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    George Lucas Open on Kaladin, staring out at the battlefield. It is littered with both soldiers and Parshendi corpses. He stands alone in his vest and trousers, an unreadable expression on his face. KALADIN: Dead. All of them….dead. Half of Bridge Four is gone, because of me. Sylphrena floats up to him, a ribbon of light, before assuming the form of a young girl. SYL: Not-so, Mistah Kaladeen, sah! You-sa still have meesa! KALADIN: Uh, Syl? Why are you talking like that? You didn't talk like that in the last book. SYL: Mistah Lucas thought it'd be better for the KIDS! You-sa knows he loves dee children! KALADIN: Excuse me, Syl. SYL: Where-sa you-sa going, Kaladeen? KALADIN: To find the nearest chasm. J.K. Rowling Dalinarbledore gripped Kaladin's shoulders, meeting his eyes. "Don't you see, Kaladin? You are the Chosen One. Of all the Radiants at this school, you alone can unite the Sprenly Hallows and defeat Voidemort!" Kaladin looked away from Dalinarbledore's eyes, which always made him feel as though he were being X-rayed. "But….this doesn't make sense." "Of course it does. Voidemort chose you as his equal, which is why you can fly and do all of those amazing things." "But wouldn't I have been able to do that anyway, being a Windrunner and all? And while we're at it, why did I get Windrunning while Shalmione got Lightweaving? I mean, seriously, why are there differences in our magic, anyway?" "Because it's magic. Duh." Just then, Professor Sadeas walked by, scowling at Dalinarbledore. "You're smiling, Professor. Ten points from Gryffindor." "I outrank you, Sadeas." "Fine. Ten points to Slytherin, because I have better fashion sense." George R. R. Martin Sigzil stood alone on the battlefield. Around him lay the broken bodies of Bridge Four, Dalinar's warcamp, Sebarial's warcamp, and the entire customer base of a random tavern. "Looks like it falls upon me, then," he sighed. "I alone must carry this narrative to the end. And I shall. I shall." The arrow struck his heart from an unknown source, and there he died. Stephanie Meyer Pattern buzzed in deep chagrin. "Shallan?" "What?" "I know that your sketches are important….but shouldn't you be working on keeping the parshmen from destroying the world?" "In a minute," she said, chagrined. "Shallan, you have already made 499 sketches of Adolin Kholin's abdominal muscles." "And this will be an even 500." Just as she finished the sketch and held it to the light for a moment's admiration, the door swung open. Her chagrin was quickly replaced by delight. "Shallan," Kaladin breathed. "I'm sorry for intruding on you like this, but I had to see you. I didn't have time to put on a shirt. I hope you don't mind." Pattern's chagrined buzzing began anew, but Shallan ignored it. When the Almighty sent you a shirtless Captain, you didn't ask for details.
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    It's finished! Or, as finished as it will get for a while. I printed a physical copy to give to Brandon at Boskone, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. I wish that I had been able to put more illustrations in it, but there simply wasn't time. I am inordinately fond of my Thaylen eyebrows illustration, though. I feel like it really captures the spirit of the mashup. I'm also quite pleased with the Unkalaki tongue twisters. If only I had figured out a way to stick "Airsick lowlanders!" in somewhere. Anyway, here is the book! (Spoilered for size) I hope you like it! I also had some partial drafts for Stormlight versions of other Seuss books that I didn't make the cut for inclusion. So there may eventually be a sequel or improved draft that includes The Bitter Battle Book (about the war on the shattered plains) and a version of Green Eggs and Ham ("Amaram, Lord Amaram, I do not like the Diagram").
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    J. R. R. Tolkien * Forty pages of info about the history of tobacco in Alethkar * (This was awesome. )
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    Hey all, I've just stared to working on some vr experience based on Mistborn ( more specific on Final Empire). This is just really early prototype and I don't know if I find enough time to finish it, cause it most as a hobby for me and for my portfolio. What I was thinking is the experience will start on the roof, the user will see main title, old books on the right to get some knowledge about empire, allomancy etc. Behind there will be doors to lower floor. There on the table will be note from Kelsier, saying that he will be later for training and to start without him, also some vials with metals and coins. After that user will be start training with Iron and Steel. Really basic and not long experience. I'm creating everything for HTC Vive and you can see current progress here: If you guys have any ideas or thought I'm open for any suggestions It's not a game and I won't be selling it, I just want to know what you think about it.
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    So, among other things, I am a cosplayer. I'm quite mad as a box of frogs, too, as I've learned entirely new skills solely for the sake of making a good costume. That's how I picked up chainmail; I made a Legend of Zelda costume (I took Zelda and recast her in the hero's role, making her Zelda: Warrior Princess) and kind of hated the fake chainmail that I'd knitted out of silver rattail. Not wholly bad, really, but it wasn't realistic enough. So I spent a year of off-and-on chainmail working to make the tunic in aluminum. I threw in the Hylian crest on the front just for fun. The shield is made out of craft foam, single-layer cardboard, fabric, heavy-gauge wire, three different types of glue, sculpey, and, of course, paint. The sword is bought, but I repainted it to match the new Zelda color scheme, and wrapped the handle in leather-look duct tape. Here's the back of the shield. What looks like wood grain is actually crinkle fabric painted over with brown fabric paint. The handle is a plastic cabinet handle wrapped in the same fabric and paint mix. Fun fact: The year I wore this at Dragon*Con, I had no fewer than 3 different Navis run up to me and shout, "HEY! LISTEN!" Good times. One of them actually wanted a picture with me pretending to try to kill her. This wizard's staff is more recent; my husband wanted to be a wizard for Halloween last year, and wanted a really cool staff. We couldn't find a really cool staff, so we decided to make one. The wood piece was bought, but the rest we put together. He did the wiring bits and served as an extra pair of hands while I was busy burning mine with the hot glue gun. Underneath the "nest" is actually two pieces of PVC threaded joint. The bottom is screwed into the top of the wood, while the top has a selenite crystal hot glued into it. Husband rewired a color-change LED candle bulb to a thumbswitch, which I nestled in the moss. The selenite really picks up the LED glow; pictures can't really do it justice. The sticks are a couple of grapevine wreaths I took apart and affixed in various places to the outside. There are also three quartz crystals glued around in the moss, but those aren't so easy to see in the photo. And you can't see it in the photo, but I also wrapped the bottom of the staff in cloth and leather to keep it from scratching anybody's floors.
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    I want Hoid's musical number to be something like "You're welcome" from Moana, where (Moana spoilers, I guess) he leads his listeners into some magical world with his singing and then it turns out he stole everything from them while they were busy being amazed. Also, each Shard needs its own song. With Bavadin's being a choir piece and her doing all of the voices.
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    This theory is a simple one. Unlike the other orders of Knights Radiant, the Skybreakers never abandoned their oaths and disbanded. They have remained active, albeit covertly, under the control of Nalan. Firstly, I want to present evidence that one of the orders of Radiants never disbanded, at least entirely. This epigraph makes it quite apparent to me that one of the orders of Radiants stuck around for quite some time. Nalan offers Szeth a place in their ranks, and Helaran was apparently attempting to join them. It seems evident to me that for whatever reason, the Skybreakers refused to abandon their Blades and their oaths to stick around. As one final piece of evidence, I'd like to look at the spren. First, I'll establish the type of spren the Skybreakers were bonded to. Given Nalan's penchant for laws and one of the divine attributes of the Skybreakers being "just" this makes me fairly certain that the highspren belong to the Skybreakers. Now, lets look at who Jasnah goes to see for information while she is in Shadesmar. Why would she go to see the highspren? While I'm sure that they are knowledgeable, would not the spren of other orders be better? Why not see the spren of the Willshapers or the Elsecallers, her own spren? They are associated with knowledge and wisdom, surely they would be better equipped? But here, Pattern provides a clue. The answer is clear. She went to the highspren because they are the only spren who survived the Recreance because the Skybreakers did not abandon their oaths. They are the only ones who were alive during the Desolations.
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    Wax: (BoM spoiler) Nazh gets angry at Kelsier: Vs. And the funny thing is, we still don't figure out his plot twists until they happen.
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    This has been gone over in some old posts, but one of the main arguments for Shallan/Kaladin is that they're essentially the living personifications of 'opposites attract'. Besides the obvious, they're from opposite orders (Lightweavers and Windrunners are opposite sides on the Radiant diagram, which is also reflected in the reaction between liespren and honorspren). Another interesting observation is how they react to the weather: versus Kaladin is a morning person; Shallan is a night person: Shallan is a heavy drinker (I've postulated that she might be a proto-alcoholic), Kaladin is not: versus Everyone else has had multiple drinks, while Kaladin might not have finished his one if not for Moash's business (also his disinclination to go out in the first place). Somewhat more abstractly, Shallan is bright on the outside while hiding some serious darkness inside, while Kaladin is pretty scary outside with a very idealistic center. Shallan personifies the traditional female arts (probably the best artist in the world barring maybe Heralds, one of the best scholars, at least passable schemer) while Kaladin personifies the traditional male arts (possibly the greatest warrior on Roshar at the moment when factoring in Stormlight). There's probably many other details where we find them to be complements of each other. It's very much as sun-and-moon thing going on between them. Finally, Kaladin compares Shallan with Tien, arguably the single most person in Kaladin's life (the reason he joined the army, the reason for his breaking in the first place). This is a surprisingly apt comparison given that at the time of the observation, Kaladin doesn't know about the role Shallan had in cheering up her brothers. Incidentally, there was speculation that Tien might have been a proto-Lightweaver as well due to (bold mine): As mentioned above, what Tien does to Kaladin is very close to what Shallan does with her brothers. In a sense, they've been practicing their complementary roles their whole lives. That said, I fully expect that in Book 3, their relationship will stall due to distance and being out of communication with each other, compounded by Kaladin not being around to defend his role in Helaran's death (remember, all the bridgemen, Dalinar and Adolin at the minimum know that Amaram stole the Shardblade from Kaladin due to the confrontation near the end of WoR, which Shallan was conveniently not present for). But in a way the roadblocks are indicative of the route the story will take - if it wasn't moving in that direction, the barriers would pose no narrative purpose.
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    I shared this on The Stormlight subreddit and thought I'd share it here as well. Reddit post. In the WoK, Hoid tells the story of a group of people who committed horrible things under the orders of a king only to discover that that king had been dead for years, and that they were responsible for their horrible actions. The dead king is discovered in the passage below: “Derethil and his men came out of the tower a short time later, carrying a desiccated corpse in fine robes and jewelry. ‘This is your emperor?’ Derethil demanded. ‘We found him in the top room, alone.’ It appeared that the man had been dead for years, but nobody had dared enter his tower. They were too frightened of him." In the final chapter Dalinar finally realizes that the Almighty hadn't been talking in response to him, that he hadn't been following orders but had been misinterpreting the visions. He then learns that the Almighty is dead. The title of this final chapter? In the Top Room.
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    I think it's pretty clear in the book that Mraize is from Thaylenah.
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    The Cosmere Theories subforum summary via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    One of the questions I asked Brandon during his visit to Chicago had to do with what looked like special abilities some of the Radiants-in-training we've seen exhibit. I suggested that Shallan has the ability to take perfect Memories, Jasnah has an incredible sense of direction, and Kaladin is a naturally skilled fighter. Brandon agreed that those skills are supernatural in nature (though scholars disagree - which I can see happening if the spren are considered natural by some, and supernatural by others; if such a debate exists, and those abilities depend somehow on spren, then it's likely that there is a connection here). He also added that I might not have all three examples 100% correct - and now that I think about it, Kaladin's feels kind of lame. So here's the theory I suggest: The Knights Radiant gain not the ability to influence the natural world through Surgebinding from their Nahel bond, they also acquire some of their spren's abilities, but in a weaker form. Let's look at the Surgebinders and spren pairs we know of: Shallan & Pattern This couple is really the base of my theory. We know that Shallan can take a perfect visual Memory of things, a snapshot of reality, and we also know that Pattern can reproduce light and sound perfectly. Perhaps this is where Shallan's ability came from. It's worth mentioning that Shallan didn't always have this ability - we see her practicing in her flashback chapters, but I suspect the need to practice was a part of her recovery from repressing her memories of Pattern. I am toying with the idea that Shallan also has the ability to... persuade people, to change their minds, to change them - to transform them, in other words. There is some evidence for this: she is pretty good at convincing people to do what she wants - getting Jasnah to take accept her as a ward, convincing her to not only keep her around but also confide into her, getting Tvlakv to change his route and take her to the Shattered Plains, persuading Vathah and his deserters to fight against the bandits and save the caravaners, getting Sebarial to go along with her bluff and pay her the outrageous price she named, intriguing Adolin enough to make the boy to at least consider love for her. There are more, of course, and so it seems like a lot of what Shallan does is transforming people. This, if true, would give her one "passive" for each Surge, something that makes sense to me. But there is already little enough support for the original theory, I don't want to look too much into a derivative one. Jasnah & Ivory We don't really know anything about Ivory, but he must have control over the Surges of Transportation and Transformation. If Jasnah does indeed have a superior sense of geolocation, it could easily come from her spren. Transformation doesn't seem to fit too well with her, so I won't look for support for that derivative theory here. Not yet, at least. Kaladin & Syl I had to think pretty hard (read: over 10 seconds) about this one. Syl's control over gravity doesn't seem to endow Kaladin with insane yo' momma jokes, and her Adhesion Surge doesn't manifest itself directly... until you remember that she first thought she was a bondspren, she "holds things together." And this is exactly what Kaladin does - he held Bridge 4 together so hard, its members refuse to let go of the name even now. He is also pretty tight with Dalinar, and now with Adolin. Renaring and Elhokar both confided in him, essentially seeking his his help and advice respectively about how to fit in, how to become what they are supposed to be. There is the divine attribute of leadership too, of course. So now I don't actually think Kaladin's fighting skills are supernatural - it's his ability to hold people together, one way or another. Ym & ??? I am not sure we can get anything out of Ym - not only is his bond is pretty fresh, we don't see much of him. Lift & Wyndle So, Wyndle has mastery over the Surges of Progression and Abrasion. Unfortunately, much of Lift's thoughts and actions are impulsive, so we never get to see her deep personality (except for when she cares about those who are forgotten, but that alone is not really an ability). The one unexplained supernatural ability she has, her ability to metabolize food into Stormlight, is accounted for enough to know that Wyndle is not responsible for it. Plus, I am not even sure how Wyndle's two Surges would express themselves passively in Lift... Renarin & Glys I am not too sure about Renarin, but I think he taps into Glys' power over Illumination for some pretty heavy duty insight. I recall the first book mentioning how Renarin has the habit of looking at people in a way that makes them uncomfortable, as if he were staring into their soul, dissecting them, figuring them out. Perhaps not the best explanation, but it feels like it fits and is certainly better than trying to match him against Progression. Dalinar & The Stormfather Those two don't really apply. Their bond is even fresher than Ym's, and while it's possible that the whole "Dalinar has been bonding with him for a long time" could've give Dalinar something, I half doubt it, half don't want to explore it.
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    This is the most hilarious article I've ever read on a wiki, ever. Especially out of context. http://coppermind.net/wiki/Stick
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    I don't think this is spoilery enough to warrant hiding it... Any objections?
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    You don't understand. He's not writing fiction; he's writing history. He actually needs to visit these places, watch the stories as they happen, and then distribute them to us as if he came up with them himself. But, as we've seen, some places are extremely dangerous. He needs protection, he has to make sure he makes it back alive to Earth, to our Earth. He has recently told us he plans on writing a full novel set on Threnody... but to last long enough to get that much info on Threnody, he'll need to be there a while. So, he's collecting every second-place award he can. For the silver. To fight off the Shades. It's the same reason he collects swords, to power his Allomancy and Feruchemy.
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    I misread a certain topic title as "Musical Adaptation of Way of Kings", so guys. We're doing this. What would the Cosmere books be like as a musical? Anyone got any ideas for songs? Inb4 'Defying Gravity' as Windrunner!Kaladin's big solo number
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    From the album A Smidgen of Stormlight

    Also made in 3DS Max. I also used the plugin RayFire for the cracks.
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    Brilliant. We should do a charity kickstarter to morally compel Brandon to record this.
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    I’ve been a moderately active member of the 17th Shard for a tad more than two years. I’m finally ready to unveil myself. Yes, it’s true: I’m old enough to be almost everyone’s father here and the grandfather of many of you. That’s why I’m “Confused.” It’s also why I find our conversations so interesting. I feel like I’m arguing with my kids...I met my wife in 1974 and we’re still together – fairly remarkable in this day and age. I’ve already disclosed I’m a University of Michigan alum (“Go Blue!”), but I graduated more than 40 years ago. You can probably tell I was a lit major. I like to reference books of the Western canon. I’ve been reading fantasy novels since I was a kid, starting with Jules Verne in grade school. In 8th grade, I would prop a book up in class like I was paying attention, but was secretly reading Lord of the Rings instead. As a fantasy storyteller, Brandon has few peers. I’ve read everything but the “young adult” books. My personal favorites are The Emperor’s Soul and The Way of Kings. I fear I won’t live long enough to see the Cosmere story play itself out; hence, my interest in speculation. Besides raising a family and building a career, I used to climb 14,000 foot mountains (with ice axe, crampons and rope) and still enjoy exercise and a game of chess. As we continue our debates, please remember you’re dealing with a curmudgeonly old codger. It’ll help… Regards all!
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    Hello friends. I've been thinking a lot about Shards over the last month or so, especially in advent of the upcoming Q&A on Reddit. It's been a while since I've seen one of these, so I figure there's no harm in putting this out there again (especially in light of new reveals in AU). I want to think about Shards, and possibly narrow down the six remaining Shards, and I would love some input from you guys (I've been driving my family crazy with questions on their thoughts in the last couple days). Firstly, here's what we know. We know ten of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsuim. Listed in order of reveal/publicity, they are Devotion, Dominion, Preservation, Ruin, Endowment, Honor, Cultivation, Odium, Autonomy, and Ambition. We know that Odium Splintered at least four Shards. We now know all four: Ambition, Devotion, Dominion, and Honor. Odium had a 'hit-list', and Ambition was #1. There is a Shard that just wants to hide and survive, but that Shard's intent is not 'Survival'. There is a Shard that is not on a planet. (This could refer to Ambition, depending on where it was finished off.) There are two Shards that aren't on a planet, Ambition, and one other. Here's some stuff we're I'm pretty sure about/think we know. (Please let me know if any of these suppositions were confirmed) Shards are based somewhat on "divine attributes" of a god figure. Shards have an opposite pairing, but most are not clear opposites.* * There's been a lot of discussion involving this, and it's looking more and more unlikely that there are pairings of Shards. However, since it's somewhat simple to use that supposition as a format for now, if nothing else. Here's some supposition/speculation I make on the information above. If the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium were all combined, the result would be a god figure. Because of this, we can assume that there are likely no duplicates (for example, there wouldn't be a Shard of Immutability, as Preservation already fills that role). Now onto the Big List. I'm going to attempt to fill in this list of Shards and their pairings, and I will update this list with our guesses. Confirmed Shards will be in Red, guesses will be green. Confirmed pairing will be bold, highly likely will be italicized, and unsure I will leave plain. Here goes. Preservation Ruin Dominion Autonomy Odium Devotion* Endowment Ambition** Honor Absolution?*** Cultivation Tribulation Enlightenment Enigma Purity**** Synthesis? * On the Odium/Devotion pairing. I put this one up because Odium is defined by hatred and jealousy, whereas Devotion is stuff like love and service. I find it to be a likely pair, but a good argument can be made for and Honor/Odium mashup as well. ** On the Endowment/Ambition pair, I find this one a bit of a stretch, I'll admit. It comes from the thought process of Endowment being giving to others, and Ambition looking to receive. It's a tenuous connection, but I'll leave it here for the time being until we find a better candidate. *** One of the possible Shards my family came up with is Mercy (or forgiveness) EDIT: Absolution involves both of these, also, you can be absolved of burdens and Oaths. It's also a God attribute so I like it better. I'm still not too sure I like it as a whole. I like the idea that it's a possible opposite to Honor, because the way we've seen Honor act sounds like a Judgement type, dealing heavily with Oaths. Forgiveness and Mercy sometimes happens in Honorable people in SA, but I haven't seen it represented in a Shard (though there is a case to be made that Endowment or Cultivation could involve it). **** Purity seems like a likely Shard to me. We haven't seen a Shard that represents the righteousness or holiness of god, and I think there's an argument to be made that Purity could fill those shoes. There is also a planet named Purity in the Threnodite System that breaks the pattern of funeral songs like the other planets. Now, let's discuss. Please bring forward an idea of the remaining six shards. Even feel free to argue my pairings if you like. Please keep in mind these things on looking for Shard possibilities. Divine attributes separated from the virtues that give them context (as Hoid would say). Attributes that aren't shared in another Shard. Shards that wouldn't logically be higher on Odium's hit-list that Ambition. Otherwise he would have targeted them first. Edit 1: Added Tribulation, added confirmed information about Ambition and the other Shard without a home. Edit 2: Absolution instead of Mercy, added Synthesis as an opposite of Purity.
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    Mistborn No spoilers Warbreaker Airsick Lowlander
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    Why can't the Windrunners and the Skybreakers stand each other? Because if you put them together you get the Windbreakers!
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    Correct! And here's the joke: "Hey, have you seen Vasher?" "Who 'Zahel' are you talking about?"
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    Here's a theory... What if the God Beyond created the Cosmere, filled it with Investiture (and mass and energy), and then peaced out. We know that Investiture clumps together and that it develops sentience over time, right? So if enough time passes, it makes sense that it some kind of powerful, sentient thing might naturally develop. Then some person comes along and takes that power, and now you've got Adonalsium. Lots of time passes, so eventually we have the myth that Adonalsium himself created the Cosmere, while the God Beyond is mostly forgotten. Then Adonalsium gets shattered and the rest is history.
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    This month, I thought I'd come in under my word count goal. You see, I wound up writing about 1,700 words that I soon cut, as they didn't match the rest of the story. So, to try and make up for that, I wrote a little extra each day, pushing myself to write a little more than usual. The result? Even subtracting the 1,700 words I cut, I'm still nearly 3,500 words over my goal for this month.
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    Lots of good points here so far. Everyone seems stuck on the idea that it has to be one movie. Hollywood turned The Hobbit into three movies. Stormlight books can definitely be broken up into two movies each. I don't see why they wouldn't be. One movie per book risks stripping too much of what makes them good, and there's definitely enough engaging content in each book to fill two movies. That gives us a good 5 hours (plus or minus) to work with. Movie 1: Movie 2: Notes: 1. Skip the Prelude. The key points of information gathered there can come from other discussions and Dalinar's visions. 2. Scrap MOST of the interludes and flashbacks. Szeth is the notable exception. 3. Sprinkle short glimpses of battle with Parshendi before/after Dalinar and
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    Maybe Allomantic railguns? Use Allomantic steel and perhaps Allomantic duraluminum to fire the projectile, and use Feruchemical tin to provide a scope.
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    So I’ll have a go at this, I’m inclined to agree that rather than being pairings, there are groupings of four. I’m basing this loosely on the categories of the 16 metals, and all this is pure speculation, and despite me not thinking its pairings I’ve gone ahead and done opposites. It’s really just to clarify my thoughts. Hopefully it will prompt others to do a more useful analysis and I expect my ‘new’ shards to be picked apart. As should my categorization. But it may be a different way of looking at this and I’d love to hear views. Cognitive Honor – the obligation to do what you say you will do, to be consistent Variability – to be inconsistent, to change from moment to moment Enlightenment – to seek knowledge and understanding Belief – to have unchanging views Spiritual/emotional Devotion – to give up yourself for others Odium – to hate Purity – to be of one kind Amalgamation – to be of many kinds Physical Endowment – to give something to others Appropriation? – to take something from others Autonomy – to have control of yourself Dominion – to have control of others Temporal Cultivation – to work on something other than yourself Ambition – to work on yourself Preservation – to never change, inertia Ruin – to break things down, entropy edit: i hope the formatting is ok. It looks like chaos on my phone. And of course these are not all my ideas, especially enlightenment. But i feel categorizing may help figure out what could be missing.
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    ...So, I may have accidently caused 'I am a stick' to become a meme in a class I'm not actually in...
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    Shallan felt like she was suffocating. Not from fear, but malice. More than anything she hated feeling helpless. Despised depending on other people for safety. Her eyes darted left and right, seeing nothing but the backs of the Initiates pressed against her and the feral visages of the Voidbringers fighting desperately to get through them to her. Being lead like this, blind to the ground below her feet and the path lying ahead, she felt like she was locked in one of those cages that slave traders fastened to the back of their wagons, enclosed on all sides and swaying along to the chaotic motions of the earth, or in this case, war. And to think, that wasn’t even the worst of it. When she tried to look up the only thing she saw was that unnatural storm of red and black raging in the sky above. Instinctively she knew two things; one, that the sun had not yet set, and two, that the monolithic rock was looming somewhere in the distance, and yet the overcast was so dark she could see no hint of either. Why was she here? It was a question she asked herself out of anger even though she knew the answer. Kaladin was more helpless than her, both critically wounded and trapped inside a stone prison on the verge of collapsing. Dalinar was bonded to the Stormfather, the closest thing to a god she had ever seen, too proud or stubborn to become a Blade. Renarin, despite being able to breathe Stormlight, had not yet been cured of his blood sickness, and still had painful headaches whenever the Voidbringers began to chant their vile song. And Adolin… he was busy leading his soldiers against the enemy’s main force, who were responsible for the torrent of heavy rain and the bolts of scarlet lightning crashing down upon them and all around. That left her the only Shardbearer free and capable of saving the day. In more ways than one, today reminded her the Battle of Stormseat, when she had saved everyone by solving the mystery of the Oathgate just before the Everstorm hit. Even though she knew the Almighty was dead, she couldn’t help but thank Him for that last piece of history not repeating itself, at least. Perhaps she thanked the Shadow too soon. Two claps of thunder rang out at once. One from the sky, the other from the Stormfather. KHOLIN. I HAVE BAD NEWS. Dalinar watched the battle unfold from the edge of an adjacent plateau, gritting his teeth as he concentrated his powers on the fight. The concept of Surges was still confusing to him, but a few lessons with Shallan and Navani had at least helped him grasp the basics. The powers of Tension and Adhesion were his to master, and if he didn’t try to use it now, when the lives of so many valuable men and women were on the line, then what kind of Bondsmith could he truly be? “Not now!” Dalinar yelled, startling his honor guard, although over the last few weeks they had become accustomed to him yelling at the sky like a madman. As soon as they realized he wasn’t addressing any of them, they returned to their vigil. Dalinar couldn’t see everything, but from this vantage, he hoped he saw what mattered. As if on cue, Initiate Balthazar recklessly charged into the hoard of Voidbringers without any backup, forcing the Bondsmith to focus his efforts there. The Initiate did well enough to plow through his first three enemies, but the Voidbringers, betraying their usual tendency to fight only in pairs, began to surround him, moving closer to him in unison so that when one could strike, they all would. That way if he managed to kill any of them, one should still be able to pierce his defenses. Breathing in Stormlight, Dalinar manifested that invisible cloud of his around Balthazar and the Voidbringers, forcing them to move slower. He wasn’t entirely sure if he was making the air more difficult to traverse or if he was making the combatants feel heavier than they truly were, but either way, it worked. Only problem was that if he affected both the Initiate and his enemies the same, he was just delaying the inevitable, so he ground his teeth and strained the cloud a way he never had before. So far he knew he could change the clouds size, which in turn altered its strength. The larger it was, the less density it had, meaning its effect was less potent. He also knew he could shape the edges so that the cloud could fit in a square room or surround a single person. The question was, could he use this information to create a ring? Exhaling a puff of glowing smoke, he took a fresh breath of Stormlight and began to push. Starting in the center, he tried to expel the cloud outward, not in one direction, but all, which was a rough process considering he had never managed to shape more than one side at a time. It took all of the power left in him to suceed, but eventually the cloud obeyed the sheer force of his will. Only problem was it wasn’t enough. The effects his cloud had on Balthazar were immediately relieved, allowing him to spin around and assess the situation. Dalinar couldn’t make out the expression on his face from this far, but the Initiate’s body language was clearly hesitant. When Dalinar created the ring, the cloud had used the force in its middle to broaden its edges, which may have freed Balthazar but did no good otherwise. If the Initiate was going to defeat the Voidbringers alone, the monsters would need more pressure. That meant the cloud needed to be stronger. Denser. Sucking in more Stormlight, he urged the cloud to shrink, afraid that it would just reform the center, but relieved when it didn’t. Instead, he smiled as he watched the Voidbringer’s backs slouched and Balthazar finally made his move. Balthazar felt heavy, but it wasn’t his first time. He recognized the sensation from that morning, when he had been gathered in formation before the break of dawn, the guilt of all the things he’d done the night before weighing down on his conscious, on his soul. This time, though, he felt guilty for breaking formation. Like usual, he got excited and jumped into a fight, heedless of the consequences. Now he was surrounded by six Voidbringers, swords at the ready, their free hands sparking with electricity. They were closing in on him and no one seemed to notice. There was nothing left he could do. Balthazar was officially doomed… The crushing weight of guilt was lifted off his shoulders, and suddenly he was doomed no longer. He turned in a circle, eyeing the Voidbringers for weaknesses. That one was leaning too far to the left. Trying to lessen the strain on its right leg? This one’s grip on its blade was off, its other arm bleeding from a gash that covered its entire bicep. Debilitating wound to its sword arm? These two were gravitating closer to each other than the others, one with a large beard and the other was shorter than the others, more slender. Lovers, perhaps? The last two, they looked fresh and unharmed, their weapons unbloodied. They must have just got here or not crossed paths with any Alethi yet, which made them the biggest threats. Except, that look in their eyes… were they hungry for battle? Eager to prove themselves? Yes. Balthazar knew that feeling all too well. They would be reckless, like he had been. He could use this to his advantage, too, though it still meant the fight wouldn’t be easy. Preparing himself, the Initiate clenched his sword hilts tighter and rolled his shoulders until he felt a satisfying pop. A few more steps, and… The Voidbringers slumped. It was a negligible difference, but Balthazar was paying attention. Glancing at the one with the leg injury, he noticed it was leaning even further and that its hop-like step had become more lethargic. Now! Encouraged by the realization that the legendary Blackthorn was helping him, Balthazar leapt between the limping Voidbringer and the one who held its blade in its offhand. He had telegraphed the jump when he faced the two of them, but their swings were slow enough that he could block and maneuver their bodies with ease. Sweeping his weapons outward, he threw both of the Voidbringers off balance and executed a sidekick on the one with the limp. Aiming not at but through the monster’s kneecap, the heel of his boot finished the job of whatever had wounded it before, breaking its leg and forcing it drop onto its good knee. Meanwhile, he slid his left sword down the length of the offhanded Voidbringer’s blade, slicing the length of its wrist and digging the edge into the upper portion of its arm to match the wound on its other side. It held onto its weapon despite the pain, which Balthazar did not expect, so he was forced to improvise by spinning around its shoulder and kicking it in back towards one of its allies. Balthazar had only intended to stun them, but was happy to see one of the Voidbringers get impaled by the other’s sword in the fall. Before the other three could respond, Balthazar jumped on top of his last two opponents and finished the survivor off with a quick stab in the neck. Although he could have easily run off to join his allies or call them for help, Balthazar decided he’d rather finish what he started than flee just as the tides had been turned. Smiling, he took a step forward. A second later, a bolt of lightning crashed at his feet. When the light faded, Balthazar was gone. The Initiate could barely move or breathe, and all he saw was darkness. Something sharp stabbed Leif in the back and heaved, forcing him to the ground and onto his face, a rockbud crunching against his jaw. The young man was crying. Not because of the pain, but because he was weak. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t muster the strength. When he breathed and discovered the Stormlight no longer came to him, he only cried harder. For a while, he had tasted power. Now in his greatest moment of need the power refused him. That fact alone hurt him more than any physical wound, and for this pain, he had no one to blame but himself. Everything was fine until he was forced to jump off that cliff. Leif had never been fond of heights, but it wasn’t until that moment he realized just how horrifying falling was. Despite the air literally flowing through him, his lungs refused to take any in. Powerless, he crashed into the earth full force and for a brief moment, died. If not for the Stormlight forcing its way inside him, he would not be here, now. Tied up and gagged in the mouth. Forsaken. He had the opportunity to help on more than one occasion. Instead he did nothing, thinking the other Initiates would be better off without him interfering. As time went on, his inclination to wait and watch became more. Laziness, perhaps, or pure cowardice. It had been a miracle he had survived that day at all. If there was one thing more frightening than falling to your death and hungry Greatshells, it was the Voidbringers. Running away from them was one thing. It was insane, but manageable. But fighting them? From the moment he saw them gathering on that plateau, Leif knew. The only way he’d survive was if he ran. He would have gotten away with it too, if not for Highprince Aladar’s rearguard. The man had directed some of his soldiers to remain behind and hide, to watch for any Voidbringer reinforcements and intercept them. There were no reinforcements, but they did manage to intercept one deserter. When the spear left his back, Leif sighed with relief. Not because the pain was gone, but because he felt no blood. It was either blunt, or the soldier hadn’t pressed it too deep. Either way, Leif was thankful. When they closed the wooden hatch over the pit they had thrown him in, surrounding him with darkness, his thankfulness dissipated. Futily he struggled against the ropes binding him, moaned into the gag lodged into his mouth as he tried to push it out with his tongue. Neither did him any good, leaving him with only other choice. Leif prayed for freedom, and amazingly, was greeted by a bright, warm flash of light. When it faded, he found himself standing in the rain, his hands and feet unbound. Beside him lay the corpses of three Voidbringers, and ahead of him approached three more. Leif fell to his knees, praying to go back to his cell. At least there he would be safe. Jonly and Arionium stared at each other from opposite sides of the bars. When the Kholins left with the Initiates to search for Kaladin Dullbrain, Arionium had got overconfident, or perhaps, careless. He thought that without Dalinar’s men patrolling Urithiru, he could wear his own face as he walked the city and not be bothered. Had worked for a while. He even managed to get a few drinks at Pub Seb, to ease his concerns. Would have been nice to know that Dalinar had told Sebarial about him, and that the gluttonous Highprince had soldiers of his own dedicated to enforcing the law. Jonly, on the other hand, was found to be innocent. Or, at least, innocent of any crimes on this planet, as far as any of the Alethi were able to find out. For a while they did try to fault him for Veriq’s escape, but thanks to Teresh’s statement of witness, they were convinced Jonly had nothing to do with the switch. Not that they'd be able to discover any evidence in the contrary without a reflectionspren. Jonly and Arionium brushed shoulders as they switched places, one of them envious and the other simply curious. Arionium doubted he could escape this time, and Jonly had other Initiates to worry about. While one plopped onto his bed, feigning the acceptance of defeat, the other ran for the Oathgate, hoping he could make it back before it was too late. “Hey deserter! I found you a friend!” shouted Aladar’s soldier. Prodded with a spear, Veriq stumbled towards the wooden hatch. As far as wooden hatches on rocky plateaus went, it was camouflaged rather well, which gave the most useless man in Roshar a semblance of hope for his new cell. The fact that his cellmate had apparently deserted the battle too meant that he understood what Veriq was going through. There were a lot of things he wanted to talk about, though they were the sort of things you don’t say to a soldier unless you’re craving a fight, which was his problem to begin with. The soldier stepped around Veriq to open the hatch, but before he did he made sure to look down on the Initiate, not just physically, but morally too, if the disgust on his face was any indicator of his thoughts. As soon as Veriq realized the soldier wasn’t going to look away, he lowered his eyes. A moment later the soldier shifted his feet, then bent to lift the hatch. He grunted as he rose it to his shoulders, then exhaled as he threw it. Without looking into the pit, the soldier grabbed Veriq by the collar and belt and threw him in. Considering the ease of it, Veriq realized the hatch must have weighed more than him. Landing awkwardly on his face, the Initiate struggled to flip onto his back and get one last glimpse of the sky before he turned to look at his cellmate. Taking one last breath of fresh air, he tilted his head. To his side lay Balthazar. Bound and gagged, a pool of blood formed around the Initiate, leaking from the clean slit traced along his neck like a smile. Veriq did not hesitate to scream for help. "He's dead!" the Initiate shouted. No help came, but he did get an answer. Two, in fact. The first was the hatch closing above him with a loud thump, locking him in with the fresh corpse. Already Veriq could feel the blood seeping into his clothing. The second was a declaration of cries, spoken without emotion through the wood. If not for his cries for help, perhaps Veriq would have heard it better. By the time he realized someone was talking at all and quieted down, all he heard was the closing statement. "Let Justice be done." Renarin could see the Everstorm coming over a mile away. In his dreams it was always there, looming in the distance, but now he was awake and he could see the bloody thing. It was horrifying. More frightening even then the battle taking place on the plateau below. And it hurt… oh Almighty how it did. No matter how kindly Glys whispered in his ear or how much Stormlight he breathed, the headache refused to go away. Fighting the pain, Renarin stumbled towards Dalinar and tripped, a member of his family’s honor guard catching him before his knees could reach the ground. “Father!” he yelled, his voice quivering with agony, but in spite of it he still had to warn him. “The Everstorm is coming!” Through eyes blurry with tears, Renarin saw the silhouette of his father looking towards the western horizon. “I know, son,” Dalinar said, a pang of regret in his voice. “But it’s not alone! Something wicked comes with it, urging it forward!” “I know…” Dalinar repeated, then sighed. “Sir, what do we do?” asked the guard holding Renarin, his tone nervous and his body trembling after hearing the sudden revelation. “Stay and fight. We are too far from the Oathgate to retreat like last time. Attempting to flee would only doom the Captain, and without him, none of us will survive this. The Stormfather has ensured me as much. So we must keep this to ourselves, if only so that our men can finish their battle with nothing to fear. Once we’ve won, we can face whatever happens next. For better, or for worse.” Renarin didn’t like the sound of that.
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    Cycle 7: Leads to Unity in Death “Sticks and stones may break their bones, but with Grass, I can break their skulls as well!” The self styled Ruin cackled to himself as he beheld the items he had gathered through the past week. Pile of stones, bushels of grass, and, whatever the word for a group of sticks was, were carefully laid out on his workshop floor. He had already made a Primitive sling from some of them, but he was certain that he could make a suit of Primitive Power armor as well, to be worn by that Koloss that kept following him. The Koloss in question crouched next to Ruin, following along as he tied sticks to each other with strands of Grass. The Koloss had appeared behind him several nights back, and while at first he had been terrified, he gradually began to realize that the koloss was just watching him, no doubt realizing that he was ruin, master of all Koloss, Kandra and Inquisitors, all of which were definitely present in Luthadel, he was certain. He just needed to find them. “Sticks?” Questioned the Koloss. “Weapon or food?” “Weapon” Ruin assured the simpleton. According to his calculations, he just needed three more of each of Rocks, sticks, and grass, and the Armor would be complete. With that, and the Koloss, he could conquer Luthadel! The Koloss abruptly stood, moving quickly, and with determination, both of which were different than it’s previous behavior. Ruin scrambled to his feet, knocking some of the sticks askew, and followed as the Koloss exited the house, it’s head breaking through the short doorframe. “Koloss?” It didn’t react to his words, continuing to walk down the street, as if on a mission. Ruin continued to follow, but began to attract a crowd as he did so. His eyes flickered from side to side, as he hurried after the longer legs of the Koloss. People we’re whispering, perhaps assuming that he was controlling the beast. And he was! He was pretty certain of that. Why else would it just follow him about? No one was having it follow him, right? Right? Heh, of course not. . . “Is that, uh, ‘Ruin’? Where did he get the koloss?” Ruin’s teeth gritted as he heard the air quotes around his name. He was Ruin, himself darn it! “Maybe he’s one of those spiked who are manipulating the King?” Another suggested. “We should totally kill Seixa, i mean, Ruin.” A third agreed. The Koloss began to pick up it’s pace. Before Ruin could do likewise, it bent its knees, and leapt, easily clearing a nearby roof. It landed on the roof, shaking the entire house, then leapt again, vanishing deeper into the city. Ruin, suddenly devoid of protection, froze. The citizens who had been muttering looked around at each other warily, as if hoping someone else would make the first move. Ruin did it for them. He turned and tried to dash for an alleyway, but was stopped by Vladek kneeing him in the gut. Rovan and Ayden grabbed him before he could recover, and slammed him against the wall. “We caught ourselves a spiked boys!” The hungry crowd cheered, and began to throw objects at the trapped Ruin. He howled, as rocks and stone bruised and battered him. Ayden and Rovan held him up for as long as they could, but eventually dropped him, cursing at the baddly aimed stones that occasionally hit them. Once the crowd had settled down, Luckless Gibbs approached, and set about cutting the clothes off the corpse, looking for the spikes that had to be on his body. After five tense minutes, he sighed, and shook his head. Drought was Lynched! He was a Citizen with Items: Primitive Sling, Rocks (20), Grass (20) and Sticks (20) and a Korathi Pendant! Drought was killed! A player was attacked! Votes: Bugsy (4): _stick_, Bartimaeus, Drought Drought (6): Alvron, Ecthellion III, Lopen, Bugsy, Mage Cycle 8 begins in: Player List:
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    Or, what is #ownvoices, really? #ownvoices is a hashtag, relatively recently created, that got adopted as a marketing shorthand and catchall for several related ethical issues. These issues have been around in fiction for much longer than the tags and the current discussion. As defined by Corinne Duyvis (which is also a concise well-written FAQ), who coined the tag, as a shorthand for when"the protagonist and the author share a marginalized identity." The use has grown to encompass when (or if) an author outside of a marginalized group should publish stories that include marginalized characters, as well as the most ethical ways of doing so, and best practices for avoiding common pitfalls in writing marginalized groups outside of one's own experiences. It's also been used to draw attention to how much of mainstream publishing is stacked against marginalized writers, between the lack of diversity in the industry, unconscious biases, and prevalence of stereotypes (both of marginalized writers, their characters, and "what will sell"), and the resulting push to specifically feature marginalized writers (the #weneeddiversebooks hashtag also covers this, but has its own set of ethical issues). It's also used to highlight authors and works that fall into the original #ownvoices definition. That's a lot! This is not a clear-cut, black/white issue -- or even one issue at all. Marginalized groups are not monoliths, and individuals differ on their interpretations of what is ethical or "right" in a given instance. From my personal research, it seems that most of the #ownvoices discussion agrees: That supporting, signal boosting, and seeking out marginalized authors is a good thing; That no one should be outright barred from *writing* anything they want; That authors outside a marginalized group should think carefully about the issues surrounding both the publishing industry as a whole and the marginalized group in particular before seeking to *publish* work featuring protagonists inside that marginalized group; That research is absolutely vital. Here are a few articles and blogs that I have found useful in understanding the issues. "Should Authors Write Characters of Another Race?" Two authors on either "side" of the debate (though, they agree on many things so I'm hesitant to use "side") discuss the ethics of writing outside one's own race. Interview with Corinne Duyvis In which she discusses what #ownvoices is and why it matters Writing the Other -- Classes, seminars, books, research, videos and resources. Extensive and very good! Uncanny Magazine: "Writing the margins from the centre" one author discusses how to write marginalized characters with tact 12 Fundamentals Of Writing "The Other" by Daniel Jose Older Don't let the hosting site dissuade you, this is a great article. Book Riot: Why Not All Diverse Stories are Created Equal The Root: White Writer Black Characters Should Ethnicity Limit What a Fiction Writer Can Write
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    I didn't see an event thread for this yet, so I figured I would make one. This is a three day sci-fi/fantasy convention that Brandon will be attending as the "Guest of Honor", though it's not clear from either Brandon's website or the con website exactly what that entails. Here's a link to more info about the convention itself: http://www.boskone.org/ It seems like a pretty cool convention, and there are a ton of authors attending. I'd like to go but I'm holding off on buying a ticket until I can get more info about the schedule. Apparently, anyone can attend for free from 2:00 to 6:00 on Friday, with a pass for the entire weekend costing $55. The price will go up in January, so if you're interested I would recommend getting your pass sooner rather than later. Anyone been to this convention before? EDIT: Here are all the recordings that have been posted so far. I believe we have at least one recording up for every event, though there may be duplicates floating around on the internet somewhere. I'll be updating with links to transcriptions and progress: Friday Signing Line (2 h 18 min, 260 MB) (Transcript complete) House War Q&A (22 min, 42 MB) (Transcript complete) Rithmatist Q&A (55 min, 103 MB) (Video) (Transcript complete) Career Panel (56 min, 105 MB)/Second Recording Note: no book-related questions Reading/Q&A Session (Audio) (Transcript of the first reading and Q&A complete. The second reading has already been transcribed in other places.) Sunday Signing/Second Recording with more questions (Transcript complete) Sunday Post-Signing Q&A (Transcript completed, could use a second listen to double check everything) There were two readings done. One was the prologue of Oathbringer, the other was a "goofy" interlude about two ardents reading romance novels. Some interesting tidbits in the interlude though.
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    Apparently, Oathbringer might be the second longest fantasy novel ever written. But why settle for second place, Brandon? We all know you can do better. Go for the gold! #longestever!!!
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    Dragon has made a brand spanking new thread for this conversation. I suggest we all pack up and move over there. With that said, @neongrey, @industrialistDragon, and I are all speaking the same language here. We do so in different ways, certainly, but all with the same main message. #ownvoices in fiction matters. Respect for marginalized people, pronouns, and how apologies work, matters. The language you use and how you type it, matters. All three of us are (I'm pretty sure), white, so we're not paragons of virtuous Social Justice Warriors ourselves, but all three of us are from marginalized communities of one form or another. We live every day having to fight to be heard, having to fight for dignity, having to fight to just be ourselves. It's hard. It is vitally important to understand that when someone on here uses the wrong pronoun, or makes harmful assumptions, or uses words that hurt, that isn't the first time we've had that happen this month, or this week, or even today. We only have so much bandwidth. We only have so much empathy and ability to educate the privileged when there is a huge internet out there one can access with a browser and a keyword. We have to keep calling people out, because otherwise privilege continues unchecked, but we do not need to do so with patience or politeness. That we do so is a testament to how much we value this forum and the friendships we have made, but also means our tempers are that much closer to breaking for the next person we encounter, five minutes down the line. I know it is hard to break out of the worldview you were handed at birth. I'm white. I get it. I know being told that your words are ableist or racist can often be heard as you are ableist or racist, but that's not it. You can have the best of intentions and still get it wrong. If someone calls you out, of course at first your feathers are ruffled. That's human nature. But just take a step back, breathe, reconsider. Google. Ask for clarification if needed after you've googled. It's okay to misstep! When you do, just apologize and learn from it. This forum has grown in simply amazing ways since I first joined, and I hope it will continue to do so. But as we get more and more people, so too will the diversity grow. We have to be able to grow along with that, so we can make this a vibrant community where all feel welcomed and heard. That will take a lot of patience and probably some hard conversations, but its something I think RE can do if it wants to.
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    Well, we long suspected it but it's nice to have confirmation.
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    A couple things to note: A Reddit AMA happened on Feb 10th. Just so you're aware, there might be nothing happening on Mar 10th. Ambition is not the Shard that Brandon had previously hinted at, which wasn't on a planet. I specifically asked this question on the AU tour; Brandon was clear that there are two Shards that aren't on planets, Ambition and one other one. I think your methodology of assigning Shardpairs is inherently flawed. Odium could have had many opposites, and Honor could have even been a natural pairing. 'Not all Shards have perfect opposites' doesn't necessarily mean that they have opposites that just aren't intuitive; I think it means the relationship is more complex than paired opposites. I think the key takeaway is that the Intents of Shards are in conflict. Together, they compose a well-balanced breakfast being. But, when you split them up, you start to get these individual attributes driving towards goals that are extremely conflicting. Some of them, like Ruin and Preservation, are inherently Ying/Yang-y, with exact opposites, but some like Odium might need to be tempered in many ways, and be very prone to abuse outside of an appropriate context. Devotion, as a synonym for love, might include Mercy. (I like how we can finally understand the irony in the question, that the questioner thought Devotion could be Aona's Shard when it was actually Skai's.) That all being said... If you're gonna tie Ambition to something like 'hope,' then I can kind of see where you're going. I think we need a better definition on some of these Shards, namely Autonomy and Ambition, before we go too far down this road. I like where you're going with Autonomy/Dominion, but I think Frost holds a Shard of Non-Intervention (one of my many crazy ideas), so I interpret Autonomy as much more of a... personality of God, I guess. As C.S. Lewis wrote about Aslan, 'he's not a tame lion.' So, I'd push Autonomy out of that slot. Or maybe pair Non-Intervention with Cultivation or Endowment. Enlightenment is an excellent Silverlight Shard, and I like the name you've chosen. I was going with Revelation in my ideas, but that one's good, too. I've long tossed around Justice, which I think fits with your idea of Purity. A lot of people react to that by throwing Skybreaker comparisons and saying it's a part of Honor, but I think it's too broad an understanding of Honor that would encompass that. Honor is keeping promises; the Skybreakers keep promises for Justice, the Elsecallers keep promises for Enlightenment, the Windrunners keep promises for protection (or Devotion, maybe?). Just because the Skybreakers are just doesn't mean that Honor encompasses Justice. Tribulation is another one I've thrown around that could be an opposite face of Cultivation. Cultivation grows things to make them stronger, Tribulation tests things to make them stronger.
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    I just saw an interesting WoB on the recent AMA (which he's still answering, amazingly) that confirms Nightblood is not affected by the type of metal being burned by an allomancer powering it. (And my apologies if this is stealing the Thunder of a Sharder, I didn't recognize the username). We may already know or at least suspect this but I found it interesting that the metal makes no difference, that even an atium misting would be no more efficient at powering Nightblood than someone who can burn extremely common, cheap metals. I'm not sure how it relates to other forms of investiture as I don't think we know how they compare to each other. But certainly says any misting of a widely available metal could be pretty scary with Nightblood and a lot of that metal.
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    So, if we dipped Nightblood in Lister's Oil, would that help with his bad breath problems?
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    You know your a Sanderfan when you see this http://culturenlifestyle.tumblr.com/post/157528338087 And instantly think that they'll make hair dyes that respond to emotion next, then *everyone* will have the royal locks Humph
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    Alright folks, I just finished going through the Sunday Signing Line audio to see if I could figure out some of the paraphrased stuff. I got most of it down verbatim, so I think we're basically all done with these transcriptions! Thanks everyone for all the hard work, and thanks especially to @ccstat, @Ironeyes, and @DAdam for making recordings and uploading them! I've updated the OP to reflect the finished statuses of the Sunday signing and the Rithmatist Q&A.
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    I just finished reading it and while I do think it is a good story it is definitely not my favorite thing Brandon has ever written. Which is perfectly alright not everything will resonate as well with everyone, and I'm sure there is someone out there that will love Snapshot in the way I love The Rithmatist, that person just isn't me. I will admit that I did not see either twist coming (that Davis wasn't real or that he was planning to kill Chaz). I think part of my issue is that it could be argued that the ending is essentially "And it was all a dream", but then again there is the question on whether the people in Snapshots are real or not. @ccstat Makes a great point about it being fundamentally hopeful, but I don't know if I agree. Sure one person can make a difference, but in this instance the good guy dies whereas the murderer lives, which is kind of depressing. I do want to learn more about that world though.
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    Michael Bay would be like: Szeth son-son-Vallano Truthless of Shinovar infused a chair and then, BOOM! IT EXPLODED IN SLOW MOTION! @Mesa the Ookla Really waiting your version!
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    Tobias is Morgan freeman. Clearly
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