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    Completed code. Got lots of help reading everyone's ideas.
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    “They named it the Final Desolation, but they lied. Our gods lied. Oh, how they lied. The Everstorm comes. I hear its whispers, see its stormwall, know its heart.” "Do you mind, Kobold? I'm trying to watch the Weather Channel."
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    Today there were huge thunderstorms in our area and during lunch, the cafeteria lights flickered and this low rumble of thunder went off.I just whispered "the stormfather is angry" My friend beside me completely lost it.
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    A little while ago I noticed that the map of the Rosharan supercontinent had latitude lines called out along the sides, so I decided to digitize it and make a "modern-style" map of Roshar. The map I ended up making is reprojected into an orthographic projection (meaning the map seems like we're looking at the planet from space). I really had a good time making it and wanted to share with the community. Enjoy! PS - I checked with the Inestimable Peter Ahlstrom and he said my placement of the landmass on the latitude/longitude lines was "very close to spot-on."
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    You know you and your web community are Sanderfans when you write a hundred page worth of posts about how to know that you're a Sanderfan.
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    When your first thought when you wake up to a thunderstorm is,"Highstorm!"
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    This is me with Animal Planet. "Apparently, chull populations are decreasing..." "Those are hermit crabs." "Whatever."
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    When you never skip prologues anymore. Ever.
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    Shallan: "Why are you sad, Kal?" Kaladin: "Someone killed my brother. What about you?" Shallan: "Someone killed MY brother. Jasnah, why are you queen now?" Jasnah: "Well, someone killed my brother. Someone remind me what we're all doing here." Dalinar: "Somebody killed my brother too." Vin pops in: "Did someone say dead brother?" Marsh: "My brother was also killed." Llarimar: "Wait, is this a dead brother club? Can I join?" Dalinar: "Also, I killed my significant other. With fire." Dilaf: "I also killed my significant other with fire." Wax: "I killed my significant other. Twice." Elend: "My wife killed my brother. Renarin and Adolin: *eye each other nervously*
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    In the WoK, Hoid tells the story of a group of people who committed horrible things under the orders of a king only to discover that that king had been dead for years, and that they were responsible for their horrible actions. The dead king is discovered in the passage below: “Derethil and his men came out of the tower a short time later, carrying a desiccated corpse in fine robes and jewelry. ‘This is your emperor?’ Derethil demanded. ‘We found him in the top room, alone.’ It appeared that the man had been dead for years, but nobody had dared enter his tower. They were too frightened of him." In the final chapter Dalinar finally realizes that the Almighty hadn't been talking in response to him, that he hadn't been following orders but had been misinterpreting the visions. He then learns that the Almighty is dead. The title of this final chapter? In the Top Room.
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    All the reader has to do is click on the thumbnails to view them full-size, Chouta. Your post is just fine. EDIT: And more entries.
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    When you realize that daleks must be of Odium, since they can only hate.
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    Introduction The biggest question left in the wake of Oathbringer by far is the mysterious nature of the Dawnshards. Brandon's been teasing and RAFOing us about them for years and years, making the tantalizing bit we finally did get in Oathbringer personally one of my favorite hints throughout the book. After enough staring at WoBs and Oathbringer cross-eyed, I think I've come up with a sensible reasoning as to what they are. As I always say in these intros, if you see any discrepancies or stuff that doesn't make sense, make sure to drop a comment. Enjoy! Greater Rosharan Pre-History When trying to guess at the nature of the Dawnshards, I started by gathering information that we had regarding the magic that existed before men came to Roshar. We have this important tid bit in the Eila Stele: And this from the Listener's song of secrets: To me, this sounded similar to Surgebinding when first read, but we know that the Eila Stele was almost certainly written before the cycle of desolations began. After reading around a bit more, I saw this passage: If Surgebinding was not yet a magic system, then what could have been the powers of these people who, as the author of the Eila Steele puts it, "brought the void"? I'd always taken the 'void' portion of Voidbinding's name to mean that it is related to or of Odium, but it also makes sense that the Singers named the powers wielded by their enemy after said enemy, regardless of the realmatic nature of the magic system. And I do mean to be pointed in my belief that Voidbinding wasn't originally of Odium, although it may have been coopted before the cataclysm that destroyed Ashyn. Taking a look at the voidbinding chart, you'll see that the number ten is just as relevant there as it is on the double eye of the almighty, not the number nine. This is further supported by the below WoB: So, to sum up this section, Voidbinding seems like the best candidate for the power originally wielded by the humans that destroyed Ashyn. So what do we know about Voidbinding? Voidbinding Being the magic system we've seen the least in the series, there isn't much we can say about how Voidbinding and how it works with any certainty. We do have one framework to go off of though, so lets read the below WoB: We've only seen pieces of Renarin's power, but the fact that they are completely diffrent from the Surgebindings is a very interesting tid bit. I just want to note that the power we see Renarin possess, future sight, has only ever made one other appearance on Roshar, and that is in the form of the Moelach's deathrattles. Seeing as how Renarin's spren was created by Sja-Anat, this immediately raised questions in my mind about the nature of the Unmade. Lets see what she herself has to say about her own nature: Every Cognitive entity we have seen up until this point has been derived from the power of one of the Shards, so the statement that she is only of herself is much more important than just the denial that she is of Odium. This implies that she isn't of Honor or Cultivation either, that she pre-dates the dawn of the Shards and the modern history of the Cosmere, that she is of Adonalsium himself. We know that Adonalsium had a careful hand in the creation of Roshar, from the statement from Frost in the Letters, the ten outer gas giants, to the continent of Roshar itself being based on a Julia set, so it makes sense that he would have made the original spren as well. Dawnshards I think you all see where I've been going, I believe that the Unmade were powerful spren that existed in the Rosharan system before any influence from the Shards and that these are what were referred to as Dawnshards. You might ask "but why would there only be nine instead of ten, then?" or "How could they have destroyed Ashyn?" Just read the below WoBs, i'll get to it: What is a singular mysterious spren thats relation to Honor and Cultivation is dubious and is also capable of world-bending powers that Brandon has been just as tight lipped about as the Dawnshards? Ding ding ding, you guessed it, the illusive third Bondsmith spren. Brandon has even hinted... or rather flat out told us that we should think of the power of a Bondsmith as very dangerous, read the below WoB: This matches what the text says about Dawnshards. Perhaps the Dawnshards were Voidbinding's equivalent to Bondsmith-spren on Ashyn before this immense power destroyed it. I think we've even seen hints of this shift from Dawnshard to Unmade in the text. Read this portion of the Eila Stele with this theory in mind: Outro It's 1:45am and I've been writing this theory for hours, so I think I'm gonna leave it here. I've had this one bouncing around in my head for a long time and I'm sure other people have guessed similar things with other theories, but I think the foundation of WoB and direct quotes is pretty solid on this one. Let me know what you guys think if you were able to slog through this, thanks for reading!
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    When on Twitter, someone named BelovedVin adds you to a mailing list, and you think 'Rust, Scadrial has Twitter now???'
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    When you see a little insect climbing the wall and you count it's legs and think 'Cremling!!!'
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    Chouta, I copy the image URL and paste it in the image inserter to make them large. And since I answered I may as well paste another meme...
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    when I was at a signing, saw this giant pile of Legion, and I thought "if books could talk..."
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    Warning: Meme overload! Meta and Stormlight These took me like an hour
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    When your first thought after reading that is, "But the Weeping was yesterday..." (It was pouring)
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    The following passage was deleted due to the sheer idiocy of its content: The REAL Roast:
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    Full Spoilers for both Defending Elysium and Skyward!
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    Someone posted this picture on Facebook and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a Sanderson meme out of it:
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    The first topic got locked for too many replies and I was like "oh my god. I killed it." In any case. Also, when you and your friends' humor consists of Cosmere pun-based humor. And when you're gonna get your band director to read Mistborn. Will keep you updated on that feat.
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    So the Sibling on Roshar is the collective spirit of all dead siblings in Sanderson's work?
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    OMG, I just realized that: Skyward + Defending Elysium spoilers:
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    Episode Two: Dumpster Diving
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    Trying to logically guess a plot twist in a Sanderson book like...
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    You could say that the structure of this book is Storm-lite.
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    Apologies for how long this took to get out, I normally wait until I finish the chapter after the one that needs posting so that I can clear my head for when I do a revision. I've been really struggling with Chapter Five so I just never got around to posting Chapter Four. It's been done for ages. I apologise. Anyway, enjoy.... Chapter Four: Herald of War
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    Marsh and Dalinar :" I'm sad about his death. But i was even more sad when he got with the girl we both liked" Zane " I know how that feels"
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    "Unoit them!" No offense to Australians, though.
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    The 47th element in the periodic table.
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    "I'm not dead!" - Kelsier "There's a difference between mostly dead and all dead" - Brandon Sanderson "You keep using that word dead. I do not think it means what you think it means" - Every Sanderfan ever
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    Maybe not exactly a meme, but saw this the other day and couldn't help thinking of WoR: (upvotes to whoever knows the reference)
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    This is something I've been thinking about ever since we learnt that Silverlight is named Silverlight, and that Ambition's corpse is somewhere far away from the site of its battle with Odium. I have a few reasons for thinking this, so I will list them in point form: Ambition - universities are places you go to learn and gain skills, something reflecting ambition - and Silverlight has several universities, and it is hinted that it is a melting pot of cultures and technologies Silver - we don't know the significance of silver, but the only other place silver - and just silver, not other metals - is important is Threnody, where silver is very important to the magic, and where part of Ambition remains Cognitive realm - it is strange to build a city in the cognitive realm, but if something was special about the region, such as its size or ability to connect to the physical realm ... a mass of investiture in the cognitive realm likely makes that area significant The only objection I have would be that she doesn't mention it in Arcanum, but that can be explained. A few possibilities are that either she doesn't know or she doesn't want to share. Khriss doesn't say "and Ambition died and we built Silverlight on top of the corpse", which would be something to mention if talking about a place relevant to the subject being discussed. But if she doesn't know where Ambition died, only that it is dead, and its corpse was sufficiently ambiguous, it would well be that she doesn't know Silverlight is built in it - all she knows is that Ambition died somewhere, and Silverlight - if she founded Silverlight or if someone else did - is built on some strange area where the cognitive realm is expanded for unknown reasons, that could explain it. This could also work if Silverlight is built only partially on the corpse, if it was split into pieces and she knows where some pieces are but doesn't know that Silverlight is built on one. Or she does know, and others know, and she just didn't mention it. Or, less likely, she does know but is keeping the information hidden as it would be dangerous to let others know. What do you think? Would you be surprised if Ambition's corpse is at Silverlight? One final note - if Silverlight is the corpse then it might have a perpendicularity, and so it might be in the space stories that it serves as a space station for ships to visit.
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    I went into this expecting a fairly good novel. Boy was I wrong. It was a great novel! Also, did anyone else get a distinctly Pattern vibe from M-Bot? Or was that just me.
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