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    While reading the Stormlight Archive books, I realized that spren are 'real life' emoticons. So naturally I made some emoticons involving spren. To use an emote, copy the link next to it in the parentheses and paste it into your post. You can also right-click the link and choose "Copy Link Location", then paste it in your message. 17thshard.com forums allow you to load pictures into your posts by pasting the URL of the image into the post's content. It may be helpful to save a .txt file in notepad with all of the links you prefer to use in order to copy and paste elsewhere. Also, more cosmere-themed emoticons are under construction. Enjoy: Alespren (http://i.imgur.com/ktwO0cb.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/bbMSt3L.png) Angerspren (http://i.imgur.com/D6J6xRU.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/cCqVYgw.png) Anticipationspren (http://i.imgur.com/BM44BrV.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/1tjwhIn.png) Awespren (http://i.imgur.com/3YfOz4J.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/VkpiJTb.png) Awespren (canon) (https://i.imgur.com/7C8wANr.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/9xD7XH0.png) Bindspren (https://i.imgur.com/2tmDaoQ.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/32yBzwl.png) Coldspren (https://i.imgur.com/uOFJI3L.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/e137yIJ.png) Creationspren (http://i.imgur.com/THDwKRq.gif) and static versions (https://i.imgur.com/8lMJI4Z.png), (https://i.imgur.com/1bSjE7G.png), and (https://i.imgur.com/AH8WdWC.png) Fearspren (http://i.imgur.com/fwkGdLK.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/RTfcvUl.png) Gloryspren (http://i.imgur.com/IiBDG5u.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/60gRN2F.png) (alternate version) (http://i.imgur.com/0rFKCWU.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/844IBnV.png) I edited the laughterspren to make it more visible, but left the old one up so links aren't broken: Laughterspren (https://i.imgur.com/HLCjBvQ.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/YcigcGe.png) (alternate) (https://i.imgur.com/UVYzqQB.gif) and static version (https://i.imgur.com/IFaGQje.png) (old) (http://i.imgur.com/dk9SAg9.gif) (dark version) (http://i.imgur.com/twskx1S.gif) Shardblade (http://i.imgur.com/6tU3gRQ.gif) and static versions (https://i.imgur.com/PVjEeQv.png) and (https://i.imgur.com/6UkYJJG.png)
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    Mistborn Spoilers Warbreaker Spoilers Stormlight Archive Minor Spoilers
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    After an extended wait, It's finally here! THE WAY OF KINGS PART 2- THE SADESHANK REDEMPTION Adolin: Well off to kill the ChasmFiend. (The DISTRACTION for the CHASMFIEND FAILS. SEVERAL HUNDRED EXTRAS die horribly.) Dalinar: We must protect the civies. Quickly, charge the monster! Sadeas: Stupid civies, can’t even dodge a ChasmClaw. Elhokar: I’ve stubbed my toe! This is an assassination attempt! (The CHASMFIEND attempts to CRUSH the KING. DALINAR CATCHES the CHASMCLAW while FORESHADOWING. The CHASMFIELD cannot TAKE THE HEAT, and DIES) Dalinar: Looks like I made... ChasmCakes. Elhokar: Did you see me stub my toe! Someone tried to kill me Dalinar:... And that’s your first concern? MEANWHILE, at the WARCAMPS Kaladin: ALL RIGHT, MAGGOTS. LISTEN UP! FROM THIS DAY ON, WE’RE GOING TO BE THE BEST BRIDGE CREW ON THESE SODDING PLAINS. FIRST, WE’LL. Teft: Nobody cares. (KALADIN picks up and carries a PLANK.) Kaladin: (Muttering) This will show them. It’ll show them all! LATER (KALADIN visits an APOTHECARY) Kaladin: I’d like to buy some antiseptic, please. Apothecary: Can’t build bridge with no spheres. Why did the parshman cross the road? Kaladin: On second thought, I’ll make my own. MEANWHILE, IN THE DESOLATION Dalinar: Where am I? Is this another of those stupid visions. Little Girl: Daddy, I’m scared of the Voidbringers. (The VOIDBRINGERS attack. DALINAR picks up LITTLE GIRL) Dalinar: I danna want no trabble. (The VOIDBRINGERS attack. DALINAR beats them up with a LADDER. While doing so, His SHIRT EXPLODES, forcing him to expose his SAFEABBS) Knights Radiant: We’ll take it from here, citizen! Dalinar: Why am I here? Why is this happening THE ALMIGHTY?: THE FORSAKEN ARE FREE. Dalinar: What you say? THE ALMIGHTY?: THE PORTAL IS OPEN. THE DRAGON IS REBORN. Dalinar: Is he trying to say something? THE ALMIGHTY: 地獄、ばか。おそらくあなたはそれが良いアイデアと思われるものを作ることができる Dalinar: Maybe this means I should trust Sadeas! LATER (KALADIN lies in bed, listening to his FABRIAL-SDAT.) Kaladin: Do I get up? I should, but if I do, I'll probably get half the bridge killed. Rock: Stupid Wetlander. Can’t even get out of bed. Kaladin: I must keep training! How are the wounded? (KALADIN puts on SURGICAL GLOVES and a MASK. He proceeds to EXAMINE the wounded BRIDGEMEN, who he is carrying on a PLANK. Kaladin: I need antiseptic, or Mummy Rot will set in. Mummy Rot is the last thing we need. AT THE FEAST Adolin: The rock the king stubbed his toe on was definitely moved. However, all the Geologists we’ve consulted say that it was probably an accident. Dalinar: Storms! If only there were someone trained both in Investigating Murders and magic. They’d probably do a better job than us warrior-nobles. Harry Dresden: Here’s my card. I take paper or plastic. Dalinar: Do you take spheres? Harry Dresden: No. Elhokar: In light of the recent attempt on my life, I’m appointing the shifty who’d probably seize the throne in the event of my death to investigate the attempt on my life. Because we all know that soldiers make great cops. AT BRIDGE FOUR Teft: Breakin’ Rocks in the Hot Sun! Syl: I fought the law and, the law won. Kaladin: Enough singing. The last thing we want is to turn this into a musical. Now let’s pick some dandelions knobweed for my genius plan! Syl: I have some knobweed. (SYL blushes.) Syl: It’s not like I picked it just for you or anything. I-I just picked too much this morning! IN A BATTLE, LATER (DALINAR beats up PARSHENDI) Dalinar: Boom! Pow! Building kick! Explosion! (The PARSHENDI die.) Dalinar: I’ve kill so many of the inhuman monstrosities that murdered my liege. Now I feel terrible! AFTER THAT Gaz: Time for Chasm Duty! (The BRIDGEMEN groan.) Kaladin: I found a spear. (KALADIN does some advanced SPEAR-FU. PARSHENDI NINJAS come out of nowhere and attack him but he BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF THEM.) Teft: ...wow. Rock: So none of you wetlanders are going to question the fact that Ninjas just appered out of nowhere, and barely even fit in this setting. Syl: Its not like I’m impressed or anything... THEN Dalinar: I think I should abdicate, bro. (NAVANI removes her SHIRT. The revelation of her HAND is SCANDALOUS.) Navani: I think that’s a terrible idea. You know what might be a good idea? Getting over [REDACTED]. Dalinar: I don’t know. But if I did, would you be my wingman? (NAVANI pouts.) So, do you want more? Do you want to see me do mistborn, or Warbreaker? Will anyone help me with my story for NaNoWriMo here? Will I stop asking questions that nobody cares about? FIND OUT NEXT TIME, in THE WAY OF KINGS PART THREE- HALF-SHARD LIFE!
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    via Imgflip Meme Maker
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    When does someone yell "Pervert!" and bring out a mallet? By the way...I want to see more. I read a bit to Brandon tonight.
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    Sanderson Elimination: Questions and Answers and Game Meta Discussion Here, as the name implies, is where to come to get all your questions answered and discuss different aspects of the game. If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to ask. If you want to discuss the virtues of certain playstyles, have at it. Topics range from the games, the metagame, the schedule, when sign ups will be, game theory, signing up to GM a game, and anything in between. If you have questions or concerns, let us and the rest of the community help! This thread is open for anyone and everyone to help provide you with answers. A few disclaimers: As usual, there is to be no discussing of currently running games. If you have a question about something occurring in a game that has not finished, please ask your GM or the Impartial Moderator for clarification. Feel free to debate and discuss topics and questions as you see fit. Just keep in mind that the Etiquette Policy is in effect even here. Treat others and their opinions with respect. If you are unsure if your question has already been asked, then ask anyway! If it has, someone will be able to link you to the relevant discussion/answer. If it hasn’t, then we’ll do our best to answer it. There is no such thing as a stupid question in this case. Even if your question has been asked before, new information may have come to light since the first time it was asked. As this thread used to be the Original General Rules thread, if you’re looking for the true start of the Q&A, that is right here.
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    You just can't handle how awesome she is.
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    What would you call a fight between two coinshots? A boxing match.
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    Another #SundaySanderson and here is Megan! (and Firefight) She's awesome!

    © Becurvello

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    Full disclosure: I am still reading Way of Kings. This meme does not reflect any upcoming twists that may make me reconsider the opinion expressed therein. Also, it probably makes me a terrible person for thinking of it.
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    Brandon’s explanation for “corrupted” Investiture – a “mixing of different Shards” – raises a question about Nightblood’s history. How could Nightblood acquire another Shard’s Investiture before he left Nalthis? Warbreaker occurs before WoK. Following is speculation built on “black smoke.” I think Nightblood isn’t some piece of “steel” shaped like a sword. I think Shashara took a “dead” spren Shardblade from Roshar when the Five Scholars visited. Honor and Cultivation are the other Investitures comprising Nightblood. Here’s the text description of Nightblood’s creation from Vasher’s point of view (Warbreaker, Kindle p. 569-70, emphasis added): Brandon further addresses this last bolded statement in his Warbreaker Annotations (emphasis added): Analysis Vasher suggests Shashara competed with Yesteel for scholarly preeminence. I think she borrowed one of Vasher’s “tricks” – she took a Shardblade home from Roshar to experiment on and told the other Scholars it was “steel.” The Scholars were among the earliest Worldhoppers. They may have heard stories of Shardblades, but didn’t know what Shardblades actually were: “Nightblood is an attempt by someone who didn’t know how Shardblades were made to create a Shardblade using a different magic system.” The other Scholars wouldn’t recognize Nightblood as a “god metal” made from a spren of Honor and/or Cultivation. They’d just accept that an unrustable hard metal is “steel.” (Or maybe Shashara shouted to her colleague, “Yes – steel!” and they misunderstood her? Da-dum…) Every other source stating Nightblood is Awakened “steel” derives from the quoted text, including fan questions and Brandon’s responses. If Nightblood really is steel, that forecloses my speculation. But maybe Shashara felt shamed Yesteel had “shown her up.” Maybe she found her own “trick” to prove herself. Consider the following evidence. 1. Brandon says Nightblood needs to feed on Investiture because he is “leaky.” But Endowment’s Investiture “sticks.” Stormlight “leaks.” Nightblood’s “black smoke” looks like the black smoke streaming from the eyes of those killed by a Shardblade. 2. 1,000 Breaths seems too few to Awaken and give consciousness to “steel.” “This process shouldn’t have worked…. Nightblood should not be alive.” Maybe 1,000 Breaths IS enough to Awaken the “dead” – unconscious – spren that comprises the Shardblade. There are two paraphrased WoBs about this that may refer to the same conversation. One says “a piece of stone or wood or cloth or plain metal” with 1,000 Breaths “needs more” to be as Invested as Nightblood. The other RAFOs a similar question. 3. “Nightblood is one of the most heavily Invested things in the cosmere that is not a Shard.” If I am right, Nightblood permanently holds the Investiture of a full Radiantspren plus Breaths equivalent to half a Returned. Radiantspren themselves constitute a large amount of Investiture: “The Investiture in a Shardblade is much greater than your average Allomancer.” Shardblades also exceed the Investiture in the Bands of Mourning. Radiantspren and Breaths both naturally bond with humans and should have no problem bonding with one another. Breaths adjust to their holder’s Identity, even when the holder is a barely Awakened spren from Roshar. Brandon says he can’t accurately compare Nightblood’s power with a Shardblade’s power, but “when he is fully consuming Investiture he can do some really freaky things.” A footnote to that WoB says, “In the past Brandon has described Nightblood as being ‘magnitudes more invested than a shardblade’.” I’ve not seen that description. “Magnitudes” implies logarithmic orders of ten. That seems unlikely unless some of the Investiture Nightblood consumes adheres to him – making him “fatter” as one poster puts it. Without seeing Brandon’s description, I’m inclined to discount the footnote. Even without absorbing new Investiture, holding a Radiantspren and half a Returned would still make Nightblood “one of the most heavily Invested things in the cosmere….” Brandon RAFOs questions about what happens to the consumed Investiture. 4. Nale treats Nightblood as the equivalent of a highspren Shardblade. Nightblood might have started as a highspren, a Skybreaker’s spren. But Shashara’s Awakening command to “Destroy Evil” permanently overwrites the spren’s original “ideal.” Discerning “evil” is Nale’s primary Divine Attribute – “Just.” “Justice” is a moral judgment, the weighing of good and evil. Nale attunes to an Investiture that wants to “Destroy Evil.” He wouldn’t have kept or given Szeth the sword if he didn’t sense the spren – and not just the Breaths or Awakened “steel” – inside Nightblood. Taln recognized Pattern inside Shallan when she visited him in the ardent hospital. 5. Nightblood “speaks” like a child, much like Syl did before her bond with Kaladin developed more fully. Vasher notices incipient maturity in Nightblood, as if Nightblood’s bond were also developing. I speculate below that Nightblood and Szeth will bond fully now that Nightblood’s back on Roshar. 6. The Frankenstein image of Nightblood as a patchwork of magics fits nicely. The full WoB is ambiguous. “A bunch of souls” might refer only to Breaths, but the "something" they are stuffed into could be a "dead" Shardblade - a spren. Szeth Will Bond Nightblood-Spren The spren constituting Nightblood is sufficiently Awake as to bond with its holders. Szeth’s soul is more broken than most – he’s been wrongfully made Truthless and then killed. Lift sees his soul’s “after-image.” This opens opportunities for Nightblood to begin a more intrusive bonding process. I believe he will learn morality from Szeth – a warrior-priest turned unwilling assassin. Szeth has lived evil. He will know how to direct Nightblood to destroy it. In Szeth’s hand, Nightblood will become the “Sword of Retribution” pictured in WoR. Can he direct Nightblood to consume only the voidspren inside the listeners? Nightblood will tell Szeth his spren-name. On Roshar he can form a Nahel bond with Szeth and give him the Skybreaker power to bind the Gravitation and Division Surges. Szeth will become a Knight Radiant, and Nightblood will be his Shardblade. “Nightblood can feed off Stormlight, but Szeth can't draw in Stormlight right now. So Szeth better not draw that sword, for a while at least. [Emphasis added.]” * * * * * That’s a lot of speculation to build from “black smoke.” Is there any fire there?
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    Greetings one and all! We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of the first Cosmere University!!! We are the first interplanetary university in the cosmere and admit (nearly) all setient applicants, even if you're a skaa or a darkeyes! With a glorious view of the cosmos and infrequent attacks on the campus, we garuntee a blissful learning enviroment like no other! Here are some of our classes and professors: The Economics of Allomancy, taught by Professor Dockson Cosmere Biology. This Class is split into different sections: Greatshells and their kin, Mistwraiths, and Cremlings Leadership and You: The definitive guide on leadership, taught by Professors Elend Venture, Dalinar Kholin, and Raoden Politics: An Immortal Perspective, taught by Professor Blushweaver. Antilogic 101, taught by Professor Wayne The Textiles of War: Wartime Economics, taught by Professors Sebarial and Dockson Cosmere 101: A Brief Guide to Our Universe, taught by Headmaster Hoid The Art of Banter, taught by professors Lightsong, Shallan Davar, and guest lectures by Headmaster Hoid Religious Studies, taught by Professor Sazed Destruction 101, Taught by Professors Nightblood and Szeth Linguistics 300: Accents and Impersonations, taught by Professor Wayne Sociology 500: Inter-Shard World Communications Culinary 70: Horneater Cuisine, taught by Professor Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor Psychology 600: Lifeless Art 60: Drawing and Composition, Taught by Professors Shallan Davar and Ben McSweeney Creative Writing, taught by Professor Brandon Sanderson Some of our courses are specialized for talented students. They include the following: Emotional Allomancy: It's a Riot!, taught by Professor Breeze Landrian Physical Allomancy 1: Effective Pewter Use, Taught by Professor Hammond Physical Allomancy 2: The Usefulness of Tin, taught by Professor Spook Gravitation and Physics, taught by Professors Szeth and Kaladin Push and Pull: The Physics of Steel and Iron, taught by Professors Kelsier and Vin Aon Geometry, taught by Professor Raoden Awakening for Losers Beginners, taught by Professor Vasher Worldsinging, Taught by Headmaster Hoid and Professor Sigzil The Art of Lightweaving, taught by Professor Shallan Davar Eating Rocks: The Science of Soulcasting, taught by Professor Jasnah Kholin Worldhopping, taught by Headmaster Hoid and Professors Galladon and Demoux Domination: a guide to being an evil overlord, taught by Professor Rashek and the 17th Shard Staff We also encourage new students to join our dueling team! We hope you make the choice to join our beloved alumni and look forward to seeing you soon! (Please feel free to make your own suggestions for classes and staff)
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    === This theory has been moved from the Stormlight Board and updated for Oathbringer. Spoilers start at this post. Read at your own risk === So, this is a theory that I've kinda been kicking around in the back of my head for a while, and I've written some posts using this assumption. However, I've never atually gone and typed up a formal theory post. I... kinda made one on tumblr, but that doesn't count, so I've gotta get it up over here. For those of you alergic to tumblr posts, fret not. I'm going to put all that information over here. Now, as of the Shadows of Self signing, I've got some Word of Brandon on the subject as well! So it's high time we got this thing out here. I'll put the theory itself first, in-book justification, and then Brandon's responses to my questions. Theory: Renarin Kholin's visions throughout Words of Radiance are not a normal manifestation of Truthwatcher powers. They are likely not regular Surgebinding at all and may not even be related to his status as a Truthwatcher. Now, perhaps this seems counter-intuitive. Renarin says in WoR Ch. 89 that he's a Truthwatcher, which means he "sees." He's been seeing throughout the whole book, counting down to the arrival of the Everstorm. Why wouldn't those two be the same thing? Well, there's a few very good reasons why there seems to be more going on with Renarin than originally meets the eye: Arguments: #1 - Renarin's visions do not match other Radiants' expressions of his Surges. Admittedly, we have seen very little use of shared Surges by different orders, but from what we have seen, Surge expression seems to be very similar between sharing orders. Jasnah and Shallan's Soulcasting seems to work the same way, to the point that Jasnah believes she can teach Shallan how Soulcasting works, even though they have different Orders. We see both Ym (who is a Truthwatcher!) and Lift use their shared surge of Regrowth, and in both cases, it seems to work in an almost identical way. We would expect therefore, that Renarin's Surges, Regrowth and Illumination, would manifest in the same way as other users of these Surges. As stated above, we had two separate practitioners of Regrowth in WoR, one of whom was actually a Truthwatcher. On the other side, we've seen extensive use of Illumination thanks to Shallan, who goes through all kinds of self-training and uses of her Illumination powers. With these examples, we should be able to make a very educated guess as to what Renarin's Surgebinding capabilities are, even though we don't actually see him using these powers himself. The problem? Neither of those two surges seem to do anything close to what Renarin's visions do. The visions don't line up with either Illumination as we know it or Regrowth. You might be able to argue that Truthwatchers use Illumination differently than Lightweavers (which I'll support wholeheartedly, but that's a different topic) but this level of difference is difficult to justify. The more logical explanation is that something entirely different is going on. #2 - Renarin's visions appear to be involuntary, compulsive, and entirely outside of his control. [ CONFIRMED: See below ] Renarin is seeing the future, which is highly taboo in Vorin culture. This isn’t something I believe he would choose to do. Considering the way that he hides this from his family throughout the book and the high level of distress he shows in the finale with Shallan, this does not appear to be something he is choosing to experience on his own. In the same way that seeing the future is taboo, so is writing for men. If Renarin does not want to reveal that he’s seeing the future, we wouldn’t expect him to voluntarily write things down. Seeing him succumb to the vision at the end, he cries out and screams as he writes, and the way that he continues to write the same thing over and over make this seem like an involuntary reaction, going as far to be something he would fight if he could, but cannot. He loses control and is forced to write the glyphs. Additionally, Renarin cannot control entering or leaving the visions. While we do see Kaladin and Shallan using their surges unintentionally, we never see them using Stormlight against their will. With Shallan and Kaladin, it is a subconcious thing, rather than something done with them actively fighting it. Shallan is never trapped within an illusion, struggling to get out of it. Kaladin does not ever find himself unable to stop using Stormlight, or toppling into the sky as gravity suddenly yanks him the wrong way without him asking it to. As soon as those two become aware of their surgebinding, they can control it, even if they started unintentionally. Renarin’s visions show no such control. He seems to be able to feel them coming on, but can't do anything to stop them. Once within a vision, he can't get out until the vision itself decides to end. Renarin cannot do anything to stop or resist the visions. They are entirely against his will. #3 - Dalinar's visions are another example of involuntary, uncontrolled, compulsive visions which are not Surgebinding. Now, don't say it. Yes I know that Dalinar is a Surgebinder by the end of Words of Radiance. However, I am fairly certain that he was not a Surgebinder before the very end, when he actually bonds with the Stormfather. And he has been experiencing visions since before Way of Kings started. I take this to mean that they're not Surgebinding. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but that's the assumption I'm working under for now. Dalinar's and Renarin's visions are incredibly similar actually. Both are involuntary and unable to be resisted. Both involve visions. Both have an element of compulsive actions, as Dalinar moves and speaks in other languages and Renarin has an almost hypergraphic need to write during his visions, despite that Renarin probably hasn't ever written before this. They also appear to both be tied to highstorms, since they happen at the same time. Perhaps most telling is the fact that Dalinar seems to think that Renarin's future-sight is his own up until the reveal, and that he simply can't remember it happening. That said, there are differences. Dalinar sees the past, Renarin sees the future. Dalinar is completely unaware of the real world while in the midst of his visions. Renarin seems to know and be aware of what's happening to him, even though he can no longer control his body. Dalinar seems to act out what he's experiencing, Renarin writes. Still, I would argue that Renarin's visions have more in common with Dalinar's visions than with Shallan's Illumination. If Dalinar and Renarin shared a Surge, I'd be comfortable saying that they were a shared Surge. But Truthwatchers and Bondsmiths are actually on directly opposite ends of the Radiant Orders. If this is supposed to be Surgebinding, why are they manifesting similar powers in opposite Orders? Why did Dalinar's start before his Nahel bond? My answer: they're not Surgebinding. Neither one of them. Relevant Canon Texts and Commentary: All are from WoR, because I can’t find any significant evidence of Renarin's powers in WoK. Does Renarin use his powers somehow to hide his coming into the room and writing the glyphs? Does he put Dalinar to sleep somehow? It’s possible. The sudden break between the paragraphs is strange here... Sloppy lines, unpracticed at drawing glyphs. Renarin is not used to writing. He also might have been fighting against the complusion to write as he did it. This is right after the fight with Szeth. Renarin was towed back by Moash at the beginning, and then Kaladin, Dalinar, and Adolin fought. After Kaladin ran Szeth off outside the palace, he was unconscious for an indeterminate amount of time, and then the glyphs were found when he got back. It’s interesting that Renarin would choose to provide the translation, when Navani is there and could read it herself. I would have thought he would not want to implicate himself in the glyphs by reading them. Or perhaps his compulsion pushed him to provide the translation here? I’m mostly putting this in here because it’s another iteration of the glyphs and I wanted them all. The real interesting stuff comes from the discussion afterward between Dalinar and Adolin. Seeing as Renarin is the one doing the carving and not Dalinar, Adolin’s theory is undoubtedly what happened. One wonders if Renarin maintains enough control during the visions to be able to hide himself. Does he have enough autonomy to be able to frame Dalinar for the carvings and keep himself from being implicated? And here we see the reason that Renarin doesn’t come forward with the fact that it’s him. Adolin is used to the idea of his father losing control of himself during Highstorms, but this is taking it a step too far, it seems. Considering that Renarin is already quite an outsider in Vorin culture, he doesn’t want to make it worse. Dalinar is very self-assured even though his own visions are making him lose credit among the other lighteyes. Renarin is not. Over the sounds of me hissing protectively while clutched around my darling and glaring at Shallan, here we have the first time that Renarin is shown doing something strange and/or powery. No one else can sense the Everstorm yet. Pattern mentioned that the storm was coming to Shallan but Renarin seems to be able to sense it on his own. Even being warned about it, Shallan doesn’t see anything. Feather continues to be generally upset in Shallan’s direction. It’s interesting again that he says something here. If he’s trying to hide the fact he can see the future, wouldn’t he keep quiet? Is this right here voluntary or compelled? Feather continues to be GENERALLY STRESSED ABOUT RENARIN’S WELLBEING. By this point we’re definitely getting into involuntary territory. He’s feverish and crying out and screaming. I’m guessing we’re watching Renarin on the cusp of succumbing to the vision, yelling out in defiance right on the edge of it taking him over. Then he’s lost and the writing happens. That said, even as he’s lost control, he continues to talk, whispering as he writes. (UNRELATED SCREAMS OF RAGE) Okay this quote doesn’t really show much of his powers. We’ll say it’s here for the sake of completeness and not because Feather felt like raging at the heavens. Honestly, by this point, I’m really surprised that Shallan continues to think that Renarin is mad or crazy. Considering he’s been giving the exact same warnings as Pattern you’d think she’d catch on that this is a real thing. In some cases, Renarin’s warnings came before Pattern's. So here we see what is really the only argument for Renarin's visions being Truthwatching. I'm not convinced. I think that Renarin probably is a Truthwatcher, since there's other evidence that his Nahel bond is legitimate - screaming Shardblades, healed eyes, Glys, etc. -- but I don't take this as immediately confirming that what's happening with his visions is an expression of Surgebinding. I think the visions are either unrelated, or if related (less likely in my opinion), somehow influenced by an outside force as well. It’s also worth noting here that Glys uses masculine pronouns. Aside from Dalinar and the Stormfather, all other Nahel bonds have been between opposite gender pairs: Shallan/Pattern, Kaladin/Syl, Jasnah/Ivory, Lift/Wyndle, Ym/unnamed spren. Word of Brandon: These questions were asked by me, the first at the Words of Radiance Midnight Release (I'd already finished it at that point) and the latter two at the Shadows of Self Midnight Release. Unfortunately, I don't have direct quotes, though I think the SoS questions were recorded, but haven't been transcribed yet. The WoR Release question is unfortunately very far from verbatim as I just asked and didn't write down the answer until a few hours later. Silly Feather. The SoS two, while also not direct quotes, were written down right after being given. Feather: Is there something important in the fact that Glys and Renarin both have masculine pronouns, while other Nahel bonds have been opposite gender? Brandon: There is something to it, though maybe not what you're thinking of. (Answer is very paraphrased, sorry. I'm not entirely sure what he thought I was thinking of...) Feather: Are Renarin's visions compulsive/involuntary? Brandon: There is an element of that to them, yes. Feather: Are Renarin's visions Surgebinding? Brandon: *evil laughter* RAFO!
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    Before WoR I didn't think much of Adolin Kholin. I liked him, but I also like white bread. He seemed spoiled, mouthy, and arrogant. His one redeeming quality was that he proved to be very perceptive. During my rereads of TWoKs, before I read WoR, I tended to skip his POV. WoR completely changed my opinion of Adolin. He is now my third favorite character. He showed so many interesting layers in WoR and went in a direction I never would have expected. I think WoR also contained foreshadowing to his eventual induction into the Knights Radiant. First the indirect hints. Dalinar sees a Radiant in a vision with armor that looks like Adolin's. Yes, that Radiant was a girl, but the armor changes to fit the wearer. Then there is the fact that a Ryshadium, Sureblood (I will miss that horse), bonded with Adolin. Why is that important? The Ryshadium were the steeds of the Knights Radiant. The Ryshadium do not just bond with anyone. Currently the only other Ryshadium we know of is Gallant who is bonded with Dalinar, a Radiant. Did Gallant sense Dalinar's potential? If he did, perhaps Sureblood sensed Adolin's as well. Also there are clues in Adolin's personality the suggest he is a proto-radiant. His perceptiveness. He always knows when someone is hiding something. I recognized it in Sadeas, Kaladin, and Amaram. He didn't notice this in Shallan, but her talent is lies and love may have blinded him. Still, he is perhaps the most perceptive character in both books. It was the one attribute I admired in Adolin in book one. Why does this matter? Proto-Radiants seem to have a natural talent for the attributes of their order. Kaladin believed you could kill to protect long before he lost Tien. Dalinar united Alethkar and made it a kingdom. He did it in a dishonorable way, but he still did it. Shallan is very talented in lies and truth and has been so her whole life. Szeth destroyed himself to uphold the laws of his people. I don't know what order upholds perceptiveness. His talent may only be a part of his order's main attributes. The fact that this talent is so pronounced in both books suggests something. He is also very brave and obedient to his father, even though he is mouthy. Those attributes do fit the Dustbringers, which was the order of the knight wearing Adolin's armor in Dalinar's vision. But I think I might be reading to much into that. Still all of this would not have convinced me that Adolin was a proto-radiant. Adolin wasn't broken enough... or at least he wasn't until he killed Sadeas. That scene was shocking and wonderful. I loved it because of what it could mean of Adolin's character. The act is not as important as what it did to Adolin. Whether you agree with what Adolin did or not, it horrified Adolin. You can feel Adolin's anguish in those words. The golden boy broke in a fit of rage. This allows for the nahel bond. This was the moment I believed Adolin could be a Radiant, as long as he doesn't let this moment destroy him. Whether he becomes a Radiant or not, I think Adolin is going to be a very interesting character to read about in the next few books.
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    So this was posted to one of the Facebook groups I participate in...
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    Chouta, I copy the image URL and paste it in the image inserter to make them large. And since I answered I may as well paste another meme...
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    Previous Games LG1: In the Wake of the Koloss LG2: The Devil's Den LG3: Blackwater Village LG4: Colours of War QF1: Jeskeri Mysteries LG5: Noble Secrets MR1: The Stormfather and the Nightwatcher QF2: Crushthroat's Beginnings LG6: Daes Dae'Mar: The Great Game LG7: The Annealing of Luthadel MR2: Servants of Honor QF3: Shadowed Secrets LG8: Elendel Gang War MR3: When Chalking Attack LG9: The Empty Throne Part 1: The Barrow Barons QF4: Conversion MR4: The Alethi War of Unification QF5: The Hunger Games! AG: In the Re-Wake of the Koloss QF6: A Time of Nightmares LG10: A Game of Shards MR5: Competing Realities QF7: Living (and Dying) Rough MR6: A Venture in Atium LG Game 11: Twinborn Village LG Game 12: Shadows of Elantris QF8: The Steelway Express MR7: Eighty Splendid Suns LG Game 13: Traitors on the Plains QF9: The Court of the Gods MR8: Highborn Intrigue LG Game 14: To Shatter a Shard QF10: The Scadrial Atium Rush MR 9: The Steel Ministry QF11: Cultist in a Snowstorm LG15: ...The Shards Themselves... MR10: Divided Loyalties QF12: The Time of Reckoning AG2: The Return of the Koloss LG16: The Empty Throne Part 2: The Catacombs MR11: Paradise Lost QF13: Winter is Coming LG17: Heronfall LG18: Holly and Iron MR12: Turf War QF14: Corruption in the Senate LG19: Twinborn City MR13: Treachery on the Terris Peaks QF15: Death Note LG20: Warcamp Enigmas LG21: To Reforge a God MR14: The Canim Fury LG22: Corenne al'Daishar LG23: The Siege of Luthadel MR15: The Dula Revolution LG24: The Godless City LG25: A Breath of Power QF17: Gotta Kill 'Em All MR16: War of the (Cosmere) Worlds QF18: The Black Prism Games in Progress LG 26: Cognitive Dissonance Games Beginning MR17: Hic Sunt Leones
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    Just made these a few minutes ago...
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    Update on my WoK progress:
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    Disclaimer: this is not intended to be sacrilegious (I'm a Christian myself). "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And then the murders began." Not too far off from the original story anyway.
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    Established facts There will be a 15 year gap between Book 5 & 6 - WoB Mistborn Era 2 takes place during this gap - Coppermind Chronology Chapter epitaphs have clues for future events Oathpact once bound Odium to the Rosharian system, but it's questionable whether or not the Heralds broke the pact Speculation Honor's Shadow / Stormfather, or at least Dalinar's Visions, are being partially influenced or co-opted by Odium. (iirc, A bridgeman guard catches a glimpse of a voidspren outside either during or right after one of Dalinar's visions.) Specifically, the idea of challenging Odium via a fight of champions is Odium's ace-in-the-hole / escape plan Book 5 will contain the choosing of champions; Kaladin or Dalinar becomes humanity's champion but Odium pulls a fast one and designates a newborn baby as his champion, thus the following two death rattles combined: "I hold the suckling child [Odium Champion] in my hands , a knife at his throat, and know that all who live wish me to let the blade slip. Spill its blood upon the ground, over my hands, and with it gain us further breath to draw.[Humanity wants to kill the champion to end or delay the desolation / defeat Odium] So the night will reign , for the choice of honor is life " Dalinar or Kaladin's oaths would never allow them to kill an innocent child "for the choice of honor is life". Assuming the shardiac champion system is similar to that of humans, Odium and KR couldn't take action while the champion battle is undecided thus resulting in a stalemate of sorts. Odiums survives / his preexisting influence continues [the night will reign]. Since KR won't or can't take direct action, Odium heads to Scadrial to attack Harmony (the red encroachment Harmony shows Wax). The 15-year gap allows this child to grow to an age where they could serve as a protagonist, antagonist, or other important character in the second half of Stormlight.
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    When you realize that you're going to have something truly Awesome for breakfast... When you remember why you really want that Szeth action figure...
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    Introduction: What We Know About Southerner Medallions I'm sure some of you are already sick and tired of medallion-related speculations, so before I start giving my own take on this Scadrian mystery, let me first summarize what we already know. Let us clear our minds first and take a hard look at what was already revealed about these medallions, both in BoM and in various WoBs, because there are facts about these objects that many people forget or aren't even aware of. The Southerners create medallions using devices called Excisors. These excerpts from BoM show that any medallion theory cannot be complete without an Excisor theory, because it is through these devices that medallions are created. We should always keep Excisors in mind. In fact, while we already have a canon term for an Identity-less metalmind (what Marasi calls an unkeyed metalmind), I would like to propose this fan term: "excised metalmind" for a metalmind created with an Excisor, as opposed to the "unsealed metalmind" term I've been seeing that is frankly confusing. (Update: As @Oversleep pointed out, "unsealed metalmind" actually came from Brandon. So...oh well.) Creating medallions require Connector powers. This is a WoB from a recent signing in Germany. As you all know, Feruchemical duralumin stores Connection. Strangely enough, I have yet to see anyone post a medallion/Excisor theory involving Connection (everyone seems to believe VenDell in that it only involves Identity and Investiture), so I don't know what prompted that question. But suffice to say that thanks to this WoB, my medallion theory will involve Connection. The key to understanding medallions is that they are a way of fooling the magic system into thinking that you have the right sDNA. Take note, this is a totally different thing from what the Set's unkeyed metalminds do. The unkeyed goldmind that Wayne uses is a hack on the ownership requirement of Feruchemy. What Brandon is saying here is that medallions require a separate hack. Medallions can be used by non-Scadrians This is from the same Germany signing as above. This should put to rest any theory involving the need for Terris or Scadrian blood. Sorry, VenDell fans. The medallions interfere with each other. Unlike Hemalurgic spikes, one cannot obtain multiple powers by getting multiple medallions. Again, this is a problem that has gotten little attention from Sharder theorists. I intend to rectify that. The Southerners had to figure out two-powered medallions by themselves. This gives the following implications: - The Sovereign only taught them how to use Excisors to create single-powered medallions like the memory coin we've seen. - The method for creating a multi-powered medallion from multiple Metalborn is very difficult to scale. So, those are some things we know for sure about the medallions. Before I continue, here's one thing that I'm pretty certain of, even though we don't have direct confirmation of it: You cannot Feruchemically tap Investiture from the medallions unless they contain Nicrosil Feruchemy As @Moogle repeatedly points out in this thread, we don't ever see people being described as tapping the nicrosilminds in the medallions (with the exception of the Bands of Mourning), despite the numerous descriptions of them tapping or storing from the non-nicrosil part of the medallions. For example, in the Epilogue Wax only senses the Memory store of the copper part in the memory coin, not the Investiture store of the nicrosil part. Remember that aside from the Bands, each nicrosil ring in a medallion only contains one power. In the memory coin, the nicrosilmind contained Copper Feruchemy. In a Weight+Heat medallion the inner nicrosil ring contains Iron Feruchemy while the other nicrosil ring stores Brass Feruchemy. Without Nicrosil Feruchemy, one cannot Feruchemically tap Investiture from a nicrosilmind. Hence, while Nicrosil Feruchemy was obviously used to create Southern medallions, something else entirely must be responsible for their ability to grant powers. Now, allow me to go into deep speculation based on those facts. First I will discuss the different ways an object can be Connected to another object in the cosmere and how that relates to Feruchemy and Hemalurgy. Then I will discuss several theories about Hemalurgy that will form the backbone of my Excisor theory. Of course, I'll need to cover soul interference and the theory behind multi-powered medallions. Finally I will describe the steps of creating medallions, both single-powered ones and multi-powered ones. This will be a huge undertaking, so much that I've decided to divide everything into several posts. For those who don't have time, I will attempt a TL;DR: An unsealed metalmind can form a hybrid Being consisting of a person and itself, allowing the person to use the metalmind's Investiture without Feruchemically tapping it first. This property, shared with Hemalurgic spikes, exists because the unsealed metalmind contains a Hemalurgic charge, though this charge was taken without killing the donor. Finally, multi-powered medallions involve using the Connection of religious devotion to counteract soul interference between a medallion's nicrosilminds.
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    Yeah, here it is: And here's another WoB relevant to the OP:
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    The 5th Stormlight book will involve Kaladin (or another main character, but probably Kaladin) dying. In the beginning of book 6 or end of book 5, he will awaken on Braize, and it will be revealed that the secret that broke the KR in the past is that KR's also go to Braize after death, similar to the Heralds. (I'm assuming it has something to do with the Nahel Bond/Oathpact.)
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    *clears throat* I believe someone called for the fandom monster? This seems like the perfect thread for me... See, the most fun kinds of horrfying and tragic AUs are those which are closest to canon, the ones that could almost be plausible. And oh are there some wonderful ideas we could toss around... It's funny. Kogi and I ended up coming down almost exactly the same way on an Evil!Shallan. I'm unsurprised. Kogi and I have very similar thoughts on a lot of things... Shallan See, Shallan is almost on the verge of villiany herself. She's an accomplished liar, involved in the underground, and she's broken in ways that even she has difficulty admitting. She tells herself that she's doing what she has to in order to survive, in order to protect her family, in order to save the world. She shows herself willing to sacrifice those ideas of right and wrong when she steals from Jasnah, putting her needs above her morality. As Pattern keeps showing her more and more scenes from her past, forcing her to remember, to relive, she has a harder and harder time pretending she isn't a monster. She blames him -- irrationally, she knows -- but blames him nonetheless. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be a Radiant. Her mother wouldn’t be dead at her hand. None of this would have happened. Pattern does as he must, showing her the truths, making her confront them but it drives her further and further away from him. She keeps up the illusion of the girl with the lighthearted wit, but it is an illusion nonetheless. Inside, the truths of her past are making her colder and colder. Pattern accepts this as a matter of course. He was told time and time again of the cruelty of humans. As Shallan begins treating him less like a person and more like a tool, he accepts his role with a suffering endurance. This is the price he knew he would have to pay in order to come to the physical realm. Things seemed nice for a while, but those days are long gone. Shallan speaks to him when she needs a sword or a lock picked or a code broken, and he obeys quietly, waiting for the day when she will inevitably kill him and find the revenge she seeks. The only other person who sees this hardening in Shallan is Mraize, who not only recognizes it, but encourages it. He marvels at the talent of his little knife, as she accepts that which she was always meant to be. He knows that he is winning her over as Veil becomes the reality and the girl known as Shallan becomes a mask for her to wear, a part for her to play. She joined as a way to betray the Ghostbloods, but their reasoning has wormed its way into her, and Mraize’s honeyed explanations and persuasions – so at odds with this broken face – are making her compromise, bit by bit, until she is well and truly theirs. It isn’t to protect her brothers anymore, it isn’t because she wants to find out about them anymore. She continues following their orders because she know longer knows what she is without them. The first time Mraize asks her to kill, she can’t even feel shocked. Only a hollow reminder that it will not be her first time. Nor even her second or her third. The images of her mother, of the lover, of Tyn rise to the surface of her mind. That which was once so carefully locked away Pattern has pried open and let free. There is no blood with a Shardblade. Pattern stays perfectly clean, as though he has no part in the things she does, as though her sins cannot stain him. She resents him for that as well. When the time comes to go through with the act however, the memory which fills her mind is not that of her mother or of Tyn, but of the man who never raised a hand to her, who took the blame for her first murder. She always thought Balat was the one who would emulate their father, but Shallan finds him within herself, even as she thinks back to kneeling on the ground beside him, a soft song on her lips, and a sparkling silver chain slowly twisted tighter and tighter after the poison could not end it. After something like that, what more could Mraize’s orders do to stain her soul? She feels only the slightest bit of remorse when she hears the name, a bare nod to the fondness she once felt. Tyn could not finish her mission, but Veil has proved herself more competent than Tyn ever was. Jasnah Kholin must not be allowed to continue. The Elsecaller interferes with their work. ---- Maxal, as is unsurpising to everyone, we disagree on Renarin's characterization. See, the thread isn't necessarily good characters being evil... so much as it is protagonists becoming antagonists, right? So, how about antagonist Renarin, hmm? Let's give that a try. Renarin – Because I Enjoy Making Myself Cry The ardents were correct: seeing the future is a terrible curse. Renarin has learned to be alone when the highstorm hits. His father always preferred to have those close to him help keep him from hurting himself when his visions came, but Renarin’s visions are those best suffered alone. Dalinar was not aware of himself when he saw the messages from the Almighty; he left his body behind. Renarin was always trapped, horribly aware as the control of his body was taken from him. He screams as the vision takes him, collapsing to the floor, his fingers seeking out the charcoal in his pocket. He learned to always carry something with which to write. The broken fingernails and blood-streaked fingers had taught him quickly that when the visions came, the glyphs would be written one way or another. He suffers through it, enduring the terrible images of what is to come, praying to the Almighty to release him from this horrible nightmare. His hands move of their own accord, scrawling glyphs into the floor. He feels tears run down his face but cannot do anything to wipe them away. It will be over soon, he hopes. He prays. But in the moment, it seems endless. Those images, those horrible truths he is forced to watch. They cannot be real. This cannot be the future. And yet, he knows with more certainty than he knows his own name that the things he sees will come to pass. Kaladin comes to find him after the storm passes and the vision fades. The former bridgeman rushes over as he finds Renarin trembling on the floor, clutching his head. The charcoal piece has been flung as far as possible from him, his first action after regaining control of himself. As Kaladin draws near however, Renarin cries out, trying to push himself away. “Renarin,” Kaladin says carefully. “The storm is passed. Are you still in a vision?” Renarin can only shake his head, still trying to put distance between himself and Kaladin, but feeling too weak to get away. He’s going to see, he’s going to know, it’s going to happen… Kaladin hesitates, not wanting to upset him, then sees the glyphs laid out in shaky handwriting around the shaking prince. Bridge Four, Leader, Death. Bridge Four, Leader, Death. Bridge Four, Leader, Death. “Is this… me?” Kaladin asks carefully, taking another slow step forward. He knows Renarin isn’t in a vision anymore, but something is terribly wrong, and it’s Kaladin’s job to help make it right. Renarin can only nod before loses control of himself for the second time in one hour, this time to sobs rather than images. At some point he realizes Kaladin’s arms are around him, his hands rubbing smooth, calming circles on Renarin’s back. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” Kaladin says again and again, and though Renarin knows they aren’t true, they help. He doesn’t know what is happening exactly. Is Kaladin his bodyguard, and he the lighteyed prince? Is Kaladin his superior officer, and he a still-new member of Bridge Four? Are they peers, two Knights Radiant of equal standing? Or have they reached the point where the roles and ranks and rules no longer even matter? “It’s me,” Renarin whispers, still holding on to Kaladin like a lifeline in the storm. “It has to be me.” Kaladin stiffens, though to his credit, he doesn’t let go. His voice catches slightly as he asks, “Are you sure? Is there any other way?” Renarin shakes his head slightly. “If I don’t… all is lost. Everything, Kaladin.” The two stay silent for a while, before Kaladin finds his voice again. “When?” “I don’t know,” Renarin mumbles. “Soon. Maybe a few weeks.” Kaladin considers that for a moment, and Renarin isn’t entirely sure how he will react. Will he be mad? Try to stop Renarin from going through with it? Will he try to kill Renarin before it could happen? “The others will blame you,” Kaladin says, sounding somewhat distant. Focusing on what would happen to Renarin afterward as a way to avoid thinking about it, perhaps. “You might have to run away. They might chase after you.” “They will,” Renarin says hollowly. “I saw that too.” --- He knows as soon as the moment comes. A sick lurching sense of déjà vu overtakes him. It’s like watching a stormwall out on a flat plain. Nowhere to hide, no way to fight back. Nothing to do as that inevitable destruction bears closer until it is upon you. They’re in the midst of a small fight, nothing Bridge Four and the Kholin shardbearers can’t handle, but Renarin knows. He steps back, pulling himself away from the fighting. “K-kaladin!” His voice breaks over the name. Kaladin turns toward him, looking to see if he’s been hurt or something, but the look on Renarin’s face tells him enough. For once, Renarin wishes Kaladin isn’t the one who can always understand him. The weight of understanding settling across Kaladin’s expression seems almost more painful than the idea of what is about to happen. Renarin finds that he’s holding a knife. He doesn’t remember picking it up but he must have sometime in the battle. In a way he’s thankful for that. This way he doesn’t have to force Glys to be a part of this. His hand trebles as he looks down, the lights reflecting off the blade shaking and flashing. Kaladin calls for the men to hold the line as he steps out as well, letting Adolin take over command. Renarin’s brother looks back to see if they need him as well, but Kaladin waves him back. As Kaladin approaches, Renarin takes a step back, wanting to throw the knife as far from himself, wanting to tell Kaladin to run away, knowing that if he does, all will be lost. He’s seen what will happen, he knows there’s no way out. Everything is happening exactly as he saw. “It’s now?” Kaladin asks quietly. Renarin nods. “There’s no other way?” Renarin shakes his head. Something wet slides down his cheek as he does so. “Kaladin, I can’t. I can’t do this…” Kaladin takes hold of his wrist, stilling the knife’s trembling. “You’ve already said you have to. I’m not afraid to die, Renarin. If the choice is between me and the world, I know which choice I would pick.” “I don’t…” “Yes, you do,” Kaladin says. “We both do.” He raises Renarin’s hand, placing the knife right above the embroidered crest on his uniform. “Right here. Push straight in, right between the ribs and to the heart, then pull it back out. It’ll be quick. I’ll barely feel it. Take my stormlight, you’ll need it to run.” Renarin can feel the moment press closer and closer. When he hesitates, Kaladin pinches his arm sharply, and Renarin reflexively gasps, pulling in the stormlight Kaladin was carrying. Adolin notices them, sees Renarin holding a knife to Kaladin’s chest. “Renarin! What are you—“ The moment hits. His grip tightens on the knife as he feels the choice he needs to make. Kaladin nods, just once. The knife goes in.
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    Calling the Crackpot theory now: Nale was in league with Treledees. The Pahn Kahl Rebellion was an inside job. Shardblades can't cut steel beams.
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    I made Vin first, actually, but they view best as Kelsier on Vin's left I think.
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    LG33: Term 1, Month 2 - Nothing Ryth sat, alone, in the room at his inn, thinking about the Chancellor’s speech again. It had been weeks, but he thought about it a lot still. The meaning of life… There had to be a meaning. So why couldn’t Ryth find it? He was bright, a student of the University, with access to the greatest collection of books in the world. Every ancient philosopher was there. But their answers… nothing made sense, nothing was applicable. Friendship, love, happiness, were foreign concepts. Existing for its own sake held no appeal. What value, therefore, was there in life? None. So, when the Skindancers found him, he was easy to crack. All it took was a few words, and he was even willing to go insane. After all, he didn’t have to think about the meaning of life anymore. Insanity was far easier to bear. Noremac stood before the Horns, looking distractedly at Chancellor Varda. “I don’t know, Chancellor? I was just walking along when suddenly the banana caught flame and my cloak nearly caught fire too and… you know the rest.” The Chancellor nodded and sighed. “You may go. Thank you.” As he left, she said, “Bring in Queensteph and Stick together. No point in giving them the same punishment separately.” The two came in sheepishly and waited for judgement. “You two have been rather unwise,” Varda commented, frowning in exasperation at them. They hadn’t technically broken the rules, but they’d been fair idiots in not doing so. “You are heretofore charged with Reckless Use of Sympathy, and are to receive ten lashes at noon tomorrow. We represent the height of learning, here. Students must be dignified and respectful of their peers, and careful with the arts they have learned. You were not.” “But-” Queensteph began. “Our decision is final. You are lucky that it is not more.” “Yes, Chancellor,” they said in unison, then looked at each other and burst out laughing. Varda sighed. Kids these days. Silverblade has gone insane! Hemalurgic Headshot was brought on the Horns, but charges were dropped! Queensteph and Stick were both brought on the Horns and charged with Reckless Use of Sympathy! Term 1, Month 2 has begun. You have 36 hours to send in all actions (sabotages, Imre, lodging, impressing). Player List 1. Queensteph - Vintish Noblewoman 2. Randuir (Telar Pike) - Yllish Commoner 3. Hemalurgic Headshot (Noremac Quwester) - Aturan Nobleman 4. Aonar (Aodhan Breacadh) - Edema Ruh 5. Wilson (Sloan Walker) - Cealdish Commoner 6. Straw (Medicus Novis) - Yllish Commoner 7. Paranoid King (William Opuscule) - Yllish Commoner 8. Ornstein (John Springer) - Aturan Nobleman 9. Jondesu (Vell) - Yllish Commoner 10. Drake Marshall (Greyson) - Cealdish Commoner 11. Assassin in Burgundy (Jurdaan Longfell) - Yllish Commoner 12. Burnt Spaghetti (Dele Fajro) - Vintish Noblewoman 13. Orlok (Locke Alveron) - Cealdish Commoner 14. Magestar (Magestar) - Vintish Nobleman 15. Alvron (Stryker Nox) - Cealdish Commoner 16. Arinian (Darian) - Aturan Nobleman 17. Stick (Stick) - Aturan NobleStick 18. Darkness Ascendant (Balthazar Myrrh) - Yllish Commoner 19. Cluny the Scourge (Cluny) - Aturan Nobleman 20. Silverblade (Ryth) - Cealdish Commoner Insane 21. Amanuensis (Esuan) - Yllish Commoner 22. BrightnessRadiant (Amelia) - Aturan Noblewoman 23. Eolhondras (Eolah) - Yllish Commoner 24. STINK - Yllish Commoner 25. Hael (Glavion) - Edema Ruh 26. Sart (Titud) - Edema Ruh 27. Joe (Chalks) - Yllish Commoner
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    Edit: I used the concept art from Ben McSweeney that's on the Wiki for this.
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    I think I'll get to read this book before I get to read another Rothfuss book.
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    Having nothing to do in a digital art class clearly leads to dramatic Iconography-style portraits of your favorite mortals-made-legends.
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    OP: Taln, is that you?
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    The Queen dies in the next book and Elhokar and the lopen's mom become an item
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    I am not sure your hypothesis works... According to the timeline, Dalinar went to the Nightwatcher circa 8 years ago which means Renarin would have been close to his teenage years. However, when he spoke to Kaladin, Renarin mentions he has had his "sickness" and his "seizures" since he was a child. Had they suddenly started as he was nearing 12 years old, surely it would have gone noticed. The reverse is also true, had Renarin been so sick his life was in danger, then surely he would have mentioned how they got better as he aged, but never truly left. It is thus I doubt the timing makes it possible for Dalinar to have asked/received anything with respect to Renarin. As for the scene you are referring to, I have a different reading. Dalinar has always struck to me as a very emotionally rigid individual having trouble expressing soft emotions such as love, care and kindness. Hard emotions such as anger, fury and hate easily found their ways into him, but the other ones? He seems to have repressed more of them which is why he comes across as cold to others except for those who managed to get under his thick skin: his youngest son, his nephew, Navani and to a much lesser extend Kaladin. All have in common Dalinar feels he needs to protect/shelter them. They are the only ones who truly see the kind and caring individual he can be, others get orders and more orders. In this scene, I have always thought Dalinar wondered about Renarin's reaction and not Adolin because he is naturally wired to worry about his youngest son, not his oldest. He hardly ever expressed worry over Adolin: he always took for granted Adolin would merely go along with whatever he decides. He'll adapt. He'll suck it in. Renarin however is the one he needs to shelter, to protect, to shield from life which is why, when he wonders about what his sons might think of him forgetting about their mother, he only thinks of Renarin's reaction, not Adolin's. It also echos Wit's comment stating how Dalinar needs to stop seeing Renarin as fragile and weak. This is how I read it anyway. This being said, it is highly probable, once the boys find out about their father forgetting their mother, Brandon will choose to present the Renarin angle, not the Adolin one even if the book indicates he should be the most affected by this news. It might thus be I am utterly wrong and Renarin has something to do with it, but my reading has made me come to other conclusions.
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    Hello all, So I am relatively new to Brandon’s books: I read the Mistborn trilogy barely a year ago, and have since then read all the Cosmere works, except Arcanum Unbounded and White Sand (my copies of those arrive Friday!). But, impossibly, no one in my social circle has read Sanderson*, and thus no one with whom I can espouse theories on the Cosmere. I was hoping you would fill this gaping and chasmal hole in my life. Love the site and look forward to future discussions! *On the bright side, I have ready birthday and Christmas gifts for the next decade …
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    The Shattering is the singular event in cosmere history. Brandon says, “The great writing question of the cosmere, the underlying theme is, what do men do when given the Power of the Gods? How do they act? What do they do?” This post speculates how the Shattering might have happened mechanically. It is another in my periodic series, “A Theory of Cosmere Magic.” Unlike splintering, which leaves an indeterminate number of differently sized splinters, the Shattering produced precisely 16 Shards of originally equal Power. Khriss says the Vessels “divided [Adonalsium’s] essence between them.” (M:SH, Part 3-2, Kindle Loc. 938.) Brandon uses the word “essence” to mean the Physical Realm manifestation of “the godly powers.” (I use the term “Powers” to describe the “godly powers” – Spiritual Realm Investiture that isn’t part of a Spiritweb.) The Vessels could easily divide Adonalsium’s liquid “essence” if he had a “godpool.” Shards leave perpendicularities on planets they Invest. I think Adonalsium left a single “godpool” at the place he Invested the entire cosmere. That place was Yolen. “Killing” Adonalsium meant erasing his mind, his capacity to direct the Powers. His godpool gave the Vessels access to his mind. I speculate the Vessels dropped an aluminum “bomb” into the godpool. Aluminum is “magically inert” and acts as an “Investiture sink.” The aluminum neutralized Adonalsium’s Cognitive Realm Investiture – his mind – making him “brain dead.” The Spiritual Realm Investiture – the Powers – survived undamaged. After the aluminum “bomb” killed Adonalsium, his liquid “essence” lay in the godpool. The Vessels quickly sluiced his essence to 16 separate pools of equal volume. The Vessels entered their pools and ascended, emerging as Shards of equal Power. When Rashek and Vin immersed themselves in the Well, their ascensions were partial and temporary. The Vessels’ ascensions were full and permanent. I attribute this difference to the fact that Adonalsium was dead when the Vessels entered their pools, but Preservation was still alive when Rashek and Vin entered the Well. The Well also didn’t represent all of Preservation’s power, since he created it from his own mind to trap Ruin’s consciousness. After Preservation died, Vin did fully ascend by absorbing the mists, the “condensed ‘essence’ of [Preservation’s] godly powers.” Did the Shards hide Yolen to prevent someone like Vin from using the godpool when it replenishes? That’s why Rashek hid the Well. In an accompanying post, I speculate Mistborn foreshadows Dragonsteel. Perhaps Odium wants to kill the other Vessels to become the “one god” when the godpool is full again…16,000 years after the Shattering? Is this what Hoid fears?
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    We do already have the answers to some of those questions. There is a WoB that if the heralds linger for too long after a desolation ends, a new one will begin. It's strongly implied in the prologue that if they die, they're sent to damnation/braize automatically. So the remaining heralds that survive have to choose to return to damnation/braize (though it's still unclear how that process actually works; my guess is that they worldhop/go through shadesmar), which they didn't do last time. It's also clearly stated in the prologue that it's very rare for most/all of the heralds to survive a desolation. On the topic of OP's post; I do agree with others that you're being way too harsh on the heralds. If you'd ever spoken to a victim of torture (I have unfortunately spoken to and interviewed many in the course of my professional life), you'd know that extended periods of physical and emotional distress, often with very little human interaction, can severely damage - sometimes permanently - one's mental state. I've seen previously courageous, outspoken, and self-sacrificing individuals become deathly afraid of even leaving their own homes to go to the supermarket after enduring months of torture. I just don't think you understand how deeply that kind of experience can storm someone up (and I pray you never have to). Now imagine having to endure several millennia's worth of torture, over and over again, and the few moments of respite you ever get are to fight a brutal, total war that usually wipes out most of the planet's population and civilizations, after which you have to willingly volunteer yourself for several thousand more years of torture. I think even the strongest-willed human beings would break at some point, just as the heralds have.
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    This theory is unlikely. I explain myself Better: - Ambition & Odium fighted also on Therenody's system. But the actual killing blow happened somewhere else. - Indeed It's possible Ambition's Vessel could remain as Cognitive Shadow but: (1) Probabily Odium Will Simply crush him/her (2) this Shadow Will be not a relevant entity. Just someone Ghost, unable to influence directly the physical...If you read SH. Our Ambition's Vessel Shadow Will be like the SH's Main character (at least for half of the book) Don't make your knowledge of the Stormfather tricks you. Tanavast's Shadow merged with an already present "powerful spren" (the rider of the storm). He maybe gained some margin from the Shadow but the actual Power was already there. Little recap: In the end if Ambition's Vessel remained as Cognitive Shadow It would be not in Therenody and He Will be not a powerful entity at all.
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    I'd say you've attracted quite a few gloryspren with this post, Turos. These are amazing.
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    This quote: got me thinking a bit about the predictable nature of the highstorms. From what I recall, there's some in-world debate as to whether the highstorms are a single storm that continuously circles the planet, or if they are actually multiple storms. Now it seems obvious that it can't actually be just one storm, otherwise they'd be super easy to predict, but they're not. But they are mostly predictable, possible perfectly predictable with enough information. I think there's also at least one reference where people in two separate locations experience a highstorm happening at the same time relative to sunset, implying that the storm travels the planet at the speed of its rotation. So...what if the highstorms are actually an Investiture wave that's circling the planet, at the same speed as its rotation? Now maybe the moons cause an interference pattern in that Investiture, so that when the amplitude gets above a certain threshold, a highstorm happens, possibly as a release valve. This would also assume that all three orbits synchronize along a 1000 day cycle, with notable alignments happening at day 500, and 1000. This would certainly explain why it would be possible to predict highstorms using math, but it would require some complex calculations. The influence of other planets in the system could explain why the Storm Wardens aren't always entirely accurate in their predictions, since there are variables that have a small influence on the system. The biggest thing working against my theory that I can come up with is that the highstorms supposedly pre-date Honor and Cultivation, yet someone has been keeping the moons in a stable orbit, otherwise they would have collided with something by now. Maybe Adonalsium was doing it before, or maybe the moons didn't exist, and the highstorms were more regular, but less intense.
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    Pirates of the Carribean 5 is being released this year, until the title 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'. Which is a cool title; it fits with the pirate naming convention they have. ... if you live in the US. Or in Japan. Because everywhere else, it is being called Pirates of the Carribean: Salazar's Revenge, which I actually had to spit take and check to see if I was being punk'd. Because seriously, that is almost the prototypical bad movie sequel name. It doesn't fit with the previous film convention, it introduces a new character in the title as if he's a big deal and promises his "Revenge" when he's never appeared before. I'm surprised they didn't fit some of the other generic film titles, like "Apocalypse" or "Gensis" in there somewhere. I am so hyped for Pirates of the Carribean: Genesis of Salazar's Revengapocalypse.
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    The only thing I'm certain is a Voidbringer is poor ole Wyndle.
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    Honestly though, the cutest ship has to be Dalinar and Navani by far. I think they were meant for each other, in a way and they have such great chemistry. The balance between his discipline and her defiant nature makes me love them more!
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    Hatred, as in Odium, is the very essence of patience. Revenge is best served cold, for example. If you hate something that much, as Odium hates everything, then it is more important to you to win the war instead of the battle, to annihilate your enemy completely. Odium is the kind who would wait for the opportunity to wage a massive scale desolation of the populace, as opposed to taking every potshot he can to kill anything. After all: The best revenge is to survive.
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    Actually, this is excellent point which helps the theory. Ruin never saw far enough into the future to understand Preservation's plan. Even with Ruin's meddling of the Prophecies, there are plenty of passages which still successfully point to Sazed being the Hero of Ages--"hold the fate of the world on his arms", for example. Ruin didn't get it. He didn't get who would be the Hero. If Ruin truly saw into the future, he could've killed Sazed, and very easily block Preservation's plan from every coming into fruition. Instead, Ruin acted more selfishly, focusing on himself rather than the future. "I'm going to manipulate the Prophecies for my own gain, rather than just trying to stopping Preservation." "Even after I'm freed, I'm going to continue using Vin as my puppet to find the atium, even though Preservation chose her to ascend to godhood and she'll totally kill me later. Nothing could go wrong with this plan." In fact, that latter one was something I just thought up now. If Ruin saw the future effectively, he should've been able to counter Preservation. If Ruin killed Vin directly upon being freed, it's smooth sailing from there. But no. As is made clear from annotations, Ruin always acted with lusts. This always bothered me until reading this theory, Zas. As is obvious from atium, the direct essence of a Shard lets you see into the future--there was also that quote about Wyrn's future sight where Brandon said seeing into the future required the direct essence of a Shard, or something along those lines. It's certainly possible for any Shard to see into the future, so why couldn't Ruin? It always confused me. It had to be something with a Shard's intent, since that's the predominant differentiator between Shards, and Zas perfectly explains it. You know, it just occurred to me that atium is the exactly the future sight that Ruin would subscribe to. Not something which would let you to make long-term plans, but something almost immediate, so you can dominate and control right now. What else can you do with short-term future sight? Always win in battle, and that's about it. This substance is perfectly of Ruin. So, Zas, thank you. This is brilliant. It elegantly and easily explains problem with Ruin's future sight. I simply can't give you enough upvotes for this. (Well, I guess in the Austre is Endowment topic, I already gave you two upvotes, and now another one here, but still ) And now, food for thought: what do you think Odium is? I could go either way, really. I'm hoping he's more like Ruin--with more focusing on hatred right now--than something who bides his time, seeing into the future and making the best plan to exert his hatred for the long time. Someone is impulsive is predictable, and Ruin was predictable in this way. If Odium can see into the future... wow, we are so screwed. Then again, Odium isn't like Ruin, and Odium is biding his time very well. Only two Shards killed and Splintered, over centuries or millennia. Many, many Desolations. Like the back of the hardcover of the Way of Kings says, "Perhaps they saw that the heat and the hammer only make for a better grade of sword. But ignore the steel long enough, and it will eventually rust away." That... seems like a lot of foresight on Odium's part. Crap. EDIT: Well, I suppose Ruin plans too, but with Odium it seems like planning on a much vaster scale. That scares me.
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    I just hit 100 posts on the shard!!! That might be less than impressive to some but for a long time lurker It feels like a major accomplishment. Also life is good despite all my problems. A rare treat. And I am getting on top of my writing and getting that much closer to being an author or something. And I might get a raise. And I learned that people generally like to hunt with me in monster hunter. Other stuff to but I cant think of any right now.
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