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    Preface: Someone correct me if I'm breaking any rules here, as I just made my account a couple hours ago. I posted this theory on a King T discussion thread, but I'm thinking that it was a little off topic since that discussion was about T as a character and this is a theory about the Diagram. So pardon my ignorance if this is a breach of etiquette! Theory: The Diagram is Fake I think the Diagram itself is part of the subterfuge. As others have pointed out, the original concept of "make a deal to protect my kingdom, then become king of everything" is so simple, that I believe Odium was meant to see through it. In order for the bluff to work though, you have to make it look like you're trying, hence the takeover of JKeved. If T was so brilliant when he made the Diagram, then it stands to reason that he was smart enough to realize that Odium would be able to read/interpret it. That is the entire point. It is a classic misdirection, just on a grand scale. It's all meant to bait Odium into certain actions, presumably to put Him in a position to be vulnerable. It also stands to reason that genius T knew that Odium would never negotiate on one of T's smart days. So why put in the "negotiate from a position of strength" line? It's part of the misdirection. If Odium is confident that T and the Diagram are not a threat, then He is much more likely to let his guard down. T is playing the Severus Snape role. We are going to hate him for a long time and he is going to do some awful things. In the end though, it will be his actions that ultimately make Odium vulnerable to be defeated by someone else. Basically, I just don't accept the narrative of "Odium saw through the Diagram, therefore it is moot and T is now a traitor." Genius T knew that would happen and planned for it
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    So let’s talk Renarin, shall we? Now, if you fine folks are anything like myself, you might have found yourself confused by some of the reveals that Oathbringer brought about regarding Renarin and his powers. This was a twist that I saw coming a long way off, and so I was more than ready when we found out that Renarin had been affected by a voidish corruption and that this was the reason for his strange and ominous visions. If you’d like to see how WoR foreshadowed this moment, you can check out my theory Renarin’s Visions and Truthwatching and see all the reasoning for this twist. However, what I want to do here today is get into the nitty gritty of what’s really going on. Is Renarin a Voidbinder or a Surgebinder or both? Is Glys a Voidspren? How do the visions work? How did this happen? All those good questions are the ones that I’d like to try to tackle here. Theory Disclaimer: Most of these things have not been confirmed in canon and Brandon has been cagey about answering or confirming. However, this explanation is the one which seems most plausible to me based on the evidence at hand. So let me do a bullet point run-down of what I think is happening: Glys is actually a valid Truthwatcher spren, not a voidspren. Renarin is a valid Truthwatcher Radiant and therefore a Surgebinder with access to the surges of Progression and Illumination. Renarin uses Stormlight to power his surges, just like other Radiants. Glys has been corrupted by the Unmade Sja-anat. As a result of this corruption, in addition to his normal Truthwatcher powers, Renarin is afflicted by involuntary visions of the future which neither he nor Glys can control. The points above are those that I feel are fairly concrete, and I’ll go into the reasoning behind those ideas later below. However, upon this assumed situation, I believe that the following ideas are viable possibilities. The following points are less certain than those above, but these are the ideas that seem the most plausible to me, given the circumstances: The powers that the Fused display are expressions of Voidbinding. Renarin’s future visions are possibly also an expression of Voidbinding, but his other powers are not. If Renarin’s Voidbinding and Fused Voidbinding work in the same way, it is possible that all Voidbinding powers come from the influence of the Unmade, in that Sja-anat can grant Voidish future visions while other Unmade grant different powers, like illusions, frictionlessness, or gravity, as we see other Fused use. And upon these assumptions, we find several questions arise regarding the nature of the situation: If both Renarin and the Fused are Voidbinders, is a spren involved in the granting of Voidbinding powers to the Fused in the same way they were granted to Renarin? If Voidish powers are each affiliated with an Unmade, why are there seemingly 10 powers on the Voidbinding chart if there are only 9 Unmade? Does Odium grant a Bondsmith equivalent himself? If Voidbinding powers are not granted by the Unmade, how are they gained? In what way are Renarin and the Fused similar in situation that grants them the same powers? What caused the hypergraphia that accompanied the visions of the Everstorm, and why does that no longer happen when Renarin gets visions? All of which are fascinating, but unfortunately, more likely to get a RAFO than an answer in a signing line. The first I have already asked and been RAFO’d and I believe the others are going to be answered similarly, if attempted. If I had to guess, these are reveals that will happen in Renarin’s flashback book. Considering that book is in the back five, we’ve probably got a while to wait. Alas. Regardless, no use fretting over the information we don’t have when it’s so much more fun to dissect the information we do have. And Oathbringer certainly gave us plenty to dissect. So, let’s take the situation that I’ve outlined above and break it down with some textual evidence to help explain where these ideas come from. Glys the Truthwatcher spren and Renarin the Radiant This is one of the easiest points to guess, considering the wealth of information we have on the topic. A lot of this is due to the Renarin point of view chapters in Part 5. (Thank you, Brandon, I owe you my soul for those.) Renarin’s surges seem to work perfectly normally. He heals people with Regrowth at several points in the novel, fairly naturally. I believe we see a slight, unconscious use of Illumination in the scene with Adolin and Gallant, when Renarin makes a perfected vision of Adolin appear. Renarin also mentions trying to train with Shallan in using Illumination, but he has difficulty with it. Now, it could be assumed that Renarin’s failure to grasp Illumination is a sign that his surges are wrong, and yet I think this is simply another example of a Radiant finding one surge more easy to pick up than another. Shallan is naturally better at Illumination than Transformation. Lift is better at Abrasion than Progression. It seems common enough that Radiants have an affinity for one of their surges over the other. For Renarin, I believe this is that Progression is easier than Illumination. In addition to his surges, Renarin’s other expressions of Radiant abilities seem normal. Glys is able to form as a Shardblade, which no one deems as looking out of the ordinary. It also functions to open Oathgates. His healing factor works as the other Radiants’, albeit augmented by his power of Progression to make healing extremely rapid. Most tellingly, his powers use Stormlight, just as all the others do. Ivory says that there is a rightness to the bond between Renarin and Glys and that spren of Odium should not be able to bond with humans under normal circumstances. Through all of these things, one can assume that Renarin and Glys have a valid Nahel bond and are bonded as Radiant and spren, just as the others are. Sja-anat’s Corruption However, in addition to the normal suite of a Truthwatcher’s powers and the Nahel bond, there is another factor in the mix: Sja-anat. When Sja-anat speaks with Shallan she speaks of her son when telling Shallan that she is not an enemy, as though he would vouch for her. This is undoubtedly Glys. It’s interesting to note that this seems to indicate that Glys is working with Sja-anat, possibly willingly. Perhaps she approached a Radiant spren hoping that by giving changing one of them, she would have an ally who would help the Radiants trust her. Or perhaps it’s something else. Hard to say at this point. Regardless, it is because of this that Renarin can see the future, and why he is consumed with visions. Though it is possible that other Truthwatchers have a manner of foresight, I don’t believe it would manifest as Renarin’s does. Ivory states that future sight is a power of Odium, as the Vorins believe. I believe Sja-anat has been hoping to swap sides and is using Glys as a way to do it, as well as helping Shallan instead of killing them when they went through the Oathgate. Voidbinding So in the end, what is Voidbinding? Hard to say with certainty, since despite how often we see Voidbinders, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of answers about it. Working under the assumption that the Fused’s powers are Voidbinding we can see a few things, at least: Voidbinding seems to line up with surges in many cases, as we see Fused manipulating gravity and friction, just like Kaladin and Lift. It’s hard to tell if this means that Renarin’s corrupted sight is also a form of Voidbinding as well, since it doesn’t seem to line up with a Surge the way the others are. The Listener Song of Secrets speaks of Nightform, a form of power which can see the future, which seems as though it might be more similar to what Renarin can do than anything else we’ve seen. The question is, Renarin is getting his void-powers from a corrupted spren, but I don’t believe that the Fused have a corrupted spren giving them powers, which initially made me think that Renarin’s visions were not Voidbinding like the Fused. Now, I’m not so sure. For the moment, I think I will lean toward the idea that Renarin’s visions and the powers of the Fused are both Voidbinding somehow, even if we don’t have details to confirm anything either way. There’s just not enough answers for the moment. Time will tell. If anyone can get answers out of Brandon regarding this topic, I’d be greatly appreciative but I doubt he’s going to answer things. Conclusion There’s a lot that we just don’t know yet, but I’m excited to see where this goes in the future. For now, this is my best guess at what’s really going on until we get some more information on all of it. One thing that hasn’t changed is that I adore Renarin with all of my heart and somehow Brandon continues to write his plotline and character arc in ways which are intensely fascinating to me. Oathbringer has been a triumph and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!
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    EDIT: A summary of this thread in a Google doc can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VqLjiUojkPqIfLJLyu7OnykTP3i-LG0f5f1KjRSJE6A/edit I was extremely disappointed. Not because of the result (well, the reasoning is iffy, but more to that later), but because the Kaladin/Shallan angle isn't even remotely explored. All this teasing - for nothing. And that continues right through Oathbringer... Kaladin has his thoughts, Shallan has her thoughts, Adolin has his thoughts. Nobody talks. I think, that it could just have been left out to be honest... nothing would have changed. There was 1 (one) meaningful conversation between Shallan and Kaladin, which then was misinterpreted by Shallan as Kaladin actually encouraging her to use Veil and Radiant, while he was actually referring to her ability to just "push" stuff away into her mind. And he didn't even encourage her, but rather him just saying, that he would like to be able to do that. And that was it. Great. The reasoning: Adolin knows her? Christ, he maybe recognizes her, but doesn't really know her. Ironically, he actually encourages her usage of Veil by being the accepting fiancee, now husband. Something that Shallan seemingly criticized about Kaladin... I think, Shallan just took the easy way out. Like always. Pushing her attraction to Kaladin on Veil was the icing on the cake. Basically another big fat lie. And don't tell me, that Adolin recognizing her was the catalyst that helped her with her problem. No, that was Hoid. Personal matter/opinion: Shadolin is cheesy, boring and bland. I really hope Book Four adds some spice into that. You know, something interesting? That one conversation on the boat between Kaladin and Shallan had more meaning and chemistry than every single interaction between Adolin and Shallan in Oathbringer. Not to talk about Adolin's observations about Shallan watching Kaladin and her own subconscious actions (drawing etc.) In my eyes, Kaladin is able to connect with Shallan on a level, that Adolin will never be able to achieve. Because he isn't even interested in it. Not unless something happens to Adolin... And I think that is something we all don't want. Maybe something through Veil... I don't know.
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    So we know that Renarin seems to have a special place in the Diagram, and Odium is unable to see his part in it. I can see two possible reasons for this, that might be inter-related. 1. His ability to see the future as Odium sees it changes the future. We know that Renarin seems to have his future seeing ability through Glys' corruption. Presumably (given that both Renarin and Odium incorrectly see Dalinar fall) the future he sees is the same future that Odium has predicted. But this knowledge changes things. For example, Jasnah is set to kill Renarin when he turns around and nods, knowing what she will do and accepting it. That act prompts her to stop. By knowing a future he ended up preventing it. It will be interesting to see if he will start using this information consciously, working against Odium by using his own assumptions about the future against him. 2. He is Like an anti-Odium In the scene "A small bottle" Dalinar reflects that he can't understand why his sons don't hate him. This is particularly striking for Renarin given that we have seen ample evidence of Dalinar' lack of love towards his youngest up to this point. Yet he doesn't hate him, instead he shows extrodinary love and empathy. It may be that Renarin is so different from Odium that he either slips under the radar or Odium simply can't predict his actions because they are so alien to his nature. Curious to hear other theories.
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    I think you’re right about the Diagram being a misdirection, but I think it’s fooled Taravangian too. The diagram comes totally from Cultivation, and she’s going to use it to take down Odium, all while mr T thinks he’s doing everything for Odium.
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    I haven’t seen anyone post this yet the person who made it can be found here: https://www.google.com/amp/tatter-demallion.tumblr.com/post/100307590545/i-love-that-dalinar-basically-ordered-the/amp
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    From the album General SA Art

    It’s been four years and I drew the crew again! This took me a whole week to finish, but worth it! From left to right (post-WoR settings): Navani (with fabrials), Jasnah (with Ivory), Dalinar (with the Stormfather), Szeth (with Nightblood), Shallan (with Pattern), Kaladin (with Syl), Renarin, Lift (with Wyndle), Adolin and Elhokar. (There are also several arms belonging to some random characters in Dalinar’s army.) Group high five: Let’s save Roshar! (They are standing in a sunlight-lit room in Urithiru.) Full-sized piece on DeviantART: http://fav.me/dboywc5 Close view: Bonus: You can see my progress (I hope!) during these years: (Seems like they were done by two different people…)
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    I was at the Oathbringer reading in Beaverton, and I got to ask Brandon a question from the audience, I had a spoiler free question ready: With enough breaths and given the proper command, could an awakened toupee be commanded to behave like real hair, and would it believable. Brandon said yes, that should work. I then asked would if it be able to respond to different conditions, like a strong breeze and still be believable as real hair, and he said yes it would. Then I asked if a toupee could be awakened and given the command to protect, and he said yes but that would be weird. So I did this little sketch of what could possibly be the best thing to happen to the Cosmere since Kelsier punched god in the afterlife: Nightwig, a fully awakened toupee, given the command to "Live Beautifully, and Fix Ugly".
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    From the album General SA Art

    Stuff I drew for Oathbringer countdown =) (via) Viewing separately: Kholin babies: Kaladin & ... [OB spoilers] Young Dalinar at age 15-20 (Warning: 6 pieces)
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    Can you see it now? Did it work?
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    From the album General SA Art

    This commission took me more than two months… and woah, finally, I have another version of WoK main cast! (2013 version is here.) My personal fave is probably Navani =) This set: Kaladin | Shallan | Syl | Szeth | Navani | Wit | Adolin | Dalinar (Viewing separately) Sketches on paper: Development meme:
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     Shallan and her personalities:
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    The Unmade have been very active lately. Some of them aren't so bad. Ashertmarn, Heart of the Revel, Lord of Fun, Prince of the Weekends! Fear him (it?)!
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    From Mraize's letter, we know: And then back in the prologue of Oathbringer, we have: So, the prologue meeting that Eshonai stumbles into appears to be a Sons of Honor meeting between Gavilar and Amaram and four others (one soldier, two fine ladies, and one old man in robes), where no guards were even at the door, presumably because they wanted a very secretive meeting where even guards were not allowed to listen in. My question is, who are the four others? Restares, perhaps Taravangian The old man in robes appears to be Restares. Amaram writes in a spanreed to Restares (WoR Page 1059), saying, "It has ever been our burden as the Sons of Honor." Amaram had also presumably consulted with Restares via spanreed when deciding slaughter his own men so that he could steal Kal's Shardblade: "Restares is right— this is what must be done. For the good of Alethkar.” (WoK, Page 703) Restares is only mentioned in three places over all three books: as one of three of Gavilar's suspects during his assassination (WoK prologue), when Amaram slaughters Kal's men (WoK), and when Amaram writes to Restares via spanreed (WoR). The Stormlight Archive Wiki states that Restares is an Alethi brightlord, but I'm not sure that we know this even though Amaram implies that Restares said the theft of the Shardblade was for the good of Alethkar. We never hear anything of Restares at all, which knowing Sanderson makes me suspect that Restares is a fake name given how often he gives other names to characters - Heralds like Darkness, Ash, Ahu, and Tezim or the five Scholars - to obfuscate their true identities. I wonder if Restares is not in fact Taravangian or some other old dude we know well. In Oathbringer (Page 242), Dalinar tells us that he had met Mr. T before "his strange illness five years ago." And then the strongest evidence that Taravangian is Restares and a Son of Honor is this quote from WoR: After Gavilar's death and access to the visions ended, Mr. T seeks the Nightwatcher, asking that he be the one to unite them, which led to the Diagram. I will leave all discussion of the Diagram to other wonderful threads, though it does seem that followers of the Diagram and Sons of Honor diverge a bit. However, keeping his position in the Sons of Honor (if he is Restares) would be a brilliant way to keep the information flowing from surviving allies there. Torol and Ialai Sadeas Torol Sadeas is undeniably close to Gavilar, willing to sacrifice his life for Gavilar's own during the assassination attempt and always 100% loyal to Gavilar despite the fact that, following Gavilar's death, he's tried his best to undermine and even kill Dalinar at every possible step. Why the difference? Apparently, Torol was privy to secrets about Gavilar's true, ruthless and Machiavellian nature - secrets of which Dalinar and Elohkar and even Jasnah apparently had no inkling. How is that possible? What secrets did he know? And wouldn't we peg Torol as Gavilar's closest and most trusted companion outside of family? Didn't Torol do all of the politicking with Gavilar when Dalinar refused? So to me, it makes enormous sense that Torol was a Son of Honor, sharing the same ruthlessness and Machiavellian approaches as Gavilar and Taravangian and Amaram. In fact, Meridas was likely recruited by Torol, as was Ialai. Just like House of Cards, Torol and Ialai are playing this game together, 100%. So my thoughts are that Torol actually dressed in his soldier attire for the signing of the treaty with the Parshendi (hence he and Amaram make the two soldiers), and Ialai is one of the two women in long dresses. So the other woman could be... Aesudan We see Gavilar pushing Jasnah into Amaram's arms. Obviously, Gavilar wants to keep the Sons in the family. And Aesudan tells El in OB that his father was ever so much better than he was: Aesudan knows of one (but perhaps not the other) of Gavilar's spheres, and she seems to have continued trapping more bad spren, going even a step further by bonding. But how was she privy to Gavilar's grand plans? How did she know of his father's work and his ancient (evil) spren? I'm thinking that was because she was one of the lady Sons. Yet again, we see the same ruthless, Machiavellian nature in Aesudan as we do in Gavilar, Amaram, Torol, Ialai, and Taravangian. They all fit beautifully together.
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    Hello, first time poster here and I just had a few thoughts regarding the 4th ideal of the windrunner's with the newest release of Oathbringer chapters. For the most part the windrunner's ideals have related to the flaws in Kaladin's character that he has to overcome. This ideal, I believe, is related to enabling/trusting/inspiring others to protect and not taking on the full burden on your own, as Kaladin's tends to do. In the case of bridge 4, Kaladin has been able to trust all of them (excluding Moash) with the task of protecting the Kholins, and now they are squires. If not an ideal, then I then I think that "trust" is at the very least the bond that creates squires. Chapter 7 confirmed that he imagined Laral as unable to protect herself, and fantasized about coming back to save her. Come to find out she was more than capable on her own. This came of as a shock to him. I think that Kaladin needs to learn that he is not capable of protecting every one on his own. He is getting close with the fact that he left Hearthstone (and Roshone of all people) to themselves. I fully expect something to come up that will cause him to regret this decision and "fail" as always. (The events at Hearthstone went a little to smoothly, and it makes me suspicious) I think the ideal would be something like this. "I will trust others to protect those I can not"
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    There is no option for Apache Attack Helicopter. Outrageous
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    "Right now?" Kaladin asked, standing on the practise field outside Urithiru. "I believe so," the messenger replied. "The highprince seemed to be in a hurry about this." "Teft," Kaladin said, "you will now lead the training, Lopen and Rock will assist. I'll see you this evening." Teft saluted and barked the squires to get back to practise. "Where is Dalinar?" Kaladin asked the messenger, who gave him instructions. Kaladin took to the air and landed on the balcony of the meeting room a short flight later. Inside, many people were already gathered; Dalinar stood next to the table, Navani just behind him. Just next to them, Adolin and Shallan sat next to one another, talking softly. Jasnah was sitting at the head of the table, wearing her crown, looking composed as always. To Kaladin's surprise, all highprinces that had taken up residence in Urithiru, as well as most of their wives - and of course Sebarial's mistress - were present. "Ah, Kaladin," Dalinar said. "It is good to see you have arrived. Please, sit down." He gestured to a seat at the table. Hesistantly, Kaladin sat down between the highprinces. "I feel like we have already waited with this too long," Dalinar said. Jasnah gave him a look. "Apologies." "Thanks," the queen said. "I do agree with you, however, we really do need to deal with this. So let's get to the point. As you are, without doubt, all aware, Ialai has fled Urithiru after the battle at Thaylen City. Though the royal succession has already been taken care of, with me reigning queen until Gavinor comes of age, the princedom that formerly belonged to house Sadeas has no highprince right now, as Amaram has been killed at Thaylen City after it turned out he had been working with the enemy. "Therefore," she continued, "the princedom is in need of a new highprince. By tradition, when there is no heir a highprince is chosen by the highlords of the princedom. However, after the battle the remaining highlords are in no position to do so, and some of them are not even in Urithiru. On top of that, the tradition may be ripe for a change, as Alethkar is no longer a kingdom divided into ten princedoms, but now has a single ruler. Lastly, the crown does not trust the judgement of those who formerly served under highprince Torol Sadeas, considering his attempts to undermine the kingdom in recent years. "Taking this all in consideration, I believe it best to personally appoint the new highprince, though I will take into account your thoughts regarding the matter as we cannot continue to be divided, like house Sadeas has, in the past, been a dividing factor. My proposal for the new highprince is a person who originates from the Sadeas princedom, and who has been one of our most trustworthy and dependable people in these recent times, as well as being one of our first Radiants. If there are no objections, I would name Kaladin Stormblessed as highprince of the former Sadeas princedom." Kaladin sat, stunned. Everything remained silent for several seconds, though Shallan looked stupified. Highprince Aladar was the first who recovered. "Your Grace, while I have the deepest respect for Radiant Kaladin," he said, carefully choosing his words, "I have to object him becoming a highprince. Though I mean no offense by this, he is still a darkeyed man, while a highprince is expected to be a lighteyes." "Is it not time for change, though?" Jasnah asked. "We are in a Desolation, and Kaladin is not only a good fit, but additionally he is a Radiant, which means that darkeyes or lighteyes does not matter as much to him. After all, if he were to summon his Shardblade, his eyes would turn blue." "Your Grace," Aladar continued, "if Radiants would be exempt from the traditions of lighteyes and darkeyes, should they not also be exempt from direct positions of nobility?" "I second that, Your Grace," Ruthar said. "We cannot ignore two thousand years of custom just like this. Let us leave this matter to the princedom's highlords, like we have always done. I do not see why we would need to change this." "Do not try to tell me they are even in a position to do so," Jasnah said. "Both you and I know that, even if they were able to get together and choose a new highprince, that highprince would be considered suspect by everyone, considering house Sadeas' recent track record. No, we will choose a new highprince here and now. If you have a suggestion other than Kaladin, please say so now." Ruthar sputtered a bit more, but a stern look from Jasnah made him stop. A few seconds of silence followed. "Your Grace," Kaladin said, "I do not wish anything of the sort. I believe you are aware of my... views on lighteyes." "I am," Jasnah said. "And I hope that my uncle, at the very least, has proven you wrong. Additionally, you yourself get a chance to do so. I know you can do better than those who wronged you." "What's wrong with it?" Sebarial asked in a loud voice, adressing everyone. "He's a good storming man, we all know that, he's shown leadership as a Radiant, and he'll without doubt be a good man for those living under his rule. What more can one wish for in a leader?" "Experience," Hatham countered immediately. "Kaladin is a natural leader," Dalinar said. "I have seen him daily when he was head of my guard, and he commands respect not through eye colour or strength, but through being himself. The only flaw that Kaladin has in his leadership, as far as I have been able to observe, is that he cares too much about his subjects. I would argue there are worse flaws a highprince could have. "Kaladin," he continued, "I, too, have to ask this of you. We need to stand united as Alethkar, and we are in a position to mend the chasm between the Sadeas princedom and Alethkar. On top of that, the Sadeas soldiers are a disorganized, trouble-making lot, and I do not believe anyone would be better suited to turn that into a real, dependable army than you." "But they would never accept me," Kaladin said. "I'm a former slave in their army." "Former," Dalinar said. "Now, you are a Knight Radiant, and a symbol to everyone. They cannot just ignore that. Remember that all men look up to who leads them, and follow him in everything. Even though the Sadeas soldiers have followed Torol and later Amaram, that does not mean they actually do share their ideals and opinions. When they see you, even though they have been told in the past to dislike or even hate you, they will still see the Radiant, the symbol. And with your leadership abilities, I do not believe it will take long before they come to respect not only the symbol, but also you yourself, Stormblessed." "I don't have a choice, do I?" "You storming always have a choice," Sebarial said. "If you don't like it, just walk away, they can't very well force it upon you!" "Storm it," Kaladin said. "Storm it. You knew, didn't you? I'd think about all the people, and you knew I couldn't say no then, didn't you?" No one replied. "I'll do it," Kaladin said. "I'll make the best storming soldiers out of them you've ever seen. But once all this is over, if there's still a princedom to rule, it goes to someone else."
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    From the album Glyphs

    Ever since we got the official Alethi alphabet in Oathbringer, I've been playing around with making glyphs (hence my new avatar). These two holiday glyphs actually say Christmas and Hannukah. I realize this is a slightly unusual spelling for Hanukkah, but the double N worked better for the glyph, and apparently it is an acceptable variation.
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    I suspect no one else here address the fact that Brandon introduced two kids characters and tied both to Kaladin in the Oathbringer. Its Oroden and Gavinor. Oroden is Kaladin's new brother and another reason to protect the humanity. Gavinor is Elhokar's son, and thats really interesting hook for a new plot line. Elhokar basically passed everything he cared about to Kaladin. And its really symbolic that Kaladin's men brought Gavinor to Kaladin. To safety. Now, i dont expect much development for Kaladin-Mentor-Brother-Father Fighure plot line in Book 4 but i definitely expect Kaladin to become the father figure for Gavinor in the following books. And that will bring so much juicy stuff revolving the throne, Jasnah, ruling family and stuff. I find it interesting because 1) Its exciting to see will Brandon gave some papa-wolf scenes for Kaladin; 2) Its interesting to see what roles both Gavinor and Oroden will play in Kaladin's character development and life beyond being just an objects for him to defend; 3) Its interesting to see Oroden and Gavinor dynamic in the back 5 books. I suspect they are similar in age, both of them most likely will be tied to Kaladin, and it would be interesting to see their dynamic given they have such a badass brother/"father figure".
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    Quick theory: Mr. T is actually Kelsier and also a Kandra. After the events with South Scadrial, he realized that to save his planet, he needed to prevent Odium from escaping his imprisonment, so he used Hemalurgy to transfer cognitive shadow into a Mistwrath, becoming a Kandra, then worldhopped to Roshar, killed the original Mr. T during his trip to the Nightwatcher, and took his place. He then created the Diagram as an elaborate series of contingent instructions to himself and removed the spikes containing key components of his memory, causing him to believe he really was Mr. T. His plan is to make the deal with Odium, meaning that Kharbranth will be unaffected by the Desolation. As the rest of Roshar is devastated, the value of real estate in the City of Bells will rise. As a loyal servant of Odium, Kelsier/Mr. T will advise Odium use leverage to invest in this growth market. However, Kel will have already begun engineering the sale of real estate to Thaylen investors overseas, triggering a asset valuation bubble. When the bubble bursts and Odium is left severely underwater, Kelsier will revel his true idenity, and that he'd bought up Odium's debts during the Kharbranth real estate crash. Rayse has no way of making the payments required, so Kelsier forecloses his Shard and Ascends. Again.
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    I am rereading Mistborn right now, and I got to this passage, where Vin burns one of Sazed's metalminds: I don't think we've fully grappled with what this means - using unkeyed metalminds, any Allomancer will be able to compound. That DRAMATICALLY increases the power of Mistings, provided they have access to unkeyed metalminds. Every gold Misting can compound healing, every steel Misting can compound speed, etc. Another important impact here is that it makes Allomancy a team sport. A Misting with the support of a powerful organization (perhaps the Set) would have a huge advantage over a Misting trying to operate on their own. It also makes previously useless Mistings useful all of a sudden, provided they can get the metalminds.
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    I'd love to know where all of the sexy Pattern fan arts are, please? I feel like my life is incomplete without them.
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    I'm very late to be joining this thread (just consider me a stowaway on SS Shalladin) but I was only able to finish OB a week ago. As much as I enjoyed it I found myself so disappointed with the way this arc played out that I immediately went looking for other reactions to it and found myself here. Yes, I did go through all 65 pages (I skimmed some to be fair) and it took me a week, so I figured I should sign up and chime in for what it is worth after all of that. I absolutely appreciate the depth of discussion here and it has definitely changed my thinking and inspired me to start a careful re-read sooner (I probably would have put it off due to the let down otherwise). I have so many thoughts on this and there's so much to respond to that I won't even try to respond to specific posts but just try to touch on the major themes of this discussion and maybe raise a few new small points if I can. First, like many here I came out of WoR feeling that Shalladin had a lot more potential for depth and an interesting dynamic than Shadolin. The chasm sequence in particular won me over. On the other hand there seemed to be a fairly good set up for what could be a more balanced triangle, a legitimate case to be made for both pairings, and no bad guy involved. I was fully prepared for this issue not to be resolved in OB and nothing I read throughout led me to think it was at all likely, right up to the end. I had been slightly frustrated that several opportunities for Kaladin and Shallan to interact meaningfully after the chasms were brushed past, but mostly I spent the entire book extremely worried about Shallan (it was a toss up whether she or Dalinar gave me more anxiety this book). So when the resolution came it was like getting whiplash and I was left with the impression that BS suddenly decided he'd made a mistake with this triangle and needed to end it ASAP. Not only that but it seemed he was trying to tie it up in the neatest bow possible by having Kaladin deny any feelings (which lowers the stakes for everyone and just felt cheap). It made me really doubt his ability to write a complex love story, but fortunately now I am second guessing that initial impression. Is this really the end of Kaladin's part in Shallan's romantic arc: This is hard for me to answer still. It think it really comes down to how much trust we have in Brandon to write a difficult romantic storyline. His other works (and I haven't read them all) tend to go for more straightforward romantic narratives and he definitely favors pairings similar to Shallan and Adolin. But several of the WoB quotes many of you pointed out are encouraging: the braided roses (obviously I liked that one) and especially the way he talks about foreshadowing and "breaking promises" to the reader (I wish I had the exact quote on that one). The foreshadowing is clearly there for Shalladin and so far I just can't see how we've been given something even better that would justify breaking that promise. In text I think the two big things that make me doubt he really meant this to be the happy resolution it appears to be for some are her interactions with Wit and Pattern throughout OB, more on those below. How could/should this be resolved: Best case scenario for me I think is we start by exploring the fact that Shallan's bond to Pattern is in trouble and she is near to killing him again. I think most powerful would be her recognizing that her creation of personaShallon as the perfect wife to Adolin and that alt's dominance over the others is a lie that directly threatens her oaths. Basically it would be a trigger that forces her to finally reintegrate her self but this also causes a revelation that her rush to marry Adolin was not a decision made by trueShallan and in fact, Adolin does not actually know her (as others have said, not his fault but hers). Personally I think if her vows to Adolin were not made by her integrated self they are not really valid. If Shadolin really are end game I suppose their relationship could be repaired from there, but I think more fitting would be for it to cause a split. I would rather not see Adolin's death come first, if he is going to die, I really want it to happen after Shallan's reintegration and some sort of clarity about their relationship. It think it would actually be interesting to see BS tackle something that is probably way out of his comfort zone, in this case a divorce, or more appropriately an annulment. I do think Brandon is a self aware writer and so best case scenario he is deliberately trying to push himself to grow in writing more complex romantic stories (my only worry is that he might think he already did that by subverting expectations/foreshadowing with Shalladin not playing out as expected). On Shallan's mental illness: I appreciate the info people have shared about OSDD and I think it extremely likely that BS did do his research on the real world parallel. The way he seems to be handling characters with depression and addiction speaks well of how he would handle a character with OSDD and the interactions with Wit adds even more evidence for this as Wit seems to offer her appropriate guidance on only being one person. Shallan just clearly isn't ready to accept that. This gives me hope that we aren't really supposed to accept Shallan being dependent on any other person for her mental stability in the long run. If we are supposed to believe that her marriage to Adolin is at this point a positive thing, we would have to accept that her requiring his presence to not "fade" is also a good thing, and that is beyond distasteful to me. This also makes me look at her decision to marry as, in part, an overreaction to Veil and Radiant finally agreeing on Kaladin. It would seem she is not ready to face any feelings she may have for Kaladin and that has partially fueled her disintegration and created some of the desperation that comes in response to Adolin's offer to step aside. Adolin's characterization and where he goes from here: Adolin is tough for me to really pin down. I like him, but as a viewpoint character he is very externally focused and does very little self reflection. The analysis of his thoughts about Shallan vs Kaladin was fascinating. I suspect there really isn't much textual support for this, but my gut sense is that Adolin is settled on Shallan not out of a strong love for her but because he sees her as exceptional. What I mean by this is we have a character who was set up as having a long series of short, not very meaningful, failed interactions with women and Adolin does seem to have some concern about his abilities to be successful with relationships. My hunch is that a logical thing someone in this situation might tell themselves is that the problem would be solved if he finally meets a woman who was really different from all the others and could really capture and hold his interest. Shallan is different from the typical Alethi woman and a KR, she is exceptional in every way to Adolin and so I suspect that might be why he determines her to be the one. But he obviously has doubts about it or he wouldn't have offered to step aside and his lack of thought about her in his viewpoints as well as the discrepancies between what he thinks and says do make me doubt he is deeply in love. I think none of the three are at this point but I do see more potential for something deep between Shalladin. I think I am more in favor of Adolin reviving Maya and potentially becoming an ED than most people here, but I think it order for that to happen Adolin likely needs to be far more broken than he is now (perhaps the revelation about the "Shallan" he married vs trueShallan could be part of that). But you've all given me some things to think about in regards to him potentially going dark and there could be something to that. What happens during the break between books/Potential parenthood: I'm really afraid that the one year gap might be to have a baby without seeing the pregnancy but Storms I hope not! I'm not opposed to there being a place for real world issues like parenting in epic fantasy and I'm in favor of female characters exploring multiple roles but can we please not pile more on top of Shallan at this point? A small OT point to add to this discussion, but many here commented on making a baby not being much of an accomplishment on its own but I will just say as someone who personally went through issues with infertility before finally having my son, for some of us that part feels like an accomplishment too. Probably time to wrap up this wall of text so I will just add a couple other small thoughts I had. Does anyone else wonder if Shallan may have an alt she doesn't talk to who has been learning soulcasting? Only a few small hints towards that if I can recall but I am curious to look for that on re-read (among many, many other things now). Lastly, I haven't read all of BS's books, though I have read several others outside of SA and I can't think of any examples of relationships that really fit the braided roses theme he talked about. Is there one that comes to mind for anyone else? Thanks to anyone who bothered to read all of this at this point in the thread!
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    Basically a quick colour palette test. Not a final design, but it’s getting there. Done to see how the different elements come together.
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    Adolin: We certainly are an odd bunch. Pattern: Yes. Seven People. Odd. Nothing goes over these guys' heads. Their reflexes are too fast. They would catch it.
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    Parshendi Forms: From Eshonai's prologue, after Gavilar explains the fabrial: When Venli first meets Timbre, at Eshonai's body: And then Venli bonds with Timbre: And then when talking with the Fuzed named Rine: So the Nahel bond is more powerful than the Parshendi forms bond from capturing spren inside their gemhearts during highstorms to transform, presumably because the only stormlight needed for the Parshendi bond to work is during the bonding itself but not for any of the surges that come after the bond. When Aesudan and Amaram bonded with the Unmade spren, that seems to be a Parshendi bond since they swallowed gems (spheres) to make the bond, with Amaram's purple gemheart glowing in the end and Aesudan's gemheart glowing through her dress. Thunderclasts From the Thaylen City battle: So the stone has gemhearts that, when inhabited by Voidspren, transform the stone into something else. No wonder Szeth's people aren't stonewalkers, right? Does stone have other forms? Chasmfiends Chasmfiends obviously have gemhearts. I think they must have other forms, too. We know chasmfiends, skyeels, and greatshells all have the same spren. From the Kaza interlude, we know that greatshells do also have gemhearts. Are these three different forms for the same being? Do chasmfiends have other forms? Are they also thunderclasts? From Adolin's fight with the thunderclast: Urithiru And then: So we wake it just as the Fuzed woke Thunderclasts from stone, right? We bond Urithiru with a spren. Or multiple spren. Spren that can be trapped in a heart of emerald and ruby. And from the gem library: Dude, is Urithiru the Sibling?!!!! Sibling to the Nightwatcher and the Stormfather? So the Sibling was stolen away? And from the Stormfather's conversation with Dalinar: Slumbering! Sleeping! Just like Dalinar said Urithiru was! And this is why the Radiant says goodnight to Urithiru, goodnight to the Sibling! So we need to find the slumbering Sibling spren and restore her (or probably "them" because the Stormfather refers to the Sibling in the singular and the plural) to Urithiru's heart to waken Urithiru, right? And what will a wakened Urithiru be like? Will she move? Will she protect? Will she destroy? *************************** Related ideas: Fabrials are similar but not as alive as it would seem Urithiru will be and certainly not as alive as Parshendi, chasmfiends, or great shells. Parshmen may not have had gemhearts until the first Everstorm, which restored their gemhearts and thus enabled them to now have forms, including Voidforms. Different Parshendi forms likely come from different types of spren, with Voidform (forms of power) coming from corrupted or Unmade spren. Dullform might be having a gemheart with no spren bond since dullform is so close to parshmen. Are there secrets to other cities, not just Urithiru? Kabsal draws Kholinar as a triangular shape with three outlying wings and a peaked center (Pg 510 of WoK), which incidentally is the symbol on Gavilar's shardplate (Pg 29 of WoK), saying that the city was built on a rock formation already there. The stone windblades of Kholinar seem particularly significant, where Kaladin says the interior corridor of the windblades reminds him of the strata at Urithiru (Pg 785 of OB). I'm equally interested in the City of Shadows and even the City of Bells, but perhaps these cities are special in different ways.
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    Read what you just wrote. Then, think about what Ash has been doing the entire series thus far...
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    Just having a conversation with myself really, but here is the rough Framework for the works in the Cosmotologyere: Wigbreaker (Major Characters: Lightsong the Bald, Brushweaver, Brusher (one of the first returned who invented such amazing endowed hair accessories as the self-flowbier, the topsy-tailer, and who made a lifeless out of shaving scum and hair mousse), and Nightwig of course. Yesteel and the Riddle of the Awakened Clippers (tentative title to book 2 of the Nightwig series, could also be called "Yesteel need a haircut?") The Highlights Archive (the major all inclusive series that ties all of the Cosmotologyere together) Book 1: The King of Ways (all about different ways to trim men's unwanted hair, a must read to understand the intricacies of the interconnectedness that is the Comsotologyere, and the first time you meet the master beautician Haired, he's like Paul Mitchell on Earth, his hair care products are on every planet in the Cosmotologyere) Book 2: Lots of Radiance (lots of descriptions about beautiful hair, its sheen, its glow, descriptions of it fluttering, etc. This book is notable for Kaladin's swearing of the 3rd ideal, "I will cut peoples hair, even if I hate the hair cut they want" when all of his cosmotology students want to get mullets and civil war mustaches). Book 3: Stachebringer (This is one is truly epic, Dalinar Kholin, the man with the most attractive mustache on all of Roshar, creates a perpendicularity when he bonds a mustache wax spren, and with one side of his mustache in the Cognitve Realm and the other side of his mustache in the spiritual realms, combines all 3 realms in a brilliant glowing mustache that everyone still agrees is the most attractive mustache on all of Roshar) Book 4: Pates Unhallowed (this one is the crossover novel where Nightwig really shines, or really decreases the shine as he is spends most of his time covering a lot of bald pates) Book 5: The Song of Permform (this one is all about how hard it is to give Parshendi perms) The back 5 haven't been outlined yet....
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    Here we go, people! What do you think about our beloved, (maybe) former love triangle in Oathbringer? How do you feel Shadolin was handled, Shadolin fans? Do you think Kaladin and Shallan has the potential to hook up in the further books, Shalladin fans? And which of the two ships you liked more in Oathbringer? Great summary of the topic made by @Ailvara https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VqLjiUojkPqIfLJLyu7OnykTP3i-LG0f5f1KjRSJE6A/edit?usp=sharing If you like it, if you agree with it, then please, twit that link to Brandon Sanderson. Let him notice that analysis and read it. That would be the great feedback for him.
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    For obvious reasons these three people will be coming together over a common thread: Nightblood.What face-time Szeth gets in book 4 will surely be dominated by his multiple commitments: Dalinar as the subject of his third oath, his fourth oath and the purging of the Shin, reforming the Skybreakers, and Nightblood. By bearing Nightblood Szeth will eventually draw Vivenna and Vasher. This seems the most certain to happen in book 4 and especially before the end of book 5 (I hope, I pray), although I can absolute imagine being teased for a full 10 12 books on Nightblood's fate and influence so I won't will get my hopes up. Whenever it happens, these three will either be enemies or intimate, depending on Vasher and Vivenna's motives. The crux of this conflict will lie in Nightblood's chain of custody and the creation of Vivenna's Type IV BioChromatic sword. The last we saw Nightblood before he showed up in Nale's hands, he was with Vasher and Vivenna at the end of Warbreaker. We've been promised a sequel which should clear up these custody issues, but regardless of how (at least) three two Nalthians and their two sentient swords ended up on Roshar, we know they're all coming into conflict. This whole post started from speculation on 'shipping Szeth, so I'll end with a twist. How will the two swords react to each other when they meet for the first time? Nightblood is ostensibly masculine, and Vivenna refers to her sword as she. Can we get some Type IV BioChromatic lovin' on?
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    Okay so I was so shocked at how poorly the romance was handled in this book that I finally went and made myself an account to join the discussion, so hello everyone . I know I'm also very late to the party but I just finished the book yesterday (shipping to Poland took a while...). Anyway, if anyone's interested, here are my problems with this, in my opinion, awful love triangle: 1. It's so similar to what Sanderson has done in Mistborn and while I didn't like that one, I think it was still a lot better that what we got in Oathbringer. It goes like this: a woman is having problems with her self-esteem and herself in general, which causes her to swift towards the more "adventorous" man as opposed to the one that gives her stabilisation. When she's just about to choose the former, BANG! She has a realisation! Oh how stupid I was! And she comes running to the safe option and the whole relationship is now magically perfect despite having tons of problems just 5 pages ago. Except in Mistborn Adolin and Shallan are just in the process of getting to know each other and most of their interactions is well, tee-heeing, not anything deeper. Which brings me to my next point. 2. The supposed reason why Shallan chooses Adolin is the most absurd one Sanderson could have come up with. If it was something like "Adolin makes me happy" than ok, I might have been able to understand that because it actually makes sense. But Adolin knows me? Sorry, did I miss something other that your interactions being mailny... flirting? There are two scenes I believe where they actually talk about something deeper and both made me roll my eyes. One is in Shadesmar and it is basically: "-Adolin, I have many personalities u kno -Shallan, that is weird. Also, I killed Sadeas -Oh I guess that's ok" The other being the one when she actually chooses him and it is even worse: "-Hello Adolin why so gloom -U like Kaladin -Well yeah. But I like u more cause u make me face my problems by saying "Shallan, no" in one deeper interaction in the entire book. So let's ignore that problem and get married -Oh ok" There is nothing either in WoR or Oathbringer that indicates he knows her, on the contrary, based on the interactions in both books the knowing her argument would be the one Shalladin shippers would use the most because we have actually been given scenes with deep interactions between the two. So why make that the reason why she goes for Adolin? 3. The scene between her and Adolin that I already mentioned above, when she chooses him. She says she likes Adolin because he makes her face her problems... again, where. Yes, he isn't comfortable with her having multiple personalities but where does he actually help her face the problem? By becoming drinking buddies with Veil and "somehow making it work"? This isn't you two having different tastes about furniture, this is a woman having different personalities take over her, it isn't just a thing one can compromise on. She needs actual help. The joke about how "every man wishes to have three brides u know" was so wrong, my god... Also the scene between Kaladin and Shallan on the ship where he tells her that "Wow, you're just able to stuff it in the back of your head? I wish I could do that" and that is obviously used as an argument against him because that is supposed to mean that he doesn't make her face her problems like Adolin supposedly does. But he only gets told that she's able to shove the emotions away while to Adolin, in her moment of confusion between the personalities, she tells that she's shifting between a couple of people. It's just so unfair to Kaladin's character to imply that he wouldn't help her with a problem like this where the only thing he has done the entire three books is trying to help people. But I digress. 4. The interactions between Shallan and Adolin after she chooses him. What... what is that? I've seen people defending it by saying "oh, it is how young people act, it is supposed to be written that way. you know- young love" and I've seen this argument brought up especially with the "You're beautiful" scene. I'm sorry, but I could defend the whole Twilight saga by using this argument. I'm about their age actually and I have not seen people act this stupid around each other. It's like the whole book we are given a relationship that is ok at most and then suddenly she goes "Adolin knows me" and she is now so crazy about him that the only thing she can think about is their wedding night? And then there's the whole Veil drinking buddy thing... just...no. There are many other problems I have with this but other people have covered those aspects pretty well so I'll briefly mention them: the pacing was awful, the conclusion was rushed and the "gurll arranged marriage is awesome" got old - I'm a woman myself and for the love of god Brandon please stop doing that. The only thing I can say I liked about it was Kaladin's reason for liking her - that she reminded him of Tien because she could just laugh despite the world crushing on her. That actually makes sense. If it was written more from his perspective, with him pursuing her and then realizing that he likes her because of this and then stepping back and also her having a more meaningfull relationship with Adolin along with realizing that she need stability... in my opinion it would've been so much better. I've seen many people saying that it was supposed to be that bad because Sanderson is not done with this relationship but I think I'll be the sceptical one and say that yes he is, and while he is one of my favourite writers I have to say that my theory about the whole thing is simply this: he has written it poorly and now we're stuck with it. That said if in the next book Shallan's POV starts with something like "Shallan was holding little Plotdevolin in her arms, thinking just how lucky she was. These days, Veil and Radiant have completely retreated." I think I'll go ahead and visit the Nightcrawler to ask to please remove all of Shallan's chapters from my memory.
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    Lopen, the One Armed Bridgeman Told a lot of awful jokes And if you ever heard them You would really hope he chokes All of the other bridgemen Used to say he was insane They'd never let poor Lopen Get away with any of his claims Then one Weeping Lopen found He began to glow Grabbed the spheres from all his friends Now he can clap hands again! Now that Lopen has two arms All the friendly bridgemen hope Lopen the One Armed Bridgeman Has no two-armed Herdazin jokes! (No idea why the formatting here is weird, it will not let me fix it)
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    I was actually just listening to one of the Mr. T interludes and he remarks at one point that on the day he created the diagram "He was a God on that day". At first I just assumed it was hyperbole, but what if it wasn't? what if he was so heavily invested with Cultivations power he was literally a sliver of Cultivation. It would make sense, as according to Honor, Cultivation is better at predicting the future than him. That would explain how the diagram predicts so much. Also, if Cultivations goal is to stop\kill Odium then this would be a great way to misdirect him into a position where he could fail. My only concern is that since we know so little of what cultivation actually wants, and her intent is not one we can count on to be favorable to the humans on Roshar, that we may be completely off on what she is trying to accomplish. anyways, I agree that something is suspicious with the diagram, and its goal is not what we have seen.
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    Queen Jasnah sat down at her desk after a grueling day in the presence of the high princes. She continued her ongoing process of searching through folder after folder of policies that had been documented by the scribes under Elhokar's reign. "Does this...does this paper say that Elhokar...abdicated the throne?" Navani nodded. "He told me this decision was made during the Battle of Narak. The family that kept him safe feared for the repercussions of harboring an Alethi king." Jasnah raised her eyebrows. "This document is missing a key piece of verbiage. Notice line four, clause seven. It states that the King would abdicate his throne on this date, the same day as the Battle of Narak...but there is no part in this document that states when he would return to the throne. It is an open-ended document." "Was Elhokar's official seal stamped to this document?" Navani questioned. "Yes, I..." Jasnah was cut off as the door slammed open. But the person on the other side wasn't walking on the floor. Lopen stepped through the doorway while walking on the ceiling, crown fused to his head using Adhesion. "Hello ladies. Goncho is ready to rule."
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    I do think the diagram could be a subterfuge. I'm not sure that Odium is the primary target of the subterfuge though. As Taravangian gets smarter, he loses his empathy and compassion. We've seen scenes where he orders peoples death for the most minor of slights. Now, consider when he wrote the diagram he was an order of magnitude more intelligent than even his smartest other days. If he was in such a state, I could foresee a situation where he literally stopped caring about the people of Roshar altogether, and decided the goal was worthless. So he wrote a diagram to make himself think it was a means to the stated end, but is in fact a path to a selfish acquisition of power for himself at the expense of the people of Roshar. /end devils advocacy
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    I have actually been thinking this same thing. At the very least, the Diagram is not what we think it is - and not what Taravangian thinks it is. In many ways the Diagram doesn't make any sense. No matter how intelligent you are, you cannot predict the future. T is not simply intelligent, he seems to be Invested somehow - touched by Cultivation's magic. The level of intelligence he reached when he created the Diagram transcends the human mental capacity. In addition, the Diagram seem like a psychological mind game rather than a prediction of future events. The Diagram is self-fulling. If you tell someone exactly what conditions need to take place in order for them to accomplish certain things in their future, it is possible they will self-fulfill that prophecy, not because it was inherently true, but because they felt compelled to follow the instructions. It reminds me of an episode from Avatar: The Last Airbender (the Fortuneteller, I believe the episode is called), where the main characters visit a village with a Fortuneteller woman. She tells a man that he will meet his future wife when he is wearing a certain pair of slippers, and so every day after that he wears the same slippers, idiotically self-fulling the prophecy since he will never have the chance to meet someone without the slippers. I know that's kind of a lame example, but it's exactly how I think of the Diagram. The Diagram is not a map of the future, but a carefully manipulated sequence of self-fulfilling events. Cultivation is manipulating T to achieve her version of the future, not the version that is already predicated, the version that will best serve the people of Roshar or the version that will necessarily end well for Taravagian. Even if T was not under the influence of Cultivation when he made the Diagram (which is unlikely considering the limits of human intelligence), it is still not as prophetic as it seems, because T and his followers are literally working every moment of their lives to ensure that its ramblings predictions are fulfilled. On a side note, I am a bit confused by T's motivations. At first, when the Diagram was introduced, I thought that he was working to become the king of the world and save all of Roshar. However at the end of Oathbringer, he settles for just saving Kharbranth. He also seems to be allowing Odium to gain the upper hand, giving up the fight and just counting his losses when the dust has settled. Was that philosophy always a part of the Diagram, or has T's mindset somehow changed?
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    From the album Gaz Appreciation Station

    Gaz Redemption AU comic, page 2 Related post with more headcanon/story of my redemption au thing: http://eva-d.tumblr.com/post/168897071952/gosh-i-am-absolutely-chinhands-over-your-fanfic it covers more or less all of the Way of Kings. speaking of, i can’t find anything about “crem” being used as a swear word, but it seems really fitting?
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    I have a feeling “Unite Them” will refer to many different “Thems” over the course of the series. In WoR it was Alethkar and the Radiants, in OB it referred to Roshar and the 3 realms. In future books it can refer to the splinters of Honor, other cosmere worlds and shards.
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    This one is for @RShara Shallan plodded through the alien landscape of Shadesmar. It was difficult for her to judge exactly how long she'd been in Shadesmar, it felt like a day, but who could even say if time flowed the same in this place. Jasnah had explained that Shadesmar was a realm of the collective thoughts of sapient beings made manifest. Did that mean if enough people thought time worked differently it changed in this place? Shallan was supposed to learn the secrets of this place, it was an essential aspect of her surge of transformation. Perhaps it was the blood from one of her earliest uses of it, but the very thought of taming shadesmar filled her with dread. Storms, what were the implications of that? I think it's bad, and its thought made manifest, did I just make this place more dangerous to myself? thought Shallan. Shallan was relieved when a small campfire became visible in the distance. The sooner this expedition was over, the better. She was supposed to be a newlywed for storms sake, and this was a far cry from the comfort of her husbands bed. As she drew closer to the campfire she was able to make out an assemblage of people in animated conversation around it. It was a very odd collection of individuals. Shallan had met people from all corners of Roshar since becoming a Radiant and taking up residence with the powerful of her world, but the clothing these people wore was quite bizarre in many cases, and of a style she had not seen before. A tall blonde woman in an elegant dress of an unknown cut stepped forward confidently as Shallan approached the assemblage. "Shallan Davar I presume? Welcome, you're the last to arrive. We'll be able to get started after the introductions. I must say, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I've heard a lot about you." began the woman. "My name is Sarene. Princess Sarene actually, but then you're a Princess too now aren't you as are many of us, and I think we should dispense with the honorifics if we actually mean to get anything done here today. My colleague here is called Shai," she said, indicating a smaller, dark haired woman dressed in trousers and a loose shirt wearing spectacles. "or at least she is when she isn't pretending to be someone else. We're from Sel." continued Sarene. Shallan cast her eye over the rest of the group. Certainly a very odd group of people. Wait. Shallan recognised one of the members of the group, perhaps she hadn't noticed right away because she was feeling really quite overwhelmed. "We've met" said Shalash. "Don't even think about reaching for that sketching pad!" she continued in a no nonsense tone. Shallan immediately put any thought of doing so from her mind, there was no way she intended to confront the herald of her order of Knights Radiant. A second woman in the group drew her attention as well. There was a familiarity about her that Shallan had trouble placing. Like the others, this woman was elegantly dressed in a distinctly alien way, and as Shallan observed her she was shocked to see her hair change colour! "Welcome Shallan, my name is Siri." the woman said as she approached and embraced Shallan as though they weren't meeting for the first time. "I believe you know my sister? Tell me, is she still as full of herself as she used to be? You'll be able to tell, if she still behaves as if she has a second sword firmly lodged up her backside then she hasn't changed.". Shallan found herself smiling, this was a woman after her own heart, and her description of lady Azure wasn't far from Shallan's recollection. "This here is Shashara." she said indicating the woman standing next to her. Shashara was impossibly tall and beautiful, and her face was painted with a scowl that was almost physically painful. "Don't mind her. She's my sisters boyfriends wife who he killed. Yeah, it's confusing. Some kind of cosmeric shadowy ghosty thing. I'm not the best person to ask about that." Another woman approached Shallan and reached out to embrace her as she had seen Siri do, before seeming to change her mind mid embrace and instead try to shake Shallan's hand. The indecision didn't go well, the outcome had been that the woman had walked up to Shallan and grabbed her by the breast! The woman was clearly mortified at what she had done, and began fishing around in her handbag and pulled out a small notebook. "Oh dear." she said "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This wasn't on the list. How did that happen? What do I do? Apologise. I must apologise!" The woman looked up at Shallan, smoothed out her odd stiff backed and high necked dress and composed herself. "I apologise your highness. I'm not very good with people I'm afraid. My husband usually helps with these types of matters, but they said this was something my attributes were required for and he would just get in the way. My name is Steris, and I'm from Scadrial." An imposing woman stepped forward next, standing next to a small man with a meek expression. Odd thought Shallan. He seems to be the only man that was invited here. "Now that the introductions have been taken care of, I think it's time to move on to the business at hand. I am the Supreme Supervisor of the Silverlight Sodality for the Sensible and Sustainable Subsistence of S, and my friend here has approached us with a request." the woman said. "Go ahead Tom." "Ladieth" began Tom. "We need to dithcuth the exthethive uthe in the cothmere of the letter eth."
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