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    I went to my first signing ever on the Arcanum Unbounded tour, and when I went through the personalization line, Brandon and I had a nice conversation about the physical properties of ettmetal, otherwise known as harmonium, and how they were impacted by Realmatics. (Influenced in part, I assume, because when he was going through his opening talk, I fist-pumped when he said he was originally a chemistry major. He saw, and asked if I was a chemist, to which I replied I was a chemical engineer. So, I think he took the chance to share some details with someone who’d be able to fully comprehend them.) I’m still waiting to get the recording of the signing line, but I’ll paraphrase what I got out of it. Brandon said that it makes sense for ettmetal to be so volatile, because it has the power of both Shards in it, and the conflict associated with them. He also clarified that it’s not a nuclear reaction; it’s chemically reactive, it’s the properties of the electrons in Harmonium that make it so reactive. It’s like ‘super-cesium,’ reacting very quickly with water. I wasn't quite ready prepared to deal with the implications (I was there as a cosmere fan, not a scientist), but I've spent some time thinking it over, and I think I understand a little more exactly how the physics and the realmatics are interacting. I've come to several major conclusions, which are reliant on a college-level understanding of chemistry. If you’re not at that level, skip ahead to the next section, where I’ll try to build it up in layman’s terms. For those who feel knowledgeable, though: Overview of the Theory · I propose that the subatomic particles of harmonium (protons, electrons, and neutrons) are comprised of pure Investiture, but still functioning as normal subatomic particles. This Investiture would be still of each individual Shard, even though the atom as a whole would be of Harmony. · The reactivity of harmonium follows the trend of alkali metals, but would be enhanced due to an additional electron shielding factor that would come from the repulsion of Ruin particles and Preservation particles, lowering the ionization energy and increasing reaction rates. · The alkali-metal behavior of Harmonium would come from the imbalance between the two Shards, the extra piece of Ruin. It would follow the orbital structure of cesium (atomic number 55), with one electron in each filled orbital from each Shard. The single valence electron would be an extra Ruin electron. · I’d like to say that each harmonium atom (cesium-133, the only stable isotope) is a combination of a lerasium atom and an atium atom, which would make atium = nickel (28) and lerasium = cobalt (27). However, I can’t get the neutron math to add up. It’s possible that the nucleus looks different, that the stability of harmonium is different because of the competing Investiture in the nucleus. This gets into physics, not chemistry, so I’m not equipped to dig deeper into this idea. So, if you understand that, great. Head on down the page to my conclusions, to see what I’ve thought of as implications of this. If you didn’t (which I assume is the majority), let’s do a quick* chemistry lesson. (For those who have actually studied chemistry, be aware this explanation will be pop science. Like one of my professors used to say, all explanations of chemistry are lies, and we just learn slightly smaller lies the farther and farther we go.) Chemistry of Alkali Metals What are atoms? Elements (like copper, oxygen, or chlorine) are made of fundamental particles called "atoms." These atoms interact with one another, bonding together to form more complicated substances (from water to gasoline to medicinal compounds). Different atoms will behave in different ways, based on the number of subatomic particles they’re comprised of. All atoms have dense nucleus, made of protons and neutrons, surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The number of protons defines the element: any atom with one proton is hydrogen, any one with six protons is oxygen, any one with 55 protons is cesium. Chemical reactions are largely driven by the transfer of electrons from one atom or group of atoms to another. How do electrons behave? Electrons are attracted to the nucleus through the electromagnetic force, pulling together the negative charge of an electron and the positive charge of the protons. But electrons aren't like planets in a solar system, just floating wherever they feel like. When they surround a nucleus, they order themselves into levels, filling from the lowest level (closest to the nucleus) and going up. For chemical reactions, only electrons in the outermost level will be involved; anything in a lower level that has been completely filled will not react. In chemical reactions, atoms will trade or share electrons until every atom involved has a filled outermost shell (either by getting more electrons or getting rid of some of theirs), since a filled shell is the most thermodynamically stable. That's how the periodic table of elements is arranged; elements in a column all have the same number of electrons in their outermost level (called 'valence electrons'), so they will all behave in a similar fashion. If they have an almost-full shell, they will be very reactive, like chlorine and oxygen. If their shell is filled, they will be nonreactive, like helium. The reactive properties of ettmetal match the first column of the periodic table, the 'alkali metals.' They all have a single valence electron, and they want to get rid of it like none other, so they'll take any opportunity to do so. They are metals, but they will react very violently with water. Other alkali metals you may have heard of are sodium, lithium, potassium, which are not found in nature in their pure forms because of how reactive they are. How can we free up that electron? Pure alkali metals would like to pass off their single valence electron to another molecule or atom, which would be more thermodynamically stable with it. However, to get rid of this electron in the first place, there is some energy required to ‘knock it loose.’ It's sort of like trying to launch a rocket from earth; you need a bunch of energy to overcome gravity, but once you're out in space, you can go wherever you want. Unlike that rocket, though, there are many different forces acting on an electron. Each proton is pulling on that valence electron, trying to keep it there. But, believe it or not, as you take alkali metals with more protons, the total force on a valence electron electron goes down, and they get easier to remove. Why is this? Two reasons: first, the electron is farther away from the nucleus. But, more relevant to this discussion, the lower shells filled with electrons are also pushing the valence electron out. This concept is called "electron shielding.” Negative charges repulse other negative charges, so when there are a ton of electrons between the valence electron and the nucleus, they will cancel out some of the pull of the protons. Since the electrons in heavier alkali metals aren’t held as strongly, reactions happen faster, and release their energy much quicker. Harmonium reacts even quicker than cesium, the highest alkali metal that's not a pretend element (another of my old professor's fun sayings about transuranic elements). That means its electron is even easier to remove, and it reacts even faster. Realmatics of God Metals How does this play with Realmatics? Finally, we get back to what Brandon said about the opposite forces within the same atom. An atom with protons and electrons comprised of Ruin would behave like a normal atom; no unusual interactions. Same for an atom completely of Preservation. But mix and match, and Preservation electrons would push on the Ruin electrons, giving extra electron shielding. And the Preservation protons would also push on the Ruin electrons (partially countering their normal electromagnetic attraction), reducing the force holding them in. By making it easier to remove harmonium’s valence electron, the rate at which it reacts with other atoms will increase. Which is what we’ve seen. Why does Harmonium have 1 valence electron in the first place? Lastly, I think that harmonium needs to be an alkali metal and have that 1 extra valence electron because of the balance between Ruin and Preservation. In a filled electron shell, each electron has a pair. I think each electron pair contains one Preservation electron and 1 Ruin electron. But, here's the problem: there's extra Ruin. Some of Preservation is in mankind, so if he doesn't physically manifest this extra Ruin somewhere, he won't be in balance. So, he throws in an extra Ruin proton and Ruin electron; this very reactive valence electron. As long as he manifests enough harmonium, the extra Ruin is there in the environment. Brandon has referred to ettmetal as super-cesium. That could be interpreted as a magically stabilized francium (which isn't stable, and doesn't exist outside of a few moments in a laboratory), but I think he means it's a super-reactive cesiuim. Cesium has 55 protons and 55 electrons; harmonium would have 27 of Preservation and 28 of Ruin. The Invested protons, neutrons, and electrons change the atomic behavior of Harmonium, which is why it isn’t exactly cesium. In Conclusion So, I learned in my discussion with Brandon that 1) the pieces of Ruin and Preservation are distinct in harmonium and 2) the battle between them causes ettmetal to be highly reactive. I think I’ve identified the specific mechanism by which this happens. It does, however, carry some interesting implications that I’m still working out. Let me share some of them with you; feel free to comment. · If there’s a repulsion between electrons, there must also be one for protons and neutrons. This would make Harmonium’s nucleus more unstable. Although Brandon said it is not a nuclear reaction that we’ve seen, it may just require the proper catalyst, so I would not be surprised to see an ettmetal nuclear bomb at some point. · If harmonium is cesium made out of Investiture, then maybe it is a fusion (the scientific term, combining the nuclei) of a lerasium atom and an atium atom. That would mean that lerasium would have 27 Preservation protons, and behave like cobalt. Atium would have 28 Ruin protons, and behave like nickel. However, although the electrons add up, the neutrons will not. (The number of neutrons doesn’t affect how an atom behaves chemically, but it can make it radioactive, which will change it into a different element.) There’s only one stable isotope of cesium, and one of cobalt, and doing the math doesn’t yield one of nickel’s stable isotopes. It’s possible the stability of harmonium is different, because of the extra forces between Ruin’s and Preservation’s protons and neutrons, somehow requiring fewer neutrons for stability. But, this isn’t anything I’ve studied as a chemist; it’s in the realm of physicists. · Because there are individual elements of Ruin and Preservation, this doesn’t bode well for Harmony as a whole. Sure, on a macroscopic scale, there’s balance. But it could mean that, in each of his individual interactions with people, he might go back and forth between two extremes. It also makes me wonder how easily Harmony could Splinter back into two Shards (although we do know that at this point, if Sazed died, he would drop a single powerful Shard.) · Ettmetal reacts, which means its transferring part of itself to water. Once the electrons are gone, they ain’t coming back. Atium burns and regenerates; how would a harmonium oxide make its way back to continue the cycle? It seems like Investiture is lost to the environment when ettmetal reacts with water. · People have extra Preservation, but if ettmetal is Harmony’s way of sequestering his extra Ruin, then as it continues to react with water, the extra Ruin could end up transferring to the environment. Man vs Nature is a very big concept in sci-fi, so maybe it could come up in Mistborn Era 4, that the planet itself is of Ruin while its inhabitants are of Preservation. Just spitballing here. · How do other god metals work? If they’re elements made out of Investiture particles, then can Shardblades rust? Or maybe are they silver made out of Honor’s Investiture, which is why they won’t react? (Unfortunately, Element 10 is neon, which is not a metal.) But that wouldn’t give them the structural integrity they need (even if they don’t physically do the cutting, a pure silver sword would be deformed in a duel). Does each Shard make a different metal for its god metal, or could it make any metal it wanted? · Are all physical forms of Investiture (the mists, the liquid Shardpools, Stormlight) similarly constructed? Maybe the mists were composed of two Preservation hydrogens and one Preservation oxygen? Are Perpendicularities just Invested mercury? The reactivity of ettmetal shows that, at the very least, the solid form of one Shard’s power manifests below the atomic level; does every solid form of Investiture do so, as well? Uh… In Conclusion, Again Okay, I’m done for real this time. I know people have proposed similar things (like atium is Ruin’s electrum) based on allomantic behavior, and I didn’t like them at the time (the ideas and logic behind them, not the people), but the way Brandon spoke of Harmonium makes me think that approach was on the right track. However, it’s on a more fundamental level: the very protons and electrons are either of Ruin or Preservation, and when you combine the two, you get a very reactive metal. I’ve tried to completely explain the chemistry of the situation, but it does dive pretty deep at times. If you’d like to know more about that, please just let me know. I didn’t bring out any graphs to show exactly why electron shielding increases reaction rate, but I can if anyone’s interested. I will also try to get the actual transcript to post it. I’m confident in the broad strokes of my conversation with Brandon, that Harmonium is extra reactive because of the opposing Shards it’s made up of, but I do think that having his exact words would have preempted some objections that I’m sure are coming. I’m just not patient enough. 07/19/17 - Made slight changes to the text to (hopefully) clarify what is canon and what is supposition on my part. To emphasize, it is not confirmed that harmonium is unbalanced towards Ruin. What is canon is it behaves like an alkali metal. If my supposition is true, that each electron is either of Ruin or Preservation, then the idea of unbalanced harmonium naturally follows.
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    I am the space dragon. I am the epic serpent. I am the length that coils around creation. My scales are black as the void between stars, and in my eyes shimmer the lights of a billion galaxies. My fangs are light years long, their roots wider than solar systems and their points sharper than atoms. To stare into my face is to stare into eternity. In my foremost claw I hold a planet pinched between my claws, a tiny blue green sphere I found as a newly hatched space dragon. I hold it up to my cosmic eye, peering down at the tiny little creatures that crawl about its surface. For thousands of years I watched them bicker and war amongst each other. I saw hatred and ugliness in their hearts. At times I considered flicking the little blue pebble into its sun, to cleanse its filthy people with nuclear fire. But each time I tried I stayed my claw, convinced by some nagging in the back of my infinite mind to let them live another century. Another age, it pleaded. Give them another age, and they will show you beauty. And so I waited. The millennia passed like ticks of a clock to my all-encompassing eyes, but to my weary view it seemed to last forever. It seemed all the little primates ever did was fight and torment one another. In one age they learned to cultivate fields and forge steel, and immediately turned on their less advanced neighbors. In another age they crossed one of the great oceans of their world, only to slaughter their kin on the other side. In the latest age, they discovered how to split atoms themselves, and immediately utilized the god-like energy they'd produced to murder entire cities. I tired of their senseless violence. Ignoring the pleading voice in my mind I lifted the world on high, determined to fling it into a nether-dimension and have it consumed by the flame-hounds for all eternity. But in the last moment before I could destroy the speck, I saw a single beautiful glimmer of light from its surface. It was a single witty primate with a story to tell. I watched in awe as he hatched a vision of the cosmos, an epic story arc that told the tale of gods and magic and lost forlorn spirits. I watched in admiration as he put that vision on paper, in stories that made me laugh, cry, and love. I, who had watched stars burn at the end of their lives--I, who had watched entire galaxies grow cold--I, who had watched the universe itself be born in a fiery explosion at the Beginning of all things... was impressed. The microscopic primate had impressed the great space dragon. Though to my eyes the life of a star seemed only to take a second, the infinitesimal ticks of time in between his novels were far too long for my liking. So for the first time, I deigned to speak to the little primates. Because they, like myself, were impressed with the witty one's writing, and were eager to discuss the wonder of his words. My forked tongue, an ethereal force transposed over the fabric of reality, graced the servers of their Internet and began to Speak. Earthlings, rejoice! Sing in praise of the primate that tamed the Dragon. Sing in praise of the primate that saved his world from the one who felt it held no merit. Sing not of your wars and petty bickering, but of the basic creativity that's kindled in every one of you, waiting to be unleashed. When you look at the sky, see not the great space dragon, but see reflected in my eyes the beauty of your species. And rejoice. Ooookay I have no idea where all that came from. The truth is, I'm a hairy, dusty teenager with no redeeming physical characteristics. The space dragon is way cooler. : P
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    Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
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    ... you stub your toe and your first thought is "At least I'm not a post-Reod Elantrian." True story. Anything like that happen to anyone else?
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    WoR spoiler: Edgedancer(not really a spoiler): Congratulations to everyone who gets that beautiful reference. Also, I found this and I think it's pretty darn accurate.
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    You know you're a sanderfan when you believe that his books and these forums are the only thing that are getting you through high school
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    This is what I remember from my questions at the signing. Really can't wait to get the exact words, since I got some great answers.
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    Well, I officially started my business today. Avalon Woodcraft, LLC- specializing in custom cabinets and fine woodworking. Bought myself a CNC router and everything. Just thought I'd share. And now I'm going to bed. I'm beat.
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    /u/Topsyt on Reddit posted a great theory today about Cusicesh. And I think one of the comments, by /u/statemint, rounded the theory out really well. You can see the link for the original. Cusicesh Cusicesh is a massive (100 ft tall), strange spren (supposedly) who appears every day in the Kasitor Bay of Iri. He appears at the same time (7:46 am), splashes out illusory waves of water, rapidly flashes various human faces while facing the Origin, and then submerges. He is locally known as "Cusicesh the Protector", and many worship him. Those nearby, who witness Cusicesh's display, feel "drained" according to Axies: Dai-gonarthis Dai-gonarthis, also called the Black Fisher, is only mentioned once (quote below). /u/Topsyt notes that his name (and alias) has a strong resemblance to Dagon, a pagan, Canaanite deity associated (traditionally) with fish. This follows the usual naming convention for suspected Unmade (see Moelach/Nergaoul and Moloch/Nergal). Paired with the cryptic introduction of Dai-gonarthis, there is little doubt he is an Unmade. Connection: the sea Note that both Cusicesh and Dai-gonarthis are related to the sea. Cusicesh "resides" in Kasitor Bay and splashes illusory waves of water. Dai-gonarthis is known as the Black Fisher and is perhaps inspired by a god that has connections to the sea. Connection: "draining" people Notice what the person in the Death Rattle above is saying. The speaker feels deep hurt and sorrow then calls to Dai-gonarthis. Next Dai-gonarthis "holds" that sorrow and "consumes" it. Might we say that he has "drained" the speaker's deep emotions? We have strong reason to suspect that the Unmade affect (or, perhaps, infect) the people within a certain area. Nergaoul causes the Thrill while Death Rattles are related to Moelach, and from what Taravangian says we have reason to believe that proximity to these matter. Could it be that Dai-gonarthis is an Unmade who siezes and consumes... emotions?... something from those who are nearby. This is very similar to Axies' experience with Cusicesh, who left feeling "as if something had been leeched from him". Two Interpretations /u/Topsyt argues that Cusicesh is Dai-gonarthis. There are a number of connections between the two, as we have seen. He further argues that Brandon likes to hide things in plain sight, and Cusicesh as an Unmade would be just that. There's also a notable conversation between Shallan and Pattern where Shallan (somewhat mistakenly) relates Cusicesh and Odium. A tease perhaps? /u/statemint takes another approach. The connections between the two are certainly present. But how do you explain Dai-gonarthis's... apparent weakness? Under the original theory, we can only guess. Maybe he has been weakened somehow. Maybe he is biding his time. Maybe he is having more influence than we realize. But perhaps there's an obvious answer. Cusicesh is known as "the Protector". Could it be that he is, indeed, protecting the Iriali from Dai-gonarthis? Could it be that Cusicesh is actually a spren who is holding Dai-gonarthis captive, consequently limiting the range and effect of the Unmade's influence to nearly nothing? Additional Speculation From the Wikipedia page, Dagon was sometimes viewed as a "protector". If Cusicesh is indeed Dai-gonarthis himself, this connection seems fitting. Furthermore, Dagon was also sometimes considered a judge of the dead. Perhaps this is related to the faces that Cusicesh displays? (this fits with either theory, I think) What do you guys think? See any other connections here? Anybody have additional insights on Dagon which might hint at more? If the "draining" feeling is associated with Dai-gonarthis, what do you think is going on there?
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    From the album The Cosmic Fish Aquarium

    Wanted to make a piece to get signed by Brandon Sanderson someday if I ever get a chance to go to a signing. It's Shallan!:D

    © sketchyfish

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    The wind wasn't the beginning, but it was A beginning.
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    Boskone Day 2 Preliminary Report Not a ton of questions answered, but a few juicy ones. Perhaps the biggest: VOIDBINDING CHART IS CONFIRMED! As he answered another question, Brandon mentioned in passing that yes, the rear endsheet of WoK is about voidbinding. That has been RAFO'd and argued a bunch over the past several years, so I was shocked to hear him share that info. (at ~46 min in the Rithmatist Q&A) In general, Brandon tended to expound on his answers this time around, rather than going for the short Yes/No/RAFO. The events of the day: A demo of Mistborn: House War, which @DAdam got to play. He can give a report on that. Brandon arrived near the end and gave us about 20 minutes of impromptu Q&A. A panel with Joshua Bilmes (agent), Moshe Feder (editor), Michael Whelan (artist), and Emily Sanderson (wife) talking about the making of his career. It was fun to hear their stories of how they met each other, and hear them compliment (and poke fun at) one another. No book related questions. Rithmatist Q&A. Fans met to discuss the book, and Brandon joined us part way through to answer questions. Tons of background info on the world, magic, and writing process of the Rithmatist. After the allotted time, he moved out into the hall and transitioned into a general Q&A. (Unrelated to Brandon: I also got to have a great conversation with Max Gladstone, and later with Jane Yolen, both of whom were super awesome.) These recordings are available for you to listen or transcribe: (links will take you to Google Drive) Friday Signing Line (2 h 18 min, 260 MB) House War Q&A (22 min, 42 MB) Rithmatist Q&A (55 min, 103 MB) Career Panel (56 min, 105 MB) Note: no book-related questions Questions I asked (paraphrased): Q. Could a Soother prevent a listener from attuning a given rhythm? A. No. A coppercloud could, but I hadn't thought about emotional allomancy interacting. See, the rhythm isn't your emotion and doesn't determine your mood. It is a direct connection to the spiritual realm. So I guess soothing could make it harder just like it makes anything harder, in the same way that driving a car would be harder. It is possible that a coppercloud could play with it. Not a normal power of a coppercloud, but you've seen them do stuff similar. Q. From the Great Circle in Nebrask we know that defenses can be scaled up immensely. Could you also scale up and make a Godzilla sized chalkling? A. This is theoretically possible. Q. If you draw a line of Forbiddance on a chalkboard on the ground and hit the line, will the chalkboard move? A. (heavily paraphrased) No. I get asked this a lot. Rithmatist started out in the Cosmere, so many of the Cosmere rules of perception apply. If you try to draw a line of Forbiddance on something that doesn't cognitively seem stable enough to provide support, the magic won't take. Once the line is in place, moving it is extremely difficult. If you did manage to move the line or the thing it was drawn on, the magic would dissolve. Unless the canon versions of books 2 & 3 contradict this, assume that the same rules apply to Rithmatic lines as to speed bubbles. Other important Rithmatist tidbits: Book 3 is to be called The Nebraskan. The Rithmatist was originally set in the cosmere and was designed to showcase some spiritual realm entities (including both the shadowblaze and the forgotten), to demonstrate how they work. They are different from cognitive entities in important ways, including that they find linear time (and any sort of structure, really) to be a foreign concept.
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    Question: What qualities would attract an inkspren? Answer: Inkspren don't like how variable humans are, it's a thing out of Honor, so a person who is willing to think about their life rather than reacting by instinct would work for them. The scholar is the perfect example but for instance a soldier who is very thoughtful and doesn't just rush into battle would work for them too.
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    Don't worry. The con staff picked up the recording device. I'll get it from them tomorrow. Preliminary report from Day 1: Brandon started his signing almost an hour early, which was perfect for me because I had to leave shortly after getting my books signed. Hopefully I'll get more chances to interact with him tomorrow. I had fun talking to other fans in line and handed out about 150 business cards directing people to the 17th Shard. Probably 10% of those acted like they might join, so I'm hopeful that we'll get some new members and maybe induce some of the lurkers (I met quite a few) to make accounts. I also got to present Brandon with a copy of my Seusslight Archive fanfic. I'll post images over here later tonight. The signing line was recorded, and @yulerule was standing by the table to listen to all the questions being asked. If the recording is unclear, she may be able to clarify or add context. I got several questions answered. Wording is from memory, but should be pretty close. (book photo in spoiler) Q. What Radiant order would accept Allomancer Jak? A. [written] It would depend on the spren, but possibly. There are a few that would have liked him once... A. [verbal] There is some portent in that answer. Note: There are several ways you could interpret that, but I took it to mean that the spren who would be attracted to Jak were killed or estranged during the Recreance and would be unlikely (or unable) to bond with him now. (book photo in spoiler) Q. Do oathgates obey physical realm speed-of-light constraints? A. [written] Nope! Good question. A. [verbal] We are playing fast and loose with causality Q. Nalthis has 5-centric numerology. A. Okay... Q. Do regular humans count as the fifth type of biochromatic entity? A. I'm going to RAFO that for no good reason, but for lots of good reasons. Q. We know that recording things can lock spren and cognitive elements into certain states. Does the existence of the written Diagram have a Realmatic effect? A. [cautiously]The written Diagram does have a Realmatic effect. Q. Did Taravangian know that when he wrote it? A. Define "know." In the sense that a table knows it is a table, yes. Note: This response didn't make a ton of sense to me. Maybe the transcript will clarify things, but his hesitancy and body language made me think that my theory in this vein is mostly not correct, even if some pieces of it are.
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    Wrap-Up: United in a Single Cause STINK just got back from work and had a bajillion messages from Wilson, mostly along the lines of 'STINK where's the write-up’ or 'STINK where's the stink’, because apparently Wilson has lost her fingers and can no longer draw. RIP Fingers. Anyway, as to the actual state of the game, Joe had managed to find a speakerphone that could be broadcasted through the whole of Urithiru and was constantly saying 'Bondsmith4Life’, which was a great slogan cause there were 4 Diagrammists. Aman was in the corner with a pen and paper, writing actual RP which everyone should do btw. Unfortunately, his RP was so good that everyone got jealous and decided that this guy needed to go, preferably to Davie Jones Locker. I would tell you what Aman was writing at his time of death, but the paper is soaked in blood and quite disgusting to be honest with you. Meanwhile, everyone else also wanted the new guy Drake to be murdered in front of everyone's eyes (please stay Drake we don't all love murdering, torture’s fun too). Drake was defiant though, he was Defiant Drake, capable of going against anything that someone suggests, even his own plans. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't defy the noose hanging around his neck, but I can confirm that he gave it a good try before Joe also stabbed him in the neck, which doesn't sound like it should work, but who needs suspension of disbelief. Anyway, at this point Joe’s campaign succeeded, and the Bondsmith successfully won the presidential campaign for Urithiru, with a loyal people behind him. It is inevitable that someone will backstab him at some point (this is Urithiru, after all) but right now everything is lovely and peaceful, as long as you ignore the countless dead bodies with empty eyes gazing into the uncomfortably hot abyss with the weather forecast saying it's going to be sunny and warm tomorrow. STINK was proud of his write-up done in 10 minutes, and promptly told Wilson to 'suck it’. There was a fair bit more involved, but there's no need to tell all you successful living people about that, right? - Uther (Drake Marshall) was lynched! He was a Ghostblood! Berilen Lieken (Amanuensis) was killed! He was a Ghostblood! Uther/Drake Marshall (lots of votes): basically everyone - The Bondsmith win con has been achieved! All the living players win! All the dead players lose! The Tranquilline Halls:(Dead/Spec Doc) Master Spreadsheet My GM thoughts will be up either today or tomorrow. I don’t have much to say, but I’ll note a few things. Co-GM thoughts after GM thoughts ← Written by STINK obvs. Thanks for playing everyone!
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    "Vin thrust the spear into the Lord Ruler's chest." And thus ended the Final Empire. I just finished yet another re-read of the first Mistborn book last night. (I like to read books on the worlds I am writing about) and I noticed something really cool that had escaped my notice before. As the Lord Ruler passed, three people stood over his corps in the light of the rising sun. Vin the Mistborn, Sazed the Terrisman Keeper, and Marsh the Inquisitor. Here we see the epitome and figureheads of the three metallic arts. These three are literally the most important people in the Final Empire until the end. They seem to stand in for the powers and investitures of Scadrial. I don't know if this was intentional, but it seemed incredibly symbolic that all three of the metallic arts and their wielders stood together as they rejected their false god. I cannot but feel a respect for the Lord Ruler. He was terrible. He was cruel. He was uncaring. Yet he fought for so long against something greater. Of all the villans in the Sanderson books, he was the one who most needed to fall, and yet the one who deserved the most respect. I find that I love this parting scene, and if I could draw this would certainly be a moment I would like to capture. The only thing I wish was different about the scene... it would be even better if a skaa and a nobleman were present, to represent the rest of the world for the passing of Rashek. This is one of the better endings to a Sanderson book. What other moments are your favorites in the Brandon Sanderson books? What times are crystal clear in your mind?
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    We were all thinking it anyway
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    Day 14: Not Again Senn felt that looming sense of deja vu that he’d been feeling ever since that first man had died with a warning on his lips. He watched as the entire town fell into chaos and couldn’t help thinking that it was all too familiar. Now, he was staring at pages upon pages of reports about what was happening in the village; all of it dismal. There was a lack of food and supplies. No preparations were being made to stop the coming horde. Buildings were being looted and burned. And it all felt like he had been through it all before. He could almost tell what the next page was going to say before even looking at it. Senn rubbed at his temples, trying to massage away this portending feeling he had. He felt so helpless at the moment. He knew that he should be down in the village trying to add some sense of stability and try to steer things away from this course, but it seemed as if this was fated to happen. If it wasn’t, his feelings of deja vu wouldn’t still be there, right? Eventually, he couldn’t take just sitting there anymore and so he began pacing. This triggered another episode of deja vu in him and it just made him more antsy. What were they to do? Was there anything they could do? Were they meant to just die here, again and again; never learning from the error in their ways? He paused in his pacing. Again? Where had that idea come from? He’d never been through something like this before…. Had he? Suddenly, he just knew that he’d find his inkwell would be dry. He didn’t know how he knew, but it would be true nonetheless. He had what seemed like a vision of him going to collect a new one and then returning to his study, only to be ambushed and killed. He shook himself back to reality. The vision had seemed so clear and so detailed, but it couldn’t possibly be true. He had noticed that it had been snowing out in the vision and there wasn’t even the hint of frost in the air yet in the season. Even so, it was with a shaky hand that he finally built up the resolve to reach out and check the inkwell. *slosh* Senn let out a breath that he didn’t ever realize he’d been holding. The inkwell was still easily half full. His sense of deja vu had been wrong. He mulled over that last bit in his mind for a moment. His sense of deja vu had been wrong. If it had been wrong here, then that meant it could be wrong in other areas too! Perhaps the town wasn’t fated to fall! Perhaps there was still hope! For the first time in weeks, Senn turned to look out the huge window that dominated one wall of his study and looked out at the town of Tyrian Falls with something bordering on optimistic resolve. He smiled. He didn’t notice the figure standing behind him in the reflection of the glass until he felt something tug at his throat and soon after the world went dark. The only thought that Senn could muster before dying was, Not again… Night 14 is over and Day 14 begins! You have 48 hours. Seonid was attacked! They were a Regular Villager! Good Luck! Player List
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    Aww, thanks! OK, here is the gist of it. Harmonium's instability IS caused by some of the subatomic particles being of Ruin and some of Preservation. Harmonium is NOT an alloy, but rather a complete metal. Its particles are NOT composed of investiture, but have a "spiritual identity" that associates them with one of the shards. A portion of the energy that comprises the explosion when harmonium touches water is energy being pulled directly from the spiritual realm and the particles thus losing their spiritual association with one of the shards. Due to this, there is no such thing as Harmonium Oxide, although he did add a cryptic comment that there is "something else" left behind after the explosion which is "interesting" and will be important to Scadrial's future. At this point I figured I couldn't hold up the line much longer and started fishing for a RAFO card. So I asked about Harmonium's nuclear potential. But get this: He didn't RAFO it!! He said that harmonium can't actually create a nuclear explosion but it does something similar which will be "very important" to the cosmere in the future. He explained that this is because he essentially added a third state of matter, since investiture is analogous to energy and matter where one can be transformed into the others through the right processes. So harmonium can create an effect that is somehow similar to a nuclear explosion but instead of transforming matter into energy, it does something with investiture. He didn't elaborate after that. As soon as we get the recording transcript done we can analyze his exact words, but this is what I remember for now. Please ask for any clarifications since I'll probably remember in better detail if a specific question is asked.
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    Alone, Dalinar sat upon the eastern ledge of Urithiru’s roof, looking out towards the Origin. Whenever he was deep in thought, he found himself staring at the horizon, as if there was something hiding just beyond it that could answer all of his questions. In the corner of Dalinar’s eye, a bright, column of light manifested, then faded, signaling the use of the Oathgate connected to Stormseat. Given the time, Dalinar was surprised. He did not expect the Initiates to return for another hour, at least. The sun had just barely reached its apex, and the Highprince knew Kaladin had planned for them to break their fast in the chasm, after finishing their battle. If they were here already, then that meant they slayed the Chasmfiend in record time. For such a small group, that should be impossible. Especially so once you considered the Initiates never fought together, before. If twenty Initiates were capable of such a feat, what could an army of Radiants accomplish? Curious, Dalinar rose from his seat and approached the edge overlooking the Oathgate, only to find the disc barren of life. If it wasn't the Initiates returning, than who else could have used it? Fortunately Dalinar didn’t have to wait long for that answer. Three men ascended from the stairwell leading into the inner chamber, one with his arms bound behind his back. It was hard to tell from this far up, but he wore an Initiate’s uniform, torn and bloody from battle. The men escorting him wore the pristine garbs of the Squires, and judging by the slight glimmer of their skin, they were using their powers to keep him compliant. Still, the two Squires had their spears leveled at the Initiate, one flat across his chest to prevent him from fleeing, the other's tip pointed at his rear to urge him forward. As they walked towards the bridge, Renarin peaked his head out of the inner chamber, likely watching for when they were off the platform so that he could return to the Shattered Plains to wait for the others. Who was the Initiate, and why was he being treated like a prisoner? The only explanation was that the man below had been found responsible for Lomot’s death. Dalinar would have to speak with him in the cells, if that were the case. Should he leave now, he'd arrive at the cells just in time to greet them. About to turn, Dalinar glanced at his son one last time. One moment Renarin was standing absolutely still, as if Soulcast into a statue, despite the Initiate and his escorts being halfway across the bridge already. The next moment he collapsed to his knees, his body trembling rapidly as he fought to get back up. Dalinar breathed, sucking in the Stormlight from the necklace of spheres he wore around his neck, and shouted with all his might. “Renarin!” Dalinar's voice resonated throughout the atmosphere, as if it were thunder. All over Urithiru, people stopped what they were doing and looked up to sky, wondering where the yell came from. Kaladin’s Squires, however, were just with Renarin and did not hesitate to turn to see what was wrong. The Initiate smiled, then breathed. In a blink of an eye, he had slipped free from his bonds and slid underneath the spear against his chest, and amazingly kept on gliding across the length of the bridge, as if it had all the resistance of ice. Momentarily stunned, the two Squires glanced back and forth between the fleeing Initiate and Renarin’s seizing form, trying to decide what to do. Without speaking, they split off, one in each direction. DALINAR KHOLIN. WE NEED TO TALK. “Not now!” Dalinar yelled at the Stormfather, sprinting from the ledge and towards the stairs leading down into the tower. In that moment he wished he was a Windrunner. That way he could fly to his son, rather than waste his time riding the lift down to the ground floor. I THINK YOU WANT TO HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. “Whatever it is, it can wait! Can’t you see something is wrong with my son?” Dalinar’s question echoed off the walls of the stairwell to the beat of his heavy footsteps. THAT’S WHAT WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT. HE’S HAVING ANOTHER VISION. “A vision?” Dalinar asked, interest peaked, though he didn’t slow his descent. “Of what?” THE ANCIENT ONES, BOUND TO THE ONE WHO HATES. THEY ARE FIGHTING YOUR INITIATES NOW, AND THAT ONE YOU CALL STORMBLESSED. That last word sounded almost like a sneer. Dalinar ignored it, focused only on what he needed to do. Eshonai sang to the Rhythm of Destruction, smiling as the rain wet her hair and dripped down the ridges of her face. Beneath her, a dozen listeners swarmed that fool Alethi, no longer afraid of his power, but inspired by them instead. If they could cut him down, they would become legends among their kin, for they would have avenged those slaughtered since the Rider’s betrayal. Eshonai battled with herself, fighting to not leave her perch. As much as she wanted the glory of vengeance for herself, she needed to play the general today, rather than the warrior. Last time, she barely survived her encounter with the Alethi, and she had only faced an ordinary Shardbearer then. “Do not let them escape!” she yelled, watching as the group of men and women fled deeper into the chasms. Though Eshonai’s voice could not pierce the storm that was raging above, those attuned to the same rhythm as her could feel the command. Breaking away from those chanting to maintain the tempest above, a squad of listeners jumped to an adjacent plateau, seeking an ideal position to drop on top of the human cowards. Gathering her strength, a bolt of red energy coursed through her, forming into a malicious sphere of crackling energy between the palms of her hands. The louder she sang, the larger it grew, the black and red colors on its surface swirling and bubbling until eventually it became too strong for her to hold onto any longer. Casting it from her hands, the violent orb shot into the open air and exploded, nine bolts of crimson lightning bursting from it, aimed for the earth. Wherever they crashed, the ground cratered and burned. Rocks scattered hundreds of meters into the air, then fell back down, sharp and furious. The power was chaos, far beyond Eshonai’s control. Still, it was chaos that she could use to fulfill her and her god’s desir- A blood-curdling scream filled Eshonai’s ears. It was so loud, it drove her to her knees. Desperate, she clasped her hands around her ears, though the effort did her no good. Her stomach twisted, the powers of stormform abandoning her and her resolve vanishing along with them. Receding into herself, she found where the sound was coming from. But how did her Rhythm suddenly change to Peace? She could sense the Rider of Storms watching her, now. Had he somehow forced the Rhythm upon her? Eshonai cycled through the Rhythms and again found Destruction. At once the screaming stopped and her strength returned. Rising back to her feet, she held her hands before her, then resumed her singing, urging the energy to form between her palms and demanding it to grow. Veriq truly was the most worthless man in Roshar. When the others talked, Veriq remained silent. When the others fought, Veriq remained idle. And now, when the others ran, Veriq remained still. Frozen in place by... something. Not quite fear or cowardice, but more like a lack of esteem, or self-loathing. At least he had succeeded in saving the babe. He did not know its gender, too embarrassed to check, but he knew the infant was safe in Urithiru. That mission was done, and for that, he was grateful. Could he die happy, knowing the baby would live on because of him? Maybe so, but when he breathed, the Stormlight flowed into him from the spheres in his belt pouch. When he breathed, he realized he wasn’t quite ready to stop breathing. And so he ran, faster than he had ever run before. Despite swearing the First Ideal, his leg was still bent awkward from his accident. Perhaps he had the injury for so long that it had become so a part of himself that not even Stormlight could heal it. Fortunately for him, the power did repress the pain enough that he could keep up with the others. Well, relatively speaking, at least, for they had already passed the Chasmfiend’s corpse, while he had just barely left their temporary camp. At least this way, no one’s life would depend on him but his own. Despite the power raging within him, all this exercise still made him perspirate. He wasn’t accustomed to running, let alone walking for any great length. At least the rain washed away the sweat from his brow. Licking his lips, he was glad not to taste salt. Woosh. What was that? Turning, Veriq saw the most insane thing in his life. A surge of water rushed from the opposite end of the chasm, so massive and strong it lifted the Chasmfiend from the floor, heading straight towards him. If that were not insane enough, there was an Initiate climbing the thing, a gemheart cradled between his arm and his torso, the same arm bearing a sword and awkwardly swiping at a pair of Voidbringers nipping at his heels. Just in time, the crazy Initiate threw himself over one of the monster’s spines, riding it like a horse. Yelling something that could not be heard over the storm, he pointed the sword forward, and with a lurch, the corpse began moving downstream. Straight towards him and the other Initiates. The flash flood hit Veriq first, throwing him backwards and off his feet. The world around him became a suffocating blur, dark and murky except for the occasional burst of red lightning in the sky. A bolt struck close to him, shocking him and rendering him unconscious. Darkness. But no deathspren? It was questionable whether or not they truly existed, but Veriq had seen them himself, once. Where were they now? Light! Veriq’s head pierced the surface of the water, and he breathed deep, the Stormlight from his spheres flowing into him. He had turned around somehow, and was now facing downstream, towards the other Initiates. They had all been swept up too, save for a handful clinging desperately to a rope that somehow was pulling itself up the chasm wall. Had one of them developed some kind of Radiant powers? Another few Initiates were riding a shield, by the looks of it, though only two adults and the child could fit on it. The rest struggled to swim with the current, or in a few cases, were unconscious and simply drifting with the flow. Dead Voidbringers bled and bobbed around them, while their living brethren stared down at the Initiates from the plateaus, casting the occasional bolt of lightning, but seldom hitting their mark. Crash. Veriq remembered the Chasmfiend the moment it hit him, and only then. Fortunate that he only hit its shell and not one of its spines, he just had to deal with the wind being knocked out of him. Conveniently, one of its claws limped beside him. Sucking in air and Light, Veriq grabbed hold, then used a surge of strength to lift himself on top, just like he saw Balthazar straddle one of the spines. His legs dragged in the water, the bum one blazing with pain, forcing him to keep breathing in his Stormlight. Instinctively he leaned one way and the claw swayed with his weight, nearly forcing him to slam into the corpse’s shell again. Resisting his urge to lean, Veriq fixed his posture and returned his gaze forward, towards the other Initiates, glad that the claw followed suit. Was it just him, or were they getting closer? Either the Chasmfiend was moving faster, which should be impossible given its weight, or they were beginning to slow down. But if so, how? The water… it was rising. The ground beneath them must have been sloping upwards, meaning that soon enough, the momentum would stop completely. Smash. Something beneath the water hit the Chasmfiend and launched it into the air at a spin. Hugging the claw tighter, Veriq closed his eyes and held on for dear life. When he opened them again he was facing a wall. The very same wall that a few Initiates had been hanging on by a rope just before. Looking left, he could see nothing but water and Voidbringers. Had the Initiates been struck by lightning, or been dragged down by the turbulent waters? Smack. What the? Dazed, Veriq swatted at whatever hit him in the face. Beneath him the claw shifted with his weight, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the water. Flailing his arms for something to grab ahold of, he felt something slither beside him. Frightened, he tried to swim away, but before he could escape the thing wrapped itself around his wrist and tugged. Veriq gasped, and water filled his lungs. This time he could sense the deathspren in the darkness. They weren’t exactly visible, and yet Veriq could somehow see their ravenous maws gaping to consume him. They were moving closer, growing larger. This would be the end for sure. Pulse. A sound like a drum beating filled the darkness. One time, then two times, then one time once more. The deathspren seemed scared by the sound, and sure enough, when the last one resounded, a warm light banished them and brought Veriq back to life. “You alright, friend?” Veriq was on top of the Chasmfiend, Kintas standing above him. Before anything else, Veriq noticed the rope curling itself around the man’s arm, as if it were alive. Veriq tried to speak, but only coughed water. Smiling, Kintas ran off towards the Chasmfiend’s head, motioning for Veriq to follow. Kaladin hadn’t felt this alive since… well, since the day he fought the Assassin in White. His heart raged inside his chest, Stormlight coursing through his veins, strengthening his muscles and hardening his skin. Kaladin spun among the Voidbringers, Sylprena dancing in his hands, sometimes in the form of a spear, other times as a shield, or a hammer. As hard as the monsters struggled against him, their strength and their speed could not match his. This… this was more than just Stormlight empowering him. It was as if the Ideals themselves were giving him strength. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. And protect them he did. Kaladin had no time to look back. Escorting the Initiates to safety was his Squire’s responsibility, not his. He had only one job, and that was to keep the Voidbringer’s from pursuing them. Slipping under one’s arm, Syl became a sword and Kaladin spun around, the Voidbringer’s eyes boiling in his skull. Though the monster's eyes were the same color as flame, they burned all the same when sliced through with a Shardblade. Beyond the falling corpse, a warpair ran towards Kaladin at full speed, then leaped, blades sparking with electricity as they lunged them at his face. The Windrunner Lashed himself to the sky ten times in quick succession and rocketed into the air, narrowly dodging their strike. Gathering a full broam’s worth of power inside him, he Lashed himself down to the earth one hundred times more, landing on the head of one and burying him seven feet deep into the stone, a concussive wave of frost and force bursting from his body, knocking the advancing Voidbringers off their feet. Surprisingly, not a single one stirred. None except those taken by the sudden current of the flash flood heading right towards him. No wonder they stopped jumping down after him. Smiling, Kaladin took to the sky once more, this time slowly so that the Voidbringers on top of the plateaus could get a good glimpse at the man who would defeat them, once and for all. Too busy chanting that disturbing song, the Voidbringers barely seemed to notice. “Kaladin, behind you!” shouted Syl. Too late to turn, Kaladin Lashed himself sideways, but even that turned out to be too late, too. A bolt of red hot plasma shot through him like an arrow. He tried to breath, but the blast had paralyzed him completely. Eyes locked open, all he could do is watch that Voidbringer Shardbearer smile as he fell into the turbulent waters below, his body convulsing from the shock, her body collecting electricity. How? Veriq asked himself, panting with his hands on his knees, halfway up the Spire. How had they gotten here? He knew the answer, of course. He had watched Kintas fish the rest of the Initiates from the water with that living rope of his. He had watched Shinon fire arrows at the Voidbringer’s trying to jump and climb onto the Chasmfiend, and watched Uther throw daggers into the air to catch any bolts of lightning that came dangerously close. Of course, neither man's aim was perfect, and there was the occasional skirmish, but miraculously the Initiate's had all survived. Before they knew it, they had arrived at the Spire. It reminded Veriq of the Chasmfiend’s spines, a massive, black needle that from this angle, looked tall enough to pierce the heavens. As soon as they reached it, the Horneater that Kaladin called Rock dove into the water and swam into the tower through one of its open windows, a few of the Initiates following close behind. Low on Stormlight, Veriq found himself unable to move. His leg ached worse than ever before, and he was more tired than he had been in his entire life. If not for one of that bald Squire grabbing him by the shoulder and forcing him to swim, he would have drowned for sure. There were still so many steps left to climb, and the other Initiates were so far. Even the Squires had moved on ahead, although instead of using the stairs, they had ran up the walls outside, defying gravity. They needed to reach the top, they said, before the Voidbringers could get there and set an ambush. At least Veriq was not alone. Petrik was having trouble too, it seemed. For some reason his wounds weren’t healing, as if the Stormlight refused to replenish his strength. “We’ve got to,” Petrik gasped, “keep moving.” “I know,” Veriq wheezed, “but I can’t.” Looking over the edge of the stairs, he could see the water rising in the center, red lightning dancing across its surface. The Voidbringer’s must have been channeling the electricity directly into the rising flood. If it were to touch him, Veriq would surely die. It rose so quickly, he concluded that this was the end for sure. “Here,” Petrik held one of his infused spheres out. Veriq breathed and the Stormlight urged him to survive. “Let’s go.” Adolin felt the rain before he saw the storm. When the curtain of light fell to reveal the Shattered Plains, he found it very different than he last remembered. It was still daylight, apart from the plateaus obscured by the shadow of the unnatural storm above. Some of the plateaus seemed to have shifted places, while a few others had been splintered and weathered. Voidbringers, at least a hundred of them, lined the edges of the plateaus, chanting that horrific song of theirs. It was faint from afar and with the thunder roaring above, but Adolin could hear it. The rhythm summoned memories of that day when he fought Eshonai and nearly died. If he let them keep singing, the storm would only get worse, and so he ordered the Bridge Crews to get to work. “17! Get Aladar’s men on the southern plateau! 18, prepare for mine to cross to the western!” Heaving the bridges onto their shoulders, the bridgemen complied. “Son, can you see them?” Dalinar asked, shielding his eyes from the downpour with his hand. “No father," Adolin replied, glancing at his dad. "But I'm sure they're okay. Kaladin is with them, after all." Dalinar didn't look very convinced. "Please, return inside. It’s too dangerous for you to be out here without Plate or Blade. I’ll take care of it from here.” Shifting his gaze to his son, Dalinar nodded. “Yes, you’re right. Good luck.” Thanks, Adolin thought as he watched his father descend back into the Oathgate’s inner chamber, then looked back at the chaos unfurling before him. It looks like I’m going to need it. So close, now. They were so very close. Already the rest of the Initiates had reached the top of the Spire and stepped onto the plateau. Most of them were outside with the Squires, fighting off Voidbringers by the sound of it, although a few of them remained at the exit, shouting for Veriq and Petrik to hurry. Smack. The Spire quivered and Veriq stumbled to the side. Rather than lose his balance and topple, he threw himself against the stairs, digging a few of his fingers into a gash in the stone to keep him anchored. He was fine. Thank the Almighty, he was. Petrik, however, was not so lucky. “Help!” the young man shouted, hanging onto the edge of the stairs with a single arm, his other too wounded to hold his weight. Veriq could see that his grasp was slipping, and fast. “Veriq!” Kintas shouted from above. “Are you alright? Petrik needs your help!” Help. How many times had Veriq heard that word and froze? Countless times. So many, that it didn’t even register in his brain the same way it would anyone else. He was the most useless man in Roshar, after all. What help could he be to anyone, other than himself? Breathing deeply, Veriq sucked in some more Stormlight from what was left of Petrik’s spheres. If only he didn’t resist his powers, Petrik could pull himself up from the ledge. “Please, help,” Petrik cried. Veriq panicked and ran. “What are you doing! Petrik needs your help! Turn back!” Kintas was right. Petrik needed him, and what did Veriq do? The same thing he always did. He fled. Maybe today… maybe today could be different. Veriq turned and watched as Petrik’s strength gave out with a yelp, the young man's flailing body falling towards the electrified water. “Grab hold and pull!” Kintas shouted, and suddenly his rope was alive again. Like a skyeel, it flew at Petrik and snagged his broken arm. No longer needed, Veriq turned kept on running, watching as Ranatar pulled back on Kintas' now-gray trousers to keep him from being pulled off the ledge. Once outside, Veriq fell to the ground, utterly drained of Stormlight. "What the colors was that?!” Kintas shouted at him, kicking him in the side so that he rolled onto his back. “How could you just let Petrik fall to his death!” “I’m sorry,” Veriq tried to say, but the words wouldn’t come out. He was too tired to even speak. “You’re one of them, aren’t you?” Ranatar said next. The stormwarden had seen his cowardice too, and in that moment, it seemed the only logical explanation. “I’m sorry,” Veriq tried to say again. This time he couldn’t even move his lips. “Airsick lowlanders!” shouted an unfamiliar voice, just before Veriq was suddenly lifted onto a massive shoulder. “Less talking! More running!” the same voice demanded. Veriq's stomach churned as the world rocked around him. Charging across the bridge, Adolin directed half of his troops towards the Voidbringers lined up along the edge of the Plateau. As the soldiers parted to knock them into the flooded chasm below, the prince and the rest of his men ran for what looked like a massive spike, surrounded by a writhing crowd of those monsters. It was impossible to tell what the crowd was surrounding exactly, but Adolin’s warrior instincts told him that’s where he needed to be. Sure enough, a moment later he saw one of Kaladin’s Squires knock a few of the Voidbringer's off their feet with what looked to be a cookpot. As he ran, he swung the pot wildly with one arm while the other sheltered an unconscious Initiate draped over his shoulder. Voidbringers too stunned to stop them, a few of the smaller, younger Initiates made it free from the battle, although the monsters quickly reformed their line, cutting off the rest. “Pincer formation!” Adolin shouted, sprinting left and saluting Rock as they passed each other, the Horneater determined to lead the women and children to the Oathgate, the prince determined to reach the battle and save what was left of his father’s hopes and dreams. If the Voidbringers had not noticed already, Adolin had no intention of warning them of their advance. Fortunately by the time any one of the monsters heard the soldier's footsteps over the thunder and rain, it was too late for them to act. A flash of light and the clanging of metal. A splash of blood and cries of pain. When the chaos settled, Adolin found himself struggling to catch his breath alongside a man bearing the uniform of the Initiates. His eyes were still dark and his skin did not glow, but whatever this man’s name was, there was power within him. “No time for rest,” he shouted, quickly surveying the faces of the men who were still standing. Only Algo and Loen were dead, then. Good soldiers that deserved a proper burial. Breaking off into a run, Adolin hoped the scouts could find their bodies later. “Brightlord!” yelled a Squire. Teft, if Adolin remembered correctly. “Have you seen our Captain?” “Kaladin? No. I thought he was with you!” The look on Teft's face was cold. Empty. “I don’t… feel him, Brightlord. Not like I’m used to.” “Well, do you still have your powers?” The man’s skin began to glow. “So he’s still alive, then. Probably just took flight when the chasm started flooding.” “I hope you’re right, Brightlord. I hope you’re right.” YOU’VE LOST HIM, KHOLIN. STORMBLESSED IS GONE. Dalinar breathed in the Stormlight then bellowed, “Retreat! Retreat!” His voice was loud enough to shake the earth and rouse the dead. Behind him, Renarin was shaking. Whatever kind of visions he got they were very different than Dalinar’s, for he remained standing, and was still conscious of this world. Ahead of him, Adolin raced across Bridge Eighteen, an entourage of soldiers, Squires and Initiates following close behind him. “What do you mean Stormblessed is gone?” Dalinar mumbled, not wanting to speak loud enough that his honor guard, made up of the former members of Bridge Four, could hear. Unfortunately the Stormfather did not answer. “Renarin, get back inside. Prepare the Oathgate. I’ll shout when we’re ready to go.” “Drehy!” one of Dalinar’s guards yelled, waving his hands to grab the attention of Kaladin’s Squire. After a quick glance behind his shoulder, the man named Drehy ran over to meet his friend. “I don’t see the Captain. Where is he?” “Peet…” Drehy’s face twitched a little, then became as solid as stone. Without saying another word, he looked behind his shoulder once more. “He ran off on his own, Peet, to keep the Voidbringers off our back. Said he would meet us here. I’m sure he’ll show up so-” “-sadly, Squire,” Dalinar interrupted the conversation before Drehy could finish. “As soon as Aladar’s soldier’s finish crossing their bridge, we’re leaving, with or without Stormblessed.” “But sir!” Peet interjected. “Soldier,” Dalinar responded firmly. “I respect your loyalty to your Captain, but do not forget that I am both his and your superior. Besides, Stormblessed is capable enough on his own to return to Urithiru without an escort. Understand?” “Yes, sir…” In the distance, Aladar directed the last of his men onto the Oathgate before stepping onto it himself. “Renarin! Now!” Splash. Veriq was soaked, but that didn’t stop the cold water that was thrown on his face from waking him. Wiping the moisture from his eyes, he looked up to find a clear, beautiful sky, and his fellow Initiates surrounding him. “Veriq, is it?” That was Dalinar’s voice. “Yes, sir,” he said, struggling to rise to his feet, though he could only make it to a knee. “I’ve been informed that you tried to kill one of your fellow Initiates. Is this true?” “I… what? No!” Dalinar sighed, waving several men forward. Of them, Veriq only knew Kintas’ name. Behind the crowd, Petrik watched with sad eyes. “So in your own words tell me what happened, then.” Clear sky or not, the air was strangely tense, as if there was an unseen storm brewing around him. “I… I left Petrik to die, sir. I could have helped him, but ran right past, only concerned with my own safety.” “And before that, while your allies were fighting the Chasmfiend. What did you do?” “Nothing, sir...” “Nothing? You didn’t even lift a finger? Just watched as your allies fought for their lives?” “Yes, sir. I'm worthless, sir.” “Well then you leave me no choice. Initiate Veriq. On the field of battle, non-action is as good as being an accomplice to murder. You could have saved another man’s life and instead left him to fall to his death. How can I trust that you run out of fear, but because you wanted him to die?” “I… I don’t know, sir. I don’t think you can.” “Then you understand the predicament you have put me in. Therefore I hereby sentence you to indefinite imprisonment, until we can decide what to do with you. Adolin, be so kind as to show him to his cell.” “Yes, father,” the prince responded, then stepped up to Veriq. “Come,” he said, his face steeled but eyes shining with contempt. Adolin did not even reach out a hand to help him up. “As for the rest of you,” Dalinar addressed the other Initiates while Veriq was led away. “You’ve been through a lot today. Please, take the evening, and all of tomorrow, off. Relax a little. Perhaps take a stroll through the gardens, or unwind with a drink at Pub Seb. I haven’t been there myself, but Sebarial ensures me that it’s atmosphere is delightful and that it’s got the best menu Urithiru has to offer. “Oh, and do be on the lookout for Arionium. Earlier the man escaped from the Squires and is hiding somewhere within the city.”
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    A very obscure 17th Shard / Edgedancer in-meme. Props if you get this one. Also the above meme is ironic because Anakin failed right after saying that.
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    When you're in Spanish class, and hear a word that sounds a little like seon, and go into... well, a strange little Sanderson world you've created for yourself.
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    Something I saw on reddit that is my favorite theory on this. He compounds luck and throws a dart at a map of the Cosmere.
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    Please tell me if this idea has been proposed before. WoB's: These three say to me that the Listeners have Odium-related forms and Cultivation-related forms. They have no Honor-related forms. Their other, less magical forms, like artform, dullform, workform, nimbleform, etc. probably predate shardic influence on the planet. They obviously couldn't survive on their own in slaveform. -Song of Secrets Stanza 17 So, Nightform basically predicts the future, something that Cultivation is said to be good at. Also, it whispers "As the gods did leave". If the gods are the unmade, it wouldn't make sense for nightform to give a new prophecy as Odium's influence is retreating. -Song of Secrets Final Stanza I'm assuming that the nightforms refers to the a group of Listeners in nightform. I originally thought that that meant that there were multiple nightforms, but this interpretation makes more sense to me. We know that Honor thinks that a champion might work against Odium because all the Shards are bound by rules. The last line probalby refers to this event, so I think that the future predictions are probably accurate, as Cultivations woud probably be. There's also the "but" inbetween when the song talks about the Unmade and the nightforms. To me, this suggests a contrast between nightform and the Unmade-influenced form And we have the similarity between "nightform" and "Nightwatcher" going for this theory. Most of the lines about the other forms of power speak about the danger of them. Examples: I copied these straight from coppermind so there is still that large blue box there. Sorry. The songs never mention the dangers of Nightform. It's odd. It occured to me that one of the objections to this theory might be the Vorin prohibiotions on predicting the future. But if Cultivation, Honor's girlfriend/wife is good at it, why would Honor's religion object to it? I think that this was probably caused by the Hierocracy, which I personally believe was influenced/caused by Odium. It seems to me like there are a lot of small hints that add up to a pretty clear conclusion. Maybe I'm missing something though. Thoughts?
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    You just gave me a mental image of a rosharan army advancing in a line equipped with mops, scrubbing the ground clean and shiny at its passage...
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    With Ruin Beside Us Welcome back to Emperor Elend’s Luthadel. King Penrod has been growing more and more, irrational. Ordering people to fight each other for their daily bread. Speaking to the mists as if to Emperor Venture, rubbing his chest whenever he talks. The Physicians whisper of the attack, the inquisitor that tried to assassinate him. Whisper that he has recruited others to continue his foul work in the city. When the Government is broken and corrupt, The Citizens must rise up, as the Survivor has taught. But his Heir has warned of the servants of a darker God, the Spiked, who will try to destroy you all. But the Survivor does not expect you to do this on your own. He has gifted you all with power of the Mist, Allomancy. Use his gift to hunt down the Spiked. Welcome to MR20: With Ruin Beside Us. This is a standard Elimination game. Each cycle will be 48 hours long, and will have a lynch. Each player may use their role, or faction ability, every cycle. Possible Roles: Coinshot: Attack one player. Unprotected players are killed. Lurcher: Protect one player from one attack. Thug: You have an Extra Life. You can survive one attack, or one Lynch. Tineye: You can start PM’s with players. You have to be in the PM. Soother: Cancel a Player’s vote. Rioter: Double's a Vote Smoker: Seekers, Rioters, and soothers targeting you all fail. You can target yourself and one other. Seeker: If a Player took an Metallic action, you will learn what it is. Regular: You know whether or not this game is Role madness. ???: This Role is secret. What could it be? ###: Is this even a role? &%&: Am I just trolling you at this point? Alignments: Spiked: The Spiked will have a doc, and a faction kill. They win when all the citizens are dead. Citizenry: The Citizenry win when all the Spiked are dead. Miscellaneous rules: PM’s are closed, except for the Tineyes. Only Tineyes can start PM’s. No Pinch hitters or inactivity filter. Only the lynch reveals alignments I will not differentiate between Coinshot kills and Eliminator kills. I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of Secret roles, rules, factions, players, cycles, characters, moderatoers, or the treasure of the Count of Monte Cristo. All may or may not be in this game. The same rules, but with a bunch of Frequently asked questions added onto them: Anyway. I have a lot of free time. So when you sign up, please vote for when rollover should happen. It can happen any time between 4pm PST and midnight, PST. Also, to the newer players, who haven’t played a game with me as a GM. Ask an older player if you really want to. If the older player likes you, they’ll tell you no, Joe is a troll, and a bastard, who powers his laptop with the agony and hatred of his players. If they don’t like you, they’ll tell you to play. Wilson, did i forget to tell them anything? Quick Links:
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    I just realized I've become a lurker. I'm totally caught up on every thread I follow, but I just don't have anything to say . . . Also, I made this and I already posted it on my art thread, but I'm super proud of it, so: Yay for my second digital portrait ever! (First one I didn't even know how SAI worked, so it doesn't count)
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    I asked two things about parshmen and Parshendi today. So, I asked if a Parshendi takes a parshmen by the hand, leads him out into a highstorm with a gemstone that has a spren trapped in it, will the parshmen transform. Brandon said, yes, now they will, but before not. So basically now that the Everstorm is here, they can be transformed, but before they couldn't. Also I asked about the new Rythyms, as I found it suspicious that the Listeners didn't have "bad" emotions. Brandon said that the Listeners did have ridicule, and so on, but before they would say it to the Rythyms of amusement. So bad emotions were there but not the Rythyms.
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    About the residue. The harmonium reaction with water doesn't cause nuclear fission - it's entirely chemical in nature, and there's also a release of Investiture tied to subatomic particles that produces energy and makes the reaction more violent. Lerasium and atium aren't alkali metals, so there would need to be a nuclear reaction occurring to produce them from Harmonium. If it is just the electrons that are Invested (the nucleus itself might be too unstable if protons and neutrons had additional repulsion), then the transfer of an Invested electron from a harmonium atom to a hydrogen ion is probably the place to begin our search. The Investiture structure (not the atom itself) of harmonium could be destabilized, since it doesn't match an allowed configuration (harmonium, atium, or lerasium), and all that Investiture is released as energy, leaving behind a regular cesium ion. But, when we look at the electron that was transferred, it will be sitting there all alone as a Hydrogen radical. Let's assume that's an allowable Investiture structure. These radicals can interact with everything else in the reaction environment - cesium ions, water, hydroxide ions, you name it, and in most cases the resulting molecule wouldn't be legal for being Invested, and the additional energy of this final electron would be released through Investiture decay. But, when two radicals interact with one another, they would form a hydrogen molecule, H2, with two Invested electrons. If that's a legal conformation, then there would be small amounts produced in every reaction. (It wouldn't be every molecule of hydrogen produced in this reaction, it all depends on the specific reaction pathway that is used to produce H2. Radicals are extremely reactive, so most of them will probably interact with a water molecule before they encounter another radical.) So, from a chemistry point of view, putting cesium in water will get you cesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Nothing else is possible without a nuclear reaction. If the hydroxide isn't Invested, that only leaves the gas. If harmonium is unbalanced towards Ruin (as I suspect it to be), then the reaction with water would release small amounts of Ruinous Hydrogen, also known as Ruin's Mists. Oh, the humanity!
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    Funtimes leaned into the hug. She loved hugs, and she loved shinies, but she love love loved hugs from shinies. Hugs from shinies—she hadn't even known that was possible, but she was here and Shiny was here and it was happening to her because of Shiny. She squealed again, and Shiny nuzzled her. “I do like pancakes actually. Sweet ones especially. And I downright love to eat them in the company of sweeties like you. So Doctor, how about we go share some pancakes and have a fun time with each other? I don't think I could have more fun with anyone buy you. But first let me hug you again. You’re just so adorable and beautiful and energetic and wonderful! I just want to keep hugging you and tell you how much I love you as I shower you in sparkles.” Funtimes let out a long gasp, her hands flying to her cheeks. "Yes! We should have pancakes! Chocolate chip and sprinkles and jellybean and blueberry and—" She gasped again. "Blueberry! And Nathan and Sammy and Revvie and Remington! They love pancakes, not as much as I do but they love them because who doesn't love pancakes and I make really really good pancakes—see, look look look!" She waved a hand toward a cluster of dead leaves hanging from a branch, and pancakes rained from the trees. As she promised, some were chocolate, some had sprinkles, and some were flecked with jellybeans. Funtimes caught one and presented it to Shiny with an enormous grin. "See? Pancakes! I can make it rain pancakes and now it's a pancake-raining party!"
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    When you go through your kids backpack and for some odd reason you find some candy corn, and your first thought is "Oh! The grain offering."
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    Night 15: Omens The others couldn’t see it, but Mr. Hoid could. The writing was on wall- err walls, you could say. Everywhere he looked, he saw what the future held for the town of Tyrian Falls and all he could see was more blood, more burning, and more destruction. It was most disconcerting when he started to see the futures of the people themselves painted over their regular faces like masks. As he passed the butcher, he saw that the man had the bulging eyes of someone that had been suffocated or strangled. The seamstress looked as if she had been beaten upside the head with a club. Even those few that looked like they might live had a cast around them that suggested, if not death later on, at the very least a lot of pain and misery. When surrounded by such foul omens all the time, perhaps it wasn’t as surprising as it was for the rest of the villagers what happened next. *** Those few that were left were startled out of their now daily routine of casting accusations and glares at each other by the sounds of someone shouting near the edge of town. They couldn’t make out what was being said though until they drew closer. They all seemed to arrive at the small, no taller than 2 meters at best, “wall” that surrounded Tyrian Falls around the same time. There, standing on top of the wall, was Mr. Hoid. He was facing out and shouting at the countryside. “What are you waiting for?!? Attack already! Come and satiate yourselves! Can’t you see that we are beaten? Can’t you end this misery? You will come and you will conquer! I have foreseen it! So why not now? Let us end this charade, once and for all. Don’t make us- make me wait any longer! End this already! Attack!” The villagers, realizing what he was doing, reached up to grab at him and pull him down. To taunt Koloss? Surely the man was insane! But on the off chance that they did heed his call…. Well, they decided not to take that chance. And so a hundred frantic hands raised up to yank Mr. Hoid down off the wall. They were in such a hurry that they didn’t realize how they were doing so until gravity took the situation away from them. The only part of Mr. Hoid that they could easily reach was his feet. So they grabbed him by the ankles and pulled. This definitely had the effect of getting Mr. Hoid’s legs off the wall, but the rest of his body fell straight down. His head cracked into the wall where his feet had been and everything was silent; on both sides of the wall. No one had the courage to peek over to see if the Koloss were close enough to have heard. Day 14 ends and Night 15 begins! You have 24 hours. Conquestor was lynched! They were a Village Smoker! PMs are no longer available! I repeat, you can NOT send anymore PMs! Votes: Conquestor (5)- Joe in the Bush, Wyrmhero, Araris, Wilson, Herowannabe Araris (2)- Jondesu, Stink Herowannabe (1)- I am Stick No Vote (2)- Conquestor, Wonko Player List
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    Seeing the lovely woman in her arms squee with joy because of her made Shiny tingle with pride. She was shortly confused by all the names rattling out of Funtimes adorable and kiss enticing lips but that quickly changed when Funtimes started to work her wonders. Leaves turn into pancakes wasn’t something even Shiny had seen before. Thankfully, Shiny rolled up the pancake, so she could hold it with one hand and with the other hugged Funtimes around the waist to pull her closer. Funtimes enormous grin was just irresistibly cute, so Shiny couldn’t help herself but press a kiss on her cheek. “You’re just getting more wonderful by the second.” Kiss. “Thank you for the pancake, now to see if it’s as sweet as you are.” Kiss. Shiny took a bite out of the pancake and found it to be not only wonderfully sweet but also fluffy, as if Funtimes had taken an ideal pancake right out of her mind and made it real. “You’re right, these pancakes are great.” Kiss. “I love them almost as much as I do you.” Kiss. “Are these other pancake lovers you mentioned, as good at making pancakes as you are?” Kiss. “Or as colorful?” Kiss. “Or as fun?” Kiss. “Or as cuddly?” Kiss. “Or as welcoming.” Kiss. “Or as beautiful?” Kiss. “Or as nice?” Kiss. “Or as energetic?” Kiss. “Or as sweet?” Kiss. “Or as cute?” Kiss. “Because I love all of those things about you.” Kiss. “Just look at what kind of frenzy you worked me into.” Kiss. “I love you with every sparkle of my being.” Kiss. “And if anyone is good enough to be your friend, I’d love to meet them as well.” Kiss. “Even if they couldn’t hold a candle to how much I love you.” Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.
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    Day 12: Perchance to Dream Jack was having a horrible dream- if you could call it a dream. It seemed a bit too vivid for that. It felt more like it was a recollection from another time, where events similar to those taking place in Tyrian Falls… had happened? Were going to happen? In the end, it didn’t matter. They were similar enough in structure that he saw how it would all play out. He saw how the paranoia and the fear slowly sank their teeth into the villagers. He saw how it turn friend against friend and elevated petty differences into justifications for death. He saw as supplies were destroyed and reserves ruined, which made the villagers all the more frantic and fanatic in their search to purge the evil out from amongst them. If it wasn’t so horrifying, he could almost respect the way these forces of destruction systematically encouraged the people to do their work for them. And in his sleeping state, the recent events in Tyrian Falls mixed with those recollections and he dreamt about the gruesome deaths that had just recently happened in new and mortifying ways. Jack tossed and turned throughout the night. He wanted to wake up; to let this nightmare end. But he was not immune to the effects of what was happening in Tyrian Falls and his body was just too exhausted. Then he dreamt of a figure creeping into his room, cloaked in darkness and comfortable in the shadows. The figure stealthily made their way across the room; avoiding any of the squeaking boards that could have given them away. When they reached his bed, they pulled out a wicked looking dagger. When they raised it above their head, it glinted in the moonlight and it looked stained with the blood of those it had already killed. Now this dream felt incredibly weird to Jack. This didn’t feel like a recreation from an earlier time and it seemed embedded in his current reality. Some part of Jack’s instincts kicked in and he snapped awake. He awoke to the exact same scene he had just been dreaming about! And the dagger was already plunging towards his chest. Suddenly, before he could do so much as breath in to scream, he was yanked to the right with such force that he felt as if he had been slammed into by a Koloss’s fist. The dagger stabbed down and sank almost to the hilt into the bed where Jack had laid just a second before. The force was so strong, it carried him across the room and crashing out through the window; glass ripping at him as he barrelled through. Finally, he rolled to a stop in one of the huge piles of ash that hadn’t been cleaned up in the town recently. As Jack lay there, panting and trying to calm down, he could only think of one thought: Thank the gods I got a room on the first floor! Night 12 has ended and Day 12 begins! You have 48 hours. A Joe in the Bush was attacked, but they survived! Good luck! Player List
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    Anyone feel like Szeth at the end of WoR is alot like Altair at the start of Assassin's creed "Here, have this weird sword"
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    Cycle 4: You need to learn the Steps The Duo danced through the misty dawn, leaping from rooftop to street, to wall to garden. They ran, and climbed, and jumped and flew. Over shops and homes and kitchens, and armories, nothing stopped their movement. They moved alone, both unaware of their partner, dancing parallel to them in the mist. Both moved towards the same destination, and left from the same place. Both had the same purpose, and both knew of the foolishness of their task. Both were equally determined. The Duo knew this city like a mother her child. It’s every nook and cranny were open to them. Every alleyway was an arrow, pointing to five victims. Every building a boulder, poised to collapse. Every fountain a grave, promising a watery death. The first Victim was a Thief. A Man who lived to steal coins and bread. He was prowling the streets, breaking locks and windows to enter unoccupied homes when the first dancer found him. Pedro’s death was quick, and simple. He heard the sound of a door opening, and when he turned to check, saw only the bright shine of a knife opening his throat. The second Victim was an honorable man. A man who obeyed the law in all things. He saw, he judged, he proved, and he executed. Misbah a Khattar died far slower than the thief. He was abed, when he heard a growl from outside his window. But when he sought to scare the assumed dog off, he was torn from the safety of his house, and then torn limb from limb. The duo moved on, three more victims to kill. The third to die that night was a quiet man, who loved the mists and the wind. Khaladin Jamaicablessed people called him. He was not loved, but he was appreciated. People would toss him a coin when he was hungry, and he would help and entertain them when they were confused or bored. The first Dancer stopped, and gave him another coin. He thanked him, but the words died in his throat when the coin jumped from his throat to his chest, and then to the wall behind him. The fourth was Joseline Farouq, a happy man, who was excited to be of help. Anything and anyone that needed help had to only call his name, and he would run there to lend a hand, or a shoulder, or a back, or an ear. Humans and animals alike, Farouq helped. So when he heard the growl of a dog, he thought nothing of it, and sought the animal out. Barely half of him was ever found. The duo were stopped from killing their last victim. They circled the house, looking in vain for an opportunity to throw a knife, or to pull him out of the crowd, but they had no choice. Far too many people were already surrounding Soflo Rigorrio, screaming and rioting as they dragged him through the streets to the Hangman’s square. They watched in anger and sadness as their victim’s life was stolen from them by an angry mob. Both slipped away, into the dawning sun, neither aware of the other, neither aware of the third, who had watched them both. Ryth stood shoulder to shoulder with Regiie, both of them uncertainly watching King Penrod mutter to himself The king had gotten worse lately, staying up at all hours, ordering random men killed, and generally acting like a sick man. “Regiie! Ryth!” He was always snapping at them as well. “Come out onto the balcony, tell me what you see!” Ryth exchanged a glance with his partner, but obeyed. Both men walked out to the railing, flanking the king who was clutching at the railing like a falling man grasps a rope. “Your majesty? What are we looking for?” The King pointed down. “Someone’s under the balcony! I saw them climbing up the wall!” Another, far different look was exchanged. An assassin? It would not surprise Ryth if someone decided that Penrod was too unstable to keep his crown. “Your Majesty, please, return inside while we hunt the man.” “Pah.” He spat the word at them, but pivoted and stalked inside. As he slammed the door behind him, a great -CRACK- split the air. Both of the guards froze. There was another, softer crack. Both of them looked at each other. As the third crack sounded, and the balcony began to fall away from the building, they lunged for the doors. Ryth’s hand barely brushed the frame before gravity claimed him. He fell, screaming, into the mist. Darkness Ascendant was lynched! They were a Citizen Silverblade was killed! Votes: DA (5): Magestar, Bugsy, Elenion, Phatt, Silverblade Conquester (1): Lopen Bartimaeus (1): _stick_, Elenion (2: Alvron, DA Time until Cycle 5: To Survive the Silent Strets Player List:
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    Speaking of the importance of Sel, what about the importance of ChayShan, one of my favorite magics? We barely know anything about it, except that it can be extremely powerful. Shuden was able to break the bones of Dakhor monks with a single blow, and he himself said that he was an amateur in the art. What could an expert do? Could ChayShan break shardplate? And what about the effects of ChayShan in other Realms? I think this is something to think about... maybe I should just make this a separate thread.
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator I'm really enjoying Konosuba as a show, but only realised today that Nale has the same alias as Darkness
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    Jude wasn't sure what he saw there, floating in the sky. He had just found his way to the inner-city area of Portland, with its horrible ruined pavements, brightly painted brick facades, and blood-soaked streets strewn with bits of... reptile flesh? The large, columned building floated stationary in the air above a large pit, occasionally firing off very excited-looking beams of color and sparkle. Shaking his head, he walked on, and instinctively reached in his duffel. Oh. Right. The cat had scampered off a mile or so back. Jude had searched and searched, to no avail. Shame. He quite liked that cat. Hope he's alright, Jude thought to himself, and walked on towards the giant, floating structure.
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    @[email protected]@Erunion So, minor archery update. I might not be able to do the tuition for a while (between costs and scheduling) but they do offered thing where you can shoot 30 arrows for minimum cost. Also, they run combat archery sessions. 'kay, I offically have a goal. Self-teach myself archery Oliver Queen style, and win a combat archery game. Well, my parents always wanted me to get into a sport... (Plus, a fantasy setting I have is based around archery so, research)
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    On Friday, I asked (paraphrasing) what happened to a person's Physical self when they traveled into the Cognitive Realm. He replied that it depended on how they did it: Elsecalling and worldhopping via Shardpools vs Soulcasting. When Jasnah or Hoid are Elsecalling / Shardpooling, their Physical Self goes into the Cognitive Realm with them. He described Soulcasting more like astral projection: the body is still in the Physical Realm but the mind peers into the Cog Realm. I then asked for clarification on the Elsecalling / Shardpooling part, specifically that the Physical Self was actually in the Cog Realm so there are two "levels" of self there (paraphrasing) as opposed to someone like Kelsier who only had two "levels" of self and he said yes, that's right. One last thing: In my personalized book, he wrote " 'Are you listening?' " (he put quotes around it in the book). I'm not exactly sure when he wrote it during his answer so I'd be interested in listening to the audio recording to see if there's something I missed. I got the front of the line late, around 6 o'clock, I believe.
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    As I recall, there are a number of issues with that old font. This comes out to: rahy? be?ohl dea? stleng? be?ohl ?eaknes jo?lney be?ohl destina??h It should look more like: Edit: As long as I'm at it, here are all the Ideals:
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    Okay, I think I have another angle on the highprince names. The key is the layout of the painting of the Shattered Plains in Way of Kings. In the inset, the artist Vandonas helpfully describes the order in which the warcamps are situated, from north (right) to south (left): Roion, Sadeas, Aladar, Dalinar (Kholin), Vamah, Ruthar, Thanadal, Hatham, Bethab, and Sebarial. There is also a sidebar to the right with a series of eleven glyphs. Note that the top five glyphs are upside-down; the sequence is mirrored around the "compass rose" glyph. Five of these glyphs can be positively identified from the battlemaps, which have both English and Alethi notations: Roion, Sadeas, Aladar, Kholin, and Sebarial. That leaves Vamah, Ruthar, Thanadal, Hatham, and Bethab as the unknowns, plus the "compass rose". The order of glyphs in the upper half of the sequence (starting at the compass rose and moving out) corresponds with the order of the warcamps. Roion is first, followed by Sadeas, and so forth. This is further confirmed by the presence of Dalinar's tower and crown glyphpair at the appropriate camp. The bottom sequence of glyphs is... kind of a mess (see the orange lines in the image below). Sebarial's camp is farthest south, but it is second to last in the lower sequence. I suspect this may have been an error on the part of Vandonas, who after all is a painter, not a scribe. He couldn't even be bothered to learn the name of the river -- he just went ahead and named it after himself! To address this issue, let's assume that that Sebarial's glyph got swapped with Bethab's. Likewise, I suspect that Hatham and Thanadal have been similarly reversed. If these pairings are correct, it also sheds some light on the method of construction for "cursive" glyphs. In each of these glyphs, the initial letter is clearly visible in the upper center. Thanadal's initial Th is somewhat distorted, but it's done in a manner that is consistent with the "inflated" surgebinding glyphs. The other letters, such as the N in Kholin and Roion, are much more heavily stylized. This makes sense. An illiterate spearman wouldn't able to "read" all the component elements, but he'd be able to recognize, "Hey, that glyph has a big K and looks like a tower. Must be Kholin. That one has a big S with squiggles like skyeels. Must be Sebarial." Conversely, a moderately educated person -- say someone in the Ghostbloods -- could mash together glyphs phonetically to crudely spell out words. The positioning connection makes me pretty confident in the identification of as Vamah, which in turn calls for an update to the translation key. It's easy to see the initial V, so the other squiggle must be "inspired by" M. However, it doesn't really resemble the speculative M in the key, which I was never particularly happy with anyway. The current guess is just a placeholder copy of N, since we don't have a concrete example of the Alethi M, and in Thaylen M and N are written the same. So I think the subglyph for M needs to get reversed. It makes the contortion in Vamah a little less painful, and there's an element like that in one of the Stance Scroll glyphs that has always bugged me: Here's an updated key with revised speculation for M, the initial vowel marker, and some gut-feeling guesses for Z and Ch.
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    Alright, @A Budgie, I'm gonna do it in parts. I stumbled a bit, but here is part one. Part I https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/mhiyeafl6cyea7q7 Also, I sound a bit congested, as I may be getting a tad bit sick. Part II https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/8bnv8ypadyt2gbuy Part III https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/cflhuqjvoopo4wmn Part IV (the weather) https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/c97pmeplzbk2acb8 Part V https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder/msg/m0ffslmk4958vna0 Alright, finished! It was fun, thanks.
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    Night 13: The Most Dangerous Game “What are you doing?” Carmichael stopped in the middle of the street and turned to see half of the village staring at him quizzically. He set the chair he had been carrying on the ground. “What does it look like,” he replied as he dusted off his hands. “I’m moving my furniture back to my house.” This seemed to confuse them more. Was it really that hard of a concept to grasp? Carmichael knew that he was the smartest person in the village (not to mention the strongest and best looking and funniest and so on, but those weren’t important at the moment), but he expected better than this. “It’s really simple,” he explained. “See, I had moved most of my belongings out of the town last night, because I was planning on leaving. I couldn’t allow myself to get trapped here after all. Out of everyone, if I were to die, it truly would be a great loss. For all of humanity. “But, then I thought about it and decided that I just couldn’t do it. I knew that if I wasn’t here to help you, you’d all wind up dead. And while that might not be the tragedy that if would be if I were to die, I just couldn’t leave you all to such a fate. I mean, you might all be stupid, lesser people, but you’re my stupid, lesser people. “And after I made up my mind, since I had already moved everything out, now I need to move everything back in, of course. “Here,” Carmichael said as he picked up the chair and handed it to the closest villager. “In return for me saving you from yourselves, you can help me pick up the rest of my stuff and bring it back in!” *** And that was how Carmichael found himself back out in the wilderness. The villagers hadn’t been as gracious as he had expected and they had chased him out of the town. Of course, since he was obviously the fastest out of everyone in the village, he’d easily outran them, but now he was turned around. If he could get back to the little cave he’d found, where he’d stored all of his stuff, he could leave those ungrateful people to their well-deserved fate. The sun was getting close to setting and he was pretty sure he was slightly south of the cave, so he started north. Suddenly, he heard a snap and felt something yank his feet out from under him. In a blink of an eye, he was hanging upside down in what appeared to be a very big snare trap. What could possibly need something so ridiculous and large? He pondered as he swayed side to side. That’s when he heard it. The sounds of grunts and large footsteps approaching and it all clicked into place. Carmichael went white as a ghost and broke out in a cold sweat. They’re so close! He desperately tried to free himself before the Koloss arrived. He was unsuccessful. Day 12 has ended and Night 13 begins! You have 24 hours. Magestar was lynched! They were a Village Smoker! PMs are NOT open! Player List
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    Strangely enough, I do that exact thing whenever I stub my toe.
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    Whe the only books you can read, period, are Sanderson.
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