their own Spren at that moment. Kaladin thinks of Bridge Four as 'his men' no matter if they're squire or not, but Skybreaker master wait to accept a squire as 'their apprentice' until the squire has sworn the Second Ideal. Windrunners bond a spren with the First Ideal, but Skybreakers bond a spren with the Third Ideal. In both orders a squire seems to be more likely to attract a spren than a non-squire. My interpretation: I think that Skybreaker hopefuls are trained to have the characteristics and personality of a full Skybreaker in order to be more likely to attract an own highspren. If my theory is correct, nothing really happens when a Skybreaker swears his First and Second Ideal, but they will be living up to the Ideals they have already sworn. After speaking the Second Ideal a Skybreaker master is willing to accept a hopeful as his/her squire, and for that reason they get access to Surgebinding and Stormlight from that point onwards (if only when their master is near). This way Skybreakers can already begin their training before they have even started to attract a spren, but will probably impress a highspren sooner or later because of this training. Then we see Szeth bond his highspren. But hey ...!? Didn't he swear his Third Ideal at that moment? Yes he did. This would mean that Szeth actually only became a squire at his Second Ideal (before that he was just a hopeful), and when he finally bonded his highspren he instantaneously promoted from squire to full Radiant of the Third Ideal.
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    And BitBitio is back, with an über corny joke! To show you the power of Flextape...
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    NOTE: This is pretty much copied from my post on reddit. Just wanted to see if anyone here had feedback on it. How does Jasnah know Wit/Hoid? First, she definitely does know him. When they meet up at the end of WoR, they clearly know each other. Furthermore, she already knew him during the events of TWoK, since on Page 571 (Paperback), she says However, the timing of the two of them knowing each other is a bit iffy. We know that Shallan had been chasing Jasnah for six months before finding her in Kharbranth. She was following Jasnah on a ship, so it seems unlikely that Jasnah could have been at the Shattered Plains or in Kholinar at this time, both of which are landlocked. It seems most likely that this time was all spent around the Tarat Sea, since Shallan presumably left from near Vedenar, visited Dumadari (following Jasnah), and ended up in Kharbranth. Meanwhile, Hoid only became the King's Wit recently. Specifically, Adolin thinks The key phrase here is some months. Definitely more than 1 month, but also less than a year. A year on Roshar is only ten months, so this leaves a pretty slim window for him to have met Jasnah at the Shattered Plains or in Kholinar while he was Wit. This leaves three possibilities. He was Wit for over 6 months, and met Jasnah at the Shattered Plains. This is the most boring and, sadly, I think the most likely. Still it is not definite. We only know for sure that Jasnah was travelling for 6 months, but it seems like a big coincidence that she would start travelling at the same time as Shallan started looking for her. It's more likely that she already had been travelling for longer (If anybody can find info on how long Jasnah had been researching the Voidbringers, it would be very helpful here). The window for them to meet at the Shattered Plains is pretty narrow. Hoid met Jasnah while she was travelling. From Hoid's conversation with Elhokar after the greatshell hunt [274 (PB)] it seems that he hasn't spent all of his time in the camps. Maybe he met Jasnah while she was researching. I can't think of a reason why he would be in the Tarat Sea himself, but he's Hoid. His reasons are mysterious. This is a definite possibility. They met before he became the King's Wit. This is definitely the most interesting possibility. When they talk in WoR, they both seem very cosmere aware, and they also know that each other are aware of it. This could mean that they met, not through Elhokar, but through their mutual supernatural affiliations. Maybe Jasnah was the one who suggested Hoid as the King's Wit. It raises a lot of possibilities. Afterwords, I found some more information that I believe makes this theory stronger. Shallan says to Kabsal that Jasnah had been travelling for two years. This is a significant extension over the 6 months that was previously established for her research. This almost certainly means that she started her research before Hoid has become King's Wit, virtually eliminating the possibility that 1. is true. I don't have the page for this, but during a message conversation with Dalinar Jasnah refused to return to the Shattered Plains until she finished her research, meaning that she is unlikely to have been back there while she was researching the voidbringers. This fits in with her character, since there are unlikely to be scholastic resources at the warcamps. This is reinforced when Shallan thinks: Some commenters on reddit pointed out that Jasnah refers to him as Wit, not Hoid, which I feel means it is very possible that she was the one who sent him to Elhokar to become the King's Wit.
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    Seeing as I am clearly the only living player left, I crown myself victor and sole heir to House Heron.
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    Name of the Wind: The Expanse series: Dune: The Lord of the Rings
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    Morning Edition 7 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 29th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Constabulary Granted New Powers in Wake of Deaths At a conference this morning, Constables shocked all assembled when they announced that there had been three further deaths over the night, all related to the House Heron killings. The first was not another murder, but an unfortunate result of pewter dragging - Burrsir, who was attacked the previous day (see the Morning Edition of the 28th of Doxil) has passed away from his injuries. Medical staff that arrived on the scene have stated that it appears that the seriousness of his injury was downplayed by his use of pewter to stave off the pain, allowing him to act and perform feats that should not have been possible for someone normally as hurt as he was. This lead to Our Mother of Terris Hospital releasing him from observation as they believed the wound was superficial, or at least not life-threatening. However, it appears that over the course of the night, Burrsir's body ran out of pewter to burn, and he died in his sleep. Unfortunately, the other two deaths reported are of a more violent nature. Apparently emboldened by Governor Wilson's praise of vigilantism, one of our city's Mistings has taken it upon themselves to 'solve' the crimes that the Constabulary appear to be struggling with. A man named Quintus was discovered, dead, in the early hours of the morning. Embedded in his body, Constables found a spike of metal, confirmed to be Invested. However, the Constabulary have stressed that they have not ruled out the possibility that this attack was carried out by another Spiked individual, after some feud or schism. The third death is of a man who has been in the broadsheets very frequently, as of late; Locke Tekiel. While it is possible that his death was related to the apparent war between House Heron and the Spiked, Constables have suggested that this may have been carried out by a disgruntled worker or someone who has been following the appeal by House Tekiel against the ruling made that found them negligent on the matter of worker safety. Constables are investigating the theory that this attack may have been carried out by someone that has been hurt, or by someone that has had close family suffer from their negligence. House Tekiel has refused to comment on whether their appeal will continue, but have requested a delay in proceedings due to their bereavement until they announce a new leader for their House. The Governor has announced that the Constabulary will be granted new powers to investigate these deaths, including the ability to hold individuals without charge for longer periods of time. He has said that this could save lives by preventing potential serial killers or mass murders from being let free while evidence is gathered. Constables have welcomed this, stating that such powers would only be used rarely where there is a very real threat to public safety. However, not everyone is pleased of such powers being handed out. Councillor Jernaq, newly-elected leader of the Change for Elendel party, has responded to this scathingly, opining 'People are afraid, and now is not the time to be abusing their fears in this cynical and above-all blatant attempt to win votes and curtail freedoms within the city,. It is reactionary and authoritarian, and we oppose it and his continued stranglehold on the city most strongly. After speaking to many of the Noble Houses within the city, it is clear that they do not trust the Governor. We expect to have enough signatures to force an election within the next few days.There will be a reckoning for Governor Wilson, and it will be very soon. I can promise that.' Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Obituaries Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Day 7 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT 23rd November. Quintus/Jondesu was a Spiked Rioter! Locke Tekiel/Orlok Tsubodai was a Noble Tineye! Burrsir/Coop772 has died of his injuries! He was a Noble Thug. Locke Tekiel/Orlok Tsubodai has died, so there's no Influential player today. Player List
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    How to settle this debate: the last line of Skyward 3 should be:
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    I think the sequels will focus on the ancient things that inhabit the cyto space. You know, the millions of eyes watching?
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    I’m teaching emperors soul for the second time this year to two groups of (not especially academic) grade 11 students. This went over well last year but I’m interested to hear from everyone else what might be interesting topics or areas of the book to focus on. thanks everyone!
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    I saw this WoB and thought "challenge accepted." We know each book corresponds with one of the orders of Knights Radiant. We also have the viewpoint characters for all ten books, being Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Eshonai, Szeth, Lift, Renarin, Taln, Ash, and Jasnah. My list of orders, with known characters matched. Windrunner - Kaladin Lightweaver - Shallan Bondsmith - Dalinar Edgedancer - Lift Elsecaller - Jasnah Truthwatcher - Renarin (sort of, his situation is weird but I'll allow it_ Skybreaker - Szeth That leaves Willshaper, Stoneward, and Dustbringer without characters, and Eshonai, Taln, and Ash without orders. Now Taln is the Stoneward Herald. As a viewpoint character, he will likely be using the corresponding Surges, so I'm leaving him as the Stoneward. We know from this WoB that lightspren are the Willshaper spren, and it is implied that Timbre, found near Eshonai's body, is a lightspren. I believe this means that Eshonai is our Willshaper. Leaving Ash and the Dustbringers. Now I know Ash is the Lightweaver Herald, but she no longer has her Honorblade to access those Surges. I think she will either bond an ashspren or get hold of the Dustbringer Honorblade. Either way, I think she is our Dustbringer character. What do you think? Am I on to something? Am I missing a major piece of evidence? Let me know your thoughts.
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    Hey @HSuperLee, I created a couple different variants of this for you, let me know what you think. They're spoilered below. BLACK BG: BLUE BG: and WHITE BG: I think the black and white BG's look the best. I also have the AI native file if you want it just let me know.
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    Oh, one more thing I forgot: Brandon's talent for inventing/choosing crucial terms is nothing short of outstanding. In that regard I hold 'Skyward' in such lofty esteem as 'Mistborn'. It (the former) is such an amazingly simple, yet elegant and beautiful title, which assimilates so much meaning and such a multitude of layers throughout the novel. In the end it synthesizes everything this book is about - Spensa's quest, the flight, striving for more - in one kickass-awesome word. And yet, that word - as is the case with 'Mistborn' - is not unecessarily bloated with meaning, but just seems to happen to have offered the possibility to be a vessel (only slight pun intended) for exactly those things all along. Outstanding linguistic sorcery, Grandwizard of Lingua Anglorum Brandon Sanderson.
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    There are four groups with ulterior motives we've seen doing stuff in Stormlight Archive 1-3: the Sons of Honor, the Skybreakers, the Diagram, and the Ghostbloods. (Not counting whatever the Heralds-in-hiding may have been up to in concert, possibly orchestrated by Ishar.) Some of them know about some or all of the others. But which ones are left, what have they done, and what are/were they after? Help me flesh out this "Who's Who" summary! The Sons of Honor: Wanted to flush out the Heralds and restart the Knights Radiant by triggering another Desolation, in order to regain a true and direct connection to Honor ("restoring true Vorinism"). They obviously didn't know about the Skybreakers, an extant order of Knights Radiant headed by a Herald, then. They also didn't know or don't believe that Honor Is Dead (even though Gavilar had started getting those visions where Honor said, "Odium has killed me"?) They are or were directed by, or have a high ranking figure in, a "Restares" who we have yet to see, but who Gavilar mentions, and Amaram has consulted with and sends information to. They do know about the Ghostbloods, as Gavilar says to Szeth to "tell Thaidakar that he's too late", which also implies they know/think the Ghostbloods would NOT have wanted Gavilar to do whatever it is he's done, which appears to be to release an Unmade; or probably just that they'd tried to get to the Unmade before Gavilar did. Also, Amaram thinks the Shardbearer who tried to kill him (Helaran) was an example of how "the Ghostbloods grow more bold", and wonders "why Thaidakar would risk this". But they don't appear to know about the Diagram - its organization or its predictions. Or want to kill Jasnah (Gavilar's daughter!). The Skybreakers: Largely under the direction of Nalan, as suggested by Ishar, have been eliminating Surgebinders and proto-Radiants of all other Orders, to prevent the True Desolation. It's not clear that any Skybreaker other than Nalan knew that was the ulterior motive; their oaths and Ideals are to follow the law and to administer justice. They know about the Sons of Honor, as they armed and sent Helaran to kill him, with a full set of deadspren Shards. They have never mentioned or gone after the Diagram or the Ghostbloods. Or Jasnah. Have they? (Of course, now that they've mostly sworn for Team Odium, that's moot.) The Diagram: Largely under the direction of Taravangian, the creator of the Diagram based on his off-the-charts "day of maximum capacity" granted by the Nightwatcher. Their goal is to preserve as much of mankind as possible through the likely victory of Odium in the True Desolation, by swearing to serve him in exchange. (Taravangian hoped "for my people", i.e., under his dominion, but bargained down to just Kharbaranth and its people.) They know something about the Sons of Honor, as Taravangian indicates that he knew what Gavilar was up to, and Graves mentioned that the Diagram only knew the term "Everstorm" "because of old Gavilar's visions", that Taravangian recalled as "confided in him the night of the Alethi king's death". The Diagram does not speak of the Skybreakers per se that we've seen, but it comes to the same conclusion as they did (or their mandate from Ishar via Nalan), in a numerical cipher: "Hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. You may need it to destroy the new orders when they return." It also mentions the Honorblades, and they're not surprised that Battah would be in the Palanaeum. They know something of the Ghostbloods, as Adrotagia wonders if the reference to "the wanderer, the wild piece" is to "Mraize", and a WoB explicitly states, "The Ghostbloods are in the Diagram." Graves curses that "that woman, Jasnah Kholin, was right" about the parshmen being transformed into Voidbringers, which the Diagram wasn't explicit about. Probably based on Danlan's reports on what Jasnah had told Dalinar and Navani (it wasn't a widely disseminated opinion). But they had no interest in killing or recruiting her, and Jasnah has never mentioned them. The Ghostbloods: They have an unknown goal, but they do have something they're "trying to accomplish". They know about the Sons of Honor, claiming Amaram as "prey" while spying on him (with Iyatil eventually going to blowdart him). They know a lot about the Skybreakers, since they seem to know a great deal about how they viewed and used Helaran following their interest in a nascent Surgebinder in the Davar household (seems like an inside agent...) They know about the Diagram, seemingly dismissing Taravangian as the one who "hides in his insignificant city, listening to its songs, thinking he plays in world events". They have tried to kill Jasnah, after she had killed a number of their members, which implies she targeted them, and oh, I guess they're going to keep on seeking revenge, won't they? AND, WHO'S FAMOUS? The Sons of Honor counted the King of Alethkar and Highmarshal Amaram among their number, though both are now dead and their purpose seemingly debunked (which fact drove Amaram to Odium). We don't know who Restares was or is. The Skybreakers have actively concealed their existence since the Recreance, despite an obscure note in the in-world Words of Radiance about how one of the ten orders "would not abandon their arms and flee, but instead entertained great subterfuge at the expense of the other nine". Yet Helaran knew enough to "seek them out" (per Mraize), though later he describes it more that Nalan was "impressed" with him, so maybe it was the other way around after all. The Diagram recruits across national boundaries, and have a full Shardbearer in Graves, plus Danlan who works as a scribe for Dalinar, among their number. And of course, Taravangian is now king of both Kharbranth and Jah Keved. The Ghostbloods have a symbol that is recognized by the underclass in the Alethi warcamps, and widespread and annoying enough that Jasnah had seen fit to off a number of them on her own. They were also an organization that Tyn knew enough about that she wanted to impress them and be admitted to their number, which she had not yet done. So in a way, the GBs are the least secret of the four, in terms of their operations... Yet the most secret in terms of what they're after. And they don't have any obviously highly placed members in terms of explicit political power on Roshar. (That we know about.) Whatever they're after, it's not direct rule, nor something that being able to directly rule in any way facilitates (or they'd pursue it). And we don't know who Thaidakar is, though it seems Gavilar and Amaram do. Presumably not an Alethi highprice or something.
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    When you don't trust any cookies not to be spiked.
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    I think it is more than that. While we see the Bondsmith currently leading the Radiants, I think it was more often the Windrunner's job to run the Radiants. They are the radiants of leadership after all. I think the Bondsmith was more like the mouth piece of the god spren and also the main diplomat of the radiants, the person who could bring people together and prevent the dissolution of the radiants, which I think is one of the reasons the Radiants fell apart. Gravitation: some unlucky truthwatcher goes splat next to the Oathgate. The truthwatcher spends a week in recovery, dealing with his new found fear of not missing the ground. Division: a building is turned to powder in the middle of a highstorm. 300 people die. That is the difference. Sure, gravitation is dangerous, but it has a much safer learning curve and is less likely to destroy things. Division is very dangerous. Giving division to the wrong recruit would be like giving an angry chimp a bucket of hand grenades with the pins pulled. Which is distinctly more dangerous less fun than a barrel of monkeys or a room filled with hungry whitespines.
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    Earlier desolations had death rates up to 90% Earlier desolations had no everstorm Earlier desolations were opposed by a full corps of heralds Earlier desolations were opposed by a full corps of Knights Radiant, who knew what they were doing To a clear unbiased thinker, which Jasnah is, the default outcome of this desolation must be Odium's victory and her own death. You are talking about a woman ready to personally kill her cousin and openly advocating genocide. But she is an optimist. If she were a realist, she'd do a Taravangian. If you were to talk to her about her personal life, she would tell you that without better weapons, more troops and better intelligence, neither you or she have a realistic chance of having a personal life of significant length. EDIT: And of course she is a stone cold killer. Remember her morality lesson? Would a woman like Jasnah do that without having experimental verification that she can safely (to herself and Shallan) do this without a need to summon a shard blade she could not explain? No, she wouldn't. Those thugs were merely the last in a line of victims. Jasnah has a shard blade. She wields it compotently in war. Would a woman of her calibre bear such a weapon without verifying that she is able to kill with it in combat? Again, no she wouldn't. She has killed dozens.
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    Rashak clean up on aisle 3.
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    Kelsier always has black hair when I picture him. I know he’s blonde. I can picture Marsh blonde and I know they look a lot alike, but he still always has black hair. But I also have a hard time really visualizing characters so that’s the only one I can think of right now.
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    Carry all we now - strength? Stand and burn; flame living, hope we lost. We hope, living flame; burn and stand! Strength, now we all carry. Light the spark - darkness dispels dawn, inferno rages never. Raging inferno; dawn dispels darkness - spark the light! Lonely, watching, standing sentry, the only echo, the silence. The echo? Only the sentry; standing, watching, lonely. Silent is courage now; bravery beyond reach. Stand; reach beyond bravery; now courage is silent. The first two are both about hope, and trying to stay strong even when things are at their worst. The third one is kind of about stars, kind of about someone keeping watch on a quiet night with no one to help, but doing it anyway because that's their job. It can be taken figuratively or literally. The fourth one was my attempt to put the sentiment of the quote 'Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying "I will try again tomorrow"' into ketek form. I'm not sure how I feel about it.
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    Clearly that is a dragon's head with a snout (the bottom symbols) and they have long ears (the top ones) and are wearing sunglasses (the middle) making them the coolest dragon since the Dragonaught. High-five for the reference. My thought was that if you had one more eye on the right you'd get the symbol of SEELE from Neon Genesis Evangelion but yours fits better with what's actually there.
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    Here's another one: The one where Sanderson rules out time travel to the past is from 2015, this one's from 2016, so maybe he's changed his mind in the meantime(!).
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    Obviously you hitch a perpendicularity train to the cognitive realm, lasso up some Seons, and pull 'em back with ya. Boom Shardblades.
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    From the album Mistborn Cosplay

    Mistcloak, knives, money bag and vial
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    Everyone knows that Hoid alloyed the lerasium with a black sphere while on Vax, investigating the Secret Project on behalf of Bavadin. Sheesh!
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    I would also say a common misvisualization is that the Herdazians are Caucasian. From the description in the books, they would look like Latinos, but in the audiobooks, Lopen is read with an Australian accent. I can't argue with that, because Brandon loves how the books are read. Personally, though, when I read the books, I always imagine Herdazians with a Mexican accent like Luis from Ant-man.
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    He did not make a mistake. The Lord Ruler had not ever made a mistake. However, it was time for a change.
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