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    Warbreaker: Slight edit to OPs The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: TWoK:
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    How about this for WoR:
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    Keep in mind that this is all speculation. Below are some relevant WoB's which I will dive into later 1. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] The Ghostbloods. Are they Kelsier's new crew? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Oh, good question. Do I wanna answer this or not? I'm gonna RAFO this one. Yeah, we're gonna RAFO this one. Billy Todd [PENDING REVIEW] Have there been interactions between Kelsier and the Ghostbloods? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I will RAFO that. 2. ccstat If Kelsier (when Vin knew him) were to join one of the Rosharan secret societies, which one would he choose? Brandon Sanderson He would become part of the Ghostbloods, most likely, and would be in charge of them within a year. source source 3. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Yes, or no. With all of the cosmere books that have been put out, do we have enough information to deduce the Ghostbloods' motives? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Ummm... *laugher* I would say yes, but it's not like you are a fool if you haven't gotten it. Robert Jordan once answered a question like this saying, "Well, the answer should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer." Which I never thought was fair. Like, no, it was not. Szeth, some people guessed it. And some people will guess this. A lot of the foreshadowing in my books, it's this weird thing where, when you do proper foreshadowing, and then people have three years between books, they're gonna figure some things out. Which presents a really interesting challenge to me as a writer, because, like, there are big things that get revealed in Oathbringer, that people who have been steeped in the world for the last seven years... they kinda knew this would happen. We get the beta readers, and they're like, "So? Doesn't everyone know that?" But at the same time, the casual reader, beta readers were like "Holy cow! This is a huge revelation!" And books need to work both for the person who has been really steeped in it, and the person who's reading along that maybe doesn't want to go get all the spoilers from all the fan guessing. So it is this weird balancing act that, as a writer, you have to perform, particularly with the longer books in the longer series, where you want to make sure they're engaging to the hardcore fan, but not overwhelming to the person who maybe hasn't reread the books since the last one came out. And I don't know that I have that balance figured out, but it is something I think about a lot... source Kelsier's motivations post Secret History: After his interactions with Khriss and Nazh in Secret History, Kelsier realises just how little he really knows. Kelsier would see this ignorance as a weakness he must overcome, as to rise to the top he must acquire knowledge. Kelsier's conversation with Spook at the end of Secret History illustrate his quest to pursue knowledge of the cosmere. “Now, don’t be like that,” Kelsier said. “Our work is important. Vital. We’re going to unravel the mysteries of the universe. The cosmere, as it is called.” “It’s a big, big place out there, kid,” Kelsier said. “Bigger than I ever knew. Ignorance almost lost us everything. I’m not going to let that happen again.” He tapped at Spook’s ear. “While dead, I had an opportunity. My mind expanded, and I learned some things. My focus wasn’t on these spikes; I think I could have worked it all out, if it had been. I still learned enough to be dangerous, and the two of us are going to figure the rest out.” If there is one thing we know about Kelsier, it is that he compulsively meddles. He would not be content to swear an oath of non-interference like the 17th shard members. We know from a WoB that the 17th shard and ghostbloods do not work together. Furthermore, Iyatil has South Scadrian ancestry and was a former member of the 17th shard. It is plausible that she converted to the ghostbloods after a little persuasion from the god figure of her ancestors. So the 17th shard does not fit Kelsier, leaving the ghostbloods as the only known worldhopper organisation with a similar agenda. We know that Kelsier always feels the need to operate a crew. This is a constant between pre-Final Empire and post-Final Empire Kelsier, as shown when he treats Preservation/Fuzz as a crew member after determining his goal was to stop ruin and also at the end of Secret History when he recruits Spook. It is highly probable, then, that Kelsier post-Secret History has founded a new crew which is the ghostbloods. So what exactly are the ghostbloods up to? First of all, a minor piece of evidence linking the ghostbloods to Kelsier is the name of the organisation. Ghost= cognitive shadow, Blood= hemallurgy Now, as shown above, Kelsier appears to be on a quest to gather cosmere knowledge. In Mraize's basement we see artifacts from many worlds, including a knife from Threnody (possibly the knife which Nazh gave to Kelsier in Secret History), a vial of white sand, a dye flower from Nalthis (tears of Edgli), possibly Royal Idrian locks and in a later scene we see Mraize with an aviar. This shows that the ghostbloods are collecting investiture related artifacts from numerous shardworlds. The collection of these artifacts would tie into Kelsier's pursuit of cosmeric knowledge. Here's where things get a little crazy. I believe that Sja Anat has known Shallan since she was a child and is responsible for her forming a nahel bond so early in life before everything fell apart. 4. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Was Shallan's family, during her childhood, being influenced by an Unmade? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Um, yes. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Was it <the corrupt...>? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] I'll RAFO that, but yes, there is some external influence there. source 5. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Why don't you have to say the words if you're just bonding a Cryptic? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] Every Order's First Oath is the same. Then the Second Oaths for the Cryptics go into truths, but everybody says the First Oath the same regardless of Order. Which should raise the question of... Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] Did [Shallan] say it when she was a teeny-weeny, like in the cradle? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] That should raise a question. She wasn't teeny-weeny, but it should raise a question there. source This would tie in with the ghostbloods interest in Sja Anat, as she may be able to grant them nahel bonds in a similar fashion. This would add to their investiture collection. I see the situation as being similar to Hoid collecting investiture from different sources, though the end goals likely differ drastically. 6. Questioner How would - just really generally - the Ghostbloods react if they found or met Hoid? Brandon Sanderson (laughs) They... Some people among them know of him. Questioner So they know he's around. Brandon Sanderson Some of them do, not everybody. But they are aware of his existence. At least in lore, they don't always... Not all of them have connected the King's Wit to this person's lore, does that make sense? So what would they know? They'd probably want to get him and interrogate him. They would want to know what he knows, but he is really slippery and it's hard to get out of him what he knows. source Conclusion: There is a realistic possibility that Kelsier has at least had involvement with the ghostbloods. This could potentially set up conflict between Hoid and Kelsier as they would have similar pursuits and really don't get along very well. We know that Secret History was in the works from as early as 2006 so Brandon clearly felt like he had not finished telling Kelsier's story. Maybe Shallan will finally meet the mysterious Thaidakar with heavily scarred arms.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    My previous image was an unmade. But it's summer now and I was in the mood for something, a bit more sexy ^^ This my interpretation of Shalash or Ash, Herald of beauty. I've tryed to reveal just the right amount of skin and kept the white hair from the promotional image.
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    CAR SALESMAN: Let me tell you, this is one quality... *slaps Adonalsium* *Adonalsium shatters* CS: Ummm.... We're having a sixteen for the price of one sale.
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    On Roshar, the people believe seeing the future is evil. The few instances we've seen of foresight are associated with Odium. At a recent signing, Brandon said this: I find the bolded part where he trails off to be amazingly fascinating. Given the rest of the conversation, I propose that seeing the future is dangerous because of the following possibilities: 1. It draws the attention of the Shard (or its agents as explained below) that is powering the foresight. 2. It is heavily influenced by the intent or motives of the Shard that's powering it. 3. It's an ability granted by the Shard on purpose in order to manipulate events toward a future that the Shard (or its agents) desires. 4. It aligns you to the intent or motives of the Shard. This can be short-term (see atium below) or long-term. Repeated uses may cause a more lasting efect. 5. There's also the always-present conundrum of trying to change the future after you've seen it. Without context, you have no idea if changing your actions will cause that future or if not changing your actions will cause that future. The true answer could be any of the above, none of the above, or some combination of the options I've given. In order to evaluate possibilities, I've discussed the instances we've seen of people seeing the future, either as a summary, or as specific text, or links. Atium: We know how atium fuels Allomancy. It lets you see a few moments into the future. It also increases your mental and physical capabilities in order to take advantage of that knowledge. Sazed speculates in one of the HoA epigraphs that This appears to correlate to possibility 4--That seeing the future via atium temporarily aligned a person toward Ruin, the essence of entropy toward destruction. It might also explain why, after using atium as a metal mind and burning it for so long, TLR had such Ruinous impulses--mass slaughters, willingness to let the nobility destroy each other, etc, etc. After a thousand years of compounding atium, it's likely that he was very Connected to Ruin. It might also tie into possibility 3, assuming the possibility of Ruin wanting Rashek to become such a despot that he's overthrown just as the Well is about to fill, opening the way for Vin to take and release the power. Endowment: Endowment appears to be able to see some of the future, and sometimes her Splinters, the Returned, can pick up on this as well. We see this in Warbreaker, when Lightsong has his dreams and visions of T'Telir burning. She appears to send her Returned back in order to do a specific task (or set of tasks) based on what she sees, giving rise to possibility 3. Endowment apparently wanted the Hallandren and Idrians to persist, and sent back some of her Returned to help prevent the coming destruction. She probably has multiple contingency plans for if one of them dies before his or her task is accomplished. Wyrn: In the Elantris Annotations Brandon says: And Given that the Seons are Splinters of Devotion, (Love) and the Skaze are Splinters of Dominion, it seems like the Skaze are manipulating Wyrn in order to achieve their goals (Goals hinted at in the new epilogue in the 10th Anniversary Edition of Elantris) , tying back to possibility 3. Devotion and Dominion are both splintered, but the Skaze may retain enough of Dominion's intent to want to have complete dominion over the world (or maybe re-assemble Dominion?). And we come to the Stormlight Archive! We have more examples of foresight in SA than we have in any other book. There are three primary examples of it: Moelach: On the bridge between life and death, Moelach grants visions of the future, that the person utters in a cryptic and strange way, a phenomenon coined as Death Rattle. We don't really understand much about how this works, but the Death Rattles have been startlingly accurate, if incredibly obscure, so far. However. Moelach is a Splinter of Odium (along with the other Unmade). The Death Rattles we've seen so far all seem to be related either to the conflict between Odium and most of Roshar, or related to the people that are in that struggle. I have no absolute proof of this, but it's not a wild assumption (imo) to think that Odium, via Moelach, is using the Death Rattles to affect people's behavior. I realize this is putting conclusion before evidence, but I feel that it's a credible conclusion. Moelach is one of the mindless Unmade, as far as we know, so he's unlikely to have motives of his own. As a Splinter of Odium, Odium must have created him for a reason. We know Odium has a pretty good grasp of possible futures. Creating an Unmade to give people glimpses of the future (in a rather morbid way) to get them serving his purposes isn't beyond the realm of possibility. Renarin: We know very little about how Renarin's abilities work, and what types of things he can see, or how they will affect events. We know that his spren, Glys, is a Truthwatcher spren corrupted by Sja-Anat, another Splinter of Odium, and that Glys is likely what grants Renarin the ability to see the future. Renarin has seen Jasnah killing him. This would end him as a Radiant and as a Kholin. I confess, I am unsure what purpose his death would serve in Odium's cause. However, Renarin also saw Dalinar turning into Odium's champion. This would obviously be quite a desirable outcome for Odium. Given that Renarin has done a few things in order to try and warn about or prevent the things he sees, did he, consciously, or subconsciously, take actions that helped to bring that set of events into reality? We don't know yet what effects this might have, so I'm unsure which of the above categories this could fit into. The Diagram: Taravangian believes that he wrong the Diagram out of pure human capability and insight, rather than foresight. However, according to this WoB: As we know, in the Spiritual Realm, all times and places are essentially one. Seeing into the future in all other instances has been seeing into the Spiritual Realm. If Taravangian was closer to the Spiritual Realm than the Cognitive Realm, then he's likely incorporating at least some parts of what he sees in the Spiritual Realm into the Diagram. What we've seen him do so far has seemed to align him toward Odium's desires and motives. However, he was granted this ability by Cultivation, who is at odds with Odium. There was a lively discussion in this thread about the Diagram being a plant (pun intended) put in place by Cultivation. That T's actions, although they seem at odds with Dalinar+co, actually are meant to help them; and that T himself is unaware of this. As you can tell, I subscribe to this theory myself. This would fit in with possibilities 2, 3 and 4 above. Cultivation seems very crafty and careful, playing the long game with Dalinar, with Lift, and probably with T. And finally, we have Hoid. He has an ability to know where he needs to be at any given time. We don't really know most of his motives, so there's no way to determine what "where he needs to be" means, exactly. We're also very unsure as to how he knows to be in those places. We do know he uses something similar to Chromium Feruchemy in order to tap Fortune, but possibly isn't Feruchemy itself. We don't know what Shard he draws on, what intent that Shard might have, or if it's even a Shard at all. If someone can manage to tap directly into the Spiritual Realm without intervention from a Shard, it seems like Hoid would be the one. I'm also sure he's self-aware enough to know when/if he's being manipulated by whatever power he's using. So in short, I have no conclusions to draw about Hoid's abilities, other than a reiteration of his own speech to Shallan: There's always the risk, in seeing the future, of bringing about the exact consequence you want to prevent. That might be the simple answer to this entire question. Won't my face be red if it is! So, there is my long winded theory about the dangers of seeing the future. Please feel free to add to it or rip it to pieces, and thanks for reading!
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    16. Being comedy relief is to your benefit as you'll get powerful plot armor
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    Words of Radiance: Shallan WoR: Szeth WoR: Jasnah Warbreaker Mistborn Era 1 BoM: Wayne
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    Wow, was rereading part 3 and noted a disturbing bit of dialogue in chapter 74 : “Mmmm … Why are you so happy about feeding so few?” “Feeding these few is something we can do.” “So is jumping from a building,” he said—frank, as if he didn’t understand the sarcasm he used. “But we do not do this. You lie, Shallan.” “Veil.” “Your lies wrap other lies. Mmm…” He sounded drowsy. Could spren get drowsy? “Remember your Ideal, the truth you spoke.” Of course Shallan then went on with her day as if nothing disturbing just happened. Pattern seeming oblivious to his use of sarcasm as opposed to satisfied humming which implies an actual lack of understanding of both her simple statement and what sarcasm is, talking drowsily ... Is it too late to jump in the "Pattern is dying" bandwagon ? For the people looking for similarities with Syl's case, how's this for you ?
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    For all you programmers out there: Elantris
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    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    Szeth-son-son Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, rode a dope mini bike on his way to kill the king.
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    CAR SALESMAN: *slaps Nightblood* *vanishes*
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    Here is a quick dump of memes I came up with in the last half hour on the fly. Spoilers to be safe I guess.....
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    Ooh, just thought of an even better one than my last one for Shadows for Silence.
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    @Ark1002 How about right now? Chapter Two: Love
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    I just started rereading Edgedancer and in the first chapter Liff says she once pulled a guy out of prison who then gave her free lodging in his den for five days and "a nice handkerchief too." Now we know that (Warbreaker spoiler): Might it be possible for Lift to have helped out Zahel in the past?
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    ODIUM: *slaps Honor* "This bad boy can-- *Honor splinters* ODIUM: "Heh. Nice."
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    CAR SALES-VIN: *slaps top of car, flaring duralumin + pewter* "This bad boy can--" *car explodes*
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    For me this thread ultimately boils down to faith in Brandon. I'd be happy to see Shallan's relationships evolve in many possible directions (or for her to end up single for that matter) as long as I believed in it and felt the outcome was properly earned. But this is not the case as of the end of OB. She rushed into something while in an unstable place and for the wrong reasons. But, we are 3 books into an arc of 5 (ultimately 10). There are tons of other big things that are unresolved as of the end of OB. When I think about, eg. how unconvinced I am by the explanation we were given for the cause of the Recreance, I don't worry for a moment that Brandon has written this poorly. Instead I think ho hum, there are secrets here waiting to be explored in the next book... So why DO I (plus it seems many others) worry about Shallan's marriage to Adolin? I've been pondering this and believe it has several root causes: Brandon has not in the past been the most deft at writing romances. Not that he's terrible at it, just not one of his strengths. He has a habit of writing arranged marriages that develop into true love with minimal hurdles along the way. Marriages in his books always seem stable and trouble free (even Sadeas and Ialai appeared happily married!) Stable, permanent marriages align with what we know of Brandon's personal life and religious beliefs So we look at these things, and worry that when Brandon writes "they got married" this means "and they lived happily ever after - the end". Which is not ok! Note I'm not advocating for any specific path of further development, as there are many options that could work. They just have to include the fact that Shallan is a mess and has a lot more work to do (ideally without hurting either Adolin or Kaladin too much, as I love both of them). BUT... A unique thing about Brandon among writers I have followed closely is that he seems unusually self aware about his limitations as well as strengths. A big part of why the romance elements in his previous books did not bother me is that he was smart enough not to place excessive focus on something that was not his strong spot. Stormlight is stretching his writing skills in many different directions at once, but challenging himself and increasing his skills is exactly what I've seen him do all the way through his career. I've come to believe I can trust him on this, for two main reasons: First is the incredibly realistic and insightful handling of mental illness across all three of these books. Apparently Brandon has personal experience of depression in family members, but he has also obviously done a lot of research before writing this material. His portrayals are consistently nuanced and spot on. In OB, I particularly appreciated Kaladin freezing instead of speaking the Fourth Ideal (thank you thank you for not making his depression just go away forever after he got to a better place in life and learned a couple of coping strategies!) Also the details of how we saw both Dalinar and Teft fall off the wagon - that's exactly how addiction works. Brandon obviously gets it. He would not write these characters so accurately, but then prematurely declare Shallan "fixed" in an unrealistic and implausible way. Secondly is the interlude scene with the ardent reading a romance novel. This is more than just Brandon trolling the shippers among his fanbase. He is telling us that he understands the romance genre well enough to pastiche a cliched and poorly written love triangle, and finds that ridiculous enough to poke fun at it. In other words, "don't worry folks, I know what I'm doing here". TLDR: don't panic yet. Shallan's story is not finished. Brandon knows what he is doing.
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    The Final Empire The Stormlight Archive
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    I must admit to being terribly confused at all of the “I trust Sanderson” talk. I trust him to be a fantastic author on metaplot, internal consistency, and plot twist moments. His combat scenes are generally well-written. I do not under any circumstances trust him to write: romance, female characters, or the relationships that female characters share with their society and other characters within it. He has definitely made progress on all of these scores, and I can tell he wants to work on these things; he talks about it openly, in fact. The first two books of the Stormlight Archive had me reconsidering my opinion of his skills here and thinking that he might have overcome these issues he’s had as an author. This book has convinced me I’m not yet ready to trust him implicitly in these areas, however. I wouldn’t call myself a shipper of any kind, exactly. I’ve never particularly had a preference for who should end up with whom, given that I read books a bit more objectively than most people I know — I’m generally more cognizant of characters as ideas expressed by the author than I am “immersed” in them and thinking of them as people. Given my literary background, however, I tend to be good at picking out story flow and character building. By book two, I got the distinct impression that Sanderson was leading up to a relationship between Shallan and Kaladin, which surprised me given his past treatment of arranged marriages. Due to the way the books read, I gained a pleasant expectation that he might subvert himself here and break with past boxes he’s put himself into. This book annoyed me mostly because he seemed to reverse himself on that and regress back to old habits — he also did so in a way that seemed a bit of a muddled mess of setting up reader expectations and failing to fulfill them. As a reader, you may appreciate the idea of a story where not everything has a meaning, but most readers simply are not like that. I myself don’t enjoy wasting time reading scenes that don’t contribute to the overall story in some way, especially when I feel that space could have been better used to develop other underdeveloped storylines or characters. I will, however, admit that I get unreasonably irritated by poor craftsmanship, even and especially if the author has shown they are capable in other ways. That is fully on me. I suppose what I’m saying is that this entire thing felt to me unnecessary. I also felt baited into thinking Sanderson was going to try something outside his usual box, and was disappointed when he pulled back from the edge for no discernible reason. He has often displayed a lack of focus and direction with romantic plots which doesn’t show up in the rest of his writing, such that I generally end up wishing he hadn’t tried to insert romance at all. I suspect that some people here are in fact just upset that their favoured ship did not “win,” which is natural and fairly common judging from other fandoms. I suspect the real angst here is coming from a sudden lack of trust in the author, however, given that his writing up until now on this particular series has been very tight and careful, and it has now gone in strangely undisciplined directions all at once. Readers are now no longer sure that anything in the text has meaning in the way they once assumed that everything did — Sanderson has dropped too many foreshadowing hints now that failed to come to fruition. Thus everyone here is even more upset and talking themselves in circles, and I suspect unwilling to admit that all of their careful speculations due to text analysis are useless because of Sanderson’s struggles with romance coming to the forefront. To be clear to anyone reading this: I recommend that you stop trying to predict where he is going to go with anything romance related, as he often departs from his usual techniques and flails a bit when it comes to romance. Techniques that work to help you understand where he is going with metaplot WILL fail when it comes to romance. You may as well be rolling dice. As I said, I am perhaps unnecessarily harsh when it comes to this aspect of Sanderson’s writing. He really is my favourite author for a lot of things, and I always recommend him to aspiring fantasy authors for worldbuilding and plot twists. He normally builds arcs fantastically well, and he plans very far ahead. But I always have to caution women I know that they will find his ideas about arranged marriage annoying and perhaps even mildly creepy. Siri’s relationship with a much older, developmentally stunted man is one of these issues, and that something the author made a conscious choice to explore. Similarly, in a pure fantasy novel where he has complete control over the society, he once again CHOSE to push a patriarchal, primogeniture based society which pushes arranged marriages and the disempowerment of women. I’ve read enough of this from male authors to last me a lifetime. I would be happy to read a female perspective on it, but other than that, I could do without ever reading another “but it’s based on the real medieval ages I just HAD to do it!” from a male author ever again. Yawn. Double yawn, with a healthy side of irritation at the lack of creativity. Similarly, I don’t want to read a male author writing main female character as young mother in a patriarchal society, whether he subverts expectations or not. I would rather see him subvert expectations by having the female main character not be pushed into motherhood at all. That would be much more creative, unprecedented, and outside of the boxes he created for himself when he arbitrarily decided to write Yet Another Patriarchal Fantasy Society in the first place. Unforunately, all signs I see so far point to Sanderson blithely continuing in the direction he seems to be going in this book. Which is sad, because I now intend to wait on buying the next book. If I hear that Shallan is now a mother from first readers after it’s released, I’ll be dropping him as an author. I’m simply not interested in it as a plot line for all kinds of reasons, mostly meta in nature. I am not saying that I expect many other readers to do this as well, or even that they should. I’m just getting persnickety in my old age and less patient with outdated authorial choices. I’d rather spend my time looking for gems from less refined but more unique female authors if this is going to be a constant battle with my current favourite.
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    This may have already been stated and I missed the thread, but I had a thought about the possible origin of the Sibling. I don't have a lot of textual evidence, but I will do my best. To simplify in the most criminal way: Spren are the cognitive manifestation of something people think about or experience. The Stormfather is the "memory men create" of the Almighty. So what is as big a thing in the mind of humans as god? Themselves What if the Sibling is, rather than the shadow of a god, the sibling of humanity, the cognitive manifestation of their thoughts about themselves, mankind, civilization as a whole? When Uritheru was occupied by a significant fraction of humanity and they had a common concept of what being human meant it was powerful and sane. But as the kingdoms and cultures formed the idea that brought it about became weaker and less coherent. Humans weren't trying to harm it, but they would be, in effect, ripping it apart into lesser spren manifestations of each group. Its current state may be the result of that wounding, or something it did to protect itself. The current state of humanity on Roshar is still very fractured, but as people start to come together again the idea of a unified humanity could also gain traction. As Dalinar continues to "unite instead of divide" and "bring men together" the very state necessary for this pan-human Spren to grow strong again could reoccur allowing it to return.
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    A rooftop overlooking an alleyway, during the Seven Day War. Mace sat on the edge of a roof, idly swinging his legs as they hung over the side. He was systematically working his way along his ears, pulling off every metalmind he could find, then putting them in his mouth. As he snacked, he felt a gentle nudge on his leg. Mace tilted his head, and was pleasantly surprised to find a medium sized Labrador retriever standing beside him. “How’d you get up here, little guy?” he asked as he reached out his arm to scratch the dogs head. The dog responded by nuzzling up to him, and looking at him with its soulful brown eyes. “You know, I’ve always wanted a dog. Or any animal really. The idea of keeping a pet was always one that appealed to me,” Mace said. The dog listened attentively. “I had a monkey once. It didn’t work out. And with all the travelling I do, well, it would have ended badly. Maybe in another life.” The dog began to lick Mace’s fingers, causing him to accidentally drop a coppermind off of the edge. Mace closed his eyes and counted the seconds before it hit the ground. He got to three before he heard it hit the cobblestones below. “Now what’d you make me do that for?” Mace complained playfully, giving the dog a light poke with his elbow. The dog whined, and rolled onto its back. Mace absentmindedly scratched it as he watched the movement in the street below. The fallen metal had disturbed some of the abominations that had been feeding there. The dog whined again, making Mace turn to look at it. It was then that he noticed the bronze spike imbedded in the dog’s heart. ***** Another time, another place. The old man rocked in his chair, watching the dancing flames of the hearth. Its light illuminated the otherwise darkened room, casting playful shadows on the floorboards. The man smiled as his nephew crawled about nearby, riding an imaginary horse. After a few minutes, the boy lost interest in the game and made his way to sit at the old man’s feet. “Is it story time yet, Uncle?” asked the boy. The old man smiled. “Alright, little one. I suppose we’ve got time for one short story before your mother arrives.” He closed his eyes in concentration. “What will it be tonight? Jak and his magic gun? The fearsome Mac, Unbiased Extraordinaire? Mace Klaston and the army of kolossals?” “That one! That one!” the boy squealed. “Tell me about Mace! Is it true he held the power of the gods?” “It’s true. The man was a fullborn, but not by birth. Capable of both Allomancy and Feruchemy…” ***** Mace smashed his fist into the head of a copper crow. As it fell, another raked its claws along his arm. He thought he saw a spike in its foot. Disgusted, he shook it off in time to snatch the one that was trying to dive bomb him out of the air. He threw it aside, then threw up his fists to box at the dozens more that were surrounding him. As one bit into his leg, he formed an amberite sword to impale it. When three more took its place, he compounded gold and brass to burn them. Then he stabbed them too for good measure. A bold crow suddenly clawed at his face. Mace compounded chronium, dodging to the side to make the bird crash into another of its kind, sending them both over the edge of the roof in a death spiral. Mace Pulled at the nails in the roof, smashed at the crows with pewter enhanced kicks, tried to Soothe their emotions, punched, ducked, spun, smashed- and then it was over. Mace slowly lowered his fists. A murder of copper crows lay dead at his feet. “You weren’t much help,” he said as he caught his breath. When no reply came, he looked at the spot where the dog had been before the ambush. But the roof was empty, save for himself and the slain birds. ***** “It was at that very moment that Mace heard a noise. A deep, guttural moan, coming from the shadows on the rooftop beside him. He looked for the source of the noise, and do you know what he found?” The boy bounced up and down with excitement. “I know! It was a kolossal! Like from the title of the story!” The old man reached his hand out and tousled his nephew’s curly locks of hair. “That’s right. But it wasn’t just one kolossal. It was a whole gang of them. Everywhere Mace looked, there was a Kolossal crawling along a rooftop towards him. Nasty looking brutes, they were. Five meters tall, with loose grey skin and bulging muscles. They were covered in spikes. Spikes that gave them unspeakable powers.” “What powers did they have, Uncle Kay?” “The unspeakable kind, kid. Now quit interrupting, I’m trying to tell a story.” The old man muttered under his breath, then continued. “The kolossals were six meters tall and had glowing red eyes. The eyes are what gave them away. Dozens of red dots, floating in the shadows, inching closer and closer. Mace knew what they were, of course. His magical copperminds gave him memories of the beasts. As he stood on the edge of that roof, he studied them. His eyes flickered from side to side, sizing up his enemy, looking for their weak spots.” The old man was getting excited now, he was waving his arms about to demonstrate the motions as he described them. “The weak point on a kolossal is their brains. If you rip their brains out, they can’t fight no more. So that’s what Mace did…” ***** Mace ducked the kolossal’s swing. While its arm was still outstretched, he stepped forward and punched it in the ribs. He heard the distinct crack of a bone breaking. Moving with unnatural speed, he then jumped to the side, forcing one of the monsters to slam its fist into a chimney. There was three of them attacking at the moment, and Mace could see two more climbing up the side of the building to join them. That’s no good, he thought. With a Push, Mace jumped into the air. He did a backflip, landing with his feet on the shoulders of one of his foes. He lithely reached his hand down over its face, inserted his fingers into the kolossal’s nostrils, then yanked upwards. As it tilted its head backwards, Mace quintupled his weight, smashing them both down onto the roof. He Pulled a sheet of metal that had been used to patch a hole in the roof towards him, into the back of one of the Kolossals, causing it to trip over the one lying down, sending it tumbling over the edge. It bumped into one of the ones that had been climbing upwards, forcing them both to fall onto the cobblestones. Three down, he thought as he began to pummel the remaining beasts as they tried to grab at him. ***** “When he was done, the roof was slick with blood and gore. He had to anchor himself with an ironpull to keep from slipping. As the sun set behind him, he stood defiantly on his perch. A black silhouette on a bright red backdrop. No abomination could touch him. No spiked beast could wound him. And nothing would stop him from achieving his goal.” The boy looked confused. “Uncle, what was his goal?” “I’m not sure,” responded the man. He paused to think, the dying fire casting a glow on his hands while his face remained in shadow. “I think he was there to protect his friends. Even if his friends made bad decisions. Mace was very loyal. Like a dog.” “What ever happened to the dog? The one on the rooftop?” “I was just getting to that. Patience, my boy.” The old man hummed a few notes to himself, as if trying to remember an old tune. Then he began to speak, his words fading into a rhythm, filling the dark room with their mysteries. “As the shadows of the night cloaked the city, Mace happened to take one final look at the alley below. His eyes widened in shock. As he was enthralled, the darkness called. Hungry for life, though it was rife.” ***** The last rays of sunlight shone upon a sea of seekradors. Hundreds of dogs, prowling the alley below. They blended together in the darkness, making it appear as if the alley was alive. They moved in a rhythm, pulsing like the waves of the ocean. At the front of the pack sat a medium-sized Labrador retriever, licking its paws. It looked up at him, watching him with its attentive brown eyes. There was no emotion in them, just a cold form of intelligence. Behind Mace, a fallen Kolossal shifted. Its arms began to twitch. It would reawaken soon. More Kolossals were approaching, he could see them in the distance, clambering from rooftop to rooftop to get to him. There was no escape. Mace didn’t realize that he had been pacing until he stubbed his toe. As he instinctively healed it with gold, he crouched down to inspect what he’d bumped into. It was a koloss spike, one that he’d ripped from a kolossal during the fight. The light seemed to shy away from it, shrouding the dark metal in shadow. I could use it. Spike myself, become a full koloss. I could finally become the fighter they wanted me to be. A fullborn koloss. Unrelenting. Untameable. Unstoppable. As the kolossal behind him got to its feet, Mace twirled the spike in his hands. Just a little prick, and it’s done. ***** The fire was dead. All that was left was the embers. “But Mace stayed true, to all that he knew. He refused the boon, took the bane too soon.” ***** The kolossal approached with lumbering footsteps. Mace didn’t move. “We’re all doing it, you know. Some of us are just more aware of it than others. But you can’t stop it. One day, he’ll come for you.” He clenched the spike in his fist. “I’ve met him. Right ugly fellow. He’s got a skull for a face. What’s up with that? Anyway, everybody gets taken eventually. Even the gods get forgotten in the end. Where do they go, I wonder?” The kolossal took a swipe at him. Mace causally caught its hand, then flipped the beast on its back with a flick of his wrist. “I am not a good man. But if mankind is good at one thing, it’s forgetting the important stuff. I’ll probably get a statue just for being here. They’ll forget why I was here, or how many people died so I could get to this rooftop. There was a gun, in the dark. I was angry, I remember that. She had died, and I had failed. I killed the little guy. Fancy that.” The kolossal had worked up the courage to try again, so Mace began to weave around it, dancing around the confused monster with magical dexterity. “I’m the luckiest man alive. They accepted me, despite my flaws.” Mace rolled to avoid a kick, then got to his feet. His heels touched the edge of the roof as he stood, fists raised. “Better yet, I made it to the end without losing my soul. And I’m not about to lose it now.” He threw the spike into the crowd of Labrador retrievers below. They began to bark excitedly. “If I’m going to die, I’ll die as me. I like me. None of this messing around half-dead stuff. I'm going straight to the Beyond when I die.” Mace raised his arms above his head, in the reverse dive position. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he was ready, he took one last look at the kolossal. “I always thought that I wanted to die in good company. Surrounded by friends and family, you know? But now that I’m faced with the prospect of dying here, lost in an alley, surrounded by monsters, I’m having second thoughts. Seems like having other people there just leaves you less time for yourself.” He moved his feet back, so that only his toes were still touching the edge of the roof. “Goodbye, mate. It’s been fun.” ***** “So into, he fell, the eternal well. Away from home, Utterly alone.” ***** The Labrador retriever watched as the body fell. One, two, three seconds passed before it hit the ground. By the fourth second, the sea of seekradors had descended upon it. They loved koloss blood, even if it was impure. They ripped him to shreds, tearing off pieces of meat, then fighting over them. It was a feeding frenzy. The broke open the bones to suck out the marrow. They lapped up the fluids. They even ate some of the metal. An hour later, the dogs began to leave. They trotted away in small packs, headed to find food elsewhere. Within two hours, the alley was empty, save for a single Labrador retriever. It hadn’t moved during the frenzy. It just sat there, licking its paws, remembering. ***** “He died?” exclaimed the boy. “So the legends say. There wasn’t even any body left to bury.” The boy’s lip began to tremble. The old man quickly put his arm around him, then whispered in his ear, “But he’s not dead. Not really. So long as he’s still remembered, the idea of the great Mace Klaston will live on forever.” The boy thought about that. Long and hard, pondering the secrets of death. As he thought, he slowly drifted off to sleep. The old man held him in his arms, gently rocking back and forth. “Dream, my boy. And remember.”
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    10. Don't kill people at night 11. Don't kindle... wait a sec...
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    Upvote if your first thought was that this topic was going to be something absurd like a discussion on a hypothetical battle between the Final Fantasy VII character and Adonalsium. That's not what this is. That's no typo in the Topic Title, I'm actually talking about Sephirot; the 10 Emanations of Ein Sof. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think that I have just stumbled upon an unlikely source of what may prove to be real world inspiration for much of the lore and Realmatics of the Cosmere. Jewish Mysticism. Let me first say that I know very little about this topic. I only just became aware of it myself. So I'm going to openly admit that nearly everything I say on the subject is taken almost exclusively and verbatim from www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sephirot and I strongly encourage you to take a few moments to skim through it. So the Sephirot are the 10 Emanations of God/Ein Sof/The Infinite through which he reveals himself and continuously creates the physical realm as well as the chain of higher metaphysical realms. The 10 Emanations, which remind me of the Shards of Adonalsium, are as follows: Keter - "Crown" Chochmah - "Wisdom" Binah - "Understanding" Daat - "Knowledge" Chesed - "Kindness" Gevurah - "Severity" Tiferet - "Beauty" Netzach - "Victory" Hod - "Splendor" Yesod - "Foundation" Malchut - "Kingship" Each of these Emanations interplay with each other and each have something similar to an Intent. Some are masculine and some are feminine, which reminds me of Roshar. Most importantly, these are all aspects or God. It may merely be coincidental, but I see a connection between the Sephirot and the Shards of Adonalsium. For example, Keter is described as Divine will to create. If you broke that down further, you might have something similar to Endowment and maybe Inspiration, or a Shard with an Intent close to that. Creativity, maybe. Or Netzach which is Victory. Broken down further, you might get Honor and something else. The point isn't that the Emanations and the Shards are the same; the point is that they are both aspects of God. Or consider the Four Worlds. The worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation, and Action. The World of Emanation seems to function like the Spiritual Realm of the Cosmere, the worlds of Creation and Formation together remind me of the Cognitive Realm, and the world of Action is the Physical Realm. Sorry if this was a bit disjointed. I'm working the graveyard shift and writing this on my phone. Also, this isn't really meant to be a big game changing theory. I just saw some similarities and wanted to share them with you guys.
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    Long time lurker, occasional poster (but almost never in these kinds of threads) here, and I just want to say: thank goodness for this thread. I am so happy that I'm the only one who wasn't satisfied with how everything played out re: Adolin/Shallan/Kaladin. I finished the book on Tuesday and I was just so incredibly disheartened. I loved 95% of OB with everything I have but I could not get passed this one thing. I initially chalked it up to my being disappointed as a proud member of the SS Shalladin, because that obviously didn't happen, and the general consensus over on tumblr, where I interact with the fandom the most, being just so happy that "the love triangle no one wanted was taken care of." But they're none too kind to Shalladin over there anyway (I actually saw a post circulating saying "the evil that is Shalladin has finally be cleansed from the fandom," and honestly, uncalled for) so I don't know what I was really expecting. Anyway, I'm so glad for this thread and I love the discussion that's been going on here. Some thoughts, in no particular order (and sorry for rehashing anything, I just have to get some of this out there. Also, apologies for the impending wall of text, I have a lot of feelings on this matter.) *I was fully prepared to have Shadolin be endgame, and as much as I love Shalladin, I could get behind the other side if I was given a reason to care about their relationship, but I kind of wasn't? I liked them well enough after WoR but by the end of OB I started actively disliking it. I guess I have two real problems with them, and it might be wholly personal, but 1. they're completely boring together. I love them both individually as characters but together there's just nothing there. This is especially weird because while a lot of people say that romance is one of BS's weaker writing points, and I can see where they're coming from, I have greatly liked and even loved almost every canon pairing he's thrown at us, except Shadolin. 2. I'm not seeing them offering each other the chance to grow and change. This is particularly important for Shallan right now because she has so much healing to do and Adolin is just not helping, and as it's been pointed out, he's actually hurting her by treating her different personas as different people, which they are not. *That being said, I agree with the general sentiment here in that I didn't want Shallan choosing anyone in her current state. Homegirl is not in the right headspace to be committing herself to such a serious relationship and I feel like it's only going to make her worse. *The Shallan and Wit scene is easily one of my favorites of the entire series, and really hit me hard. It also really draws the point of what Shallan needs to do in order to truly heal. Forgive herself, accept that the pain exists, that it hurts, but she doesn't deserve it, accept that there is only one her, and that she doesn't have to try to be anyone else because the real her is worth so much. (Also, Wit seems so certain of this, so certain that she may be broken now, but eventually she can pull through. Also also, Pattern agrees.) I really think this is right, because it's very close to what Dalinar does later on to heal. He takes his pain upon himself, claims it, and is able to forgive and be forgiven. "The pain he'd so recently insisted that he would keep started to fade away on its own." - Pg 1139. This is in direct contrast to what Shallan does, which is to repress everything and just pretend that there's nothing wrong. I also find it interesting how all three of our leads (Shallan, Kaladin, and Dalinar) talk about being different people throughout their lives, granted, Shallan does take this a step or two further than the others. They talk about becoming different men gradually through change an growth, and Dalinar in particular acknowledges that they weren't just a different part of him, he was those men, all of them, but because of them he has been able to change. Every step counts. There are actually a lot of interesting parallels you can draw between Shallan and Dalinar in this book. They both experienced incredible pain, Shallan brought this into herself, seeing herself as a "monster" because of it, while Dalinar refused to claim any responsibility, but still hated himself. They both repressed their pains and memories -Shallan, through her lies, and Dalinar, through his drinking. In the end of OB we were given one very clear and healthy way of eventually dealing with all of this (Dalinar), and one way that is decidedly less healthy (Shallan). *I love the comparison of A/S/K with Dalinar, Evi, and Navani. That's actually what I was thinking for most of the second half of OB. Adolin is compared to his mother at least a half a dozen times, and there are some comparisons to be made with Shallan-young Dalinar (truly awful coping mechanisms for one, which actually makes me more hopeful that Shallan will be able to deal with her issues in time like Dalinar has). There really aren't any obvious Kaladin-Navani parallels, except Shallan/Dalinar still not being over Kaladin/Navani even when married to other people. In any case, even without Kaladin, this doesn't bode well for Shadolin. Dalinar and Evi's marriage wasn't really that happy, especially towards the end, not for lack of trying, but Dalinar at that time was not who he needed to be to make it work. Evi knew he could be so much more, so much better, and she was right, but she paid dearly for it. *Pattern. I feel like you guys might be on to something with the bond breaking or being in jeopardy. Pattern definitely got less talkative as the book went on, and I may be wrong here but I cannot recall him saying anything in part 5 except for a line here or there and a bit of "Mmmmm"ing. Shallan is in deep denial about who she is, and that pretty directly contradicts the Lightweaver ideals. If she continues down this way and Adolin keeps enabling it, then it might be a choice between him and Pattern, and that's not going to turn out well. Like I said though, I am so grateful for this thread. It's made me reevaluate everything, and honestly? I feel a lot better. I have read of lot of BS's books, and he has yet to disappoint. But letting all of this stand as it did at the end of OB? Feels wrong. I just hope it feels wrong because that's how it was intended. Sorry if this got really ramble-ly.
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    Because I'm plotting too many things
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    It is a time-honoured tradition that when one reaches their 1000th post they make it special. So, I killed off my Alleyverse RP character. Or did I? *ninja emoji* This AMA is my 1001st post. That's almost the same, isn't it? But enough about that. Let's get the ball rolling. ASK. ME. ANYTHING!* I will answer with a reciprocal level of seriousness. *I am not qualified to give medical advice. Or comment on anything related to the operation of heavy machinery. So if you're using this AMA to learn how to use a crane to do open heart surgery, you're out of luck. Follow any advice I give you at your own risk. I can not guarantee that information provided in this thread is accurate or free from bias. Always ask an adult to help you with your experiments. Never run with scissors, regardless and irregardless of what I tell you to do. I am not responsible for any loss of life, limb, lungs, legs, or lumberjacks that occurs as a result of reading this post. You must be 18 years or older to understand references to 2010 pop culture. Know your limit, play within it. Buy low, sell high. No, I do not want a cookie, but thanks for offering. This sentence is just filler. To fully enjoy this thread, it is recommended that you get zozzled and stand on your head. The person who recommended that didn't want to give their name out of fear of being sued for damages. Always read and follow the label. Labels or cool. It's a bed with a ladder. Yeah.
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    174. If you're a villain, DO NOT MONOLOGUE. No matter what.
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    I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm a Jasnah fan. Honestly, Jasnah could have made Transformers (and pretty much any story ever told) much better. Oh! Here's another.
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    I really liked the imagery of Shallan's illusions and the story, so I tried to capture it. Room for improvement, for sure, but I'm still learning, so I'm quite proud of it :)
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    Was just re-reading part 5 and a couple Renarin moments stood out to me. "The thunderclast's palm crashed down on Renarin, smashing him. Adolin screamed, but his brother's Shardblade cut up through the palm, then separated hand from wrist. The thunderclast trumpeted in anger as Renarin climbed from the rubble of the hand. He seemed to heal more quickly than Kaladin or Sallan did, as if being crushed wasn't even a bother." Does that remind anyone of Mistborn spoilers I'm not saying Renarin can do that, I'm saying maybe the combination of Radiant Regrowth and Void Regrowth can do something similar. Renarin having normal healing capabilities does not explain the above quote, not do we see Lift (another with Radiant Regrowth) heal so quickly. Further in part 5: "As he approached the ramp up to the Oathgate, the Fused descended. Four landed on the ramp before him, then gave him a gesture not unlike a salute, humming to a frantic tune he did not know." Two points about the bold: 1- Could Renarin be hearing the rhythms due to a spren corrupted by the Unmade? (Not sure if a similar phrase has been used to ascribe clearly non-Parsh/non-Odium forces hearing the Fused.) 2- Regardless, 'a tune he did not know' implies tunes (i.e. Rythms) he does know. And just hearing Parsh/Fused hum from across the battlefield over the few battles he's been in does not invoke a sense of being familiar. It's possible I'm reading too much into those quotes, but I think it's very possible they lead credence to Renarin being some kind of combo Void/Surgebinder, and even that 'bridge' between the two sides mentioned in the Diagram.
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    I dislike your theory. Not because it's a bad idea, but because it's believable. Edit: have an upvote for putting forward the idea that my brain has been activily avoiding due to Kelsier love.
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    In the beginning there was nothing. Darkness. Emptiness. A void. From that void sprung Adonalsium, creator, the first and the last, God. With his power, Adonalsium created the known Universe. He formed the planets, sun, moon and stars. He created the land and sea, the plants and animals that lived in them. Most importantly he created humans in his own image. But in every tale, myth, legend and story, greed, fear, and lust entered the hearts of men. Sixteen men and women conspired together and killed God. They divided Adonalsium’s power between themselves. These manifestations of power were called Shards, holding a specific attribute of the God they murdered. Unbenounced to the Sixteen Shards, two additional people ascended to godhood, almost by accident, these individual were the Shards Voidus and Narration. Narration travelled to a far corner of the universe, who would soon be joined by Voidus. Voidus traveled abroad, using modified Hemalurgy to spike the first splinters of Shards. In total he succeeded in spiking splinters of Cultivation, Preservation, Dominion, Devotion, Autonomy, Ambition, and Ingenuity. Voidus stumbled upon the solar system, the Alleyverse, created by Narration. Voidus bargained with Narration-though in reality Voidus did not need to-and spiked the only habitable planet, AlleyOne, with the spikes collected. Narration in turn received the promise of retaining his Shard. Voidus placed them into the center of AlleyOne. Though what occured, not even Voidus himself expected. The Spike of Cultivation, melded with the rest of the spikes. Together the grew into one single massive spike that would later become what the inhabitants of AlleyOne call the WorldSpike. Its power, corrupted or enlightened the minds of every living thing. This is how Voidus created a world dependant on Hemalurgy for survival. Thus is the creation of the of the Alleyverse and its people.
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    Oh my god I just realized I'm I'm a Unhinged Torturer of Heralds, I'm a voidbringer/Fused
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    I won't post it on the gallery till I finish it, but I'm super keen to finish this Szeth awesomeness.
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    Sorry, can't actually make the memes right now, only write them, then later right them. *Car Salesman* Slaps the top of Roshar: This bad boy can fit so many Secret Societies in it! *Car Salesman* Slaps top of Mistborn Trilogy: This bad boy can fit so many important tiny details in it.
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