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    I found Hoid. LOL. That must have been what started the event that Hoid referred to when he talked about spending "the better part of a year in a large stomach, being digested" back in WoR.
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    This theory is based off of the fact that Rithmatic lines only work if you believe they will work and know what they do at the same time. This theory's main point is that everyone is a Rithmatist, but most don't believe they are (or could be), so they cannot use the powers. This explains why Melody's entire huge family is Rithmatists, as her parents married as Rithmatists, so her siblings, as a part of an all-Rithmatist family, thought that they would undoubtably become one as well. For each child, the amount of faith needed got smaller. Joel is a Rithmatist if this theory is to be believed. When he draws the chalk line during the Inception, it is stated that "he knew what would happen. His hand passed over the line." His hand passed over because he didn't believe. The Shadowblazes serve as a test of faith. They probably flee from every person who becomes Incepted, just to test whether the person will believe even after the Shadowblaze departs them. The Forgotten do not possess Rithmatic powers; they simply allow their possessees to know that they are, indeed, Rithmatists. This is why Harding could make chalk lines. _______________________________________________________________________________________ If you think this theory is plausible, give it a comment and perhaps an upvote, and I will send you a cookie via forum.
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    I did, in fact, just log in to share my JRR Tolkien / Sanderson mash-up. I feel there is room for more than one - as awesome as yours is: JRR Tolkien: Kaladin peered out from behind the slate-grey rock. The Parshuk-Hai appeared to be retreating. He could no longer see their fell helms printed with the fell white hand of S-odium. "I think they've gone," he whispered, sinking back in exhaustion. "Oi think you're right, Mr Kaladin, sir", whispered Teftwise from beside him. "We're nearly at the chasm of Doom. Let's go Mr Kaladin, sir." "I can't Teftwise, I can't. I'm exhausted - this quest is too hard for me. I've failed, Teftwise. I always fail." "No you haven't Mr Kaladin, sir. Oi might not be able to carry that stormlight-infused, gem encrusted instrument of evil for you - but I CAN carry you!" Shifting his bridge to his left shoulder, Teftwise hefted his limp master onto his right and set off on sturdy, hairy feet up the fell mountain leading to the chasm of Doom. *** "We're here, Mr Kaladin sir", muttered Teftwise, peering gingerly into the broiling lava beneath them, "We've done it." "No Teftwise. I won't do it. The ring is mine. I deserve it, I have suffered greatly, people have died - all the people have died and its all my fault. That makes me sad and angry and I deserve a present. The ring is mine". Teftwise had never seen his master look like this before; his face leered as he waved the ring aloft and stepped away from the edge of the fell chasm. "A-r-gggh", screamed Kaladin, as a shardblade severed his finger. "Szollum". A pair of large, childlike eyes gleamed behind the giant blade, wielded by the spiderlike creature in a billowing white loincloth. "Stinker," screamed Teftwise, swinging his frying pan wildly at the fell assassin causing him to drop his blade which vanished. "My precious", crooned Szollum, cradling Kaladin's ring-adorned finger. "You Truthless Bridgehobbits stole my precious. It's mine, mine." Stepping backwards, he waved the bloodied finger and teetered on the edge of the precipice as Teftwise, enraged by the hurt done to his master, lifted his bridge and rammed the fell creature into the lava beneath. "We did it, Mr Kaladin, sir", Teftwise yelled crawling towards his master who was lying on the floor, cradling his bloodied hand and attempting to regrow his finger despite the absence of any stormlight. "Let's go home." "No, Teftwise. We can't. See how the land begins to shake. This land belongs to S-odium and, as he falls, so do the rocks. We have saved the Roshire - but not for us. It ends here for us - here at the end of all things." Kaladin lay back, exhausted. "Well, if this the end, Mr Kaladin-sir, it don't seem right to end without a song to mark the occasion" and planting his brave, hairy hobbit-foot on the fell rocks, he began to sing: . . . . Much rustling of pages and sounds of desperate thumbing as thousands [tens] of readers skip the song to the refrain of "Not a song. For the love of Stormlight, not a song, please" . . . As Teftwise finished the 427th verse, he heard the chitinous sound of a chasmfiend apporaching. "Mr Kaladin-sir, we're saved. Look it's Gandalinor, on the back of a chasmfiend. The fiends, they've come to rescue us." "So, they have Teftwise, so they have." Fade to black, in preparation for the twenty 'final' goodbye scenes. (With apologies to anyone who doesn't skip the "epic poetry" in a Tolkien novel. You are a better person that I!)
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    You just can't handle how awesome she is.
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    Shakespeare Szene: Kaladin (in clothes that more resemble 16th century british clothes than bridgeman uniform), at his feet dying Maps (clothed similar, but with less gold to make sure nobody mistakes him for bridge captain) with a spear of an arrow (to make sure people see how maps died) in him; background: a painting of the shattered plains with the alethi warcamps on the left and Narak on the right with two chasmfiends in between. Syl: A girl in a long blue and white dress in the background, stands on a ladder to show that she is flying. (Szene-sized) Bridge and up to four bridgemen around it. Maps: This wondrous world was shattered! And rocks, oh rocks! rocks! rocks! they trembled with their stepping! and stones to heavens reached! from cursed lands! And death! and death comes upon us! (dies) Kaladin He died! Another friend has passed. No honor left! Oh cruel world! And I am cursed! (Monologue over several pages with the three previous lines as a brief summary; also including half of his back-story, two flashbacks, his hate to lighteyes, something about Tiens death and a vengeance promise to Amaram) I blame Sadeas! Syl Be silent! There he comes! Kaladin, Bridgemen (with bridge) and Syl leaving, Sadeas and Dalinar coming. Both wearing Paper-Shardplate, Dalinar with a massive Shardblade behind his back, Sadeas with a big gemheart in his hands. Both followed by their armies, Adolin in the background. Sadeas We shattered them. The day is ours! So let us have a feast for victory and glory! Dalinar So many dead. I ask thee, my dear friend, is this war worth this many losses? Sadeas Men always die in war. And dont forget thy brother's death! The murderer was sent by them! Doest thou forget what sworn we us then in his blood? We sworn, that we will fight until no Parshendi will live to kill his son! Dalinar And still. We fight now for so long And victory is far,we are divided. The way of Kings... Sadeas ...don't name this book. Thy brother lost his will while reading it The blackthorn shall not follow him. NOTE: Parshendi has to be pronounced lik par-shen-DI to fit in.
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    Reya is somebody female and important.
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    I was analyzing writing styles and tropes of different authors, and I thought how some of the books we know and love, Mistborn Way of kings, etc., would be very, very different if written by other famous fantasy authors. Here are some examples: Christopher Paolini - Author of the Inheritance cycle The Mistborn Trilogy would have had the Lord Ruler feeling bad about persecuting the Terris people and Oppressing the Ska. everyone would have gotten full allomantic abilities and a dragon and lived happily ever after. Kelsier would have been Vin's father. George R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire All of the Magic would be removed except for a few small things and replaced with sex. Sadeas would have slaughtered the entire Kholin family and taken the throne. Silence would have killed everyone at her inn in a forbidden ritual to save her daughter's life. The result would be an evil demon child thing. Terry Pratchett - The Discworld Series Where to start? Death and Hoid would be very familiar with each other. Nale would smoke a cigar. Nightblood would ramble incessantly about tapestries. Greatshells would be turtles. The Storm father would be an ascended janitor who sought to cleanse the land with a decent wash and a good scrubbing. Elkohar would carry his teddy with him everywhere. Rock would have been a troll, Teft a wizard drop-out, and Lopen would sell chouta at discount prices. kaladin would be the rightful ruler of the alethi, but choose to remain a captain instead. The Stick would actually have been sapient pear-wood and had the power to destroy the Discmere, but no one would have noticed. Sazed would have been an orangutan(quiet, scholarly, and insanely strong when the need arose), the become the first ascendant orangutan C. S. Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia Hoid would be Jesus. Feel free to add on or create your own.
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    Gee, Peter, try not to be too helpful all the time...
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    Navani's courage as a scribe will need to be tested. Naked. Shallan will have to learn to use her powers by going through an in-depth ritual. Naked. Elhokar will have to go through the same ritual. No, don't worry, he can keep his clothes. Jasnah will be hog-tied naked and left in the middle of a city of bad dudes for days. Somehow, this happens without serious, lasting, emotional trauma.
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    I suspect that only Lift sees it, because she sees somewhat into the Cognitive Realm. As to what caused the phenomenon in the first place, his death does seem likely, as if his Cognitive and Physical selves weren't put back together quite right, so his Cognitive self is a little out-of-sync. EDIT: [All right, @Pagerunner, don't be smug.] This appears to be confirmed by WoB here. [Well done. Next time, don't talk to yourself in your own post, though.]
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    ...I am a Natlhis fanboy, so sue me.
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    The way it worked in WoR's first draft is still canonical. There are subtle things that make the two situations different.
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    I'm in that the Sovereign are Kelsier train. How he did't we don't know, but by what I remember of Cosmere cure power theory, when someone cures himself (in the most extremes case at least) he are, in true, returning his body to a previous "cognition state" or the be more precise he return his body to the "cognitive image that he had of himself" or some such. This is very peculiar because it can create a situation where one person is able to cure a serious wound but not a little one if that little wound are part of the image that he had of himself. Ex: Kaladin, until now, wasn't able to cure his forehead scar. And Lopen, that in my eyes have a very strong image of himself was a being a complete and functional was able to cure a lost arm in his childhood. AUTO IMAGE are everything here. The scar in the Sovereign arms are, to me, a indicative that Kelsier when hijacked the physical realm did't using a similar method, and the auto image of his arms being scared carried over to new "new body". I suspect that they used hermalurgy in a dead body to connect Kelsier cognitive self with this body, and when this body received Kelsier cognitive and spiritual webs, the body "turned" in the image that Kelsier had of himself minus the spikes he used to bind everything together. Kind a forgery, the new body react to make sense of the new cognitive aspect. Well this is my opinion at least=)
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    Terry goodkind: kaladin would have had no moral qualms about assassinating elokar, and would have done so immediately, all the while ranting some self-righteous monologue where he suppposedly proves he was right by easily rejecting strawman arguments. In fact, dalinar would have probably killed elokar first. or sadeas would have done it. or navani. dalinar's method of unifing alethkar would have been to declare war on everyone who would not join him. and it would have worked too. and then, after becoming absolute ruler of the alethi, he would have retired into the woods to tend his sick wife, telling his people that "they have to find their way". kaladin will regularly disregard all the advices of zahel, and would turn out to be right every time for some strange twist. every time the bad guy appear on screen, they are raping or torturing someone. and they will look vaguely like strawman communists. The protagonists will be in the right. always. without doubt. even when they are doing plenty of questionable stuff (like, murdering an ambassador, torturing a prisoner because he killed a guy with a name, jeopardizing the only hope of the free world the moment their loved ones will be taken hostages) no one will ever complain, and if someone does, he does it in a flawed way that make him look like a moron and make the protagonists seem even more right. every book will introduce a new random character that will be a nobody with a very traumatic past and the protagonists will pet the dog. Tolkien: even the soldiers would never curse. the fights would be described in much less detail. the extra space would be filled with songs and poems. the magic would never be explained, and it would rarely appear. a powerful mage would be among the main characters, but he will almost never do anything magic. the songs of the listeners would be in their original language. the dawnchant would be in its original language. lopen would speak herdazian. those languages would have been created for fun by the author, who then created the whole setting just to give them a story. Robert jordan: there is already a whole thread about it. (only for the stormlight archive, but it can be applied to anything else) Clive Cussler (i know, he''s not afantasy writer, but no one said we have to limit ourselves to those) to save the world the protagonists would have to find some ancient lost ship. In EVERY book. the biggest and most funded institution in the final empire would be the imperial underwater and marine canton.
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    VAX is a discontinued instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the mid-1970s.
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    (Cheating a little, since the last one is my reaction... but there is a scene in Wizards First Rule where everyone cheers a politician suggesting the banning of fire.)
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    Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection is finally here. This is a big, 670+ page book, with a ton of stuff. This has every single cosmere story that has been published outside of the main novels in one convenient collection. It has: The Hope of Elantris, The Emperor's Soul (which is incredible), The Eleventh Metal, "Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania, Episodes 28 and 30", an excerpt from White Sand (both graphic novel and from prose), Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell, The Sixth of Dusk, and, for the first time in physical print, Mistborn: Secret History. That's a ton of value, just considering Secret History and Emperor's Soul. But that is not all. Its main headline feature is a large, 40,000 word long Stormlight Archive novella: Edgedancer. It's a novella about Lift, of course, and covers her story after we saw her interlude up until the end of Words of Radiance. Not only that, but Arcanum Unbounded has some crazy cosmere information--essays from the author of the Ars Arcanum, Khriss, on each of the star systems--and star charts. So how is it? I'd say its a resounding success. The original content is enough for me to be thrilled about this release, and if you haven't read any of the older content, the value keeps piling up. Khriss Essays and Artwork First, let's talk about the cosmere goodies. Each of the stories is separated per star system, and at the beginning, we have a gorgeous drawing of each solar system, followed by a short two page essay written by Khriss. Since she writes the Ars Arcana in each book, that gives you a certain level of expectation on awesomeness. And, well, get excited. Khriss talks about more than a planet's magic system. She talks about the sizes of planets, the Shards of the planets, and overall covers the basic history. I know that sounds boring, and maybe if you aren't into the cosmere, some of this will be boring. But each star system has crazy, unique things. Here's the thing: Khriss delivers lore bombs casually, if they were nothing. Things that I have wondered for years are answered in a sentence. There's a thing that I never even considered could be possible that is discussed, and it is insane. And, like always, there are new mysteries for us to ponder. (If Khriss can't figure them out... well, we will have on the forums theorizing about it for years to come.) There are essays on every planet, save for Nalthis. It's probably because there was no Nalthis content in this rather than any other deeper reason. While I'm sure much of this essay info you'll find on the internet (like on the forums, or on the Coppermind soon), but it really does add to this idea that these worldhoppers collected and catalogued this information. It's awesome. Each story has original artwork preceding it, and every star system gets a neat icon. Oh, and on the endpages of the book, there's also a completely awesome star chart of the cosmere. It's an artistic thing, with drawings that represent constellations on it. It's gorgeous, and terrifying, for a reason that you'll see as soon as you lay your eyes upon it. The entire product is far more than an anthology. Edgedancer But, of course, you want to know about new Stormlight content. It feels like an eternity since Words of Radiance, so it is amazing to finally advance the story. Edgedancer is about Lift, featured in one of the interludes of Words of Radiance. She'll actually be a main viewpoint character in the back five Stormlight books. So, if you love Lift, you'll love Edgedancer. It is that simple. It's funny. It's dramatic. It's emotional. It's everything you wanted out of a Lift story and more. It's hard for me to imagine going into Oathbringer without having read this. Significant stuff happens. There was actually some mindblowing events here. (And it also has something I did not expect, which answered a huge, huge question in the series. It totally blindsided me that this was the story that this happened in, and I did actually scream.) I suppose it isn't strictly necessary, because the characters here are separated from the main characters of the Stormlight Archive, but you'll be really glad you read this. I will say, though, that Edgedancer was so sweet that it made me desperate for Oathbringer. It made me realize how much I love Roshar. So, in a way, this piece which Brandon wrote to tide us over until Book 3 as an apology for it taking so long ends up being a novella which makes me need Oathbringer, immediately. I'm basically Gollum, and I wantses it now. I think any way you slice it Arcanum Unbounded is worth the full price release. The original stuff is great, and the value that the art and the essays bring to the old work is fantastic. Sure, some of the older works in this collection are not my favorite, but come on, with Emperor's Soul, Secret History, and Edgedancer, you get a lot here, and that isn't everything. It's a great anthology.
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    Edgar Allen Poe: Once there was a bunch of people living on Roshar. Then they all died of tuberculosis.
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    Reya is somebody. But I don't think I've seen anyone speculate about the person that he or she is.
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    The Heralds never would've broken the Oathpact, because torture doesn't really hurt all that much; you just "embrace pain" and laugh while being tortured. Shallan's family wouldn't suffer emotional damage from the abusive father either, for the same reason. Jasnah would slap and insult everyone who annoys her, and people would fear and respect her for it, never considering it childish. The time she apologized for making Shallan cry? Never happened. Instead, she lectured Shallan on how to make people cry herself, and then Shallan thanked her for teaching her how to be strong. Dalanar doesn't free the bridgemen. They're his property, and freeing them would be a terrible act of abandonment, and would lower his eyes. The bridgemen appreciate this, and kiss the floor in his presence.
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    I didn't get home until 3am so I was entirely too tired last night to post things, but I asked some questions and got some answers! First I asked if Spren could be affected by emotional allomancy, and I got a RAFO, which is very interesting. Then I just asked for general information on Elend's mom. Brandon said that Elend takes after her a lot more than he does Straff, and then I asked if she had much of an influence on him growing up and who he became as a person and Brandon said yes, she did. (paraphrasing, my phone was dead at this point so I couldn't record it for exact wording) Just a bit of character info that's probably not too consequential, but interesting nonetheless. Then finally I asked if Vasher and Nightblood were separated before or after coming to Roshar (I kind of felt like this had probably been asked before but I couldn't find any info on it so I went ahead), and after hesitating for a minute, he said that they were separated after. In the Q & A someone asked if time travel will ever be a thing in the cosmere, to which Brandon said it was already a thing (speaking of Wayne) but then clarified that no one has figured out how to travel backwards in time yet. Someone else asked if we would see Hemalurgy somewhere other than Scadrial, Brandon's answer? We already have. It's not meant to be obvious though so we probably won't recognize it.
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    Because it's my pet genre, let's have Stormlight Archives, Regency Romance edition! "That ship, you may have noticed, had two very fine cabins that I hired out for us at no small expense," said Countess Jasnah, with a sigh of dignified resignation. "It is rather a shame that I cannot say likewise for the quality of these...lodgings. And it seems my cousin dearest shan't be gracing us with his presence and has engaged a proxy to escort us to the Court." Shallan hadn't thought the journey tedious - not at all: it was one thousand nautical miles from Kharbranth to the great port of Varikev in Roionshire, most of it spent splendidly barefoot and scandalously clad only in her chemise and petticoats. The days on the road since had been less pleasant, of course: fifty miles a day by carriage, a night spent in a common coaching house, fifty miles the next. It was only a wonder that the constant rhythmic rattle and clop of the horses hadn't been drummed permanently into her head. But now they had arrived at the very last coaching house, curiously named "The Black Thorn Inn". The idea of her marrying still seemed strange to Shallan, though it hadn't necessarily been one she was dreading. Day by day the journey had shortened ahead of her, and though she was glad of it, she had mused on what few joys she had left. Kholinar Court, the hereditary seat of the Kholin dukes, was the destination - the terminal, one could say, and Shallan was briefly solemn as she was reminded that it could very well be place where her body was interred. It was not her home; it could never be - it was not a place where friends awaited her arrival with fond welcome. Shallan and Countess Jasnah stood under the shaded eaves of the inn, porters scurrying around them to pile up their numerous steamer trunks, travel valises and awkwardly shaped hatboxes. As they watched, a cloud of dust slowly drifted over the horizon to soften the sharp blue of the sky with a fringe of golden mist. A line of carts - that was it - clattering down the road, gaily painted in Kholin blue, preceded by a carriage with the Duke's arms in white upon the doors. "Hallo!" cried the man sitting on the high driver's seat next to the coachman. He was a lanky man whose long legs bumped up against the coachman's on the narrow shelf of a seat. With unexpected grace, he swung himself to the ground, and Shallan noticed that his shoulder-length hair had not been tied into a tail as current fashion dictated. He had on a plain gentleman's suit - no sign of ducal livery - the wool worn shiny on knees and elbows. "There you are. We must make haste-" "If it pleases you...sir," said Countess Jasnah, rather coldly. "Might I have the pleasure of an introduction? Cousin Adolin promised a trusted proxy to receive us, but I am afraid I do not recognise you." She did not hold out her hand for a kiss. He did not bow. "Doctor Kaladin," said he, pulling a leather wallet from the inside of his coat. "The Duke's personal physician. My letter of introduction, addendum by the Prince Dalinar and reference from the Duke's brother the Marquess of Kholinshire." He held it out to Countess Jasnah, who stared at it for a second, then took it stiffly. "You must be the girl, then. A Scot," Doctor Kaladin said, as he turned to Shallan, looking her up and down, then added, "though I can hardly imagine that you would be any more of a nuisance than the Duke's, ah, previous matches." Shallan felt unpleasant emotions rise up in her throat; she was scarcely aware of what exactly they were, though she was certain they were neither becoming nor ladylike. She did know, however, that impertinence answered by impudence was fair and just, and that Jasnah was out of earshot directing the porters to load the carts with their luggage. THE END. now you remember how much you hated when a PoV chapter ends and a Lift interlude starts.
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    This night I had an idea but I need some little extra information about how I got to this conclusion: We know that every Breath carries with itself a shade of deity and places the owner a step a bit closer to the godhood. This manifest itself in every passive benefit of the Heightenings, in this bonuses there is the Infinite lifespan. Now I took this concept and I reverted it. Instead of coming closer to a target (in this case, from Human to god), I considerate someone who go farther from his own origin (from Human to .....something else, not necessary an improvement) and in the end it's quite the same thing, just the semantic changes. My point is: The Soul knows how old are you, matches your age with your species (probably through everyone's Connection to "Humanity" or the "Perfect Human") and in the end force you to aging and die with the Human's criteria. But what would happen if someone goes Spiritually far from Humanity? I talk about beings like a Highest Heightening People, Inquisitor, Mistwrath-Kandra and Hoid. It's possible that their Souls simply know their actual ages but they are less bound to the "humanity check" than a fully human is. I want to remember that almost all this beings have an altered lifespan (yes also an Inquisitor lives longer than a Human being). It's possible that my insomnia made me come to a wonderful idea for once.
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    I was in a bit of a hurry when I first posted here, so here's some of my less important reactions: Footnotes are genius. Freeza might run the Librarian military (as it's mentioned that they have the attitude of, "if we can't have it, we'll just blow it up"). "You're not my mother, you're merely the woman who gave birth to me - and I'm surprised you didn't find a surrogate for that endeavor!" --> You're going to need burn heal. I didn't know how much I wanted to see Alcatraz wearing a tuxedo until it happened. So suave! This may be the first time an inanimate object has been guilt-tripped into self-destructing. Entire paragraph that makes sense but is written without the letter E? I... I don't even know what to say. How do you even DO that? "This place was odder than a river-dwelling species of mammal from the mustelidae famiy." Odder. Otter. The puns, man. "Puns are obviously the highest form of literary genius that an author can display." I'm starting to agree. "'...we did have Douglas eat the M section in the fiction archive. That might sow a little chaos.' 'Honestly,' Douglas said, 'sparkles? Hasn't she ever met any undead?'" Fiction. M. Undead. Sparkle. Stephanie Meyers. Twilight. Brandon Sanderson Alcatraz is so clever! The not-triceratops that keeps saying things over and over in different ways? It's a Thesaurus.
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    I asked Brandon a series of questions about rithmatics. In a nutshell, this is the best answer I have to your question. Rithmatics was originally conceptualized as a cosmere magic system. This means that it is pretty close (but not bounded by and not completely consistent with) to the rules and features of cosmere magics. Specifically, Brandon said that intent is a key facet of rithmatics. This is pretty clear in some regards from reading the book (i.e., lines of revocation and the silencing line do not work if you draw them without intending to produce their rithmatic function). I asked Nrandon specifically about timing of effect in regards to lines of forbiddence and he said the timing of the effect generation depends upon the intent of the rithmatist drawing the line. My take away from this is that a rithmatist drawing a Mark's Cross would not intend for the lines of forbiddence to 'activate' until the second line had been completed. Thus, the first line would not produce an effect until the second line was drawn.
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    So unfortunately for this thread, which I really liked, in a personalization to Shadows Beneath I asked "Is Reya Cultivation's name?" and this is the response I received...
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    I had a front row seat! #score I've got a couple of new WoB's (and an AU spoiler) that I heard while there (all paraphrased): 1. AU SPOILER!!!! (read this at your own risk/spoilage) (credit goes to @Ecthelion III for catching this one; but he's asleep right now so I posted it) 2. In one of the Allomancer Jak broadsheets, there is a mention of a white-haired man who asks if the woman wants to hear a story. This man is now confirmed to be Hoid! 3. Fun fact: Lopen was actually considered to be the king of Alethkar for about 15 minutes. When his family was hiding Elhokar, his family did not want to lie about harboring the king, so they convinced Elhokar to renounce his kingship for about 15 minutes until the search ended. During that time, Lopen was considered to be the king.
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    I claim Suzane Colins Stormlight Archive. - Shallaniss Everdavar held her thousand page sketchbook in her hand as she stared intently at Kalato. He was charging. With a spear. Shallaniss would've thrown her book, but she was running low on supplies. Adolpetre Kholark was following, along with Roclove and a group of enraged Bridgecarreers. They'd left the big bridge they'd taken from the warcopia across the chasms, which helped them move. Shallniss decided not to risk dying so she summoned a tree out of no where and climbed it. The bridgecarreers surrounded the tree. Adolpetre pointed at something and tried to distract the bridgecarreers. Kalato yelled at Adolpetre and threw him into the chasm because he wasn't good enough. "Oh no!" Shallniss called, and lunged into the chasm after Adolpetre. Adolpetre got really badly hurt on his leg, but magically Shallniss was given the Honorblade from a sponsor that gave her Regrowth. She healed Adolpetre. Shallniss was emberassed as she found she didn't actually like Adolpetre. She liked Kalato, forming an unecessary love triangle. Then they were all forced together in a tiny chasm and a group of mutated chulls- chasmfiends killed Kalato. "No!" Shallniss then wacked chasm fiends on the head with her huge sketchbook and everything was okay.
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    Anyone else feel that a rithmatic game for mobile devices would be awesome? Just finished the book and I'd pay good money for that
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    That was amazing. The reading, everything. Anyways, I do in fact have some WoB's to report! First, and I think we already knew this, but I wanted to confirm, as it's of great interest to me: we will be seeing the actual Ghostbloods symbol at some point. He said that they actually had a draft at one point, but that it wasn't true enough to the book, so they're working on it some more. Also, he said there're a few really good interpretations around the internet, so there's that. Second, I asked: if a person with an eidetic memory were to store in a coppermind, would their memories degrade upon tapping? He said, paraphrased: True perfect memories are disputed by science, but if one did exist (or a magical one as we have seen already) then no, their memories would not degrade, as it's the brain's own failings that cause degradation, not magic. Also, his favorite flavor of gelato is lemon.
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    So here is the aforementioned picture. The exact phrasing is: Me: In Edgedancer we see what I believe is a Dysian Aimian, Arclo, refer to the Sleepless. Is this the term the Dysians use to refer to their species or is it rather the name of a group of specific Dysians? Brandon: This is how they speak of themselves. Good question.
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    Doesn't make sense to me. Assuming Hoid and Frost are writing each other Letters, and Frost is on Yolen*, then it means Hoid was writing a letter to someone on Braize asking for help with Odium, who is trapped on Braize. Actually, when I put it like that, it does kind of make sense. Let me try that again: If Frost is on the world Odium is trapped on, I wouldn't expect that Odium would let him run around free, sending letters to Hoid and running the 17th Shard. Frost and Rayse know each other, so I don't think Rayse would ignore him the way Ruin ignores Kelsier in Secret History. Now, what about other worlds that could possibly be Yolen renamed? I think it's a great idea that Yolen is hidden because it was renamed - Khriss has found it, she just doesn't know it! I had been considering this possibility already, and here's what I had come up with: Roshar and Scadrial don't have room for dragons. I think we have confirmation that there are no other major landmasses on Roshar, and Scadrial is getting well-enough explored that I don't think there's room for dragons or a third race there. Minor Shardworlds are lame. I don't think it would be a minor Shardworld like Ashyn, First of the Sun, or Threnody, although I can't definitively rule them out. Maybe it's because I suspect Odium first Shattered another Shard on Yolen, causing the remaining Shards to disperse, or maybe it's just because it would be a total letdown. Taldain is tidally locked, so I think that disqualifies it unless something catastrophic happened to Yolen to make it like that. Sel was a place that Odium visited. I don't like speculating on what wasn't said, but it didn't mention a return to Sel, so I don't think Sel can be Yolen. Nalthis is a big world, which we don't know a lot about yet. Still a possibility. Vax is a neverending source of frustration to the community, and just typing the name gets me so upset since we don't know anything about the planet at all. It's definitely on the top of my list. But eventually, I decided that I didn't think Yolen was renamed to another planet. Brandon has cited Asimov's Robot/Galactic Empire/Foundation megaseries as an inspiration for the Cosmere, and one of the Foundation books is about the search for the lost homeworld of humanity: Earth. I think Brandon will give us a hunt-for-Yolen in the last Mistborn trilogy that will be reminiscent of Foundation and Earth, which would preclude it just being another planet that's been renamed. (Then again, Second Foundation was all about hiding the second Foundation in plain sight at the old Galactice capital planet, so renaming Yolen as another planet is also thematically relevant.) *Frost is not a worldhopper, which Brandon defined as anyone who has been to another world. He is also a dragon, which is one of the three races native to Yolen. Frost is from Yolen, and he hasn't left.
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    You know, I imagine that Hoid is exactly the kind of person who would go around with Lift breaking into places and stealing people's dinners. That sounds right up his alley.
  36. 10 points
    I think I'm probably the only one who actually loves how silly Lift is while still being, well, awesome? She can be serious and coolheaded, but she doesn't ever let go of her innate Awesomeness. The Your Pancakefulness made me laugh out loud and it's my third favorite bit-- besides the climatic hugging and the Shardfork, of course.
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    They totally would get along. Awesome. Lift and Hoid being besties headcanon is a go.
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    Pure reaction a few moments after finishing Edgedancer: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHARD FORK SHARD FORK SHARD FORK IT IS THE INFAMOUS SHARD FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEE! SHARD FORK!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around in a rather large circle about three or four times* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! SHARDFORK!!!!!!!! Friends reaction to my reaction: Winter, are you okay?
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    Night 1: Paint It Black They moved as a group at first. They were all present and alive, and they were intent to remain the same way. But they fragmented over time. Shifty gazes and paranoid glances meant that this arrangement would never last, and in due course, it did not. The disappearance of Kasther did not implicate any of them, and in a way, that was the problem. Any of them could be responsible. That was the best-case scenario. Food was not impossible to find. The kitchen did indeed seem stocked with food. Strangely, all of it was fresh, but there was no mess that would hint towards fresh preparation. No crumbs littered the floor, or discarded fruit that had fallen by the wayside and been missed. The only possible rational explanation was that the food had been prepared expertly and it had been cleaned up expertly as well. And yet the food itself, while not tasteless or horrible, was merely of decent quality, rather than suggesting a master chef had prepared it. They checked upstairs, above the study, as best they could tell. There was no body there, no hint of blood. Again, it suggested an expert clean-up operation had taken place. “There is only one conclusion,” the nameless man in red said. “The murderer must be one of us. They must have killed Kasther and hidden his body somewhere.” “But who could have done it?” Quintus asked, shaking his head. “Weren't we all there?” “One of us must have been missing,” Frost said. “There are so many of us, is it a strange idea that one of us might have nipped out quickly for a spot of light murder?” “You say it like they popped down to the market because they forgot something...” Exion muttered. “So what about now?” “Someone is missing,” Locke pointed out. “One of the doctors. Ogle-whatsit.” “It must be him then,” Isaac nodded, smashing a fist into his open palm like his namesake. “Must be Oglethorpe.” “I must be what?” It was to his greatest misfortune that Doctor Ryan Oglethorpe had appeared in the doorway at that moment, a tad confused. “Get him!” Dr Neuems shouted. Ryan ran. He did not know why he was running other than that there was a mob after him. They chased him because he ran, and he ran because they chased him. Thirty people stomped down the corridors, a wave of vigilante justice caught up in itself. He looked back to see how close they were, but kept putting one foot in front of the other to keep going. One foot in front of the other, until suddenly he couldn't. His foot fell down as he hit the staircase, and he tripped over the step he didn't expect. His body swung forwards, his other foot failing to find traction and falling as well. His head smacked the hard, ancient wooden staircase, and he kept falling. He landed a crumpled heap at the bottom of the staircase. “Stand back!” Doctor Arelle shouted, holding her arms out to prevent people getting closer. “Let me examine him!” “You're not a medical doctor!” Doctor Neuems retaliated. “If anyone should examine him, it should be me.” “Forgive me if I don't want someone braying for his blood to examine him,” Konwa muttered dryly as she turned Ryan over. She winced at the angle of the neck. She put a finger to the man's pulse just to be sure. She shook her head. “Dead. I'm not a medical professional, as you say, but seems clear to me he snapped his neck on the fall.” “You'd be right about that,” Doctor Neuems muttered, patting at his forehead with a handkerchief. “Can't youth today handle falling downstairs? Back in my day we'd have to fall downstairs twice a day as we left the house and came back...” “Colours!” Eques grabbed Konwa and pulled her arm off the corpse's body. “Look!” Slowly as they were talking, the colour started to drain from Doctor Arelle's face, as she watched it literally drain from Doctor Oglethorpe's corpse. No, it was not just that. Even as his skin turned greyer and more colourless, more dead, it continued to encroach. His shirt went from a somewhat dirty white to grey. His trousers paled. The change covered his entire person, man, clothes and effects. And then it stopped. “I think we can be pretty sure that there's something odd happening here now,” Konwa muttered, checking her fingertips to ensure they too wouldn't start paling and losing all colour. “I've never seen Breath disappear from a body like that. Never. It's like this place... Absorbed it. I don't like it. We need to get to the bottom of this place, I think.” “But what about finding out who killed Kasther? What about finding out which of us is a blasted murderer?” Yiferien asked. “A human killer doesn't scare me half as much as a House that has somehow become Awakened. Become alive. Human rage and maliciousness and anger, all these can be understood. But who knows what a damned structure wants?” Konwa shook her head. “We'll meet in the study later. We have some more exploring to do. This is one mystery I refuse to let get the better of me. And who better to solve it than a BioChromatic Scholar such as myself?” She gave them a wry smile in spite of everything. "I will see you later. Let's hope we find something, eh?" Night 1 has begun! It will end on Thursday at 9PM GMT. PMs may now be resumed until the end of the Turn. Doctor Ryan Oglethorpe/phattemer was an Explorer! Doctor Ryan Oglethorpe/phattemer (2): Isaac Jones (Elenion), Dr Artie Neuems (Arraemae) Exion/Unodus (1): The Guy in the Red Uniform (Ecthelion III) Moro/Magestar (1): Frost (Doctor12) Isaac Jones/Elerion (1): Khaos (little wilson) The Guy in the Red Uniform/Ecthelion III (1): Exion (Unodus) Sean/polkinghornbd (1): Huxton (The Young Bard) Character List Kasther's Pocketwatch
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    General & Fair Play Rules Color-Coding Posts All game discussion should be in black once the game starts. This applies to RP and out of character discussion pertaining to the game. This includes using knowledge of basic game mechanics to identify suspects, detect lies, and get others to vote to kill someone. This is all game-related and should be in black. All out of game discussion should be in blue once the game starts. This applies to everything that is unrelated to the game, mostly pertaining to real life events/situations that affect your ability to play or that you wish to share with the other players. Site issues like the server going down and being unable to access the site or a site update creating problems in other parts of the site that affect the game would be blue-text as well. If it pertains directly to the game itself in any way, keep it in black. Lying about real life or site issues that are in blue text is forbidden. Using blue text for in-game discussion as a way to prove you’re telling the truth is also unacceptable. Moderator comments for in-game issues will be in gold. Please pay attention to these posts as they are for all players. Red text is for voting who to lynch. Green is for retracting prior votes. Typically any past votes need to be retracted before new votes are counted. Greening out your votes in past posts can help the GM keep track of the tally but it is also highly recommended that you post your retraction in a new post as well for other players to see. Adding new votes into old posts is NOT allowed, as explained below. Game Information Restrictions Don’t quote anything from your GM PM for any reason. This includes quoting your role PM or action results. Do not show your GM PM to any other player. Don’t use your forum or real life knowledge of a player to guarantee to someone that you are telling the truth. The bluffing and lies are part of the game. Don’t use your real life relationship with another player in any way to convince other players of a person’s honesty or alignment. If you know your sibling is an eliminator because you saw them in a doc, don’t tell other players what you saw. This goes for any game-related knowledge you may have due to your real life relationship with that person. Do not share it. The lack of information is part of the game. It is strongly recommended that you refrain from talking about currently running games in PMs, docs, chats, etc that are unrelated to that game with other players until the game is over. If you give away sensitive information in a doc, OOG PM, Discord, or anywhere else, you will get a warning. If you gain knowledge about a player(s) through this type of communication, don’t tell other players about the details. If the information is sensitive enough, talk to the GM and the impartial Moderator and let them decide what to do. No one can quote PMs from other players or your own to other players or the game thread. If you need to relay what happened in a PM, you are only capable of paraphrasing what was said. Note: This usually doesn’t apply to the eliminator doc, but make sure with the GM. Editing your posts in a way that changes the meaning is not allowed. Fixing grammatical errors or adding more information so as to not double post is fine, but do not change the intent of your post. This applies to deleting your post as well. Any post that is hidden/deleted (that wasn’t a double post) will be unhidden by the moderators. Those not taking part in a game are not allowed to participate in that game without the Impartial Mod’s or the GM’s consent. Examples of this are things like if you die, leave the game, or any other circumstance that means you are not an active part of the game anymore. You are not allowed to post in the thread after you die. You’re dead, and the dead cannot speak. This also applies to dead eliminators. You cannot continue talking in the doc. If you have OOG PMs with other players, do not talk about anything to do with the game that will reveal outside information. Each player is subjected to only being able to use their own talents to determine alignment. For example, using outside sites and programs written by anyone other than yourself is forbidden. If a program you’re using does something that you cannot do yourself without the aid of the program, don’t use it. This is mostly in reference to codes and encryptions. If you can’t encrypt it by hand with paper, you can’t use a program to do it (though a program that speeds up the process is just fine, but only if you wrote it). You cannot share such a program that you wrote with other players for them to use. Miscellaneous We follow the same policy on spoilers as the rest of the site. If you’re going to post something that you believe is a spoiler, use the appropriate tags. These rules are standard unless the GM allows something that deviates from the General Rules. The GM’s rules and stipulations are law within their own game. Those rules are what players are expected to obey. Reprimands We understand that mistakes do happen. But, a mistake that happens consistently or often is likely being done either through ignorance of the Rules or deliberately. To make sure that these games remain as fair and as enjoyable for everyone, people caught in violation of these rules will be subjected to the following: The first time that a Rule has been broken, that player will be warned by one of the Mods and asked to reread the Rules again, to make sure that they are up-to-date on them all. On the second offense, the player will again receive a warning and the Mod will demand that the player reread the Rules, so there can no longer be any claims of ignorance. On the third offense, the player will be pulled from whatever games they are in and they will not be able to join the next game. If the player continues to break the Rules after that, the player will be blacklisted and future GMs will be alerted of the risks of allowing said player to join in their games.
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    First of all, I'm really sad there hasn't been a post on here in a long time. Rithmatist needs more love! Anyhow, I made this today to teach myself something and I feel like sharing it, even though I doubt many people check here any more So, the irregular nonagon, AKA the Line of Warding with 9 bind points. The important thing to remember is that while the 2, 4, and 6 bind point versions all look the same (apart from rotation), ones made with 9 bind points are much more flexible. Now, let's get down to business. First, draw your circle. Then, pick 3 points on the circle and mark them. These are your first 3 bind points. The only restriction is: they can't all be in the same 180 degree section of the circle. You'll see why in a moment. Now, you're going to need to mark down 3 lines to make a triangle where the midpoint of each of the lines is one of the bind points you marked in the last step. There's only one way to do this, so don't worry about messing it up! You'll probably notice that the lines of your triangle intersect the circle in more than one place. The extra spots where they intersect are your next 3 bind points! I forgot to mark them in the picture though. The only issue would be if you put all 3 of your original bind points on the same half of the circle - then your triangle would be obtuse, and you'd probably feel pretty obtuse too! Obtuse triangles aren't allowed here, so keep some healthy distance between those points, mister. The final step now is to draw a line from each corner of your triangle to the extra bind points you marked in the last step. In order to do that you'll have to intersect your circle again, and you know what that means! That's your last 3 bind points, done! See, that wasn't so hard. Now, it's pretty well known (thanks to the hard work of people like KalynaAnne) that you can make the 6-point, 4-point and 2-point circles with the irregular nonagon, and you can even create top-secret 5 and 8 point circles that aren't discussed in the books. How exactly you can do this I will show after I update my post tomorrow (or the day after), as I'm currently working on some swanky animations to get my point across better
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    (Got this meme idea last night and it kept running around in my mind so I figured the only thing to do would be to express it. Original image comes from here.)
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    In good news, I was finally able to paint my first painting since moving! In bad news, I don't like it.
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    Haven't we seen hemalurgy on other planets because there is a kandra world-hopper? That's what came to my mind when I heard his answer that it is non-obvious. I asked three questions. First, I asked the question above about if there is a power loss when a feruchemist switches powers from one metal-mind to another. Brandon said (paraphrasing) the power does have to enter the person, and there is a very little power loss. Less than we'd probably think. Second, I asked if Rust is a separate person than Ruin. I may have asked this question before, but it popped in my head. He said good theory, but NO. Third, my written question was "How will the everstorm affect Vasher?" He wrote: "Vasher will probably just hide, but it signals something bad for him..." Then he said out loud (paraphrasing) that we will find out what this means in a LONG time. I should have pressed him for more information, but I was just SO excited to have my oldest girls with me and to have them meet him. My impression from this was that we'd see very little of Vasher in the rest of the front 5 Stormlight Archive. My oldest daughter, Tori, was the one with the Pattern costume. She left feeling SO happy to have met Brandon.
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    I figured something was up with D'If. His name is from the Chateau D'If which is the prison from the Count of Monte Cristo. The Count was disguised after escaping from D'If, so I thought it might be something along those lines. Didn't figure out that he was Biblioden though. After reading this thread, I wonder if there might be a tie to Alcatraz the First (maybe the brother he killed?)... He would need some kind of talent to be able to still be alive... He also references fighting Alcatraz's "great-great-whatever-grandfather". I don't have the reference, but isn't that how Alcatraz refered to Alcatraz the First?
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    I feel—like most of you do, it seems—that the series should have been modified. I know trilogies are the holy number, and Sanderson already had to split WoT further, but I really feel that this book should have been titled "Limelight" and the ending is the exatly what it was, less the space-station scene. Add the Larcener reveal to the epilogue, and split the book. Then we get a 4th book dealing with "Calamity" and have a MUCH more expanded (and less rushed) confrontation with the "true" identity of Larcener where David continues to struggle with his encroaching powers (and darkness through Calamities nightmare-seep), Obliteration is still on the loose, Prof and Megan are both in control of their powers (and do the "taking ownership" from Calamity reveal at 50%), David and Megan still tunnel into Invocation-alt 'verse to try and get info from Firefight (but are met with properly dramatic obstacles), and the Calamity confrontation takes up a good 50+ pages where David, Prof, Megan, and other "self-owned" Epics do battle on a much larger scale than "Ohh, I'm not from here and it's confusing and crappy." "Well screw you, it's your fault!" showdown. Give me more in-depth look at Calamity's childhood and WHY he despises Earth. Give me a bigger struggle with David and his powers (so the ultimate "I'M STEELHEART NOW!" reveal is bigger, much bigger!) Kill another character off (I know I know, but it's just SUCH good dramatic events! Maybe David at the end? "My name's David Charleston, I kill Epics." BLAM! Sacrifice to save the greater good. [he'd have to struggle with powers/darkness though, if Prof and Megan have gotten over it]) I mean, I don't bash Brandon, dude's a genius. But this did feel TOTALLY rushed...
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    Actually it could happen at any point in last 3 years before Lifts interlude in WoR. And we know that Wit was missing from warcamps. Wyndle had recolection of that event so it happened after Lift visited Nightwatcher. I assume that Lift when to Nightwatcher at age of 10, in her Interlude she was 10 for 3 years already, so at some point in that 3 years period she saw man jumping into Marabethian greatshell. I think Lift Interlude was in 1173 or 1174 Roshar time. In 1170 Shallan meet first time Wit when he posed as messenger, in 1173 Wit was in Kholinar waiting for Taln. So we have time between 1170 to 1172 for him to be swallowed and spend more then half year being digested and then return in 1173 first to warcamps then to Kholinar.
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    He mentioned that for the most part it will be Dalinar flashbacks, with I think he said 12 of them, but he mentioned he couldn't help but "stealthily sneaking" in other characters' flashbacks, with 3 flashback segments for Kaladin, to which the audience cheered!
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