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    Important note: This list would be far less complete if not for the efforts of everyone who helped me compile it. Specifically thankyou to: Awesomeness Summoned, Delightful, Argent, PorridgeBrick, Kurkistan, Quiver, Green Hoodie Mistborn, Senor Feesh, Observer, ccstat, Swimmingly, Alvron, Metacognition, The Only Joe, GreyPilgrim, Aether, jasonpenguin, Mailliw73, Moodle, Tempus, Baine, Kobold King, LeftInch, Sir Jerric, Tensoon, Ashiok, Theorymaker, Seonid, Shaggai, TheYoungBard, Curiosity, Snoopy, Voidus, Frosted Flakes, Kasimir, Shallan. (Let me know if I missed you.) Hokay, for those who want to know the ranks, I looked through everyone who had at least 10 posts. Here are my findings. 10000+ God Beyond 9000 9999 Adonalsium 8500 8999 Hero of Ages 8192 8499 The Broken One 7800 8191 Shard 7500 7799 Splintered Shard 7200 7499 Splinter 6800 7199 Dragon 6400 6799 Stormfather 6000 6399 Herald 5700 5999 Sliver 5350 5699 Nightwatcher 5000 5349 Worldhopper 4750 4999 God of Color 4500 4749 Lord Ruler 4250 4499 Unmade 4096 4249 Dawnshard 3761 4095 Prime 3500 3760 Lerasium Mistborn 3250 3499 Bondsmith 3000 3249 Voidbringer 2750 2999 Knight Radiant 2500 2749 Most Ancient 2250 2499 Steel Inquisitor 2048 2249 Mistborn 1900 2047 Taracin Superstar 1800 1899 Dawnsinger 1700 1799 Rambleman 1600 1699 Savant 1550 1599 Gerontarch 1500 1549 Midnight Essence 1450 1499 Listener 1400 1449 Enefel 1370 1399 Kalad's Phantom 1338 1369 Compounder 1337 So l337 Hoid Can't Compete 1300 1336 Surgebinder 1260 1299 Radiant Squire 1220 1259 Kandra 1180 1219 Twinborn 1145 1179 Returned 1111 1144 Scadrian Waffle Cook 1080 1110 Stone Shaman 1050 1079 Cryptic 1024 1049 HonorSpren 1000 1023 Sentient Awakened Object 980 999 Truthless 950 979 Highprince 920 949 Worldbringer 890 919 Full Feruchemist 860 889 Full Shardbearer 830 859 Shardbearer 800 829 Seer 777 799 Spinner 760 776 Wyrn the King 730 759 Elantrian 700 729 Originator 667 699 Svrakiss 666 Torturer of Heralds 650 665 Shade 625 649 Soulcaster 600 624 Forger 575 599 Dakhor Monk 550 574 lord Prelan 512 549 King's Wit 496 511 Son of Honor 475 495 Vanisher 450 474 King's Tester 425 449 Ghostblood 400 424 Envisager 375 399 Artifabrian 350 374 Ferring 325 349 Stormwarden 300 324 Bloodsealer 278 299 Silent Gatherer 256 277 Misting 225 255 Arbiter 200 224 Gyorn 180 199 High prelan 160 179 Oldblood 145 159 Cobalt Guard 128 144 Hazekiller 110 127 Forescout 100 109 Houselord 90 99 Babsk 80 89 Prelan 75 79 Arteth 70 74 Idrian Monk 64 69 Obligator 56 63 Lighteyes 50 55 Grand 45 49 Noble 40 44 Crew Leader 32 39 Ardent 25 31 Pahn Kahl 20 24 Awakened Object 16 19 Noble-Blooded 10 15 Bridgeman 7 9 Spearman 5 6 Darkeyes 2 4 Skaa 0 1 Spren -1 -2 Negaspren -3 -5 Lifeless -6 -10 Hoed -15 -19 ? Beheaded Inquisitor -20 -24 ? Rotting Chull Carcass -24 -25 Lamespren -32 -91 Zucchini -117 -118 Chasmfiend Corpse I'll update this as we learn more We now know them all! I like the new levels. Good work Chaos Please don't ask me how long that took. Current lowest Unknown rep: nonexistant. We're so close to getting them all =D Edit: Wooohooo first popular post Later edit: For the record, at the time I added that comment 10 rep was a little more exciting Another edit: The lower rep ranks have changed at some point, I don't know where all of the new boundaries are yet.
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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this!
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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can [EDIT by Moderator: This topic originally was solely cosmere but has moved beyond that, so I moved this to Entertainment Discussion.]
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    Greetings, friend. You may have noticed that many of the illustrations in the Stormlight Archives contain strange markings. I have determined that these markings are writing, and I have undertaken to decipher their messages. Crazy? Perhaps. But these markings are not simply decorative. They contain information about the Cosmere, hidden in plain sight. In The Way of Kings, we are introduced to the Alethi script. This is the writing system used by female scribes and scholars in Alethkar, understand? It shows up in the labels of Navani’s Notebook: Since the novel was first published in English, the labels were also “translated” into English, but Alethi letters were used to preserve the feel of the original diagrams. Each symbol stands for one letter – however Alethi has some letters that are not found in English (Th, Sh, Ch), and English has some letters that are not found in Alethi (C, Q, X, W). In Words of Radiance, we learn more about the languages of Roshar. Alethi script reappears, with greater variety. Navani’s Notebook again provides straightforward diagram labels directly transliterated from English into Alethi: (Translation credit goes to cris34b: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6418-navanis-notebook-page-406-translation/?hl=navani) Shallan’s sketchbook provides more cryptic text, friend. First spotted and translated by jcoop513, the text here is hidden, and is written phonetically so that each letter is an approximation of how it sounds when spoken aloud. Based on the context, this is most likely a page of Jasnah's notes that Shallan appropriated to use as sketchpaper. Note that the transliteration of Jasnah's writing is very different from that of Navani's. Read aloud, the passage would be thus: Translation efforts are ongoing at http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6619-shallans-drawing-page-354-alethi-script-translation-spoilers/. KalynaAnne traced over the partially-obscured letters by hand and was able to reconstruct several missing words: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6487-thaylen-and-alethi-glyph-translation-glyph-key-revised-418/?p=233114 Alethi is not the only language spoken on Roshar. That would be crazy. The Map of the Southern Frostlands introduces us to the written language used in Thaylenah: As with Alethi script, the Thaylen in this illustration is simply transliterated English, and can be deciphered using the following key: Thaylen people are renown for smashing their consonants together when they speak, and this is reflected in their writing. Written Thaylen has no vowels and is written vertically, understand? Both the Alethi and Thaylen pages include numerals. Just as many different nations on Earth employ Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) is quite possible that all Vorin peoples (indeed perhaps most inhabitants of Roshar!) use the same numerals, even if their written languages differ. The numbers are written as follows: And now we come to glyphs, friend. Glyphs are written in syllables, with each syllable corresponding to a certain subcomponent of the glyph. Glyphs can be written three ways: a “standard” blocky form with syllables somewhat similar to Thaylen consonants, a “radial” form in which the glyph is warped to form a circular shape, and a “calligraphic” form in which the glyph can be warped into any shape. Often, the shape of a calligraphic glyph is reminiscent of the word it contains. Extra lines that do not represent syllables can be added to enhance the effect. For instance, a bookseller might advertise the name of his shop with a glyph shaped to resemble a book, understand? Many men in Alethkar are illiterate, relying on their wives or sisters to read documents to them aloud, but most can recognize certain important glyphs based on their shape alone. Alethi glyphs are not simply transliterations of English, but represent words in the Alethi language. The esteemed jofwu has compiled images of all known glyphs in another thread. Edit: The next bit is obsolete, as of Oathbringer. See p.519 for a key directly from the Calligrapher's Guild, courtesy of Nazh. My efforts to decipher the Alethi glyphs are ongoing, friend, but I present here what I speculate thus far: Please refer to the further pages in this thread for the latest developments in the 17th Shard's ongoing efforts to decipher these glyphs. Original first post, for posterity:
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    While reading the Stormlight Archive books, I realized that spren are 'real life' emoticons. So naturally I made some emoticons involving spren. To use an emote, copy the link next to it in the parentheses and paste it into your post. You can also right-click the link and choose "Copy Link Location", then paste it in your message. 17thshard.com forums allow you to load pictures into your posts by pasting the URL of the image into the post's content. It may be helpful to save a .txt file in notepad with all of the links you prefer to use in order to copy and paste elsewhere. Also, more cosmere-themed emoticons are under construction. Enjoy: Alespren (http://i.imgur.com/ktwO0cb.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/bbMSt3L.png) Angerspren (http://i.imgur.com/D6J6xRU.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/cCqVYgw.png) Anticipationspren (http://i.imgur.com/BM44BrV.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/1tjwhIn.png) Awespren (http://i.imgur.com/3YfOz4J.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/VkpiJTb.png) Awespren (canon) (https://i.imgur.com/7C8wANr.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/9xD7XH0.png) Bindspren (https://i.imgur.com/2tmDaoQ.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/32yBzwl.png) Coldspren (https://i.imgur.com/uOFJI3L.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/e137yIJ.png) Creationspren (http://i.imgur.com/THDwKRq.gif) and static versions (https://i.imgur.com/8lMJI4Z.png), (https://i.imgur.com/1bSjE7G.png), and (https://i.imgur.com/AH8WdWC.png) Fearspren (http://i.imgur.com/fwkGdLK.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/RTfcvUl.png) Gloryspren (http://i.imgur.com/IiBDG5u.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/60gRN2F.png) (alternate version) (http://i.imgur.com/0rFKCWU.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/844IBnV.png) I edited the laughterspren to make it more visible, but left the old one up so links aren't broken: Laughterspren (https://i.imgur.com/HLCjBvQ.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/YcigcGe.png) (alternate) (https://i.imgur.com/UVYzqQB.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/IFaGQje.png) (old) (http://i.imgur.com/dk9SAg9.gif) (dark version) (http://i.imgur.com/twskx1S.gif) Shardblade (http://i.imgur.com/6tU3gRQ.gif) and static versions (https://i.imgur.com/PVjEeQv.png) and (https://i.imgur.com/6UkYJJG.png)
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    Warbreaker: Slight edit to OPs The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: TWoK:
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    Preface: Someone correct me if I'm breaking any rules here, as I just made my account a couple hours ago. I posted this theory on a King T discussion thread, but I'm thinking that it was a little off topic since that discussion was about T as a character and this is a theory about the Diagram. So pardon my ignorance if this is a breach of etiquette! Theory: The Diagram is Fake I think the Diagram itself is part of the subterfuge. As others have pointed out, the original concept of "make a deal to protect my kingdom, then become king of everything" is so simple, that I believe Odium was meant to see through it. In order for the bluff to work though, you have to make it look like you're trying, hence the takeover of JKeved. If T was so brilliant when he made the Diagram, then it stands to reason that he was smart enough to realize that Odium would be able to read/interpret it. That is the entire point. It is a classic misdirection, just on a grand scale. It's all meant to bait Odium into certain actions, presumably to put Him in a position to be vulnerable. It also stands to reason that genius T knew that Odium would never negotiate on one of T's smart days. So why put in the "negotiate from a position of strength" line? It's part of the misdirection. If Odium is confident that T and the Diagram are not a threat, then He is much more likely to let his guard down. T is playing the Severus Snape role. We are going to hate him for a long time and he is going to do some awful things. In the end though, it will be his actions that ultimately make Odium vulnerable to be defeated by someone else. Basically, I just don't accept the narrative of "Odium saw through the Diagram, therefore it is moot and T is now a traitor." Genius T knew that would happen and planned for it
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    Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: WoK: WoR:
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    This story has been bouncing around as my mind since a Discord discussion on the motivations of Ati and Leras in taking up the shards they did. Since we don't know much about their original ascensions, I had to take some creative license, but I hope you guys enjoy. "I will take Ruin." The setting sun glinted in Ati's red hair. "Perhaps I can contain it's power, at least for a time, and prevent its destructive potential from being realized." The others remained silent as Ati stepped forward, hands outstretched to take in the power. Leras felt unable to speak, paralyzed, though his heart was racing in his chest. This is happening too quickly. Some of the others were already gone, racing off into the Cosmere with their newfound divinity, no doubt setting out to find a position of advantage from which to fortify themselves from attack by the others. No, no, no. This can't be happening. Ati was the best of them. His kindness and laughter had saved Leras in his darkest moments. This was not supposed to be that way. He could see the logic in Ati's sacrifice, of course. Though Uli Da, Rayse, and Bavadin had already departed with their shards moments before, and those remaining would count themselves lucky that none of them had taken Ruin as their own, Leras was not sure who he would trust with that kind of power. Edgli, cautious as ever, continued to watch, no doubt calculating which of the sixteen was most likely to renege on their pact the quickest. The logic did not make it any easier to accept that Ati the person was gone, and what remained of him would live the rest of his eons of existence in a constant struggle to contain the power he had claimed. I have to do something. Leras's eyes darted between the impassive faces of his remaining companions. Why weren't any of them doing something to stop this? They don't care. All they see is their own chance to ascend; their own piece of godhood. I have to protect him. Please, Ati, don't leave me. "Chin up, Leras," Ati smiled, meeting Leras's eyes as the black mist continued to wind its way around his body. "Surely there are worse things to fear than becoming a dark god of destruction." As he finished speaking, Ati's form seemed to evaporate as it was consumed by the black mist. His human self was burned away by the god-like power he now held, leaving only divinity behind. "ATI!!!!" Leras stumbled forward into the space Ati had occupied only moments before. A light sprung up, seemingly in response to his shout. It was a white mist, contrasting the black one that had consumed Ati. In horror, Leras watched as the mists began to envelop him. His entire body began to burn as if his veins were being set alight beneath his skin. A thousand pleasures and pains assaulted him at once, and his back arched in simultaneous torment and ecstasy as the power consumed him. I will save Ati. I will Preserve him. As his body dissolved, Leras shot off, knowing Ati would have tried to get as far as possible to avoid causing any unintended harm. Already, he could feel his mind expanding much as his body had. Time and space seemed to lose meaning. He reached out into the beyond, grasping at millions of possible futures, understanding them in an instant. Why am I chasing him? Leras pushed forward, locating the futures in which he and Ati were together, and willed himself to that place, passing over whole solar systems in an instant. "Leras? What are you doing here? My power it. . . it burns. You . . ." Leras received the impression of Ati, as he remembered him, reaching out with a hand. Leras reached out his own power eagerly, seeking to envelop Ati in his embrace. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" They screamed in unison, and the echoes of their cries seemed to reverberate through the very fabric of the Cosmere. Leras recoiled from Ati, slowly regaining his senses as the intense pain faded. "What, what was that?" "I don't know." Leras examined his own power more closely. Mingling his power with Ati's had felt explosive, like a volcano erupting under a frozen lake. Despite the pain of the experience, part of Leras seemed to call out to record it perfectly in his memory, to preserve it for all time. Preservation. It sensed my desire to preserve Ati, and accepted me as its Vessel. "Our powers, it appears, are in conflict. Ruin and Preservation: we are opposites. Our powers will not mingle easily. " "Yes." Leras could sense, rather than hear, the hesitation in Ati's voice as he considered the new knowledge. Leras mentally cursed Adonalsium. How was it that he had ended up with the one Shard that would prevent him from remaining close to Ati? Already he could feel himself drifting away from Ati, pulled by his own power away from its opposite. No! Desperate, Leras again reached into the beyond, searching for a future in which he and Ati could remain together. His power seemed to navigate through the unmeasurable expanse of possibility easily, appearing eager to find futures where current circumstances were preserved. "Leras?" "Got it! Our powers may not mingle easily, but we can use them together. I've seen it. Ati, together, we can create anything. We could form entire worlds out of the abyss if we wanted." As he spoke, Leras felt his power seeming shrink into itself, as if resiling from the thought of so much change. "Neither of us can alone, of course, but together. . ." "No, Leras. I have made up my mind. We must abide by our pact, remember? I will find some dark corner of the Cosmere, and find a way to keep myself there, so that my power cannot harm anyone." "But you don't have to only destroy Ati, together we can create." "Leras, this is my burden to bear. Leave, and find a planet to protect. If we do as you say, your plan will only lead to the destruction of all we have made, and likely you as well." Unbidden, a vision of the future Ati spoke of came into view, a world consumed by fire and ash. And yet, that was not all Leras saw. I can preserve them. "Ati, friend, if you must destroy one day, would it not be better to ruin something we ourselves have created? That way, the rest of the Cosmere may be preserved. Our powers will counteract each other for a time, and perhaps delay the events you fear." Or prevent them completely. Though the thought of misleading Ati twisted his heart, the power Leras held seemed to pulse eagerly at the thought of having an entire world to preserve against destruction. "Leras. . . I can't. I cannot bear the thought of killing you. I will only ask once more. Leave this place. If I destroy you I may never forgive myself." If you destroy at all, you will never forgive yourself. And I would rather see the Cosmere consumed by your power then spend eons apart from you. "I am resolute, Ati, you will not convince me. Give this a chance, and we can create something beautiful together. Our powers will balance each other. You can force things to evolve and change, and my power will protect what we create from complete annihilation." It took further negotiation, but eventually, a deal was struck. Together, Ati and Leras stretched out until they found an empty system, and there they pulled a planet from the void and set about creating life there. Ati, already succumbing to influence of his power, secured the promise that one day Leras would allow him to destroy that which they created. Leras agreed, and with a heavy heart began to plan the betrayal of the person he loved most. Dimly, he saw one future where mists, black and white, intertwined, becoming something greater.
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    Today was a relatively quiet day in the Restaurant at the End of the Cosmere. Most of the usual people were here, nursing their drinks, talking in quiet tones. They were all worldhoppers, of course. Drawn from all the corners of the Cosmere: Sel, Scadrial, Roshar, Nalthis, Taldain and Threnody. Rosharan heat fabrials warmed the restaurant, while the walls had been tastefully decorated by a native of Nalthis with the Fifth Heightening, so it looked aesthetically pleasing from almost any angle. The floors were plain tile, and at a corner was a Scadrialian machine that played music, operated by a sleepy Scadrilian armed with a bandolier of medallions. The machine only played Scadrilian music, which often annoyed the Nalthis worldhoppers with the second Heightening, but it was tolerated. There was a shining pool outside the entrance, which many worldhoppers used to get here from the Physical Realm. The bartender was always there, greeting newcomers, catching up on news, serving drinks. Only very few of the patrons knew who he truly was, and they weren’t telling. (Yes of course Khriss knows). A sign on the wall stated the rules of the Restaurant. Brawling of any kind is prohibited, either with Awakened Objects, Allomancy, Feruchemy, Hemalurgy, Surgebinding, AonDor, Soulforging, Sand Mastery or plain physical brawling No interplanetary warmongering Be nice to each other. No Hoid. At one table, some of the Seventeenth Shard were grumbling over their drinks about their long drawn-out and futile search for that impossible, thrice-cursed Hoid. They had been joined by a new member, Wan ShaiLu from Sel, whom Galladon had apparently recruited when she showed up in Elantris. She was cursing his name very creatively indeed. They had just come from Roshar, intending to go to Nalthis next. (The King’s Wit was probably laughing very hard indeed all the way in Roshar.) Kelsier sat in a far corner, (Without Marsh today, thankfully) nursing his metal-sprinkled ale. (You had to specify which world’s ale you were ordering, or you might end up with Selish Connection drinks, which made you want to draw for hours, or Rosharan Horneater Ale, which could melt cups.) Being a Cognitive Shadow rather than a physical being inside the Cognitive Realm, he didn’t actually need to drink, but he liked to keep up the pretense. Besides, he liked having Demoux worship him whenever he walked in, which often caused Seventeenth Shard meetings to be delayed. Mostly he sat, absorbing the gossip from all around the Cosmere, always grinning at people at seeming like he was formulating some dark, deep plot. At another end, Khriss was scribbling down her latest thoughts on life, the universe, and everything. Alternately, she could be writing her next Ars Arcana, having just visited Sel. Kenton half dozed beside her. Nazh was doodling Aons on a piece of parchment, thankful for the break. There had been a particularly hasty escape when Nazh had tried to study a naked Dakhor monk at Khriss’ request. She owed him a drink for that one. And there were the Kandra, of course. Mysterious group, they tended to keep to themselves when they visited the restaurant. They never stayed long, only coming in for a short drink before going to whatever Shardworld Harmony was currently showing an interest in. They tended to switch back to their natural forms inside the restaurant, which freaked people out, of course. That’s probably why no one knew their names yet despite them having frequented the bar for years. Vasher had dropped in for another visit in between his trips from Nalthis to Roshar. As per usual, he had a large pile of empty mugs beside him and was currently holding another pint of ale. Vivenna sat beside him, primly reading a book. Blessedly, Nightblood was nowhere to be seen. Iyatil was back, taking Mraize for another spot of Worldhopping. They had just visited Scadrial, and apparently were due for a visit to Threnody, seeing as how Mraize had been bartering for silver knives at the restuarant’s small merchandise stall. Silver was always in good stock in the restaurant, seeing as how nobody wanted their drinks interrupted by a bunch of red-eyed cognitive shadows. The restaurant filled with a quiet, content hum. News flashed relatively quickly through the Worldhopper community. A plot on Scadrial, Harmony facing a red mist. Kandra quietly inquiring after ‘Trell’. Roshar was a dangerous place to be in, currently, due to the Everstorm coming. Business as usual in Sel and Nalthis. On another note, Joshin and Mi’chelle were settling in nicely at Scadrial. Congratulations all around. The bell rang hesitantly, and a ragged figure entered. Her dress was tattered, and hemmed at the knees. She had a glove made of the same material as her dress on her left hand. She was tall, regal, although looking much the worse for wear. She had violet eyes and was currently holding a rather large Shardblade. Rosharian. She blinked, taking in the scene before her. The other worldhoppers barely spared her a glance before returning to their respective conversations. The bartender smiled and waved her over to an empty table. Jasnah Kholin blinked again. “I’m at a bar,” she stated in her flattest voice, “In the middle of the Shadesmar.” Only Vivenna stood to welcome her, shooting an exasperated glance at an inebriated Vasher. “Hello, stranger. You would best leave your weapon outside. Welcome to the Restaurant at the End of the Cosmere!”
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    For all you programmers out there: Elantris
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    Hey all,I started a project about a week ago, and as the title of this post suggests, it is an English to High Imperial translator. It is still in early stages, bound to have its bugs, but I would love some feedback. If you have ideas to make the output better, creative junk to toss into the translated sentence, or any idea how to use "Notting" in conjunction with the tense setting terms I'm all ears!The translator can be found here: http://highimperialtranslator.com/Best,Richard
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    @Nashan'ElinI liked yours, but I'm giving it my own shot. WoK: WoR:
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    Note: Going to start this from scratch. See the bottom for original post hidden in spoiler tag. Since the release of Oathbringer there's been a lot of talk about the nature of Shards, and with good reason. First we have Odium's suggestions that he represents the larger concept of "Passion". Then at the end of the book we see Dalinar temporarily Ascend by pulling together pieces of Honor and making the mysterious statement "I am Unity". Meanwhile, Harmony's continued emphasis that his powers are "in conflict", paired with other hints, has led many to think that he could (and indeed may one day) go by the name of Discord. Throughout all of these discussions has been interwoven new concepts of what these Shards mean, the usage of the word "intent" in these contexts, and the degree to which all of these can change over time. The result is a jumble of confusion. So I've been playing around with a few of these concepts, trying to piece them together in a useful way. I'm not trying to redefine any existing terms, and I want to avoid the baggage that those words may carry. But I'm not really trying to create new terminology either. So I will be using fresh words, but I'll try to keep them as descriptive and plain as possible. Concepts I want to identify three distinct concepts: The Shard's nature: The fundamental aspect(s) of Adonalsium's own personality/nature that composes the Shard. Though we might try our best, this cannot be captured by a single word. Most of us tend to think that a Shard's nature is unchanging/unchangeable, though some may disagree with this point. You could in a way combine one Shard (or pieces of it) with another Shard (or pieces of one). You could perhaps rip pieces off of a Shard in a permanent way. These of course would probably give you something different, but that would be different than directly changing the very nature of the Shard. Some may argue otherwise. Many people will connect this with the concept of "intent", but I'm avoiding the use of that term because it may pull in some history that I don't necessarily want to assume. The vessel's expression of the Shard: How the Shard's nature is expressed by a particular vessel. Many believe it is possible for a single Shard to be expressed in different ways, depending on the vessel who holds it (or perhaps other factors.) What determines this is a matter for debate. Is it a function of the vessel's subconscious perception of the Shard's nature? Can the vessel freely choose, within some bounds? The vessel's thoughts and actions: What the vessel thinks and does. We could maybe separate this in two... but what we do with it is the same for each, so I'm going to keep things simple. This is about pinpointing how a particular thought or action fits into the concepts of the Shard's nature and its expression. Does a particular action fit in line with the Shard's nature? Does some thought or desire reach outside of the expression? Some would argue that actions and thoughts outside of the bounds of the nature and/or expression are impossible. Or perhaps that they are possible, but only in limited and/or temporary ways. The length of time a vessel has held the Shard may also come into play here. Visualization With those concepts in place, let's talk about how they fit together. Warning: you may feel that some cases are impossible. That's fine. I'm not theorizing all of these are possible. Just trying to put together a framework that allows for different logical viewpoints to be expressed. First let's focus on the nature and the expression. Note that these images are highly abstract. Hopefully that's intuitive, given that we're representing incredibly complex ideas with boxes in 2D space. Don't get hung up on the exact sizes, locations, and things like that. We have 4 different general (theoretical) cases: The full nature of the Shard is being expressed. Some people may think this is the only logical case, especially after the vessel has had time to be warped by the Shard. Example: If you think that Ruin under the stewardship of Ati portrayed all aspects of the Shard's nature, you would say that it looked like case 1. Some subset of the Shard's nature is being expressed. There's an implication here that some other vessel might display some other subset of the Shard's nature. You may think that this happens because the expression cannot extend outside the boundary of the Shard's nature. Example: If you think that Odium is more accurately a Shard which represents all emotion (perhaps Rayse is simply giving it a more hateful bent), then you would argue it is a case 2 situation. The full nature of the Shard is being expressed, in addition to some aspects outside of the nature. Here there is perhaps a notion that the Shard's nature is more of a "core concept" that the vessel can build on, rather than a boundary that the vessel's expression is contained by. Example: If you think that Honor portrayed some ideals which are outside the bounds of your perception of what the Shard really means, you would say he demonstrates case 3. Some subset of the shard's nature is being expressed, in addition to some aspects outside of the nature. This is basically just a mashup of cases 2 and 3, but I thought it was distinct enough to include. I reference specific cases in these examples for simplicity, but the reality is far from clean (unless you think case 1 is the only valid possibility). And nothing is likely to be black and white. I've shown a very idealized "case 2" above. A more accurate (though still highly simplified abstraction) depiction would be the image below. I DON'T intend for people to take this and then run through a list of Shards and categorize them into these three cases. The goal is simply to recognize different ways that the Shard's nature can (arguably) be expressed. Now let's talk about how the third concept, the thoughts and actions of the vessel, fit into these ideas. I've taken those general cases and marked a few distinct locations on each of them. I'm supposing that every thought the vessel has or action that the vessel takes will fall into one of these regions. There are 4 possibilities, all demonstrated in case 4: (a) The thought/action is within both the Shard's nature and expression. (b) The thought/action is outside both the Shard's nature and expression. (c) The thought/action is within the Shard's nature but outside the expression. (d) The thought/action is outside the Shard's nature but within the expression. This is where we talk about things like Vin killing Ati while holding the Shard of Preservation. Was she out at some point (b)? Or perhaps point (d)? Is such an action totally within the Shard's nature--just not within the the expression of it that Leras gave us? These are the kinds of questions we can ask. There are a lot of interesting things wrapped up in here. We can talk about the level of free will which vessels have for example. Is it difficult for a vessel to take some action outside of its Shard's nature? Is it even possible? How about the expression? If Rayse holds something more accurately called "the Shard of emotion" and I assume his expression of it is "Odium"... Is it difficult for him to do something loving? That is, something outside the expression but inside the nature? How much of this is self imposed, relating to the vessel's own personality and how much is it a matter of the Shard changing him? We can also talk about the role of time. Are brief actions outside some boundary less difficult than prolonged actions? How long before the vessel is warped toward's the Shard's nature? Was Ati instantly constrained into being more Ruinous, or how long did it take before he was unable to fight that nature completely? Examples Let's talk about some examples of how this helps us think through different situations. Again, I'm not trying to directly theorize with this. I'm speaking towards how we would use this to help ourselves think through and explain a theory. Example 1: Odium and Passion As one possibility we have case 1, where the Shard's nature is accurately described as "Odium". We observe an intent which fits this and Rayse is fully molded by it. His claims to be something else (Passion) are mistakes or lies by him. Another possibility is that we have case 1 where the Shard's nature is indeed Passion. For it to be case 1, it would mean that we simply haven't seen the Shard at work enough (in my opinion) to fully see how the Shard and the vessel fit this definition. It does... we just maybe haven't observed it. We've seen a lot of actions which are perhaps in one corner of the box (the Odium corner), but he's totally capable (and probably does) take actions that fit other "passions". A similar situation would be described by cases 3 or 4, where Passion (or something else) is the true nature, but for whatever reason the Shard is acting only with the intent of Odium in the cosmere. This could be a function of Rayse's control over his power, or there could be other factors at play. Example 2: Honor and Unity Let's theorize that Dalinar will somehow assemble a Shard by the name of Unity. I see two fundamentally different ways for this to happen... Let me suppose that Tanavast-Honor looked something like case 2 with actions tending to fall within his own expression. Visually, let's say the blue expression area fits in the left 2/3 of the nature box. Later we have Dalinar come along and pick up the Splintered pieces of the Shard once called Honor. He puts them back together, but by his own will, personality, values, or whatever his expression fits more to the right 3/4 of Shard's nature box. So for the most part we have heavy overlap between Tanavast's Honor and Dalinar's Unity. But the slight difference in which aspects of the Shard's nature are being expressed lead us to ascribe two different names. Dalinar is expressing something with more emphasis on unity aspects of the Shard than Tanavast did, and perhaps putting less value on the notion of "doing things because he said he would." Another similar idea would be that either Tanavast's Honor was a case 1 situation while Dalinar's Unity is a case 2 situation. (or vice versa) So Tanavast expressed the Shard more fully, but Dalinar leaves part of that out and thus looks a little different. (or vice versa) The second, fundamentally different, way that Honor could become Unity is if we actually play around with the Shard's very nature. Something more difficult and rare. This is where we have the theories that Unity will be created by merging some combination of Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. You could also take a more complicated approach here and suppose that Honor will be combined with pieces of other Shards. Or go the other direction and suppose that Dalinar will leave out pieces that once made up Honor when he puts it back together, leaving something that looks more like Unity in nature. Or maybe it's some of both things here. And a different approach would involve the idea of the nature itself somehow changing and shifting. Either by Dalinar's will or by some other cause, the Shard that we called Honor has been "pushed" or "pulled" into something more like Unity. Example 3: Harmony and Discord I would think that this looks mostly like the first concept with Honor and Unity. The combined Shard (made up of what was once Ruin and Preservation) has some overarching nature. Harmony is in a case 2 situation shifted towards one aspect of this nature, but it's possible to fill up some other portion of that nature instead. The really interesting question here is wrapped up in how that change (if possible) could happen. It would seem to me that the vessel is actively working to maintain the expression of Harmony (if that's the best name for it). Is it possible for him to maintain this indefinitely or will he inevitably be pulled into an expression which better fits the Shard's full nature? What would that be? In his efforts to be Harmony, has he been bottling up Discord (or whatever you want to call the currently unexpressed portion of his nature) which must find its way out? I also see one of the biggest problems with this whole framework here: what do you do when combining two Shards or expressions which are contradictory? How does that mesh? (obviously not easily, but it's hard to really demonstrate that visually with this) So... Thoughts? Again, I'm not outright theorizing anything directly here of course, but I think maybe this is a useful way of considering the interactions between vessels and the powers they hold. Original post, for the record:
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    Quick theory: Mr. T is actually Kelsier and also a Kandra. After the events with South Scadrial, he realized that to save his planet, he needed to prevent Odium from escaping his imprisonment, so he used Hemalurgy to transfer cognitive shadow into a Mistwrath, becoming a Kandra, then worldhopped to Roshar, killed the original Mr. T during his trip to the Nightwatcher, and took his place. He then created the Diagram as an elaborate series of contingent instructions to himself and removed the spikes containing key components of his memory, causing him to believe he really was Mr. T. His plan is to make the deal with Odium, meaning that Kharbranth will be unaffected by the Desolation. As the rest of Roshar is devastated, the value of real estate in the City of Bells will rise. As a loyal servant of Odium, Kelsier/Mr. T will advise Odium use leverage to invest in this growth market. However, Kel will have already begun engineering the sale of real estate to Thaylen investors overseas, triggering a asset valuation bubble. When the bubble bursts and Odium is left severely underwater, Kelsier will revel his true idenity, and that he'd bought up Odium's debts during the Kharbranth real estate crash. Rayse has no way of making the payments required, so Kelsier forecloses his Shard and Ascends. Again.
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    Falconry is, by definition, the sport of hunting with a bird of prey. This includes not only falcons, but hawks, eagles, and sometimes owls as well. The sport has changed over the years, but at the core, it has remained widely the same as it was practiced thousands of years ago. I am an apprentice falconer in the United States, and this is a journal/log of my juvenile red-tailed hawk, Revali. (if you want to ask him anything, he is taking questions here). He was trapped from the wild on August 12, 2017. Before I start into the specifics of Revali's training, here are some general falconry FAQs I've prepared. Revali, day 1 He's seriously confused. He doesn't know what I am, or what's happening. He's having issues standing on the glove. This is a bird directly off the trap. Day 2 That's better. He's still confused, but no longer quite as threatened by my presence. I can perform a full physical exam on him by this day while he is on fist. Day 7, first steps The goal of falconry is to get the bird to come back to you. Here Rev is taking his first leaps to my glove, with a whistle command to get him to associate the whistle with food. Day 10 Day... probably 12? honestly, at this point I stopped counting We've moved outside. October 2017, free flying! Rev is off the line and flying free now, its just a matter of finding him some game to kill. Field video from four days ago: https://ordinaryredtail.tumblr.com/post/169039091914/out-with-the-hawk
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    I just want to say that I loved "Sixth of the Dusk" and I want a full book in the Drominad system. Any one else feel this way?
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    Stormlight Archive Mistborn
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    I shall expand on The Wheel of Time. The Eye of the World: The Great Hunt: The Dragon Reborn: The Shadow Rising: The Fires of Heaven: Lord of Chaos: A Crown of Swords: The Path of Daggers: Winter's Heart: Crossroads of Twilight: Knife of Dreams: The Gathering Storm: Towers of Midnight: A Memory of Light: New Spring: You're welcome.
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    Sixth of the Dusk Edgedancer Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Stormlight Archive [OB spoilers] Mistborn Original Trilogy Mistborn Wax and Wayne [BoM and SH spoilers] That’s all I’m doing for now. This is really fun!
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    Shadows of Self just slayed me.
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    Quick, someone find Miracle Max! (Sorry. Couldn't help it.)
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    The Mists were watching, suspicious of her every move. Sitting in the boat’s bow, Vin stared back at them, trying to divine their secrets. She should be sleeping; she had been, until a clatter on the deck brought her springing to her feet. It had just been one of the guards fumbling with his spear, but Vin had decided to stay awake, burning pewter to stifle her exhaustion. A quiet step sounded on the deck, too faint for normal hearing, but loud in Vin’s tin-enhanced ears. She turned to see Elend exiting the cabin, dressed in his distinctive white uniform. He gave her a glancing smile, then handed a piece of paper to one of the guards. It must not be important if he didn’t write it on a steel sheet. Vin mused. The guard read the note then looked at Elend, confusion written on his face. The Emperor just nodded his head toward shore and the guard obeyed, departing the ship to complete whatever errand he had been given. Elend clasped his hands behind his back as he strode towards Vin. She stood as he joined her, gazing out into the mists. “I was hoping you would come back to bed.” There was no accusation in his voice. Only concern. Vin shook her head. “I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep.” She looked up at him. “I am sorry I woke you. You need your sleep more than me.” He shrugged, turning toward her. “I’ve got pewter too, you know.” Taking her hand, Elend led her to the middle of the deck. “But, there is something I need.” Vin frowned. It wasn’t like Elend to beat around the bush. “Is it something to do with Ruin? Did you receive a message from Sazed?” Her husband’s traitorous lips betrayed the slightest hint of a grin. The guard was returning to the ship, someone tagging along behind him “Upon further reflection, I have decided that one dance with my wife doesn’t satisfy me.” Vin heard the soldier’s fingers scrape the paint on his whistle as Elend bowed formally. “Empress Vin, may I have this dance?” She didn’t know what to think. She stood there, frozen by the unexpected request. The reedy voice of the whistle floated about them and the Emperor led his astonished wife into the first steps of a dance. Vin finally found her voice. “Elend, what are you doing?” “Dancing. I should think that much would be obvious.” Vin was tempted to stop the pleasant movement and demand a reasonable explanation; she realized she didn’t want to. “You found a musician?” “It is surprising to learn the backgrounds of where our troops come from. This particular soldier,” Elend nodded toward the whistle-player, “Was an undercover body-guard for Lord Hastings, disguised as a flutist in the ensemble that was always called for entertainment. Quite clever, don’t you think?” Vin didn’t know what to think. She couldn’t help feel that what they were doing was utterly ridiculous. We are dancing on a boat in the middle of the night for Lord Rulers’ sake! But she discovered she didn’t want to stop. The lilting tune carried her through the movements as she followed Elend’s steps. The flat, wide deck of the barge provided the space needed for the dance, and they let themselves relax into it. Vin looked up, using her tin to see the almost invisible stars. She imagined them dancing above earth to an eternal tune. Elend brought his head down to Vin’s ear and whispered, “Do you have iron and steel?” She nodded, tensing. Had he heard something in the mist? Elend smiled. “Get ready.” He dropped a coin. As the boxing fell to the deck, Vin felt Elend’s arms wrap around her. Her bronze told her that Elend was burning steel even as their feet left the deck. Vin’s instincts kicked in and she Pushed, trying to control where they were going. Elend kept his arms about her. “Trust me.” She heard the smile in his voice. Relaxing was very difficult, especially when suspended in the air, but Vin managed to loosen her muscles to the point where she wasn’t fighting to remain calm. Elend steadied them above the coin, then held her with one arm while he reached to his coin pouch. He loosed a stream of boxings around them and they flew glittering to rest on the deck of the barge. Elend took a deep breath. “Now, my Empress, let’s dance.” Wrapping both arms back around her, Elend began Pushing on coins while Pulling on the metal cleats and chocks that were attached to the deck. The result was that they began to spin, from point to point, twenty feet above the barge. A laugh escaped Vin’s lips. Only Elend would think of this. Dear, handsome, loving Elend. She had never heard of anyone using Allomancy to dance, but that didn’t matter. Who said that two Mistborn couldn’t use their gifts in such a beautiful way? Below them, the guards and musician watched with wide eyes as the two of them continued to spin gracefully above their heads. They dipped and twisted through the air, following the trills of the melody escaping the wood instrument below. Realizing that he was supporting both of them, Vin began to Push and Pull with Elend, following his lead. He smiled down at her. “I wasn’t sure if this would work.” “And you still tried it anyway.” “Of course. It was too exciting an idea to pass up.” Vin took a moment to note the blue lines that emanated from her chest; each one led to a source of metal that she could either Push or Pull on. “Let me try.” Elend nodded, and they centered over the original boxing, holding hands. Vin released his hands as she Pulled herself toward a cleat, Pushing gently on several coins that lay nearby to make herself spin. She traveled in a spiraling plunge, then Pushed harder on the coins to climb back up to Elend’s height. Circumventing him, Vin was impressed. It was much like traveling by spike-way or horseshoe, only adding the spin called for much more concentration. She turned toward Elend and Pulled on a chock behind him while Pushing on the coins scattered about the deck. She flew toward him, hands ready. He caught her deftly by the fingers and swung her around. Surrounding them, the watchfulness of the Mist became a confused curiosity as it witnessed something that had never been before.
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    Nightblood sitting at a bar looking depressed because all the evil on Roshar has been destroyed.
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    Hi all. Catch up time 'Fraid you have rather gone a bit strong on this one. I was trying to compare like with like - Adolin's actions with Lift's because we saw both of them make similar decisions in similar circumstances. I don't know why Lopen is a Radiant, but he must fulfill the necessary criteria for Brandon, or he wouldn't be one. Adolin clearly doesn't fit the ED mold (yet?) because otherwise he would be one. I don;t think it is reasonable to compare Lopen's progression with Adolin's for this reason. Let's be clear, being in danger is not necessary for progression of an order. Shallan progresses in non-deadly situations. Kaladin hasn't yet. Lopen has, Lift hasn't. This means it is more down to how that individual feels and when they as individuals are ready. Danger is immaterial. My point was that Adolin doesn't put himself in more danger in that moment the way Lift does - she was free and clear to get away but she goes back anyway. Adolin was in serious danger anyway, saving the kid did not (imo) put him in a much riskier position. Again though, this isn't a critiscm of Adolin, what he does is brave and good. But being a brave and good person does not automatically make you Radiant material. Indeed, from the very little we have seen of Malata (and one could even argue, Venli) "good" is so subjective to the spren that it is essentially irrelevant as an alignment. So let us be clear about what we actually know 1) They use Abrasion and Progression (it seems they access Abrasion earlier) 2) According to Nale: They were considered elegant things of beauty. But also would ignore things of great import in favor of smaller things, as some would see it. 3) They were "elegant and refined" and had a reputation for deadliness. 4) Their ideals are as follows: And even this list is not completely unbiased because we know Nale has limited sympathy for the order - he was quite dismissive of their attitude to "matters of greater importance". I'll even leave the stuff from Lift out of it to be clear here! Can we say Adolin meets these criteria? No, because they are way too open to interpretation. It doesn't mean that he doesn't meet them, it is just that there isn't enough evidence to push strongly in one way or another. How important is each aspect? Does it depend on the individual spren's choices? Can a character meet most but not all of the requirements? Does the spren know whether they can guide their potential Radiant down a specific path or not before they bond? We don;t know any of these facts and plenty more thus, we have limited evidence for Adolin becoming ED at best. I would be happier to agree he might become one in a normal setting. But re-awakening a blade? It's never been done before afaik - that is a step above the norm. Once she is awakened, maybe - but we know too little about how that is going to happen. Ultimately, extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. I'm not saying that there isn't some canon to support the idea itmight happen, I just don't see enough to have people stand firmly in the "Adolin will be ED" camp - at best it is an hypothesis. I don't think you understood my point? I said that she is in a unique position - indeed i mentioned 3 specific circumstances that are unique to her. Her unique situation is in fact why i feel that who her bearer is, matters less than her proximity to the perpendicularity and the fact her bearer went into Shadesmar and gained an understanding of what/who she actually is. That is all likely important, but it doesn't automatically mean that Adolin matters - the evidence points to the specific set of circumstances and it is unclear whether any blade held by any bearer would have had the same re-awakening as Maya has, or whether Adolin's attitude matters. That is supremely unclear because we only have Adolin's example. Ultimately a spren and a Herald (given their very high levels of investiture) are not so different. Taln becomes more lucid during the perpendicularity, so does Maya. His definitely doesn't last - we don't know about hers. Adolin doesn't mention her again after the battle so we don't know what is happening there. Why not? Taln, as a hearald, holds a huge amount of investiture. A spren is investiture that has gained sentience. I don't think they are all that different really. Indeed, I think that they were shown to both be affected for a reason, and that reason has to be the perpendicularity. It wasn't coincidence that both gain lucidity that seems to wain as the realms move apart again. But she is bonded. It is a "false" bond i suppose you might say - but she has a bond with Adolin - it just isn't a Nahel bond. They "sync a heartbeat to their essense" (Syl says so in WoR) but they can be called and dsmissed and have some awareness. the sword Oathbringer recognises Dalainar - hence it whimpers rather than screams. So they aren't completely mindless, even prior to the perpendicularity. That doesn't mean Adolin is "healing" her - he might be, but it might be a facet of normal dead-blade behaviour as we see Maya "scream" at Shallan (when she holds her to open the path to Urithiru) but Dalinar only hears a whimper when he picks up OB - so they recognise people. Note that the SF specifically even says to Dalinar, "it hates you less than the others" or something to that effect. This implies that blades typically hate their bearers, at least a little bit. Maya might just hate Adolin less than (eg) Shallan, but that doesn't mean she doesn't hate him at all. Actually it is impossible. I cannot prove that there isn't an invisible pink unicorn that lives on the moon - I can only say we have never found any evidence of one which leads us to suggest that the likelihood is so small that we can say there is no invisible pink unicorn living on the moon. The arguement to counter it is always going to be "maybe you just haven't found the evidence yet". This is why if you want to make an extraordinary claim you need extraordinary evidence. In this case, whilst there is some canon evidence to support the idea of Adolin becoming ED by bonding Maya, there is enough contradictory evidence to suggest otherwise. Ultimately whether or not you believe depends on which evidence you find more compelling. Quick Science lesson - because I can Null Hypothesis and Hypothesis When trying to look at evidence you should use the idea of the null hypothesis and hypothesis to test your arguments. The null hypothesis is the "fall back position" - ie the result you will accept if you cannot "prove" the hypothesis. It therefore holds the "negative" view of any situation - eg this drug is no better than that drug. The hypothesis is the one you test against the hyptheisis - eg "this drug is better than that drug". In the case of Adolin therefore, the null hypothesis must be: "Adolin is not responsible for awakening Maya" And the hypothesis is: "Adolin is responsible for awakening Maya". Then you compare and contrast. I personally find the evidence too contradictory to allow me to go into the hypothesis camp. There is some evidence but given the presence of the perpendicularity we have a serious confounding factor that makes it impossible to say Adolin is responsible. We may find he is partly responsible, but there is good evidence that the perpendicularity is also at least in part responsible so therefore we need more evidence - or a way of removing the confounders - both of which will likely come in the next book. Confounders, for reference, are factors that independently affect the outcome of the results - they may bias us towards the hypothesis if they can't be accounted for and thus render the result next to useless. For a RL example: Drug X gives better results than Drug Y but if all the people taking Drug X are also taking Drug Z then can we be sure whether it is Drug X that is better, that Drug Z is better or is it the duel action of X+Z that matters? Can we trust the results of that study? No, not really, this is why we do big studies and put together big meta-analyses of studies to control for as many confounders as possible. I don't know. Just because I am a pascifist doesn't mean I can't be dangerous. Using violence as a last resort only doesn't automatcially mean you can't be "deadly" when you do finally use it. Not only that, in the quote from WoR it is unclear why the person felt "consternation" - what if they had been doing something bad/wrong and the EDs were there to have them imprisoned? It doesn't have to resulted in violence. Indeed "consternation" doesn't seem a strong enough feeling if you think you are about to be executed: consternation 1. a feeling of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected. I don;t think we can comment one way or another on EDs pascifism - they may or may not have been pascifists. Note, however that given their attributes "loving" and "healing" it seems reasonable to conclude that violence was not going to be their first choice. I largely agree with this. The Good Samaritan was a story about helping your perceived enemies. This isn't Adolin - not yet anyway. He is a good person, but he still has clear ideas on "us and them". Thats fine and normal. Lift, in a way also doesn't actually do "Good Samaritan" stuff but from a completely different point - she doesn't see "us and them" at all really - anyone who needs hep should get it as far as she is concerned. I think my main disagreement with what yo have said is the idea that the growth has to come before the bond is formed. The way I see it, the Nahel bond isn't about the spren finding the perfect candidate and then bonding them. It's about the spren finding someone who could maybe, possibly, eventually become the perfect candidate and bonding them, and then working towards that goal through trying to understand and live a series of ideals guiding how the perfect candidate would live. I think I get what you are saying, but I think Vissy's point was that Adolin doesn't even meet minimum requirements yet, not that he needs to be perfect. I agree that growth needs to happen after. Plant analogy (because cultivationspren) - to become a particular type of tree you need to be a particular kind of seed. If we have an acorn, that seed can only become an oak tree. It isn't going to become a beech tree no matter how well you tend it. Unlike seeds, people can change so, if Adolin is currently an acorn, but Maya wants him to be a beech tree, he needs to become a beechnut before she can help him grow into a beech tree. And most importantly, from an external perspective - does it matter whether as a person Adolin is an oak or a beech tree - both trees are amazing in their own ways - will he be a "better" tree if he is beech than if he stays as an "oak"? I personally think while I would like to see more growth from Adolin (as a means to furterhing the overall story) I don't mind what kind of tree he comes. If he becomes an ED and it further the story, great, if not, and it furthers the story, that is also great. Yes. This is why i don't subscribe to the theory. The hypothesis has merits, but because of the extraordinary circumstances needed to achieve the outcome I don't think we are quite there yet in terms of the evidence. This rather depends on the definition of pacifist. 1. a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable. 2. holding the belief that war and violence are unjustifiable. You can believe they are unjustifiable but still participate in a battle. Like @SLNC said, you can be a non-combat person on a battlefield. Even if we assume you are acting with deadly force, that doesn't mean you have to like it. Have we seen Kaladin kill anyone since WoR? He didn't even kill Szeth. He acts as a dodge-tank primarily, not an off tank - he clearly isn't a pacifist but he also clearly doesn't like killing. The situation is not black and white. I think the main argument is that the only ED we know, and her spren, are against killing as an option. Sure, she might be an extremist in these views, but does it not seem likely that an order following the ideals of loving and healing would at least not enjoy killing? The issue is that what is the person terrified of? It could easily be that he is terrified of (eg) character assassination, not actually being killed. His power could be taken away, for example - that inspires terror in politicians - especially authoritative ones. Not to be too political, but let's face it Donald Trump is terrified of the Mueller investigation - and with good reason - it has the power to undermine his authority. Whether you think he did anything wrong or not is immaterial - either he is guilty and is worried what a fair investigation will find, or he is innocent and scared of what a corrupt investigation would find. Both, with good reason, can inspire fear in a reasonable person. Just because you can be deadly, doesn't mean you have to be. Kaladin is literally branded with the word dangerous (well, the glyph, but whatever) but actually we haven't seen him specifically kill anyone since WoR and even that was retconned (I haven't read/seen the retconned version) so I believe in fact his last "official" kill would be tWoK? But I bet you would still call him deadly because if he needed to, he can be deadly - look at the chasmfiend. Side note, a little off topic, but loosely related: I had an interesting conversation with my SO about Greek tragedy. Just for quick reference, the classic ancient Greek tragedy essentially revolves around stuff going wrong because of deliberate actions taken by the protagonist. Usually a kind of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" type story. There are some situations of misfortune that are not attributed to the character for whom the tragedy is playing out, but their actions in response to those situations are what ultimately cause them to fall. I would argue that Adolin possibly falls into this trope - although obviously we haven't got far enough in his story yet to be sure. To be clear, the traditional storyline revolves around an opening action that is a terrible crime but that the protagonist does not recognise as a "bad" action. The stage is set then for a gradual collapse of that character's world, and nothing they do helps them redeem themselves - indeed usually further actions hasten their downfall. To compare, Kaladin's "failures" occur for one of two reasons - either he is undermined by external forces (escapes as a slave failing because he lacked the resources to succeed) or he fails to act (the near assassination of Elhokar and Syl's death). These do not fit the classic tragedy mold. Likewise, Shallan's "failures" occur through outside agency that she failed to take account of (the poor in Kholinar being used by another group to get to her) or through direct outside agency (the abuse of herself and her brother's). The closest aspect to the classic tragedy is the murder of both her parents, however because Shallan herself does not actually justify her own actions in either case it doesn't actually fit the mold. Both could, however potentially be set up for the cause of a classic Greek tragedy storyline if she starts justifying herself - it would a bit off script, but it would still fit the general idea of the mold. Dalinar, in contrast, has multiple failures etc but they all stem from him getting his "just desserts" as a result of being a villain (as the Blackthorn). This is an important difference with the classic Greek tragedy where the protagonist is sympathetic, not villainous. Indeed, his (typically the protagonist is male) actions, in the moment are, at worst, seen as morally questionable, but necessary evils. Interestingly, Aristotle wrote in his "Poetics": ""Tragedy is, therefore, an imitation (mimēsis) of a noble and complete action [...] which through compassion and fear produces purification of the passions." I would argue that therefore having a "tragic" character in the cast in SA fits very well because of the themes being explored around passion and responsibility. Adolin, who feels the most like the "classic hero" is the best candidate from a purely meta perspective to fit this role because it is the heroes of Greek mythology who were most likely to become victims of a tragedy. For example Hercules, Agamemnon, Odysseus, Achilles all had tragic storylines. The interesting thing is that during the progression of the story there would be highs and lows but ultimately the descent is inexorable. Each "good" action is proven to result in a bad outcome because the "good action" was not actually as good as it initially appeared. Thus, even if Adolin does bond Maya, if he is indeed following a classic Greek Tragedy arc, it may not be a good thing at all.
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    More than ten years after the Wax and Wayne books, Waxillium finds he is not impressed by Modern art. (Canon compliant up to the end of Bands of Mourning and Secret History. AU*). For @Kingsdaughter613; whom requested that I post it here. It is little changed from the original, so all...issues are still there, etc. A/N: With apologies to Duchamp... 000 Wax had agreed to go to the exhibition because he had nothing better to do, and well, Steris had insisted. Rotting at home like a piece of old-furniture under a white sheet was not the way he wanted to spend retirement. Admit it, he thought, examining the gallery of truly...strange...’art’, Steris’ arm wrapped around his; they shuffled throughout the exhibition, abut slowly and stiffly, you’re bored, Wax...and curious. It was like a new mystery, waiting for him to solve it. Rumors abounded at parties and other functions he still found himself attending, the nobility and wealthy whispered about the frightening, sometimes ‘horrifying’ art. They said painters had gone wild. That they used bright colors, strange shapes, and lines of all kinds. Creating ‘abstract’ art (whatever the hell that meant, exactly) of every kind: from ‘landscapes’ to ‘portraits’ to ‘sculptures’. Worse still, were the found objects, things taken from everyday life and then chosen by artists as art. The whole upper-crust of Elendel was in a panic about an art gallery...At first, however, Wax didn’t give a dam-n. He didn’t even like art. Then MeLaan had flung a newspaper in his face (more or less) that morning.(1) He muttered something about being ‘too old for whatever crap she had found,’ She’d responded with a candid reply about her age, which didn’t count, after all, she was an immortal, but Wax hadn’t gotten a word in edge-wise before she pointedly strutted out of the room to talk with Wayne. Wayne had never moved out of Ladrian manor, and when Wayne had married MeLaan...they’d just acquired a new house ‘guest’. Leaning back into his plush chair, Wax had taken a sip of whiskey from the glass the kandra had brought him behind Steris’ back; (his wife insisted that one of the causes of his...health issues...was whiskey, he doubted it, though, chasing after criminals had done hell to the knees and back). Wax glanced down at the newspaper...and stared, blankly at it. There was a photograph of a...urinal on the front-page? He fished for the reading glasses Wayne had given him(2) on the end-table. After sliding them on, Wax squinted. Indeed, an urinal. Wax’s eye twitched. It hadn’t done that in nearly a decade...but... ”Dam-n.” That episode had brought them here, to this gallery, surrounded by the strangest rust he had ever seen. Each piece had a plaque, some plaques described the art, others said nothing at all related, and Steris insisted that they stop at each, dam-n piece. To gawk, to stare, to admire it, he guessed, Wax didn’t know what nobles even did at art exhibitions. Except maybe wish they had stayed home instead. His feet hurt, his knees ached, and he rubbed the small of his back to alleviate its pain. He wasn’t even that old yet, but dam-n he sometimes felt like a man in his nineties, not fifties. ”And this,” his beautiful wife said, dragging him over to a sculpture that looked like a giant railroad spike hammered into a wooden stole, “Is a piece by Kay, he is a wonderful artist, renowned for his ‘readymades’...” ”Kay?” He frowned. That named sounded...strangely familiar. He couldn’t place it. Maybe he had read it in the newspaper...or heard it on the radio. Wax wasn’t sure what to make of this Spiking thin air, either, except that he doubted some random... Wax bowed his head then whispered in her ear, “It looks like hemalurgy...or a mockery of it...” Spikes in dead wood couldn’t bestow powers or attributes to that object. Even if it was charged, it was losing whatever Investiture it had, its powers slowly slithering back to Harmony. Still...he lifted a hand to his chin in thought. ”He’s an artist,” she rebuked; then tugged on his arm, trying to urge him to move on. Wax hadn’t expected her to be so...excited about this. Yet, Steris’ subtle smile hadn’t left her face since they had arrived, almost an hour ago. “That doesn’t mean he couldn’t also be a...” “Waxillium,” from her tone of voice he knew he was in trouble, “you will not...” Despite her warning, Wax burned steel (which MeLaan had slipped into his whiskey), checking the spike. It was...heavily Invested metal, he couldn’t Push it. Iron, probably. Too heavily Invested to be a spike, considering that the show had been going on for a few weeks. Probably a metalmind. Huh. Kay had an interesting sense of humor, it seemed. If I didn’t know better... “Is there any more work by him?” Her brow furled slightly as she considered his words. “Yes...” “It’s probably innocent...” Steris sighed. “I couldn’t Push it,” he whispered. This made her eyes widen, he noted a little fire in their blue depths. Excitement. Wax nodded. “Does Kay have any more sculptures at this exhibition?” “There are some others pieces of work, yes,” Steris said, leading him away, “if it gets too dangerous...” “I’m sure it will not,” he answered, “I’m retired.” She flattened her lips for a moment. “It’s not like...” “You brought your ironminds?” He nodded. Of course he had. He didn’t feel comfortable walking around at his actual weight. He hadn’t done so in years; even months into his retirement, Wax hadn’t let go of vital, old habits. “And?” “Two.” She glanced at the two holstered guns, their tips sticking out under his coat, then at the third one on his leg, and up at the fourth one, too, which was in a holster on his left arm. It was a small, experiment weapon Ranette had given him a few months back. Ranette, like both MeLaan and Wayne, insisted his retirement was fake. “Four.” “I couldn’t...” “Learn the meaning of retirement in only three months, therefore, I must act like it’s a clever jest pulled on me by my wife...,” she said, he smiled, “try not to make a scene here, it’s an art gallery.” “That’s art?” Wax pointed at a strange painting, two light blue gears on a green background. It looked more like a diagram for a weird machine than it did a any art he had ever seen. A cruel mockery of it, considering that the artist had labeled one gear ‘woman’ and the other ‘man’. “It’s a Spool.” “Is that what it’s called?” “Spool’s the artist,” she answered, taking his hand then slowly leading him away. Soon, they entered another room. From the plaques, he saw that all these pieces were works by Kay. Like the Spiking thin air, most were everyday objects, or slightly modified things. One sculpture was a chair laid on its side. Another was a tall, slender box of glass filled with random pieces of metal: nails, screws, and other things situated to make plain of metallic pieces. A few abstract paintings hung on the wall. In the center of all this ‘art’ stood the urinal, on a thick, wooden pole, like it was some kind of strange... Is it supposed to be a spear? He chewed his inner cheek. “If you burn steel,” said someone behind them, “you’ll see what’s actually there.” Wax glanced over his shoulder, then, turned around slowly. That had to be the artist. Wax had read in that earlier article that Kay was a tall, blond haired man whom often wore well-tailored suits. Kay did not dress the part of the typical, poor artist. He wore his hair long, bangs falling past his right eye, which, Wax noted, was covered by a thick, black patch. Kay’s one good eye was lined, hazel; all things considered, he looked like one of Wayne’s fictional pirates in a nice suit. Wax didn’t like him. The paper said he was twenty-nine, he looked more like fifty. Either time had lied to Kay, or he had lied to them. “Come again?” Kay grinned. “Burn steel.” Wax did as asked, curiosity pecking at the back of his brain. The grin on Kay’s face grew larger, a little wild, a little feral. That caused Wax to frown...he looked back at the glass box, not sure... Wax blinked, then stared. He hadn’t noticed it before, but now that he burned steel, he saw...that some of the pieces of metal in the glass box were noticeably more faint than others. They formed a picture, one that only a person who could burn iron or steel could see, and only if they were looking for it. It was supposed to look like any other piece of...chaotic anti-art in the gallery. Ironically meaningless, mocking the upper class that expected art to appeal to their aesthetic tastes... But, this...was beautiful. The portrait of a woman, her hair blowing in the wind. A portrait only people like him could see. It must have meant that Kay could burn iron or steel, too. And...Wax realized he knew that woman...it... He swiveled around, then glared at Kay. You’re getting slow in your old age, Wax, he told himself. In the old days, he would’ve known when he saw the blond hair and the ill-fitting, thick eye-patch. “You’re him.” “He doesn’t like this idea,” replied Kay, crossing his arms, “but as I have assured him, no one would think to look for it.” Wax heard something that may have amounted to a sigh... It did not sound like Steris, who had tensed beside him. Only a few others were in this part of the exhibition, and none were close enough for Wax to have heard the their conversation. He’d left his earring in. The others in the room looked blurry, they were in a speed-bubble. Wax reached for one of his guns. “Please,” Kay said, still wearing that obnoxious smile, “we’re in an art gallery.” His hand remained on its handle. Yes, he knew it was useless, but cosmere be damned, he wouldn’t... “You won’t kill me with that.” Kay-no, Kelsier-Pushed, gently, on the weapon. “It’s not worth shooting the whole gallery up for this, is it?” Wax nodded, hand dropping to his side. A part of Wax doubted he could draw and fire fast enough to do any damage anyway. “You inspired the whole countryside to near rebellion.”(3) “I gave them hope.” At these words, Steris squeezed Wax’s hand. “And the Set-” “Kid, why in hell would I want Scandrial’s destruction?” The grin melted off his face. His gaze hardened. “We want to protect this world, not destroy it.” Wax did not answer. He...Harmony had not given him all the facts, and Wax hadn’t asked, presuming god wouldn’t give him those kinds of answers. Wax had jumped to conclusions, ran with (the little) evidence he and Marasi had... “Then why?” “It’s a gift,” he said, not answering the question Wax wanted, but Wax was not completely sure what question to ask, either. Are you still friends? Wax asked. Harmony did not respond. That sent a chill up his spine. “Harmony and I do not always agree on how things should be done,” he said. Steris grew pale, her hand, cold. Wax studied his wife, she hadn’t spoken once in the whole exchange, but her eyes had grown wide and she trembled in both shock and fear. It wasn’t everyday that one meant their god in an art gallery. “He doesn’t always like the actions I take, and I can’t say I like his choices either, but neither of us wanted the Set to succeed.” “And you left it to us,” Wax said, “you let...” “I did help...” But how, Wax knew, Kelsier would not tell. No, Kelsier wasn’t the kind of person who would reveal such relevant secrets. Why would he tell them this? “Where I could...it’s not about my ability to survive, to overcome...” “But ours...” Kelsier smiled at Steris’ words, unlike before, it touched his eye. Wax hadn’t heard that the Survivor was known for being sincere. “But you’re going to buy this piece.” “What.” “Or appear to,” he said, gesturing to the slender, glass case filled with metal, “it’s a gift...an apology, in a way.” “That doesn’t make sense.” “Fullborn need not make sense,” he said. Wax felt a headache starting at his temples. “Bend-alloy’s running out, dropping in three...two...” “We’ll make sure to send one of our servants to retrieve it soon,” Steris said, “it is a wonderful piece, I am a great admirer of yours.” He was amazed she could say that with such a plain look on her face. “Thank you,” Kelsier replied, taking her hand, he placed something in the pocket of her coat as he kissed the tips of her fingers. A part of Wax wanted to punch that obnoxious bastard for that gesture. “My lady?” “Steris Ladrian.” After a few more pleasantries, they left the gallery in a rush, Steris nearly dragging him away. Her eyes never met his until they reached their car and slipped into the back seat. Wax still hated motored vehicles, but no one in their class traveled in horse-drawn carriages anymore. If I hate cars so much, Wax thought, distracted momentarily, what do four-hundred year old men think of these things? Even when they settled into their seats and Steris glared at him until he buckled his seat belt, his wife did not speak. Instead, she stared out the window, watching the city pass them by as their driver, Hoid, took them home. “Steris?” he asked, breaking the awkward silence that had filled the cab. The driver had shut the small plastic window between him and the cab to give them some privacy, though he could probably here their conversation despite that. “He was not what I expected,” she said at long last. “Harmony is not what I expected,” he answered, placing an arm around her shoulder and bringing her to rest her head against his chest, “not even now, but the first time we spoke I was being shot at.” She giggled, though he could hear the faint echo of tears in her voice, “He’s hard...cold why did he insist on us having it?” Minutes passed. Quiet, uncertain minutes in which he gathered his thoughts. “Wax?” “What did he place in your pocket?” She blinked, then checked the pocket of her coat. Steris took out a small coin attached to a ribbon, bearing the engraving of Sovereign's face; it was a metalmind like the Southerners used. Bastard. “It’s a portrait that can only be seen when one burns iron or steel,” he answered. “Fascinating,” she replied, “it’s a con, isn’t it?” This suggestion left Wax bewildered. Just...like the rest of the art. But Kelsier was a con man, the Historica said, of course it was just another con. “We can see the portrait,” she said, “but most of our guests will see it as just a strange and frivolous piece of modern art without meaning or importance. The elderly, eccentric couple who...” Wax touched her tear-stained cheek. Gently, she placed her hand over his, meeting his steady gaze at last. “It might be better that way...” She cocked an eyebrow. “It’s of Lessie.” His sweet wife squeezed his hand, she did not speak, and neither did he. He was not certain what to say, sometimes...words could do little to speak truths. Some days, Harmony said, I think, he may be my friend, Waxillium. Others, I am certain we are enemies. More and more often, however, I am simply unsure. But he cares for this world, its people...he does love it... Though he does not understand what that means. 000 Three days later, Kay the artist was declared dead by authorities. If Kelsier were to ask Marsh, it was a little too dramatic, but he liked the idea that most of Kay’s art had gone up in smoke. It seemed a fitting fate for art that was supposed to be anarchic by nature, and Kay had burned up with it, a victim of a terrible accident although the authorities never found the body. Kelsier had simply left the burning building joining the crowd, slipping past all the chaos in the streets. No one else had been there, he’d made sure of it. Sazed would probably give him an earful anyways; after all, he had destroyed the work of others as well as his own, and destroyed a building, too. He stored Connection in a metalmind, using it to give him some peace, though Sazed would speak to him about this happenstance eventually. Or, he thought, sitting on one of the highest ledges on top of one of Elendel’s newest skyscrapers, he may send Marsh. What a joy that would be. Another lecture... He loved his brother, but Marsh could be a serious pain in the as-s at times. Sazed had yet to do so. Instead, he perched alone, looking out over Elendel as night fell over the city. The stars above, the Red Ripe too, filling him with worry, and the mist below, covering street and building alike. It was a thick mist tonight, nearly as thick as the nights in Luthadel. A few strands reached the ledge, licking his feet, attracted by his Allomancy. He smiled. Tin and Steel burned warmly in his stomach, but even that could not fully chase away the late winter chill, even in a city that rarely ever received snow. Here though, he could wrap his mistcloak around his body tightly, and watch the night pass by in peace, tapping Wakefulness to keep sleep at bay...Soon, however, he spotted a dark figure bounding up through the mists. Even after more than three-and-a-half centuries, Marsh lacked the gracefulness of a Mistborn. His spikes had granted him immense power, but his Pushes and Pulls were always a tad too strong, a bit too powerful. Whereas a Mistborn’s leaps and bounds were like a dancer flying through the mists, Marsh had as much grace as Windrunner falling with style. (4) Marsh eventually reached the ledge, although he had to Push on it to slow down his fall, denting it slightly. He landed on the skyscraper with a thud, announcing his presence, but Kelsier continued to peer down at the streets, watching the electric lights form pools of white or yellow in the mists. “Kelsier.” “Good evening, Marsh.” He raised a hand at his brother, but did not turn his head as he heard him approach. Like a fellow gargoyle, Marsh sat on the roof beside him. “Burning down art galleries?” his brother asked in that soft, gravelly voice he had managed to acquire throughout the centuries. It really had helped Marsh to make a frightening Death, all things considered. It was a nice finishing to the doom and groom vibe that his black cloak and multiple spikes helped to create. Appearance wise, he was an excellent choice for the role, personality wise, though, he still had a lot to work on. Marsh was still too kind to be Death. “Everyone was fine.” Kelsier waved a hand, trying to push back Marsh’s accusation like he might push the mist into the earth. Neither worked very well. “They found a boy’s body in the debris.” He meant his brother’s spiked eyes. “I didn’t...” “Know?” “There wasn’t anyone there,” he argued, standing, anger powering his steps as he began to pace the ledge, “I swear, I checked...” “He went in to save you,” said Marsh. He ran a hand through his now-short blond hair. It still covered most of his right eye, though he had removed the patch and stuck it in his pocket. “It...who?” “They weren’t sure.” He stopped pacing, standing at the opposite end of the ledge, glaring down the city like his...accident was its fault. “And Harmony?” He lifted his head. Marsh lips bent upwards a tad. “You know how he feels about telling us the last moments of others before they pass onto the Beyond.” Harmony believed that each person deserved privacy when they died. He’d only gotten to speak with...a few when Harmony requested it and if he was in the Cognitive Realm at the time. Most of those had been Survivorists; or their friends, like Breeze and Ham. “How old was he?” “Eighteen,” came his brother’s answer, “twenty at most. They were not sure.” Vin’s age when...His mouth grew dry. Thinking of that made him feel old, tired, but not the kind of tiredness a Feruchemist could simply store in a metalmind and be done with. No, it was the strange kind of weariness which sometimes came to those who had lived for so long... Kelsier gathered his cloak around him as though to shield him from both cold and time itself. “Dam-n.” He sighed, staring out into the mists. He hadn’t...meant it to go so far. He often did not like it when it did. He had gone too far with Spook, even with the Southerners, but he couldn’t always tell what too far looked like, when he went to the extent that he toyed with the hearts’ of people he tried to help. Preservation’s command not to do so still whispered in his Soul. It left him feeling something close to guilt, but what Marsh said next did not. “And you destroyed all that art.” “Anti-art,” he corrected, holding up a finger, “it was almost a perfect con.” Marsh frowned. His brother probably thought he should have been more somber, but, he was Kelsier, somber was boring. “Kelsier,” he said, “you destroyed a whole building...” A part of him laughed at that. Of all the things Marsh could reprimand him for, a building seemed like the least thing on that list, considering that he'd nearly brought down a whole civilization, once. Still, that had been centuries ago. They had to step much more carefully now... “They have insurance,” he answered, shrugging. “Listen, do you know how many wealthy bastards were frightened or bewildered by that crap? They tried to give meaning to shi-t.” “You made shi-t, art.” “I made them think it was art,” he said, grinning, “they bought into it, literally, it’s nearly as good as that time I tricked all those Elantrians to believe I was Ruin.” If his brother had eyes, he might have rolled them. Instead, lips flattened informing Kelsier that he had properly annoyed him. “That...” “Was brilliant.” Marsh grunted. “Bridge Four?” he asked, “Rosharans grunt so much that grunts are now their common tongue. Considering how many languages they have, it's the only one that they all can completely comprehend.” This elicited a chuckle at least. They again sat together in companionable silence, the night quickly passing into early dawn. The first rays of sunshine covered the city, bathing the city in red light, turning the skyscrapers into dark silhouettes against the rising sun. He dimmed his tin, letting it simmer, sunrises up here were brilliant, but he only had one eye to see them with, the other couldn’t tell the difference between night or day. It had its uses, other than creating a Connection to his Physical form. With the old Inquisitor spike, he could see any trace metals in buildings, ground, or even people, and use those to Push or Pull as needed. By creating a puncture in the Spiritual then through the Cognitive and into the Physical Realm, it let his Investiture into his his old body, anew, providing a new string. Spikes pierced into the soul. There was more to it than that, but each day was a new one taken, stolen for-- “Brother,” he frowned, but looked up at Marsh as he spoke, “why did you give Waxillium that portrait?” Why does this feel like one of Saze’s inquiries? He did not ask that, Marsh should have been proud. Perhaps age had quelled his tongue a tad at long last. “It was a gift.” Marsh stared at him with those spiked eyes. Even Kelsier sometimes found them unnerving despite having one of his own. “Is it possible that I feel some guilt for all that occurred? Or...something akin to it?” “Is it that...or...?” “I just wanted to help.” He wasn’t sure if that was true, or if he had just wanted to present his ironic anti-art. Anarchy with a solution. He wasn’t a good man, after all, Vin had taught him that. He had too much ego to be truly good, no matter how hard he tried... In some ways, his Connection to others was frayed...broken. “Alright,” he said, throwing Marsh his infamous insufferable grin, “it was about style too.“ All he got in reply was yet another grunt which quickly transformed into a gravelly sigh. His brother just had to accept it was one of those days. 000 Original A/N: It’s hard writing cosmere fanfiction especially for something that hasn’t been written yet and also based on the Modern art period. I need to add more details on mechanist art, but probably later. Tumblr gets the rough draft, I’m so sorry...not really. While somethings aren’t said outright, partially because of predicting canon is hard, Marasi isn’t mentioned. Also, this supposes that Wax doesn’t meet Kelsier in the Last Metal, which makes this highly likely that it will end up as an AU. I don’t, personally, think that the Set is Kell’s organization [who knows what WoB might brew, though], I think his commented to protecting the world outweighs that likelihood. That being said, I think it might be his fault, partially, that things are the way that they are in the series. Kell is, obviously, messing around, partially because he can’t leave people alone. He’s right, he inspires people, but he plays with them too because he can’t see that other people also have feelings as well as most can [being a sociopath], though I think he’s gotten a little better at it after forming some healthier links with Preservation in Secret History. Kelsier still does not get that harassing nobles just to harass nobles isn’t nice, though. And thus...MISTBORN-STYLE DADA WAS BORN BECAUSE KELL IS ANARCHIST. 1) MeLaan has a passion for throwing news papers in people’s faces, apparently, she did this to TenSoon and now has done it to Wax too. She also will probably do it to Wayne too. 2) Imagine how that went. lol. 3) Since Alloy, lone persons have mentioned seeing Kelsier in the countryside encouraging them; in Bands of Mourning, some of the captured Set members mentioned stories of the Survivor stuffed into their head (to incite Civil War). Assuming Wax heard of the later stories from Marasi, he is drawing assumptions about Kelsier’s role/relationship with the Set (which will probably not be destroyed, I think, but will prove to be a much larger threat than we know). 4) Yes, this assumes that Kelsier has been to Roshar, and doesn’t think that Windrunning is as graceful as Allomancy. What an elitist.
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    Get drunk, start writing. Become sober, look at your writing, edit it, and pick out good ideas. Apparently, that's how ancient Chinese writers got their poems and novels. I haven't tried it yet. Sounds fun.
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    It couldn’t be… Could it? The mist felt wet and cool on my face, leaving small droplets of condensation on my cheeks and nose. The sky was an endless abyss of twisting and churning mist, something familiar, but unwitnessed. Oh how I had wished for this moment, every hour of reading. Was this a dream, or was I really on Scadrial, a world of Brandon Sanderson’s imagination? Hesitantly, I took a step forward, and my foot dragged through a coating of black ash on the ground. So this was the era of the Lord Ruler, the Final Empire. It certainly felt real… I looked around, but it was night, and the mists were out. I could only see a few feet in each direction. Suddenly, I felt very afraid, standing in the twisting sea of darkness. Who knew where I was? It could be miles to the closest city, and all I had were the clothes on my back and… What was that in my pocket? A few coins, boxings by the look of them, a small vial of metal flakes in a solution, and a note. Khyrindor, it read, we need your help. Meet us at Pewter gate, Luthadel for further instructions. Oh, by the way, you are now a Mistborn. It was signed “The Seventeenth Shard.” Someone had done this to me, and I needed to know why. What did they want with me? Should it matter? I had been wishing for this for years! But, nonetheless, I was afraid, alone in the darkness and the mist. The Seventeenth Shard…they said I was a Mistborn, and they apparently needed my help. They were obviously the ones who did this to me, so finding them would be the first step. Whether or not I decided to help them, or ask them to bring me home, I would need to start at Pewter gate. I looked down at the small vial of metal flakes. Mistborn… I raised the vial to my lips. Let’s do this. It tasted worse than I’d imagined. I urgently sought out my tin reserves, the metal that would enhance my senses and pierce the mists. As I burned it, a warmth flooded my chest, and suddenly I could very acutely feel everything around me. from the cold air to the very grains in my t-shirt. The mists seemed… less some- how. They were still there, but I could see through them. There were stars in the sky, a stretch of bright red ones that I doubted most people ever saw. The mists made many people uncomfortable, as I knew from reading Mistborn, so no one ever came out at night, except allomancers, people who can ingest metals like tin and burn them for power. If I burned my tin harder, Flaring, as it was called in the books, I could just make something out… A light, in the distance. Wavering torch light, reflecting brightly against the mists around it. I lessened my tin, as the cold was starting to bother me, and started toward the light, hoping I would be lucky enough to find an outskirt town and not a koloss camp. Untrained in allomancy as I was, I doubted I could fight them on my own with just a few coins. I started burning Pewter as well, as it helped with the cold, making me more resistant to pain. Also, it would do well if there were any surprises, as it enhanced my strength and balance, in addition to the resistance to pain. Pewter and tin went nicely together. Suddenly, I realized what I was wearing, and gave myself a mental kick. A bright blue hoodie and jeans. I smeared some ash on them so I would blend into the night. If there was trouble ahead, I would want to fit in, rather than wear a big sign saying “Hey, look at me!” As I was getting close to the light, I again kicked myself. I should have been burning copper! Copper would hide my allomancy from seekers, people who could burn bronze to sense nearby allomancy. I felt a the copper cloud go up around me. If there were Inquisitors around though, the Hemalurgic minions of the Lord Ruler, they would be able to pierce the copper cloud. This could get dangerous. Why did the Seventeenth Shard involve me in this? Only one way to find out. I stepped into the light. To Be Continued So, tell me what you think? Just wrote this in the last little while. Pretty rough draft. Thanks for reading.
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    So basically my native Language is Hebrew so I'm reading the books in Hebrew. I really love composing and making music so the moment I'v seen that there are Lyrics to a song In WoR I knew I had to do it. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it and please comment what you thought of it despite the language barrier. I want to also share how amazing and strong the secend appearance of this song was for me, after I'v already composed it and read the words with my tune.
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    Hi! I'm new here, I don't know if I'm doing this right, but whatever. For clicking on this, here, have a flower. The flower gives you nothing. It does nothing. It is just a picture of a flower. Unlike some cookies. Which reminds me. No I don't want any cookies-spiked or not. If I avoid your cookies then no harm is befallen upon me. Other then that I don't know what else to say besides I'm excited to converse about the books and that I'm tired and I hope everyone gets a good nights rest. Or a decent nap, whatever works.
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    When you're thinking about Toy Story, and then you start thinking.. Maybe the toys are invested.. Maybe that's how investiture expresses itself on this planet.. So is this on Earth.. No, must be some other Shardworld.. So, can the investiture from the toys be used by humans?.. or maybe the investiture is in humans.. yeah, that works better.. But when kids personify their toys, and give them so much love and attention, they start drawing in investiture and gaining sentience... I overthink things when I'm bored. Although, This really makes sense when you look at something called the Pixar theory... Not sure If anyone else here knows what I'm talking about
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    I don’t know if this is quite the right board for this, but I’ll just go for it. The Escape the Shattered Plains VR experience is coming out tomorrow, and since I assume the vast majority of people won’t be strapping on a VR headset to try it themselves, I thought I’d volunteer to try and record a playthrough of the experience, if people are interested in watching it. I’d probably make it this weekend, but given my minimal experience with screen recording and video editing, who knows. The playthrough, if people want it, would likely be just the game’s sights and sounds, no commentary from me. I could do one with commentary and my thoughts and reactions, too, if people were interested in that as well. Maybe someone’s already planning to do this, maybe not, but I figured I’d offer. What do you all think?
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    @hoiditthroughthegrapevine I got my Eshonai question answered! I'm looking forward to watching Jebus eat a shoe.
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    Don't worry, she changes a LOT. They all do. One thing you may find, a lot of the female characters seem to be annoying and frustrating to deal with. They can be grating, irritating, and dismissive of the male characters. That's not an accident, it's intentional. It's part of the worldbuilding. More in spoilers. Interesting worldbuilding kind of spoiler - read at your own discretion.
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    you get an upvote from me for final empire alone.
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    When you have to turn your computer back on to post something on 17th Shard. When you have a better social life on 17th Shard than in real life. (Maybe I shouldn't admit that...)
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    I wanted more Vasher Zahel. I especially wanted to see his reaction to Szeth walking into Urithiru with Nightblood. I want that interaction really badly.
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    A Nahel bond is created after the spren is attracted to a Knight Radiant candidate. Why do you purposefully skip this step? This is bias right here. Dead Shardblades scream when they are touched and this denotes that they are used against their own will. I think Brandon emphasizes this in order to cause sentiments of disgust or at least worry on the readership. So 1) there needs to be an attraction first and 2) Maya has been used by Adolin against her will. Why does this make people feel giddy?! This is the wrong reaction here. I'm going to try and use your method of persuasion here, using a WoB *shivers* (and believe me I feel filthy by doing this because this is not my style) The above Wob denotes that there could be a sort of 'surgical operation' between physical and cognitive realm that could fix a deadeye spren. We know that Surges aren't exactly the same between the two orders that have them, there is usually a different kind of aspect to the power itself. Yes, Willshapers have Transportation, but it doesn't necessarily mean they will Transport themselves since they are not 'else callers'. They are fixers and/or engineers. If they can manipulate mater on a molecular level (Cohesion) and the Transportation ability gives them "the affinity to the far realm of spren." , a joint use of the two powers could mean an upgraded Cohesion in the Physical and Congnitive realm. Yes, this is purely speculative and you will disagree. But I disagree that Adolin is Edgedancer material too. So here we are. I never said 'Adolin is unreliable because of his failed relationships'. We are having a healthy debate here, there is no need to attribute arguments to me that I've never said, just to defame the validity of my point of view. This is disrespectful actually (and even if it's done constantly on these forums I still do not accept it). Of course he has a relationship by the end of OB, so yes, he has grown since WoK, even despite the fact that the healthiness of that relationship is still arguable. But I'm curious how would you describe "the act of refusing to be king" as? It's certainly does not denote a reliable person. He obviously knew he was in line in the throne beforehand, because from his own POV in book, it's the first thing he thinks about when he realizes that Elhokar is dead. I think it's a legit argument to call it capricious actually. And I'm sure Dalinar finds frustrating that his favourite son is abdicating the throne. And if people were so sure that he would become an Edgedancer why isn't there a WoB question "What would the Edgedancers think about Adolin killing Sadeas?" huh? Because I'm pretty sure, if we had that answer we wouldn't have this discussion right now. Certainly, sticking a knife in an unarmed's eye isn't exactly Loving or Healing, so I'm sitting here wondering why are the Divine Attributes of Edgedancers completely ignored in here.
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    Perfect State Oathbringer [Obvious OB spoilers, watch out] Bands of Mourning Snapshot
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    Not to derail your theory, its an interesting one. But Brandon has already confirmed through a WoB, that Veil and Radiant aren't actually separate personalities. Underneath Veil and Radiant, its still Shallan. All the actions shes taking as those two, are actions she's taking as Shallan, they are essentially "masks" and she's just hiding behind them. So when she finally accepts herself, and comes to terms with who she is and wants to be, Veil and Radiant will disappear, and we will be left with a healthy, whole Shallan, who doesn't need her masks anymore.
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    I own several pens, but I have not named them.
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    Wow these are great eveyone! Wanted to do one about one of my favorite parts of Oathbringer, although I'm afraid its not very good.
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    Hey, I hate Amaram just as much as the next person, but he's got great glyphs! Merem, honor, and khakh, determination. I want to paint khakh on my fencing mask for Historical European Martial Arts (German Longsword) and I think determination is a defining trait that I have and always want to keep during my training. Even though I'm often at a disadvantage because of my small size, I'm determined to give each fight my all and never give up. I accept that I may have a steeper hill to climb than others with my training, but I'm determined to be the best fighter I can be anyway.
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    Adolin as a Willshaper based on that one WoR epigraph was a theory I came up with on my own and held to pretty strongly. But I think Oathbringer left me feeling that spren have a LOT of leeway for who they can bond. I mean, it's not like there are RULES that they have to bond someone they mesh really well with, right? It seems to me that certain people attract certain nahel spren, but there's nothing to say they can't make exceptions. Venli is the biggest example of this. I have to totally disagree with you @Calderis. We know SO little about the Willshapers of course, but that one epigraph we have describes Eshonai (in my opinion) FAR better than it describes Venli. I tend to think Venli is not an ideal candidate for Timbre... But they're bonding anyways, for one reason or another. I still don't see Adolin as an "ideal" Edgedancer (based on my assumptions of what that order looked like), but it works well enough for me to say it makes sense. And even if it didn't work at all for me, I suppose Maya could bond with him anyways if she wanted. I tend to think Adolin will be an Edgedancer (whether he fits or not) because of the WoB Calderis mentioned a while back. I think Maya is being revived, and the only basis we KNOW of for that happening is a nahel bond. So it just feels like it all works well enough. That said, WoB isn't gospel. I absolutely think there's potential for Maya to be restored in some other way we don't know about which doesn't require a (normal) nahel bond.
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