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    (Note: an updated version can be found here.) Dr. Seuss One spren, two spren, Lie spren, truth spren. Are the blue spren truly glue spren? This one makes a skyeel fly, That one shows up when you die. Oh what a lot of spren I spy! You have light in your spheres, You have shards in your hand, You have surges to help you to fly and to land! So where will you go? Somewhere high? Somewhere low? To the great Reshi Isles, or somewhere with snow? Perhaps you will dine on some Horneater Stew, Delivered directly through Urithiru. Or maybe the Shin will sell you a chicken (eating it helps Thaylen eyebrows to thicken). There’s so many places and people and spren, It’s easy to wonder just where your path ends. But please, don’t forget, it’s the way that you walk that matters much more than the place that you stop. Yes, the road that you take, whether straight, curved, or bendy always matters the most—just ask the Parshendi.
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    Q: What do you call a fight between to coinshots? A: A boxing match!
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    You guys can upvote me for that here, if you want. You know, or not.
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    He would definitely fit the mold. Alright, so you wanted it, here it is. One snap-shot of Maxal's unbelievable epic and completely filled with dignity (or not) youthful adventures Today's chapter is "How to land a date with the nerdy guy with the glasses and the side-burns?". It's quite long come to think of it, so I'll put it in spoilers. Also, it contains mature content relating to events and alcohol, but nothing graphic or inappropriate, though some people may not enjoy it so I prefer to warn you before hand. If you are unsure, do not read or ask a friend to read it and tell you if they think it is fine. Nothing terrible in there, but I do talk of young adults night life.
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    Several times in Warbreaker, we see Denth and Tonk Fah display surprising abilities through Vivenna's POV. Denth moves fast--"inhumanly so," according to one of the slum lords he confronts--while Tonk Fah is super strong. The explanation we're given for Denth is that he's super fast because he's a Returned (or proto-Returned), and the explanation for Tonk Fah is that he's just a strong guy. However, I have a different theory. First, I don't believe those answers fully explain what we see happen in the book (see explanation below). Second, I believe that there are several clues that seem to hint toward a different answer in a very understated, Sanderson-esque way: That one or both of these characters is using feruchemy (or possibly allomancy) to store and enhance traits: speed, in Denth's case, and strength, in Tonk's case. (I've tried to find other examples of this theory here and on Reddit and so far have not, but TBH the search functions on both sites are quite bad so if this is an existing theory please excuse the repost!) Here's the evidence: DENTH: Denth is known for being "inhumanly" fast. Several times, we see him display this ability while fighting, though only in brief flashes. The best example is in the confrontation between him and a slum lord who's meeting with Vivenna. Here's how she describes the confrontation:"There were flashes--reflections of sunlight, and bodies moving too fast for Vivenna's shocked mind to follow. Then the motion stopped. Grable remained in his chair. Denth stood poised, his dueling blade sticking through the neck of one of the bodyguards. The bodyguard looked surprised, his hand still on his sword. Vivenna hadn't even seen Denth draw his weapon. Now, we know that Denth is not just an average guy. He is one of the five scholars and, like Vashar, some sort of Returned. However, I don't believe that explains the degree of speed he displays in this situation at all. Denth moves so quickly that Vivenna, even with the enhanced perception from her Breath, sees only "flashes of color"--essentially a blur--when he moves. That implies that he's not just a little bit fast, but in fact too fast for the human eye to see. Vivenna blames it on her "shocked mind," but that explanation doesn't make sense--because everyone else in the room is shocked too. The guard who was stabbed looks "surprised" and hasn't even had time to draw his sword. Grable hasn't had time to stand up. It's almost as if time stopped for a second for everyone else but him. The only other case we've seen in the Cosmere of this kind of speed is through feruchemy (the inquisitors do it a few times in Hero of Ages) or bendalloy allomancy (which happens a few times in the Wax and Wayne books). And there's on evidence that one gains super speed simply by being a Returned. If that were the case, then Lightsong or Susebron could have used them during the final battle scene to gain the element of surprise. But they did not seem to have such an advantage, or anything more than slightly greater strength and speed through their "ideal" bodies. Of course one problem with this theory is that Denth doesn't seem to have used allomancy or feruchemy on Vashar. However, I believe that could easily be explained by the fact that a) he was sort of toying with Vashar at the end there and he simply could have been out of stored speed or out of bendalloy at those moments, and chosen to fight normally. (Note that Viv does NOT have the same problem of seeing Denth's movements as a blur when he fights Vashar. They're both fast, but not so fast they can't be seen.) TONK FAH: We don't know that much about Tonk Fah, but we do know the following things: He is kind of a sociopath who can't help but kill things, including his pet animals. He seems constantly compelled to kill and destroy, unable to avoid it. Sort of like someone might act if they had, oh I don't know, been corrupted by Ruin via a hemallurgic spike? He seems like a simple overweight sidekick until he's in a fight, when he seems to transform into a muscular and dangerous fellow. Here's Vivenna's account of that happening:Tonk Fah cracked his knuckles. Vivenna glanced at him, suddenly noticing that Tonk Fah seemed more...dangerous. The idle, overweight man who liked to nap had vanished. In his place was a thug with sleeves rolled up, showing off muscles that bulged impressively. ... Then later: "Aw, did you have to let him go so fast?" Tonk Fah said, sitting down on the floor, looking morose. Whatever he'd done to look dangerous was gone, evaporating faster than water on metal in the sun. And he loves to sleep, even a surprising amount. Just moments after the scene above where his body changes, he starts sleeping mid-conversation: "She frowned, glancing at Denth. Tonk Fah, amazingly, was already snoring softly." Sounds a lot like the Steel Inquisitors, who are known for having to rest a lot for feruchemical storage purposes. Unlike Denth, Tonk Fah is NOT a Returned or one of the five scholars, so unlike Denth, his physical transformation and abilities cannot be explained in that way. HOW IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED: While we can't prove this theory is true by any means, I do think it's at least plausible. So how could these two have become allomancers or feruchemists? Simple. Denth, or both of them, could have been to Scadrial. We already know it's plausible for a Returned like Denth, and one of the scholars like Denth, to be a world-hopper--because we **STORMLIGHT SPOILER** see Vasher appear as Zahel in Words of Radiance. It's completely plausible, then, that Denth could also be a world hopper. And we know it's possible for people to gain allomantic or feruchemical abilities. We see it a bunch of times in the Mistborn books, most commonly through the use of hemallurgic spikes. Moreover, Denth is an expert on investiture as one of the five scholars. Thus, it's entirely plausible for him to know, or learn, how feruchemy, allomancy or hemallurgy works and use it to his own benefit. In fact, based on what they did during the manywar, I would argue that Denth (and the other scholars like Arsteel) would likely WANT to do this, since they seemed highly motivated to create and use the most powerful forms of investiture possible (and also, as scholars, out of a simple desire to understand). And as I said before, if they DID have hemallurgic spikes that would explain certain personality traits of both characters. For Tonk Fah, who's not the brightest tool in the shed and was already probably a little crazy, it would explain how he become a complete sociopath who loves killing (kind of how Zane's mental instability made it easier for Ruin's influence to change him). It would explain why he kills innocent animals all the time, as opposed to the explanation being that he's simply a brutish sociopath. And for Denth, it could partly explain how he went from being a good guy (back when he was buddies with Vashar as a scholar) to a bad guy now. Yes, his sister's death is obviously a big part of that, but Ruin's influence could add to it and explain why he says things about not being a good person any more. Lastly, since we do not have any POV chapters from these characters, we would not hear Ruin's voice in their heads or anything. SUMMARY The abilities these characters display are completely consistent with what we've seen from allomantic or feruchemical powers. They are not displayed by any other character on Nalthis through the use of breaths, including the Returned. The characters had the means, motive and opportunity to acquire such powers. And hemallurgy would explain some of their personality traits. Thoughts? Reactions? Am I completely crazy for thinking this? Thanks!
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    Since its name is Paragraph, does that mean you just copy and pasted?
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    I have little basis for this post, but it is, after all, a theory. So bear with me. I postulate that the Heralds are the cause of the Desolations. Roshar believed that the Heralds always came back in time to fight and lead humanity against a Desolation, but what if that Vorin belief is only partially based in truth? What if the reason that the Heralds always showed up in the brink of time to lead humanity in the face of an oncoming Desolation is because they knew about its oncoming because they caused it? We know that Brandon is a fan of having his Shard-gods (like Preservation and Ruin) make deals with each other to preserve life on their respective planets. What if Honor and Odium struck a similar agreement? Odium is full of hate and wants to destroy anything that isn't as miserable as he is (since misery loves company), and he is incredibly powerful. He can eventually overcome Honor and Cultivation, so Honor devises a plan to extend the life of Roshar--he strikes a deal with Odium. The deal could conceivably have taken place like this: Honor can't stop Odium from destroying life on Roshar, but he can limit Odium's influence in some way. The key to Odium's getting full access to the planet: the Oathpact. Honor and Odium agree to a deal (much like Ruin and Preservation), where Odium is allowed to vent his hate on Roshar, subject to Honor's terms. This is where Honor's nature comes into play, as he asks for 10 volunteers to hold the key to Roshar's future in their hands. These 10 people will hold Odium's access to Roshar in their honor. Honor and the Heralds are honor-bound to conform to the terms of the deal and give Odium a chance to destroy Roshar, so the Heralds go to Odium's stronghold to be tortured until their honor breaks and they grant Odium access to Roshar. Odium, however, is bound by the agreement to return the Heralds to Roshar so that they can resist him. This is why the Heralds always arrived before the Desolations--they broke and granted Odium access to cause the Desolations! I propose that whenever one Herald broke, all 10 Heralds were sent back to Roshar. That would explain why Taln, known as Stonesinew and possessing (I infer) the strongest will of the Heralds, was able to resist allowing another Desolation for 4500 years until the book. Without the other Heralds to break first, Taln could resist the torture he was subjected to up to his natural breaking point. This could explain why he said that "I have failed," when he arrived in Kholinar--his will broke and he was returned to Roshar according to the terms of the Oathpact with Honor and Odium to resist the Desolation. This theory of the Heralds themselves allowing the Desolations, that their honor and will was all that stood between Odium and Roshar, and the as-of-yet unrevealed provisions of the Oathpact is an interesting one. I'd like to hear your thoughts. I didn't word this well at all. I'm tired. Sue me.
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    Hey there Sanderfans, we are officially less than a week a way from the release of The Dark Talent! Brandon will be doing two signings for it, a release party on September 6th in Salt Lake City, UT and a signing on September 10th in Springville, UT (check Brandon's Upcoming Events page for more information). Brandon is also currently at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA with quite a few signing events and panels. Not to mention The Missing Volume booth has early copies of The Dark Talent for sale! Check out Brandon's schedule here. In Arcanum Unbounded news, Gollancz has released the cover art for the UK edition of the anthology over on their blog. As with all the UK covers it was done by Sam Green. For those who are more of a fan of the US cover art Goodreads is currently holding a giveaway for the Tor books edition of Arcanum Unbounded that is running until September 30th, unfortunately this is only for the US and Canada though and does require a Goodreads account. Check the giveaway out here. Also in Goodreads news Brandon has announced that he intends to use his Goodreads account more, and that to start he will be posting reviews. He has posted his new Goodreads policy here, where he talks a little about how his reviews will work, such as pointing out aspects of the book that writing students should pay attention to. He's also posted his first review in this format, which is for Ghost Talkers, Mary Robinette Kowal's newest book. And last but certainly not least--seriously I, at least in my opinion, saved the best for last--we have an exciting new piece of artwork depicting Vin. Steve Argyle, an artist who has worked on Magic: The Gathering (AKA Brandon's favorite game), has truly done a phenomenal job of capturing Vin. He has a great post here showing it off as well as talking about the process that went into it and his relationship with Brandon. I for one think it is pretty amazing that, despite being primarily a digital artist, Steve took the time and effort to do this as an oil painting. It is currently for sale as 12x18in and 20x30in prints and as a 14x21in playmat.
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    We already know that something was different about Taravangian's day of brilliance. On Adrotagia's chart, his intelligence was completely off the charts, something that could only be expected maybe once every two thousand years--this makes it immediately suspect for the rabid theorizers of the 17th Shard. Furthermore, we've actually seen that when Taravangian is smart normally, he actually gets worse at predicting the actions of other people. After all, he suggested a law that people under a certain IQ should commit suicide, and expected it to actually work. Something doesn't add up here. It's always been my opinion that on Taravangian's day of brilliance, that he was intelligent enough that his mind transcended the Cognitive Realm and saw into the Spiritual Realm in some limited way. This would explain the discrepancy between this day and every other, as well as some of Taravangian's more unlikely deductions. Let's put aside the fact that he apparently knew each and every one of the most powerful people in Roshar well enough to reliably predict how they would react, despite being demonstrably worse in some ways at predicting the actions of others on his more intelligent days. You might even explain his knowledge about Taln (ch. 83), the honorblades (ch. 78), the secret behind the Recrearnce (ch. 84), and the Unmade (ch. 81-82) as piecing together knowledge from old legends and Gavilar's visions. But how, in Chapter 88, could he know exactly when the Everstorm would strike? And, of course, the epigraph from chapter 85. "But who is the wanderer, the wild piece, the one who makes no sense? I glimpse at his implications, and the world opens to me. I shy back. Impossible. Is it?" This gives me the impression that more's going on here than simple guesswork, but that Taravangian was actually seeing something. The evidence doesn't stop here, though. We've seen descriptions of other characters looking into the Spiritual Realm before. Compare the descriptions Taravangian gives to of the day he wrote the Diagram to these descriptions of looking into the Spiritual Realm. ... ... ... ... Now, you might be wondering, "Didn't Taravangian just say in that last quote that he didn't see the future?" Yes, but as shown in the first quote, Taravangian doesn't actually remember any of it. He's just basing that statement on the fact that there are errors every now and then, which is consistent with seeing into the Spiritual Realm. So, between the uniqueness of that one day, the inexplicable accuracy of the Diagram, and the similarity of the description to other instances of peering into the Spiritual Realm, it seems clear to me that that's what Taravangian did on that day. But what does all of this mean? I find it pretty ominous that the guy who looked into the Spiritual Realm figures the measures he's taking are the best chance humanity has for survival. I also find it interesting that both the Diagram and Nale, two of the most knowledgeable factions we know of, both oppose the return of the Radiants. Only time will tell...
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    Cosmere characters doing song covers! Or rather, it's me, singing from the point of view of various Cosmere characters. I've definitely stolen the format "Broadway So-and-so" from the Homestuck fandom, who used to have a whole slew of singers rewriting lyrics and singing them in-character. No, they're not all Broadway songs. Actually... I don't think I've actually covered any actual Broadway songs, but that could be fun... Anyway, I realized I'd never really posted my covers here all in one place and thought I should probably try to fix that. The newer ones are more polished as I've gotten better recording software and equipment, as well as just figuring out how to edit songs better with practice, but I figured I'd post even the rougher ones. Relistening to some of these is making me want to redo some. The Cosmere lyrics for each song are in spoiler tags to keep this from cluttering. If there's no credit given for the cover track, then it's one that was either an official version provided by the artist themselves, or it's one that I pulled the vocal track out myself. From most recent to oldest: It's Over, Isn't It? Character: Paalm, Shadows of Self Original: "It's Over, Isn't It?" by Rebecca Sugar and Deedee Magno-Hall (Steven Universe) Piano Cover: ThePandaTooth Lyrics: Light Runs Out Character: Shallan, Words of Radiance Original: "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic Karaoke Cover: Cyberwave Karaoke Lyrics: Let It Go Character: Vin, Well of Ascension Original: "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel (Frozen) Lyrics: (Inspired by those written by @Lightflame) Additionally, I've done a few songs that are Cosmere-focused but aren't actually from any specific characters. Those are always fun too. Fandom Monster's Beautiful Darkside Description: Written in honor of the annual "Cosmere Fandom is Still the Worst Fandom" writing challenge, which is always a good, fun time to make everyone you know distressed and crying. Also, I love sad fanfics. Fandom monster's gotta earn her title somehow. Though technically the lyrics could work for any fandom, it was specifically written for the Cosmere. Original: "The Beautiful Darkside" by The Classic Crime Lyrics: Cosmere's Happening Description: Meant as a "fandom anthem," this one cheers out references to events and places all over the cosmere, because heck yeah, why not? Original: "Something Big" by Shawn Mendes Karaoke Cover: YOU SING Lyrics: In the Final Empire Description: A Survivorist hymn, meant to be from a later era, looking back on the time of the Originators before. (Also the first song I ever covered like this!) Original: "In the Bleak Midwinter," Traditional Hymn Instrumental: Sarah Brightman Lyrics: (written by @EHyde) So, that's what I've got for now. My SoundCloud has a few other covers, but for other fandoms. I'm willing to take requests, though of course, it depends on how well I know the song, if I can adapt the lyrics, and if I can find or make an instrumental track to sing over. Someone on tumblr asked me if I'd do a cover of "Colors" by Halsey for Warbreaker, so I might end up doing a Vivenna and Siri duet for that one. Let me know what you think!
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    Has anyone seen the movie or read the book "Starship Troopers"? "Kill 'em all" is a meme line from the movie. The basic plot of story is a rich kid joining the army to kill alien bugs in powered armour. Pretty much plateau runs IN SPACE with nuclear Shardplate. I actually drew the mech suit to look similar to Adolin's Shardplate. The helmet's face opening is designed to resemble the shape of his helm visor. Well, I thought it was funny.
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    LG25: Day Five - Rabbits Galore Two rabbits hopped through the village that night. One was an innocent-looking tiny white bunny, hopping along the road. It turned up a garden path, jumping from stone to stone like the grass between was untouchable. It made its way to the house, up the front porch steps, flinching a little at the shadow of a hanging pot. Then it jumped up to a chair seat, then a table, then a window sill. The window was cracked slightly open, so it just pushed it open further and hopped to the floor. The bunny made its way through the house, weaving around chair legs and scattered books, to where Varg was sleeping. It sniffed the air cautiously, hopping a little closer to the bed. Then in a single motion, the Rabbit of Caerbannog ripped out Varg’s throat, letting his lifeblood flow out everywhere. A few minutes later, a little rabbit was hopping back out along the garden path, still spotless white. Little Bunny Foo Foo, Hopping through the village Picking up Lorien And bopping him on the head! Conquestor died! He was a Hallandren Villager with Awakened Rope! Dalinar has died! He was a Hallandren Villager with 2 pieces of Awakened Clothing! Breath was stolen! Day 5 has begun. You have 48 hours to decide who to lynch. Quicklinks Player List PMs will take a few minutes to send out, sorry.
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    If we manage to live long enough that is
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    "There does seem to be some misunderstanding on your part," Lucentia said gravely. "While I am here to collect my brother and I doubt that he´ll leave this place until matters are settled, I do not intend to claim a place in your empire. It is yours and we may collaborate as equals but do not presume that I´ll serve under you, understood?” Oh, Lucentia, Lightwards thought, setting his jaw. I'm going to have to kill you. He didn't say it aloud, of course. He merely met her stone-cold gaze, and put his hands behind his back just as she did. "Of course," he told her with a forced smile. "You hardly seem like one to take orders. Though it's quite a shame--you could be a great asset to this cause. Perhaps someday you will see things... my way." He certainly hoped so. In due time he'd be forced to bring down those distant threats on the horizon; not only CorpseMaker, but Altermind, Funtimes, and now Lucentia. The list of the Empire's enemies was longer than the list of its loyalists. Pushing the thought of finding Lucentia's weakness to the back of his mind, he instead smiled more widely and snapped his fingers. "Tailor," he called to the shop's back room. "Bring Queen Lucentia the finest dresses you have on stock." The sound of shuffling feet confirmed the tailor understood his orders, so Lightwards turned back to the diamond queen. "As for Nighthound," he explained firmly, "I get the impression that he is a man whose loyalty must be bought, not earned. And while your diamonds are certainly exquisite, I suspect that my saurian Warriors are more to his taste." His smile grew a little more sincere, flashing teeth. "I believe I could outbid you for Nighthound any day, Lucentia." The attempt at decent conversation didn't go over very well. Ray flinched at the question, turning her head with a sharp glare. Sam felt a sudden queasy feeling in the bottom of her stomach--Ray's ear. It had been savaged. Now properly in view, she could see the way it had been torn; her earlobe was completely missing, replaced with a mass of scabby tissue. Her ear was red; it was revolting; it would quite probably be scarred. Nighthound was the slontziest slontze to plague Portland for a great many years. “How do you think it treated me?" Ray demanded bitterly, her fists clenched and her eyes flashing. "It didn't wrap me in a nice and fuzzy blanket that much is sparking sure and don´t call me Rachel.” Sam winced slightly at the response. "Sorry," she muttered grudgingly. "I didn't mean--" For the first time, it occurred to her that she may have been a touch insensitive. Pushing down her misgivings, she tried to imagine that she wasn't talking to an Epic; she tried to imagine herself speaking to any decent person who'd run afoul of Nighthound. She tried to think of something to say that would be in the slightest comforting. Yeah, real sorry you're a psychotic Epic's personal pet. Hope he doesn't put you in a sleazy dress or start breaking off fingers or something. She kept her mouth shut to avoid making things worse; the small jungle clearing started to become quite awkward before Revolution stepped forward. "We're sorry," Revolution said softly. She stepped close to Ray, looking at her with very large and sad eyes. "We really are. There's nothing we can do to help you... but I swear I will pray for you every time I see you. And if you need to talk to anyone... if he gets too bad... well, you can talk to us." Sam looked from Ray to Revolution awkwardly. The last thing she wanted to do was have heart-to-heart therapy sessions with an Epic, but... She caught another glimpse of Ray's ear, and nodded with a gulp. "Yeah. What she said." Elizabeth Trattner baked cupcakes. It helped--the working. Helped keep her mind busy. Helped keep her from worrying too much. She cracked eggs into a bowl and took a glance at her recipe. Bakeries in Portland were largely a relic of another world. A world with flour-laden supermarkets and thousands of hungry bread lovers. But with Calamity came a whole new environment for small businesses. Elizabeth poured another cup of sugar into the bowl, frowning over the recipe. She was running low on sugar--she'd have to restock soon. It was no longer a simple matter of running to the nearest Walmart and grabbing a bag, but there were still ways of getting the right ingredients--if you knew where to look. Epics could squash out a great many things, but they'd never quite done away with entrepreneurial spirit. Goods were still made in rural areas across the States, and a lot of those goods made their way into more developed territories. She had a friend who smuggled groceries out of Thoughttown and into the pantries of downtown Portlanders. She poured the last of her sugar into the bowl and began mixing. No... restocking would be easy. She could barter for new ingredients. And, as she rather morbidly found herself thinking, there wouldn't be a starving teenager with a sweet tooth in the house to diminish the finished batch. Sniffing slightly, Elizabeth began putting the batter into the molds, throwing herself into her work. She tried not to think about how Samantha would usually help with this part--she certainly didn't think about what was likely happening to her now. A friend of hers had seen the new Epics' speech in the old playground. Dinosaurs had risen. Trees had become pancakes. People had died. And a girl who fit Sam's description had been taken from the crowd, whisked away by a cannibalistic new Epic. Elizabeth slid the cupcakes into the oven, doing her best to focus on the baking. Her last surviving daughter had likely been slaughtered already. Or she'd been tortured and maimed by the madman who rode dinosaurs. Or she was an undead servant to the man who called himself Emperor. She didn't need to think about such things. Not yet. She turned the oven's dial and leaned against a wall, letting out a tired sigh. There was a knocking on the door. Elizabeth found herself racing to the door with her heart racing, only to stop short just outside of it. Sam wouldn't knock. She'd barge in complaining about the weather, or with a new update on how drunk Chicago Joe had gotten himself. "Who is it?" she called cautiously. Her hands went to a drawer in the hallway, pulling out a small pistol. "It's me," a voice said from the other side of the door. "It's Pamela." Elizabeth hurriedly stashed away the pistol and opened the door, greeting her friend. Pamela Tithers was a tall, moderately wrinkled woman with a determinedly plain appearance. She gave Elizabeth a deeply sympathetic glance, then held up a bag of sugar. "My husband just got this from Thoughttown," she explained cautiously. "Figured you could always use sugar." "That's right," Elizabeth said with a forced smile. "Always." Pamela gave a smile of her own, before dropping her voice. "Are you alright?" she asked softly. "Have you seen...?" Elizabeth shook her head. "Want to talk about it?" "No," Elizabeth replied, her voice cracking a little. "But... but you'd best come inside anyway." The other woman nodded in understanding and stepped inside. Elizabeth glanced out the door, at the empty streets of downtown Portland. "I'm not expecting anyone else today," she whispered to herself. With a ragged sigh, she closed the door and retreated into the house.
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    The other night I got into a philosophical debate with my fiancé regarding the definition of opposites. In summation we were debating the following topic: Ruin and preservation being opposites. I made up these terms so my fiancé could understand what I was talking about (she has only read Sixth of Dusk). Shard Description of Action Higher Level Description Ruin Entropy, intelligent decay, take away Change Preservation To preserve, keep things the same No Change Cultivation To grow, intelligent growth, to add Change If you focus on the “Description of Action”, then you can see that Ruin and Cultivation are opposites (from one perspective). Or you could call them compatible, but those could also mean the same thing; opposites attract y'know. If you focus on the “Higher Level Description”, you can see that Preservation is opposite of both Ruin & Cultivation. Regardless, that is not what this theory is about. The non-sober debate that I had sparked an idea regarding: the three shards, Harmony’s role in the Cosmere, and where this Mistborn/Stormlight Archive plotline is heading. I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty details of how this is all going to play out, I’m merely commenting on the larger moves. Here we go… Something is going to happen in the final installment of the Mistborn Era 2 or 3 events that causes Sazed/Harmony to head for Roshar. (Not sure how the timelines match up so not sure if it will be after Mistborn Era 2 or 3 or somewhere in between) · Maybe Sazed can’t beat whatever enemy is attacking Scadrial and so searches how to resolve his problem with acting (finding cultivation to balance him out) · Maybe he beat the enemy attacking Scadrial, learns some info from the enemy and its possible relations to Roshar/Odium, travels to Roshar and discovers the existence of Cultivation In any case, in this theory Harmony will end up on Roshar and play a role in the climax of the first half of the Stormlight Archive. I have a feeling that Harmony will interact with Cultivation, maybe fall in love with Cultivation, then Cultivation dies and Harmony picks up a third shard (Sad stuff often happens to Sazed). Or maybe Harmony shows up just when Odium kills Cultivation’s vessel, and conveniently picks it up (sound familiar?) Oh and probably some of the characters we like will die sadly but also badassly in this climaz. Anyways, Harmony will pick up Cultivation and become…Ouroboros? Balance? Nature…idk. So this new shard will trounce Odium, but Odium is actually a coward and leaves Roshar to go into hiding, greatly diminished (like Sauron or Voldemort). Boom, end of book 5. Then maybe the second half of the Cosmere will be Odium slowly regaining power, maybe he realized he needs to pick up some more shards to challenge the New Harmony Shard so he searches for some of the more sinister ones. Maybe the New Harmony shard will figure out how get the Dor on his side and it will be like Harmony + 6 shards vs Bodium (Badass Odium) + 7 shards…or something like that I have no evidence, didn’t do much research, I just thought it was a cool/possible idea. TLDR; Harmony goes to Roshar, picks up Cultivation, beats up Odium, Odium flees
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    Round Seven: The Inevitable Eight The waiting is over Sennti fans. This in Al Vron reporting live and boy do we have a slugfest in store for you. It’s been a good game so far and the combatants on the field are ready to give it their all so sit back and enjoy the action LIVE. I hear one of the combatants down there is Keira’s cousin. She’s been training with her quite a bit which is unusual for Keira. Keira has always had a bit of a bloodthirsty image and a lot of times people go after her for it. But despite her bloodthirstiness, she’s a heck of a player on the field. I wonder if her cousin has picked up some of Keira’s touch. If so, we will probably see a lot more blood spilt today. Looks like some of our fighters are ready to fall. Any moment now and things will really pick up. Dunquaivel is still standing. She’s had one heck of a game. Everytime she get knocked down she just gets back up and is ready for more. She’s a real battler. We could do with more like her. Man, look at them go. This game has some of my favorite things. Knifes, backs and blood. My partner sometimes says the strangest things. “Al” she says, “there’s more to life than Sennti.” I swear it’s like she speaking another language or something. I mean the words make sense individually but put them together and it’s complete nonsense. Ryth. A strange person to be sure. He hasn’t done as much as others but his presence has been felt by all. Anonymity is good for a while but the longer you last the less places there are to hide. Farewell Ryth. Better luck next life. And Dunquaivel is down. There seems to be some zombie prejudice here folks. Why, it almost seems that these contestants know what happened last season. Will she stay down? Will others rise? See it here first in the Arena. Well Keira’s cousin is history now. Personally I think she was pushing too hard and it backfired. Regardless she knows how to play the game. I see a lot of Keira’s arrogance in her cousin but none of her skill. And so dies Jonly. Our latecomer. You know Sennti fans, Jonly almost didn’t make it into these games. Can you imagine what these games would be without Jonly? Well, I guess we will find out. Dunquaivel - Daniyah was lynched. They were from Sel. Ryth - Silverblade has been killed. They were from Sel. Keisha - Little Wilson has been killed. They were from Scadrial. Jonly - The Only Joe has been killed. They were from Sel. Round Seven has begun. 47.75 hours to get your orders in. Vote Tally: Dani(7): Wilson, Len, Con, El, Stick, Stink, Lopen Wilson(4): Silverblade, Ec3, Joe, Nyali
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    Just remember, it's not about the guy, it's about you. No one is entitled to your attention, even civil lunch room conversation. He might not like it, but you will be helping him learn important social cues. Personally, I would also let your best friend know. Particularly in high school, it's good to have allies in these sorts of situations.
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    Of course the Dark Alley got the Lord Mistborn involved. I mean, he's one of the greatest Hemalurgists Bakers throughout the modern Era! *ahem* Adolin- "Father, why is that guardsman boogieing down so well?" Dalinar- "I was hoping you'd notice that. He's Kaladancing." Adolin- "Where'd you find such a wonderful dancer?" Dalinar- *flashback to the day Kaladin break-danced to save Dalinar from an equally fresh Shardbearing Parshendi* "it doesn't matter."
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    I'm at work. Taking a break. Panic attacking. I made some mistakes and really stormed up, and I'm panicking, and.. Sorry. The 17th Shard is my happy place.
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    That makes a disturbing amount of sense, actually. I should make some radish earrings. I drew a thing.
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    Here in the wilds of the 17th shard we have a excellent example of the spoiler tag conversation!
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    Brandon wants SA to stand on its own, so there will be no major Cosmere crossovers. I can't find the source now, but the question was about his biggest concern writing Cosmere (or maybe SA) and he mentions slipping too much Cosmere into SA, because it needs to stand on it's own. He also mentioned he was not as worried about that for Mistborn. Edit: Found it: From JordanCon: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J43km7wrrZnOuM2WJe2DpBsk_C0E6yLJ8bDxqfen-P4/view
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    I highly doubt Demoux was a worldhopper before HoA. He was very much a naive young guy, and I don't see a worldhopper with knowledge of Adonalsium helping found a religion that worships Kelsier. My guess is that he got recruited into the Seventeenth Shard sometime after the Catacendre.
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    You will be the worst night guard ever
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    There was no good company left in the museum. Not that Ray and Voidgaze cared much; after all they had the worst company of all, Nighthound made sure of that. Not wanting to deal with the current occupants of the museum, he fell back on the oldest and most proven form of cruelty, having a conversation. Nothing short of the most violent torture can hold a candle to a good conversation. The three of them ultimately sat down on a patch of earth that wasn´t to overgrown. Voidgaze somehow managed to force one of the dinosaurs to rest its head in her lap and was now petting it. Sadly, while Voidgaze did let some interesting tidbits spill, she seemed rather nonchalant about the topic of death. “Then Corpsemaker destroyed my brain… at least I think that is what happened, always hard to tell when you immediately blank out but I´m fairly confident that my skull didn´t explode, I didn´t get a single drop of blood on my clothes after all and it was painless to boot.” One of lifes more interesting facets was that even from the most disjointed and rambling narratives it was still possible to gain information. Naturally, it wasn´t one of the amusing facets and while the talking about imploding brains properly disturbed Ray the flow of the conversation still needed to be fixed. “Interesting, from my own experience I would say that brain damage is quite painful, in case you survive it. But enough of mundane deaths,” Nighthound turned towards Ray bringing together the fingertips of both his hands, “I´m sure both of us want it to be far far away but kitten let´s be honest, one day I´m going to get bored and will kill you.” Nighthound leaned over to Ray and put a hand on her stomach, half pinning her to the ground. Next to them the white fluff-ball was back to giving death stares, she was disturbingly good at switching between these and brainlessly cheerful. Kind of a shame, she would look pretty good if she ever made a scared face. Not now though, he already had a perfect meal served. Under his grip Ray went rigid, there was still fire in her eyes but the topic of her being murdered seemed to hamper her guts a bit, a pity. Nighthound started to tenderly stroke her stomach, “I have my own tendencies but given that it will be your last moments I might as well give some respect to your wishes.” Further pressing his attack he blew on her scarred ear. Ray hit him right into his jaw, effectively blowing it away. From the corner of his eyes he could see white stirring up.
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    Of course. Oh, you meant if I could give you one? That's a different matter entirely. In that case, no. This is Al Vron bringing you all the latest action. Looks like we got ourselves a brawl brewing down there Sennti fans. Dunquaivel, our newly return participant, is surrounded as is Keisha, the so called ringleader of the Anti Sel Alliance. Both parties have equal numbers both for and against them. All it will take is one little voice to tip the scales. Who lives and who dies? Stay tuned to find out live in the Arena.
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    Tell us the truth: you're secretly Luna Lovegood, aren't you?
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    Some of my friends aren't readers...
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    Q: Has Hoid ever visited the planet Braize? A: [sing-song, delighted] RAFO. Such a big RAFO! The biggest RAFO! I am sorry if someone else has suggested this before. But I can't help but think, "Why is it so important if Hoid visited Braize?" Then I started thinking, "Is that because Yolen and Braize are the same?" My only proofs are speculation, and the fact that Adolnasium had created spren on Roshar before the Shattering, and that life could not develop naturally on Roshar, since the star in that system is too young. If anyone could ask Brandon if A. "Is Yolen still around in the Cosmere?" or B. "Is Yolen Braize?" That would be really neat. Thanks for reading my crackpot theory.
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    Ah, those were the days... You know you're addicted to 17thshard when you consider it extremely important to get more upvotes than others, at all costs. Edit: whoever you are, you've made me an honorspren! Thank you!
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    Not really a meme, but...
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    Interesting thought. However, since Clod is Arsteel, who was one of the Five Scholars with Denth and Vasher, it implies that Jewel has known Denth for a very long time. As such, I don't think she would be prone to betraying him. Regarding the security phrase, Jewel probably just completely underestimated Vivenna. We know that she had a fairly shallow opinion of her, so I'm not surprised she was a bit careless. Also, since Vivenna was from Idris, Jewel might've thought she didn't know anything about lifeless and wouldn't have recognized the command. Finally, I think that Jewel was whispering (IIRC), so she didn't expect it to be overheard.
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    I'm feeling nostalgic, so I'm going to run my Mid-Range game again. I'm going to mix some things up though. Changes are in bold, with explanations in parentheses. Rules: Setting: You are part of a group of Rithmatists, battling wild chalklings in Nebrask. However, it appears some of your battalion actually support the chalklings, and are secretly trying to sabotage the front lines. General Rules: This game has the day and night combined into one cycle. Players will vote on who to lynch in the thread, while sending the GM (me) their special action in PMs. PMs containing only two players are allowed in this game. (The biggest disadvantage last time was no coordination of lines of Warding. This change really helps the village. Of course, PMs must include me, especially since there are roles that mess with them.) Each Cycle will last 48 hours. Defense: Since the camp is on the front-lines, there is always the threat of wild chalklings invading. The power of the chalklings is equal to the number of Forgotten. The camps defense is equal to the number of people making Lines of Warding plus various other bonuses (see below). If the power of the chalklings is greater than the defense of the camp, a random player is converted, and becomes a Forgotten. (This might be overpowered, but I want to emphasize the importance of protecting the camp. Make your lines of Warding!!!) This conversion ignores Lines of Forbiddance. The camp will know when this happens. As a consolation prize, a random person will be given the Sentry specialization. If the camp's defense is equal to, or greater than, the power of the chalklings, nothing happens. The camp will not be told what the total defense was for the camp. Rithmatics: To combat the chalklings, most soldiers (excluding Non-Rithmatists) use Rithmatics. Due to new breakthrough discoveries, normal Rithmatists now have access to Lines of Revocation and Silencing. Each day, you may do one of the following. However, you may not repeat the same action two cycles in a row. Line of Warding: The camp gains one defense for the cycle. Line of Forbiddance: Protect yourself or another player from any actions taken against them. (I wanted this to be a little bit more powerful) Can be broken by Lines of Vigor. Line of Vigor: Break target player's Line of Forbiddance or Warding. You will be told which type line you break, if any. (This ability was way too powerful in the original game. It's a lot less useful now, but it can confirm that a player was telling the truth about lines of Warding) Line of Making: You create a chalkling that will spy on a target player. You will be told what Rithmatic line, if any, that player drew. (Chalklings get a much needed buff) Line of Revocation: Role-block a target player, preventing them from taking an action this cycle. This is blocked by Lines of Warding or Forbiddance. (Giving everyone a kill was way overpowered. This is a bit more balanced, especially since it doesn't destroy Lines of Warding) Line of Silencing: Prevent a player from making PMs next cycle. If you hit a Forgotten with this, they will be unable to talk in their doc for the next cycle as well. Silenced players will be informed that they have been silenced. They can still talk and vote in thread. (This is silly, but might lead to some interesting strategies) Specializations: Due to the new breakthroughs, there are now upgrades to the basic forms of lines. A Rithmatist starts out with one specialization, but they can gain more by listening to the Non-Rithmatist. Sentry: Your Lines of Warding give the camp two defense. (It's a nerf to the original Sentry role, but it fits with the other specializations better) Guardian: Your Lines of Forbiddance protect yourself and another player. (It seemed like the obvious choice) Duelist: Your Lines of Vigor damage the chalkling horde, giving the camp one defense for the cycle. (It makes up for accidentally hitting a Line of Warding) Artist: Your chalklings also tell you what specializations, if any, that player has. (More information is always a good thing, plus it fits with the theme of the original role) Assassin: Your Lines of Revocation kill your target instead of stunning them. (It's the original role) Eavesdropper: Your Lines of Silencing also give you a copy of the PMs that your target was in the cycle you targeted them. (Remember to practice PM safety) Special Roles: Forgotten: You command the wild chalklings, and you win once you outnumber the good-guys. Every night, instead of using Rithmatics, one of you can kill a target player. You have access to a Google Doc to formulate plans, but that access can be hindered by Lines of Silencing. You are immune to the Wild Chalkling Conversion. Non-Rithmatist: You are clearly crazy. You sneaked onto the front-lines without having any powers! However, you have studied Rithmatics extensively, and have learned about the different Specializations. You cannot use Rithmatics. As an action, you can give a Rithmatist an additional specialization. You can only teach each Specialization once. If your action fails, you can still attempt to teach that Specialization on a latter night. (It's the same principle as before, but it gives them more incentive to teach people) Acid-Specialist: The first time the camp's defense fails, you will use up the camp's acid supply to prevent the conversion. You do not have a Specialty if you have this role. This role will only be added if the numbers aren't balanced. (This is just to give the camp a fighting chance if there's a slightly unbalanced number of Forgotten)
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    Greeting to all the Cosmere Elite! I have lurked for years now, as I don't have much time for social media. But there is enough going on in the Cosmere, and enough theorizing and random conjecture, I have been lured from my position as a reader and watcher, and will occasionally join in with tidbits of my own. I have a pleasingly complete memory (not quite photographic, but I can remember almost everything I read), even though I am a bit older than Brandon (Sanderson). I will reference where necessary, but like I mentioned, this will only be an occasional jump into the conversation. and probably not a lot of back and forth to look up references. I am very pleased with the congeniality and depth of many of the members here. and hope to increase my sociality with you. I am a director of engineering and have children ranging from 26 to 4, so I apologize for not being as constant as many good threads require. That said, I shall begin posting. Forgive a novices style and technical faux pas, but know I hold you in the highest regards. 1stBondsmith
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    When I was younger, I'd get rash (I have atopic dermatitis. I checked google and I'm issuing an average warning on googling) but it wasn't so bad I couldn't eat things. Well, there was a time I couldn't, but it was when I was even younger. I had a harsh reaction to dairy, so I couldn't even eat butter. Now I have no reaction from eating food and that's very good, since there is a cremton of foods I'm allergic to. That leaves me with dust and pollens. A story to cheer things up: two or three years ago, early spring, I had a random allergy attack. When I was riding a bus to school my eyes started to tear up really bad (strange as there was no other reaction like sneezing or anything). I went with it. In English class I was called to board for a check-up of vocabulary... all the time red-eyed and tearing. My teacher asked me, full of concern in her voice, if everything is okay and "are you going to burst into tears? Because lately one younger girl did". The funny thing is, I was acing through this and remembering all the words while wiping my eyes once in a moment and then she asks me that xD I laughed and explained "Allergy!". That relief on her face, priceless. EDIT: That depends how strong the allergy is. Some can ignore it... but I know of a girl who cannot eat almost nothing normal. IIRC the only meat she can eat is shark. Cannot eat bread. Those things. She is allergic to some stuff in the clothes and wears primarily silk. I may be misremembering details, but you get the picture.
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    You know you're a Sanderfan when you draw Aons with condiments. I've had an Aon Rao burger and an Aon Mai bowl of ramen already.
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    WOB: From DC signing Shicaca Q: I was looking at the map of Roshar and it kinda looked like a spiral galaxy to me like it was flipping a certain way. A: That was intentional. You are on to something that no one's figured out yet. Q: I was thinking it could be connected to people being able to manipulate gravity. A: It's not exactly what you think you're on to, but you're getting close to something that they've all wanted to know for a while. So we have the idea of a constant storm and Brandon acknowledging that a spiral galaxy-esque pattern is on Roshar by design. A type of spiral galaxy is a Whirpool Galaxy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whirlpool_Galaxy What if there is one giant constant storm constantly spinning in place on the other side of the planet and the Highstorms are actually the tendrils of the spiral that slowly sweep across the world? The center of the storm doesn't move locations it just spins and the "tendrils" are what is hitting it the rest of the world. I don't know why the land is shaped in a spiral pattern I don't know that a spiraling superstorm would create spiral erosion patterns. Reinvestment The storm tendrils lose their stormlight as they pass over land, perhaps there are more things to drain stormlight out of the tendrils on land than on the ocean so it loses more as it over land. The center of the storm pushes more investiture out to through the tendrils and by the time the tendril comes back around it is recharged (not much to siphon investiture on the ocean). Where does the investiture come from? Not sure about this, but we know that fish in the purelake have magical properties and we know the purelake drains right before a storm hits. Perhaps there is a shardpool under the purelake and the draining actually carries that investiture through the planet to the center of the storm on the other side. In WoK Hoid tells Kaladin of the Wandersail and how it was wrecked "by a giant whirlpool where it is said the sea drains". What if the sea doesn't drain from there so much as the purelake drains investiture INTO there? The investiture is then distributed to the tendril "highstorms" by the center of the storm. http://coppermind.net/wiki/Wandersail http://coppermind.net/wiki/Purelake
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    "The fish rots from the head. So I say, cut off the head!" "Of the human race." -- Billy aka Doctor Horrible and Penny
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    I can't. Readers will be expecting a better ending than that. Maybe at the end of SA5, but not at the end of SA10. If they drive Odium away, that would be different. Regarding compatibility (emphasis added):
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    Generation 11 Turn 1 The skaa thief crept along the corridor as silently as he could manage. It was a fairly futile effort at times, as he doubted even he could be quiet enough to sneak past Tineyes, but he was quiet enough to go unnoticed by everyone else. He knew that from experience. But that was why this thieving party was a crew, and not him alone. He had no Allomancy of his own, but unlike many other skaa with no Allomancy, he didn't shirk their benefits out of some strange sense of pride. No, he surrounded himself with people who would make up for this fault – With him right now were three Mistings, a Tineye, a Smoker and a Coinshot. The first two were a necessity for any kind of skulduggery, and the latter was merely to provide some protection in need of a retreat. Not that they were expecting a huge fight. They had chosen this target because it provided the most gain for the least risk. They were financially wealthy, and Allomantically weak. They were politically connected enough that they hadn't become a target for the other Lesser Houses yet, but it was surely only a matter of time. Weakness was not tolerated in any sense by the other Houses. However, until that point, they were a target for thievery. He came to the end of the tunnel, and slowly pushed aside the stone covering. Stepping into the darkness of the cellar, and motioning forward their Smoker, who had a torch, he turned to the Tineye. “What do you see?” “No guards,” she said, shaking her head a little out of habit despite the fact that she was the only one who could see clearly. “Just a load of wine racks and bottles. I can't hear anything nearby either.” “Hmm,” he said, stepping over to one and taking it out of the rack. He read it by the faint glow of the torch, straining his eyes. “Hell, for a destitute Lesser House, they've got a pretty good taste. Maybe I should take a bottle back for us?” he said, grinning at the Tineye. She rolled her eyes and didn't answer. Ah well. She was warming to him. He waved them on and through the cellar, opening the wooden door at the other end of the stairs up. They had entered the small Keep from underground, using secret tunnels built over many years by the Skaa Rebellion. The leader of the Rebellion would be annoyed by them using it and compromising its existence, but it was wishful thinking that it would ever really be used. The Skaa Rebellion was useless and impotent, so they might as well be used for something. They might not achieve any lofty aims, but living in luxury for a while was just as good. It was the dead of night, and there were no guards down here. Why would there be? Any attack would come from above, in the form of one of the gods of the night – a Mistborn. Anything else was a futile attempt at sowing chaos, and would probably cost more to defend against a nonexistent threat than replacing what was stolen. Though not all Lesser Houses had their own Mistborn, of course, so sometimes there was very little that could be done to defend one's House. Regardless, it worked out well for them tonight. They walked through the lowest floor of the Keep with purpose. There were only a few others wandering past them as they went; a few cleaners kept up at the small hours to sweep floors seldom trod. They did not try and stop them, either because they didn't want any trouble, or because they believed they were affiliated with the House. Certainly his team didn't look like your average thieves. They stopped before the turning the corner, and he looked at the Coinshot. The man nodded and produced a few metallic needles. He raised his fingers and counted down. When the third second had passed, he swung round the corner and threw them at the guards' exposed necks, flaring steel to give them extra force. The first went down as it caught him in the throat, clutching at the bleeding wound. The other needle missed the second guard, who started to draw his sword. But while their leader might not have bee an Allomancer, he was fast, strong and quick-witted. His dagger was already drawn as he charged forward. His hand covered the guard's mouth, and he cut the man's throat while the guard tried to bring his sword round to bear. “That was reckless, Kelsier,” Mare sighed. “It worked, didn't it?” He said with a smile as he leant down to pick up the keys from one of the guards' belts. Their whole lives were dangerous anyway. What was the point in being safe and boring? He stood up and unlocked the vault door. He then turned back to the Coinshot of the group, who started to push the heavy door open with his Allomancy. They slipped in to the vault, dragging the bodies with them. No need to immediately alert people if they happened to come down the corridor, after all. Quickly they stuffed gold and gemstones into a pouch. While they might not be stealing much, what they were taking had high value density. On a shelf on its own, a silvery bead of metal. Kelsier reached over and picked it up between his index and middle finger. “Atium?” Mare asked, frowning. “We'd never manage to fence that. And just think what'd happen if they caught us with it?” “What would happen that wouldn't normally happen?” Kelsier shrugged. “We'd be killed on sight anyway, and that's if we're lucky. We might as well. I'm sure there must be a Mistborn somewhere in the Skaa Rebellion that could buy it from us. Pretty decent markup on that.” “I'm not sure the Skaa Rebellion could afford it,” their Smoker said. “They'll pay for it,” Kelsier reassured him, as he stowed it away in his pocket. “Let's go.” Their escape from the Keep was almost as uneventful as their arrival. They couldn't shut the vault without an Ironpuller, but that wasn't too important. Kelsier stopped as they went back to the wine cellar, selecting a bottle from the rack before heading down the tunnel. They would now have to abandon this tunnel and the safehouse it came up near, but they had made a nice little haul with no real risk. But as they left the tunnels and entered the slums of Luthadel, Kelsier wasn't really happy. It was a win, but it wasn't particularly important in the grand scheme of things. A month or two of luxury, then they'd be back at this. Though that wasn't the only consideration here. He was happy that it had gone off, but it didn't feel like enough. “What's wrong?” The Coinshot asked. “I'm not sure,” Kelsier replied with a sigh. “But I think we should set our sights a little higher.” “What are you thinking?” “Hmm...” Kelsier looked up into the skyline. In the distance, a dozen Keeps littered the horizon, surrounding the horrendous sight of Kredik Shaw. “I'll let you know when I've thought of it,” he said. Generation 11 Turn 1 has begun! The turn will end on Friday 2th September at 6PM BST. The game will finish at the end of this Generation. Players may find their riches stolen from them this Generation by the master skaa thief, Kelsier! Generation 11 Player List
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    New hypotesis... Probably Paalm knowed that Harmony may interctept almost every deadman. And we know that the time of someone remain in the Cognitive (the time useful to Sazed) is longer if the guy is high invested. Therefore it's possible that Paalm killed the guys with Hemalurgy (not because she need some new Spike) to remove a big chunk of Victim's soul. This mean that his transition from the Cognitive to the Beyond may be faster than usual and in a time where Sazed is "busy/distracted" those kill may be unseen by Harmony himself. PS: this give to Paalm also some Spikes if she need them.
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    Season 7: Still a better arc than Dorne.
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    With style. jW
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    Another brain blast! What if it's connected to the system of trade that Hoid said Kelsier destroyed in Secret History? The people in the Restaurant can't grow their own food, mine their own metals, or anything like that - they need to import everything from other Shardworlds. When the Pits were destroyed, the Restaurant lost access to its cheap and plentiful metals!
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    Cadmium bubbles slow down time for you, but make the world outside the bubble go by fast. A thief could dart in and out and you'd not be able to react in time. Now, Bendalloy could work, but that means but hours to you would be minutes. Bronze Twinborns would be great guards. Both able to notice allomantic pulses, plus store Wakefulness. Guard is on point.
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