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    (Note: an updated version can be found here.) Dr. Seuss One spren, two spren, Lie spren, truth spren. Are the blue spren truly glue spren? This one makes a skyeel fly, That one shows up when you die. Oh what a lot of spren I spy! You have light in your spheres, You have shards in your hand, You have surges to help you to fly and to land! So where will you go? Somewhere high? Somewhere low? To the great Reshi Isles, or somewhere with snow? Perhaps you will dine on some Horneater Stew, Delivered directly through Urithiru. Or maybe the Shin will sell you a chicken (eating it helps Thaylen eyebrows to thicken). There’s so many places and people and spren, It’s easy to wonder just where your path ends. But please, don’t forget, it’s the way that you walk that matters much more than the place that you stop. Yes, the road that you take, whether straight, curved, or bendy always matters the most—just ask the Parshendi.
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    It's finished! Or, as finished as it will get for a while. I printed a physical copy to give to Brandon at Boskone, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. I wish that I had been able to put more illustrations in it, but there simply wasn't time. I am inordinately fond of my Thaylen eyebrows illustration, though. I feel like it really captures the spirit of the mashup. I'm also quite pleased with the Unkalaki tongue twisters. If only I had figured out a way to stick "Airsick lowlanders!" in somewhere. Anyway, here is the book! (Spoilered for size) I hope you like it! I also had some partial drafts for Stormlight versions of other Seuss books that I didn't make the cut for inclusion. So there may eventually be a sequel or improved draft that includes The Bitter Battle Book (about the war on the shattered plains) and a version of Green Eggs and Ham ("Amaram, Lord Amaram, I do not like the Diagram").
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    WARNING: SPOILERS FOR ALL MISTBORN AND STORMLIGHT PUBLICATIONS TO DATE. Friends of the 17th Shard, a situation has occured. According to Weiry Writer, Brandon Sanderson has made it known to us through the Waygate livestream that there is another worldhopper whom we have all missed. A worldhopper who, quite apart from the likes of Hoid and Nazh, goes by no known alias and does not have an easily recognizable description. Apparently, a kandra has been travelling through the Cosmere. I scarcely need remind anyone what a kandra is, or why picking one out from the crowd of Cosmere characters will be so difficult. Kandra can mold their bodies around any skeletal system, perfectly impersonating animals and even individual humans. At least one kandra impersonated another kandra. It may prove to be impossible to find a worldhopping specimen, especially when given so little information to work from. But, let us not be daunted by the difficulty. As long as there are worldhoppers, there will be 17th Sharders to find them. In fact, I cannot imagine a world in which 17th Sharders didn't speculate ceaselessly about worldhopper identities. Finding a kandra isn't a hardship: it's a privilege. Allow me to begin. Be warned, spoilers and tenuous logical connections follow. First, we should specify what we're looking for in a kandra worldhopper. Obvious signs would be noticeably out-of-character thoughts or actions, death and apparent resurrection, or mentions of missing bones or bodies. If we knew our target's motivations, we would have an easier time of things. But for now, we must sadly stick to what we know. The most obvious motivation I can think of would be as an agent of Harmony. We know from the recent batch of AoL annotations that Sazed is very concerned with Cosmere-wide events, and wishes to learn more. Sending a kandra to other worlds could work wonders towards revealing the secrets of Adonalsium. Unfortunately this idea gives us little indication of where we might find the kandra. Possibly Yolen, where it all began, or Roshar, a place of major Shardic interactions? Sel could also be a potential kandra destination. I put some thought into several deaths and resurrections. In Words of Radiance, both Szeth and Jasnah are presumed dead but are found later, very much alive. However, I do not believe either to be a kandra. We see Szeth's PoV in his chapter, and no indicators of kandrafication can be seen. In addition, Jasnah is seen Surgebinding in the WoR epilogue, which would suggest that she is who she says she is. It also seems likely that Hoid would have noticed a swap. While Szeth and Jasnah were probably not kandra-spottings, I believe that other cases of "deaths" should be investigated. So there we have it--or rather, there we don't have it. There is a needle sitting in quite a big stormin' haystack right in front of us. Let's try to find it. WalDo, the 17th Shard will find you. If you have appeared on screen, you will be found. Now, 17th Shard... let's get to work.
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    J. R. R. Tolkien * Forty pages of info about the history of tobacco in Alethkar * (This was awesome. )
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    Ha, maybe castrating every other male member of his race made him feel like he needed to compensate somehow. Imagining him as a dad and husband while also and all powerful God King hilarious. Wife: Dear, you can't have Inquisitors babysit our one year old child. LR: What, why? There great with kids! Wife:... Kid:...... Ruin:........Dude, your a terrible father.
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    Everyone else is thinking about the myriad theorizing implications this holds... and I'm just sitting here imagining the Lord Ruler shouting at a teen girl in a miniskirt, declaring "NO DAUGHTER OF THE SLIVER OF INFINITY IS GOING OUT WEARING THAT."
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    Welcome! If you have taken this cookie, HA! The experimental new hemalurgically spiked cookies will soon take effect! To avoid the undiscovered side effects, join the Dark Alley and recruit new members by making a link to this page and calling it a cookie! Any questions? No? Good. Get recruiting. Any of you wishing to, insteading of spreading cookies for fun, become a full denizen and do hemalurgic research for fun go here!
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    Pagerunner asked Brandon a question in an AMA on a Sunday. As he eagerly awaited the answer, Brandon told him, "I will reply to your question some day this week. But I will not tell you on which day I will reply, so when I do, it will come as a complete surprise to you." Pagerunner began to ponder what Brandon had said. If Saturday arrived, and Brandon had not yet answered his question, then he would know that Brandon could only reply later that Saturday, and the answer would not come as a surprise to him. Therefore, Pagerunner knew that Brandon would not respond to him on Saturday. But if Friday arrived, then there would only be two days left for Brandon to reply. Having already eliminated Saturday as a possibility, then he would know that Brandon could only reply later that Friday, and the answer would not come as a surprise to him. Therefore, Pagerunner knew that Brandon would not respond to him on Friday. In a similar fashion, Pagerunner eliminated Thursday, then Wednesday, then Tuesday, then Monday, and last of all Sunday. With no days remaining where Brandon could answer his question, Pagerunner dejectedly closed out of the AMA, saddened that he would never receive his answer. And on Wednesday, when Brandon replied to Pagerunner's question, it came as a complete surprise to him.
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    So, among other things, I am a cosplayer. I'm quite mad as a box of frogs, too, as I've learned entirely new skills solely for the sake of making a good costume. That's how I picked up chainmail; I made a Legend of Zelda costume (I took Zelda and recast her in the hero's role, making her Zelda: Warrior Princess) and kind of hated the fake chainmail that I'd knitted out of silver rattail. Not wholly bad, really, but it wasn't realistic enough. So I spent a year of off-and-on chainmail working to make the tunic in aluminum. I threw in the Hylian crest on the front just for fun. The shield is made out of craft foam, single-layer cardboard, fabric, heavy-gauge wire, three different types of glue, sculpey, and, of course, paint. The sword is bought, but I repainted it to match the new Zelda color scheme, and wrapped the handle in leather-look duct tape. Here's the back of the shield. What looks like wood grain is actually crinkle fabric painted over with brown fabric paint. The handle is a plastic cabinet handle wrapped in the same fabric and paint mix. Fun fact: The year I wore this at Dragon*Con, I had no fewer than 3 different Navis run up to me and shout, "HEY! LISTEN!" Good times. One of them actually wanted a picture with me pretending to try to kill her. This wizard's staff is more recent; my husband wanted to be a wizard for Halloween last year, and wanted a really cool staff. We couldn't find a really cool staff, so we decided to make one. The wood piece was bought, but the rest we put together. He did the wiring bits and served as an extra pair of hands while I was busy burning mine with the hot glue gun. Underneath the "nest" is actually two pieces of PVC threaded joint. The bottom is screwed into the top of the wood, while the top has a selenite crystal hot glued into it. Husband rewired a color-change LED candle bulb to a thumbswitch, which I nestled in the moss. The selenite really picks up the LED glow; pictures can't really do it justice. The sticks are a couple of grapevine wreaths I took apart and affixed in various places to the outside. There are also three quartz crystals glued around in the moss, but those aren't so easy to see in the photo. And you can't see it in the photo, but I also wrapped the bottom of the staff in cloth and leather to keep it from scratching anybody's floors.
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    Kandra candidate - Gaz He disappears after a bridge run. The chasms are full of skeletons from fallen warriors. He reappears as a deserter to become a trusted and loyal member of Shallan's (an important and rare surgebinder) retinue. With a very different personality. Well, slightly different.
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    Alright. I keep bringing it up, and I'll keep repeating it. THE FUSED AREN'T VOIDBINDING! Now let's get to my reasoning. This is going to talk about Scadrial's magics in addition to Roshar's, which is why it's in this forum. From the Ars Arcanum Khriss says... Implying that Voidbinding does not easily fit with Surgebinding, which seems to be very much opposite to what we've seen from the Fused. Their abilities seem to be pretty straightforward Surgebinding. And with that we come to the types of Fused. According to Moash there are only nine types. And we've so far only seen any of them use a single Surge. Fliers with Gravitation, the skater in Thaylen City for Abrasion, the thief with Illumination, and the ones who manipulate their carapace which I think are using progression to "grow" their armor and weapons. 9 types. And yet we have a Voidbinding chart in the back of tWoK with Ten "orders" linked to all ten surges. And Khriss' above quote mentions "ten levels" of Voidbinding. On the Voidbinding chart we have a glyph for each of the ten surges that is literally the same glyph with half inverted to create a rotational symmetry, rather then a simple mirror. I believe that this implies that the surges manifest differently, both in the written form of the surge, and in its expression when used. This is where Renarin comes in. Renarin has said that he is unable to make illusions despite multiple attempts. I think he's right. Something is wrong because of the way that Glys has been corrupted/enlightened. He has access to the Surgebinding version of Progression and the Voidbinding version of Illumination. He can still use the second, but it's manifestation is altered, just like the glyph on the voidbinding chart. So far, that's only shown itself in his stained glass images of the future... But who knows how else that may manifest. All of this with Renarin stems from @Argent's information about "The Page", and these two WoBs, also from Argent. So Brandon won't confirm or deny any of this about Renarin, but I personally think the evidence is all there. My final reason, and in my mind the most compelling, is that Brandon refers to Voidbinding as a separate magic system (which post WoR he said we had yet to see per this WoB, which means Stormform's lightning, and the summoning of the Everstorm weren't voidbinding either) For why I think that's significant, let's look at Scadrial. Three magic systems. Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. All use metal in drastically different ways. If you take into account that Hemalurgy is not the powers it grants, but the Theft itself, there is not a single one of these magic systems that share a common function. If Voidbinding were to simply mimic Surgebinding, I would be remarkably disappointed in it being called a separate magic system. It would feel like both a setup far to close to Scadrial, with the final magic system allowing the enemy to copy the powers of the heroes, and functionally pointless as we already have a system on Roshar that can mimic both Surgebinding and Voidbinding, in Fabrials. For Voidbinding to be a separate system, I believe that it's going to be at least as different functionally to Surgebinding as Allomancy and Feruchemy. Manipulating the same surges, in a different manner. As far as the minimal differences between the way that the Fused function, like the slower acceleration and deceleration of the Fused who use Gravitation, I think this is purely a side effect of the fuel source. If Vasher were to figure out how to Awaken with Stormlight, I wouldn't expect that to work identically to with Breath, and I think this is a similar situation, which I have brought up previously.
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    @Pagliacci That is frickin awesome and needs all the upvotes. Also: IGNITE THEM And we love him for it. This is all of us, I reckon. Also, I can't resist inserting this last one...
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    Adolin reviving his Maya is the only way I accept him becoming a Knights Radiant
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    @SLNC I've never been a fan of the "not broken enough" argument. Kaladin and Shallan are extreme examples. So is Dalinar. Adolin has easily been through as much as Renarin. Just because he puts on a happy face for the world doesn't make his life "peachy." He lost his mother. Thousands of men at the Tower. Watched his father descend into a drunken mess. He snapped and killed Sadeas, which while it hasn't had social consequences, has still had mental ones. If he's not broken enough, then neither is Lopen, Lopen seems happy too.
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    New Cosmere Facepalm Memes! (Yes I'm back. More to come!) Hoid version Nazh version Former ones Enjoy
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    sorry about the size difference, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
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    Alright I'm going to try this again. Here is how I think a medallion is made. Single Power Medallion To start, you need a medallion or spike to grant aluminum Feruchemy to the person who has the power you wish to put in a medallion. This person is a willing participant. They store their Identity, and the power needed is spiked out. You now have an unkeyed hemalurgic spike. Next, you need a person who has, through whatever combination of Spikes, medallions, and natural ability, all of the following. Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil Feruchemy, and the allomantic ability corresponding to the type of spike that stores the power stolen. This person Stores all of their Identity, and heavily taps Connection (whether this is a general thing, or a specific type of Connection I don't know. I don't think we know enough about it) imprinting their stores with Connection enabling the touch bond of the Medallions. Identity free, and heavily Connected, this person burns the unkeyed Spike, and immediately stores what is produced in a nicrosilmind. You now have a Hemalurgic charge, free of Identity and stored with connection to whoever holds it, tricking their spiritweb into believing that a spike has been properly placed to grant them the power (without the damage that normally occurs, avoiding the issue of hemalurgy's weakness). Multiple Power Medallions and the Reason for the Three Power Limit As you create these medallions, you'll eventually end up with a three power medallion that will give you all three types of Feruchemy needed to make them. No spikes needed in the maker. At this point, you just need to burn and store multiple spikes. No problem. Except for the limit of spikes that a human can have. Three spikes burned, three powers stored...and an attempt at a Fourth puts the maker above the threshold of control. Interference The Connection trick is why multiple medallions interfere with each other. By using Connection to convince the Spiritual Aspect that a spike has been placed, you create this limitation. Multiple medallions attempt to trick the Spiritweb in the same manner and it causes a mixed signal which interferes with both medallions. It's like trying to listen to two radio stations broadcast over the same frequency. Instead of one clear signal, you get a garbled mess of unintelligible noise. Assumptions There are two main assumptions made here, that I know some people disagree with. The nature of Nicrosil Feruchemy. Some people believe that Nicrosil is only capable of storing powers. I believe that Nicrosil can store any part of the Spiritweb, which is coincidentally what hemalurgy steals. If I'm incorrect, this method does not work. Duralumin Feruchemy. Connection is not, in itself, Investiture. It is a property of, or force applied to, Investiture per this WoB. So I believe that while tapping and storing Connection can have immediate effects, as seen with the translation medallions, I think it functions like Aluminum Feruchemy. It changes the level of Connection of the Investiture of the Spiritweb as a whole. As such that Connection, or lack thereof, would be preserved when the Investiture is stored, just as Identity is. Again, if this assumption is incorrect this method fails. Edit: adding in two wobs to this. First, one I asked of Brandon recently Doesn't tell us much, but it does show that the nicrosil in the medallions is not just standard Nicrosil Feruchemy. Next this, which I found while looking for something else, and I think reiterates the point above, and supports the need for Connection manipulation.
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    So this is a thing that just happened: http://www.reddit.com/r/books/comments/2ytg2h/im_novelist_brandon_sanderson_ama/crpb8mn?context=3 I'm in shock. I don't know what to think. It's crazy though. Weiry had an idea that perhaps Lutha was one of his kids. I always thought Lutha was a romantic interest, but this would also make sense. Discuss!
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    "Whoa dude, that's one toxic fanbase that you're the webmaster for." "Actually, that's the code improvement committee doing their job..."
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    I'm sorry, but all I was thinking at this point was: Which the more I think about it, the more that actually does sound like kandra. Replace "oaths" with "contracts" and... XD Yep. No more late-night speculating for me. (Though I do think it would be awesome if it turned out the Diagram was way more Cosmere-aware than non-uber-genious Taravangian could ever suspect. The comment about the Wanderer seems to fit with that possibility...)
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    The High Price of Freedom/Aftermath Honour watched the palace with bated breath. Would her/his/its help actually mean anything? Only time would tell. - Only one more left, the Kholin killer thought, creeping through the hallways after the queen. The last hour and a half had been difficult, with such a to-do around Jasnah Kholin's protection, but finally, finally, she was open to attack. At least, the killer was pretty sure she was. It would be mighty inconvenient if she survived, since he had others to kill after her. He had a mission, after all. Begin the desolation. Not that he'd come here expecting to do that. Quite the opposite in fact, But plans change when one's old gods are revealed. Klade shuddered, remembering the Unmade. He didn't want to be serving his old gods—his people had abandoned them eons ago to avoid exactly this—but then these Alethi just had to meddle in things they didn't understand and look what was happening: the world was on the precipice of a Desolation. And they only had themselves to blame. "Halt!" Klade froze, and then realized that the call hadn't been for him. It came from ahead. He peeked around the corner and saw Jasnah confronting the Captain of the Guard—what was his name? T-something? He couldn't remember. The Queen's back was to Klade. She didn't see him coming, but she didn't have to. - Tearim noticed movement over Jasnah's shoulder. Klade. What was the Parshendi holding? A....knife? It was! And with the way he was looking at Jasnah, it was clear the man had one goal: to kill the queen. Tearim pushed Jasnah out of the way, and then he felt pain. So much pain. Why was there pain? Was it Klade? No, no, Klade had frozen for a second, looking at Tearim, but he still held his knife. So what had happened. Tearim looked at Jasnah. She held a blade—not her Shardblade—and it dripped blood. His blood. She'd tried to kill him. - Klade took the moment of distraction to close the distance between himself and the Queen. He knew he only had one chance to kill her and his aim needed to be true. She was a Radiant. She could heal, but she couldn't heal from a killing stroke. He swung his blade. - A Radiant, dead. Honour lost all hope. The Desolation was coming and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. She'd tried. But it was now clear to her that she'd underestimated Odium. - No, Tearim thought, watching the blade pierce his queen's body. She fell, gasping in pain, and Tearim knew she wouldn't be rising again, Radiant or not. He heard a sound behind him, and then Liss was there, helping him to his feet. She already had her wicked-looking dagger out and Tearim unsheathed his sword. - Klade watched the queen fall. Slowly. The light in her eyes went dark and he knew he'd succeeded. He heard the sound of metal behind him, and he glanced over his shoulder. I thought he was dead. But no, the Captain stood with his sword out, and that servant girl stood next to him, with a weapon of her own. Klade attuned to Irritation. He'd only just murdered the last Kholin. Was there really to be no rest for him? - Ialai had learned much since she'd accidentally killed her husband. She no longer hesitated to kill if she knew it was the right thing to do, and she knew this was the right thing to do. She hurried down the corridor to where she'd heard Jasnah's cry, but when she rounded the corner, she had to pause for a moment to take everything in. Jasnah was on the ground, blood surrounding her. Even at this distance, Ialai could tell her queen was dead. Another Kholin, gone. Tearim stood next to her body. He was also bleeding, and Ialai knew why. Jasnah had attacked him, and he must've retaliated. And now he was trying to kill a Parshendi. Ialai ran to stop the murder, but she didn't get there in time. Klade tried to defend himself, but he was blocked by Liss—where had she come from? Ialai had completely missed seeing her, and why was she helping Tearim?! Tearim skewered the Parshendi. "That's for killing the queen," he said. Ialai brought her blade down, into Tearim's back with as much force as she could. And then his words hit her. Klade had killed Jasnah Kholin. Not Tearim. Tearim had defended her. And she'd just killed the man for it. - Honour breathed a sigh of relief. She'd judged them too harshly, too soon. They'd actually done it. Miraculously. Somehow. Take that, Odium/Senility, she thought. - Wit stood on his chull and brought a scroll out of his pocket. Holding the top, he let the end fall. And fall. And fall. He had a lot he needed to say. But before he was even able to get one word out, Ialai and Liss stumbled into the feast hall. They were both covered in blood and looked rather...distraught. That was curious. But not curious enough to stop him from what he needed to say. He cleared his throat, but Ialai cut him off. "Jasnah is dead. And Tearim. And Klade." Well, that changed things a bit. Wit started rolling the scroll back up while Ialai explained just what exactly had happened. Her explanation took a while, which was good because the scroll took a while to roll up. Finally, though, the scroll was gathered and Ialai's explanation was complete. Wit leaped off his chull. "Well. It seems my time here is done. Fear not: I'll be laughing at your spiritual essences once you all have been long forgotten. Especially you, Sadeas. No, not you Ialai. Your husband. I'm sure his spirit is around here somewhere. Might even be in this rock," Wit said, pulling the moss-covered rock out of his pocket and looked closely at it. It would make a strange sort of sense for Sadeas' spirit to take over something that looked so like him in his physical form, so Wit spoke to the rock. "Even though you're dead, I'm still laughing at you." And then he walked away. As he passed Liss, he dropped the rock onto her head with a "boop," and continued on his way. Liss grabbed the rock off the top of her head and stared at it in confusion. And that's game. A big congratulations to the following players, who completed all of their win conditions: Jasnah Kholin Wit Players who failed one of their non-final win conditions but completed all other win conditions (including those who died after having all their win conditions revealed) also won. Those players are: Ialai Sadeas Ivory Adolin Kholin Liss Drunk Beggar Ash Darkness Kelek Master Spreadsheet Beggar Feast (dead/spec doc) Palace Grounds (ostracism doc) Alethi Secret Societies Shadesmar Women Diplomats Intellectuals Parshendi Gavilar's War Council Heralds Feast Hall Back Wall Monastery Dias/Monastery Dias 2.0 Sunwalk Entrance Ten Herald Hallway Unused Guest Suite Darkened Corridor Loading Dock Art Gallery Thanks to everyone who played and thank you so much to Orlok and El. A thousand thank yous to both of them. I'll have a bit more to say about my thoughts on the game but not tonight. I'll save that for a couple days hence. Please use your own account now. We'll be locking up the anonymous accounts in the next few hours.
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    So the Sibling on Roshar is the collective spirit of all dead siblings in Sanderson's work?
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    Some traits of the kandra to get started: They don't have access to magic systems by default. They can probably use Breath if they receive it, and we know that they can take Hemalurgic spikes and use Allomancy/Feruchemy. We could look for a character who should have magic but doesn't (why hello there Taln-without-an-Honorblade), but it's also possible that a worldhopping kandra will have Hemalurgic knowledge, so this method isn't foolproof. Kandra do have an abnormally high ability to withstand punishment, as well as Blessings. Any worldhopping Kandra may have been enhanced with more Blessings than normal; we could look for people who are stronger than they should be, as well as those who don't die when they should (which works in with looking for people who could have died and came back). Harmony controls the kandra now, but he didn't before. Kandra are immortal (or at least have lifespans of a thousand years plus), and they existed for 1000 years before Mistborn: FE, so we could conceivably see a kandra in any released novel, even Elantris (which supposedly takes place hundreds of years before Final Empire). Kandra (one in particular, anyways) apparently like spoiled or rotted meat; any character who has a liking for abnormal foods should be investigated. Given the timeline (most novels take place after Mistborn: HoA), it's quite likely that any kandra sent are under Harmony's orders, so they'll definitely be seeking out threats to Scadrial as well as interesting knowledge. Sazed would prefer they keep to lower positions, though, likely because he doesn't want to interfere with anything important. The 'obvious' places for kandra are as things like mooks of important people, master servants, ardents, that sort of thing. Yeah, no one's coming to mind!
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    Wax shooting his wife ... again.
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    To Sadeas parents: NO MATING
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    Kelsier: I am Hope. Dalinar: I am Unity. Batman: I am Batman.
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    Pretty sure I don't have to spoiler this, but I'm going to do it anyway.
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    To the nearest available spren: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination
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    Shallan: I am offend! Stick: I AM A STICK.
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    I have three: Elhokar, Way of Kings: Repeat: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination Kaladin, Words of Radiance: Love is the balm that heals wounds. Don't let go. Shallan, Oathbringer: It doesn't matter what's in the past. Focus on now.
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    As promised, I have returned with a photo of my Edgar Allan Poe costume!
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    The Lord Ruler. Got so overconfident that he let himself get killed by someone who he could have killed in an instant. Edit: also that he didn't have back up Atium hidden within his body
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    Well, I kind of MET BRANDON SANDERSON FOR THE FIRST TIME last night, so that's pretty FRICKIN NEATO!!! Highlight of my week for sure.
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    I can sightread pretty well on oboe, not quite as well when I'm singing. I'm complete rubbish at it on piano, though. XD
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    As my participation in the 18 pages of this thread have shown, I have feelings regarding this topic. So I apologize of this is long winded, but it's me so... Adolin happening to receive the right type of blade isn't Deus Ex Machina. It's just chance. Those aren't the same thing. There are 8 types of blades available to be had. No Skybreaker blades, because they didn't take part, and no bondsmith blades obviously. So assuming roughly equal numbers that's a 12.5% chance of your blade being an Edgedancer blade. Not terribly good, but not anywhere near an unreasonable longshot either. As far as Maya's healing goes... No, I really don't think she can become something else than a Cultivationspren. I don't think the bond works that way. Let me explain. Yes, the bond "ripped something out of them" but I don't think that's what it sounds like. I don't think something is actually missing, so much as it's been repurposed,and left them in a state that they can't function. Spren slowly merge with their radiant Spiritually. What I think this accomplishes, for a spren to become a blade, is that essentially the spren is piggybacking on the Radiants connection to the Physical Realm, which allows them to manifest as a weapon. We have yet to see a blade appear or change shape when not in physical contact with their Radiant. Syl rushes to Kaladin a couple of times in anticipation of being summoned. I don't think it's possible for them to simply become fully physical on their own... And yet Shardblade are, and were never meant to be. What I think the bond breaking did to them, in my opinion, is left them in a state where they are supposed to have a Physical Aspect available, but without the Investiture necessary to do so. So their innate investiture has been redistributed, allow for physical manifestation at the cost of the Cognitive being that they are by nature. Even in the Cognitive Realm, when dismissed, this reallocation would remain. Just as a person there physically can step back into the Physical Realm while a Cognitive Shadow cannot, because they lack that Connection, the Spren are still forced to have the Connection (and the ability to be summoned back) even when it is not being utilized. Restoring a bond with a person should give them back a secondary physical aspect with which to manifest and allow the Investiture that they are composed of to return to their Cognitive Aspect where it belongs so that they can function properly. Basically, I think what was ripped out with the bond itself, was that secondary Connection. This shouldn't require anything to be put into the spren from a new bond other than what was there in the first one. I don't think any piece of them actually remained in the radiant to which they were bonded. In order for the spren to be effectively changed would require, again in my opinion, more Investiture than a human has to give.
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    Not sure if this has been posted here, but I was reminded of it by @Pagliacci.
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    I don’t know if he will have a lasting historical legacy as a king. It depends on how history is written. Humanity won the war against the Parshendi and discovered a new Desolation during his reign, so that might be something he is, at least partly credited for. I think his most important legacy will be with Gavinor and Kaladin, ironically. Kaladin was the one who really got to see him try, and I think that affects him. He won’t forget Elhokar.
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    Finally back from Japan and gaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Amazing trip. Also! I have been trying to get a post at work that came open in march. I am a Correctional Officer in a mid/high Level Prison. A post, J3, came open in march when the officer assigned to it was promoted to Sergeant. I was told on monday i that got the spot! J3 post is for the school section of the compound. My job is to make sure students come to school, and to keep the teachers safe. I no longer am working on shift, i move to 5&2 shift, and i work Monday-Thursday 10h days, with every Fri-Sun off, AND i no longer work holidays. Beyond happy for that.
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    A really weird one this time. As some people may already know, I’m a furry, a human who likes anthropomorphized animals. Furries get a lot of scorn and hate from some people, and my friends are some of those people. None of them know yet, but every time I consider telling them, they make some remark that keeps me quiet. I’ve been discussing this with another sharder, who I will not state by name in case they don’t want it known, but who is also a furry. They gave me advice, but it didn’t really work. I’m just afraid they’ll find out some other way besides me, and get the wrong ideas, or shun me for being what I am. I almost was pushed over the line today but nobody noticed, but I’m afraid if this happens again, they’ll find out and I’ll be left alone again. I say I’m an introvert, but I need friends, and not just shard ones (you guys are great BTW). It took a long time to form these friendships and I’m afraid I could wipe out most or all if I don’t do this in the right way.
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    Emotionally? It has to be that conversation of Shallan and Hoid on the chapter 'The Girl Who Stood Up'. I swear, the moment Shallan saw the difference between the two illusions i.e she forgave herself on the other, and Hoid saying it's okay to live on. It hit home. Almost didn't finish the storming book because of that chapter.
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    I have just gotten my first tattoo ever and what a better one than some Knights Radiant, Cosmere ones! It's in Kholin Blue! And part 1 of my Cosmere tattoo journey!! All of the Cosmere holds a special place for me! Most especially Stormlight! Life before Death Radiants!!
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    Nice work on the linguistics. It's crazy how many secrets Brandon buries in his books. I'm pretty sure that there's no shattered Shard on Threnody. We have WoB that there is no Shard on Threnody; even though Devotion and Dominion were left shattered on Sel, Sel was described as having Shards. Have you considered that it's not just a memorial for a Shard, but for Adonalsium itself? Secret History Spoilers:
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