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    It's finished! Or, as finished as it will get for a while. I printed a physical copy to give to Brandon at Boskone, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. I wish that I had been able to put more illustrations in it, but there simply wasn't time. I am inordinately fond of my Thaylen eyebrows illustration, though. I feel like it really captures the spirit of the mashup. I'm also quite pleased with the Unkalaki tongue twisters. If only I had figured out a way to stick "Airsick lowlanders!" in somewhere. Anyway, here is the book! (Spoilered for size) I hope you like it! I also had some partial drafts for Stormlight versions of other Seuss books that I didn't make the cut for inclusion. So there may eventually be a sequel or improved draft that includes The Bitter Battle Book (about the war on the shattered plains) and a version of Green Eggs and Ham ("Amaram, Lord Amaram, I do not like the Diagram").
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    Hey all, I've just stared to working on some vr experience based on Mistborn ( more specific on Final Empire). This is just really early prototype and I don't know if I find enough time to finish it, cause it most as a hobby for me and for my portfolio. What I was thinking is the experience will start on the roof, the user will see main title, old books on the right to get some knowledge about empire, allomancy etc. Behind there will be doors to lower floor. There on the table will be note from Kelsier, saying that he will be later for training and to start without him, also some vials with metals and coins. After that user will be start training with Iron and Steel. Really basic and not long experience. I'm creating everything for HTC Vive and you can see current progress here: If you guys have any ideas or thought I'm open for any suggestions It's not a game and I won't be selling it, I just want to know what you think about it.
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    You just can't handle how awesome she is.
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    Edit: Feel the need to add two warnings. Like Brandon said to preface the reading, this isn't a final draft and there may be changes. Second, there are undoubtedly mistakes. Words that we/I couldn't figure out at all are generally marked with question marks (or a guess). But there are almost certainly a number of words that are just plain wrong and we don't even realize it. So if you're coming up with some theory or whatnot and it hinges on a particular word or phrasing, then you might want to check it against the recording. /u/RyanEl on Reddit put together a fantastic transcript. I did my best to fill in the holes of his work (and make some corrections). Then I compared it with @Kanrei's work above, and made a few more corrections. Here's what I got: (The bold text is whatever was add/changed from /u/RyanEl's work.)
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    I shared this on The Stormlight subreddit and thought I'd share it here as well. Reddit post. In the WoK, Hoid tells the story of a group of people who committed horrible things under the orders of a king only to discover that that king had been dead for years, and that they were responsible for their horrible actions. The dead king is discovered in the passage below: “Derethil and his men came out of the tower a short time later, carrying a desiccated corpse in fine robes and jewelry. ‘This is your emperor?’ Derethil demanded. ‘We found him in the top room, alone.’ It appeared that the man had been dead for years, but nobody had dared enter his tower. They were too frightened of him." In the final chapter Dalinar finally realizes that the Almighty hadn't been talking in response to him, that he hadn't been following orders but had been misinterpreting the visions. He then learns that the Almighty is dead. The title of this final chapter? In the Top Room.
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    *loses Kaladin in a crowd* Me: *uses hand as a megaphone* Me: AMARAM IS THE MOST HONORABLE MAN THERE IS. *Literally hears teeth grinding and feels rage radiating from one direction* Me: There he is.
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    So, I have a really good joke, but I've already used it on this site a few times. If you've already seen it, feel free to ignore it and not upvote it (not that I'd mind of course). Here's the joke: "Hey, have you seen Vasher?" "Who Zahel are you talking about?"
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    When your teacher asks the class what the most valuable metal is, and you and your best friend shout out "ATIUM!" at the same time
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    [Shallan and Adolin on a date] Shallan: So what do you want to know about me? Adolin: What's your family like? Shallan:[shoving chouta into her drawing satchel] I have to go right now immediately
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    Hurm….. "As Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absentmindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead. "'I know he will.' "The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well. "And then the murders began." Wow. Is that an improvement on the Deathly Hallows epilogue or what.
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    Got my leather edition of mistborn, and some interesting info about Harmony. I've wondered about this for awhile, and interestingly, while Sanderson confirms the possibility, he basically says it won't happen. (At least not with Harmony). The question was: "Like Adonalsium, could Harmony split into 2 shards OTHER THAN ruin/preservation with the right intent." (then in the comment section of my order I clarified as follows) "You once stated that it is plausible that with a different intent Adonalsium could have shattered into a DIFFERENT 16 shards. You have also said that Harmony is one shard (or could be viewed this way.) My question: Could Harmony split/be split into 2 shards OTHER THAN ruin/preservation (yet still complementing/opposite) with the right intent of the splitter? (And if not is this because Harmony is still too invested in scadrial as ruin/preservation?) His answer: "Almost anything is possible... but it is very, very unlikely that Harmony would split except back to ruin/preservation." My thoughts: while this may not happen with Harmony (and maybe goes against common sense for the shards?) It could happen at some other time or situation with another "double shard". Also, when he says it's "unlikely he would split EXCEPT back to ruin/preservation"... I don't want to read too much into this, but to me it sounds like there's a distinct possibility Harmony would split , if the right circumstances arose. (It Not unlikely anyways)
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    I wonder how Rosharian swearing makes its way into music. I'd imagine that it's something like this: I see you riding 'round town With the girl I love and I'm like, Storm you! Oo, oo, ooo I guess the spheres in my pocket Weren't enough I'm like, Storm you! And storm her too! Said, if I was richer, I'd still be with ya Ha, now ain't that some crem? (ain't that some crem?) And although there's pain in my chest I still wish you the best with a... Storm you! Oo, oo, ooo
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    Brilliant. We should do a charity kickstarter to morally compel Brandon to record this.
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    I’ve been a moderately active member of the 17th Shard for a tad more than two years. I’m finally ready to unveil myself. Yes, it’s true: I’m old enough to be almost everyone’s father here and the grandfather of many of you. That’s why I’m “Confused.” It’s also why I find our conversations so interesting. I feel like I’m arguing with my kids...I met my wife in 1974 and we’re still together – fairly remarkable in this day and age. I’ve already disclosed I’m a University of Michigan alum (“Go Blue!”), but I graduated more than 40 years ago. You can probably tell I was a lit major. I like to reference books of the Western canon. I’ve been reading fantasy novels since I was a kid, starting with Jules Verne in grade school. In 8th grade, I would prop a book up in class like I was paying attention, but was secretly reading Lord of the Rings instead. As a fantasy storyteller, Brandon has few peers. I’ve read everything but the “young adult” books. My personal favorites are The Emperor’s Soul and The Way of Kings. I fear I won’t live long enough to see the Cosmere story play itself out; hence, my interest in speculation. Besides raising a family and building a career, I used to climb 14,000 foot mountains (with ice axe, crampons and rope) and still enjoy exercise and a game of chess. As we continue our debates, please remember you’re dealing with a curmudgeonly old codger. It’ll help… Regards all!
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    Lift will figure out a way to access all the Surges, making her Roshar's first ever Awesomeborn!
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    I tend to wonder when Shallan will "realize" that Kaladin's the one who actually killed her brother Helaran...
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    This post speculates about magic on the Major Shardworlds before the Shattering. I think pre-Shattering magic gives insight into post-Shattering magic. I exclude Scadrial because it didn’t exist pre-Shattering. Based on the following WoB, I believe the planets that became Shardworlds each incorporate “magic aspects to the setting” that allows mortals to “interact with nature.” Pre-Shattering, there were no “people with magic” like Mistborn and Surgebinders who could direct the magic’s effect. Brandon thus confirms that Adonalsium’s Investiture is on every planet except Scadrial. Because this Investiture is “inherent,” it remains on each planet even after the Shattering. I believe Adonalsium’s Investiture is encoded into its planet’s Spiritual DNA, part of its soul just like the planet’s mountains and oceans are. Shards later Invested to change these planets into Major Shardworlds. I theorize they Invested in the part of the planet that I believe already held Adonalsium’s Investiture: Roshar’s highstorms, Taldain’s oceans, Nalthis’ electromagnetic radiation, and Sel’s ground. I discuss each Major Shardworld’s pre-Shattering magic separately below. I think Adonalsium’s pre-existing magic constrained what the Shards could do. The Surgebinding and Fabrial magic systems, for example, are built atop Adonalsium’s pre-existing spren-based magic. IMO, this is what Brandon means when he says that magic systems result from the “interaction” of a Shard with its Shardworld – the Shards adapted their magic systems to their Shardworld as they found it. Adonalsium’s effects permeate the cosmere. I believe we can deduce many of the elements of each Major Shardworld’s pre-Shattering magic by looking at the Shardworld’s current magic and applying a retrograde analysis – what are the Shards’ magic systems built on? ROSHAR – Highstorm-Invested Magic Roshar’s pre-Shattering “interaction with magic” system is spren-based. Khriss describes current Rosharan magic as “an expansion” of pre-Shattering magic (AU, Kindle, p. 535): Stormlight. I believe Adonalsium created and Invested Roshar’s highstorms. When Brandon says the highstorms began as “natural” meteorological events, I think he means Adonalsium’s Investiture of the highstorms is “natural.” Everything Adonalsium created is “natural” – meaning “in its original state.” I think Stormlight began solely as Adonalsium’s Investiture. Though Honor later added his Investiture to the highstorms (IMO), I believe Stormlight continues to hold Adonalsium’s Investiture. The pre-Shattering spren types still appear on Roshar. “Stormlight is essential to the ecosystem of Roshar.” Stormlight “makes plants grow.” Native lifeforms could not exist without Stormlight. Many like the listeners and greatshells change form through spren symbiosis. Stormlight evaporates and disperses quickly. Brandon says that’s by design – part of Roshar’s natural ecosystem. He cites the amount of “free” Investiture on Roshar. Realmic Compression. Because Roshar is “heavily Invested,” Brandon says the Realms “compress” there. Bits of Spiritual Realm Investiture “leak” into the Cognitive Realm as splinters, meaning they become self-aware. These splinters in turn “leak” into the Physical Realm. Eshonai confirms such transformations occur during highstorms, when the listener’s “Rider of Storms” (later the humans’ Stormfather) appears. For this reason, I theorize Realmic compression precedes Honor’s Investiture of the highstorms. Personification. Brandon’s above quote states that “minor spren…like lifespren” can exist on a world like pre-Shattering Roshar. IMO this statement confirms the listeners, the Aimians, and other native sapient beings personified natural phenomena before humans arrived, ascribing their own thoughts and feelings to such elements. Lifespren and other “minor spren” are the result. Thought Becomes Reality. I theorize Realmic compression, personification and the availability of “free Investiture” cause Cognitive Realm splinters to become spren and gain access to the Physical Realm. Jasnah says spren are thought made living reality – “living ideas.” I believe the “touch and design” of this system was already in place when the Shards arrived. TALDAIN – Ocean-Invested Magic I theorize Adonalsium placed his Investiture in Taldain’s oceans. Darkside has magic, but it’s “not nearly as explosive and obvious as the magic on Dayside” where “most of the Investiture [is]…but there is some stuff going on [in Darkside].” We haven’t seen Darkside’s magic, so it’s difficult to speculate about it. Hints of Adonalsium’s Investiture come from an examination of Dayside’s magic. 1. Sand Masters’ dehydrate to perform their magic. I believe their body’s water is Sand Mastery’s Catalyst, the consumed substance that causes Autonomy’s power to Invest the Sand Master. Khriss’ Sand Mastery description IMO confirms this (AU, Taldain Essay, Kindle p. 369): 2. Brandon says, “white sand can be charged in the presence of any Investiture…But it's not really using the magic, it’s just charging it with other Investiture (at [58:20]).” This statement, together with Khriss’, IMO confirms Sand Mastery (the “magic”) configures the sand at the Sand Master’s direction. But “white sand can be charged” with any Investiture, since that part of Sand Mastery is “not really using the magic.” The magic happens when Sand Masters use “the water from their own bodies…to control the sand” – drawing power “directly from the Spiritual Realm.” The pattern of other Major Shardworlds suggests if a Sand Master’s body water is Sand Mastery’s Catalyst, then that water holds Adonalsium’s Investiture. 3. Brandon adds in the cited WoB that “it would be very easy…to use Breath to fuel...Windrunning right? Because the oath and the bond and things like that make it pretty easy.” I interpret this statement to refer to a Returned’s bond with its Divine Breath, like Vasher’s. Each Returned represents a human ideal, like Lightsong “the Brave.” A Returned whose ideal is “Protection” (a Windrunner’s Primary Divine Attribute) might be able to use Breath to Windrun. That’s the “oath” part. I also think Brandon means the bond between a Returned and its Divine Breath and a Windrunner’s Nahel bond are similar. Both bonds allow mortals to process gaseous Investiture like Breath and Stormlight. The SLA Ars Arcana says that the “body focus” for Windrunners is “Inhalation,” though Khriss cautions us not to rely on “body focuses.” 4. Brandon elsewhere says “Roshar is really the easiest place in the cosmere for [Vasher] to consistently get [Breath]. Taldain would not be bad either...” [Emphasis added.] IMO, Vasher could only get “easy” Breath equivalents on Taldain if he could absorb Taldain’s Investiture like he does Breath and Stormlight – through his lungs. That suggests there’s Invested water vapor on Taldain. 5. I theorize Adonalsium Invested Taldain’s oceans. When the sun “beats down” on Dayside, it causes the water, and Adonalsium’s Investiture, to evaporate and enter the atmosphere. From there, the natural Water Cycle (Evaporation-Condensation-Precipitation, etc.) circulates that Investiture through the ecosystem and into human lungs and stomachs. “Certain people” can then use that water to control the lichen’s reactions. NALTHIS – Electromagnetic Radiation-Invested Magic I theorize Nalthis’ electromagnetic radiation holds Adonalsium’s Investiture. Endowment later Invested Nalthis’ electromagnetic spectrum and the precursor to Breath. I believe before Endowment’s Investiture of Nalthis, each Nalthian’s innate Investiture consisted of a single photon attached to their soul, a quantum of electromagnetic radiation. IMO, Endowment’s Investiture added its “life-giving” Mandate to that photon – the “Bio” in “BioChromatic” Breath. 1. Starting point: IMO simple Breath transfer to other people and objects doesn’t need Endowment’s power like Awakening does. Unlike Awakening, which IMO drains the Invested EMR that colored objects absorb, simple Breath transfer is end-neutral. A command and physical contact with the recipient suffices. That suggests the mechanism for Breath transfer pre-exists the Shattering. 2. I believe one Breath equals a quantum of Endowment’s Investiture, its smallest usable fragment. Souls “Heighten” as they accumulate more quanta of Breaths. The Heightenings are a “quantization” of Breaths – a “continuous set of values” (because of Breath variability) turned into a discrete set of values. This suggests a magic system related to quantum physics. 3. A photon is a quantum of light, the smallest usable unit of electromagnetic radiation. I believe Breath is a quantum of Endowment’s Investiture because Endowment Invests a quantum of Adonalsium’s Investiture – the photon attached to each person’s soul. 4. I theorize those photons are responsible for Breath transfer. Physical touching is necessary to close the “circuit” between the transferor and recipient of the Breaths. Breaths are unique among Investitures in that they automatically adjust to the Breath holder’s Identity even if the Breathholder isn’t from Nalthis. I speculate this ability relates to the Invested photon at Breath’s core. Photons are a cosmere-wide phenomenon and (presumably) everywhere the same. Movement of photons from person-to-person appears to be the “ambient magic” underlying Breath transfer. 5. I theorize Endowment Invests the Tears of Edgli, vivifying the flowers’ color, to mark the colored object as a source of Investiture. Color is reflected light, but an object absorbs the unreflected electromagnetic radiation. Draining “color” from an object to Awaken leaves the object looking gray (or white for the God Kings). I believe this happens because the Awakener has drained the object of Investiture. The color resembles the effects of a Shardblade slicing a human limb. IOW, I think Endowment vivified the Tears with saturated color both to mark them as repositories of Investiture and to restrict the reflected EMR (color) to a narrow spectrum. That leaves most of the Invested EMR available as Awakening’s Catalyst. SEL – Ground-Invested Magic I theorize Sel’s location-based magic grows from Adonalsium’s pre-Shattering ground-based magic. Just as Honor later Invested Roshar’s highstorms and Autonomy Invested Taldain’s oceans, I believe Dominion and Devotion later added their Investiture to Sel’s ground to create the one “Dor” magic system. Evidence Text. The main evidence is where the Shards chose to Invest. The Shards created Sel’s “one” magic system by using topographic features as their programmatic forms – features rooted in Sel’s ground. I also point to Raoden’s completion of Aon Rao. As a Reod Elantrian, Raoden couldn’t draw any lasting Aons. Yet he could draw the chasm line to complete this Aon with a stick. I believe the ground contains the Investiture that “catalyzed” Aon Rao, infusing Elantris and Elantrians with the Dor. Otherwise, Raoden could simply have drawn a correctly shaped Aon Rao in the air with the same effect. IMO, the now Dor-infused, “mostly Spiritual” Elantrians can draw other Aons without further catalysis. The ground continues to catalyze Aon Rao, which continues to Dor-infuse Elantris so long as Aon Rao retains its shape. Other textual evidence: Derethi prophesy Jaddeth will awake from his slumber “in the earth.” Uncontrolled Dor caused the chasm explosion. Arelenes use the phrase “Domi below.” Forgery soulstones are rocks. The only better soulstamp material is crystal. Khriss (in AU, “Sel Essay,” Kindle, p 18) says This sounds like the ground is becoming the equivalent of a giant spren. Beware of Mother Sel…. Selish Lifeforms Absorb the Dor. I believe Sel’s ground Investiture acts like the Patji’s Eye ecosystem on First of the Sun. The Eye leaches Investiture into the ground. Patji’s Fingers absorb the Investiture through their root systems. Parasitic worms consume the Investiture in the Fingers’ fruit. Aviar eat the worms…. I think Sel’s ground Investiture likewise leaches into the soil and become part of the food chain. Sel’s lifeforms absorb this Investiture. As Khriss says above, “every being on Sel has some Spiritual connection to the Dor and Investiture.” (Note “being,” not “person.”) IMO Khriss describes the bones of Adonalsium’s “interaction with nature” system, the “magic aspects to [that system’s] setting.” I believe Selish magic users consume the absorbed ground Investiture as the Catalyst for their Magic. Shai uses squid ink for her soulstamps. The Bloodsealer uses Shai’s blood. Dakhor monks transform their bones. As stated, I believe Raoden’s completion of Aon Rao relied on Sel’s ground Investiture, opening the pathway for the Dor to infuse Elantris and Elantrians. Motion. Sel’s magic systems seem to require motion for activation. Sel’s Catalytic” magic systems rely on motion plus strict programmatic forms. Shai and the Bloodsealer twist their Investiture-infused stamps a half-turn to make them “take.” AonDor needs the movement of drawing Aons as much as the strict form itself: an imprecisely drawn Aon still pulls in the Dor, just imprecisely, as we see with Dilaf’s wife. I think Sel’s non-Catalytic systems use only motion: “ChayShan focuses on speeding up the motions and gaining power from them.”
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    So last month for my birthday I ordered two signed books and they just recently arrived. Question: To what extent do the Shades of Threnody remember their lives? Silence’s grandmother appears to recognize her but on the whole Shades don’t really act like people. Kelsier however, the other main example of a Cognitive shadow, seems little altered from his living state. Answer: Shades of Threnody are not as self-aware as other shadows.
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    I wish we could get a recording of Brandon reading this. Amazing work.
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    Brandon just posted his seventh update over on the stormlight subreddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/5zidxz/oathbringer_spoilers_stormlight_three_update_7/
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    Lift: The Arbiters inspect Shai's forgeries: Kelsier and the crew start planning:
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    Hello, I'm happy to join this forum and be a part of this online community. I started reading fantasy books (actually books in general) two months ago. So far I've read 4 books in total: The Queen of the Tearling, The Invasion of the Tearling, The Way of King and Words of Radiance. I fell in love with TWoK and WoR and so here I am joining the ranks of fans in this Brandon Sanderson fansite. I think my main activity here will be around the Reading Excuses subforum as i really want to improve my writing skills. Other than that, I'm from Tunisia, which is a country in North Africa. I've mosly learnt my English by watching movies, playing video games and reading the subtitles of anime. So don't expect me to have a perfect grasp of grammar and spelling rules I also like jogging and tennis. Any way, I'm glad to be here and i hope the feeling is mutual
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    Let's focus on Rothfuss releasing a Rothfuss novel lol.
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    I'm ridiculously in love with my boyfriend.... YAY
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    This theory is unlikely. I explain myself Better: - Ambition & Odium fighted also on Therenody's system. But the actual killing blow happened somewhere else. - Indeed It's possible Ambition's Vessel could remain as Cognitive Shadow but: (1) Probabily Odium Will Simply crush him/her (2) this Shadow Will be not a relevant entity. Just someone Ghost, unable to influence directly the physical...If you read SH. Our Ambition's Vessel Shadow Will be like the SH's Main character (at least for half of the book) Don't make your knowledge of the Stormfather tricks you. Tanavast's Shadow merged with an already present "powerful spren" (the rider of the storm). He maybe gained some margin from the Shadow but the actual Power was already there. Little recap: In the end if Ambition's Vessel remained as Cognitive Shadow It would be not in Therenody and He Will be not a powerful entity at all.
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    Hey, nice to meet you all of you! I'm Yas (not to be confused with the internet slang yaaas for 'yes'. I'm just a college student who got pulled into the cosmere fandom in January. I've read The Way of Kings and started Words of Radiance. I plan to read Elantris next! I don't exactly know what else to say. Um.. Interesting facts about me? I'm an artist (I plan to upload Stormlight Archive fanart sometime in the following week), I can speak Japanese at a four year old's level, I'm a major booknerd.. Trying to write my own story...? That's all I've got folks. Anyway, although I'm new to this whole forum/cosmere/everything Brandon Sanderson related, I hope to get along with you all! Thanks for reading
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    Hello, I am Witless. This is the first fandom online forum thingy that I've joined, so I'm not very sure how this whole thing works. I've read all of Sanderson's books (except for Mitosis, Firefight,and Calamity), and am currently annotating Elantris, WoK, and WoR. I still only kindofish get how the shards and everything fit together, but I'm excited to watch his world coalesce. Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians and The Stormlight Archive is where most of my knowledge and interest lies, so I'll probably be found on those boards. Quick question, how do you set a profile picture and a tagline? Thanks!
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    Woooo the Oathbringer cover is out. http://www.tor.com/2017/03/16/revealing-the-cover-to-oathbringer-the-third-book-in-brandon-sandersons-stormlight-archive/ Hmm the giants seem to be thunderclasts, and looks like a big void-war is going on. wow.
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    I believe 10 is reported to be an important number in the Rosharan system; e.g. 10 Heralds, 10 surges, etc. in a similar way that 16 was important in the Scadrian system. Also, AU spoiler: Edit: Why was I downvoted for this??
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    Day 1: Memories Footsteps on the dusty floor alerted Wurum to the present of someone else within the room. He raised his head from his book, and couldn't help but scowl a tad at the person who had appeared before him. “What do you want?” “Is that any way to greet a friend?” Khas asked, giving him a small smile. “We are friends still, aren't we?” “Hm,” Wurum grunted. “Aren't you meant to be hiding as well?” “Well, if we're both meant to be hiding, then we can just hide out in the same bolthole, can't we?” Khas said, turning to the shelves and picking up a few of the trinkets laid on them – A pair of metal bracelets, a dictionary, a hat, an earring – and examining them one by one as if remembering something. He came to the end of the shelf, and then noticed what was on the floor next to the shelving. “A mirror?” he asked, looking to Wurum curiously. “Can't think there's much use for a full-length mirror down here.” “Just because I'm hiding doesn't mean I can't have a certain amount of pride,” Wurum responded, leaning back in his chair and sighing. Khas was such a headache. “Besides, gives me a chance to practice my disguises.” “I suppose,” Khas laughed, picking up the tricorne hat from the shelf. A somewhat unique design, but it had a certain flair to it. “Threnody?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Maybe,” Wurum hedged, unable to remember. He couldn't honestly place the style these days; he felt older than he was, the double-life was starting to catch up with him. His visits to other worlds seemed like a lifetime ago. Certainly there were very few who he could discuss them with. And without that discussion, the memories faded. “Well, it goes nicely with the waistcoat. Scadrial does have some rather interesting fashion these days.” Khas looked at him. “I always feel people underestimate hats. Only really met one guy who understood them. Would you mind?” “What's mine is yours,” Wurum said with a dismissive wave of the hand. If he said no, Khas would probably take it anyway. “That's what I like about visiting you, you're such a generous guy.” Khas placed it on his head and cut a pose before the mirror. “How do I look?” “Flamboyant and annoying,” Wurum said, stifling an irritated sigh. “Then the image is complete!” Khas grinned, pulling the chair opposite Wurum from under the table and sitting down. He looked at the cover of the book Wurum was reading. “The Way of Kings?” he asked. “Seems like a pretty heavy book. I thought I was the one who preferred philosophical ramblings? Not to mention you'd get strung up as a heretic if anyone found you reading.” “If anyone else finds me here, then I have bigger problems than whether reading is a proper pursuit for an Alethi male,” Wurum said, placing a bookmark on his page and closing the tome. “I decided to read it, as Highprince Dalinar seems to think it's a very important book. I feel that we should know what one of the most powerful man in the world thinks.” “Hm, that's a good point,” Khas nodded. “Have you got any decent food?” “This is a safehouse,” Wurum pointed out. “There's soulcast food, with some spices to make it something close to edible. There's wine, at least. That's pretty decent.” He poured himself another glass and then gestured to a shelf where there were more glasses. Khas took one eagerly and placed it on the table, and Wurum filled it up as requested. “What do you want, anyway? You don't just come out of hiding to steal my hat, my food and my wine, and to question my reading material. What do you want?” Khas held the wine glass up to the candlelight before replying. He turned the glass this way and that, frowning a little at the fingerprints that had been left on it by previous users. The inside of the glass was clean, at least. “Khas?” Wurum prompted. “Ah, yes,” Khas smiled a little apologetically. “Sorry. I was just wondering, do you remember what happened a few years back?” “I hope you're going to be specific,” Wurum said, “and not expect me to remember the entire last few years.” “The events that occurred at Notemos,” Khas clarified. “You know, the whole Sons of Honour thing?” Wurum's face paled. “It was a massacre.” “Well, not quite,” Khas corrected. “It wasn't as though the entire town was destroyed. Damnation, we barely had a dozen agents in the area, if that. But yes, it did do a lot of damage to our control of that part of the world. And the aftershock certainly got a lot of others killed. But I'm curious, and since you were the one who sent the orders for the purge... What do you remember about it?” Wurum sighed and drained his glass again, pouring himself another immediately. He took a few breaths to collect his thoughts, felt his heart beat within his chest as the memories stirred. “The order came down from above that our agents in Notemos had been infiltrated,” he began, closing his eyes to aid his attempts to visualise events, “and that we were remove the infiltrators, no matter what the cost...” Day 1 has begun! It will end on Thursday 16th at 10 PM GMT. Remember to work with your other half above all else. Remember, you can only post if you are a Day Turn player, and if you forget, you can always check your Role PM or check the list below or in the rules post at the start of the game. There are 11 'players' in the game. Night Turn players, you will be informed during the Night Turn whether PMs are open or not. Notemos Town Hall Clock Player List
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    You put some serious thought into this, clearly, but I have a few bones to pick with it too. I was seriously befuddled by some of the things you have said in your post. ^ This for example. Of course it uses investiture as the fuel. What else would it use? Chulls? The other major problem with your post is your terrible naming sense. We already have names for all these things, and you are just adding confusion to the mix. What you call 'Powers' are just Shards. What you call 'Creation Magic' are just external manifestations of Investiture, and 'Investiture Magic' -aside from being a really confusing and bad name for it- are just internal manifestations of Investiture. Though the exact definition you present and the definitions that are understood for external/internal manifestations differ somewhat, they are more canon, and therefor more useful when asking questions and discussing things. Now on to comments on your actual points, and some clarifications of information I think you have wrong or that my speculation differs on. An example of an external manifestation, or what you call Creation Magic, would be Allomancy. You burn metal and cause a change external to you. This isn't, as you put it, using Investiture to Connect with a Shard. You are already Connected. What is really going on here is you allow (or force/get, depending on how you look at it) the power to flow through you through a focus, in this case a specific metal, and then you have a shaped Investiture in you that you can use to exert a changing 'force.' You aren't using Investiture to Connect, you use a physical focus. You have this a bit off. The Shard has x amount of Investiture available to it. When a piece of it it broken off, intentionally or otherwise, this is known as Splintering. The only real difference between, say, a spren and a Shard is the sheer quantity of Investiture they have. If you had a person and pumped a truly massive amount of Investiture into them, their mind expands and they Ascend. That is what happened to Vin with the mists. There are 3 important levels of Investiture. There are normal levels, where you may or may not have the right stuff to perform magic, but can't do much more. There is a higher level, where raw Investiture, or an Invested inanimate object, has enough Investiture available to it that it reaches a critical mass of the stuff. This level only matters if the Investiture is left out of the control of something sentient for long enough. If left alone, it will eventually develop sentience of its own. The third critical mass of Investiture is where you have enough that your mind expands, you lose your normal physical form, and you Ascend. There are outliers with this, like Wax and the Bands or awakening an object to sentience, where you temporarily move partially into a higher category. You touch on this in your next point, but you apparently haven't made the connection between the two. For your examples, you need to know that what matters for classification is if the fuel comes from an external source, like a Shard, or from the user's own soul. So I would say that we can't tell with Aviar, because we don't know enough about what the birds are doing. They could be tapping the local Pool for power, or the Pool could have basically infused them in a manner similar to Heightenings and granted them passive abilities. Transferring Breaths is a Command, so it would be a Creation magic under your definition, since you are morphing the soul of the recipient. A more pressing concern is that Breath is weird. It is basically the photon of the Investiture world. It exhibits properties of multiple forms of Investiture, much as photons have the properties of particles and waves, so Breath really defies any decent classification until Brandon gives us some better information. There is a long standing debate over whether Breath is kinetic Investiture or not, and I don't really want to get into that one with this thread. Returned are much the same as normal awakeners, but with the restriction that they can't use/transfer their one massive Breath without dying. It is stapling their Cognitive shadow to their body, so if they use it, their mind moves on to the Beyond. That is effectively the only difference between them and regular people. Well, that and their ability to manipulate their spiritweb (and therefor appearance) at will, probably via that Breath. The Old Magic is an external magic, because whatever the Nightwatcher is causes a change in your soul that is external to her. Think of her as just another person in this sense. If she were just some ridiculously powerful person, you would likely think of her differently. Use of the Mists is just using Preservation's power for your abilities, in this case Allomancy, without the need for a metal focus to filter it. The mists snapping people is just the mist causing extreme physical distress to snap people. That is the standard method in that day-- beat up the person and see what happens. Also, you failed to classify Hemalurgy, but it is also a bit strange, and we don't know if it actually channels any of Ruin's power directly to make a spike. It does increase your Connection to Ruin, though, so there is that. For Sel, this is where I most heavily disagree with you. You say the ChayShan must be internal when that doesn't really make sense in the context the planet is giving us. ALL of the powers on Sel come from the same system. The one deft thing you said in your post is that they are balkanized-- I really liked that way of putting it. I don't want to into a TON of detail, but here are my suspicions for Sel. The first thing to know is that you can use Aons outside Elantris, but they are much, much weaker, as we saw when Raoden teleported away. Elantris is just a massive Aon that buffs up Elantrian's power so that they are truly useful. You say the ChayShan is internal, but Dakhor monks are probably extremely similar. Dakhor monks and the Listeners appear to do something similar. They use an external Investiture to change their physical form and physical/mental properties. Be it the Dor or a spren, they seem to do something with a similar mechanic. Performing the ChayShan is probably most similar to burning pewter with a measure of either normal sense heightening to the point of echolocation or some sort of lifesense that lets them fight with their eyes closed. Regardless, they would pretty much certainly be channeling power from the Dor to perform it. Otherwise, it would just be a Feruchemy variant and not a Selish magic. The only reasonable explanation for the potions is that they have to be brewed in Forton's homeland. That is the location that potion masters can connect their brews to the Dor to allow them to infuse the potion with actual power. Once the potion is brewed, it is already Invested, so drinking it is no longer location dependent, hence the potion drunk by Hrathen and Sarene work on them. Overall a very good post, just mind that the Powers of Creation are Investiture directed by those with truly massive power that defies the protective barriers provided mortals that channel how the Investiture is used. This allows them to do as they will with the power. Those holding the power of the Well reached that level of Investiture, but other than that, you really need to perform a normal Ascension to reach that level. Hence, what you call the Powers are effectively just Shards. I would be happy to also provide my feedback for your theory in addition to those you mentioned above if you just shoot me a PM with your draft of it.
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    Relevant scenes to Fifth/PRIME from the writeup (read this first if you haven't already): “You…cannot…” Fifth’s voice came from the demon’s lips. He sounded in pain, as if he were strugging for control. Muscles convulsing, Fifth, or PRIME—Shallan could hardly tell which one was in control—stepped backwards, inching closer towards the ledge. Becoming suddenly still, PRIME looked up, revealing his hollow, grey eyes once more. When he spoke, his voice shook with rage. “Why you INSOLENT little…” The demon’s eyes snapped back to green and Fifth’s tremulous voice spoke again: “You…will……not……” “No! This cannot be! Kill her!” “Master……former…master…” “Kill her, my faithful servant! KILL HER!!!” “I…will not allow you to control me, to use me any longer!” “This…cannot……be!” “I am no longer your servant, PRIME. May justice be done!!!” He tore the cracked gem from his ring and crushed it in his hand. The demon let out a final, horrendous yell that echoed across the plains. Almost simultaneously, a crimson bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and landed a meter in front of him, shattering the rock with an earsplitting crack and throwing him off the ledge. He plummeted for a few long seconds before slamming into the ground by the gathering Initiates. One of the Initiates named Naihar walked over to him and bent down. With great effort, the fallen man lifted his head up and smiled at him. His eyes were bright green and glittering, and when he spoke, it was with Fifth’s voice, yet kinder and gentler, free of PRIME’s influence. “Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.” With trembling legs, he stood. “I will put the law above all else. I will hunt you down, PRIME, and you will face justice of the highest degree. For the crimes of murder, and, even worse, binding the souls of your ‘Nameless’ to your work of terror and destruction, I pronounce you-- “GUILTY!” Hopefully that makes a shred of sense. I'm a bit tired.
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    When you randomly hold out your hand and start counting heartbeats.
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    Get on the Hype Train guys.... Cover reveal and completed % bar on the same day. I must be dreaming...
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    Spoilers for the end of WoK
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    Sadeas when Dalinar returns from the Tower
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    LG31: Day Three - Aftermath The nobles stared at each other. The Lord Ruler, Sliver of Immortality, lay fallen on the cold steel floor, forever. How they’d managed to kill him, no one was even quite sure. Jack had done something - pulled, somehow, the bands from his shoulders, and the Lord Ruler had withered within minutes. Everyone had suspected him, yes. Everyone accused him. Lord Tekiel, Neer, Alrin, Lady Mater, all called him skaa to his face, and he did not strike them down. He had seemed almost… tired. No one noticed Remart’s smile. Everyone did notice what Jack had done, though. No one had expected the Lord Ruler to actually die. Lord Alrin stepped forward. “You… you killed the Lord Ruler.” “Yes,” Jack said defiantly. “Didn’t we all say he was skaa? Didn’t he deserve it?” “I… no.” Alrin shook his head, stepping further out of the cluster of shocked nobles so that he had a clear line of sight to the man. “He was our God. Weren’t you raised to believe that?” “He was skaa! He had to die. Don’t you see that?” “No. He didn’t. And you just murdered the person who has ruled us for a millennium now.” Alrin raised his hands, burning steel. There were plenty of bits of metal left in the room from the earlier fight. They shot out from him, towards Jack. Jack smiled. “If that’s how this must be.” He gestured himself, pushing back on those bits of metal and gathering new ones to him until he was enclosed in a vortex of swirling metal, sending it at Alrin like an unstoppable storm. So Alrin Pushed back, and both were thrown against the walls of the chamber. The outermost coins fell away, leaving only a few in the middle to be flattened. Whoever he was, Jack was strong. Stronger, perhaps, than Alrin. Sooner or later, someone’s steel would give out, or someone would come to aid one or the other. Alrin, fortunately, had a few tricks up his sleeve. He was no Mistborn, but he’d taken the liberty of procuring a couple of those glass daggers anyway. Quietly, he reached his hand behind his back, grabbing one out of its sheath. He weighed the distance, nodded, and deliberately lost focus with his Steelpush, just a little bit. Just enough to make Jack cry out in victory. Just enough to distract him. Alrin threw, and his aim was true. The knife took Jack in the neck. He saw it coming, but was too late - and couldn’t have dodged anyway, not without releasing his own Push and dooming himself to death by tiny spikes. Strangely, the Push didn’t stop, even as Jack slumped to the floor. Coins and bits of metal hung in the air between Alrin and Jack, still. Carefully, Alrin took a piece of metal from his pocket and flicked it to the side, Pushing himself out of the way of the coins and letting them fall against the wall where he had been, harmlessly. Carefully, he and the other nobles advanced towards the fallen Jack. His eyes fluttered open. “You shall not kill me,” he said, managing to speak despite the gaping cut in his throat. “Even the Lord Ruler could not kill me. Why would a bunch of petty nobles be able to?” “Skaa,” Neer spat. “The Lord Ruler was never skaa, was he? You just wanted an excuse.” “More than that,” Lord Tekiel said. “I knew Jack, once. He was no skaa then. This is…” the corners of his mouth turned downwards in disdain. “A replacement, shall we say?” Jack smiled. “You cannot kill me,” he said mockingly, “for I am hope.” Alrin stepped forward. How to kill a kandra… They probably couldn’t without acid, of which there was none in the room. For now, though, severe incapacitation would do. He picked up a few coins from the floor. Jack watched him, of course. So, when Alrin threw the coins at Jack, Alrin simply stepped out of the way of Jack’s Push and brought the other glass dagger down, cleanly beheading him. Then he gasped. He hadn’t quite been fast enough, or perhaps Jack had had one more coin left in waiting. He doubled over from the pain of the coin shot through his stomach. His vision faded, slowly. He was alright with that. His duty had been done. The rest of the nobles looked around at each other nervously, again. Who would be next to go? Jack wasn’t the last skaa, they knew. Who, then? The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII looked around, trying to spot some trace of evidence on the faces of those around him. Most were gasping in shock at Alrin’s sudden death, or staring in disdain at Jack. One, however, was not. Boris looked at Alrin with a small smile - so slight that had The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII not been burning tin, he doubted he would’ve noticed. “Lord Boris,” he said politely, with a slight edge. “Why are you smiling?” “What?” Boris said defensively. “I’m not smiling! Why would I be smiling?” “Perhaps because you’re skaa, and perhaps even Jack’s master?” Neer suggested. “Pssh. I am a noble, just like the rest of you.” The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII was watching. Boris’ breathing sped up. He was afraid. “No, Boris. You aren’t. You’re skaa.” Boris shook his head again. “I’m not skaa! Whyever would you think that?” Kelsier hadn’t said much this game. He was new to the court, and a man of few words, they’d learned. He cut to the chase. “You’re skaa. Die.” He drew a dagger and stabbed Boris through the heart. (The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII, with his tin flared as it was, couldn’t help but notice the reactions - Neer was grimly satisfied, Lord Locke looked ready to faint in horror that a splatter of blood had gotten on his pristine suit, Remart was very nearly… bored?) Boris glared, the mask falling away to reveal the hatred beneath. He threw himself not at his killer, but at The Great Lord Mister King Count General Doctor President Sir William VII. The one who had revealed him. “Die, noble scum.” They couldn’t pull him off in time. When the chaos subsided, four bodies lay beside the Lord Ruler. The nobles looked at each other in silence. It was done, they knew. Jack had been the skaa’s trump card. Without him, the organization would collapse. So long as they could stop the Final Empire from collapsing with it… Remart smiled. Preservation had been maddeningly elusive, but even so. The Lord Ruler was dead. Now, there was nothing to stop his ascension. All was going according to plan. Arinian was killed! He was a Noble Steel Misting! Joe was killed! He was Kelsier and a Kandra! Len was killed! He was a Skaa Bronze Misting! Drought was killed! He was a Tin Misting, Kandra, and Part Skaa! The Nobles win! LG31 has ended. Well done, everyone, and (many) GM thoughts will be up in a day or two. Docs Spec/Dead Doc Evil Doc Ruin Doc Spreadsheet Player List
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    Night 1: The Nature of Reality "That's it?" Wurum shrugged at him. "What more do you want?" "Well," Khas said, sighing theatrically, "You started with this tale of mob justice or whatever, and then... Where was the payoff?" he asked, pouring himself a little more of the wine. "It was the dullest start to a story I've ever heard." "Be that as it may," Wurum replied narrowly, "that is what happened. I can't tell you why the events unfolded as they did. Some might consider it a good thing that they didn't immediately go around slaughtering each other. But remember, this was only the start of things. You asked what happened, and I am telling you." "Yes, but you could have spiced it up a little, rather than making it as bland as soulcast stuff," Khas insisted. "At least that way your audience wouldn't be in danger of falling asleep where they sit." "I can tell you an exciting, fake story or I can tell you a duller, real story," Wurum said. "Which would you rather?" "What sort of choice is that?" Khas shook his head. "Why does reality have to be boring? I reject any sort of notion of a world like that." "Fine. I can tell you that Revali was run out of town on the back of a horse he stole. Or that Brandir Sebarial escaped execution by the skin of his teeth due to his connections to the Alethi nobility. Or perhaps that Bart got involved with a deadly duel on the rooftops with Harvey, only ending in a stalemate when they fell off the roof into the main street. Would this be more palatable?" "Well, it's a good start," Khas nodded. "Sorry, but I won't," Wurum cut his hopes off. "I am the storyteller, and therefore I get to choose how the story goes. I choose for it to be real and honest and factual. If you want some falsified tale, go and learn to read or find a woman to read fiction to you. Far as I'm concerned, the world is strange and dark enough these days without making it moreso." "Fine," Khas sighed. "Then you leave me no choice." He waved a hand at Wurum and then took a small sip of his wine. "Continue then, sir. Tell the story how it should be told." "Good." Wurum poured himself another glass. His hands were starting to shake just a little. "This part will probably interest you more - You see, while the day might have been fairly dull in your most esteemed opinion, that night was more interesting, for there was an attack..." No-one was lynched! TheMightyLopen/Revali (1): Drake Marshall/Mestow Elenion/Brandir Sebarial (1): Bartimaeus/Bart Bartimaeus/Bart (1): Elenion/Brandir Sebarial Hemalurgic_Headshot/Harvey (1): TheMightyLopen/Revali Night players may now post in this thread until the end of the Night Turn, which will be at 10PM GMT on Friday.. There is a Messenger alive; Night players may PM each other until the end of the Night Turn.. Notemos Town Hall Clock Player List
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    That's not a thunderclast, that's clearly a Yugioh card
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    My windows throw friends out them.
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    LG31: Night 2 - Proclamation At sundown, obligators came to every square of Luthadel, and were sent out to every other town, to announce the same message. Hemalurgic Headshot was lynched! He was The Lord Ruler! >Orlok (1): Jondesu >Hemalurgic (7): Elenion, Amanuensis, Arinian, Droughtbringer, Hemalurgic, Orlok, Straw Night 2 has begun. You have 24 hours to send in actions. Player List
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    And it feels, yeah it feels like the world has grown cold, now that you've Gyorn away. Edit: wait, this isn't the bad puns thread. Look what I've gyorn and done. Edit 2: I'll stop now.
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    Hey everyone, I'm working on getting an answer back from team Sanderson. Until we get an answer, please don't post a transcript.
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    Not a Sanderson meme but.. via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    when you see a guy with a handful of coins and your first reaction is to yell "COINSHOT!" and duck for cover... I'm not making this up. this actually happened.
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