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    While reading the Stormlight Archive books, I realized that spren are 'real life' emoticons. So naturally I made some emoticons involving spren. To use an emote, copy the link next to it in the parentheses and paste it into your post. You can also right-click the link and choose "Copy Link Location", then paste it in your message. 17thshard.com forums allow you to load pictures into your posts by pasting the URL of the image into the post's content. It may be helpful to save a .txt file in notepad with all of the links you prefer to use in order to copy and paste elsewhere. Also, more cosmere-themed emoticons are under construction. Enjoy: Alespren (http://i.imgur.com/ktwO0cb.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/bbMSt3L.png) Angerspren (http://i.imgur.com/D6J6xRU.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/cCqVYgw.png) Anticipationspren (http://i.imgur.com/BM44BrV.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/1tjwhIn.png) Awespren (http://i.imgur.com/3YfOz4J.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/VkpiJTb.png) Awespren (canon) (https://i.imgur.com/7C8wANr.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/9xD7XH0.png) Bindspren (https://i.imgur.com/2tmDaoQ.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/32yBzwl.png) Coldspren (https://i.imgur.com/uOFJI3L.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/e137yIJ.png) Creationspren (http://i.imgur.com/THDwKRq.gif) and static versions (https://i.imgur.com/8lMJI4Z.png), (https://i.imgur.com/1bSjE7G.png), and (https://i.imgur.com/AH8WdWC.png) Fearspren (http://i.imgur.com/fwkGdLK.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/RTfcvUl.png) Gloryspren (http://i.imgur.com/IiBDG5u.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/60gRN2F.png) (alternate version) (http://i.imgur.com/0rFKCWU.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/844IBnV.png) I edited the laughterspren to make it more visible, but left the old one up so links aren't broken: Laughterspren (https://i.imgur.com/HLCjBvQ.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/YcigcGe.png) (alternate) (https://i.imgur.com/UVYzqQB.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/IFaGQje.png) (old) (http://i.imgur.com/dk9SAg9.gif) (dark version) (http://i.imgur.com/twskx1S.gif) Shardblade (http://i.imgur.com/6tU3gRQ.gif) and static versions (https://i.imgur.com/PVjEeQv.png) and (https://i.imgur.com/6UkYJJG.png)
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    Thanks to Barnes and Noble, we've just had this STUNNING artwork from Oathbringer shared with us. I want to say it's Honor and Cultivation, but it could also be Ishar and Vivenna. Let the theorising begin!
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    What follows is my current theory on how the 10 Heralds became the 10 fool's through the coarse of the Desolations. I will update this post as it evolves. I will try to provide links to all WOB. Quotes will come from the kindle versions of the books via cut and paste. I will list book, chapter, and location number. Bold will be my emphasis. Italics will be possible contradictory evidence. Number 18 here From Reddit Fantasy Bookclub Q&A with Brandon Sanderson Feb 28th, 2011 We will start with this quote which shows us all Heralds were in WOK. First, the Desolations occurred when the Heralds were sent back to Roshar after one of them broke under the torture of Odium. Second, each Herald is associated with a primary and secondary Divine Attribute. (Possibly primary from Honor, Secondary from Cultivation?) Third, the torture does not happen in the physical realm. It occurs in either the cognitive, or more likely the spiritual realm. Fourth, when Odium breaks a Herald, he is literally breaking part of that Heralds spiritual connection to the Divine Attribute. Fifth, Odium's goal was to break all the Heralds and bring about the the Everstorm, allowing him to shatter Honor and Cultivation. Sixth, breaking the Divine Attributes shifted them towards something more compatible with Odium and less compatible with Honor. This resulted in the attributes associated with the 10 Fool's. Number 19 in this WOB, says each is uniquely insane. NOTE: One of the biggliest issues with this theory is not knowing the 10 Fools attributes. Two Fools are named. Two have attributes. Cabine - He acts like a child although he is an adult. TWOK chapter 37, page 593, location 10668 Eshu - He speaks of things he does not understand in front of those who do. WOR chapter 71, page 593, location 16877 One issue I have here is that the 2 Heralds I would link these two too are both female. Paliah and Battar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) We have a WOB on this. Not a confirmation, but along those lines. 2) Herald. Primary Divine Attribute. Secondary Divine Attribute. Jezrien. Protecting. Leading Nale. Just. Confident Chanarach. Brave. Obedient Vedel. Loving. Healing Paliah. Learned. Giving Shalash. Creative. Honest Battar. Wise. Careful Kalak. Resolute. Builder Talenel. Dependable. Resourceful Ishar. Pious. Guiding 3) Since Odium was attempting to break the Heralds focus on their Divine Attribute, the torture most likely took place in the spiritual realm. The spren would probably know something if it took place in the cognitive realm. One thing pointing to the cognitive realm though is the fact that Taln appeared covered in condensation much like a shardblade. 4) By breaking the Herald, Odium shifted their Primary attribute to closer align with his shard and align less with Honors. This usually resulted in an almost inversion of the attribute. SPECIFICALLY I THINK ONLY THE PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE WAS BROKEN/TWISTED. Below I will show what I think the attribute shifted to after the Devine attribute. Herald. Primary Divine Attribute. Secondary Divine Attribute. Jezrien. Protecting. (Submission) Leading Nale. Just. (Arbitrary)(Judgement) Confident Chanarach. Brave. Obedient Vedel. Loving. Healing Paliah. Learned. Giving Shalash. Creative. (Destructive) Honest Battar. Wise. Careful Kalak. Resolute. (Weak-willed) Builder Talenel. Dependable. (Erratic) Resourceful Ishar. Pious. (Traitorous) Guiding These are based off of what we have seen or heard in the books so far. These are not perfect words, but the 17th shard manymind will probably come up with better. There are some subtle indications that only 9 of the 10 fool's have a strong history or mythology. Here is one concerning Lyft and pancakes. I think I subconsciously connected Lyft's silly quest to eat all 10 Pancakes with the 10 fool's. Research could not find a direct correlation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jezrien gives up on protecting humanity personally, submits to the Will of the group, and sacrifices Talenel to uphold the entire oathpact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nale shifts from Just- working within the accepted standards of right and wrong to Arbitrary- following the rule of law without regards to morality.....he goes straight lawful evil. From Edgedancer Chapter 9, page 596 Arcanum Unbound, location 8565 Judgement not Justice. From Edgedancer Chapter 9, page 596 Arcanum Unbound, location 8565 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shalash is pretty clear with her running around destroying art, and significantly art that depicts her and other heralds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kalak is in no way resolute when Jezrien meets him. He is in fact very weak willed, confessing that he cannot go back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Talenel (if it really is him) comes back a broken man, highly erratic and unable to perform his duties as the Herald of War. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ishar formed the Knights Radiant originally, he led the Bondsmiths. He was also the one who promulgated the traitorous idea that 1 Herald could support the Oathpact. From Edgedancer: And And ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5) We know there were not literally 99 desolation. I suspect there were 9. One each time Odium broke a Herald. Then the next time that Herald would not be tortured as hard so that about her would break first. Nine also being the number of Odium I believe would work well with this. After the Oathpact was discarded, Odium let humanity rewrite Roshar's history and religion in preparation for the Final Desolation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6) The corruption of the 9 Heralds weakened Honor, but the Knights Radiant provided some support, until the Day of Requience when they abandoned all their oaths. Honor shattered shortly after. I have to go back and find some more quotes and WOB to fully support some of this, but I will edit them in as I find them.
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    Hey guys! Tor.com is releasing all of Part One of Oathbringer in the coming weeks, until its release. Each week, we'll have a new thread for discussing the week's chapters, so we thought it'd be a good idea to make a topic compiling each of the Tor.com posts with the chapters, and our relevant 17S discussion topics. Keep in mind that we'll set it up so that, say, the topic on Chapters 4-6 will obviously contain info from previous chapters. But that isn't terribly surprising I'll pin the most recent week's discussion thread, I'm thinking. If you'd like older readings from throughout the year on Oathbringer, you can look at the old topic here, but I imagine these chapters will be the final versions of those scenes. Oathbringer Preview Chapters Prologue Prologue Discussion Chapters 1-3 Chapters 1-3 Discussion Chapters 4-6 Chapters 4-6 Discussion Chapters 7-9 Chapters 7-9 Discussion Chapters 10-12 Chapters 10-12 Discussion Chapters 13-15 Chapters 13-15 Discussion Chapters 16-18 Chapters 16-18 Discussion Chapters 19-21 Chapters 19-21 Discussion Chapters 22-24 Chapters 22-24 Discussion Chapters 25-27 Chapters 25-27 Discussion Chapters 28-30 Chapters 28-30 Discussion Chapters 31-32 Chapters 31-32 Discussion Interlude 3 Interlude 3 Discussion Released Interludes Ardent Alista Soulcaster Kaza
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    So we get a little bit more information on Tezim, the God-Priest of Tukar in chapter 8. His claiming to be an "Aspect of the Almighty" strongly implies he thinks he's a sliver of Honor - what are people's thoughts? I know some people had already been speculating that he might be a herald. Here are the quotes we have on Tezim, for those needing a refresher: So we know he's the leader of the Tukari, he's trying to conquer Sesemalex Dar, Mraize is worried about him and thinks he's probably not human, and he's a "god-priest" claiming to be an "Aspect of the Almighty." Update 10/18: And we know that he calls himself "Herald of Heralds and bearer of the Oathpact." And here are the WoB I could find: Thoughts with this admittedly very limited info? I personally think that him being Ishar or Jezrien is a bit too obvious for Brandon, although the aspect of the almighty line sure makes it sound like he's a sliver.
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    Welp, didn't take long to get a WoB on this: Ishar & Ash on the front endsheets Jezrien & Vedel on the back ones
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    He would definitely fit the mold. Alright, so you wanted it, here it is. One snap-shot of Maxal's unbelievable epic and completely filled with dignity (or not) youthful adventures Today's chapter is "How to land a date with the nerdy guy with the glasses and the side-burns?". It's quite long come to think of it, so I'll put it in spoilers. Also, it contains mature content relating to events and alcohol, but nothing graphic or inappropriate, though some people may not enjoy it so I prefer to warn you before hand. If you are unsure, do not read or ask a friend to read it and tell you if they think it is fine. Nothing terrible in there, but I do talk of young adults night life.
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    Immediately thought of Shallan when I saw this...
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    After noticing the similar names between Kaladin and Aladdin I couldn't help imagining this happening when Kaladin first meets Syl. Syl's "Spren Like Me"
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    My theory on the memories returning is that the painrail is what is helping him remember. “I asked to have my pain taken away, and she took memories too.” If the painrail is doing it’s job and dampening the pain maybe it is breaking the nightwatchers power.
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    Seems like Dalinar finds her somewhat... Abrasive.
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    Welcome to Cosmere clickbait! A few of my favorites.. You'll never guess what we found on Roshar What really happened to Kelsier after his career Ten ways to know if you really are invested This five quotes will take your breath away!! Continue this shaders!!
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    I cant believe Jezrien lets her out of the house dressed like that..
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    I really enjoyed how Dalinar immediately considered the possibility that the Dustbringer might be wielding a Honorblade instead of being a Radiant. It's nice having main characters with critical thinking abilities!
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    Its the Desolation Paparazzi who stalked the Heralds all those years ago. The Heralds grew sick and tired of it, and broke the Oathpact. The paparazzi then went after the Radiants instead, and thus caused the Recreance. The Skybreakers remained because they knew how to sue the paparazzi and thus earned money from them.
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    The news just keeps coming for Oathbringer (it's like a book is coming out soon or something), and we now have Oathbringer's UK Tour Dates, which we haven't quite known for a while. And today, Barnes and Noble tweeted out some images of Oathbringer's endpages, which then we got the glorious, full art from Tor.com. We also know exactly who they are now, but maybe you find that to be a bit spoilery, so scroll onward to find out more and to read our analysis on these. Let's start with the UK tour, though. Oathbringer's UK Tour Tuesday 28th November: 6pm, Signing at Forbidden Planet London Wednesday 29th November: 12:30pm Signing at Waterstones Birmingham, and 6:30pm Talk and Signing at Waterstones Liverpool Friday 1st December: 12:30pm Signing at Waterstones Leeds, and 6:30pm Talk and Signing at Blackwells Newcastle Saturday 2nd December: 12:30pm Signing at Waterstones Edinburgh, and 6:30pm Talk and Signing at Waterstones Glasgow If you are planning to go to a signing, go to our Events and Signings forum, find the event you're going to (each has its own topic) and say so We'd love to know! Oathbringer Endpages But the big news for everyone is these glorious Oathbringer endpages. Tor.com posted the full images, and they are amazing. The are made by Dan Dos Santos (who did the Warbreaker cover art). Brandon said on Reddit these are in-world representations of the Heralds Ishar and Ash (Shalash): Here's Ishar, with a Bondsmith glyph on his robes. (Which is sensible, since he's the patron of the Order of Bondsmiths.) In the background there are the three moons of Roshar. In front of him, there's... followers? Does this seem culty to any of you? Here you can see Ash with her Makabaki skin tone. What's cool about Ash here is that she's the Herald of Beauty, and you can see that this is pretty risque! That translucent dress, with that barely covered safehand! The attention to detail is astonishing. There are garnet earrings, evoking her being the patron of the Lightweavers. There's also the masks, which could represent illusions. Awesome. Best part? The back endpages of Oathbringer will have Jezrien and Vedel, and are made by another artist. Brandon will tweet pictures of it when he gets his final copy! Nice.
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    Some fun stuff in this week's chapters. Mraize has an aviar. It's gotta be an aviar. I wonder what it does, though? I'll need to check if its description matches either of the aviar powers we've seen. Mraize refers to the "listeners." No humans call them that - they call them parshmen or Parshendi. I take that as further evidence he's an offworlder, although it could mean he's just ancient. This short glimpse into the Ghostblood's motives, of playing both sides against one another, makes me think of Hoid's earlier statement that he would let this world burn to get what he wanted. What are the Ghostbloods up to? The mystery of Urithiru is something that a lot of people had caught on to, so it's nice to have something out in the open. I think that it will tie in with the murders, like we discussed a few weeks ago, either something about the city or a murderous spren. Man, I just can't get it out of my head that this Voidspren isn't a Voidspren. Syl has been hiding, so she hasn't actually interacted with her. And everything she does... well, if we hadn't been told she was a Voidspren, I wouldn't have thought she was one. She definitely knows Kaladin is a Radiant, why he can sense the storms. And the emphasis on stone in her manner of movement makes me think she's a cousin to something like a stonespren, the same way Syl is cousin to windspren. So, I'm holding out for a reveal that this spren is actually a Radiant spren, but returning back to the listeners instead of bonding Radiants. (Still holding a grudge over the Recreance.) The eyes on the Voidspren are interesting, in that they aren't typical Rosharan eyes. They're like Shin eyes... but the Shin don't have spren, so she can't be a Shin spren. I guess it's because she's a Splinter of Odium, so she (and other Voidspren) are driven by Rayse's perception of humanity. Dalinar wonders why he's healing. We've all been there, bro. Nice to get a Dustbringer. There would have to be a lot going on behind the scenes for her to have an Honorblade, and she is from Vedenar (not Kharbranth), so I think she's for real, not a trick of Taravangian's. Let's see some Division action! More Surges!
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    Waxillium is not throwing away his shot.
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    MR25: Lowborn Intrigue "Brightness Ialai, a Brightlord Vendel has requested to see you." a guard informed Ialia, wife of Highprince Sadeas. "Send him in," she replied. Curious. I haven't seen Vendel in quite some time, Ialai thought. A middle-aged man entered the room soon after. He had dark hair slicked back down to his shoulders, and light green eyes. "Cousin Vendel, it's a surprise to see you here at the Shattered Plains," Ialai said as he approached. "I thought you were at Kharbranth?" "That's because I was," Vendel said gruffly. "Until that storming Taravangian had me banished for...practicing on some patients of his. I don't know what had him so upset. It was only a couple of darkeyes. The experiments weren't even fatal! ...for all of them," he added under his breath. "I see..." replied Ialai. "And what is your purpose for coming here?" "Well, I heard that you have quite a large army here. I figured you could spare a few of them to help me with my research," he said. "And what do I gain from sacrificing some of my husbands men to your, what was it? Ah, yes, your research?" she asked. "I'll share my findings with you. Some of my products have shown excellent promise," Vendel said proudly. "I suppose that could be useful to me," she said with a thoughtful expression. I think this could be very useful indeed, she thought. "Alright, you will have your men. But it won't be any of our fighting men. That would be wasteful. No, you can speak with Sadeas and he'll give you command of a Bridge Crew. We can't let you do your experiments out in the open, so you'll have to be careful with how you do them. I'd suggest bribing some of the bridge crew to administrate your...products, so no blame will be placed to you," she said. And if they show promise, they'll be of far more use to me than you ever will, she thought to herself, smiling slightly. I can always use more spies. "A brilliant idea!" Vendel exclaimed. "I knew coming to you was the right idea. You have my thanks, Brightness. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go speak with Brightlord Sadeas about that Bridge crew..." he said as he bowed and left the room. The Game Spies and Poisoining Roles Messages Action Order And that's the game! I thought I'd let the Bridge number be up to the players, so decide what you want before the game starts and I'll go with that(please don't go too high or low ). I wanted to go with a Bridge crew, since I thought it'd be funner than just sticking with the same story as MR8(although I did steal some things directly from MR8 since I'm rushing things a bit >>). I also thought you all might have fun coming up with criminal(or not) backstories for how you got to be a bridge crew member. Sign-ups will last until October 19th(not sure about a specific time). I'll be on vacation until the 17th, so I might not respond to questions or anything until then. Also, no promises that everything in the game is covered in the rules. Player list: 1. Darkness (Nuatoma Akihiko) 2. Randuir (Tenodin) 3. Straw (An Explosive Gerbil) 4. Brightness Radiant (undecided) 5. Hemalurgic Headshot (Kurt Barnacles) 6. Jondesu (Div) 7. Sami (Reddathan) 8. Roadwalker (Silver Feather) 9. Drake Marshall (Pashul) 10. Lemonelon (Ellenie) 11. StrikerEZ (Ardenal) 12. Walin (Nerkel) 13. Arinian (blank) 14. Sart (Mortago) 15. Megasif (Kohl) 16. OrlokTsubodai (Locke Tekiel) 17. Manukos (manukosokunam) 18. Eternum (Deral) 19. Shqueeves (Melb) 20. Joe in a Bush (Jost Joslin) Quick Links:
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    I think there is some serious misdirection about what is going on with voidspren. I don't believe that the yellow spren which Kaladin sees guiding the listeners is of Odium. Either it's not actually a voidspren, or perhaps there is a larger confusion about what voidspren and voidbringers are in the first place. Toward the end of WoR, we saw what a bad spren does to Eshonai. Those chapters are suffused with a feeling of dread - it's powerful, scary stuff. I don't get anything like that vibe from the recent Kaladin chapters. Sure, the yellow spren hasn't bonded any listeners yet, but why not? It had plenty of opportunities. Actually it seems to have been advising them well, eg. keeping them safe from the Everstorm. The yellow spren doesn't trust Kaladin, and Syl doesn't trust it, but this is similar to the initial suspicion between Syl and Pattern. Yellow spren just smells different to what Venli did to Eshonai. Bigger picture, I don't buy the whole Parshendi-as-voidbringer theory. That doesn't fit with the slavery theme (including aftermath of what having previously been enslaved does to a society) that Brandon is starting to explore. There probably was massive war between humans and listeners in the past, but it wasn't a simple Odium-corrupted-the-listeners-so-they-are-bad thing - instead Odium played both sides off against each other, causing massive damage where none was needed. Odium surely had a few agents under his direct control (on both sides of the conflict) and would have been able to indirectly influence far more (eg. the Thrill), but the vast majority of the combatants on both sides were misled rather than directly evil. So my prediction: The yellow spren is not the same as the one that Eshonai bonded Yellow spren is not of Odium Eshonai's spren is of Odium Much of what people remember as "voidbringers" or "voidspren" is incorrect, and really just means "the other side from that huge unnecessary conflict" Kaladin's next task will be to figure this out, and help Dalinar understand what "unite them" really means
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    I just asked Barnes & Nobles, and they said that the endpapers have pictures of 4 Heralds.
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    I misread a certain topic title as "Musical Adaptation of Way of Kings", so guys. We're doing this. What would the Cosmere books be like as a musical? Anyone got any ideas for songs? Inb4 'Defying Gravity' as Windrunner!Kaladin's big solo number
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    It seems that Syl is unfamiliar with the yellow spren. She also may not have any intuitive feeling about them. The inception of the idea that the yellow spren are Voidspren actually seems to come from Kaladin. At least, the idea isn't given to him by Syl, as an intuition or memory of hers. Syl is not necessarily detecting or describing anything about the other spren - she may simply be deducing that these "must be" Voidspren as Kaladin is, or accepting his deduction as correct. The fact that she calls it "that other spren" implies that it is a type Syl is encountering for the first time. With the Cryptics, Syl remembered their name and something of their nature even before encountering Pattern in the Physical Realm. She also exhibited a strong feeling regarding them right away. When she first saw Pattern she could identify what type of spren he was, then remembered more about Cryptics' nature afterwards. If she remembers that much about Cryptics from having known them in the Cognitive Realm, I think she would remember something about the yellow spren if she had known them. And she almost certainly would have told Kaladin right off the bat what kind of spren they are if she knew. Some of Syl's intuitions seem to be pre-conscious emotional memories from her time in the Cognitive Realm. Those memories first manifest as immediate, visceral reactions to things she encounters in the Physical Realm, that she can't explain at first. The exact judgment she makes of Cryptics seems to confirm this. Syl calls Cryptics: This fits the biases and opinions she would have developed living as an Honorspren interacting with Cryptics in the CR. Honorspren and Liespren are contrary, and are in a complex conflict according to Jasnah, but have also fought against Odium together with their respective orders of KR. Likewise, Syl knew in the CR that most Shardblades are dead spren, and even before she remembers this in the PR, she has an immediate visceral reaction against Shardblades. With the yellow spren, she doesn't seem to exhibit an immediate visceral reaction. For the first while after encountering the yellow spren, she just seems to just be hiding her nature from an unfamiliar higher spren. The timing of her later fearful reaction implies that she may be reacting in that moment to the idea that this "must be" a Voidspren. Syl also has intuitions about things she hasn't encountered before, like when she first sees the red spren. The contrast in her reactions to red spren and the yellow spren highlights the issue: With the red spren, Syl expresses an intuition about them right away, as being "dangerous." With the yellow spren, she doesn't express or show any immediate feelings towards them except caution and maybe suspicion - and as Syl is cautious and suspicious with Pattern, suspicion from Syl towards another spren does not equal that spren being of Odium. Maybe Syl did have an intuition of her own regarding the yellow spren, and Kaladin just beat her to the punch in expressing it because they couldn't talk much. Can't know that for certain though, and at the least the contrast highlights how Syl didn't express an intuition of her own regarding the yellow spren. The yellow spren may still be Voidspren. Maybe that is why Syl is unfamiliar with them. But I don't think anything has said about them can be taken as an indication of their nature.
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    I made this and this thread seemed to be the best place to put it, so here we are: "Do You Want to Forge the Emperor?" *Disclaimer: I used the pronunciation of Shai that rhymed with "bye" because I thought it sounded better.
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    I don't think this will be the case, but can you imagine Dalinar's reaction if it were? His brother, and two of his former allies, we're in one secret society, his bodyguard and future daughter-in-law were secret Knights Radiant, his son is a Truthwatcher, Wit is...Wit. "Is there anyone around here who is NOT a part of a secret society? Anyone?!"
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    So, lets say that there is, hypothetically, an Unmade lurking in Urithiru. Let's say Shallan finds it. Then what are they going to do about it? It is a powerful, evil Odiumspren. Our main action hero, the go-to guy when it comes to fighting these kinds of things, is currently away road-tripping with pseudo-Voidbringers and wierd yellow spren. Our remaining Radiants are either not that great when it comes to combat (Shallan), untrained (Dalinar) or both (Renarin). Then we have Adolin, with plate and blade, our new Dustbringer, Malata, whose abilities, skills and allegiances we are uncertain about at this point, Taln, who is good at mumbling mantras, Mraize, who can potentially engage the Unmade with a chicken and a blowgun, and Sadeas corpse, which I guess can be thrown at the Unmade in times of great need. My point is, do the people in Urithiru, even if they pool their skills and resources together, have the strenght to tackle an Unmade, if they find one?
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    It's almost like Brandon is writing a plot or something.
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    The whole "smarter than I" thing in the epigraph feels like Taravangian to me. He has also spoken about being a heretic, and is a popurarly suggested proto-Bondsmith. This is the Bondsmith book. And Taravangian already feels dumb, on some days, and if he discovers some glaring hole in the Diagram, he will feel even dumber.
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    Pineapple on Pizza is a gift to the world. We will not be Silenced or Shamed
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    I noticed something interesting in a SoS reread last night. At the end of chapter 7, Wax goes in to interrogate Rian, the spiked man who tried to shoot Winsting. Here's a rough quote: Two chapters later it is revealed that Rian was spiked by some unknown metal (likely trellium). In that same chapter, Wax hears a voice in his head while wearing his earring. In both cases, Wax assumes that the voice he hears is Paalm. But... does that really make sense? There's really no precedent for a person (including kandra) to talk to somebody via Hemalurgy. Isn't it much more likely that some other Shard is at work? "Someone else moves us lawman." Given the context revealed in BoM, doesn't it seem likely that Trell is at work here? In fact, I'd like to go even a step further. I'm reading this in the context of the new info released with AU, where we learned that (1) Bavadin is female (technically, at least) and (2) Autonomy is away from Taldain, meddling somewhere else. This context made the "she" stand out to me. What if "she"=Trell=Autonomy? I'm not super familiar with Era 2 Mistborn, so help me out if I'm missing something in all of this. Isn't Paalm's message and mission about "freeing" Scadrial from Harmony's control? How certain are we that Paalm is acting completely on her own here? She IS spiked by some unknown metal. Presumably trellium. Are we really sure that she wasn't (at least partially) under the influence of another Shard? A Shard who wants to divorce a planet from the control of Harmony? Remember: "Someone else moves us lawman."
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    During the Arcanum Unbounded short story The Eleventh Metal, right after the fight between kelsier and shezler, Gemmel walks over and: "Carefully and meticulously selected a fork from the fallen tools and other scattered laboratory remains. He smiled and chuckled to himself. 'Now that is a fork.' He shoved it into his pocket." Earlier gemmel tells kelsier that their goal for the evening was in the basement. While we interpret this via kelsier to mean that the goal was to fight a mistborn for his training. But i think that was just a side benefit for the evening and that gemmel's true goal was to get this fork. We know that shezler is attempting to snap these skaa and manifest more allomantic abilities through beatings and torture. Is it possible that this fork is a makeshift torture implement that is tearing off bits of investiture and gaining charge? I believe there is a WoB or theory talking about how gemmel may have been muttering and conversing with ruin because of some embedded shrapnel or just his madness allowing ruin to communicate with him. If this fork did have hemalurgic properties to it, then it may have been a powerful tool in the hands of an agent of ruin. Perhaps in the next mistborn novels we will encounter someone who gained abilities from the fork of power!! Discuss.
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    The most majestic green chicken of them all.
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    @Skyline I will try to explain the reason everyone are saying your theory is mostly impossible: - Issue n.0) The whole theory is based on the assumption of a Cross-Magical Knowledge and the detail of a complex Magic System like the Hemalurgy is. IF the Issue n.0 is solved we assumed Taln has the knowledge to craft a Hemalurgic Spike and the general understanding of Hemalurgy at all - Issue n.1) A so Invested object as an Honorblade is extremely hard to affect with magic and therefore turning into a Spike (by the way, the form isn't relevant in Hemalurgy, you may use a spoon in Hemalurgy if you want...it's just harder to pierce someone with it) IF the Issue n.0 and n.1 are solved and therefore is possible to have Hemalugy charge into an Honorblade. - Issue n.2) The hipotetical Honorblade's charge will be mostly depleted by Desolation into Desolation...So Taln kills someone every time for this quite useless trick. Much more I see some problem to pierce someone with an Honorblade (an object that Destroys the Soul) to gain an intact and functional Soul's piece (but this last thing is debatable). IF the Issue n.0 and n.1 and n.2 are solved and therefore we have an Honorblade with Hemalurgic Charge (from here called Honorblade-Spike) - Issue n.3) A Thunderclast has not bindpoints as far as we know. Blood is important for Hemalurgy and a Thunderclast is just animated rock. IF all the issues are solved and both the Honorblade-Spike and Thunderclast are avaliable. - Issue n.4) Why piercing a Thunderclast with the Spike will turn it under your control ? (by the way good luck in keeping something like a Shardblade strucks into something). The Hemalurgy's fault that allow to control Hemalurgy pierced being simply installs a Backdoor but doesn't give you any actual power to control the being. So Taln will have no way to control a Spiked being. There is also the problem with the number of Spikes...The weakest beings we know in the regard of Hemalurgy's fault require two Spikes. Controlling a Spren would took much more than that. Lastly Taln has the need to keep grabbing the Honorblade to keep his Surgebinding's power. Leave the Blade into a thunderclast is an awful idea but this is tangential to the fattibility of the theory. I hope to have clarified a bit the situation
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    Okay, here's what I'm basing this theory on. First, from what I understand, we know that Hoid was present, at the Shattering of Adonalsium. Next, we know that Hoid was offered a Shard, and refused to take it. (please note that this is my personal understanding, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) Now, here's my evidence. This all comes from the chapter heading of Part 4 of WoR. These chapter headings are a letter from Frost to Hoid, in reply to Hoid's letter to Frost, through the chapter headings of one of the parts of TWoK. Here are my quotes: "Is not the destruction we have wrought enough? The worlds you now tread bear the touch and design of Adonalsium. Our interference so far has brought nothing but pain." (Chapter 66, "Stormblessings") This seems to me to be Frost expressing grief over causing the Shattering of Adonalsium. Because what else would happen if your God was killed, than chaos? "However, it seems to me that all things have been set up for a purpose, and if we--as infants-- stumble through the workshop, we risk exacerbating, not preventing, a problem." (Chapter 68, "Bridges") This, to me, seems to imply that they countered Adonalsium's diving design, in shattering him. "He bears the weight of God's own diving hatred, separated from the virtues that gave it context. He is what we made him to be, old friend. And that is what he, unfortunately, wished to become. (Chapter 71, "Vigil") This I think, is the most telling of the quotes. "He is what we made him to be..." How else would they have made Rayse full of hatred, than Shattering Adonalsium, and giving him the Shard of Odium? You, however, have never been a force for equilibrium. You tow chaos behind you like a corpse dragged by one leg through the snow. Please, hearken to my plea. Leave that place and join me in my oath of nonintervention. (Chapter 74, "Striding the Storm") Let me refer back to the first quote, "Our interference has brought nothing but pain." Although this could be referring in general, to Hoid's interference in important events, but based on the context and the other quotes, I'm going to go with he sowed chaos by Shattering Adonalsium. More Implications: If Hoid directly shattered Adonalsium, with the help of Frost, and neither of them received a Shard (I'm assuming Frost isn't a Shard), then it was in order to prevent some terrible thing from happening, not to grow in power. (Although I'm sure that those who helped him had that as at least a secondary motive.) Conclusion: Hoid shattered Adonalsium, with the help of Frost.
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    I just stumbled across this, and feel the need to share it somewhere.
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    You missed the color
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    Kaladin sings Defying Gravity pretty much verbatim.
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    I'll probably fail my upcoming tests since I'll be too busy reading...
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    Today, Helen Maringer from Shire Post Mint has graciously spent her time to give us an interview. The Shire Post Mint has a Kickstarter on making Mistborn coins, and it's been funded eight times over now. It ends on October 28th. The latest stretch goal would mean you get free clips blackened with ash. Check it out! If you'd like to know more, you can also look at our original article showing off all the coins. Thank you to Helen and Shire Post Mint for doing this, and making awesome coins! What made you want to make fantasy coins in the first place as your business? Tom Maringer was a coin and stamp collector as a kid, so he always had an affinity for world coins. He traveled with his parents as a kid, mainly through Europe, and he often said that looking at and feeling the coins in his pocket was the best way he could “ground himself” and really feel that sense of place while in the midst of all these new experiences. Later, when he read The Lord of the Rings the first time, there was a line about silver Pennies when the Hobbits bought Bill the Pony. He wanted to know what those pennies looked like and that feeling never really went away. In the 70’s and 80’s, Tom worked as a blacksmith making custom knives and swords. He mentioned once to a friend that he’d like to make coins someday and within a few hours he was in possession of an old (1700s-1800s) screw press used for making coins. After lots of trial and error, he made a silver Penny to finally know what it looked and felt like. It could have stopped there, but when he posted a photo online to show some friends, there was an overwhelming response to the coin. Shortly after in 2003, he was put in contact with George R.R. Martin and began making coins for Westeros and Essos, including The Iron Coin of the Faceless Man, of course. At this point, Shire Post Mint was still a weekend hobby for Tom. It wasn’t until the massive success of HBO’s Game of Thrones that website traffic and orders picked up and Tom made the decision to develop the mint as his full time business. Since then, the business has developed coins from more licenses including The Lord of the Rings which is close to Tom’s heart. Shire Post Mint now has 7 employees, 4 of whom are in the Maringer family. So we’re still a small company, but huge compared to how it started. How was it working with Brandon and his team on these coins? They’re great to work with. They had specific ideas about how these coins would look and feel from the beginning. While that sounds like it would make the process more difficult, it actually simplified it. We have a lot of flexibility in our shop in terms of what type of coins we can make, so clear direction leads to a more satisfying coin at the end. What got you interested in doing Mistborn coins in particular? It’s a perfect partnership for us! Any time there are coins in fictional books, we start thinking of how we could make them a reality. Brandon created the coins in Mistborn to function as weapons and a method of transit on top of the standard function as currency. This is a really unique treatment of coins and we love that. From working with George R.R. Martin’s work, we know that any time a coin is specifically mentioned, there is a lot more interest and excitement compared to a really cool coin that just happens to exist. Plus the metal-based Allomancy of Mistborn is close to our hearts. Tom’s dad is a metallurgist and Tom himself has a degree in Geology and has worked in the mining industry, so everyone here at the mint grew up being a metal nerd. We see a lot of subtle differences in the Era 1 vs Era 2 coins such as weathering, wear and tear, and more irregularities in the Era 1 coins compared to the more modern, uniform quality of Era 2. What was it like to explore two points in history from the same world? In short: it was really cool. In our past coins, we incorporated a lot of nods to the history and styles of coinage through time, sometimes changing styles within worlds to highlight those differences. This is the first project where those differences have been so clear. I think this project has also been one of the best uses of our unique shop in terms of exploring those small differences and bringing them out in the metal. We brought out those differences in a few ways: engraving, minting, and patina. Woody Maringer, our engraver, used different engraving styles to translate Isaac and Ben’s artwork into the steel of the coin die. On the Era 1 coins, he left the Steel Alphabet symbols a little rougher. The copper symbol on the clip is the best example of these engraving differences: on the Era 1 Clip, the symbol isn’t smooth, it’s more like if you carved a symbol into wood with scissors. On the Era 2 Clip, however, the surface of the metal above the symbol is perfectly smooth since metalworking would be much more refined by Era 2. You can also see that the Era 1 copper symbol is engraved with the design raised up from the metal while the Era 2 copper symbol is sunk into the metal (incuse). Incuse designs are more complicated to engrave and they aren’t commonly seen in very old currency. After those designs were engraved in tool steel, they were hardened via a specific baking process and mounted into one of our antique presses. Normally, we run most of our coins on our main production press from the 1800’s but we just got a new (well, new to us) press restored that we were also able to use for this project. It’s a 110 ton knuckle press that was one of 6 presses used to make Quarters in the Denver Mint in the 1930’s! This means that were able to broadstrike the Era 1 coins on the old press and collar strike the Era 2 coins on the new press. Broadstriking is how all ancient coins were made. It’s essentially just two designs striking the metal with nothing on the sides to regulate the coin’s size or alignment. This could be done with a coin press, a drop press, a hammer, etc. Collar striking is how all modern coins are made. With this method, a metal ring is added around the coin blank and when the coin is struck, flat or ridged sides of the coin are created where the metal squishes into the collar. The collar also allows for automated feeding and faster production as all broadstruck coins have to be placed into the press by hand. Shire Post Mint has been broadstriking coins for over 15 years and no one has ever lost a finger! Hooray! As far as I know, we are the only working mint that is broadstriking our coins. It’s extra work per coin but it means we can have a lot more flexibility and authenticity in the coins we make. So the Era 1 coins have rounded edges from the metal squishing outwards via broadstriking and the Era 2 coins have those nice clean sides via collar striking. On the Era 2 Boxings we gave them an intermittent ridged edge, which is new for us! After the coins are minted they come out bright and shiny, like a fresh penny. Since that’s not the feeling that Brandon wanted, we age them with our special technique to bring out the design, darken the metal, and smooth down any sharp edges. We age the Era 1 coins to a more extreme degree since those coins have been around for (possibly) hundreds of years compared to the ones from Elendel. So, basically, we put in a lot of subtle differences that help separate these two eras in a tangible way, even if they are hard to notice. Did your approach to working on the Mistborn coins differ from how you have handled developing coins from other worlds? How was the process similar and how was it different from past projects? The biggest difference is how involved Team Sanderson was. Before designs were made, we sent them a big bag of coins that we had made in the past with varying levels of wear and patina. From those references, they were able to determine out exactly what size, thickness, and weight each coin should be. The two Boxings actually use the same blank meaning that they are exactly the same weight, but because they are minted using a different technique, they are different in thickness and diameter. The Clips are very different. The Era 1 Clip is thin and wide while the Era 2 Clip is ultra-thick, twice as heavy, and narrower. I think this choice especially relates to the idea of bounty that exists in Era 2, that the new Clip would use much more metal than the previous one. On the art, we usually create our designs in house for a variety of reasons: we know how to design for coins, we do our own research, we often design for coins and understand that specific process, it takes less time, or no one else wants to do it. With this project, the art was created by Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney who have both created lots of art in the Cosmere universe before. So overall there were more intentional choices since there had been so much thought about what the coins look and feel like before we got to the final products. If resources weren’t an issue, what object would you most like to create from the Mistborn universe? For me, the glass daggers. Tom made knives and swords before he started making coins. It would feel like a cool throwback to that part of his career, though obsidian would be a totally different beast to worked with compared to steel. Coins are fairly prominent in the Mistborn world (especially in the first trilogy); did their prominence change how you went about creating them? Did it make it easier or more difficult? Easier, absolutely. Most of the coins we make are not known objects in the books, we imagine they would look like. When designing those, we have to make lots of creative decisions based on lore, characters, world resources, and throwbacks to real world analog coins. With Mistborn, it was so much simpler, so we could focus on the really subtle details and making those shine. The Kickstarter filled up fast, so there is obviously a lot of interest in this project. What do you think is so appealing about objects like these coins to fans? I’ve thought a lot about this lately. We didn’t expect the campaign to take off quite this much, though I knew there was going to be a positive response after judging my own excitement about these coins. My new favorite Shire Post Mint coin is the Era 1 Boxing. We’ve made over 200 amazing coins, so I don’t say that lightly. The engraving of Kredik Shaw is truly a masterpiece and it feels so satisfying to hold. The Era 1 boxing. I agree, it's just amazing. Some reasons are: 1) The coins are in the books! I think fans have been imagining these coins for years whether they realized or not. We’ve learned over the years that a coin is specifically mentioned, fans are going to pay attention and be more interested (like Vin and Kelsier’s flattened Clip for example – lots of fans have asked for this). 2) It’s an immersive and expansive collectible. This is different than a referential collectible like a shirt or a mug. It comes from the world and expands it instead of simply referencing it and using art you’ve already seen. 3) Everybody knows and loves coins. Coins are one of the few objects that transcend language, culture, and geography. There is so much meaning and information wrapped up in every coin like who or what is depicted, the art styles, the weight and feel, what the metal is, etc. Most people that I talk to had a coin collection at some point in their life. 4) Cosmere fans in general. You’d think that since we make stuff for big fandoms like A Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings that we are used to ravenous fans. In a way we are, but fans have never engaged with us and given such positive feedback before. Brandon’s worlds and the fans around them are truly something special. Where did the idea with sending some coins to space come from? We’ve done one previous space flight with Earth to Sky Calculus, with ten Iron Coins of the Faceless Man. It’s a really cool organization that uses these sponsored balloon flights to do research with students to measure solar radiation levels in the upper atmosphere. They recently flew 11 different weather balloons across the US to document the moon’s shadow on Earth during the recent solar eclipse. So they were on my mind while building the Kickstarter and a lightbulb just kinda clicked. Then Dylan said level could be called the Cosmerenaut and we were like “we gotta do it.” After that, we were able to bring Wyrmwood Gaming into the project to create the fantastic Bolivian Rosewood display boxes and Brandon was able to sign the certificates of authenticity amidst all of his upcoming Oathbreaker release duties. It all just worked perfectly. Would you be interested in teaming up with a glass smelter to create Rosharan currency? YES. We have ideas about what those would look and feel like, but finding the right smelters for the job is going to be tough since we’re picky. Recommendations are welcome
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    From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    Here is my depiction of the Double Eye, with the glyphs for the Knights Radiant orders. Created with the Cycles rendering engine.

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

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    As me Da' always used to say, "Finish your food son. There are people starving in the world. And if they eat you one day, the more of you there is to eat, the less of your friends they'll need to eat." No, my favorite is: Call a Jack a Jack. Call a Spade a Spade. But always call a whore a Lady. They have a hard life and it doesn't hurt to be polite.
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