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    N2: Klexos and Kudoclasm All Things End. . . . . .Time. . . .Power . . .Life . . .Man But ending does not mean forgetting. Life is not defined by Death. Strength in Life is not turned to Weakness. Those who have completed the Journey do not vanish from history upon reaching their Destination. They are remembered. They are discussed in tones of Awe and Terror. They are worshipped and they are feared. With Faith, all things are possible. With Faith, a man can inspire Wonder and Fearn. What is Fear but Faith in the power of the enemy? What is Wonder but Faith in the power of your own? Wonder and Fear are the most powerful tools of the faithful in the creation of gods. Together, The mind of men shape the worlds and the Gods that rule them. The emotions men inspire shape their destiny. Joy and Comfort and trust and Determination and Sorrow and Rage and Fear and Hatred. All shape the man into something else. The hearts and Mind of men are powerful. They create things. Space. . . Order. . . Death. . . Gods. . . . . .And Begin Again. The Gods of Men are known and unknowable. The Darkness and the Light, and the Chaos in between. They are not the false gods of Adonalsium. They are the Illuminant Mother, the Veiled Father, and the Volatile Vision. Created by the Hearts of man, by the lust of power, the fear of the dark, the desire to learn, they shaped the worlds they walked on, and altered the fates of their worshipers. But they held no illusions as to their creation. They knew of their nothingness without their worshippers, their agents, their confidants, their friends. They knew what would happen should they be lost, and did their best to ensure the continual survival of all who had helped create them. The Brightness and the Shadow and the Storm knew they could not force a man to endure past his own will. And they knew when a man so important to them all refused to continue on. The pacified the Cosmere in the urgency to watch the most momentous of occasions. Everything was stopped, but on hold, delayed, save for a palace in a Godless City on an Ancient world. They stopped, and watched as an Era came to an end. They watched as their power faded irreversibly. “My name is Esheo. My name is Aili. My name is Maw. I am Braveheart and Trueheart, Liram and Malarn, I am Thirty lives, full of change. Where I walk, Empires fall and Dynasties die. Where I sleep, Armies ravage and Storms shatter. When I speak, villains weep, and poets smile. I am the True Lord of Odium, and the Stalwart Protector. I am the Spymaster of the Shadow. I am the Silverpike of the Storm. I am the one who survives the falling Silence. I am the voice of Creation.” “I was the first to fight the Bloodthirsty Goddess. I was the first to follow the Shadow. I was the first to spread the Chaos of the Storm. And now, I am the first to truly leave. Farewell.” Everyone was silent after Esheo finished speaking. The noose he had insisted they tie t hang him hung around his neck, waiting for him to take a single step off the platform. No one truly wanted him to take the step, but none could deny his right. Not fully. In a manner unlike anything most of the citizenry had felt before, a Presence in the crowd made itself known. A Lurking, unquantifiable menace. Life turned to numbers. The crowd parted, revealing the silhouette of a man. The only feature distinguishable upon his form were glowing eyes, though what colour they were, none could say. All knew instinctively what his words were, though they were never uttered aloud. You will not die like a common born. I cannot stop your departure from this plane, but I can enhance it. The shivering darkness of the Presence receded, as another had always been upon the platform with Esheo. A figure of Light , with hands and feet stained by blood had always been behind him, and always would. The crowd spoke her will aloud in accordance with her desire. “SERVITOR OF SHADOWS, I WELCOME YOUR DEPARTURE, BUT CURSE YOUR ABSENCE. YOUR ARRIVAL IN THE REALMS BEYOND OUR OWN WILL BE HERALDED, AND YOU WILL BE WELCOMED WITH THE HIGHEST OF HONOURS.” The Silence was shattered by the sudden Storm above. A voice of thunder and glee burst forth from the darkened sky. “Eldest of man, and true wielder of Chaos, My gift to you is remembrance. Your name will be on the lips of all for years to come. Your absence will shape the Cosmere, and when you return, you will find a host awaiting your wisdom and glory.” The Three spoke as one. GO NOW WITH OUR BLESSING, WILLIAM, SON OF ANDERS. The Silhouette of the man rose his arm, and all light in the world went out. In a great burst of light and Shadow, Esheo died. Mailliw was lynched! He was a Citizen Bodyguard! What? Why? Balance reasons mostly, but also amusement. I enjoy making the village lynch their own protection roles, plus Mailliw has been a protection role the past three games before this. And I try not to be predictable. A Jester was way too obvious. Pirate, Bodyguard and Nobe are now available for Beggars. (19) Mailliw73: Amanuensis, OrlokTsubodai, TheMightyLopen, Kipper, Magestar, TheSilverDragon, Elenion, little wilson, Alvron, Elbereth, Renegade, Eolhondras, Arraenae, Burnt Spaghetti, jaimeleecee, Master Elodin, Aonar Faileas, Noble, Duke (3) Elenion: Sart, The Young Bard, Stink, (1) Emerald101: Conquestor, (1) Elbereth: Araris Valerian, The Night will end in twenty four hours! PM's are closed.
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    I mentioned this forever ago and I just found the actual image again!
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    I just stumbled across the annotations file that Brandon started writing for Way of Kings. It goes from the beginning up through chapter 12. So we are probably going to post these someday. EDIT: Probably next year in the run-up to the Oathbringer release.
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    Another #SundaySanderson! Adolin Kholin after battle. (Shallan likes that) *but It's not Sunday.* ....Shut up
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    Thanks for that writeup send off, Joe! That was great! This will be my last post here. I'll see you in two years. Best of luck to the Citizens. In response to Ada's post from last night: Unless you played QF8, I have played or GMd every game. It was definitely still fun to be on a team with you and I'm sure I'd enjoy it still as we've both changed since I said that.
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    As Esheo makes a gift of his death, so shall I make a gift of my departure. To each of you, I leave a gift. Maill's Will: To Ecthelion, I leave the pleasures of Omi’s love. Hope you’re enjoying the afterlife. Elbereth, I give you secret knowledge and approval of your writing. I’ll miss it. I leave my gratitude to Silverblade and Elenion gets my aggressiveness. Rae, I leave you my smirk. Elodin, I leave you House Lekal’s koloss. Bard, I leave you my love of PMs, Devotion. To Eol, I leave you my Aviar and codes. Straw, have fun with death. I’ll be there soon. Magestar, accept my Derethi respect. Aman, I leave you temporary custody of the Odium panda(minus the Mashadar). To Orlok, keep the coups going. You get my positions and my slaves. Stink, you get to call yourself the Stormfather for the next two years. Conq, you get my water fury. Jaime, I leave you the Mashadar from the panda. Emerald, welcome back. Keep playing. Ant, I hope you show up. Wilson, I leave you the MEC suit and flamethrower. Oh, you get the Reckoners Jacket too. To Araris, I leave the goal of beating my number of games played. Silver Dragon, learn from the Shadows. Burnt, I leave you my soul devouring smile. Kipper, you get to take the title of Silverpike and Info Broker. I leave my lightning to Aonar and my lion to Lopen. Alv, you keep my eternal respect and shadow. Lopen, I also leave you Survival. To Sart, I leave my death percentages. Try to break them. I leave my faction destruction to Ren. And to Joe, i leave the goal of most games played as well as the title of Second Silverpike and Chaos Master. I have enjoyed all my many games here and I hope to return to a great community in two years. Thanks guys! Don't worry, this isn't my last post of the game, just wanted to make sure I got this in.
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    Alright, here goes: 1: When Wax saw Hoid on Scadrial disguised as a beggar, he was drinking perfume to get drunk. This is something that serious alcoholics do, and Hoid must be really miserable to do that. 2: Hoid beats the crap out of Kelsier in Secret History. He is incapable of harming living people, so that's out of the question for him. But, when he gets the chance to hurt a dead person, he does. Something is really hurting him enough to drive him to get sadistic pleasure out of Kelseir's pain. 3: Hoid disguises himself as Wit while on Roshar. When he does, he spends his time insulting everybody because he can. It's as if he can't physically harm the living, but he is trying to as much as possible. This one could be unrelated, but added to the first two it could mean something. Ideas?
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    Hey, I'm new! I know to not accept any cookies, no matter how appatizing. I think I spelled that wrong. I have read all Brandon Sanderson books (except the extended version of elantris). Anywhoosles, I'm new!
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    The Second Day The Night was cold, and dark, the half moon covered by a stormfront that had rolled in from the ocean. The flickering light of the street lamps provided enough illumination for Straw to see that the streets were empty as he hurried from doorway to doorway. He was fairly certain that he was being followed. The lack of noises from behind made it obvious. There were cats and insects ahead of him, where no one had walked recently. But they stayed silent for far too long behind him. He turned the corner of Etu Street onto Koi street and saw Aeleus waiting for him up ahead. Good. He needed allies among the nobility if he wanted to live another day. His chest still hurt from where Ashkelon had shoved the spear through it. He had managed to avoid the mobs for a week or so, but he hee wouldn’t survive another one. Aeleus pushed himself upright form where he had been leaning as soon as Straw reached him. “You wanted to meet with me?” “You were part of the mob that accused me of conspiring against Iadon a while back. And yet, your fellow Nobility told Iadon to arrest Naara.” “I don’t have to agree with them. We work together, yes, but we’re not a collective, Pirate." Straw grinned at the loathing in the word. “Pirate indeed. Retired, because I had enough wealth to live the rest of my life quite comfortably. And, as you well know, oh newly appointed lord, money is power in this city.” Aeleus raised an eyebrow, and gestured for him to go on. “Name your price to support me, both publicly, and in the ranks of the nobility.” “An, interesting, proposal to be sure, but I can claim your money once you’re dead as well, can’t I?” “Or I could snap your-” His threat was interrupted by a clear voice coming from behind him. “A Monk and a Gambler had a debate. They discussed the concepts of God Chance and Fate. The Gambler decried the existence of two, while the Monk scoffed at the idea of the other. Tell me good sirs, does Domi have a plan for this night? Or is it all up to Man?” Straw couldn’t see anyone from where the voice was coming from. Aeleus stepped up next to him, peering into the darkness. “Who are you?” “A God among men.” Something dropped from the sky onto Straw, and he pitched forward onto the ground. He rolled sideways, throwing his assailant off his back. Aeleus stepped forward and held out a dagger to him, keeping his eyes on the cloaked man. “Truce?” “Acceptable.” He grabbed the dagger by the blade and threw it underhanded at the man in one motion. The man caught it, then sprung to his feet. “The answer my friends, is, Huh? Who are you?” Something hit Straw in the back of the head, throwing him into the brick wall next to him. It was followed up with two more blows to his face in rapid succession. He slumped over, his vision blackening. His last sight was that of Aeleus’ corpse hitting the ground next to him. Straw was killed! He was a Citizen Retired Pirate! Ecthellion III was killed! He was a Citizen Noble! Retired Pirate and Noble are now available for Beggars to take. The Day will end in twenty-four (24) hours. PM's are once again open!
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    After the first few paragraphs, I thought it was going to go in a completely different direction than it did. Suffice it to say, I agree with the author. I grew up in a Christian bubble that feared secular music to the point that I didn't even hear a secular song in its entirety until I was in middle school. And I wish I'd been allowed to listen to secular music. More to the point, I wish I hadn't been brought up to fear it, and not only because I feel I missed out on a lot of great music that way. If you know me, you know I've battled depression. It was strongest when I was a teen, and ironically enough, that was about the same time the Moral Guardians were making a fuss about all of these "negative, whiny" bands like Simple Plan, "angry" bands like Chevelle, and "dark, death-focused bands" like Evanescence and My Chemical Romance. You should've heard them—it was like the apocalypse had come and chosen only to affect adorable orphans who happened to be near golden retriever puppies at the time. To hear them talk, you would've thought Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was just Gerard Way repeating "Don't go to church….all hail Lord Satan….go ahead and break the rules….tucking in your shirt's for fools" for forty minutes. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that this joke wasn't too far from the truth, when it comes to how I saw bands like that at the time. I didn't just avoid them. I was afraid of them. Fast-forward ten years. After falling in love with "Famous Last Words," the fourth song from The Black Parade to catch my fancy, I decided to listen to the whole album. I watched the songs migrate onto my iTunes nervously, a shade of that same fear I'd felt as a teen. I shrugged it off and listened to the album. When it was over, I wanted to give my parents and those Moral Guardians a piece of my mind. Make no mistake: The Black Parade is a dark album. It tells a story—the last moments of a dying man in a decaying fantasy world who spent part of his life as a soldier. He regrets so many of his choices, and the only thing stronger than his despair is his self-loathing. There are multiple tearjerkers ("Cancer," "Mama," "Disenchanted") and just when you think "Dead!" is the darkest song you'll hear, wait a minute—you haven't heard "The Sharpest Lives" yet. It's the sort of story my parents wanted me to avoid as a teen, thinking I couldn't handle it, or that it would make me (not my depression—but that's another story) worse. And when I was sixteen, it's the exact story I needed to hear. I've heard The Black Parade described by the moral "It's okay to hurt." That's apt. The message of the album seems to be that some things in life suck, and it sucks that they suck, but those things are unavoidable. There's no ray of sunshine tacked on, nothing about how we all need to live life to the fullest because we never know when or how it's going to end. It's centered on the fact that some things are horrible, and some people die horribly, and it hurts like storms—and that's okay. It's okay to be in pain. It's okay to regret. It's okay to hurt. If I had heard that message as a teen, it wouldn't have solved all my problems. I wouldn't have been able to flip some sort of magic switch in my brain, snapping me out of Depression Mode and into Regular Mode. But I would've had an entire album of songs reminding me that life hurts, and saying you're in pain doesn't make you weak. I think it would've helped me come to terms with all of the turmoil I was feeling. Even now, years after the fact, listening to The Black Parade broke my heart and healed it all at once. How much better would it have been if I'd had that happen in the throes of depression? How much more would I have understood that pain is unavoidable, instead of berating myself for feeling it? How much sooner would I have recovered, if I hadn't been taught to fear My Chemical Romance? It's impossible to know for sure, but I have my suspicions. And those suspicions do not reflect favorably on the Moral Guardians.
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    Aftermath: Ashes Rise, Empires Fall [Well of Ascension spoilers ahead.] Sazed awoke from his cell at the metallic sound of a door bursting open. Even before he saw the three figures walking down the hallway to his cell, a chill ran down his spine. He somehow knew that something had gone horribly wrong. That these weren’t the cronies of Ashweather Cett or Ferson Penrod. No, these had to be agents of Ruin himself. The three figures walked into view, and Sazed narrowed his eyes. There was no way that Hadrian Penrod himself would work with Shara, a well-known member of House Cett… unless they were spiked. “Olvar, Shara, Hadrian Penrod,” Sazed said, nodding to each person in turn. “What is the meaning of my imprisonment?” “Ruin figured it’d be best to have you out of the way for a time, lest you figure out where the Well of Ascension is,” Olvar responded, his face impassive. “That’s ridiculous. We all already know that the Well of Ascension is somewhere in the Terris Mountains. Vin should be there any day now.” Olvar chuckled. “I’m afraid your ancient Terris prophecies have lied to you. The Well of Ascension is nowhere near where you believe it is. It’s here, in Luthadel.” Sazed’s eyes widened. “That… can’t be true.” “Unfortunately, it is. And it is a matter of mere moments before Ruin will be able to escape from the prison that has he has been trapped in the past millennium. You, unfortunately, will not be able to see Ruin’s ascension.” The three spiked unsheathed their swords, and Hadrian Penrod stepped forward, unlocking Sazed’s cell. Sazed stepped back, trying to make sense of the situation. Maybe he could… A figure flashed down the hallway at an incredible speed, knocking all of the spiked to the ground. Sazed reeled back, then leaned out to face the person who had saved him. The person in question was a tall, hawk-faced man in black robes, a thin silver sword at his side. Sazed instinctively trusted the man, and fear slowly melted from his mind. “Who… may you be, sir?” The man smiled. “You can call me Hoid. Normally I would not intervene in such a brutal fashion, but things are not as they should be. Come along now, before they awaken.” Sazed stepped forward, and the two men walked swiftly down the hallway. “So… what exactly are we to do, in order to stop Ruin?” Sazed asked. “Those three said something about the Well of Ascension being in Luthadel.” “Yes, yes, I know,” Hoid said, rounding a corner. “Went there earlier today.” “You… you’ve been to the Well of Ascension?” “On multiple occasions, yes. Now is not the time for that. Now is the time to minimize the damage.” “The… damage?” Hoid nodded. “I cannot stay here for long. Ruin will escape, unfortunately, no matter what you may try to do at this point. It is too late now. But have hope, in the days to come. Many others will lose it, but you cannot.” “Why not me?” “I cannot say. But keep your head up. Things will be alright in the end.” The pair emerged through a large metal door, out into Luthadel itself, which was alight in the night with thousands of fires. Ash seemed to rise through the mists, rather than fall. “By the Forgotten Gods,” Sazed breathed. “The city’s worse off than before.” “And, unfortunately, it will only be worse with the arrival of Ruin. However, I cannot really be around for that. Ati and I used to get along well, but now…” Hoid shook his head, then took off at a run. “I must leave. Good luck, Sazed.” With that, Hoid was gone. Sazed glanced around, immediately discovering that he was at the base of Kredik Shaw. Maybe Hoid was wrong. Maybe he could reach the Well before… I’M FREE! a voice boomed from the ground, and the entire city suddenly shook, flames arching higher. Sazed looked around, eyes frantic. So this was it. Ruin was free. And he was the only one left, in the middle of… The door behind Sazed crashed open, and a coin slammed into Sazed’s chest. Sazed crumpled to the ground, the forms of the three spiked standing triumphantly above him. “I’d consider this day a success,” Olvar smiled, then turned to Shara. “Finish him off.” Shara grinned, unsheathed her sword, and slammed it into Sazed’s chest. “Today shall be the end of two empires. An empire that has existed for a single year, by that fool Elend Venture. And an empire that has long opposed Ruin, foolishly trying to prevent the inevitable. The end of all things. But today, that ending begins.” Hadrian and Shara nodded. NOW GO, a voice boomed from the ground, and the three immediately dispersed, going off to serve their master. Ruin would not be stopped. Not anymore. - - - - - The Spiked have won the game! Congratulations, and good game to all. I think the game went pretty well, minus the late-game inactivity, and a minor error I made with Venture’s koloss (they should’ve had 1 koloss survive after cycle 2, though this wouldn’t have changed the outcome any). Anyway, here are all of the game docs: Spreadsheet (with 5 tabs) Venture (Venture 2.0) (Venture 3.0) Cett Lekal Penrod Spiked (Spiked 2.0) Dead Doc Spec Doc
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    Can't pierce my, can't pierce my, no you can't pierce my coppercloud...
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    Pokemon GO has just been released worldwide, and already new features are being tested for the game. The feature being tested by you, the players, is the battle function. You all volunteered to help test it, and have been placed together in a testing area so that it is easy to reach each other. Unfortunately, the losers of the battles seem to die in real life, and you are getting no responses from the overseers… Gotta Kill ‘Em All is a free-for-all QF where everyone starts off with a kill role. To win, you simply need to be the last man standing. Cycles will last 24 hours, and rollover will take place at 11pm GMT (7pm EST, 4pm MST, 9am ACT). A lynch will occur every cycle. Vote in Red and retract in Green. Only one vote is required for a lynch, and in the case of a tie, a coin will be flipped. Personal messages are not allowed in this game. There will be only three Known Pokemon. Unknown Pokemon will be introduced to the game when the following number of players sign up: 7, 11, 15, 19, and 24. Unknown Pokemon exist outside of the base type effectiveness chart, and may or may not have different win conditions. NAME Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Bulbasaur Not Very Effective Not Effective Super Effective Charmander Super Effective Not Very Effective Not Effective Squirtle Not Effective Super Effective Not Very Effective Not Very Effective: Deals miniscule damage. If a Pokemon is hit with a Not Very Effective Attack, they take damage equal to the attacking Pokemon's strength. Not Effective: Deals no damage. If a Pokemon is hit with a Not Effective attack, they escape unscathed. Super Effective: Deals critical damage. If a Pokemon is hit with a single Super Effective attack, they receive 5x damage. When a Pokemon's Hit Points are depleted to 0, they are defeated. When you attack a Pokemon you will be informed how effective it was in your GM PM. When you are attacked by a Pokemon you will be informed how effective it was, as well as how many attacks you have sustained so far. Sign ups will end on August 2nd, 2016, at 11pm GMT (7pm EST, 4pm PST, 9am ACT): the game will begin shortly thereafter Quick Links: Edit 1: Just to say my story through the tags has already been messed up, so this is not a good omen.
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    Yes, this is not who you are looking for, fellow Sanderfans. But hello, I'm voidyhoid, that person who's obsessed with ALL the Brandon Sanderson books. They're so good that I can't stop rereading them so often. Ah, anyway, I'll be seeing you around a lot now. I've been waiting to join the forums for a long time.
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    We actually have WoB on this:
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    One final present I have: Presenting, Soul Devouring and Spitting with Maill. Ecthelion III DEAD Elbereth Neutral Merchant Mailliw STORMFATHER Silverblade Noble Elenion Duke Arraenae Beggar Master Elodin Merchant The Young Bard Jeskeri Eolhondras Bodyguard Straw DEAD Magestar Jeskeri? Amanuensis Jindo Legionnaire Orlok Pirate Stink Citizen Pirate Conquestor Noble Jaime Veteran Emerald Citizen? Dula Antgrgmn Legionnaire Wilson Jester Araris Beggar The Silver Dragon Noble Burnt Spaghetti Noble Kipper Eliminator-not sure which faction Aonar Bodyguard Alvron LORD OF SHADOWS Renegade Conversion role Lopen Retired Pirate Sart Jeskeri Noble Above is a list of roles that I have had claimed to me or have proven or deduced. 95% is correct. The other 5% might not be. Also, should you wish to learn what the Jeskeri do, I have informed the Neutral roles of that. You will have to convince them to side with the village, at least enough to tell you about the Jeskeri. Thanks for the fun time guys! I needed one last throwback to my old games. Have fun.
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    I think he was just playing a role. We do not even know if he can get drunk at this point magic, etc. because he has changed so much magiclly. And Kelsier is about as arrogant as they come, so not hard to imagine wailing on him. Kelsier is the one that chose to intervene and got what was coming to him. And that pool was a dangerious place for Hoid, so it's not like he wants to stick around. Beating up Kelsier gets him on his way faster. And based on Liars of Partinel, Hoid is not exactly a saint and he's a Jesk -- think bard and court jester -- so Wit fits in perfectly with that. And it's hard to fault him for making fun of idiots too caught up in petty squabbles to see the signs of imminent doom for Roshar, Sadeas being an obvious example. It's probably like a vacation for him. That and he does poke and prod the people that he feels he can help. He even says as much in a conversation with Dalinar about Renarin. If he's an alcoholic then it's recent because no alcholic could function as well as he does for so long. But we have no evidence to suggest he is. Like I said, he may not even be able to get drunk. For all he know, the perfume was part of an act, possibly even a cover for drinking metals. Sorry, but I think you are reading too much into things.
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    Hey there. Finally made an acount after following for years. Time to join the party.
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    The chorus of All Around Me by Flyleaf for the scene where Vin is fueling Elend's allomancy. The full song for them as a couple. Centuries by Fall Out Boy for Kell and his crew. The Music of the Night for Kelsier New Divide by linkin Park for the Szeth/Kaladin fight scene Viva la Vida by Coldplay for Elend
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    I need this mug like I need air.
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    In chapter 13 of Steelheart Steelheart is described as so no, he can not be drowned. Impenetrable skin is somewhat of a miss nomer.
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    I do not have the time to write anything lengthy at the moment, but I wanted to say this was a very good post. I absolutely agree one of Renarin's quality is his ability to remain level-headed in the face of adversity. He has spend a lifetime being forced to deal with undesired unexpected situations: he has come across as very adaptable. He is not unsettled by change, he even yearns for it. His weak point is his desire to feel useful and his tunnel vision stating the only possible path towards achieving his goals passes through armed combat. He has yet to acknowledge how useful he actually is in helping his "perfect supposedly superior" brother manage his emotions and his anxiety. I do not read Renarin as impulsive, but as eager: eager to find his use and being raised as he was, he can't figure out a way other than jumping into the melee, hoping to make a difference. In the chasmfiend hunt, Renarin did not come across as emotionally disturbed, he very calmly asked Dalinar if he needed assistance: he wanted to help and the fact a giant creature was smashing soldiers around didn't bother him. Adolin, on the reverse, is often unsettled. As soon as he is forced to live through the unexpected, the unplanned, as soon as he doesn't have a precise script to follow: he starts to lose it. The emotion generating machine puts itself in full gear and he starts to act irrationally. WoR highlighted how little control he had over this aspect of his personality. Fights, battles, duels, these are Adolin's control environment: the ones he has been trained since early childhood to evolve in. As a result, when he is inside his controlled environment, Adolin is able to keep his emotions to the minimum and even then... He does lose it against Salinor early in WoR. He does panic in the 4 on 1 duel. Kaladin is never seen to panic, no matter what is thrown at him and... well Renarin neither is not panicking. He is disturbed over hearing the screams in his head and likely beats himself up for it as he probably sees it as yet another "problem" with himself. His tears mostly are of frustration for not being able to be useful, for not being able to voice his thoughts, for falling once again at doing something worthy of mention, but I do not read them as tears of fear or panic. The unlocking of the Oathgate does feature Renarin having what is akin to a panic attack or a mental crisis of sorts: this is understandable considering he saw the whole army would die and he was, yet again, helpless to do anything useful. In comparison, Adolin's threshold to start to lose it is much, much, much lower. Had Adolin have the visions, he would have start panicking and acting erratically in Chapter 7. My reading thus is Renarin is the more stable, level-headed, thoughtful brother while Adolin is the unstable, emotional and naturally anxious one. The problem is Adolin is very good at sports and athletic activities which gives him instant gratification while Renarin is the one who has yet to see all the great things he is currently doing.
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    Someone needs to rewrite it to be "Smoker Face" for Clubs.
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    So movie and tv adaptions of some of Brandon's story have often been "in talk", but nothing has really come of it so far. Nevertheless I think that this is an interesting topic and I just want to share my thoughts on how an adaption like this would look. I will only focuss on his Cosmere-stories here, since I like them the by far the most. 1. Medium: Currently we have two big mediums for screen-adaptions of various stories. The oldest form is the direct book --> movie adaption which can work well, as shown with Lord of the Rings for example, but has it's fair share of problems. More recently we had the Tv-series come up as a way of adapting other mediums to the screen. Examples include Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, both very successfull Adaptions. These have various advantages about movie-adaptions. For one the format allows for a much longer overall screentime allowing for more complexity in the adaption and makes it less likely that parts of the original story have to be cut because of time-constraints. It also allows watchers more time to get familiar with the characters, allowing for a larger ensemble of characters. And last but not least it also has more parallels to how the original stories will normally get experienced. You don't read a thousand-page book in one-go. You pick it up to read a bit here and there over a larger timeframe, similar to a Tv-Series. Overall I think that a Tv-Series is a much better approach to Brandons bigger book stories. I even think his novellas would fit better into this format. Instead of being stretched to a 2-hour movie they could just be made as an additional 1-hour episode of a season. 2. Name and Franchising: A lot of people are currently looking for the "Next Game of Thrones" for a Tv adaption. But Brandons stories in the Cosmere are most often not huge stories similar to GoT, which would make it harder to make a real franchise out of them. The most likely candidate for a "Next Game of Thrones" would be the Stormlight Archives, but those are still a long way away from finished and as fast a writer as Brandon is, I think it is detrimental to the work if a adaption gets started before the original work is finished. What would be interesting however would be to use the Cosmere as the Franchise and have the individual storylines be seperate chapters in the overall work. Similar to how "Doctor Who" has different chapters in it's story of different incarnations of the Doctor, but still tells a continuous storyline. The Name, in my mind, would be something like: "Elantris - Cosmere Stories", followed by "Warbreaker - Cosmere Stories" just as an example. Another option would be to have it reversed like: "Cosmere Stories - Elantris". This would allow more consistency and would most likely be more recognisable after a while. The problem with this is that the word "Cosmere" doesn't sound like fantasy, while words like "Elantris" or "Warbreaker" do. And getting into something new with the wrong expectaction can be really off-putting no matter how good it ultimately turns out to be. 3. The first Story: Another interesting topic is which of Brandons stories should be told first in this format. I have personally two favourites and I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both of them here: Mistborn: The first Mistborn Trilogy would be a pretty good way to start in my opinion. Allomancy makes for a interesting and at the same time visually impressive magic system. Seeing Vin and Khelsier rush through the Air would be a good spectacle on the screen and would be a definite plus. Additionally we have a lighthearted and fun character in Khelsier, something which is always a good thing to get people invested in a story. There is a reason why so many people love Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. Another advantage is that Mistborn serves as a pretty good start into the Cosmere itself: The main protagonist is herself unaware of the magic in her world, which means that the viewer can discover it with her and we have her training with Khelsier as an excuse to have some vocal exposition about the system. Instead of having it happen in some characters head like in other stories. Additionally characters like Hoid come up more than once in the story introducing themselves to the viewers and the ultimate conflict also teaches the viewers about how the Cosmere works with Shards and Co. What is a disadvantage for Mistborn in my opinion is the second book, most of all the Zane-Vin-Elend triangle we had there. The main problem with this is is that it could seem very irrational in a visual medium like Tv. Looking at it objectively Elend is the clearly better choice. One of the main reasons why Vin is drawn to Zane is because of her insecurities, which is very hard to portray if you can't explain it in text like you can in a book. Warbreaker: Another possible first story would be Warbreaker in my opinion. It has some of the same advantages that Mistborn has: A visually impressive magic system. A funny, lighthearted character in Lightsong. And one character that learns the magic system during the book allowing for exposition about it. One thing it doesn't have is the thorough introduction to the Cosmere with Shards and everything. But one thing it does have above Mistborn would be that it introduces the "Cosmere Stories" format better. As the story could be wrapped up in a single season, it makes it clear that this format will feature a diverse number of stories with different interesting magic systems coming up all the time. Having Mistborn as the first entry would make many people thing that everything from now on will happen on this world which would be the wrong impression. So these are my, highly rambling, thoughts on the matter. What do you guys think?
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    Eh, if anyone wants to know, this is STINK's guide to fun! 1. Never be 100% certain of anything, 2. If someone says something and you trust them, continue to trust them until they do something untrustworthy. 3. Continuing on from that, find players you trust before players you don't trust, so that you always have some communication that can be fun going. 4. Not every post has to be 100% about SE 5. If you've just made multiple posts about something, it's probably time for you to stop posting about it, you're way too biased by then. 6. This is starting to look like a proper thing woah. 7. Remember that part of the fun to you might be winning, but to others its the personal interactions So don't try to shut down all OOG talk. (damnation this does look pretty good)
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    Why aren't copper mistings allowed on BYU campus? Because there's no smoking. [groan]
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    Just saying hi. I'm new around here. Really I'm new to Sanderson (and truth be told, even new to reading regularly. Didn't do much of it before discovering his works). But I've prevailed over my lazy, procrastinating, uninterested side and managed to read all things Mistborn (and White Sand Vol. 1) during the past few months. I have now decided to commit myself to the Cosmere to unravel its mysteries one word at a time. Looking forward to the vast theories and truths alike that will be shared here.
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    Howdy folks I'm Gresh, and just found this site and decided to join. I'm not sure how active of a member i'll be. We'll see i guess. I'm a big fan of Brandon Sandersons Cosmere. I think i've read almost all of them. Heavn't read any of the others though, except for the Wheel of Time books. Some Hobbies i'm into - Video games(JRPG mostly), Pipes/Pipe Tobacco, Cigars, DIY projects and home improvement, Cooking, and, of course, internet forums! Question: Could yall let me know if there are any cosmere books i havnt read yet?? ive finished... Mistborn 1,2,3 Wax n Wayne 1,2,3 Elantris 1 Stormlight Archive 1,2 Warbreaker 1 White sands 1 -- havnt finished it yet actually, but i picked it up and read the first chapter yesterday. not sure how i feel about the comic format yet. I kinda have trouble figuring out what bubbles to read first If ive missed any i'd much appreciate it if you guys could tell me. I'm currently reading a Micheal J. Sullivan series (Riyria Revelations) and I will need something new once i finish it. Some other series i like - Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Gentleman Bastards, Wheel of Time, Farseer Trilogy, Fitz and the Fool, the Khaavren Romances, Vlad Taltos, and probably some others i cant think of right now. I also like some Sci-Fi, like Philip K. Dick and Arthur C Clarke.
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    I don't think the Diagram comes directly from a Shard's intentional influence. I think it's more like the result of his request to the Nightwatcher, who follows certain rules that we don't fully understand. I don't think a Shard specifically decided to give T this specific ability - I think it was the logical outcome of what he asked for based on the Nightwatcher's rules. My pet theory about T's ability is that his consciousness is being dragged between the cognitive realm and the spiritual realm. When he is pulled towards the cognitive realm, he loses his spiritual connection to other people, and with it his ability to empathize. When he is pulled towards the spiritual realm, his connection to others increases dramatically. I also think that the Diagram was not the result of high intelligence. Instead, it was the result of being pulled so far into the spiritual realm that he could see the web of the future unfolding. Brandon has said that if one sees deeply enough into the spiritual realm, there's an "I see the stars!" sort of effect where the person undergoes some serious revelations. This is similar to something that happens in Hero of Ages I think T saw the future, but was totally disconnected from the cognitive realm when it happened, hence his wild, somewhat incoherent behavior and total lack of memory.
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    Dishonored is so Cosmere.
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    I am sure most of us at least once wondered how do this two powers work. Not only these two seem very cryptic, but also there are almost no clues about them. The only thing I managed to find out about them for sure are some WoB (which I can't find anymore) that tension (if I remember correctly) can allow you to press your hand into a rock. That left me wondering even more, because the cohesion is what keeps a rock together, not tension. Only today I found out a possible answer to this question. The tension is the force that interact with object pressing towards another object, and provides the force of reaction. Then imagine that we take this force away. Suddenly objest starts act like rubber - if it has a lot of cohesion and wants to stay intact regardless the bending, or if it has small cohesion like for example glass, it would liquefy. On the other hand if you add tension to rubber and water it would start behaving like rock and glass. Cohesion on the other hand would allow you to determine how difficult it is to break something apart. (Rubber to water, glass to rock).
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    This made me laugh, but it was partly a scared laugh:
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    You know it's a good pun when someone very nearly facepalms with a mug of hot tea in their hand.
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    I am with @Argel on this one. Simply a disguise imo. Kelsier attacked Hoid. Hoid defended himself and did what he needed to do to get out of the Well. Also, as @Yata mentioned, Hoid could have done serious harm to Kelsier but did not. The role of Wit gives Hoid unparalleled access to the most powerful people in Alethkar and also gives him complete freedom of movement. It is a great job to have if you need to keep an eye on what is happening on Roshar but you also need the ability to disappear at times. It was a good idea Figberts but I think the more obvious answers are, in this case, the right ones.
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    Guys will always latch on to anything, so shut him down! Stay professional! Remember, you're building a new life, you got no room to pity this fool! Things like "I'm working" "I don't see how that applies to the job at hand" etc, will resolve a lot of issues. Just be consistent. If he becomes a creepazoid, notify the proper supervisor.
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    He probably is upset about something. Due to a little short at the end of Elantris: Tenth Anniversary Edition with Hoid talking to a dark seon, we know he wanted to become an Elantrian. At least, that's what I got out of it. He also has the Seventeenth Shard chasing him. And he keeps disappearing. Hoid is weird, people.
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    I remember feeling the horror when my mom told me I had to stop reading at about book five of Harry Potter because the next few were too violent or something like that. After a while, I snuck them off the bookshelf and she gave up trying to stop me from reading anything. Harry Potter might have been the first real series I read- I started it in first grade. I obsessed over it until I started reading Sanderson. When I think of Harry Potter, I try to think of nights spent with a flashlight reading under the covers rather than the uncomfortable, somewhat disturbing stuff that's coming out now. It's getting harder and harder. I want to keep loving it. I want my childhood back, Rowling.
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    You seriously over estimate my speed at composing my essays. The Lynch Maill essay in MR4 took me about 5 hours to put together. No joke. In fact, I might be underestimating that, since it was over a year and a half ago. Suffice it to say that they are works of art, filled with quotes, links, analysis, and logic. Not something I can do in an hour. Can't I be right once? I believe that is par for the course with Stink, so I wouldn't read too terribly much into that. Emerald's not tunneling. He's making an accusation: I see nothing in that post to indicate a tunnel. I see someone pointing out something suspicious and calling the person out on what they saw. He's not saying that Elenion must be evil. He's not refusing to listen to anything Elenion says. What Emerald is doing is not tunneling. (Note: this doesn't mean that I don't think Emerald has been a little suspicious. On the contrary, I do. I think he's using the idea of getting lurkers and others who haven't posted yet to start posting by pinging them as a way to make it seem like he's useful to the village and therefore must be village. It's something that reminds me distinctly of people who post quick links and only quick links. It looks helpful on the surface, but it's not actually at all). Moving on to Elenion himself. I don't particularly find anything suspicious with the bandwagon vote. For me, it's the comments that Kipper pointed out about how he's never been an eliminator and all the other joking he did about alignments. I can absolutely see why someone would get an eliminator read from that, Kipper in particular. I'm not at all surprised that Kipper voted for Elenion based on those comments. It reads like a first-time eliminator trying to get people not to look at him because "I've never been an eliminator! I couldn't be an eliminator now!" Nope, sorry, you could. We used to have a player here by the name of Jain (his member name is Lightsworn Panda but all of his characters were always named Jain). Now, Jain played 11 games before he was finally evil on his 12th game. By about game 5-6, he started making frustration posts about "VILLAGE AGAIN!!! WHY?!?!?!" for his first post in the game. By 10-11, he wasn't doing them quite as vocally. Well, game 12 rolled around, and he was finally evil. He made that post again. He was killed for it. And rightly so. Declaring your innocence by saying that you've never been evil is not a way to declare your innocence. It's by doing things to show that you're innocent. That you're village. Of which, Elenion has done virtually none. Fine, he's claiming that he's acting the same way as MR15, but guess what? A good eliminator acts the same way as they always act. In LG20, Deathclutch listed off 6 reasons as to why I had to be evil. All of his reasons weren't alignment indicative for me at all, and the people who had played with me and knew that defended me against him and he ended up getting lynched instead. But guess what? I was actually evil. I was just playing like I usually do when I'm good. But anyway, let's look at his first defense: Do you want to know what I think of when I see someone use evidence of their previous games to prove why they must be good now? I think that that person wants you to think they are good, but aren't willing to actually do anything in this game to prove it. They want to ride off of their actions in the previous game. Sorry, doesn't fly for me. I want proof now. I want actions now. I don't care what you did then. Then isn't now. I will not accept anything from MR15 or virtually any other game as a reason for your alignment in this game. Post-"defense" the only vote that strikes me as even possibly off is Lopen's, but I'm not even sure about that. Kipper had mentioned a bandwagon, other people had also mentioned it, and Lopen threw his vote onto it. To my recollection (though I could be wrong about this), Lopen isn't opposed to supported bandwagons unlike some players, so him contributing to it doesn't really mean much. I'd bet that he also found Elenion suspicious and didn't care to elaborate because so many others had already said basically the same thing. Or maybe he did it as a joke, knowing that there's still over 24 hours left in the turn, which is plenty of time to retract a vote. Because of this, I don't really mind Lopen's vote. Elenion's conspiracy theory is mostly nonsense. Onto his counter plan. You're what I call uber-aggressive. Aggression in these games is just fine. Uber-aggression gets out of hand and makes people stop having fun, regardless of their alignment. You can ask for solid evidence to be presented, but you're not really going to find anything on the first day. So calling for it won't really help. The best people can do is exactly what I'm doing right now: analyze your posts to try to find your motivation. (Hint: your motivation isn't looking very villagery to me right now). Oh, and good luck getting people not to gut read or vote on those gut reads. There are many players who solely use their gut to vote in these games. And your demands for them to stop will not endear you to them. In fact, it's more likely to get you killed faster. Just saying. Ties back to the aggression: no one likes an aggressive person who demands everyone obey/listen/follow them. We're all intelligent players who are perfectly capable of making our own decisions. Um. And that's supposed to support your alignment how? There are no safe roles in this game, to my knowledge. Any known role can be held by any faction and any alignment, so you roleclaiming hardly makes you certain to be a villager. It just means that you're claiming to be a role and if you can support it, that you are that role. Only a Dula can know your alignment, after checking it. And if you are a Dula, that still doesn't guarantee your alignment, even if you think it does. And if you're wondering why an eliminator team would have a Dula on it, the answer is for that very reason: Because people don't expect the alignment scanner to be evil--why would they be? So they trust the alignment scanner. You make the alignment scanner evil, and all the villagers trust them. And yes, I've seen a game on this very forum where the alignment scanner was evil. In fact, I encouraged the GM to run with the distribution that made the alignment scanner evil. So no role is safe. You roleclaiming will not help you. All it will do is make you look like you really want people to trust you and think you're good. But why does any villager need to make people think they're good? If you're good, won't your motivations and what you're doing prove that in the end? You shouldn't need to go declaring it in the thread at the top of your lungs. Note: I'm not saying that if you're good you can't defend yourself from accusations. On the contrary, I've been known to fight tooth and nail against unfair accusations when I'm good. The difference is your motivation. Are you doing it to defend yourself against an incorrect accusation or are you doing it to make everyone think you're good? One motivation is a villager motivation. The other isn't really. Not that it's inherently evil, but it's definitely used by more eliminators than by villagers. The final consensus should always be educated? So are you saying that if there's suspicion against a player, but no solid evidence against them, but 5 or so players have all expressed strong gut reads on them, and no one else is up for the lynch, you'd say that we shouldn't be lynching that person? If so, I strongly disagree. Usually, if multiple players have a strong gut read about someone, even if they have no evidence for it, there's usually a reason for that gut read. Does that mean that the person is always evil? No. But I think there's a higher chance for them to be evil than there is for them to be good, and if they're good, they're probably doing something different that game that's the reason why they're gathering suspicion. Regardless, eliminators have been caught and killed for fluke things in the past. No real evidence against them. The most recent examples I can think of are from LG22 with Sart and Gunshy. Killed Day 1 and Day 2 respectively, for reasons that amounted to semantics, basically. Are semantics strong evidence? Heavens no. I'm still a little surprised that they got lynched for the reasons they were lynched for, even if it was right. The semantic evidence against them was a good start for evidence. Not a good ending point. But regardless, it happened, and those types of lynches will continue to happen. Strong evidence is a commodity you don't usually come by until mid-game unless you're lucky. But the village can't exactly wait for the strong evidence to be gathered before lynching. See, the lynch and the discussion surrounding the lynch are the villages best way of collecting evidence and finding eliminators. Even if you mislynch, those paying attention will gain information from the discussion. And as the game progresses, the evidence builds up until finally, someone has a good case against another player, based purely on things they've said. But if you wait to lynch, the discussion loses it's power, because there's no reason why someone should talk or make their opinions really known. It's not like they're going to die if they don't speak their mind. So how do you get people to really make their opinions known? The lynch. Voting. Seeing who jumps to support who and how and how quick they do so. Seeing who accuses them. It's that that gets your thoughts out there. You can't get that if there's not a lynch. Which means that you can't collect that evidence against people. Which means that your "strong evidence" is from roles or eliminators just blatantly screwing up. Eliminators don't often screw up that blatantly. It's usually other things that catch them, if they get caught at all. And counting on a role to help you out is a recipe for disaster. For example, we can say "Let's wait for the Dula to scan an eliminator," but what if there's no Dula this game? Or what if the Dula is evil? What if the Dula dies early? Any number of things can go wrong with relying on a role or a couple of roles. Plus, the game loses its fun. No one wants to play a game if there's only 1-2 people who actually matter and everyone else is forced to listen to them or be considered evil. That's a dictatorship. I don't play Follow the Cop games, and a lot of other people don't either. ---- TL;DR version: Elenion is using evidence from past games to try to show his alignment this game, even though a good eliminator will act exactly the same from game to game. His motivation for a lot of the things he's saying seems to be "Let's get people to think I'm good" rather than a villager just being good and trying to figure things out. None of this is inherently evil, but it is something that will make me watch him very closely. Emerald isn't saying much, but he's trying to appear useful by getting others to speak. I will withhold my vote for now. If I were to vote, however, it would be on Emerald.
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    Recently, there has been much discussion about what potential benefits--beyond the Surges--KR might obtain as a result of the Nahel bond, motivated in part by the snippet of Edgedancer Brandon released in the newsletter, where Lift's request to the Nightwatcher is revealed almost verbatim: This sparked significant discussion as to whether she would receive as her boon an extended lifespan, or whether her cognitive aspect had simply been frozen in the state it was in as she made that request. I, however, had another hypothesis--that the KR were simply immortal (or at least very long-lived) merely by the nature of their bond-- based on relevant information in the form of a single line in one of Dalinar's visions, where he is conversing with a (presumably) Stoneward: This single line to me offers the most compelling evidence for a Radiant gaining some form of immortality from the Nahel bond. We know the Desolations could not have occurred more than once every century or so, both from the minimum time required to regenerate the lost population and forget metalworking, as well as another comment made during the vision, this one by Heb's (the man whom Dalinar is possessing) wife: This suggests that a person could reasonably expect to live their entire life without ever once experiencing a Desolation, which fits the minimum amount of time I posited before--about a century (though I suspect that the interval was often significantly longer). Therefore, Harkaylain--who has gained a reputation for successfully predicting Desolations enough times to be known for usually being correct--must be centuries old, if not millennia, in order to have a number of positive results sufficient for that purpose, and in the context of that quote he is fairly strongly implied to be a Radiant himself. There are a number of other, unknown factors that could contribute to this quote, such as Harkaylain being an Aimian (strongly suspected of being immortal as a race), but overall I find it more compelling to believe that the KR as a whole gain significant life extension. After all, by forming the Nahel bond, the spren seek to emulate the Heralds; we know this happens with Blade and with Surges, so stretching that to accommodate 'lifespan' does not seem infeasible to me. Likewise, it would fit with Lift's request--in this way, her boon would be to become a Radiant herself, which, though she probably did not expect it, would nonetheless fulfill her wish, as well as explain Wyndle's confusion as to why she was selected over the other candidates for Radianthood: Because it was the most expedient and in line with Cultivation's goals manner of granting her boon. If there is anything glaring I have overlooked, or a flaw in my reasoning, I would be glad to be notified of it; I figure this is likely so, as it seems that if it were this simple many of you would have already reached the same conclusion as I--that Radiants are granted a significant life extension, if not true immortality from their bond--but perhaps it has merely been overlooked.
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    I've stumbled across a Dishonored review (the article was about women in the game) and then read the comments... : Remember kids: If your work contains oppresion or tyrannical rulers, it means you support it If genocide happens, it means you support it... Those kinds of logic really raise my bloodpressure. If you'll excuse me, I'll be murdering some bad people while avenging the Empress. BTW, Dishonored is really good.
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    Hey, there's a fourth option.
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    I am in a creative writing class, and we have to write a short story. I came up with the idea of a dragon that thinks it's a unicorn, and it escalated from there. So, I have this. It is fairly large. I would appreciate any and all constructive feedback. At this point I am aware that it is not an especially good piece. If something doesn't work, I ask that you quote that particular part of the story so I don't have to comb through the whole thing looking for the issue. It isn't all typed up yet, and I still have a good chunk of pages left.
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    Important Game Information Hit Points (HP): Each Known Pokemon will begin the game with 5 HP. Unknown Pokemon may have the same, more or less HP. When a Pokemon's HP reaches 0, it is defeated and it's player will die. Strength (STR): Each Known Pokemon will have 1 STR. Unknown Pokemon may have the same, more or less STR. STR determines the amount of damage a Pokemon deals. If a Pokemon's attack is Not Very Effective it will deal damage equal to the Pokemon's STR. If it is Super Effectice it will deal damage equal to the Pokemon's STR x5. Power Points (PP): Each Known Pokemon will have 20 PP. Unknown Pokemon may have the same, more or less PP. Each time a Pokemon uses a move, it will use 1 point of PP. When a Pokemon's PP reaches 0, it will be unable to take any more actions. Player List Master Elodin as Bulbasaur Metacognition as TBD Conquestor as Lorien Ecthellion III as IDK RippleGylf as Myself? The Only Joe as RippleGylf Eolhondras as Eol Alvron as Poke Ranger Joe Elenion as Nonel Elbereth as Elthena TheYoungBard as The Bard Straw as Straw Nyali as Nya jaimeleecee as Jaime OrlokTsubodai as Locke TheSilverDragon as Somebody Bugsy6912 as Blanche Magestar as Tebeh Dee zas678 as Nobody Sart as Footsteps cloudjumper as Cole TheMightyLopen as Scott Emerald101 as Red AliasSheep as Ash Kipper as Kipper Sorry, there's actually no Pikachu in this gam. Maybe next time. Questions and Clarifications Q: Can I choose my starting Pokemon? A: No; like all elimination games, roles (Pokemon) are assigned randomly. Q: What happens in the case of a three-way-tie or greater? A: A relevant die will be rolled to determine who is lynched. Q: Are we going to learn the name / type of unknown pokemon as they're are added or is it a surprise? A: The Unknown Pokemon will remain Unknown. They will have to be figured out via game interactions. Q: Are there items? Can Pokemon evolve, or become stronger / more resistant? A: No; this is the very first beta test, designed to only cover the basics. Items and evolutions may be present in future beta tests, however. Q: Are there eliminators? If not, who do you lynch? A: Yes; everyone gets a kill role and need to be the last one alive to win, so by default everyone is an eliminator. As for who you lynch, that will be for the players to decide. Q: Is what the white text says true? A: Not necessarily; there is no guarantee if anything said in white text is true or false. Countdown
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    Just putting this up so everyone knows I exist.
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    #apocalypsenow #redstartakewarning #nighttime #what #nofilter
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    As they whip out their smart phones and snap pictures of it.
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    As far as the original question, Sanderson doesn't mind killing characters off, but it's when it comes to POV characters it always has a purpose and it has always been highly climactic. Eshonai dying there doesn't fulfill either of those. So I highly doubt she's dead. The only thing you accomplish by killer her there is ridding the story of the only Parshendi PoV character that you just spent a whole book building exactly for this purpose. Would take away from a lot of depth in Oathbringer and in future books.
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    Ah, what I should have said is that I never lie to people about how I'll use their information (unless I'm an Eliminator). I'm always completely honest with where my info will go and what I'll do with it. Is that a question or a comment? New title for Orlok: Orlok the Ledge. Also, Stink is really tickling my funny bone this cycle. Wilson explained below what some of my thoughts are on the bandwagon. Elenion is using the Gambler's Fallacy with almost every post, and it's very disconcerting. "Using every bit of power and influence" to cause havoc is a seriously irresponsible playstyle, especially when it seems to have no point. In re to the MR comments, I don't hold grudges. The only grudge I've ever held in these games was against @DeathClutch19 (still unsatisfied; plz play a game so I can kill u), and that was because of targeted and deliberate misinterpretation, not this wild flailing around in the MR and LG. And when I was lynched, I didn't give a reason "why not to" because there was none. The only argument against me was that I had been afk, and the only I could respond to that was with "I don't think an Eliminator would be this actively afk." 1. Trust me, no one is panicking. 2. Except for MR15 really has no relevance to this game. This is called the Gambler's Fallacy. 1. Yes, you're wrong. 2. Okay, this is more of a meta-comment, but just because someone "doesn't know you" doesn't mean that they can't suspect you. And Stormfather, you take condescending dismissal to a whole new level. 3. Good question, coming from a person who has expressed delight in causing havoc and confusion. Why? Well, because it's a D1 lynch, and already people are talking, and we're getting more reads based off of who does what. 1. Alright. Will do. 2. There is no solid evidence. But then, how many times do we lynch someone on confirmed, *hard* evidence? Rarely; very rarely. Gut is a huge part of this game, and a huge part of internal physiology. Respect it as such. 3. You didn't roleclaim to me. Why not? How will you prove your role? When will you claim your role if you want to get out of this bandwagon? 4. My heart is at rest. I imagine someone is. Go and upvote most of Stink's posts and you'll be good. One internal test that I always stress with myself is looking at both sides of motivations for a particular statement. Ex1: "Lol village again" Villager: "Lol village again." Eliminator: If I say "lol village again," maybe they'll buy it and just think I was a careless villager. Conclusion: It's pretty much impossible to determine whether the person who said this is an Eliminator or Villager, because they both have valid reasons for saying it. Don't focus too much on it, because you'll just out-wifom your own brain and likely come to a faulty conclusion. Feel free to use this test on Elenion. Ask yourself if a villager would have the motivation to make a wifom in certain cases. Also, @little wilson, I find Emerald's vote actually more suspicious than Lopen's. Almost like Emerald was grasping for a valid reason to vote Elenion, so he could use it as a defense later on if necessary.
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