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    Important note: This list would be far less complete if not for the efforts of everyone who helped me compile it. Specifically thankyou to: Awesomeness Summoned, Delightful, Argent, PorridgeBrick, Kurkistan, Quiver, Green Hoodie Mistborn, Senor Feesh, Observer, ccstat, Swimmingly, Alvron, Metacognition, The Only Joe, GreyPilgrim, Aether, jasonpenguin, Mailliw73, Moodle, Tempus, Baine, Kobold King, LeftInch, Sir Jerric, Tensoon, Ashiok, Theorymaker, Seonid, Shaggai, TheYoungBard, Curiosity, Snoopy, Voidus, Frosted Flakes, Kasimir, Shallan. (Let me know if I missed you.) Hokay, for those who want to know the ranks, I looked through everyone who had at least 10 posts. Here are my findings. 10000+ God Beyond 9000 9999 Adonalsium 8500 8999 Hero of Ages 8192 8499 The Broken One 7800 8191 Shard 7500 7799 Splintered Shard 7200 7499 Splinter 6800 7199 Dragon 6400 6799 Stormfather 6000 6399 Herald 5700 5999 Sliver 5350 5699 Nightwatcher 5000 5349 Worldhopper 4750 4999 God of Color 4500 4749 Lord Ruler 4250 4499 Unmade 4096 4249 Dawnshard 3761 4095 Prime 3500 3760 Lerasium Mistborn 3250 3499 Bondsmith 3000 3249 Voidbringer 2750 2999 Knight Radiant 2500 2749 Most Ancient 2250 2499 Steel Inquisitor 2048 2249 Mistborn 1900 2047 Taracin Superstar 1800 1899 Dawnsinger 1700 1799 Rambleman 1600 1699 Savant 1550 1599 Gerontarch 1500 1549 Midnight Essence 1450 1499 Listener 1400 1449 Enefel 1370 1399 Kalad's Phantom 1338 1369 Compounder 1337 So l337 Hoid Can't Compete 1300 1336 Surgebinder 1260 1299 Radiant Squire 1220 1259 Kandra 1180 1219 Twinborn 1145 1179 Returned 1111 1144 Scadrian Waffle Cook 1080 1110 Stone Shaman 1050 1079 Cryptic 1024 1049 HonorSpren 1000 1023 Sentient Awakened Object 980 999 Truthless 950 979 Highprince 920 949 Worldbringer 890 919 Full Feruchemist 860 889 Full Shardbearer 830 859 Shardbearer 800 829 Seer 777 799 Spinner 760 776 Wyrn the King 730 759 Elantrian 700 729 Originator 667 699 Svrakiss 666 Torturer of Heralds 650 665 Shade 625 649 Soulcaster 600 624 Forger 575 599 Dakhor Monk 550 574 lord Prelan 512 549 King's Wit 496 511 Son of Honor 475 495 Vanisher 450 474 King's Tester 425 449 Ghostblood 400 424 Envisager 375 399 Artifabrian 350 374 Ferring 325 349 Stormwarden 300 324 Bloodsealer 278 299 Silent Gatherer 256 277 Misting 225 255 Arbiter 200 224 Gyorn 180 199 High prelan 160 179 Oldblood 145 159 Cobalt Guard 128 144 Hazekiller 110 127 Forescout 100 109 Houselord 90 99 Babsk 80 89 Prelan 75 79 Arteth 70 74 Idrian Monk 64 69 Obligator 56 63 Lighteyes 50 55 Grand 45 49 Noble 40 44 Crew Leader 32 39 Ardent 25 31 Pahn Kahl 20 24 Awakened Object 16 19 Noble-Blooded 10 15 Bridgeman 7 9 Spearman 5 6 Darkeyes 2 4 Skaa 0 1 Spren -1 -2 Negaspren -3 -5 Lifeless -6 -10 Hoed -15 -19 ? Beheaded Inquisitor -20 -24 ? Rotting Chull Carcass -24 -25 Lamespren -32 -91 Zucchini -117 -118 Chasmfiend Corpse I'll update this as we learn more We now know them all! I like the new levels. Good work Chaos Please don't ask me how long that took. Current lowest Unknown rep: nonexistant. We're so close to getting them all =D Edit: Wooohooo first popular post Later edit: For the record, at the time I added that comment 10 rep was a little more exciting Another edit: The lower rep ranks have changed at some point, I don't know where all of the new boundaries are yet.
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    I am pleased to announce that there's an entirely new set of reputation titles. Check out under your name to the left of your post and see what title you are--I imagine it will be very different. Why did the ranks get altered? Well, I hadn't ever really expected people to rise through the ranks so fast. Obviously this site isn't going anywhere, and five years down the line, it wouldn't make sense for all of us to be Adonalsium, now would it? So this new scheme was designed to be much more sustainable for years to come. It's also designed to have a ton more progression than the old system. In the old scheme, you became Shard at 128, and then new ranks appeared at 256, 512, and 1024. Not so much progression. Considering how many people are in the 1-500 range, there needed to be a lot more ranks. And boy, there are a lot of new ranks. In the old scheme we had less than 20 ranks total. In this new system, there are 102 positive reputation levels. There's also no exponential growth on new ranks--it's much more linear, with the differences between levels gradually increasing. I hope you find the new system fun! There are a lot of very powerful and cool titles now, but there are also delightfully obscure cosmere titles, and some that are just plain silly. Hehehe. And of course, now with a properly large list of ranks, it's time to complain about their ridiculousness. Some of the promotions are... interesting, to say the least. Discuss yours in the These Stupid Ranks topic.
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    You know you and your web community are Sanderfans when you write a hundred page worth of posts about how to know that you're a Sanderfan.
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    The following conversation actually happened a couple nights ago between me and a random guy: Guy: Hey, how's it going? Me: Alright. Guy: Why are you wearing all white? Me: Because I'm the Assassin. Guy: Wouldn't it make more sense for an assassin to wear black? Me: No. If you're going to be assassinated, you have a right to see your assassin coming. White to be seen. Have you read The Way of Kings? Guy: No. Have you? Me: I have. Don't read it unless you have time, though. Because if you do, you will read the sequel, and you will beg the author to hurry up and write the rest.
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    Yesterday, at a signing at JordanCon, Brandon read out something that was very old, which he said we had been waiting for "for a long time". He thought it was about eight or nine years old. It is crazy, and very exciting. It's a piece called The Traveler which is quite cosmere-aware, which Brandon thought he could now reveal. We recommend you just read it with no further introduction, but if you want some analysis, scroll on down. Get hyped. All of this is transcribed on Arcanum, and you can listen to the audio from the man himself at the links below. Here is Brandon's introduction to this piece: And so, here it is. Note, again, this is a very early draft from a long time ago. The Traveler A focused southern breeze made the trees sound like they were chattering. Tiny crisp leaves spreading the news of the Traveler’s return. Pure white leaves, clustered along branches like skeletal limbs. Even the bark clinging to the trees was white. In some lands, white meant purity; in others, it meant death. Here, it didn’t mean a thing. It was simply, normal. The Traveler sat on the mossy white ground, back to the tree, legs crossed idly as he picked at a pomegranate, eating the seeds one by one then spitting out the pits. They fell on the stark moss-covered ground, leaving red juice like blood running across a sterile white floor. To say he wore rags would have be an insult to many a goodwife who kept her washing rags in much better shape than the Traveler's costume. Ragged brown and black canvas, tattered cloak, and scruffy beard, rubbed dark with a black material that might have been soot — or ash. The leaves suddenly fluttered excitedly behind him, and a strange puff of wind blew across the trunks. A moment later, a figure in simple gray robes walked into the clearing. Clean-shaven and silver-haired, he had the look of an aged scribe, not haughty, but tired. “So, you’re back,” the elderly visitor said. “Did I leave? I am the lingering odor you can never quite locate, my friend. Just when you think I've faded you open your cupboard and find, in an overpowering reveal, that I've merely been… ripening.” “Hmph, that’s a new look for you.” The Traveler looked down at his ragged clothing. “I’ve been learning to blend in. Hard to do that in one of my normal costumes.” “I doubt you’ll ever be the type to blend in.” “You’d be surprised!” “Is that soot in your hair?” “Maybe.” The elderly man sighed, walking across the short clearing and settling himself down on a large protruding tree root. “You can’t keep doing this.” The Traveler continued to eat his seeds, though he had started to chew them up rather than spitting out the pits. “You will just make things worse.” “Ati and Leras are dead,” the Traveler said, picking a piece of seed out from between his teeth. The elderly visitor said nothing, and the Traveler eyed him, leaning in closely, studying the man's eyes. The pupils were rimmed with a silver far too metallic to be natural, at least for a human. “You sly old lizard!” the Traveler said, pointing. “You already knew! You were watching! And here you were chastising me.” “I did NOT interfere,” the elderly man said. ”You meddle in things we promised to leave alone. Things that we—” Traveler held up a finger, interrupting him, then slowly he pointed at the older man. ”I. Made. No. Promise.” “You made your choice. Why now seek for things you so eagerly denied? My friend, it’s the dangerous desire, the lust for power best untouched, that created the situation in the first place.” The Traveler did not reply. The two sat for a time, listening to the winds through the garrulous trees. “Did you… find what you were seeking?” the elder man finally asked. The Traveler shrugged, picking at another seed and nibbling on it. “You will not find a way to restore what you have lost, old friend,” the aged man said softly. ”It is impossible.” “You don’t know that. The old rules no longer hold.” The Traveler turned the pomegranate over in his fingers. ”Besides, I’ve heard of a place… It doesn’t matter. I don’t care. This isn’t about the dead… or it’s not JUST about the dead, at least.” He dropped the fruit to the ground, wiping his fingers on his riding coat. “So it’s a simple vendetta, then,” the aged man said, sighing. “How many years have you lived, and you still can’t learn the wisdom of just letting go?” “A simple vendetta?” the Traveler said. He rose, stalking up to the older man, holding out a finger and touching the man's chest. “You saw what Ati nearly did.” The Traveler leaned down, face even with that of his older companion. “I would not think it MY vendetta that should worry you, old friend.” Isn't that crazy? It's obviously set right after Mistborn Era 1, right after Hero of Ages, with Hoid (the Traveler) talking to Frost. Not only that but it really sounds like they are on Yolen as well. Remember in The Way of Kings, the part two epigraphs were a mysterious letter of cosmere significance? That was sent to Hoid, from Frost. Then, in Words of Radiance, Frost sent a reply. This is crazy. What do you think? Also note, there's lots more JordanCon to transcribe in the JordanCon event in Arcanum. Come help out by signing up for an account, going to the Sources page, and hitting Edit. Come into our Discord in the #arcanum channel and we can help you out, or go here for a guide on how to do that.
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    Finished this Stormlight Archive x Harry Potter parody poster! Characters and elements are from The Way of Kings, as a parody to the movie poster of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Parallels (Not necessarily): Harry - Kaladin, Dumbledore - Dalinar, Hermione - Shallan, Ron - Adolin, Snape - Sadeas, McGonagoll - Jasnah, Hagrid - Teft, Hedwig - Syl, Hogwarts - Shattered Plains, Hogwarts Express - Chull wagon, Floating candles - Lifespren & Windspren
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    There's a passage near the end of the book that immediately bugged me from initial reading: The obvious interpretation is that there should be a representative of each of the Orders here. The KR that are represented for sure are: Bondsmith - Dalinar Windrunner - Kaladin Skybreaker - Szeth Edgedancer - Lift Lightweaver - Shallan Elsecaller - Jasnah Truthwatcher - Renarin These are the 7 Radiants Dalinar appears to be referring to, leaving Stoneward, Willshaper, and Dustbringer. Malata is pretty clearly not being counted here. We know there's actually a 10th that Dalinar isn't aware of at the battle (Venli). So the question becomes: which slots do Venli, Taln and Ash fit? (As an aside - I did consider the possibility that one of the existing KR are in the 'wrong spot', but the only candidate for which that seems potentially likely is Renarin; for this argument I'm going to neglect this as a likely possibility) Taln seems pretty obviously the Stoneward. I think Venli is probably the Willshaper, as the spren she's bonded to doesn't look like what I'd imagine an 'ashspren' to look like, and she fits the epigraph description of Willshapers pretty well (though it also says Willshapers are pretty varied in the first place). So that leaves Ash. While the most obvious Order to associate with Ash is Lightweavers, Shallan is already in that spot. We also know that most of the Heralds probably didn't join their own Orders: The wording is interesting because Nale doesn't say that none of the other Heralds became KR, but specifically that they didn't join their own Order. While this also would technically disassociate Taln with Stonewards, Nale allows for room for not knowing about it, or (more likely) the Heralds that did join the KR (including Nale) probably did so after the last Desolation (which obviously would mean Taln didn't have an opportunity). That said, she's probably not actually bonded to a spren at this point given Baxil's interlude: So presumably she doesn't actually have a Shardblade, but she thinks she could get one, which suggests she's not actively bonded (no Shardblade, but doesn't see any reason she couldn't use a dead one). I'm not sure if this would preclude her from having previously been bonded, however. We also know that Ash's behavior is pretty destructive with regards to images of herself, as well demonstrated in pretty much every scene with her. This is quite anomalous from what we'd expect from Lightweaver behavior (artists) but fits pretty well with what seems to be pretty typical Dustbringer attitude. Finally, her name is 'Ash'! Okay, so not really evidence, but it'd be rather ironically fitting. So my hypothesis is that Ash is the Dustbringer representative - either she was one, or she's going to be the 'main' Dustbringer of the series. The other possibilities are that it's not necessarily one of each Order (though it otherwise fits so well that it's hard to imagine otherwise) or Dalinar is looking for a pattern where there isn't one (obviously because she's not actually a Lightweaver...). It seems like an odd scene to throw in either of those cases, however.
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    I finished Oathbringer last night, and few choice quotes sprang out at me while reading. With some recent threads as jumping off points, I decided that we need to fundamentally reassess how we view the nature of the Surges, Surgebinders, and their placement within the Double Eye of the Almighty. The ten Surges we are familiar with reflect fundamental forces of the universe. Khriss, writing in "The Rosharan System" (Arcanum Unbounded hardback, p. 535), states: My contention is that while we have mostly been shown the Surges being applied in the Physical Realm, they each have powers and applications that are unique to the Cognitive and Spiritual Realms, as well. There is precedent for this within the Cosmere, as each of the Allomantic and Feruchemical metals can be categorized according to its effects on the Physical, Cognitive, or Spiritual aspects of the user/target: Iron, Steel, Tin, and Pewter are Physical; Zinc, Brass, Copper, and Bronze are Cognitive; and Chromium, Nicrosil, Aluminum, and Duralumin are Spiritual. There is a fourth category that may overlap here, but which feels like an artifact of Scadrial's system being dependent on the number sixteen -- sixteen Shards with sixteen Intents, sixteen allomantic metals, etc. Dividing that number into four groups of four is nice and tidy, and makes numerological sense in a way that they don't on Roshar, where Three, Nine, and Ten (especially) are given precedence. But I digress. While speaking to Dalinar in OB, chapter 65, the Stormfather says the following: We have, at this point, seen multiple Physical uses of adhesion -- in WoK, Kaladin scales a chasm wall by adhering stones to the surface and using them as handholds; in OB, Dalinar similarly uses a spray of Stormlight against a wall to adhere a chair to its surface and climb into a ventilation shaft. We're familiar with this usage. What we have yet to see until this scene is this specific naming convention (Spiritual Adhesion), and the revelation of a new set of abilities that applies to a person's Spiritual aspect. I think the existence of “Spiritual Adhesion” indicates that what we’ve seen before is “Physical Adhesion,” and implies that we may also see “Cognitive Adhesion.” If each of these abilities is different, it may imply why we seem to see a degree of fluidity in how Orders who share Surges utilize those Surges: if Jasnah and Shallan both utilize Transformation, but Jasnah excels at Physical Transformation and Shallan at Spiritual Transformation, then their approach may be completely different (and may lead to the development of different resonances as well). What appears to be certain characters' penchants for particular facets of their abilities may not just be a quirk of that character, but may be a fundamental aspect of their Order as well. Below, I will list the three Realmatic variations of each Surge, as well as my best guess for how they function. Note that the following are merely some possible expressions of those powers, and not the only possible applications of the Surges in each realm. That is, Spiritual Adhesion has been depicted as being used to share language, but it could be possible to use Adhesion on the Spiritual plane for other, similar effects. Adhesion Physical: Stick two objects together Cognitive: Make lots of disparate people start to view themselves as a group? Whatever Dalinar did at Thaylenah to bring the buildings back together (but that might be Tension). Spiritual: Create a connection to another person’s Spirit, so that you can comprehend their language. Gravitation Physical: Basic and Reverse Lashings. Cognitive: Spiritual: Division Abrasion Physical: Change the strength of friction between two objects Cognitive: Spiritual: Transportation Progression Physical: accelerate the growth of plants Cognitive: heals a person’s body so that it matches their own Cognitive Ideal of themselves Spiritual: Illumination Physical: Create complex illusions, using a Memory as a base, and the manipulation of the electromagnetic field. Cognitive: Spiritual: Remotely view events happening around Roshar (Shallan sketches an image of Szeth’s assassination of the King of Jah Keved, an image depicting “...a lavish room with a thick, ornamented rug, swords on the walls. A long dining table, set with a half eaten meal. And a dead man in fine clothing, laying face-first on the floor, blood pooling around him.”) This is presumably where the “Watch” in Truthwatcher comes from as well. (Spiritual) Transformation Physical: Utilize Stormlight to transform the spren of an object into another object (Soulcasting) Cognitive: Manipulate the spren of an object and force it to appear in the Cognitive Realm (Manifesting) Spiritual: Transform a person by giving them aspects of their most idealized Spiritual form. (No name, but performed by Shallan multiple times in WoR). Transportation Cohesion Tension Physical: Cognitive: Whatever Dalinar did at Thaylenah to bring the buildings back together (but that might be Adhesion). Obviously there are a lot of blank spots in the list. Part of that is that we haven’t been granted a viewpoint from a representative of each Order using their own abilities. The other is that some of these abilities are probably mislabeled, or are just Resonances (as opposed to being a direct result of using a Surge). What do you think.
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    ^ This. Honestly, I don't see a great deal of character growth for Kaladin in having a romantic partner. I'd be much happier if he didn't find one. I don't think he is a fit to having a commitment to any one person. He has already taken on huge commitments. What is left for a partner? Syl wants him to have a partner, I think that is because she doesn't understand that she IS his partner. Her relationship with Kaladin is more intimate than any other spren with their radiant. Pattern is a tool, and comic relief, and curious. Syl is a genuine moral compass and partner in Kaladins decision making. Kaladin looks for her constantly if she isn't there. He was heartbroken when he lost her. I really don't see what a human partner adds to that except sex, and Brandon really doesn't emphasise sex much at all in most of his books (With the exception of Warbreaker where it is a major part of the plot).
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    I don't know exactly where to start. Oathbringer, like the two SA books before it, put me into a reading frenzy and I finished it in a couple days. I really enjoyed it, very few books keep me enraptured like Sanderson's do. I've occasionally lurked here and on the SA subreddit but I have some complicated feelings regarding this book that I need to write down and share. I don't know how to feel exactly because, on the surface, OB is far and away one of my favorite fantasy books. It's a personal 5-star for me, same as the other two in the series, because it's rare that any form of media puts me in a state where I can't bear to put it down for longer than it takes to make food. But I have this vague feeling that I can't really explain fully, that somehow the book left me unsatisfied compared to the other two. Again, that isn't to say I thought the book was bad or that I didn't enjoy it immensely, which is why the book seems undeserving(?) of dissatisfaction. But I want to convey my positive feelings as well, so here's a list of pros: HOLY CRAP I really enjoyed Dalinar's character arc throughout the three books. He honestly may have slid into first place in front of Kaladin for my favorite, most well-developed character. The amount of pain he went through coming to terms with the man he used to be was heartbreaking, especially when he tried his best yet everything seemed to slip out of his grasp anyway when the Coalition fell apart. It was especially sad on the reader's end because the reader knows the entire time that Dalinar's actions and persona were largely influenced by Nergaoul, but Dalinar had to deal with it as if the Thrill was all caused by his own monstrosity. And when he truly comes to terms with everything about himself, defying Odium right after Renarin has you convinced that Dalinar will end up becoming Odium's champion in a 180 twist...that was a roller coaster ride. I got those weird chills up my spine at that moment, the ones you get when seeing something really epic. I'm actually pretty glad Kaladin had some severe mental hang-ups and failed to protect Elhokar. I've always thought that the whole "protect everyone" idealism he had was sadly unrealistic in war, and I'm really glad Sanderson chose to shove that truth right into Kaladin's face. Hopefully we see the result of that next book. Personally I want to see Kaladin become a bit "harder," kind of like Kelsier, although I have a feeling that I'll enjoy wherever Sanderson takes the character. Learning more about the Cognitive Realm, the Warbreaker characters, and the other Shards was a real treat, and I'm sure there are a whole host of easter eggs I missed and will see when I inevitably reread the book. I really hope we get a Warbreaker 2 that bridges the gap between the first book and the characters entering Roshar. The Unmade were a treat to finally see in the flesh, and I can't wait for more to appear. The effects of the Heart of the Revel were particularly disturbing to see manifested, and I like that the Unmade aren't necessarily bad because they choose to be. They simply are what they are. They remind me a lot of Lovecraft, from their names to the way they're described, and in my book more Lovecraftian horrors is always a good thing. The Bridge 4 POVs were largely enjoyable, especially Rock's. I just fricking love Rock, and I really hope Sanderson delves into the mental consequences of him killing Amaram in the next book seeing how opposed Rock was to fighting. I really liked Rlain's POV too. Looking into his inner thoughts about how he's casually ignored by others was pretty eye-opening, because I realized that I myself had developed the tendency to forget Rlain was even a character. You really have to feel for the guy, his people are gone, the other Parshmen are being conscripted into the forces of insane gods, and the only people he can truly call friends unintentionally leave him out all the time. Adolin grows on me the more I read him. I didn't like him that much for most of WoK, he grew on me throughout WoR, and at this point I can confidently say I just plain like him. He's been thrust into a world where everyone around him is now basically a living god out of legend. His father, his brother (who he had always been more important than, let's be honest), his girlfriend, and his friend/friendly rival who his girlfriend may or may not have the hots for. And does he succumb to jealousy or resentment like most people in his situation would do? No, in fact he does the opposite and remains cool, confident, friendly, and all-around likable. And I REALLY liked how Sanderson gave us a glimpse into Adolin's mindset regarding all this. Of course he has insecurities regarding the whole situation, who wouldn't? But the fact that he never let those insecurities control him really solidified my appreciation for his character. Jasnah was, as she always is, a badass. We REALLY need to see her journey throughout WoR. Our first glimpse of Odium was amazing. "No, Dalinar. I'm the other one." CHILLS went down my spine. Sanderson really did a great job conveying to the read just how massive and otherworldly Odium's true self is. Also, I know this is another planet and all, but with most races on Roshar being visually similar to some sort of Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern and the Shin being noticeably "white," am I the only one who thought of Odium as evil Dumbledore or Gandalf the White when Sanderson described his appearance in Dalinar's vision? To be honest, I can keep going on and on about what I liked, so now I'll go into what I feel were the cons, and the reasons I have a vague unsatisfied feeling: I feel like several seemingly important plot threads were sort of brushed over, if that's the right phrase. Jasnah's return didn't really elicit much reaction from Navani and the others, despite Navani's feelings about Shallan being repeatedly emphasized in the last book. It felt kind of like Jasnah's entire journey never happened, like all the characters just sort of went "alright she's back, moving on." I know it's the end of the world and all that, but I feel like more character thoughts about Jasnah's "death" would have drastically improved my sense of immersion in the book. Another one, possibly the most important, was Szeth joining the team. You're telling me no one, especially Dalinar could spare a few paragraphs thinking about whether letting in the storming Assassin in White was a good idea? Sure, he helped out in the battle, but that could have just been a convenient way to fool them into letting him in. Why wasn't he tossed in jail and interrogated? Next thing we see, Dalinar's just letting him guard him as if it's the most normal thing in the world. I didn't notice it as I was reading because the events engrossed me so much, but Taln and Ash appearing as if they were going to help Dalinar's side in the final battle and then just being offscreened for the entire thing was really disappointing. It felt like the entire sequence including them was pointless, just a way for Dalinar to check off two more boxes on his Radiants checklist before being sidelined. The same goes for Jezrien being killed. I had such high hopes Renarin or somebody would find a way to slowly alleviate his madness and he would become a much more important character in the future. His entire presence in the books seems so pointless. I feel like Shallan's entire love triangle thing was solved too quickly and painlessly. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a fan of a love triangle developing in the first place, but at this point it kind of seems like Sanderson intended for her and Kaladin to get together and then quickly changed his mind halfway through writing the story. Even Shallan and Adolin's wedding was completely offscreened. In addition, upon looking back after finishing the book I feel like OB was sorely lacking in meaningful interactions between the POV characters. We got a lot of individual thoughts and actions of everyone, but I was really looking forward to all the potential dialogue between Kaladin and Jasnah, Kaladin and Shallan/Adolin (which we got a little of), Lift and the other Radiants, etc. I especially wanted to see Wit follow up on his interactions with Jasnah from the end of WoR, since it seemed like he was treating Jasnah as a bit more of an "adult" on the Cosmere playing field if that makes sense. The dialogue between characters that we did get was great, I have no complaints. I loved Lift's first impression of Dalinar's tight butt. But I kind of feel like I was expecting more dialogue, like one combined story rather than multiple separate stories that lightly brush up against each other and then converge in the last part. I'll end my thoughts with that, honestly I could probably write a thesis on these books and I have a feeling that what I wrote is already way too long. If you bothered reading great, but regardless, I'm curious if anyone else felt a little "conflicted" about OB - how great it is VS the void of expectation it doesn't quite fill compared to books 1 and 2.
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    Posting this earlier than I wanted, but I realize I need to go somewhere before rollover. Ah well. I wanted to make sure I got some final RP done. Ateshao pushed his overstuffed tinker's cart along the streets of Kae, hawking his goods to a few solitary strangers who were still out and about at this hour. His eyes still spasmed unpredictably, but Ateshao was adapting. If anything, the momentary bouts of ultra-sharp clarity improved his vision in the dark. He meandered, but he did have a destination in mind. "Hello, good sirs," he said, stopping in front of a fancy-looking house, facing a pair of guards out front. "Don't suppose ya'd be interested in some of my most fine wares?" The guards eyed him warily, looking a bit unnerved by his eyes, one of them beginning to shake his head. But Ateshao insisted, rummaging in his cart for something, knocking a dusty, cracked green bottle in the process, which shattered on the pavement. "Weapons, perhaps?" he said, procuring a wickedly curved sacrificial dagger from the cart and slipping it between one guard's ribs before he knew what was happening. The other guard lashed out with a sword, pinning Ateshao to the doorframe by the shoulder and embedding itself in the doorframe. Ateshao kicked the guard in the groin, causing him to buckle in agony and letting Ateshao slide his knife along the man's throat. Ateshao winced as the pain in his shoulder began to set in. He yanked the sword from the wood, collapsing from the pain, and threw back a healing potion while curled up on the pavement, eyes watering. The pain began to fade. Handy potion, that. The potioner had given it to him as an apology for what happened to Ateshao's eyes. He got to his feet, dusting himself off and clucking in disapproval. He wiped the blood from his knife on the shirt of one of the dying guards and sheathed it. He worked silently, depositing the two dying guards facedown inside his tinker's cart next to the other body, and covering them over with the various detritus that normally occupied his overfull cart. He broke the silence only to whistle a short tune, signaling a cadre of robed figures to rush forward inside the building to destroy the blasphemous painting, and its painter along with it. Ateshao heard sounds of a struggle inside as he finished his work. Bother. That meant complications. Moments later, crimson-robed figures swarmed from the building, vaguely resembling ants from a disturbed anthill, and Ateshao joined them in fleeing. "What hapened?" he asked, breathless as he ran alongside another cultist. "JinDo happened," the masked figure said. "Guards are on our tail, don't think we'll be able to shake 'em." Ateshao came to a decision. "Right, well. This cause, we knew the cause demanded sacrifices," he said, smiling ironically at that. "This one's on me. Split up." With that, Ateshao slowed to a stop, letting the others pull ahead, waiting for the guards to get closer. He knew the others wouldn't be so foolish or idealistic as to dissuade him. They understood sacrifice. Ateshao saw the guards approaching at full speed. He waved casually, then broke into a sprint, throwing himself down allyways, twisting and turning as if his life depended on it. Which it didn't, really. He began to pull ahead of the guards, but he knew the net was still closing. By now, this entire region of the city would be sectioned off. Soon, he would make his sacrifice. It was a full moon tonight. How very appropriate. *** The guards pulled to a stop in front of Ateshao. They had finally tracked the madman back to the entrance of Kainae's house, where his cart had been left. One of them cursed as they saw it. Ateshao now stood in the center of an elaborate, twisted, spiraling diagram, painstakingly traced on the street in blood, three corpses spaced equally along the perimeter of the diagram. "You got me," he said, reaching into his coat. He produced a short, straight-edged knife of blackened steel, a strange twisted sigil in the pommel and a red ribbon tied around the grip, looking distinctively out of place. "Now remember this. Everything has a price," he said, hand shaking as he held the knife extended in one hand.He looked completely deranged, covered in blood, his eyes behaving strangely. "A tinker's debt is always paid," he said, winking. "Praise the Ja." With that, he plunged the blade into his own chest. He fell to his knees, his pupils expanding to cover even the whites of his eyes. Where there was calm, a strange wind seemed to circle the area, increasing in speed, blowing dust and debree away from Ateshao. Slowly, all of the color inside the circle seemed to bleed away into monochrome. Ateshao disintegrated in a shower of dust that scattered across the pavement, and the winds calmed. He was no more. Well, that's that then. I believe I did as well as I reasonably could have, given how utterly damning the evidence against me was. Congratulations. Your priests have apprehended another heretic. I will see you on the other side. And now I make my exit. We shall see who has the last laugh. Praise the Ja.
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    So I've taken another crack at the Taker of Secrets image. It's tentative, but I think I've got a lead. If I'm right, it contains the word "corrupted" twice. First, I compared the new glyph phonemes from OB with the similar Thaylen alphabet we derived from the frostlands map in WoR: As you can see, the majority of the letters match quite well. We got new phonemes not represented on the map, including vowels (which aren't written in Thaylen). EDIT: I've now confirmed our assignments from the frostlands map, concluding that the differences below reflect a divergence in the two writing systems, not errors on our part Blue: We assigned multiple English letters (e.g. J+G) to certain Thaylen letters, whereas the glyph phonemes have distinct symbols for each. Orange: The Thaylen letters for T and D are reflections of each other. In glyphs, which can reflect and rotate phonemes freely, that symbol is assigned to Th (not a unique letter in Thaylen), while T and D are assigned to related symbols. Green: The symbols for Sh and for Z are altered slightly between the two systems. For making character assignments I used the OB phoneme chart, but supplemented it with our Thaylen deductions because the reflected T and D characters are both in evidence and vowels are entirely absent. Assuming the character orientation aligns with the reading order, it does appear to read from top to bottom on both sides, and left to right across the top, but right to left across the bottom. Multiple characters are flipped other directions though, so that assumption is suspect. Still, here is my transliteration using that convention: (original image) (colored image, with color-coordinated text -- I'm sorry about the ugly lines. My image manipulation skills leave a lot to be desired) I recognize that the color-coding ended up being overkill. Hopefully between that one and the original image you can see how I got to what I have. I have concluded that the writing system in question is closely related both to the glyph phonemes and to the Thaylen writing of the frostlands map, but with some important differences. In particular, this text seems to freely reflect and rotate characters like the phonemes chart, but also utilizes the vowel omissions and character redundancies of Thaylen (e.g. P=F), with the additional redundancy of T=D=Th. If you are interested in helping to decipher these strings of consonants, these website may prove useful. OneLook is a dictionary search that allows wildcards, and Litscape provides soundex matching. (For the latter, note that soundex ignores repeated consonants, while this Thaylen text does not.) This box shows my current guesswork in table form. Bolded words are those in which I have the most confidence. The top line is interpretation. The second line is the transliteration from the image, with subsequent lines providing alternative letters to account for the phonetic redundancies. This spoiler box contains previous guesswork and explanations, superceded by the above, though the formatting may be easier to read. EDIT: I'm considering the possiblity that the points where symbols flip orientation (the Fs do this a lot) are indicative of word breaks, but I haven't really looked closely at that yet.
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    If Kaladin isn't going to end up with Shallan (which I haven't given up on yet, onwards good ship Shalladin), I don't see any other character we're familiar with as a good partner. I'm baffled at the Jasnah/Kaladin pairing, because I would think that Jasnah would have had ample opportunity to find a suitable mate by now, and I'm having trouble seeing how she's gone this long resisting the pressure to partner and marry, only to succumb to our Brightlord Brooding-eyes. I'm frankly a little disturbed by the Syl/Kaladin pairing. I mean, they're already paired in the nahel bond. It's not like they're going to sleep together, or raise children, and they've already got the only bond they need. Syl wants Kaladin to be happy, and she's going to keep pushing him to find someone that makes him happy, and that's great. Tarah is the most likely to come back, what with the small flashback we get in OB, but at the same time I'm happy with her as a previous character to illustrate the time between losing Tien and killing Helaran which isn't very fleshed out. Frankly, I'd be surprised if she's even still alive. There's an apocalypse going on, you know. Rysn I could see, but only in the way that they're opposite sex and approximately the right age. There's some duality in the Wind/Waves, as well as Strong/Weak (physically) and then consume stormlight/pet consumes stormlight. Those are the kinds of things I was looking for with regard to Shalladin, so if Sanderson isn't interested in thematic contrast, then so be it. Frankly, I expect Kaladin to stay lonely and single through the front five books, and I expect the gap between to change everything we thought we knew.
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    If complete and utter chaos was lightning, then he'd be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouting 'All Shards are bastards!' - Narration, describing Hoid So long and thanks for all the chouta! - The Parshmen It turns out you were only MOSTLY dead. See, mostly dead is still slightly alive. - Nale, to Szeth
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    So I just finished Oathbringer, and at the very very end, I noticed that the parshwomen hoid gives the child to's husband's name is cob. his name is only mentioned once. In the bands of mourning, brandon gives wax's coachman cob one of the little descriptions he gives worldhoppers. I originally thought of this as a mistake, but after the confirmation(well, rafo) of two worldhoppers who's names were only mentioned once, I started to suspect. Any thoughts?
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    Once, I met a Returned woman who took my breath away.
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    I have three purposes for posting this. One is because Hero told me to. One is because I’d like to urge people not to judge my artistic abilities too harshly from that drawing, which I did on a whim about half an hour before the cycle closed. And one is that all notification PMs should have been sent out, and please PM us if you haven’t received yours. Thanks!
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    You're all wrong. Kelsier should be played by Steve Buscemi, Vin by Miley Cyrus , and Sazed by Samuel L. Jackson. And clearly the only person fit to play the Lord Ruler is the adorable, doe-eyed Tobey Maguire.
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    Forgoe the foolish errand you now seek Seek the way and renounce all sin Learn the wisdom of Elantris's peak Crush the ancient evil within Praise the Ja in all The wind of truth blows through us all Slippery in blood while wet with tears We pace for time immemorial this dusty hall Wrapped in the echoing silence of our fears Praise the Ja in all Hearts colder than iron's touch Souls brighter than the eternal sun We ask so little but seek so much The sand runs out my time is done All shall end and to all is none Praise the Ja in all So I pass. Praise the Ja!
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    Brandon read a small Cosmere story he's been sitting on for 8 years, called "The Traveller." You can find the audio on Arcanum: go to the Sources tab on the JordanCon event page, and find the recording for it. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/332-jordancon-2018/ I recommend just listening to the audio cold turkey. If you need to know: EDIT: And it has now been transcribed.
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    I'm curious what makes you think this. Isn't his problem that he cares too deeply and gives away too much of himself to others, and doesn't look after himself? One of his character revelations in this book was that sometimes he needs to let people take care of him, instead of him trying to take care of everyone else. We haven't seen him in a real-time romantic relationship yet, but I don't see any reason to think he would be any different with a romantic partner than he is with his friends, family, and the people he works with. Plus there is this awesome quote by Rock in Chapter 37: "The captain seemed intimidating to many outsiders. A perpetual storm for an expression, an intensity that made men wilt when it turned on them. But there was also an astonishing tenderness to this man. Kaladin gripped Hobber on the arm, and almost seemed to be tearing up." I don't see any evidence in the text that he attracts a certain type of woman and can't hold them. We've seen three women he's been attracted to: Laral, a lighteyed girl who ended up in an arranged marriage with the city lord without much say in the matter. Tarah, a darkeyed scribe who took a job that was good for her family, and Kaladin chose to stay in the army with his men. Shallan, a lighteyed radiant who was betrothed to a prince and chose to proceed with the betrothal, while Kaladin realized she reminded him of his brother. Each of these women and circumstances seem fairly unique, so I don't think we can conclude that he attracts a certain type of woman. I also don't see any evidence that suggests he would be "breaking down all the time" trying to protect his partner. I'm not really sure what that means, unless you are referring to him freezing in battle when all of his friends were being killed. I don't think we can compare that to how he would behave in a relationship with a woman. Apologies if this sounds too serious... I don't mean it to be! I'm trying to understand how you arrived at your conclusions. And I sometimes have an uncontrollable urge to take up for my man Kal. I've been having a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this could happen. It seems to be a popular theory and I'm trying to brace myself just in case. Kind of puts a damper on discussions of happy romantic storylines when your beloved characters are sent to another planet to be tortured for years...
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    Back home safe and (relatively) sound. Had an absolute blast. Like I've said after other events I've been to, it's not that I just saw Brandon and got some questions. It was great to meet other fans, Sharders and WoT fans both, and to geek out in person. And spending a lot of time in the board game hall was an unexpected pleasure; I got to run some House War, but also got to play some games I've wanted to learn for a while and hang out with the great people who taught them to me. So, it really is the rest of you (except maybe Argent) that make it all worth it. Going for a whole weekend to sit in a corner and wait for a chance to ask questions (even a good dozen or so questions) wouldn't make me want to go back. I was especially impressed with the Wheel of Time community there. I knew some names, knew some of the old theories and in-jokes, but I wasn't as in to the WoT fandom as I am in the Cosmere side of it. I went to some of the fandom anniversary panels, learned some stories, got to chat with Theoryland and Dragonmount admins. I think we, as a younger community, have a lot we can learn from them, and I'm so glad they are gracious in sharing their convention with us. And now comes the part of the show where I unpack and reflect upon the new info I got. Glyphs (spoiler'd for length) And second, my questions. They're all working their way into Arcanum (or already have), so I won't drop exact quotes, just some overview and followup thoughts. I did have quite a bit of fun, as you can see from my bar-code of snippets in the Arcanum audio file: Photo rudely taken by @Jofwu during my turn in line. But enough about me, here are the questions. OB Spoilers: Lastly, a reflection on The Traveler (Spoiler'd for The Traveler; make sure you read that cold-turkey): Well... that's all I've got for my report. See you all next time. (Don't know if I'll be able to go next year, but I'm definitely considering it. Maybe that will counter-balance my negative impact. Just a tip for everyone: if you're playing House War and your wife says "don't make a deal with Pagerunner to defeat Vin and end the game, he's going to win if you do," you'd better listen to her. Because she's 100% right.
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    Alright, I wrote a few more. They're not particularly connected with the books or anything, just my random creations. This one with a nice meaning: Steel of shields broken. Will our defeat truly never be endured? Is victory yet possible? Yet victory is endurance - is never truly defeated. Our will breaks shields of steel. This philosophical one: Truly, we are but men. Enduring, actually, but weak. Seemingly fragile, seemingly weak, but actually enduring men. But are we, truly? And this one about a beautiful, amazing thing that happened today, because I forgot my keys and had to walk about 2km to borrow another set: Beautiful was that sky, clear. So then wind blew. There, it brought darkness, down came rain for purging earth. Storm, raging storm. Earth purged, for rain came down - darkness brought it. There blew wind then, so clear. Sky! That was beautiful.
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    More and more I'm thinking vowels in general are a trap. There's a scene in WoR when Shallan is looking at very old maps and Pattern "reads" some of the Dawnchant script. I think it might offer some clues about Roshar languages. To me this strongly implies a couple important points that we've been bumping into in the various scripts: “The scripts are derived from one another” Although Roshar has many varied language families, the various phoneme scripts show clear links with one another. The various writing systems probably all evolved from a common Dawnchant source. Letters over time can converge or diverge in various descendant languages (Thayley may have consolidated consonants, Alethi probably added new ones) You see a similar pattern in the real world with Phoenician, whose written alphabet influenced other written languages as unrelated as Greek and Hebrew. “The h sound can be for any letter,” Shallan said absently. “We write it as the symmetrical letter, to make the word balance, but add a diacritical mark to indicate it sounds like an h so the word is easier to say.” "h" sounds and such seem to be linked to diacritical marks. At least in modern Veden languages, this may not be a universal point though. I do think there's a connection there though. “Behardan, you said? Maybe Bajerden . . . Nohadon himself.” Going back to my "vowels are a trap" point, look at how Pattern has guessed the wrong vowels for every spot in "Behardan" vs "Bajerden". I think this either means a single letter was used for A/E (but our new script doesn't match that, in fact "E" only occurs as a variant of the "i" phoneme in Aleth), or that Dawnchant was an Abjad alphabet, meaning it wrote out only consonants, leaving the reader to estimate the vowel sounds. I think the latter is true. In real world the earliest alphabet (Phoenician), and some other Semitic languages like Hebrew lacked written vowels, which were only later inserted by scribes into written documents. It would make more sense to start from a written language without vowels and later evolve in vowels than for a written language to lose existing vowels. I think Thayleh, with its lack of written vowels actually preserves that Abjad characteristic of the Dawnchant. Other languages like Alethi and this strange script we're looking at now, likely had to create their own vowel letters (hence the easy to miss and sometimes variable shapes in glyphs). I think our new script is an "in between" language. They've added ~2 vowel letters and rely on diacritics to distinguish them. Alethi glyphs and women's script has continued this evolution by giving a distinct symbol for each vowel. If true, vowels are a trap. Modern Roshar languages are largely "guessing" at the correct vowels to insert in the Silver Kingdom names. We probably shouldn't get too hung up distinguishing those sounds. Sorry to say I have almost nothing to add to figuring out the Mythica border. In true test taking style, I decided to just skip the hard problem and do the easier one first "A Survey of the Great Thaylen City" also contains an artistic border of Thaylen letters. This one is much easier though! For the most part it is just one endless repeating pattern. Start at the top left and read downwards, when you hit a corner just turn the page and keep reading downwards. Behind Door #1 we have the pattern repeated on the left and top margins. Letters flip horizontally on the bottom and right border, but vertical orientation of the letters always remains constant. With one exception you can start at the top left corner and read your way down and counter-clockwise infinitely. Door #2 shows the horizontally flipped pattern (starting with a terminal H from the previous margin). Our five repeating letters are T/D, H, L, ?, H. The fourth letter doesn't match any our of existing Thaylen letters perfectly, but by process of elimination it seems very likely that it is a stylized N (leaving off the first stroke of the pen to maintain a very compact and margin aligned block of text). This gives us Thaylenah. Nothing too shocking, but we do have one little Easter Egg at the bottom of the left column, breaking up our otherwise endless loops of THLNH Hmmm, ZKSTRT...I wonder who could have put that there. Alas, none of these nice conventions seem to apply for the Sja-Anat Mythica border. Letters are flipped upside down seemingly at random there, and there doesn't appear to be a nice starting point to make sure you're always reading the document in the correct direction. I don't think starting top-left and reading counterclockwise helps to make that image any easier to decipher.
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    You could probably attach the gems that make spanreeds move to a knife. Just go to a person’s house, and leave a knife with a gem on it somewhere inconspicuous. Attach the corresponding gem to a stick or something, and wave the stick around madly when you know the other person is home. Of course, if you’re Jasnah, you could just write to them, and that’s the best weapon in all of Roshar.
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    Wanted to put this out there while it's fresh on my mind... Isaac did a workshop on glyphs at JordanCon this weekend. There are some mundane things to be shared eventually. Most of the workshop revolved around his process of creating glyphs. The general idea being: (1) Find/make a cool shape that "feels right" for the word, (2) Work the right phonemes into that sketch, (3) Make adjustments, as if it has been changed and warped over time. And of course, rule zero: "Cool trumps readability." Anyways... He revealed that this glyph, found on the "Ironstance Scroll" in WoR... ...is the symbol of the secretive Calligrapher's Guild. Technically, it "spells" Isaac's name. That is, "IZAK" I believe. Though it's not meant to represent those sounds in world of course. It's merely the glyph of the Calligrapher's Guild. After the workshop I asked him about this glyph: It's been quite a mystery that we never solved. It shows up in MANY places in TWoK. It also shows up in the Frostlands map in WoR and the Kholinar map in OB. Maybe other places? Peter confirmed (in that last link) that it's not the symbol of Isasik Shulin (famous Alethi cartographer). That's about all we really know. So I asked about it. Isaac said that he doesn't know what it means. I'm a little skeptical of this, because it seems that he generally has to know the meaning and word to create a glyph. He doesn't just draw nice shapes or pick random phonemes. Anyways, he claims that he doesn't know what it means, but that Brandon has asked him to put it in several places. He has mentioned before that it's supposed to be an Easter egg of some kind. So that's itself isn't news. One interesting thing that he added was that I should "compare it to the Calligrapher's Guild glyph." He actually held up one of the buttons he had with that glyph on it and said (something along the lines of), "Compare it to this one. That's all I will say." @Pagerunner and I took the time to compare them this afternoon and it seems to be pretty straightforward. They both clearly seem to share the same phonemes. But what does that mean? Peter seems to have shot down the obvious answer. To analyze things a bit further... It's interesting to me that the symbol appears in both obvious and subtle ways. It shows up prominently in the compass rose of Isasik's map of Roshar, for example. But then in the map of Shadesmar it's more like somebody added it later. Like they stamped an existing document. This suggests to me that the person/people using it are some kind of secret society. This idea of a common symbol being used in suspicious ways gives me a major Freemason vibe. My next thought was to compare the documents that it's used in. Maybe that would give a clue as to who this secret society could be? I started thinking that it might be related to the Sons of Honor because MOST of the items it appears on are maps related in some way to the Alethi monarchy. Maps for Gavilar, maps of the Shattered Plains... The Silver Kingdoms and Shadesmar maps are easy enough to explain along those lines. The view of Kharbranth is more of a stretch, but we have reason to think Taravangian was related to them in some way. The biggest hole with this of course is the (multiple) appearances on the Frostlands map. It's possible the explanation is more mundane of course... Just something related to cartography or a group of cartographers? But then... Why would it show up stamped in random places, some of which can barely be called maps? I'm curious if you guys have any thoughts on this. Putting this here for now as it all ties back to this relationship between these two glyphs. If we go down too much of a rabbit hole we can move to another thread so as not to get in the way of actual glyph/language work.
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    When you go to throw away aluminum foil, and stop to think how much money it would be worth on scadrial. when you watch The Last Jedi and keep calling the horse-things (faviers?) Ryshadium you read about savant syndrome and immediately think of Spook edit: my cousin found a road spike and tried to steal my Investure...
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    "Be Sharp." Then it would study and possibly become another Awakening Scholar. I want to have a sword smart enough to understand words with multiple definitions. So it would cut real well, but it can also cut to the point. And it's the sharpest knife in the drawer. This Sentient Awakened Object is going to be a pretty sweet sword. Hopefully it's actually smart and not just a pun master, because then it'll just meme poorly until it gets Investiture. But if it does get Investiture...hahahaha creator of puns we cannot dream of. Stab it through a dictionary, or just let it listen to an audio reading of a dictionary (if it can't destroy like Nightblood can). Then unleash it on your foes.
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    I think shipping Syl and Kaladin is a complete reach and is kind of a disservice to the radiant-spren relationship that BS has cultivated between them. This is not a romantic relationship at all and feels far more like a father and child or just plain platonic. Even when she was "human sized" in Shadesmar there was no indication that there was any sort of attraction between them. Shipping them seems wrong. There is still ample opportunity for BS to introduce new Radiants and characters that will be more suited for Kaladin than Shallan or Laral, and bringing back Tarah is a real possibility since he included a glimpse of their time together.
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    Share your ridiculous stories about maintaining the computers of people. You know who I am talking about. Those situations where you have to guide a person step by step on how to turn the computer on. I have a few gems from my dad. He worked as a computer specialist over the phone several several years ago. These are some of the conversations he would have. Person:Why isn't the computer turning on? Dad: did you press the power switch? Person: Nooo... Dad: Press It. Person: its not working. Dad: Is it plugged in? Person: Does it have to be? dad: Yes. another one. Person: Why isn't the computer talking to me? Dad: It can't talk. Person: But I saw a movie where a computer talked. And another. Person: I keep trying to install windows on my mac and it isn't working. Dad: (My dad referred this one to his boss) This is one of my own, this is the point where I learned that phone operated tech support is a futile endeavor. Person: OK. How do I turn it on. Me: press the power switch. Person: OK. Wait, it says BIOS. That is the virus that was on my last computer. %^&* I have to replace this one too.
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    When your brother starts singing “Cause baby I’m gonna spike you!” to the tune of Firework, and you get very afraid. He does not understand what he speaks.
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    When you see the book title "Wasting" and initially misread it as "Wasing."
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    I am sorry I haven't been updating you guys on what's going on here at JordanCon, but I've been super busy running around, hanging out with people, and harassing Team Sanderson. I might post a more detailed write-up tomorrow, with some cosplayers I snapped photos of (you'll have to bear with me begin in virtually all of those photos, sorry), as well as a group photo of all (most?) of the Sharders we have here... but we'll see, it's 2 AM once again, so maybe I'll just want to sleep in. We'll see. Until then I just wanted to drop by and share a conversation between me and Brandon that I intentionally did not record - mostly because he said that recording him would increase my chance of being RAFO'd. So, I've been telling people about this ghost WoB that I thought I had, that nobody - including me has been able to find. I thought that Brandon had told me once that the reason Odium dealt with the Selish Shards the way that he did - by stuffing them in the Cognitive Realm - was being they were the first Shards he had Splintered, and he was not yet experienced enough to know what he was doing; because his primary objective is to not only get rid of the current Vessels, right, he also wants to make sure that nobody else takes the power. And so playing off on the friction between the powers of Devotion and Dominion, one solution to the second part of his objective was to stick them in the Cognitive where this friction would make it nigh impossible for anyone to take on that power. And then, as he grew more experienced, we see Shards like Honor being Splintered in a much more permanent way, where the power itself is distributed between multiple minds, the spren, so gathering it all is much more difficult. So that was what I thought he had said to me once, and I gave him this rundown today, and asked him whether all of this sounds like it could've been something he had said to me. And he said yes. He also seemed to imply that maybe the Selish solution isn't as permanent as Odium would've liked, but that's very much my impression of the way he spoke, so let's not build too many theories on that. So, it's not as hard evidence as we would all like, and I might still try to get him on record to confirm at least the inexperience part of all of this. But it is something. It mostly confirms to me that I did not, in fact, have a dream where I got a WoB, as @Pagerunner suggests. Or, if I did, I dreamed up actually canon. And I am not sure which one like better...
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    90. Ignore Rule 89 if you are not Awesome. There is a very high chance of being executed for stealing food, and association with nobility increases overall death chance by 36%.
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    Spring has sprung in Utah! Took lots of macro shots of flowers today. I've divided them up into 3 groups for viewing convenience. Group 1 (4 photos): Group 2 (4 photos): Group 3 (3 photos):
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    Fun story about "hell" as a filtered word. It used to be in the filter, and then Brandon published "Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell" and we can't very well filter a word that's in the title of one of the books...
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    Im not gonna lie, I read the title of this thread and the only thing I could think was that Kaladin and The Worldhoppers would be an awesome Band name I’ll see myself out
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    The important thing is why: She was mentioned in the first two books and was in a flashback in the third. That will lead somewhere, the question is where.
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    I like when Rand invades Illian; I think it was A Crown of Swords. Everyone else in the world is beating their heads against various walls; the White Tower split, the Bowl of Winds quest. They've spent all these books talking about Sammael, and how he's totally entrenched in Illian, and how he'll be better prepared than Rahvin in Andor... and then the Asha'man invasion just totally wrecks him. Trigger every gateway alarm weave in the city, making them all useless. A highly organized assault, carried out correctly. Dumai's wells was more impactful, since that was the introduction of the Asha'man, but I always like the contrast they brought with the Aes Sedai in terms of teamwork and efficacy in battle.
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    SPOILER WARNING My favorite two happen to be in the same book. Lord of Chaos. 1. When Nynaeve heals Siuan and Leane. It gets me choked up every time when Siuan breaks down. 2. Battle of Dumais Wells. The entire battle is spectacular but that one line. "Kneel and swear to the Dragon Reborn... Or you will be knelt" ooooo it gives me chills. SO satisfying after Rands capture.
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    I assumed the Unable to Bestow Abilities group
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    Aaand, JordanCon is over! Boy, was it fun. Might be literally the best 3 days of my life, and I do mean this literally. But instead of recapping all three days (which I might still do, as a single review), here are some highlights of this last day (which also happens to be my birthday): After going to bed at nearly 5 AM on the previous day, getting up at 9 for a panel was not fun. Would I do it again? Probably, I had tons of fun last night. Walking to my first panel (Learning from Mistakes, featuring Brandon and four other authors) I happened to walk behind Brandon for a little bit, so I, out of nowhere, said obnoxiously loudly "And this is why I think Vax is a planet!" He turned around quickly, saw me grinning, shook his head, rolled his eyes, and continued walking. I behaved. Between panels I puppy-eyed Brandon into doing something for my birthday. He offered to answer my questions while he was signing stock. Bless his generous soul, this man is going to drive me into the ground with kindness. More on that later. Brandon's reading panel was a pretty standard lecture (I only remember he talked about Apocalypse Guard), followed by a revised reading from Skyward, followed by Q&A (ask an Arcanist to make a snippet out of Brandon's reaction when he realized he had picked me to ask a question), followed by a reading from The Traveler. I... I may have made noises, you guys. Noises commonly attributed to fangirls. Noises whose pitch can appropriately be described as "high af". 14 year old girls envy my squeels. Discord user chickenbites has one such noise, go bother him if you are curious. Signing line went alright. I forgot to get a photo with Brandon (second time this happens to me; though I did get photos with the rest of his team, so that's nice), got a couple of questions answered, and continued making Traveler noises. After the signing Brandon went to sign stock, I tagged along, and got like 20 questions in. Bug your local Arcanist to snip the audio so you can transcribe them. The last one is a fun one. I only mildly regret not having the time visit Atlanta's... less reputable establishments. I spent a ton of time with @Pagerunner (who is just as eager to insult me as you all imagine), @yulerule (who tried to sell me some theory; I don't buy it), @thegatorgirl00 (who, I am pretty sure, almost died like 17 times during this con, when people were either misquoting Coppermind articles, not checking Coppermind articles, or using Coppermind articles that are not fully up to date; give her many hugs, it's been a stressful weekend for her, as I've had to physically restrain her from ripping one poor guy's throat with her bare hands), and, um... a guy whose name I thought was Polonian Fire, but I can't find him. (Editor's note: @PallonianFire) He was an active Sharder some time ago. Good people. There was much late night Cosmere chat. I am beginning to lose my train of thought though, so I'll say that I'll probably get to photos tomorrow. Sleep now.
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    All right, which one of you has this bumper sticker of the Steel Alphabet for tin on your car and was at the Orem Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon??
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    While I think a romantic relationship would be nice for Kaladin to have, I've also enjoyed how little of his character arc has depended on it so far. My opinion on it is I think I would enjoy it were Brandon to go there, but I'm also very happy with where he's going without it.
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    Kaladin had a short lived romance with Tarah, who is somewhere in Alethkar. Why not ignite the old fire in future books?
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